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New World Original Release date Lore

Alchemist_Body_01_01Every day, there is more news from the north, none of it hopeful, none of it promising victory. The Corrupted are massing in greater numbers, and where once a few groups might be seen once a year, now they swarm from the Cleave almost every season. Two days ago, there were rumors that the Great Bridge has fallen.

We cannot fight these beasts if we do not understand them – and I believe the secret to stopping this foul tide is in curing the red sickness that afflicts them.

-M. Havelock, Archminister
Alchemist_Body_01_02Genevieve, and even little Simon, have both been supportive of my efforts - perhaps more so when I suggested we move from the towns and pursue our lives where we were less likely to be caught in the middle of a company's feud.

I made mention of an isle in the midst of Brightwood Lake, where we might find some manner of peace from the growing unrest on the rest of the isle… and at this, both of them seemed relieved. They have not been deaf to the rumors in the North, and I think they share the same fears as I do and wish to be far from any troubles that come.

I did not tell them of the letter sent and my request – if it is not honored, I shall find another way. I only seek the safety of family – and a cure for this affliction that besets those that come to Aeternum!

-M. Havelock, Archminister
Alchemist_Body_01_03The isle is beautiful – the sight of the destination did much to quell my family's doubts on the wisdom of our relocation. I did not mention the cages that would soon be shipped to the isle, nor my equipment. I imagine the cages were doing the settlement little good – even criminals are being enlisted for the conflict in the North, if rumors are to be believed.

I did not mention to Genevieve and my thoughts on the Corrupted, nor on who I believe to be their cousins: The Withered. We shall see if there is a link, and if so, test it!

-M. Havelock, Archminister
Alchemist_Body_01_04Genevieve was surprised as I to find a woman at the door – a Captain (a former Captain), no less, carrying a letter and saying that she was here at the Magistrate's request and that she was to assist in my efforts. Her name was Madelaine (Maddy), and insisted I not use the title of Captain when speaking to her, as her arrival on the shore of Aeternum did not deserve the title – nor did the crew she had lost.

Genevieve was suspicious, then upset, and she asked me many questions – about Maddie's presence, to the alchemical equipment, and most of all, the cages, which alarmed her greatly. What manner of beasts were they to hold, she asked?

Not “hold” but what manner of beasts we may SAVE, I replied. As I attempted to explain, she suddenly stood and left, and I knew the conversation to be over.

It seems I shall sleep in the workshop this night – and not by choice.

-M. Havelock, Archminister
Alchemist_Body_01_05Maddie begins hunting today – as I suspected, the Lake is surrounded by clusters of Withered from the settlements that used to border it.

I have not shared this knowledge with my family – there is no need for them to know what happened to the settlers. It is enough that they know to keep to the island and do not wander far from the house.

-M. Havelock, Archminister
Alchemist_Body_01_06I have had a breakthrough, however slight, in no small part to Captain Madelaine – Maddie. She has taken to capturing the Withered with a focus I have rarely seen – I suspect it may have to do with some that she has lost, for she will only take enough coin to sustain her, little else. She does not tire, and my cages remain full for my experiments.

My family does not call me to join them for meals, nor for sleep – I sleep in the workshop now. But the alchemy, it works – the Watchers (the ones willing to still serve as test subjects) report that upon consuming my latest mixture, claim that the Corruption does not eat at them as it used to, and they retain their strength as they venture north! I have passed along the recipe to the Magistrate, and keep records here as well.

I cannot rest on this success, however – I must continue my research. A half-victory is not enough – the formula only slows the affliction, not cures it. We must drive it out completely! And I will be the one to make it happen.

-M. Havelock, Archminister
Alchemist_Body_01_07The “Captain” – Maddie returned empty-handed today. She interrupted me in the workshop and when I saw no new Withered in the pen, I inquired – rather sharply – as to why she was disturbing me.

She told me she had spoken to my wife, seen the eyes of Simon, and she has taken their side. She tells me she refuses to capture more Withered for my “experiments” – and then the woman had the NERVE to lecture me, ME, that I have become too narrow of purpose on the Corrupted, that (and I got quite angry at this) my attempts have begun to erode my common sense and is causing both me and my family suffering.

I told her I have no need of her services any longer. If she feels my work is done, then her work is done as well, and there is no reason for us to speak again. She left without a word – good riddance, I say.

Alchemist_Body_01_08In my haste to dismiss Maddie, I remember my cages now lie empty.

I need one - or two - more specimens. It is no trouble, I have observed Maddie's techniques enough that I may capture my own. The Withered are little more than animals – sick animals, but animals to be sure.

I know where some can be found. Though dusk is close, I shall set out at once.

Alchemist_Body_01_09It is a near thing, but the cages have two more captives – though it is strange – for these Withered bear the markings of the settlement to the south – can these been the settlers there? They smell of a strange sort of rot… sickly sweet, much like if the scents of a corpse and a flower were mixed.

I wonder why they wandered so far – my efforts are more important than ever if the Corruption is making its way this far south. I cannot help but notice now they are caged, these Withered are more eager to return to what might have once been their homes, and they claw at the pen with an unusual strength.

Well, I will not allow it – the only thing they shall find is the mercy of my scalpel and the salvation of my curatives. If should they perish like the others, then when they arise, I shall test them again!

To work!

Alchemist_Body_01_10I labored long into the night – and awoke to screams. I made an error in my methods… my family has paid the price.

Both Withered I had caught died upon the table. Yet… and I see my mistake now… when I had taken the second Withered from the pen, I did not lock the gate – and when they rose again hours later, they found the cage unlocked.

Then, they found Genevieve. They found Simon.

The first beast was still skulking outside the house – all I could see was red. I planted a hatchet in its skull, and it turned to ash. The second one soon followed… but as their corpses vanished, the corpses of my wife, my son… they remained.
Alchemist_Body_01_11I finished burying them this morning.

I forgot to say farewell, but I do not think I will – we no longer talked in life, there is no need to do so now they are dead. I think they wanted to leave the isle, leave this place… leave me… so completely, that the isle honored their wishes and let them sleep.

Afterward… I returned here, to the workshop, to put down my thoughts while they were clear in my mind.

I failed them, yes. But they did not die by my hands, and I will not fail others. No other family will be lost to the Corrupted. All we sought on this isle shall not be lost with them.

This tragedy has only renewed my purpose. I shall bring every Withered beneath the knife, see them exposed to every formula, and I shall see their sickness driven from them. Then, the isle shall know peace. I shall know peace.

Alchemist_Body_01_12The last few visitors – they spoke of the trouble in the North. That the Cleave is nearly abandoned now except for some scattered outposts. When I insisted they take my research, they looked at me as if quite mad – and told me the isle is fragmented, they say, the settlers at each other's throats over azoth.

The days have bled together. The Withered seem to know my approach, but do not run – as if it is simply the cycle of the day. At times, it seems like they are welcoming me – as if someone familiar, as if family.

Alchemist_Body_01_13A breakthrough – and only I know of it.

This latest formula works, I am certain of it. But without a subject, the only one who may test its properties - is myself.

But if that is what is required, then so be it.

I write now of my symptoms, yet I feel it may prove useless. I will not suffer the Corruption, but in so doing, I have ended my own life, I feel it. My blood seems to flow to unfelt corners of my body, and I can feel the rupturing of every blood vessels – and I can see my eyes bleeding red in my reflection in the Lake's waters, and I have no idea how I crawled to the lakeshore… or if I am imagining it.

I will not surrender. This is my home. This is where my family died. I shall NOT die here with them.

My work will live on. I will live on.

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