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IDLE Champions - Mob types and locations

Type Undead
Tomb of the Nine Gods484
Tekeli-li's Hunt374
Towering Expectations344
Excavating History316
The Ring of Regeneration316
Seeking Allies306
Reghed Glacier Mysteries253
Resolve Amongst Chaos216
Ending the Rime - Part 2211
Family Entanglements196
The Alien Underdark193
The Lost Love184
Lost in the Underdark182
Tower on the Lake182
Flies on the Wall181
The Dark Heart174
Slack-jawed Lorna171
Trollskull Manor155
Underdeep Cartography153
Running of the Saurs144
Escort to Waterdeep141
Building Trust132
Elturel Has Fallen130
Terror in the Dark123
The Twilight Grove121
Cold as Ice113
The Templar's Camp113
The Wandering Emporium102
The Mists of Ravenloft93
Deekin's Mission92
Hopelessly Lost92
Ending the Rime - Part 191
Into The Fire90
The Netherese Necropolis82
Backtracking Through Barovia81
The Bleeding Citadel81
The Sunless Citadel81
Thieves of the Coven73
Bel's Forge71
Exploring Port Nyanzaru71
Rescue in the Jungle70
The Forbidden City70
The Rite of the Arcane Octad61
Unearthed Evil61
Once More Into The Breach60
The Battle of High Hall Tower60
Lair of the Xanathar52
The Fall of Ythryn52
Friends and Foes51
Supply Run51
Frozen Vengeance50
Seeds of Deceit50
A Tale of Two Cities41
The Lost Hollyphant41
Waterdeep Detours41
Elturel's Last Stand40
The Spire of Iriolarthas35
A Grand Puzzle32
The Guardian of Orolunga31
The Immortal Warrior30
The Everlasting Rime20
The Lost Heir of Omu10
Dwarven Rumors01
Nimble Escape01
Orcs Are Wild01
Tall Tales01
The Dead Three01
The Fairy Rings of Thither01
Waiting on Sunrise01
The Wyrmheart Mine01

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