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IDLE Champions - Mob types and locations

Type Aberration
The Alien Underdark254
An Illithid Undertaking225
Hopelessly Lost152
The Netherese Necropolis152
Cold as Ice150
The Spire of Iriolarthas120
The Rite of the Arcane Octad110
Once More Into The Breach92
The Oozing Hunger91
The Mad Wizard90
Champions of Waterdeep82
The Fall of Ythryn80
Friends and Foes70
Lair of the Xanathar52
Déjà Vu41
Into the Unknown41
The Botched Kidnapping41
Enter the Sargauth40
The Witchlight Carnival40
Waterdeep Under Siege40
Tall Tales31
Escort to Waterdeep31
Supply Run31
Tekeli-li's Hunt31
Vault of Dragons31
A Mysterious Summons21
Encroaching Madness21
The Dinner Party21
Bel's Forge20
Nimble Escape20
Deekin's Mission01
Neutral No More01
The Battle of High Hall Tower01
The Radiant Nightmare01

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