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Path of Exile Unique Armours
9 Shown
Atziris Acuity
Level 63
STR 100
(60-80) to Intelligence
(60-75) to maximum Life
(200-220)% increased Armour
(25-35)% increased Global Critical Strike Chance
You have Vaal Pact if youve dealt a Critical Strike Recently
Craiceanns Pincers
Level 69
STR 98
(150-200)% increased Armour
(50-70) Life Regenerated per second
(30-40)% to Fire Resistance
3% increased Damage per Crab Barrier
10% chance that if you would gain a Crab Barrier, you instead gain up to
your maximum number of Crab Barriers
Doryanis Fist
Level 63
STR 100
Armour 278
Grants Level 20 Doryanis Touch Skill
30 to maximum Energy Shield
10% chance to Shock
Adds (225-335) to (785-900) Lightning Damage to Unarmed Attacks
Adds (60-90) to (210-240) Lightning Damage to Spells while Unarmed
30 Energy Shield gained on Killing a Shocked Enemy
Empires Grasp
Level 53
STR 76
(400-600) to Armour
Knockback direction is reversed
Socketed Gems are Supported by Level 10 Knockback
Level 23
STR 36
Adds (3-6) to (10-12) Physical Damage to Attacks
(30-40) to Strength
(80-100)% increased Armour
Iron Grip
Lochtonial Caress
Level 1
Armour 7
(10-15)% increased Attack Speed
(10-15)% increased Cast Speed
(20-30) to maximum Life
(15-10)% reduced maximum Mana
10% chance to gain a Power, Frenzy or Endurance Charge on Kill
Meginords Vise
Level 35
STR 52
10% increased Global Physical Damage
100 to Strength
(40-60)% increased Armour
2% of Life Regenerated per second with at least 400 Strength
Verusos Battering Rams
Level 69
STR 98
(8-13)% increased Attack Speed
(120-180)% increased Armour
(3-5)% increased Movement Speed
50% increased Stun Duration on you
4% increased Melee Damage per Endurance Charge
You cannot be Shocked while at maximum Endurance Charges
Winds of Change
Level 47
STR 68
Armour 184
(30-60) to maximum Life
30% increased Projectile Speed
(10-5)% reduced Movement Speed
10% chance to Knock Enemies Back on hit
(30-50)% increased Projectile Damage

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