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Path of Exile Unique Armours
8 Shown
Level 69
INT 97
Grants Level 22 Blight Skill
(20-30)% increased Damage over Time
(100-120)% increased Energy Shield
10% increased Area of Effect
Blight has (20-30)% increased Hinder Duration
You cannot be Hindered
Asenaths Gentle Touch
Level 25
INT 39
Energy Shield 20
(20-30) to Intelligence
(20-30) to maximum Life
(20-30) to maximum Mana
Curse Enemies with Level 10 Temporal Chains on Hit
Doedres Malevolence
Level 64
INT 21
(50-60)% increased Spell Damage
20 to Intelligence
Adds (48-56) to (73-84) Chaos Damage to Spells
15% reduced Cast Speed
(64-96) to maximum Energy Shield
50 to Total Mana Cost of Skills
Doedres Tenure
Level 12
INT 21
Energy Shield 49
(50-60)% increased Spell Damage
20 to Intelligence
15% reduced Cast Speed
32 to maximum Energy Shield
Grip of the Council
Level 60
INT 95
Energy Shield 51
30 to Strength
(30-50) to maximum Life
(20-40)% to Cold Resistance
Minions have 10% reduced Movement Speed
Minions have 40% to Cold Resistance
Minions gain 20% of Physical Damage as Extra Cold Damage
Kalisas Grace
Level 55
INT 68
Socketed Gems are Supported by Level 18 Faster Casting
(20-30) to Intelligence
(50-80) to maximum Energy Shield
(60-80) to maximum Life
Gain 2% to Critical Strike Chance for 2 seconds when you Spend a total of 800 Mana
Sadimas Touch
Level 11
Energy Shield 26
Adds 4 to 8 Fire Damage to Attacks
Adds 1 to 13 Lightning Damage to Attacks
18 to maximum Energy Shield
(12-16)% increased Quantity of Items found
Level 55
INT 79
1 to Level of Socketed Elemental Gems
(125-150)% increased Critical Strike Chance for Spells
(180-250)% increased Energy Shield
(80-40)% increased Mana Cost of Skills
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