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IDLE Champions - Mob types and locations

Type Devil
Tiamat's Army367
Elturel Has Fallen307
Elturel's Last Stand273
Into The Fire257
Bel's Forge255
The Mad Wizard241
The Sibriex233
The Lost Hollyphant204
The Battle of High Hall Tower203
Resolve Amongst Chaos142
Wrecked Flying Fortress124
The Darkness Runs Deeper123
The Cursed Farmer120
The Path of Dreams116
The Wandering Emporium114
A Tale of Two Cities100
Waterdeep Under Siege92
Orcs Are Wild71
Difficult Terrain61
The Dead Three51
The Botched Kidnapping50
Champions of Waterdeep40
Lair of the Xanathar30
Seeking Allies21
Vault of Dragons10
Ending the Rime - Part 101
The Bleeding Citadel01
The Spire of Iriolarthas01

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