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IDLE Champions - Mob types and locations

Type Bandit
Escort to Waterdeep153
Waterdeep Detours132
A Tale of Two Cities124
Attack on the Manor111
Exploring Port Nyanzaru110
A Mysterious Summons91
Déjà Vu91
Building Trust91
The Sibriex90
Running of the Saurs82
Difficult Terrain70
Moose Tracks70
Wrecked Flying Fortress70
Champions of Waterdeep62
Backtracking Through Barovia61
The Darkness Runs Deeper61
The Lost Heir of Omu61
Once More Into The Breach60
The Dinner Party60
The Radiant Nightmare60
Family Entanglements51
Supply Run51
The Dead Three51
Underdeep Cartography51
The Everlasting Rime50
Waterdeep Under Siege50
Who Lurks in Lurkwood50
Elturel Has Fallen41
Lost in the Goblin Halls41
Bel's Forge40
The Mists of Ravenloft40
Seeds of Deceit31
The Giant's Bane Tavern30
The Wandering Emporium30
Trollskull Manor30
Terror in the Dark20
The Mad Wizard20
Lair of the Xanathar01
Leemooggoogoon Rises01
The Alien Underdark01

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