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2024 High-Profile / Influencer / Celebrity Deaths in the United States


Recent deaths Shown: 32
Average age of Shown deaths: 87.4

Date Name↕️ Age↕️ Gen Field↕️ Cause↕️
07-18-2024Bob Newhart🔎94SilentActorComplications
07-12-2024"Dr. Ruth" Westheimer🔎96SilentTherapist
06-27-2024Martin Mull🔎80SilentActor
06-25-2024Bill Cobbs🔎90SilentActor
06-20-2024Donald McNichol Sutherland🔎88SilentActor
06-18-2024Willie Mays🔎93SilentSportsCardiac
06-12-2024Jerry West🔎86SilentSports
05-25-2024Richard M. Sherman🔎95SilentDisney
05-20-2024Samuel John Butcher🔎85SilentArtist
05-19-2024James Edwin Otto 🔎86SilentSports
05-16-2024Dabney Coleman🔎92SilentActorCardiac
05-05-2024Bernard Hill (Théoden)🔎79SilentActor
04-26-2024Sonja Christopher🔎87SilentReality Show
03-29-2024Louis Gossett Jr🔎87SilentActorMold
03-27-2024Joe Lieberman🔎82SilentPoliticsFall
02-26-2024Lord Jacob Rothschild🔎87SilentIlluminati
02-02-2024Don Murray🔎94SilentActor
01-23-2024Charles Osgood🔎91SilentJournalistDementia
12-26-2023Tom Smothers🔎86SilentMusicianCancer
12-25-2023Richard Franklin🔎87SilentActor
12-25-2023Henry Sandon🔎95SilentTVStroke
11-01-2023Bobby Knight🔎83SilentSports
09-29-2023Dianne Feinstein🔎90SilentPolitics
09-28-2023Michael Gambon🔎82SilentActorPneumonia
09-25-2023David McCallum🔎90SilentActorNatural
06-29-2023Alan Arkin🔎89Silent
06-12-2023Silvio Berlusconi🔎86Silent
06-10-2023Theodore Kaczynski🔎81Silent
06-08-2023Pat Robertson🔎93Silent
05-24-2023Tina Turner🔎83Silent
04-27-2023Jerry Springer🔎79Silent
02-15-2023Raquel Welch🔎82Silent

06-20-2024 Donald Sutherland

Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978)

02-05-2024 Toby Keith

Toby Keith Performs "Don’t Let the Old Man In"

02-02-2024 Carl Weathers

Rocky III

10-28-2023 Matthew Langford Perry

Through the years

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