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Starfield Gear Helmets Spacesuits Clothing And Apparel console ID Commands

To spawn gear, press the tilde (~) key to open the console command and paste the following:

57 results  
Name Type Command
Bounty Hunter SpacesuitSpacesuit
Constellation SpacesuitSpacesuit
Deep Mining SpacesuitSpacesuit
Deep Recon SpacesuitSpacesuit
Deepseeker SpacesuitSpacesuit
Deimos SpacesuitSpacesuit
Ecliptic SpacesuitSpacesuit
Explorer SpacesuitSpacesuit
Gran-Gran’s SpacesuitSpacesuit
Ground Crew SpacesuitSpacesuit
Incendiary Experimental Nishina SpacesuitSpacesuit
Mantis SpacesuitSpacesuit
Mark I SpacesuitSpacesuit
Mercury SpacesuitSpacesuit
Monster CostumeSpacesuit
Navigator SpacesuitSpacesuit
Old Earth SpacesuitSpacesuit
Peacemaker SpacesuitSpacesuit
Pirate Assault SpacesuitSpacesuit
Pirate Charger SpacesuitSpacesuit
Pirate Corsair SpacesuitSpacesuit
Pirate Sniper SpacesuitSpacesuit
Ranger SpacesuitSpacesuit
Repulsing Explorer SpacesuitSpacesuit
Sentinel's UC Antixeno SpacesuitSpacesuit
Shocktroop SpacesuitSpacesuit
Space Trucker SpacesuitSpacesuit
Star Roamer SpacesuitSpacesuit
Starborn Spacesuit AstraSpacesuit
Starborn Spacesuit AvitusSpacesuit
Starborn Spacesuit BellumSpacesuit
Starborn Spacesuit GravitasSpacesuit
Starborn Spacesuit LocusSpacesuit
Starborn Spacesuit LocusSpacesuit
Starborn Spacesuit SolisSpacesuit
Starborn Spacesuit TempusSpacesuit
Starborn Spacesuit TenebrisSpacesuit
Starborn Spacesuit VenatorSpacesuit
SysDef Ace SpacesuitSpacesuit
SysDef Assault SpacesuitSpacesuit
SysDef Combat SpacesuitSpacesuit
SysDef Sec Recon SpacesuitSpacesuit
SysDef SpacesuitSpacesuit
Trackers Alliance SpacesuitSpacesuit
UC Ace SpacesuitSpacesuit
UC AntiXeno SpacesuitSpacesuit
UC Combat SpacesuitSpacesuit
UC Marine SpacesuitSpacesuit
UC Sec Combat SpacesuitSpacesuit
UC Sec Recon SpacesuitSpacesuit
UC Sec Starlaw SpacesuitSpacesuit
UC Security SpacesuitSpacesuit
UC Startroop SpacesuitSpacesuit
UC Urbanwar SpacesuitSpacesuit
UC Vanguard SpacesuitSpacesuit
UC Wardog SpacesuitSpacesuit
Va’Ruun SpacesuitSpacesuit

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