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Season 2   Trials of Mount Tiamat  
IDLE Champions favored foes with campaign, location and adventure


MeleeGrand TourCandlekeepVecna Lives!445
UndeadGrand TourCandlekeepVecna Lives!418
RangedGrand TourCandlekeepVecna Lives!174
FeyGrand TourCandlekeepVecna Lives!71
HumanGrand TourCandlekeepVecna Lives!61
HumanoidGrand TourCandlekeepVecna Lives!61
BeastGrand TourCandlekeepVecna Lives!41
KoboldGrand TourCandlekeepVecna Lives!30
Hit-BasedGrand TourCandlekeepVecna Lives!11
StaticGrand TourCandlekeepVecna Lives!11
Armor-BasedGrand TourCandlekeepVecna Lives!01
SpawnerGrand TourCandlekeepVecna Lives!01

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