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You can receive multiples (Intelligence) of items with a + sign.

Aluminum CanisterAluminumFiberglassOil
Aluminum Oil CanOil+Steel+
Arthur Wood's LighterGoldOilSteel
Blue PaintOil+Steel+Lead+
Cooking OilOilPlastic
Cutting FluidOil++Steel++
Flip LighterOilSpringSteel
Fuel TankOil+Steel+
Fumigus BlowtorchSteel++Oil++
Gas CanisterSteel+Oil+
Gold Plated Flip LighterGoldOilSteel
Grey & Gould LighterGold+Oil+Steel+
Industrial Oil CanisterAluminum+Oil+
Industrial Size ShorteningOil
Mr. Handy FuelOil+Steel++
Mr. Handy FuelOilSteel++
Neurotoxic DustOil+
Oil CanOil+Aluminum+
Oil CanisterSteel+Oil+
Paint CanOil+Steel+Lead+
Plastic Gas CanisterOil+Plastic+
Portable Fuel TankOil+Steel+Screw+
Red PaintOil+Steel+Lead+
Sticky TarOil+Glass+
TestSmoke Cooking OilOil+Plastic+
Unused Flip LighterOilSpringSteel
Used Oil CanSteelOil
Yellow PaintSteel+Oil+Lead+ Incendar Incendar Gaming Incendium Incendius Incendara Incendario MINcendar
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