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You can receive multiples (based on Intelligence) of items with a + sign.

ALL  Acid  Adhesive  Aluminum  Antiseptic  Asbestos  Ballistic Fiber  Black Titanium  Bone  Ceramic  Circuitry  Cloth  Concrete  Copper  Cork  Crystal  Fertilizer  Fiber Optics  Fiberglass  Gear  Glass  Gold  Lead  Leather  Nuclear Material  Oil  Plastic  Rubber  Screw  Silver  Spring  Steel  Ultracite  Wood  

Alarm ClockAluminum+Glass+Spring+
Aluminum CanAluminumLead
Aluminum CanisterAluminumFiberglassOil
Blasting Caps BoxAluminum+
Cake PanAluminum++
Carlisle TypewriterGearScrew+Spring+Aluminum+
Chez Vivi Alarm ClockAluminum+
Chez Vivi TypewriterAluminum+Spring+Screw+Gear+
Clean Cake PanAluminum+
Clean Coffee TinAluminum+
Coffee TinAluminum+
Coolant CapAluminum+
Eyebot ModelAluminum+
HH-3A CapacitorAluminumCeramic
Industrial Oil CanisterAluminum+Oil+
Large Glass Jar LidAluminum
Large Glass Jar RingAluminum
Large Glass Jar TopAluminum
Mine Suit BreatherAluminumRubber
Mr. Gutsy ModelAluminum+
Mr. Handy ModelAluminum+
Oil CanOil+Aluminum+
Protectron ModelAluminum+
Ring StandSteelAluminum
Robot Parts ModelAluminum+
Robot Parts ModelAluminum+
Robot Parts ModelAluminum+
Sentry Bot ModelAluminum+
Ski PoleAluminum+
Small Glass Jar LidAluminum
Small Glass Jar RingAluminum
Small Glass Jar TopAluminum
Steel GuitarAluminumSteel+Screw+
Surgical TrayAluminumRubber
Tin PitcherAluminum+
Toy RocketshipAluminum++Plastic++
Toy RocketshipAluminumPlastic+Lead+
TV Dinner TrayAluminum+Rubber+
Unrusted Tin CanSteelAluminum
Vault-Tec Alarm ClockNuclear MaterialSpring+Glass+Aluminum+
Wakemaster Alarm ClockAluminumGlass+Spring+Nuclear Material+
Total Listed: 42

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