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You can receive multiples (Intelligence) of items with a + sign.

Animal QuillBone+
Autopsy Board GameWood+Antiseptic+Plastic+Bone+
Beaver TeethBone+
Brahmin SkullBone
Broken FemurBone+
Broken TibiaBone+
Capless SkullBone
Cracked Deathclaw EggBoneAcid
Cystalline Scorched HeadGlassBone+
Deathclaw HandBone+Leather+
Human JawBone+
Jarred Scorched FootGlassBone
Jarred Scorched HandBoneGlass
Jarred Scorched HeadBone+Glass+
Jawless Brahmin SkullBone
Large Left AntlerBone++
Large Right AntlerBone++
Left Arm BonesBone++
Left Foot BonesBone+
Left Hand BonesBone
Left Leg BonesBone++
Megasloth ClawBone+
Mole Rat TeethBone
Mutated Scorched HeadBone+Glass+
Mysterious QuillBone+
Pelvis BonesBone++
Rib CageBone
Rib Cage and PelvisBone++
Rib Cage and SpineBone++
Right Arm BonesBone++
Right Foot BonesBone+
Right Hand BonesBone
Right Leg BonesBone++
Scorchbeast BonesUltraciteBone+
Sheepsquatch SkullBone
Skull Cap BoneBone+
Skull Eye SocketBone+
Skull FaceplateBone+
Skull FragmentBone+
Small Left AntlerBone+
Small Right AntlerBone+
Strange BoneBone+
Strange BoneBone+
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