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Fallout 76 v1.7.6.7

Fallout 76 Junk and Component source list and search

You can receive multiples of items with a + sign (Intelligence)

Abraxo CleanerAcidAntiseptic+
Abraxo Cleaner Industrial GradeAcid+Antiseptic++Fiberglass+
Autopsy Board GameWood+Antiseptic+Plastic+Bone+
Blood SacAntiseptic+Fiberglass+
Empty Blood SacAntiseptic+
Industrial SolventSteel++Antiseptic++
Royal JellyGlassAntiseptic++
Tick Blood SacAntiseptic+
Undamaged Abraxo CleanerAcidAntiseptic+Fiberglass+

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