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Unique Accessory List
5 Shown
Level 28
(15-25)% increased Global Defences
(20-30) to maximum Energy Shield
(15-30)% to Fire Resistance
(15-30)% to Lightning Resistance
30% slower start of Energy Shield Recharge during any Flask Effect
400% increased Energy Shield Recharge Rate during any Flask Effect
Eyes of the Greatwolf
Level 52
Two random talisman implicit modifiers
Implicit Modifier magnitudes are doubled
Natural Hierarchy
Level 44
(25-35)% increased Damage
(10-15)% increased Global Physical Damage
(25-30)% increased Fire Damage
(20-25)% increased Cold Damage
(15-20)% increased Lightning Damage
(30-35)% increased Chaos Damage
Night's Hold
Level 12
Has 1 Socket
2 to Level of Socketed Gems
Socketed Gems are Supported by Level 10 Added Chaos Damage
Socketed Gems are supported by Level 10 Blind
Socketed Gems are supported by Level 10 Cast when Stunned
Rigwald's Curse
Level 28
(24-36)% to Global Critical Strike Multiplier
7% to Unarmed Attack Critical Strike Chance
Modifiers to Claw Damage also apply to Unarmed Attack Damage
Modifiers to Claw Attack Speed also apply to Unarmed Attack Speed
Modifiers to Claw Critical Strike Chance also apply to Unarmed Attack Critical Strike Chance

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