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You can receive multiples (Intelligence) of items with a + sign.

Bag of ChlorineClothAcid++
Baseball BasePlastic+Cloth+
Black NapkinCloth
Bloody ClothesCloth
Box of San Francisco SunlightsWood+Cloth+
Broken DollClothPlastic
Broken DollLeatherCloth+
Broken DollPlasticCloth
Bubblegum BearLeatherCloth
Burger TrayCloth
Candy Fan Mr. FuzzyLeatherCloth+
Charleston HeraldCloth
Checker Tie Mr. FuzzyLeatherCloth+
Cigar BoxWood+Fiberglass+Cloth++
Cigarette CartonPlastic+Cloth+Asbestos+
Comfy PillowCloth+
Comrade ChubsLeatherCloth
Cotton YarnCloth
Detective Case FileCloth
Dirty Old Teddy BearLeatherCloth+
Dirty PillowCloth+
Dirty PillowCloth+
Doll HeadLeatherCloth++
Doll Right ArmLeatherCloth++
Duct TapeAdhesiveCloth
Emerald Tie Mr. FuzzyLeatherCloth+
Feather DusterPlastic+Cloth+
Gold Tie Mr. FuzzyLeatherCloth+
Home PlatePlastic+Cloth+
Hot Dog TrayCloth
Imported Chinese PandaLeatherCloth++
Jangles the Moon MonkeyCloth++Plastic++Fiberglass++
Jangles the Moon MonkeyCloth++Plastic++Fiberglass++
Jumbo Candy Fan Mr. FuzzyLeatherCloth++
Jumbo Checker Tie Mr. FuzzyLeatherCloth++
Jumbo Gold Tie Mr. FuzzyLeatherCloth++
Jumbo Silver Tie Mr. FuzzyLeatherCloth++
Late Edition NewspaperCloth
Lil' Ginger SnugglesLeatherCloth
Lit CigarCloth
Lit CigaretteCloth
Lit StogieCloth
Mr. Fuzzy BearLeatherCloth+
Mysterious FurClothBallistic Fiber
Nuka-Cola CupCloth
Nuka-Cola Cup and StrawClothPlastic
Orange NapkinCloth
Orange Tie Mr. FuzzyLeatherCloth+
Oven MittAsbestosCloth
Pack of CigarettesPlasticClothAsbestos
Pack of Duct TapeAdhesive++Cloth++
Pizza TrayCloth
Pre-War MoneyCloth
Preserved Cigarette PackPlasticClothAsbestos+
Pristine Teddy BearLeatherCloth
Propaganda FlyerCloth
Purple Tie Mr. FuzzyLeatherCloth+
Quantum BearLeatherCloth
Red Tie Mr. FuzzyLeatherCloth+
Rolled Charleston HeraldCloth
Ruby Tie Mr. FuzzyLeatherCloth+
Sealed Charleston HeraldCloth
Silver Tie Mr. FuzzyLeatherCloth+
Souvenir Sloth ToyCloth++Leather++Lead++
Souvenir Teddy BearCloth+Leather+
Souvenir Teddy BearCloth+Leather+
Spooky Time Mr. FuzzyLeatherCloth+
Stuffed GrizzlyLeatherCloth
Stuffed Polar BearLeatherCloth
Teddy BearLeatherCloth
Teddy FearLeatherCloth
Toilet PaperCloth
Trifold American FlagWood+Cloth+
Undamaged American FlagWood+Cloth+
Undamaged CigarettesPlastic+Cloth+Asbestos+
Unscorched Oven MittAsbestosCloth+ Incendar Incendar Gaming Incendium Incendius Incendara Incendario MINcendar
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