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10-26-19 Update to / Fallout 1st

519 Results

1Welcome to ROBCO Industries (TM) Termlink76CharGenOverseerTerminal
2Welcome to ROBCO Industries (TM) Termlink76CharGenPersonnelTerminal
3Welcome to ROBCO Industries (TM) Termlink76CharGenPersonnelTerminalSubTerminal01
4Welcome to ROBCO Industries (TM) Termlink76CharGenPersonnelTerminalSubTerminal02
5Welcome to ROBCO Industries (TM) Termlink76CharGenSecurityTerminal
6Welcome to ROBCO Industries (TM) Termlink76CharGenSecurityTerminalSubTerminal01
7Welcome to ROBCO Industries (TM) Termlink76CharGenSecurityTerminalSubTerminal02
8Vault-Tec AgCenter TerminalAgCenterMainframeTerminal
10=:: -- ATOMIC MINING SERVICES -- ::=AMSHQ_Facilities_CB_LoreTerminal
11Atomic Mining ServicesAMSHQ_FrontDesk_CB_LoreTerminal
12=:: -- ATOMIC MINING SERVICES -- ::=AMSHQ_Reception_CB_LoreTerminal
13Collectron TerminalATX_CampTerminalScavenge_Raider
14AVR Medical - Marvin WeximAVR_TerminalDesk01
15--}---- Nuclear Winter Loot Network ----{--Babylon_Loot_Terminal
16--}---- Nuclear Winter Loot Network ----{--Babylon_Loot_Terminal_02
17--}---- Nuclear Winter Loot Network ----{--Babylon_Loot_Terminal_03
18--}---- Nuclear Winter Loot Network ----{--Babylon_MapScreenTerminal
19Welcome to ROBCO Industries (TM) TermlinkBabylon_TerminalDeskPrewar_Log_01
20Welcome to ROBCO Industries (TM) TermlinkBabylon_TerminalDeskPrewar_Log_12
21Nuclear Winter Internal NetworkBabylon_Terminal_01
22=:: -- ATOMIC MINING SERVICES -- ::=Babylon_Test_LoreTerminal
23Blackwater MineBlackwaterMine_InSituTests_TerminalDesk
24Blackwater Nuclear Materal Extraction SiteBlackwaterMine_LootCloset_TerminalWall
25Blackwater MineBlackwaterMine_PimpingStation_TerminalDesk
26Trevor Moorman's Personal TerminalBMO_BunkerKey02_MorgantownApt_Terminal
27Trevor Moorman's Personal TerminalBMO_BunkerKey02_MorgantownApt_Terminal_Screen_Code
28Terminal Access Code Generated Generating a new code will invalidate this code.BMO_BunkerKey02_MorgantownApt_Terminal_Screen_Code
29Cole & Parker Holdings LTDBMO_TerminalDesk
33USA-MilSec V12.3C // v1.1.05 LCBoS02RegistrationTerminal
34BROTHERHOOD OF STEEL ONLYBoS02RegistrationTerminalSubTerminal01
36WKVN Radio TerminalBoSZ01_HolorecorderTerminal
37WKVN Radio TerminalBoSZ01_RelayTerminal
38Artillery Battery TerminalBoSZ03_ArtilleryBatteryTerminal
39VTU Power Resource TerminalBoSZ04_PowerTerminal
40VTU Automated Research TerminalBoSZ04_VTUTestTerminal
44Thunder Mountain Internal NetworkBoS_ThunderMountainTerminal
45Thunder Mountain Internal NetworkBoS_ThunderMountainTerminalSubMenu
47First Class Duty LogsBoS_Venture_WilsonTerminal
48BROTHERHOOD OF STEEL ONLYBoS_Venture_WilsonTerminaSubTerminal01
49BROTHERHOOD OF STEEL ONLYBoS_Venture_WilsonTerminaSubTerminal02
50VTU Automated Research TerminalBoS_VTU_AutomatedTestTerminal
52Collectron TerminalCampTerminalScavenge
53Welcome to Watoga High School'sCB02_Vending_Terminal
54Welcome to Watoga Highschool'sCB02_Vending_Terminal_CandyBank
55Back to Items...CB02_Vending_Terminal_CandyBank
56Welcome to Watoga Highschool'sCB02_Vending_Terminal_Confirmation
57Welcome to Watoga Highschool'sCB02_Vending_Terminal_MainPage
58Welcome to Watoga Highschool'sCB02_Vending_Terminal_Toys
59MAIA, can I make an executive order to change how mayors are selected? I don't see why not, ma'am. Why hasn't anyone tried to do that before? I'm not sure, ma'am. Well then, make an amendment to the selection process that literally anyone who walks in that door becomes the mayor for the day. Alright. A question to clarify, if I might, ma'am? Shoot. What happens if more than one person enters the room in rapid succession, or at the same time? Then make them all mayors. Certainly, ma'am. Oh, one last thing. Yes, ma'am? Can you do that thing that other guy tried, where you pretend not to hear anyone who tries to change this particular executive order? Certainly. Even me. Of course. Let's try it. MAIA? Yes, ma'am? I want to make an executive order making it so that mayors are selected once a week by lottery of all the citizens living in Watoga. I'm sorry, I didn't quite hear you, ma'am. Could you please repeat yourself? Excellent. I'd give you a high five if you had hands. Thank you, ma'am.CB04_MayorTerminal_ExecutiveOrders
60I've managed to squirrel away a small cache of emergency supplies. In case I don't make it, I've instructed MAIA to withhold access until the robots have been dealt with. I don't want to waste precious supplies on mere looters. So, if you want those supplies, then you're going to need to help us!CB04_MayorTerminal_ImportantItems
61Reading instructions... Processing... Warning... malformed code detected. Error... code quarantine failure. Warning... security dispatched to location. Error... emergency shut down sequence aborted... Success! Update version 96.112 is valid. Parallel packing and transmission started. Update process will complete in approximately 5 minutes. Have a nice day. :)CB04_TowerTerminal
62ERROR CODE: 0x DESCRIPTION: [To Be Written] RESOLUTION: 1. Set circuit breakers & UP. 2. Press the East and West Generator Room Power Buttons.CUT_V94_1_ReactorMonitoringTerminal_ReactorErrorCodeTemplateSubterminal
63Vault-Tec CorporationCUT_V96_BiologistWorkTerminal
64Vault-Tec CorporationCUT_V96_CutTerminal
65Vault-Tec CorporationCUT_V96_CutTerminal2
66Vault-Tec CorporationCUT_V96_JasperFryTerminal
67Vault-Tec CorporationCUT_V96_OverseerPersonalTerminal
68Vault-Tec CorporationCUT_V96_RETerminal
69Vault 96 is designed to run on a skeleton crew of 6 highly trained people. Archibald Bram - Overseer Molly Cooper- Genetics Nina Valaya - Biology Jeanette Higgins - Robotics Orrin Cantwell - Maintenance & Cryogenics Jasper Fry - Information TechnologyCUT_V96_RETerminal
70Vault-Tec CorporationCUT_V96_RHTerminal
71Vault-Tec CorporationCUT_V96_Story_MainSystemsTerminal
72Reactor Access TerminalCUT_XXXXXX
73...:: Danger Room ::...DangerRoomTerminal
74...:: Danger Room ::...DangerRoomTerminalSub_ActorSkew
75...:: Danger Room ::...DangerRoomTerminalSub_EncounterType
76...:: Danger Room ::...DangerRoomTerminalSub_UseCodeVersion
77...:: Danger Room ::...DangerRoomTerminalSub_WaveBoss
78...:: Danger Room ::...DangerRoomTerminalSub_WaveDifficulty
79...:: Danger Room ::...DangerRoomTerminalSub_WaveDuration
80...:: Danger Room ::...DangerRoomTerminalSub_WaveTime
81...:: Danger Room ::...DangerRoomTerminalSub_WaveType
82Try text replacement here also: <0.ValueInt> caps, <1.Name> in <2.Name>DebugKurtTerminal02
83This is dynamic item <0.valueFloat>.DebugKurtTerminal03
84Test OptionDebugSteveCTerminal3
87Harpers Ferry Stormwater Management SystemDELETED_UD002LeftGroundAccessTerminal
88Harpers Ferry Stormwater Management SystemDELETED_UD002RightEntranceTerminal
89Harpers Ferry Stormwater Management SystemDELETED_UD002RightMonitoringTerminal
90_______________________________ SYSTEM DIAGNOTICS _______________________________ :: System Power :: 99.8% capacity :: System Connections :: 001 - 003 Laser Grids: Connection Active 004 Handprint Scanner: Connection Active 005 Safe Keypad: Connection Active 006 Remote Safe Lock: Connection ActiveEN01_CredentialConsole
91Whitespring Bunker Intranet -- v.19EN02_IntelRoomExamsSubTerminal05
92Whitespring Intelligence SystemEN02_IntelRoomExamsSubTerminalTEMPLATE
93/// Sugar Grove - Signal Intelligence \\\EN02_SigIntMessagesTerminal
94/// Sugar Grove - Signal Intelligence \\\EN02_SigIntSubTerminal
96CAMP MCCLINTOCK TRAINING SYSTEM -- v.328EN05_MarksmanshipCourseTerminal
97CAMP MCCLINTOCK TRAINING SYSTEM -- v.328EN05_ObstacleCourseTerminal
98Whitespring Bunker Intranet -- v.19EN05_Officer_EnlistmentSubterminal
99CAMP MCCLINTOCK TRAINING SYSTEM -- v.328EN05_PatriotismTerminal
100{A}utomated {V}oting System of {A}ppalachiaEN06_RegistrationTerminal
101... accessing ...EN07_CommandArchivalTerminal
102BOT-STOP SYSTEMENz04_StartUpTerminal
103Finally had time to look over your sensor module design in detail. Looks solid, but I see some places where you could save power. I also think you should build in some redundancies, since these things will be out in the field and exposed to the elements. Let's talk soon. - SanjayFF05_Balance_TerminalSubMessages
104v. 7.09.41FF08_ArktosPharmaTerminal
105v. 7.09.41FF08_ControlSubTerminal
106v. 7.09.41FF08_DiagnosticSubTerminal
107v. 7.09.41FF08_LogsSubTerminal
108v. 7.09.41FF08_Lore01Terminal
109v. 7.09.41FF08_LoreBeanstalkQuery
110v. 7.09.41FF08_LoreBeanstalkSubTerminal
111v. 7.09.41FF08_ProjectSubTerminal
112Forest Watch TerminalFFG01_Terminal_Responders
113**[ FREE STATES ]**FS01_MQ_Warn_AbbiesTerminal
114Rebooting... Complete.FS01_MQ_Warn_AbbiesTerminal
115----------------------------------------------------- If you're reading this, it means the Mire detectors need some upgrades. Fan motors (5) Find these in Raleigh's bunker. Passcode is R+P421. Heating coils (5) Look in Raleigh's bunker, Ella's bunker, the closest Relay Tower, and if no one's broken in and ransacked the place, I have two stashed in the storage room of my own bunker. Upgraded fan motors (5) Make these at a tinker's workbench once you have the motors and coils. I have one here that's never let me down. Wood Armor Schematic Look in Raleigh's bunker for this. It's got the instructions for some protective gear that will make it harder for all the crazy new creatures of death to spot you. It's really handy for getting around.FS01_MQ_Warn_AbbieTransmitterSubTerminal
116**[ FREE STATES ]**FS01_MQ_Warn_AbbieWorkstationTerminal
117**[ FREE STATES ]**FS01_MQ_Warn_SDSTerminal
118**[ FREE STATES ]**FS03_MQ_Fruition_ArmoryDoorSubTerminal
119**[ FREE STATES ]**FS03_MQ_Fruition_ArmoryTerminal
120--== Property of the Appalachian Government ==--FS03_MQ_Fruition_SamCurtisSubTerminal
121--== Property of the Appalachian Government ==--FS03_MQ_Fruition_SamMcDougallSubTerminal
122--== Property of the Appalachian Government ==--FS03_MQ_Fruition_SamPerrySubTerminal
123--== Property of the Appalachian Government ==--FS03_MQ_Fruition_SamSubTerminal
124--== Property of the Appalachian Government ==--FS03_MQ_Fruition_SamTSubTerminal
125----------------------------------------------------- If you're reading this... 1. We're not extinct yet! 2. Humankind needs your help. Please enter if you feel capable of saving the human race. -----------------------------------------------------FS_AbbieBunkerTerminal
126**[ FREE STATES ]**FS_AbbiePersonalTerminal
127----------------------------------------------------- A while back, I said I'd finish the SDS... I realized that the chances of my success are maybe a bazillion to one, so FIRST I spent way too much time rigging a million different things so if someone else found my bunker after I'm gone, they have a chance to finish it as well. And now that's done... and I realize this may be my last entry. I've packed a bag, and I'm off to Top of the World to find Madigan's uplink.FS_AbbiePersonalTerminal
128**[ FREE STATES ]**FS_ArmoryTerminalWallNorth
129**[ FREE STATES ]**FS_ArmoryTerminalWallSouth
130**[ FREE STATES ]**FS_ArmoryTerminalWallWest
132**[ FREE STATES ]**FS_NirajArmoryTerminal
133Initial testing of the air scrubbers appeared successful. Now it's just a matter of listing out and scavenging the materials to create, oh only a dozen more or so. Hopefully the benefit will get some people on board.FS_NirajArmoryTerminal
134**[ FREE STATES ]**FS_NirajPersonalSubTerminal
135**[ FREE STATES ]**FS_NirajTechnicalSubTerminal
136**[ FREE STATES ]**FS_NirajTerminal
137**[ FREE STATES ]**FS_RaleighOutgoingNotesTerminal
138----------------------------------------------------- To all: After many losses, we've set up several locations with Scorchbeast Lures. Should you find yourself in a situation where a Scorchbeast is in the area, keep your Pip-Boys on to listen for priority message alerts. Eddie is making them as we speak. We'll be sending out instructions on proper usage soon. But remember: use your best judgement. Use the lure if you are prepared, but if you can, always seek shelter first. - RaleighFS_RaleighOutgoingNotesTerminal
139Boss, I put all the copies of that nutcase's manifesto in the basement, like you asked. You sure we shouldn't go to the police?GeneralsSteakhouse_Terminal
140Scorched Detection CommunicationsGQ_AirDropRadioStationTerminal
141Security Station TerminalLC006_ControlRoomProtectronOfficeTerminal
142Another round of inspections coming up. I've never seen so many federal agents in one place. They always look at us like we're doing something wrong.LC006_FuelStorageRoomTerminal
143Terminal archives have been deleted due to remote factory reset.LC006_HalluciGenStorageRoomTerminal
144Reminder to inform security of any and all visitors from outside. One of the protestors made it into the building and shouted slogans at one of the executives. We need to keep this building contained for as long as the tents are out there.LC006_MainBuildingReceptionTerminal
145Renee: I can't believe this. My god, Brent, those are our employees out there! Brent: Not anymore. You saw the policy. Every last one of them was fired the moment they stepped out onto that picket line. And good riddance. Renee: You didn't have to call in the military! Renee: We should have negotiated with them. They just want a new contract. A little job security. Is that too much to ask? Brent: We don't need to negotiate. We don't need them at all. The new robots will be here on Monday. Renee: What? Why wasn't I told about this? Brent: Why? So you could slip the news to the union? Don't think we don't know. Sympathizer. Renee: That's enough. You're fired. Get the hell out of my plant. Brent: No. No, Renee, I don't think so. Brent: As Director of Security, I've already declared a state of emergency. This entire facility is now under a Class-III lockdown. Brent: Until this situation has been resolved, I'm afraid that means I'm in charge here. Renee: What? Brent: Kyle! Kyle: Sir. Brent: See that Ms. Hargraves is kept safe in her office until we've dealt with the protesters. Kyle: Sir. Renee: No! No, Brent, you can't do this! Renee: Grah... Let me go! Brent! Brent!LC006_PlantManagersOfficeTerminal
146The Associated Miner's Union's goals are simple. Ultracite has given this plant a new lease on life, and that good fortune should be spread to Poseidon Energy's loyal employees. Automating away all our jobs is more than just sowing discontent, it's bad for business to throw away all our collective years of experience. The whole of Appalachia can't produce energy without people, no matter what the robot manufacturers say to the contrary.LC006_ProtestCampTerminal
147We've locked Renee in her office. Brent says she's a union sympathizer, and he doesn't want her interfering once the military starts shooting off all that gas.LC006_SecurityOfficeDeconHallTerminal
148Verifying credentials... done. Terminating Reactor Lockdown... done. Opening all security doors... done. The lockdown protocol has been terminated.LC006_SecurityRoomMainTerminal
149Security Station TerminalLC006_SideBuildingSecurityTerminal
150Employee Control SolutionsLC019_Boss_TerminalDesk
151To: Carl Beltran, Facilities Coordinator From: Karen Gerrard, Operations Manager I'm only going to say this once, so you might want to print out this mail and tack it to your wall. I rode the lifts this morning and was absolutely appalled at their condition. Not only were they noisy and vibrated terribly, but they were filthy as well. I found empty champagne bottles shoved between the seats on my car, and some rich spoiled brat carved his initials into the plastic. This is unacceptable. You and your team have a week to get the lifts back into peak condition or you'll be hunting for a job somewhere else!LC020_PleasantValleySkiResort_ManagerTerminal
152Property of Dyer ChemicalLC029_DyerChemical_SupervisorsTerminal
153SKIG RULES!!!!!!!!!LC030_HavenChurch_SkigsTerminal
155Lucky Hole Mining Co.LC037_Boss_TerminalDesk
156Dolly Sods Wilderness Ranger StationLC039_DollySodsWilderness_RangersTerminal
157As you know, your rounds will now be done alone. The Warden's new budget doesn't include the money to have multiple guards patrolling each block. There's a new plan being worked on to deal with the staff shortage and budget problems.LC043_GuardTerminalABlockMain
158Started fitting prisoners with the new collars. Prison walls not enough? We really got to blow their heads off if they go too far outside? Most of these prisoners aren't even here for capital crimes. Tried to talk to the Warden, but he chewed me out. We've got a staff meeting coming up with all the guards once the collars are distributed. I'm bringing it up again then.LC043_GuardTerminalABlockSide
159I was fitting the new prison collars on an inmate, and he kept complaining it was too tight. Tries to pull it apart to loosen it up, and BOOM, his head's spaghetti. Guess that'll teach him to not to pay his parking tickets.LC043_GuardTerminalBBlock
160Under no circumstances should Mad Dog Malone be allowed out of solitary confinement. He's in there permanently. We let him out, he'll make nice with the other inmates, and soon enough this whole prison will be part of his gang.LC043_GuardTerminalCBlock
161You might have noticed a surge in the prison population lately. I've heard all your complaints. There's no argument here. Communists are the enemy. And if the government suspects someone is a Communist, then they're a Communist. And where do Communists belong? That's right: prison.LC043_GuardTerminalDBlock
162Access Control TerminalLC043_IntakeRoomAccessControlDWingTerminal
163Zander: So, wait. You're tellin' me everyone's gone? The guards, the cook staff, everyone? Porter: Yeah. Well, not Warden Brennan. He's staying behind to keep an eye on us. Zander: That's crazy. People are gonna kill each other in here. Porter: Sure, if they want their heads to blow up. That's what these collars are for, remember? Besides, we've got those stupid robot guards now, so it ain't like we can do whatever the hell we want. Zander: I don't know. Almost feels like the state's givin' up on us, lettin' us rot. Porter: When did they ever care about us? This ain't new. This is just a way to keep the prison running and keep us in line. Zander: Well, if Griffin and Carlo hadn't tried escapin', maybe we wouldn't be in this mess. Porter: Probably not, but they're dead and we're not. Which reminds me, Ozzie is having a meeting tonight in the cafeteria. He claims he knows a guy that's good with electronics. Might be able to get these things off our necks. You in? Zander: Hell no. You guys have fun, I plan on keepin' this head on my shoulders for the rest of my sentence.LC043_OldWardenTerminal
164This whole prison is getting automated, and your salary is going to be re-allocated to pay for another robot guard. You're terminated. Effective immediately. Place all prison property in the safe and lock your work area up. Failure to remove yourself from the premises will result in your arrest.LC043_ReceptionTerminal
165Started fitting prisoners with the new collars. Prison walls not enough? We really got to blow their heads off if they go too far outside? Most of these prisoners aren't even here for capital crimes. Tried to talk to the Warden, but he chewed me out. We've got a staff meeting coming up with all the guards once the collars are distributed. I'm bringing it up again then.LC043_SecurityTerminalABlockSide
166Under no circumstances should Mad Dog Malone be allowed out of solitary confinement. He's in there permanently. We let him out, he'll make nice with the other inmates, and soon enough this whole prison will be part of his gang.LC043_SecurityTerminalCBlock
167Initiating Emergency Lockdown Protocol... Accessing cell block door interlink... Locking down all cell doors... Operation complete. - WARNING - Multiple faults detected. Please contact a technician for immediate diagnostics and repair.LC043_SecurityTerminalCellBlockControlsNativeSubterminal
168You might have noticed a surge in the prison population lately. I've heard all your complaints. There's no argument here. Communists are the enemy. And if the government suspects someone is a Communist, then they're a Communist. And where do Communists belong? That's right: prison.LC043_SecurityTerminalDBlock
169Security System TerminalLC043_SecurityTerminalYard
170...:: Flatwoods Tavern ::...LC044_TavernSupplyOrderTerminal
171New Appalachian RailroadLC047_Foreman_TerminalDesk
172New Appalachian RailroadLC047_YardReport_TerminalDesk
173We have received your report. While AMS feels for your circumstances, we reject your accusation that the earthquakes have anything to do with our mining tests. Our own geologists have verified that these were natural occurrences.LC047_YardReport_TerminalDesk
174/%^#@3.r#<3cConnection TerminatedLC058_RadioResearchSubTerminal
175NEW MESSAGE RECEIVEDLC058_RadioResearchTerminal
176Med-Tek Private PropertyLC062_HarpersFerry_ClinicTerminal
177The Sympto-Matic has been at the Harpers Ferry Clinic for almost a year now, and it's outperformed all of our expectations. My fears that the machine would be seen as a threat to the staff's profession were wrong - they're actually quite appreciative of the help. Even the clinic's doctor has taken a liking to the Sympto-Matic, likely because he no longer has to be on call twenty-four hours a day. To call this test a success would be an understatement. It's my opinion Med-Tek should begin a full roll-out of this device immediately.LC062_HarpersFerry_ClinicTerminal
178Property of the Town of Harpers FerryLC062_MirandaTerminal
179NEW DUTY OFFICER: Sgt. Orlando Garrett, 12th Mountain Division I'm here to replace Sgt. Bianchi, who has been relieved of duty. According to the MP Report, Sgt. Bianchi was charged with three counts: gross misconduct, dereliction of duty and insubordination. He'll be transferred back to our forward command outside of Huntervsille and then to headquarters for formal sentencing. In the meantime, it's my job to make sure this containment operation at Huntersville continues to run smoothly and give West-Tek all the courtesy and assistance that I can.LC067_Huntersville_MilitaryTerminal
180Lewsiburg Visitor's Center TerminalLC075_LewisburgVisitorsCenterTerminal
182Human Resources Memo HR Manager Mary Baker Mama Dolce's Full-Time Employees: Please join plant manager John Smith and I in welcoming our most recent group of new hires to the Mama Dolce's family. They will all be joining the team at the food processing plant in Morgantown. Please give them a big Appalachian welcome when you see them around! Lincoln Jones - Manufacturing Hygiene Technician Jack White - Senior Maintenance Technician John Johnson - Full-Time Security Officer Will Harris - Processing Machine Operator (Night Shift)LC089_ManagerTerminal
183Shipment Status (Arsenal Resupply) Item: Type 93 Assault Rifle Quantity: 75 Status: Delayed (indefinitely) Item: 5.56mm ammunition, 24-round magazines Quantity: 1200 Status: Delayed (indefinitely) Item: Stealth Armor Quantity: 1 Status: Delayed (indefinitely) Item: Officer's Sword Quantity: 30 Status: Arrived (3), excess (27) delayed indefinitelyLC089_SecurityTerminal
184Director Summary Stealth Research & Development Laboratory Progress Report As you know, our efforts over the past year have been focused on developing new cloaking and stealth based technologies, as well as techniques to support covert field operatives deployed across Appalachia. It goes without saying that cloaking technology is very advanced, and components are limited in supply in this primitive part of the world. We were unable to secure a stealth armor suit due to demand from Anchorage and other various war efforts. We also have yet to receive the suit schematics we requested to advance our research. Furthermore, we do not exactly have access to the best and brightest minds of the Republic down here. Our last reinforcements came over three months ago, and half of them were killed by the security team because they didn't have the proper credentials. While we have technically failed our yearly targets, it could be suggested that the targets were unrealistic due to lack of support and technological barriers. Additionally, the constraints of working in a covert capacity dramatically limit the type of testing that can be done, as well as the hours they can be done in order to remain undetected. Regardless, Chief Scientist Quao will accept full responsibility for this failure and any and all repercussions due for his actions. He and he alone is responsible for failing to thrive in the aforementioned circumstances. Myself and the rest of the team are ready to move past this shameful leadership and excel on all future assignments. Hail the People's Republic!LC089_StealthLabTerminal
186MGT Thomas Senecheck now in command. Captain Maxwell was shot and killed today by the unidentified gang that's had us continually under siege at Monongah Power Plant. We're down to nine men, so I've given the order to abandon our posting. We'll head towards the nearest major population center to try and link up with whatever forces remain in the area. Wish us luck and may fortune favor the brave.LC091_MonongahPowerPlant_MilitaryTerminal
187R & G Processing Services NetworkLC092_CEO_Terminal
188R & G Processing Services NetworkLC092_Manager_Terminal
189R & G Processing Services NetworkLC092_Mechanic_Terminal
191*Monongah Township Budget breakdown for fourth quarter 2077 **Coffers empty - all public programs are suspended until further notice **Fundraising ideas put up for vote - lost 1-4 **Draft legal letter to Daniel Hornwright regarding Monongah Mine put up for vote - approved 5-0 **Draft letter requesting financial assistance from State Capital put up for vote - approved 5-0 *Miner's Relief Support Services report by Councilwoman WomackLC093_MonongahTownship_CouncilTerminal
192..:: Shadowbreeze Apartments ::..LC095_ApartmentTerminal_01
193...:: History of Morgantown ::...LC095_HistoryOfMorgantown_epilogue_Terminal
194...:: Human Resources Dept ::...LC095_HRMeetingTerminal
195...:: MONORAIL MAINTENANCE ::...LC095_MonorailStaffTerminal
196...:: MORGANTOWN AIRPORT ::...LC096_HackedKioskTerminal
197...:: CONFIDENTIAL ::...LC096_OliviaPHendersonTerminal
198...:: CONFIDENTIAL ::...LC096_WyattJohnsonTerminal
199Mountainside Bed & BreakfastLC102_MountainsideBB_CommentTerminal
200-+Thunder Mountain Power Plant+-LC104_ThunderMountainPowerPlant_FreeStatesTerminal
201National Isolated Radio ArrayLC106_NIRArray_PhysicistTerminal
202It's funny. I've been hard at work on the fifth quadrant for my project, but I can't help being distracted by the whole headache/EM field debacle I suffered. I spent the last month or so juggling the original project with finding out why this array is giving off such a huge EM field. According to my investigation, the NIRA shouldn't be outputting so much electromagnetic energy. It's almost as if they aren't using it in a narrow band as expected, but trying to cover a huge area at all once. I'm not sure what all of this means, but it's certainly piqued my interest.LC106_NIRArray_PhysicistTerminal
2039-3-76 2:41 PM From: LAtwell Subject: URGENT ---------------------------------------------------- Shut it down, IMMEDIATELY, then turn on the news. Looks like the effect was at least as far out as Clarksburg. People are asking questions. We'll make up something. I don't know; solar flare disturbing magnetic activity, or some nonsense the public will belive. For now, we got enough data over here at Site B. If that's what it takes to do this again, we may have to table the program for now and start it up again at one of the more remote sites. -LuciusLC106_RadioArrayCommunicationsSubTerminal
206Palace of the Winding PathLC110_PalaceOfTheWindingPath_CyrusTerminal
207Palace of the Winding PathLC110_PalaceOfTheWindingPath_SimonGladwellsTerminal
208Access Control TerminalLC112_AccessControlTerminal
209::::::::::::::::::::: ERROR: SYSTEM OFFLINE :::::::::::::::::::::LC112_AtlasUtilityAreaTerminal
210::::::::::::::::::::: CRITICAL SYSTEM ERROR ::::::::::::::::::::: SYSTEM RECOVERY FAILED MENU FUNCTIONS DISABLEDLC112_ControlRoomMasterControlTerminal
211As expected, I've received a follow-up letter from my commanding officer. I was to go back through all the data that Dr. Hammond collected and adjust the values and the results so that ATLAS looked like a failure. Why were they burying the project that could shift the focus of the war? Why were they suddenly being so covert about the whole thing? I had a million questions, but I knew better than to call Washington and ask. Orders are orders. I just broke the news to Hammond and he instantly flew into a rage. I had to get a couple of MP's to restrain him, I thought he was going literally kill me. Fortunately, he calmed down and then walked off the property without a word. I don't know if he'll be back or not, but I still have a job to do.LC112_ControlRoomSideTerminal_MTNM02
212::::::::::::::::::::::::: ERROR: CONNECTION REFUSED :::::::::::::::::::::::::LC112_DirectorsOfficeTerminal
213::::::::::::::::::::::::: ERROR: DIRECTORY CORRUPTED :::::::::::::::::::::::::LC112_PrototypeDevelopmentTerminal
214::::::::::::::::::::: ERROR: SYSTEM OFFLINE :::::::::::::::::::::LC112_ResearchOfficeTerminal
215Robotics Control TerminalLC112_RoboticsRoomTerminal
216::::::::::::::::::::: ERROR: SYSTEM OFFLINE :::::::::::::::::::::LC112_WeatherAnalysisTerminal
217Lookout tower is filthy. Trash left on the stairs is a safety hazard. Otherwise nothing unusual. Beaver population out of control. Need to cull by thirty percent. But Ranger Ross keeps denying hunting permits because he's too damn soft. Yes, I'm talking to you, Ross! I know you're reading my reports! We have a situation here, so stop coddling those beavers and DO YOUR DAMN JOB. And clean up the Lookout Tower! I almost fell down two flights of stairs tripping on your disgusting leftovers.LC125_CB_Lore_RangerSimonTerminal
218After some debates with my team, I've concluded that the robots need to have their personalities reset back to the "factory default" mode. While it was fun for a while to distinguish them as individuals, it's clear that their sole purpose is to assist us through automation and these personalities are interfering with that process. Some of the other folks on the team think that resetting them is like "killing" them. However, the decision is mine, and I've chosen to go ahead with the reset. After all, these aren't pets or friends, they're servitors and they need to get back to work.LC127_RedRocketHwyMegaStop_MaintenanceTerminal
219Tourism Guide - Viewing Information ___________________________________ Landview Lighthouse is a 102 foot tall structure thousands of feet above sea level, with 76 steps to climb for visitors to reach the stunning 360 degree gallery deck. The second tier lamp room features a rotational beacon capable of projecting a beam for over 25 miles. Guests on the 360 degree gallery deck can enjoy unrivaled views of various landmarks in all directions: Beyond the mountain to the north is Grafton, a major shipping hub and railroad intersection for the area. To the east is Morgantown, home of Vault-Tec University and the founders of this very lighthouse! In the distance is the "Top of the World" located at Pleasant Valley Ski Resort, featuring the highest elevation in the region. Looking south, it's impossible to miss the stunning New River Gorge Bridge, one of the longest bridges in Appalachia. On a clear day, the unmistakable silhouettes of the luxury mega mansions in Bramwell can also be spotted. The landmarks that can be viewed from the 360 degree gallery deck are too numerous to mention. Under the right weather conditions, guests have a spectacular view of the entire region!LC130_KeeperTerminal
220SEL1249 is a self-described avid hiker, so no one questions her frequent disappearances. We can use her to collect data from the wooded mountainous areas nearby. On a trial basis, we have been experimenting with inserting a wide range of combat tactics, mostly revolving around martial arts. SEL1249 has shown much promise in accepting these techniques, completely unaware to her conscious self. Indeed, it appears SEL1249 managed to foil a bank robbery by employing hand-to-hand combat, with no recollection of the incident. Luckily, the official newsprint story attributes it to a sudden instinctual rush of adreneline triggered by the stress of the situation.LC138_SugarGroveBlacksiteTerminal
221PASSWORD: i4x!!pXoGG__3# PASSWORD... ACCEPTED. DOOR UNLOCKEDLC145_PlanningRoom_TerminalWall
222I heard some massive explosions outside today and I ran into the atrium of Top of the World just in time to see the mushroom clouds. At that moment, a horrible thought crossed my mind and I darted back into Diamond Dust. The case with the Coral Cougar was empty. The detonation of the bombs, the timing - all perfect. It was a masterstroke. Well played, Haunt. Well played...LC150_TOTW_DiamondDust_StakeoutTerminal
223v. 7.09.41LC167ArktosLobbyTerminal
224v. 7.09.41LC167_ArktosControlRoomTerminal
225v. 7.09.41LC167_ArktosLabTerminal
226v. 7.09.41LC167_Arktos_ProteinTerminal
227Job Postings [ERROR]LC170_Watoga_CBLore_GWBBS_SubTerminal_aMAIN
228Scout's Life back issues looking for a good home ... Send me your best offers. [ERROR]LC170_Watoga_CBLore_GWBBS_SubTerminal_Comics
229Thanksgiving Farmer's Market and Food Bot Schedule [ERROR]LC170_Watoga_CBLore_GWBBS_SubTerminal_Community
230To the Well-Coifed Gentleman with the Gold Handy in Block H - Inquiry about your stylist. [ERROR]LC170_Watoga_CBLore_GWBBS_SubTerminal_GeneralDiscussion
231::MISS NANNY HAS STARTED A SESSION:: BOBBY: Mom, I found a lizard on the balcony, can I keep it? Miss Nanny put it in a jar and it has air holes and everything! Its name is Sparkles! TAYLOR: Bobby, you can watch Sparkles today if it stays in the jar. We have to let it go home tonight when I get home though. Sparkles has a family too. BOBBY: Wowzers, okay! ::MISS NANNY HAS ENDED THE SESSION::LC170_Watoga_CBLore_MissNannySessions_SubTerminal_aMAIN
232Minor Fire IncidentLC172_EmergencyReportFireSubTerminal01_CB_LoreTerminal
233Main MenuLC172_EmergencyReportFireSubTerminal03_CB_LoreTerminal
234Main MenuLC172_EmergencyReportFireSubTerminal04_CB_LoreTerminal
235Other (Parent / Guardian / Spouse)LC172_EmergencyReportMedicalSubTerminal01_CB_LoreTerminal
236Major Injuries (Fracture, Burn, etc)LC172_EmergencyReportMedicalSubTerminal02_CB_LoreTerminal
237Main MenuLC172_EmergencyReportMedicalSubTerminal03_CB_LoreTerminal
241File Fire ReportLC172_EmergencyReportSubTerminal01_CB_LoreTerminal
242Main MenuLC172_EmergencyReportSubTerminal02_CB_LoreTerminal
243[ERROR: Complaint report database inaccessible. Please file a physical complaint form at the front desk.]LC172_EmergencyReportTerminal_CB_LoreTerminal
244Make sure to visit the front office by the end of October to sign up for Student Jury, the student organization that deliberates on punishment for infractions committed by fellow students. We encourage all available students to apply to participate in this important process of the self-governing student body. This week's cases: Sara B. Betts: Freshman Two counts of minor tomfoolery Todd R. Nienkerk: Senior Mischievous vandalism of robobrain teacher Laura B. Massey: Sophomore Repeated violation of WHS nutrition codeLC174_Announcement_CB_LoreTerminal
245Connect to GWBBSLC174_WatogaHigh_History_CB_LoreTerminal
246=:: -- ATOMIC MINING SERVICES -- ::=LC177_AMS_CBLore_AnimalHoldingTerminal
247=:: -- ATOMIC MINING SERVICES -- ::=LC177_AMS_CBLore_DataMonitoringTerminal
248Warning File not found. Please contact a system administrator.LC177_AMS_CBLore_DataMonitoringTerminal
249=:: -- ATOMIC MINING SERVICES -- ::=LC177_AMS_CBLore_HydraulicPressTerminal
250=:: -- ATOMIC MINING SERVICES -- ::=LC177_AMS_CBLore_RobotSecurityTerminal01
251=:: -- ATOMIC MINING SERVICES -- ::=LC177_AMS_CBLore_RobotSecurityTerminal02
252======== APPALACHIAN VAULT REGISTRY ========LC183_AppalachianVaultRegistry
253- West Tek Research -LC184_AgGreenhouseTerminal
254- West Tek Research -LC184_AgLabTerminal
255- West Tek Research -LC184_ControlRoomTerminal
256- West Tek Research -LC184_DecontaminationResearchTerminal
257- West Tek Research -LC184_FrontDeskTerminal
258- West Tek Research -LC184_HoldingCellTerminal
259- West Tek Research -LC184_ProductionDispenserAccessTerminal
260- West Tek Research -LC184_ResearchWingAccessTerminal
261WARNING Access to the Research Wing is restricted to AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL. Please enter or load an ACCESS CODE to enter.LC184_ResearchWingAccessTerminal
262' We'' T'k Re''ar'h -LC184_ResearchWingAccessTerminalCorrupted
263- West Tek Research -LC184_ResearchWingInjectionRoomTerminal
264- West Tek Research -LC184_SecurityOfficeTerminal
265- West Tek Research -LC184_WestTekSubTerminal_AdvancedMutations
266- West Tek Research -LC184_WestTekSubTerminal_ResearchTankRoom
267- West Tek Research -LC184_WestTekTerminal_AdvancedMutations
268- West Tek Research -LC184_WestTekTerminal_AgAnalysis
269- West Tek Research -LC184_WestTekTerminal_ResearchTankRoom
270West Tek are some sick bastards. I don't know what the hell they were experimenting on, but the contents of the barrel I opened was disgusting. It's some sort of bio-contaminated waste, like body parts or something. I'm glad the parts aren't human - well, they can't be human unless humans suddenly grew thick greenish skin. Must be some kind of animal or something, I don't know and I don't care. As long as they keep paying, I'll let them keep dumping.LC190_EmmettMountainDisposalSite_InspectorTerminal
271After spending a few months on the line, I've noticed that most of the ammunition crates we're filling are just sitting in the storage area. When I asked Col. Pollard about it, he simply brushed it off and said we were "stockpiling." This is beginning to feel like a pointless exercise. If this ammunition is so important, why isn't it on its way to Alaska? Then it hit me. This "war effort" wasn't simply for the soldiers, it's for all of us, for our morale and to keep the economy strong. After all, what good are bunch of bullets going to do when everyone launches their nukes?LC193_ConvertedMunitionsFactory_SupervisorTerminal
272It hasn't taken us long to discover that living in this new world isn't gonna be simple. The game we were depending on for food is gone, the fresh water tainted with radioactive poison. If we want to survive, our kind needs to adapt. Dane's ordered us to pair up and find supplies, taking them using any means necessary to get what's ours. Now the fighting really begins.LC196_SonsOfDaneCompound_PaulieTerminal
273Jackson, Verne, Angie and now Clem and Beeks. The Nightstalker decided to take two more Sons from the beer hall tonight. There's only a handful of us left, and I don't know how to stop it. If we don't do something fast, the Sons of Dane are gonna be worm food. I'm gonna set up a message and broadcast it for help. We need a serious hunter to take down the Nightstalker, and we need one fast.LC196_SonsOfDaneLeaderSubTerminal02
274Property of the U.S. GovernmentLC199_SupervisorReportSubTerminal
275Property of the U.S. GovernmentLC199_SupervisorTerminal
277=--------------------------------------= | The Order of Mysteries | | - Hall of Trials - | =--------------------------------------= BEGIN PROGRAM ***ERROR*** No training program selected. Please select a program to continue.MoM_HallOfTrialsTerminal
278Ms. Shannon Rivers, Personal Journal - 4/29/79 Spring has finally come, such as it is. Every day, caravans of refugees pass by the house. Whole families, carrying everything they have. Old men. Children. It's horrible. So many children have no one left. A few have been brave enough to come up to the house. I can't turn them away. I never in my life imagined running an orphanage, but what else can I do? We had Olivia move her things out to the guest house so the new girls can take the rooms on this floor. I'm going to clear out of the study and move into my suite downstairs. At this rate, we'll need all the room we can get.MoM_StudyTerminalJournalSubterminal
280United States Department of EnergyMTNL01_BlackwaterBanditsLeaderEnergySubTerminal
281United States Department of EnergyMTNL01_BlackwaterBanditsLeaderLogsSubTerminal
282United States Department of EnergyMTNL01_BlackwaterBanditsLeaderTerminal
283ERROR: CANNOT ACCESS DATAMTNL01_BlackwaterBanditsLeaderTerminal
284City of Charleston Municipal AreaMTNL01_CharlestonCrimeLogTerminal
289*****ERROR***** UNABLE TO ACCESS BATCH DUPLICATION *****ERROR*****MTNL01_PalaceHolotapeTerminal
291Palace of the Winding PathMTNM03_SubTerminal_Messages
292Palace of the Winding PathMTNM03_SubTerminal_Primer
293Palace of the Winding PathMTNM03_Terminal
294Error Code 0009: Error Logging subsystem error. Error logging disabled. System reboot recommended.MTNS01_RadioArrayErrorLogSubTerminal
295ERROR: Signal strength adjustment is offline. Contact system administatror.MTNS01_RadioArrayShutdownSubTerminal
296Eddie Harrison's Scientific LogMTNS05_VoxConversationSubterminal
297Dr. Eddie Harrison's Scientific LogMTNS05_VoxTerminal
298United States Department of EnergyMTNS06_Uranium_MessagesSubTerminal
299United States Department of EnergyMTNS06_Uranium_Terminal
300--- Required particulate detected. --- Congealing complete. --- Minerals reconsistuted. --- Issuing ignots. --- Auto-cleaning process initiated.MTR01_Ashforge
301--- Required particulate detected. --- Congealing complete. --- Minerals reconsistuted. --- Issuing ignots. --- Auto-cleaning process initiated.MTR01_Ashforge01_OLD
302Property Garrahan Mining CompanyMTR02_MinerTerminal
303Property Garrahan Mining CompanyMTR02_MinerTerminalSub001
304Property Garrahan Mining CompanyMTR02_ReceptionTerminal
305Mr. Fuzzy's Prize O' RamaMTR04_PrizeListSubTerminal
306Mr. Fuzzy's Prize O' RamaMTR04_PrizeTerminal
307Mr. Fuzzy's Prize O' RamaMTR04_RedeemSubTerminal
308Garrahan Mining CoMTR06_MineEntrance_Terminall
309AppOS 7.021MTR11_Terminal_A
310AppOS 7.021MTR11_Terminal_A_Sub01
311AppOS 7.021MTR11_Terminal_B
312AppOS 7.021MTR11_Terminal_C
313|=|=|=|=|=|=|=|= Franklin Norton |=|=|=|=|=|=|=|= Offences: 3 Severity: Major Description of recent offense: Chased a new trainee out of the train yard while making train noises. Action: Supervisor Haugstad recommends termination.MTR_Terminal_Sub_LORE_HR
314--- Ultracite reclamation initiated. --- Analyzing atmospheric status. --- Calculating air current directionality. --- Determining aerosolization precursor requirements. --- --- COMPLETE. --- Please deposit precursors at designated burn sites. --- --- WARNING: Hazardous conditions may be present at burn site!nativeMTR01_AshforgeQuestSubterminal
315Shotgun Shell selectednativeWorkshopCollectorAmmoTerminal
316Set Trigger TargetnativeWorkshopTripwireTerminal
317West Virginia Dept of TransportationNewRiverGorgeBridge_Terminal
318Sunday 11-21-77: 478,200lb Monday 11-22-77: 478,200lb Tuesday 11-23-77: 478,200lb Wednesday 11-24-77: 478,200lb Thursday 11-25-77: 478,200lb Friday 11-26-77: 478,200lb Saturday 11-27-77: 478,200lb Weekly Total: 3,347,400lbNewRiverGorgeBridge_Terminal
320Nuka Cola CorporationNukaColaPlantProductDevelopment_TerminalDesk
321Nuka-Cola CorporationNukaColaPlantSignin_TerminalDesk
322Nuka Cola Foods IntranetNukaColaPlant_TerminalWall
324I had to lock the supply room at the speakeasy today. With everything that's going on in my mind these days, I'm bound to lose track of the password, so here it is: SHINE. Ironic, right? If anyone finds out what Lewis has back there, what he's adding to the Nukashine recipe... it will be bad. I hope I can forget about it and put on a good face for everyone. Tonight's the big night. Nukashine's invited to the biggest party of the year, and for once, Etpets are too. If anything goes wrong, I'll take the fall for them. I know this can't last forever. But... it'll be worth it. Right?P01A_Nukashine_JudysTerminal_Journal
325-==Custom Robotic Assembly Platform==-P01B_Lying_02_RobotWorkshopTerminal
326-==Custom Robotic Assembly Platform==-P01B_Lying_02_RobotWorkshop_Reprogramming
327-==Custom Robotic Assembly Platform==-P01B_Lying_02_RobotWorkshop_Reprogramming_2
328-==Custom Robotic Assembly Platform==-P01B_Lying_02_RobotWorkshop_StatusReports
329-==Custom Robotic Assembly Platform==-P01B_Lying_02_RobotWorkshop_StatusReports_Wolf
330-=|| VAN LOWE TAXIDERMY ||=-P01B_Lying_OfficeTerminal
331-=|| VAN LOWE TAXIDERMY ||=-P01B_Lying_StoreTerminal
332== VAN LOWE TAXIMDERMY ==P01B_Lying_StoreTerminal_Orders
333== VAN LOWE TAXIMDERMY ==P01B_Lying_StoreTerminal_Shipments
334== RobCo Personal Terminal ==P01B_Mini_Random01_RayTerminal
335Property of Scoot ConroyP01B_Mini_Random01_ScootsTerminal
336Property of Scoot ConroyP01B_Mini_Random01_ScootsTerminal_Docs
337Property of Scoot ConroyP01B_Mini_Random01_ScootsTerminal_Ghosts
338Property of Scoot ConroyP01B_Mini_Random01_ScootsTerminal_Private
339Property of Scoot ConroyP01B_Mini_Random01_ScootsTerminal_PW1
340Property of Scoot ConroyP01B_Mini_Random01_ScootsTerminal_PW2_Correct
341Property of Scoot ConroyP01B_Mini_Random01_ScootsTerminal_PW2_Wrong
342Property of Scoot ConroyP01B_Mini_Random01_ScootsTerminal_PW3_Correct
343Property of Scoot ConroyP01B_Mini_Random01_ScootsTerminal_PW3_Wrong
344Property of Scoot ConroyP01B_Mini_Random01_ScootsTerminal_PW4_Correct
345Property of Scoot ConroyP01B_Mini_Random01_ScootsTerminal_PW4_Wrong
346Property of Scoot ConroyP01B_Mini_Random01_ScootsTerminal_PW5_Correct
347Property of Scoot ConroyP01B_Mini_Random01_ScootsTerminal_PW5_Wrong
348Property of Scoot ConroyP01B_Mini_Random01_ScootsTerminal_Sheepsquatch
349Township of MonongahP01B_Mini_Random02_PoliceTerminal
350Monongah Police Department Incident Report 1599 Officer responded to a 10-54, livestock in the road. Upon approaching the scene, officer spotted the bovine offender standing in the middle of the road. It took 13 rounds to put down the suspect. As the officer was securing the scene for CSU, the offender's owner, one Sam Welch, approached the officer complaining that "Bessy never did no-one any harm." Having admitted to owning the offender, the officer arrested Sam Welch, cuffed him and secured him in the squad car. Sam Welch used repeated profane language and threats of violence against the officer. Additional charges were filed. Sam Welch was released on his own recognizance, threatening to make sure the officer "never got another drop of milk from his cows." Officer DimwiddyP01B_Mini_Random02_PoliceTerminal
351Personal Files: Allan GarrahanP01B_Wolf_AllanLogs
352Allan's TerminalP01B_Wolf_EstateTerminal
353... calculating ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Codebreaker_NextQ
354The Appalachia ReportsPOI079_SubTerminalWilson_Investigations
355The Appalachia ReportsPOI079_TerminalWilson
356...:: GRAFTON STATION ::...POI086_GraftonTrainStationTerminal
357...:: MORGANTOWN STATION ::...POI087_MorgantownTrainStationTerminal
358...:: SUTTON STATION ::...POI088_SuttonTrainStationTerminal
359...:: CHARLESTON STATION ::...POI089_CharlestonTrainStationTerminal
360...:: WELCH STATION ::...POI090_WelchTrainStationTerminal
361...:: LEWISBURG STATION ::...POI091_LewisburgTrainStationTerminal
362...:: WATOGA STATION ::...POI092_WatogaTrainStationTerminal
363...:: SUNNYTOP STATION ::...POI093_SunnytopTrainStationTerminal
364...:: PLEASANT VALLEY STATION ::...POI094_PleasantValleyTrainStationTerminal
365...:: THE WHITESPRING STATION ::...POI095_TheWhitespringTrainStationTerminal
366...:: R&G STATION ::...POI096_R>rainStationTerminal
367Vault Tec UniversityPOI279_KMAX_TerminalDesk
372INOCULATION PROJECT JOURNAL Dr. Claire Hudson Okay, here we go. One brave doctor taking on the mysteries of the Scorched! How heroic! Truth is, I'm alone, I'm more than a little terrified and I'm skeptical this whole crazy idea will even work. I think the fundamentals are sound enough, but once I start analyzing the Scorched DNA, who knows what I'll find, or whether I'll even understand it? But I have to try. If I don't, all the people I care about are as good as dead. And if the Scorched start to spread? I don't even want to think about it. At least I can be grateful we found this lab. It has everything I need, provided I can get all of the equipment working. Hey, I got this terminal re-programmed, and that's a pretty good start. Speaking of which, I'd better start writing that analysis program. No time to- damn, there's that scratching noise again. I thought we cleared this place out, but I swear there's something moving around in the upper levels. Guess I'd better work fast.RS03_Inoculation_TerminalSub1
373-=- Flatwoods Automated Pantry -=-RSVP00_Terminal_Kitchen_Bugs
374-=- Flatwoods Automated Pantry -=-RSVP00_Terminal_Kitchen_Main
375-=- Flatwoods Automated Pantry -=-RSVP00_Terminal_Kitchen_Main_Pantry
376Property of Responder Miguel CalderaRSVP00_Terminal_Miguel_Main
377Restricted MessagesRSVP00_Terminal_Miguel_Main
378* Results show that water samples at [FLATWOODS RIVER] are moderately contaminated. * This is a slight improvement from Kesha McDermott's report. * Survivors should continue to boil water to reduce the effect of diseases and radiation.RSVP01_Terminal_Sub_Kiosk_TransferDB_Water
379Property of Responder Miguel CalderaRSVP03_Terminal_UNUSED
380Pioneer Scout CalendarSFG01_Terminal
381BROTHERHOOD OF STEEL ONLYSFL02_Track_MiscGraftonDamTerminal
382I don't know if this is the right forum for this, but if people can keep an eye out for my dog, Vegas, my sister and I'd greatly appreciate it. He's a black and white border collie. Super friendly. Even if someone finds him to just let us know he's passed on, we'd be grateful. - DonnieSFL02_Track_MissingPersonsSubTerminal
384TO: All Brotherhood of Steel Personnel With the last cargobot down, Senior Knight Wilson has ordered all dangerous technology to be stored in the secure cache in the basement of Hut VEST. It may not be as secure as the off-site depot, but good luck to any Raider that tries breaking into it. The more tech we can secure, the safer our future may be. Ad victoriam!SFL02_Track_VertibotTerminal
385Property of the U.S. GovernmentSFM01_Glow_CrevasseDamSubTerminal
386Property of the U.S. GovernmentSFM01_Glow_CrevasseDamTerminal
387Property of Dyer ChemicalSFM01_Glow_DyerChemHintTerminal
388Flushing Mixing Vat B... Flush successful.SFM04_Organic_DyerChemSubTerminal
389Property of Dyer Chemical: Formulating the FutureSFM04_Organic_DyerChemTerminal
391**[ FREE STATES ]**SFM04_Organic_EllaTerminal
392Free States NotificationsSFM04_Organic_EllaTerminal
393Get this. Some co-worker here went off and joined a group called the Free States. I guess they're all doom and gloom about the government and building some underground bunkers. I can't wait to see his face if he goes down there and emerges years later asking for his job back because nuclear war just ain't happening. There's no way things would get to that. On the upside, they asked me to take over his work which is right up my alley. Robobrains and exploratory AI, here I come!SFS02_Play_MiscRobCoHolotapeTerminal
394v. 7.09.41SFS09_Habitat_EngineeringTerminal
395v. 4.01.81SFS09_Habitat_MainframeTerminal
396v. 4.01.81SFS09_Habitat_MainframeTerminal_ProjectParadise
397Motion Detected!: -------------------- I never thought it'd happen, but the damn sensors are going off. I gotta wonder if maybe a culling of the human race is what it takes to bring these cryptids out of hiding. Nessy's still in decent shape, and I'm all set to take the risk. What've I got to lose in times like these?SFZ03_Queen_JournalSubTerminal
398Vault-Tec UniversitySFZ03_Queen_ShelbyTerminal
399Red Rocket Mega StopSFZ04_Waste_MaintenanceTerminal
400Red Rocket Mega StopSFZ04_Waste_QuestAlertTerminal
401Sugar Grove StationSugarGroveTerminalWall_Entrance
402Project Somnus Entry LogSugarGrove_BlacksiteTerminalDesk_01
403Sugar Grove Signals Intellegence StationSugarGrove_SecurityDoorTerminal
404Sugar Grove IntranetSugarGrove_TerminalDesk_01
405Taggerty's ThunderSurvivalTrainingCenter_TerminalWall
407Not everyone you meet will be as hardworking or friendly as you. Even some of your Vault 76 compatriots may, in time, resort to thievery and violence. Try to find a secluded place to set up your camp, away from well-defined paths, and where possible, concealed by foliage and natural rock formations.SURV_Tutorial_Term_SurvivalGuide_Camp_Concealment
408No one likes moving. Especially when you have to carry your entire house on your back. So take some time to find the perfect spot before you commit. You'll want to consider the following things when deciding if any particular place would make a good base camp: safety, access to resources, concealment, and view.SURV_Tutorial_Term_SurvivalGuide_Camp_HowToChoose
409You should try to find a location that will allow you to gather a variety of resources like food, water, and crafting materials such as wood and stone. But remember other creatures will also be visiting such places, so don't put down right next to a refreshing fish filled stream, or you might find your home visited by mutant bears or worse!SURV_Tutorial_Term_SurvivalGuide_Camp_Resources
410You'll want to find a location that is safe from the elements, but also, and more importantly, safe from enemies. Scout out the area, both during the day, and at night. Make sure you aren't setting up camp right next to a group of degenerate gangs, or a family of mutated bears. Consider placing your camp up against natural walls like cliffs and boulders. And further protect your camp by deploying traps and automated defenses to ward off intruders while you are away.SURV_Tutorial_Term_SurvivalGuide_Camp_Safety
411Your ideal placement will provide a clear view 360 degrees around your camp, for miles away. Being able to see trouble coming will allow you to avoid it altogether. A good view overlooking a beautiful natural landscape will also lift your spirits. A calm focused mind, and a healthy positive outlook will go a long way in keeping you alert, safe, and engaged in your surroundings and your survival.SURV_Tutorial_Term_SurvivalGuide_Camp_View
412Cooking GearSURV_Tutorial_Term_SurvivalGuide_CookingFire
413You may find yourself limited in the quality of meals you can prepare by what you are cooking on. At first, you should focus on the bare necessities. A small pit surrounded by stones, and if you can, scavenge a pot to cook in, if not, a good strong stick to hang your food on while you roast it. As you survive and start scavenging what's left of the population centers, or if you are trained in electrical engineering, you might be able to jury rig an actual working stove top and fry up some delicious home cooked meals. But always remember, light, warmth, and good smells can draw unwanted guests. Also, don't forget to boil your water at your cooking fire!SURV_Tutorial_Term_SurvivalGuide_CookingFire_Gear
415Meat is filling and when properly cooked, delicious. But raw or poorly cooked meat is likely to make you very sick. Always cook meat before eating it. And consider the relative healthiness and cleanliness any creature before you put its flesh in your mouth. Eating a giant mutated roach might not be the best idea, even if you cook it first!SURV_Tutorial_Term_SurvivalGuide_Food_Meat
416Plants are the healthiest choice, in addition to not causing cancer and cardiovascular disease, they are chock-full of vitamins and antioxidants, and are much less likely to be vectors for disease. The leaves and flowers of many plants can be made into delicious teas. Fruits and vegetables make thirst quenching juices and wholesome soups. Even though less risky than meat, always cook your plants to remove bacteria and parasites. You never know what may have fertilized the crop, or if it might be infested with maggots or other parasites.SURV_Tutorial_Term_SurvivalGuide_Food_Plants
417As you explore the world, you'll find new edible things, and new recipes to make those things tasty. When in doubt, you can always simply set meat or plants on fire. While not exactly tasty, charred food is safer than eating it raw. If you have a little extra time and some boiled water available, prepare it properly by rinsing it off and either boiling or frying it in boiled water helps wash away impurities and improves the taste. And with luck, you'll discover tastier recipes. Be sure to search kitchens and camp grounds to learn the local cuisine.SURV_Tutorial_Term_SurvivalGuide_Food_Recipes
418Radiation Poisoning and MutationsSURV_Tutorial_Term_SurvivalGuide_Healing
419Natural remedies will only go so far. Be sure to rummage through old medicine cabinets and supermarkets looking for medicine. And if you are lucky enough to be a scientist or have one as a friend, finding or constructing a chemistry workstation will allow you to create your own chems. But always remember to use chemicals responsibly. The last thing you want to do is become addicted to something dangerous or hard to find. Also, many chems are diuretics or metabolism boosters, so you may find yourself becoming hungry and thirsty when taking them.SURV_Tutorial_Term_SurvivalGuide_Healing_Chems
420If you find yourself with a disease, make your way to a clinic and try to have your disease diagnosed. With luck, you will learn how to fashion a cure there as well. If not, just wait it out. In time, most diseases will be cured naturally by your body's immune system. And remember, the healthier you are to begin with, the better your immune system functions. You will find yourself more susceptible to diseases the hungrier and thirstier you allow yourself to become.SURV_Tutorial_Term_SurvivalGuide_Healing_Diseases
421You are advised to avoid radiation wherever possible, make use of Rad-X to improve your radiation resistance, and Rad-Away to cleanse yourslef of radiation built up in your blood and tissue. With all the radiation you will find out there, you might very well find yourself or a loved one developing strange maladies or growths, possibly even growing additional digits! Should you find yourself in this unfortunate position, try consuming large doses of Rad-Away. Do be careful, Rad-Away is an aggressive agent, and suppresses your body's natural immune system.SURV_Tutorial_Term_SurvivalGuide_Healing_RadiationAndMutations
422While challenging, these are the most important first lessons of living in your new world! Keep trying, and don't give up! And if it ever seems like things are impossible and all hope is lost, just remember that you earned a place in Vault 76 because Vault-Tec's proprietary genetic testing and carefully crafted aptitude surveys demonstrated your excellence and worthiness to repopulate the earth. We humans survived through the darkest of ages. And you, dear survivor, are among the best and brightest humanity has to offer. Good luck out there! Stay safe. Stay happy.SURV_Tutorial_Term_SurvivalGuide_PepTalk
423Purified WaterSURV_Tutorial_Term_SurvivalGuide_Water
424Despite still being irradiated, boiled water is nearly safe to drink, but particularly nasty diseases can resist boiling. You should always boil water found in the wild before drinking it.SURV_Tutorial_Term_SurvivalGuide_Water_Boiled
425While much less likely to kill you than toxic water, dirty water is still irradiated, and with some risk of disease. Most sources of water you will find will be dirty. Unless you are desperate boil it before drinking.SURV_Tutorial_Term_SurvivalGuide_Water_Dirty
426Purified water, is guaranteed to be safe and delicious. This water will be rare, or require specialized equipment to produce. If available, drink purified water.SURV_Tutorial_Term_SurvivalGuide_Water_Purified
427Water is of varying degrees of quality. But broadly speaking you can categorize water qualities as Toxic, Dirty, Boiled, and Purified.SURV_Tutorial_Term_SurvivalGuide_Water_Quality
428Drinking toxic water will fill you with radiation and disease. It is found in stagnant pools and heavily polluted streams and rivers. Never drink toxic water, unless you are looking for a painful death.SURV_Tutorial_Term_SurvivalGuide_Water_Toxic
429Header TextTestSmoke23Terminal
430Header Text Sub MenuTestSmoke23TerminalSub
431Body Text TwoTestSmoke23TerminalSub
432Property of Vault-TecTEST_76CharGenCAMPHolotapeTerminal
433Property of Vault-TecTEST_76CharGenDinerHolotapeTerminal
434Property of Vault-TecTEST_76CharGenDoctorHolotapeTerminal
435Property of Vault-TecTEST_76CharGenOverseerHolotapeTerminal
436Property of Vault-TecTEST_76CharGenPerkHolotapeTerminal
437Property of Vault-TecTEST_76CharGenReactorHolotapeTerminal
438Property of Vault-TecTEST_76CharGenSurvivalCrateHolotapeTerminal
439CTest Terminaltest_CTestTerminalMain
440CTest Sub Terminal 1test_CTestTerminalSub01
441This is the Body Text of the CTest Sub Terminal 01. How's it look?test_CTestTerminalSub01
442CTest Sub Terminal 2test_CTestTerminalSub02
444Whitespring Intelligence Systemtest_EN02_IntelRoomExamsSubTerminalTEST
445Header TextTest_Tut04_Terminal
446Response Text #4Test_Tut04_Terminal
447= Testing Center =test_WarehouseTestAmbushesTerminal
448= Testing Center =test_WarehouseTestAmbushesTerminal_ActorType
449= Testing Center =test_WarehouseTestAmbushesTerminal_StartingPosition
450= Testing Center =test_WarehouseTestDefaultBehaviorTerminal
451Set Array Offsettest_WarehouseTestDefaultBehaviorTerminal
452= Testing Center =test_WarehouseTestEncounterTypesTerminal
453= Testing Center =test_WarehouseTestEncounterTypesTerminal_Level
454= Testing Center =test_WarehouseTestEncounterTypesTerminal_TypeVar
455Generic MinesTrainingMine_Terminal
456Officer Chao Tang: 7am - 3pm Officer Reginald Baker: 3pm - 11pm Officer Charles Mansion: 11pm - 7amTW002_SecurityStation01
457AppOS 7.021TW005_HuntingLodgeTerminal
458USPS v. 8.13TW005_MayorsTerminal
459AppOS 7.021TW007_ArthurWoodsTerminal
460AppOS 7.021TW007_ArthurWoodsTerminal_Business
461AppOS 7.021TW007_ArthurWoodsTerminal_Personal
462Mr. Wood, To answer your questions: 1. Yes, there is room for both you and your son 2. Yes, your war efforts are greatly appreciated 3. Yes, you can arrange for your son to be delivered to a safe location in the event of war since you will likely be separated from him. If he is at either location you specified: his home, his school, we will be able to assist. 4. No, his nanny will not be able to join him Regards, Vault-TecTW007_ArthurWoodsTerminal_Personal
463USPS v. 8.13TW007_ClarksburgRecordsTerminal
464USPS v. 8.13TW007_ClarksburgRecords_SubTerminal
465AVAILABLE FOR RENTTW007_ClarksburgRecords_SubTerminal
466AppOS 7.021TW007_OtisPikeTerminal_DiaryEntries
467AppOS 7.021TW007_OtisPikeTerminal_Memos
468AppOS 7.021TW007_OtisPikeTerminal_updated
469USPS v. 8.13TW007_RecordTerminalClarksburg
470Wavy Willard's Water Park Security SystemTW007_WavyWillardsSecurityTerminal
471Wavy Willard's Water Park Security SystemTW007_WavyWillardsSecurityTerminal_Alerts
472Wavy Willard's Water Park Security SystemTW007_WavyWillardsSecurityTerminal_Holo
473Wavy Willard's Water Park Security SystemTW007_WavyWillardsSecurityTerminal_Ops
474To: All Employees Subj: Holotapes All employees who are assisting in the review should report to the underground section of the staff area where the past month's holotapes are stored. Check in with the security supervisor on duty there so your time is recorded correctly. Your help is greatly appreciated. - ManagementTW007_WavyWillardsSecurityTerminal_Ops
475USPS v. 8.13TWZ03_ShootingRangeTerminal
476v. 7.09.41UD001_Terminal_APL_Animal_Testing
477====================================================== Dr. Joseph M. Majzoub = = Log: APBL-AT-004A = ===================================================== The list of animal test subjects have been approved. Subjects are being delivered on a daily basis. For the most part they're acclimating to the habitats we built for them. Except for the sloths, but I could have told them that would happen. We encountered a few issues with the temperature regulator in Habitat B but nothing engineering can't handle. Testing will commence this quarter. We're on track to deliver results that will even blow corporate projections out of the water.UD001_Terminal_APL_Animal_Testing
478v. 7.09.41UD001_Terminal_APL_GM_Crop_Research
479v. 7.09.41UD001_Terminal_Turret_A
480Harpers Ferry Stormwater Management SystemUD002BossRoomTerminal
481Harpers Ferry Stormwater Management SystemUD002BridgeTerminal01
482Burrows Terminal NetworkUD002CentralChamberTerminal
483Saving this to commemorate The Burrows Boys taking over! No more happy-go-lucky community shares everything horse shit. No more Pioneer Scout helping your fellow man for no damn reason nonsense. No more mooching off the world and not earning your keep. No more pretending that things can ever work the same way they once did. The new world has no place for people not strong enough to take what they need. Good riddance.UD002CentralChamberTerminal
484Burrows Terminal NetworkUD002DrKensTerminal
485Burrows Terminal NetworkUD002EntranceTerminal
486Harpers Ferry Stormwater Management SystemUD002ObservationDeckTerminal
487Harpers Ferry Stormwater Management SystemUD002OldTunnelTerminal
488Eta Psi Epsilon Tau Greek Society The Nukashine Initiative Greetings, Etpets! I'd like to address several questions about when we can clear brewing equipment from the garage and restore the chemistry lab. Well, I have wonderful news! We've leased a cellar near campus where our dreams will soon be realized. Introducing The Nukashine, a super trendy speakeasy and distillery where we'll now brew our signature drink! It will even have a hidden Nuka-Cola door! I know this little project has grown into anything but little. I know that it has been a great distraction and hurt our studies. But why else do we go to class but to succeed in life? Nukashine has real buzz around campus, and we're just getting started. Lewis recently stumbled onto a top secret ingredient that will make our moonshine the best alcoholic beverage ever made! Truly exciting times are ahead! Join me in the commons room tonight for a truly epic party. I might just break out the confetti and streamers!UD006_ChapterPresidentTerminal
489...:: BERKELEY SPRINGS STATION ::...UD009_BerkeleySpringsTrainStationTerminal
490Vault-Tec CorporationV96_Atrium_BiologistPersonalTerminal
491Vault-Tec CorporationV96_Atrium_GeneticistPersonalTerminal
492Vault-Tec CorporationV96_Atrium_RoboticsPersonalTerminal
493Vault-Tec CorporationV96_Cryo_CryoMonitoringTerminal
494Vault-Tec CorporationV96_Engineering_MaintenanceWorkTerminal
495Vault-Tec CorporationV96_GeneticExperimentsTerminal
496Vault-Tec CorporationV96_Lab_GeneticsRecordsTerminal
497Vault-Tec CorporationV96_Mainframe_RoboticsWorkTerminal
498Vault TecVault96_Access_Terminal
499Vault 96 Door ControlVault96_Access_Terminal
500Vault-Tec UniversityVTU_IntroductionToConcepts_TerminalDesk
501Vault-Tec UniversityVTU_MedicalTraining_TerminalDesk
502Project LembasVTU_OverseersLog_TerminalDesk
503[Overseer's Log: 11-02-2077] They've breached the outer seal and are at the door to my office. I can hear the drill operating. It'll take them days to get through but I can't take the chance. I don't know why my advisors aren't responding; people are dying here and more are going to die and there's nothing I can do about it. This will be my final entry before I barricade myself in my bedroom in the hopes that I can outlast the timed locks. God willing this is just part of the test. Something tells me it's not.VTU_OverseersLog_TerminalDesk
504Harland Elliot, Dean of Overseer TrainingVTU_OverseerTrainingDean_TerminalDesk
505Vault-Tec UniversityVTU_PhysicalActiviy_TerminalDesk
506Vault-Tec CorporationVTU_PowerRoom_TerminalWall
507Vault-Tec UniversityVTU_Thesis03_TerminalDesk
508Vault-Tec UniversityVTU_Thesis04_TerminalDesk
509Vault-Tec UniversityVTU_Thesis05_TerminalDesk
510Vault-Tec UniversityVTU_ThesisDogs_TerminalDesk
511Mr Matthews: This proposal lacks any kind of substantial value and makes me seriously question your devotion to the project of the preservation of the human race. Please see me and we can talk about a serious proposal - if you can manage to find my office. Best, Dean Harland Elliot President, Overseer Training Advisory BoardVTU_ThesisDogs_TerminalDesk
512Vault-Tec UniversityVTU_ThesisFood_TerminalDesk
513Vault-Tec UniversityVTU_VaultEntrance_NativeTerminalWall
514Vault-Tec CorporationVTU_VaultEntrance_TerminalWall
515Vault-Tec UniversityVTU_YoungDwellerDevelopment_TerminalDesk
516I've taken out the warranty protocols for all the Handy vendors. Sales are so high that we're just going to unload all of our second-hand goods here. A few layers of wax and they won't be able to tell the difference.WatogaPlaza_ApplianceStore_CB_LoreTerminal
518[Download Coordinates - Suspicious Person]X01X_PlayerTerminal_Alerts_TouristCorpse
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