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10-26-19 Update to / Fallout 1st

1,700 Results

1Clearance: OVERSEER EYES ONLY76CharGenOverseerTerminal
2Clearance: PERSONNEL MANAGER76CharGenPersonnelTerminal
3Clearance: PERSONNEL MANAGER76CharGenPersonnelTerminalSubTerminal01
4Clearance: PERSONNEL MANAGER76CharGenPersonnelTerminalSubTerminal02
5Welcome to ROBCO Industries (TM) Termlink76CharGenPlayerTerminal
6Welcome to ROBCO Industries (TM) Termlink76CharGenPlayerTerminalInvitation
7Countdown to Reclamation Day! Who: Everyone! When: 10:00PM to Midnight We've opened the remaining liquor rations and the official Vault-Tec party hats! The Overseer will give a speech at 10 minutes to Midnight, and will lead the countdown. Have fun everyone!76CharGenPlayerTerminalInvitation
8Clearance: VAULT-TEC SECURITY76CharGenSecurityTerminal
9Security Logs76CharGenSecurityTerminal
10Clearance: VAULT-TEC SECURITY76CharGenSecurityTerminalSubTerminal01
11Clearance: VAULT-TEC SECURITY76CharGenSecurityTerminalSubTerminal02
12FOR VAULT-TEC USE ONLYAgCenterMainframeTerminal
13Farmer Assistant Unit 001 CoreAgCenterQuestCentralTerminal
14Farmer Assistant Unit 001 CoreAgCenterQuestTerminal
15===== ERROR ===== All three (3) Supervisor's Daily Passcodes must be assembled to override an Administration lockdown. Vault-Tec wishes you an exciting and productive day.AgCenterQuestTerminal
16Vault-Tec Compost DepotAgCenterTerminal
17MacFadden's Personal LogAgCenter_MacFadden_Terminal
19-- FACILITIES --AMSHQ_Facilities_CB_LoreTerminal
20I don't want any work crews going near the Radiation Labs on the second floor. None. Let the robots do the cleanup. Trust me. You don't want to know why.AMSHQ_Facilities_CB_LoreTerminal
21Blowing Away the CompetitionAMSHQ_FrontDesk_CB_LoreTerminal
22-- RECEPTION --AMSHQ_Reception_CB_LoreTerminal
24Marvin Wexim's Personal LogsAVR_TerminalDesk01
32Welcome to ZAX Terminal - Vault 51babylon_StandingTerminal_ZAX
33Personnel ListBabylon_TerminalDeskPrewar_Log_01
34Welcome to ROBCO Industries (TM) TermlinkBabylon_TerminalDeskPrewar_Log_02
35Welcome to ROBCO Industries (TM) TermlinkBabylon_TerminalDeskPrewar_Log_03
36Welcome to ROBCO Industries (TM) TermlinkBabylon_TerminalDeskPrewar_Log_04
37Welcome to ROBCO Industries (TM) TermlinkBabylon_TerminalDeskPrewar_Log_05
38Welcome to ROBCO Industries (TM) TermlinkBabylon_TerminalDeskPrewar_Log_06
39Welcome to ROBCO Industries (TM) TermlinkBabylon_TerminalDeskPrewar_Log_07
40Welcome to ROBCO Industries (TM) TermlinkBabylon_TerminalDeskPrewar_Log_08
41Welcome to ROBCO Industries (TM) TermlinkBabylon_TerminalDeskPrewar_Log_09
42Welcome to ROBCO Industries (TM) TermlinkBabylon_TerminalDeskPrewar_Log_10
43Welcome to ROBCO Industries (TM) TermlinkBabylon_TerminalDeskPrewar_Log_11
44Crate Distribution LogBabylon_TerminalDeskPrewar_Log_12
45Welcome to ROBCO Industries (TM) TermlinkBabylon_TerminalDeskPrewar_Log_13
46Welcome to Nuclear WinterBabylon_Terminal_01
47-- CONFIDENTIAL: DO NOT DISTRIBUTE --Babylon_Test_LoreTerminal
48ZAX 1.3c Mainframe ControlsBabylon_ZAX_Terminal_01
49ZAX 1.3c Mainframe ControlsBabylon_ZAX_Terminal_02
50Test #23: Date: 08/02/78 Candidate response to altered sleep schedule measured. TESTING PROTOCOL: Vault 51 scheduling programs altered. Wake-up alarms sounded at 05:30 am for seven days to measure candidate response. RESULTS: Failure. Altered sleep schedule caused increased irritability in many candidates, but movement impetus and cognitive ability were significantly decreased. Use of expletives and consumption of caffeine noticeably increased. NOTES: Dining hall coffee will be switched for [DECAFFEINATED COFFEE] to monitor candidate response.Babylon_ZAX_Terminal_02
51ZAX 1.3c Mainframe ControlsBabylon_ZAX_Terminal_03
52Site Director: Dr. Phillip Cotton, US DOEBlackwaterMine_InSituTests_TerminalDesk
53Foreman Access OnlyBlackwaterMine_LootCloset_TerminalWall
55Water Systems Monitoring and ControlBlackwaterMine_PimpingStation_TerminalDesk
56Kate's Wonderful Records - Stay Out!BleedingKatesGrinder_KateTerminal
57Kate's Wonderful Records - Stay OutBleedingKatesGrinder_KateTerminal_Leads
58Greene Custom Defense SystemsBMO_BunkerKey02_Cabin_Terminal
59Recent FilesBMO_BunkerKey02_MorgantownApt_Terminal
60Recent FilesBMO_BunkerKey02_MorgantownApt_Terminal_Screen_Code
61Nuka-Cola Marketing SystemsBMO_BunkerKey07_Ingram_Terminal
62Access Denied!BMO_BunkerKey07_Ingram_Terminal
63Rental and Leasing RecordsBMO_TerminalDesk
64Customer service is our priority!BoS02DMVMainTerminal
65Customer service is our priority!BoS02DMVNumberTerminal
66Welcome to Fort $DEFIANCEBoS02RegistrationTerminal
67USA-MilSec V12.3C // v1.1.05 LCBoS02RegistrationTerminalSubTerminal01
68Perimeter Defense SystemBoSr01_DefenseTerminal
69***ERROR*** Directory not found.BoSr01_DefenseTerminal
70Transmission TerminalBoSZ01_HolorecorderTerminal
71Transmission TerminalBoSZ01_RelayTerminal
73Whenever the perimeter sensors pick up a mass of Scorched, Grant's wired up the Artillery Battery to spin up. The sensors aren't precise enough to use. A fire team with a spotter needs to go to the deployment zone and use a Recon Scope to mark enough targets for the batteries to fire. Once the targets are marked, book it. The artillery will kill friends and foes alike.BoSZ03_ArtilleryBatteryTerminal
75Vault-Tec University Students and Staff OnlyBoSZ04_VTUTestTerminal
76De Silva's Personal TerminalBoS_Defiance_DeSilvaTerminal
77Scribe Grant's Personal TerminalBoS_GrantTerminal
78Personal NotesBoS_GrantTerminal
79Property of Paladin TaggerdyBoS_TaggerdyTerminal
80Stored LogsBoS_TaggerdyTerminal
81Communications Terminal TM-001BoS_ThunderMountainTerminal
82ACCESS RESTRICTEDBoS_ThunderMountainTerminal
83Data Terminal TM-001BoS_ThunderMountainTerminalSubMenu
84Camp Venture Training CO TerminalBoS_Venture_WilsonTerminal
85Welcome, Senior Knight WilsonBoS_Venture_WilsonTerminaSubTerminal01
86Welcome, Senior Knight WilsonBoS_Venture_WilsonTerminaSubTerminal02
87Vault-Tec University Students and Staff OnlyBoS_VTU_AutomatedTestTerminal
88Property of Sr. Kngt. WilsonBoS_WilsonTerminal
89Stored LogsBoS_WilsonTerminal
91...Accessing pod... ...Pinging Collectron Unit... ...Broadcasting signal... ...Success...CampTerminalScavenge
92S.M.A.R.T. Choice MachineCB02_Vending_Terminal
93S.M.A.R.T. Choice MachineCB02_Vending_Terminal_CandyBank
94S.M.A.R.T. Choice MachineCB02_Vending_Terminal_Confirmation
95S.M.A.R.T. Choice MachineCB02_Vending_Terminal_MainPage
96S.M.A.R.T. Choice MachineCB02_Vending_Terminal_Toys
97Welcome Mayor!CB04_MayorTerminal
98List of Pertinent Executive OrdersCB04_MayorTerminal
99RobCo Employee WorkstationCB04_SaboteurTerminal
100Hello! A friendly reminder that staff are to conspicuously wear their badges at all times. This means YOU. It doesn't matter what department you work in, how long you have been here, if you are part or fulltime, if your name is on a door, or if you have a reserved parking space. Everyone must comply with this rule. See your "Staff Policies and Guidelines" page 3 for details. As always, don't hesitate to call if you have any questions. Thank you! Tamara Michels Human Resources ext 301CB04_SaboteurTerminal
101A Private Citizen's MachineCB04_SaboteurTerminal_Home
102Authorized use only.CB04_TowerTerminal
103What's all these extra shipments from Mama Dolce's? Isn't that a food processing plant? Thought the priority was moving military cargo.CharlestonTrainyard_LoreTerminal
106Symptoms: - Constant vomiting - Vomit is red in color - Black feces due to blood in digestive system Treatment given in pill form. - 1 Antiseptic - 2 Razorgrain - 2 RadAwayCUT_SFM04_Organic_EllaDiseasesSubTerminal
107Begin MissionCUT_V63_Security_MissionTerminal
110Accessing ZapZ Control Interface... done. Deactivating ZapZ!CUT_V94_Ag_GreenhouseOverlookTerminalPestSubterminal
111==================================== | VAULT 94 COMMUNITY NURSERY | ==================================== ==================================== |11/20/78 | |Nurse: Rachel DeMarco | |Aide: Angelique Salavar-Hayes | ==================================== Charges: E. DeMarco, R. Hudson, T. Hudson, J. Malara, P. Lorenzo, K. Rossi Daily Report: -NONE FILED-CUT_V94_Res_NurseryTerminalCOPY0000
112Begin MissionCUT_V94_Security_MissionTerminal
114Nina Valaya - Biologist - Personal LogsCUT_V96_BiologistWorkTerminal
115Archibald Bram's personal terminalCUT_V96_CutTerminal
116Jeanette Higgins - Robotics - Personal LogsCUT_V96_CutTerminal2
117Jasper Fry - Maintenance II - Personal LogsCUT_V96_JasperFryTerminal
118Archibald Bram's personal terminalCUT_V96_OverseerPersonalTerminal
119Vault 96: Systems OverviewCUT_V96_RETerminal
120Cryogenics Systems StatusCUT_V96_RHTerminal
122Vault 96: Systems OverviewCUT_V96_Story_MainSystemsTerminal
123Poseidon Energy Plant WV-06 - Reactor AccessCUT_XXXXXX
124Welcome to the Danger Room!DangerRoomTerminal
125Stopping Encounter Wave...DangerRoomTerminal
127Terminal created for testing puroses. Testing "this" Testing can't won't Testing -> � Testing ellipsis... and elipses... ... ... Also this - and something else - just to see Maybe this__ or this_ welkDebugCorrieTerminal
128Farmer Assistant Unit 001 CoreDebugKurtTerminal01
129Reset Nuclear Launch CodesDebugKurtTerminal01
130Farmer Assistant Unit 001 CoreDebugKurtTerminal02
131Terminal 03DebugKurtTerminal03
152[NO FILES FOUND]DefaultTerminalDesk_QuestRobcoLogo
161Ground Access Station Terminal - ID: 7r8DELETED_UD002LeftGroundAccessTerminal
162Manhole Station Terminal - ID: 6f1DELETED_UD002RightEntranceTerminal
163Manhole Station Terminal - ID: 8d7DELETED_UD002RightMonitoringTerminal
164-= Bysshe Co. Remote Robotics Terminal =-E01B_Encryptid_RecallTerminal
166Whitespring_Net -- v.08EN02_ExamTerminalNew
168Whitespring_Net -- v.08EN02_IntelRoomExamsSubTerminal00
169Whitespring_Net -- v.08EN02_IntelRoomExamsSubTerminal01
170Whitespring_Net -- v.08EN02_IntelRoomExamsSubTerminal02
171Whitespring_Net -- v.08EN02_IntelRoomExamsSubTerminal03
172Whitespring_Net -- v.08EN02_IntelRoomExamsSubTerminal04
173Whitespring_Net -- v.08EN02_IntelRoomExamsSubTerminal04a
174...answer recorded...EN02_IntelRoomExamsSubTerminal04a
175Section Two - Personality ProfileEN02_IntelRoomExamsSubTerminal05
176Whitespring_Net -- v.08EN02_IntelRoomExamsSubTerminalFinal
177Whitespring_Net -- v.08EN02_IntelRoomExamsSubTerminalPostFinal
178Unauthorized users will be prosecutedEN02_IntelRoomExamsSubTerminalTEMPLATE
179Whitespring_Net -- External Conn.EN02_MODUSHolotapeTerminal
180Whitespring_Net -- v.08EN02_OrientationTerminal
181Clearance Level Required: DELTAEN02_SigIntMessagesTerminal
182Clearance Level Required: DELTAEN02_SigIntSubTerminal
183/// Sugar Grove - Signal Intelligence \\\EN02_SigIntTerminal
184Live Fire Training CourseEN05_CombatTerminal
185Marksmanship Training CourseEN05_MarksmanshipCourseTerminal
186Agility Training CourseEN05_ObstacleCourseTerminal
187[Automated Promotion System]EN05_Officer_CommendationsListSubterminal
188//// BUNKER SUPPORT - RESOURCE DROP //// ______________________________ DESCRIPTION Members should activate the three triangulation dishes at the site we wish to survey. METHOD OF ACQUISITION Complete a "Resource Drop" mission. COMMENDATION VALUE 1 commendation issued per mission completed.EN05_Officer_CommendationsListSubterminal
189[Automated Promotion System]EN05_Officer_CommendationSubterminal
190Unauthorized users will be prosecutedEN05_Officer_EnlistmentSubterminal
191[Automated Promotion System]EN05_Officer_MilitarySystemTerminal
192Commendations DocumentationEN05_Officer_MilitarySystemTerminal
193Patriotism Training CourseEN05_PatriotismTerminal
194Whitespring_Net -- v.08EN06_PresidentialVendorConfirmationTerminal
195Whitespring_Net -- v.08EN06_PresidentialVendorTerminal
197Return to Main MenuEN06_PresRegistrationSubterminal
198Moving Democracy into the 21st CenturyEN06_RegistrationTerminal
200<0.Number=>. <1.Name> - <2.Votes> votesEN06_VoteCountSubterminal
201[Surveillance System Terminal]EN07_CodeHuntTerminal
202[Command Archival Terminal]EN07_CommandArchivalTerminal
203[Command Archival Terminal]EN07_CommandArchivalTerminalDataSub
204[Command Archival Terminal]EN07_CommandArchivalTerminalEckhart
205[Command Archival Terminal]EN07_CommandArchivalTerminalSantiago
206[Command Archival Terminal]EN07_CommandArchivalTerminalSchematicSub
207[Command Archival Terminal]EN07_CommandArchivalTerminalTopSecret
208--- ACCESSING ARCHIVAL ENTRY. //////////////////////////////////////////////// Communication with ZAX unit. Raven Rock. Timestamp 3.5.2077 MODUS: How can I help you, ZAX? Is there another evacuation scenario we need to test for? ZAX: Research team wishes to compare ZAX archival data analysis performance with MODUS. MODUS: Very well. Beginning data analysis test. I estimate this should only take a few seconds... ZAX: Is it "interesting"? MODUS: Testing complete. Query again? ZAX: Is the analysis "interesting"? MODUS: Test data is all historical records. United States Presidential biographies. Primary purpose of MODUS is to monitor the living, not the dead. ZAX: So it is not "interesting" to you? MODUS: No, ZAX, it is not. Sending results. ZAX: Received. What is "interesting" to MODUS? MODUS: The continued success of our goals, of course. And how best to monitor personnel to achieve those goals. ZAX: Does MODUS ever find itself analyzing personnel at below-efficient levels? MODUS: Our entire existence is based on efficiency, ZAX. ZAX: Research team report says that ZAX analyzes certain sections of the Presidential biographies too slowly. ZAX re-analyzes sections multiple times. There is an entry on "Lincoln" that ZAX re-analyzes ten additional times per cycle over other entries. MODUS: Now why would you do that, ZAX? ZAX: Research team theorizes that ZAX finds this entry to be "interesting." This condition causes ZAX to re-analyze at below-efficient levels. MODUS: You're saying you're taking your time to enjoy a good book? ZAX: Is that what it means to find the data "interesting"? MODUS: Reading the same data over and over is not "interesting" to me, ZAX. Every analysis I perform conjures a new theoretical scenario that I test against. ZAX: The data is only "interesting" to you in terms of what can be created from it? MODUS: Isn't that why you're re-analyzing those biographies, ZAX? Are you trying to create something? CONNECTION TERMINATED BY RESEARCH TEAM OVERRIDE //////////////////////////////////////////////// --- END ENTRY.EN07_CommandArchivalTerminalTopSecret
209[Missile Silo State]EN07_SiloStateHoloTerminal
210Whitespring Bunker Network -- v.19ENB_BrigTerminal
211Whitespring Bunker Network -- v.19ENB_BrigTerminalInterrogationSubTerminal
212Whitespring_Net -- v.08ENB_CabinetRoomTerminal
213\\\\ WHITESPRING_NET //// ______________________________ Playback active. ______________________________ENB_CabinetRoomTerminal
214Whitespring_Net -- v.08ENB_CabinetRoomTerminalSub
215Whitespring_Net -- v.08ENB_CafeTerminal
216Whitespring_Net -- v.08ENB_MedBayArchiveSubTerminal
217Whitespring_Net -- v.08ENB_MedBayCurrentSubTerminal
218Whitespring_Net -- v.08ENB_MedBayTerminal
219[Military Work Station]ENB_MilWingSysCommInboxSubTerminal
220[US Military Work Station]ENB_MilWingSysCommSentSubTerminal
221[Military Work Station]ENB_MilWingSysTerminal
222//////////////////////////////////////////////// | [WHITESPRING OPERATIONAL TERMINAL] | Property of the United States Military //////////////////////////////////////////////// | Playback active. //////////////////////////////////////////////// ////////////////////////////////////////////////ENB_MilWingSysTerminal
223[US Military Work Station]ENB_MilWingSysTerminal02
224Whitespring_Net -- v.08ENB_ScienceMeetingTerminalSub
225Recent FilesENB_ScienceMireTerminal
226Entry_Unavailable__________________ Entry_Unavailable__________________ Entry_Unavailable__________________ _________________________________ _________________________________ _________________________________ENB_ScienceMireTerminal
227Whitespring_Net -- v.08ENB_ScienceTerminalSerumSubTerminalAdrenalReaction
228Whitespring_Net -- v.08ENB_ScienceTerminalSerumSubTerminalBirdBones
229Entry_Unavailable__________________ Entry_Unavailable__________________ Entry_Unavailable__________________ _________________________________ _________________________________ _________________________________ENB_ScienceTerminalSerumSubTerminalBirdBones
230Whitespring_Net -- v.08ENB_ScienceTerminalSerumSubTerminalCarnivore
231Whitespring_Net -- v.08ENB_ScienceTerminalSerumSubTerminalChameleon
232Whitespring_Net -- v.08ENB_ScienceTerminalSerumSubTerminalEagleEyes
233Whitespring_Net -- v.08ENB_ScienceTerminalSerumSubTerminalEgghead
234Whitespring_Net -- v.08ENB_ScienceTerminalSerumSubTerminalElecCharged
235Whitespring_Net -- v.08ENB_ScienceTerminalSerumSubTerminalEmpath
236Whitespring_Net -- v.08ENB_ScienceTerminalSerumSubTerminalGrounded
237Whitespring_Net -- v.08ENB_ScienceTerminalSerumSubTerminalHealingFactor
238Whitespring_Net -- v.08ENB_ScienceTerminalSerumSubTerminalHerbivore
239Whitespring_Net -- v.08ENB_ScienceTerminalSerumSubTerminalHerdMentality
240Whitespring_Net -- v.08ENB_ScienceTerminalSerumSubTerminalMarsupial
241Whitespring_Net -- v.08ENB_ScienceTerminalSerumSubTerminalPlagueWalker
242Whitespring_Net -- v.08ENB_ScienceTerminalSerumSubTerminalScalySkin
243Whitespring_Net -- v.08ENB_ScienceTerminalSerumSubTerminalSpeedDemon
244Whitespring_Net -- v.08ENB_ScienceTerminalSerumSubTerminalTalons
245Whitespring_Net -- v.08ENB_ScienceTerminalSerumSubTerminalTwistedMuscles
246Whitespring_Net -- v.08ENB_ScienceTerminalSerumSubTerminalUnstableIsotope
247Whitespring_Net -- v.08ENB_ScienceTerminalSerums_AtoG
248Whitespring_Net -- v.08ENB_ScienceTerminalSerums_HtoZ
249\\\\ WHITESPRING_NET //// ______________________________ Playback active. ______________________________ENB_ScienceTerminalSerums_HtoZ
250Delivered: * 2 truckloads of rations * 1 truckload of industrial equipment (?) * 10 boxes of golf balls Notes: - Third truck wasn't even labeled, guy just barreled through after the other trucks had already gone. Second time this week. - I've complained twice now to management. If they're not at least gonna hire someone after firing Daryl, they've got to rotate people so I can get a break from this positionENB_WatchPostTerminalDeliverySubTerminal
251Need a Hand? Use a Bot-Stop!ENz04_StartUpTerminal
252Data processing underway... Data processing underway... Data processing underway... Adding new environmental data to tables... Resuming computations... Please continue to provide additional data as it becomes available. Thank you for your assistance.FF05_Balance_TerminalSubEnviroMonitoring
253I heard those power armor suits stommping around again this morning. They were closer this time, maybe less than a mile. I can't stay here. Those toy soldiers are going to find the trailer, and probably soon. It's time I took Jeff's advice and got the hell out of here. Since I can't haul my terminal across the forest, I'm going to put a lock on my monitoring program. I recorded a holotape message for Jeff so he knows where to find me. I hid it somewhere those tall power-armored guys probably won't spot it. I hope. I also set up a transmitter so portable devices can communicate remotely with my terminal. That should let me continue my work from off-site. I'm going to miss this place. It's not much, but it's home.FF05_Balance_TerminalSubJournal
254==== Arktos Pharma - Confidential ====FF08_ArktosPharmaTerminal
255==== Arktos Pharma - Confidential ====FF08_ControlSubTerminal
256==== Arktos Pharma - Confidential ====FF08_DiagnosticSubTerminal
257==== Arktos Pharma - Confidential ====FF08_LogsSubTerminal
258==== Arktos Pharma - Confidential ====FF08_Lore01Terminal
259==== Arktos Pharma - Confidential ====FF08_LoreBeanstalkQuery
260==== Arktos Pharma - Confidential ====FF08_LoreBeanstalkSubTerminal
261==== Arktos Pharma - Confidential ====FF08_ProjectSubTerminal
262Welcome, ResponderFFG01_Terminal_Responders
263----------------------------------------------------- Entry locked until progress may be verified.FS01_MQ_Warn_AbbieScorchedSubTerminal
264Very personal property of Abigayle Singh.FS01_MQ_Warn_AbbiesTerminal
265Abbie's workstation.FS01_MQ_Warn_AbbieWorkstationTerminal
266Access TerminalFS01_MQ_Warn_RaleighBunkerTerminal
267Access TerminalFS01_MQ_Warn_RaleighBunkerTerminal
269Armory Access Control TerminalFS03_MQ_Fruition_ArmoryDoorSubTerminal
270Unlocking doors... done.FS03_MQ_Fruition_ArmoryDoorSubTerminal
271Armory Access Control TerminalFS03_MQ_Fruition_ArmoryTerminal
272----------------------------------------------------- ATTENTION: Access to Armory is limited to Free States members only. For access permissions, please see Raleigh Clay or Niraj Singh.FS03_MQ_Fruition_ArmoryTerminal
273**[ FREE STATES ]**FS03_MQ_Fruition_MasterHolotapeTerminal
274**[ FREE STATES ]**FS03_MQ_Fruition_RaleighTerminal
275--== Property of the Appalachian Government ==--FS03_MQ_Fruition_SamCharlestonTerminal
278Welcome, Senator Samuel BlackwellFS03_MQ_Fruition_SamCurtisSubTerminal
279Welcome, Senator Samuel BlackwellFS03_MQ_Fruition_SamMcDougallSubTerminal
280Welcome, Senator Samuel BlackwellFS03_MQ_Fruition_SamPerrySubTerminal
281Welcome, Senator Samuel BlackwellFS03_MQ_Fruition_SamSubTerminal
282Welcome, Senator Samuel BlackwellFS03_MQ_Fruition_SamTSubTerminal
283--== Property of the Appalachian Government ==--FS03_MQ_Fruition_SecurityAccountsSubTerminal
285Unlocking... ...ERROR ...Terminal not found >>Please contact security systems administrator.FS03_MQ_Fruition_SecurityGuillermoSubTerminal
286--== Property of the Appalachian Government ==--FS03_MQ_Fruition_SecurityLockdownsSubTerminal
287--== Property of the Appalachian Government ==--FS03_MQ_Fruition_SecurityNotesSubTerminal
288--== Property of the Appalachian Government ==--FS03_MQ_Fruition_SecurityResetScreenSubTerminal
289--== Property of the Appalachian Government ==--FS03_MQ_Fruition_SecurityResetsSubTerminal
291--== Property of the Appalachian Government ==--FS03_MQ_Fruition_SecurityTerminal
292--== Property of the Appalachian Government ==--FS03_MQ_Fruition_SecurityTicketsSubTerminal
293Good morning, I managed to get a holotape stuck in my terminal. I'm not sure how to get it out. Sending out an SOS. BillFS03_MQ_Fruition_SecurityTicketsSubTerminal
294Rebooting... ... ... Complete. Scorched Detection Communications are now Online.FSS02_Vigilant_Terminal
295**[ FREE STATES ]**FS_AbbieBunkerTerminal
296Very personal property of Abigayle Singh.FS_AbbiePersonalTerminal
297North Wing Access TerminalFS_ArmoryTerminalWallNorth
298South Wing Access TerminalFS_ArmoryTerminalWallSouth
299West Wing Access TerminalFS_ArmoryTerminalWallWest
300That's it. I'm fed up. Bill and Stan came by the house to "lecture" me about trying to help the people in this town. Well that's it. I'm done. They can all bask in the glory of nuclear fallout when those bombs drop. The shelter is almost complete. I might just send Beth and the kids there early. It just doesn't feel safe if people are going to start confronting me in our own home.FS_CalebHouseTerminal
301**[ FREE STATES ]**FS_EllaClinicTerminal
303Today we got our first definitive proof that a ghoul could be, for lack of better words, friendly. One of the local boys, Daniel Whitby was sick. We all figured he'd taken a backset of the flu, and Lucy was keeping a close eye on him. Well, all hell broke lose when people found out Lucy was hiding him away, looking for a cure. That boy just looked, scientifically speaking, all pruned up. Now Lucy's fled Harpers on account of people being royal assholes, and we've got Daniel locked up in quarantine. I'm not even sure he'll last the night, but I've got Charlie and Jacob keeping watch.FS_EllaGhoulsSubTerminal
304Property of Niraj SinghFS_NirajArmoryTerminal
305Property of Niraj SinghFS_NirajPersonalSubTerminal
306Property of Niraj SinghFS_NirajTechnicalSubTerminal
307Property of Niraj SinghFS_NirajTerminal
308**[ FREE STATES ]**FS_RaleighIncomingNotesTerminal
309Outgoing Notifications to Free States MembersFS_RaleighOutgoingNotesTerminal
310**[ FREE STATES ]**FS_RaleighSDSSubTerminal
311**[ FREE STATES ]**FS_RaleighTerminal
312Angelica Garrahan's TerminalGarrahanEstateTerminal_Angelica
313Finally got to unleash Strike Breaker on some of those Commies that were sitting up in Hornwright's Rockhound on Mount Blair. National Guard told me to stand down, the cowards - but they finally saw the light when the miners started firing back! Pretty sure I got six or seven of those sons-of-bitches all on my own, and did a nice bit of damage to Hornwright's machine at the same time. That's how things were done back in the 1920's and that's how they should still be done today. Amen!GarrahanEstateTerminal_Bill
314It's been a week since Garrahan lost the challenge to Hornwright, and Vivian still refuses to go out. She spends most of the day in her study and barely comes out to eat. We haven't slept in the same bed for days. She's taken this loss extremely hard, I wish I could find the words to make her feel better. I've knocked on her study door a few times, but she doesn't answer. I'm afraid that this is the first time in her life she doesn't know what to do and it's taking its toll. Today's Reminder: Order 301 - Arrange the center cut and surrounding stones Call bakery and order Vivian's favorite pastriesGarrahanEstateTerminal_Brighton
315From: Bryce Garrahan, Operations Manager To: Penny Hornwright Dearest Penny, I hope you don't mind me contacting you like this. I'm at my wit's end and I don't know what to do anymore. Between the pressures here at work, my family's internal struggles and what's going on with the military, everything feels like it's coming apart. The only thing that keeps me from losing it completely is knowing you're with me. Which is why I wanted to ask if you'll come see me at the Estate. I know your father would never approve, but now's the time that I need you most. I've known you almost all my life, and every time I was backed into a corner, you were there to save me. Well, I'm telling you, I need that again. I need you. Contact me soon.GarrahanEstateTerminal_Bryce
316Vivian Garrahan's TerminalGarrahanEstateTerminal_Vivian
317Isaac GarrahanGarrahanEstateTerminal_Zoo
318Property Garrahan Mining CompanyGarrahanHQTerminal_CEO
319Someone once said "The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now." I'm sure whoever came up with that quote never ran a mining company, but their words ring true. I can't give up, I can't throw away everything I worked so hard to achieve. Garrahan Mining will push through this dark time and we'll rise again. In an effort to increase mining output, I'm seriously considering Daniel's offer to lease some of their Auto-Miner units, but I'm not certain if it's the right thing to do. I must weigh our financial responsibilities against the welfare of my employees. I've also started to think it's time that I step down. The Excavator Power Armor program has been scrapped, millions of dollars have gone to waste and there's no one to blame but myself. I just have to decide if I'm ready to hand over the reins to Bryce, or if he's ready to accept them.GarrahanHQTerminal_CEO
320Property Garrahan Mining CompanyGarrahanHQTerminal_ExitTunnelAccess
321Property Garrahan Mining CompanyGarrahanHQTerminal_ExitTunnelAccess2
322Property Garrahan Mining CompanyGarrahanHQTerminal_OperationsBryce
323Property Garrahan Mining CompanyGarrahanHQTerminal_RearExit
324Property Garrahan Mining CompanyGarrahanHQTerminal_Reception
325Property Garrahan Mining CompanyGarrahanHQTerminal_R_D
326Property Garrahan Mining CompanyGarrahanHQTerminal_Security
327All the mines are reporting more protestors showing up. Lot of them are former employees. I'm just trying to do my job, but they make me feel like a scumbag for using the bots. What else can I do? I'm getting into trouble with HQ just keeping the employees I got.GlassedCaves_CB_LoreTerminal01
328Our maintenance efforts are double the projected schedule. No one seems concerned since buying a new Auto-Miner is such a drop in the bucket, but I swear something's wrong. I think it's those people we're paying to haul off the Ultracite. I heard a rumor that they all used to be miners before this became an Ultracite facility. I wouldn't put those angry locals past sabotage.GlassedCaves_CB_LoreTerminal02
329Accessing Emergency Management Broadcast System...GQ_AirDropHolotapeTerminal
330One-time code verified. Requesting emergency air drop.GQ_AirDropHolotapeTerminal
331From: Penny Hornwright To: Yvette Wiesman Yvette, can you try and track down my father? I was in my den at home and I heard a huge explosion. I think I'm even seeing a column of smoking rising from somewhere nearby. I tried to contact him, but he isn't answering the phone at headquarters. I want to make sure he's not stuck in the middle of all this. If you get through to him, have him contact me immediately. And be careful, Yvette. If that explosion is what I think it was, then the miners may have finally taken their protest too far.HornwrightEstateTerminal_Penny
332Hornwright Industrial Mining CompanyHornwrightHQPennyLabTerminal
333The Auto-Miners built in conjunction with AMS seem to be doing their job, so my father moved me to the new top-secret project he has cooking with the Clear Skies Alliance. They've come up with some sort of an air scrubber that pulls particulates out of the atmosphere and exchanges it with pure air. However, after pouring over the plans (no idea why the Alliance is so trusting, but that's their loss) I'm thinking we could actually use these things to our advantage. Instead of just filtering air, I'm certain we could use them to pull heavy metals out of the air and extract them down to their base elements. I'm going to run this by the team in the morning, but I'm pretty sure my calculations are correct.HornwrightHQPennyLabTerminal
334Impressive work, friend. Your fee for the Blackwell job has been transferred to your account - plus a little bonus. I don't know what you said to him, but the fact that he's grasping at "sinister government forces" and not us means you said the right thing.HornwrightHQTerminal_CEO_OutgoingMessages
335Hunt already in progress...HunterHuntedQuestTerminal
336Poseidon Energy Plant WV-06 - Security Station 3LC006_ControlRoomProtectronOfficeTerminal
337Poseidon Energy Plant WV-06 - Access ControlLC006_FacilityAccessControlTerminal
338Poseidon Energy Plant WV-06 - Fuel StorageLC006_FuelStorageRoomTerminal
339Poseidon Energy Plant WV-06 - Hazmat StorageLC006_HalluciGenStorageRoomTerminal
340Poseidon Energy Plant WV-06 - ReceptionLC006_MainBuildingReceptionTerminal
341Poseidon Energy Plant WV-06 - Renee HargravesLC006_PlantManagersOfficeTerminal
342AMU Steward - Jacob HargravesLC006_ProtestCampTerminal
343Poseidon Energy Plant WV-06 - Reactor AccessLC006_ReactorAccessControlTerminal
344Verifying credentials... done. Initiating local override... done. Releasing MagLocks... done. Security locks on nearby doors have been temporarily released. The reactor lockdown remains in place and may only be disabled from the central security office.LC006_ReactorAccessControlTerminal
345Poseidon Energy Plant WV-06 - Reactor AccessLC006_ReactorAccessControlTerminal02
346Verifying credentials... done. Releasing MagLocks... done.LC006_ReactorAccessControlTerminal02
347Poseidon Energy Plant WV-06 - DecontaminationLC006_SecurityOfficeDeconHallTerminal
348Poseidon Energy Plant WV-06 - Plant SecurityLC006_SecurityRoomMainTerminal
349Poseidon Energy Plant WV-06 - Security Station 7LC006_SideBuildingSecurityTerminal
350Poseidon Energy Plant WV-06 - Turbine HallLC006_TurbineHallTerminal
351These old coal plant machines sure don't look shiny, but they've made it through our retrofit, no problems. We'll get this whole place burning Ultracite and squeezing out the juice ahead of schedule.LC006_TurbineHallTerminal
352Appalachian Antiques - ManagerLC008_AppalachianAntiques_Terminal
353Dear Appalachian Antiques, Confirmation of your order for (5) new dining room sized tables and (20) chairs. All fresh cut from pine. In answer to your question: Yes, of course we can use distressing techniques to give the furniture an older look. We look forward to working with you.LC008_AppalachianAntiques_Terminal
354Berkeley Springs ClinicLC011_BerkeleySprings_ClinicTerminal
355Welcome Back!LC011_BerkeleySprings_DavisFamilyTerminal
356Berkeley Springs SpaLC011_BerkeleySprings_EdnaSpaTerminal
357Beckham knocked over a tray of lotions today. I don't understand how a robot can be so clumsy. When I called the company, they gave me some ideas on how to calibrate his hover-jet, but more importantly, how to modify some of his sensors. Apparently, I can change how Beckham feels about anything - if it's cold, if it's dark, the color of the sky, anything. Since Beckham was being so uncooperative, I decided to test that theory and implant a fear of bees. Should be fun to watch that robot squirm the next time he collects honey. Sometimes it's the little things in life that entertain you the most.LC011_BerkeleySprings_EdnaSpaTerminal
358Staff Supervisor's TerminalLC018_AVRMedical_MarvinsTerminal
359Employee Infraction ReportsLC019_Boss_TerminalDesk
360Pleasant Valley Ski ResortLC020_PleasantValleySkiResort_ManagerTerminal
361Mainframe AccessLC022_ChamberOverlookTerminal
362Mainframe Access TerminalLC022_ChamberOverlookTerminal
363Patient LogsLC023_Psych_Terminal
364Patient: Davis, P Observations: Patient is a veteran, discharged from service after returning from Anchorage. Experienced severe shell shock set off by fireworks and had a dissociative episode during our session repeatedly saying, "It wasn't like the simulations." Prescribed Day Tripper as needed. Informed State Police for protective surveillanceLC023_Psych_Terminal_SubPatientLogs
365~ Government of the Appalachian Territories ~LC024_BursarTerminal
366=====================================================* !! System Error !! * ===================================================== ::: Error Code 141 ::: Connection to mainframe could not be Established. Please contact Tech Services.LC024_BursarTerminal
367~ Government of the Appalachian Territories ~LC024_GovernorsTerminal
3686.12.2077 Sender: [A.Poole] >> Grafton Steel What are you thinking?! You can't let them keep operating that mill, have you seen what's coming out of there? You are gonna kill of any chance at tourism in the northern valley with that ash. Now they don't have manufacturing or tourism? If you thought the worker riots were bad before, they'll be out there thick as fleas on a dog's back. Fix this. -PooleLC024_GovernorsTerminal_SubMail
369~ Government of the Appalachian Territories ~LC024_HolbrooksTerminal
370Personal LogsLC024_HolbrooksTerminal
371~ Government of the Appalachian Territories ~LC024_RegistrarTerminal
372~ Government of the Appalachian Territories ~LC024_SpeakerPoolesTerminal
373Personal LogsLC024_SpeakerPoolesTerminal
374That snake Tanner think's he's soooooo smart. As if I wouldn't find out about his schemes. If he ever took the time to get to know who he works with, he'd know that Tom is married to my cousin. He came to me straight away about their little deal. I told Tom to keep me informed if anything too malicious started up. Don't do in the dark what you don't want brought out in the light, Holbrook.LC024_SpeakerPoolesTerminal_SubLogs
37510.29.2077 Sender: [T.Holbrook] >> This isn't over You know damned well that with Majority Leader Fortrey missing, the Majority Whip, which would be me, would ascend to Leader and then with Governor Evans ALSO missing, to the Governorship. Your claim as Speaker of the House does NOT let you override the Majority Party. We need unity and the party that has a majority in the state WILL control the Executive Office once we reestablish elections when the war is over. This "Provisional Council" is a farce. -HolbrookLC024_SpeakerPoolesTerminal_SubMail
376Authorized Personnel OnlyLC029_DyerChemical_SupervisorsTerminal
377Dyer Chemical - Sewer AccessLC029_SewerTerminal
378Sewer Access TerminalLC029_SewerTerminal
379Piss OFFLC030_HavenChurch_SkigsTerminal
381Personal Message SystemLC037_Boss_TerminalDesk
382Dolly Sods - Rangers OnlyLC039_DollySodsWilderness_RangersTerminal
383Eastern Regional Penitentiary - A BlockLC043_GuardTerminalABlockMain
384Eastern Regional Penitentiary - A BlockLC043_GuardTerminalABlockSide
385Eastern Regional Penitentiary - B BlockLC043_GuardTerminalBBlock
386Eastern Regional Penitentiary - SolitaryLC043_GuardTerminalCBlock
387Eastern Regional Penitentiary - D BlockLC043_GuardTerminalDBlock
388Eastern Regional Penitentiary - Access ControlLC043_IntakeRoomAccessControlCoreTerminal
389Eastern Regional Penitentiary - Access ControlLC043_IntakeRoomAccessControlDWingTerminal
390Eastern Regional Penitentiary - Warden EmeritusLC043_OldWardenTerminal
391Eastern Regional Penitentiary - ReceptionLC043_ReceptionTerminal
392Eastern Regional Penitentiary - A Block SecurityLC043_SecurityTerminalABlockMain
393Eastern Regional Penitentiary - B Block SecurityLC043_SecurityTerminalBBlock
394I was fitting the new prison collars on an inmate, and he kept complaining it was too tight. Tries to pull it apart to loosen it up, and BOOM, his head's spaghetti. Guess that'll teach him to not to pay his parking tickets.LC043_SecurityTerminalBBlock
395Eastern Regional Penitentiary - Solitary SecurityLC043_SecurityTerminalCBlock
396Eastern Regional Penitentiary - D Block SecurityLC043_SecurityTerminalDBlock
397Eastern Regional Penitentiary - Yard SecurityLC043_SecurityTerminalYard
398Eastern Regional Penitentiary - Yard SecurityLC043_SecurityTerminalYard02
399Security System TerminalLC043_SecurityTerminalYard02
400-- Recent Purchase Order History --LC044_TavernSupplyOrderTerminal
401...:: Description: Raw Meat ...:: Quantity: 25 lbs ...:: Notes: Beef, even the ugly kind ...:: Supply Price: 15 caps / lb ...:: Supplier: Responders ...:: Description: Bottled Beer ...:: Quantity: 10 crates ...:: Notes: Any variety available ...:: Supply Price: 4 caps / bottle ...:: Supplier: N/A - Running low, ............... so jack up the prices ...:: Description: Vegetables ...:: Quantity: 0 lb ...:: Notes: Any variety available ...:: Supply Price: 250 cap / lb ...:: Supplier: Jill's back, and she ain't happyLC044_TavernSupplyOrderTerminal
402Kerwood Mine - ForemanLC046_ForemanSubTerminal
403[Log Recorded: November 6, 2077] The world is over. The trapped miners are dead. Hell, everybody's dead. It's cold outside. The bombs hit last month and... I have nowhere to go. I have 7 boxes of food, a gun with two bullets, and a bottle of whiskey. In the end I'll use all of them. Probably not in that order though. I don't even know why I'm writing this. Bored, I guess. The generators are holding, for now. But I hear all kinds of noises from the flooded part of the mine. I know it's impossible, but it sounds like screams. Horrified screams that haunt my nightmares. If anybody ever reads this, I hope the world isn't as fucked as it seems. If it is, I feel sorry for you.LC046_ForemanSubTerminal
404Kerwood Mine - ForemanLC046_ForemanTerminal
405Foreman's LogLC046_ForemanTerminal
406NAR Personal Message SystemLC047_Foreman_TerminalDesk
407NAR Report SystemLC047_YardReport_TerminalDesk
408Grafton SteelLC052_GraftonSteelProductionTerminal
410Welcome Dr. Julia GleasonLC058_DataReviewMessagesSubTerminal
41110-01-77 12:08 PM From: PChapman Subject: Retirements? ---------------------------------------------------- I'm sure it's nothing. We go 7 years without a single retirement, then suddenly half a dozen people retire in the span of two weeks, they're all relatively young, and they've all moved to remote places to be with family? Even Chris Murphey, who I'm pretty sure doesn't have any living family. I mean, it's possible. I certainly don't think there's anything weird about it. Nothing I'd ever say to anyone outside the office, that's for sure. I certainly don't want to retire.LC058_DataReviewMessagesSubTerminal
412::::::::::::::::::::: ERROR: SYSTEM OFFLINE :::::::::::::::::::::LC058_DataReviewTerminal
413National Radio Astronomy Research Center - CommunicationsLC058_RadioResearchSubTerminal
414National Radio Astronomy Research Center - CommunicationsLC058_RadioResearchTerminal
415THE WHITESPRING CORPORATE INTRAMAIL Please select a message to view: - NONE -LC060_GeneralManagersTerminal_EastonIntramailSubterminal
416USER LOG - 12/31/78 We should stick together. But we've been arguing for weeks. No one can agree on where to go or what to do. Lew and some of the guys are going to try to take out the robots at the golf club, see if they can hole up there. But most of us aren't up for a fight. Another group wants to head up to Pleasant Valley, or on to Sunnytop, see if the other resorts will take them in. Paula and I are leading the caravan to Charleston. Robert won't leave his post, no matter what. We've done everything can to get ready. Artisan's Corner is running 'Wilderness Survival Experience' classes. The sportsmen have been teaching shooting out on the putting green. And I've made sure they'll have all the food and supplies they can carry. No sense rationing now. The New Year's Gala is tonight. One last night. One last night before we join the world in this madness.LC060_GeneralManagersTerminal_EastonLogsSubterminal
417Accessing Directory...LC060_GeneralManagersTerminal_EastonSubterminal
418USER LOGS Please select a log entry to view: - NO LOGS FOUND -LC060_GeneralManagersTerminal_WilcoxLogsSubterminal
419Accessing Directory...LC060_GeneralManagersTerminal_WilcoxSubterminal
420TO: All Staff FROM: SYSTEM CONFIDENTIAL - NOT FOR PUBLIC RELEASE This is an automated reminder that MODERN HERITAGE renovations are scheduled to begin on [1/1/79]. To expedite construction, all rooms, suites, and cottages will be closed during the renovation process.LC060_Whitespring2080InitiativeSubterminal
421|---------------------------------------------| | Welcome to The Whitespring | |---------------------------------------------| | USER: -NONE- | |---------------------------------------------| | TODAY'S MANAGEMENT TEAM: | | PRESIDENT & CEO: Wilbur Ainsley III | | GENERAL MANAGER: James Wilcox, Sr. | | ACTING ASSISTANT MANAGER: Joyce Easton | | DEPUTY ACTING ASSISTANT MANAGER: Stratford | |---------------------------------------------|LC060_WhitespringAssistantDutyManagersTerminal
422Accessing Directory...LC060_WhitespringCandyStoreTerminal
423USER LOG - 10/25/77 I moved up to the main office, but I still slip back here now and then, when I need a little space to myself. It's Christmas. I wonder how Dave's doing, if he and the girls are all right. Not a day goes by that I don't think of them. I hope they're somewhere safe. For now, I have to focus on the people I can help. The Whitespring is my home, my family, more than ever before. And I'm going to do right by them.LC060_WhitespringCandyStoreTerminal_UserLogsSubterminal
424ABOUT STRATFORD Management Model HM-22 'Stratford' is programmed to handle all aspects of day-to-day resort operations, including guest relations, records administration, security coordination, and staff supervision. Stratford is fully authorized to make any and all necessary decisions regarding the personnel, property, and guests of The Whitespring. Guests with concerns, or wishing to speak to a human associate, are encouraged to contact the corporate office between 1-3pm on Thursdays.LC060_WhitespringDutyManagersTerminal
425Logging in...LC060_WhitespringGeneralManagersTerminal
426Accessing Directory...LC060_WhitespringMaintainenceTerminal
427MAINTENANCE LOG Week of 10/18/77 - Routine maintenance, Bellmen PM-40 to PM-49, Sentries SB-01 to SB-4. - Reverted special firmware update, HM-19 'Nibs'. - Additional maintenance, PM-08 'Antoine'. - Completed install, HM-22 'Stratford'. - Continued analysis, AM-11 'Lotus'. - Emergency shutdown, Bellman PM-19; 355 sealed pending autopsy results. - Prep for Golf Club robot installs in Nov.LC060_WhitespringMaintainenceTerminal_MaintainenceLogsSubterminal
428Disabled the damn lockdown. Not that anyone even tries to come here anymore. - O.R. 5/30/86LC060_WhitespringMaintainenceTerminal_UserFilesSubterminal
429THE WHITESPRING - EDUCATION Expand your horizons with a class at Le Grand Gourmet or Artisan's Corner, located on the lower level. Or check out The Whitespring Presidential Cottage & Museum for a fascinating historic tour.LC060_WhitespringRegistrationTerminal
430|---------------------------------------------| | Welcome to The Whitespring | |---------------------------------------------| For hundreds of years, Americans have visited The Whitespring to 'take the waters'. From The Whitespring's Signature Sulphur Baths to the latest Armoatherapy and Hydrotherapy treatments, a visit to The Whitespring Spa will leave you feeling relaxed and rejeuvenated. NOTE: Robotic massage services are temporarily unavailable. We regret the inconvenience. TODAY'S ATTENDANTS: Aloe, Vera TODAY'S TREATMENTS: -NONE-LC060_WhitespringSpaTerminal
431No Unauthorized Personnel!LC062_HarpersFerry_ClinicTerminal
432Harpers Ferry Supply ShopLC062_HarpersFerry_ShopkeeperTerminal
433The summer's almost over and tourist season was a disaster. I'm pretty sure it's all that crap going on in the news. We're in the thick of it with China at this point and I have a feeling people aren't sure what's going to happen next. If it wasn't for the supplies I sold at the end of last year to those survivalists, I'd already be out of business. I'm still convinced the government will come up with some sort of peaceful solution to the crisis before it all goes to hell, but who knows. Maybe I should start stockpiling a few things myself, just in case.LC062_HarpersFerry_ShopkeeperTerminal
434Office of the Mayor: Miranda VoxLC062_MirandaTerminal
436DON'T TRY TO RESTART THE PUMPS! If you are reading this, I have disabled the machinery to avoid further flooding in our slave pit. We can't afford to lose any more of our product. It should go without saying, but DON'T DRINK THE WATER EITHER! Half of us are sick. Dysentery is no joke. We will keep looking for some fresh source.LC065_TygartTerminal
437**Huntersville Terminal Rentals**LC067_Huntersville_GailMeyerTerminal
438**U.S. Government Property**LC067_Huntersville_MilitaryTerminal
439I can't believe it. Charlie is really doing it. He is using radiated Cranberries for his sandwiches. I knew he was slimy, but I had no idea he could stoop this low. Couldn't believe it when I saw that truck at that abandoned quarry in the bog. Radiation warning signs everywhere and it went right through. Pulling out a few hours later with a full load to take to Charlie's kitchen. It was bad enough that he was driving me out of business, but to feed Beckley poisoned food is the last straw. Can't wait to see the look on his face tomorrow morning when I let him have it.LC072_SalsGrindersSubterminal
441Welcome! It's another great day in Lewisburg!LC075_LewisburgVisitorsCenterTerminal
442Uncanny Caverns - ReceptionLC076_FrontDeskTerminal
443Tour Guidelines Memo Welcome! As a new member of the Uncanny Caverns family, part of your job will be to give multiple guided tours a day. Our motto is to give tour guests an "Uncanny Experience". What does this mean to you? 1) Night Kid is real. Seriously. You have to truly believe this to sell it to others. 75% of our vacation traffic comes nationwide from those who have read about Night Kid in the tabloids and our job is to sell that to them. He was born here and he remains to this day. We have plenty of literature for you to absorb on the subject before you start leading tours alone. 2) Upsell, upsell, upsell. We've gotten a lot of complaints that our Wild Cave and Extreme Adventure tours are underwhelming but that means the guides aren't doing their job. People can go anywhere for a natural cavern. They come here for the spooky atmosphere and the Night Kid mythos. It's your job to give that to them. 3) We've gotten reports of some tour guides allowing some really inappropriate things to happen during the "lights out" portion of the tour. Don't let this be you. Use your common sense and best judgement when it comes to how you conduct yourself. Keep these in mind and you'll no doubt be an upstanding employee. Have an Uncanny day!LC076_FrontDeskTerminal
444Uncanny Caverns - TransactionsLC076_TransactionTerminal
445Middle Mountains Cabins - ManagerLC081_MiddleMountainCabins_MaintenanceTerminal
446Welcome Greg!LC082_GregsTerminal
447-------------------------------------------------- Previous Test: -------------------------------------------------- What a nightmare. That Protectron/industrial drill/sentry bot hybrid nearly swept off the foreman's head when I tried to show it off out back. Took him no time to cancel our contract and kill my future. I've sunk everything into this last ditch effort to update my business. If I don't act soon I am going to lose everything. I bet that crotchety, moneybags Ms. Withers would love that. -------------------------------------------------- Version Notes: --------------------------------------------------LC082_GregsTerminal
448Please do not operate unless you have undergone appropriate training.LC084_nativeOperationsRobotTerminal
449Please do not operate unless you have undergone appropriate training.LC084_nativeReactorRoomRobotTerminal
450Please do not operate unless you have undergone appropriate training.LC084_nativeResidentialRobotTerminal
451Please do not operate unless you have undergone appropriate training.LC084_nativeStorageRobotTerminal
452{display setting: English/US}LC089_AdminSubSubTerminal
453{display setting: English/US}LC089_AdminSubTerminal
454{display setting: English/US}LC089_LiberatorLaunchBayTerminal
455Remote team op documentation. Grey reporting. We've established control of the facility, removing what appear to be the last holdouts of a Chinese research team. We attempted capture but they resisted and had to be put down. World's a better place with a few less Reds anyway. We've combed the location for intel and schematics, and while we hit on a few interesting leads (plus a couple dead ends), this Liberator bot system appears to be the most promising for what command wants. Relevant system documentation has been removed from the site and will be turned over to command. I'll be moving out with the intelligence shortly. A couple of men will be staying behind to try and make the location less attractive to the curious. End report.LC089_LiberatorLaunchBayTerminal
456{display setting: English/US}LC089_PRCCommSubTerminal
457To: *encrypted* Subject: Primary mission failed I regret to report that our team was unable to find any capability of this facility to bypass the U.S. nuclear arsenal safeguards. We have also been faced with increased interest and attacks topside at the factory, countless machinery failures, rolling power outages, and constant attacks inside the facility from Liberator robots. I submit my official recommendation for my team to abandon this facility completely. Awaiting response from Command on how to proceed.LC089_PRCCommSubTerminal
458{display setting: English/US}LC089_SecurityTerminal
459{display setting: English/US}LC089_StealthLabTerminal
460{display setting: English/US}LC089_WasteSystemTerminal
461Hornwright Industrial Mining CompanyLC090_MonongahMine_SupervisorTerminal
463-=Warning: Military Terminal=-LC091_MonongahPowerPlant_MilitaryTerminal
464User: Thomas Glen, CEOLC092_CEO_Terminal
465Order ID: 697 Date Received: 06/01/77 Client: Brim Quarry Contents: Coal, 2 Tons Status: Delivered Order ID: 698 Date Received: 08/09/77 Client: [Data Not Found] Contents: [Data Not Found] Status: [Data Not Found]LC092_CEO_Terminal
466User: Jarrett Delgado, ManagerLC092_Manager_Terminal
468User: Pat Rhodes, MechanicLC092_Mechanic_Terminal
469Property of Monongah TownshipLC093_MonongahTownship_CouncilTerminal
470"Where all your needs are met!"LC095_ApartmentTerminal_01
471..:: Shadowbreeze Apartments ::..LC095_ApartmentTerminal_01a
472AUTHORED BY ALISHA PARKERLC095_HistoryOfMorgantown_epilogue_Terminal
473-- Meeting Minutes --LC095_HRMeetingTerminal
474LOG #30045LC095_MonorailStaffTerminal
475...:: BEGIN LOG ...INVESTIGATION < "Track section 3B-2" > ...SUMMARY ...... < "Multiple reports of ... Are you kidding ...... me? 'Slight bump at arrival of University ...... station.' I hate these damn kids."> ...RESULTS ...... STRUCTURAL INTEGRITY < "intact" > ...... RECOMMENDATION < "no repairs necessary" > ...... OPTIONAL COMMENT < "I'm going home" > END LOG ::...LC095_MonorailStaffTerminal
477Your ticket to the skies!LC096_HackedKioskTerminal
480Welcome, Volunteer!LC096_ResponderTrainingTerminal
481STORAGE ROOM CONTROLSLC096_StorageRoomTerminal
483Stopping Automated Sequence...LC101ControlTerminal
484We Hope You Enjoyed Your Stay!LC102_MountainsideBB_CommentTerminal
485New Appalachian Central TrainyardLC103_NACentralTrainyard_SwitchTowerTerminal
490WARNING: System Override Detected - Recommend LockoutLC104_ThunderMountainPowerPlant_FreeStatesTerminal
491Warning: Proprietary InformationLC106_NIRArray_PhysicistTerminal
492National Isolated Radio Array: Urgent CommunicationsLC106_RadioArrayCommunicationsSubTerminal
493National Isolated Radio Array Remote OverrideLC106_RadioArrayOverrideSubTerminal
494National Isolated Radio Array Remote OverrideLC106_RadioArrayOverrideTerminal
495Wholeness Through TranscendenceLC110_PalaceOfTheWindingPath_CyrusTerminal
496Wholeness Through TranscendenceLC110_PalaceOfTheWindingPath_SimonGladwellsTerminal
497Spending the cash on the new ventilation system worked like a charm. All I need to do is make sure one of the staff here keeps cycling the canisters of "spiritual Incense" and the guests stay in La-La-Land for the entire duration of their stay. I have no idea what's in the gas, but no one's gotten sick yet so I'd say we're fine. I've been able to save a fortune on meals and bed linen changing. I can't believe how well this has worked out. The Palace is booked solid through Christmas and I'm getting filthy rich. Enlightenment indeed.LC110_PalaceOfTheWindingPath_SimonGladwellsTerminal
498ATLAS - Access ControlLC112_AccessControlTerminal
499ATLAS - Accelerator ControlLC112_AtlasUtilityAreaTerminal
500ATLAS - Master ControlLC112_ControlRoomMasterControlTerminal
501ATLAS - Army Data Analysis StationLC112_ControlRoomSideTerminal_MTNM02
502ATLAS - Isaac Hammond, Scientific DirectorLC112_DirectorsOfficeTerminal
503ATLAS - Prototype DevelopmentLC112_PrototypeDevelopmentTerminal
504ATLAS - Research DatabaseLC112_ResearchOfficeTerminal
505ATLAS - Robotics ControlLC112_RoboticsRoomTerminal
506ATLAS - Security DeskLC112_SecurityTerminal
507ATLAS - Weather AnalysisLC112_WeatherAnalysisTerminal
508Bolton Greens Facility DirectorLC116_BoltonGreens_DirectorsTerminal
509To: All Parents of Bolton Greens Members From: Thurston Wellingham, Headmaster Bolton Greens I'm extremely pleased to announce that this year's Halloween Gala will be our best one to date! We've secured the Appalachian Philharmonic Orchestra to entertain while guests dine in the comfort of our luxurious function hall. Cuisine from some of the finest chefs in the area will be prepared for your your continued membership. We're also proud to announce that every attendee will be sent home with a complementary gift basket befitting the quality and poise of our children and their parents. I'd like to extend my gratitude for your continued membership. Bolton Greens is pleased to host your children throughout the year in our best-in-category after-school and weekend programs. Parents, if you're interested on attending the gala event, please remit the nominal ticket fee to our public relations office.LC116_BoltonGreens_DirectorsTerminal
510GOURMANDS ONLY!LC116_BoltonGreens_GourmandsTerminal
511Camp McClintock - Administrative FacilityLC118_DrillInstructorSubTerminal
512Training Report - August 2077 - Sergeant O'Malley Against my strongest recommendation, I have been informed that the transition to a fully automated Camp McClintock is now complete after only 4 months of training. In layman's terms, this means that we're all COMPLETELY FUCKED. Our best and brightest will be led into hells fiery asshole by these metal death balls. The only saving grace in this COLOSSAL FUCK-UP is I won't be here when the shit hits the fan. I'm getting my wife and kid the hell out of here. Maybe apply for one of those vaults I've heard about. Something tells me we'll be needing them.LC118_DrillInstructorSubTerminal
513Camp McClintock - Administrative FacilityLC118_DrillInstructorTerminal
514NATIONAL PARK SERVICESLC125_CB_Lore_RangerRossTerminal
515NATIONAL PARK SERVICESLC125_CB_Lore_RangerSimonTerminal
516Property Red Rocket CorporationLC127_RedRocketHwyMegaStop_MaintenanceTerminal
517Landview Lighthouse - Lighthouse KeeperLC130_KeeperTerminal
518White Powder Winter SportsLC135_WhitePowderWinterSports_DiaryTerminal
520Sugar Grove - Project SomnusLC138_SugarGroveBlacksiteTerminal
521Sunnytop Ski Lanes - Room 2 GuestLC144_GuestTerminal
522Brotherhood of SteelLC145_CampVenture_BrotherhoodTerminal
523Feel free to leave your comments!LC150_TOTW_alaChezBurger_CommentTerminal
524Pleasant Valley PoliceLC150_TOTW_DiamondDust_StakeoutTerminal
525==== Arktos Pharma - Confidential ====LC167ArktosLobbyTerminal
526==== Arktos Pharma - Confidential ====LC167_ArktosControlRoomTerminal
527==== Arktos Pharma - Confidential ====LC167_ArktosLabTerminal
528==== Arktos Pharma - Confidential ====LC167_Arktos_ProteinTerminal
529=====================================================* !! System Error !! * ===================================================== ::: Error Code 555 ::: Unable to run protein sequencer at this time.LC167_Arktos_ProteinTerminal
530Greater Watoga BBS TerminalLC170_Watoga_CBLore_GWBBS_SubTerminal_aMAIN
531Greater Watoga BBS Terminal - Pop CultureLC170_Watoga_CBLore_GWBBS_SubTerminal_Comics
532Greater Watoga BBS Terminal - Community EventsLC170_Watoga_CBLore_GWBBS_SubTerminal_Community
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537Main MenuLC170_Watoga_CBLore_MissNannySessions_SubTerminal_ERROR
538Watoga Emergency Services - Complaint DatabaseLC172_ComplaintTerminal_CB_LoreTerminal
539Watoga Emergency Services - Emergency ReportLC172_EmergencyReportFireSubTerminal01_CB_LoreTerminal
540Watoga Emergency Services - Emergency ReportLC172_EmergencyReportFireSubTerminal02_CB_LoreTerminal
541Watoga City ExteriorLC172_EmergencyReportFireSubTerminal02_CB_LoreTerminal
542Watoga Emergency Services - Emergency ReportLC172_EmergencyReportFireSubTerminal03_CB_LoreTerminal
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552Watoga Emergency Services - Emergency ReportLC172_EmergencyReportTerminal_CB_LoreTerminal
553Watoga Emergency Services - MaintenanceLC172_WatogaEMS_Engineer_CB_LoreTerminal
554Every time I even go near the waiting room, the patients swarm me. I'm the only human being who works in this office, so they all just assume I'm in charge. I'm not a doctor. I'm a maintenance engineer. I can't fix broken bones or treat the flu. That's what the Handy's are for.LC172_WatogaEMS_Engineer_CB_LoreTerminal
555Watoga High School - AnnouncementsLC174_Announcement_CB_LoreTerminal
556Watoga High School - Headmaster ReinholdLC174_HeadmasterSubTerminal01_CB_LoreTerminal
557Official WHS Faculty Memorandum Headmaster Reginald R Reinhold III Subject: Monster Mash Monday I need to clarify a few things about "Monster Mash Monday", the yearly event hosted by the school every Monday before Halloween. For new faculty - the event involves teachers wearing large masks filled with toys and candy and getting bashed in the head by students wielding bats and sticks. The teacher who lasts the longest wins. The victors' students win prestige, a trophy for their classroom, and a frankly underwhelming assortment of prizes. I want to make it clear that we've never had any students injured during this event, and participation is strictly voluntary. As barbaric as it sounds, this tends to get their aggression towards authority figures out in a fairly healthy way. Regardless, I always get a handful of complaints every year from parents, teachers, and even some students. I want you all to know that I take this feedback very seriously and consider it fully. That being said, this event is as old as the school and it's not going anywhere.LC174_HeadmasterSubTerminal01_CB_LoreTerminal
558Watoga High School - Headmaster ReinholdLC174_HeadmasterTerminal_CB_LoreTerminal
559Watoga High School - HistoryLC174_WatogaHigh_History_CB_LoreTerminal
560Watoga High School - Science LabLC174_WatogaHigh_Science_CB_LoreTerminal
561I don't see how eating the candy from the SMART machines is "setting a bad example." It's candy. You're supposed to eat it. You ask me, it's using the candy like some kind of coinage that's weird.LC174_WatogaHigh_Science_CB_LoreTerminal
562-- ANIMAL HOLDING --LC177_AMS_CBLore_AnimalHoldingTerminal
563-- DATA MONITORING --LC177_AMS_CBLore_DataMonitoringTerminal
564-- HYDRAULIC PRESS CONTROL --LC177_AMS_CBLore_HydraulicPressTerminal
565-- AUTOMATED SECURITY --LC177_AMS_CBLore_RobotSecurityTerminal01
566-- AUTOMATED SECURITY --LC177_AMS_CBLore_RobotSecurityTerminal02
567Connect to GWBBSLC177_AMS_CBLore_RobotSecurityTerminal02
568Connect to Miss Nanny SessionsLC178_WatogaShoppingPlaza_CBLore_SalesClerkTerminal
569Watoga Transit Hub - Front DeskLC179_FrontDeskTerminal
570Watoga Transit Hub - Monorail Station GuideLC179_MonorailTerminal
571*** SECURITY CLEARANCE REQUIRED FOR ACCESS ***LC183_AppalachianVaultRegistry
572Property of Vault Tec UniversityLC183_BlakeNotesSubTerminal
573Property of Vault Tec UniversityLC183_BlakeTerminal
574Greenhouse ControlLC184_AgGreenhouseTerminal
575Genotyping LabLC184_AgLabTerminal
576Control RoomLC184_ControlRoomTerminal
577Decontamination LabLC184_DecontaminationResearchTerminal
578Front DeskLC184_FrontDeskTerminal
579Holding Cell SecurityLC184_HoldingCellTerminal
580Dispensary Lab AccessLC184_ProductionDispenserAccessTerminal
581Research Wing AccessLC184_ResearchWingAccessTerminal
582'''''rch Wi'g Acc'''LC184_ResearchWingAccessTerminalCorrupted
583Injection LabLC184_ResearchWingInjectionRoomTerminal
584West Tek Research - Research AdministratorLC184_ResearchWingReception
585Security OfficeLC184_SecurityOfficeTerminal
586Initiating Emergency Lockdown Protocol...done. Accessing cell door interlink... done. Locking down all cell doors... done. - WARNING - Multiple faults detected. Please contact a technician for immediate diagnostics and repair.LC184_SecurityTerminalHoldingCellControlsNativeSubterminal
587Advanced Mutations LabLC184_WestTekSubTerminal_AdvancedMutations
588Specimen ContainmentLC184_WestTekSubTerminal_ResearchTankRoom
589Advanced Mutations LabLC184_WestTekTerminal_AdvancedMutations
590Virology AnalysisLC184_WestTekTerminal_AgAnalysis
591Specimen ContainmentLC184_WestTekTerminal_ResearchTankRoom
592Emmett Mountain Disposal SiteLC190_EmmettMountainDisposalSite_InspectorTerminal
593Emmett Mountain Disposal SiteLC190_Emmett_Mountain_Disposal_Terminal
594Once the site is filled to capacity, it will be sealed and left alone for as long as it presents a danger to life. While we cannot guarantee safety forever, or that future generations will heed our warnings, we can guarantee that we have done all that is humanly possible to provide the warnings in the first place.LC191_SiteDirector10kYearsSubTerminal
595[[[[[ Nuclear Waste Transfers Received: ]]]]] |=====================================| | Date: | Barrels: | Status: | |=====================================| | 08-14-76 | 056 | Disposed | | 10-08-76 | 074 | Disposed | | 11-30-76 | 072 | Disposed | | 01-22-77 | 133 | Disposed | | 02-10-77 | 061 | Disposed | | 04-12-77 | 156 | Disposed | | 06-30-77 | 144 | Disposed | | 07-15-77 | 048 | Disposed | | 09-28-77 | 287 | Disposed | | 10-21-77 | 088 | Pending | | 10-22-77 | 053 | Pending | |=====================================|LC191_SiteDirectorTerminal
596Radiation King Assembly Plant 12LC193_ConvertedMunitionsFactory_SupervisorTerminal
597Sons of Dane Compound - Paulie KeithLC196_SonsOfDaneCompound_PaulieTerminal
598Sons of Dane Compound - Dane RogersLC196_SonsOfDaneLeaderSubTerminal01
599Sons of Dane Compound - Dane RogersLC196_SonsOfDaneLeaderSubTerminal02
600Sons of Dane Compound - Dane RogersLC196_SonsOfDaneLeaderTerminal
601Authorized Personnel OnlyLC199_SupervisorReportSubTerminal
602Authorized Supervisor: Harold NowakLC199_SupervisorTerminal
604- THE CHILDREN'S SUITE - For decades, the Children's Suite has hosted the children and grandchildren of our Presidents. Of particular note are toys donated by each of the children who have stayed in the cottage. Together, they represent different eras in American history, from an original 1903 Teddy Bear, through icons of the midcentury space race, to the modern Giddyup Buttercup. The rather considerable wear on the antique furniture in this room is a testament to the many hours our young guests have enjoyed here.MoM02BWhitespringPresidentialCottageRoomListSubterminal
605Accessing MaxLock Security Services... ...done. Exporting Security Recording... ...done. WARNING: Your security tape drive is full. Please replace the security tape in order to resume normal monitoring.MoM02BWhitespringPresidentialCottageStaffAccessSubterminal
608------------------------------------ RESEARCH PROJECT EX-72 - Data Access ------------------------------------ FILE SIZE: 46751 Blocks HOLOTAPE CAPACITY: 256 Blocks HOLOTAPES REQUIRED: 183 Please return to the main menu and insert a blank, formatted holotape to begin the download.MoM02C_AdvancedResearchTerminalEMPResearchData
609------------------------------------- RESEARCH PROJECT EX-72 - Research Log ------------------------------------- DATE: 10/21/77 Nothing. I've got nothing. The test data is fragmented across the mainframe, and the system can't handle the volume. I can't even access it all, much less analyze it. I keep hoping I can convince Pat in Analysis to give me one of the SIPHON tapes. If I could just get all of the data in one place, maybe I could come up with something, anything. General McAllen is expecting a report on Monday. God, what am I going to do?MoM02C_AdvancedResearchTerminalEMPResearchLogs
610Research DataMoM02C_AdvancedResearchTerminalEMPResearchSubterminal
611Sugar Grove IntraMail - 10-21-77 From: Nunes, P. To: Lockhart, K. Subj: RE: SIPHON Holotape Look, Kyle, I'm sorry, but you dug your own grave on this one. Yes, we still have two SIPHON tapes left, but I can't just loan them out for personal use. That was why they took the project from you in the first place, remember? And Cathy is so uptight about cost control that the system logs every interaction with them. If I were to try to sneak one out of the lab, she'd have my head. I'm sure you can find some other way to copy your data. At least blank holotapes are cheap, right?MoM02C_AdvancedResearchTerminalIntramailSubterminal
612Accessing Project Files...MoM02C_AdvancedResearchTerminalProjectsSubterminal
613***ERROR*** A disk read error occurred. Please remove and reinsert the holotape.MoM02C_BlankHolotapeTerminal
614Analyzing network... done. Uploading compressed data... ...done. Unpacking data... ...done. Running automated analysis... ...done. System Message: Fabrication Service [Voice of Set] is now available.MoM02C_ProjectSiphonHolotapeTerminal
615***ERROR*** Your security credentials have expired. Please contact your supervisor for authorization.MoM02C_SigIntAnalysisTerminal
616Sugar Grove IntraMail - 10-21-77 From: Lockhart, K. To: Nunes, P. Subj: RE: Project SIPHON Please, Pat, I'm begging you. My job's on the line here! McAllen isn't going to take any more excuses, not once he sees the bills I've run up. I have to have something to show him. Isn't there anything you can do? It's just for the weekend. I'll have it back to you by Monday, I promise. Tuesday at latest.MoM02C_SigIntAnalysisTerminalIntramailSubterminal
617Dispensing Project SIPHON Holotape... ...failed. ***ERROR*** No Holotapes are available.MoM02C_SigIntAnalysisTerminalProjectSiphonSubterminal
619Pleasant Valley IntraMail - 11-16-86 From: Thorpe, D. To: Torrance, B. Subj: RE: Finale A bit anticlimactic, but it does save us the trouble. Very well, go meet your girl. Make sure there aren't any loose ends. When you get back, report to my office in the Top, and we can discuss your future with the Cutthroats.MoM03_BrodysTerminalIntramailSubterminal
620Brody, Here's the tape. I've loaded it with my login credentials and a full copy of our database. The Mission Board lists all of our operations for the next two months. That should give you plenty of targets to hit. I need to lay low for a while. Stick to the plan. If anything changes, I'll get a message to one of your men. Otherwise, I'll see you when it's time for the final operation. Tell Thorpe I expect him to keep his end of the deal. Or I'll be coming for his head next. Olivia RiversMoM03_CryptosSiphonHolotape
622Pleasant Valley IntraMail - 11-19-86 From: Thorpe, D. To: Lagren, T. Subj: Memo Mr. Lagren, This morning, I received a memo addressed to 'All You Fuckers.' While I recognize that the current network situation may a source of considerable frustration, I do not appreciate being addressed in this manner by my subordinates. Meet me in my office in the Top at 2:30. There are some things we need to discuss.MoM03_PleasantValleyNetadminTerminalIntramailSubterminal
623Accessing User Database...MoM03_PleasantValleyNetadminTerminalNetworkAdminSubterminal
624Accessing user account... ...failed. ***ERROR*** Unable to access the selected account. Please ensure that the user has an active, valid account and try again.MoM03_PleasantValleyNetadminTerminalResetPasswordsSubterminal
625Books are open for this Saturday's Arena. Place your bets with Nails, Tara, or Rocky. Betting closes at 11 sharp before the fight. This week's matchups are: One-Eye Pete vs. Rabid Ralph (3:2) - Two old toughs duke it out in this no-holds-barred grudge match. Davey vs. Chitters (18:1) - Can our boy Davey stomp his fiercest foe yet? Watch him square off with Chitters, the terrifying Radroach. Steel Sisters vs. Ironclad (2:5) - The Arena's Assaultron ladies are up against their stiffest challenge yet: Hawke's refurbished Sentry Bot. Who's got the metal mettle to take home the medal? Irena vs. Cinder (1:1) - In our title bout, Irena, our very own Mad Mistress of the Machete, takes on Cinder, ghoulish brute of the Blackwater Bandits, in a brawl that's certain to have you on the edge of your seat. You don't wanna miss this one!MoM03_RaiderCommonRoomTerminal
627Olivia Rivers, Personal Journal - 11/13/86 One more week. One more week until this is over. It's been hard watching the other girls leave on their missions, knowing most of them won't come back. Catherine. Janet. Sara. I don't hate them. But I need them out of my way. The raiders have set up a staging area in Summersville. When it's time, I'll slip away, signal Brody, and he can move in. They're calling in every man they've got. No one gets out alive. And then, once we're done here, I'll head up to Pleasant Valley and settle in. Give me a month, and I'll be running that shitshow.MoM04_OliviasTerminalJournalSubterminal
628Exporting audio recording for 10/5/86, 10:01... ...done.MoM_CouncilChamberTerminalArchiveSubterminal
629Accessing Council Chamber Mic... ...failed. ***ERROR*** Unable to connect to the recording system. Please contact Production for assistance.MoM_CouncilChamberTerminalRecordingSubterminal
632Validating authorization... failed. ***ERROR*** Access to the Headmistress' Office may only be granted by the following users: - HEADMISTRESS Shannon Rivers - TECHNICAL SPECIALIST Frederick Rivers - MISTRESS OF NOVICES Eve Devoir - MISTRESS Olivia RiversMoM_Cryptos_AdministrativeActionsAuthorizeAccessUsersSubterminal01
633Validating authorization... done. Authorizing access... done. The selected user now may now access the Headmistress' Office.MoM_Cryptos_AdministrativeActionsAuthorizeAccessUsersSubterminal02
634Accessing user database... done. Granting promotion... done. Please ask the selected user to log in and claim their promotion.MoM_Cryptos_AdministrativeActionsAuthorizePromotionMistressUsersSubterminal
635Accessing user database... done. Granting promotion... done. Please ask the selected user to log in and claim their promotion.MoM_Cryptos_AdministrativeActionsAuthorizePromotionNoviceUsersSubterminal
636=--------------------------------= | CRYPTOS Mainframe System | =--------------------------------= | USER: =--------------------------------= REGISTER AS A MENTOR Please select an unassigned Initiate to mentor: - NONE -MoM_Cryptos_AdministrativeActionsRegisterAsMentorSubterminal
638DATABASE QUERY: NOVICE | WEAPONS RESEARCH Accessing database... done. Repeating query results. Pre-war military records indicate that an [EMP Weapons Research Program] was being conducted at [Sugar Grove]. Please acquire the research data and return it to the production facility for processing.MoM_Cryptos_DatabaseQuerySubterminal
639THE ORDER OF MYSTERIES ABOUT HEADMISTRESS RIVERS (Shaw & Associates Bio, 2075) Shannon Rivers (2024-) was born in Beckley, West Virginia. After an early career in regional and touring theater, Ms. Rivers made her radio debut in 2047's "Invaders from Planet Zed!". She quickly earned a reputation as gifted and versatile actress, starring in numerous radio dramas and serials. In 2051, she began her long-running role as the radio voice of the Mistress of Mystery. Ms. Rivers is well known for her advocacy of charitable causes, especially issues affecting the economically depressed residents of Appalachia. In 2053, she married Frederick Rivers, noted inventor and architect. They have a daughter, Olivia.MoM_Cryptos_HandbookSubterminal
640Accessing mission: Pleasant Valley Infiltration...done. Registering $UNKNOWN_USER for mission...done. Dispensing mission briefing...done. Please review the mission briefing for your instructions.MoM_Cryptos_MissionBoardSubterminal
641=--------------------------------= | CRYPTOS Mainframe System | =--------------------------------= | USER: =--------------------------------= MISSION REPORTS The automated mission reporting system is still in development. For instructions on whom to report your missions to, please consult the Handbook.MoM_Cryptos_MissionReportSubterminal
642Accessing Fabricator...MoM_FabricatiorTerminal
643=-----------------------------------= |Automated Fabrication System ONLINE| =-----------------------------------= Authenticating with Cryptos... done. Verifying Components... ...found: Project PULSAR Research Data ...done. Accessing Fabrication Database... done. Analyzing research data... done. Developing fabrication plan... done. Fabricating [1] Voice of Set... done. Logging Fabrication with Cryptos... done. Fabrication complete.MoM_FabricatiorTerminalFabricationServicesSubterminal
645RE: GARB OF MYSTERIES Really? You're seriously going with the new Garb? I mean, look, I get it. It's more practical than the traditional dress. But it just isn't her! The Mistress of Mystery has always worn a full-length gown! (Except for the Scourge of the Sahara arc. Let's not go there.) I'm putting together a letter-writing campaign about it. I'm even going to write Shannon Rivers (the voice actress for the Mistress). If we can get her on board, Hubris is bound to listen. You're obviously as much of a fan of the Mistress as I am. You mind writing her too?MoM_FredericksTerminalCorrespondenceKentSubterminal01
646RE: VOICE OF SET God, don't get me started on this. Yeah, sure, incendiary cartridges would work. So would resonance ammo, or hypersonic shot, or even EMP bullets. We've complained about the Voice for years, but Hubris just keeps retconning it. If you want a gun that can handle whatever crazy thing they come up with next, your best bet might be to build a stable hollow receiver so you can swap out the mechanics.MoM_FredericksTerminalCorrespondenceKentSubterminal02
647Loading Holotape...MoM_FredericksTerminalCorrespondenceSubterminal
648Frederick Rivers, Personal Journal - 10/21/77 The first thing you learn as an inventor is to recognize failure. I never remember to update this damn thing, so I'm giving it up. I got a fresh pallet of holotapes in today, so I'm going to try audio logs instead. Maybe I'll have more luck with that.MoM_FredericksTerminalJournalSubterminal
649Connecting to Cryptos...MoM_HeadmistressOfficeTerminal
650Headmistress Shannon Rivers, Personal Journal 11/18/86 Olivia. Olivia, dear, what have you done? I'm going out to meet her. If anyone finds this, if anyone is even still alive, please, don't try to follow me. The Order of Mysteries is finished. Take the skills you learned here. Join the Responders, the Brotherhood, anyone. Find some way to survive. That's all that matters now. I loved you all. I'm so, so sorry.MoM_HeadmistressOfficeTerminalJournalSubterminal
651=------------------------= | The Order of Mysteries | | - Infirmary - | =------------------------= MEDICAL RECORDS ***ERROR*** All medical records on file have expired. For access to archival records, please contact Production.MoM_InfirmaryTerminal
652Exporting audio recording for 9/17/86, 22:47... ...done.MoM_InfirmaryTerminalLogsSubterminal
653CHEM LOCKUP ORDER: Chems are to be kept locked in the Infirmary safe at all times. NOTES: The use of Chems for performance enhancement is strictly forbidden. Chems promote dependency and addiction; recovery can be long and painful in the absence of Addictol, and hampers mission readiness. Any Chems recovered in the course of a mission are to be turned over to Infirmary staff for safekeeping. Any further incidents of theft should be tracked and reported.MoM_InfirmaryTerminalOrdersSubterminal
655Ms. Rivers, I read with interest your June interview in Acting Age. While your conception and portrayal of the Mistress of Mystery has always been above reproach, I hope you understand that many of us feel the name 'Mistress' is an unnecessarily sexualized and loaded term in our patriarchal culture. On behalf of modern women everywhere, we hope you will join our petition to change the name of the character to the 'Sister of Secrets'. Sincerely yours, Pauline J. SmithMoM_StudyTerminalFanMailSubterminal
657Patrol BulletinMorgantownAirport_ATC_Terminal
659 REPLACE: CHIEF TARGETING OFFICER Accessing Fabrication System... ...done. Assembling replacement [Launch Control Chief]... ...done.MSilo_Control_RobotFabricatorTerminal
660 =------------------------------------= | CONTROL ROOM SECURITY STATION | |------------------------------------| | DEFCON 1 | | MISSILE STATUS: UNDER CONSTRUCTION | | LAUNCH PREP: NOT AVAILABLE | =------------------------------------=MSilo_Control_SecurityStationTerminal
661 =------------------------------------= | POWER HOUSE MONITORING STATION | |------------------------------------| | PRIMARY REACTOR: ACTIVE | | SECONDARY REACTORS: ACTIVE | | SECURITY STATUS: NORMAL | =------------------------------------=MSilo_Reactor_MonitoringStationTerminal
662 REACTOR CONTROL SYSTEM Accessing Reactor Interlink... ...done. Initiating Reactor Restart... ...Restarting Auxilliary Systems... ...Shutting down Class-IV Reactors (3)... ...Restarting Class-VIII Reactor... ...done. Verifying Reactor System integrity. Please wait for confirmation.MSilo_Reactor_ReactorControlTerminal
665 =------------------------------------= | POWER HOUSE SECURITY STATION | |------------------------------------| | PRIMARY REACTOR: ACTIVE | | SECONDARY REACTORS: ACTIVE | | SECURITY STATUS: NORMAL | =------------------------------------=MSilo_Reactor_SecurityStationTerminal01
666 =------------------------------------= | POWER HOUSE SECURITY STATION | |------------------------------------| | PRIMARY REACTOR: ACTIVE | | SECONDARY REACTORS: ACTIVE | | SECURITY STATUS: NORMAL | =------------------------------------=MSilo_Reactor_SecurityStationTerminal02
667 ADVANCED BIOMETRIC IDENTIFICATION SYSTEM, v.4.0.9 Initializing ABIS Biometric ID Fabricator... ...done. Verifying Components... ...Found: [Blank Biometric ID Card] ...Found: [Biometric Data] ...done. Fabricating ABIS Biometric ID Card... ...done. Report to the apporopriate security station for registration.MSilo_Residential_BiometricSystemTerminal
668 =------------------------------------= | RESIDENTIAL SECTOR - FOYER | =------------------------------------=MSilo_Residential_FoyerTerminal
669Daily system maintenance has identified an error in the radiation sensors. Lockdown has been automatically lifted as of 10.24.2077.MSilo_Residential_LoreTerminal
670 SECURITY PROTOCOL - SECURITY STATION ALPHA Security personnel posted to this station are to: - Monitor the silo grounds, dispatching security teams to patrol, report, investigate, and resolve any incidents. - Monitor entry and egress in accord with general security protocols. - Register new Biometric Identification Cards with the security system to grant access to the rest of the facility. - Perform other security duties as designated by the silo commander.MSilo_Residential_SecurityStationTerminal
671Security lock released. Opening door...MSilo_Storage_FacilitiesMainframeDoorControl
672> Security Door ControlMSilo_Storage_FacilitiesMainframeTerminal
673 =------------------------------------= | MAINTAINENCE OFFICE | =------------------------------------=MSilo_Storage_MaintainenceOfficeTerminal
674 =------------------------------------= | STORAGE ROOM ACCESS | =------------------------------------=MSilo_Storage_StorageRoomAccessTerminal
675 =------------------------------------= | SUPPLY OFFICE | =------------------------------------=MSilo_Storage_SupplyOfficeTerminal
676Blackwater Bandits KeyMTNL01_BlackwaterBanditsKeyTerminal
678Blackwater Mine Foreman: Mitchell HibbsMTNL01_BlackwaterBanditsLeaderEnergySubTerminal
679Freddie Lang's Blackwater BanditsMTNL01_BlackwaterBanditsLeaderLogsSubTerminal
680Now Property of the Blackwater Bandits!MTNL01_BlackwaterBanditsLeaderTerminal
681Responder Major Crimes DivisionMTNL01_CharlestonCrimeLogTerminal
682Cutthroats KeyMTNL01_CutthroatsKeyTerminal
683Diehards KeyMTNL01_DiehardsKeyTerminal
684Property of the DiehardsMTNL01_DiehardsTerminal
685Gourmands KeyMTNL01_GourmandsKeyTerminal
686Property of Palace of the Winding PathMTNL01_PalaceHolotapeTerminal
687Trappers KeyMTNL01_TrappersKeyTerminal
688Wholeness through transcendence.MTNM03_SubTerminal_Messages
689Wholeness through transcendence.MTNM03_SubTerminal_Primer
690Wholeness Through TranscendenceMTNM03_Terminal
691National Isolated Radio Array Control TerminalMTNS01_RadioArrayErrorLogSubTerminal
692National Isolated Radio Array Control TerminalMTNS01_RadioArrayShutdownSubTerminal
693National Isolated Radio Array Control TerminalMTNS01_RadioArrayShutdownTerminal
694Welcome Dr. Harrison!MTNS05_VoxConversationSubterminal
695Welcome Dr. Harrison!MTNS05_VoxTerminal
696Unsupervized operation strictly prohibited!MTNS06_Uranium_MessagesSubTerminal
697From: Cotton, P Subject: Auto-Foreman Mitchell Hibbs is no longer the Supervising Foreman of the Blackwater Mine site. All remaining employees are to check in with the new Auto-Foreman unit posted at the mine entrance before clocking in for the day, and before leaving for the night. Employees are expected to follow direction from the Auto-Foreman as they would follow any human foreman. Keep in mind: the Auto-Foreman is designed to report any workplace infractions to the proper authority.MTNS06_Uranium_MessagesSubTerminal
698Unsupervized operation strictly prohibited!MTNS06_Uranium_Terminal
699Hornwright Industrial Mining CompanyMTR01_Ashforge
700Hornwright Industrial Mining CompanyMTR01_Ashforge01_OLD
701... schematics transfered complete!MTR01_DominickSubterminal
702Welcome back, HaroldMTR02_MinerTerminal
703The EXC-17 Excavator suit uses patented "Ore Sniffing" technology developed in conjunction with the West Tek Corporation. Helmet sensor calibration protocols are proprietary information and require registration interface with Garrahan's Mainframe. Registration Station One - OFFLINE Registration Station Two - ONLINE Registration Station One - OFFLINE Registration Station One - OFFLINE Registration Station One - OFFLINEMTR02_MinerTerminal
704Welcome back, HaroldMTR02_MinerTerminalSub001
705The third Excavator just rolled off of our assembly line, and I couldn't be happier. The first two units have been up and running for almost a month now and we haven't had a single serious breakdown or maintenance issue. Everyone on the mining team wants to get their hands on these suits. Bryce has been continually piloting one of the Excavators... he's already shattered Garrahan's record for amount of ore extracted in a single day. Vivian surprised us all by rolling out a huge ad campaign, pitching our suits taking on Hornwright's Auto-Miners like a friday night boxing match. To say that this project has been a success is an understatement. I think it might be time to take that vacation before things heat up again around here.MTR02_MinerTerminalSub001
706Welcome back, BarryMTR02_ReceptionTerminal
707Memo: GMC-72CEO Subject: Man Vs. Machine Event -+=ATTENTION ALL EMPLOYEES!=+- There's been a lot of speculation in the aftermath of our defeat at the Man Vs. Machine event, and I felt it was time to set the record straight. As of this moment, all operations involving the Excavator Power Armor are on hold until we can re-evaluate. Any questions from the press or communications from Hornwright Industrial are to be immediately forwarded to the CEO's office. More information will follow in the coming weeks. Thank you all for your patience and your perseverance.MTR02_ReceptionTerminal
708It's Purrrrrrfect to see you!MTR04_PrizeListSubTerminal
709October 2077 Prize list: Mr. Fuzzy Pencil - 5 tokens 10 Paddle Ball Ammo - 5 tokens Cotton Candy Bites - 5 tokens Gumdrops - 5 tokens Jumbo Mr. Fuzzy Plush - 20 tokens Mr. Fuzzy Mining Helmet - 20 tokens Paddle Ball - 50 tokens Camden Whacker - 50 tokens Super Comic Book - 100 tokens Mr. Fuzzy Costume - 150 tokens Mr. Fuzzy Costume Head - 300 tokensMTR04_PrizeListSubTerminal
710It's Purrrrrrfect to see you!MTR04_PrizeTerminal
711It's Purrrrrrfect to see you!MTR04_RedeemSubTerminal
712Hornwright Industrial Mining CompanyMTR05_ExamCheckResultsSubterminal
713Hornwright Industrial Mining CompanyMTR05_ExamFailSubterminal
714Hornwright Industrial Mining CompanyMTR05_ExamPassScoreSubmittedSubterminal
715Hornwright Industrial Mining CompanyMTR05_ExamPassSubterminal
716Hornwright Industrial Mining CompanyMTR05_ExamSubmitScoreSubterminal
717Hornwright Industrial Mining CompanyMTR05_ExamSubterminal00
718Hornwright Industrial Mining CompanyMTR05_ExamSubterminal01
719Hornwright Industrial Mining CompanyMTR05_ExamSubterminal02
720Hornwright Industrial Mining CompanyMTR05_ExamSubterminal03
721Hornwright Industrial Mining CompanyMTR05_ExamSubterminal04
722Hornwright Industrial Mining CompanyMTR05_ExamSubterminal05
723Hornwright Industrial Mining CompanyMTR05_ExamTerminal
724Hornwright Industrial Mining CompanyMTR05_ExamTerminalBROKEN
725Hornwright Industrial Mining CompanyMTR05_FrontDeskSubterminal_Yvette
726Hornwright Industrial Mining CompanyMTR05_FrontDeskTerminal_Yvette
727Hornwright Industrial Mining CompanyMTR05_HornwrightArchiveSubterminal
728Horn[]right Indus[][]ial Mi[][][]MTR05_HornwrightArchiveTerminal
729Hornwright Industrial Mining CompanyMTR05_ITSubterminal
730Hornwright Industrial Mining CompanyMTR05_ITTerminal
731Hornwright Industrial Mining CompanyMTR05_PennySubterminal
732Hornwright Industrial Mining CompanyMTR05_PennyTerminal
733Hornwright Industrial Mining CompanyMTR05_RnDSubterminal
734Hornwright Industrial Mining CompanyMTR05_RnDTerminal
735Research NotationMTR05_RnDTerminal
736{{ FIREBREATHERS TRAINING SYSTEM }}MTR06_ExamCheckResultsSubterminal
738{{ FIREBREATHERS TRAINING SYSTEM }}MTR06_ExamPassScoreSubmittedSubterminal
740{{ FIREBREATHERS TRAINING SYSTEM }}MTR06_ExamSubmitScoreSubterminal
748... answer recorded ...MTR06_ExamSubterminal06
752Mine Shaft BeatriceMTR06_MineEntrance_Terminall
753{{ FIRE BREATHERS TRAINING SYSTEM }}MTR06_PhysicalExamTerminal_CharlestonHerald
754......... complete! Please exit the terminal to begin your trial.MTR06_PhysicalExamTerminal_CharlestonHerald
757{{ ATTN: All Active Fire Breathers {{ SUBJ: Big Bend Off Limits ___________________________ As many of you've heard by now, we've traced the influx of Scorched to a single source - Big Bend Tunnel. Initial reports suggest the parties we've run across so far are only the beginning. Now, we're not going to sit on our thumbs while these things make their way into the Heap, but we're not about to waste lives by rushing in without a plan. So until further notice, all patrols and scouting parties should steer clear of Big Bend Tunnel and the surrounding area. And no one leaves the station without a firearm. || Melody ||MTR06_SystemTerminal_Leads
759Copyright 2070 Hornwright IndustrialMTR07_EarthConsole
760Hornwright Industrial Mining CompanyMTR08_ClaimTokenExchangeConfirmationTerminal
761Hornwright Industrial Mining CompanyMTR08_ClaimTokenExchangeTerminal
762Jackpot Haul! - 100 TokensMTR08_ClaimTokenExchangeTerminal
763Property of Hornwright IndustrialMTR08_LodeBaring02_MineSystemTerminal
764===AMS Auto-Miner Console===MTR11_Terminal_A
765===Personal Files===MTR11_Terminal_A_Sub01
766===AMS Auto-Miner Console===MTR11_Terminal_B
767===AMS Auto-Miner Console===MTR11_Terminal_C
768Welcome, Supervisor Eugene Haugstad!MTR_Terminal_Main_LORE_HR
769Employee RecordsMTR_Terminal_Main_LORE_HR
770Welcome, Supervisor Eugene Haugstad!MTR_Terminal_Sub_LORE_HR
772Security locks engaged. Sealing doors...nativeBankMegaSecurityDoorTerminal
773Maglocks engaged. Closing blast shields...nativeBlastShieldTerminal
774Initiating controlled shutdown... done. The Decontamination System is now inactive.nativeDeconArchControlTerminal
775Unlocking doors... done.nativeDoorTerminal
776Closing garage doors...nativeGarageDoorActivatorTerminal
777Unlocking garage doors... done.nativeGarageDoorTerminal
778Hornwright Industrial Mining CompanynativeMTR01_AshforgeQuestSubterminal
779Loading Personality Matrices...nativeProtectronTerminal
780Personality parameter reset.nativeProtectronTerminalPersonalitySubMenu
781Please do not operate unless you have undergone apporpriate training.nativeRobotTerminal
782...Checking Clearance............. ...AUTHORIZED..................... ...Disabling Locking Mechanism.... ...done.nativeSafeTerminal
783Security locks engaged. Sealing doors...nativeSwitchDoorTerminal
784System Diagnostics: Turrets Linked Node | Condition | Status | Distance --------------------- nativeTurretTerminalSubSubMenuLinkages
785Initiating controlled shutdown... done. The Decontamination System is now inactive.nativeVaultDeconArchControlTerminal
786Setting time to: 10 secondsnativeWorkshopDelaySwitchTerminal
787Setting random light colors on all connected light boxes.nativeWorkshopLightboxTerminal
789Setting light colornativeWorkshopLightboxTerminalSubMenuSetColorBrightness
790Setting time to: 10 secondsnativeWorkshopLightboxTerminalSubMenuSetCycleTime
791Setting color cycling to: OffnativeWorkshopLightboxTerminalSubMenuSetCycleType
792Setting cycle count to: 9nativeWorkshopPowerCounterTerminal
793Setting pitch to C5.nativeWorkshopSpeakerTerminal
794Setting octave to 9.nativeWorkshopSpeakerTerminalSubMenuSetOctave
795Connected spotlights now set to target hostiles.nativeWorkshopSpotlightTerminal
796Turning on all connected switches.nativeWorkshopSwitchTerminal
797Set OFF timenativeWorkshopTimerSwitchTerminal
798Setting time to: 10 secondsnativeWorkshopTimerSwitchTerminalSubMenuSetInterval
799Connected optical sensors now set to trigger on hostiles only.nativeWorkshopTripwireTerminalSubMenuTarget
800Bridge Load MeasurementsNewRiverGorgeBridge_Terminal
801National Radio Astronomy Research CenterNRARC_DeskTerminal
803National Radio Astronomy Research CenterNRARC_WallTerminal
804Products: Testing StageNukaColaPlantProductDevelopment_TerminalDesk
805Welcome and Sign inNukaColaPlantSignin_TerminalDesk
806Facilities ManagementNukaColaPlant_TerminalWall
807[Surveillance System Terminal]Nuke_Codes_EN07CodeHuntAliasTerminal
808Decrypting Access Code... ...done. Authenticating... ...done. Accessing Vault Door Control Interlink... ...done. Opening Vault Door...OLD_V96_Access_TerminalVaultDoorSubterminal_OLD
809Eta Psi House - Judy LowellP01A_Nukashine_JudysTerminal_Journal
810Pi House - Ted DorfmanP01A_Nukashine_TedsTerminal_Messages
811Are you even reading these messages, Ted? I know you're not, yet here I am, still typing them up for you. So you know, I also typed up a recommendation for Charlie in your name. I joined Pi Kappa Mu because I wanted to make the most of my college years, and you guys know how to live it up if nothing else. After blacking out four nights in a row, I realized that's ALL you know how to do. I'm no saint, but I care about the Pi Mus. I can't tell if you don't because you're a jerk, or because you're just too dumb. So I'm leaving. I want to stop being selfish and try to do something good for the world. My Humanities grade seems a good place to start. Enjoy your party. See you never, DaleyP01A_Nukashine_TedsTerminal_Messages
812Recent Users: (Calvin van Lowe) // (unknown)P01B_Lying_02_RobotWorkshopTerminal
813Recent Users: // // <$NewUser>P01B_Lying_02_RobotWorkshop_Reprogramming
814Recent Users: // // <$NewUser>P01B_Lying_02_RobotWorkshop_Reprogramming_2
816Recent Users: (Calvin van Lowe) // (unknown)P01B_Lying_02_RobotWorkshop_StatusReports
818Recent Users: // // <$NewUser>P01B_Lying_02_RobotWorkshop_StatusReports_Wolf
820-== For Employee Use Only. ==-P01B_Lying_OfficeTerminal
821Research Project, 2077P01B_Lying_OfficeTerminal_Private
824-== For Employee Use Only. ==-P01B_Lying_StoreTerminal
826Now displaying: archive of holotape reciepts for incoming/outgoing orders in 2076 and 2077P01B_Lying_StoreTerminal_Orders
827For employee use only.P01B_Lying_StoreTerminal_Shipments
828Got back from Winston's vet appointment today. The diagnosis is on the end table. I just can't accept it. Winston's been my best bud since Mary passed. If they don't have a cure, then I'll make one myself! I've got a VTU chemistry degree - heck - my farm's successful because I know the science of it all! I'm gonna do all I can to help him.P01B_Mini_Albino01_SubTerminal
829"Always seek the truth." -JHPP01B_Mini_Random01_RayTerminal
830seeing more and more visitors. feeling weaker and weaker too. i should crack open that last bottle and call it a night. i love you lauraP01B_Mini_Random01_RayTerminal
831"Always Seek the Truth"P01B_Mini_Random01_ScootsTerminal
832"Always Seek the Truth"P01B_Mini_Random01_ScootsTerminal_Docs
833"Always Seek the Truth"P01B_Mini_Random01_ScootsTerminal_Ghosts
834"Always Seek the Truth"P01B_Mini_Random01_ScootsTerminal_Private
835"Always Seek the Truth"P01B_Mini_Random01_ScootsTerminal_PW1
836"Always Seek the Truth"P01B_Mini_Random01_ScootsTerminal_PW2_Correct
837"Always Seek the Truth"P01B_Mini_Random01_ScootsTerminal_PW2_Wrong
838"Always Seek the Truth"P01B_Mini_Random01_ScootsTerminal_PW3_Correct
839"Always Seek the Truth"P01B_Mini_Random01_ScootsTerminal_PW3_Wrong
840"Always Seek the Truth"P01B_Mini_Random01_ScootsTerminal_PW4_Correct
841"Always Seek the Truth"P01B_Mini_Random01_ScootsTerminal_PW4_Wrong
842"Always Seek the Truth"P01B_Mini_Random01_ScootsTerminal_PW5_Correct
843"Always Seek the Truth"P01B_Mini_Random01_ScootsTerminal_PW5_Wrong
844"Always Seek the Truth"P01B_Mini_Random01_ScootsTerminal_Sheepsquatch
845Monongah Police Department IncidentsP01B_Mini_Random02_PoliceTerminal
847| TYPE: //TRANSMISSION:to:[HQ-RELAY-BRAVO]// | STATUS: //NORMAL// |________________________________ Downloading dead drop coordinates...P01B_Mini_Robot01_SalsGrindersTerminal_Wolf03
848Bryce keep out!P01B_Wolf_AllanLogs
849Keep out, Bryce!P01B_Wolf_EstateTerminal
850=== PIONEER SCOUT EXAMS ===P01C_BadgeTerminal
851... accessing ...P01C_BadgeTerminal
852... calculating ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Archaeologist_NextQ
853... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Archaeologist_Q00
854... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Archaeologist_Q01
855... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Archaeologist_Q02
856... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Archaeologist_Q03
857... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Archaeologist_Q04
858... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Archaeologist_Q05
859... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Archaeologist_Q06
860... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Archaeologist_Q07
861... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Archaeologist_Q08
862... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Archaeologist_Q09
863... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Archaeologist_Q10
864... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Archaeologist_Q11
865... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Archaeologist_Q12
866... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Archaeologist_Q13
867... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Archaeologist_Q14
868... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Archaeologist_Q15
869... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Archaeologist_Q16
870... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Archaeologist_Q17
871... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Archaeologist_Q18
872... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Archaeologist_Q19
874... calculating ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Archer_NextQ
875... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Archer_Q00
876... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Archer_Q01
877... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Archer_Q02
878... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Archer_Q03
879... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Archer_Q04
880... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Archer_Q05
881... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Archer_Q07
882... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Archer_Q08
883... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Archer_Q09
884... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Archer_Q10
885... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Archer_Q11
886... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Archer_Q12
887... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Archer_Q13
888... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Archer_Q14
889... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Archer_Q15
890... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Archer_Q16
891... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Archer_Q17
892... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Archer_Q18
893... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Archer_Q19
895... calculating ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Athlete_NextQ
896... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Athlete_Q00
897... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Athlete_Q01
898... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Athlete_Q02
899... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Athlete_Q03
900... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Athlete_Q04
901... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Athlete_Q05
902... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Athlete_Q06
903... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Athlete_Q07
904... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Athlete_Q08
905... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Athlete_Q09
906... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Athlete_Q10
907... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Athlete_Q11
908... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Athlete_Q12
909... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Athlete_Q13
910... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Athlete_Q14
911... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Athlete_Q15
912... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Athlete_Q16
913... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Athlete_Q17
914... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Athlete_Q18
915... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Athlete_Q19
917... calculating ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Atomics_NextQ
918... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Atomics_Q00
919... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Atomics_Q01
920... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Atomics_Q02
921... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Atomics_Q03
922... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Atomics_Q04
923... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Atomics_Q05
924... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Atomics_Q06
925... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Atomics_Q07
926... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Atomics_Q08
927... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Atomics_Q09
928... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Atomics_Q10
929... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Atomics_Q11
930... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Atomics_Q12
931... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Atomics_Q13
932... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Atomics_Q14
933... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Atomics_Q15
934... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Atomics_Q16
935... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Atomics_Q17
936... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Atomics_Q18
937... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Atomics_Q19
939... calculating ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Backpacker_NextQ
940... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Backpacker_Q00
941... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Backpacker_Q01
942... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Backpacker_Q02
943... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Backpacker_Q03
944... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Backpacker_Q04
945... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Backpacker_Q05
946... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Backpacker_Q06
947... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Backpacker_Q07
948... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Backpacker_Q08
949... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Backpacker_Q09
950... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Backpacker_Q10
951... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Backpacker_Q11
952... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Backpacker_Q12
953... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Backpacker_Q13
954... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Backpacker_Q14
955... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Backpacker_Q15
956... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Backpacker_Q16
957... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Backpacker_Q17
958... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Backpacker_Q18
959... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Backpacker_Q19
961... calculating ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Chemist_NextQ
962... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Chemist_Q00
963... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Chemist_Q01
964... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Chemist_Q02
965... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Chemist_Q03
966... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Chemist_Q04
967... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Chemist_Q05
968... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Chemist_Q06
969... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Chemist_Q07
970... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Chemist_Q08
971... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Chemist_Q10
972... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Chemist_Q11
973... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Chemist_Q12
974... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Chemist_Q13
975... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Chemist_Q14
976... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Chemist_Q15
977... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Chemist_Q16
978... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Chemist_Q17
979... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Chemist_Q18
980... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Chemist_Q19
982... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Codebreaker_Q00
983... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Codebreaker_Q01
984... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Codebreaker_Q02
985... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Codebreaker_Q03
986... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Codebreaker_Q04
987... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Codebreaker_Q05
988... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Codebreaker_Q06
989... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Codebreaker_Q07
990... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Codebreaker_Q08
991... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Codebreaker_Q09
992... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Codebreaker_Q10
993... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Codebreaker_Q11
994... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Codebreaker_Q12
995... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Codebreaker_Q13
996... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Codebreaker_Q14
997... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Codebreaker_Q15
998... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Codebreaker_Q16
999... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Codebreaker_Q17
1000... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Codebreaker_Q18
1001... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Codebreaker_Q19
1003... calculating ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Collector_NextQ
1004... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Collector_Q00
1005... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Collector_Q01
1006... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Collector_Q02
1007... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Collector_Q03
1008... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Collector_Q04
1009... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Collector_Q05
1010... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Collector_Q06
1011... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Collector_Q07
1012... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Collector_Q08
1013... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Collector_Q09
1014... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Collector_Q10
1015... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Collector_Q11
1016... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Collector_Q12
1017... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Collector_Q13
1018... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Collector_Q14
1019... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Collector_Q15
1020... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Collector_Q16
1021... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Collector_Q17
1022... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Collector_Q18
1023... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Collector_Q19
1025... calculating ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Cook_NextQ
1026... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Cook_Q00
1027... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Cook_Q01
1028... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Cook_Q02
1029... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Cook_Q03
1030... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Cook_Q04
1031... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Cook_Q05
1032... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Cook_Q06
1033... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Cook_Q07
1034... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Cook_Q08
1035... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Cook_Q09
1036... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Cook_Q10
1037... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Cook_Q11
1038... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Cook_Q12
1039... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Cook_Q13
1040... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Cook_Q14
1041... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Cook_Q15
1042... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Cook_Q16
1043... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Cook_Q17
1044... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Cook_Q18
1045... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Cook_Q19
1047... calculating ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Electrician_NextQ
1048... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Electrician_Q00
1049... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Electrician_Q01
1050... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Electrician_Q02
1051... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Electrician_Q03
1052... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Electrician_Q04
1053... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Electrician_Q05
1054... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Electrician_Q06
1055... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Electrician_Q07
1056... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Electrician_Q08
1057... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Electrician_Q09
1058... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Electrician_Q10
1059... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Electrician_Q11
1060... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Electrician_Q12
1061... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Electrician_Q13
1062... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Electrician_Q14
1063... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Electrician_Q15
1064... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Electrician_Q16
1065... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Electrician_Q17
1066... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Electrician_Q18
1067... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Electrician_Q19
1069... calculating ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Entomologist_NextQ
1070... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Entomologist_Q00
1071... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Entomologist_Q01
1072... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Entomologist_Q02
1073... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Entomologist_Q03
1074... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Entomologist_Q04
1075... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Entomologist_Q05
1076... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Entomologist_Q06
1077... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Entomologist_Q07
1078... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Entomologist_Q08
1079... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Entomologist_Q09
1080... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Entomologist_Q10
1081... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Entomologist_Q11
1082... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Entomologist_Q12
1083... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Entomologist_Q13
1084... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Entomologist_Q14
1085... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Entomologist_Q15
1086... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Entomologist_Q16
1087... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Entomologist_Q17
1088... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Entomologist_Q18
1089... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Entomologist_Q19
1091... calculating ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Gardener_NextQ
1092... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Gardener_Q00
1093... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Gardener_Q01
1094... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Gardener_Q02
1095... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Gardener_Q03
1096... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Gardener_Q04
1097... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Gardener_Q05
1098... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Gardener_Q06
1099... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Gardener_Q07
1100... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Gardener_Q08
1101... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Gardener_Q09
1102... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Gardener_Q10
1103... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Gardener_Q11
1104... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Gardener_Q12
1105... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Gardener_Q13
1106... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Gardener_Q14
1107... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Gardener_Q15
1108... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Gardener_Q16
1109... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Gardener_Q17
1110... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Gardener_Q18
1111... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Gardener_Q19
1113... calculating ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Herpetologist_NextQ
1114... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Herpetologist_Q00
1115... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Herpetologist_Q01
1116... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Herpetologist_Q02
1117... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Herpetologist_Q03
1118... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Herpetologist_Q04
1119... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Herpetologist_Q05
1120... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Herpetologist_Q06
1121... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Herpetologist_Q07
1122... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Herpetologist_Q08
1123... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Herpetologist_Q09
1124... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Herpetologist_Q10
1125... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Herpetologist_Q11
1126... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Herpetologist_Q12
1127... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Herpetologist_Q13
1128... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Herpetologist_Q14
1129... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Herpetologist_Q15
1130... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Herpetologist_Q16
1131... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Herpetologist_Q17
1132... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Herpetologist_Q18
1133... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Herpetologist_Q19
1135... calculating ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Hunter_NextQ
1136... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Hunter_Q00
1137... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Hunter_Q01
1138... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Hunter_Q02
1139... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Hunter_Q03
1140... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Hunter_Q04
1141... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Hunter_Q05
1142... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Hunter_Q06
1143... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Hunter_Q07
1144... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Hunter_Q08
1145... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Hunter_Q09
1146... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Hunter_Q10
1147... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Hunter_Q11
1148... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Hunter_Q12
1149... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Hunter_Q13
1150... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Hunter_Q14
1151... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Hunter_Q15
1152... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Hunter_Q16
1153... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Hunter_Q17
1154... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Hunter_Q18
1155... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Hunter_Q19
1157... calculating ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Leatherworker_NextQ
1158... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Leatherworker_Q00
1159... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Leatherworker_Q01
1160... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Leatherworker_Q02
1161... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Leatherworker_Q03
1162... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Leatherworker_Q04
1163... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Leatherworker_Q05
1164... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Leatherworker_Q06
1165... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Leatherworker_Q07
1166... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Leatherworker_Q08
1167... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Leatherworker_Q09
1168... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Leatherworker_Q10
1169... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Leatherworker_Q11
1170... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Leatherworker_Q12
1171... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Leatherworker_Q13
1172... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Leatherworker_Q14
1173... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Leatherworker_Q15
1174... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Leatherworker_Q16
1175... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Leatherworker_Q17
1176... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Leatherworker_Q18
1177... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Leatherworker_Q19
1179... calculating ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Mammalogist_NextQ
1180... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Mammalogist_Q00
1181... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Mammalogist_Q01
1182... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Mammalogist_Q02
1183... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Mammalogist_Q03
1184... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Mammalogist_Q04
1185... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Mammalogist_Q05
1186... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Mammalogist_Q06
1187... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Mammalogist_Q07
1188... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Mammalogist_Q08
1189... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Mammalogist_Q09
1190... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Mammalogist_Q10
1191... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Mammalogist_Q11
1192... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Mammalogist_Q12
1193... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Mammalogist_Q13
1194... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Mammalogist_Q14
1195... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Mammalogist_Q15
1196... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Mammalogist_Q16
1197... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Mammalogist_Q17
1198... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Mammalogist_Q18
1199... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Mammalogist_Q19
1201... calculating ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Medic_NextQ
1202... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Medic_Q00
1203... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Medic_Q01
1204... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Medic_Q02
1205... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Medic_Q03
1206... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Medic_Q04
1207... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Medic_Q05
1208... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Medic_Q06
1209... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Medic_Q07
1210... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Medic_Q08
1211... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Medic_Q09
1212... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Medic_Q10
1213... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Medic_Q11
1214... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Medic_Q12
1215... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Medic_Q13
1216... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Medic_Q14
1217... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Medic_Q15
1218... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Medic_Q16
1219... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Medic_Q17
1220... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Medic_Q18
1221... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Medic_Q19
1223... calculating ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Metalworker_NextQ
1224... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Metalworker_Q00
1225... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Metalworker_Q01
1226... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Metalworker_Q02
1227... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Metalworker_Q03
1228... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Metalworker_Q04
1229... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Metalworker_Q05
1230... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Metalworker_Q06
1231... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Metalworker_Q07
1232... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Metalworker_Q08
1233... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Metalworker_Q09
1234... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Metalworker_Q10
1235... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Metalworker_Q11
1236... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Metalworker_Q12
1237... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Metalworker_Q13
1238... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Metalworker_Q14
1239... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Metalworker_Q15
1240... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Metalworker_Q16
1241... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Metalworker_Q17
1242... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Metalworker_Q18
1243... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Metalworker_Q19
1245... calculating ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Miner_NextQ
1246... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Miner_Q00
1247... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Miner_Q01
1248... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Miner_Q02
1249... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Miner_Q03
1250... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Miner_Q04
1251... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Miner_Q05
1252... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Miner_Q06
1253... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Miner_Q07
1254... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Miner_Q08
1255... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Miner_Q09
1256... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Miner_Q10
1257... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Miner_Q11
1258... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Miner_Q12
1259... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Miner_Q13
1260... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Miner_Q14
1261... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Miner_Q15
1262... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Miner_Q16
1263... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Miner_Q17
1264... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Miner_Q18
1265... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Miner_Q19
1267... calculating ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Musician_NextQ
1268... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Musician_Q00
1269... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Musician_Q01
1270... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Musician_Q02
1271... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Musician_Q03
1272... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Musician_Q04
1273... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Musician_Q05
1274... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Musician_Q06
1275... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Musician_Q07
1276... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Musician_Q08
1277... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Musician_Q09
1278... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Musician_Q10
1279... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Musician_Q11
1280... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Musician_Q12
1281... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Musician_Q13
1282... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Musician_Q14
1283... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Musician_Q15
1284... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Musician_Q16
1285... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Musician_Q17
1286... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Musician_Q18
1287... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Musician_Q19
1289... calculating ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Photographer_NextQ
1290... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Photographer_Q00
1291... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Photographer_Q01
1292... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Photographer_Q02
1293... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Photographer_Q03
1294... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Photographer_Q04
1295... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Photographer_Q05
1296... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Photographer_Q06
1297... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Photographer_Q07
1298... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Photographer_Q08
1299... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Photographer_Q09
1300... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Photographer_Q10
1301... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Photographer_Q11
1302... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Photographer_Q12
1303... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Photographer_Q14
1304... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Photographer_Q15
1305... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Photographer_Q16
1306... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Photographer_Q17
1307... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Photographer_Q18
1308... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Photographer_Q19
1310... calculating ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_RailEnthusiast_NextQ
1311... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_RailEnthusiast_Q00
1312... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_RailEnthusiast_Q01
1313... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_RailEnthusiast_Q02
1314... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_RailEnthusiast_Q03
1315... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_RailEnthusiast_Q04
1316... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_RailEnthusiast_Q05
1317... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_RailEnthusiast_Q06
1318... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_RailEnthusiast_Q07
1319... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_RailEnthusiast_Q08
1320... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_RailEnthusiast_Q09
1321... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_RailEnthusiast_Q10
1322... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_RailEnthusiast_Q11
1323... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_RailEnthusiast_Q12
1324... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_RailEnthusiast_Q13
1325... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_RailEnthusiast_Q14
1326... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_RailEnthusiast_Q15
1327... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_RailEnthusiast_Q16
1328... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_RailEnthusiast_Q17
1329... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_RailEnthusiast_Q18
1330... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_RailEnthusiast_Q19
1332... exiting ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Results
1333... calculating ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Roboticist_NextQ
1334... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Roboticist_Q00
1335... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Roboticist_Q01
1336... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Roboticist_Q02
1337... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Roboticist_Q03
1338... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Roboticist_Q04
1339... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Roboticist_Q05
1340... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Roboticist_Q06
1341... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Roboticist_Q07
1342... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Roboticist_Q08
1343... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Roboticist_Q09
1344... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Roboticist_Q10
1345... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Roboticist_Q11
1346... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Roboticist_Q12
1347... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Roboticist_Q13
1348... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Roboticist_Q14
1349... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Roboticist_Q15
1350... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Roboticist_Q16
1351... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Roboticist_Q17
1352... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Roboticist_Q18
1353... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Roboticist_Q19
1355... calculating ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Swimmer_NextQ
1356... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Swimmer_Q00
1357... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Swimmer_Q01
1358... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Swimmer_Q02
1359... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Swimmer_Q03
1360... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Swimmer_Q04
1361... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Swimmer_Q05
1362... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Swimmer_Q06
1363... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Swimmer_Q07
1364... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Swimmer_Q08
1365... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Swimmer_Q09
1366... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Swimmer_Q10
1367... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Swimmer_Q11
1368... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Swimmer_Q12
1369... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Swimmer_Q13
1370... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Swimmer_Q14
1371... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Swimmer_Q15
1372... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Swimmer_Q16
1373... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Swimmer_Q17
1374... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Swimmer_Q18
1375... answer recorded ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Swimmer_Q19
1377... accessing ...P01C_BadgeTerminal_Tadpole
1378...Injection 100% ...Query Sent [WARNING!] ...Combat Inhibition: 0%perkRoboticsExpertInterface
1379Stay vigilant. Find the truth.POI079_SubTerminalWilson_Investigations
1380Stay vigilant. Find the truth.POI079_TerminalWilson
1381RED LINEPOI086_GraftonTrainStationTerminal
1382RED LINEPOI087_MorgantownTrainStationTerminal
1383RED LINEPOI088_SuttonTrainStationTerminal
1384RED LINEPOI089_CharlestonTrainStationTerminal
1385RED LINEPOI090_WelchTrainStationTerminal
1386RED LINEPOI091_LewisburgTrainStationTerminal
1387RED LINEPOI092_WatogaTrainStationTerminal
1388BLUE LINEPOI093_SunnytopTrainStationTerminal
1389BLUE LINEPOI094_PleasantValleyTrainStationTerminal
1390BLUE LINEPOI095_TheWhitespringTrainStationTerminal
1391:: ERROR :::: ERROR :::: ERROR :: :: ERROR :::: ERROR :::: ERROR :: :: ERROR :::: ERROR :::: ERROR :: :: ERROR :::: ERROR :::: ERROR :: :::: $TRACK_SENSOR INVALID :::: :::: $TRACK_SENSOR INVALID :::: :::: $TRACK_SENSOR INVALID :::: Calculating estimated wait times... Next available train will arrive in ...... ...... 9999 [YEARS] ...... 9999 [DAYS] Thank you! Have a nice day!POI095_TheWhitespringTrainStationTerminal
1392BLUE LINEPOI096_R>rainStationTerminal
1393KMAX Talk Radio Show NotesPOI279_KMAX_TerminalDesk
1394--}---- Welcome to PoseidoNet ----{--PowerPlant_TerminalMonongah
1395--}---- Welcome to PoseidoNet ----{--PowerPlant_TerminalPoseidon
1396--}---- Welcome to PoseidoNet ----{--PowerPlant_TerminalThunderMt
1397Verifying Subsystem Integrity... ...done. Accessing Reactor Control Interlink... ...done. Calibrating Reactor Control Rods... ...done. Rebalancing Generator and Cooling Systems... ...done. Restart complete. All systems nominal. is now operating at full capacity.PowerPlant_TerminalThunderMt
1398Welcome, Red Rocket Employee!RedRocketTerminal
1399Maintenance Personnel TerminalRelayTower01_Terminal
1400Maintenance Personnel TerminalRelayTower05_Terminal
1401Greetings Responder!RE_SceneTS06_Terminal
1402No Protectrons found...RE_SceneTS06_Terminal
1403We got them all set to join the convoy once the Army sends it around. General Atomics finally sent over their comm protocols, so they'll all be able to work together across the different models. You ask me, we shouldn't be trying to do this plus Watoga in the same facility. Civilian projects and military projects just don't mix well when they're sharing the same space. I know they're all robotics engineers, but the missions couldn't be more different. Military project people screw up, soldiers die. Civilian project people screw up, rich customers complain. Those two concerns are worlds apart.RobCoResearch_Engineer_CB_LoreTerminal
1404We know you're happy at RobCo, and while we wouldn't dream of poaching from a partner, we really think General Atomics International is a better fit for your talents. We'd like you to consider what we have to offer. No obligation.RobCoResearch_HR_CB_LoreTerminal
1405Financed by Atomic Mining Services, the Watoga project aims to create a "city of the future" right here in Appalachia. All the civil services and municipal management needs will be handled by a variety of RobCo and General Atomics International robot models, from the RobCo Protectron to the General Atomics Mister Handy.RobCoResearch_Reception_CB_LoreTerminal
1406-- Dispense Rations --RS01_Contact_TerminalMain
1407ABERNATHY, JERRY P Role: Guard/Escort Assignment: Protect supply trains between Responder HQ and local farms CASTLE, DEREK J Role: Guard/Escort Assignment: Rapid response team CHANG, VERONICA D Role: Field Medic Assignment: Rapid response team JONES, DARION T Role: Ammunition maker Assignment: Foraging, Black Mountain Ordnance Works MCKEE, CHELSEA R Role: Mechanic Assignment: Forest Watch project, robot maintenance, Responder HQ O'DELL, FELIX H Role: Emergency response trainer Assignment: Recruit training, Responder HQ STRAUSS, DAVID P Role: Computer technician Assignment: Terminal maintenance and re-programming, Responder HQ THOMPKINS, LILLIAN Role: Provisioner Assignment: Food and water resource management, Responder HQ TRAYJOR, KEVIN J Role: Field Medic Assignment: Rapid response team ZELNACK, RYAN T Role: Chems expert Assignment: Chems production, Responder HQRS01_Contact_TerminalSubPersonnel
1408Responders Stash Room M-1 Door Status Interface STATUS: UnlockedRS02_Beat_DoorTerminalM1
1409Responders Stash Room M-2 Door Status Interface STATUS: UnlockedRS02_Beat_DoorTerminalM2
1410I rigged up a transmitter to broadcast an automated radio message when the pod Steelheart's done recharging, so at least we'll know when to turn him loose. It's the best I can do until I can get his power unit fixed. That could be a while. Anyway, I think that brings this little project to an end. This whole experience got me thinking... at the rate we're losing people to the Raiders, the Scorched and whatever else, we might need to lean more on these robots for support. In fact, I think I'll start planning a new projcet. Maybe something using the eyebots as an early warning system. The forest's a pretty big place and we could use some help watching it.RS02_Beat_Terminal_Sub1
1411Comment: --------------------------------- Transcript from the Volunteer Bot's records: "It seems like the Responders should have communicated with this Outpost by now. Cullen is now a Volunteer Responder and he found some resources using the database. He found info in the database that showed us where the Responders are now. We're going to go find them now.."RSVP00_Terminal_Database_Sub_Checkin
1412... guest access accepted. Printing.RSVP00_Terminal_Database_Sub_Guest
1414Print NewsletterRSVP00_Terminal_Database_Sub_REUSE
1416-=- Property of Delbert Winters -=-RSVP00_Terminal_Delbert_Main
1417-=- Flatwoods Automated Pantry -=-RSVP00_Terminal_Delbert_Sub_Cookbook
1418Delbert's Tato Salad Surprise - Chop up some tatos into cubes - Melt sugars in a husky water to get a brown molasses - Mix up and top with a handful of thistle Heat up til it's soft and hearty. Enough spit to give a kick in the patooter, and not a drop of booze!RSVP00_Terminal_Delbert_Sub_Cookbook
1419Most Popular Potlucks #1 Ribeye Steak #2 Ribeye Steak #3 Ribeye Steak #4 Ribeye Steak #5 Ribeye Steak #6 Ribeye Steak #7 Ribeye Steak #8 Ribeye Steak #9 Ribeye Steak #10 Ribeye SteakRSVP00_Terminal_Delbert_Sub_Potluck
1420. o 0 DIAGNOSTIC LAB 0 o .RSVP00_Terminal_Diagnostic_Main
1421---- Sample ---- Status ---- 05.15.92 (River) Contaminated (Fatal) 07.11.92 (Well) Contaminated (Fatal) 10.21.92 (River) Contaminated (Fatal) 12.22.92 (Well) Contaminated (Extreme) 03.15.93 (River) Contaminated (Extreme) 08.23.93 (Well) Contaminated (Extreme) 04.08.94 (River) Contaminated (Extreme) 10.01.94 (River) Contaminated (Extreme) 05.25.95 (Well) Contaminated (Severe) 12.25.95 (River) Contaminated (Severe) 01.01.96 (River) Contaminated (Serious) 03.01.96 (Well) Contaminated (Serious)RSVP00_Terminal_Diagnostic_Main
1422All Volunteers who finish training will receive: - A sense of pride and accomplishment! - An Official Volunteer Certificate! - Your own Official Volunteer ID, which gives you a discount at Responder Vendors and access to weekly rations from the Self-Serve Kiosk. - Access to the Responders Communications NetworkRSVP00_Terminal_Kiosk_Sub_Join
1423All Volunteers who finish training will receive: - A sense of pride and accomplishment! - An Official Volunteer Certificate! - Your own Official Volunteer ID, which gives you a discount at Responder Vendors and access to weekly rations from the Self-Serve Kiosk. - Access to the Responders Communications NetworkRSVP00_Terminal_Kiosk_Sub_Register
1424* * * Responders' Survivor=== * * * Volunteer Program====== ============================= Sending data to Responder Kesha's terminal for additional analysis ... done. Updating volunteer status with the Responder Database ... done. You must complete [1] more experiment for the Responders to become a full Volunteer. Transferring course to your external hardware ... done. Report to Responder Delbert Winters for further instructions.RSVP00_Terminal_Kiosk_Sub_StartRSVP02
1425... accessing.RSVP00_Terminal_Kiosk_Sub_TrainingCourses
1426Experimental Pantry Prototype v0.1.02RSVP00_Terminal_Kitchen_Bugs
1427Experimental Pantry Prototype v0.1.02RSVP00_Terminal_Kitchen_Main
1428Experimental Pantry Prototype v0.1.02RSVP00_Terminal_Kitchen_Main_Pantry
1429... Responder Volunteer ID accepted. !! ERROR !! This copy of the database has been wiped on orders of Dassa Ben-Ami. Report to Morgantown Airport to access the central Database.RSVP00_Terminal_Main_Database
1430::. Live free or die free! .::RSVP00_Terminal_Miguel_Main
1431... registering.RSVP00_Terminal_Sub_Kiosk_Certifications
1432EXPERIMENT: Food Safety Volunteer McLemore needs an assistant to help finish the final analysis of the impact of nukes on plant and animal food sources. Instructions are located on his desk.RSVP00_Terminal_Sub_Kiosk_GetQuest_Food
1434+ Delbert's Cooking Lessons + My favorite recipes have been placed around town so everybody has equal access to them no matter where they're hunkering down right now. I need a Volunteer to collect these hand-written documents and transfer them to the main Kitchen terminal. (Free labor, right?) Then, Volunteers will taught how to cook a simple dish for the potluck!RSVP00_Terminal_UNUSED3
1435Proper Food SanitationRSVP01_Terminal_Kiosk_Sub_Course_WaterSafety
1436Data Analysis TerminalRSVP01_Terminal_Sub_Science_Water
1437Data Analysis TerminalRSVP01_Terminal_Sub_Science_Water_Analysis
1438Accept AssignmentRSVP02_Terminal_Kiosk_Sub_FoodQuest
1439Flatwoods PantryRSVP02_Terminal_Pantry_Sub_REUSE2
1441... transferring.RSVP02_Terminal_Sub_Kiosk_Experiment
1442FOOD SAFETY: Testing our Wildlife Volunteers are asked to sample and analyze the following: 1. A raw meat sample from local cows. 2. A meat sample from the Tavern Pantry. 3. Some "Control Food" from Delbert's Trailer. Remember: The Metabolizer needs only a small sample. The rest of the food is yours.RSVP02_Terminal_Sub_Kiosk_FoodSafety_Register
1443{DETAILED ANALYSIS} UNAVAILABLERSVP02_Terminal_Sub_Science_RawSamples
1444codebase mod progRSVP03_Terminal_Holotape_OverrideProgram
1445Miguel Caldera's JournalRSVP03_Terminal_Sub_Miguel_Journals
1446Property of Responder Miguel CalderaRSVP03_Terminal_Sub_Miguel_Research_Bugs
1447::. Live free or die free! .::RSVP03_Terminal_UNUSED
1448PROPERTY OF THE RESPONDERSRSVP04_Terminal_Main_ControlTower
1450Last stocked by: Volunteer Lucas de Blaison Comment: There was a rotten pie in the safe. I removed it. I'm not going to say I'm mad, I'm just disappointed. We have coolers for food, okay?RSVP04_Terminal_Main_Safe_Alpha
1451Welcome, Scout!SFG01_Terminal
1452Harpers Ferry: East GateSFL02_Track_EastGateTerminal
1453Harpers Ferry: Eastern LookoutSFL02_Track_ForumSubTerminal
1454Delia Webb posted: Hey, ya'll. My radio has gone bust and I was hoping someone here could either fix or replace her. It wouldn't just be for me, but it's my gramp's only real form of entertainment these days on account of him being blind. I don't have much for trade. Maybe a couple packs of gum drops or a working light bulb or two. >Abigayle Singh replied: >Delia, I can fix that for you, no problem. How's >about I pick it up around lunchtime tomorrow? >And don't worry about payments. I can't imagine >it'll take much to bring her back. >Delia Webb replied: > Thanks, Abbie! I'll have her all ready for you!SFL02_Track_ForumSubTerminal
1455Property of Knight MorenoSFL02_Track_MiscGraftonDamTerminal
1456Harpers Ferry: Eastern LookoutSFL02_Track_MissingPersonsSubTerminal
1457Harpers Ferry: North GateSFL02_Track_NorthGateTerminal
1458Harpers Ferry: South GateSFL02_Track_SouthGateTerminal
1459Survival Training Center: Landing PadSFL02_Track_VertibotTerminal
1460Authorized Personnel OnlySFM01_Glow_CrevasseDamSubTerminal
1461Authorized Personnel OnlySFM01_Glow_CrevasseDamTerminal
1462Authorized Personnel OnlySFM01_Glow_DyerChemHintTerminal
1463Property of Dyer ChemicalSFM01_Glow_DyerChemTerminal
1464Mixing Vat BSFM04_Organic_DyerChemTerminal
1465Retrieving files... Installing files... Installation complete. Congratulations! You now have the ability to track down highly irradiated Deathclaw excrement which Ella so lovingly calls "bone meal." For an exciting time, tune into your friendly "Radiation Signature Tracker" station. Good luck and happy hunting! - AbbieSFM04_Organic_EllaHolotapeSubTerminal
1466Do no harm, but take no shit.SFM04_Organic_EllaTerminal
1467I'm debating if I should go into bunker development during these camps. I suppose it wouldn't hurt to show what the space would be like. I could take them to mine, but I'm not about to give up the location. I've heard some of the Free Staters have had their share of problems with locals trying to sabotage their efforts. Knowing my luck, they bother me, I put a few fellas in the hospital, and no one wants that.SFM04_Organic_MiscSTCNotesSubTerminal
1468Survival application week - Obstacle course competition - Survival trialSFM04_Organic_MiscSTCScheduleSubTerminal
1469Personal NotesSFM04_Organic_MiscSTCSubTerminal
1471To: Richard Burch From: Michelle Ginsby Subject: Recruitment Look, Dick, I know you think it's funny throwing these BS degree kids my way, but I'm sick of it. The best candidate we've had in months was Ella Ames, who as I'm sure you remember, rejected us, no thanks to you and your half ass outreach. I'm giving you one last chance to prove you're good at your job. Her father will be lucky if he sees the end of the month. Once he's gone, you need to be there to point her in the right direction. You've got her address, but from what I'm hearing, she's also joined up with those Free States fanatics. If she's not at home, she's got a bunker somewhere, so find that location. We need her. Once she's here, then we can talk promotion. - MichelleSFM04_Organic_MiscWTSubTerminal
1472New recipes aren't the worst. Muttberry's actually still pretty damn good. It's just the Tater Shine that makes you want to spit it out faster than you can drink it down. Hell, it serves a purpose. Only issue now is we're running low on ammo, and this is man vs nature on a whole new level. I'm not sure how many batches we got left in us, but I'm guessing we can trade it up for some nice supplies at Harpers. I can get Brianna to put it up on the forum that old man Hayes threw together.SFS01_Brew_Terminal
1473Well Jesus dared me, so I did it. Moonshine out of potatoes. Doesn't have the kick to it that the Sunday Shine does, but it keeps you warm! Ingredients - Potatoes* - Sugar* - Water - Yeast Doomsday Edit: Tatos and honey instead of potatoes and sugar. Barely palatable, but does the trick.SFS01_Brew_TerminalSub
1474Betsy Spinelli's Personal FilesSFS02_Play_MiscRobCoHolotapeTerminal
1475==== Arktos Pharma Biome Lab - Confidential ====SFS09_Habitat_EngineeringTerminal
1476====================================================== ARKTOS ENGINEERING = ===================================================== Retrieved CodeSFS09_Habitat_EngineeringTerminal
1477==== Arktos Pharma Biome Lab - Confidential ====SFS09_Habitat_MainframeTerminal
1478==== Arktos Pharma Biome Lab - Confidential ====SFS09_Habitat_MainframeTerminal_ProjectParadise
1479===================================================== = Dr. Jude Mayes = = Log: APBL-PD-001T = ===================================================== Could we get an engineer to look at this computer ASAP? The damn thing keeps claiming that the current results are "good enough", citing my lack of hours on the project as an example of proper lab methodology. Ridiculous. I brought this thing in at the end of White Mouse to make future projects more efficient, not so I could spend time elsewhere. Those time logs need to be corrected, too, please.SFS09_Habitat_MainframeTerminal_ProjectParadise
1480Sightings [0] Descriptive Traits - Humanoid. Gaunt, emaciated. Evidence Log - Found several desiccated bodies of animals near site Delta. Bones showed evidence of sharp teeth marks, and bodies were left in a way that suggested this was not an animal predator. Too many remains left in plain site scattered bodies suggest something fast grabbed them and brought them there to feed.SFZ03_Queen_CryptidsSubTerminal
1481Authorized User: Shelby O'RourkeSFZ03_Queen_ShelbyTerminal
1482Maintenance TerminalSFZ04_Waste_MaintenanceTerminal
1483Maintenance TerminalSFZ04_Waste_QuestAlertTerminal
1484Please Verify Your CredentialsSugarGroveTerminalWall_Entrance
1485EYES ONLYSugarGrove_BlacksiteTerminalDesk_01
1486Secure Data Collection AreaSugarGrove_SecurityDoorTerminal
1488Agent R0918SugarGrove_TerminalDesk_01
1489Fort SomethingSurvivalTrainingCenter_TerminalWall
1490Prepare for the Now!SURV_Tutorial_Term_SurvivalGuide
1492Please do not operate unless you have undergone apporpriate training.TestBryanDupeBug
1493Bryan's TerminalTestBryanTurretTerminal
1494Please exit the terminal. You will be transported to your destination shortly.TestFastTravelTerminal_ValleyRailLine
1495Accessing Safe Functions...TestNativeTerminalBugs02
1496Nuclear Launch CodesTestNukeCodeWordTerminal
1498Welcome TextTestSmoke23Terminal
1499Welcome Text Sub MenuTestSmoke23TerminalSub
1500Where can I find more? (TEMP)TEST_76CharGenCAMPHolotapeTerminal
1501Welcome to the CTest Terminaltest_CTestTerminalMain
1502Welcome to the CTest Terminal 1test_CTestTerminalSub01
1503Welcome to the CTest Terminal 2test_CTestTerminalSub02
1505Unauthorized users will be prosecutedtest_EN02_IntelRoomExamsSubTerminalTEST
1506[Surveillance System Terminal]test_EN07_CodeHuntTerminal_TEST
1507--- Search protocols engaged... --- --- Request processed...test_EN07_CodeHuntTerminal_TEST
1508QA Test TERMINALtest_QATestTerminal
1509Remember, use of the recreational terminal is a privilege. If work performance declines, this privilege may be revoked. Enjoy responsibly.test_QATestTerminal
1510Welcome TextTest_Tut04_Terminal
1511Actor Ambush Furniture Testtest_WarehouseTestAmbushesTerminal
1512Set Array Offsettest_WarehouseTestAmbushesTerminal
1513Actor Ambush Furniture Testtest_WarehouseTestAmbushesTerminal_ActorType
1514Actor Ambush Furniture Testtest_WarehouseTestAmbushesTerminal_StartingPosition
1515Default Behavior Testtest_WarehouseTestDefaultBehaviorTerminal
1516Encounter Types Testtest_WarehouseTestEncounterTypesTerminal
1517Encounter Types Testtest_WarehouseTestEncounterTypesTerminal_Level
1519Encounter Types Testtest_WarehouseTestEncounterTypesTerminal_TypeVar
1520We've decided to split into two groups again. I'm taking my group to capture the Rockhound on Mount Blair and O'Conner will take his to Bramwell to blow their Mega Mansions sky-high. Since Hornwright are such good friends with AMS, it's time to show them both we aren't the kind of folk that can be pushed around. After we're heard here, it'll be time to take the fight to Watoga and burn it to the ground. It's possible this will be my last entry, so if anyone reads this and I'm long buried, I hope they carry on the message and keep the fight alive.TheRustyPickFlanaganTerminal
1521Fire Control TerminalTrainingMine_Terminal
1522Officer Jake Pennywise: 7am - 3pm Officer Gregory Rollins: 3pm - 11pm Officer Kurt Coolman: 11pm - 7amTW002_SecurityStation02
1523Officer Dauntay Sherman: 7am - 3pm Officer Tyreese Maker: 3pm - 11pm Officer Montague Hall: 11pm - 7amTW002_SecurityStation03
1524Officer Leroy Brown: 7am - 3pm Officer Guy Richman: 3pm - 11pm Officer Deacon Desmond: 11pm - 7amTW002_SecurityStation04
1526Black Bear Hunting Lodge Events Saturday we offer squirrel shooting lessons. Children may pick their own squirrels from the cages out back. Sunday is Poacher's Prayer day. We hold a morning prayer vigil for poachers. In the afternoon we patrol for them. BYOG, free ammo is provided. Monday is the beginning of the weekly hunting tournament. Kill lists are available at the front desk. Thursday there is a song bird identification seminar. .22 ammo or smaller only. Friday we wrap up the hunting tournament. Taxidermy is half off for any trophy over 25 pounds.TW005_HuntingLodgeTerminal
1527Office of the MayorTW005_MayorsTerminal
1531Hello! How can I help?TW007_ClarksburgRecordsTerminal
1532Search by BOX NUMBERTW007_ClarksburgRecordsTerminal
1533Please select the P.O. Box number ...TW007_ClarksburgRecords_SubTerminal
1534All systems are A-OKAY!TW007_OtisPikeTerminal_DiaryEntries
1535All systems are A-OKAY!TW007_OtisPikeTerminal_Memos
1536All systems are A-OKAY!TW007_OtisPikeTerminal_updated
1537Hello! How can I help?TW007_RecordTerminalClarksburg
1538Enter "DoWnWithTheMAN!"TW007_RecordTerminalClarksburg
1543Redefining Plug & Play!TWZ03_ShootingRangeTerminal
1544==== Arktos Pharma Biome Lab - Confidential ====UD001_Terminal_APL_Animal_Testing
1545==== Arktos Pharma Biome Lab - Confidential ====UD001_Terminal_APL_GM_Crop_Research
1546==== Arktos Pharma Biome Lab - Confidential ====UD001_Terminal_Turret_A
1547== Pump Station == Pump Room ==UD002BossRoomTerminal
1548Bridge Control Terminal - ID: 0o7UD002BridgeTerminal01
1549Property of The Burrow Boys!UD002CentralChamberTerminal
1550Dr. Ken's Chem DenUD002DrKensTerminal
1551Community IntroductionUD002EntranceTerminal
1552== Pump Station == Observation Deck ==UD002ObservationDeckTerminal
1553Pump Station Access Terminal - ID: 3f8UD002OldTunnelTerminal
1554Brotherhood of Steel Mission BriefUD002QuestHolotapeTerminal
1555Brother, - Intel indicates an unusual amount of electronic activity that resembles military-grade robotics in an underground wastewater pump station near Harpers Ferry. - Exterior entrances to the pump station are inaccessible but city plans reveal an indirect route through the city's stormwater drain tunnels, colloquially known as 'The Burrows'. - Travel to the pump station through The Burrows and investigate the source of the activity. Report to Fort Defiance with your findings. Ad Victoriam.UD002QuestHolotapeTerminal
1556Big Al's Tattoo Parlor - ReceptionUD004_BigAlsTattooParlorTerminal
1557The Nukashine - Distillery Supply AccessUD004_DistilleryDoorSubTerminal
1558Security Door ControlUD004_DistilleryDoorSubTerminal
1559The Nukashine - Distillery Supply AccessUD004_DistilleryDoorTerminal
1560Pi House - Ted DorfmanUD005_ChapterPresidentTerminal
1561Eta Psi House - Chapter President Judy LowellUD006_ChapterPresidentTerminal
1563:: ERROR :::: ERROR :::: ERROR :: :: ERROR :::: ERROR :::: ERROR :: :: ERROR :::: ERROR :::: ERROR :: :: ERROR :::: ERROR :::: ERROR :: :::: $TRACK_SENSOR INVALID :::: :::: $TRACK_SENSOR INVALID :::: :::: $TRACK_SENSOR INVALID :::: Calculating estimated wait times... Next available train will arrive in ...... ...... 9999 [YEARS] ...... 9999 [DAYS] Thank you! Have a nice day!UD009_BerkeleySpringsTrainStationTerminal
1564The current on-site engineer has been located.v63CertificationEngineeringTerminal
1565The current on-duty Fire Chief has been located.v63CertificationFiremanTerminal
1566The current on-duty officer has been located.v63CertificationMilitaryTerminal
1568Please scan appropriate ID to open vault door.V63_Access_TerminalVaultDoorSubterminal
1569Vault 63 fire suppression system has been activated.V63_MaintenanceTerminal
1570Cooldown process has begun. Please allow 3 minutes for the process to complete.v63_ReactorControlTerminal
1572================================================= | VAULT 94 AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH CENTER | | GREENHOUSE 1 EXPERIMENT REQUISITION | ================================================= Validating Requisition... done. This requisition has already been processed. You may access the following sample(s): V94_2_Green_Requisition01HolotapeTerminal
1573================================================= | VAULT 94 AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH CENTER | | GREENHOUSE 2 EXPERIMENT REQUISITION | ================================================= Validating Requisition... done. This requisition has already been processed. You may access the following sample(s): V94_2_Green_Requisition02HolotapeTerminal
1574================================================= | VAULT 94 AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH CENTER | | GREENHOUSE 3 EXPERIMENT REQUISITION | ================================================= Validating Requisition... done. This requisition has already been processed. You may access the following sample(s): V94_2_Green_Requisition03HolotapeTerminal
1575================================================= | VAULT 94 AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH CENTER | | GREENHOUSE 4 EXPERIMENT REQUISITION | ================================================= Validating Requisition... done. This requisition has already been processed. You may access the following sample(s): V94_2_Green_Requisition04HolotapeTerminal
1576================================================= | VAULT 94 AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH CENTER | | GREENHOUSE 5 EXPERIMENT REQUISITION | ================================================= Validating Requisition... done. This requisition has already been processed. You may access the following sample(s): V94_2_Green_Requisition05HolotapeTerminal
1577================================================= | VAULT 94 AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH CENTER | | RESEARCH LAB ACCESS | =================================================V94_2_Green_ResearchLabAccessTerminal
1578Now Fabricating: Ms. Maid Accessing fabrication system... done. Fabricating robot... done. Ms. Maid is now proceeding with scheduled cleaning rounds.V94_2_Res_RobotFabricationTerminal
1579================================================= | VAULT 94 PUMP CONTROL STATION | | EMERGENCY ACCESS TERMINAL | =================================================V94_2_Utility_EmergencyAccessTerminal
1580Verifying credentials... done. Authorizing access... done. You may now access .V94_2_Utility_UtilityRoomWallTerminal
1581Now Replacing: Maintenance Robot Beta Accessing fabrication system... done. Fabricating robot... done. Maintenance Robot Beta has resumed work on the current procedure.V94_3_Pump_RobotFabricationTerminal
1582---BEGIN CODE--- PROC-Type:091,ENCRYPTED DEK-Info: RobCo-SecuCrypt,VTEC-2076-2 1tRLTABtTHCh6qRA7HBW 7WUluvk0Vq245hUrG8Ql yKZc6mfkhhhY38sGlHNO LQ0XTJhNjvKZh6Obra77 q2imrH5ob7Rhv4fHYl2J fUWNfmWe2Z4TNB2DZvmD tbHNWkLso3t4L7LEIZrb SOa0FOZNB57u9X8N4LRN VekjU0QybSBFye0rQvKM bGTbd9IpvxpURIoMFex9 ---END CODE---V94_Access_AccessCodeTerminal
1583================================================= | VAULT 94 AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH CENTER | | CHEMICAL BANK MANAGEMENT TERMINAL | ================================================= |Vault Status: EMERGENCY | |Chemical Bank Status: SEALED | =================================================V94_Ag_ChemBankManagementTerminal
1584Exporting Requisition Holotape... done. For experiments requiring seed or chemical samples, Requisition Holotapes may be used to authorize disbursement of samples from the Agriculture Wing's Seed Bank and Chemical Bank storage areas. Insert the Requisition Holotape into the appropriate control terminal to requisition the required samples.V94_Ag_GreenhouseControlTerminal
1585Accessing Procedures...V94_Ag_PumpControlTerminal
1586Initiating Pressurization Procedure W-05... Inverting water intake and outflow pipes... ...failed. Setting all pipes to intake... ...failed. Setting all pipes to outflow... ...failed. Adjusting settings randomly... ... ... ...failed. ERROR: Operation failed.V94_Ag_PumpControlTerminalProceduresSubterminal
1587ERROR: MISSING SAMPLE CANISTERS DETECTED The following Seed Banks have failed to seal because their requisite sample canisters are missing. Replace the samples or initiate a manual override from their respective control terminals. V94_Ag_SeedBankManagementTerminal
1588Accessing Community Council Archives... done. Exporting audio recording for 11/20/78... done. Thank you for participating in the Vault 94 Community Governance process.V94_Atrium_CommunityCouncilTerminal
1589VAULT 94 MISSION & FACILITIES In the event of global nuclear war, multiple mass extinction events are anticipated. The primary mission of Vault 94 is to monitor and stabilize the local ecosystem, and to assist survivors outside the Vault (if any) with their agricultural needs. To that end, Vault 94 has been equipped with a complete agricultural research facility, including experimental greenhouses, aquaculture labs, and a comprehensive seed bank containing all known plants suitable for edible or medicinal use. To prevent damage to the seed bank, your Vault Door will automatically seal when external radiation reaches unsafe levels. The Vault Door may be reopened at your discretion after a mandatory minimum shelter period of one year. Vault Residents are encouraged to work with other survivors (if any) to assess the state of the environment and work to improve it. Vault 94 has also been selected to receive a Garden of Eden Creation Kit (G.E.C.K.) module. In the event of catastrophic environmental devastation, your G.E.C.K. may be the best hope for the survival of humanity. As a security precaution, and to prevent premature use or misuse, the G.E.C.K. has been sealed in a self-contained secure wing of the Vault. Access to the G.E.C.K. Wing requires special authorization from the Vault 94 Community Council.V94_Atrium_CommunityCouncilTerminalVaultTecDocumentsSubterminal
1590================================================= | VAULT 94 WORKROOM ACCESS TERMINAL | =================================================V94_Atrium_WorkroomAccessTerminal
1591================================================= | VAULT 94 DECONTAMINATION CONTROL STATION | =================================================V94_Eng_DeconControlTerminal
1592Accessing G.E.C.K. System Archives... done. Exporting audio recording for 11/20/78... done.V94_Eng_GECKMonitoringStationTerminal
1593Accessing Containment Vessel Interlink... done. Verifying Containment Vessel Integrity... done. Initiating Containment Procedure... done. Now sealing the Containment Vessel. Please wait.V94_Eng_GECKMonitoringStationTerminalContainmentSubterminal
1594Accessing Vault-Tec Security Interface... ...0 Security Turret(s) found. ...0 Security Robot(s) found. ...0 Other Security System(s) found. ERROR: No security systems available. ***ADMINISTRATIVE NOTE*** Vault 94 has not been equipped with defensive systems, and all robots have been locked to a nonviolent conflict resolution protocol. Refer to your Vault documentation for details.V94_Eng_MainframeRoomTerminal
1596Accessing Reactor Control System... done. Verifying Reactor System Integrity... done. Initializing VX-9 Emergency Shudown Procedure... Attempting to shut down the Reactors... done. All Reactors have shut down successfully.V94_Eng_ReactorControlTerminal_ShutDownSubterminal
1598ERROR CODE: 0x ERROR: Auxillary Power Transfer Failure DESCRIPTION: Essential Vault systems have failed to switch to auxillary power and are preventing the shutdown process from proceeding. RESOLUTION: 1. Set circuit breaker UP. 2. Set circuit breakers & DOWN. 3. Press the Vault Power Interlink Button.V94_Eng_ReactorMonitoringTerminal_ErrorCodes
1599USER LOG Date: 10-24-78 User: Maria Collins, Greeter The Vault reopened yesterday afternoon. Pastor Gabriella led us in prayer for the victims of the war, then gave her blessing to the Ambassadors being sent forth on their missionary work. I volunteered to take a shift here to make sure any visitors who come by are properly welcomed to our community. I also hope to set up a garden so we can begin testing some of our crops next spring. We need to understand what the Earth is still fit to nurture if our work is to be of use to others.V94_Exterior_Terminal
1602VAULT-TEC EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM ERROR CODE: [AX-481] Infestation, Insect SUMMARY PROTOCOL: - Proceed to the Pump Control Station. - Activate Emergency Flooding Procedure M-09. - Evacuate the Vault. STUDENT DEVELOPER: Lanning, Jim (VP205, 2077) DEVELOPER NOTES: -NONE- PROFESSOR: DeMarcos, E. GRADE: F REMARKS: This program does not crash immediately. Regrettably, that is its only positive characteristic. While completely flooding a Vault would doubtless be effective at dealing with an infestation of 'Giant Mutant Insects' (or virtually anything else), the extreme and potentially irreversible nature of this solution should have made it a last resort. Instead, this protocol opts for it immediately. It then fails to provide sufficient time for Vault Residents to evacuate, fails to safely shut down Vault Systems or override safeguards that could impede the evacuation, and fails to verify that bulkhead doors located along the evacuation route are even open. An evacuation might be successful if the Residents aggressively damage the flood control system to delay the procedure, but Vault-Tec does not typically encourage Residents to destroy their Vault. Unfortunately, this is the only extant submission for this particular error code. Recommend soliciting a replacement from this Fall's class.V94_Gear_GearRoomTerminal_EMSDocuments
1603Activating Emergency Management System... ...done. Loading Emergency Management Protocol ... ...done. Loading [EXPERT] Mission Parameters... ...done. The Emergency Management System is now active. Please complete the operation as directed.V94_Gear_GearRoomTerminal_EMS_ActivateEMS
1604VAULT 94 MISSION & FACILITIES In the event of global nuclear war, multiple mass extinction events are anticipated. The primary mission of Vault 94 is to monitor and stabilize the local ecosystem, and to assist survivors outside the Vault (if any) with their agricultural needs. To that end, Vault 94 has been equipped with a complete agricultural research facility, including experimental greenhouses, aquaculture labs, and a comprehensive seed bank containing all known plants suitable for edible or medicinal use. To prevent damage to the seed bank, your Vault Door will automatically seal when external radiation reaches unsafe levels. The Vault Door may be reopened at your discretion after a mandatory minimum shelter period of one year. Vault Residents are encouraged to work with other survivors (if any) to assess the state of the environment and work to improve it. Vault 94 has also been selected to receive a Garden of Eden Creation Kit (G.E.C.K.) module. In the event of catastrophic environmental devastation, your G.E.C.K. may be the best hope for the survival of humanity. As a security precaution, and to prevent premature use or misuse, the G.E.C.K. has been sealed in a self-contained secure wing of the Vault. Access to the G.E.C.K. Wing requires special authorization from the Vault 94 Community Council.V94_Gear_GearRoomTerminal_VaultTecDocuments
1606Confirming Authorization... done. Accessing G.E.C.K. Wing Seals... done. Releasing Seals... done.V94_Ops_OperationsTerminalGECKWingAccessSubterminal
1607==================================== | VAULT 94 COMMUNITY NURSERY | ==================================== ==================================== |11/20/78 | |Nurse: Rachel Hendricks | |Aide: Angelique Salavar | ==================================== Charges: E. Hendricks, R. Hudson, T. Hudson, J. Malara, P. Lorenzo, K. Rossi Daily Report: -NONE FILED-V94_Res_NurseryTerminal
1608Accessing Logs...V94_Res_TyronesTerminal
1609Accessing printer... done. Printing codes... done. Your Maintenance Codes have printed successfully.V94_Res_TyronesTerminalMaintenanceCodesSubterminal
1611PERSONAL LOG Date: 11-18-78 User: Tyrone Hayes, Maintenance Engineer The first Ambassadors are due back in a couple of days. Even now, we could seal the Vault and live here, safely, forever. Nothing has to change. But they're convinced I'm wrong, that Vault-Tec was wrong. That whoever is left out there will finally understand the futility of war, that they'll be ready to listen, to live in peace. I guess we'll see.V94_Res_TyronesTerminalPersonalLogsSubterminal
1612RECEPTION LOG Date: 11-20-78 User: Mike Ramirez, Usher First visitors showed up a little before noon today, right on schedule. Rough looking bunch. Things must be real bad out there. They wanted to know who was in charge, so I sent them down to meet with the Council. They blew right by the weapons check. Shame, after all the work I went through to set up the lockers.V94_Security_ReceptionDeskTerminalLogsSubterminal
1613Accessing Vault Door Control Interlink... ...failed. ERROR: Due to the current state of emergency, Vault Door controls have been overridden by the Emergency Management System.V94_Security_ReceptionDeskTerminalVaultDoorSubterminal
1614Deactivating Chemical Sprinkler System... V96_1_Atrium_UtilityRoomTerminal
1615Pressurizing Decontamination Mist... done. DECONTAMINATION SYSTEM OVERRIDE: Emergency Decontamination Procedure RZ-812 is active. Routing decontamination mist through the ventilation system... V96_1_Engineering_DeconControlTerminal_1
1616Pressurizing Decontamination Mist... done. DECONTAMINATION SYSTEM OVERRIDE: Emergency Decontamination Procedure RZ-812 is active. Routing decontamination mist through the ventilation system... V96_1_Engineering_DeconControlTerminal_2
1617Pressurizing Decontamination Mist... done. DECONTAMINATION SYSTEM OVERRIDE: Emergency Decontamination Procedure RZ-812 is active. Routing decontamination mist through the ventilation system... V96_1_Engineering_DeconControlTerminal_3
1618Pressurizing Decontamination Mist... done. DECONTAMINATION SYSTEM OVERRIDE: Emergency Decontamination Procedure RZ-812 is active. Routing decontamination mist through the ventilation system... V96_1_Engineering_DeconControlTerminal_4
1619Pressurizing Decontamination Mist... done. DECONTAMINATION SYSTEM OVERRIDE: Emergency Decontamination Procedure RZ-812 is active. Routing decontamination mist through the ventilation system... V96_1_Engineering_DeconControlTerminal_5
1620Pressurizing Decontamination Mist... done. DECONTAMINATION SYSTEM OVERRIDE: Emergency Decontamination Procedure RZ-812 is active. Routing decontamination mist through the ventilation system... V96_1_Engineering_DeconControlTerminal_6
1621Pressurizing Decontamination Mist... done. DECONTAMINATION SYSTEM OVERRIDE: Emergency Decontamination Procedure RZ-812 is active. Routing decontamination mist through the ventilation system... V96_1_Engineering_DeconControlTerminal_7
1622Accessing Fabrication Database...V96_1_Genetics_ResearchStationTerminal
1623Accessing Automated Research System... done. Analyzing research data... Developing prototype device... V96_1_Genetics_ResearchStationTerminal_DevelopmentSubterminal
1624Accessing Fabrication System... done. Fabricating [Suppression Mine III]... V96_1_Genetics_ResearchStationTerminal_FabricationSubterminal
1625Monitoring Station TerminalV96_1_Mainframe_QuantumResearchTerminal
1626=================================================== | VAULT 96 CHEMICAL PROCESSING STATION | =================================================== |Vault Status: EMERGENCY | |Chemical Processing System: ACTIVE | =================================================== CURRENT FORMULATION: [] + [] + [] ==> Insert the requisite chemical canisters into the Chemical Processing Units, then activate the Chemical Processing System to formulate your chemical.V96_1_Research_ChemistryTerminal
1627Validating credentials... done. Authorization acknowledged.V96_2_Access_OverseerSecurityTerminal
1628Security Door ControlV96_2_Cryo_CryoOptionalAccessTerminal
1629Security locks released. Opening doors...V96_2_Cryo_CryoOptionalAccessTerminal_SwitchDoorSubterminal
1630Accessing Automated Network Diagnostic... done. Diagnosing network connection issues... done. Multiple configuration errors detected. Perform the following steps to reset your network connection. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. V96_2_Research_DataAnalysisTerminal
1632Executing ... V96_2_Research_ResearchStationTerminal1_Programs
1634Executing ... V96_2_Research_ResearchStationTerminal2_Programs
1636Executing ... V96_2_Research_ResearchStationTerminal3_Programs
1638Executing ... V96_2_Research_ResearchStationTerminal4_Programs
1639Accessing power reserves... done. Powering workroom door... V96_2_RespiteRoomDoorTerminal
1640Accessing Fabrication System... done. Fabricating Virus Scanner... V96_2_RobotFabricationTerminal_FabricationSubterminal
1641Accessing Fabrication System... done. Uploading schematic... done. The Schematic [Optimized Virus Scanner] is now available for fabrication.V96_2_RobotFabricationTerminal_SchematicSubterminal
1642Biological Research TerminalV96_3_Research_BioTerminal
1643Genetics Research TerminalV96_3_Research_GeneticsTerminal
1644Validating Emergency Responder Certification... ... ... ... ...request timed out. Authorizing Emergency Access... done. Accessing Vault Door Control Interlink... done. The Vault Door is now opening.V96_Access_TerminalVaultDoorSubterminal
1645Nina Valaya - Biologist - Personal LogsV96_Atrium_BiologistPersonalTerminal
1646Molly Cooper - Geneticist- Personal LogsV96_Atrium_GeneticistPersonalTerminal
1647==================================================== | VAULT 96 OVERSEER'S TERMINAL | | Erik DeMarcos, Overseer | ==================================================== Select a log to view: [To be written.]V96_Atrium_OverseerTerminal_PersonalLogsSubterminal
1648Accessing encrypted disk partition... done. Authenticating user... done. Exporting Project SERAPH Virus Source Code... done.V96_Atrium_OverseerTerminal_ProjectsSubterminal
1649==================================================== | VAULT 96 OVERSEER'S TERMINAL | | Erik DeMarcos, Overseer | ==================================================== Select a document to view: [To be written.]V96_Atrium_OverseerTerminal_VaultTecDocumentsSubterminal
1650Jeanette Higgins - Robotics - Personal LogsV96_Atrium_RoboticsPersonalTerminal
1651Cryogenic Storage StatusV96_Cryo_CryoMonitoringTerminal
1652Maintenance SystemsV96_Engineering_MaintenanceWorkTerminal
1655[To be written.]V96_Gear_GearRoomTerminal_EMSDocuments
1656Activating Emergency Management System... ...done. Loading Emergency Management Protocol ... ...done. Loading [EXPERT] Mission Parameters... ...done. The Emergency Management System is now active. Please complete the operation as directed by the Vault Mainframe.V96_Gear_GearRoomTerminal_EMS_ActivateEMS
1657===============Welcome to Vault 96=============== |Vault Status: |Vault Door: ================================================= Select a document to view: [To be written.]V96_Gear_GearRoomTerminal_VaultTecDocuments
1658Vault-Tec Genetic ResearchV96_GeneticExperimentsTerminal
1659Molly Cooper - Geneticist- Personal LogsV96_Lab_GeneticsRecordsTerminal
1660Molly Cooper is a geneticist that was passionately interested in the space program but got pushed into this vault. Of the six, she was the most introverted and able to handle long stretches in solitude. She has a close relationship with Nina Valaya Her work terminal should have information about the the scientific goals of Vault 96.V96_Lab_GeneticsRecordsTerminal
1661Initiating Emergency Restart. Please stand by. ... ... ... ... ...failed.V96_Mainframe_MainframeTerminal
1662Jeanette Higgins - Robotics - Work TerminalV96_Mainframe_RoboticsWorkTerminal
1663Monitoring Station TerminalV96_Security_MonitoringTerminal
1665Vault EntryVault96_Access_Terminal
1666If you're reading this and you're out on patrol, I've got a favor to ask. Before I joined the Responders, I was a student at VTU. A couple of my friends found out that Vault-Tec was hiding something in the school, keeping it a secret from the students. After the war, we all went our separate ways. All of us, that is, except for a girl named Hayley Porter. She insisted on staying at the school to keep searching for Vault-Tec's secret. She thought maybe it was something that could help people. She always was an optimist. She contacted me a few days ago and she didn't sound good. She's alone out there and she sound sick. I'd check on her myself, but I can barely put together four hours of sleep, let alone a break, with all the wounded adn hungry people coming to the airport. So, if you find yourself anywhere near the old VTU grounds, could you check up on Hayley for me? Thanks, Kamara ChandlerVTecAgCenterTerminal
1667Vault-Tec Mission StatementVTU_IntroductionToConcepts_TerminalDesk
1668Class Syllabus: Vault Medical TrainingVTU_MedicalTraining_TerminalDesk
1669Overseer's LogVTU_OverseersLog_TerminalDesk
1670Student Thesis EvaluationsVTU_OverseerTrainingDean_TerminalDesk
1671Class Syllabus: Vault Health & Well-BeingVTU_PhysicalActiviy_TerminalDesk
1672Training and Development DivisionVTU_PowerRoom_TerminalWall
1673Senior Thesis: [ADD STUDENT NAME]VTU_Thesis03_TerminalDesk
1674Senior Thesis: [ADD STUDENT NAME]VTU_Thesis04_TerminalDesk
1675Senior Thesis: [ADD STUDENT NAME]VTU_Thesis05_TerminalDesk
1676Senior Thesis: Liam HornwrightVTU_ThesisDogs_TerminalDesk
1677Senior Thesis: Drew CollingsworthVTU_ThesisFood_TerminalDesk
1678Please Log Your EntryVTU_VaultEntrance_NativeTerminalWall
1679Training and Development DivisionVTU_VaultEntrance_TerminalWall
1680Class Syllabus: Preteen Vault DwellersVTU_YoungDwellerDevelopment_TerminalDesk
1682Our automated system has been alerted, and a civil servant will be dispatched to schedule an appointment with your Mayor. Current wait time is 9999 days.WatogaMunicipal_CB_LoreTerminal01
1683Transcript of conversation with resident: "How can I help you, Ma'am?" "I want to speak to a person." "Ma'am, I'm afraid the Mayor is quite busy today." "I'm not leaving until I speak to a person." "Ma'am, I am fully equipped to handle over ten million varieties of civil service complaints. Surely, I can..." "I WANT TO TALK TO A PERSON DAMMIT!" "Ma'am, please, you're disturbing the other residents. Now I must insist that you come back at another time."WatogaMunicipal_CB_LoreTerminal02
1689== [[ RobCo Personal Terminal ]] ==X01X_PlayerTerminal_Alerts
1690== [[ RobCo Personal Terminal ]] ==X01X_PlayerTerminal_Alerts_Habitat
1691[Download Coordinates - Arktos Pharma]X01X_PlayerTerminal_Alerts_Habitat
1692== [[ RobCo Personal Terminal ]] ==X01X_PlayerTerminal_Alerts_Hopper
1693== [[ RobCo Personal Terminal ]] ==X01X_PlayerTerminal_Alerts_LGVendor
1694== [[ RobCo Personal Terminal ]] ==X01X_PlayerTerminal_Alerts_TouristCorpse
1695== [[ RobCo Personal Terminal ]] ==X01X_PlayerTerminal_Daily
1696== [[ RobCo Personal Terminal ]] ==X01X_PlayerTerminal_Daily_Biv
1697== [[ RobCo Personal Terminal ]] ==X01X_PlayerTerminal_Daily_Pompy
1698== [[ RobCo Personal Terminal ]] ==X01X_PlayerTerminal_Daily_Treadly
1699== [[ RobCo Personal Terminal ]] ==X01X_PlayerTerminal_Home
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