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10-26-19 Update to / Fallout 1st

2,030 Results

1Reclamation Day has finally arrived. It's time to leave the Vault and rebuild America!76CharGen_ReclamationDay
2Leave Vault 7676CharGen_ReclamationDay
3Discover the Overseer's mission76CharGen_ReclamationDay
4We drove back the horde of Feral Ghouls that was threatening the entrance to Vault 76.76ExitEventQuest
5Now that the power is back on, I can get inside the Brotherhood of Steel's base. Maybe now I can find out what happened to them.BoS01
6Find information about the Brotherhood of SteelBoS01
7Find the location of Fort DefianceBoS01
8(Optional) Find the Command Center passwordBoS01
9(Optional) Find the Secure Storage keyBoS01
10Get inside the Brotherhood headquartersBoS01
11Power up the AsylumBoS01
12Finally, I have a Military ID Card. Now I can get to the top floor of Fort Defiance and find out what the Brotherhood of Steel knew about the Scorchbeasts.BoS02
13Take elevator to the top floorBoS02
14Register for elevator securityBoS02
15Search for clues to bypass securityBoS02
16Go to Camp McClintockBoS02
17Complete Basic TrainingBoS02
18Get a Government-Issued IDBoS02
19Turn in ID Application to Department BBoS02
20Acquire a postmarked letter in CharlestonBoS02
21Talk to DMV Bot B2BoS02
22Acquire a DMV-AT-21C-V formBoS02
23Talk to DMV Bot B2BoS02
24Turn application in to C1BoS02
25Learn about Error 34B/1BoS02
26Stamp 21C-V with Governor's SealBoS02
27Turn application in to C1BoS02
28Get photograph takenBoS02
29Register for the Brotherhood of SteelBoS02
30I have Paladin Taggerdy's ID card. If I go to her quarters at Fort Defiance, I may be able to find out more about the Scorchbeasts.BoS03
31Find a way into Paladin Taggerdy's QuartersBoS03
32Use the Brotherhood Emergency Transponder radio to find TaggerdyBoS03
33Clear the rubbleBoS03
34Search Taggerdy's remainsBoS03
35The Scorched are attacking Fort Defiance. We have to use the Brotherhood's defenses to defeat them.BoSr01
36Repair the Sonic GeneratorBoSr01
37Initiate Pre-Combat CheckBoSr01
38Brace for Scorchbeast assaultBoSr01
39Defend the Sonic GeneratorBoSr01
40Repair the Sonic GeneratorBoSr01
41Fight off the first waveBoSr01
42Fight off the second waveBoSr01
43I need to use the Scanning Module to track down the source of the Scorchbeasts.BoSr02
44Learn more about the automated warningBoSr02
45Find a Sensor Module schematicBoSr02
46Learn more about the Sensor ModuleBoSr02
47Build a Sensor ModuleBoSr02
48Deploy Sensor ModuleBoSr02
49Pick up Scanning ModuleBoSr02
50Deploy Sensor Module againBoSr02
51Pick up Scanning ModuleBoSr02
52Deploy Sensor Module one last timeBoSr02
53I've found a technical schematic for a potentially dangerous technology. The Brotherhood of Steel attempted to keep tech like this out of the hands of those that could abuse it. I should see if there's someplace I can store this safely at Camp Venture.BoSZ01
54Put the Technical Data in a Brotherhood CacheBoSZ01
55The targets are marked. Artillery is inbound. It's time to evacuate the area.BoSZ03
56Mark Scorched with Recon Scope ( / )BoSZ03
57(Optional) Eliminate all ScorchedBoSZ03
58Build a Brotherhood Recon RifleBoSZ03
59Evacuate target locationBoSZ03
60Artillery strike incomingBoSZ03
61The Scorchbeast DNA is prepped. Now I just need to run the Automated Research Program so it can start to analyze it.BoSZ04
62Read Scribe Grant's terminalBoSZ04
63Learn more about Mission 099-01BoSZ04
64Find the Automated Research TerminalBoSZ04
65Power up the Automated Research TerminalBoSZ04
66Use the Automated Research TerminalBoSZ04
67Retrieve Viable Scorchbeast DNABoSZ04
68Put Scorchbeast DNA in CentrifugeBoSZ04
69BoS Questline Restart QuestBoS_z04_QuestRestart
70A Miner IncidentCB00_MineRepair
71Learn how to reopen the mineCB00_MineRepair
72Put Fusion Core in Drop SiteCB00_MineRepair
73RobCo needs volunteers to test enhanced interrogation techniques.CB01_Interrogation
74Sit downCB01_Interrogation
75Event: Monster MashCB02_MaskTeam
76Ranking (Candy)CB02_MaskTeam
771st: ()CB02_MaskTeam
782nd: ()CB02_MaskTeam
793rd: ()CB02_MaskTeam
80Candy in Mask: CB02_MaskTeam
81I'm participating in Watoga High School's Monster Mash. I need to collect as much candy as possible. I can do this by wearing the mask and avoiding getting hit by others, or I can hit the person wearing the mask to steal their candy.CB02_MonsterMash
82Ranking (Candy)CB02_MonsterMash
831st: ()CB02_MonsterMash
842nd: ()CB02_MonsterMash
853rd: ()CB02_MonsterMash
86Candy in Mask: CB02_MonsterMash
87Wait for the Monster Mash to BeginCB02_MonsterMash
88[Optional] Use the SMART vending machineCB02_MonsterMash
89Remaining Time in RoundCB02_MonsterMash
90Grab the mask!CB02_MonsterMash
91I successfully updated the Watoga municipal robot's programming. That should make them more friendly, to me at least. Also, MAIA gave me the code to the mayor's safe, which should contain something useful.CB04_Mayor
92Reach the Mayor's OfficeCB04_Mayor
93Listen to MAIACB04_Mayor
94Learn more about the SaboteurCB04_Mayor
95Find the Saboteur's HideoutCB04_Mayor
96Search hideout for clues (/)CB04_Mayor
97Investigate Saboteur's Work TerminalCB04_Mayor
98Take Virus Holotape to MAIACB04_Mayor
99Start upload processCB04_Mayor
100A world-renowned artist needs your help.CB05_Artist
101Bring Vincent (/)CB05_Artist
102Bring Vincent (/)CB05_Artist
103Bring Vincent (/)CB05_Artist
104I need to keep the ASAM repaired and defeat any Scorchbeasts summoned by it.CB06_ASAM
105Defend the ASAM turretCB06_ASAM
106Defeat the Scorchbeast Queen that is terrorizing the Cranberry Bog.CB15_ScorchedEarth
107Investigate the FissureCB15_ScorchedEarth
108Dam Beavers!CBxxA_Beavers
109Kill Beavers (0/5) [will be much higher when multiplayer testing]CBxxA_Beavers
110Kill Beavers (1/5) [will be much higher when multiplayer testing]CBxxA_Beavers
111Kill Beavers (2/5) [will be much higher when multiplayer testing]CBxxA_Beavers
112Kill Beavers (3/5) [will be much higher when multiplayer testing]CBxxA_Beavers
113Kill Beavers (4/5) [will be much higher when multiplayer testing]CBxxA_Beavers
114Dam Poachers!CBxxB_Poachers
116Evict residents of and destroy vagrant structuresCBxx_Evictions
117Return to QuestGiverCBxx_Evictions
118The Watoga police chief has sent me to clear out the squatters living at .CBZ03_Deputy
119Speak with CBZ03_Deputy
120Points player to Quest Giver if he's never done the quest beforeCBZ03_Pre_MiscQuestObjective
121Operation: Give that back!CBZ04_ReclaimGear
122Find the Scorchbeat nest with the CBZ04_ReclaimGear
123A Census Taker robot has apparently been counting non-humans. It needs to fix the count by killing the things it previously counted. I'll go along for the ride.CBZ09_Census
124Meet the Census takerCBZ09_Census
125The Sergeant Gutsy has powered down to conserve energy. I'll now need to deal with the waves of returning military robots who are dangerous and hostile.CBZ13_Robots
126Report to Sergeant GutsyCBZ13_Robots
127Activate recall beaconCBZ13_Robots
128Destroy Robots (Wave 1/3)CBZ13_Robots
129Destroy Robots (Wave 2/3)CBZ13_Robots
132If you find any other functioning Mister Handy units out there, do send my regards.CrutchleyHELLOS
133One of Us MiscCUT_EN02_Misc
134The Ignition Core in Grafton Steel's Blast Furnace has been depleted. If I want it to refine more more steel, the Ignition Core will need to be replaced.CUT_Factory_GraftonSteel
135Find or Build an Ignition CoreCUT_Factory_GraftonSteel
136Install an Ignition Core in the Blast FurnaceCUT_Factory_GraftonSteel
137Repair the Blast Furnace (/)CUT_Factory_GraftonSteel
138Repair the Smelter (/)CUT_Factory_GraftonSteel
139Repair the Mill (/)CUT_Factory_GraftonSteel
140I learned about a plan devised by a group of former VTU students to gain access to a secret room in the school. I disabled the laser grid blocking access to the room, and discovered that it was a classified Vault-Tec Data Archive.CUT_FF15_Lockdown
141Investigate the CorpseCUT_FF15_Lockdown
142Listen to Hayley's HolotapeCUT_FF15_Lockdown
143Learn About the VTU Students' PlanCUT_FF15_Lockdown
144Collect the Alpha-Level Security Access holotape from Vault 63CUT_FF15_Lockdown
145Collect the Beta-Level Security Access holotape from Vault 94CUT_FF15_Lockdown
146Collect the Gamma-Level Security Access holotape from Vault 96CUT_FF15_Lockdown
147Disable Security Safeguard AlphaCUT_FF15_Lockdown
148Disable Security Safeguard BetaCUT_FF15_Lockdown
149Disable Security Safeguard GammaCUT_FF15_Lockdown
150Super Mutants have invaded . Drive them out!CUT_GQ_Invasion
151Defeat the Super Mutants in CUT_GQ_Invasion
152Defeat the Super Mutants in CUT_GQ_Invasion
153Learn how to make Spiritual Incense for the Guided MeditationCUT_MTNM03_Misc
154Acquire the Spiritual Incense RecipeCUT_MTNM03_Misc
155Craft Spiritual IncenseCUT_MTNM03_Misc
156Returned to the Spruce Knob Orienteering TerminalCUT_MTNS03_Orienteer_01
157Find This Week's Orienteering Control Points Around Spruce KnobCUT_MTNS03_Orienteer_01
158Orienteering MiscCUT_MTNS03_Orienteer_01_Misc
159Collect or craft chems and bring them to RoseCUT_MTNZ01_Habit
160Acquire CUT_MTNZ01_Habit
161Check in with the Volunteer KiosksCUT_RSVP01_Quest_Note
162Investigate the Volunteers: Advanced Training programCUT_RSVP03_Quest_Note
163Quest FailedCUT_SF08_SuicideRun
164Listen to Barnes' Last NoteCUT_SF08_SuicideRun
165Disarm MinesCUT_SF08_SuicideRun
166Disarm Mines (1/5)CUT_SF08_SuicideRun
167Disarm Mines (2/5)CUT_SF08_SuicideRun
168Disarm Mines (3/5)CUT_SF08_SuicideRun
169Disarm Mines (4/5)CUT_SF08_SuicideRun
170Quest completedCUT_SF08_SuicideRunPre
171Find the destroyed Moe the Mole costumeCUT_SF08_SuicideRunPre
172Vault 94's Flood Control Pumps have failed. In order to restart them, we need to find the Pump Reset Codes. According to the Mainframe, the Vault's Maintenance Engineer should have them.CUT_V94_1_Access
173Locate the Maintainence Engineer's RoomCUT_V94_1_Access
174Find the Maintainence Engineer's ID CardCUT_V94_1_Access
175Enter the Maintainence Engineer's RoomCUT_V94_1_Access
176Mission Objective: Restart the ReactorCUT_V94_1_Reactor
177Restart the ReactorCUT_V94_1_Reactor
178Replace the damaged Mainframe CoresCUT_V94_1_Reactor
179Enter the Reactor Reset Codes (/)CUT_V94_1_Reactor
180Engage the Reactor Interlocks (/)CUT_V94_1_Reactor
181Adjust the Reactor Circuit BreakersCUT_V94_1_Reactor
182Open the Reactor Fluid ValvesCUT_V94_1_Reactor
183Restart the Reactor SubsystemsCUT_V94_1_Reactor
184Authenticate with the Hand ScannersCUT_V94_1_Reactor
185Use the Reactor Control CardsCUT_V94_1_Reactor
186Replace the Catalyst Canisters (/)CUT_V94_1_Reactor
187Vault 94 has flooded. To save the Vault, we need to activate the emergency flood control procedure.CUT_V94_1_Repair
188Head for the Pump Control StationCUT_V94_1_Repair
189Repair pipes in the AtriumCUT_V94_1_Repair
191Enter the Residential WingCUT_V94_1_Repair
192Head for the Pump Control StationCUT_V94_1_Repair
193Repair pipes in the Residential WingCUT_V94_1_Repair
195Enter the Engineering WingCUT_V94_1_Repair
196Head for the Pump Control StationCUT_V94_1_Repair
197Repair pipes in the Engineering WingCUT_V94_1_Repair
199Enter the Utility WingCUT_V94_1_Repair
200Head for the Pump Control StationCUT_V94_1_Repair
201Repair pipes in the Utility & Agriculture WingsCUT_V94_1_Repair
203Enter the Pump Control StationCUT_V94_1_Repair
204Activate the Emergency Flood Control ProcedureCUT_V94_1_Repair
205Activate the Emergency Flood Control ProcedureCUT_V94_1_Repair
206(Optional) Repair pipes to earn additional timeCUT_V94_1_Repair
207We reset Vault 94's flood control pumps.CUT_V94_1_Reset
208We were unable to stop the nuclear event in Vault 94.CUT_V94_2_OLD
209Identify the source of the radiationCUT_V94_2_OLD
210Unseal the G.E.C.K. WingCUT_V94_2_OLD
211Request access to the G.E.C.K. WingCUT_V94_2_OLD
212Vote for access to the G.E.C.K. Wing (/)CUT_V94_2_OLD
213Locate the source of the radiationCUT_V94_2_OLD
214Find a way to contain the radiationCUT_V94_2_OLD
215Vault 94 was infested. We activated the Emergency Flooding Protocol, but were unable to escape before the flooding began.CUT_V94_3_Escape_OLD
216Vault 94 was infested. We activated the Emergency Flooding Protocol, but were unable to escape before the flooding began.CUT_V94_3_OLD
217Initiate the Emergency Flooding ProtocolCUT_V94_3_OLD
218Follow the mainframe's instructionsCUT_V94_3_OLD
220Prepare yourselves to commence decontaminationCUT_V96_1_CUT_FlaggedToNotExportInScript
221Clear Section 1 of ContaminantsCUT_V96_1_CUT_FlaggedToNotExportInScript
222Clear Section 2 of ContaminantsCUT_V96_1_CUT_FlaggedToNotExportInScript
223Clear Section 3 of ContaminantsCUT_V96_1_CUT_FlaggedToNotExportInScript
224Clear Section 4 of ContaminantsCUT_V96_1_CUT_FlaggedToNotExportInScript
225Vault 94 was flooded, and we were unable to save it.CUT_V96_2_CUT_FlaggedToNotExportInScript
226Acquire a Maintainence Access CodeCUT_V96_2_CUT_FlaggedToNotExportInScript
227[Misc Pointer to Biv]D01A_Misc
228For today's quality test, Biv wants me to test out the effects of a drink on my S.P.E.C.I.A.L. characteristics. I should complete the task he assigned me while under the effects of the specified drink. What could go wrong?D01A_Tipsy
229Test my while under the effects of D01A_Tipsy
230Drink Fresh D01A_Tipsy
231Drink Fresh or Vintage D01A_Tipsy
232Kill something with a melee attackD01A_Tipsy
233Kill something with a ranged attackD01A_Tipsy
234Consume spoiled foodD01A_Tipsy
235Buy an item from a vendorD01A_Tipsy
236Craft an itemD01A_Tipsy
237Land a sneak attackD01A_Tipsy
238Score a critical hitD01A_Tipsy
239Biv wants me to craft a new drink for his daily quality test. I should try out the recipe at a Brewing Station, ferment it, and give it to Biv for his report.D01A_Wasted
240Craft at a Brewing StationD01A_Wasted
241Wait for to fermentD01A_Wasted
242(Optional) Use a Fermenter at C.A.M.P.D01A_Wasted
243Retrieve from your Stash or FermenterD01A_Wasted
244[Misc Pointer to Pompy]D01C_Misc_Pompy
245[Misc Pointer to Treadly]D01C_Misc_Treadly
246I collected and disposed of all the toxic mutagenic waste for Pioneer Scout Leader Pompy.D01C_OperationTidy
247Talk to Pioneer Scout Leader PompyD01C_OperationTidy
248Clean Up Toxic Mutagenic Waste (/)D01C_OperationTidy
249I collected the insect parts for Pioneer Scout Treadly. He made an insect repellent for me and even threw in the recipe.D01C_StingsAndThings
250Talk to Pioneer Scout Leader TreadlyD01C_StingsAndThings
251Get a Bloatfly GlandD01C_StingsAndThings
252Get a Bloodbug ProboscisD01C_StingsAndThings
253Get Radroach MeatD01C_StingsAndThings
254Get a Stingwing BarbD01C_StingsAndThings
255Get a Tick Blood SacD01C_StingsAndThings
256Best Quest EverDebugCorrieQuest
259Event Score: DebugEventScoreQuest
260akDestContainer: DebugEventScoreQuest
261Revive a playerDebugEventScoreQuest
262Activate the buttonDebugEventScoreQuest
263Kill the ghoulDebugEventScoreQuest
264Repair the generatorDebugEventScoreQuest
265Kill the Ghouls!DebugKurtQuest
266Kill the ghouls (/)DebugKurtQuest
267This is the quest summary that should be displayed in the Available Quests list.DebugKurtQuest02
268Get the widgetDebugKurtQuest02
269Only show this at checkpoint 1DebugKurtQuest02
270Cook meat (/)DebugKurtQuest02
271Cook vegetables (%)DebugKurtQuest02
272Cook wolf meat (/)DebugKurtQuest02
273This is the Stage 70 log entry.DebugSteveQuest
274Test ObjectiveDebugSteveQuest
275Objective with a Timer!DebugSteveQuest
276Objective with a Timer!DebugSteveQuest
277Objective with a Timer that isn't visible!DebugSteveQuest
278Objective with a Progress BarDebugSteveQuest
279Bee Keeper Fiasco!DELETED_RE_SceneCMB01
280I've defeated the rogue Assaultron. It won't be threatening anyone anymore.E01B_Encryptid
281Use the terminal to recall the robotE01B_Encryptid
282The recalled robot approaches...E01B_Encryptid
283Defend yourself while the Pylons acquire their targetE01B_Encryptid
284Activate all Pylons to disable Stealth ModeE01B_Encryptid
285Stealth Mode disabled! Destroy the robot!E01B_Encryptid
286Activate Pylon 1E01B_Encryptid
287 is a conduit for Pylon 1E01B_Encryptid
288Activate Pylon 2E01B_Encryptid
289 is a conduit for Pylon 2E01B_Encryptid
290Activate Pylon 3E01B_Encryptid
291I found a pack of abandoned Brahmin on the road. The out-of-commission Mr. Farmhand that was in charge of them has a Shepherd's Crook and some instructions on how to herd them. Using the power of the Crook, I could get these Brahmin home.E01B_Herd
292Loot the Shepherd's CrookE01B_Herd
293Herd the Brahmin to E01B_Herd
297[Equip Shepherd's Crook]E01B_Herd_Misc
298The camper who left the holotape went missing a long time ago, leaving behind a chilling story that is all too real.E01C_Tales_Dark
299Speak with Scout Leader PennyE01C_Tales_Dark
300Listen to Scout Leader Penny's storyE01C_Tales_Dark
301Destroy the "shadows"E01C_Tales_Dark
302Eat, drink, and emote near the campfireE01C_Tales_Dark
303Gather kindling for the fireE01C_Tales_Dark
304Gather items left by the missing camperE01C_Tales_Dark
305Listen to the missing camper's holotapeE01C_Tales_Dark
306Add kindling to keep the campfire lit!E01C_Tales_Dark
307Put Camp Counselor Nia to restE01C_Tales_Dark
308Exterminate insects (Wave /)E01C_Tales_Dark
309Destroy all clones to weaken the monsterE01C_Tales_Dark
310Scout Leader Penny is ready to tell campfire tales, but she needs some older campers to help act out some of the scenes. Stand near the campfire to let her know you're willing to assist.E01C_Tales_Mary_New
311Wait near the campfire to hear Penny's taleE01C_Tales_Mary_New
312Listen to 's TaleE01C_Tales_Mary_New
313Ring the bells ()E01C_Tales_Mary_New
314"Welcome" the "campers"E01C_Tales_Mary_New
315Clear away the scrubE01C_Tales_Mary_New
316Gather Rocks (/13)E01C_Tales_Mary_New
317Gather Herbs (/13)E01C_Tales_Mary_New
318Find Candles (/13)E01C_Tales_Mary_New
319Place Rocks (/13)E01C_Tales_Mary_New
320Place Candles (/13)E01C_Tales_Mary_New
321Get inside the RingE01C_Tales_Mary_New
322Kill the "Witch's familiars"E01C_Tales_Mary_New
323Kill the WitchE01C_Tales_Mary_New
324Scout Leader Penny needs older campers to help make sounds around the camp so she can tell a story to the younger campers. Find objects that will produce sounds similar to the things she describes.E01C_Tales_Mary_Old
325Talk to Scout Lead PennyE01C_Tales_Mary_Old
326Listen to E01C_Tales_Mary_Old
327Find a Hiding SpotE01C_Tales_Mary_Old
328Make noises at a workbenchE01C_Tales_Mary_Old
329Make a squeaking noiseE01C_Tales_Mary_Old
330Make a chopping soundE01C_Tales_Mary_Old
331Splash some waterE01C_Tales_Mary_Old
332Slam a DoorE01C_Tales_Mary_Old
333Play the gramophoneE01C_Tales_Mary_Old
334Ring the alarmE01C_Tales_Mary_Old
335Kill the "Sheriff"E01C_Tales_Mary_Old
336Kill the "Witch"E01C_Tales_Mary_Old
337We managed to finish the parade but it wasn't easy. Now we just need to burn up Old Man Winter.E01F_Fasnacht
338Talk to the Master of CeremoniesE01F_Fasnacht
339Find the Protectron Marchers (/5)E01F_Fasnacht
340Donate Eggs from the stream to the Pantry (/20)E01F_Fasnacht
341Defeat the Honey Beasts at the Honey HausE01F_Fasnacht
342Donate Intestines from animals at the Butcher's Cooler (/12)E01F_Fasnacht
343Donate Beeswax from the Honey Haus hives to the Candlemaker (/10)E01F_Fasnacht
344Help the Decorator with the Barn (/4)E01F_Fasnacht
345Bring Old Fasnacht Steins to the Museum for Analysis (/10)E01F_Fasnacht
346Make Music with the MusicianE01F_Fasnacht
347Add Wood to the Bonfire (/50)E01F_Fasnacht
348Prepare for the Parade to BeginE01F_Fasnacht
349March with the Fasnacht ParadeE01F_Fasnacht
350Light the BonfireE01F_Fasnacht
351Defend the Parade MarchersE01F_Fasnacht
352(Optional) Pop Balloons During the Parade ( Popped)E01F_Fasnacht
353I have dropped down into the incineration room and now must defeat Tiny.E01L_McCreary_Event
354Enter the incineration roomE01L_McCreary_Event
355Defeat the bloatfliesE01L_McCreary_Event
356Defeat TinyE01L_McCreary_Event
357Defend the TerminalE01L_McCreary_Event
359Grahm the Super Mutant is hosting a cookout. He doesn't have a lot of experience with social gatherings, but I could help him throw a great party by keeping the camp clean, the guests fed, and the mood festive.E02A_Meat_BBQ
360Wait for the cookout to beginE02A_Meat_BBQ
361Help Grahm throw a successful cookoutE02A_Meat_BBQ
362(Optional) Extinguish the Brush FiresE02A_Meat_BBQ
363(Optional) Scoop Chally's Stinky PilesE02A_Meat_BBQ
364[Event: Grahm's Meat-Cook - Personal Quest]E02A_Meat_BBQ_Personal
365Contribute food (/)E02A_Meat_BBQ_Personal
366(Optional) Add Prime Meat to Grahm's GrillE02A_Meat_BBQ_Personal
367(Optional) Add Chally's Feed to her Feed PileE02A_Meat_BBQ_Personal
368Find more ways to participateE02A_Meat_BBQ_Personal
369(Optional) Add Critter Bits to the Side BarE02A_Meat_BBQ_Personal
370(Optional) Add Veggies to the CoolerE02A_Meat_BBQ_Personal
371(Optional) Add Wood Scraps to the WoodpileE02A_Meat_BBQ_Personal
372(Optional) Turn a Meat SpitE02A_Meat_BBQ_Personal
373(Optional) Make musicE02A_Meat_BBQ_Personal
374I should stay near the hunting grounds and defeat any "Prime" creatures I encounter. I can gather "Prime Meat" from them to bring to Grahm's "meat-cook" later.E02A_Meat_Hunt
375Make noise to attract Prime BeastsE02A_Meat_Hunt
376Prime Beasts incoming...E02A_Meat_Hunt
377Defeat Prime Beasts (Wave 1 of 4)E02A_Meat_Hunt
378More Prime Beasts incoming...E02A_Meat_Hunt
379Defeat Prime Beasts (Wave 2 of 4)E02A_Meat_Hunt
380More Prime Beasts incoming...E02A_Meat_Hunt
381Defeat Prime Beasts (Wave 3 of 4)E02A_Meat_Hunt
382A dangerous Prime Beast approaches...E02A_Meat_Hunt
383Defeat the final wave of Prime BeastsE02A_Meat_Hunt
384A rowdy Eyebot called JES-2R is leading a crew of mischief-makers to wreak havoc on the Whitespring Resort. I should call upon my most wicked instincts for the occasion... and bring a good disguise!E03A_Mischief
385Light the Mischief PyreE03A_Mischief
386Follow JES-2RE03A_Mischief
387Sow mayhem in the parkE03A_Mischief
388Sow mayhem along the cottagesE03A_Mischief
389Sow mayhem in the courtyardE03A_Mischief
390Take out the Whitespring Elite Security ForceE03A_Mischief
391Take out Whitespring robotsE03A_Mischief
392Blow up carsE03A_Mischief
393Light bonfiresE03A_Mischief
395Graffiti wallsE03A_Mischief
396[Mischief Night - Misc Objectives]E03A_Mischief_Misc
397Wear a costume for bonus progress and rewardsE03A_Mischief_Misc
398I've found Sam Blackwell's bunker. Now I just need to figure out how to get inside.EN01_Misc
399Search Quinn Carter's office for info on Sam BlackwellEN01_Misc
400Search the Charleston Herald for info on Sam BlackwellEN01_Misc
401Read "Sam Blackwell Interview Notes"EN01_Misc
402It appears this ID will get me inside the Whitespring Congressional bunker. I wonder if any survived?EN01_MQ_Bunker
403Search the area for a way inside the bunkerEN01_MQ_Bunker
404Listen to the "Operation Summary - Blackwell" tapeEN01_MQ_Bunker
405Search the cavern for the "Bypass Holotape"EN01_MQ_Bunker
406Play the "Bypass Holotape" in front of the access panelEN01_MQ_Bunker
407Enter the bunkerEN01_MQ_Bunker
408Explore the bunkerEN01_MQ_Bunker
409Find a way to bypass the bunker's laser gridEN01_MQ_Bunker
410(Optional) Throw the bunker's breakerEN01_MQ_Bunker
411(Optional) Open up the air flueEN01_MQ_Bunker
412(Optional) Reset the bunker's circuit conduitEN01_MQ_Bunker
413Register your handprint with the security systemEN01_MQ_Bunker
414Explore the bunker's secure roomEN01_MQ_Bunker
415Read "Record of Divorce: The Blackwells"EN01_MQ_Bunker
416Read "Intelligence Memo - 8/16/77"EN01_MQ_Bunker
417Search the room for Blackwell's access codeEN01_MQ_Bunker
418Possible code: Day of Judy Blackwell's Death - 021584EN01_MQ_Bunker
419Possible code: Sam Blackwell's Anniversary - 121855EN01_MQ_Bunker
420Possible code: Sam Blackwell's Congressional ID - 778232EN01_MQ_Bunker
421Possible code: Mysterious Invoice Number - 417604EN01_MQ_Bunker
422Investigate the sound coming from the paintingEN01_MQ_Bunker
423MODUS has invited me to join his "Enclave". I can now explore the bunker ... though it sounds like I'll need additional clearances to access certain sections.EN02_MQ_Us
424Explore the Whitespring BunkerEN02_MQ_Us
425Enter the bunkerEN02_MQ_Us
426Continue deeper into the bunkerEN02_MQ_Us
427Have your photo takenEN02_MQ_Us
428Activate the dispenserEN02_MQ_Us
429Meet the bunker's residentEN02_MQ_Us
430Proceed to the loungeEN02_MQ_Us
431(Optional) Collect your refreshmentsEN02_MQ_Us
432Proceed to the next roomEN02_MQ_Us
433Take the "Entrance Questionnaire"EN02_MQ_Us
434(Optional) Bypass the questionnaire by speaking to ModusEN02_MQ_Us
435Speak to MODUSEN02_MQ_Us
436Access the dispenserEN02_MQ_Us
437Access the dispenserEN02_MQ_Us
438Load the System Access Tape into a SigInt System terminalEN02_MQ_Us
439Collect MODUS' lost dataEN02_MQ_Us
440Return the instructions to the WhitespringEN02_MQ_Us
441Deposit the instructions in the collectorEN02_MQ_Us
442Access the dispenserEN02_MQ_Us
443Deploy the Uplink Module at the connection siteEN02_MQ_Us
444Collect the items from inside the care packageEN02_MQ_Us
445I've successfully graduated the training program at Camp McClintock. I'm now a bonafide member of the US military! I should head back to MODUS and look into getting integrated into the bunker's promotion system.EN05_Basic
446Visit the Whitespring Military WingEN05_Basic
447Register with the camp Master SergeantEN05_Basic
448Equip a set of FatiguesEN05_Basic
449Equip an Army HelmetEN05_Basic
450(Optional) Search the area for a Uniform VoucherEN05_Basic
451(Optional) Search the barracks for Pvt. Archibald's Uniform VoucherEN05_Basic
452(Optional) Collect your uniformEN05_Basic
453Present yourself to the Master SergeantEN05_Basic
454Complete the Marksmanship Training CourseEN05_Basic
455Complete the Agility Training CourseEN05_Basic
456Complete the Patriotism Training CourseEN05_Basic
457Check-in with the Master SergeantEN05_Basic
458Complete the Live Fire ExerciseEN05_Basic
459We did it! Those Commie bots are now scrap metal!EN05_CombatCourse
460: Time until exercise beginsEN05_CombatCourse
461Eliminate the initial group of "Communists"EN05_CombatCourse
462: Time until the next assaultEN05_CombatCourse
463Eliminate the next group of "Communists"EN05_CombatCourse
464: Time until the next assaultEN05_CombatCourse
465I wasn't able to take down all the targets before time ran out. Looks like I'm going to have to do it again.EN05_MarksmanshipTraining
466: Time until exercise beginsEN05_MarksmanshipTraining
467EN05 Questline Restart QuestEN05_Misc_QuestlineRestart
468Success! I've earned sufficient commendations to earn myself the rank of General and gain appointment to the Joint Chiefs!EN05_MQ_Officer
469Speak with MODUS in the bunker Military WingEN05_MQ_Officer
470Register with the Promotion SystemEN05_MQ_Officer
471Earn Promotion Commendations (/)EN05_MQ_Officer
472(Optional) Kill starred Epic Creatures or Scorchbeasts to earn Combat CommendationsEN05_MQ_Officer
473(Optional) Complete Enclave Events to earn Support Operation CommendationsEN05_MQ_Officer
474Darn. I wasn't able to finish the course in time. Guess I'll just have to try again.EN05_ObstacleCourse
475Get a move on!EN05_ObstacleCourse
476I successfully figured out which of the boys was the communal thinker! Great job, me!EN05_PatriotismCourse
477Interrogate TopherEN05_PatriotismCourse
478Interrogate JimmyEN05_PatriotismCourse
479Interrogate JianjunEN05_PatriotismCourse
480Search Jimmy's room for his terminal passwordEN05_PatriotismCourse
481Look for evidence on Jimmy's terminalEN05_PatriotismCourse
482Return the evidence to the system terminalEN05_PatriotismCourse
483Rhetorical CombatEN06_Debate
484Debate will end in: (TEN MINUTES)EN06_Debate
485Activate the podium and claim the spotlight!EN06_Debate
486Remain in the Civic Center without being killed!EN06_Debate
487Eliminate the current "speaker"EN06_Debate
488Debate PrepEN06_Debate_Master
489Race for the Presidency Master QuestEN06_Master
490The race for the Presidency is over! The victors now just need to report to the Charleston State House to collect their prizes. Once they have, they'll be granted access to the Whitespring's Presidential Suite!EN06_Pres
491Wait for the Presidential Race will begin at EN06_Pres
492Collect ballots at ( / collected)EN06_Pres
493Deposit any collected ballots in vote countersEN06_Pres
494Next ballot site to activate: EN06_Pres
495(Optional) Prepare to collect endorsement from EN06_Pres
496(Optional) Be the first to deposit the endorsement in any vote counterEN06_Pres
497(Optional) Register to join the Presidential DebateEN06_Pres
498Turn in all remaining ballots before time runs out!EN06_Pres
499Current Vote Leader: - EN06_Pres
5002nd Highest Vote Count: - EN06_Pres
5013rd Highest Vote Count: - EN06_Pres
5024th Highest Vote Count: - EN06_Pres
503Collect the Presidential SealEN06_Seal
504EN06 Seal Questline Restart QuestEN06_Seal_QuestlineRestart
505Welcome Mister or Madam ... PRESIDENT ... to your automated inauguration ceremony. Please approach the dispenser for your swearing in.EN06_Seal_Welcome
506MODUS has provided the rough location of one of the convoys transporting a Nuclear Keycard, which I will need in order to launch a nuke. Time to track it down.EN07_MQ_CodeHunt
507Search target area for the Code PieceEN07_MQ_CodeHunt
508To launch a nuke, I'll need a Nuclear Keycard, a full set of silo Code Pieces, and information regarding the nature of the Code Pieces' encryption. MODUS' surveillance terminals can point me at the Code Pieces or a keycard. For the encryption, I can check the archives.EN07_MQ_Death
509Explore the Whitespring Command CenterEN07_MQ_Death
510Complete all the Nuclear Training tutorials (/)EN07_MQ_Death
511(Optional) Speak to a Command Terminal to bypass the tutorialsEN07_MQ_Death
512Speak to MODUSEN07_MQ_Death
513Acquire a Nuclear KeycardEN07_MQ_Death
514Acquire a Nuclear Code PieceEN07_MQ_Death
515Search the Archives for info on the Launch Code encryptionEN07_MQ_Death
516Gain access to Mama Dolce's secure sectionEN07_MQ_Death
517Track down information about the code encryptionEN07_MQ_Death
518Launch a nuke from any silo [Decrypted Launch Code Required]EN07_MQ_Death
519A nuclear strike is inbound! I need to make sure I'm out of range before it hits!EN07_MQ_FleeBlast
520Flee the Silo!EN07_MQ_FleeSilo
521We weren't able to complete the extermination in time. Looks like you win this one, vermin of Appalachia.ENs02_Blast
522Initialize the lures at the extermination site ( / )ENs02_Blast
523Remain in the area while lures to sync with the orbital platformENs02_Blast
524Fix the lures ( / )ENs02_Blast
525Retreat to a safe distance before launchENs02_Blast
526We've unlocked the container! We've completed the Resource Drop! Time to collect what's inside.ENz01_Above
527Calibrate triangulation point AlphaENz01_Above
528Calibrate triangulation point BetaENz01_Above
529Calibrate triangulation point GammaENz01_Above
530Wipe out the attracted creaturesENz01_Above
531Unlock timer expired. Destroying unclaimed contents.ENz01_FailureLine
532The Robot Patrol operation is a success! We protected the bots for MODUS!ENz04_Bots
533Connect MODUS to the Bot-Stop stationENz04_Bots
534Standby while the patrollers are constructedENz04_Bots
535Protect the robots during reprogrammingENz04_Bots
536Deliver Botelby's requests.ENz09_Room
537Recover the last seen at ENz09_Room
538Recover the last seen at ENz09_Room
539Recover the last seen at ENz09_Room
540Recover the last seen at ENz09_Room
541Recover the last seen at ENz09_Room
542Recover the last seen at ENz09_Room
543Return the items to the WhitespringENz09_Room
544[Factory System - System Data]FactorySystemData
545We failed to prevent the frenzied forest creatures from destroying all of the corpse flowers.FF01_DeathBlossoms
546The Corpse Flowers' scent is driving nearby creatures into a frenzy!FF01_DeathBlossoms
547Protect the Corpse FlowersFF01_DeathBlossoms
548Corpse Flower 1FF01_DeathBlossoms
549Corpse Flower 2FF01_DeathBlossoms
550Corpse Flower 3FF01_DeathBlossoms
551Corpse Flower 4FF01_DeathBlossoms
552I learned that a woman named Amy Kerry was monitoring the environment for changes brought on by the Scorched. To continue her work, I retrieved holotapes from environmental sensors and then uploaded the data to her terminal, which contains a program to analyze the data.FF05_Balance
553Investigate the trailerFF05_Balance
554Listen to the "Message for Jeff" holotapeFF05_Balance
555Learn Amy Kerry's locationFF05_Balance
556Retrieve Amy's terminal passwordFF05_Balance
557Access the Environmental Monitoring ProgramFF05_Balance
558Establish a device link with the terminalFF05_Balance
559Collect a Water Data HolotapeFF05_Balance
560Collect a Soil Data HolotapeFF05_Balance
561Collect an Air Data HolotapeFF05_Balance
562Upload the water dataFF05_Balance
563Upload the soil dataFF05_Balance
564Upload the air dataFF05_Balance
565We successfully protected the food processing machines at Mama Dolce's Food Processing plant, and now we get to enjoy some delicious cans of stew.FF06_Feed
566Power up the Food Processing MachineryFF06_Feed
567Search the factory for ingredientsFF06_Feed
568Add Meat-flavored Soy Chunks to the Hopper (/)FF06_Feed
569Add Dehydrated Beef Stock to the Hopper (/)FF06_Feed
570Add Diced Vegetable Mix to the Hopper (/)FF06_Feed
571Add Raw Corn to the Food Processing Hopper (/)FF06_Feed
572Activate the Food Processing MachineryFF06_Feed
573Defend the Food Processing ConsolesFF06_Feed
574Conveyor Belt ConsoleFF06_Feed
575Front Control ConsoleFF06_Feed
576The machinery grounds to a halt. Something has broken!FF06_Feed
577Diagnose the mechanical issueFF06_Feed
578Reset the Fuse BoxFF06_Feed
579Use the pressure-release valveFF06_Feed
580The Pharmabot wasn't able to finish the circuit and has decided to abort his task.FF08_ProjectBeanstalk
581Initialize the PharmabotFF08_ProjectBeanstalk
582Follow PharmabotFF08_ProjectBeanstalk
583Defend Pharmabot at Spray Locations (/3)FF08_ProjectBeanstalk
585Spray Location AlphaFF08_ProjectBeanstalk
586Spray Location BetaFF08_ProjectBeanstalk
587Spray Location GammaFF08_ProjectBeanstalk
588With the Farmhands' Supervisors destroyed, the mainframe controlling the Mr. Farmhand AI needs to be reset.FF09_Reaper
589Kill Farmhand Supervisors (/3)FF09_Reaper
590We received an automated emergency transmission about a cargobot on its way to make a supply drop at Morgantown Airport. A horde of Scorched swarmed the area and we failed to secure the landing zone in time. As a result, the cargobot abandoned the supply drop.FF11_Raid
591Fire a flare to call the CargobotFF11_Raid
592The Scorched are approaching!FF11_Raid
593Eliminate the ScorchedFF11_Raid
594More Scorched are approaching!FF11_Raid
595Eliminate the ScorchedFF11_Raid
596More Scorched are approaching!FF11_Raid
597Eliminate the ScorchedFF11_Raid
598More Scorched are approaching!FF11_Raid
599Eliminate the ScorchedFF11_Raid
600More Scorched are approaching!FF11_Raid
601Eliminate the ScorchedFF11_Raid
602Prepare for more enemiesFF11_Raid
603Eliminate the ScorchedFF11_Raid
604The bells have stopped their mournful tone and the Mole Rats have lost interest.FF12_Bell
605I hear bells chiming.FF12_Bell_Misc
606Morgantown Trainyard Misc QuestFF20_MorgantownMisc
607We failed to collect enough bioluminescent fluid to make the lighthouse lamp glow once more before time ran out.FFZ10_Light
608Go towards the lighthouseFFZ10_Light
609Kill Fireflies and Radtoads to collect Bioluminescent FluidFFZ10_Light
610The Wise Mothman has come to share its wisdom!FFZ10_Light
611We failed to eliminate the packs of wolves that were threatening the forest.FFZ11_Pack
612Kill the First Wolf Pack LeaderFFZ11_Pack
613Kill the Second Wolf Pack LeaderFFZ11_Pack
614Sweetwater seemed happy. Now I get to enjoy some tea.FFZ13_StrangeBrew
615Visit the Giant TeapotFFZ13_StrangeBrew
616Speak to SweetwaterFFZ13_StrangeBrew
617Collect Honey (/)FFZ13_StrangeBrew
618We failed to destroy the Vertibot before it was able to escape.FFZ16_Swatter
619I managed to defend the teapot and prevent the pipes from being broken. Now I can relax with a nice cup of tea.FFZ17_TeaTime
620Start the BoilersFFZ17_TeaTime
621Defend the Giant Teapot - Wave 1/3FFZ17_TeaTime
622Defend the Giant Teapot - Wave 2/3FFZ17_TeaTime
623Defend the Giant Teapot - Wave 3/3FFZ17_TeaTime
624Water Tower PipeFFZ17_TeaTime
625Main Boiler PipeFFZ17_TeaTime
626I've finally created the upgraded motors for the Scorched Detectors. I need to check in at the SDS terminal and select the "Upgraded Motors" option to see what's next.FS01_MQ_Warn
627Find the uplink that Madigan failed to set up.FS01_MQ_Warn
628Use Abbie's Tinkerer's workbench to repair the broken uplinkFS01_MQ_Warn
629Use Abbie's terminal to see what's next.FS01_MQ_Warn
630Listen to Abbie's message for the next step.FS01_MQ_Warn
631Find the transmitters to upgrade inside Raleigh's bunker.FS01_MQ_Warn
632Listen to Abigayle's recorded message.FS01_MQ_Warn
633Find the transmitters inside Raleigh's bunker.FS01_MQ_Warn
634Find the schematics for wood armor mods inside Raleigh's bunker.FS01_MQ_Warn
635Locate the Heating Coils needed to complete the Upgraded MotorsFS01_MQ_Warn
636Locate the Heating Coils needed to complete the Upgraded MotorsFS01_MQ_Warn
637Locate the Heating Coils needed to complete the Upgraded MotorsFS01_MQ_Warn
638Locate the Heating Coils needed to complete the Upgraded MotorsFS01_MQ_Warn
639Create the Upgraded Motors at a tinkers workbench.FS01_MQ_Warn
640Use Abbie's terminal to see what's next.FS01_MQ_Warn
641Listen to what Abbie has to say.FS02_MQ_Reassembly
642Look in Abbie's desk for the holotape she made for Rose.FS02_MQ_Reassembly
643Upgrade the Scorched Detectors in the Mountains.FS02_MQ_Reassembly
644Find Rose at Top of the World and give her the holotape Abbie made.FS02_MQ_Reassembly
645Listen to what Rose has to say.FS02_MQ_Reassembly
646Return to Abbie's bunker for further instructions.FS02_MQ_Reassembly
647I made it back to Abbie's bunker and rebooted the Scorched Detection System. Once that was complete, Abbie's voice came over the intercom system again. I should listen to it and see if there are any final instructions.FS03_MQ_Fruition
648Listen to AbbieFS03_MQ_Fruition
649Take the Master HolotapeFS03_MQ_Fruition
650Load the Master Holotape in the Armory terminalFS03_MQ_Fruition
651Run the Armory Access programFS03_MQ_Fruition
652Listen to AbbieFS03_MQ_Fruition
653Load the Master Holotape in Raleigh's terminalFS03_MQ_Fruition
654Download routing schematicsFS03_MQ_Fruition
655Listen to AbbieFS03_MQ_Fruition
656Load the Master Holotape in Sam's terminalFS03_MQ_Fruition
657Gain access to Sam's terminalFS03_MQ_Fruition
658Download access codesFS03_MQ_Fruition
659Listen to AbbieFS03_MQ_Fruition
660Load the Master Holotape in a Relay Tower terminalFS03_MQ_Fruition
661Upload the dataFS03_MQ_Fruition
662Reboot the system at Abbie's BunkerFS03_MQ_Fruition
663The Scorchbeast is dead!FSS01_Trap
664Report to the TrapFSS01_Trap
665Activate the LureFSS01_Trap
666Prepare to FightFSS01_Trap
667Rover finally finished repairing the communications uplink for the Scorched Detection System. Now, I need to reboot the terminal inside the Relay Tower to bring it back online.FSS02_Vigilant
668Repair RoverFSS02_Vigilant
669Protect RoverFSS02_Vigilant
670A Mark in the Past - Harpers FerryFSZ01_Past_Harpers
671Government Air DropGQ_DropGovt
672US Government Supply Requisition holotapes have one-use codes that allow the request of a supply drop from any operational radio relay. But I need to repair the relay tower terminal in order to do that.GQ_DropGovtIntro
673Fix Relay Tower TerminalGQ_DropGovtIntro
674Government Air DropGQ_DropGovtMaster
675You've located the source of the horde. Now wipe it out before it spreads any further.GQ_Horde
676Find the source of the horde (/4 searched)GQ_Horde
677I'm preparing to join a D.I.A. covert training exercise. I'll be assigned a target to eliminate - and another operative will be targeting me. The more hostile operatives I kill, the greater my reward.GQ_HunterHuntedMasterQuest
678The operation is about to startGQ_HunterHuntedMasterQuest
679I must eliminate my target while evading the hostile operative hunting me. The more kills I score, the better my reward. Looks like the Defense Intelligence Agency wasn't messing around...GQ_HunterHuntedQuest
680Misc Obj Pointer to WatogaGQ_MiscRegionPointer_CB04
681[FS01_Warn Quest Pointer]GQ_MiscRegionPointer_FS01_Abbie
682[SFL02_Track Quest Pointer]GQ_MiscRegionPointer_SFL02
683[SFM04_Organic Quest Pointer]GQ_MiscRegionPointer_SFM04
684[SFS02_Play Quest Pointer]GQ_MiscRegionPointer_SFS02
685[SFZ03_Queen Quest Pointer]GQ_MiscRegionPointer_SFZ03
686[SFZ04_Waste Quest Pointer]GQ_MiscRegionPointer_SFZ04
687Oh no! are swarming!GQ_Swarm
688Kill the first swarmGQ_Swarm
689Kill the second swarmGQ_Swarm
690Kill the third swarmGQ_Swarm
691Kill the fourth swarmGQ_Swarm
692Kill the fifth swarmGQ_Swarm
693Kill the GQ_WanderingBoss
694 are attacking ! I have to defeat them before they overrun the defenses.GQ_WorkshopAttack
695Prepare your defensesGQ_WorkshopAttack
696Defeat the : Wave 1/GQ_WorkshopAttack
697Defeat the : Wave 2/GQ_WorkshopAttack
698Defeat the : Wave 3/GQ_WorkshopAttack
699Defeat the : Wave 4/GQ_WorkshopAttack
700Defeat the Scorchbeast attack!GQ_WorkshopAttackScorchbeasts
701 have taken over . I have to drive them out!GQ_WorkshopAttack_Takeover
702The workshop at is yours for the taking.GQ_WorkshopClear
703Clear enemies from GQ_WorkshopClear
704 is under attackGQ_WorkshopDefend
705I've lost control of . I have to take it back before it's too late!GQ_WorkshopReclaim
706Stop the intruders from claiming your workshopGQ_WorkshopReclaim
707Play Music on the RooftopsLC010_BeckleyMisc
708Search Big Bend TunnelLC013_BigBendMisc
709Clear the Flooded TrainyardLC047_FloodedTrainyardMisc
710Search General's SteakhouseLC049_GeneralsSteakhouseMisc
711Kill hostile creatures on the grounds of Whitespring!LC060_Whitespring01
712Collect the holotapes and learn the story of Whitespring.LC060_Whitespring02
713Search Monongah Mine for SuppliesLC090_MonongahMineMisc
714I gave Jack the fresh pumpkins and in return I was given some radioactive pumpkin seeds. I should be able to find a good use for these.LC129_TrickOrTreat
715Speak with Jack at the Pumpkin HouseLC129_TrickOrTreat
716Collect Pumpkins (/)LC129_TrickOrTreat
717Make Summersville RockLC139_SummersvilleMisc
718Clear New GadLC142_NewGadMisc
719Search Sunday Brothers CabinLC146_SundayBrothersCabinMisc
720Find Jangles!LC154_TylerCountyFairgroundsMisc
721Jangles got lost at the fair - find him!LC154_TylerCountyFairgroundsMisc
722Clear Watoga Emergency ServicesLC172_WatogaEmergencyMisc
723Clear Watoga Civic CenterLC178_WatogaCivicCenterMisc
724Learn the Secrets of West TekLC184_WestTekMisc
725Learn the secrets of West TekLC184_WestTekMisc
726[Misc Pointer to Hopper]LGV01_MiscHopper
727[Misc Pointer to Vendor]LGV01_MiscVendor
728I've passed the Pioneer Scout archery test! My steady aim came through!M01C_Archery
729Wait for the test to beginM01C_Archery
730Wait for the test to beginM01C_Archery
731Score all bullseyes with a crossbow in timeM01C_Archery
732/ bullseyes scoredM01C_Archery
733Warning: Stay at an acceptable distance!M01C_Archery
734Equip a crossbowM01C_Archery
735Equip a bow weaponM01C_Archery
736I've started the Athletics test at the New River Gorge Bridge. I need to run through all the checkpoints before time runs out. Completing this will help me make progress toward my Athletics badge.M01C_Athletics_Bridge
737Listen to the instructionsM01C_Athletics_Bridge
738Complete the running test in time (%)M01C_Athletics_Bridge
739Run to the first checkpointM01C_Athletics_Bridge
740Run to the next checkpointM01C_Athletics_Bridge
741I've started the Athletics test at the Sunny Top Ski Lanes. I need to run through all the checkpoints before time runs out. Completing this will help me make progress toward my Athletics badge.M01C_Athletics_Slopes
742Listen to the instructionsM01C_Athletics_Slopes
743Complete the running test in time (%)M01C_Athletics_Slopes
744Run to the first checkpointM01C_Athletics_Slopes
745Run to the next checkpointM01C_Athletics_Slopes
746I've started the Athletics test at Camp Venture. I need to run through all the checkpoints before time runs out. Completing this will help me make progress toward my Athletics badge.M01C_Athletics_Venture
747Listen to the instructionsM01C_Athletics_Venture
748Complete the running test in time (%)M01C_Athletics_Venture
749Run to the first checkpointM01C_Athletics_Venture
750Run to the next checkpointM01C_Athletics_Venture
751I've completed a tour of the RobCo Research Center for the Pioneer Scouts! Now I know a little more about robotics.M01C_Roboticist
752Complete a tour of the RobCo Research Center (/ stations visited)M01C_Roboticist
753If I want to take the Pioneer Scouts Swimming Test, I'll need to find a swimsuit first.M01C_Swimming
754Start the swimming testM01C_Swimming
755Complete the Swimming Test in timeM01C_Swimming
756Wear your swimsuitM01C_Swimming
757Let the instructor know you're readyM01C_Swimming
758Swim to each buoy (/)M01C_Swimming
759Swim back to the startM01C_Swimming
760I found the body of a young woman with a strange outfit. Her damaged holotape led me to Riverside Manor, where her veil opened a secret door leading to an elaborate facility beneath the manor.MoM00
761Search the bodyMoM00
762Listen to the Damaged HolotapeMoM00
763Learn the history of Riverside ManorMoM00
764Search the front parlor while wearing a veilMoM00
765Beneath Riverside Manor, I discovered the secret base of the Order of Mysteries. I joined the order and arranged my own promotion to the rank of Novice.MoM01
766Register as an InitiateMoM01
767Listen to the Initiate holotapeMoM01
768Request a mentor assignmentMoM01
769Meet your mentor in LewisburgMoM01
770Learn your mentor's original missionMoM01
771(Optional) Search for Raiders in LewisburgMoM01
772Report to CryptosMoM01
773Find a way to authorize your own promotionMoM01
774After earning the tools of the Mistress of Mystery, I attained the rank of Seeker in the Order of Mysteries.MoM02
775Listen to the Novice holotapeMoM02
776Earn the Phantom DeviceMoM02
777Earn the Blade of BastetMoM02
778Earn the Voice of SetMoM02
779Master the tools of the Mistress of MysteryMoM02
780I assembled the Mistress of Mystery's Phantom Device.MoM02A
781Listen to the Phantom Device holotapeMoM02A
782Search Cryptos for Phantom Device componentsMoM02A
783Locate HalluciGen GasMoM02A
784Locate a Stealth BoyMoM02A
785Find a way to unlock the safeMoM02A
786I honed my skill with the sword and forged the Mistress of Mystery's Blade of Bastet.MoM02B
787Listen to the Blade of Bastet holotapeMoM02B
788Search Cryptos for a historic swordMoM02B
789Get a Swing Analyzer from the FabricatorMoM02B
790Acquire a Historic SwordMoM02B
791Find the terminal passwordMoM02B
792Attach the Swing Analyzer to Grant's SaberMoM02B
793Kill different types of creatures with Grant's Saber (/)MoM02B
794Killed a MoM02B
795Killed a MoM02B
796Killed a MoM02B
797Killed a MoM02B
798Killed a MoM02B
799Killed a MoM02B
800Killed a MoM02B
801Killed a MoM02B
802Killed a MoM02B
803Killed a MoM02B
804I recovered the data from an experimental weapons research program and used it to make my own version of the Mistress of Mystery's gun, the Voice of Set.MoM02C
805Listen to the Voice of Set HolotapeMoM02C
806Search Cryptos for experimental weapons researchMoM02C
807Locate the EMP Research ProgramMoM02C
808Find a way to copy the EMP Research Program DataMoM02C
809Get a Project Siphon HolotapeMoM02C
810Use the Project Siphon Holotape to extract the dataMoM02C
811Upload the data into the FabricatorMoM02C
812Olivia Rivers betrayed her mother and the Order of Mysteries, giving the raiders a copy of the Cryptos database.MoM03
813Listen to the Seeker holotapeMoM03
814Accept a Mistress-rank missionMoM03
815Listen to the Pleasant Valley mission holotapeMoM03
816Infiltrate Pleasant Valley Ski ResortMoM03
817Search for information about the Order of MysteriesMoM03
818Locate Brody's RoomMoM03
819Break into Brody's roomMoM03
820(Optional) Find a key to Brody's roomMoM03
821Find Brody's holotapeMoM03
822Following in the footsteps of Shannon Rivers, I took up the mantle of the Mistress of Mystery.MoM04
823Gain access to the Headmistress' OfficeMoM04
824Search the Headmistress' OfficeMoM04
825Locate the Meeting PlaceMoM04
826(Optional) Look for clues to the Meeting PlaceMoM04
827Search the bodies of Shannon & Olivia RiversMoM04
828[Mistress of Mystery - Dress]MoMDress
829[Mistress of Mystery - Veil]MoMVeil
830The Overseer is scouting Appalachia looking for a way to secure the nuclear silos. I should look for any logs that she leaves behind.MQ_Overseer
831Charlie Silo CacheMQ_Overseer_CacheQuest_X5_SpruceKnobNukeSilo
832[Missile Silo Manager Quest]MSilo
833I explored .MSiloPersonal
834Head for the Control RoomMSiloPersonal
835Find a way past the Laser GridsMSiloPersonal
836Find a way to make a Biometric ID CardMSiloPersonal
837Find an old Biometric ID CardMSiloPersonal
838Erase the old Biometric ID CardMSiloPersonal
839Acquire your Biometric DataMSiloPersonal
841Create your Biometric ID CardMSiloPersonal
842Register your Biometric ID CardMSiloPersonal
843Find a way to end the Reactor Security LockdownMSiloPersonal
844(Optional) Find a way to repair the ReactorMSiloPersonal
845Shut down the Reactor for RepairsMSiloPersonal
846(Optional) Shut down the Reactor for repairsMSiloPersonal
847Repair the Reactor PipesMSiloPersonal
848(Optional) Repair the Reactor PipesMSiloPersonal
849(Optional) Restart the ReactorMSiloPersonal
850Destroy the MainframeMSiloPersonal
851Find a way to open the Security DoorMSiloPersonal
852Replace the Mainframe Cores (/)MSiloPersonal
853(Optional) Find spare Mainframe CoresMSiloPersonal
854(Optional) Repair damaged Mainframe CoresMSiloPersonal
855Open the Security DoorMSiloPersonal
856Initiate Launch PrepMSiloPersonal
857Complete Launch PrepMSiloPersonal
858Defend the Section Chiefs (/)MSiloPersonal
859Rose sent me on a wild goose chase while she tried to cheat me out of the loot, but she felt bad about it and left it for me. She could be lying again, but it still seems worth checking out.MTNL01_Raiders
860Speak with RoseMTNL01_Raiders
861Check the Terminal at Blackwater MineMTNL01_Raiders
862Find the Blackwater Bandits' Key FragmentMTNL01_Raiders
863Go Outside the Mine EntranceMTNL01_Raiders
864Search for Notes at the Trappers' CampMTNL01_Raiders
865Find the Trappers' Key FragmentMTNL01_Raiders
866Check Margie's Last Known Location for CluesMTNL01_Raiders
867Play Margie's HolotapeMTNL01_Raiders
868Read Vincent's TerminalMTNL01_Raiders
869Get the Admin PasswordMTNL01_Raiders
870Duplicate the Diehard's Key FragmentMTNL01_Raiders
871Search for Notes at Bolton GreensMTNL01_Raiders
872Find The Gourmands' Key FragmentMTNL01_Raiders
873Kill David and get the Cutthroat's Key FragmentMTNL01_Raiders
874Bring the Key Fragments to RoseMTNL01_Raiders
875Search for Information on RosalynnMTNL01_Raiders
876Find Rosalynn's Master Key HolotapeMTNL01_Raiders
877Go to the Raider CacheMTNL01_Raiders
878Take the KeycardMTNL01_Raiders
879I followed all of Rose's instructions. I now have a bunch of new Raider tools and tactics available to me.MTNM01_Mayhem
880Speak with RoseMTNM01_Mayhem
881Add a Karma Syringe Barrel Mod to Rose's SyringerMTNM01_Mayhem
882Shoot a Yao Guai with a Karma SyringeMTNM01_Mayhem
883Kill Your Target While It Is Affected by KarmaMTNM01_Mayhem
884Craft Explosive Bait at Any Tinker's WorkbenchMTNM01_Mayhem
885Find Materials to Craft Explosive BaitMTNM01_Mayhem
886Use Explosive Bait on a CreatureMTNM01_Mayhem
887Approach a Deathclaw and "Make Friends"MTNM01_Mayhem
888(Optional) Kill the DeathclawMTNM01_Mayhem
889(Optional) Flee from the DeathclawMTNM01_Mayhem
890Steal From a Super Mutant CampMTNM01_Mayhem
891(Optional) Don't Get CaughtMTNM01_Mayhem
892Kill a Feral GhoulMTNM01_Mayhem
893Speak with RoseMTNM01_Mayhem
894Guided meditation has begun at the Palace of the Winding Path. Stop the Discordant Forces attempting to silence the Meditation Hubs and repair any Hubs that they destroy.MTNM03_Meditation
895Light the Brazier of TranscendenceMTNM03_Meditation
896Prepare for Guided MeditationMTNM03_Meditation
897Defend the Interior Meditation HubMTNM03_Meditation
898Defend the Courtyard Meditation HubMTNM03_Meditation
899Defend the Bridge Meditation HubMTNM03_Meditation
900Defend the Side Meditation HubMTNM03_Meditation
901The Interior Mediation Hub requires repair!MTNM03_Meditation
902The Courtyard Mediation Hub requires repair!MTNM03_Meditation
903The Bridge Mediation Hub requires repair!MTNM03_Meditation
904We've finished setting up early. Now we just need to guard against any uninvited guests until the Halloween Gala begins.MTNM04_Guest
905Speak to Billingsley at Bolton GreensMTNM04_Guest
906Approval RatingMTNM04_Guest
907Prepare for the Distinguished GuestsMTNM04_Guest
908Get the Robot Waitstaff Back to Work ( / )MTNM04_Guest
909Repair Waiter AlfredMTNM04_Guest
910Repair Waiter BernardMTNM04_Guest
911Repair Waiter CliffordMTNM04_Guest
912Repair Waiter DesmondMTNM04_Guest
913Repair Waiter ElwoodMTNM04_Guest
914Gather Place Settings and CenterpiecesMTNM04_Guest
915Find and Set Place Settings ( / )MTNM04_Guest
916Find and Set Centerpieces ( / )MTNM04_Guest
917I installed the signal repeater for Rose and diverted power to it. Her broadcast is now coming in loud and clear. She wants me to come see her at the Top of the World.MTNS01_Intro
918Tune Into Top of the World Radio SignalMTNS01_Intro
919Go to the Top of the WorldMTNS01_Intro
920Find the Signal Repeater SchematicMTNS01_Intro
921Read the Signal Repeater NotesMTNS01_Intro
922Search for an RCX01-A39 DuplexerMTNS01_Intro
923Search for Radio Parts at the Investigator's CabinMTNS01_Intro
924Search for an SMU-97 TransponderMTNS01_Intro
925Construct the Signal Repeater at Any Tinker's WorkbenchMTNS01_Intro
926Go to the National Isolated Radio ArrayMTNS01_Intro
927Install the Signal RepeaterMTNS01_Intro
928Divert Power to the RepeaterMTNS01_Intro
929Curse of the CannibalMTNS02_Curse_CUT_FlaggedToNotExportInScript
930One Violent NightMTNS04_Misc
931The Sons of Dane Paramilitary Compound was besieged by a beast they call the Nightstalker every night, until it wiped them all out. We attracted it to this location by playing loud and discordant music. Now we have to kill it.MTNS04_Night
933Make Raucous Music in the Beer Hall to Attract the NightstalkerMTNS04_Night
934Kill the NightstalkerMTNS04_Night
935I have collected all the data I need. I should return the holotape to Dr. Harrison's terminal so it can process and store the information.MTNS05_Voices
936Investigate the HouseMTNS05_Voices
937Begin Vox Interpreter Data Collection ExerciseMTNS05_Voices
938Load the Vox Interpreter Holotape Into Pip-BoyMTNS05_Voices
939Take the Vox SyringerMTNS05_Voices
940Shoot Target with a Vox Dart: MTNS05_Voices
941Collect Vox DataMTNS05_Voices
942Shoot Target with a Vox Dart: MTNS05_Voices
943Collect Vox DataMTNS05_Voices
944Shoot Target with a Vox Dart: MTNS05_Voices
945Collect Vox DataMTNS05_Voices
946Get back within range of the MTNS05_Voices
947Get back within range of the MTNS05_Voices
948Get back within range of the MTNS05_Voices
949Return the Vox SyringerMTNS05_Voices
950The extractors pulled up and processed Uranium into something usable.MTNS06_Uranium
951Speak with the Blackwater Auto-ForemanMTNS06_Uranium
952Initiate the Extraction ProcessMTNS06_Uranium
953Protect the Extractors as they Extract UraniumMTNS06_Uranium
954Repair Extractor AlphaMTNS06_Uranium
955Repair Extractor BravoMTNS06_Uranium
956Repair Extractor CharlieMTNS06_Uranium
957Protect Uranium Extractors while they collect valuable nuclear materialMTNS06_Uranium_Misc
958I've found a mysterious black box. I've been conscripted to bring the box to the drop-off location. If I do, I'll be rewarded.MTNZ03_Box
959Retrieve the black box from the enemy agent and deliver it to the designated transceiver.MTNZ03_Box_Hunter
960The uplink is damaged. I need to take it to the Free States Bunker. They made it, so hopefully I can find out how to fix it there.MTN_MQ_Missing
961Follow Madigan's TrailMTN_MQ_Missing
962Complete Rose's Quests to Gain Her TrustMTN_MQ_Missing
963Retrieve the UplinkMTN_MQ_Missing
964Craft the required precursors and drop them in the appropriate mine fire.MTR01_Flame_CUT_FlaggedToNotExport
965Craft or at a Chemistry WorkbenchMTR01_Flame_CUT_FlaggedToNotExport
966Drop into the mine fire at MTR01_Flame_CUT_FlaggedToNotExport
967Drop into the mine fire at MTR01_Flame_CUT_FlaggedToNotExport
968Craft or at a Chemistry WorkbenchMTR01_Flame_CUT_FlaggedToNotExport
969Drop into the mine fire at MTR01_Flame_CUT_FlaggedToNotExport
970Drop into the mine fire at MTR01_Flame_CUT_FlaggedToNotExport
971Gain clearance to utilize the Hornwright Air Purifier systems.MTR01_Intro
972Find the schematics for the "Ignition Core"MTR01_Intro
973Construct an Ignition CoreMTR01_Intro
974Insert the Ignition Core into the experimental reactorMTR01_Intro
975Run the decryption systemMTR01_Intro
976Access Dominick's terminalMTR01_Intro
977Where There's Smoke Misc QuestMTR01_Misc
978Find a way to access the Hornwright air purifiersMTR01_Misc
979I've successfully registered the Excavator Power Armor with Garrahan's Mainframe. With the suit's mining capabilities unlocked, I should now be able to mine ore much more efficiently.MTR02_Miner
980Discover Garrahan Mining's InnovationMTR02_Miner
981Investigate Garrahan Mining's HeadquartersMTR02_Miner
982Consult the Project Manager's TerminalMTR02_Miner
983Build Excavator Power Armor Left and Right ArmsMTR02_Miner
984Build Excavator Power Armor Left and Right LegsMTR02_Miner
985Build Excavator Power Armor HelmetMTR02_Miner
986Build Excavator Power Armor TorsoMTR02_Miner
987Well I managed to do it but I don't feel awesome. I did get tokens though, so hooray!MTR04_Chow
988Go to The Chow LineMTR04_Chow
989Listen to ZoeMTR04_Chow
990Grab a Paper Towel to BeginMTR04_Chow
991Eat Hotdogs (/)MTR04_Chow
992Put on Camden Park UniformMTR04_Chow
993That was fun! I won some tokens.MTR04_Dross
994Go to the Dross TossMTR04_Dross
995Listen to ZachMTR04_Dross
996Grab Dross to BeginMTR04_Dross
997Toss Dross into ContainerMTR04_Dross
998Put on Camden Park UniformMTR04_Dross
999The boss wasn't very happy with me but I have tokens and now I know where to spend them.MTR04_Employee
1000Go to Camden ParkMTR04_Employee
1001Go to the Camden Park Main EntranceMTR04_Employee
1002Report for your ShiftMTR04_Employee
1003Put on your UniformMTR04_Employee
1004Clock in for your ShiftMTR04_Employee
1005Calibrate Mr. Fuzzy's Games (/3)MTR04_Employee
1006Visit the Company StoreMTR04_Employee
1007Talk to the BossMTR04_Employee
1008I managed to get everything done before the time expired and the bot here game me some tokens.MTR04_Lucky
1009Go to the Lucky MuckerMTR04_Lucky
1010Listen to ZekeMTR04_Lucky
1011Grab a Coal Bucket to BeginMTR04_Lucky
1012Deposit Coal in the Carts (/)MTR04_Lucky
1013Return to ZekeMTR04_Lucky
1014Put on Camden Park UniformMTR04_Lucky
1015It appears the Motherlode left me a thank you present for helping to repair it and said it would be in contact in the future. Friendliest drill I've ever met.MTR05_Mother
1016Explore Hornwright Industrial HQMTR05_Mother
1017Search Penny's office for info about the "Motherlode"MTR05_Mother
1018Find a way to acquire an ID to access the upper floorsMTR05_Mother
1019Find a way to impersonate a Senior ExecutiveMTR05_Mother
1020Find a Senior Executive resumeMTR05_Mother
1021Search the company archives for an Executive ResumeMTR05_Mother
1022Pass the Hornwright Senior Executive ExamMTR05_Mother
1023(Optional) Find the answers for the Senior Executive ExamMTR05_Mother
1024(Optional) Collect the exam answers from Tech SupportMTR05_Mother
1025Deposit the resume in the receptacleMTR05_Mother
1026Return to the hiring system for your resultsMTR05_Mother
1027Collect your Senior Executive IDMTR05_Mother
1028Explore the building's upper floor for info on the "Motherlode"MTR05_Mother
1029Search the lab for infomation on where to find a Repair BeaconMTR05_Mother
1030Requisition the repair beacon - Code 36984MTR05_Mother
1031Collect the repair beaconMTR05_Mother
1032Deploy the repair beaconMTR05_Mother
1033Last chance to collect materials from the machine!MTR05_Mother_Breach
1034Clear the area of hostilesMTR05_Mother_Breach
1035Retreat to a safe distance!MTR05_Mother_Breach
1036Harvest materials from containers (/ unsealed)MTR05_Mother_Breach
1037Time to next unsealingMTR05_Mother_Breach
1038Madigan believes he found a "game-changer" in the fight against the Scorched. He last checked in from the "Top of the World." Looks like I should probably head there next.MTR06_Brigade
1039Explore the Charleston Fire DepartmentMTR06_Brigade
1040Join the "Fire Breathers"MTR06_Brigade
1041Pass the Knowledge ExamMTR06_Brigade
1042(Optional) Search the station for Knowledge Exam study materialsMTR06_Brigade
1043Complete the Physical ExamMTR06_Brigade
1044Initiate the final examMTR06_Brigade
1045Head to the final exam siteMTR06_Brigade
1046Collect your kitMTR06_Brigade
1047Listen to the "Fire Breathers Final Exam Briefing" holotapeMTR06_Brigade
1048Activate the emergency beaconMTR06_Brigade
1049Return to BernieMTR06_Brigade
1050Register with the Fire Breather's computer systemMTR06_Brigade
1051Remain in near the starting areaMTR06_PhysicalExam
1052Go go go!MTR06_PhysicalExam
1053The Ignition Cores in the Rockhound Excavator's reactors have been depleted. If I want it to extract more ore from the ground, the Ignition Cores will need to be fully replaced.MTR07_Earth
1054Find or Build Ignition Cores (/)MTR07_Earth
1055Install Ignition Cores (/)MTR07_Earth
1056Activate the Rockhound ExcavatorMTR07_Earth
1057Keep the Rockhound Excavator operational to collect oreMTR07_Earth
1058Earth Mover PointerMTR07_EarthMisc
1059The roof on this place is about to go! We need to get out of here fast!MTR08_Lode
1060Reopen the mineMTR08_Lode
1061Harvest the mine for minerals and scrap before it collapsesMTR08_Lode
1062Repair MTR08_Lode
1063Keep running to earn Claim TokensMTR08_Lode
1064Repair MTR08_Lode
1065Keep running to earn Claim TokensMTR08_Lode
1066Repair MTR08_Lode
1067Keep running to earn Claim TokensMTR08_Lode
1068I can visit a Token Exchange Terminal to spend the Claim Tokens I collected from the mines.MTR08_Lode_Token_Misc
1069Master Quest for MTR08 - Lode BaringMTR08_Master
1070After fighting a pre-war Security Robot, I found the bunker it came from and helped myself to some of the materials inside.MTR10_Battle
1071Engage the Security RobotMTR10_Battle
1072Follow the Security Robot to its BunkerMTR10_Battle
1073Retrieve Bunker Keycard AlphaMTR10_Battle
1074Retrieve Bunker Keycard BetaMTR10_Battle
1075Activate Access Keypad AlphaMTR10_Battle
1076Activate Access Keypad BetaMTR10_Battle
1077Activate the Other KeypadMTR10_Battle
1078Prevent Libby O'Brien's Mine from Burning UpMTR11_Delve
1079Speak with Libby O'Brien when ReadyMTR11_Delve
1080Libby O'Brien is down! Repair her!MTR11_Delve
1081Repair O'Brien! Hurry!MTR11_Delve
1082Control Panel Repair Status (%)MTR11_Delve
1083Control Panel Repair Status (%)MTR11_Delve
1084Control Panel Repair Status (%)MTR11_Delve
1085Defeat the DeathclawMTR11_Delve
1086(Optional) Find Hidden Kobolds (/)MTR11_Delve
1087(Optional) Reboot Auto-Miners (/)MTR11_Delve
1088Escape from a Fiery Death!MTR11_Delve
1089Welch Misc QuestMTR15_WelchMisc
1090I found the valuables belonging to one of the miners who lived in this area before the war.MTRZ01_Lost
1091Track down long-truant "miners" and attach the "Work-a-Day" system's demerit devices to them.MTRz02_Demerits
1092Attach "Demerit Devices" to your targets (/)MTRz02_Demerits
1093Mine Games Misc QuestMTRz02_Misc
1094Approach the "Work-a-Day" stationMTRz02_Misc
1095I've successfully mined the site indicated on the "U-Mine-It!" Machine's map.MTRZ05_Lucky
1096Vertibot with launch cardNuke_LaunchCardPatrol
1097The Overseer's former fiance, Evan, has succumbed to the Scorched infection.OverseerPersonal
1098Listen to Overseer's Journal, Entry 1OverseerPersonal
1099Find the next journal in SuttonOverseerPersonal
1100Listen to Overseer's Journal, Entry 2OverseerPersonal
1101Find the next journal in Morgantown High SchoolOverseerPersonal
1102Listen to Overseer's Journal, Entry 3OverseerPersonal
1103Find the next journal in Vault-Tec UniversityOverseerPersonal
1104Listen to Overseer's Journal, Entry 4OverseerPersonal
1105Find the next journal in WelchOverseerPersonal
1106Listen to Overseer's Journal, Entry 5OverseerPersonal
1107Find the next journal in Mount BlairOverseerPersonal
1108Listen to Overseer's Journal, Entry 6OverseerPersonal
1109Take the KeycardOverseerPersonal
1110Search Vault-Tec AgriculturalOverseerPersonal_MiscStart
1111I successfully made Nukashine! I should give it to Biv so he can complete his quality test.P01A_Nukashine
1112Read the posterP01A_Nukashine
1113Attend the fraternity partyP01A_Nukashine
1114Investigate what the partygoers were drinkingP01A_Nukashine
1115Drink a bottle of NukashineP01A_Nukashine
1116Experience the effects of NukashineP01A_Nukashine
1117(Optional) Clear out the party crashers!P01A_Nukashine
1118Read the Nukashine Label in your inventoryP01A_Nukashine
1119Solve the riddleP01A_Nukashine
1120At our Alma Mater stands a boy, gray & coldP01A_Nukashine
1121The steps behind him are the first thresholdP01A_Nukashine
1122Around the right corner, study the streetP01A_Nukashine
1123Just to the left is the place that we meetP01A_Nukashine
1124There you can stain your skin with inkP01A_Nukashine
1125But find the back door & we'll get you a drinkP01A_Nukashine
1126Search for information about NukashineP01A_Nukashine
1127Read the Nukashine Ingredients list in your inventoryP01A_Nukashine
1128Find out Nukashine's missing ingredientP01A_Nukashine
1129Find the supply room passwordP01A_Nukashine
1130Open the supply roomP01A_Nukashine
1131Gather the ingredients for NukashineP01A_Nukashine
1132Gather Nuclear Material (/3)P01A_Nukashine
1133Gather Wood (/5)P01A_Nukashine
1134Gather Boiled Water (/2)P01A_Nukashine
1135Harvest Corn (/5)P01A_Nukashine
1136Harvest Razorgrain (/5)P01A_Nukashine
1137Collect Nuka-Cola Quantum (/1)P01A_Nukashine
1138Craft Nukashine at a Brewing StationP01A_Nukashine
1139Wait for Nukashine to fermentP01A_Nukashine
1140(Optional) Find a way to speed up the processP01A_Nukashine
1141(Optional) Use the Flash-Fermenter to speed up the processP01A_Nukashine
1142Give Nukashine to BivP01A_Nukashine
1143I've found the source of activity - several robot fabricators and an Assaultron in the pump room. I should take care of the threat and defeat the Assaultron.P01B_Burrows
1144Listen to the 'Burrows Mission Brief' HolotapeP01B_Burrows
1145Go to the Pump Station through The BurrowsP01B_Burrows
1146Get past the Old Tunnel GateP01B_Burrows
1147Search for a key to the Old Tunnel GateP01B_Burrows
1148Get past the Pump Station DoorP01B_Burrows
1149Turn the Release Valve to restore Pump Station Door ControlP01B_Burrows
1150Investigate the Pump Station for the source of activityP01B_Burrows
1151Defeat the Security AssaultronP01B_Burrows
1152I've retrieved the security code by placing the strange bone into a mounted wolf head. I can now use the security code on the terminal in Calvin's office to find out more about what he was up to.P01B_Lying_01
1153Go to Van Lowe TaxidermyP01B_Lying_01
1154Retrieve a Holotape from the boxP01B_Lying_01
1155Listen to Wanted: Sheepsquatch from your inventoryP01B_Lying_01
1156Go to Calvin van Lowe's officeP01B_Lying_01
1157Search the office terminal for cluesP01B_Lying_01
1158Find Calvin's security codeP01B_Lying_01
1159Find the letter to WolfP01B_Lying_01
1160Investigate the display caseP01B_Lying_01
1161Find a use for the strange boneP01B_Lying_01
1162Read Calvin's Security CodeP01B_Lying_01
1163Access the Research section of Calvin's terminalP01B_Lying_01
1164Find where Calvin went nextP01B_Lying_01
1165It seems Calvin was killed or injured during a failed reprogramming session. I should try to find out where Wolf went next; I'm sure his investigation didn't stop here.P01B_Lying_02
1166Find the patrol carP01B_Lying_02
1167Search the patrol car for cluesP01B_Lying_02
1168Listen to the "Klein's Notes" HolotapeP01B_Lying_02
1169Search near the house with a "flamingo out front"P01B_Lying_02
1170Examine the sceneP01B_Lying_02
1171Read "Wolf Check-in #64"P01B_Lying_02
1172Find the ID card and further instructionsP01B_Lying_02
1173Go to Van Lowe TaxidermyP01B_Lying_02
1174Discover the secret of Van Lowe's basementP01B_Lying_02
1175Enter the secret roomP01B_Lying_02
1176Search the secret room for cluesP01B_Lying_02
1177Find the password to the Assembly TerminalP01B_Lying_02
1178Search the terminal for signs of CalvinP01B_Lying_02
1179Listen to "Behavioral Reprogramming"P01B_Lying_02
1180Search the terminal to find where Wolf went nextP01B_Lying_02
1181(Optional) Listen to Klein's second recordingP01B_Lying_02
1182One of Lowe's C.L.U.E. case files referred to sightings of a white creature near the Thomas family farm. I learned that Farmer Thomas had accidentally created the mutant albino creatures when, in an effort to cure his sick dog, he added his the dog's medication to the farm's aerosolizer.P01B_Mini_Albino01
1183Search for clues at the Thomas farm (/)P01B_Mini_Albino01
1184Pick up the Chemical Testing KitP01B_Mini_Albino01
1185Collect a chemical sample from the AerosolizerP01B_Mini_Albino01
1186Analyze the chemical sampleP01B_Mini_Albino01
1187I've found the final note left behind by Scoot. I seems he may have lost his mind. When I picked up the note, a strange creature attacked me.P01B_Mini_Random01
1188Find Scoot's shackP01B_Mini_Random01
1189Check Scoot's terminal to see where he wentP01B_Mini_Random01
1190Solve the passphrase to Scoot's researchP01B_Mini_Random01
1191Read Scoot's researchP01B_Mini_Random01
1192Find out where Scoot went most recentlyP01B_Mini_Random01
1193Find the sunken churchP01B_Mini_Random01
1194Enter the sunken churchP01B_Mini_Random01
1195Search the sunken church for signs of ScootP01B_Mini_Random01
1196Kill the creatureP01B_Mini_Random01
1197(Optional) Read "Letter to L" for cluesP01B_Mini_Random01
1198An zoologist named Dr. Frank experimented on bears, somehow creature that was part bear and part cow. It escaped and killed some hikers, leaving behind strange evidence that confused local authorities. Dr. Frank tracked the creature, which had named Fluffy, to a den where it killed him. By all appearances Fluffy survived for more years after the radiation made him more like a Yao Guai. Eventually he was killed by a settler with a crossbow.P01B_Mini_Random02
1199Search the police station in Monongah for clues (/)P01B_Mini_Random02
1200Search around the lake for clues (/)P01B_Mini_Random02
1201Track the animal by searching the stream for signsP01B_Mini_Random02
1202Janelle and Raymond are dead. They were shredded by the original "Beast of Beckley" probably, but I've taken care of its descendents at least.P01B_Mini_Random03
1203Go to Priblo's CuriosP01B_Mini_Random03
1204Search Priblos' Curios for directions to the hunting campP01B_Mini_Random03
1205Go to the delivery siteP01B_Mini_Random03
1206Find Janelle's hunting campP01B_Mini_Random03
1207Investigate the area around the campP01B_Mini_Random03
1208Locate JanelleP01B_Mini_Random03
1209Locate RaymondP01B_Mini_Random03
1210Search for the caveP01B_Mini_Random03
1211My investigation into the two dead girls at the picnic site has revealed a tragic tale. Chelsea came from money, but Mary's family were poor. Despite coming from different worlds, they became friends. Chelsea would regularly cheat at all their games, refusing to believe that a girl like Mary could be allowed to win. Mary confronted her and Chelsea must have revealed her true, elitist feelings. Mary snapped and drowned Chelsea and then took her own life.P01B_Mini_Random04
1212Investigate the Picnic site for clues (/)P01B_Mini_Random04
1213Look for clues at the Wesley's House (/)P01B_Mini_Random04
1214Wolf went to investigate Bo Peep's disappearance and sent a message to his handlers that he'd leave more information in a dead drop in Lewisburg.P01B_Mini_Robot01
1215Investigate Bastion ParkP01B_Mini_Robot01
1216(Optional) Find all clues in the park (/)P01B_Mini_Robot01
1217Investigate Sal's GrindersP01B_Mini_Robot01
1218(Optional) Find traces of Wolf (/)P01B_Mini_Robot01
1219Michael and Cindy each had special plans for the camping trip. Find out what went wrong.P01B_Mini_Squatch01
1220Investigate the campsiteP01B_Mini_Squatch01
1221I've recovered a keycard that will activate the rogue Assaultron's recall code. This should let me lure it into a trap and, with luck, destroy it.P01B_Wolf
1222Enter the Garrahan EstateP01B_Wolf
1223(Optional) Read the elevator maintenance noteP01B_Wolf
1224Search for an estate keycardP01B_Wolf
1225Search for traces of WolfP01B_Wolf
1226I found a Bysshe robotics terminal in a cabin in the hills northwest of Lewisburg, along with some machines Wolf got from Allen Garrahan. I may be able to use the keycard Wolf left behind to recall the rogue Assaultron.P01B_Wolf_Misc
1227Search for Wolf's trap siteP01B_Wolf_Misc
1228Now that I've repaired the tourist's camera, I should visit each location listed on their bucket list and take a photograph.P01C_Bucket
1229Craft a Camera at a Weapons WorkbenchP01C_Bucket
1230Craft a Camera at a Tinker's WorkbenchP01C_Bucket
1231Complete the Tourist's Bucket List (/7)P01C_Bucket
1232Photograph the Harpers Ferry Armory courtyardP01C_Bucket
1233Photograph the Freddy Fear's storefrontP01C_Bucket
1234Photograph the logo of the Red Rocket signP01C_Bucket
1235Photograph the front of the Pumpkin HouseP01C_Bucket
1236Photograph the front of the Dolly Sods cabinP01C_Bucket
1237Photograph the Valley Galleria skylightP01C_Bucket
1238I should check out this suspicious person that's being reported.P01C_Bucket_MiscPointer
1239I'm now a proud Possum!P01C_Tadpole
1240Go to Camp LewisP01C_Tadpole
1241Find the Source of the NoisesP01C_Tadpole
1242Listen to Scout Leader JaggyP01C_Tadpole
1243Demonstrate Pioneer Scout Values (/4)P01C_Tadpole
1244Kindness: Revive an AllyP01C_Tadpole
1245Helpfulness: Clean Up Kiddie Corner CabinsP01C_Tadpole
1246Bravery: Control Pests at Dolly SodsP01C_Tadpole
1247Growth: Earn Scout World Challenge Badges (/3)P01C_Tadpole
1248The concept of love can be confusing, especially when you're heartless.P01E_Heart_FlaggedToNotExport
1249Search the hills by the Bailey Family CabinP01E_Heart_FlaggedToNotExport
1250Investigate the SlaughterP01E_Heart_FlaggedToNotExport
1251Examine the Carcass (optional)P01E_Heart_FlaggedToNotExport
1252Collect "Quality" Hearts (/5)P01E_Heart_FlaggedToNotExport
1254Collect Romantic Gifts (/4)P01E_Heart_FlaggedToNotExport
1255- Rad BouquetP01E_Heart_FlaggedToNotExport
1256- Fine PerfumeP01E_Heart_FlaggedToNotExport
1257- Romantic CandyP01E_Heart_FlaggedToNotExport
1258- Fancy BoozeP01E_Heart_FlaggedToNotExport
1259Present Val with HeartsP01E_Heart_FlaggedToNotExport
1260I did it!P01L_McCrearyTimedObjective
1261Inspect the nearby intercomP01L_McCrearyTimedObjective
1262Find out who was talkingP01L_McCrearyTimedObjective
1263Pick up the Motivational CollarP01L_McCrearyTimedObjective
1264Equip the Motivational CollarP01L_McCrearyTimedObjective
1265Find the door's key codesP01L_McCrearyTimedObjective
1266Enter code into keypadP01L_McCrearyTimedObjective
1267I screwed up the time limit for the bomb defusal test. Luckily the bomb threat wasn't real.P01T_MarshallTest
1268Inspect the intercomP01T_MarshallTest
1270Speak to Dr. LadekP02L_McCreary_FetchQuest
1271Find testing supplies (/3)P02L_McCreary_FetchQuest
1272Find Toxic WaterP02L_McCreary_FetchQuest
1273Find BonesawP02L_McCreary_FetchQuest
1274Find BlowtorchP02L_McCreary_FetchQuest
1275I put Ernesto's manuscript pages in the "mail".P02T_MarshallFetchQuest
1276Speak with ErnestoP02T_MarshallFetchQuest
1277Gather Ernesto's manuscript pages (/3)P02T_MarshallFetchQuest
1278I have assisted Dr. Ladek with all the tasks he needed completed. Hopefully I don't end up in that disposal room...P03L_McCreary_Scenes
1279Complete the tasks (/4)P03L_McCreary_Scenes
1280Kill the Test SubjectP03L_McCreary_Scenes
1281Listen to HolotapeP03L_McCreary_Scenes
1282Craft a MacheteP03L_McCreary_Scenes
1283I've completed Svetlana's training course and become a double agent... for some resaon.P03T_MarshallSceneQuest
1284Complete Svetlana's tasks (/4)P03T_MarshallSceneQuest
1285Flip circuit breakerP03T_MarshallSceneQuest
1286Craft a Pipe PistolP03T_MarshallSceneQuest
1287Listen to the Mission Briefing HolotapeP03T_MarshallSceneQuest
1288Find the hacker's holotapePOI061_HouseOfScares
1289We were able to repair and restart , which is now supplying power to the region.PowerPlantEvent
1290Repair PowerPlantEvent
1291Make basic repairs to the Reactor SystemPowerPlantEvent
1292Make basic repairs to the Generator SystemPowerPlantEvent
1293Make basic repairs to the Cooling SystemPowerPlantEvent
1294(Optional) Finish repairs to PowerPlantEvent
1295(Optional) Fully repair the Reactor SystemPowerPlantEvent
1296(Optional) Fully repair the Generator SystemPowerPlantEvent
1297(Optional) Fully repair the Cooling SystemPowerPlantEvent
1299Try Again!QP_Babylon_Child
1300A nuclear strike is inbound! I need to make sure I'm out of range before it hits!QP_Babylon_FleeBlast
1307Enemy Team /QP_PvP_TDM_Child
1308Incoming Air DropQP_PvP_TDM_Child
1311Quickplay: Assault QP_WorkbenchAssault_Child_Attacker01
1312Capture the workshopQP_WorkbenchAssault_Child_Attacker01
1313Under Attack!QP_WorkbenchAssault_Child_Defender01
1314Defend the WorkshopQP_WorkbenchAssault_Child_Defender01
1315End QuestQP_WorkbenchAssault_Master01
1316Find Loot CacheRelayTowerLootCacheQuest
1317Generating ResourcesResourceGeneratorQuest
1318Defend Resource GeneratorResourceGeneratorQuest
1319Deathclaw vs. Super MutantsRE_AssaultMP02
1320Suitcase MysteryRE_ObjectMP11_GQ
1321Mistress of Mystery CorpseRE_ObjectSC01_MoM
1322Mechanical BluesRE_SceneDRE02_CUT
1323Harvest the Depressed RobobrainRE_SceneDRE02_CUT
1324First DateRE_SceneDRE05GQ_CUT
1325Follow Jesse To Picnic AreaRE_SceneDRE05GQ_CUT
1326Clear Bloatflies from Picnic AreaRE_SceneDRE05GQ_CUT
1327Collect Bloatfly Meat (/)RE_SceneDRE05GQ_CUT
1328Create Charred Bloatfly at Cooking StationRE_SceneDRE05GQ_CUT
1329Eat Charred BloatflyRE_SceneDRE05GQ_CUT
1330Follow Jesse to BarRE_SceneDRE05GQ_CUT
1331Collect Refreshing Beverage from Chemistry StationRE_SceneDRE05GQ_CUT
1332Drink Refreshing BeverageRE_SceneDRE05GQ_CUT
1333Note to dungeonRE_SceneKMK01_GQ
1334Random air dropRE_SceneKMK02_GQ
1335Help Rachel study the wildlife of Appalachia.RE_SceneKMK07_GQ
1336Story time with Miss NannyRE_ScenePS02
1337Dead ResponderRE_SceneTS01_GQ
1338Revenge For a SettlerRE_SceneTS02_GQ
1339[Disabled Protectron]RE_SceneTS06
1340Tameable animalRE_Scene_AnimalTaming01
1341Tameable animalRE_Scene_AnimalTaming02
1342Tameable animalRE_Scene_AnimalTaming03
1343The Mr. Messenger robot has more or less safely arrived at its destination. It still seems rather confused, though.RE_Scene_MTNZ05_Messenger
1344Speak with Mr. MessengerRE_Scene_MTNZ05_Messenger
1345Get the and Fix Mr. MessengerRE_Scene_MTNZ05_Messenger
1346After leaving Vault 76, I set out for the nearby town of Flatwoods to look for the Overseer. I found evidence of a group called the Responders that was helping the people in the region to survive, and I registered as a Volunteer to access their systems.RS01A_Contact
1347Track down the OverseerRS01A_Contact
1348Find the Overseer's C.A.M.P.RS01A_Contact
1349Listen to Overseer's Log - C.A.M.P.RS01A_Contact
1350Find the Overseer in FlatwoodsRS01A_Contact
1351(Optional) Tune Pip-Boy radio to the Responders' SignalRS01A_Contact
1352Listen to Overseer's Log - FlatwoodsRS01A_Contact
1353While exploring the old Responder base at Morgantown Airport, I found a holotape with a recording made by the Overseer. She suggested checking out a nearby terminal to learn about the Responders inoculation project.RS01B_Contact
1354Investigate Morgantown AirportRS01B_Contact
1355Learn the fate of the RespondersRS01B_Contact
1356Listen to Overseer's Log - MorgantownRS01B_Contact
1357We failed to protect the Responder robot Steelheart while he carried out his patrol of the Morgantown streets, and now the old robot is just a pile of scrap.RS02_Beat
1358Activate SteelheartRS02_Beat
1359Escort Steelheart to the first safe roomRS02_Beat
1360Protect Steelheart while he tests the alarmRS02_Beat
1361Escort Steelheart to the second safe roomRS02_Beat
1362Protect Steelheart while he tests the alarmRS02_Beat
1363Escort Steelheart to the third safe roomRS02_Beat
1364Protect Steelheart while he tests the alarmRS02_Beat
1365I learned about the Responders Inoculation Project at AVR Medical. I was able to complete the project and create the vaccine, then administer it to myself.RS03_Inoculation
1366Study Doctor Hudson's ResearchRS03_Inoculation
1367(Optional) Find a way into Greg's Mine SupplyRS03_Inoculation
1368Collect a Type-T FuseRS03_Inoculation
1369Install the Type-T FuseRS03_Inoculation
1370Collect a blood sample from a Mole RatRS03_Inoculation
1371Collect a blood sample from a Feral GhoulRS03_Inoculation
1372Collect a blood sample from a wolfRS03_Inoculation
1373Load blood samples into the centrifugeRS03_Inoculation
1374Analyze the blood samplesRS03_Inoculation
1375Synthesize the vaccineRS03_Inoculation
1376I found Flatwoods, now I just need to figure out where the Responders set up their base of operations. Probably somewhere in the middle of town to be safe.RSVP00_Quest_Vector_to_Flatwoods
1377Find the Responders Outpost in FlatwoodsRSVP00_Quest_Vector_to_Flatwoods
1378Looks like this training program tried to emphasize precautions about using unsafe water, probably due to a lot of deaths early on. I should check in with the Kiosk to see if I have Volunteer access yet.RSVP01_Quest
1379Locate Kesha McDermottRSVP01_Quest
1380(Optional) Search for her location in the systemRSVP01_Quest
1381Search for Kesha along the nearby riverRSVP01_Quest
1382Retrieve the Water Testing Kit from Kesha McDermottRSVP01_Quest
1383Test a sample of water from the riverRSVP01_Quest
1384Test a sample of water from Flatwood's Water PumpsRSVP01_Quest
1385Analyze the Water Testing Kit's results in Kesha's LabRSVP01_Quest
1386Boil water using Dirty Water and Wood fuelRSVP01_Quest
1387(Optional) Collect Dirty WaterRSVP01_Quest
1388(Optional) Harvest WoodRSVP01_Quest
1389Add Boiled Water to the Outpost's water supplyRSVP01_Quest
1390The Responder Database terminal should be in the main building - the Flatwoods Church. Now that I can access it as a Volunteer, I can hopefully discover more information about the Responders. Maybe I can even contact them.RSVP02_Quest
1391Find Delbert Winters in FlatwoodsRSVP02_Quest
1392(Optional) Search for Delbert Winters in the People DirectoryRSVP02_Quest
1393Look for Delbert Winters at his homeRSVP02_Quest
1394Search for training instructions around Delbert's houseRSVP02_Quest
1395Cook a Ribeye SteakRSVP02_Quest
1396(Optional) Get a piece of Brahmin MeatRSVP02_Quest
1397(Optional) Get some Wood for fuelRSVP02_Quest
1398Check in with the Self-Serve KioskRSVP02_Quest
1399Register for Advanced TrainingRSVP03_MiscPointer
1400Miguel's Protectron seems to have accepted the "Camp Guide Program" and now, predictably, it wants me to set up a C.A.M.P.RSVP03_Quest
1401Listen to "Volunteer Training: Camping 101"RSVP03_Quest
1402Investigate Responder Miguel's camp siteRSVP03_Quest
1403Read the Camping SyllabusRSVP03_Quest
1404Investigate the ProtectronRSVP03_Quest
1405Search Miguel's terminal for C.A.M.P. schematicsRSVP03_Quest
1406Find the "Camp Guide Program" for the ProtectronRSVP03_Quest
1407Give holotape to Miguel's protectronRSVP03_Quest
1408Deploy your C.A.M.P.RSVP03_Quest
1409Build a basic cooking fireRSVP03_Quest
1410Build a simple stash boxRSVP03_Quest
1411The Responders database has another training program for Volunteers, and this one sounds lucrative. The Responders had some good supplies at one time, maybe some of these caches are still around.RSVP04_Quest
1412Register for more Advanced Responder TrainingRSVP04_Quest
1413Listen to the holotape "Patrol 1: Training Exercise"RSVP04_Quest
1414Check for supplies at the triage centerRSVP04_Quest
1415Retrieve the next holotape from the safeRSVP04_Quest
1416Listen to "Patrol 2: Triage Center"RSVP04_Quest
1417Patrol the processing centerRSVP04_Quest
1418Get the supply cache key from Responder RockyRSVP04_Quest
1419Check the supplies in the safeRSVP04_Quest
1420Listen to "Patrol 3: Processing Center"RSVP04_Quest
1421Report to the medical centerRSVP04_Quest
1422Check the supplies in the storage chestRSVP04_Quest
1423Retrieve the next patrol recordingRSVP04_Quest
1424Listen to "Patrol 4: Medical Center"RSVP04_Quest
1425Report to the traffic control towerRSVP04_Quest
1426Look up "Resource Requests" to receive the holotapeRSVP04_Quest
1427Listen to "Patrol 5: Control Tower"RSVP04_Quest
1428Return To NormalcySF05_ReturnToNormalcy_CUT_FlaggedToNotExportInScript
1429Find Formal HatSF05_ReturnToNormalcy_CUT_FlaggedToNotExportInScript
1430Find Fashionable GlassesSF05_ReturnToNormalcy_CUT_FlaggedToNotExportInScript
1431Find Chef HatSF05_ReturnToNormalcy_CUT_FlaggedToNotExportInScript
1432Place correct clothing item on first mannequinSF05_ReturnToNormalcy_CUT_FlaggedToNotExportInScript
1433Place correct clothing item on second mannequinSF05_ReturnToNormalcy_CUT_FlaggedToNotExportInScript
1434Distress from GalleriaSF06_Radio_CUT_FlaggedToNotExportInScript
1435Respect The DeadSF06_RespectTheDead_CUT_FlaggedToNotExportInScript
1436Collect Nuka GrenadesSF06_RespectTheDead_CUT_FlaggedToNotExportInScript
1437Place Nuka Grenade on "Julian Price"SF06_RespectTheDead_CUT_FlaggedToNotExportInScript
1438Place Nuka Grenade on "Patricia Grunwald"SF06_RespectTheDead_CUT_FlaggedToNotExportInScript
1439Place Nuka Grenade on "George Wilton"SF06_RespectTheDead_CUT_FlaggedToNotExportInScript
1440Fire at "Julian Price" to detonate grenadeSF06_RespectTheDead_CUT_FlaggedToNotExportInScript
1441Fire at "Patricia Grunwald" to detonate grenadeSF06_RespectTheDead_CUT_FlaggedToNotExportInScript
1442Fire at "George Wilton" to detonate grenadeSF06_RespectTheDead_CUT_FlaggedToNotExportInScript
1443Moe Digs SafetySF07_MoeDigsSafety_CUT_FlaggedToNotExportInScript
1444Go to Tour LocationSF07_MoeDigsSafety_CUT_FlaggedToNotExportInScript
1445I found another holotape on a body. I should listen to it and see if it holds any clues about what happened here.SFL02_Track
1446Investigate Harpers FerrySFL02_Track
1447Investigate the area where Duncan's hunting party was last known.SFL02_Track
1448Listen to Hardball's request for help.SFL02_Track
1449Search Harpers Ferry or the Valley Galleria Electronic Store for a signal booster.SFL02_Track
1450Summon a Cargobot at the Survival Training Center.SFL02_Track
1451Wait for the Cargobot to arrive at the landing pad.SFL02_Track
1452Attach the signal booster to the vertibot.SFL02_Track
1453Wait for your Pip-Boy to pick up the Free States radio signal.SFL02_Track
1454Wait for the signalSFL02_Track
1455Tune into the distress beacon signal and track it to its source.SFL02_Track
1456Search the immediate area for signs of where Duncan's hunting party may have went.SFL02_Track
1457Use your Pip-Boy to listen to the holotapes you've found.SFL02_Track
1458Listen to Nari's holotapeSFL02_Track
1459Take Nari's ID cardSFL02_Track
1460(Optional) Find Nari's hazmat suitSFL02_Track
1461Use the code to enter the Dyer Chemical sewers.SFL02_Track
1462Search the sewers to discover the fate of Duncan's hunting party.SFL02_Track
1463I should listen to Lucy's holotape.SFL02_Track
1464Find the terminal that controls the water pumps at Crevasse Dam.SFM01_Glow_CUT_FlaggedToNotExplort
1465Find the ingredients at Dyer Chemical to make a solution that will neutralize the river.SFM01_Glow_CUT_FlaggedToNotExplort
1466Eliminate glowing creatures in the Swamp Forest to reduce the threat.SFM01_Glow_CUT_FlaggedToNotExplort
1467Find and eliminate the Glowing Queen.SFM01_Glow_CUT_FlaggedToNotExplort
1468I found a bunker in the Mire. I should see if there's anything of interest inside.SFM04_Organic
1469Search the Swamp for Ella Ames' research.SFM04_Organic
1470Use Ella Ames' holotape to read up on her Stranger Pod research.SFM04_Organic
1471Search Dyer Chemical for the ingredients needed to make a fertilizer.SFM04_Organic
1472Install the tracking station to locate the bone meal.SFM04_Organic
1473Tune into the tracking station to locate the bone meal.SFM04_Organic
1474(Optional) Listen to the Radiation Signature Tracker radio stationSFM04_Organic
1475Collect nitrogenSFM04_Organic
1476Collect phosphorousSFM04_Organic
1477Use the mixing station at Dyer Chemical to create the fertilizer.SFM04_Organic
1478Deposit the chemicalsSFM04_Organic
1479Deposit the bone mealSFM04_Organic
1480Use the mixing station to flush the fertilizer into the river.SFM04_Organic
1481Search the Swamp for Strangler Blooms.SFM04_Organic
1482Find a Chems Workbench to create Radshield and prove Ella's research works.SFM04_Organic
1483The last entry mentioned creatures that were trying to destroy the distillers. I need to defend them while they are working.SFS01_Brew_CUT_FlaggedToNotExportInScript
1484Add mash to distiller boilersSFS01_Brew_CUT_FlaggedToNotExportInScript
1485Start the generatorSFS01_Brew_CUT_FlaggedToNotExportInScript
1486Fend off attackersSFS01_Brew_CUT_FlaggedToNotExportInScript
1487I have completed the task that Chloe gave me. I should return to her in Berkeley Springs and let her know.SFS02_Play
1488Investigate Berkeley SpringsSFS02_Play
1489Talk to ChloeSFS02_Play
1490Collect Gulper Innards (/)SFS02_Play
1491Collect Mirelurk Meat (/)SFS02_Play
1492Collect Angler Meat (/)SFS02_Play
1493Collect flowers (/)SFS02_Play
1494Attend the play dateSFS02_Play
1495Survive your play dateSFS02_Play
1496Retrieve toys (/)SFS02_Play
1497While attempting to destroy the Strangler Heart, it managed to call a vine-infested Grafton Monster to its aid. I need to destroy both the Heart and the Strangler Grafton Monster to put an end to this.SFS08_Heart
1498Strangler Heart HealthSFS08_Heart
1499Find the Strangler HeartSFS08_Heart
1500Destroy the Strangler HeartSFS08_Heart
1501Kill the Strangler creaturesSFS08_Heart
1502The Strangler Heart has summoned a Mirelurk Queen.SFS08_Heart
1503The Strangler Heart has summoned a Grafton Monster.SFS08_Heart
1504A creature has been attracted to each habitat - and they're friendly! Unfortunately, the other creatures in the chasm are not. In order to keep the experiment running, I must defend my new friends from these predators.SFS09_Habitat
1505Initialize the experimentSFS09_Habitat
1506Fill the feeding troughsSFS09_Habitat
1507Venison in Habitat A: - Rating: /SFS09_Habitat
1508(FULL) Venison in Habitat A: - Rating: /SFS09_Habitat
1509Sludge in Habitat B: - Rating: /SFS09_Habitat
1510(FULL) Sludge in Habitat B: - Rating: /SFS09_Habitat
1511Radkelp in Habitat C: - Rating: /SFS09_Habitat
1512(FULL) Radkelp in Habitat C: - Rating: /SFS09_Habitat
1513Final call for trough materials!SFS09_Habitat
1514Meet the friendly animalsSFS09_Habitat
1515Defend your animals from predators (Wave 1/3)SFS09_Habitat
1516Prepare for the next waveSFS09_Habitat
1517Defend your animals from predators (Wave 2/3)SFS09_Habitat
1518Prepare to fight the alphaSFS09_Habitat
1519Defend your animals from the alpha predator (Final Wave)SFS09_Habitat
1520 - Rank SFS09_Habitat
1521 - Rank SFS09_Habitat
1522 - Rank SFS09_Habitat
1523Friendly Animals Alive: /3SFS09_Habitat
1524Venison to next rank: SFS09_Habitat
1525Sludge to next rank: SFS09_Habitat
1526[Shut Down ARIC-4]SFS09_Habitat_Misc
1527Retrieve ARIC-4's shutdown codeSFS09_Habitat_Misc
1528[Misc Pointer to Lab]SFS09_Habitat_MiscPointer
1529Now that I've killed the cryptid and extracted a sample, I can take it back to Shelby's homemade lab in her shack and see what sort of results I can get.SFZ03_Queen
1530Investigate the shackSFZ03_Queen
1531Investigate SFZ03_Queen
1532Investigate SFZ03_Queen
1533Investigate SFZ03_Queen
1534Kill the cryptidSFZ03_Queen
1535Extract the tissue sampleSFZ03_Queen
1536Deposit the tissue sampleSFZ03_Queen
1537Now that I have all of the Red Rocket Cores, I need to return to the Red Rocket Mega Stop and deposit them in the recycling bin.SFZ04_Waste
1538Investigate the Red Rocket Mega StopSFZ04_Waste
1539Recover Red Rocket Cores (/)SFZ04_Waste
1540I found a Mr. Handy named Beckham who is trying to collect honey, but has a fear of bees. He's asked me to protect him as he harvests the hives in the area.SFZ08_Fear
1541Talk to BeckhamSFZ08_Fear
1542Beckham's HealthSFZ08_Fear
1543Protect Beckham at the first hiveSFZ08_Fear
1544Protect Beckham at the second hiveSFZ08_Fear
1545I need to find Boomer at the Southern Belle Motel.SFZ14_Bomb
1546Find Boomer at the Southern Belle MotelSFZ14_Bomb
1547I should speak to the protectron and find out what it wantsSFZ14_Bomb
1548I need to locate the bombs that Boomer told me about.SFZ14_Bomb
1549Murder suspect is encouraged to standby for disciplinary action.SFZ14_Boomer_Shared05
1550Custom Item / Reward DefinitionsSQ_CustomItemQuest
1551Tracked TargetsSQ_TrackingDart_QTManager
1552No! Stupid... dog!SuperMutantFightingScorchedSuperMutant
1553Test Player QuestTestAreaSpawnerPlayer
1554This is stage 3 of the test quest.TestBurkeQuest
1555This is objective index 10.TestBurkeQuest
1556This is objective index 20.TestBurkeQuest
1557Daily Quest 01 - Forest RegionTestDailyQuestForest01
1558Spawn At OnceTestEncWaveSpawnAtOnce
1559Test FerretTestFerretQuest
1560Kill the Ghouls!TestJayQuest
1561Test Objective TimerTestObjectiveTimer
1562Start SceneTestSmokeQuest00
1563Wait for timer.TestSmokeQuest01
1564This should start and complete.TestSmokeQuest01
1565Wait for timer to end.TestSmokeQuest02
1566This should start and fail.TestSmokeQuest02
1568Quest CompleteTestSmokeQuest04
1569Quest CompleteTestSmokeQuest05
1570Quest CompleteTestSmokeQuest06
1571Quest CompleteTestSmokeQuest07
1572Quest CompleteTestSmokeQuest08
1573Quest CompleteTestSmokeQuest09
1574Quest CompleteTestSmokeQuest10
1575Quest CompleteTestSmokeQuest11
1576Walk to the end of the hall.TestSmokeQuest11
1577Shotgun EquippedTestSmokeQuest12
1578Grab the shotgun.TestSmokeQuest12
1579Handgun Equipped - Quest CompleteTestSmokeQuest13
1580Grab the handgun from the table.TestSmokeQuest13
1581Helmet Equipped - Quest CompletedTestSmokeQuest14
1582Grab the helmet from the table.TestSmokeQuest14
1583Pick up the NukaCola on the table.TestSmokeQuest15
1584Quest CompletedTestSmokeQuest16
1585Pickup the PencilsTestSmokeQuest20
1586State OneTestSmokeQuest21
1587State TwoTestSmokeQuest21
1588State ThreeTestSmokeQuest21
1589Grab the Nuka Cola.TestSmokeQuest24
1594Get the Spatula from the cabinet.TestSmokeQuest29
1595Grab the dispenser alias fuse.TestSmokeQuest29
1596Get the dispenser alias Acid.TestSmokeQuest29
1597Get the dispenser alias OilTestSmokeQuest29
1598Grab the Questobjective Dispenser Alias BonesawTestSmokeQuest29
1599Get the Questobjective Dispenser Alias AdhesiveTestSmokeQuest29
1600Get the Questobjective Dispenser Alias CoolantTestSmokeQuest29
1601Get the Alias LampTestSmokeQuest29
1602Get the Alias AshtrayTestSmokeQuest29
1603Get the Alias AutopartTestSmokeQuest29
1604Get the QuestObject Alias SoapTestSmokeQuest29
1605Get the Quest Object Alias ScrewdriverTestSmokeQuest29
1606Progress Bar Test QuestTestTan_ProgressBar
1607Set stage 200 to display the progress bar and 300 to hide itTestTan_ProgressBar
1608I killed the ghoul!TestTrevorEvent01
1609Check the barn.TestTrevorEvent01
1610Dustin was polite enough to reward my politeness; how proper of him.TestTrevorQuest
1611Maude and her group were supposed to move to the Pump Station. I should look for evidence of them.TestUD002_Misc
1612Discover The BurrowsTestUD002_Misc
1613Explore The BurrowsTestUD002_Misc
1614Explore The Burrows' neighborhoodsTestUD002_Misc
1615Explore The Burrows' neighborhoodsTestUD002_Misc
1616Investigate the Central ChamberTestUD002_Misc
1617Investigate Maude's NeighborhoodTestUD002_Misc
1618Go to the Pump Station through the Old TunnelTestUD002_Misc
1619Turn the Release Valve to restore Door ControlTestUD002_Misc
1620Go to the left or the right platform.test_Tutorial_Test_tut01_ActivatorQuest
1621Go to the Left Platformtest_Tutorial_Test_tut01_ActivatorQuest
1622Go to the Right Platformtest_Tutorial_Test_tut01_ActivatorQuest
1623Test Quest: Go to Region and Spawn Enemytest_Tutorial_Test_Tut04_Region
1624Go to Locationtest_Tutorial_Test_Tut04_Region
1625Armor CraftingTutorial_ArmorCrafting
1626Mine Ore in Gauley MineTutorial_MineOre
1627Placing CAMPTutorial_PlaceCAMP
1628Player DeathTutorial_PlayerDeath
1629Visited Location and Region!Tutorial_Test_Tut03_Location
1630Go to Specific LocationTutorial_Test_Tut03_Location
1631Weapon CraftingTutorial_WeaponCrafting
1632I reported bac to the warden after activating all the turrets.TW002
1633Talk to the Warden about the MarshalsTW002
1634Authorize Cell Block A turret activationTW002
1635Authorize Cell Block B turret activationTW002
1636Authorize Cell Block C turret activationTW002
1637Authorize Cell Block D turret activationTW002
1638I helped subdue Mad Dog Malone for the warden of Eastern Regional Penitentiary. A marshal will be by momentarily to take custody of him.TW003
1639Subdue Mad Dog MaloneTW003
1640The huntmaster computer in the Black Bear Lodge has signed me up for a hunting tournament. I have three different creatures I need to bag.TW004
1641Talk to the Huntmaster of Black Bear LodgeTW004
1642Kill one TW004
1643Kill one TW004
1644I have prepared all the tourist sites to open for Grafton's computer mayor.TW005
1645Tune in to WGRF Grafton radioTW005
1646Talk to Grafton MayorTW005
1647Open the water valve at Wavy Willard's WaterparkTW005
1648Pick up beer bottles [/] at the shooting rangeTW005
1649Repair Prickett's Fort token dispenserTW005
1650I've dealt with the "protesters" in Grafton.TW006
1651Find the protest gathering spotTW006
1652What a sad story. The uncle takes the kid in the hopes of pressuring the father but the kid gets bored and then through a twist of fate leaves the uncle to die. The war breaks out and bombs fall. At least the nanny knows more now.TW007_ColdCase
1653Contact Miss AnnieTW007_ColdCase
1654Access the Security SystemTW007_ColdCase
1655Play Holotape Clues (/)TW007_ColdCase
1656Search for Freddy's IDTW007_ColdCase
1657Search the MailboxTW007_ColdCase
1658Go to Clarksburg Post OfficeTW007_ColdCase
1659Research the keyTW007_ColdCase
1660Search Otis Pike's houseTW007_ColdCase
1661Find a way into the Grafton DamTW007_ColdCase
1662Search for Clues (/5)TW007_ColdCase
1663Return to Miss AnnieTW007_ColdCase
1664Use a Tinker's Bench to fix the KidSecure (optional)TW007_ColdCase
1665I need to stop Mad Dog Malone's gang from attacking the penitentiary.TW008
1666Climb to the rooftop through the courtyardTW008
1667Kill Mad Dog Malone's GangTW008
1668Time until attack beginsTW008
1669Optional: Repair turretsTW008
1670Optional: Kill super mutant that is targeting a turretTW008
1671Optional: Kill super mutant with missile launcherTW008
1672No players joined the battle.TW009
1673Talk to the CuratorTW009
1674Nearby players meet at Prickett's FortTW009
1675Union defenders in the fortTW009
1676Confederate attackers in the parking lotTW009
1677Score: Union , Confederates TW009
1678Optional: Union Defenders arriving lateTW009
1679Attack Prickett's Fort in a civil war reenactmentTW009Confederate
1680Defend Prickett's fort in a civil war reenactmentTW009Union
1681Join the Confederates in the Battle That Never Was eventTW009WhichSide
1682The meat and vegetables are cooking on the grill.TW010
1683Talk to the Hemlock Holes CookTW010
1684Get Radstag Meat [/]TW010
1685Optional: Hunt Radstag HerdTW010
1686Optional: Get Yao Guai meat [/]TW010
1687Optional: Get Deathclaw meat [/]TW010
1688Put meat on GrillTW010
1689Talk to the Hemlock Holes CookTW010
1690Get Tatos [/]TW010
1691Optional: Get Corn [/]TW010
1692Optional: Get Carrots [/]TW010
1693A security patrol is making its way through Eastern Regional Penitentiary. I need to protect the guard as he completes his rounds.TW043
1694Report to the WardenTW043
1695Escort the Guard PatrolTW043
1696Repair the GuardTW043
1697Defend the Security StationTW043
1698I gathered and placed fresh paper targets at the Clarksburg Shooting Club range.TWZ03
1699Talk to Shooting Range AttendantTWZ03
1700Get new paper targetsTWZ03
1701I've killed the mirelurk queen and ended the mirelurk threat.TWZ05
1702Get to the islandTWZ05
1703Kill Mirelurk Leader before it reaches the spawning groundsTWZ05
1704Stop the horde from reaching the spawning groundsTWZ05
1705Kill the next Mirelurk leader before it reaches the spawning groundsTWZ05
1706Stop the next horde from reaching the spawning groundsTWZ05
1707Kill the last Mirelurk leader before it reaches the spawning groundsTWZ05
1708Stop the last horde from reaching the spawning groundTWZ05
1709I killed the Grafton Monster that was rampaging in Grafton.TWZ07
1710Watch the ParadeTWZ07
1711Grafton's mayor has asked me to save the bleach dogwoods by spreading fertilizer using the farm aerosolizers.TWZ09
1712Optional: Get FertilizerTWZ09
1713Load fertilizer into Becker farm aerosolizerTWZ09
1714Load fertilizer into Smith farm aerosolizerTWZ09
1715I've helped Grafton's mayor by cleaning up toxic barrels from the lake shore and dumping them elsewhere.TWZ11
1716Pick up BarrelTWZ11
1717Pick up BarrelTWZ11
1718Pick up BarrelTWZ11
1719Optional: Sink the barrels [Agi 5]TWZ11
1720I've buried the remains of the civil war soldier at Philippi Battlefield Cemetery.TWZ13
1721Talk to the CuratorTWZ13
1722Get the remainsTWZ13
1723Put the remains in open graveTWZ13
1724An emergency broadcast from Vault 63 said that the Vault's reactor was in meltdown. I found a nuclear engineer's ID Card and was able to enter the Vault.V63Access_1_CUT_FlaggedToNotExportInScript
1725Listen to the Vault 63 Emergency BroadcastV63Access_1_CUT_FlaggedToNotExportInScript
1726Investigate Vault 63V63Access_1_CUT_FlaggedToNotExportInScript
1727Locate a Certified Nuclear EngineerV63Access_1_CUT_FlaggedToNotExportInScript
1728Obtain a Nuclear Engineer's ID CardV63Access_1_CUT_FlaggedToNotExportInScript
1729An emergency broadcast from Vault 63 said that fire has spread throughout the Vault. I found an on-duty Fire Chief's ID Card and was able to enter the Vault.V63Access_2_CUT_FlaggedToNotExportInScript
1730Listen to the Vault 63 Emergency BroadcastV63Access_2_CUT_FlaggedToNotExportInScript
1731Investigate Vault 63V63Access_2_CUT_FlaggedToNotExportInScript
1732Locate an on-duty Fire ChiefV63Access_2_CUT_FlaggedToNotExportInScript
1733Obtain the Fire Chief's ID CardV63Access_2_CUT_FlaggedToNotExportInScript
1734An emergency broadcast from Vault 63 said that a riot has broken out. I found a nuclear engineer's ID Card and was able to enter the Vault.V63Access_3_CUT_FlaggedToNotExportInScript
1735Listen to the Vault 63 Emergency BroadcastV63Access_3_CUT_FlaggedToNotExportInScript
1736Investigate Vault 63V63Access_3_CUT_FlaggedToNotExportInScript
1737Locate a Military OfficerV63Access_3_CUT_FlaggedToNotExportInScript
1738Obtain a Military Officer's ID CardV63Access_3_CUT_FlaggedToNotExportInScript
1739Vault 63's reactor was in meltdown, and we were unable to run the cool down process before catastrophic failure.V63_1_CUT_FlaggedToNotExportInScript
1740Reach the Reactor LevelV63_1_CUT_FlaggedToNotExportInScript
1741Initiate the Reactor Cooldown ProcessV63_1_CUT_FlaggedToNotExportInScript
1742Vault 63's reactor was in meltdown, and we were unable to run the cool down process before catastrophic failure.V63_2_CUT_FlaggedToNotExportInScript
1743Gain Access to the Residential AreaV63_2_CUT_FlaggedToNotExportInScript
1744Gain Access to the Recreation LevelV63_2_CUT_FlaggedToNotExportInScript
1745Gain Access to the AtriumV63_2_CUT_FlaggedToNotExportInScript
1746Gain access to the Maintenance Room.V63_2_CUT_FlaggedToNotExportInScript
1747A riot broke out in Vault 63, and we were unable to contain the riot.V63_3_CUT_FlaggedToNotExportInScript
1748Reach the Location of the RiotV63_3_CUT_FlaggedToNotExportInScript
1749Stop the Riot by Any Means NecessaryV63_3_CUT_FlaggedToNotExportInScript
1750I found an access code and opened the Vault Door.V94Access_CUT_FlaggedToNotExportInScript
1751Listen to the Vault 94 Emergency BroadcastV94Access_CUT_FlaggedToNotExportInScript
1752Investigate Vault 94V94Access_CUT_FlaggedToNotExportInScript
1753Locate the Access Code at V94Access_CUT_FlaggedToNotExportInScript
1754[Vault 94 - Misc]V94Misc
1755Listen to the Vault 94 Emergency BroadcastV94Misc
1756Investigate Vault 94V94Misc
1757Open the Vault Door [Level 50+ Team Recommended]V94Misc
1758Wait for your team leader to open the Vault Door [Level 50+ Team Recommended]V94Misc
1759Begin the Mission [Level 50+ Team Recommended]V94Misc
1760Wait for your team leader to begin the Mission [Level 50+ Team Recommended]V94Misc
1761Vault Shutting DownV94Misc
1762Vault 94 was flooded when its flood control system failed.V94_1
1763Listen to the mission briefingV94_1
1764Head for the Pump Control StationV94_1
1765Enter the AtriumV94_1
1766Repair pipes in the AtriumV94_1
1768Enter the Residential WingV94_1
1769Repair pipes in the Residential WingV94_1
1770Locate the Maintenance Engineer's RoomV94_1
1771Find the Maintenance Engineer's ID CardV94_1
1772Enter the Maintenance Engineer's RoomV94_1
1773Acquire the Pump Reset CodesV94_1
1775Enter the Engineering WingV94_1
1776Assemble your teamV94_1
1777Proceed when readyV94_1
1778Repair pipes in the Engineering WingV94_1
1779Restart the ReactorsV94_1
1780Replace the damaged Mainframe CoresV94_1
1781Enter the Reactor Reset Codes (/)V94_1
1782Engage the Reactor Interlocks (/)V94_1
1783Adjust the Circuit BreakersV94_1
1784Open the Reactor Fluid ValvesV94_1
1785Restart the Reactor SubsystemsV94_1
1786Authenticate with the Hand ScannersV94_1
1787Use the Reactor Control CardsV94_1
1788Replace the Reactor Catalyst Canisters (/)V94_1
1789Press the Emergency Restart ButtonV94_1
1791Enter the Utility WingV94_1
1792Head for the Pump Control StationV94_1
1793Repair pipes in the Utility & Agriculture WingsV94_1
1794Restart the Flood Control Pumps (/)V94_1
1796Defeat the Strangler HeartV94_1
1797Enter the Pump Control StationV94_1
1798Activate the Emergency Flood Control ProcedureV94_1
1799(Optional) Repair pipes to earn additional timeV94_1
1800Listen to the announcementV94_1
1801We were unable to stop the nuclear meltdown in Vault 94.V94_2
1802Listen to the Mission BriefingV94_2
1803Head for the Operations CenterV94_2
1804Identify the source of the radiationV94_2
1805Locate the Community Council ChamberV94_2
1806Gain access to the G.E.C.K. WingV94_2
1807Reduce the Security LevelV94_2
1808Vote: Reduce Security Level to 5 (/)V94_2
1809Vote: Reduce Security Level to 4 (/)V94_2
1810Vote: Reduce Security Level to 3 (/)V94_2
1811Vote: Reduce Security Level to 2 (/)V94_2
1812Vote: Reduce Security Level to 1 (/)V94_2
1813Unused ID Cards: V94_2
1814Cast your votesV94_2
1815Gain access to another WingV94_2
1816Collect ID Cards in the AtriumV94_2
1817Enter the Residential WingV94_2
1818Enter the Engineering WingV94_2
1819Enter the Agriculture WingV94_2
1820Enter the Pump Control RoomV94_2
1821Collect ID Cards in the Residential WingV94_2
1822(Optional) Find a way to unlock the doorsV94_2
1823Defend Mr. HandymanV94_2
1824Replace Mr. HandymanV94_2
1825Defend Ms. MaidV94_2
1826Replace Ms. MaidV94_2
1827Collect ID Cards in the Engineering WingV94_2
1828Replace the damaged Mainframe CoresV94_2
1829Collect ID Cards in the Agriculture WingV94_2
1830Gain access to the GreenhousesV94_2
1831Use the Requisition HolotapesV94_2
1832Collect ID Cards in the Pump Control RoomV94_2
1833Resolve the Utility Room ErrorsV94_2
1834Enter the G.E.C.K. WingV94_2
1835Assemble your teamV94_2
1836Proceed when readyV94_2
1837Find the source of the radiationV94_2
1838Seal the G.E.C.K. Containment VesselV94_2
1839Defend the G.E.C.K.V94_2
1840G.E.C.K. Containment ProgressV94_2
1841G.E.C.K. Containment System IntegrityV94_2
1842(Optional) Repair G.E.C.K. Containment System PipesV94_2
1843Listen to the announcementV94_2
1844We have to escape from Vault 94 before it floods!V94_3
1845Listen to the Mission BriefingV94_3
1846Acquire Vault Security ID CardsV94_3
1847Head for the Pump Control StationV94_3
1848Listen to the announcementV94_3
1849Log in to the Access Control SystemV94_3
1850Listen to the announcementV94_3
1851Enter the Pump Control RoomV94_3
1852Activate the Emergency Flooding ProcedureV94_3
1853Listen to the announcementV94_3
1854Defend the Maintenance RobotsV94_3
1855Maintenance Robot Alpha ProgressV94_3
1856Replace Maintenance Robot AlphaV94_3
1857Open the Water Intake ValvesV94_3
1858Use the ID Card ReadersV94_3
1859Press the Manual Override ButtonsV94_3
1860Replace the Mainframe CoresV94_3
1861Insert the Interlock KeysV94_3
1862Maintenance Robot Beta ProgressV94_3
1863Replace Maintenance Robot BetaV94_3
1864Open the Water Intake ValvesV94_3
1865Use the ID Card ReadersV94_3
1866Press the Manual Override ButtonsV94_3
1867Replace the Mainframe CoresV94_3
1868Insert the Interlock KeysV94_3
1869Wait for the resultsV94_3
1870Escape from Vault 94V94_3
1871Listen to the announcementV94_3
1872Seal the Seed BanksV94_3
1873Replace the missing Seed Bank CanistersV94_3
1874(Optional) Hack the Seed Bank Override TerminalsV94_3
1875Evacuate the Agriculture WingV94_3
1876Listen to the announcementV94_3
1877Find a way out of the Residential WingV94_3
1878Evacuate the Residential WingV94_3
1879Assemble your teamV94_3
1880Proceed when readyV94_3
1881Listen to the announcementV94_3
1882Shut down the ReactorsV94_3
1883Diagnose and resolve the Reactor Error CodesV94_3
1884Evacuate the Engineering WingV94_3
1885Listen to the announcementV94_3
1886Clear the AtriumV94_3
1887Evacuate the AtriumV94_3
1888Escape from Vault 94V94_3
1889(Optional) Destroy pipes to earn additional timeV94_3
1890(Optional) Shut down flood control pumps to earn additional timeV94_3
1891[Vault 96, M4 - To Be Written]V96Access_CUT_FlaggedToNotExportInScript
1892Listen to the Vault 96 Emergency BroadcastV96Access_CUT_FlaggedToNotExportInScript
1893[Vault 96 - Misc]V96Misc
1894Listen to the Vault 96 Emergency BroadcastV96Misc
1895Investigate Vault 96V96Misc
1896Open the Vault Door [Level 50+ Team Recommended]V96Misc
1897Wait for your team leader to open the Vault Door [Level 50+ Team Recommended]V96Misc
1898Begin the Mission [Level 50+ Team Recommended]V96Misc
1899Wait for your team leader to begin the Mission [Level 50+ Team Recommended]V96Misc
1900Vault Shutting DownV96Misc
1901[To be written]V96_1
1902Listen to the mission briefingV96_1
1903Locate the escaped experimentsV96_1
1904Collect a blood sampleV96_1
1905Use a centrifuge to analyze the sampleV96_1
1906Kill the experimental creaturesV96_1
1907Locate Genetic Research DataV96_1
1908Upload the Genetic Research DataV96_1
1909Develop a suppression deviceV96_1
1910Take the suppression deviceV96_1
1911Enter the FoyerV96_1
1912Clear the Entry Hall and FoyerV96_1
1913Clear the FoyerV96_1
1914Enter the Mainframe WingV96_1
1915Activate the Quantum Field GeneratorV96_1
1916Locate a Quantum Particle CellV96_1
1917Recharge the Quantum Particle CellV96_1
1918Insert the Quantum Particle Cell into the GeneratorV96_1
1919Activate the Quantum Field GeneratorV96_1
1920Locate Quantum Particle CellsV96_1
1921Recharge Depleted Quantum Particle Cells ()V96_1
1922Install recharged Quantum Particle Cells ()V96_1
1923(Optional) Activate the Quantum Field GeneratorsV96_1
1924Activate the Quantum Field GeneratorsV96_1
1925Quantum Field: ActiveV96_1
1926Quantum Field: RechargingV96_1
1927Clear the Mainframe WingV96_1
1928Enter the Engineering WingV96_1
1929Obtain the Maintenance Override CodesV96_1
1930Enter the Maintenance Access CodeV96_1
1931Enter the Decontamination Control CodeV96_1
1932Enter the Manual Override Sequence CodeV96_1
1933Activate the decontamination systemV96_1
1934Override the decontamination stations (/)V96_1
1935(Optional) Activate the decontamination stationsV96_1
1936Activate the decontamination stationsV96_1
1937Decontamination: ActiveV96_1
1938Decontamination: RechargingV96_1
1939Clear the Engineering WingV96_1
1940Enter the Cryogenics WingV96_1
1941Assemble your teamV96_1
1942Proceed when readyV96_1
1943Destroy the Cryogenics System PipesV96_1
1944Open the Gas Release ValveV96_1
1945Destroy the Cryogenics System PipesV96_1
1946(Optional) Open the Gas Release ValvesV96_1
1947Open the Gas Release ValvesV96_1
1948Cryogenic Gas: ActiveV96_1
1949Cryogenic Gas: RechargingV96_1
1950Clear the Cryogenics WingV96_1
1951Enter the Research WingV96_1
1952Collect the required chemicalsV96_1
1953Insert the chemicals into the Chemical Processing UnitsV96_1
1954Activate the Chemical Processing SystemV96_1
1955Insert the chemical agent into a Sprinkler Chemical Injection PortV96_1
1956Open the Sprinkler System ValveV96_1
1957Collect the chemicals (//)V96_1
1958Use the Chemical Processing System to mix the chemicalsV96_1
1959Inject the chemical agent into the sprinkler system ()V96_1
1960(Optional) Open the Sprinkler System ValvesV96_1
1961Open the Sprinkler System ValvesV96_1
1962Sprinkler System: ActiveV96_1
1963Sprinkler System: RechargingV96_1
1964Clear the Research WingV96_1
1965Enter the AtriumV96_1
1966Defeat the Evolved Flatwoods MonsterV96_1
1967Clear the AtriumV96_1
1968(Optional) Activate the countermeasures (/)V96_1
1969Listen to the announcementV96_1
1970(Optional) Collect additional Blood Samples and Genetic Research DataV96_1
1971(Optional) Develop additional suppression devices ( Credits)V96_1
1972[To be written]V96_2
1973Listen to the mission briefingV96_2
1974Acquire the Virus Source CodeV96_2
1975Locate the Overseer's OfficeV96_2
1976Destroy the virusV96_2
1977Find Quantum Particle CellsV96_2
1978Power the Workroom Terminal and Door ControlsV96_2
1979Find passwords to override the Security Lockdown (/)V96_2
1980Use ID Cards to unlock additional roomsV96_2
1981Use the passwords to override the Security Lockdown (/)V96_2
1982Enter the Research WingV96_2
1983Upload the source code into the Data Analysis TerminalV96_2
1984Analyze the virusV96_2
1985Analysis ProgressV96_2
1986Execute the research programsV96_2
1987Find and upload V96_2
1988Use the Circuit Breakers to reroute powerV96_2
1989Input the code from into V96_2
1990Override the security lockoutV96_2
1991Shut off the sprinkler systemV96_2
1992Fix the intranet connectionV96_2
1993Reconnect the Research Stations (/)V96_2
1994Defend the Analysis MainframeV96_2
1995Clear the virus from the Research WingV96_2
1996Construct a Virus ScannerV96_2
1997Defend the Virus ScannerV96_2
1998Scan for Infected Mainframe CoresV96_2
1999Remove the Infected Mainframe Cores ()V96_2
2000Reformat the Infected Mainframe Cores ()V96_2
2001Reinstall the Mainframe Cores ()V96_2
2002Enter the Cryogenics WingV96_2
2003Enter the Engineering WingV96_2
2004Assemble your teamV96_2
2005Proceed when readyV96_2
2006Enter the Mainframe WingV96_2
2007Reboot the MainframeV96_2
2008Destroy robots to disrupt the virusV96_2
2009Clear the virus from the Cryogenics WingV96_2
2010(Optional) Clear the virus from the Sensor Control RoomV96_2
2011Clear the virus from the Engineering WingV96_2
2012(Optional) Clear the virus from the Fabrication Control CenterV96_2
2013Clear the virus from the Mainframe WingV96_2
2014Construct and Defend Virus Scanners (/)V96_2
2015Scan for Infected Mainframe CoresV96_2
2016Remove, Reformat, and Reinstall Infected Mainframe Cores (//)V96_2
2017Listen to the announcementV96_2
2018(Optional) Gain access to the Sensor LabV96_2
2019(Optional) Gain access to the Fabrication Control SystemV96_2
2020(Optional) Insert Quantum Particle Cells for additional time ()V96_2
2021Insert Quantum Particle Cells for additional power ()V96_2
2022Current Power: /V96_2
2023Vault 94 was flooded, and we were unable to save it.V96_3_CUT_FlaggedToNotExportInScript
2024Acquire a Maintainence Access CodeV96_3_CUT_FlaggedToNotExportInScript
2025I found an Access Code and was able to gain access to Vault 94.V96_Access_CUT_FlaggedToNotExportInScript
2027Investigate Vault 96V96_Access_CUT_FlaggedToNotExportInScript
2028Obtain the Meat of V96_Access_CUT_FlaggedToNotExportInScript
2029Use the Genetic Analyzer to unlock the Vault Access TerminalV96_Access_CUT_FlaggedToNotExportInScript
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