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08-22-19 Update to DONE

*If removal of EDID is problematic Discord

2,008 Results

1Pick up the Pip-Boy
2Leave Vault 76
3Discover the Overseer's mission
4Play or Eject the Overseer's Holotape
5Investigate the creatures threatening Vault 76
6Eliminate the Feral Ghouls Outside Vault 76 (/)
7Find information about the Brotherhood of Steel
8Find the location of Fort Defiance
9(Optional) Find the Command Center password
10(Optional) Find the Secure Storage key
11Get inside the Brotherhood headquarters
12Power up the Asylum
13Discover the Brotherhood's Fate
14Take elevator to the top floor
15Register for elevator security
16Search for clues to bypass security
17Go to Camp McClintock
18Complete Basic Training
19Get a Government-Issued ID
20Turn in ID Application to Department B
21Acquire a postmarked letter in Charleston
22Talk to DMV Bot B2
23Acquire a DMV-AT-21C-V form
24Talk to DMV Bot B2
25Turn application in to C1
26Learn about Error 34B/1
27Stamp 21C-V with Governor's Seal
28Turn application in to C1
29Get photograph taken
30Register for the Brotherhood of Steel
31Investigate the Brotherhood and Scorchbeasts
32Find a way into Paladin Taggerdy's Quarters
33Use the Brotherhood Emergency Transponder radio to find Taggerdy
34Clear the rubble
35Search Taggerdy's remains
36Learn more about the Scorched at Taggerdy's quarters
37Repair the Sonic Generator
38Initiate Pre-Combat Check
39Brace for Scorchbeast assault
40Defend the Sonic Generator
41Repair the Sonic Generator
42Fight off the first wave
43Fight off the second wave
44Fight off the last wave
45Learn more about the automated warning
46Find a Sensor Module schematic
47Learn more about the Sensor Module
48Build a Sensor Module
49Deploy Sensor Module
50Pick up Scanning Module
51Deploy Sensor Module again
52Pick up Scanning Module
53Deploy Sensor Module one last time
54Get scanning results
55Put the Technical Data in a Brotherhood Cache
56Find a place to secure the Technical Data
57Mark Scorched with Recon Scope ( / )
58(Optional) Eliminate all Scorched
59Build a Brotherhood Recon Rifle
60Evacuate target location
61Artillery strike incoming
62Mop up remaining Scorched
63Read Scribe Grant's terminal
64Learn more about Mission 099-01
65Find the Automated Research Terminal
66Power up the Automated Research Terminal
67Use the Automated Research Terminal
68Retrieve Viable Scorchbeast DNA
69Put Scorchbeast DNA in Centrifuge
70Analyze Scorchbeast DNA
71Learn how to reopen the mine
72Put Fusion Core in Drop Site
73Defend the drop site
74Sit down
75Complete phases of trial (X/Y)
76Ranking (Candy)
771st: ()
782nd: ()
793rd: ()
80Candy in Mask:
81Find Candy Bucket
82Ranking (Candy)
831st: ()
842nd: ()
853rd: ()
86Candy in Mask:
87Wait for the Monster Mash to Begin
88[Optional] Use the SMART vending machine
89Remaining Time in Round
90Grab the mask!
91Steal candy by hitting
92Reach the Mayor's Office
93Listen to MAIA
94Learn more about the Saboteur
95Find the Saboteur's Hideout
96Search hideout for clues (/)
97Investigate Saboteur's Work Terminal
98Take Virus Holotape to MAIA
99Start upload process
100Prevent security from stopping the upload
101Bring Vincent (/)
102Bring Vincent (/)
103Bring Vincent (/)
104Wait for the Unveiling (MM:SS)
105Defend the ASAM turret
106Repair the ASAM turret
107Investigate the Fissure
108Kill the Scorchbeast Queen
109Kill Beavers (0/5) [will be much higher when multiplayer testing]
110Kill Beavers (1/5) [will be much higher when multiplayer testing]
111Kill Beavers (2/5) [will be much higher when multiplayer testing]
112Kill Beavers (3/5) [will be much higher when multiplayer testing]
113Kill Beavers (4/5) [will be much higher when multiplayer testing]
114Kill Beavers (5/5) [will be much higher when multiplayer testing]
115Kill Poachers
116Evict residents of and destroy vagrant structures
117Return to QuestGiver
118[Optional] Continue invicting and destroying vagrant structures.
119Speak with
120Remove squatters from
121Investigate the Emergency Services building
122Find the Scorchbeat nest with the
123Retrieve the
124Meet the Census taker
125Defend the Census taker
126Report to Sergeant Gutsy
127Activate recall beacon
128Destroy Robots (Wave 1/3)
129Destroy Robots (Wave 2/3)
130Destroy Robots (Wave 3/3)
131Explore the Whitespring Bunker
132Find or Build an Ignition Core
133Install an Ignition Core in the Blast Furnace
134Repair the Blast Furnace (/)
135Repair the Smelter (/)
136Repair the Mill (/)
137Investigate the Corpse
138Listen to Hayley's Holotape
139Learn About the VTU Students' Plan
140Collect the Alpha-Level Security Access holotape from Vault 63
141Collect the Beta-Level Security Access holotape from Vault 94
142Collect the Gamma-Level Security Access holotape from Vault 96
143Disable Security Safeguard Alpha
144Disable Security Safeguard Beta
145Disable Security Safeguard Gamma
146Investigate the VTU Data Archive
147Defeat the Super Mutants in
148Defeat the Super Mutants in
149Defeat the Super Mutants in
150Acquire the Spiritual Incense Recipe
151Craft Spiritual Incense
152Use the Spiritual Incense in the Brazier to Start Guided Meditation
153Find This Week's Orienteering Control Points Around Spruce Knob
154Return to the Spruce Knob Orienteering Terminal
155Use the Orienteering Terminal at Spruce Knob Campground
157Deliver to Rose
158Find the Responder Outpost
159Check in with the Volunteer Kiosks
160Investigate the Volunteers: Advanced Training program
161Listen to Barnes' Last Note
162Disarm Mines
163Disarm Mines (1/5)
164Disarm Mines (2/5)
165Disarm Mines (3/5)
166Disarm Mines (4/5)
167Disarm Mines (5/5)
168Find the destroyed Moe the Mole costume
169Wear the destroyed Moe the Mole costume
170Locate the Maintainence Engineer's Room
171Find the Maintainence Engineer's ID Card
172Enter the Maintainence Engineer's Room
173Acquire the Pump Reset Codes
174Restart the Reactor
175Replace the damaged Mainframe Cores
176Enter the Reactor Reset Codes (/)
177Engage the Reactor Interlocks (/)
178Adjust the Reactor Circuit Breakers
179Open the Reactor Fluid Valves
180Restart the Reactor Subsystems
181Authenticate with the Hand Scanners
182Use the Reactor Control Cards
183Replace the Catalyst Canisters (/)
184Press the Emergency Restart Button
185Head for the Pump Control Station
186Repair pipes in the Atrium
188Enter the Residential Wing
189Head for the Pump Control Station
190Repair pipes in the Residential Wing
192Enter the Engineering Wing
193Head for the Pump Control Station
194Repair pipes in the Engineering Wing
196Enter the Utility Wing
197Head for the Pump Control Station
198Repair pipes in the Utility & Agriculture Wings
200Enter the Pump Control Station
201Activate the Emergency Flood Control Procedure
202Activate the Emergency Flood Control Procedure
203(Optional) Repair pipes to earn additional time
204Wait for the results
205Reset the Flood Control Pumps
206Identify the source of the radiation
207Unseal the G.E.C.K. Wing
208Request access to the G.E.C.K. Wing
209Vote for access to the G.E.C.K. Wing (/)
210Locate the source of the radiation
211Find a way to contain the radiation
212Defend the G.E.C.K.
213Escape from Vault 94!
214Initiate the Emergency Flooding Protocol
215Follow the mainframe's instructions
216Escape from Vault 94!
217Prepare yourselves to commence decontamination
218Clear Section 1 of Contaminants
219Clear Section 2 of Contaminants
220Clear Section 3 of Contaminants
221Clear Section 4 of Contaminants
222Confirm Decontamination Procedure Complete
223Acquire a Maintainence Access Code
224Activate Emergency Flood Control
225Help Biv with his alcohol quality test
226Test my while under the effects of
227Drink Fresh
228Drink Fresh or Vintage
229Kill something with a melee attack
230Kill something with a ranged attack
231Consume spoiled food
232Buy an item from a vendor
233Craft an item
234Land a sneak attack
235Score a critical hit
236Report the results to Biv
237Craft at a Brewing Station
238Wait for to ferment
239(Optional) Use a Fermenter at C.A.M.P.
240Retrieve from your Stash or Fermenter
241Give to Biv
242Help Scout Leader Pompy clean up toxic mutagenic waste
243Help Scout Leader Treadly collect insect parts
244Talk to Pioneer Scout Leader Pompy
245Clean Up Toxic Mutagenic Waste (/)
246Dump the Toxic Mutagenic Waste in the containment barrel
247Talk to Pioneer Scout Leader Treadly
248Get a Bloatfly Gland
249Get a Bloodbug Proboscis
250Get Radroach Meat
251Get a Stingwing Barb
252Get a Tick Blood Sac
253Deliver the insect parts to Pioneer Scout Leader Treadly
255OnItemAdded Triggered
256Event Score:
257Revive a player
258Activate the button
259Kill the ghoul
260Repair the generator
261End the event
262Kill the ghouls (/)
263Kill the other ghouls
264Get the widget
265Only show this at checkpoint 1
266Cook meat (/)
267Cook vegetables (%)
268Cook wolf meat (/)
269Progress Bar Test
270Test Objective
271Objective with a Timer!
272Objective with a Timer!
273Objective with a Timer that isn't visible!
274Objective with a Progress Bar
275GetItemCount Objective Test
276TEST got grenades but not really
277The recalled robot approaches...
278Defend yourself while the Pylons acquire their target
279Activate all Pylons to disable Stealth Mode
280Stealth Mode disabled! Destroy the robot!
281Activate Pylon 1
282 is a conduit for Pylon 1
283Activate Pylon 2
284 is a conduit for Pylon 2
285Activate Pylon 3
286 is a conduit for Pylon 3
287Loot the Shepherd's Crook
288Herd the Brahmin to
292Defend the Brahmin!
293Equip a Shepherd's Crook to Herd Brahmin
294Gather around the campfire
295Listen to Scout Leader Penny's story
296Destroy the "shadows"
297Eat, drink, and emote near the campfire
298Gather kindling for the fire
299Gather items left by the missing camper
300Listen to the missing camper's holotape
301Add kindling to keep the campfire lit!
302Put Camp Counselor Nia to rest
303Exterminate insects (Wave /)
304Defeat the mysterious monster
305The monster is vulnerable!
306Wait near the campfire to hear Penny's tale
307Listen to 's Tale
308Ring the bells ()
309"Welcome" the "campers"
310Clear away the scrub
311Gather Rocks (/13)
312Gather Herbs (/13)
313Find Candles (/13)
314Place Rocks (/13)
315Place Candles (/13)
316Get inside the Ring
317Kill the "Witch's familiars"
318Kill the Witch
319Destroy the "Ring of Protection"
320Talk to Scout Lead Penny
321Listen to
322Find a Hiding Spot
323Make noises at a workbench
324Make a squeaking noise
325Make a chopping sound
326Splash some water
327Slam a Door
328Play the gramophone
329Ring the alarm
330Kill the "Sheriff"
331Kill the "Witch"
332Play the gramophone again
333Talk to the Master of Ceremonies
334Find the Protectron Marchers (/5)
335Donate Eggs from the stream to the Pantry (/20)
336Defeat the Honey Beasts at the Honey Haus
337Donate Intestines from animals at the Butcher's Cooler (/12)
338Donate Beeswax from the Honey Haus hives to the Candlemaker (/10)
339Help the Decorator with the Barn (/4)
340Bring Old Fasnacht Steins to the Museum for Analysis (/10)
341Make Music with the Musician
342Add Wood to the Bonfire (/50)
343Prepare for the Parade to Begin
344March with the Fasnacht Parade
345Light the Bonfire
346Defend the Parade Marchers
347(Optional) Pop Balloons During the Parade ( Popped)
348Destroyed Marchers (/5)
349Enter the incineration room
350Defeat the bloatflies
351Defeat Tiny
352Defend the Terminal
354Open the Door
355Wait for the cookout to begin
356Help Grahm throw a successful cookout
357(Optional) Extinguish the Brush Fires
358(Optional) Scoop Chally's Stinky Piles
359(Optional) Clean up Rotten Leftovers
360Contribute food (/)
361(Optional) Add Prime Meat to Grahm's Grill
362(Optional) Add Chally's Feed to her Feed Pile
363Find more ways to participate
364(Optional) Add Critter Bits to the Side Bar
365(Optional) Add Veggies to the Cooler
366(Optional) Add Wood Scraps to the Woodpile
367(Optional) Turn a Meat Spit
368(Optional) Make music
369(WARNING) Return to the cookout or lose your rewards
370Make noise to attract Prime Beasts
371Prime Beasts incoming...
372Defeat Prime Beasts (Wave 1 of 4)
373More Prime Beasts incoming...
374Defeat Prime Beasts (Wave 2 of 4)
375More Prime Beasts incoming...
376Defeat Prime Beasts (Wave 3 of 4)
377A dangerous Prime Beast approaches...
378Defeat the final wave of Prime Beasts
379(Optional) Find and defeat the Super Mutant hunting party
380Search Quinn Carter's office for info on Sam Blackwell
381Search the Charleston Herald for info on Sam Blackwell
382Read "Sam Blackwell Interview Notes"
383Find Sam Blackwell's bunker
384Search the area for a way inside the bunker
385Listen to the "Operation Summary - Blackwell" tape
386Search the cavern for the "Bypass Holotape"
387Play the "Bypass Holotape" in front of the access panel
388Enter the bunker
389Explore the bunker
390Find a way to bypass the bunker's laser grid
391(Optional) Throw the bunker's breaker
392(Optional) Open up the air flue
393(Optional) Reset the bunker's circuit conduit
394Register your handprint with the security system
395Explore the bunker's secure room
396Read "Record of Divorce: The Blackwells"
397Read "Intelligence Memo - 8/16/77"
398Search the room for Blackwell's access code
399Possible code: Day of Judy Blackwell's Death - 021584
400Possible code: Sam Blackwell's Anniversary - 121855
401Possible code: Sam Blackwell's Congressional ID - 778232
402Possible code: Mysterious Invoice Number - 417604
403Investigate the sound coming from the painting
404Listen to the holotape - "Welcome to the Whitespring"
405Explore the Whitespring Bunker
406Enter the bunker
407Continue deeper into the bunker
408Have your photo taken
409Activate the dispenser
410Meet the bunker's resident
411Proceed to the lounge
412(Optional) Collect your refreshments
413Proceed to the next room
414Take the "Entrance Questionnaire"
415(Optional) Bypass the questionnaire by speaking to Modus
416Speak to MODUS
417Access the dispenser
418Access the dispenser
419Load the System Access Tape into a SigInt System terminal
420Collect MODUS' lost data
421Return the instructions to the Whitespring
422Deposit the instructions in the collector
423Access the dispenser
424Deploy the Uplink Module at the connection site
425Collect the items from inside the care package
426Return to the Whitespring
427Visit the Whitespring Military Wing
428Register with the camp Master Sergeant
429Equip a set of Fatigues
430Equip an Army Helmet
431(Optional) Search the area for a Uniform Voucher
432(Optional) Search the barracks for Pvt. Archibald's Uniform Voucher
433(Optional) Collect your uniform
434Present yourself to the Master Sergeant
435Complete the Marksmanship Training Course
436Complete the Agility Training Course
437Complete the Patriotism Training Course
438Check-in with the Master Sergeant
439Complete the Live Fire Exercise
440Report to the Master Sergeant
441Start your training at Camp McClintock
442: Time until exercise begins
443Eliminate the initial group of "Communists"
444: Time until the next assault
445Eliminate the next group of "Communists"
446: Time until the next assault
447Eliminate the final group of "Communists"
448: Time until exercise begins
449Shoot the targets before time runs out!
450Speak with MODUS in the bunker Military Wing
451Register with the Promotion System
452Earn Promotion Commendations (/)
453(Optional) Kill starred Epic Ceatures or Scorchbeasts to earn Combat Commendations
454(Optional) Complete Enclave Events to earn Support Operation Commendations
455(Optional) Become President to bypass the promotion process
456: Time until exercise begins
457Activate all the targets before time runs out!
458Interrogate Topher
459Interrogate Jimmy
460Interrogate Jianjun
461Search Jimmy's room for his terminal password
462Look for evidence on Jimmy's terminal
463Return the evidence to the system terminal
464Look for evidence in Topher's diary
465Debate will end in: (TEN MINUTES)
466Activate the podium and claim the spotlight!
467Remain in the Civic Center without being killed!
468Eliminate the current "speaker"
469Clear the arena of enemies ( / )
470Wait for the debate to start
471Learn more about the Presidential election system
472Time until "Race for the Presidency" begins
473Register for the "Race for the Presidency"
474Wait for the Presidential Race will begin at
475Collect ballots at ( / collected)
476Deposit any collected ballots in vote counters
477Next ballot site to activate:
478(Optional) Prepare to collect endorsement from
479(Optional) Be the first to deposit the endorsement in any vote counter
480(Optional) Register to join the Presidential Debate
481Turn in all remaining ballots before time runs out!
482Current Vote Leader: -
4832nd Highest Vote Count: -
4843rd Highest Vote Count: -
4854th Highest Vote Count: -
4865th Highest Vote Count: -
487Collect your Presidential Seal
488Search target area for the Code Piece
489Recover a Nuclear Keycard from the Cargobot
490Explore the Whitespring Command Center
491Complete all the Nuclear Training tutorials (/)
492(Optional) Speak to a Command Terminal to bypass the tutorials
493Speak to MODUS
494Acquire a Nuclear Keycard
495Acquire a Nuclear Code Piece
496Search the Archives for info on the Launch Code encryption
497Gain access to Mama Dolce's secure section
498Track down information about the code encryption
499Launch a nuke from any silo [Decrypted Launch Code Required]
500(Optional) Nuke Fissure Site Prime [8+ Players Recommended]
501: Time to nuke touchdown
502Countdown to missile launch
503Initialize the lures at the extermination site ( / )
504Remain in the area while lures to sync with the orbital platform
505Fix the lures ( / )
506Retreat to a safe distance before launch
507Wipe out the remaining enemies (/)
508Calibrate triangulation point Alpha
509Calibrate triangulation point Beta
510Calibrate triangulation point Gamma
511Wipe out the attracted creatures
512Access the resource drop
513Connect MODUS to the Bot-Stop station
514Standby while the patrollers are constructed
515Protect the robots during reprogramming
516Eliminate the remaining hostiles (/)
517Recover the last seen at
518Recover the last seen at
519Recover the last seen at
520Recover the last seen at
521Recover the last seen at
522Recover the last seen at
523Return the items to the Whitespring
524Access to the guest room for "decluttering"
525Prepare to defend the Corpse Flowers
526Protect the Corpse Flowers
527Corpse Flower 1
528Corpse Flower 2
529Corpse Flower 3
530Corpse Flower 4
531Corpse Flower 5
532Investigate the trailer
533Listen to the "Message for Jeff" holotape
534Learn Amy Kerry's location
535Retrieve Amy's terminal password
536Access the Environmental Monitoring Program
537Establish a device link with the terminal
538Collect a Water Data Holotape
539Collect a Soil Data Holotape
540Collect an Air Data Holotape
541Upload the water data
542Upload the soil data
543Upload the air data
544Process the sensor data
545Search the factory for ingredients
546Add Meat-flavored Soy Chunks to the Hopper (/)
547Add Dehydrated Beef Stock to the Hopper (/)
548Add Diced Vegetable Mix to the Hopper (/)
549Add Raw Corn to the Food Processing Hopper (/)
550Activate the Food Processing Machinery
551Defend the Food Processing Machines
552Machine 1
553Machine 2
554Machine 3
555Diagnose the mechanical issue
556Reset the Fuse Box
557Use the pressure-release valve
558Repair the pipe
559Initialize the Pharmabot
560Follow Pharmabot
561Defend Pharmabot at Spray Locations (/3)
563Spray Location Alpha
564Spray Location Beta
565Spray Location Gamma
566Repair Pharmabot
567Kill Farmhand Supervisors (/3)
568Change Farmhands targeting parameters
569Fire a flare to call the Cargobot
570Defeat Scorched (Wave /)
571Eliminate the Scorched
572Prepare for More Enemies
573Eliminate the Scorched
574Prepare for More Enemies
575Eliminate the Scorched
576Prepare for more enemies
577Eliminate the Scorched
578Prepare for more enemies
579Eliminate the Scorched
580Prepare for more enemies
581Eliminate the Scorched
582Await the cargo drop
583Search Disturbed Dirt for Salvage
584Find the Church
585Find Responder Supply Caches
586Kill Fireflies to collect Bioluminescent Fluid
587Deposit Bioluminescent Fluids in lamp (/)
588(Optional) Commune with the Wise Mothman
589Kill the First Wolf Pack Leader
590Kill the Second Wolf Pack Leader
591Kill the Third Wolf Pack Leader
592Visit the Giant Teapot
593Speak to Sweetwater
594Collect Honey (/)
595Deliver Honey to Sweetwater
596Destroy the Vertibot!
597Start the Boilers
598Defend the Giant Teapot - Wave 1/3
599Defend the Giant Teapot - Wave 2/3
600Defend the Giant Teapot - Wave 3/3
601Water Tower Pipe
602Main Boiler Pipe
603Secondary Boiler Pipe
604Listen to Abbie
605Find the missing Uplink
606Repair the Broken Uplink
607Select Uplink Repaired at the Scorched Detection Terminal
608Listen to Abbie
609Enter Raleigh's bunker
610Listen to Abbie
611Find the Fan Motors (/)
612(Optional) Find Raleigh's Schematics
613Find a Heating Coil at Raleigh's bunker
614Find a Heating Coil at Ella's bunker
615Find a Heating Coil at the Relay Tower
616Find Heating Coils at Abbie's bunker
617Craft Upgraded Motors (/)
618Select Motors Upgraded at the Scorched Detection Terminal
619Listen to Abbie
620Take the Holotape for Rose
621Upgrade Scorched detectors (/)
622Give the holotape to Rose
623Listen to Rose
624Return to Abbie's bunker
625Listen to Abbie
626Take the Master Holotape
627Load the Master Holotape in the Armory terminal
628Run the Armory Access program
629Listen to Abbie
630Load the Master Holotape in Raleigh's terminal
631Download routing schematics
632Listen to Abbie
633Load the Master Holotape in Sam's terminal
634Gain access to Sam's terminal
635Download access codes
636Listen to Abbie
637Load the Master Holotape in a Relay Tower terminal
638Upload the data
639Reboot the system at Abbie's Bunker
640Listen to Abbie
641Report to the Trap
642Activate the Lure
643Prepare to Fight
644Defeat the Scorchbeast
645Repair Rover
646Protect Rover
647Reboot the system
648Recover the Loot Cache
649Get the supply drop
650Fix Relay Tower Terminal
651Upload US Government Supply Requisition Holotape
652Get the supply drop
653Find the source of the horde (/4 searched)
654Kill the horde boss
655Waiting for enough players to start (/)
656Get ready
657Find and assassinate your target ( players left)
658Find the Radio Signal
659Investigate the region of your choice
660Find Grafton's Mayor's office
661Investigate Watoga
662Investigate the Cabin
663Investigate Abbie's Bunker
664Find a Gate Terminal at Harpers Ferry
665Investigate Ella's bunker
666Find Chloe at Berkeley Springs
667Find Shelby O'Rouke's shack
668Find the Red Rocket Mega Stop
669Kill the first swarm
670Kill the second swarm
671Kill the third swarm
672Kill the fourth swarm
673Kill the fifth swarm
674Kill the
675Kill the
676Prepare your defenses
677Defeat the : Wave 1/
678Defeat the : Wave 2/
679Defeat the : Wave 3/
680Defeat the : Wave 4/
681Defeat the : Wave 5/
682Defeat the Scorchbeast attack
683Defeat the
684Clear enemies from
685Claim the workshop
686Power up the at (/)
687 is under attack
688Your camp is under attack
689Stop the intruders from claiming your workshop
690Reclaim your workshop from the intruders
691Play Music on the Rooftops of Beckley
692Search Big Bend Tunnel for Survivors
693Clear out the Flooded Trainyard
694Search General's Steakhouse for Supplies
695Kill unruly golfer feral ghouls at Whitespring [/]
696Collect and hold Whitespring holotapes [/]
697Search Monongah Mine for Supplies
698Speak with Jack at the Pumpkin House
699Collect Pumpkins (/)
700Deliver Pumpkins to Jack
701Find jukeboxes to bring the music back to Summersville
702Clear out New Gad
703Search the Cabin for Survivors
704Jangles got lost at the fair - find him!
705Clear out Watoga Emergency Services
706Clear out Watoga Civic Center
707Learn the secrets of West Tek
708Gain access to the Research Wing
709Find the strange machinery
710Find the source of the seismic activity
711Wait for the test to begin
712Wait for the test to begin
713Score all bullseyes with a crossbow in time
714/ bullseyes scored
715Warning: Stay at an acceptable distance!
716Equip a crossbow
717Equip a bow weapon
718Score all bullseyes with a bow weapon in time
719Listen to the instructions
720Complete the running test in time (%)
721Run to the first checkpoint
722Run to the next checkpoint
723Run to the finish line
724Listen to the instructions
725Complete the running test in time (%)
726Run to the first checkpoint
727Run to the next checkpoint
728Run to the finish line
729Listen to the instructions
730Complete the running test in time (%)
731Run to the first checkpoint
732Run to the next checkpoint
733Run to the finish line
734Complete a tour of the RobCo Research Center (/ stations visited)
735Visit the next tour stop
736Start the swimming test
737Complete the Swimming Test in time
738Wear your swimsuit
739Let the instructor know you're ready
740Swim to each buoy (/)
741Swim back to the start
742(Optional) Get a swimsuit
743Search the body
744Listen to the Damaged Holotape
745Learn the history of Riverside Manor
746Search the front parlor while wearing a veil
747Discover the secret of Riverside Manor
748Register as an Initiate
749Listen to the Initiate holotape
750Request a mentor assignment
751Meet your mentor in Lewisburg
752Learn your mentor's original mission
753(Optional) Search for Raiders in Lewisburg
754Report to Cryptos
755Find a way to authorize your own promotion
756Log in to claim your promotion
757Listen to the Novice holotape
758Earn the Phantom Device
759Earn the Blade of Bastet
760Earn the Voice of Set
761Master the tools of the Mistress of Mystery
762Log in to claim your promotion
763Listen to the Phantom Device holotape
764Search Cryptos for Phantom Device components
765Locate HalluciGen Gas
766Locate a Stealth Boy
767Find a way to unlock the safe
768Use the Fabricator to make a Phantom Device
769Listen to the Blade of Bastet holotape
770Search Cryptos for a historic sword
771Get a Swing Analyzer from the Fabricator
772Acquire a Historic Sword
773Find the terminal password
774Attach the Swing Analyzer to Grant's Saber
775Kill different types of creatures with Grant's Saber (/)
776Killed a
777Killed a
778Killed a
779Killed a
780Killed a
781Killed a
782Killed a
783Killed a
784Killed a
785Killed a
786Use the Fabricator to make the Blade of Bastet
787Listen to the Voice of Set Holotape
788Search Cryptos for experimental weapons research
789Locate the EMP Research Program
790Find a way to copy the EMP Research Program Data
791Get a Project Siphon Holotape
792Use the Project Siphon Holotape to extract the data
793Upload the data into the Fabricator
794Use the Fabricator to make the Voice of Set
795Listen to the Seeker holotape
796Accept a Mistress-rank mission
797Listen to the Pleasant Valley mission holotape
798Infiltrate Pleasant Valley Ski Resort
799Search for information about the Order of Mysteries
800Locate Brody's Room
801Break into Brody's room
802(Optional) Find a key to Brody's room
803Find Brody's holotape
804(Optional) Find a password for Brody's Terminal
805Gain access to the Headmistress' Office
806Search the Headmistress' Office
807Locate the Meeting Place
808(Optional) Look for clues to the Meeting Place
809Search the bodies of Shannon & Olivia Rivers
810Become a Mistress of Mystery
811Claim the Garb of Mysteries from the Fabricator
812Use the Fabricator to repair your Worn Veil
813Follow the Overseer's journey
814[Reactor Repair Timer]
815Head for the Control Room
816Find a way past the Laser Grids
817Find a way to make a Biometric ID Card
818Find an old Biometric ID Card
819Erase the old Biometric ID Card
820Acquire your Biometric Data
822Create your Biometric ID Card
823Register your Biometric ID Card
824Find a way to end the Reactor Security Lockdown
825(Optional) Find a way to repair the Reactor
826Shut down the Reactor for Repairs
827(Optional) Shut down the Reactor for repairs
828Repair the Reactor Pipes
829(Optional) Repair the Reactor Pipes
830(Optional) Restart the Reactor
831Destroy the Mainframe
832Find a way to open the Security Door
833Replace the Mainframe Cores (/)
834(Optional) Find spare Mainframe Cores
835(Optional) Repair damaged Mainframe Cores
836Open the Security Door
837Initiate Launch Prep
838Complete Launch Prep
839Defend the Section Chiefs (/)
840Replace the Section Chiefs ()
841Speak with Rose
842Check the Terminal at Blackwater Mine
843Find the Blackwater Bandits' Key Fragment
844Go Outside the Mine Entrance
845Search for Notes at the Trappers' Camp
846Find the Trappers' Key Fragment
847Check Margie's Last Known Location for Clues
848Play Margie's Holotape
849Read Vincent's Terminal
850Get the Admin Password
851Duplicate the Diehard's Key Fragment
852Search for Notes at Bolton Greens
853Find The Gourmands' Key Fragment
854Kill David and get the Cutthroat's Key Fragment
855Bring the Key Fragments to Rose
856Search for Information on Rosalynn
857Find Rosalynn's Master Key Holotape
858Go to the Raider Cache
859Take the Keycard
860Enter the Cache
861Speak with Rose
862Add a Karma Syringe Barrel Mod to Rose's Syringer
863Shoot a Yao Guai with a Karma Syringe
864Kill Your Target While It Is Affected by Karma
865Craft Explosive Bait at Any Tinker's Workbench
866Find Materials to Craft Explosive Bait
867Use Explosive Bait on a Creature
868Approach a Deathclaw and "Make Friends"
869(Optional) Kill the Deathclaw
870(Optional) Flee from the Deathclaw
871Steal From a Super Mutant Camp
872(Optional) Don't Get Caught
873Kill a Feral Ghoul
874Speak with Rose
875(Optional) Equip Cannibal Perk and Cannibalize a Feral Ghoul
876Light the Brazier of Transcendence
877Prepare for Guided Meditation
878Defend the First Meditation Hub
879Defend the Second Meditation Hub
880Defend the Third Meditation Hub
881Defend the Fourth Meditation Hub
882The First Mediation Hub requires repair!
883The Second Mediation Hub requires repair!
884The Third Mediation Hub requires repair!
885The Fourth Mediation Hub requires repair!
886Speak to Billingsley at Bolton Greens
887Approval Rating
888Prepare for the Distinguished Guests
889Get the Robot Waitstaff Back to Work ( / )
890Repair Waiter Alfred
891Repair Waiter Bernard
892Repair Waiter Clifford
893Repair Waiter Desmond
894Repair Waiter Elwood
895Gather Place Settings and Centerpieces
896Find and Set Place Settings ( / )
897Find and Set Centerpieces ( / )
898Undesirables in Function Room ()
899Tune Into Top of the World Radio Signal
900Go to the Top of the World
901Find the Signal Repeater Schematic
902Read the Signal Repeater Notes
903Search for an RCX01-A39 Duplexer
904Search for Radio Parts at the Investigator's Cabin
905Search for an SMU-97 Transponder
906Construct the Signal Repeater at Any Tinker's Workbench
907Go to the National Isolated Radio Array
908Install the Signal Repeater
909Divert Power to the Repeater
910Return to Speak with Rose
911Hunt the Wendigo
912Go to the Buck's Den Beer House
913Go to the Buck's Den Beer House
914Make Raucous Music in the Beer Hall to Attract the Nightstalker
915Kill the Nightstalker
916(Optional) Defeat the Nightstalker Bare-handed
917Investigate the House
918Begin Vox Interpreter Data Collection Exercise
919Load the Vox Interpreter Holotape Into Pip-Boy
920Take the Vox Syringer
921Shoot Target with a Vox Dart:
922Collect Vox Data
923Shoot Target with a Vox Dart:
924Collect Vox Data
925Shoot Target with a Vox Dart:
926Collect Vox Data
927Get back within range of the
928Get back within range of the
929Get back within range of the
930Return the Vox Syringer
931Return the Vox Interpreter Holotape to the Terminal
932Speak with the Blackwater Auto-Foreman
933Initiate the Extraction Process
934Protect the Extractors as they Extract Uranium
935Repair Extractor Alpha
936Repair Extractor Bravo
937Repair Extractor Charlie
938Uranium Extracted
939Go to the Extraction Site
940Deliver the Black Box to Transceiver for Processing
941Retrieve the Black Box by Any Means Necessary
942Follow Madigan's Trail
943Complete Rose's Quests to Gain Her Trust
944Retrieve the Uplink
945Go to the Free States Bunker
946Craft or at a Chemistry Workbench
947Drop into the mine fire at
948Drop into the mine fire at
949Craft or at a Chemistry Workbench
950Drop into the mine fire at
951Drop into the mine fire at
952Complete the reclaimation procedure
953Find the schematics for the "Ignition Core"
954Construct an Ignition Core
955Insert the Ignition Core into the experimental reactor
956Run the decryption system
957Access Dominick's terminal
958Access the "Air Purifer"
959Find a way to access the Hornwright air purifiers
960Listen to the "Air Purifier Project Delays" holotape
961Discover Garrahan Mining's Innovation
962Investigate Garrahan Mining's Headquarters
963Consult the Project Manager's Terminal
964Build Excavator Power Armor Left and Right Arms
965Build Excavator Power Armor Left and Right Legs
966Build Excavator Power Armor Helmet
967Build Excavator Power Armor Torso
968Register Excavator Power Armor Full Suit
969Go to The Chow Line
970Listen to Zoe
971Grab a Paper Towel to Begin
972Eat Hotdogs (/)
973Put on Camden Park Uniform
974Take off Camden Park Uniform
975Go to the Dross Toss
976Listen to Zach
977Grab Dross to Begin
978Toss Dross into Container
979Put on Camden Park Uniform
980Take off Camden Park Uniform
981Go to Camden Park
982Go to the Camden Park Main Entrance
983Report for your Shift
984Put on your Uniform
985Clock in for your Shift
986Calibrate Mr. Fuzzy's Games (/3)
987Visit the Company Store
988Talk to the Boss
989Put on your Uniform
990Go to the Lucky Mucker
991Listen to Zeke
992Grab a Coal Bucket to Begin
993Deposit Coal in the Carts (/)
994Return to Zeke
995Put on Camden Park Uniform
996Take off Camden Park Uniform
997Explore Hornwright Industrial HQ
998Search Penny's office for info about the "Motherlode"
999Find a way to acquire an ID to access the upper floors
1000Find a way to impersonate a Senior Executive
1001Find a Senior Executive resume
1002Search the company archives for an Executive Resume
1003Pass the Hornwright Senior Executive Exam
1004(Optional) Find the answers for the Senior Executive Exam
1005(Optional) Collect the exam answers from Tech Support
1006Deposit the resume in the receptacle
1007Return to the hiring system for your results
1008Collect your Senior Executive ID
1009Explore the building's upper floor for info on the "Motherlode"
1010Search the lab for infomation on where to find a Repair Beacon
1011Requisition the repair beacon - Code 36984
1012Collect the repair beacon
1013Deploy the repair beacon
1014Collect the Motherlode's gift
1015Clear the area of hostiles
1016Retreat to a safe distance!
1017Harvest materials from containers (/ unsealed)
1018Time to next unsealing
1019Collect remaining materials before the machine submerges
1020Explore the Charleston Fire Department
1021Join the "Fire Breathers"
1022Pass the Knowledge Exam
1023(Optional) Search the station for Knowledge Exam study materials
1024Complete the Physical Exam
1025Initiate the final exam
1026Head to the final exam site
1027Collect your kit
1028Listen to the "Fire Breathers Final Exam Briefing" holotape
1029Activate the emergency beacon
1030Return to Bernie
1031Register with the Fire Breather's computer system
1032Listen to the priority message
1033: Time until exam begins
1034Activate the checkpoint and return before time runs out
1035Find or Build Ignition Cores (/)
1036Install Ignition Cores (/)
1037Activate the Rockhound Excavator
1038Keep the Rockhound Excavator operational to collect ore
1039Repair the Rockhound Excavator
1040Learn how to activate the giant Excavator
1041Await the reopening of the mine
1042Harvest the mine for minerals and scrap before it collapses
1044Keep running to earn Claim Tokens
1046Keep running to earn Claim Tokens
1048Keep running to earn Claim Tokens
1049Escape before the mine collapses!
1050Exhange Tokens at Terminal
1051Investigate the seismic activity
1052Engage the Security Robot
1053Follow the Security Robot to its Bunker
1054Retrieve Bunker Keycard Alpha
1055Retrieve Bunker Keycard Beta
1056Activate Access Keypad Alpha
1057Activate Access Keypad Beta
1058Activate the Other Keypad
1059Activate Master Shutdown
1060Speak with Libby O'Brien when Ready
1061Protect Libby O'Brien
1062Repair O'Brien! Hurry!
1063Control Panel Repair Status (%)
1064Control Panel Repair Status (%)
1065Control Panel Repair Status (%)
1066Defeat the Deathclaw
1067(Optional) Find Hidden Kobolds (/)
1068(Optional) Reboot Auto-Miners (/)
1069Escape from a Fiery Death!
1070Libby wants you OUT! Escape or die!
1071Find Duchess's Stash
1072Open the Miner's Locker in
1073Attach "Demerit Devices" to your targets (/)
1074(Optional) Ensure the target is alive when the device is attached
1075Approach the "Work-a-Day" station
1076Visit a "Work-a-Day" station
1077Find and excavate the Dig Site at
1078Locate Scorched
1079Launch Card Vertibot
1080Listen to Overseer's Journal, Entry 1
1081Find the next journal in Sutton
1082Listen to Overseer's Journal, Entry 2
1083Find the next journal in Morgantown High School
1084Listen to Overseer's Journal, Entry 3
1085Find the next journal in Vault-Tec University
1086Listen to Overseer's Journal, Entry 4
1087Find the next journal in Welch
1088Listen to Overseer's Journal, Entry 5
1089Find the next journal in Mount Blair
1090Listen to Overseer's Journal, Entry 6
1091Take the Keycard
1092Kill Evan
1093Search Vault-Tec Agricultural Research Center
1094Read the poster
1095Attend the fraternity party
1096Investigate what the partygoers were drinking
1097Drink a bottle of Nukashine
1098Experience the effects of Nukashine
1099(Optional) Clear out the party crashers!
1100Read the Nukashine Label in your inventory
1101Solve the riddle
1102At our Alma Mater stands a boy, gray & cold
1103The steps behind him are the first threshold
1104Around the right corner, study the street
1105Just to the left is the place that we meet
1106There you can stain your skin with ink
1107But find the back door & we'll get you a drink
1108Search for information about Nukashine
1109Read the Nukashine Ingredients list in your inventory
1110Find out Nukashine's missing ingredient
1111Find the supply room password
1112Open the supply room
1113Gather the ingredients for Nukashine
1114Gather Nuclear Material (/3)
1115Gather Wood (/5)
1116Gather Boiled Water (/2)
1117Harvest Corn (/5)
1118Harvest Razorgrain (/5)
1119Collect Nuka-Cola Quantum (/1)
1120Craft Nukashine at a Brewing Station
1121Wait for Nukashine to ferment
1122(Optional) Find a way to speed up the process
1123(Optional) Use the Flash-Fermenter to speed up the process
1124Give Nukashine to Biv
1125(Optional) Investigate Eta Psi House
1126Listen to the 'Burrows Mission Brief' Holotape
1127Go to the Pump Station through The Burrows
1128Get past the Old Tunnel Gate
1129Search for a key to the Old Tunnel Gate
1130Get past the Pump Station Door
1131Turn the Release Valve to restore Pump Station Door Control
1132Investigate the Pump Station for the source of activity
1133Defeat the Security Assaultron
1134Defeat the remaining Security Robots
1135Go to Van Lowe Taxidermy
1136Retrieve a Holotape from the box
1137Listen to Wanted: Sheepsquatch from your inventory
1138Go to Calvin van Lowe's office
1139Search the office terminal for clues
1140Find Calvin's security code
1141Find the letter to Wolf
1142Investigate the display case
1143Find a use for the strange bone
1144Read Calvin's Security Code
1145Access the Research section of Calvin's terminal
1146Find where Calvin went next
1147(Optional) Find all clues in Van Lowe Taxidermy (/)
1148Find the patrol car
1149Search the patrol car for clues
1150Listen to the "Klein's Notes" Holotape
1151Search near the house with a "flamingo out front"
1152Examine the scene
1153Read "Wolf Check-in #64"
1154Find the ID card and further instructions
1155Go to Van Lowe Taxidermy
1156Discover the secret of Van Lowe's basement
1157Enter the secret room
1158Search the secret room for clues
1159Find the password to the Assembly Terminal
1160Search the terminal for signs of Calvin
1161Listen to "Behavioral Reprogramming"
1162Search the terminal to find where Wolf went next
1163(Optional) Listen to Klein's second recording
1164(Optional) Find all clues in the secret lab (/)
1165Search for clues at the Thomas farm (/)
1166Pick up the Chemical Testing Kit
1167Collect a chemical sample from the Aerosolizer
1168Analyze the chemical sample
1169Learn the truth about the albino creatures
1170Find Scoot's shack
1171Check Scoot's terminal to see where he went
1172Solve the passphrase to Scoot's research
1173Read Scoot's research
1174Find out where Scoot went most recently
1175Find the sunken church
1176Enter the sunken church
1177Search the sunken church for signs of Scoot
1178Kill the creature
1179(Optional) Read "Letter to L" for clues
1180(Optional) Find all clues in the sunken church (/)
1181Search the police station in Monongah for clues (/)
1182Search around the lake for clues (/)
1183Track the animal by searching the stream for signs
1184Search around the animal den for clues (/)
1185Go to Priblo's Curios
1186Search Priblos' Curios for directions to the hunting camp
1187Go to the delivery site
1188Find Janelle's hunting camp
1189Investigate the area around the camp
1190Locate Janelle
1191Locate Raymond
1192Search for the cave
1193Kill the "Beast of Beckley"
1194Investigate the Picnic site for clues (/)
1195Look for clues at the Wesley's House (/)
1196Investigate Mary Tinley's home
1197Investigate Bastion Park
1198(Optional) Find all clues in the park (/)
1199Investigate Sal's Grinders
1200(Optional) Find traces of Wolf (/)
1201Download dead drop location coordinates
1202Investigate the campsite
1203Investigate Toxic Larry's Meat 'n Go
1204Enter the Garrahan Estate
1205(Optional) Read the elevator maintenance note
1206Search for an estate keycard
1207Search for traces of Wolf
1208Find and recover Wolf's cache
1209Search for Wolf's trap site
1210Search the cabin terminal
1211Craft a Camera at a Weapons Workbench
1212Craft a Camera at a Tinker's Workbench
1213Complete the Tourist's Bucket List (/7)
1214Photograph the Harpers Ferry Armory courtyard
1215Photograph the Freddy Fear's storefront
1216Photograph the logo of the Red Rocket sign
1217Photograph the front of the Pumpkin House
1218Photograph the front of the Dolly Sods cabin
1219Photograph the Valley Galleria skylight
1220Photograph the front of the Berkeley Springs Castle
1221Go to Camp Lewis
1222Find the Source of the Noises
1223Listen to Scout Leader Jaggy
1224Demonstrate Pioneer Scout Values (/4)
1225Kindness: Revive an Ally
1226Helpfulness: Clean Up Kiddie Corner Cabins
1227Bravery: Control Pests at Dolly Sods
1228Growth: Earn Scout World Challenge Badges (/3)
1229Speak with a Scout Leader
1230Search the hills by the Bailey Family Cabin
1231Investigate the Slaughter
1232Examine the Carcass (optional)
1233Collect "Quality" Hearts (/5)
1235Collect Romantic Gifts (/4)
1236- Rad Bouquet
1237- Fine Perfume
1238- Romantic Candy
1239- Fancy Booze
1240Present Val with Hearts
1241Present Val with Romantic Tokens
1242Inspect the nearby intercom
1243Find out who was talking
1244Pick up the Motivational Collar
1245Equip the Motivational Collar
1246Find the door's key codes
1247Enter code into keypad
1248Get through the locked door
1249Inspect the intercom
1250Find a way to defuse the bomb in time
1251Speak to Dr. Ladek
1252Find testing supplies (/3)
1253Find Toxic Water
1254Find Bonesaw
1255Find Blowtorch
1256Put supplies in Dr. Ladek's bag
1257Speak with Ernesto
1258Gather Ernesto's manuscript pages (/3)
1259Mail Ernesto's manuscript pages
1260Complete the tasks (/4)
1261Kill the Test Subject
1262Listen to Holotape
1263Craft a Machete
1264Open the Disposal Room
1265Complete Svetlana's tasks (/4)
1266Flip circuit breaker
1267Craft a Pipe Pistol
1268Listen to the Mission Briefing Holotape
1269Destroy a Protectron
1270Kill a Wendigo while wearing a clown costume
1271Kill the
1273Make basic repairs to the Reactor System
1274Make basic repairs to the Generator System
1275Make basic repairs to the Cooling System
1276(Optional) Finish repairs to
1277(Optional) Fully repair the Reactor System
1278(Optional) Fully repair the Generator System
1279(Optional) Fully repair the Cooling System
1281You Win
1282You Lose
1283Flee the blast zone before the nuke hits!
1284Your Kills /
1285Top Kills /
1286Kill Your Target
1287Targets Left
1288Your Team /
1289Enemy Team /
1290Incoming Air Drop
1291Loot the air drop
1292Your Team /
1293Enemy Team /
1294Capture the workshop
1295Count Down
1296Defend the Workshop
1297Count Down
1299Find Loot Cache
1300Defend Resource Generator
1301Unjam Generator
1302DEBUG: Deathclaw vs. Super Mutants
1303Recover the item from
1304Harvest the Depressed Robobrain
1305(Optional) Kill the Depressed Robobrain
1306Follow Jesse To Picnic Area
1307Clear Bloatflies from Picnic Area
1308Collect Bloatfly Meat (/)
1309Create Charred Bloatfly at Cooking Station
1310Eat Charred Bloatfly
1311Follow Jesse to Bar
1312Collect Refreshing Beverage from Chemistry Station
1313Drink Refreshing Beverage
1314Defeat Super Mutant
1315Recover the from
1316Get the supply drop
1317Tag with a Recon Scope (/)
1318Stay and Listen to Miss Nanny's Story
1320Take revenge on the at
1321Assist the Protectron emitting the distress signal.
1322Recover the item from
1323Recover the item from
1324Recover the item from
1325Speak with Mr. Messenger
1326Get the and Fix Mr. Messenger
1327Help Mr. Messenger Get to His Destination
1328Track down the Overseer
1329Find the Overseer's C.A.M.P.
1330Listen to Overseer's Log - C.A.M.P.
1331Find the Overseer in Flatwoods
1332(Optional) Tune Pip-Boy radio to the Responders' Signal
1333Listen to Overseer's Log - Flatwoods
1334Register as a Volunteer
1335Investigate Morgantown Airport
1336Learn the fate of the Responders
1337Listen to Overseer's Log - Morgantown
1338Learn about the Inoculation Project
1339Activate Steelheart
1340Escort Steelheart to the first safe room
1341Protect Steelheart while he tests the alarm
1342Escort Steelheart to the second safe room
1343Protect Steelheart while he tests the alarm
1344Escort Steelheart to the third safe room
1345Protect Steelheart while he tests the alarm
1346Escort Steelheart to his recharging pod
1347Study Doctor Hudson's Research
1348(Optional) Find a way into Greg's Mine Supply
1349Collect a Type-T Fuse
1350Install the Type-T Fuse
1351Collect a blood sample from a Mole Rat
1352Collect a blood sample from a Feral Ghoul
1353Collect a blood sample from a wolf
1354Load blood samples into the centrifuge
1355Analyze the blood samples
1356Synthesize the vaccine
1357Use the sympto-matic to administer the vaccine
1358Find the Responders Outpost in Flatwoods
1359Locate the Responders Outpost
1360Locate Kesha McDermott
1361(Optional) Search for her location in the system
1362Search for Kesha along the nearby river
1363Retrieve the Water Testing Kit from Kesha McDermott
1364Test a sample of water from the river
1365Test a sample of water from Flatwood's Water Pumps
1366Analyze the Water Testing Kit's results in Kesha's Lab
1367Boil water using Dirty Water and Wood fuel
1368(Optional) Collect Dirty Water
1369(Optional) Harvest Wood
1370Add Boiled Water to the Outpost's water supply
1371Check in with the Self-Serve Kiosk
1372Find Delbert Winters in Flatwoods
1373(Optional) Search for Delbert Winters in the People Directory
1374Look for Delbert Winters at his home
1375Search for training instructions around Delbert's house
1376Cook a Ribeye Steak
1377(Optional) Get a piece of Brahmin Meat
1378(Optional) Get some Wood for fuel
1379Check in with the Self-Serve Kiosk
1380Contact the Responders using the Database
1381Register for Advanced Responder Training
1382Listen to "Volunteer Training: Camping 101"
1383Investigate Responder Miguel's camp site
1384Read the Camping Syllabus
1385Investigate the Protectron
1386Search Miguel's terminal for C.A.M.P. schematics
1387Find the "Camp Guide Program" for the Protectron
1388Give holotape to Miguel's protectron
1389Deploy your C.A.M.P.
1390Build a basic cooking fire
1391Build a simple stash box
1392Build a generator at your C.A.M.P.
1393Register for more Advanced Responder Training
1394Listen to the holotape "Patrol 1: Training Exercise"
1395Check for supplies at the triage center
1396Retrieve the next holotape from the safe
1397Listen to "Patrol 2: Triage Center"
1398Patrol the processing center
1399Get the supply cache key from Responder Rocky
1400Check the supplies in the safe
1401Listen to "Patrol 3: Processing Center"
1402Report to the medical center
1403Check the supplies in the storage chest
1404Retrieve the next patrol recording
1405Listen to "Patrol 4: Medical Center"
1406Report to the traffic control tower
1407Look up "Resource Requests" to receive the holotape
1408Listen to "Patrol 5: Control Tower"
1409Check in at the Responders Terminal
1410Find Formal Hat
1411Find Fashionable Glasses
1412Find Chef Hat
1413Place correct clothing item on first mannequin
1414Place correct clothing item on second mannequin
1415Place correct clothing item om third mannequin
1416Listen to Galleria Distress Beacon
1417Collect Nuka Grenades
1418Place Nuka Grenade on "Julian Price"
1419Place Nuka Grenade on "Patricia Grunwald"
1420Place Nuka Grenade on "George Wilton"
1421Fire at "Julian Price" to detonate grenade
1422Fire at "Patricia Grunwald" to detonate grenade
1423Fire at "George Wilton" to detonate grenade
1424Kill the Greeter Protectron
1425Go to Tour Location
1426Kill Large Creature
1427Investigate Harpers Ferry
1428Investigate the gate terminal
1429Investigate the area north of Valley Galleria
1430Talk to Hardball
1431Find a signal booster
1432Summon a Cargobot
1433Wait for the Cargobot to arrive
1434Attach the signal booster
1435Wait for the signal
1436zzzTune into the distress beacon signal
1437Track the distress beacon to its source
1438Investigate the area
1439Listen to Nari's holotape
1440Take Nari's ID card
1441(Optional) Find Nari's hazmat suit
1442Listen to Randy's holotape
1443Enter the Dyer Chemical sewers
1444Discover the fate of the tracking party
1445Listen to Lucy's holotape
1446Increase the water flow at Crevasse Dam
1447Neutralize the river at Dyer Chemical
1448Kill Glowing creatures (/)
1449Kill the Glowing Queen
1450Investigate Ella's bunker
1451Find Ella's research
1452Read Ella's research
1453Collect bone meal
1454(Optional) Install the tracking station
1455(Optional) Listen to the Radiation Signature Tracker radio station
1456Collect nitrogen
1457Collect phosphorous
1458Collect potassium
1459Deposit the chemicals
1460Deposit the bone meal
1461Mix the fertilizer
1462Flush the fertilizer into the river
1463Collect a Strangler Bloom
1464Create RadShield at a Chems Workbench
1465Add mash to distiller boilers
1466Start the generator
1467Fend off attackers
1468Release the pressure
1469Investigate Berkeley Springs
1470Talk to Chloe
1471Collect Gulper Innards (/)
1472Collect Mirelurk Meat (/)
1473Collect Angler Meat (/)
1474Collect flowers (/)
1475Attend the play date
1476Survive your play date
1477Retrieve toys (/)
1478Return to Chloe
1479Strangler Heart Health
1480Destroy the Strangler Heart
1481Kill the Strangler creatures
1482Wait for the Heart to be vulnerable
1483Kill the Strangler Queen
1484Kill the Strangler Grafton Monster
1485Initialize the experiment
1486Fill the feeding troughs
1487Venison in Habitat A: - Rating: /
1488(FULL) Venison in Habitat A: - Rating: /
1489Sludge in Habitat B: - Rating: /
1490(FULL) Sludge in Habitat B: - Rating: /
1491Radkelp in Habitat C: - Rating: /
1492(FULL) Radkelp in Habitat C: - Rating: /
1493Final call for trough materials!
1494Meet the friendly animals
1495Defend your animals from predators (Wave 1/3)
1496Prepare for the next wave
1497Defend your animals from predators (Wave 2/3)
1498Prepare to fight the alpha
1499Defend your animals from the alpha predator (Final Wave)
1500 - Rank
1501 - Rank
1502 - Rank
1503Friendly Animals Alive: /3
1504Venison to next rank:
1505Sludge to next rank:
1506Radkelp to next rank:
1507Retrieve ARIC-4's shutdown code
1508Shut down ARIC-4
1509Take the elevator down to Arktos Pharma Lab
1510Investigate the shack
1514Kill the cryptid
1515Extract the tissue sample
1516Deposit the tissue sample
1517Wait for results
1518Investigate the Red Rocket Mega Stop
1519Recover Red Rocket Cores (/)
1520Deposit Red Rocket Cores
1521Talk to Beckham
1522Beckham's Health
1523Protect Beckham at the first hive
1524Protect Beckham at the second hive
1525Protect Beckham at the third hive
1526Find Boomer at the Southern Belle Motel
1527Investigate the Southern Belle Motel
1528Talk to Boomer
1529Recover the bombs (/)
1530Tracked Targets
1531Artillery strike incoming
1532Friendly Vertibot incoming
1533Kill the
1534This is objective index 10.
1535This is objective index 20.
1536This is objective index 30.
1537Do the Daily Quest
1538Kill the and it's friends
1539Do something
1540OBJECTIVE 10: Observe seated actor
1541Test objective text
1542This should start and complete.
1543Wait for timer.
1544This should start and fail.
1545Wait for timer.
1546Talk to the Mr. Handy
1547Go to the rock.
1548Use PQI and SQV to verify Alias Filled.
1549Use PQI and SQV to verify Alias Filled.
1550Use PQI and SQV to verify Alias Filled.
1551Use PQI and SQV to verify Alias Filled.
1552Use PQI and SQV to verify Alias Filled.
1553Use PQI and SQV to verify Alias Filled.
1554Walk to the end of the hall.
1555Caps, EXP, a Nuka Cola and 2 Mini Nukes should be granted.
1556Grab the shotgun.
1557Equip the shotgun.
1558Grab the handgun from the table.
1559Walk to the end of the hall.
1560Grab the helmet from the table.
1561Walk to the end of the hall.
1562Grab the NukaCola from the table.
1563Talk to the Intercom!
1564Pickup the Pencils /
1565Look at Objective Messaging
1566Look at Objective Messaging
1567Look at Objective Messaging
1568Grab the NukaCola
1569Destroy the pipe.
1570Use SQV & PQI to verify.
1571Walk to the end of the hall.
1572Walk to the end of the hall.
1573Grab the dispenser alias fuse.
1574Get the dispenser alias Acid.
1575Get the dispenser alias Oil
1576Grab the Questobjective Dispenser Alias Bonesaw
1577Get the Questobjective Dispenser Alias Adhesive
1578Get the Questobjective Dispenser Alias Coolant
1579Get the Alias Lamp
1580Get the Alias Ashtray
1581Get the Alias Autopart
1582Get the QuestObject Alias Soap
1583Get the Quest Object Alias Screwdriver
1584Get The Quest Object Alias Spatula
1585Check the barn.
1586Kill the Ghoul!
1587Answer the door.
1588Discover The Burrows
1589Explore The Burrows
1590Explore The Burrows' neighborhoods
1591Explore The Burrows' neighborhoods
1592Investigate the Central Chamber
1593Investigate Maude's Neighborhood
1594Go to the Pump Station through the Old Tunnel
1595Turn the Release Valve to restore Door Control
1596Search for Maude's group
1597Go to the Left Platform
1598Go to the Right Platform
1599End the quest by using the Poster
1600Go to Location
1601Wait for Monster to Spawn
1602Craft a piece of Armor
1603Mine Coal in Gauley Mine
1604Place your own C.A.M.P.
1605Retrieve your dropped loot
1606Go to Specific Location
1607Go to the Region
1608Craft a Weapon
1609Talk to the Warden about the Marshals
1610Authorize Cell Block A turret activation
1611Authorize Cell Block B turret activation
1612Authorize Cell Block C turret activation
1613Authorize Cell Block D turret activation
1614Deliver authorization codes to the warden
1615Subdue Mad Dog Malone
1616Optional: Wait for the marshal
1617Talk to the Huntmaster of Black Bear Lodge
1618Kill one
1619Kill one
1620Kill one
1621Tune in to WGRF Grafton radio
1622Talk to Grafton Mayor
1623Open the water valve at Wavy Willard's Waterpark
1624Pick up beer bottles [/] at the shooting range
1625Repair Prickett's Fort token dispenser
1626Repair Black Bear Lodge check-in terminal
1627Find the protest gathering spot
1628Kill the Protestors
1629Contact Miss Annie
1630Access the Security System
1631Play Holotape Clues (/)
1632Search for Freddy's ID
1633Search the Mailbox
1634Go to Clarksburg Post Office
1635Research the key
1636Search Otis Pike's house
1637Find a way into the Grafton Dam
1638Search for Clues (/5)
1639Return to Miss Annie
1640Use a Tinker's Bench to fix the KidSecure (optional)
1641Search the Woods Estate
1642Get to the penitentiary rooftops
1643Kill Mad Dog Malone's Gang
1644Time until attack begins
1645Optional: Repair turrets
1646Optional: Kill super mutant that is targeting a turret
1647Optional: Kill super mutant with missile launcher
1648Kill the super mutant suicider before he reaches the door
1649Talk to the Curator
1650Nearby players meet at Prickett's Fort
1651Union defenders in the fort
1652Confederate attackers in the parking lot
1653Score: Union , Confederates
1654Optional: Union Defenders arriving late
1655Optional: Confederate attackers arriving late
1656Kill all the Union defenders
1657Kill all the Confederate attackers
1658Join the Confederates in the Battle That Never Was event
1659Join the Union for the Battle That Never Was event
1660Talk to the Hemlock Holes Cook
1661Get Radstag Meat [/]
1662Optional: Hunt Radstag Herd
1663Optional: Get Yao Guai meat [/]
1664Optional: Get Deathclaw meat [/]
1665Put meat on Grill
1666Talk to the Hemlock Holes Cook
1667Get Tatos [/]
1668Optional: Get Corn [/]
1669Optional: Get Carrots [/]
1670Put vegetables on grill
1671Report to the Warden
1672Escort the Guard Patrol
1673Repair the Guard
1674Defend the Security Station
1675Defend the Security Station
1676Talk to Shooting Range Attendant
1677Get new paper targets
1678Put targets on the range
1679At least one player get to the island
1680Kill Mirelurk Leader before it reaches the spawning grounds
1681Stop the horde from reaching the spawning grounds
1682Kill the next Mirelurk leader before it reaches the spawning grounds
1683Stop the next horde from reaching the spawning grounds
1684Kill the last Mirelurk leader before it reaches the spawning grounds
1685Stop the last horde from reaching the spawning ground
1686Kill the Mirelurk Queen
1687Watch the Parade
1688Kill the Grafton Monster
1689Optional: Get Fertilizer
1690Load fertilizer into Becker farm aerosolizer
1691Load fertilizer into Smith farm aerosolizer
1692Load fertilizer into Graninger farm aerosolizer
1693Pick up Barrel
1694Pick up Barrel
1695Pick up Barrel
1696Optional: Sink the barrels [Agi 5]
1697Dump toxic barrels
1698Talk to the Curator
1699Get the remains
1700Put the remains in open grave
1701Bury the remains
1702Listen to the Vault 63 Emergency Broadcast
1703Investigate Vault 63
1704Locate a Certified Nuclear Engineer
1705Obtain a Nuclear Engineer's ID Card
1706Gain Access to Vault 63
1707Listen to the Vault 63 Emergency Broadcast
1708Investigate Vault 63
1709Locate an on-duty Fire Chief
1710Obtain the Fire Chief's ID Card
1711Gain Access to Vault 63
1712Listen to the Vault 63 Emergency Broadcast
1713Investigate Vault 63
1714Locate a Military Officer
1715Obtain a Military Officer's ID Card
1716Gain Access to Vault 63
1717Reach the Reactor Level
1718Initiate the Reactor Cooldown Process
1719Secure the Reactor
1720Gain Access to the Residential Area
1721Gain Access to the Recreation Level
1722Gain Access to the Atrium
1723Gain access to the Maintenance Room.
1724Activate the Fire Suppression System
1725Reach the Location of the Riot
1726Stop the Riot by Any Means Necessary
1727Collect the Culprits' ID Cards and Turn Them In
1728Listen to the Vault 94 Emergency Broadcast
1729Investigate Vault 94
1730Locate the Access Code at
1731Use the Access Code to enter Vault 94
1732Listen to the Vault 94 Emergency Broadcast
1733Investigate Vault 94
1734Open the Vault Door [Level 50+ Team Recommended]
1735Wait for your team leader to open the Vault Door [Level 50+ Team Recommended]
1736Begin the Mission [Level 50+ Team Recommended]
1737Wait for your team leader to begin the Mission [Level 50+ Team Recommended]
1738Vault Shutting Down
1739Use Fast Travel to exit the Vault
1740Listen to the mission briefing
1741Head for the Pump Control Station
1742Enter the Atrium
1743Repair pipes in the Atrium
1745Enter the Residential Wing
1746Repair pipes in the Residential Wing
1747Locate the Maintenance Engineer's Room
1748Find the Maintenance Engineer's ID Card
1749Enter the Maintenance Engineer's Room
1750Acquire the Pump Reset Codes
1752Enter the Engineering Wing
1753Assemble your team
1754Proceed when ready
1755Repair pipes in the Engineering Wing
1756Restart the Reactors
1757Replace the damaged Mainframe Cores
1758Enter the Reactor Reset Codes (/)
1759Engage the Reactor Interlocks (/)
1760Adjust the Circuit Breakers
1761Open the Reactor Fluid Valves
1762Restart the Reactor Subsystems
1763Authenticate with the Hand Scanners
1764Use the Reactor Control Cards
1765Replace the Reactor Catalyst Canisters (/)
1766Press the Emergency Restart Button
1768Enter the Utility Wing
1769Head for the Pump Control Station
1770Repair pipes in the Utility & Agriculture Wings
1771Restart the Flood Control Pumps (/)
1773Defeat the Strangler Heart
1774Enter the Pump Control Station
1775Activate the Emergency Flood Control Procedure
1776(Optional) Repair pipes to earn additional time
1777Listen to the announcement
1778Wait for the results
1779Listen to the Mission Briefing
1780Head for the Operations Center
1781Identify the source of the radiation
1782Locate the Community Council Chamber
1783Gain access to the G.E.C.K. Wing
1784Reduce the Security Level
1785Vote: Reduce Security Level to 5 (/)
1786Vote: Reduce Security Level to 4 (/)
1787Vote: Reduce Security Level to 3 (/)
1788Vote: Reduce Security Level to 2 (/)
1789Vote: Reduce Security Level to 1 (/)
1790Unused ID Cards:
1791Cast your votes
1792Gain access to another Wing
1793Collect ID Cards in the Atrium
1794Enter the Residential Wing
1795Enter the Engineering Wing
1796Enter the Agriculture Wing
1797Enter the Pump Control Room
1798Collect ID Cards in the Residential Wing
1799(Optional) Find a way to unlock the doors
1800Defend Mr. Handyman
1801Replace Mr. Handyman
1802Defend Ms. Maid
1803Replace Ms. Maid
1804Collect ID Cards in the Engineering Wing
1805Replace the damaged Mainframe Cores
1806Collect ID Cards in the Agriculture Wing
1807Gain access to the Greenhouses
1808Use the Requisition Holotapes
1809Collect ID Cards in the Pump Control Room
1810Resolve the Utility Room Errors
1811Enter the G.E.C.K. Wing
1812Assemble your team
1813Proceed when ready
1814Find the source of the radiation
1815Seal the G.E.C.K. Containment Vessel
1816Defend the G.E.C.K.
1817G.E.C.K. Containment Progress
1818G.E.C.K. Containment System Integrity
1819(Optional) Repair G.E.C.K. Containment System Pipes
1820Listen to the announcement
1821Wait for the results
1822Listen to the Mission Briefing
1823Acquire Vault Security ID Cards
1824Head for the Pump Control Station
1825Listen to the announcement
1826Log in to the Access Control System
1827Listen to the announcement
1828Enter the Pump Control Room
1829Activate the Emergency Flooding Procedure
1830Listen to the announcement
1831Defend the Maintenance Robots
1832Maintenance Robot Alpha Progress
1833Replace Maintenance Robot Alpha
1834Open the Water Intake Valves
1835Use the ID Card Readers
1836Press the Manual Override Buttons
1837Replace the Mainframe Cores
1838Insert the Interlock Keys
1839Maintenance Robot Beta Progress
1840Replace Maintenance Robot Beta
1841Open the Water Intake Valves
1842Use the ID Card Readers
1843Press the Manual Override Buttons
1844Replace the Mainframe Cores
1845Insert the Interlock Keys
1846Wait for the results
1847Escape from Vault 94
1848Listen to the announcement
1849Seal the Seed Banks
1850Replace the missing Seed Bank Canisters
1851(Optional) Hack the Seed Bank Override Terminals
1852Evacuate the Agriculture Wing
1853Listen to the announcement
1854Find a way out of the Residential Wing
1855Evacuate the Residential Wing
1856Assemble your team
1857Proceed when ready
1858Listen to the announcement
1859Shut down the Reactors
1860Diagnose and resolve the Reactor Error Codes
1861Evacuate the Engineering Wing
1862Listen to the announcement
1863Clear the Atrium
1864Evacuate the Atrium
1865Escape from Vault 94
1866(Optional) Destroy pipes to earn additional time
1867(Optional) Shut down flood control pumps to earn additional time
1868Listen to the announcement
1869Listen to the Vault 96 Emergency Broadcast
1870Investigate Vault 96
1871Listen to the Vault 96 Emergency Broadcast
1872Investigate Vault 96
1873Open the Vault Door [Level 50+ Team Recommended]
1874Wait for your team leader to open the Vault Door [Level 50+ Team Recommended]
1875Begin the Mission [Level 50+ Team Recommended]
1876Wait for your team leader to begin the Mission [Level 50+ Team Recommended]
1877Vault Shutting Down
1878Use Fast Travel to exit the Vault
1879Listen to the mission briefing
1880Locate the escaped experiments
1881Collect a blood sample
1882Use a centrifuge to analyze the sample
1883Kill the experimental creatures
1884Locate Genetic Research Data
1885Upload the Genetic Research Data
1886Develop a suppression device
1887Take the suppression device
1888Enter the Foyer
1889Clear the Entry Hall and Foyer
1890Clear the Foyer
1891Enter the Mainframe Wing
1892Activate the Quantum Field Generator
1893Locate a Quantum Particle Cell
1894Recharge the Quantum Particle Cell
1895Insert the Quantum Particle Cell into the Generator
1896Activate the Quantum Field Generator
1897Locate Quantum Particle Cells
1898Recharge Depleted Quantum Particle Cells ()
1899Install recharged Quantum Particle Cells ()
1900(Optional) Activate the Quantum Field Generators
1901Activate the Quantum Field Generators
1902Quantum Field: Active
1903Quantum Field: Recharging
1904Clear the Mainframe Wing
1905Enter the Engineering Wing
1906Obtain the Maintenance Override Codes
1907Enter the Maintenance Access Code
1908Enter the Decontamination Control Code
1909Enter the Manual Override Sequence Code
1910Activate the decontamination system
1911Override the decontamination stations (/)
1912(Optional) Activate the decontamination stations
1913Activate the decontamination stations
1914Decontamination: Active
1915Decontamination: Recharging
1916Clear the Engineering Wing
1917Enter the Cryogenics Wing
1918Assemble your team
1919Proceed when ready
1920Destroy the Cryogenics System Pipes
1921Open the Gas Release Valve
1922Destroy the Cryogenics System Pipes
1923(Optional) Open the Gas Release Valves
1924Open the Gas Release Valves
1925Cryogenic Gas: Active
1926Cryogenic Gas: Recharging
1927Clear the Cryogenics Wing
1928Enter the Research Wing
1929Collect the required chemicals
1930Insert the chemicals into the Chemical Processing Units
1931Activate the Chemical Processing System
1932Insert the chemical agent into a Sprinkler Chemical Injection Port
1933Open the Sprinkler System Valve
1934Collect the chemicals (//)
1935Use the Chemical Processing System to mix the chemicals
1936Inject the chemical agent into the sprinkler system ()
1937(Optional) Open the Sprinkler System Valves
1938Open the Sprinkler System Valves
1939Sprinkler System: Active
1940Sprinkler System: Recharging
1941Clear the Research Wing
1942Enter the Atrium
1943Defeat the Evolved Flatwoods Monster
1944Clear the Atrium
1945(Optional) Activate the countermeasures (/)
1946Listen to the announcement
1947(Optional) Collect additional Blood Samples and Genetic Research Data
1948(Optional) Develop additional suppression devices ( Credits)
1949Wait for the results
1950Listen to the mission briefing
1951Acquire the Virus Source Code
1952Locate the Overseer's Office
1953Destroy the virus
1954Find Quantum Particle Cells
1955Power the Workroom Terminal and Door Controls
1956Find passwords to override the Security Lockdown (/)
1957Use ID Cards to unlock additional rooms
1958Use the passwords to override the Security Lockdown (/)
1959Enter the Research Wing
1960Upload the source code into the Data Analysis Terminal
1961Analyze the virus
1962Analysis Progress
1963Execute the research programs
1964Find and upload
1965Use the Circuit Breakers to reroute power
1966Input the code from into
1967Override the security lockout
1968Shut off the sprinkler system
1969Fix the intranet connection
1970Reconnect the Research Stations (/)
1971Defend the Analysis Mainframe
1972Clear the virus from the Research Wing
1973Construct a Virus Scanner
1974Defend the Virus Scanner
1975Scan for Infected Mainframe Cores
1976Remove the Infected Mainframe Cores ()
1977Reformat the Infected Mainframe Cores ()
1978Reinstall the Mainframe Cores ()
1979Enter the Cryogenics Wing
1980Enter the Engineering Wing
1981Assemble your team
1982Proceed when ready
1983Enter the Mainframe Wing
1984Reboot the Mainframe
1985Destroy robots to disrupt the virus
1986Clear the virus from the Cryogenics Wing
1987(Optional) Clear the virus from the Sensor Control Room
1988Clear the virus from the Engineering Wing
1989(Optional) Clear the virus from the Fabrication Control Center
1990Clear the virus from the Mainframe Wing
1991Construct and Defend Virus Scanners (/)
1992Scan for Infected Mainframe Cores
1993Remove, Reformat, and Reinstall Infected Mainframe Cores (//)
1994Listen to the announcement
1995(Optional) Gain access to the Sensor Lab
1996(Optional) Gain access to the Fabrication Control System
1997(Optional) Insert Quantum Particle Cells for additional time ()
1998Insert Quantum Particle Cells for additional power ()
1999Current Power: /
2000Wait for the results
2001Acquire a Maintainence Access Code
2002Activate Emergency Flood Control
2003Listen to the Vault 96 Emergency Broadcast
2004Investigate Vault 96
2005Obtain the Meat of
2006Use the Genetic Analyzer to unlock the Vault Access Terminal
2007Unlock Vault 96
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