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08-22-19 Update to DONE

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85 Results

1Attach the signal booster to the vertibot.
3Create the Upgraded Motors at a tinkers workbench.
4Creatures are drawn by the sound of the battle
5Eliminate glowing creatures in the Swamp Forest to reduce the threat.
6Find a Chems Workbench to create Radshield and prove Ella's research works.
7Find and eliminate the Glowing Queen.
8Find Rose at Top of the World and give her the holotape Abbie made.
9Find the ingredients at Dyer Chemical to make a solution that will neutralize the river.
10Find the schematics for wood armor mods inside Raleigh's bunker.
11Find the terminal that controls the water pumps at Crevasse Dam.
12Find the transmitters inside Raleigh's bunker.
13Find the transmitters to upgrade inside Raleigh's bunker.
14Find the uplink that Madigan failed to set up.
15Get a move on!
16Go go go!
17I found a bunker in the Mire. I should see if there's anything of interest inside.
18I need to find Boomer at the Southern Belle Motel.
19I need to locate the bombs that Boomer told me about.
20I should listen to Lucy's holotape.
21I should speak to the protectron and find out what it wants
22Install the tracking station to locate the bone meal.
23Investigate the area where Duncan's hunting party was last known.
24Libby O'Brien is down! Repair her!
25Listen to Abbie's message for the next step.
26Listen to Abigayle's recorded message.
27Listen to Hardball's request for help.
28Listen to what Abbie has to say.
29Listen to what Rose has to say.
30Locate the Heating Coils needed to complete the Upgraded Motors
31Locate the Heating Coils needed to complete the Upgraded Motors
32Locate the Heating Coils needed to complete the Upgraded Motors
33Locate the Heating Coils needed to complete the Upgraded Motors
34Look in Abbie's desk for the holotape she made for Rose.
35More creatures are drawn by the sound of the battle
36More creatures are drawn by the sound of the battle
37More Scorched are approaching!
38More Scorched are approaching!
39More Scorched are approaching!
40More Scorched are approaching!
41Pickup the Pencils
42Remain in near the starting area
43Return to Abbie's bunker for further instructions.
44Search Dyer Chemical for the ingredients needed to make a fertilizer.
45Search Harpers Ferry or the Valley Galleria Electronic Store for a signal booster.
46Search the immediate area for signs of where Duncan's hunting party may have went.
47Search the sewers to discover the fate of Duncan's hunting party.
48Search the Swamp for Ella Ames' research.
49Search the Swamp for Strangler Blooms.
50State One
51State Three
52State Two
53Summon a Cargobot at the Survival Training Center.
55The Corpse Flowers' scent is driving nearby creatures into a frenzy!
56The machinery grounds to a halt. Something has broken!
57The operation is about to start
58The Scorched are approaching!
59The Strangler Heart has summoned a Grafton Monster.
60The Strangler Heart has summoned a Mirelurk Queen.
61The Wise Mothman has come to share its wisdom!
62Try Again!
63Tune into the distress beacon signal and track it to its source.
64Tune into the tracking station to locate the bone meal.
65Under Attack!
66Upgrade the Scorched Detectors in the Mountains.
75Use Abbie's terminal to see what's next.
76Use Abbie's terminal to see what's next.
77Use Abbie's Tinkerer's workbench to repair the broken uplink
78Use Ella Ames' holotape to read up on her Stranger Pod research.
79Use the code to enter the Dyer Chemical sewers.
80Use the mixing station at Dyer Chemical to create the fertilizer.
81Use the mixing station to flush the fertilizer into the river.
82Use your Pip-Boy to listen to the holotapes you've found.
83Wait for the Cargobot to arrive at the landing pad.
84Wait for your Pip-Boy to pick up the Free States radio signal.
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