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10-26-19 Update to / Fallout 1st

85 Results

1(Optional) Find Raleigh's SchematicsFS01_MQ_Warn
2(Optional) Install the tracking stationSFM04_Organic
3: Time until exam beginsMTR06_PhysicalExam
4: Time until exercise beginsEN05_ObstacleCourse
5A glowing mirelurk queen has appears in the Swamp Forest. I need to find her and kill her to finally put an end to the Glowing Swamp.SFM01_Glow_CUT_FlaggedToNotExplort
6Attach the signal boosterSFL02_Track
7Checkpoint marked! Now I need to head back to the race start location!MTR06_PhysicalExam
8Collect a Strangler BloomSFM04_Organic
9Collect bone mealSFM04_Organic
10Collect potassiumSFM04_Organic
11Craft Upgraded Motors (/)FS01_MQ_Warn
12Creatures are drawn by the sound of the battleFFZ16_Swatter
13Defeat Scorched (Wave /)FF11_Raid
14Deposit Bioluminescent Fluids in lamp (/)FFZ10_Light
15Destroy the Vertibot!FFZ16_Swatter
16Discover the fate of the tracking partySFL02_Track
17Eliminate enemy playersQP_PvP_TDM_Child
18Eliminate your designated targetQP_PvP_FFA_HunterHunted_Child
19Enter Raleigh's bunkerFS01_MQ_Warn
20Enter the Dyer Chemical sewersSFL02_Track
21Find a Heating Coil at Ella's bunkerFS01_MQ_Warn
22Find a Heating Coil at Raleigh's bunkerFS01_MQ_Warn
23Find a Heating Coil at the Relay TowerFS01_MQ_Warn
24Find a signal boosterSFL02_Track
25Find Ella's researchSFM04_Organic
26Find Heating Coils at Abbie's bunkerFS01_MQ_Warn
27Find the Fan Motors (/)FS01_MQ_Warn
28Find the missing UplinkFS01_MQ_Warn
29Flush the fertilizer into the riverSFM04_Organic
30Free For AllQP_PvP_FFA_Child
31Give the holotape to RoseFS02_MQ_Reassembly
32Go to the Buck's Den Beer HouseMTNS04_Night
33I encountered a damaged protectron at the Southern Belle Motel. I should listen to it and find out what it wants.SFZ14_Bomb
34Increase the water flow at Crevasse DamSFM01_Glow_CUT_FlaggedToNotExplort
35Ingredient Hopper ConsoleFF06_Feed
36Investigate Ella's bunkerSFM04_Organic
37Investigate the areaSFL02_Track
38Investigate the area north of Valley GalleriaSFL02_Track
39Investigate the gate terminalSFL02_Track
40Investigate the Southern Belle MotelSFZ14_Bomb
41Kill Glowing creatures (/)SFM01_Glow_CUT_FlaggedToNotExplort
42Kill the Strangler QueenSFS08_Heart
43Kill Your TargetQP_PvP_FFA_HunterHunted_Child
44Listen to AbbieFS01_MQ_Warn
45Listen to AbbieFS01_MQ_Warn
46Listen to AbbieFS01_MQ_Warn
47Listen to AbbieFS02_MQ_Reassembly
48Listen to Randy's holotapeSFL02_Track
49Listen to RoseFS02_MQ_Reassembly
50Listen to the Vault 96 Emergency BroadcastV96_Access_CUT_FlaggedToNotExportInScript
51Look at Objective MessagingTestSmokeQuest21
52Look at Objective MessagingTestSmokeQuest21
53Mix the fertilizerSFM04_Organic
54More creatures are drawn by the sound of the battleFFZ16_Swatter
55Neutralize the river at Dyer ChemicalSFM01_Glow_CUT_FlaggedToNotExplort
56Now that I've harvested a strangler bloom, I should find a chems workbench and see if I can make the RadShield that Ella Ames spoke of.SFM04_Organic
57Prepare for More EnemiesFF11_Raid
58Prepare for More EnemiesFF11_Raid
59Prepare for more enemiesFF11_Raid
60Prepare for more enemiesFF11_Raid
61Prepare to defend the Corpse FlowersFF01_DeathBlossoms
62Protect Libby O'BrienMTR11_Delve
63Quickplay: Defend QP_WorkbenchAssault_Child_Defender01
64Read Ella's researchSFM04_Organic
65Repair the Broken UplinkFS01_MQ_Warn
66Select Uplink Repaired at the Scorched Detection TerminalFS01_MQ_Warn
67Summon a CargobotSFL02_Track
68Take the Holotape for RoseFS02_MQ_Reassembly
69Talk to BoomerSFZ14_Bomb
70Talk to HardballSFL02_Track
71Team Death Match - One LifeQP_PvP_TDM_OneLife_Child
74The last survivor wins!QP_Babylon_Child
75Track the distress beacon to its sourceSFL02_Track
76Upgrade Scorched detectors (/)FS02_MQ_Reassembly
77Wait for the Cargobot to arriveSFL02_Track
78Wait for the Heart to be vulnerableSFS08_Heart
79Waiting for enough players to start (/)GQ_HunterHuntedMasterQuest
80Whatever Abbie had on that holotape was enough to convince Rose to help. Rose took the communications uplink to set up on the antennae at Top of the World. I can return to Abbie's bunker now to find out what else needs to be done.FS02_MQ_Reassembly
81You WinQP_Babylon_Child
82Your Kills /QP_PvP_FFA_Child
83Your Team /QP_PvP_TDM_OneLife_Child
84Your Team /QP_PvP_TDM_Child
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