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08-03-19 Meat Week dB Update and UI fixes

86 Results

1SFL02_TrackAttach the signal booster to the vertibot.
4FS01_MQ_WarnCreate the Upgraded Motors at a tinkers workbench.
5FFZ16_SwatterCreatures are drawn by the sound of the battle
6SFM01_Glow_CUT_FlaggedToNotExplortEliminate glowing creatures in the Swamp Forest to reduce the threat.
7SFM04_OrganicFind a Chems Workbench to create Radshield and prove Ella's research works.
8SFM01_Glow_CUT_FlaggedToNotExplortFind and eliminate the Glowing Queen.
9FS02_MQ_ReassemblyFind Rose at Top of the World and give her the holotape Abbie made.
10SFM01_Glow_CUT_FlaggedToNotExplortFind the ingredients at Dyer Chemical to make a solution that will neutralize the river.
11FS01_MQ_WarnFind the schematics for wood armor mods inside Raleigh's bunker.
12SFM01_Glow_CUT_FlaggedToNotExplortFind the terminal that controls the water pumps at Crevasse Dam.
13FS01_MQ_WarnFind the transmitters inside Raleigh's bunker.
14FS01_MQ_WarnFind the transmitters to upgrade inside Raleigh's bunker.
15FS01_MQ_WarnFind the uplink that Madigan failed to set up.
16EN05_ObstacleCourseGet a move on!
17MTR06_PhysicalExamGo go go!
18SFM04_OrganicI found a bunker in the Mire. I should see if there's anything of interest inside.
19SFZ14_BombI need to find Boomer at the Southern Belle Motel.
20SFZ14_BombI need to locate the bombs that Boomer told me about.
21SFL02_TrackI should listen to Lucy's holotape.
22SFZ14_BombI should speak to the protectron and find out what it wants
23SFM04_OrganicInstall the tracking station to locate the bone meal.
24SFL02_TrackInvestigate the area where Duncan's hunting party was last known.
25MTR11_DelveLibby O'Brien is down! Repair her!
26FS01_MQ_WarnListen to Abbie's message for the next step.
27FS01_MQ_WarnListen to Abigayle's recorded message.
28SFL02_TrackListen to Hardball's request for help.
29FS02_MQ_ReassemblyListen to what Abbie has to say.
30FS02_MQ_ReassemblyListen to what Rose has to say.
31FS01_MQ_WarnLocate the Heating Coils needed to complete the Upgraded Motors
32FS01_MQ_WarnLocate the Heating Coils needed to complete the Upgraded Motors
33FS01_MQ_WarnLocate the Heating Coils needed to complete the Upgraded Motors
34FS01_MQ_WarnLocate the Heating Coils needed to complete the Upgraded Motors
35FS02_MQ_ReassemblyLook in Abbie's desk for the holotape she made for Rose.
36FFZ16_SwatterMore creatures are drawn by the sound of the battle
37FFZ16_SwatterMore creatures are drawn by the sound of the battle
38FF11_RaidMore Scorched are approaching!
39FF11_RaidMore Scorched are approaching!
40FF11_RaidMore Scorched are approaching!
41FF11_RaidMore Scorched are approaching!
42TestSmokeQuest20Pickup the Pencils
43MTR06_PhysicalExamRemain in near the starting area
44FS02_MQ_ReassemblyReturn to Abbie's bunker for further instructions.
45SFM04_OrganicSearch Dyer Chemical for the ingredients needed to make a fertilizer.
46SFL02_TrackSearch Harpers Ferry or the Valley Galleria Electronic Store for a signal booster.
47SFL02_TrackSearch the immediate area for signs of where Duncan's hunting party may have went.
48SFL02_TrackSearch the sewers to discover the fate of Duncan's hunting party.
49SFM04_OrganicSearch the Swamp for Ella Ames' research.
50SFM04_OrganicSearch the Swamp for Strangler Blooms.
51TestSmokeQuest21State One
52TestSmokeQuest21State Three
53TestSmokeQuest21State Two
54SFL02_TrackSummon a Cargobot at the Survival Training Center.
56FF01_DeathBlossomsThe Corpse Flowers' scent is driving nearby creatures into a frenzy!
57FF06_FeedThe machinery grounds to a halt. Something has broken!
58GQ_HunterHuntedMasterQuestThe operation is about to start
59FF11_RaidThe Scorched are approaching!
60SFS08_HeartThe Strangler Heart has summoned a Grafton Monster.
61SFS08_HeartThe Strangler Heart has summoned a Mirelurk Queen.
62FFZ10_LightThe Wise Mothman has come to share its wisdom!
63QP_Babylon_ChildTry Again!
64SFL02_TrackTune into the distress beacon signal and track it to its source.
65SFM04_OrganicTune into the tracking station to locate the bone meal.
66QP_WorkbenchAssault_Child_Defender01Under Attack!
67FS02_MQ_ReassemblyUpgrade the Scorched Detectors in the Mountains.
76FS01_MQ_WarnUse Abbie's terminal to see what's next.
77FS01_MQ_WarnUse Abbie's terminal to see what's next.
78FS01_MQ_WarnUse Abbie's Tinkerer's workbench to repair the broken uplink
79SFM04_OrganicUse Ella Ames' holotape to read up on her Stranger Pod research.
80SFL02_TrackUse the code to enter the Dyer Chemical sewers.
81SFM04_OrganicUse the mixing station at Dyer Chemical to create the fertilizer.
82SFM04_OrganicUse the mixing station to flush the fertilizer into the river.
83SFL02_TrackUse your Pip-Boy to listen to the holotapes you've found.
84SFL02_TrackWait for the Cargobot to arrive at the landing pad.
85SFL02_TrackWait for your Pip-Boy to pick up the Free States radio signal.
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