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10-26-19 Update to / Fallout 1st

832 Results

2This is the Overseer.76CharGenQuest
3Investigate the creatures threatening Vault 7676ExitEventAnnounce
4Limit one can of Nuka-Cola per resident.76ExitEventQuest
5Want some weapons?76QAVendor_Quest
6That means my special blend will be bubbling up shortly. So, if you fancy a nice cuppa, the more the merrier!AnnounceBoilers
7Subject carrying executive identification. The company is very disappointed in you.AssaultStrikebreakerExec03
8A champion walks among us! Here to defend your running record? Let's get started!Athletics_Failure_Intro
9I would wish you a merry Christmas, but data suggests you won't live long enough to enjoy it.Babylon_ChristmasGreeting
11Welcome contestants!Babylon_Quest_ZaxxRadioStation
12This quality test is of utter importance for my gut. I mean, for the business. For- For- For the business, of course. Yeah.Biv_Greeting_QualityTest
13Global HandlingBoS00_Handling
14Discover the Brotherhood's FateBoS01
15Only registered BROTHERHOOD OF STEEL personnel allowed past this point.BoS02
16C39... Calling C39... Please report to Section B. C39.BoS02_DMV_Support
17Knight Moreno reporting. Moreno to Defiance. Over.BoS03_Transponders
18Module's up. Automated message for... Triangulation #2.BoSr02_ScanBegins
20Ad victoriam!BoSZ03EventEBSTopic
21Analyze Scorchbeast DNABoSZ04
22BoS Questline Restart QuestBoS_QuestlineRestart
23Emergency. Emergency.BoS_Radio
24BoS Questline Restart QuestBoS_z01_QuestRestart
25Defend the drop siteCB00_MineRepair
26I have been programmed to do this. I don't have a choice. But you do. Make the right choice. Talk.CB01_Interrogation
27Find Candy BucketCB02_MaskTeam
28Ma'am, this is a citywide software update for all municipal robots.CB04_Mayor_EBS
29Template Questline Restart QuestCB04_QuestlineRestart
30Though, truth be told, I've been so focused on my work, I've hardly noticed the time pass.CB05_Artist
31Please be advised that in field repairs may be required to get the ASAM fully operational. Good hunting! End of Message.CB06_EBS_Topic
32Kill the Scorchbeast QueenCB15_ScorchedEarth
33Kill Beavers (5/5) [will be much higher when multiplayer testing]CBxxA_Beavers
34Kill PoachersCBxxB_Poachers
35Hello. Do my quest please. Go evict people in Bog Town.CBxx_Evictions_Pre
36Dam it!CBxx_Manager
37Make player poacherCBxx_Manager_KillActor
38Check in with me from time to time, I may have additional assignments for you to carry out.CBZ03_Deputy_Congratulations
39Good luck out there. Dismissed!CBZ03_Pre
40Investigate the Emergency Services buildingCBZ03_Pre_MiscQuestObjective
41Retrieve the CBZ04_ReclaimGear
42Removing incorrect tallies in Census data.CBZ09_RobotTaunt_50
43Just eat six hotdogs real fast as I chuck them out for you. Winners get Mr. Fuzzy tokens. It's easy peasy. Grab yourself a napkin when you're ready!ChowAttract
45Hornwright Senior Executive detected. Greetings sir or madam.CreatureDialogueAutoMinerProtectron
54Combat Lines, Reaction Lines, EtcCreatureDialogueDeathclaw
68* Morse Code: Reconnaissance of designated location recommended. Stand by to receive coordinates.*CreatureDialogueEyebotMorseCode02
70Combat Lines, Reaction Lines, EtcCreatureDialogueFlatwoods
71Combat Lines, Reaction Lines, EtcCreatureDialogueGrafton
72Combat Lines, Reaction Lines, EtcCreatureDialogueHoneybeast
73Combat Lines, Reaction Lines, EtcCreatureDialogueMirelurk
75Combat Lines, Reaction Lines, EtcCreatureDialogueMirelurkling
76Combat Lines, Reaction Lines, EtcCreatureDialogueMirelurkQueen
77Combat Lines, Reaction Lines, EtcCreatureDialogueMolerat
79Yes, dearie?CreatureDialogueMsNanny
80Combat Lines, Reaction Lines, EtcCreatureDialogueRadRoach
81Combat Lines, Reaction Lines, EtcCreatureDialogueRadscorpion
82Combat Lines, Reaction Lines, EtcCreatureDialogueRadStag
83Combat Lines, Reaction Lines, EtcCreatureDialogueRadToad
84Error. Error.CreatureDialogueReaperBot
87Combat Lines, Reaction Lines, EtcCreatureDialogueSnallygaster
90Combat Lines, Reaction Lines, EtcCreatureDialogueTurret
91Combat Lines, Reaction Lines, EtcCreatureDialogueYaoGuai
92Test Quest For Changing WeatherCUTTESTWeather
93Combat Lines, Reaction Lines, EtcCUT_CreatureDialogueGorilla
94Hello, Tomahawk Scout. Register at the Orienteering Terminal to get your Control Card for this week's Orienteering Fun Run!CUT_Dialogue_MTNS03_QuestGiver
96Explore the Whitespring BunkerCUT_EN02_Misc
97Investigate the VTU Data ArchiveCUT_FF15_Lockdown
98Defeat the Super Mutants in CUT_GQ_Invasion
99Use the Spiritual Incense in the Brazier to Start Guided MeditationCUT_MTNM03_Misc
100Return to the Spruce Knob Orienteering TerminalCUT_MTNS03_Orienteer_01
101Use the Orienteering Terminal at Spruce Knob CampgroundCUT_MTNS03_Orienteer_01_Misc
102Deliver to RoseCUT_MTNZ01_Habit
103[Power Plant System - Startup]CUT_PowerPlantStartup
104Find the Responder OutpostCUT_RSVP00_Quest_Note
105Disarm Mines (5/5)CUT_SF08_SuicideRun
106Wear the destroyed Moe the Mole costumeCUT_SF08_SuicideRunPre
107[Master Quest for SFZ03]CUT_SFZ03_Queen_MasterQuest
108Test Quest For Changing WeatherCUT_TESTWeather
109Acquire the Pump Reset CodesCUT_V94_1_Access
110Press the Emergency Restart ButtonCUT_V94_1_Reactor
111Wait for the resultsCUT_V94_1_Repair
112Reset the Flood Control PumpsCUT_V94_1_Reset
113Access denied.CUT_V94_2_OLD
114[Mission: Meltdown Scenes]CUT_V94_2_Scenes_OLD
115Maintenance Team is requested to clear contamination and sedate as many living core fauna samples as possible. You have been provided with Syringer Ammo coded to the core fauna's genotype but have only limited supplies.CUT_V96_1_CUT_FlaggedToNotExportInScript
116Activate Emergency Flood ControlCUT_V96_2_CUT_FlaggedToNotExportInScript
117[TEMP Stub Vault Quest]CUT_VTemp
118Help Biv with his alcohol quality testD01A_Misc
119Those are some interesting- *hic* impressive results you got. But hey, now, I won't question it. A job well done is a job well done!D01A_Tipsy_InfoGroup_TestComplete_Generic
120Help Scout Leader Pompy clean up toxic mutagenic wasteD01C_Misc_Pompy
121Help Scout Leader Treadly collect insect partsD01C_Misc_Treadly
122I've marked some places where you might find the right species, but really the parts can come from anywhere.D01C_StingsAndThings
123I won't have these student loans paid off until I'm a grandma at this rate.DebugCorrieQuest
124End the eventDebugEventScoreQuest
125Kill the other ghoulsDebugKurtQuest
127DELETED_Super Mutant MassacreDELETED_RE_ObjectDWD02_Old
128Here, toss these smoke grenades around to calm the bees. Then collect them for me.DELETED_RE_SceneCMB01
129DELETED_Sheepsquatch vs Albino RadstagsDELETED_RE_SceneDWD07_Old
130DELETED_Albino Monster FightDELETED_RE_TravelDWD02_Old
131That's some fine detective work.DELETED_RE_TravelDWD03_Old
132Access card damaged. Please report to security station for new ID.DialogueActivators
133Hellos to NPCs in combatDialogueGenericPlayerCombatHellos
134Hellos, etc while drunkDialogueGenericPlayerDrunkLines
135SharedInfos Only, Quest Starts Enabled and has No Persist LocationDialogueSharedInfos
136Do you see? I am Super Mutant. I am fear.DialogueSuperMutantConversations03
137Not much nanny without my Freddy.Dialogue_Annie
138Greetings, valued visitor. Welcome to Camden Park! Please let me know if I can help you with anything. Anything at all!Dialogue_CamdenParkSecurity
139Welcome! I just love meeting new campers.Dialogue_E01C_Tales_Penny
140Welcome to the Pumpkin House!Dialogue_LC129_Jack
141Obviously you need a swimsuit to take a swimming test. Come back when you get one.Dialogue_M01C_Tadpole_Instructors
142What's this? A new recruit?Dialogue_MarshallSceneQuest_Svetlana
143Error. Failed to load small talk entry 02377496.Dialogue_MTNL01_ProtectronBellhop_Greeting_SharedInfo01
144System is currently OFFLINE. Authorization denied until ventilation process is complete. Please return later.Dialogue_MTNS06_QuestGiver
146Today's air quality report: disaster.Dialogue_RSVP00_VolunteerBot
147Lab protocol states: Do not bother the computer unless you are very, very important.Dialogue_SFS09_Habitat_Mainframe
148I do apologize for the condition of the garden, we are short staffed at the moment and good help is so hard to find.Dialogue_Sweetwater
149After our photographer captures the memory of a lifetime, head down the wooden path to learn the fascinating and mysterious history of the world-famous Uncanny Caverns!Dialogue_TourGuide
150So much to do.DLC01RobobrainShared07
151Defend the Brahmin!E01B_Herd
152Equip a Shepherd's Crook to Herd BrahminE01B_Herd_Misc
153The campfire is dwindling!E01C_Tales_Dark_FoundHoloInfo_03
154They settled this land and tried to build a homestead here, but little did they know... this land was already claimed!E01C_Tales_Mary_New
155Splendid. As a storyteller, I strive for interactivity with my audience. This is an art! Ok, now... go hide yourselves. It's almost time!E01C_Tales_Mary_Old
156[Fasnacht Event Master]E01F_Fasnacht_Master
157Welcome test subject! I have one final test for you and it's a big one. Go down into my incineration room to complete your survival optimization training.E01L_McCreary_Event
158(WARNING) Return to the cookout or lose your rewardsE02A_Meat_BBQ_Personal
159(Optional) Find and defeat the Super Mutant hunting partyE02A_Meat_Hunt
160[Meat Week Master Quest]E02A_Meat_Master
161Seems we created quite a stir. So much that (static) the authorities are on their way already.E03A_Mischief_HeresWhy05
162Eat Radbreakers Candy to survive the nuke zoneE03A_Mischief_Misc
163Invalid credentials. Access denied.EN01_BunkerAccessDenied
164Find Sam Blackwell's bunkerEN01_Misc
165EN01_Misc Questline Restart QuestEN01_Misc_QuestlineRestart
166Initiating ... final ... playback ...EN02_AssaultronSceneQuest
167Whenever you're ready, please, proceed inside.EN02_DeconActive
168External procedures engaged. Destroy.EN02_DialogueMODUSBots
169Handler quest for the radar module sceneEN02_ModuleHandlerQuest
170Access denied. Authorization required.EN04_InjectorBlock
171Start your training at Camp McClintockEN05_Basic_Misc
172Attention! All cadets waiting to complete the live fire training course should grab their favorite firearm and proceed to the training site. That is all.EN05_CBT_FirstWave
173Your beliefs will be erased!EN05_DialogueCommieBots
174Check-in required. Visit system terminal.EN05_DialoguePatriotismMannequins
175That's all three. Report to my office immediately. We need to have a little talk.EN05_InitialCourseComplete
176Welcome back, private. We were able to peek in on your efforts via the Kovac.EN05_Intro_Officer
177Target time. Ready up, soldier.EN05_MC_CourseCountdown
178No records found.EN05_NoEarlyActionsFound
179You're not thinking about letting that performance stand, are ya? Time to get back to start and put that bipedal to the metal!EN05_OB_ObstacleClear
180Interrogate the three subjects and search their quarters. Once you've found evidence of the Red, return to the terminal to make your accusation.EN05_Patriotism_Start
181EN05 Questline Restart QuestEN05_QuestlineRestart
182Attention all candidates. Fresh ballots are coming off the presses at the latest voting site. Time to convince those local voters you're the politician for them!EN06_BallotSiteActive
183Clear the arena of enemies ( / )EN06_Debate
184Hello, member. Come to learn more about region's voting system? Well, you're in the right place.EN06_Intro
185EN06 Seal Questline Restart QuestEN06_Intro_QuestlineRestart
186Register for the "Race for the Presidency"EN06_Misc
187All interested parties should proceed to the nearest Voter Services terminal to participate. Consider yourself warned.EN06_MODUSIntroTopic
188Facility lockdown in progress. Please wait until the lockdown has ended.EN07_AccessDeniedLockdown
189You should be able to identify them via their distinct uniform and backpack.EN07_CodeHunt_Intro
190If you wish to begin familiarizing yourself with the system, please approach the posters against the far wall.EN07_CodePieceAcquired
191Due to the region's advanced missile installations, there is a high chance of a retaliatory nuclear strike touching down somewhere in Appalachia.EN07_Death_FalloutQuest
192This DEFCON rating the general speaks of has been pegged at its maximum for some time now, due to the hazardousness unleashed by our earlier guests.EN07_Death_LaunchCardQuest
193To prevent misuse of Appalachia's automated missile silos, security measures for the region's nuclear arsenal have been increased well beyond any of our existing standards.EN07_Death_LaunchCodeQuest
194The missile silos of Appalachia are equipped with an advanced robotic construction system, allowing them to rapidly refill their arsenals in a matter of hours.EN07_Death_SilosQuest
195All we have on the codes themselves may be found on the archival terminals beyond the armory.EN07_Intro_CodeHunt
197EN06 Seal Questline Restart QuestEN07_MQ_CodeHunt_Restart
198Scorchbeast Fissure Spawner QuestEN07_MQ_Fissure_SpawnerQuest
199Launch procedure complete. Initiating missile reconstruction.EN07_MQ_FleeSilo
200Attention all citizens. Blast zone has cleared. You may now exit your shelter positions. Thank you.EN07_NukeZoneCleared
201Bunker Master QuestENB_BunkerMasterQuest
202Hello member and welcome to the bunker's Science Wing.ENB_ScienceWing_Intro
203Whitespring Automated Recording one-point-one-point-two.ENB_Surveillance_Quest_01_Execution
204Whitespring Automated Recording one-point-one-point-five.ENB_Surveillance_Quest_02_Contact
205The room is sealed.ENB_Surveillance_Quest_03_Opportunity
206Whitespring Automated Recording one-point-three-point-three.ENB_Surveillance_Quest_04_AdditionalForces
207Whitespring Automated Recording two-point-nine-point-six.ENB_Surveillance_Quest_05_ScoutingReport
208Whitespring Automated Recording three-point-six-point-eight.ENB_Surveillance_Quest_06_Serum
209Whitespring Automated Recording five-point-three-point-one.ENB_Surveillance_Quest_07a_SeenHell
210Whitespring Automated Recording five-point-two-point-four.ENB_Surveillance_Quest_07_Arrival
211Whitespring Automated Recording five-point-four-point-eight.ENB_Surveillance_Quest_08_Scorchbeast
212Whitespring Automated Recording six-point-one-point-zero.ENB_Surveillance_Quest_09_SpecialLeave
213Whitespring Automated Recording six-point-two-point-one.ENB_Surveillance_Quest_10_GeneralHarper
214Whitespring Automated Recording six-point-two-point-four.ENB_Surveillance_Quest_11_SantiagoReturns
215Whitespring Automated Recording six-point-six-point-one.ENB_Surveillance_Quest_12_Blackwell
216It was given to me by a machine.ENB_Surveillance_Quest_13_Refusal
217Whitespring Automated Recording eight-point-five-point-two.ENB_Surveillance_Quest_14_Rescue
218What do you think you're doing, Sergeant Donnelley?ENB_Surveillance_Quest_15_Destruction
219What happened, members? Not interested in wanton bloodshed? Shame.ENs02_FailureLine
221DANGER. DANGER. EXTREME THREAT INBOUND. Now, if you wouldn't mind ANNIHILATE.ENz04_TimerExpired
222Requested items collected. Thank you, valued staff member. Warning! Cluttered room detected! Issuing room key. Please proceed to guest room for emergency decluttering!ENz09_CardIssued
224Encalve MQ Questline Restart QuestEN_MQ_QuestlineRestart
225Process the sensor dataFF05_Balance
226Good luck. This message will repeat.FF06_Feed_EBSIntro
227Don't let Uncle Sam down! Be loyal and diligent every day!FF06_Feed_MamaDolce_PASystem_Radio
228That should keep our people safe in the area. Be careful.FF09SupervisorDeadTopic
229The landing zone must be secured or the supply drop will be aborted. Repeat, secure the LZ at all costs!FF11_Raid_EBSTopic1
230Burrowing in this area does reveal salvage that well equipped, trained personnel can recover. Civilians should remain clear while the bells ring.FF12_ChurchWarning
231Find Responder Supply CachesFF20_MorgantownMisc
232Please resume enjoying the celebration.FFG02_LC042_FaschnachtEvent
234Time to lock and load, Responders. You've got a wolf to hunt. Just make sure you do it quick, before he slips away!FFZ11_Pack_EBSTopicSuccess
235I would serve you a most delightful cup of tea if only I had more honey. Perhaps you could find some?FFZ13_StrangeBrew
236Good luck, an' try not to get killed.FFZ16_Swatter_EBSTopic
237Now for the fun part. First you need to repair the damaged Scorched Detectors in the Mire.FS01_MQ_Warn
238You may or may not have encountered a lovely Ms. Nanny there that goes by the name Rose.FS02_MQ_Reassembly
239You'll need to install the program called "Armory Access" on the main entrance terminal to get inside.FS03_MQ_Fruition
240Designated personnel, please report to the trap location that has been transmitted to you.FSS01EBSTopic
241And if we're not... well back to the drawing board.FSS02_Vigilant_EBSTopicInfo
242Recover the Loot CacheFSZ01_Past_Harpers
243Free States MQ Questline Restart QuestFS_MQ_QuestlineRestart
246Goodbye! Aloha! Ciao! Arrivederci! Au Revoir! Auf Wiedersehen! Vaya Con Dios! Buen Viaje!GoodbyeKioskHELLOS
247Get the supply dropGQ_DropGovt
248Upload US Government Supply Requisition HolotapeGQ_DropGovtIntro
249Get the supply dropGQ_DropGovtMaster
250Kill the horde bossGQ_Horde
251Waiting for opt-in from required number of embedded operatives.GQ_HunterHuntedMasterQuest
252Operative eliminated.GQ_HunterHuntedQuest
253Investigate the region of your choiceGQ_MiscRegionPointerTEMPLATE
254Find Grafton's Mayor's officeGQ_MiscRegionPointerTWGrafton
255Investigate WatogaGQ_MiscRegionPointer_CB04
256Investigate the CabinGQ_MiscRegionPointer_FF05
257Investigate Abbie's BunkerGQ_MiscRegionPointer_FS01_Abbie
258Find a Gate Terminal at Harpers FerryGQ_MiscRegionPointer_SFL02
259Investigate Ella's bunkerGQ_MiscRegionPointer_SFM04
260Find Chloe at Berkeley SpringsGQ_MiscRegionPointer_SFS02
261Find Shelby O'Rouke's shackGQ_MiscRegionPointer_SFZ03
262Find the Red Rocket Mega StopGQ_MiscRegionPointer_SFZ04
263Kill the GQ_Swarm
264Kill the GQ_WanderingBoss
265Defeat the : Wave 5/GQ_WorkshopAttack
266Defeat the Scorchbeast attackGQ_WorkshopAttackScorchbeasts
267Defeat the GQ_WorkshopAttack_Takeover
268Claim the workshopGQ_WorkshopClear
269Power up the at (/)GQ_WorkshopCollectors
270Your camp is under attackGQ_WorkshopDefend
271Reclaim your workshop from the intrudersGQ_WorkshopReclaim
272Hmm. Another one. Whelp. Better get it on the pile.GutsySgtHellos_PreRegistration
273Even executives can be fired for failure to perform!GutsyStrikebreakerExec03
274Your mission is vital, and objections will result in valuable lives lost.HardballSpokeToPlayer
275Head to the church in Flatwoods. We'll be waiting for you.HolotapeQuest
276Your cell doors are now unlocked. Enjoy your new life without bars, inmates.HolotapeQuest_AN
277Wait, Helen! I'm sorry! Helen!HolotapeQuest_Babylon
278Listen up Soldier! I need you to head to the Relay Tower nearby to make sure everything's up and running.HolotapeQuest_BB
279Mr. Pickens, I see your hand raised, and I would just like to remind you that this is neither the place nor the time.HolotapeQuest_BWC
281Be sure to take the kiddo's and check out all those pumpkins.HolotapeQuest_CMB
282For one culture to treat another's with such reverence is unusual at best. I will continue my research to discover more.HolotapeQuest_CT
283Together the hidden reality becomes manifest at long last.HolotapeQuest_DB
284*Distant explosion*HolotapeQuest_DL
285Heeeelp! SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!HolotapeQuest_DM
286We got them on the run, Sally. Beckley's ours!HolotapeQuest_FAB
287Can't believe I'm using one of these contraptions to send a simple message, but you asked for an update, Earnest. So here you go!HolotapeQuest_JM
2889 AM - Degenerative Neurological Conditions, Room 121.HolotapeQuest_LVC
289I'll be heading back soon, but I want to check in on the some of the farms along the way. Should be about a week.HolotapeQuest_MD
290If you find this and you don't know well enough, you need to get the hell out of here, Joan. I am not kidding with you, neither.HolotapeQuest_MJP
291Okay, thanks for sharing your story, Tabitha. Get some sleep. You'll be okay. You're safe now.HolotapeQuest_MP_RSVP
293That's fine by me - I've wanted to try that ride since I was a kid.HolotapeQuest_OB
294So we've got to locate and secure all of the silos, or die trying. Hopefully the former. Hmph.HolotapeQuest_Overseer
295If I get back and you're not? Then we have a problem.HolotapeQuest_P01B_Lying
296I will need to find another test subject soon.HolotapeQuest_P03L_McCreary_SceneQuest
297*door creaks*HolotapeQuest_SC
298It's the chems, haha! The chems, of course! I'll just close my eyes, and when I open them... three, two, one... NO! OH NO! NO NO NO NO NO! Where am I? Where am I?? WHERE AM I??HolotapeQuest_SM
299(Radio drama plays)HolotapeQuest_TalesFromWestVirginia
300I know all the recent hub-bub about atomic war, but that doesn't mean the place has to look like it was just hit with a nuclear bomb!HolotapeQuest_TS
301Responder Survivors Volunteer Program: Advanced Training: Secure the Supplies! by Kesha McDermott.HolotapeQuest_Tutorial_RSVP
302At least not until I stab them there.HolotapeQuest_TW
303Pretty sure the radiation will kill me before I get very far, but I'm going to try. And if I don't make it, well, maybe someone can finish the list for me.HolotapeQuest_Update0_MD
304I'm sure the Human Resources folks have gotten you situated, but there's one thing I need to make sure we've drilled into ya, so you're gonna get it again.HolotapeQuest_WJS
305Our latest market survey reports that healthy, on-the-go snacking is up 8% across all market sectors and is expected to propel demand across the next several fiscal years.HolotapeQuest_ZW
306Take me out on a date, already!IdleGroup
307And so our unlikely heroes emerged from this encounter both victorious and intact. (static) I can't wait to do it again!Idles_EventSucceededRecently
308You must be the new tadpole. It's always nice to meet a new Pioneer Scout.Intro
309The weeping willow can grow anywhere from five to eight feet in a year, making it one of the world's fastest-growing trees.Jaggy_Hellos_General
310Attention. Attention, all personnel. A Security Lockdown has been initiated. Please report to your stations and await further instructions.LC006_PoseidonPlant
311Play Music on the Rooftops of BeckleyLC010_BeckleyMisc
312Search Big Bend Tunnel for SurvivorsLC013_BigBendMisc
313Clear out the Flooded TrainyardLC047_FloodedTrainyardMisc
314Search General's Steakhouse for SuppliesLC049_GeneralsSteakhouseMisc
315Kill unruly golfer feral ghouls at Whitespring [/]LC060_Whitespring01
316Search Monongah Mine for SuppliesLC090_MonongahMineMisc
317As usual, many thanks for your service. As promised, here are your seeds.LC129_TrickOrTreat
318Find jukeboxes to bring the music back to SummersvilleLC139_SummersvilleMisc
319Clear out New GadLC142_NewGadMisc
320Search the Cabin for SurvivorsLC146_SundayBrothersCabinMisc
321Look for the Monster Mash going on at Watoga High! Get your candy while you can!LC170_CivicCenterShared
322Clear out Watoga Emergency ServicesLC172_WatogaEmergencyMisc
323Clear out Watoga Civic CenterLC178_WatogaCivicCenterMisc
324Gain access to the Research WingLC184_WestTekMisc
325[LD Master Quest]LDMasterQuest
326Find the strange machineryLGV01_MiscHopper
327Find the source of the seismic activityLGV01_MiscVendor
328*speaking Chinese*Liberator_AttackLines
329Run to the finish lineM01C_Athletics_Bridge
330Run to the finish lineM01C_Athletics_Slopes
331Run to the finish lineM01C_Athletics_Venture
332But sometimes you just have to buckle down and work, work, work! Growing up sure sounds fun, doesn't it?M01C_Roboticist
333The parade starts soon. Well, it will start soon if these sluggard marchers get into position in time. Do me a favor and remind them to get cracking!MCGreetingsafterfirsttalk
334*muffled screams*MoleMinerMeleeAttacksVerbal
335Discover the secret of Riverside ManorMoM00
336Log in to claim your promotionMoM01
337Log in to claim your promotionMoM02
338Use the Fabricator to make a Phantom DeviceMoM02A
339Use the Fabricator to make the Blade of BastetMoM02B
340Use the Fabricator to make the Voice of SetMoM02C
341(Optional) Find a password for Brody's TerminalMoM03
342Become a Mistress of MysteryMoM04
343Claim the Garb of Mysteries from the FabricatorMoMDress
344[Mistress of Mystery - Item Manager]MoMItemManager
345Congratulations, Mistress.MoMMaster_CongratulationsTopicMistress
346Use the Fabricator to repair your Worn VeilMoMVeil
347Follow the Overseer's journeyMQ_Overseer
348Overseer's Log - Nuke LaunchMQ_OverseerNukeHolotapeVisible
349Camp CacheMQ_Overseer_CacheQuest_01_OverseersCamp
350Flatwoods CacheMQ_Overseer_CacheQuest_02_Flatwoods
351Morgantown CacheMQ_Overseer_CacheQuest_03_Morgantown
352Firehouse CacheMQ_Overseer_CacheQuest_04_Firehouse
353Top of the World CacheMQ_Overseer_CacheQuest_05_TopOfTheWorld
354Free States CacheMQ_Overseer_CacheQuest_06_FreeStates
355Charleston Capitol CacheMQ_Overseer_CacheQuest_07_Charleston
356Venture CacheMQ_Overseer_CacheQuest_08_CampVenture
357Allegheny CacheMQ_Overseer_CacheQuest_09_Allegheny
358McClintock CacheMQ_Overseer_CacheQuest_10_CampMcClintock
359Defiance CacheMQ_Overseer_CacheQuest_11_Defiance
360Bravo Silo CacheMQ_Overseer_CacheQuest_X1_MonongahNukeSilo
361Grafton CacheMQ_Overseer_CacheQuest_X2_Grafton
362Alpha Silo CacheMQ_Overseer_CacheQuest_X4_SugarGroveNukeSilo
363[Reactor Repair Timer]MSilo
364Launch Prep in progress. All personnel, take your stations.MSiloPersonal_Generic_IdleGroup
365[Missile Silo Startup Quest]MSiloStartup
366Sleep gone... kill loud human!MTNM03_SharedSuperMutantTalk10
367Applicants are directed to Mr. Billingsley, Maitre d' of the Bolton Greens Country Club, for immediate consideration.MTNM04_EBSIntroTopic
368Failure to comply may result in involuntary termination of employment and/or life.MTNS01_Intro_RoseTopic_RadioBoosted
369MTNS01 Holding QuestMTNS01_MasterQuest
370Hunt the WendigoMTNS02_Curse_CUT_FlaggedToNotExportInScript
371Master Quest for MTNS04 - One Violent NightMTNS04_Master
372Go to the Buck's Den Beer HouseMTNS04_Misc
373Message is set to repeat.MTNS04_Night_EBSSharedInfo01
374That hurts, but I will still... ack.MTNS05_Death_Deathclaw
375Extractor Alpha damaged. Shutting down.MTNS06_Uranium
376Please stop and approach for identification.MTNS06_Uranium_Misc
378The black box has been dropped.MTNZ03_Box_Hunter_EBSBoxDroppedTopic
379Warning: Unauthorized Access DetectedMTNZ04_Meltdown
380But until then, I'll just be messing with the radio. Don't you forget about me up here. I'm always around if you get bored. Later, alligator!MTN_MQ_Missing_EBSTopic_End
381Template Questline Restart QuestMTN_MQ_QuestlineRestart
382Template Questline Restart QuestMTN_RDR_MQ_QuestlineRestart
383Initializing reclamation protocols. Wind current analysis... complete. Atmospheric particulate evaluation... complete.MTR01_FlameSharedInfo02
384Required power verified.MTR01_Intro
385Listen to the "Air Purifier Project Delays" holotapeMTR01_Misc
386Register Excavator Power Armor Full SuitMTR02_Miner
387MTR02_Miner Questline RestartMTR02_Miner_QuestlineRestart
388Scanning available tasks... task found.MTR03_Demerit_TargetDeathDetected
389Facial recognition engaged. Welcome back, employee. Processing work data...MTR03_DialogueMineGamesSystem
390Status: TIMER ACTIVE. Commence action: TOSSMTR04_Dross_FailureTopic
391Did you remember to wash your hands?MTR04_Employee
392Alrighty then. Better git movin.MTR04_Lucky_SuccessTopic
393User presence detected. Priority materials deposited in docking station. Motherlode-003 complete, user. Motherlode complete! Motherlode ... remembers.MTR05_ExecCredentialsRequired
394Checkpoint activated.MTR05_PE_FirstButtonPressed
395MTR05 Questline Restart QuestMTR05_QuestlineRestart
396Requisition code accepted. Issuing repair beacon.MTR05_RepairBeaconIssued
397Warning! Additional agitators closing on breach site! Workers, activate riot defense procedures!MTR05_StartMisc
398Turn back the Scorched! Take the Fire Breathers exam! Join today!MTR06_DialogueProtectronSharedInfo04
399MTR06 Restart QuestMTR06_QuestlineRestart
400Getting this far means you've got the brains and the stamina to survive among the Fire Breathers.MTR06_UniformAcquired
401Repair the Rockhound ExcavatorMTR07_Earth
402Learn how to activate the giant ExcavatorMTR07_EarthMisc
403Exchange Tokens at TerminalMTR08_Lode_Token_Misc
404Investigate the seismic activityMTR08_Misc
405All support personnel, proceed with caution. Instability detected. Mineral harvesting and Auto-Miner repair duties must be performed in a timely manner to avoid injury.MTR08_PostOpeningJoinLine
406All unauthorized personnel are advised to immediately leave the area or else risk dire consequences. This will be your only warning.MTR10_Battle_EBSStartingTopic02
407Safeguarding priority assets. Threats will be neutralized.MTR10_SecurityBotDialogue
408Okay, then. Almost to the final panel now.MTR11_Delve
409Find Duchess's StashMTR15_WelchMisc
410Open the Miner's Locker in MTRZ01_Lost
411Need hard currency? We've got hard labor. Work today at-at-at.... your local Work-work-work-a-Day station!MTRz02_Misc
412Find and excavate the Dig Site at MTRZ05_Lucky
413MTRz05_Lucky Quest RestartMTRz05_LuckyQuestlineRestart
414*appreciative moo*MWChallyPrompt
416Locate ScorchedNuke_Codes
417I'm going to look over here now.Nuke_Handy_Idles
418Detonation in 5 minutes unless valid cancellation code received.Nuke_LaunchCardPatrol
419Kill EvanOverseerPersonal
420Search Vault-Tec Agricultural Research CenterOverseerPersonal_MiscStart
421Won't you come back tomorrow and help me with my daily quality test? I got plenty more recipes to try out.P01A_Nukashine
422[Handles enabling lootcorpses that contain inventory used to start P01B_Burrows]P01B_Burrows_Master
423(Optional) Find all clues in Van Lowe Taxidermy (/)P01B_Lying_01
424(Optional) Find all clues in the secret lab (/)P01B_Lying_02
425Learn the truth about the albino creaturesP01B_Mini_Albino01
426(Optional) Find all clues in the sunken church (/)P01B_Mini_Random01
427Search around the animal den for clues (/)P01B_Mini_Random02
428Kill the "Beast of Beckley"P01B_Mini_Random03
429Investigate Mary Tinley's homeP01B_Mini_Random04
430Welcome to the Welch post office. How may I serve you?P01B_Mini_Robot01
431Investigate Toxic Larry's Meat 'n GoP01B_Mini_Squatch01
432[Badge Exam Handler]P01C_BadgeTerminal_Quest
433Photograph the front of the Berkeley Springs CastleP01C_Bucket
434[Bucket List - Corpse Placement]P01C_Bucket_Corpse
435Investigate the suspicious personP01C_Bucket_MiscPointer
436Now go forth, my little tadpole, and get to work on those badges. With diligence and determination, you'll be a possum in no time!P01C_Tadpole
437Handles some badgesP01C_Tadpole_BadgeHandlerQuest
438(TEMP) Hello. I'm Valentine. I'm confused, I don't understand L.O.V.E. Help me please. (TEMP)P01E_Heart_FlaggedToNotExport
439St. Valentines MasterP01E_Heart_Master
440A new test subject? AND you're human? How optimal! Come see me in the next roomP01L_McCrearyTimedObjective
441Warning. Live bomb detected. Destruction imminent. Proceed with defusal procedure.P01T_MarshallTest
442You can restock some of my testing supplies. I will be needing those now.P02L_McCreary_FetchQuest
443Optimize! Optimize!P02L_McCreary_FetchQuestDialogue
444No, that work never saw the light of day. If only I had mailed it to my publisher...P02T_MarshallFetchQuest
445Greetings, test subject! Welcome to my laboratory where we can perform some tests and get your survival skills to optimal levels.P03L_McCreary_Scenes
446You are back? How is progress?P03T_MarshallSceneQuest
448Greetings able-bodied citizen. Under law enforcement code D-4793, you are now a deputy of the Berkeley Springs Police Department.Player_Activated_Hellos
449Kill a Wendigo while wearing a clown costumePOI061_HouseOfScares
450Kill the POST_GQ_PlayerKiller
451All systems nominal. Control room, you are clear to restart.PowerPlantEvent_EBSRestartReady
452[Power Plant System - Master Quest]PowerPlantMaster
453Warning. Possible fraudulent executive ID. Retrieving company property.ProtectronStrikebreakerExec03
454Pulowski! Nuclear Protection on a budget.PulowskiShelterQuest
455What are you buying?QAVendoGreeting
456You LoseQP_Babylon_Child
457Flee the blast zone before the nuke hits!QP_Babylon_FleeBlast
458Top Kills /QP_PvP_FFA_Child
459Targets Left QP_PvP_FFA_HunterHunted_Child
460Loot the air dropQP_PvP_TDM_Child
461Eliminate enemy playersQP_PvP_TDM_Master
462Team Death Match - One LifeQP_PvP_TDM_OneLife_Master
463Count DownQP_WorkbenchAssault_Child_Attacker01
464Count DownQP_WorkbenchAssault_Child_Defender01
465[Region Boss Master Quest]RB_Master
466So, let the hunt begin! Trust me, it's gotta be super good, or else why would it be hidden all this time?RDR_Radio_Boosted_Muzak35_Secs_SharedInfo
467Calling all... [static] This is... [static] Rose.RDR_Radio_Weak
468Find Loot CacheRelayTowerLootCacheQuest
469Unjam GeneratorResourceGeneratorQuest
470Now get cracking. Ever Upwards!RetryFailure
471Sheepsquatch vs. Super MutantsRE_AssaultDWD01
472Sheepsquatch vs. ScorchedRE_AssaultDWD02
473Sheepsquatch vs. Mole MinersRE_AssaultDWD03
474Feral ghouls vs. Super MutantsRE_AssaultKMK01
475Scorched vs. RobotsRE_AssaultKMK02
476Mole Miners vs. ScorchedRE_AssaultKMK03
477Anglers vs. ScorchedRE_AssaultKMK04
478Gulpers vs. ScorchedRE_AssaultKMK05
479Fog Crawlers vs. ScorchedRE_AssaultKMK06
480Mirelurks vs. ScorchedRE_AssaultKMK07
481Liberators vs. ScorchedRE_AssaultKMK08
482Mole Miners vs. Super MutantsRE_AssaultKMK09
483Anglers vs. Super MutantsRE_AssaultKMK10
484Gulpers vs. Super MutantsRE_AssaultKMK11
485Mirelurks vs. Super MutantsRE_AssaultKMK12
486Scorched MegaSloth vs. Super MutantsRE_AssaultKMK13
487Sentry Bot vs. Super MutantsRE_AssaultKMK14
488RadScorpions vs. Super MutantsRE_AssaultKMK15
489Super Mutants vs. ScorchedRE_AssaultMD01
490Yao Guai vs. Honey BeastsRE_AssaultMJP01
491Mothman vs Glowing OneRE_AssaultMJP02
492Greaser Scorched vs RadroachesRE_AssaultMJP03
493Scorched Baseball vs Yao GuaiRE_AssaultMJP04
494Super Mutants vs. ScorchedRE_AssaultMP01
495DEBUG: Deathclaw vs. Super MutantsRE_AssaultMP02
496Ghouls vs. ScorchedRE_AssaultMP03
497Deathclaw vs AntsRE_AssaultMP04
498Ghouls vs. LiberatorsRE_AssaultMP05
499Super Mutants vs. RobotsRE_AssaultMP06
500Super Mutants vs. DeathclawRE_AssaultMP07
501Gulpers vs. MirelurksRE_AssaultMP08
502Yao Guai vs. Super MutantsRE_AssaultMP09
503Canines vs. MegaslothRE_AssaultMP10
504TEMPLATE - duplicate to useRE_AssaultTemplate
505Pumpkin House RevealedRE_ObjectCMB01
506The Rusty Pick RevealedRE_ObjectCMB02
507Prickett's Fort RevealedRE_ObjectCMB03
508Philippi's Cemetery Battlefield RevealedRE_ObjectCMB04
509Hawke's Refuge RevealedRE_ObjectCMB05
510Dead MinerRE_ObjectCMB06
511Raider's Last LaughRE_ObjectCMB07
513Dead and DismemberedRE_ObjectCT01
514Free States LonerRE_ObjectCT02
515Oh! On our next date we should visit Watoga!RE_ObjectDRE05GQIdleGroup
516Master Jimmy assures me the lemonade won't kill you. Probably...RE_ObjectDWD01
517White Fluff kill!RE_ObjectDWD02
518Brahmin Quill AttackRE_ObjectDWD03
519Cluster of Pitcher Plant Flora has attracted creaturesRE_ObjectJM01
520BoS caravan attacked by enemiesRE_ObjectJM02
521Scorchbeast LeavingsRE_ObjectJM03
522Wrecked vertibot to lootRE_ObjectJM04
523Crashed vertibird with feral ghoul crewRE_ObjectKMK01
524Satellite CrashRE_ObjectKMK02
525Wendigo w Dead CaravanRE_ObjectMJP01
526Backwoodsman: Get Off My LawnRE_ObjectMJP02
527Merchant killed by GhoulsRE_ObjectMP01
528Merchant killed by ScorchedRE_ObjectMP02
529Satellite Crash w/ RobotsRE_ObjectMP03
530Survivor Camp vs. ScorchedRE_ObjectMP04
531Survivor Camp vs SupermutantsRE_ObjectMP05
532Deathclaw vs Merchant CaravanRE_ObjectMP06
533Destroyed Survivor CampRE_ObjectMP07
534Fresh GraveRE_ObjectMP08
535Deathclaw Nest vs ScorchedRE_ObjectMP09
536Deathclaw Nest vs Super MutantsRE_ObjectMP10
537Recover the item from RE_ObjectMP11_GQ
538Personal Meltdown RERE_ObjectMTNZ04
539Raider. TrapRE_ObjectOB01
540Fujiniya Intelligence Base Scientist CorpseRE_ObjectSM01
541Crashed VertibirdRE_ObjectTS01
542Glowing RadroachesRE_ObjectTS02
543Wrecked tank with robotsRE_ObjectTS03
544Lone TravelerRE_ObjectTS04
545[Undetonated Ordnance]RE_ObjectTS05
546[MTR - Seismic Activity]RE_ObjectTS06
547[Sheepsquatch Empty Nest]RE_ObjectTS07
548[Sleeping Sheepsquatch]RE_ObjectTS08
549Mama's RageRE_SceneBB01
550Why we leave? We should still be back at airport!RE_SceneBB03
551Crashed PlaneRE_SceneBB04
552Like sports? Come check out Big Steve's Sporting Goods, where every purchase is a home run!RE_SceneBB05
553Come to Berkeley Springs and take a fabulous tour of the historical Berkeley Castle. You won't regret it!RE_SceneBB06
555Nuked: Frenzied RobotsRE_SceneDWD02
556You heard me, maggot. Camp McClintock. Move! Move! Move!RE_SceneDWD03
557Come on by next time you're in town. The best steaks are the General's Steaks.RE_SceneDWD04
558Don't forget to bring an empty Nuka Cola bottle to save eighty dollars on admission fee.RE_SceneDWD05
559Escaped InmateRE_SceneDWD06
560Sheepsquatch vs Albino RadstagsRE_SceneDWD07
561Utopia awaits! Follow us to the future!RE_SceneJM01
562Lewisburg is home to Art, music, and Mountain Culture! Come visit today!RE_SceneJM02
563Liberators are trying to convert the localsRE_SceneJM03
564Testing... testing... checking vocal processing on this dumb robot. Must remember to delete this later...RE_SceneJM04
565Note to dungeonRE_SceneKMK01
566Recover the from RE_SceneKMK01_GQ
567Random air dropRE_SceneKMK02
568Get the supply dropRE_SceneKMK02_GQ
569Scorchbeast attackRE_SceneKMK05
570Vertibird sweepRE_SceneKMK06
571There's no telling what new scientific discovery lies around the corner.RE_SceneKMK07
572Nature has produced many new creatures that are unknown to science. I endeavor to learn as much as possible about them.RE_SceneKMK07_GQ
573Wise Mothman!RE_SceneKMK08
574Wendigo returning to caveRE_SceneKMK09
575Autominers diggingRE_SceneKMK10
576Autominers diggingRE_SceneKMK11
577Sad mole minerRE_SceneKMK12
578Morse Code EyebotRE_SceneKMK13
579ScorchBeast flyoverRE_SceneKMK14
580ScorchBeast flyover - unaggressiveRE_SceneKMK15
582Fog CrawlerRE_SceneKMK17_Nuke
586Hermit CrabRE_SceneKMK21_Nuke
587Dead CultistsRE_SceneMD01
588Wolves and dead brahminRE_SceneMD02
589Dead Brahmin HerdRE_SceneMJP01
590Scorched StatuesRE_SceneMP02
591Mannequin FriendsRE_SceneMP03
592This is not a drill! I repeat, not a drill! Please come help immediately!RE_ScenePS01_InitSceneA01
593Will you do me a favor? You will stay here and listen to my story, won't you? Ah, merci!RE_ScenePS02_GreetingA01
595Greetings commander. Proceed with security operations.RE_ScenePS04_EliminateTopicInfo
596Uncanny Caverns Free Pass WinnerRE_SceneSM01
597Have you heard the one about the Protectron at a Red Rocket?RE_SceneSM02
598*Carnival Music*RE_SceneSM03
599This unit is off duty. Have a nice day.RE_SceneSM04_SharedInfo
600Dead ResponderRE_SceneTS01
601Investigate RE_SceneTS01_GQ
602Revenge For a SettlerRE_SceneTS02
603Take revenge on the at RE_SceneTS02_GQ
604Glowing Deathclaw vs Glowing OnesRE_SceneTS03
605Citizen, thank you for your assistance. As an official officer of the law, I am authorized to reward you for your deeds. Please, take this.RE_SceneTS04
606Treasure HunterRE_SceneTS05
607Assist the Protectron emitting the distress signal.RE_SceneTS06
608Would anyone be willing to lend a poor robot a hand?RE_SceneTS07
609[Distant Sheepsquatch Howl]RE_SceneTS08
610Recover the item from RE_Scene_AnimalTaming01
611Recover the item from RE_Scene_AnimalTaming02
612Recover the item from RE_Scene_AnimalTaming03
613Ah good! You already found my lost Signal Resistor. If you could just quickly get that back into place for me, I can return to my job.RE_Scene_MTNZ05_Messenger
614Yao GuaiRE_TravelCMB01
616Wandering Grafton BossRE_TravelCMB03
617Wandering Scorpion BossRE_TravelCMB04
618Wandering Deathclaw BossRE_TravelCMB05
619Ghouls vs. GraftonRE_TravelCMB06
620Angler vs. MirelurkRE_TravelCMB07
621Molerats vs. GhoulsRE_TravelCMB08
622Ghouls vs. RobotsRE_TravelCMB09
623Liberators vs. RobotsRE_TravelCMB10
624Wandering GhoulsRE_TravelCMB11
625The politicians have their own agenda. It's time to stop following theirs and follow your own!RE_TravelCT01SharedInfo10
626Find your salvation at Haven Church. Wipe the slate clean and be reborn.RE_TravelCT02
627*Flute Music*RE_TravelDWD01
628Come here right now! No treats for you!RE_TravelJM01
629Super Mutants vs. Feral GhoulsRE_TravelKMK01
630ScorchBeast vs. Super MutantsRE_TravelKMK02
631Super Mutant PatrolRE_TravelKMK03
633ScorchBeast flyoverRE_TravelKMK05
634Wendigo by nightRE_TravelKMK06
635Sentry Bot patrolRE_TravelKMK07
636Autominers vs. Mole MinersRE_TravelKMK08
637Mole Miners vs. Strikebreaker botsRE_TravelKMK09
638Damaged AutominerRE_TravelKMK10
639Eyebot - WhitespringsRE_TravelKMK11
640Morse Code EyebotRE_TravelKMK12
641Responders uniform not detected. Authorization declined. Resuming patrol.RE_TravelMD01_EyebotIdles
642Scorched PatrolRE_TravelMD02
643Good luck, be safe and thank you for your service.RE_TravelMD03
644Bloodbugs w Dead SettlerRE_TravelMJP01
645Scorched vs. Super MutantsRE_TravelMP01
646Wandering Scorched BossRE_TravelMP02
647Robots vs. ScorchedRE_TravelMP03
648Mirelurks vs. Super MutantsRE_TravelMP04
649Scorched Beast vs. Feral GhoulsRE_TravelMP05
650Super Mutant Boss vs. ScorchedRE_TravelMP06
651Dog Fight!RE_TravelMP07
652Bug Swarm!RE_TravelMP08
653Bears vs. DeathclawRE_TravelMP09
654Wendigo vs Ghouls!RE_TravelMP10
655TEMPLATE - duplicate to useRE_TravelTemplate
656Together we can help one another.RE_TravelTS01
657[Sheepsquatch Hunt]RE_TravelTS02
658Robot DefendersRE_WhitespringAssaultSC01
659Enemy TakeoverRE_WhitespringAssaultSC02
660Standard AttackRE_WhitespringAssaultSC03
661Special Attack: Behemoth & Super MutantsRE_WhitespringAssaultSC04
662Special Attack: Super Mutant BombingRE_WhitespringAssaultSC05
663Special Attack: Scorchbeast & ScorchedRE_WhitespringAssaultSC06
664Special Attack: Yao GuaiRE_WhitespringAssaultSC07
665Special Attack: DeathclawsRE_WhitespringAssaultSC08
666Special Attack: Bees!RE_WhitespringAssaultSC09
667Special Attack: GraftonRE_WhitespringAssaultSC10
668Special Attack: WendigosRE_WhitespringAssaultSC11
669Special Attack: Super Mutant Big GunsRE_WhitespringAssaultSC12
670TEMPLATE - duplicate to useRE_WhitespringAssaultTemplate
671If you could be so kind as to murder me, I would greatly appreciate it!RoboBrainIdle
672The Overseer. She wanted me to remind you to head to her C.A.M.P. It should be just down the road.RS01A_Contact
673Learn about the Inoculation ProjectRS01B_Contact
674This message will repeat.RS01_Contact_RadioQuest
675Patrol routine complete. Charge level low. Shutting down for recharge.RS02_SteelheartDialogue_Alarm
676The Fire Breathers need to know the vaccine is ready. If they didn't make it, then you're going to need their weapons to stay alive.RS03_Inoculation
677SFM04_Organic Questline Restart QuestRS03_Inoculation_QuestlineRestart
678[Restart Quest - Back To School]RSVP00_QuestlineRestart
679[RSVP Master]RSVP00_Quest_Master
680Locate the Responders OutpostRSVP00_Quest_Vector_to_Flatwoods
681[Restart Quest]RSVP01_QuestlineRestart
682Contact the Responders using the DatabaseRSVP02_Quest
683[Restart Quest]RSVP02_QuestlineRestart
684Volunteer! You found the Overload Program?RSVP03_Greeting_BeforeQuest
685Register for Advanced Responder TrainingRSVP03_MiscPointer
686[Restart Quest]RSVP03_QuestlineRestart
687You did it! In record time. Camps used to take so much more time! I guess that's a new Vault-Tec advancement. Maybe there's hope yet?RSVP03_UnusedDialogue
688Check in at the Responders TerminalRSVP04_Quest
689[Restart Quest]RSVP04_QuestlineRestart
690Your executive performance review has been ruled unsatisfactory.SentryBot_StrikebreakerExec03
691Heavens to betsy! If it isn't our resident troubadour, Mr. Julian Price himself!SF05_ReturnToNormalcy_CUT_FlaggedToNotExportInScript
692What did you do to poor Julian?SF06_RespectTheDead_CUT_FlaggedToNotExportInScript
693Test Dialog Test Dialog Test Dialog Test Dialog Test Dialog Test Dialog Test DialogSF07_MoeDigsSafety_CUT_FlaggedToNotExportInScript
694How do you like that, you mother-loving bastard!SFL02_Track_HardballDialogue
695SFL02_Track Questline Restart QuestSFL02_Track_QuestlineRestart
696[Radio Quest]SFL02_Track_RadioQuest
697We need every breathing soul in the area on this before it gets out of hand.SFM01_Glow_EBSTopicInfo
698Create RadShield at a Chems WorkbenchSFM04_Organic
699[Chems And Blooms Tracker]SFM04_Organic_ChemsAndBlooms
700SFM04_Organic Questline Restart QuestSFM04_Organic_QuestlineRestart
701[Radio Tracker]SFM04_Organic_Radio
702Release the pressureSFS01_Brew_CUT_FlaggedToNotExportInScript
703Ah, mon petit. Someday you must learn to play on your own... Perhaps we start today!SFS02_Play_ChloeShared05
704[SFS02 Master Quest]SFS02_Play_Master
705Returned so soon?SFS02_Play_SophieOnQuestIdles
706Warning! Additional seismic activity's been picked up at the Heart's location. Be on the lookout for something big!SFS08_Heart_PMBoss
707[Arktos Master Quest]SFS09_Habitat_Master
708Shut down ARIC-4SFS09_Habitat_Misc
709Take the elevator down to Arktos Pharma LabSFS09_Habitat_MiscPointer
710Service abilities impaired.SFZ04_Recycle_RobotCombat03
711Warning: Protectrons detected outside of Red Rocket vicinity.SFZ04_Waste
712Commencing maintenance protocol Project Beanstalk.SprayLoc1
713Epic LevelsSQ_EpicCreatures
714Horde SystemSQ_Horde
716Vault 76 Muzak Radio ASQ_Radio76_MuzakA
717Appalachia RadioSQ_RadioAppalachia
718Classical RadioSQ_RadioClassical
719Scorched Creature VariantSQ_ScorchedCreatureVariant
720Tracked TargetsSQ_TrackingDart_QTManager
721Artillery strike incomingSQ_WorkshopArtillery
722Friendly Vertibot incomingSQ_WorkshopVertibird
723*gasping for air*SURV_PlayerTopic_AirQualityHazard_FEMALE
724Test Spawn Area QuestTestAreaSpawner
725Kill the TestAreaSpawnerPlayer
726This is objective index 30.TestBurkeQuest
727Do the Daily QuestTestDailyQuestForest01
728Kill the and it's friendsTestEncWaveSpawnAtOnce
729Do somethingTestFerretQuest
730Testing a Basic Quest With Script AttachedTestForMike
731OBJECTIVE 10: Observe seated actorTestJayQuest
732Testing disconnectTestKurtDisconnectQuest
733This is a test. This is only a test.TestKurtQuest02_EBS
734[LD Event Test Quest]TestLDEventQuest
735Hmm. Clouds. Great.TESTLVC_WeatherDialogue
736Test objective textTestObjectiveTimer
738Wait for timer.TestSmokeQuest01
739Wait for timer.TestSmokeQuest02
740I'm bleeding out.TestSmokeQuest03
741Go to the rock.TestSmokeQuest04
742Use PQI and SQV to verify Alias Filled.TestSmokeQuest06
743Use PQI and SQV to verify Alias Filled.TestSmokeQuest07
744Use PQI and SQV to verify Alias Filled.TestSmokeQuest08
745Use PQI and SQV to verify Alias Filled.TestSmokeQuest09
746Use PQI and SQV to verify Alias Filled.TestSmokeQuest10
747Caps, EXP, a Nuka Cola and 2 Mini Nukes should be granted.TestSmokeQuest11
748Equip the shotgun.TestSmokeQuest12
749Walk to the end of the hall.TestSmokeQuest13
750Walk to the end of the hall.TestSmokeQuest14
751Grab the NukaCola from the table.TestSmokeQuest15
752This is a Talking Activator. The Quest should now complete.TestSmokeQuest16
753This is a test of the Emergency Broadcast System. Quest Completed.TestSmokeQuest17_EBSTestTopic
755Pickup the Pencils / TestSmokeQuest20
756Look at Objective MessagingTestSmokeQuest21
757This is phase one.TestSmokeQuest22
758Grab the NukaColaTestSmokeQuest24
759Destroy the pipe.TestSmokeQuest25
760Use SQV & PQI to verify.TestSmokeQuest26
761Walk to the end of the hall.TestSmokeQuest27
762Walk to the end of the hall.TestSmokeQuest28
763Get The Quest Object Alias SpatulaTestSmokeQuest29
764This is line 2, which is much longer than line 1, to illustrate the effect of this bug. It really is quite long. Very, very long. Why is it so long? To illustrate the effect of this bug.TestSteveQuestTopic
765Kill the Ghoul!TestTrevorEvent01
766Answer the door.TestTrevorQuest
767Search for Maude's groupTestUD002_Misc
768End the quest by using the Postertest_Tutorial_Test_tut01_ActivatorQuest
769Wait for Monster to Spawntest_Tutorial_Test_Tut04_Region
770Oh mon petit chou. So terrible for my brave boy.TrackerFoundTopic
771Joined the Pioneer Scouts, have you? Well done.Treadly_Hellos_PlayerReactive
772This is the Test Radio.Tut02_Radio
773Craft a piece of ArmorTutorial_ArmorCrafting
774Mine Coal in Gauley MineTutorial_MineOre
775Place your own C.A.M.P.Tutorial_PlaceCAMP
776Retrieve your dropped lootTutorial_PlayerDeath
777Go to the RegionTutorial_Test_Tut03_Location
778Craft a WeaponTutorial_WeaponCrafting
779Ah, you have them.TW002
780I. Won't. Go. BackTW003_EBSTopic
781Welcome back.TW004
782Welcome to Grafton! I bet you weren't expecting a computer to be Grafton's mayor.TW005_EBSTopic
783Restart Bureau of TourismTW005_QuestRestart
784This protest is illegal.TW006_EBSTopicSecond
785TW007 Questline RestartTW007_QuestlineRestart
786We're coming Mad Dog!TW008_EBSTurretTarget
787Union soldiers drink Nuka-cola. Get yourself a refreshing Nuka-cola now.TW009HistoryLesson
788Kill all the Confederate attackersTW009Union
789That paltry amount of tatos just won't do.TW010
790I have something... nevermind. Just come see me. Right away. As in now. Or sooner.TWDialogue
791It's been so long since I've had a customer.TWZ03
792I'm looking for a few brave souls to play exterminator. Stop them from getting to the island. We can't have them breeding.TWZ05_EBSTopic
793You are not authorized to protest at this civic event.TWZ07_EBSTopic
794Let's go spread some fertilizer for the poor things.TWZ09_EBSTopic
795And I know just the place to dump them. That's what they get for failing to endorse me.TWZ11_EBSTopic
796Hello there.TWZ13EBSTopic
797[Dungeon quest that manages boss combat encounter]UD002_Burrows
798So someone had better be a pal and get me my damn chems before I flip out and kill something! Hurry, and I'll make it worth it to you. Sound good?Unused_Recorded_Dialogue_Rose_MTNZ01
799Gain Access to Vault 63V63Access_1_CUT_FlaggedToNotExportInScript
800Gain Access to Vault 63V63Access_2_CUT_FlaggedToNotExportInScript
801Gain Access to Vault 63V63Access_3_CUT_FlaggedToNotExportInScript
802Vault reactor is in meltdown. Initiating Emergency Maintenance Protocol.V63_1_CUT_FlaggedToNotExportInScript
803Fires have spread throughout Vault 63. Initiating Emergency Maintenance Protocol.V63_2_CUT_FlaggedToNotExportInScript
804Stop the riot by any means necessary.V63_3_CUT_FlaggedToNotExportInScript
805This is a Vault-Tec Emergency Broadcast.V63_CUT_FlaggedToNotExportInScript
806Overtime pay has been authorized for the duration of this emergency.V94
807Use the Access Code to enter Vault 94V94Access_CUT_FlaggedToNotExportInScript
808Use Fast Travel to exit the VaultV94Misc
809Wait for the resultsV94_1
810Conduct repairs to drain additional wings and extend the life of the system.V94_1_Generic_IdleGroup
811New motions are now available on the Community Council Terminal.V94_2_Personal_GECKWingAccessProhibited
812I... suppose I could give the floor a trim.V94_2_Robot_MsMaidIdleGroup
813Listen to the announcementV94_3
814Electrical short detected in: the Reactor Room. Rerouting power from the damaged conduits.V94_3_Generic_IdleGroup1
815Thank you for your assistance. Please collect your hazard pay from the security office as you exit the Vault. Have a nice day.V94_3_SuccessTopic
816Investigate Vault 96V96Access_CUT_FlaggedToNotExportInScript
817[Vault 96 - Instance]V96Instance
818Use Fast Travel to exit the VaultV96Misc
819Wait for the resultsV96_1
820Warning. Warning. Unauthorized access detected. Experimental subjects are being released from cryogenic stasis.V96_1_Generic_IdleGroupDUPLICATE000
821Wait for the resultsV96_2
822Error: Invalid program execution detected. Restoring data state from backup.V96_2_GenericIdleGroup
823Activate Emergency Flood ControlV96_3_CUT_FlaggedToNotExportInScript
824Unlock Vault 96V96_Access_CUT_FlaggedToNotExportInScript
825This is a vault tec emergency broadcastV96_CUT_FlaggedToNotExportInScript
826Emergency Management System active.VaultSystem
827These bees must feed on fear. The size of them these days!VendorIntroLines
828Investigate molerat swarmVS_MiscTemp
829Treasure UnknownW05_MQ_000P
830Not a bad payday for either of us I'd say.WaveDoneComments02
831There. What do you think?WhitespringVendor_Barbershop_FacegenComments
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