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08-03-19 Meat Week dB Update and UI fixes

227 Results

5PowerPlantEvent has failed. Repair its systems and get the power back on.
6BoS01A cryptic radio message. A mystery to be solved.
7E01B_EncryptidA rogue creature is terrorizing Appalachia
8CB05_ArtistA world-renowned artist needs your help.
9MoM00A young woman. A cryptic message. Who was she, and what was she fighting for?
10EN05_ObstacleCourseActivate all the obstacle course's buttons before time runs out.
11ENs02_BlastActivate MODUS' lures, draw in the "pests," and wipe them out.
12GQ_WorkshopAttackAn attack is imminent! Prepare your defenses.
13MoM02AAssemble the Phantom Device.
14TW043Assist the Warden and his men with their rounds.
15TW009ConfederateAttack Prickett's Fort in a civil war reenactment
16TWZ07Attend the Grafton Day parade.
17SFS09_HabitatAttract friendly creatures to the three habitats and defend them from predators.
18TestTrevorQuestBe a good neighbor and answer the door.
19MTR02_MinerBecause the smart miner can always use an extra pair of hands.
20RSVP01_QuestBecome a Volunteer Responder by completing basic training courses.
21GQ_SwarmBeware - are swarming!
22RE_ObjectJM02BoS caravan attacked by enemies
23MTR07_EarthBring the Rockhound Excavator back to life
24ENz04_BotsBuild and protect MODUS' automated patrol.
25RSVP04_QuestCheck on the Responder Supply caches around Morgantown Airport.
26EN06_PresClaim the most votes and be named President!
27TWZ11Clean up the lake.
28D01C_OperationTidyClean up the toxic mutagenic waste!
29MTR05_Mother_BreachClear the work site, then grab as much as you can carry.
30RE_ObjectJM01Cluster of Pitcher Plant Flora has attracted creatures
31MTNS05_VoicesCollect data for Dr. Eddie Harrison's Vox device by shooting creatures with special darts.
32D01C_StingsAndThingsCollect insect parts for Leader Treadly.
33CUT_MTNZ01_HabitCollect or craft chems and bring them to Rose
34LC060_Whitespring02Collect the holotapes and learn the story of Whitespring.
35test_Tutorial_Test_tut01_ActivatorQuestCompare the Quest Tracker to the Pip-Boy Quest objectives!
36MoM03Complete a mission worthy of the Mistress of Mystery.
37SFM04_OrganicComplete Ella's research on a chem called RadShield.
38EN05_BasicComplete the automated Army training at Camp McClintock.
39P03T_MarshallSceneQuestComplete the secret agent training course
40RSVP02_QuestContinue training to be a Volunteer for the Responders.
41V94_1_CUT_FlaggedToNotExportInScriptControl the flooding before Vault 94 is lost forever!
42MTR01_Flame_CUT_FlaggedToNotExportCraft the required precursors and drop them in the appropriate mine fire.
43P03L_McCreary_ScenesCut down your competition
44EN05_CombatCourseDefeat Camp McClintock's onslaught of "Commie Bots."
45GQ_WorkshopAttackScorchbeastsDefeat the Scorchbeast attack!
46CB15_ScorchedEarthDefeat the Scorchbeast Queen that is terrorizing the Cranberry Bog.
47CBZ13_RobotsDefend against waves of robots.
48TW009UnionDefend Prickett's fort in a civil war reenactment
49FSS02_VigilantDefend Rover while he repairs the communications uplink!
50RS02_BeatDefend Steelheart as he patrols the streets of Morgantown.
51FF06_FeedDefend the canning machines at Mama Dolce's to earn a tasty reward!
52FFZ17_TeaTimeDefend the Giant Teapot boiler pipes from the attacking creatures!
53ENz09_RoomDeliver Botelby's requests.
54MTNZ03_BoxDeliver the Black Box to the transceiver, while enemy agents try to take it from you.
55TW007_ColdCaseDelve into a pre-war mystery and discover what happened to the missing boy.
56EN02_MQ_UsDelve into the depths of the Whitespring's Congressional Bunker.
57MoM02CDevelop the Voice of Set.
58MTNZ04_MeltdownDisarm the explosives in the trapped Raider power armor before it's too late!
59SFL02_TrackDiscover the fate of the missing hunting party.
60MTN_MQ_MissingDiscover what happened to Madigan and continue his vital mission to fight the Scorched.
6176ExitEventQuestDrive back the Feral Ghouls outside the entrance to Vault 76.
62EN05_MQ_OfficerEarn full access to the Whitespring's Military Wing.
63MTR04_ChowEarn Mr. Fuzzy tokens by chowing down the spoiled hotdogs.
64MTR04_LuckyEarn Mr. Fuzzy tokens by depositing coal into the carts scattered around the park!
65MTR04_DrossEarn Mr. Fuzzy tokens by tossing lumps of dross through the targets!
66QP_PvP_TDM_ChildEliminate enemy players
67QP_PvP_TDM_MasterEliminate enemy players
68QP_PvP_FFA_HunterHunted_ChildEliminate your designated target
69RE_Scene_MTNZ05_MessengerEnsure Mr. Messenger gets to his destination to deliver his message.
70RE_SceneJM02Eyebot is advertising the flower festival in Lewisburg
71TW009Fight a Civil War battle reenactment with your friends.
72FF11_RaidFight the Scorched to claim a Cargobot supply drop.
73V94Access_CUT_FlaggedToNotExportInScriptFind a way into Vault 94.
74TW002Find out why prison marshal robots are hunting you.
75MTNL01_RaidersFind Raider passkey fragments to unlock a cache of treasure.
76POI061_HouseOfScaresFind the hacker's holotape
77P01B_Wolf_MiscFind the location Wolf was going to use to trap the rogue Assaultron.
78SFZ04_WasteFind the missing protectrons and bring their power cores back to the station.
79OverseerPersonalFind the Overseer's personal journals.
80RS01A_ContactFind the Overseer.
81RSVP00_Quest_Vector_to_FlatwoodsFind the Responders Outpost in Flatwoods.
82P01A_NukashineFind the source of a dangerously potent beverage.
83P01C_BucketFinish off the deceased tourist's bucket list of photographic souvenirs.
84CUT_V94_3_OLDFlood Vault 94 and drown out the insect swarms!
85V94_3_CUT_FlaggedToNotExportInScriptFlood Vault 94 to eradicate the insect infestation.
86P01B_WolfFollow Wolf's trail
87MTR01_IntroGain clearance to utilize the Hornwright Air Purifier systems.
88FFZ13_StrangeBrewGather ingredients for a very special tea.
89LC129_TrickOrTreatGather pumpkins to trade for radioactive seeds.
90TWZ03Get new paper targets for the shooting range.
91E01B_HerdGuide a pack of abandoned Brahmin back home.
92P01C_Tadpole_BadgeHandlerQuestHandles some badges
93P02T_MarshallFetchQuestHelp a robot fulfill a dream
94FS01_MQ_WarnHelp Abbie create the upgrades needed to complete the Scorched Detectors.
95FS03_MQ_FruitionHelp Abbie get the Scorched Detection System online!
96FS02_MQ_ReassemblyHelp Abbie upgrade the Scorched Detectors in the Mire!
97D01A_WastedHelp Biv test the quality of a new alcoholic recipe.
98E02A_Meat_BBQHelp Grahm host a clean, delicious, and lively cookout.
99MTNM04_GuestHelp Mr. Billingsley set up for his Halloween gala.
100SFZ08_FearHelp protect Beckham while he harvests honey.
101RE_SceneKMK07_GQHelp Rachel study the wildlife of Appalachia.
102TW003Help recapture Mad Dog Malone.
103MTNS01_IntroHelp Rose strengthen her radio signal.
104E01C_Tales_Mary_OldHelp Scout Leader Penny tell campfire stories to her happy campers.
105E01C_Tales_Mary_NewHelp Scout Leader Penny tell campfire stories to her happy campers.
106TW005Help the mayor of Grafton.
107TW008Help the prison warden with a jail break.
108TW010Help the robot chef gather food.
109EN05_MarksmanshipTrainingHit all the targets before time expires.
110GQ_HunterHuntedMasterQuestHunt a player while another player is hunting you!
111TW004Hunt down dangerous creatures as trophies.
112E02A_Meat_HuntHunt down monstrous creatures for their Prime Meat.
113SFZ03_QueenHunt down the cryptid before it disappears.
114FFZ11_PackHunt wolf packs in the forest.
115MTRZ01_LostIf there's a key, there must be a lock... find the long-hidden cache of supplies.
116P01B_Mini_Robot01Investigate Calvin van Lowe's meeting in Bastion Park
117P01B_Mini_Albino01Investigate sightings of unusual white creatures at the Thomas farm.
118P01B_Lying_02Investigate the fate of two missing police officers.
119P01B_Mini_Random02Investigate the missing hikers of Monongah
120P01B_Mini_Random03Investigate the missing taxidermists.
121RS01B_ContactInvestigate the Responders base at Morgantown Airport.
122CUT_FF15_LockdownInvestigate the secret of Vault-Tec University...
123GQ_WorkshopAttack_TakeoverIt's been overrun by !
124SFS02_PlayIt's your designated play time! Be good and do as your nanny says.
125MTR04_EmployeeJoin the fun at Camden Park as a member of Mr. Fuzzy's crew
126E01F_FasnachtJoin the fun during the Fasnacht Day parade and earn a chance at a festive mask!
127MoM01Join the Order of Mysteries.
128MTR06_BrigadeJoin the Responders' most prestigious unit - the Fire Breathers.
129P01C_TadpoleJoin your local Pioneer Scout troop!
130P01B_BurrowsJourney through The Burrows to find the source of robotic activity.
131LC060_Whitespring01Kill hostile creatures on the grounds of Whitespring!
132TWZ13Lay to rest a soldier's remains.
133EN07_MQ_DeathLearn all about the nukes in the Whitespring's Command Center.
134CUT_MTNM03_MiscLearn how to make Spiritual Incense for the Guided Meditation
135P01L_McCrearyTimedObjectiveLearn how to optimize your behavior in life or death situations!
136MoM04Learn the fate of the Order of Mysteries.
137TestUD002_MiscLearn the story of The Burrows and its people.
138RE_SceneJM03Liberators are trying to convert the locals
139SFZ14_BombLocate inert bombs for Boomer.
140SFM01_Glow_CUT_FlaggedToNotExplortLower the levels of radiation within the Swamp Forest.
141MTNS04_NightMake a lot of noise to lure a deadly creature to the Buck's Den Beer House, and defeat it.
142CUT_MTNM04_MasterManages robot waitstaff when event is not running
143MoM02Master the tools of the Mistress of Mystery.
144P01B_Mini_Squatch01Michael and Cindy each had special plans for the camping trip. Find out what went wrong.
145RE_TravelJM01Mr. Handy is walking rabid dogs
146EN05_PatriotismCourseOne of the boys is a budding Communist. Find the proof.
147ENz01_AboveOrient MODUS' dishes to call in a resource drop from the Kovac-Muldoon.
148BoS03Paladin Taggerdy tried to end the Scorched threat. What happened? Time to find out.
149P01T_MarshallTestParticipate in an exciting readiness test
150MTR08_LodePlunder the mine for wealth before it collapses.
151CBZ03_Pre_MiscQuestObjectivePoints player to Quest Giver if he's never done the quest before
152MTR10_BattlePre-war Security Robots are still on patrol. Be wary of crossing their paths.
153MTNM03_MeditationPrevent Discordant Forces from interrupting your Guided Meditation
154MTR11_DelvePrevent Libby O'Brien's Mine from Burning Up
155FF01_DeathBlossomsProtect blossoming corpse flowers from the frenzied creatures of the forest.
156FF08_ProjectBeanstalkProtect Pharmabot JD-7E while he maintains the fields!
157MTNS06_Uranium_MiscProtect Uranium Extractors while they collect valuable nuclear material
158MTNS06_UraniumProtect Uranium Extractors while they collect valuable nuclear material.
159TW006Put down the protest march riot in Grafton.
160CB06_ASAMRepair and defend an ASAM against a Scorchbeast attack.
161CUT_Factory_GraftonSteelRepair the mill to generate steel
162RSVP03_QuestResponder Volunteer Advanced Training: Learn to C.A.M.P.!
163P02L_McCreary_FetchQuestRestock Dr. Ladek's testing supplies
164MTNZ03_Box_HunterRetrieve the black box from the enemy agent and deliver it to the designated transceiver.
165CB01_InterrogationRobCo needs volunteers to test enhanced interrogation techniques.
166RE_SceneJM04Robot spouts anti-robot propaganda
167MTNM01_MayhemRose wants someone to try out some Raider tactics so she can gauge their effectiveness.
168M01C_Athletics_BridgeRun through each of the checkpoints and reach the finish line on time
169M01C_Athletics_VentureRun through each of the checkpoints and reach the finish line on time
170M01C_Athletics_SlopesRun through each of the checkpoints and reach the finish line on time
171MTR06_PhysicalExamRun to the checkpoint and back before time expires.
172FF12_BellSalvage treasures brought to the surface by Mole Rats agitated by the ringing bells.
173TWZ09Save the bleach dogwoods.
174V94_2_CUT_FlaggedToNotExportInScriptSave Vault 94 from a nuclear catastrophe!
175P01B_Mini_Random01Scoot Conroy claims to have answers about the Sheepsquatch.
176BoSr01Scorched are amassing! Fortunately, Fort Defiance's defenses are online.
177M01C_ArcheryScore enough bullseyes in time
178RS03_InoculationSearch for an inoculation against the Scorched disease.
179MSiloPersonalSecure and prep for launch.
180EN01_MiscSenator Sam Blackwell left his post for reasons unknown. Find him.
181FFZ16_SwatterShoot down a damaged Vertibot to claim salvage.
182CB04_MayorSolve the mystery of Watoga's rampaging robots.
183GQ_WorkshopReclaimStop the intruders!
184TWZ05Stop the mirelurk swarm.
185MTRZ05_LuckyStrike it rich or die trying! It's a miner's life for me.
186FF05_BalanceStudy the environment for possible Scorched contamination.
187FFZ10_LightSummon the Wise Mothman by lighting the lighthouse lamp.
188CUT_GQ_InvasionSuper Mutants have invaded . Drive them out!
189E01L_McCreary_EventSurvive and Defeat Tiny
190M01C_SwimmingSwim to each buoy and get back to shore on time
191SFS08_HeartTake out the heart of the swamp before the vine infested creatures overwhelm the area.
193BoSZ03The artillery battery at Fort Defiance is ready to deal a blow to the Scorched.
19476CharGen_ReclamationDayThe big day has arrived. It's time to leave the Vault!
195BoSZ01The Brotherhood of Steel secured advanced technology. I can continue their work.
196P01E_Heart_FlaggedToNotExportThe concept of love can be confusing, especially when you're heartless.
197BoSZ04The key to ultimately defeating the Scorchbeasts may lie in their very DNA.
198QP_Babylon_ChildThe last survivor wins!
199FF09_ReaperThe Mr. Farmhands have malfunctioned and are now hostile. They must be dealt with!
200MQ_OverseerThe Overseer scouted ahead. Find her logs.
201BoSr02The Scorched threat grows. The Brotherhood's "Spyglass" may help deal with the threat.
202CBZ03_DeputyThe Watogan Security Chief needs assistance clearing out a location.
203GQ_WorkshopClearThe workshop is yours for the taking!
204QP_Babylon_FleeBlastThere's a nuke inbound to this area! Escape the blast radius before it detonates!
205EN07_MQ_FleeBlastThere's a nuke inbound! Check the map to see where it will land ...and if you should run!
206CUT_V94_3_Escape_OLDThere's no time to waste! Run for the exit!
207CBZ09_CensusThere's only one way to fix the incorrect Census tally... murder.
208TestTrevorEvent01There's something bad in the barn...
209BoS02Thwarting Fort Defiance security won't be easy. But the secrets of the Brotherhood await.
210M01C_RoboticistTour the RobCo Research Center
211MTRz02_DemeritsTrack down long-truant "miners" and attach the "Work-a-Day" system's demerit devices to them.
212GQ_HunterHuntedQuestTrack down your target and eliminate them!
213EN07_MQ_CodeHuntTrack down your target to get one step closer to launching a nuke.
214MTR05_MotherUncover the secret of Hornwright Industrial's "Motherlode."
215EN01_MQ_BunkerUnlock a secure bunker and discover the secrets within.
216P01B_Lying_01Untangle the connection between the Sheepsquatch and Calvin van Lowe.
217FSS01_TrapUse the lure at to trap a Scorchbeast on the ground and defeat it!
218GQ_DropGovtIntroUse the US Government Supply Requisition Holotape at a radio tower.
219RE_SceneJM01Watoga robots move to the city while advertising the city
220CB02_MonsterMashWear a pinata mask, get candy, turn it in for prizes, and avoid being beaten to a pulp!
221P01B_Mini_Random04What happened at this picnic?
222E01C_Tales_DarkWhat terrors await in the darkness beyond the fire?
223MoM02BWield the Blade of Bastet.
224GQ_HordeWipe out the horde that's infesting !
225D01A_TipsyYou're S.P.E.C.I.A.L.! Even while drunk, right?
226UD002_Burrows[Dungeon quest that manages boss combat encounter]
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