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Incendar1 on PC

228 Results
1 has failed. Repair its systems and get the power back on.PowerPlantEvent
2A cryptic radio message. A mystery to be solved.BoS01
3A rogue creature is terrorizing Appalachia.E01B_Encryptid
4A world-renowned artist needs your help.CB05_Artist
5A young woman. A cryptic message. Who was she, and what was she fighting for?MoM00
6Activate all the obstacle course's buttons before time runs out.EN05_ObstacleCourse
7Activate MODUS' lures, draw in the "pests," and wipe them out.ENs02_Blast
8An attack is imminent! Prepare your defenses.GQ_WorkshopAttack
9Assemble the Phantom Device.MoM02A
10Assist the Warden and his men with their rounds.TW043
11Attack Prickett's Fort in a civil war reenactmentTW009Confederate
12Attend the Grafton Day parade.TWZ07
13Attract friendly creatures to the three habitats and defend them from predators.SFS09_Habitat
14Be a good neighbor and answer the door.TestTrevorQuest
15Because the smart miner can always use an extra pair of hands.MTR02_Miner
16Become a Volunteer Responder by completing basic training courses.RSVP01_Quest
17Beware - are swarming!GQ_Swarm
18BoS caravan attacked by enemiesRE_ObjectJM02
19Bring the Rockhound Excavator back to lifeMTR07_Earth
20Build and protect MODUS' automated patrol.ENz04_Bots
21Check on the Responder Supply caches around Morgantown Airport.RSVP04_Quest
22Claim the most votes and be named President!EN06_Pres
23Clean up the lake.TWZ11
24Clean up the toxic mutagenic waste!D01C_OperationTidy
25Clear the work site, then grab as much as you can carry.MTR05_Mother_Breach
26Cluster of Pitcher Plant Flora has attracted creaturesRE_ObjectJM01
27Collect data for Dr. Eddie Harrison's Vox device by shooting creatures with special darts.MTNS05_Voices
28Collect insect parts for Leader Treadly.D01C_StingsAndThings
29Collect or craft chems and bring them to RoseCUT_MTNZ01_Habit
30Collect the holotapes and learn the story of Whitespring.LC060_Whitespring02
31Compare the Quest Tracker to the Pip-Boy Quest objectives!test_Tutorial_Test_tut01_ActivatorQuest
32Complete a mission worthy of the Mistress of Mystery.MoM03
33Complete Ella's research on a chem called RadShield.SFM04_Organic
34Complete the automated Army training at Camp McClintock.EN05_Basic
35Complete the secret agent training courseP03T_MarshallSceneQuest
36Continue training to be a Volunteer for the Responders.RSVP02_Quest
37Control the flooding before Vault 94 is lost forever!V94_1
38Craft the required precursors and drop them in the appropriate mine fire.MTR01_Flame_CUT_FlaggedToNotExport
39Cut down your competitionP03L_McCreary_Scenes
40Defeat Camp McClintock's onslaught of "Commie Bots."EN05_CombatCourse
41Defeat the Scorchbeast attack!GQ_WorkshopAttackScorchbeasts
42Defeat the Scorchbeast Queen that is terrorizing the Cranberry Bog.CB15_ScorchedEarth
43Defend against waves of robots.CBZ13_Robots
44Defend Prickett's fort in a civil war reenactmentTW009Union
45Defend Rover while he repairs the communications uplink!FSS02_Vigilant
46Defend Steelheart as he patrols the streets of Morgantown.RS02_Beat
47Defend the canning machines at Mama Dolce's to earn a tasty reward!FF06_Feed
48Defend the Giant Teapot boiler pipes from the attacking creatures!FFZ17_TeaTime
49Deliver Botelby's requests.ENz09_Room
50Deliver the Black Box to the transceiver, while enemy agents try to take it from you.MTNZ03_Box
51Delve into a pre-war mystery and discover what happened to the missing boy.TW007_ColdCase
52Delve into the depths of the Whitespring's Congressional Bunker.EN02_MQ_Us
53Develop the Voice of Set.MoM02C
54Disarm the explosives in the trapped Raider power armor before it's too late!MTNZ04_Meltdown
55Discover the fate of the missing hunting party.SFL02_Track
56Discover what happened to Madigan and continue his vital mission to fight the Scorched.MTN_MQ_Missing
57Drive back the Feral Ghouls outside the entrance to Vault 76.76ExitEventQuest
58Earn full access to the Whitespring's Military Wing.EN05_MQ_Officer
59Earn Mr. Fuzzy tokens by chowing down the spoiled hotdogs.MTR04_Chow
60Earn Mr. Fuzzy tokens by depositing coal into the carts scattered around the park!MTR04_Lucky
61Earn Mr. Fuzzy tokens by tossing lumps of dross through the targets!MTR04_Dross
62Eliminate enemy playersQP_PvP_TDM_Child
63Eliminate enemy playersQP_PvP_TDM_Master
64Eliminate your designated targetQP_PvP_FFA_HunterHunted_Child
65Ensure Mr. Messenger gets to his destination to deliver his message.RE_Scene_MTNZ05_Messenger
66Eyebot is advertising the flower festival in LewisburgRE_SceneJM02
67Fight a Civil War battle reenactment with your friends.TW009
68Fight the Scorched to claim a Cargobot supply drop.FF11_Raid
69Find a way into Vault 94.V94Access_CUT_FlaggedToNotExportInScript
70Find a way into Vault 96.V96Access_CUT_FlaggedToNotExportInScript
71Find out why prison marshal robots are hunting you.TW002
72Find Raider passkey fragments to unlock a cache of treasure.MTNL01_Raiders
73Find the hacker's holotapePOI061_HouseOfScares
74Find the location Wolf was going to use to trap the rogue Assaultron.P01B_Wolf_Misc
75Find the missing protectrons and bring their power cores back to the station.SFZ04_Waste
76Find the Overseer's personal journals.OverseerPersonal
77Find the Overseer.RS01A_Contact
78Find the Responders Outpost in Flatwoods.RSVP00_Quest_Vector_to_Flatwoods
79Find the source of a dangerously potent beverage.P01A_Nukashine
80Finish off the deceased tourist's bucket list of photographic souvenirs.P01C_Bucket
81Flood Vault 94 and drown out the insect swarms!CUT_V94_3_OLD
82Flood Vault 94 to eradicate the insect infestation!V94_3
83Follow Wolf's trailP01B_Wolf
84Gain clearance to utilize the Hornwright Air Purifier systems.MTR01_Intro
85Gather ingredients for a very special tea.FFZ13_StrangeBrew
86Gather pumpkins to trade for radioactive seeds.LC129_TrickOrTreat
87Get new paper targets for the shooting range.TWZ03
88Guide a pack of abandoned Brahmin back home.E01B_Herd
89Handles some badgesP01C_Tadpole_BadgeHandlerQuest
90Help a robot fulfill a dreamP02T_MarshallFetchQuest
91Help Abbie create the upgrades needed to complete the Scorched Detectors.FS01_MQ_Warn
92Help Abbie get the Scorched Detection System online!FS03_MQ_Fruition
93Help Abbie upgrade the Scorched Detectors in the Mire!FS02_MQ_Reassembly
94Help Biv test the quality of a new alcoholic recipe.D01A_Wasted
95Help Grahm host a clean, delicious, and lively cookout.E02A_Meat_BBQ
96Help Mr. Billingsley set up for his Halloween gala.MTNM04_Guest
97Help protect Beckham while he harvests honey.SFZ08_Fear
98Help Rachel study the wildlife of Appalachia.RE_SceneKMK07_GQ
99Help recapture Mad Dog Malone.TW003
100Help Rose strengthen her radio signal.MTNS01_Intro
101Help Scout Leader Penny tell campfire stories to her happy campers.E01C_Tales_Mary_New
102Help Scout Leader Penny tell campfire stories to her happy campers.E01C_Tales_Mary_Old
103Help the mayor of Grafton.TW005
104Help the prison warden with a jail break.TW008
105Help the robot chef gather food.TW010
106Hit all the targets before time expires.EN05_MarksmanshipTraining
107Hunt a player while another player is hunting you!GQ_HunterHuntedMasterQuest
108Hunt down dangerous creatures as trophies.TW004
109Hunt down monstrous creatures for their Prime Meat.E02A_Meat_Hunt
110Hunt down the cryptid before it disappears.SFZ03_Queen
111Hunt wolf packs in the forest.FFZ11_Pack
112If there's a key, there must be a lock... find the long-hidden cache of supplies.MTRZ01_Lost
113Investigate Calvin van Lowe's meeting in Bastion ParkP01B_Mini_Robot01
114Investigate sightings of unusual white creatures at the Thomas farm.P01B_Mini_Albino01
115Investigate the fate of two missing police officers.P01B_Lying_02
116Investigate the missing hikers of MonongahP01B_Mini_Random02
117Investigate the missing taxidermists.P01B_Mini_Random03
118Investigate the Responders base at Morgantown Airport.RS01B_Contact
119Investigate the secret of Vault-Tec University...CUT_FF15_Lockdown
120It's been overrun by !GQ_WorkshopAttack_Takeover
121It's your designated play time! Be good and do as your nanny says.SFS02_Play
122Join the fun at Camden Park as a member of Mr. Fuzzy's crewMTR04_Employee
123Join the fun during the Fasnacht Day parade and earn a chance at a festive mask!E01F_Fasnacht
124Join the Order of Mysteries.MoM01
125Join the Responders' most prestigious unit - the Fire Breathers.MTR06_Brigade
126Join your local Pioneer Scout troop!P01C_Tadpole
127Journey through The Burrows to find the source of robotic activity.P01B_Burrows
128Kill hostile creatures on the grounds of Whitespring!LC060_Whitespring01
129Lay to rest a soldier's remains.TWZ13
130Learn all about the nukes in the Whitespring's Command Center.EN07_MQ_Death
131Learn how to make Spiritual Incense for the Guided MeditationCUT_MTNM03_Misc
132Learn how to optimize your behavior in life or death situations!P01L_McCrearyTimedObjective
133Learn the fate of the Order of Mysteries.MoM04
134Learn the story of The Burrows and its people.TestUD002_Misc
135Liberators are trying to convert the localsRE_SceneJM03
136Locate inert bombs for Boomer.SFZ14_Bomb
137Lower the levels of radiation within the Swamp Forest.SFM01_Glow_CUT_FlaggedToNotExplort
138Make a lot of noise to lure a deadly creature to the Buck's Den Beer House, and defeat it.MTNS04_Night
139Manages robot waitstaff when event is not runningCUT_MTNM04_Master
140Master the tools of the Mistress of Mystery.MoM02
141Michael and Cindy each had special plans for the camping trip. Find out what went wrong.P01B_Mini_Squatch01
142Mr. Handy is walking rabid dogsRE_TravelJM01
143One of the boys is a budding Communist. Find the proof.EN05_PatriotismCourse
144Orient MODUS' dishes to call in a resource drop from the Kovac-Muldoon.ENz01_Above
145Paladin Taggerdy tried to end the Scorched threat. What happened? Time to find out.BoS03
146Participate in an exciting readiness testP01T_MarshallTest
147Plunder the mine for wealth before it collapses.MTR08_Lode
148Points player to Quest Giver if he's never done the quest beforeCBZ03_Pre_MiscQuestObjective
149Pre-war Security Robots are still on patrol. Be wary of crossing their paths.MTR10_Battle
150Prevent Discordant Forces from interrupting your Guided Meditation.MTNM03_Meditation
151Prevent Libby O'Brien's Mine from Burning UpMTR11_Delve
152Protect blossoming corpse flowers from the frenzied creatures of the forest.FF01_DeathBlossoms
153Protect Pharmabot JD-7E while he maintains the fields!FF08_ProjectBeanstalk
154Protect Uranium Extractors while they collect valuable nuclear materialMTNS06_Uranium_Misc
155Protect Uranium Extractors while they collect valuable nuclear material.MTNS06_Uranium
156Put down the protest march riot in Grafton.TW006
157Rampage through the Whitespring!E03A_Mischief
158Repair and defend an ASAM against a Scorchbeast attack.CB06_ASAM
159Repair the mill to generate steelCUT_Factory_GraftonSteel
160Responder Volunteer Advanced Training: Learn to C.A.M.P.!RSVP03_Quest
161Restock Dr. Ladek's testing suppliesP02L_McCreary_FetchQuest
162Retrieve the black box from the enemy agent and deliver it to the designated transceiver.MTNZ03_Box_Hunter
163RobCo needs volunteers to test enhanced interrogation techniques.CB01_Interrogation
164Robot spouts anti-robot propagandaRE_SceneJM04
165Rose wants someone to try out some Raider tactics so she can gauge their effectiveness.MTNM01_Mayhem
166Run through each of the checkpoints and reach the finish line on timeM01C_Athletics_Bridge
167Run through each of the checkpoints and reach the finish line on timeM01C_Athletics_Venture
168Run through each of the checkpoints and reach the finish line on timeM01C_Athletics_Slopes
169Run to the checkpoint and back before time expires.MTR06_PhysicalExam
170Salvage treasures brought to the surface by Mole Rats agitated by the ringing bells.FF12_Bell
171Save the bleach dogwoods.TWZ09
172Save Vault 94 from a nuclear catastrophe!CUT_V94_2_OLD
173Save Vault 94 from a nuclear catastrophe!V94_2
174Scoot Conroy claims to have answers about the Sheepsquatch.P01B_Mini_Random01
175Scorched are amassing! Fortunately, Fort Defiance's defenses are online.BoSr01
176Score enough bullseyes in timeM01C_Archery
177Search for an inoculation against the Scorched disease.RS03_Inoculation
178Secure and prep for launch.MSiloPersonal
179Senator Sam Blackwell left his post for reasons unknown. Find him.EN01_Misc
180Shoot down a damaged Vertibot to claim salvage.FFZ16_Swatter
181Solve the mystery of Watoga's rampaging robots.CB04_Mayor
182Stop the experimental creatures from escaping Vault 96!V96_1
183Stop the intruders!GQ_WorkshopReclaim
184Stop the mirelurk swarm.TWZ05
185Stop the virus before it takes control of Vault 96!V96_2
186Strike it rich or die trying! It's a miner's life for me.MTRZ05_Lucky
187Study the environment for possible Scorched contamination.FF05_Balance
188Summon the Wise Mothman by lighting the lighthouse lamp.FFZ10_Light
189Super Mutants have invaded . Drive them out!CUT_GQ_Invasion
190Survive and Defeat TinyE01L_McCreary_Event
191Swim to each buoy and get back to shore on timeM01C_Swimming
192Take out the heart of the swamp before the vine infested creatures overwhelm the area.SFS08_Heart
194The artillery battery at Fort Defiance is ready to deal a blow to the Scorched.BoSZ03
195The big day has arrived. It's time to leave the Vault!76CharGen_ReclamationDay
196The Brotherhood of Steel secured advanced technology. I can continue their work.BoSZ01
197The concept of love can be confusing, especially when you're heartless.P01E_Heart_FlaggedToNotExport
198The key to ultimately defeating the Scorchbeasts may lie in their very DNA.BoSZ04
199The last survivor wins!QP_Babylon_Child
200The Mr. Farmhands have malfunctioned and are now hostile. They must be dealt with!FF09_Reaper
201The Overseer scouted ahead. Find her logs.MQ_Overseer
202The Scorched threat grows. The Brotherhood's "Spyglass" may help deal with the threat.BoSr02
203The Watogan Security Chief needs assistance clearing out a location.CBZ03_Deputy
204The workshop is yours for the taking!GQ_WorkshopClear
205There's a nuke inbound to this area! Escape the blast radius before it detonates!QP_Babylon_FleeBlast
206There's a nuke inbound! Check the map to see where it will land ...and if you should run!EN07_MQ_FleeBlast
207There's no time to waste! Run for the exit!CUT_V94_3_Escape_OLD
208There's only one way to fix the incorrect Census tally... murder.CBZ09_Census
209There's something bad in the barn...TestTrevorEvent01
210Thwarting Fort Defiance security won't be easy. But the secrets of the Brotherhood await.BoS02
211Tour the RobCo Research CenterM01C_Roboticist
212Track down long-truant "miners" and attach the "Work-a-Day" system's demerit devices to them.MTRz02_Demerits
213Track down your target and eliminate them!GQ_HunterHuntedQuest
214Track down your target to get one step closer to launching a nuke.EN07_MQ_CodeHunt
215Uncover the secret of Hornwright Industrial's "Motherlode."MTR05_Mother
216Unlock a secure bunker and discover the secrets within.EN01_MQ_Bunker
217Untangle the connection between the Sheepsquatch and Calvin van Lowe.P01B_Lying_01
218Use the lure at to trap a Scorchbeast on the ground and defeat it!FSS01_Trap
219Use the US Government Supply Requisition Holotape at a radio tower.GQ_DropGovtIntro
220Watoga robots move to the city while advertising the cityRE_SceneJM01
221Wear a pinata mask, get candy, turn it in for prizes, and avoid being beaten to a pulp!CB02_MonsterMash
222What happened at this picnic?P01B_Mini_Random04
223What terrors await in the darkness beyond the fire?E01C_Tales_Dark
224Wield the Blade of Bastet.MoM02B
225Wipe out the horde that's infesting !GQ_Horde
226You're S.P.E.C.I.A.L.! Even while drunk, right?D01A_Tipsy
227[Dungeon quest that manages boss combat encounter]UD002_Burrows
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