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1A little goes a long way.ChemistCard
2A little rain is good for the soul.StormChaserCard
3Achieve world class defense with Power Armor prototypes.PowerSmithCard
4Advanced training for enhanced combat effectiveness!BetterCriticalsCard
5Agility BonusBabylon_FrogLegsCard
6Aim for the joints!Babylon_IncisorCard
7Aim for the joints!IncisorCard
8All the hanker without the hunger!MunchyResistanceCard
9All the rush without the hassle!ChemResistantCard
10All you need is some ingenuity and duct tape.MakeshiftWarriorCard
11Arise, black vengeance!RevenantCard
12At least you're an efficient bloodsucker!BloodsuckerCard
13Become whisper, become shadow.SneakCard
14Big guns, big damage!HeavyGunnerCard
15Brace for impact!Babylon_BlockerCard
16Brace for impact!BlockerCard
17Burst into the afterlife at a full sprint!Babylon_DeadManSprintingCard
18Burst into the afterlife at a full sprint!DeadManSprintingCard
19Carry light and run fast.Babylon_GunRunnerCard
20Carry light and run fast.GunRunnerCard
21Catch some rays!SolarPoweredCard
22Channel the spirit of the Old West!GunslingerCard
23Channel your chi to unleash devastating fury!Babylon_IronFistCard
24Channel your chi to unleash devastating fury!IronFistCard
25Channel your inner Grognak!Babylon_BarbarianCard
26Channel your inner Grognak!BarbarianCard
27Charisma BonusBabylon_CharismaBonus3Card
28Charisma BonusBabylon_MonsterMufflerCard
29Charisma BonusBabylon_CreatureCrusherCard
30Chems don't grow on trees. Or do they?Babylon_PharmaFarmaCard
31Chems don't grow on trees. Or do they?PharmaFarmaCard
32Choo choo! All aboard!PainTrainCard
33Commune with beasts!AnimalFriendCard
34Cool people don't look at explosions.Babylon_GrenadierCard
35Cool people don't look at explosions.GrenadierCard
36Darkness is power!NocturnalFortitudeCard
37Death becomes you!GrimReapersSprintCard
38Death rays are your forte.ScienceMasterCard
39Dodge bullets and roll with the punches.Babylon_DodgyCard
40Dodge bullets and roll with the punches.DodgyCard
41Dominate the Wasteland with impunity.PowerUserCard
42Don't step there!LightFootedCard
43Don't you die on me!Babylon_TeamMedicCard
44Don't you die on me!TeamMedicCard
45Everything goes better after a drink.HappyGoLuckyCard
46Exploit security vulnerabilities to hack more advanced terminal security.HackerExpertCard
47Exposure to the Wasteland has made you more resilient.Babylon_RadResistantCard
48Exposure to the Wasteland has made you more resilient.RadResistantCard
49Fan that hammer!GunslingerExpertCard
50Far out!Babylon_ChemFiendCard
51Far out!ChemFiendCard
52Feast on mortal flesh to heal your wounds!CannibalCard
53Feeling Lucky? You should!FourLeafCloverCard
54Fight rays with rays.SunKissedCard
55Focused mind, focused light.ScienceCard
56Food for the body and soul.RejuvenatedCard
57Fortune favors the bold.SerendipityCard
58Frayed genes are in!FrayedGenesCard-CUT
59Friends are nice - bodyguards are better!Babylon_BodyguardsCard
60Friends are nice - bodyguards are better!BodyguardsCard
61Genius. Is. ANGRY!Babylon_NerdRageCard
62Genius. Is. ANGRY!NerdRageCard
63Get off my lawn!HomeDefenseCard
64Get up close and personal!BasherCard
65Gettin' warm!PerceptiBobbleCard
66Good thing you are up to date on all 2316 vaccines!VaccinatedCard
67Good thing you installed shock absorbers.Babylon_StabilizedCard
68Good thing you installed shock absorbers.StabilizedCard
69Hide in plain sight.EscapeArtistCard
70Home is where the heart is.Babylon_HomebodyCard
71Home is where the heart is.HomebodyCard
72Home run with each hit!Babylon_SluggerMasterCard
73Home run with each hit!SluggerMasterCard
74If it ain't broke, don't fix it!Babylon_LuckyBreakCard
75If it ain't broke, don't fix it!LuckyBreakCard
76In another life you were a swordsman!Babylon_ClubberCard
77In another life you were a swordsman!Babylon_GladiatorMasterCard
78In another life you were a swordsman!GladiatorMasterCard
79In combat, there's no time to hesitate.Babylon_QuickHandsCard
80In combat, there's no time to hesitate.QuickHandsCard
81Introducing the Power Armor Carrying Kit.PortablePowerCard
82Is that a hump on your back?DromedaryCard
83Is there a doctor in the house?Babylon_FirstAidCard
84Is there a doctor in the house?FirstAidCard
85Is tonight's dinner Rotting Roadkill Goulash Surprise? No problem!IronStomachCard
86It's alive! ALIVE!Babylon_HealingHandsCard
87It's alive! ALIVE!HealingHandsCard
88It's all about focus.Babylon_SniperCard
89It's all about focus.SniperCard
90It's all about the close-range spray-and-pray!GuerrillaExpertCard
91It's better than new!FixItGoodCard
92Just a little at a time keeps the thirst away.HydroFixCard
93Keep it clean and it lasts longer!Babylon_WhiteKnightCard
94Keep it clean and it lasts longer!WhiteKnightCard
95Keep out unwanted fingers.CUT_LocksmithCard
96Keep the fight going!Babylon_ScroungerCard
97Keep the fight going!ScroungerCard
98Keep your distance long and your kill-count high.Babylon_LongshotCard
99Keep your distance long and your kill-count high.LongshotCard
100Keep your distance long and your kill-count high.RiflemanCard
101Kill! Kill! Muahaha!PsychopathCard
102Knock 'em out of the park!SluggerExpertCard
103Lift your feet!FullChargeCard
104Light as paper, hard as steel.Babylon_MartialArtistCard
105Light as paper, hard as steel.MartialArtistCard
106Living on the edge!Babylon_AdrenalineCard
107Living on the edge!AdrenalineCard
108Locked? Not for long!Babylon_PicklockCard
109Locked? Not for long!PicklockCard
110Machines will always serve humans, if you have anything to say about it.RoboticsExpertCard
111Make or break, you keep fighting.LuckOfTheDrawCard
112Make them look like Swiss Chesse!Babylon_TenderizerCard
113Make them look like Swiss Chesse!TenderizerCard
114Master the outlandish!CUT_ExoticWeaponsMasterCard
115Master the post-apocalypse!WastelandWhispererCard
116Maximize the pain on your target!Babylon_LockAndLoadCard
117Maximize the pain on your target!LockAndLoadCard
118Mmmm, that sunlight is delicious.PhotosyntheticCard
119More for the picking.GreenThumbCard
120Murder in the dark!MisterSandmanCard
121Mutants unite!Babylon_StrangeInNumbersCard
122Mutants unite!StrangeInNumbersCard
123Need. More. Bullets.BandolierCard
124Nightshift in the Vault honed your eyesight!NightEyesCard
125No lock can keep you out!PicklockMasterCard
126No one dies on your watch!Babylon_EMTCard
127No one dies on your watch!EMTCard
128No one escapes from you.EnforcerCard
129Nobody has a good time like you!PartyBoyGirlCard
130Oh, the benefits of lead poising.Babylon_RadSpongeCard
131Oh, the benefits of lead poising.RadSpongeCard
132One more mile!AllNightLongCard
133Packing light doesn't mean packing little!Babylon_WalkingArsenalCard
134Packing light doesn't mean packing little!Babylon_PackinLightCard
135Packing light doesn't mean packing little!PackinLightCard
136Penetrate terminal security with cutting-edge encryption knowledge.Babylon_HackerCard
137Penetrate terminal security with cutting-edge encryption knowledge.HackerCard
138Perception BonusBabylon_HackAndSeekCard
139Perception BonusBabylon_BriefcaseBloodhoundCard
140Practice and conditioning.HeavyGunnerExpertCard
141Practiced fingers open locks.PicklockExpertCard
144Pump action is your kind of action.ShotgunnerCard
145Put it there!Babylon_FireInTheHoleCard
146Put it there!FireInTheHoleCard
147Put the fear of you into them!Babylon_SuppressorCard
148Put the fear of you into them!SuppressorCard
149Quality over quantity!ContractorCard
150Quick on the draw, quick on the trigger.Babylon_GunslingerMasterCard
151Quick on the draw, quick on the trigger.GunslingerMasterCard
152Radiation, the gift that keeps on giving!Babylon_OverlyGenerousCard
153Radiation, the gift that keeps on giving!OverlyGenerousCard
154Reflexes are better than armor anyway.Babylon_EvasiveCard
155Reflexes are better than armor anyway.EvasiveCard
156Rules should have died with the war!POST_OutlawCard
157Share and share alike!PhilanthropistCard
158Someone call an exterminator?ExterminatorCard
159Spartacus, shmartacus!GladiatorCard
160Squad! Move out! Go go go!Babylon_SquadManeuversCard
161Squad! Move out! Go go go!SquadManeuversCard
162Stay Focused!ConcentratedFireCard
163Sure, you're still human - on the outside!Babylon_GhoulishCard
164Sure, you're still human - on the outside!GhoulishCard
165Swing for the fences!SluggerCard
166Take 2 of these and never call me again.Babylon_PharmacistCard
167Take 2 of these and never call me again.PharmacistCard
168Take full advantage of advanced technology.ScienceExpertCard
169That'll wake you up in the mornin'!QuackSurgeonCard
170The battlefield is your happy place!Babylon_GroundPounderCard
171The battlefield is your happy place!GroundPounderCard
172The best gun is a reliable gun.GunsmithCard
173The best protection is a hail of bullets!Babylon_BulletShieldCard
174The best protection is a hail of bullets!BulletShieldCard
175The bigger the boom, the better!Babylon_DemolitionExpertCard
176The bigger the boom, the better!DemolitionExpertCard
177The knights had it right!Babylon_IroncladCard
178The knights had it right!IroncladCard
179The side effects are harmless! Mostly...MysteryMeatCard
180The Wasteland is your operating room!Babylon_FieldSurgeonCard
181The Wasteland is your operating room!FieldSurgeonCard
182The weak spots glow brighter.GlowSightCard
183There's no place like home.HappyCamperCard
184There's no place to hide!POST_PenetratorCard
185There's no time to waste!Babylon_RunForYourKnifeCard
186There's no time to waste!Babylon_ActionBoyGirlCard
187There's no time to waste!ActionBoyGirlCard
188They can't hurt what they can't hit!Babylon_MovingTargetCard
189They can't hurt what they can't hit!MovingTargetCard
191To defeat your enemies, know their weaknesses!AwarenessCard
192Today's skill - yesterday's style!Babylon_ModernRenegadeCard
193Today's skill - yesterday's style!ModernRenegadeCard
194Ultracite exposure has made you fireproof!FireproofCard
195Unconventional warfare calls for unconventional weapons.CUT_ExoticWeaponsCard
196Up and at 'em!InjectorCard
197Victus fortuna iuvat.MysteriousSaviorCard
198Waste not, want not!ScrapperCard
199Watch out for flying eyeballs!Babylon_BloodyMessCard
200Watch out for flying eyeballs!BloodyMessCard
201Water is your ally.Babylon_AquaBoyGirlCard
202Water is your ally.AquaBoyGirlCard
203Weapon repair is an art.WeaponArtisanCard
204What are you, part pack mule?Babylon_StrongbackCard
205What are you, part pack mule?StrongbackCard
206What does not kill you makes you stronger!Babylon_RadicoolCard
207What does not kill you makes you stronger!RadicoolCard
208What goes around comes around!RicochetCard
209Who is he? Why does he help? Who cares!MysteriousStrangerCard
210Who needs armor when you've got so much junk?JunkShieldCard
211Who needs friends, anyway?LoneWandererCard
212Who's a good dog? You're a good dog. Yes you are!GoodDoggyCard
213You are a creature of the night!NightPersonCard
214You are a human can opener.Babylon_TankKillerCard
215You are a human can opener.TankKillerCard
216You are a literal home wrecker.Babylon_WreckingBallCard
217You are a literal home wrecker.WreckingBallCard
218You are an explosive freight train, literally.Babylon_OrdnanceExpressCard
219You are an explosive freight train, literally.OrdnanceExpressCard
220You are built like a brick house.Babylon_SturdyFrameCard
221You are built like a brick house.SturdyFrameCard
222You are the original social butterfly.Babylon_MagneticPersonalityCard
223You are the original social butterfly.MagneticPersonalityCard
224You aren't afraid to dig a little deeper to get what you want.ButchersBountyCard
225You can chuck more wood than a woodchuck chucks.WoodchuckerCard
226You can drop a radstag at a thousand yards.RiflemanExpertCard
227You can just hear those sweet, sweet zines!PannapictagraphistCard
228You can roll with the punches.FixerUpperCard-CUT
229You could hit your target with your eyes closed!ShotgunnerExpertCard
230You don't have to shoot first, just hit first.Babylon_CrackshotCard
231You don't have to shoot first, just hit first.CrackshotCard
232You don't need an army. You ARE the army!Babylon_OneGunArmyCard
233You don't need an army. You ARE the army!OneGunArmyCard
234You don't play by the rules.SuperDuperCard
235You embody wellness!Babylon_LifegiverCard
236You embody wellness!LifegiverCard
237You find humor in death, your own specifically.Babylon_LastLaughCard
238You find humor in death, your own specifically.LastLaughCard
239You have learned the art of proper weight distribution.Babylon_ThruHikerCard
240You have learned the art of proper weight distribution.ThruHikerCard
241You keep an eye out for fresh looks!Babylon_FashionFinderCard
242You lead by example.InspirationalCard
243You like to play with your food.TormentorCard
244You majored in aggressive cauterization.FriendlyFireCard
245You must be part mirror!Babylon_RefractorCard
246You must be part mirror!RefractorCard
247You only wear custom-fit armor.ArmorerCard
248You see beauty in the rubbish.PackRatCard
249You trained as a shadow warrior.NinjaCard
250You were always the odd kid.Babylon_ClassFreakCard
251You were always the odd kid.ClassFreakCard
252You were born to shoot buckshot!Babylon_ScattershotCard
253You were born to shoot buckshot!ScattershotCard
254You were born with a wrench in your hand.POST_GreaseMonkeyCard
255You were top in your fencing club.GladiatorExpertCard
256You'd give Daniel Boone a run for his money!Babylon_RiflemanMasterCard
257You'd give Daniel Boone a run for his money!RiflemanMasterCard
258You're a battlefield tactician.CriticalSavvyCard
259You're a born survivor!BornSurvivorCard
260You're a certified Power Armor repair technician.PowerPatcherCard
261You're a close-quarters gun warrior!Babylon_CowboyCard
262You're a close-quarters gun warrior!Babylon_GuerrillaMasterCard
263You're a close-quarters gun warrior!GuerrillaMasterCard
264You're a ghost in the system.HackerMasterCard
265You're a happy doc. Your cures are contagious.AntiEpidemicCard
266You're a human metal detector.FortuneFinderCard
267You're a keeper!CuratorCard
268You're a power saver!BatteriesIncludedCard
269You're a tank with legs.Babylon_HeavyGunnerMasterCard
270You're a tank with legs.HeavyGunnerMasterCard
271You're a trophy shooter - with the trophy to prove it!Babylon_ShotgunnerMasterCard
272You're a trophy shooter - with the trophy to prove it!ShotgunnerMasterCard
273You're an assembly line.AmmosmithCard
274You're an eccentric improviser!CUT_ExoticWeaponsExpertCard
275You're going the distance!Babylon_MarathonerCard
276You're going the distance!MarathonerCard
277You're great at getting boosted... on the go!Babylon_TravelingPharmacyCard
278You're great at getting boosted... on the go!TravelingPharmacyCard
279You're healthy as a horse! Or Deatchclaw.NaturalResistanceCard
280You're so salty, it rubs off on your food!GoodWithSaltCard
281You're trained for close-quarters shooting.GuerrillaCard
282You're trained for reconnaissance and subterfuge.SecretAgentCard
283You've got friends where it counts.TravelAgentCard
284You've learned to apply ancient martial arts to gunplay!GunFuCard
285You've mastered the art of the deal!HardBargainCard
286You've mastered the placebo effect!DryNurseCard
287You've read every Covert Operations Manual ever written, twice.CovertOperativeCard
288You've tapped the Wasteland's hidden wealth.CapCollectorCard
289Your "can do" attitude keeps you alive.CanDoCard
290Your bear-like arms help you bear bigger arms.Babylon_BearArmsCard
291Your bear-like arms help you bear bigger arms.BearArmsCard
292Your body does more with less!SlowMetabolizerCard
293Your digestive tract has adjusted to the weirdness of the Wasteland!LeadBellyCard
294Your genes are stiff stuff!StarchedGenesCard
295Your legs must be double-jointed.Babylon_GoatLegsCard
296Your legs must be double-jointed.GoatLegsCard
297Your liver works hard for the money!ProfessionalDrinkerCard
298Your skeleton has been infused with indestructible metal!AdamantiumSkeletonCard
299Your spirit thrives when helping others.Babylon_SpiritualHealerCard
300Your spirit thrives when helping others.SpiritualHealerCard
301Your system filters liquids to the EXTREME.ThirstQuencherCard
302Your Vault job has finally paid off!LicensedPlumberCard
303Zap that thirst!Babylon_ColaNutCard
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