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08-22-19 Update to DONE

*If removal of EDID is problematic Discord

561 Results

1 Agility
2 Carry Weight
3 Charisma
4 Endurance
5 Health
6 Health
7 Health
8 HP/s, 1.25x damage
9 Intelligence
10 Luck
11 Perception
12 Strength
13 Strength
14% Food Spoilage Rate
15% Harder to Detect
16% Less Dmg. from Animals
17% Less Dmg. from Insects
18% Less Dmg. from Robots
19+ Carry Weight
20+ Confidence
21+ Damage Resist per CHA
22+ Damage Resist per CHA
23+ Damage Resist When in a Team
24+ Damage Resist When in a Team
25+ Damage Resist While Sneaking
26+ Endurance
27+ Head Condition
28+ Health
29+ Health
30+ Health
31+ Health
32+ Health
33+ Health
34+ Health
35+ Health Regen
36+ Health Regen
37+ Intelligence
38+ Left Arm Condition
39+ Left Leg Condition
40+ Luck
41+ Luck From Alcohol
42+ Luck Under the Influence of Alcohol
43+ Max AP When in a Team
44+ Max AP When in a Team
45+ Max HP When in a Team
46+ Max HP When in a Team
47+ Perception
48+ Regeneration
49+ Right Arm Condition
50+ Right Leg Condition
51+ SPECIAL when grouped
52+ Strength
53+ Strength
54+ Torso Condition
55+% Alien Blaster Dmg.
56+% AP Regen When in a Team
57+% AP Regen When in a Team
58+% Chance to Avoid Dmg.
59+% Chance to Avoid Dmg.
60+% Chance to Avoid Dmg. From Explosions
61+% Chance to Avoid Dmg. From Explosions
62+% Chance to Avoid Dmg. From Scorched
63+% Chance to Avoid Energy Dmg.
64+% Chance to Avoid Energy Dmg.
65+% Chance to Avoid Melee Dmg.
66+% Chance to Avoid Melee Dmg.
67+% Cryolator Dmg.
68+% Cryolator Dmg.
69+% Damage Done
70+% Damage When in a Team
71+% Damage When in a Team
72+% Dmg. Taken, -25% Team Dmg. Taken
73+% Dmg. Taken, -33% Team Dmg. Taken
74+% Dmg. vs. the Flatwoods Alien
75+% Dmg. vs. the Grafton Monster
76+% Dmg. vs. the Mothman
77+% Dmg. vs. the Snallygaster
78+% Dmg. vs. the Wendigo
79+% Fusion Core Duration
80+% Fusion Core Duration
81+% Fusion Core Duration
82+% Harder to Detect While Sneaking
83+% Healing from Veggies and Fruits
84+% Health from Cooked Food
85+% Hunger & Thirst Cured by Food & Drink
86+% Limb Dmg. Taken
87+% Melee Dmg
88+% Melee Dmg +Chance to Cripple
89+% Movement Speed
90+% RadAway Effectiveness
91+% Sprint Speed
92+% to Gain Double Yield From Plants
93+% Tomahawk Dmg.
94+% Tomahawk Dmg.
95+% Unarmed & Knife Dmg.
96+% Unarmed & Knife Dmg.
97+% Unarmed Dmg. +Bleed Dmg.
98+% Unscoped Weapon Dmg.
99+% Unscoped Weapon Dmg.
100+% Workshop Turret Dmg.
101+% XP in a team
102+1 Hacking Guess
103+1 Hacking Guess
104+10% Damage to Anglers
105+10% Damage to Bloodbugs
106+10% Damage to Honeybeasts
107+10% Damage to Mirelurks
108+10% Damage to Mongrels
109+10% Damage to Radscorpions
110+10% Damage to Radstags
111+10% Damage to Radtoads
112+10% Damage to Snallygasters
113+10% Damage to Stingwings
114+10% Damage to Super Mutants
115+10% Damage to Yao Guai
116+10% Damage vs. Flatwoods Monsters
117+10% Damage vs. Grafton Monsters
118+10% Damage vs. Mothmen
119+10% Damage vs. Snallygasters
120+10% Damage vs. Wendigos
121+100% Armor Piercing
122+15 AP and reduced fall damage for 20 minutes.
123+15 max health
124+20% Harder to Detect While Sneaking
125+30 max health
126+35 electric damage vs Robots
127+45 max health
128+5% Harder to Detect While Sneaking
129+50% Armor Piercing
130+70 electric damage & 25% chance to stun vs Robots
131+Jump Height
132+Jump Height
133+Jump Height
134+More Weapon Dmg. at low HP,
135+Reload Speed
136+Weapon Dmg. at low HP
137- Confidence
138- STR, + AGI, Fall Slowly
139-% Camp Move Cost
140-% Damage from Players
141-% Damage from Players
142-% Damage from Robots
143-% Enemy Player VATS Accuracy
144-% Food Spoil Rate
145-% food/drink disease chance
146-% Heavy Weapon Ammo Consumption
147-% Heavy Weapon Ammo Consumption
148-% Melee Weapon Condition Loss
149-% Melee Weapon Weight
150-% Perk Card Sharing Cooldown
151-% Plasma Damage Taken
152-% Workshop Repair Cost
153-1 to all SPECIAL stats
154-150 Rad Resist and +75 Max Health for 12 minutes.
155-2 SPECIAL solo, + SPECIAL grouped
156-25% Damage with Ranged Weapons
157-25% Damage with Ranged Weapons
158-4 STR + AGI, Fall More Slowly
159-50% Damage vs. Players
160-Jump Height
161100% Longer Bleedout Time
16215% Reduced damage from insects
1631H Melee Dmg +%
1642H Melee Dmg +%
165Acid Damage +
166Acid Damage +/s nearby enemies
167Action Point drain from wounds
168Action Point regeneration increases with your current radiation level for 12 minutes.
169Adds bleeding damage.
172Alcohol duration +250% with no addiction
174AP Drain
175AP Reduction %
176AP Regen %
177AP Regen +
178AP Regen +%
179Assaultron Head Trap Laser
180Ballistic and Melee Attacks deal fire DMG
181Ballistic and Melee Attacks deal fire DMG.
182Ballistic Dmg +%
183Ballistic Dmg +%
184Ballistic Gun Crit Dmg +%
185Ballistic Weapon Condition Cost +%
186Better barter rates
187Better Caps Stashes!
188Bleed Damage +
189Bleed from wounds
190Bleed radiation from wounds
191Blinds target for Seconds
192Blinds target for Seconds
193Blinds target for Seconds
194Bobby Pins are Unbreakable
195Bonus XP +%
196Bonus XP +%
197Bonus XP +%
198Bonus XP +%
199Bonus XP +%
200Bonus XP +%
201Born Survivor Script
202Breathe Underwater.
203Buying and selling prices at vendors are greatly improved.
204Calms target for seconds.
205Calms target for seconds.
206Carry Capacity
207Causes a bloatfly to spawn from target on death
208Causes a bloatfly to spawn from target on death
209Causes target to flee.
210Causes target to flee.
212Chance to irradiate melee attackers
213Chance to irradiate melee attackers
214Chance to Paralyze target for seconds.
215Chance to Paralyze target for seconds.
216Chance to shock melee attackers
217Chance to shock melee attackers
218Chem Effects -%
219Condition Rate %
220Crit Dmg +%
221Crit Dmg +%
222Crit Dmg +%
223Crit Dmg +%
224Critical Chance +%
225Cure all addictions.
226Cure all addictions.
227Cures a random addiction.
228Cures one disease
229Damage +%
230Damage +%
231Damage +%
232Damage +%
233Damage +%
234Damage +%
235Damage +%
236Damage +%
237Damage +%
238Damage Resist at Night:
239Damage Resist at Night:
240Damage Resist in fog/rain +20
241Damage Resist When in a Team
242Damage Resist, Health Regen, Action Points, & Melee Dmg.
243Damage Resistance increases with your current radiation level for 12 minutes.
244Damage Vs. Animals +%
245Damage Vs. Animals +%
246Damage Vs. Ghouls +%
247Damage Vs. Ghouls +%
248Damage Vs. Liberators +%
249Damage Vs. Mirelurks +%
250Damage Vs. Players +%
251Damage Vs. Robots +%
252Damage Vs. Robots +%
253Damage Vs. Robots +%
254Damage Vs. Scorched +%
255Damage Vs. Scorched +%
256Damage Vs. Super Mutants +%
257Damage Vs. Super Mutants +%
258Damage Vs. Super Mutants +%
259Damage Vs. Yao Guai +%
260Disease Chance %
261Disease Chance %
262Disease Chance %
263Disease Chance -%
264Disease Chance From Beds -%
265Disease Chance From Combat %
266Disease Chance From Combat -%
267Disease Chance From Drinking -%
268Disease Chance From Environmental Hazards -%
269Disease Chance From Food -%
270Disease Chance From Traps -%
271Disease Chance From Water -%
272Disease Chance From Weather -%
273Disease Resistance %
274Disease Resistance %
275Disease Resistance %
276Disease Resistance %
277Disease Resistance +%
278Dismember target on death
279DMG +%
280DMG Resist
281Dmg. vs. the Flatwoods Alien %
282Does damage over seconds to target.
283Does damage over seconds to target.
284Double Swim Speed
285Double Swim Speed
286Eat Meat But Not Veggies With No Disease & x Benefits
287Eat meat With No Disease & x Benefits
288Eat No Meat
289Eat No Vegetables
290Eat Veggies But not Meat With No Disease & x Benefits
291Eat Veggies With No Disease & x Benefits
293Energy Dmg +%
294Energy Gun Crit Dmg +%
295Energy Gun Dmg +%
296Energy Gun Dmg -%
297Energy Weapon Condition Cost +%
298Explosion Range +%
299Explosive Dmg +%
300Find Bobby Pins in Containers
301Find Meat from Animal Kills
302Frenzies target for seconds.
303Frenzies target for seconds.
304Frenzies target for seconds.
305Frenzies target for seconds.
306Gain % less hunger & thirst
307Gain twice the amount of XP
308Gets stronger with each human it kills. humans killed.
309Gradual Freezing
310Gradual Freezing
311Gradual Freezing
312Grants the Adrenal Reaction mutation.
313Grants the Bird Bones mutation.
314Grants the Carnivore mutation.
315Grants the Chameleon mutation.
316Grants the Eagle Eyes mutation.
317Grants the Egg Head mutation.
318Grants the Electrically Charged mutation.
319Grants the Empath mutation.
320Grants the Grounded mutation.
321Grants the Healing Factor mutation.
322Grants the Herbivore mutation.
323Grants the Herd Mentality mutation.
324Grants the Marsupial mutation.
325Grants the Marsupial mutation.
326Grants the Plague Walker mutation.
327Grants the Rad Walker mutation.
328Grants the Scaly Skin mutation.
329Grants the Speed Demon mutation.
330Grants the Talons mutation.
331Grants the Twisted Muscles mutation.
332Grants the Twisted Muscles mutation.
333Grants the Unstable Isotope mutation.
334Gun Accuracy -%
336Healing HP/s
337Healing HP/s
338Healing HP/s
339Healing + HP/s
340Healing + HP/s
341Health Regen
342Health Regen +
343Health Regen +300%
344Heating to set on fire
345Heavy Gun Crit Dmg +%
346Heavy Gun Dmg +%
347Hide % Better in Full Light
348Highlights living targets
349Highlights living targets
350Highlights living targets.
351Highlights living targets.
366HP -
367Hunger & Thirst -%
368Hunger & Thirst -%
369Hunger does not decay
370Hunger does not increase
371Hunger/Thirst +%
372Hunger/Thirst +% While Moving
373Improved Gun Accuracy
374Improved Scope Aim, VATS aim -20%, Animal DMG +10%
375Improves Scope Stability
376Increased chance of encountering the Mothman
377Increased Fall Speed
378Increased item condition damage.
379Increased Jump Height
381Invisible for 10 Seconds while in water.
382Invisible in combat if unarmored & stationary
383Invisible while stationary
384Invisible with Damage Resist while stationary
385It's Party Time!
386Item Condition Loss -%
387Laser Gun Crit Dmg +%
388Laser Gun Dmg +%
390Lockpicking "Sweet Spot" +%
391Lockpicking "Sweet Spot" +%
392Make % Less Noise While Sneaking
393Makes actor invisible while in the Ambush Furniture Added and removed by the furniture script
394Max AP
395Max AP
396Max AP +
397Max AP +
398Max AP +
399Max HP
400Max HP
401Max HP
402Max HP
403Max HP
404Max HP
405Max HP +
406Max HP +
407Max HP +
408Max HP +
409Max HP +
410Max HP +
411Melee AP Cost +50%
412Melee attacks lower enemy DMG 15%
413Melee attacks lower enemy DMG resist by 10
414Melee attacks replenish hunger.
415Melee Attacks Restore Health
416Melee Attacks trigger Self Immolation.
417Melee Damage +%
418Melee Damage +%
419Melee Damage +%
420Melee Damage +%
421Melee Dmg +
422Melee Dmg +%
423More Scrap From Weapons
424Movement Speed %
425Movement Speed %
426Movement Speed %
427Movement Speed %
428No Meat Disease
429No Veggie Disease
433On fire
435Periodic food loss
436Periodic water loss
437Pick Locks of Higher Tier
438Plasma Gun Crit Dmg +%
439Plasma Gun Dmg +%
440Poison Aura Scaling With Your Diseases
441Poison Aura Scaling With Your Diseases
442Prevents and suppresses mutations.
444Rad Exposure Resist +
445Rad Exposure Resist +
446Rad Exposure Resist +
447Rad Exposure Resist +
448Rad Exposure Resist +
449Rad Exposure Resist +
450Rad Resist +
451Rad Resist +
452Rad Resist +
453Rad Resist +
454Radiation Aura Scaling With Your Rads
455Radiation Resistance %
456Radiation Resistance %
457Rads From Food & Drink -
458Rads From Food & Drink -
459Ranged AP Cost +50%
460Reduced Fall Speed
461Reduced weapon material costs
462Reduces Halloween Candy Weight
463Reduces Limb DMG taken %
464Reduces target's Damage Resistance by 25% for 2 minutes.
465Reduces target's Damage Resistance by 25% for 2 minutes.
466Regenrate points of Radiation per second.
467Remove points of Radiation.
468Remove points of Radiation.
469Remove points of Radiation.
470Remove points of Radiation.
471Remove points of Radiation.
472Remove points of Radiation.
473Remove Rads
474Removes Fall Damage
475Restore HP / second
476Restore HP / second
477Restore HP / second
478Restore HP / second
479Reveals enemies on the map.
480Running drains AP
481S.P.E.C.I.A.L. +
482Scoped Gun Dmg +%
483Shake the camera for seconds.
484Shake the camera for seconds.
485Shake the camera for seconds.
486Shake the camera for seconds.
487Shake the camera for seconds.
488Shake the camera for seconds.
489Shake the camera for seconds.
490Shake the camera for seconds.
491Shake the camera for seconds.
492Shake the camera for seconds.
493Shake the camera for seconds.
494Shake the camera for seconds.
495Slows time for seconds.
496Slows time for seconds.
497Slows time for seconds.
498Slows time for seconds.
499Sneak Attack Multiplier +15%
500Sprint AP Cost -%
501Stealth Boy Duration +%
502Stealth Field
503Stealth Field for seconds.
504Stealth Field for seconds.
505Stealth Field for seconds.
506Stealth Field for seconds.
507Stealth Field for seconds.
508Stealth Field for seconds.
509Stealth Field for seconds.
510Stimpak Healing +%
512Strength increases with your current radiation level for 12 minutes.
513Suppresses mutation side effects.
514Suppresses negative mutation effects.
515Suppresses negative mutation effects.
516Suppresses negative mutation effects.
517Suppresses negative mutation effects.
518Suppresses negative mutation effects.
519Suppresses negative mutation effects.
520Suppresses negative mutation effects.
521Suppresses negative mutation effects.
522Suppresses negative mutation effects.
523Suppresses negative mutation effects.
524Suppresses negative mutation effects.
525Suppresses negative mutation effects.
526Suppresses negative mutation effects.
527Suppresses negative mutation effects.
528Suppresses negative mutation effects.
529Suppresses negative mutation effects.
530Suppresses negative mutation effects.
531Suppresses negative mutation effects.
532Suppresses negative mutation effects.
533Swim Speed +%
534Symptoms suppressed
535Take 25% more damage
536Take 50% more limb damage
537Take 50% more Radiation Damage
538Take more damage from Scorched
539Taking damage may result in gaseous discharge
540Target becomes more susceptible to damage.
541Target becomes more susceptible to damage.
542Target becomes more susceptible to damage.
543Target believes the player has vanished and has a reduced chance to detect you for 30 seconds.
544Target emits a tracking signal for a time.
545Target emits a tracking signal for a time.
546Thirst does not increase
547This effect using a dummy actor value so we can show the cure chance in the item card.
548Turns you mostly invisible.
549Turns you mostly invisible.
550Unarmed Damage +%
551Unarmed Melee Dmg +%
552Used by SURV_PlayerDiseaseScript attached to player to know what type of Disease Hazard the spell is associated with, and to cause player to make choking sournds and IMODs
553User becomes more susceptible to damage.
554VATS Accuracy +10%
555VATS Accuracy +10%
558Weapon damage increased
559XP +5%
560XP +5%
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