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10-26-19 Update to / Fallout 1st

146 Results

1(Charisma) Scratch the wolf behind the earszzz_P01B_Lying_TaxidermyWolf_Message
2(Int 5+) Safely Disarm the BombMTNL01_TrapWarningInt_Msg
3(TEMP) There are two pairs of footprints in the mud, as though the students scrambled up the hill in a hurry.CUT_P01B_Mini_Squatch01_PrintsMessage
5Alkali Catalyst v1.0B-6SFM01_Glow_CatalystMessage
6Alpine River Cabin TerminalLC101TempTerminalMessage
8ATTENTION! Patricipating in "Race for the Presidency" will flag you for Player versus Player combat until the completion of the quest. Do you wish to participate?EN06_PVPWarningActiveMessage
10BOUNTY SYSTEM This system has been calibrated to accept the following item: SCORCHED ASHES Bounty will be dispersed for every five (5) items deposited. Ashes required for next bounty: %.0fMTR06_ScorchedAshDepositMessage
11Change AppearanceCharGenFinalChangesMenu
12Change Name/SPECIAL attributesCharGenFinalChangesMenu
14Close/Lock DoorsLC101TempTerminalMessage
15Cut the Blue Wire.RE_ObjectTS05_Dialogue
16Cut the Green Wire.RE_ObjectTS05_Dialogue
17Cut the Red Wire.RE_ObjectTS05_Dialogue
19Deposit 1 Scorched AshMTR06_ScorchedAshDepositMessage
20Deposit all Scorched Ashes from InventoryMTR06_ScorchedAshDepositMessage
21Depressed RobobrainRE_SceneDRE02RobobrainName
22Disable ActorsGPUBenchMessage
23Disable EverythingGPUBenchMessage
24Disable PlayersGPUBenchMessage
25Disable WorkshopGPUBenchMessage
26Do nothingCUT_P01B_Mini_Squatch01_LockedDiaryMessage
27Do NothingSFM04_Organic_CatalystMessage
28Do NothingSFM04_Organic_ChemicalMessage
29Do NothingSFM01_Glow_ChemicalMessage
30Do NothingSFM01_Glow_CatalystMessage
31Do nothingPowerArmorContainerMessage
32Do you want to change anything?CharGenFinalChangesMenu
33Eastern Regional Penitentiary - Prison YardLC043DoorOverride_Yard
34Enable ActorsGPUBenchMessage
35Enable Everything!GPUBenchMessage
36Enable PlayersGPUBenchMessage
37Enable WorkshopGPUBenchMessage
39ERROR: Other teams of emergency responders are already inside the Vault. No further teams may be admitted at this time. Please stand by in case your assistance is required.VaultSystem_VaultMissionTerminal_MissionStartupFailedMessage
40Fasnacht Ceiling DecorationsE01F_FasnachtCeilingDecorMessage
41Fasnacht Ceiling DecorationsE01F_FasnachtWallDecorMessage
42Fasnacht Floor DecorationsE01F_FasnachtFloorDecorMessage
43Fasnacht Focal Point DecorationsP01B_TestMessage
44Fasnacht Focal Point DecorationsE01F_FasnachtFocalDecorMessage
45Find Loot CacheRelayTowerButtonMessage
47Hang a mischievous pumpkin manE03A_Mischief_GraffitiMessage
48Heavy LoadP01B_Lying_02_Cycle
49High HeatP01B_Lying_02_Temperature
50I don't want to talk about it.GJMessage02
51I need a drink.GJMessageCookeTopicList
52Immunobooster dispenser active. Please insert required sample:EN02_DispenserCollectBoosterMessage
53Insert SampleEN02_DispenserCollectBoosterMessage
54Insert TicketMTR06_UniformDispenserCostMessage
55Install Signal JammerRelayTowerButtonMessage
56Install Signal Jammer?RelayTowerJammerConfirmationMessage
58Join and Immediately Enable PvPEN06_PVPWarningActiveMessage
59Just grab the Trappers' Key Fragment from the corpse and run away before it explodesMTNL01_TrapWarningInt_Msg
60Just underneath the corpse's clothing, you notice crude mechanisms designed to arm a mini nuke, which has been roughly shoved into the the corpse's stomach cavity. It appears that trying to take the Trapper's Key Fragment from the corpse will arm the bomb, which will likely explode after a short timer. What do you wish to do?MTNL01_TrapWarningInt_Msg
62Low HeatP01B_Lying_02_Temperature
64Lure EnemiesLC101TempTerminalMessage
65Mark Me for Participation (PvP)EN06_PVPWarningInactiveMessage
66Medium HeatP01B_Lying_02_Temperature
67Mission Timer PausedVaultSystem_RespiteZoneExitConfirmationMessageBox
68Move Resources to InventoryTempResourceCollectorMessage
69My son is missing.GJMessageCookeTopicList
70My son is missing.GJMessage01
74Option One - MTR01_PrecursorAChoiceMessage
75Option One - MTR01_PrecursorBChoiceMessage
77Paint a tribute to the MothmanE03A_Mischief_GraffitiMessage
80Pick an attributeYoureSpecialMessage
81Place the strange bone in the wolf's mouthzzz_P01B_Lying_TaxidermyWolf_Message
82Play SoundLC101TempTerminalMessage
83Please insert chemical canister for combination.SFM04_Organic_ChemicalMessage
84Please insert chemical canister for combination.SFM01_Glow_ChemicalMessage
85Please place catalyst for combination.SFM04_Organic_CatalystMessage
86Please place catalyst for combination.SFM01_Glow_CatalystMessage
87Power Armor Activation MessagePowerArmorContainerMessage
90Reaper Bot MainframeTestFarmRobot01DestroyMessage
91Replace TurretsTempResourceCollectorMessage
92Resource Collector MenuTempResourceCollectorMessage
93Rinse and SpinP01B_Lying_02_Cycle
94Rotate PicturesLC101TempTerminalMessage
95Send the framerate through the roof!GPUBenchMessage
96Send to CampSQ_AnimalTamingMessage
97Sheets and LinensP01B_Lying_02_Cycle
98Simulate EarthquakeLC101TempTerminalMessage
99Somebody kidnapped him while I was frozen.GJMessage02
100Somebody killed my wife and took him.GJMessage02
101Spray some gory blood splattersE03A_Mischief_GraffitiMessage
103Swap the BatteryPowerArmorContainerMessage
105Tame AnimalSQ_AnimalTamingMessage
109The diary is bound with a heavy-duty lock.CUT_P01B_Mini_Squatch01_LockedDiaryMessage
110The drawers are full of useless knick-knacks. The bottom panel of the middle drawer looks scratched up and flimsy.CUT_P01B_Mini_Squatch01_DrawersMessage
111The notes on this wall appear to have been of some kind of importance.EN01_SpecialCheckInitialMessage
112This Assaultron head appears to be largely intact. You might be able to get it operational again.EN02_Assaultron_SPECIAL_InitialMessage
113This wall looks perfect for defacement.E03A_Mischief_GraffitiMessage
114Unable to start the selected mission.VaultSystem_VaultMissionStartFailedMessage
115Undetonated BombRE_ObjectTS05_Dialogue
116Uniform dispenser active. Please insert Uniform Ticket:MTR06_UniformDispenserCostMessage
117Use the American buntingE01F_FasnachtWallDecorMessage
118Use the balloonsE01F_FasnachtFloorDecorMessage
119Use the confettiE01F_FasnachtFloorDecorMessage
120Use the fir branchesE01F_FasnachtFloorDecorMessage
121Use the fir branchesE01F_FasnachtWallDecorMessage
122Use the fir effigyE01F_FasnachtFocalDecorMessage
123Use the Helvetia bannerE01F_FasnachtWallDecorMessage
124Use the red streamersE01F_FasnachtCeilingDecorMessage
125Use the RelayInstMassFusionRelayMessage
126Use the straw effigyE01F_FasnachtFocalDecorMessage
127Use the twisted effigyE01F_FasnachtFocalDecorMessage
128Use the white streamersE01F_FasnachtCeilingDecorMessage
129Use the wintry streamersE01F_FasnachtCeilingDecorMessage
130Vault ExitVault111_ExitTeleportDoorMSG
132WARNING! Patricipating in "Race for the Presidency" will flag you for Player versus Player combat until the completion of the quest. When the first voting site becomes active, you will immediately be flagged for PvP. Do you wish to participate?EN06_PVPWarningInactiveMessage
133WARNING! Using the map to identify the dig site will remove the map from your inventory. Do you wish to continue?MTRz05_MapWarningMessage
134WARNING! You are under level 10. Picking up the Black Box and starting this activity has flagged you for PVP! Other players can now damage you! Do you wish to continue?MTNZ03_PVPWarning_Msg
135Welcome, Tomahawk Scout, to the exciting world of Orienteering. Earn your Orienteering Activity Badge by testing your navigation skills in a race for the fastest course completion time! Pick up a Control Card here, quickly find all active Control Points in the course and punch your card at each one. Come back each week for a new course, and a chance to earn a new badge! Disclaimer: Tomahawk Scouts of America is not responsible for loss of life and/or limb due to any dangers faced on the trail including, but not limited to: falling rocks, hunting mishap, bear attack, falling from great heights, mudslides, starvation, or hypothermia. In the event of emergency, please refer to your Tomahawk Scout Handbook. Do you wish to claim your Control Card and begin your course run?CUT_MTNS03_Terminal_Stage1_Msg
136What would you like to do?RelayTowerButtonMessage
137What's the news around town?GJMessageCookeTopicList
138Which precursor do you wish to drop: Option One - Option Two - MTR01_PrecursorAChoiceMessage
139Which precursor do you wish to drop? Option One - Option Two - MTR01_PrecursorBChoiceMessage
143Yes - Continue the activity and Flag me for PVP for its durationMTNZ03_PVPWarning_Msg
144Yes - Identify the dig site on your map.MTRz05_MapWarningMessage
145[INT 7+] Reactivate the AssaultronEN02_Assaultron_SPECIAL_InitialMessage
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