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"Taggerdy's Thunder" was a US Army Ranger unit led by Lieutenant Elizabeth Taggerdy. She continued to lead her troops - as a Paladin - after they all joined the Brotherhood of Steel.
A Cargo Drop is incoming! Clear out the Scorched or the drop will be canceled.
A Census Taker robot wants you to "correct" some of his numbers... with murder.
A circle-shaped quest target on your compass points to a defined area. You can see the size of this area on your map, and once you're inside it, the compass will flash.
A Civil War Reenactment is being held at Prickett's Fort, and you're invited to join in the battle!
A crown icon indicates that an enemy is a Boss for this location. Bosses are generally tougher and drop more loot.
A forgotten remnant of an Enclave project, whatever occurred here slipped into obscurity thanks to the Enclave's post-war conflicts.
A group of identical Protectrons named Sunny serve as vendors at Foundation. Each competes with the others to establish itself as the real Sunny.
A hand-held catapult might not sound like an effective infantry weapon, but if that catapult launches miniature nuclear bombs? Now you're talking.
A horrifying result of experiments with the experimental Forced Evolutionary Virus, the Snallygaster has six legs, numerous eyes along its back, and an extended tongue covered in acidic goo.
A Mister Messenger needs your help while he makes a delivery.
A powerful painkiller, Med-X grants a temporary bonus to Damage Resistance.
A powerful steroid, Buffout grants temporary bonuses to Strength, Endurance, and maximum Health.
A Scorchbeast is attacking! Prepare defenses and drive it back to keep the Workshop operational.
A small town near the Vault 76 construction site, Flatwoods was home to a local motel, tavern, and church. Vault-Tec projections for the survivability of the residents of this area were not optimistic.
A terrifyingly simple idea, the Deathclaw Gauntlet is built from the severed arm of its namesake.
A Vertibot is flying over the area. Shoot it down and claim valuable scrap!
A weaponized chainsaw the size of a large knife, the Ripper can tear into opponents, causing devastating melee damage.
According to local folklore - as well as a statue and museum in Point Pleasant, West Virginia - the Mothman is a terrifying half-man, half-moth hybrid. Pray you never encounter it and learn the truth.
Addictol completely cures its user of all addictions.
After the bombs fell, several wealthy tourists on Appalachian ski holidays reverted to their baser instincts. Selfishness turned to violence, and these entitled elitists became vicious Raiders.
After the Great War, Appalachia's emergency personnel mobilized to help their fellow citizens. These Responders became part government, part crisis relief.
Agility is a measure of your overall finesse and reflexes. It determines your Action Points in V.A.T.S. and your ability to sneak.
All public services in the city of Watoga were designed to be completely automated, including a full staff of security robots.
Allegheny Asylum was originally built in the mid-1800s as a treatment facility for the mentally ill.
Already grouped up with your friends? Quickplay PvE will match you all together.
Although relatively untouched by the bombs, the Forest region of Appalachia is still home to the mutated beasts that now roam the countryside. Survivors even reported finding mutated plants with unusual properties...
Always low on ammo? Equip the Scrounger Perk, and you'll have an increased chance to find extra ammunition in containers.
Always running low on Action Points? Equip the Action Boy or Action Girl Perks, and you'll regenerate Action Points faster.
Amid the debris of the crashed space station, the Raiders found sophisticated communications equipment they now use to monitor radio traffic in Appalachia.
An automated military convoy is under attack by sabotaged robots! Fight back the waves of robots to secure the convoy.
An exotic weapon, the Syringer is used to deliver a variety of ingenious and cruel chemicals to an opponent.
Any player can access resource Collectors in a C.A.M.P. or public workshop. To prevent theft, build a lock for the Collector, or move the collected items into your private Stash Box.
As large as it is grotesque, the towering Wendigo Colossus has multiple heads, each of which can attack its prey independently.
As the ranks of the Mothman cult have grown, its members have settled in the scenic town of Point Pleasant, claiming it as their new home.
Automatic weapons fire continuously as their trigger is pulled. They include the Submachine Gun, and versions of the Assault Rifle and Combat Rifle.
Basic cooking recipes will unlock when you first pick up a new type of raw food.
Be careful taking too many chems. Not only do you risk addiction, but many chems increase hunger and thirst.
Beckham the Mister Handy is programmed to retrieve honey. Unfortunately, he's also programmed to be irrationally afraid of bees...
Before the Great War, Appalachian mining companies and other industrial interests pursued automation to a near unprecedented degree, leading to widespread job loss and civil unrest.
Before the Great War, the mountains of Appalachia were home to ski resorts, bed and breakfasts, and cabins available to rent by eager tourists.
Before the war, Mount Blair was a large-scale coal mining site where gigantic digging machines removed entire portions of the mountaintop at once.
Black Powder weapons were considered relics even before the Great War. Extremely slow to reload, they can still be deadly in the hands of an expert.
Built by defense contractor West Tek, the T-45 series of Power Armor was the first to be successfully deployed on the battlefield. Its introduction changed the nature of modern warfare.
Built from the ruins of Allegheny Asylum, Fort Defiance served as headquarters for the newly-established Appalachian branch of the Brotherhood of Steel.
Built in 1858, The Whitespring was famous for its southern style and sulphur springs.
Built to provide power to the Steel Mill, the Grafton Dam is now filled with the polluted waters of the Toxic Valley.
Camp Venture was a survival skills training facility, open to tourists who wanted to learn how to rough it out in the wilderness. Hopefully, those lessons came in handy.
Caps and XP earned in Nuclear Winter are awarded at the end of a match based on your performance!
Charisma is your ability to work with others. It affects which Perks you can share with your team, the rewards from completing Group Quests, and the prices you get when buying from and selling to vendors.
Charleston was the capital of West Virginia and one of the largest cities in the area. Prior to the Great War, it was a hotbed of political dissent and saw countless protests for workers' rights.
Chems provide temporary bonuses and penalties. You can only be under the influence of one Chem at a time, and using them carries the risk of Addiction.
Clothing can be worn over any armor pieces you have equipped. Travel Appalachia in style!
Constructed of thick, hand-welded steel or aluminum, Metal Armor offers additional protection against physical damage.
Containers you build at your C.A.M.P. all share storage. You're limited in how many items you can store, so make use of crafting, scrapping, and trading if you've hit the limit.
Contracted a Mutation but want it gone? You can attempt to cure it by using RadAway.
Corpse Flowers are in bloom! They're valuable for crafting, but their scent attracts all kinds of creatures, most of them hostile...
Cosmetics from the Atomic Shop can be brought into Nuclear Winter! Find the item you want to bring in and select "NW Favorite" and you'll bring them to your next match!
Crafted from actual destroyed robots, the high-tech plating of Robot Armor offers additional protection against energy damage.
Creatures will sometimes band together in a Horde, led by a powerful Alpha creature. Defeat the Alpha to stop the Horde from spawning more creatures.
Curious what dialogue choices your teammate is making? Approach them and select "Listen" to eavesdrop on their conversations.
Defend the Automated Surface-To-Air Missile (ASAM) turret so it can strike at the Scorchbeasts!
Designed to protect soldiers in any situation, Combat Armor gives the wearer equal amounts of resistance to physical and energy damage.
Despite being a land of incredible technological achievement, war and civil strife came to define much of American life by 2077, when things finally erupted into global nuclear Armageddon.
Developed by Garrahan Mining Co., the "Excavator" class of Power Armor never saw full production, despite being heavily advertised in Appalachia as the future of mining.
Developed by the United States military as a combat drug, Psycho grants a temporary bonus to Damage dealt and Damage Resistance.
Diseases spread by being attacked by creatures, eating raw food, swimming in or drinking dirty water, or spending too much time in a hazardous environment.
Don't worry about finding bobby pins. A Nuclear Winter Picklock Perk is all you need!
Durable, easy to carry, and quickly recognizable, the Nuka-Cola bottle cap is one of the most common currencies used by traders in post-war America.
Each Quickplay PvE session features an Event that you and your team are tasked with completing. Work together!
Each Shelter has its own workshop budget. Items you build in one Shelter will not count against your C.A.M.P. budget or your budget in other Shelters.
Easily modified, reliable, and packing decent stopping power, the 10mm Pistol is one of the most trusted sidearms in the Wasteland for a reason.
Eliminate enemy players to score points and bring victory for your side in Team Deathmatch!
Endurance is a measure of your overall physical fitness. It affects your total Health, Action Point drain from sprinting, and chance to get a Disease.
Equip the Bloody Mess Perk, and you'll do more damage in combat, and enemies will sometimes explode into a gory paste when they die.
Equip the Butcher's Bounty Perk for an increased chance to find extra meat when searching animal corpses.
Equip the Field Surgeon Perk, and Stimpaks and RadAway will work much more quickly.
Equip the Iron Fist Perk, and your unarmed attacks do more damage.
Equip the Junk Shield Perk, and the more junk you're carrying, the greater your Damage Resistance bonus.
Equip the Lead Belly Perk to reduce radiation damage from eating and drinking.
Equip the Marathoner Perk, and sprinting will consume less Action Points while you are unarmored.
Equip the Mysterious Savior Perk, and an unknown ally will occasionally appear and revive you when you're downed.
Equip the Mysterious Stranger Perk, and an unknown ally will occasionally appear in V.A.T.S. to lend a hand.
Equip the Rad Sponge perk, and whenever you take radiation damage, you remove radiation damage from your teammates.
Even without additional limb armor, a Power Armor frame still provides tactical advantages, like increased carry weight, greater melee damage and the elimination of falling damage.
Every time you level up, you can increase a SPECIAL attribute and choose a new Perk. This changes past Level 50 to picking either a new Perk or moving a point from one SPECIAL to another.
Every Train Station scattered throughout Appalachia has at least one vendor and a Stash Box.
Expert scavengers, the Raider groups of Appalachia were surprisingly ingenious when it came to salvaging old world technology.
Explosive weapons deal damage in a wide area of effect. They include grenades, mines, the Fat Man, and the Missile Launcher.
Fast travel quickly moves you to a previously discovered location, but at the cost of caps.
Feeling hungry? Equip the Can Do! Perk for an increased chance to find extra canned goods when searching containers.
Feral Ghouls are lurking just outside Vault 76! Drive them back.
Feral Ghouls were once human beings. Their minds are completely gone, destroyed by radiation, leading only to violent, uncontrollable rage.
Few creatures, real or imagined, terrify West Virginians quite like the Wendigo. Possessing alarming speed, razor-sharp claws and an insatiable hunger for raw flesh, it is truly the stuff of nightmares.
Finding an installment of the US Covert Ops Training Manual will temporarily give you a unique bonus, like increased damage resistance while sneaking or increased damage to other players.
Finding an issue of Astonishingly Awesome Tales will temporarily give you a unique bonus, like reduced damage from robots or increased RadAway effectiveness.
Finding an issue of Backwoodsman will temporarily give you a unique bonus, like cheaper weapon crafting or increased healing from cooked food.
Finding an issue of Grognak the Barbarian will temporarily give you a unique bonus, like increased melee damage or reduced weight for all melee weapons.
Finding an issue of Guns and Bullets will temporarily give you a unique bonus, like increased critical damage from ballistic weapons or additional components from scrapping weapons.
Finding an issue of Live and Love will temporarily give you a unique bonus, like increased Health or damage dealt when you're on a team.
Finding an issue of Scout's Life will temporarily give you a unique bonus, like reduced damage from insects or increased carry weight.
Finding an issue of Tales from the West Virginia Hills will temporarily give you a unique bonus, like increased damage to a specific type of creature.
Finding an issue of Tesla Science will temporarily give you a unique bonus, like reduced damage from Plasma weapons or increased Radiation Resistance.
Finding an issue of The Unstoppables will temporarily give you a unique bonus, like the ability to avoid damage from a specific type of weapon.
Finding an issue of Tumblers Today will temporarily give you a unique bonus, like making your Bobby Pins unbreakable or increasing your effective skill when picking locks.
Food in your inventory will spoil slower if you have the Good With Salt Perk equipped.
Forget "stop, drop and roll." Equip the Friendly Fire Perk, and teammates will regenerate Health whenever you hit them with flame attacks (accidentally or not).
Formerly the ATLAS Observatory, Fort Atlas now serves as the headquarters of the new Brotherhood of Steel in Appalachia.
Foundation was constructed on the site of the Spruce Knob campground, affording the Settlers a commanding view of the nearby hills and valleys.
General Atomics International built the Miss Nanny robot as a female counterpart to the Mister Handy. Both are equally adept in their duties and feature the same interchangeable implements.
Get on the bad side of the Raiders at Crater or the Settlers of Foundation? Rumor has it someone at the Wayward might be able to help you out...
Give back! The Overly Generous Perk gives your melee attacks a chance to inflict Radiation Damage. The more Rads you have, the higher the chance.
Go to the main menu and select Help to get detailed explanations on topics such as Crafting, using the C.A.M.P., rules for PvP, and more.
Government facilities dot the landscape of Appalachia's mountains. Trading rumors of the goings on inside those fenced-in walls was a popular pre-war pastime.
Grafton Steel Mill was the center of economic development for the town of Grafton, and its large, industrial machines remain relatively intact.
Grafton's mayor has tasked you with putting down a group of "protestors."
Guide the Blue Ridge Caravan Co. through the Big Bend Tunnel.
Hacking a Nuclear Winter terminal can unlock some great loot and even display the position of enemies on your map!
Hacking a terminal requires you to have a number of Hacker perks equipped equal to the skill level of the terminal.
Half the fun of Nukashine is that you never know what kind of crazy places it will take you.
Harpers Ferry was a small town that depended on tourism. This put them at odds with the growing "Free States" movement, whose conspiracy theories put off patriotic visitors.
Hate to eat alone? Equip the Philanthropist Perk, and whenever you eat or drink, your teammates will also satisfy a small amount of thirst and hunger.
Heavy Guns are generally large, bulky, and exceedingly powerful. They include non-explosive energy and ballistic weapons such as the Flamer, Gatling Laser, and Minigun.
Highly sought after by hunters and assassins throughout the Wasteland, Calmex grants a temporary bonus to Perception, Agility, and Sneak Attack damage.
Hostile creatures are infesting the region! Eliminate the Alpha to stop the Horde from growing.
Hunger and Thirst aren't a factor in Nuclear Winter. Focus on surviving the fight!
If you're worried your Vault Suit doesn't offer enough protection, you can mix and match pieces of all armor types and wear them directly over it.
In 2031, Vault-Tec re-branded Morgantown's local college as Vault-Tec University, and some of their top executives and scientists either taught or graduated from there. Go Fighting Wendigos!
In most cases, quest progress in private interiors is only saved once all the activity in the interior is completed. Make sure to wrap up all your current goals before logging off!
In Nuclear Winter you take less damage from falling from heights and can fall from higher distances.
In pre-war West Virginia, near the town of Flatwoods, many claimed to see a dark, mysterious figure with glowing eyes. Was this Flatwoods Monster some kind of demon? Or something far worse?
In the event of your untimely demise, you can respawn at your C.A.M.P., a fast travel location, or outside the entrance of Vault 76.
In the region survivors dubbed the "Ash Heap," a thick layer of filthy smoke blankets the area, providing cover for friend and foe alike.
Intelligence is a measure of your overall mental acuity. It affects the Condition and Durability of crafted items, the amount of material gained from Scrapping, and the difficulty of Hacking.
Items with a diamond icon next to them are important quest items.
Items with a double-diamond icon next to them are quest items for one of your teammates. Your teammate must pick up this item themselves, so let them know where it is!
Keep forgetting to use your Stimpaks? Equip the Born Survivor Perk, and you'll automatically use a Stimpak when your health drops too low.
Keep prying hands off your stuff! The Locksmith Perk allows you to craft locks for your containers.
Keep your team in the fight! Equip the E.M.T. Perk, and players you revive will also regenerate health for a short period of time.
Known as the "Mire" by the survivors of Appalachia, this swampy region is home to twisting vines, large tree canopies, and tall grass. All easy places for things to hide...
Laser weapons, like the Laser Rifle and Laser Pistol, deal energy damage. They can disintegrate foes, leaving behind piles of ash.
Late in 2060, the U.S. military deployed their unmanned Cargobots all over Appalachia. They proved ideal for providing reconnaissance and delivering supplies in even the most hostile conditions.
Located on the outskirts of Flatwoods, the Wayward is a bar and gathering place serving the people who've returned to Appalachia to seek their fortunes.
Low on caps? Equip the Fortune Finder Perk, and you'll receive a directional audio cue when a Caps Stash is nearby.
Luck is a measure of your general good fortune. It affects the recharge rate of Critical Hits and the Condition and Durability of items you loot.
Lure a Scorchbeast into a trap and finish it off!
Mad Dog Malone is on the loose again! Bring him to justice.
Many of the Raiders who dwell at Crater are opportunistic and power-hungry, just waiting for a chance to improve their standing even if it means eliminating a rival.
Meg leads the Raiders at Crater with a cool head and pragmatic nature, but she won't hesitate to employ violence if she or her people are threatened.
Mirelurks and Feral Ghouls are just as deadly in deep water as they are on dry land. Someone in a full suit of Power Armor... is not.
MODUS has tasked you with helping him create an automated robot patrol force.
MODUS has tasked you with luring "pests" into the range of an orbital strike.
Most of Appalachia considered the Free States movement to be nothing but political agitators and traitors. After the war, many of these same people would turn to the Free States for help.
Mutant Hounds are typically raised and trained by Super Mutants, who use them as vicious guard and attack dogs.
Mutated plants known as "Strangler" vines infest the Mire. They seem to attach to living things, notably the large trees in the area.
Natural water sources are irradiated and carry disease. Drink directly from rivers and streams at your peril. When in doubt, boil it out!
Need access to certain items but your C.A.M.P. is too far away? You can actually access your Stash at any train station or Red Rocket in Appalachia.
Need more from your Stimpaks? Equip the First Aid Perk, and they'll heal more damage.
Nestled in the mountains is a spiritual retreat center known as the Palace of the Winding Path. Its unique architecture stands in stark contrast to the rest of Appalachia.
No time to cook? Equip the Iron Stomach Perk, and you'll be less likely to catch a disease from eating raw food.
Non-automatic weapons fire one shot with each pull of their trigger. They include the semi-automatic and bolt-action versions of the Assault Rifle, Combat Rifle, and Hunting Rifle.
Not all C.A.M.P. items are buildable in Shelters. Some categories and individual items are currently unavailable.
Nuclear Winter uses its own exclusive Perk Cards, including many you cannot find anywhere else!
Objectives and quest targets with a star icon next to them are being shared by your team leader. You are helping them complete this objective and will receive bonus rewards when they do.
On October 23rd, 2077, in what came to be known as the "Great War," the world was engulfed in nuclear fire. In the United States, a fortunate minority escaped to the safety of great underground Vaults.
Ore, such as Iron Ore and Gold Ore, can be smelted down at a Chemistry Station in order to turn them into crafting components.
Outclassed only by Power Armor, every piece of Marine Combat Armor provides exceptional protection in nearly every battlefield scenario.
Outside of specific PvP events, players do reduced damage to other players until both sides have attacked each other.
Over-encumbered? Scrap all your Junk items at a crafting workbench. You'll still have the same crafting components the Junk items would have given you, at a significantly lower weight.
Paladin Taggerdy was known for only recruiting from those who had military experience and found it difficult to coordinate with the other, more "civilian" factions in Appalachia.
Paranoid that the government was lying to its people about the Vault program, the Free States movement built their own concrete bunkers to survive in case of nuclear devastation.
Perception is your sense of environmental awareness. It affects your hit chance in V.A.T.S. and the distance that hostiles will show up on your compass.
Pharmabot JD7E has been tasked with using an experimental chemical to improve crop yields. Defend him as he goes about his duties.
Picking a lock requires you to have a number of Picklock perks equipped equal to the skill level of the lock.
Pictures you take in Photomode will sometimes appear as personalized loading screens. Memories!
Pipe weapons, such as the Pipe Revolver and Pipe Rifle, are crude, low-tech and highly modifiable.
Pistols are typically smaller than rifles and fire faster, but generally do less damage. They include the 10mm, Pipe Pistol, and Black Powder Pistol.
Plasma weapons, like the Plasma Rifle and Plasma Pistol, deal energy damage. They can melt enemies, leaving behind a pile of "goo."
Popular with students and scientists alike, Mentats grant a temporary bonus to Perception and Intelligence.
Quest progress inside a private interior is personalized. You won't be able to progress your own quest inside your team leader's space.
Quickplay PvE matches you with other players, ready to face the challenges of Appalachia as a team.
Radstags have a natural fear of predators and are likely to run as soon as they see you. If cornered, they can employ their sharp hooves to surprisingly deadly effect.
Radtoads use their elongated tongues to ambush prey at a distance. If attacked, they unleash clouds of poison gas and send out swarms of their own offspring to harass opponents.
Raw meat and plant ingredients may satisfy hunger, but cooking them will increase their effectiveness and removes the risk of disease.
Razor-sharp claws, towering size, and surprising speed have made the Deathclaw one of the most feared predators of the Wasteland.
Realizing their robots' enormous military potential, General Atomics International developed the Mister Gutsy as a powerful wartime equivalent to the Mister Handy.
Recipes and Plans are consumed when you activate them in your Pip-Boy, and teach you how to craft different kinds of items.
Relying on Chems to survive in highly irradiated areas can be dangerous... and expensive. Choose the right Perks and gear to help manage your Rads.
Repair all the systems in the power plant to get it back online.
Repeated unprovoked attacks against other players can cause you to become Wanted, allowing anyone to freely attack you.
Rifles are generally long, of average size, and require two hands to fire. They include the Assault Rifle, Combat Rifle, Hunting Rifle, Laser Rifle, and Submachine Gun.
RobCo, a leading corporation in the design and manufacture of robots (as well as the Pip-Boy), maintained contracts with several other corporations and governments... many of which involved unorthodox experiments.
Rover the robot needs to repair the communications uplink. Protect him until his work is complete.
Scavenged and restored by Appalachia's vicious and anarchistic gangs, Raider Power Armor features crude plating, rusty spikes, and significant battlefield protection.
Security bots are safeguarding something in this area. Engage them and find out what it is!
Seeking a foothold in Appalachia, the savage Blood Eagles have established a stronghold at the old Rollins Work Camp.
Shotguns, like the pump-action and double-barreled, do more damage the closer you are to the target.
Shutting down the Flood Control Pumps will significantly delay the Emergency Flooding Procedure.
Sleeping in a bed will give you a "Rested" bonus that boosts your earned XP for a limited time.
Smoke and cinders constantly bellow up from the mines in the Ash Heap. Survivors believed this was caused by fires in the tunnels below, raging unceasingly for some unknown reason.
Sold as "happiness in a bottle," Daytripper grants a temporary bonus to Charisma and Luck, but also a temporary penalty to Strength.
Some interiors in the game are private, meaning only you and your teammates can enter. When you approach a private interior, you'll be given the option to enter your own or your team leader's.
Some workshop rules have been relaxed in Shelters. Items won't require support, and can be placed floating!
Sometimes a craftable version of an item will be unlocked by scrapping it, consuming it, or when you pick it up for the first time.
Spending time in the storm can be a new and exciting experience that is also extremely detrimental to your health!
Splitting up can be an effective way to search multiple areas quickly. Just make sure each group brings enough firepower.
Steelheart is once again ready to protect Morgantown. Escort him on his patrol.
Stimpaks in Nuclear Winter stop healing when you take damage. Find a safe place before using them!
Stingwings use their impressive speed and poisoned stingers to wear down their opponents, but a well-placed hit or two can easily shatter their frail bodies.
Strangler Hearts are most vulnerable when their deadly blooms open to attack.
Strength is a measure of your raw physical power. It affects how much you can carry, and determines the damage of all melee attacks.
Survival and security became paramount after the devastation of the Great War, and the Responders desperately tried to help as many of their neighbors as they could.
Taking a Mutation Serum will instantly grant you that Mutation. Serums also suppress the negative effects of that Mutation for a limited period of time.
Team Deathmatch is timed. The highest scoring team within the time limit, or the first team to score 50 points, wins.
Teammates helping you on a quest can fight enemies and locate quest items, but they cannot pick up your quest items or activate terminal entries meant for your quest.
Thanks to their anarchic nature, would-be leaders among the Blood Eagles tend to have very limited lifespans.
The "Block For This Session" option will mute the selected Player, block all invites, and hide your location on their map until you log off.
The Alien Blaster is a powerful energy beam weapon that can completely disintegrate enemies.
The Animal Friend Perk allows you to aim your gun at animals and attempt to pacify them.
The Archer Perk increases the damage you deal with bows and crossbows. This stacks with Expert Archer and Master Archer. Equip all three for maximum damage!
The arenas for Team Deathmatch are randomly picked from one of the many locations within Appalachia.
The artillery at Fort Defiance is operational and ready to deal a blow to the Scorched. All it needs is a target.
The Battle of Anchorage saw the first deployment of the advanced T-51 series of Power Armor. With advanced servos and composite armor plating, it was a vast improvement over earlier models.
The bleach dogwoods need fertilizer to prevent them from dying off.
The Blood Eagles revel in violence and bloodshed, and generally attack on sight, with little regard for their own safety.
The Chemistry Station allows you to craft useful chems and medicines.
The church bells are causing the Mole Rats in the area to go on a digging frenzy!
The colorful red florae of the Cranberry Bog were originally West Virginia's naturally occurring cranberry, pitcher, and sundew plants.
The Commando Perk increases the damage you deal with automatic weapons. This stacks with Expert Commando and Master Commando, so you can equip all three for maximum damage.
The Cooking Station allows you to craft food and beverages that are free of disease and more effective at quenching Hunger and Thirst.
The crossbow can hold up to 3 bolts at once!
The Cult of the Mothman is made up of fanatics who seek the blessings of the enigmatic creature known as the Mothman, which they believe is a divine being.
The Data section of your Pip-Boy lists the quests you are on. From there, you can turn quest targets for individual quests on or off.
The Dyer Chemical plant originally produced animal feed and other phosphates used for nearby farms.
The enigmatic and deadly mutant creatures known as Floaters store noxious gases in their floatation bladders, which allow them to move through the air in search of prey.
The enormous Mega Sloth is peaceful by nature, but highly protective of its territory. It's also not nearly as slow as one might expect.
The Exotic Weapon Perk allows for the creation of more esoteric implements of death, like crossbows, black powder guns, the Syringer, and more.
The experimental chem X-Cell grants a temporary bonus to every SPECIAL attribute.
The Farmhand Supervisor bots are targeting civilians! Deal with them and reprogram the Mister Farmhands.
The first Super Mutants in Appalachia were created right before the Great War, when West Tek poisoned the drinking water of Huntersville with the FEV Virus, in a sinister, secret experiment gone horribly wrong.
The Flamer deals sustained energy damage in a wide area directly in front of it.
The floors in your Shelter act as foundations. You can build directly on them without building foundations of your own.
The Free States were a group of Appalachian anarchists who seceded from the United States shortly before the bombs fell.
The Gamma Gun deals Radiation damage, and as such is mainly effective against human opponents.
The Garrahans and Hornwrights were the two major families in charge of Appalachia's mining industry. They owned lavish estates in the mountains overlooking their precious mines.
The Hacker Perk allows you to hack level 1 terminals. This stacks with Expert Hacker and Master Hacker, allowing you to hack level 3 terminals if you have all three equipped.
The Hard Bargain Perk gives you better prices when buying and selling from vendors.
The Heavy Gunner Perk increases the damage you deal with non-explosive heavy guns. This stacks with Expert Heavy Gunner and Master Heavy Gunner, so equip all three for maximum damage!
The Home Defense Perk allows you to craft standard traps and turrets.
The Honey Beast is a horribly mutated honey bee that can attack by releasing dangerous insect swarms. Fortunately, it is particularly vulnerable to both heat and cold attacks., Incendar, Incendar Gaming, Incendium, Incendius, Incendara, Incendario, MINcendar
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