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10-26-19 Update to / Fallout 1st

79 Results

1Ah well, you're there now. Either kill it or don't. I don't care as long as I don't need to find a new assistant.MTNM01_Mayhem_EBSTopic_Deathclaw02
2Ah! Oh good, it's just you. What do you want?Dialogue_RDR_Rose
3Ah, a girl can dream, can't she?Dialogue_RDR_Rose
4Anyway, sometimes you gotta do what you've gotta do to survive out there. Cannibalism, or whatever. Good job, I guess.MTNM01_Mayhem_EBSTopic_CannibalOptional
5Do get on with it please, I'd like to die sometime today.RE_SceneDRE02_CUT
6Don't linger, Leslie. It's not polite.SFS02_Play_SophieOnQuest
7Eh, who cares. Sometimes the stupider it is, the more fun it is!Dialogue_RDR_Rose
8Eh, you don't know it now, but I'll make a Raider of you yet. You'll see.Dialogue_RDR_Rose
9Everything must be pristine when the guests arrive. Do not let me down!MTNM04_PA_RobotDeadScene001B
10Good help is so hard to find!MTNM04_PA_RobotDeadScene001B
11Guess all that's left is to build a Raider army and bliss myself out on some good chems. What a time to be alive!Dialogue_RDR_Rose
12Hah, who am I kidding, you're probably going to die way before I will, but don't let that get you down.Dialogue_RDR_Rose
13Hey, c'mon, we're not going to learn anything if you don't get out there and make like a Raider.Dialogue_RDR_Rose
14Hey, come see me at the Top of the World when you get a chance, I've got something for you. And, I pinky-swear I won't kill you.MTNS01_Intro_RoseTopic_RadioBoosted
15Hey, good on you for killing one of the nastiest creatures out there! I mean, you're fucking nuts for even trying it, but I like that about you!MTNM01_Mayhem_EBSTopic_KilledDeathclawNormal
16Hey, I don't know you and I don't trust you yet. You're not getting up here until you help me get my radio signal boosted.Dialogue_RDR_Rose_Button3FailTopic
17Hey, uh... just a reminder. If you ever find anything really cool in that cache, remember who didn't kill you and/or actually screw you over.Dialogue_RDR_Rose
18Hmm... now what should I do? Lure unsuspecting survivors to their deaths, or recruit new Raiders? Decisions, decisions...Dialogue_RDR_Rose
19How's anyone going to fear the Raiders if there aren't any Raiders left? Figures, if anyone was going to get anything done around here, it'd be me.Dialogue_RDR_Rose
20I can't just let some chump up here unless I trust them. Do what I asked: fix my signal with that radio repeater, then we'll see.Dialogue_RDR_Rose_Button3FailTopic
21I can't think of anything to make you do for me right now, so how about you get out of here until I need you?Dialogue_RDR_Rose
22I could kill for some Psycho... Hey... you. Got any Psycho?Dialogue_RDR_Rose
23I could kiss you, but I'm programmed to eviscerate anyone who isn't authorized to kiss me.Dialogue_RDR_Rose
24I do hope none of the guests show up early and see us in such disarray!MTNM04_PA_RobotDeadScene001B
25I don't know what you think's going to happen if you keep bugging me instead of getting to work, but I don't think you'd like it.Dialogue_RDR_Rose
26I don't know you and I don't trust you. I have been asking for someone to help boost my radio signal, though. Maybe do that.Dialogue_RDR_Rose_Button3FailTopic
27I don't want to hear about how crazy and dangerous they sound, just get out there and try them out before I die of boredom.Dialogue_RDR_Rose
28I feel like we're always setting up for events last minute these days. If only I had more competent staff.MTNM04_PA_RobotDeadScene001B
29I guess it's kind of funny they thought they'd actually be able to return to normal life after the world went and got destroyed.Dialogue_RDR_Rose
30I know it's a wasteland out there, but the parts of me that are still Miss Nanny really want to give you a bath, and I am not comfortable with that.Dialogue_RDR_Rose
31I wonder if we don't have enough Halloween decorations?MTNM04_PA_RobotDeadScene001B
32I wonder if we overdid it with the Halloween decorations.MTNM04_PA_RobotDeadScene001B
33I wonder which Raider gang you would have fit into? Probably your own weird gang, huh?Dialogue_RDR_Rose
34I'd give you a cookie, if they existed anymore. Instead, I've just got something else for you to do when you're done killing that thing.MTNM01_Mayhem_EBSTopic_ChemdartDifficult
35I'll take the rest from there. We'll be in business: Rose and... whatever your name is!MTNS01_Intro_RoseTopic_RadioBoosted
36I'm glad I let you live, but I also like my personal space, so maybe don't hang around when I don't need you here.Dialogue_RDR_Rose
37I'm glad to have the help, but I hope I haven't made a big mistake in hiring you.MTNM04_PA_RobotDeadScene001B
38I'm just... thinking of what we're going to do with all that treasure! I mean, gosh, there's going to be so much of it!Dialogue_RDR_Rose
39I'm the best teacher.Dialogue_RDR_Rose
40I'm... uh... asking for a friend.Dialogue_RDR_Rose
41If we can't pull this off, upper management will have my head!MTNM04_PA_RobotDeadScene001B
42It's fun watching you work out there. Makes me yearn for the days I was out there maiming unsuspecting survivors and blowing shit up. Ah, good times!Dialogue_RDR_Rose
43Look, I like you and all, but you're kind of cramping my style right now.Dialogue_RDR_Rose
44Many of you have arrived at the vault with intriguing new mutations.Babylon_Greeting_Entry
45Maybe next time you'll grow a spine and face something actually challenging. Ah well, kill it and let's move on. The less said, the better.MTNM01_Mayhem_EBSTopic_ChemdartEasy
46Maybe once someone does something about those damn flying beasts out there, people will return and then I can kill 'em and take their stuff.Dialogue_RDR_Rose
47Nah, who am I kidding. It was worth a shot.Dialogue_RDR_Rose
48No way. Fix my radio signal, then I'll let you come up.Dialogue_RDR_Rose_Button3FailTopic
49Not asking for any reason in particular.Dialogue_RDR_Rose
50Now put that thing out of its misery so we can get to the next task. Oh yeah, I've got another task for you after this.MTNM01_Mayhem_EBSTopic_ChemdartYaoGuai
51Oh, hey! I had something to say to you... Now what was it...? Ah! Right!MTNM01_Mayhem_PlayerTopic_DeathclawFriend
52Oh... you're still here? Don't you have something to go out and do for me?Dialogue_RDR_Rose
53Our guests are such picky eaters. I hope the menu suits them.MTNM04_PA_RobotDeadScene001B
54Remember to keep out the riffraff. We can't have anyone showing up uninvited and ruining the evening for our guests!MTNM04_PA_RobotDeadScene001B
55So, if they turn on you, I say go for it and see what you get out of 'em.MTNM01_Mayhem_EBSTopic_ChemdartPlayer
56Sorry, are you standing around wasting time because you can't figure out how to get back down there? Do you need a little push?Dialogue_RDR_Rose
57Starting SceneTestSmokeQuest00
58Sure would be nice if someone's lazy ass got to work on finding those key fragments already.Dialogue_RDR_Rose
59Sure, keep pressing that button. It ain't gonna do you any good until I unlock it from my side. And, I'm not going to do that until you fix my radio.Dialogue_RDR_Rose_Button3FailTopic
60The sooner you finish up and get back here, the quicker we'll both profit. So, get to it, will you?Dialogue_RDR_Rose
61There's a lot of work to do, and not much time to do it in!MTNM04_PA_RobotDeadScene001B
62There. I've contacted the platform for you. Simply visit the pre-selected triangulation sites I've marked on your Pip-Boy and the drop will be authorized.ENz01_TargetAvailable
63Think about that if you ever decide to cross me.Dialogue_RDR_Rose
64Those key fragments aren't going to find themselves you know.Dialogue_RDR_Rose
65Too bad we can't get to any of it until you get out of here and find those keys!Dialogue_RDR_Rose
66Until you help me with my radio problem, that button's not going to do anything for you.Dialogue_RDR_Rose_Button3FailTopic
67Well now, look who it is! My favorite person, in this particular place, at this particular moment!Dialogue_RDR_Rose
68Well... ok then... you outright killed a Deathclaw. Didn't even ask you to. Just killed it. That's crazy, even for me! I like you! Uh... good job?MTNM01_Mayhem_EBSTopic_KilledDeathclawPreemptive
69What are you doing hanging around here? Creep.Dialogue_RDR_Rose
70What are you selling?QAVendorQuest
71What was that? Oh, phew... I thought I saw some big ugly creeper in the corner of my eyes. Turns out it was just you.Dialogue_RDR_Rose
72When the crazy, chem-addled, murderous robot asks you to do something for her, and offers rewards, you should probably go do it. For reasons.Dialogue_RDR_Rose
73When this gala is over, I'm going to have words with my wait staff! Harsh words!MTNM04_PA_RobotDeadScene001B
74You know, having someone hang over your shoulder while you work is super obnoxious. By the way, that someone is you right now.Dialogue_RDR_Rose
75You know, I'm not here to hold your hand. You're a big boy. You can do this yourself.Dialogue_RDR_Rose
76You know, I'm not here to hold your hand. You're a big girl. You can do this yourself.Dialogue_RDR_Rose
77You're clearly not getting it. Let's just move on.MTNM01_Mayhem_EBSTopic_ChemdartRobot
78You're just going to sit there a while and crowd my space, aren't you?Dialogue_RDR_Rose
79You're persistent, I'll give you that. But, I still won't let you in until you help me boost my signal.Dialogue_RDR_Rose_Button3FailTopic, Incendar, Incendar Gaming, Incendar Coding, Incendium, Incendius, Incendara, Incendario, Mincendar © Incendar 2004-2019 RSS Feed
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