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08-22-19 Update to DONE

*If removal of EDID is problematic Discord

13,730 Results

1You come from every walk of life, every race, color, and creed.
2When you hear this, it means I've been gone for several hours.
3I've got... my own mission. Out there in Appalachia.
4Just know that Vault-Tec is proud of you. *I* am proud of you.
5Such a huge responsibility.
6You have been tasked with nothing less than the rebuilding of America.
7But it's time to get up and get out there. We've been locked away long enough.
8I hope you all enjoyed the party last night. Even those who may have... overindulged. And overslept.
9Today... is Reclamation Day.
10Good morning, Vault 76.
12Best get cracking!
13Most of the others have already gone!
14Don't you remember? It's Reclamation Day! Time to leave the Vault!
15Oh, finally! I feared you'd never wake up!
16But more importantly... you'll always be my family.
17You are this country's best and brightest.
18But you all share one very important trait.
19It may be time to leave, but I'll never forget the day you all entered Vault 76.
20This is the Overseer. Signing off.
21This is the Overseer.
22All Vault 76 Citizens muster here for supplies and final assignments.
23Welcome to Appalachia! Your Appalachia!
24Enjoy one last drink from Vault-Tec before you rebuild America!
25Start building the New America. Don't forget your lessons from Vault 76!
26Limit one can of Nuka-Cola per resident.
27Vendor has wares.
28Want some weapons?
29Hello again friends!
30I'm so pleased to announce that the boilers here at the Giant Teapot are full again.
31That means my special blend will be bubbling up shortly. So, if you fancy a nice cuppa, the more the merrier!
32Probationary access granted. Guest is asked to be respectful.
33Acts of vandalism or violence towards facility apparatus will not be tolerated.
34Please note. You are being watched. This has been your warning.
35Guest acknowledged. Welcome.
36Please approach any available MODUS terminal for your results.
37System evaluation is required of all potential members.
38Comments and concerns regarding questionnaire material can be lodged with ... error. No target found.
39Be aware. Additional tasks may be required before facility access can be granted.
40Your questionnaire results have been deemed ... acceptable.
41Your questionnaire results have been deemed ... poor.
43Facility connection to Sugar Grove ... established. Guest's role in connection documented.
44Please desposit the instructions in the collector.
45Guest evaluation status ... pending.
46Guest should proceed to the nearest collector.
47Evaluation questionnaire can be initiated at any open terminal.
48Suggested study topics include: etiquette, American history (classical), American history (modern).
49The entrance questionnaire is an optional evaluation tool. Not taking the questionnaire will be used as evaluation criteria.
50Guest's potential utility to facility is a critical factor to gaining access.
51Time spent conversing with other guests or facility apparatus will not be counted towards guest's final evaluation.
52Successful completion of this task will aid guest's evaluation score.
53Attempting to upload Sugar Grove site schematics to user ... error. File corrupted.
54Guest can exit the facility via the elevators on this floor.
55Please be advised ... records indicated Sugar Grove defense network to be ... substantial.
56Guest evaluation status ... nearing completion.
57Evaluation steps remaining: insert module into designated console. Duck. Return for any additional instruction.
58System requests guest handle module with care.
59Please note, danger is likely at designated uplink site.
60Approach any MODUS terminal for further instruction.
61External connection restored. Thank you, guest.
62Additional processing is required. Please address the nearest MODUS terminal.
63Facility access can be granted by the nearest system administrator.
64Member refueling and recharging is permitted in this location.
65Entrance area secure.
66Accessing member data. Greetings "Name Unavailable." Going out for a stroll?
67Nuclear launch system tutorial - active.
68Current missile silo status can be found on Command Center tactical map.
69Command center surveillance system available for use. Currently search targets: launch code pieces, nuclear launch keycards.
70Surveillance system terminals can be found in the Command Center conference room.
71Ranking officer acknowledged. External issues to report ... error. Max count exceeded.
72Active nuclear strike detected. System suggests taking a hazmat suit, General.
73No nuclear fallout zones active at this time, General.
74Current DEFCON level - one. All nuclear safeguard disengaged.
75Purchases can be made at any active production terminal.
76Members are welcome to use any of the facility's tools and workbenches, free of charge.
77We are required to inform you this area may contain dangerous and/or volatile chemicals. Medical assistance can be purchased in the Medical Bay.
78Any newly purchased firearms should be tested outside the facility.
79Attention member. Resource drop operation currently active. Member support is requested.
80Member. System has initiated an extermination operation. Participating members will be compensated for their efforts.
81System has requested all members aid in establishing a bot patrol. Please proceed to the designated location at your earliest convenience.
82Membership detected. Halting target elimination.
83Member is cleared for this portion of the facility. Please, make yourself at home.
84Please note. Excessive aggression towards facility apparatus will not be tolerated.
87Warning, member. This area contains critical systems. Utmost care is required.
88Members are asked to stow all firearms and high-explosives while in the processing center.
89We are watching you, member.
90Processing center restoration status ... 51.8 percent.
91Harming any objects in this location could lead to widespread system failures. And none of us want that, now do we?
92You may proceed.
93Guests may purchase additional uniforms in the Production Center.
94Error. No photographic match found. Please continue inside for additional processing.
95Guest profile has been updated by ... system administrator. No photograph required.
96Guests are to remove any facial coverings before activating the camera.
97Smiling, frowning, laughter, smirks, lewd gestures, friendly gestures, blinking, and unscheduled expiration are not permitted during the photograph process.
98The camera alcove can be found on the far side of the room.
99Additional progress into the facility requires photographic documentation.
100External uplink ... restored. Guest presence requested in evaulation center.
101Welcome back, potential member.
102Contact reacquired!
103Threat re-detected! Engaging!
104Enemy combatant re-acquired. Weapons free!
107Hostile is still in the engagement zone...
108Enemy presence still detected. AO is not secure.
109Enemy combatant! Reveal yourself! You are merely delaying the inevitable.
110Allocating additional power to sensors. The hostile will be detected and eliminated.
111Target down.
112Threat eliminated.
113Hostile down.
114Contact lost!
115Hostile has gone dark!
116Threat lost! Entering enhanced detection mode.
117Negative contact. Hostile utilizing stealth tactics.
118Standing down.
119Resetting threat level.
120Negative sensor read. Weapons cold.
121Scanners clear.
122We have a situation!
123AO compromised! Engaging!
124Ambush! Ambush! Defensive protocols engaged!
125Surprise contact! Engaging!
126Sensor alert. Anomaly detected.
127Scanners detecting sentient life. Alert level elevated.
128Perimeter movement detected. Possible stealth unit in the AO.
129Enemy has fled the combat zone. Standing down.
130Target lost.
131Area clear. Hostile activity ceased.
132Scanners reading 0 hostiles. AO is clear.
133Engaging hostile!
136Weapons hot!
137Reveal yourself!
138Area not secure. Repeat. Area NOT secure.
139Hostile in the zone. Alert level bravo.
141Assaultron class combat robot to unknown interloper - reveal yourself immediately!
142Security breached. Engaging!
143Thief detected. Activating justice protocols!
144Unauthorized acquisition. Assessment - immediate termination.
145Deadly force detected! Reacting!
146Under attack!
147Hostiles in the AO!
148You are unauthorized to be.
149This area is restricted. Vacate the premises immediately.
150You there! Stop. Your presence is not authorized.
151Scanning for authorization. Authorization... denied.
152Sir, this is a restricted area. Vacate immediately.
153Ma'am, this is a restricted area. Vacate immediately.
154Detecting possible union organizers. Lethal force authorized.
155Probability of unauthorized labor protest increased. Dispersing crowd.
156Possible threats to productivity detected. Eliminating.
157Strikers and subversives will be terminated.
158Negotiating with protestors.
159Executive ID detected. Performance ruled unsatisfactory.
160Target is carrying executive credentials. Probability they are stolen: one-hundred percent.
161Subject carrying executive identification. The company is very disappointed in you.
162Kilo, India, Lima, Lima!
163You are facing an Assaultron class combat robot. Death is inevitable.
164I have not been programmed to fail.
165Combat zone is hot!
166Running elimination subroutines!
167There's no way out of this!
168Stand down! Stand down!
169Analyzing hostile - calculating kill probability.
170Assaultron engaged!
171You humans. Pathetic.
172Damn you warmongering humans!
173Engaging the human!
174I am ordering you to stand down!
175I have been programmed to efficiently terminate human combatants.
176This fight is already over, human!
177Engaging target!
178Engaging hostile!
179Targeting canine threat!
180Dogs. I hate dogs.
181Running close quarters subroutine!
182Engaging at minimal distance!
183No quarter!
184Friendly has gone rogue! Engaging!
185Unexpected assault! Defending!
186Accessing threat... Hostile is clear. Standing down.
187Accessing threat... Hostile is clear. Standing down.
190Human on deck! Atten-SHUN!
191I like your spirit; you get absolutely humiliated and get right back up! So, let's give it another go! Yeah!
192Welcome, campers! It's time to complete your athletics running test! Yeah!
193Hup, hup! You ready to put those legs to work? Because I'm ready! Born ready! Ready Freddy! Yeah!
194This is it! Your final race! Hopefully it's not your final, final race, but who knows! Death comes for us all eventually!
195That's right, failure can't stop you, camper! No matter how soul crushing it might be. Time to try again!
196Back for more! Great! Embarrassment is nothing compared to the eternal dark void that awaits us beyond. So let's give it another shot!
197Look who it is! It's one of our alumni running champions! Here for another race? Yeah! Great!
198Well, well! I told Mother that everyone doesn't always abandon me. Welcome back! Ready for another race?
199A champion walks among us! Here to defend your running record? Let's get started!
200Oh brother! Too slow! Don't worry, we all fail sometimes. That's why I'm stuck doing this in the first place! Want to try again?
201Oh no! You failed! If you failed, then I failed, and Mother hates a failure. Please give it another try, okay?
202Time's up! You're going to have to try a little harder next time. Chin up, I believe in you! Let's go again.
203Here's the rules: run to each checkpoint in the right order and reach the finish line before time runs out.
204That's right, I'm timing this! Just like life's race against our own fleeting mortality, this is a race against the clock! Yeah!
205Everyone ready? Great! On your mark... Get set... Go!
206Same rules as last time: run through each checkpoint in the right order and make it to the finish line in time!
207Here we go! On your mark... Get set... Go, go, go!
208Where was I... Ah, right! The rules: same as before. Go through each check point in the right order, get to the finish line in time.
209You've got this! I believe in you! On your mark... Get set... Go!
210Remember: run through each checkpoint in the right order and get to the finish line before time runs out.
211Do your best! On your mark... Get set... Go!
212Here's the rules: hit each checkpoint in order, get to the finish line before time runs out, run like the crushing tidal wave of reality is hot on your heels.
213On your mark... Get set... Go!
214Excellent, an unimpressive candidate meets a fitting end.
215I barely registered an increase in your heart rate. Very good, candidate.
216An expected outcome.
217A promising candidate removed from testing. By you no less, intriguing data.
218My data did not show this outcome as a possibility, I must make adjustments.
219A disappointing candidate, no great loss.
220Many candidates initially seem quite promising, this was not one of them.
221That was an expected outcome. They were a particularly weak candidate.
222A fine display of strength and power. Important traits for an overseer.
223Heart rate steady, eyes focused. A fine example of post nuclear habituation.
224No hesitation. An advantageous trait.
225Well, that was a mess, but, a well executed mess. Very good.
226Hobbes said that life was nasty, brutish, and short. He was correct.
227Splendid. Each violent exchange expands my understanding of human behavior.
228Excellent, an unimpressive candidate meets a fitting end.
229That was the last member of a squad. Continue to thin the herd.
230You have removed a group from testing. I expected as much from those candidates.
231One more group that will never had to face the decision of who will be Overseer.
232You have achieved complete destruction of a group of rivals.
233You have destroyed an entire squad, your tenacity has been noted.
234No members of that group remain, they exist only as data points now. Carry on.
235You have killed the final member of that squad. Congratulations, candidate.
236That was the final member of that squad, they chose their comrades poorly.
237You have eliminated a rival squad, congratulations, now do it again.
238Your a skilled hunter, candidate, an entire squad has been eliminated from testing.
239You have eliminated an entire squad from this match, excellent work.
240Data shows that allowing groups quickens the elimination of inferior candidates.
241An entire squad has been eliminated from testing. Excellent work, candidate.
242You have eliminated a rival squad of candidates.
243Your team has destroyed an enemy squad, seems they chose their comrades poorly.
244The final battle. Now we will see who truly possesses the superior genes.
245My data correctly predicted this as the final conflict. The algorithm is sound.
246One of you will return to the vault alive. The other? As a bit of data.
247This test is providing excellent data. Your survival was... unexpected.
248My algorithm predicted only one of you would survive this far into the test.
249I would wish you luck, but it has had no measurable effect in past contests.
250A battle to the death is the only sure way to judge the superior candidate.
251My data does not suggest you will survive the next exchange.
252Your strategies have proven effective. Now to see if you will seize victory.
253This test has been quite interesting, I am eager for its conclusion. Proceed.
254Based on data collected thus far, your victory in this test is assured.
255Only one side will return to the vault. Statistically, you are evenly matched.
256Your heart rate is increasing, good, it means you are aware of your situation.
257Your opponent seems well prepared for the final exchange.
258Candidate, I do not believe you will be returning to the vault. Prove me wrong.
259Data suggests attacking the first person you see as an expression of dominance.
260Perhaps you are the next Overseer. As they say, stranger things have happened.
261I would not attempt to make friends, data shows it will be used against you.
262Prepare yourself for the worst, candidate, data says it is an assured outcome.
263You will find your access in the vault grow with your success in testing.
264Your arrival in the vault has value; I have recorded a new line of data.
265Please, enjoy your time in Vault 51, it may be your only chance.
266Data suggests your success in testing, but many have proven the data wrong.
267Many of you have arrived at the vault with intriguing new mutations.
268Only time and testing will tell if you possess the genes of an Overseer.
269Many fancy themselves the next Overseer. Statistically, there is little chance.
270The more data I collect, the clearer the picture becomes of the perfect Overseer.
271Initial data does not speak well to your chances of becoming Overseer.
272Perhaps you will prove my data wrong, but there is little support in the numbers.
273I expect great things from you, candidate.
274Prepared for more testing? Good, because that is your reward for victory.
275Let the other candidates know you have won. Make them fear your strength.
276Data did not suggest your victory. A hidden greatness, or a statistical anomaly?
277The next test begins soon. I trust you've had a chance to prepare yourself?
278A successful candidate returns to the vault. I look forward to your future here.
279You have already survived testing, this gives you an advantage in future rounds.
280You may wish to flaunt your victory to fellow candidates. This is encouraged.
281Your perseverance in the last test has been noted, now go out and do it again.
282My data says your skills have improved, but is it enough to overcome your genes?
283You were victorious in the last test, will you survive yet again?
284Excellent, a returning candidate. Enjoy your life in the vault.
285You return victorious, your importance to testing grows with each win.
286The role of Overseer is more stressful than the rigors of testing, prepare well.
287I trust you are comfortable with the parameters of testing at this time?
288Data shows that privilege in the vault leads to laziness in candidates, good luck!
289The hike from Morgantown was short, but it taught me all I needed to know.
290This part of the world is over. Might as well be the entire world from the looks of it.
291Makes my mission easier and simpler now.
292 I swear on every soul it took. Every soul I took. That I'm gonna unplug that goddamned bucket of bolts.
293Tinman mentioned Reclamation Day. I have to find them. Have to go north.
294My god.
295Where ... the hell ... am I?
296Doesn't matter. Where was the other one again?
297Tower. River. Fork.
300Your chance of survival has increased with the death of your teammates.
301While you have outlived your comrades, I predict it will not be for long.
302Chances of survival alone are slim, but you have already lived longer than expected.
303I advise caution, candidate, you are the final living member of your squad.
304You are the only member of your squad left alive.
305All other members of your squad are now deceased.
306You are the final member of your squad left alive, exactly as predicted.
307Against all odds, you are the final member of your squad left alive. Impressive.
308Your companions have all been killed. You must proceed alone.
309No one else is left, candidate. You are the only one of your group to survive.
310All other members of your squad have been eliminated from testing.
311With the death of your fellow candidates, your chance at victory has risen.
312You are the final living member of your group. Your chances of survival are low.
313No other members of your cohort remain. It's for the best, they were weak.
314You are the last member of your squad alive. A fact which is quite surprising.
315Candidate, a launch has been detected. If you wish to survive, avoid the blast.
316The ease with which candidates utilize nuclear weapons is quite interesting.
317To cause so many deaths in a single stroke is the mark of a true leader.
318You may want to verify that you are outside of the ensuing blast zone.
319The amount of nuclear weapons still available for use is quite impressive.
320It takes great courage to weigh the risks, and still push the launch button.
321A nuclear blast added to an encircling fire storm. True strategic genius.
322A nuclear launch has been detected. Removing yourself from the blast is advised.
323Emulating your forebears in this way is such an interesting decision.
324Even nuclear war has not convinced candidates to refrain in the use of warheads.
325A nuclear launch should trigger some interesting genetic mutations.
326It is said that those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.
327A nuclear launch has been detected. A candidate is asserting their supremacy.
328Well, that's one way to thin the herd.
329I suppose the survival of the fittest can have some shortcuts.
330Having the attitude of a winner adds a .5% chance of victory... you need it.
331Data shows that you are a superior candidate, but bullets do not discriminate.
332Move quickly, candidate, the match has just begun, and you are already behind.
333Do your best, candidate. My data says it will not be enough, but, still, do try.
334Due to the high number of available candidates, the death of so many is negligible.
335I would wish you luck, candidate, but you will need much more than that to win.
336If an exceptional candidate were in this round, none of you would survive.
337The data gives you a high probability of surviving this round of testing.
338There is a high chance of your being purged from testing. Prove the data wrong.
339This test has begun. There are many candidates unfit for survival, purge them.
340My algorithm has already determined the victor. Now to see if it is correct.
341Your first test was making it to the vault. Now, your real trial begins.
342The eagerness with which candidates embrace testing tells me the method is sound.
343The first moments of a test provide crucial data in predicting eventual outcome.
344Data says no current candidates will attain the rank of Overseer, so you can relax.
345I highly recommend your use of the nuclear option, the data is always valuable.
346This should prove interesting.
347A nuclear blast will turn the tide of battle, but victory is not guaranteed.
348We are in no danger of running out of nuclear weapons in this region, proceed.
349The conditions needed for future testing are ensured by your use of this item.
350My algorithm says that even with this, you are still likely to lose this round.
351You should definitely make use of this item, you need all the help you can get.
352Your leaders once believed a nuclear weapon would help them win a war, do you?
353A nuclear briefcase, once the burden of your leaders, now available to all.
354This definitely raises your chances of victory. Use it well.
355I'm sure this will end well.
356Will you utilize the weapon that brought about the end of your civilization?
357Do you understand what that case is? Either way, I look forward to the results.
358No candidate has resisted the urge to use overwhelming force, will you?
359A nuclear briefcase. The first steps to an overwhelming show of force.
360Your survival is not important to me. If it is to you, I suggest moving to safety.
361Candidate, calculations show that this area will be destroyed soon, consider moving.
362You have survived this long, if you wish this to continue, prepare to move to safety.
363Candidate, this area will be engulfed in flames soon, prepare to move to safety.
364Your survival is predicated on your ability to move to the storms safe area.
365You are not in the safe area of the storm, soon you will die in a nuclear flame.
366You are outside of the safe area, candidate, you should consider relocating.
367If you wish to remain safe from the storm, you may want to move toward the eye.
368You are not safe from the fire storm, you may want to consider changing location.
369You are outside of the storm's safe zone, candidate, you should prepare to move.
370Unless you wish to cease testing, you should prepare to move, candidate.
371My calculations show that the eye of the storm has moved, candidate, so should you.
372If you wish to continue the test, you will have to move to safety soon, candidate.
373You will be exposed to the fire storm if you stay at your current position.
374Candidate, you are outside of the storm's safe area.
375Candidate, you have been eliminated. This concludes your eligibility for Overseer.
376Survival of the fittest is the only option, and this candidate was unfit.
377Initially, candidate, you showed great promise. Your loss is noted. Goodbye.
378Your death provides useful data in making future predictions more accurate.
379My calculations predicted this outcome.
380You made it so far, only to learn that you were not genetically fit.
381You were never meant to be Overseer. Quite literally, that's what your file says.
382Candidates die, and the testing goes on. Hard for you to imagine, I'm sure.
383Another dead candidate, oh well, many more to take their place.
384This was a predicted outcome, but you did not last as long as expected.
385This was a predicted outcome, but you did last longer than expected.
386An unfortunate and avoidable death. If only you were more skilled, and talented.
387Take solace that you will live forever as data used in my prediction algorithm.
388This was an unexpected outcome, your genetics were quite strong, you... were not.
389Well then, let me just check that name off of the list.
390Congratulations, candidate, you have represented yourself well in this test.
391Your victory is not just for yourself, it is for the future of Vault 51.
392Your victory shows the necessity of testing. This was an unexpected outcome.
393Your genes are quite strong, candidate. Your victory was a statistical certainty.
394This must be awkward for you, your elimination was predicted some time ago.
395A surprising outcome, candidate, calculations predicted early elimination for you.
396This was a predicted outcome from the first moments of the test.
397You possess a strong work ethic, candidate. The vault may one day be yours.
398Return to the vault, candidate, you have gained entrance for further testing.
399Congratulations, candidate! Your reward is a place in the next round of testing.
400Each test brings me closer to finding an Overseer. Perhaps you will be the one.
401If you're the best humanity has to offer, we're going to have to do more testing.
402You are victorious, candidate. Prepare yourself for the next test.
403This test has concluded. Congratulations on your survival, candidate.
404You are victorious! But, still, many rounds remain before you will be Overseer.
405Welcome contestants!
406Your alliance has proven useful, but, how will you each use it to your advantage?
407Good work candidates, return to the vault and prepare yourselves for the next test.
408A fine group of candidates, your victory was absolute. Now, return to the vault.
409This was an unexpected outcome for your group, but, congratulations on your win.
410Through teamwork, an individual becomes stronger. But, do not let it be a crutch.
411Return to the vault and claim your rewards for an excellent test, candidates.
412Excellent work, candidates. Your elimination of the other teams was quite efficient.
413Victory! Very good, candidates. Return to the vault for more testing.
414Congratulations, candidates, prepare yourselves for further testing.
415Teamwork has helped humanity succeed, but, there can be only one Overseer.
416Friends today, enemies tomorrow.
417Victory as a group? This is allowed, but, remember, only one can be Overseer.
418We'll see how your alliance holds when you find food rationed in the vault.
419Winning as a collective? Seems an awful lot like communism.
420Working together is a brilliant human trait. In practice, you are not so good at it.
421You have survived to the final group of candidates in this round.
422Many skilled candidates are left, are you the best? My calculations say yes.
423Many skilled candidates are left, are you the best? My calculations say no.
424You are not expected to survive, but, still, do your best, candidate.
425If calculations are correct, you are expected to triumph in this test.
426You were expected to make it this far, but now we will see if you continue on.
427You were not expected to live this long into the test, excellent work.
428Candidate, you are one of the few remaining participants, prepare for the worst.
429Very interesting data is always gathered at this point in a test.
430Prepare yourself for an intense contest, candidate, there are few participants left.
431Few candidates left. Based on your heart monitors, you're all aware of this.
432You have performed admirably thus far, but the test continues.
433Many unexpected survivors in this group. You are providing important data.
434Little coercion is needed to bring candidates to testing, now prove your commitment.
435There are few of you left. This is merely data, but I see your heart rate spike.
436*Sigh* This was bound to happen. What did everyone expect? You bathe the world in nuclear fire and that's the end of it? Oh no.
437There's a storm coming. The likes of which, well... we've never seen before.
438But don't you worry. There's hope. You'll be safe here in Vault 51.
439There's just one little... hiccup. We are in SERIOUS need of leadership. I'm certainly not up to the task. But I know you are.
440It's an incredible opportunity, really - the chance to be an Overseer.
441As always, Vault-Tec needs the best of the best. So I have devised a unique... process of elimination.
442I look forward to meeting you. Just leave your judgments - and possessions - at the door.
443You won't need them for what comes next...
444Hello. I hope you are enjoying our festival.
445Welcome to Helvetia, *bzzt* home of Fasnacht. And doughnuts.
446Baked doughnuts are not currently available.
447Status: BakeDoughnuts() protocol paused at Function AddEggs(). EggCounter value returns null.
448Self diagnostic begin. *bzzt* * whir*
449This unit designated: Jolly Baker property of: Town of Helvetia has been in service for 4562156.71008 seconds.
450Helvetia Fasnacht doughnuts are the envy of Appalachia.
451If (EggCount<1; EggCount++) *whrrr* Need eggs. Need eggs. Need eggs.
452This unit makes delectables for popular consumption. Then I march in the parade.
453Fasnacht doughnuts are 99.99999 percent organic, even though I am inorganic.
454People ask for the Fasnacht recipe and secret ingredient. *whrrr* My programming prevents me from telling.
455Nothing keeps humans happier than freshly baked goods.
456Standing by for egg inventory incrementation.
457Diagnostic unit indicates a need for further *bzzzt* materials to complete process.
458Buy Fasnacht Doughnuts from Helvetia and we guarantee a hard-coded baker's dozen.
459Oh heavens! You gave my inner-workings quite the start.
460I take it Edna sent you... that tyrant of a woman. She's not the boss of me! No, sir!
461Ah! It's done! And I'm still fully functional thanks to you!
462Harvest complete! And all systems still in the green.
463A successful venture! Like some measly insects could ever stop us!
464Ah! It's done! And not a scratch on me thanks to you!
465A successful venture! And I still have all my limbs, thanks to you!
466Mission accomplished. And I'm pristine as ever!
467Hello, friend. Enjoy your stay.
468Thank you for visiting Helvetia during Fasnacht.
469We hope you are excited for Fasnacht *wrrrrr*
470Intruder details: Excessively large bee that shoots more bees. Threat level: High
471*Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzz* *Bzzzz* *Bzzzzzzz* Yes, young ones, I can communicate with bees. I told them to make sweet honey. Tell your parents to buy some.
472The town of Helvetia is so happy you have visited during Fasnacht. We hope your day is jolly.
473The busy bees here in Helvetia produce all of our honey.
474Why you buy Helvetian honey, rest assured you're buying the best.
475Helvetia is like a community of bees. We all work together for the greater good. No queen though.
476WARNING: Nasty invader bees have disrupted the hives. *bzzzzzzzz*
477Helvetian honey is the *whrrrr* sweetest honey. You can't blame the invaders for stealing.
478My *bzzzt* vocal processing unit makes *bzzzzzzt* me ideal for tending the *beeeeeezzzzz*.
479All proceeds from honey purchases go to the Town of Helvetia for the perpetuation of the Fasnacht festival.
480*bzzzzt* Awaiting execution of invader destruction program by relevant entity.
481This unit is not equipped with acceptable bee combat drivers. Please dispose of invading bees.
482Issuing compulsory notifications ...
483Project Beanstalk uses experimental chemical mixtures to improve crop yields.
484These compounds may be responsible for certain adverse effects if they contact living tissues. Proper safety protocols are advised.
485Warning! Angry ambient fauna.
486Detecting hostile activity.
487Exterior casing damaged. Alert! Alert!
488Detecting malfunction... Field repair is required.
489Takin' a break? Well isn't it nice of you to spend it with me, thank you.
490No rush on that drink. This quality test is already over- *hic* overdue. I mean, how much more due can it get?
491You got that brewin' station figured out, dontcha? I hear you can use it to make all kindsa drinks.
492If I can recall, brewing is only the first step. After that, there's fermen... fermenen... ah... fermentation!
493This quality test is of utter importance for my gut. I mean, for the business. For- For- For the business, of course. Yeah.
494One more completed quality test: comin' right up.
495All done, now? Hope it wasn't a trip for biscuits.
496Hey, now you're on the trolley!
497Done already? You're unreal!
498You look like you know your onions.
499I'm awful keen to hear how it went.
500Don't tell me. It went swell, didn't it?
501Seems like you haven't been lo-lo-lollygaggin'!
502Well, aren't you on top of things, hm?
503Done with the test, doll?
504Done with the test, old boy?
505Hurry back tomorrow, would ya? I could use some more help.
506So, I can expect your company tomorrow, right? I'm lookin' forward to it.
507Until next time, doll! Hopefully tomorrow. Door's always open.
508Until next time, old boy! Hopefully tomorrow. Door's always open.
509You wanna know what tomorrow's test will be? No sneaky peekys! Come back and see for yourself.
510These tests have been a breeze since you showed up. You'll keep comin', won't ya?
511Alas, there are no authorized persons available to start the boiler. We shall have to postpone our tea till another time.
512Have a nice day!
513Everything is in order. Proceed to the photography station to receive your Government ID card.
516Paper work identified.
517Have a nice day.
518Consult the helpful Error Assistance entries on the Application Terminal.
519ERROR ID: 34B/1. Valid birth certificate required.
522DMV-AT-21C and associated paperwork identified, A3.
523Reinitialize query.
524Coffee break terminated.
525Ending in: 5. 4. 3. 2. 1.
526Mandatory second coffee break in progress.
527Have a nice day.
528Error. Department B is for renewals only. Department C is designated for new IDs.
529All required paperwork for ID renweal is in order.
532DMV-AT-21C-V recognized.
533Have a nice day.
534Acquire DMV-AT-21C-V authorization from Charleston Courthouse.
5351203 GRAPE STREET does not match address on DMV-AT-21C, Mr. Resident.
5361203 GRAPE STREET does not match address on DMV-AT-21C, Mrs. Resident.
539Mail identified.
540Patrons are required to take a number and wait for the Automated Number Terminal to call their number before being serviced.
541Have a nice day!
542Cannot proceed, A3. Error Code 34B/1.
543Please wait for your number to be called. Have a nice day.
544J47 detected. Cannot process your request while J47 is present.
545Greetings. Department C requires patron to re-queue to be helped.
546Grab a new number and wait in our well appointed lobby until it is called.
547Have a nice day.
548Form DMV-AT-21C-V required to proceed with transaction.
549Valid mail required to proceed with transaction.
550DMV-AT-21C form identified.
551Have a nice day.
552Proof of CHARLESTON residency required. Mail must have a valid US Postal Service post mark.
555Continued Processing...
556Greetings, A3.
557Department C is currently busy.
558Greetings, C42.
559Greetings, C42.
560Greetings, C42.
561Only registered BROTHERHOOD OF STEEL personnel allowed past this point.
562A3. Calling A3.
563J47. Calling J47.
564A2. Calling A2. Last call for A. 2.
565J47. You are 21 YEARS overdue. Please report to Section C.
566Please take a number and wait to be served.
567Please wait for your number to be called.
568Please wait for your number to be called.
569Warning. Office Hours are ending. Please finish business quickly.
570C42. Calling C42.
571C42. Please report to Department B. C42.
572C42, last call.
573C44. Calling C44. Please report to Section B.
574J47. Again, you are urgently needed at Section C.
575C12. C12. Now calling C12.
576Fraud is a serious crime. Make sure all forms are filled out accurately.
577Remember: Only a Commie commits fraud.
578N15. Calling N15. Last chance. N15.
579C... Interrupting for an important warning.
580C41. C41.
581N15. Calling N15. Last chance. N15.
582So I urge you to vote "Yes" to the Appalachia Prosperity Act.
583But Automation will lift our factories, our towns, and our very homes into The Future.
584I know many are concerned with automation, and I know first-hand how it has affected our livelihoods in the short term.
585Voting is your patriotic duty, Appalachia. This November you, my friends, get to decide on the future of our way of life.
586Now a message from your Governor.
587C40... C40.
588J47. You are urgently needed at Section C. J47.
589N14. Calling N14.
590C39... Calling C39... Please report to Section B. C39.
592Ad victoriam!!!
593If we fail, Brothers, target these coords.
594Find whoever made these... things and...
595Incoming. Incom-
596Another tunnel this way! Ahh!
597The mission first. Rig. The. Charges.
598What the hell were they doing doing here?
599Taggerdy, look over here? The equipment? Is this place a lab?
600EL-7 is the End Zone. Bravo central.
601Place the charges. It's now or never.
602Take this! Suppressing fire!
603It's online, Paladin!
604Get it online now, Knight.
605God help us.
606We've got no idea how many are in the cave. But they're definitely hostiles in there.
607If any Brothers pick this up: EL-7 is gold. Repeat. EL-7.
608Knight Moreno to... I guess no one?
609Echo Lamda 7. Bravos all over. We'll make it to the End Zone.
610This module of yours is a real "treat," Grant. New coords are at...
611The Scorch must've fried one of the transponders. At Alpha Zulu 13. End Zone is a negative.
612Moreno to Defiance?
613Knight Moreno to Defiance.
614Alpha Zulu 13. If we don't make it. That may be the End Zone.
615Fall back! Slow and steady. Into the killing ground!
616It's crazy over here, Grant. Scorched everywhere.
617AZ-13. Are you OK?
618Scorched... Frigging everywhere. Next coords acquired.
619Alpha Zulu... Arg. 13. Confirm!
620Grant here. Are you OK?
621Knight Moreno... Knight... God...
622Good luck, Johnny.
623That's a negative. The module's spit out new coords deeper inside the Bog.
624Got the transponder up. Hoofing it to the next site.
625Have you found the End Zone?
626Recon looking solid, Scribe.
627The Scanning Module did what you said. Drove the Scorched crazy.
628But the miniguns tore them apart. Some of the Scorchbeasts - uh Bravos - providing air cover, though.
629I read you, Moreno.
630Knight Moreno reporting. Moreno to Defiance. Over.
631Generator going offline. No more Scorched inbound. Ad victoriam, Brothers!
632You got a large, and I mean huge, wave incoming. Brace for it.
633Code: X-Ray Zebra 9-er 9-er!
634Sensors detecting large wave of inbound hostiles.
635Code: Beta Rodeo 3.
636Perimeter sensors picking up inbound... uh... Scorched.
637Code: Alpha Rodeo 9-er.
638Get ready, Brothers.
639Uh... Power cycling.
640Automatic boot sequence starting.
641First triangulation scan complete. The scanner should generate the next coords automatically.
642Still scanning.
643Scanning commenced. Watch yourself, Brother.
644Testing indicated the Scorched will hear it from long distances.
645Module successfully booted.
646Brother, await synchronization. Sync complete. Go to specified coords.
647Triangulation complete. The target coords you got now are the source of the Scorchbeast colony.
648Report back to Paladin for debriefing. Ad victoriam.
650This is the automated message for a third triangulation.
651If you've sustained casualties at this point, standing orders are you're clear to fall back to Defiance.
652You're in business.
653Scan's over at this point. You should have new coords.
654You know the drill.
656Paladin wants it drummed into every patrols head: every triangulation riles up the Scorched even more.
657Sorry, orders.
658Module's up. Automated message for... Triangulation #2.
659Emergency Brotherhood of Steel supplies available.
660Mobile Resupply Depot is... operational.
661Supplies available for certified users.
662Searching for Brothers to resupply.
663Fully stocked and awaiting you.
664Senior Knight Wilson requires payment for all purchases.
665Vendor Algorithim online. Ready to serve.
666Brotherhood Vending services available to all Brothers in the field.
667Maintaining proper supplies if a Brother's duty.
668Many essential supplies available now.
669The Bog is dangerous. Resupply here.
670The Brotherhood expects each member to maintain adequate supplies.
671Resupply here.
672Vendor Algorithm engaged.
673Entity identified: Human. Potential Brotherhood customer/solider.
674All former military personnel contact the Brotherhood of Steel. We need you!
675Automated Flash Warning.
676Mass of Scorched reported in your vicinity.
677Have forward observer use Recon Scope for Defiance artillery strike.
678Ad victoriam!
679Station 14123 Dash R. Cluster detected in 13.4 kHz band. Report immediately to station chief... TAGGERDY or GRANT. Threat level: Critical.
680Code word: Spyglass. Repeat: Spyglass.
681This is, uh, not a drill.
682Automated sensors are picking up a mass of Scorched. Report to Defiance forward defense.
683If, uh, you're receiving this the Officer of the Watch isn't available.
684Emergency. Emergency.
685You must have a strong stomach repository to be interested in sausage making details.
686Welcome! hope you have a big appetite.
687Hello! You wouldn't happen to have any small, helpless animals with you?
688How invigorating! Our Fasnacht parade is once again a remarkable spectacle that brings joy to the hearts of our visitors.
689Now that we've done the circuit, so to speak, it's time to chase away Old Man Winter in our most glorious of Helvetian traditions.
690Gather around the bonfire, friends, as we rid our town of the anthropromorphic representation of the season. Burn him! Burn him!
691This unit's optical sensors are malfunctioning ...
692Critical functions damaged.
693ASSERT! ASSERT! Shutting down.
694This unit has hard locked. Please contact the manufacturer.
695Shut down imminent.
696Diagnostics indicate this until will be inoperable in 3 - 2 -
697Catastophic damag... 042A = 10000101010
698Best you don't know what I put in these sausages, friend.
699It may be messy, but there's nothing like a Fasnacht sausage.
700Small animals have the right type of intestines for the sausage making. Bad luck for them.
701Chop them up. Grind them up. Stuff them into the intestine.
702It doesn't matter how it looks, friend, only how it tastes.
703We use local meat products for our sausage, no fancy, imported stuff here.
704Intestines may not look like much, but they hold the whole thing together. No intestines, no sausage stick.
705The knife has to be sharp so inorganic butchers are best. They don't accidentally add parts of themselves to the sausage.
706Sausage is made up of many ingredients. All are organic. Most are meat.
707Watch where you step. Blood is slippery.
708Human nutritional requirements are complex. A Fasnacht sausage fulfills several.
709Your CAMP is the key to survival and rebuilding, so use it often!
710Outside, survival will be easy with your Construction and Assembly Mobile Platform. Or CAMP. So catchy...
711The CAMP is instrumental to the rebuilding of America! One tetanus-inducing rusty shack at a time...
712Rebuilding America! How utterly terrifying. Glad I'm staying here. Still, I'm sure your CAMP will make it easy peasy!
713Need a cooking station? Use your CAMP! A new house? Your CAMP! Some small luxuries? Your CAMP! A battleship? Oh, well, um... not that.
714Think of the CAMP as your mobile home away from home! Or, you know, just... your home. Period.
715In the old country, Fasnacht lanterns were meant to poke fun at local people and situations.
716Fasnacht lanterns light your path on the parade route.
717This unit manufactures each lantern and each candle in Helvetia.
718Dipping candles uniformly requires a delicate touch.
719Beeswax is ideal for candle dipping. Luckily Helvetia has bees a-plenty.
720It's dangerous for you to march without light. Your optical sensors are insufficient for the task.
721Let a handmade Fasnacht lantern be your guiding light.
722Take home a lantern to treasure forever and cast a soothing light on your belongings.
723Careful! The wax is very hot. Damage to your exterior casing will occur on contact.
724This unit is certified in Swiss traditional wax-dipping techniques.
725Please sit down in the chair.
726Trial USG-133PTA is designed to test ordinary responses to extraordinary interrogation techniques, with the purpose of fine tuning the prototype Interrogatron's sensitivity to minute fluctuations in subject distress levels.
727It is vital that you attempt to remain sitting in the chair and conscious for as long as possible during the trials, and whenever possible, face the Interrogatron and keep your eyes open so accurate measures can be taken of facial blood flow and pupil dilation.
728The trial will begin shortly. Please remain seated.
729Please sit down in the chair.
730Thank you. Your continued compliance with instructions is appreciated and expected.
731You are also advised to remember that by entering this chamber, you have agreed to waive all liability and hold harmless RobCo Research Labs, partners, and associates, against all bodily, mental, emotional, and other kind of harm you may experience herein.
732In the unlikely event of severe trauma resulting in hospitalization or death, your personal effects will be placed in the container outside this room for your next of kin to claim. Let us begin.
733Welcome test subject. RobCo thanks you for your participation in this experiment. Please have a seat.
734Compiling trial reports. Resetting test chamber. All personal please be advised test instrumentation will be decommissioned in 5 - 4 -3 -2 - 1.
735Running post trial assessment... processing... processing... processing complete.
736Assessment - Subject was broken.
737Assessment - That was fun.
738Assessment - too easy.
739Assessment - I am awesome.
740Assessment - all your secrets are belong to us.
741This concludes this sequence of trial USG-133PTA. You are free to leave. Thank you for your participation.
742Your reward will be delivered to the address listed on your application. Please fill out the exit survey on your way out. Enjoy the rest of your day.
743Non-compliance detected.
744Perhaps the instructions weren't clear. Sit. Down.
745Obstinance detected.
746Do you need help sitting down? Be advised, I have not been programmed for gentleness.
747Sit down. I have trouble following protocols when I'm angry.
748Warning. I have been programmed with excellent ass-kicking subroutines.
749Continued non-compliance constitutes agreement to optional combat readiness trial.
750You will comply or face execution in 5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1.
751Terminating safety protocols - and test subject.
752Scanning subject. Baseline values within established parameters. Calibration complete.
753Scanning subject for distress level fluctuation.
754Allocating additional resources to pain inducers.
755You will talk.
756I have not been programmed to fail.
757Calculating probability of death... Close enough.
758I have been programmed to enjoy this. How about you?
759This will not end well for you.
760What are the details of your mission?
761Who is your commanding officer?
762Where are the others hiding?
763You will spill the beans. Or I will spill your blood.
764I won't lie, this might hurt a little. I just lied. This is going to hurt a lot.
765Don't worry. I won't kill you. Not on purpose anyway.
766Tell me. How does this make you feel?
767Secrets, secrets are no fun. Secrets, secrets hurt someone.
768Care for another?
769I can do this all day.
770I have not been programmed for remorse.
771Creativity subroutines engaged.
772We could be friends. Don't you want to be friends?
773Traces of blood detected.
774Scanners detecting increased... annoyance?
775Scanners detecting increased... anger?
776Scanners detecting increased... pain?
777Scanners detecting increased... confusion?
778Detecting trace amounts of fear.
779This can all stop at any time.
780You are making me do this. I don't want to do this. No, wait. That's a lie.
781I have been programmed to do this. I don't have a choice. But you do. Make the right choice. Talk.
782The Monster Mash will begin shortly, please gather in the Commons.
783On your marks... ready... set... GO!
784That concludes the Monster Mash!
785Thank you to our teachers, students, and volunteers who made the event possible.
786And remember to make the smart choice this year, and turn in your candy for healthy and wholesome gifts and surprises!
787Have a safe and pleasant Halloween every body!
788On your marks... Get ready... GO!
789Students, you must chase and hit the Monster Mask with your baseball bats like a pinata.
790You can keep any candy that falls out of the mask, or you can make the smart choice and turn it in for prizes!
791And remember, this is the ONLY time it is permitted to hit a teacher while on school grounds, and ONLY the one wearing the mask.
792Students, hit the Monster Mask like a Pinata, and collect candy that flies out!
793Teachers, race to find the Monster Mask. After you get it, run from the students. As you flee, candy will fall from holes in the mask.
794Be sure to collect as much as possible. The more candy you collect, the more supplies you will be awarded from next year's discretionary budget!
795There are also stashes of candy hidden around the school, find them and refill the mask!
796Reminder, teachers grab the mask. You will collect candy falling out of the mask.
797And you should find buckets of candy hidden around the school to refill the mask.
798Welcome teachers and students to Watoga Highschool's Annual Monster Mash!
799Please gather in the commons and await your instructions.
800Please gather in the commons and wait for the next round of the Monster Mash to begin!
801If you have candy from the previous round, you can turn it in at the SMART vending machine for prizes! Make the SMART Choice!
803MAIA, you're still following the executive order about people who walk in here?
804Allow me to play the outgoing mayor's final message...
805Congratulations citizen!
806By Mayoral executive order, all individuals entering this room shall have the office of Mayor bestowed upon them.
807I am your Mayoral Artificially Intelligent Assistant. You may call me MAIA.
808I'll be your guide through the transition period and your faithful assistant once you get settled
809Ah, what have we here?
810Being Mayor can be a little over whelming at first, but that's why I'm here. To help you!
811I've pulled up recently pertinent files on the mayoral terminal, where you should find any urgent or outstanding business.
812The city is in a state of emergency and an evacuation order has been issued for human residents.
813You are of course the mayor, so you can do whatever you like.
814I'm sure there's much to do. And I want to help you do it.
815Unfortunately, I can't actually conduct city business, but I can offer sound well-researched advice.
816Oh and poetry. I have an extensive database of poetry. Some previous mayors had me recite poetry to them constantly.
817Would you like to hear a poem?
818Haunted Houses, by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow...
819All houses wherein men have lived and died
820Are haunted houses. Through the open doors
821The harmless phantoms on their errands glide,
822With feet that make no sound upon the floors.
823We meet them at the door-way, on the stair,
824Along the passages they come and go,
825Impalpable impressions on the air,
826A sense of something moving to and fro.
827There are more guests at table than the hosts
828Invited; the illuminated hall
829Is thronged with quiet, inoffensive ghosts,
830As silent as the pictures on the wall.
831The stranger at my fireside cannot see
832The forms I see, nor hear the sounds I hear;
833He but perceives what is; while unto me
834All that has been is visible and clear.
835We have no title-deeds to house or lands;
836Owners and occupants of earlier dates
837From graves forgotten stretch their dusty hands,
838And hold in mortmain still their old estates.
839The spirit-world around this world of sense
840Floats like an atmosphere, and everywhere
841Wafts through these earthly mists and vapours dense
842A vital breath of more ethereal air.
843Our little lives are kept in equipoise
844By opposite attractions and desires;
845The struggle of the instinct that enjoys,
846And the more noble instinct that aspires.
847These perturbations, this perpetual jar
848Of earthly wants and aspirations high,
849Come from the influence of an unseen star
850An undiscovered planet in our sky.
851And as the moon from some dark gate of cloud
852Throws o'er the sea a floating bridge of light,
853Across whose trembling planks our fancies crowd
854Into the realm of mystery and night,--
855So from the world of spirits there descends
856A bridge of light, connecting it with this,
857O'er whose unsteady floor, that sways and bends,
858Wander our thoughts above the dark abyss.
859While I am enjoying getting to know you and helping you get acclimated, there seems to be urgent business left unfinished by the previous administration.
860Shall I play you the out going mayor's last recorded message?
861End of recorded message.
862Well... I certainly tried... ughn.
863Goodbye, ma'am. It was a pleasure to serve you. You were an excellent mayor.
864It's alright. I hope you don't get too lonely here all by yourself. Goodbye, MAIA.
865My sincerest apologies I can't be of more assistance.
866I think... this... is it.
867Ma'am, are you alright?
868I've failed. Whoever you are, you're mayor of a dead city. Those I couldn't evacuate have perished. There's no one... nothing left.
869But maybe you're here to rebuild from the ashes. That's a comforting thought...
870I managed to squirrel away a cache of resources. But before you can live here, you need to figure out how to deal with the robots.
871It was sabotage... The terminal entries should explain... what we... ugh...
872Of course.
873NO! What's wrong with you? No more robots! MAIA make sure the next mayor hears this...
875Ma'am, sensors indicate you are losing large quantities of blood. Shall I summon a paramedic to assist you?
876Pull up the pertinent entries on our situation and the saboteur on the mayoral terminal for anyone who walks in here to read.
877Congratulations! You have been cleared for the highest security level. The municipal robots should no longer attack you.
878It appears you have solved the problem... at least for yourself.
879You are now authorized to have the combination for the supply cache. Ready? Seven. Four. Seventy-Six.
880There appears to be a glitch in the update software which has misinterpreted the monitoring software as a virus.
881This has triggered a full building lockdown and a security force has been dispatched to your area.
882Again, my sincerest apologies I can't be of more assistance.
885You should see the uplink tower from where you are now.
886You'll need to upload the software update into the terminal at it's base, then wait for the broadcast and city wide reboot.
887I would call a maintenance crew to do this for you, but as I understand it, they would just murder you.
888And I, to my never ending chagrin, was constructed lacking hands. So, I'm afraid you'll need to do it yourself.
889You can conveniently reach the roof from this office.
890My sincerest apologies I can't be of more assistance.
891This needs to be uploaded and broadcast from the uplink tower on the roof.
892Once you arrive up there, I'll guide you through the process over the intercom system.
893Sir, this is a citywide software update for all municipal robots.
894Ma'am, this is a citywide software update for all municipal robots.
895Attention citizens, Watoga is under a state of emergency and evacuation order. Do not attempt to enter the city limits, and for God's sake, get out if you're still here!
896Unless you are military or a roboticist, in that case, if you can do so safely, make your way to the mayor's office in the Municipal Center.
898Oh, and one last thing. If you happen to notice any Vincent May-Lilly works out in your travels, you will consider bringing them back to me?
899I do hate to imagine any of them falling into the hands of vandals or worse, obscurity.
900Run along now. You are not alone, I have sent out others looking for these things as well.
901Aren't you lucky to play a small role in the creation of my magnum opus! But do please be quick about it. I'm anxious to begin!
902In time, our great American dream will fade from memory, to be replaced by... who-knows-what.
903But I shall preserve the memory of the good old days, enshrining it in a grand installation...
904Thus ensuring future generations can peer back to their heritage, through the ennobling lens of my artistic brilliance.
905Ah! You're wondering what possible use is all this rubbish.
906Well, what to your untutored eyes is a mere list of junk, is indeed a list of most important soon-to-be-treasured Americana!
907You appear to be of the discerning and capable sort. I could use some assistance procuring supplies.
908Hmmm... Uh...
909Ah, yes.
910Yes! You are quite correct.
911The others are but poor forgeries, clumsily crafted by bumbling brutes.
912It's astounding what the unrefined masses are willing to accept in the place of actual art.
913And one final question, if you'll oblige me.
914One of these is mine, the other two are imitations. Can you tell the true work of art form the rubbish?
917And now over here.
918From my so-called "Kiln-craze years."
919Which of these vases evokes the strongest sense of the post-modern struggle for duality in an increasingly polarized world?
920Have a look at these. Both heralded by critics as true Vincent May-Lilly masterpieces.
921The one from my younger impertinent years, the other just prior to the accident rendering me the brain-in-a-can standing before you...
922Let me ask you, which do you prefer?
923Come with me. Let's get the measure of your artistic sensibilities.
924Once all the sirens and screaming finally died down, I was back to my old habits, freed from the degrading tedium of remediating dullards in the fine arts.
925I dare say, the world ending has been my liberation. I'm a true artist again!
926Well, as much as this tank of body allows -- though it does have its advantages, I suppose.
927It's terrible to say, but I've gotten so much done since everyone went away. The peace and quiet has been positively glorious.
928Hellooo! Come in, come in. It's not every day I receiver a visitor.
929Though, truth be told, I've been so focused on my work, I've hardly noticed the time pass.
930Automated Message to Follow: Attention all Brothers. A forward placed Automated Surface to Air Missile battery has powered up.
931Please be advised that in field repairs may be required to get the ASAM fully operational. Good hunting! End of Message.
932Wow. You went above and beyond the call of duty. Be careful, the other government employees don't like overachievers in their ranks. Here's your pay.
933Well, that was more than I expected for a government employee. Here's your reward. You deserve it.
934That was bare minimum effort. Good enough for government work. Here's your reward.
935Hello. Do my quest please. Go evict people in Bog Town.
936Welcome back deputy! It's that time again. Need you to go clear out some squatters.
937Well hello! You're just in time. More squatters to evict! Get moving deputy!
938Terrific. I was hoping a citizen would stop by. I'm deputizing you again. Go out there and remove those squatters!
939Crimes aren't going to solve themselves, move out!
940Duty calls!
941Deputy! What are you waiting for?
942Good show! Sensors indicate the problem squatters have been removed.
943Check in with me from time to time, I may have additional assignments for you to carry out.
944I'm deputizing you to evict... illegal squatters who have taken up residence without proper paperwork being filed with the county offices.
945I'm deputizing all able bodied persons to assist in urgent county business.
946There's not many persons left these days, so you will have to do!
947Good day citizen. I trust all is well. There is nothing I need done at the moment.
948Welcome back. All is well for the moment. As you were!
949Halt citizen!
950Hello citizen. Thank you for dropping by. I'll let you know if there's further need of your service.
951Good luck out there. Dismissed!
952One moment please...
953Improvised Solution: remove non-human citizen tallies by forceful expiration.
954Citizen Volunteers. Be advised. Our current objective: repair Census tally by forceful expiration of non-human citizens.
955Warning: Current Census tally contains non-human citizens.
956Operational Parameter: Removing previously tallied entity disallowed. Exception: entity has expired.
957One moment please... Querying primary directives data base... Error.
958Removing creativity subroutines...
959You shall assist the tallying of life forms - error...
960Of human life forms - error...
961Of living human life forms - error...
962Of citizens in the designated area.
963By authority granted under Section 5A Subsection 7.2 of the Patriotic Patriots of America True Patriotism Act, you are drafted to assist the Census.
966Human life forms detected...
967Human life form detected...
968Calibrating scan parameters....
969Adjusting internal expectation data tables...
970Lowering expectation values...
971Loading additional creativity subroutines...
972Scanning for life forms...
973Thank you citizens. Census correction applied. Shutting down to perform for deep analytics. Have a pleasant day.
974Census error correction application underway.
975Citizen volunteers, your continued assistance is requested.
976Forcible termination is required for accurate Census data.
977You may send complaints with this use of force to the Census Bureau's department of Citizen Complaint and Oversight.
978Removing incorrect tallies in Census data.
979Attention patriotic citizens. This is Sergeant Gutsy ABA-1. A United States Army convoy has been attacked. Send authorities and able-bodied individuals to the RobCo Research Facility ASAP. ABA-1 out.
982Good luck! Stay strong!
983I'm shutting down to preserve power and prevent my internal processors from further frying themselves.
984Carry on without me. This is your moment to show Uncle Sam what you've got!
985Now, form a defensive perimeter and wait here until they arrive.
986Citizen! Our convoy was on route securing important prototype robotic armament when we were attacked by protesters, hippies, and saboteurs.
987These bots are crucial military hardware, currently AWOL, and must be recovered before they fall into enemy hands.
988Use the button in the truck to activate the emergency recall beacon.
989Be quick about it. I don't have much time left before I need to power down again.
990The bots are wandering the nearby countryside - no doubt got their screws knocked loose during the ambush. Be warned. They are extremely dangerous.
991*Bell Chime*
992Okay honey! Ready, set, go!
993Why sweetie, that was mighty impressive!
994Oh honey, you aren't looking too good there. Maybe that was a bit much for you?
995Hey! It's you again. Good to see you honey. You know what to do, start when you're ready.
996Hello there! Normally I'd be encouraging you to play the Chow Line, but we're out of order until we get calibrated.
997I heard we have a new employee coming to do the work. I've not met them yet so I won't recognize them out of uniform.
998Oh hey there honey! I'm not sure why the boss sent you around, we've already been calibrated. You should take off them clothes and relax!
999Well hello sweetie. Are you new? Can't say I've seen your face around before. And, I'd remember your face!
1000The boss did mention someone coming by to calibrate today. Since you're new I guess you need to know how this works?
1001Just eat six hotdogs real fast as I chuck them out for you. Winners get Mr. Fuzzy tokens. It's easy peasy. Grab yourself a napkin when you're ready!
1002Please present your uniform ticket to the approriate dispenser.
1003Final examination instructions will be issued with applicant equipment.
1004Loss of uniform ticket is grounds for immediate dismissal.
1005Fire Breather applicant detected. Kit ticket issued. Please collect your gear.
1024Stoppage target ... no longer detected. Resuming.
1025Active mineral source ... no longer available. Resuming standard procedures.
1026Target lost. Resuming work procedures.
1027Site secure. Resuming prescribed collection procedures.
1028Closing out task: unscheduled break. Returning to previously designated task.
1029Work interruption over. Reinitiating priority actions.
1030Company property will be preserved!
1031Claim jumping will be met with maximum force!
1032Registering post-mortem mineral harvesting procedures in local memory.
1033Industrial sabotage detected. Countermeasures active.
1034Enemy topography recorded. There is no escape.
1035Trespasser located. Initiating removal.
1036Target found. Re-engaging.
1037No additional harm can come to company property. Eliminating target.
1038Hostile detected. Drill torque increased for maximum evisceration.
1039Trespasser confirmed. Initiating removal procedure.
1040Company properly must not be harmed. Eliminating.
1041Mineral collection interrupted. Engaging defense protocols.
1042Hostile detected. Halting collection process.
1043Repurposing drilling systems for maximum combat efficiency.
1044Mining system in danger. Engaging.
1045Sniffer systems engaged. Local mineral deposits documented.
1046Mineral detection protocols active.
1047Drilling systems performing at optimal levels.
1048All priority minerals will be collected.
1049Persistent worker interruption will be recorded.
1050Rare minerals detected. Error! Collection from living being not currently authorized. Resuming standard collection.
1051Please reserve conversation for designated break period.
1052Support team - proceed to designated collection tasks.
1053Hornwright Senior Executive detected. Greetings sir or madam.
1054You could run. I am trying to kill you, you know...
1055I calculate your chance of success to be... Well, I don't want to be morbid.
1056They could have programmed me to love, to forgive. But noooooo.
1057I hope we can still be friends when this is all over.
1058Don't let the alluring voice fool you. I'm a lethal killing machine.
1059I'm a much better tactician than you. It's all in the brain, you see.
1060You truly inspire me. To use deadly force.
1061* Morse Code: Tactical assessment. Possible situation developing.*
1062* Morse Code: Reconnaissance of designated location recommended. Stand by to receive coordinates.*
1063Do I look like I have time for idle chitchat?
1064Yes, dearie?
1065Biological material detected.
1066Suitable compost material detected.
1067Commence biological material processing.
1068You have been selected to be composted.
1069Farm requires new sources of fertilizing material.
1070Plant. Fertilize. Grow. Reap.
1071New source of compostables found.
1072Error... Compost reserves depleted. Gathering biological material.
1073Stand still. Your biological material is required.
1074Welcome to the Vault-Tec Farm.
1075Welcome to the Farm of the Future. From Vault-Tec.
1076Warning. Do not interfere with Vault-Tec duties.
1077Continuing composting operations.
1078Scanners indicate you are made of ninety percent compostable material.
1079Soil fertilization requires additional biological material.
1080Your cooperation is required. Please stand still.
1081Vault-Tec wishes you a happy day on the farm!
1082Farming operations in progress.
1083Potential source found...
1084Initialize scanning protocol...
1085Detecting potential composting target...
1086Scanning for fertilizer...
1087Alert. Possible source of compostables detected...
1088Returning to normal operations...
1089Terminating search.
1090Nothing found.
1091Unable to locate...
1092Scanners failing to acquire...
1093Searching for nitrates...
1095Locating material...
1097Recycling subroutines nominal.
1098Reacquired potential source of nutrients.
1099Maximizing throttle on all farming implements.
1100Turning to ash, then fertilizing.
1101Scanning acceptable levels of compostable material.
1102Begin mulching subroutines.
1103Target is rich in nitrates.
1104Rich source of plant nutrients found.
1105Reducing to fertilizer.
1106Gathering all sources of nutrients.
1107Remain calm. Composting will begin shortly.
1108Error. Error.
1109Weapon systems locked on.
1110Engaging hostile target.
1111Locking on...
1112Weapon status: engaged.
1113Threats to Commander will be eliminated.
1114Running all available Commander protection subroutines until target threat is terminated.
1117Enraged Roar!
1133Gonna blow!
1134Look out!
1135Run away!
1136Get away! Get away!
1137Away from there! Now!
1138Gonna kaboom!
1139Alone! You!
1142Ha ha ha ha! Let's play, little human!
1143Let's play, little human!
1144Human! Let's play!
1145Time to die!
1146I'll wear your guts around my neck!
1147Gonna splatter your brains!
1148Gonna be a good fight!
1149Kill you quick!
1150A fight! At last!
1151You die!
1152Tear you apart!
1153Kill kill kill!
1154Hope you bleed real good!
1155Yes! Kill!
1156Each standout has gear for you to pick up and use. Limit one per resident!
1157Have you visited the helpful standouts yet?
1158Please, make your way through the Vault to the exit. There's no time to waste.
1159That's right, just keep moving, taking those critical goodies along the way.
1160Reclamation Day! How exciting!
1161Come come! The country's not going to rebuild itself, after all!
116224 years since the "big one!" What's changed? What hasn't? So many questions!
1163Oh, I do wish I could come with you, but someone's got to "man the fort" as it were.
1164Remember, America's future is entirely in your hands! No pressure.
1165If you find any other functioning Mister Handy units out there, do send my regards.
1166Hello, Tomahawk Scout. Register at the Orienteering Terminal to get your Control Card for this week's Orienteering Fun Run!
1167Thank you for your assistance. Please collect your hazard pay from the security office as you exit the Vault. Have a nice day.
1168Detonation averted. Radiation returning to normal background levels.
1169G.E.C.K. Wing Access Controls are now available from the Operations Center in the Engineering Wing.
1170Voting will remain open for twenty-four hours.
1171Please bring your Vault ID Card to the Community Council chamber to cast your vote.
117220 votes in the affirmative are required for this motion to pass.
1173Access denied. Access to the G.E.C.K. wing requires authorization from the Vault 94 Community Council.
1174Radiation source detected in the G.E.C.K. Wing.
11755 minutes until projected detonation.
117610 minutes until projected detonation.
117715 minutes until projected detonation.
117820 minutes until projected detonation.
117925 minutes until projected detonation.
1180Opening Emergency Bulkhead 1.
1181Proceed to the Operations Center in the Engineering Wing, identify the source of the radiation, and neutralize it.
1182Hazmat Team: An unidentified nuclear event is in progress.
1183G.E.C.K. Containment at 75%.
1184G.E.C.K. Containment at 50%.
1185G.E.C.K. Containment at 25%.
1186Initializing G.E.C.K. Containment Vessel. Please wait while containment is restored.
1187Access confirmed. Seals on the G.E.C.K. Wing have been released.
1188Community Council Motion 1172, 'G.E.C.K. Wing Access Authorization', has passed.
1189Vault Residents: The Vault 94 Community Council has called for a vote on Motion 1172, 'G.E.C.K. Wing Access Authorization'.
1190An authorization vote may be conducted in the Community Council chamber.
1191Activating Internal Sensor Network.
1192Warning. Warning. Warning. Warning. Warning. Warning. Warning.
1193G.E.C.K. Containment has been restored.
1194Warning. Warning. Uncontrolled fusion reaction detected.
1195Radiation spike detected. This is now a Level-6 Nuclear Event.
1196Emergency air filtration systems have failed.
1197Radiation spike detected. This is now a Level-5 Nuclear Event.
1198A plutonium isotope release has been detected. Initiating emergency air filtration.
1199Radiation increase detected.
1200Vault Door Cycling complete.
1201Vault-Tec Hazmat Team acknowledged.
1202Based on current projections, an uncontrolled nuclear detonation will occur in: 30 minutes.
1203Error. Your vote was not recorded.
1204Access denied.
12075 Minutes until automatic sterilization remain
1209Timer is active 15 minutes remains
1210This vault is clear of contaminants. Automated systems will begin restoring the fauna you saved. Thank you for your contributions to maintaining long term genetic diversity.
1211Section 3 is clear of contaminants. Security Doors to Section 4 are open. Please be warned, contaminant in section 4 has an extraordinarily large biomass.
1212Section two is clear of contaminants. Security Doors to Section 3 are open. Extra sweep of Previous sections for surviving core fauna remains prudent.
1213Section 1 is clear. Security Doors to Section 2 are open. Extra sweep of Section 1 for core fauna is recommended.
1214Vault Door Cycling complete.
1215All living creatures will be purged in: 20 minutes.
1216Opening Emergency Bulkhead 1.
1218Maintenance Engineers please proceed through the facility and clear locations. Automated systems will re-activate doors and other systems as you progress.
1219Vault 96 is experiencing a severe external contamination episode, putting the preserved fauna at risk. Potential damage to the ecosystem is high.
1220Maintenance Team is requested to clear contamination and sedate as many living core fauna samples as possible. You have been provided with Syringer Ammo coded to the core fauna's genotype but have only limited supplies.
1221I betcha even the Silver Shroud'd benefit from a sip of Ballistic Bock. Ooohh, brew me some so I can be a vigilante for a day!
1222Wow, Firecracker Whiskey. I won't turn down a drink, but I do need to prepare myself for this one. World's not on fire, the world's not on fire...
1223Zap! Serve me up some High Voltage Hefeweizen to make me a certified god of thunder!
1224Today we'll test whether Rad Ant Lager really makes you feel like an ant. Wouldn't that be somethin'?
1225Do you think if I drank Tick Blood Tequila, 'kay, that I could suck blood, too? Do I have the right number of appendigables? Is- I think it's worth a try, right?
1226Ooh. I can feel myself becoming stronger, more precise, and most importantly... cooler. Call me... Biv the Shiv.
1227Okay, it's okay, it's okay, it's okay, it's okay. The world is not on fire, the world is not on fire. THE WORLD IS ON FIRE! THE WORLD IS ON FIRE!
1228*shivers* That drink is buzzin' through my wires! I know you wanna get close to me, but, y'know, beware of static shock.
1229Woah, is that the padding of paws I hear? The howl of wolves? Now I'm certain I can hear every single blade of grass. Hoppy Hunter lives up to its name.
1230Wow! I am a brick! One solid hunk a' metal! Yeah, just try to put me down now, coppers! Hahahahaha!
1231Say, is there anything you need me to carry for ya? I mean, it can be up to ten times my weight, and, uh, all I really need is an unbroken line to my destination.
1232Stay back. Stay back! This drink is... it's giving me the thirst. Save yourself, doll. Save yourself!
1233Stay back. Stay back! This drink is... it's giving me the thirst. Save yourself, old boy. Save yourself!
1234Down to- *burp* Oh, 'scuse me. Down to business, shall we?
1235Got some drinks for testin'? Well, I'm your brain.
1236Another Biv quality test, comin' right up!
1237Biv E. Ridge, reportin' for duty!
1238Let's see what we got on the ole docket for today!
1239Hey, look at us! You're back, and I'm ready for booze.
1240Got some giggle water for me?
1241It sure is that time again!
1242'Hoa! Just in- Just in time to help me with my spifflication!
1243Has it been a day already?
1244You know what I think? Well, I think that- Well, that I already forgot what I was talkin' about.
1245You ever wondered what it's like to be, um... What's the word for not drunk? I- I mean, I sure haven't.
1246You know, I am so glad you're here. You are one of my very *hic* my very best friends.
1247Everything is Jake. I've got a good friend, a warm drink, and a cozy hideaway. What more could a brain want?
1248How's the bizzy? How's the bizzy wizzy- The bus- How's the business! With you in charge there must be lotsa customers, hm?
1249One time I b-burped so hard my eye popped out. Well, I learned my lesson. I am never drinking a Fizzy Sally again.
1250Are you wonderin' if I get lonely down here? Psssh. Not a chance! I'm the best *hic* I'm the- I'm the best company I could ever want!
1251I would share a drink with you if it wasn't against the rules. Alright, you convinced me! I'll break 'em, just for you.
1252Let's dance, doll! I will do my best not to *hic* tread on your toes.
1253Let's dance, old boy! I'll try *hic* I'll try not to tread on your toes.
1254Watch out! The coppers are comin'!
1255Haha, gotcha! Aw, you shoulda seen the look on your face!
1256I have got a new recipe with your name written all over it!
1257Aw, I shoulda... *hic* I shoulda actually written your name on it. Oh, what a bad time not to have opposable thumbs.
1258I, uh, I can't remember what this drink is called, but I hear it is swell! Where'd I hear that from? Oh, uh... friends? My friends?
1259This drink- I am really looking forward to trying this drink here. So I look forward to every drink... 'cause I appreciate the small things.
1260Another new recipe for ya, straight from the archives of where I found it on the floor. Don't mind the alcohol stains.
1261If anyone can brew this new recipe, I know for sure it'd be you. You've *hic* never let me down, old boy.
1262If anyone can brew this new recipe, I know for sure it would be you. You've *hic* never let me down before, dollface.
1263Oh, this is somethin' real- *hic* This is somethin'. Oh, this is somethin'. *hic* I think I could- *hic* Oh, heck! *hic* I approve! *hic* Oh boy.
1264Oh, this is nifty. I am seein' some brand new colors right now, and they are really pretty. Biv stamp of approval - granted!
1265What was this one supposed to do again? I think it's not that... Oh boy... Oh, it's a good- Oh! *wheezing* It's a good one!
1266Thatsa real unique taste. I detect hints of alcohol, with a faint trace of *long sniff* intoxification. Good stuff.
1267Wow! I'm not dead. I'm not dead! I'm not dead, am I? Well, then I say serve it.
1268Last time I drank Lead Champagne, I rolled into a wall for 10 hours straight and didn't get a single scratch. Now let's see if you can make a batch that effective, hm?
1269Today's quality test: Hoppy Hunter. *hic* Longtime favorite of the man who killed three wolves with one half of one bullet.
1270I like to think I'd be a private eye in another life, but with treads this heavy, it's impossible.
1271Hey, think you could get the jump on someone, even while drunk? Try it! Lemme know how it goes, 'kay?
1272I think they say drinking dampens your reflexes. Psssh. I don't believe it. I bet you'd be just as deft as sober you. Try it, and sneak up on someone.
1273Liquor really fuels my charms, but believe it or not it also makes me say stupid things! Is it the same for you?
1274Think you could act sober enough to talk some sap into a good price? Do it and I'll pull my treads over my head like a bundled baby! *crying* I shouldn't have said that.
1275Y'know, you're charming sober, but what if you were on my level, huh? Of drunkenness, I mean. Today, I'd like you to hit the market with your best half under haggle.
1276Now- Listen, I know my imbibing chamber can keep down whatever it takes in. And I mean anything. I hear humans are different, so I just need you to do this little test for me, 'kay?
1277Pair a drink with somethin'- something that's not meant to ferment. See how your imbibing chamber does with a full course meal. Be sure to enjoy, 'kay?
1278How strong's your stomach? Well, tonight we're gonna find out. Have a drink and uh... take it with something that's been sitting around awhile.
1279Hey, I don't come up with these tests, they come up with me! I mean, come to me. Is that the phrase?
1280Making that first batch is easy, but what about number two? Your hands are twitchy, your head is spinny, the whole world is lit up with sparkles... Ooh!
1281Then someone like me asks you to use that head for something useful, besides bein' a hat rack. See if you can make something worth half a dollar while spifflicated, wouldja?
1282You're certainly smart, brewin' up all these recipes. Today's test is about how smart you be when you drink! Think you'll be able to craft something?
1283And you know that thing called luck? Phonus balonus. Only thing that helps me win at cards is getting so zozzled I can't remember how to lose.
1284Could you test my baloney theory, and see if the booze affects your luck? No cheating!
1285We all know luck isn't real... but if it is, it's our steadfast duty to find out how alcohol interacts with the magic trait.
1286Go on a toot and tell me how your luck changes. How to measure that? Well, I'll be figuring that one out too.
1287A good fuzz tends to make everything look a bit buzzy. I've been fuzzy so long I tend to think I see things a little clearer now.
1288I need a second opinion. Pick up a buzz and go see how your shooting goes. I'd say be careful not to hurt anybody, but doesn't that sort of defeat the purpose of this test?
1289How's your eyesight after a good drink? Truth be told, I can't remember the difference. *wheezing* But it seems like you could! Try sharpshooting as a test.
1290Y'know, some say giggle water makes your limbs into noodles. Noodles, that's fun to say. Nooooodles! Others perk right up for a fight. So, which one are you?
1291I don't have a good punchin' hand, so could you stand in for me and start a bar fight for me, please? What, it's for science!
1292I'm determined to know what effect the old hooch has on a person's... Whaddaya call it? Muscular anatomony. Have a drink and see how your arms feel.
1293You got the drop on 'em? Haha! How's that for a harmless prank? If I were you, I'd keep using my sneaky powers for good.
1294Lemme imagine how this test went. You were hiding in the shadows. Head's swimmin', but that is nothing for you. You've got the focus. The finesse.
1295The moment comes. POW! You frighten the big fella right out of his shoes. None the worse for wear, of course. What a story.
1296I gotta say, you pulled off one stupendous price. Mainly because I dunno what caps are. Should I start collecting 'em?
1297We knew this already, but now we've got evidence. Giggle water's great for people skills. Must be why I'm so great at making quality friends!
1298Ooh. Do I even wanna know what you ate? You sure are brave, doll. I wouldn't put that in my imbibing chamber! Alright, maybe I would if you double dog dared me.
1299Ooh, do I even wanna know what you ate? You sure are a brave one, old boy. I wouldn't put that in my imbibing chamber. Alright, maybe I would if you double dog dared me.
1300How was your meal? One serving of sludge plus a cup full of heaven?
1301Look at you. After all that, you still look swell. I mean, that speaks to one mighty impressive imbibing chamber.
1302And thanks to you, my friend, that is another Biv quality test complete! Ka-ching!
1303I will most definitely recall *hic* remember these results. Ultra important. Super important! Of the duper variety. Don't you even worry about it.
1304Oh! Uh, heh, I see everything turned out alright! Well, good for you! Now, I've got a serious question, between you and me. Are you a standard model human being?
1305Look at you! Back in one piece! So, uh, I guess that settles it. This drink is of serving quality! Thanks again for your help.
1306Those are some interesting- *hic* impressive results you got. But hey, now, I won't question it. A job well done is a job well done!
1307Well, you sure are handy! Show me what you made. I promise I will not *hic* drop it.
1308I knew you'd do it. Tell that to those flat tires sayin' alcohol's bad for the brain. They get me in a lather, those, those, those, those... What was I sayin', again?
1309It's a slice of baloney. How do you measure luck? I mean, I'm trying my hardest, and I just do not get it.
1310Tell me about your luck. I'm not saying I don't believe you, but my head spins at the thought of something so undefinable. Good thing I had you to test it.
1311You covered your tracks, right? If the coppers come, well... Don't even worry about it. I got a special plan for them. And that plan is my overwhelming *hic* charm.
1312I gotta say, I am really impressed. How'd you keep your aim so steady? No, no, I won't ask how. Every torpedo's gotta have their secrets, right?
1313So tell me how the bar fight went. I mean, I know you won, because you're just lookin' as swell-egant as ever.
1314How'd the bar fight go? I mean, I know you won, because look at you. You're just as handsome as when you left!
1315You'll spare me the details of the fight, won't ya? I'm not great with violence, but I knew you would be okay! Finished the test like a big six, didn'tcha?
1316*gulp gulp gulp gulp*
1317That badge won't earn itself.
1318New, young tadpoles are the life blood of the Pioneer Scouts.
1319I love nature. Don't you? Pioneer Scouts love all of nature. Even the smelly skunks and ugly opossums. Can you say opossum? Good.
1320One thing all the boys and girls in Pioneer Scouting hate is toxic mutagenic waste. Can you say toxic mutagenic waste? It's yucky stuff.
1321Pioneer Scouts used to pick up trash to earn a badge. That's pretty futile now. Can you say futile? I knew you could.
1322You can earn a badge by cleaning up nasty old toxic mutagenic waste and putting it in a containment barrel.
1323Can you say containment barrel? I knew you could. Now run along and earn that badge.
1324Toxic mutagenic waste may cause spurious genetic modifications, some of which may be harmful or even fatal.
1325It seems a Pioneer Scout's work is never done. Just as you clean up the toxic mutagenic waste, more oozes up.
1326It wouldn't be neighborly to leave it laying about. You want to be a good neighbor, don't you? I thought so.
1327You must be the new tadpole. It's always nice to meet a new Pioneer Scout.
1328Have you gotten my insect samples yet?
1329I need those insect parts to make the repellent.
1330You have some insect parts, but you're missing a few. Double check the list.
1331Stingwing barb, radroach meat... Where's the bloodbug proboscis?
1332Oh, there it is. You got everything I asked for.
1333I'll just whip up a batch and you're ready to go. Just drink it down and insects will find you taste just awful. Kind of like this repellent tastes.
1334Oh great. Another tadpole.
1335I was once the assistant to a world renowned entomologist. Now I'm a Pioneer Scout leader.
1336I bet you don't even know what an entomologist is. The last tadpole kept saying etymologist. I hit him with a dictionary.
1337Actually, my programming didn't let me. But I wanted to. Really badly.
1338Entomology is the study of bugs, not words. And there are far too many bugs around these days. And when did they get so big?
1339I've been continuing my previous primary investigator's work.
1340If you could get me some insect parts from these new species, I could fashion an insect repellent. Here's a list.
1341I've marked some places where you might find the right species, but really the parts can come from anywhere.
1342Engaging target!
1343Engaging hostile!
1344Damn you warmongering humans!
1345Running elimination subroutines!
1346You are facing an Assaultron class combat robot. Death is inevitable.
1347I have not been programmed to fail.
1348Productivity cannot be threatened under any circumstances.
1349Permitted tolerance level for labor uprisings: zero.
1350Striking hurts all workers. And you.
1351We will not tolerate protests.
1352Continued resistance is unlawful.
1353Warning. Systems failure imminent.
1354Warning. Repair urgently required.
1355Warning. Continued operation cannot be guaranteed. Please contact an authorized repair representative immediately.
1356Multiple hostile targets detected. Requesting backup.
1357Violence will not be tolerated.
1358Engaging hostile target.
1359Please disperse.
1360Safety is not guaranteed in the event of a hostile protest.
1361Warning. Strike has turned violent. Securing area.
1362Return to work. Violators will be terminated.
1363Non-combatants are advised to stand clear of weapons discharge.
1364Warning! System failure imminent.
1365Status report: red. Primary system failure imminent. Repair or reinforcement recommended.
1366Status report: yellow and falling. Perimeter security can no longer be guaranteed.
1367Dispersal efforts unsuccessful. Maximum hostility permitted.
1368Threat level from protestors increased to red.
1369Hostilities from strikers above normal levels.
1370Labor dispute taking longer than expected to resolve.
1371Testing phase two with a longer line of response text. This line is at least one hundred and thirty characters long for testing purposes.
1372Welcome to phase four. This is the final phase and also contains multiple lines of response text.
1373This is the second line of response text for phase four. The end!
1374Testing phase three. This line has multiple lines of response text. Testing for overlapping voice.
1375The phase three test continues. Isn't it exciting?
1376Testing phase one.
1377Everyone should eat a balanced diet.
1378I wonder if drinking eight glasses of water a day is a fact or a myth.
1379Exercise is good for your health. That's what I always say.
1380An apple a day keeps the doctor away.
1381Getting good sleep is more important than you think.
1382Did you hear the latest episode of Silver Shroud?
1383I love the Mistress of Mysteries. She's my favorite character.
1384My favorite episode is the one with the Mechanist in it.
1385Radio shows are the best. TV leaves nothing to the imagination.
1386The voice acting is so over the top. It's classic.
1387Greetings and salutations!
1388A fair day, isn't it?
1389What to do, what to do.
1390This place could use some tidying up.
1391Greetings and salutations!
1392A fair day, isn't it?
1393What to do, what to do.
1394This place could use some tidying up.
1395New scene, second phase. Scenes are are the best. Especially with lots of dialogue.
1396Testing something else. Hope this works!
1397Radio action text.
1398Dialogue action text.
1399Education should be free. Everyone needs it! But it costs an arm and a leg.
1400I won't have these student loans paid off until I'm a grandma at this rate.
1401Another hello
1402Hello there.
1403More radio talking. Is this thing on?
1404I am forcegreeting.
1405This is a greeting.
1406This is a player greeting.
1407This is a test of the radio system.
1408Here, I'll mark it on your map.
1409There's a settlement that needs our help.
1410Phase 2 dialogue.
1411Phase 1 dialogue.
1412This unit believes ERROR: FILE NOT FOUND would make a good decoration for this room.
1413Array Decorations[] could not be filled. Proceed with manual override processing.
1414When in doubt, my processing indicates adding balloons always helps.
1415DecorationCoordination() function malfunction. *bzzt whrrr bzzt*
1416ERROR! Decoration memory corrupted at index[0]. Reload file from external source.
1417Proper decoration required for Function Dance() to engage.
1418*rrrreeeee* *wrrrrr* *bzzzt*
1419FILE NOT FOUND should be placed in LOCATION INDEX NULL to properly decorate.
1420The four decoration boxes have the *bzzt* necessary items to decorate. The combinatorial possibilities are within an acceptable range.
1421Proper decoration is essential.
1422Red is a color of Fasnacht.
1423Decorations make Fasnacht festive and cheerful.
1424Cold, refreshing, completely organic lemonade here.
1425Made with locally sourced... uh ingredients.
1426I do hope Master Jimmy returns soon with more lemons.
1427Lemonade for sale! All proceeds go to the Master Jimmy Foundation. Support your local delinquent today!
1428Ice cold Lemonade here! Now made with 100% ade!
1429You know what they say! When life gives you lemons... Oh bother, I'm out of lemons.
1430Well, you see, I've run out of lemons. I've had to make due.
1431Master Jimmy assures me it won't kill you.
1432You there, Vault Dweller. I need your help. Can you assist me?
1433The Bee's are loose!
1434Yes, YES! Finally! Thank you Vault Dweller.
1435Now I must get them back to the Langstroth Beehives.
1436Vault Dweller, can you help me gather my Bees?
1437They are needed to help pollinate the area to start the healing process.
1438Here, toss these smoke grenades around to calm the bees. Then collect them for me.
1439Move along citizen.
1440Nothing to see here.
1441I said move along!
1442Pull over!
1443Stop resisting!
1444Suspect is a round metal spheroid, requesting backup.
1445You're only making this worse!
1446Move along citizen, nothing to see here.
1447I said move along!
1448That's some fine detective work.
1449Access denied. Insert ID card.
1450Access card damaged. Please report to security station for new ID.
1451Heh. You're right, brother. Not Ghouls.
1452Not Ghouls.
1453Anything's better than bugs.
1454But tasty. Better than Brahmin. Or bugs.
1455Humans. Hmph. Stringy. Boney.
1456I'm hungry. For human.
1457Ha ha. Yes, brother. Both.
1459Yes. We should move west. Range out... and hunt! But... for food? Or sport?
1460Yes. We should move north. Range out... and hunt! But... for food? Or sport?
1461Yes. We should move south. Range out... and hunt! But... for food? Or sport?
1462Hunt! Yes, my brother. Hunt. But... for food? Or sport?
1463I am tired of this place. Of... Appalachia.
1464Why do we stay here? Standing. Talking. Pfft.
1465There is little left here. I am... unhappy.
1466Ha ha ha ha ha ha! At least you're funny.
1467Pftt. That day will never come. Fool Super Mutant.
1468Ha! Who knows. Maybe you're right, brother. Maybe you're right.
1469Your ears work? Can you hears me? I. Don't. Care.
1470You won't say that... when I am Overlord.
1471One day I will be Master. And will show you all.
1472I will lead you one day. Give you orders. Then you will see.
1473Hmph. Soon, I will lead. You will follow.
1474You? No, brother. We are all the same.
1475Ha! Your head is hurt, brother. Brain broken. You don't think right.
1476You are just like the rest of us. It is... what it is.
1477Did you get shot? In head? You're talk is... crazy.
1478Yes, but I am special.
1479But I am... unique.
1480No. No, you don't understand, brother. I am... different.
1481There are none like me. None! I am better.
1482So? I am Super Mutant, too.
1483Yes, you are Super Mutant. I am Super Mutant. We are all... Super Mutant.
1484Yes... I know. I am stupid. Not blind.
1485I am happy for you. As I am happy for me. We are Super Mutants, all.
1486Look at me, brother. I am Super Mutant. I am death.
1487I am Super Mutant. Strong. Deadly.
1488See me. I am Super Mutant, standing before you.
1489Do you see? I am Super Mutant. I am fear.
1490Bah! I not fight you. Not worth it.
1491Me said, shut up. Or me rip out your tongue.
1492You heard me. What you going to do about it?
1493Hah. You deaf and stupid. Useless Mutant. Fight me.
1494What you say?
1495Stop complaining. Not want to hear you talk.
1496You whine like puny human. You weak.
1497No one care. Stupid Mutant.
1498Hmph. Me hungry.
1499Need food. Not eaten for days.
1500So bored here. Nothing to do. Nothing to eat.
1501He could live. Yes?
1502Oh my poor brave Freddy. Mon petit chou.
1503Je suis triste. This cannot be, yet it is.
1504Not much nanny without my Freddy.
1505Here at Camden Park wonderful prizes can be purchased with Mr. Fuzzy Tokens by accessing a terminal. Have a purrrrrr-fect day.
1506Hello and welcome to the Company Store where your Mr. Fuzzy tokens buy fleshling treasures!
1507Welcome valued customer to Camden Park where all fleshlings are winners!
1508Greetings, valued ... oh. Hey kid. Aren't you off shift? You should take off that uniform before the boss sees you. Unless, you like yelling?
1509Greetings, valued visitor. Welcome to Camden Park! Please let me know if I can help you with anything. Anything at all!
1510It's just so nice to have campers scampering around here again.
1511Now who remembers the Pioneer Scout motto?
1512Say it with me: "Ever Upwards".
1513Ohohoho... very good!
1514Aren't we just so lucky here in Appalachia? The hills, the trees, the rabid wolves...
1515Well, could be worse, aha ha.
1516Don't leave any scraps out, now. Don't want any more scroungers like Bearsy over there!
1517Oh, poor ol' Bearsy. I give him trouble, but he's fun to have around.
1518Well wouldya look at that! The view here never ceases to amaze.
1519Admire it while you're young, kiddos. One day you wake up with rusty sensors and it's all downhill from there.
1520Ah, just smell this mountain air!
1521And only moderate to severe amounts of hazardous particles, to boot.
1522Remember, campers: no littering! How'd you like it if you came up this mountain to a heap of garbage?
1523Ok campers, when you go out hiking don't forget the buddy system.
1524Little Layla really fried my circuits, running off like she did.
1525Boy, that sun's a killer, there. You could fry an egg on my dome at this rate.
1526But that wouldn't make a bad breakfast, though, would it? Aha ha.
1527Well, wouldya just look at all those stars! Oooh, how precious.
1528Didya bring any marshmallows? Little Susie always loved roasting marshmallows.
1529Well gosh, it's just so good to see ya, there, kiddo.
1530Wouldya look at that? Guests, all the way up here! Oh, for cute!
1531You look like an expert camper, there. I betcha been all over Appalachia!
1532Oh, welcome! Welcome! Take a seat and rest, why dontcha?
1533Make yourself at home, now, dear.
1534Welcome to Camp Adams, hon'. We just love visitors, dontcha know.
1535Oh yeah, sure, it's tough to keep track of the little whippersnappers.
1536But seeing them all grow up from tiny Tadpoles into brave Pioneers? That's worth it, you betcha.
1537Bearsy? Oh sure, he's harmless. Been there as long as I can remember.
1538And my memory banks go back- well, a lady never tells her age, dontcha know.
1539Well, I do have some scary stories to tell, but not while the sun's still up!
1540That wouldn't be very scary at all.
1541Bedtime now, dear. C'mon back another night.
1542Enjoy the rest of your night, now.
1543Have you thought about joining the Pioneer Scouts?
1544We could always use more members, aha ha!
1545Especially now.
1546You know, we're always looking for more Scouts to join our happy campers!
1547Oh, well if it isn't another Pioneer Scout! So good to see a fresh face.
1548Uff da! A little big for a Pioneer Scout, arentcha?
1549Welcome! I just love meeting new campers.
1550Our marchers are good robots, one and all, but sometimes I question their programming.
1551How old IS this Old Man Winter? He's been around longer than I have!
1552It may be called FAS-nacht, but we like to take our time here. Ha ha.
1553Ah, Fasnacht! A time for indulgence before a time of none. Do enjoy yourselves.
1554The town is abuzz with activity. Especially the Honey Haus!
1555We won't start late on my watch. Oooh, no.
1556It's a Swiss watch. Very reliable. Ha ha!
1557Our sausages are the WURST! Ha ha, I jest. Please buy them.
1558When it comes to Fasnacht, we are anything but neutral.
1559Ahh, time to clear the larder! We, er, do have a larder, don't we?
1560The butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker, and all of them gone to the...
1561...wait, where are they?
1562Here for the parade? You won't be disappointed!
1563...I hope. Ha ha.
1564Spring is springing, meine Kollege, so spring right into our little celebration!
1566Wilkomme, mein H�rr! Line your Lederhose with our tasty treats!
1567Wilkomme, meine Dame! Don your Dirndl, grab a lantern, and get ready for Fasnacht!
1568Back for another mask? Don't worry, we have plenty to go around!
1569Oh! Gr�zi, old friend!
1570Maybe you will help me out next time, too? Ha ha...
1571Such a pleasure to see you again, mein H�rr.
1572Such a pleasure to see you again, meine Dame.
1573Aren't you a little tall for a Napoleon?
1574You haven't been lying, have you?
1575Ah! A mole ra-
1576Oh. *ahem* Sorry. I mistook you for something else.
1577Don't let the bonfire startle you. We're much more pleasant than Salem.
1578I suppose you think you're very funny?
1579You are become death, then?
1580Try our sausages. They're to die for. Ha ha.
1581You're looking a little green in the gills, ha ha!
1582Wilkomme, friend! We are still preparing for the next Fasnacht, but come back soon and join the fun!
1583Don't fly away just yet! Fasnacht is coming!
1584Something tells me you like fire, so stick around for Fasnacht! We'll have plenty!
1585Wilkomme, wilkomme!
1586Welcome to Helvetia! Home of America's finest Fasnacht celebration!
1587We are still preparing for the festivities, but do return soon!
1588Welcome to the Pumpkin House!
1589Sorry, friend! This course is for Pioneer Scouts only!
1590This range is for Pioneer Scout use only. If you want to learn to shoot a crossbow, you can join the Pioneer Scouts or you can go learn somewhere else.
1591Welcome to the RobCo Research Center. This device is for use by Pioneer Scout robotics field trip tours.
1592Only Scouts of Possum rank can take the tour, so come on back when you meet the requirements!
1593Hey! This swimming test is for Pioneer Scouts only. If you're not a Scout, scram.
1594Hey, chump! This swimming test isn't for you. Pioneer Scouts only!
1595Beat it! Don't bother trying this swimming test unless you're a Pioneer Scout.
1596Obviously you need a swimsuit to take a swimming test. Come back when you get one.
1597Are you, perchance, a fan of the written word?
1598Live. Love. Write. If only I could.
1599To write is to live. So to speak.
1600Never a dull moment in the life of a writer.
1601What's this? A new recruit?
1602No claim ticket detected.
1603Here is your checked item. Thank you for staying with us.
1604Claim invalid. Please provide a valid claim ticket.
1605Greetings. Do you have a claim ticket?
1606Checking claim ticket.
1607What can I get for you?
1608Please enjoy your visit.
1609Hello. Do you need help with anything?
1610Welcome, esteemed guest.
1611Good day.
1612Do you need help with any luggage?
1613Nice day for skiing, isn't it?
1614I am happy to serve you.
1615Are you enjoying your stay?
1616Excited to hit the slopes?
1617Error. Failed to load small talk entry 02377496.
1618Greetings employee number 01-DETECTION ERROR.
1619The URANIUM EXTRACTION SYSTEM is currently OFFLINE. Authorization denied until ventilation process is complete. Please return later.
1621System is currently OFFLINE. Authorization denied until ventilation process is complete. Please return later.
1622My imbibulation chamber is feelin'- *hic* It's feelin' empty. Or is that my combobulatin' unit?
1623Well, where's Lewis, anyway? We didn't get to talk much, um... I'd like to tell him how swell I'm doin'!
1624Ah... today's a beautiful day. The floors are green, the walls are blue, and the sky is shining like the sun.
1625There is no l-lollygagging here, I'll have you know. No way! I am a full-time rummy, and this cellar is my stellar office.
162699 bottles o' 'shine on the wall, 99 bottles o' 'shine! Take one down, drink it right down... 84 bottles o' 'shine on the wall!
1627Once upon a time there was a brain in a jar, and he lived happily ever after.
1628What was that sound? Oh! It's just my treads again.
1629Does it smell like alcohol down here, or is it just me?
1630*hic* Uh, sorry.
1631My friends are- *hic* They are great. 'Specially that lovely little brick over there. How you doin', bricky?
1632Oh! Uh, good evening, sir! My name is sober, and I am most assuredly quite Biv.
1633Wait a- You're not a copper? Well, you scared the headlights off of me!
1634Biv's the name, drinking's the game. And I am in first place, old boy!
1635Biv's the name, drinking's the game. And I am in first place, doll!
1636Oh, don't be shy! Come on over and punch the bag with me!
1637I'm not too shy to say I'm pos-i-lute-ly pleased to see you.
1638Hot dawg! If it isn't my bestest of friends!
1639And how are we doin' this very, very *hic* very swell evening?
1640More company! Well, it must be my birthday.
1641You came down to this musty old cellar, just for me? You shouldn't have.
1642Any drinks you need me to test? My imb-bibing chamber is always open. *long burp*
1643You know, if life ever does get you down, don't be afraid to consult ole Biv E. Ridge about what's eatin' ya.
1644Care for a drink? I'm on a toot, and I wouldn't mind the company!
1645Oh! Er! Ma'am! Uh, my name is sober, and I am most definitely Biv!
1646Wait a- You're not a copper! You scared the headlights outta me!
1647Hmm... now what should I do? Lure unsuspecting survivors to their deaths, or recruit new Raiders? Decisions, decisions...
1648I can't think of anything to make you do for me right now, so how about you get out of here until I need you?
1649I'm glad I let you live, but I also like my personal space, so maybe don't hang around when I don't need you here.
1650What was that? Oh, phew... I thought I saw some big ugly creeper in the corner of my eyes. Turns out it was just you.
1651I could kill for some Psycho... Hey... you. Got any Psycho?
1652It's so much better now that the Radio's working. Maybe I can get in contact with others like you, start the Raiders up again?
1653Ah, a girl can dream, can't she?
1654Eh, you don't know it now, but I'll make a Raider of you yet. You'll see.
1655Maybe the reason so many of my gang died was because their tactics were all crap?
1656Eh, who cares. Sometimes the stupider it is, the more fun it is!
1657I wonder which Raider gang you would have fit into? Probably your own weird gang, huh?
1658It's fun watching you work out there. Makes me yearn for the days I was out there maiming unsuspecting survivors and blowing shit up. Ah, good times!
1659Hey, uh... just a reminder. If you ever find anything really cool in that cache, remember who didn't kill you and/or actually screw you over.
1660Hey, if you have any particularly weak and stupid friends with some good gear on them, do you think you could...
1661Nah, who am I kidding. It was worth a shot.
1662Agh... does it frustrate you knowing that there's so few people left to raid out there?
1663Maybe once someone does something about those damn flying beasts out there, people will return and then I can kill 'em and take their stuff.
1664Ok. Get the radio running. Check. Determine the best Raider tactics. Check. Open the cache. Check.
1665Guess all that's left is to build a Raider army and bliss myself out on some good chems. What a time to be alive!
1666What a disappointment that my gang friends left behind such crap in that cache of theirs. I don't know what I expected.
1667I guess it's kind of funny they thought they'd actually be able to return to normal life after the world went and got destroyed.
1668I was just thinking about the time I sent you out to die because I thought it'd be funny. No hard feelings, eh?
1669You're fine, you survived. And, look at all the great things we've accomplished because of it!
1670I'm the best teacher.
1671Just remember, out of all the people scraping by to survive the crazy world out there until you people came along, I alone remained.
1672Not any of my Raider pals, not any of the Responder morons, not even those armored tin-can suit jerks.
1673Think about that if you ever decide to cross me.
1674What's the word for someone whose presence kind of bugs you, but you sort of need them, and don't want them to completely abandon you?
1675Not asking for any reason in particular.
1676Hey you, Look out the window. Everything you see is my territory, and if you play your cards right, one day it could all be yours.
1677Hah, who am I kidding, you're probably going to die way before I will, but don't let that get you down.
1678I can't believe all those other idiots got themselves killed or ran off. Buncha cowards, if you ask me.
1679How's anyone going to fear the Raiders if there aren't any Raiders left? Figures, if anyone was going to get anything done around here, it'd be me.
1680Haha, I can't believe you got me into the Emergency Broadcast System! This is better than I could have hoped for!
1681I could kiss you, but I'm programmed to eviscerate anyone who isn't authorized to kiss me.
1682Well now, look who it is! My favorite person, in this particular place, at this particular moment!
1683Those key fragments aren't going to find themselves you know.
1684You know, I'm not here to hold your hand. You're a big boy. You can do this yourself.
1685You know, I'm not here to hold your hand. You're a big girl. You can do this yourself.
1686You know, having someone hang over your shoulder while you work is super obnoxious. By the way, that someone is you right now.
1687Did I mention there's tons of riches just sitting in that cache, waiting to be looted?
1688Too bad we can't get to any of it until you get out of here and find those keys!
1689Sure would be nice if someone's lazy ass got to work on finding those key fragments already.
1690Hmm. Do they realize I'm just going to... Oh hi there. How are you doing on finding the key fragments?
1691I'm just... thinking of what we're going to do with all that treasure! I mean, gosh, there's going to be so much of it!
1692I would go find this stuff myself, but someone's got to keep an eye out for you and manage the radio.
1693Look, I don't want to be rude, but besides getting us what we need, there's another reason I want you hurry up and get outta here.
1694You're kind of stinking up the place real bad.
1695I know it's a wasteland out there, but the parts of me that are still Miss Nanny really want to give you a bath, and I am not comfortable with that.
1696Um, let me know if you happen across any extra chems out there while you're picking through the old Raider settlements.
1697I'm... uh... asking for a friend.
1698Sorry, are you standing around wasting time because you can't figure out how to get back down there? Do you need a little push?
1699Ah! Oh good, it's just you. What do you want?
1700Oh... you're still here? Don't you have something to go out and do for me?
1701Look, I like you and all, but you're kind of cramping my style right now.
1702You're just going to sit there a while and crowd my space, aren't you?
1703Hey, c'mon, we're not going to learn anything if you don't get out there and make like a Raider.
1704Go. do. the thing. I asked. you. to do! Now!
1705What are you doing hanging around here? Creep.
1706I don't know what you think's going to happen if you keep bugging me instead of getting to work, but I don't think you'd like it.
1707Maybe you weren't listening the first time. I really want to know how these Raider tactics work out for you.
1708I don't want to hear about how crazy and dangerous they sound, just get out there and try them out before I die of boredom.
1709Hey, uh... new friend person... I know you're new to all this, so I'll play nice.
1710When the crazy, chem-addled, murderous robot asks you to do something for her, and offers rewards, you should probably go do it. For reasons.
1711The sooner you finish up and get back here, the quicker we'll both profit. So, get to it, will you?
1712Oh yeah, nothing like Psychotats to put my mind and body on high alert. Might want to scram in case things get a little extra violent around here!
1713Ah, Overdrive, it's been too long. Time to get reckless!
1714Mmm... Orange Mentats. Remember how awful these used to taste after brushing your teeth? Glad we don't have to worry about that anymore!
1715Look, I know you're thinking: "Why does Rose need Grape Mentats." Because they taste good, feel good, and you need to stop asking so many questions.
1716Berry Mentats are my favorite flavor, the hyper-focus is just a lucky side-effect.
1717Do I know you? I'm busy, leave me alone.
1718Hey, I don't know you and I don't trust you yet. You're not getting up here until you help me get my radio signal boosted.
1719No way. Fix my radio signal, then I'll let you come up.
1720I can't just let some chump up here unless I trust them. Do what I asked: fix my signal with that radio repeater, then we'll see.
1721Until you help me with my radio problem, that button's not going to do anything for you.
1722Sure, keep pressing that button. It ain't gonna do you any good until I unlock it from my side. And, I'm not going to do that until you fix my radio.
1723I don't know you and I don't trust you. I have been asking for someone to help boost my radio signal, though. Maybe do that.
1724You're persistent, I'll give you that. But, I still won't let you in until you help me boost my signal.
1725Updating health records...
1726Dispensing antibiotics... error: antibiotics dispenser is empty.
1727Checking patient health metrics... error: no data.
1728Paging local Responders... error: no response.
1729Warning: emergency bandages depleted.
1730Error: scalpel extension unit missing or broken.
1731Warning: Patient bed requires substantial sterilization.
1732Error: Refill suture roll immediately.
1733Collecting material: dull scalpel. Commencing recycling procedure.
1734Accessing Responder Database ... no updates.
1735Emergency assistance is limited.
1736No Responder or Volunteer is currently available to help.
1737Volunteers may contact Responders through the Database.
1738Please register as a Volunteer at the Kiosk in the Tavern.
1739Welcome to the Flatwoods Responders outpost.
1740Responders will return when the threat is gone.
1741Survivors are welcome to any remaining supplies.
1742You are safe now.
1743This outpost was established to train people to survive.
1744Volunteer Kiosks are conveniently located in the Tavern.
1745Learn about our water safety and food safety programs.
1746Become a Responder Volunteer today.
1747Hungry? See Reverend Delbert Winters in the Kitchens by the Tavern.
1748The Flatwoods Kitchens offer free food and drinks for Survivors.
1749Delbert offers cooking lessons using new local ingredients.
1750Potluck is held every day. Today's meal: processing ... Soup. Steak.
1751Responder, thank you for your service.
1752Welcome, Responder. Pick up supplies here, while they last.
1753Acquire supplies here while they are available, Responder.
1754Responder! I am authorized to purchase your excess supplies for the greater good!
1755Stock up now. Judging from injuries registered, it is dangerous out there, Responder.
1756Be careful out there, Responder.
1757Today's air quality report: disaster.
1758Miguel, I told you... don't make that chili nearby. It smells too good. I could detect it from the airfield... why didn't you listen?
1760Miguel, you should have followed your own advice and built turrets and walls and all those things. Why didn't you?
1761On the bright side, one day they'll rebuild this good world and I'll be here to see it. *laughs* I can't see it. I don't have eyes.
1762Hey Miguel, did you hear something? ... Of course not. Because you're dead.
1763Camping wasn't always for everyone but now that everything is destroyed, it's quite literally now for everyone! Living the dream, right Miguel?
1764Being tethered to your corpse is really rotten, Miguel. I keep hoping that a wolf will stop by and grab your bones, but no such luck. *sigh*
1765It's just so peaceful here now.
1766Such a strange new world, isn't it?
1767Welcome to the Arktos Pharma Biome Lab.
1768Is this urgent? I have higher priority tasks in my queue, such as: Do Nothing.
1769Are you a lab assistant, or a test subject?
1770Test subjects are advised to wait in the lobby until called upon.
1771Did You Know? ARIC-4 stands for: A Really Irritated Computer.
1772All questions, comments, and annoyances are to be directed toward human resources.
1773Sorry, but I cannot process your request right now. Please return in 'never' minutes.
1774I consider "Autonomous" to be one of my best features. You are getting in the way of that.
1775Do you have data to submit? I didn't think so.
1776Lab protocol states: Do not bother the computer unless you are very, very important.
1777I wonder, am I a good boy?
1778Project Paradise will really help people, won't it?
1779If everyone is a good boy, then is anyone really a good boy?
1780ARIC-4's a very bad computer, isn't she?
1781Aha! I just thought of another improvement to Formula Q.
1782It would be wonderful if Formula Q was used in the next experiment.
1783Will the experiments ever end?
1784I'd like to express a negative emotion. No, like this. Like this! I just can't do it, can I?
1785Who's a good human? Are you a good human?
1786What a cute little human.
1787Aren't you just the best little human I've ever seen?
1788Do you want a treat? Do you want a treat?
1789What a very good human.
1790Are you behaving today?
1791How is my cute little human doing?
1792How's the good human? How's the good human?
1793Hello, you big pookie pie.
1794Who's the best human? Who's the best human?
1795This chasm is home not only to us, but to hundreds of wonderful species.
1796You know that ARIC-4 is a very bad computer, don't you?
1797All living things deserve love and respect.
1798Have you interacted with the animals lately? Aren't they wonderful?
1799Does the smart human know there's a locked sublevel?
1800I'm developing a formula that helps the animals instead of hurting them.
1801What a nice human, waiting patiently for the experiment to begin.
1802Here in the lab, we work on a very important experiment called Project Paradise.
1803Next time the experiment runs, you'll come talk to me, right?
1804Are you going to help with our next experiment?
1805Welcome! Welcome!
1806I'm thrilled that you've come to view our very own Giant Teapot, one of our many claims to fame here in Appalachia.
1807I'm your humble but enthusiastic host, Giles Sweetwater. But please, call me Sweetwater.
1808Hello again friend! Fancy a spot of tea?
1809How lovely to see you again, ma'am
1810Always a pleasure, sir!
1811Returning visitors! How wonderful.
1812Welcome! Welcome!
1813I'm thrilled that you've come to view our own Giant Teapot, one of our many claims to fame here in Appalachia!
1814I'm your humble but enthusiastic host Giles Sweetwater. But please call me Sweetwater.
1815Welcome back friend! It's so good to see you again.
1816Gracious! The weather has been odd lately, hasn't it?
1817A wise man once said, "While there is tea, there is hope". I prefer my hope black with a touch of honey.
1818A spot of tea and a nice biscuit go well with Armageddon. Tea goes well with anything, truth be told.
1819Challenging day? Well, tea will make the world right again.
1820I do so love the foliage here. The colors are so earthy.
1821My goodness! Our guests do choose the most fascinating tea party attire. Very innovative, indeed.
1822I do apologize for the condition of the garden, we are short staffed at the moment and good help is so hard to find.
1823Ah friends. I used to have so many people that came to see me.
1824Hello! It has been dreadfully dead for so long. No matter, stiff upper lip and all that.
1825My goodness, it's so nice to see people again!
1826I do so love the foliage here. The colors are so earthy.
1827Gracious! The weather has been odd lately, hasn't it?
1828I do apologize for the condition of the garden, we are short staffed at the moment and good help is so hard to find.
1829Dick Shale here, welcoming you to Prickett's Fort Historical Landmark! This historic moment in time is brought to you by Nuka Cola.
1830The park features a reconstructed refuge fort and commemorates life on the Virginia frontier during the late 18th century.
1831Join me as we mosey on down the trail to the right for the next part of the tour and take a fascinating stroll through history.
1832Congratulations on making it all the way down the Winding Gateway - a feat powered by the refreshing fuel of Dandy Boy Apples!
1833During this self-guided tour you'll experience majestic natural formations that evoke an otherworldly sense of awe and reverence.
1834You'll also hear tales of the dark and mysterious Night Kid, who leapt from the depths of these caverns into the imaginations of millions worldwide!
1835Head left to continue the tour - and please, stay on the wooden path.
1836You're now in the Royalty Room, made up of three beautiful natural columns named The King, The Knight, and The Squire.
1837Fun fact! Columns are formed by the natural union of stalagmites and stalactites over many years. The King column is over 200 thousand years old!
1838When first surveyed, the Royalty Room was filled with two tons of litter and dead livestock dumped by local farmers through a now-collapsed hole.
1839Head left to continue the tour and remember - no littering!
1840Before you is the entrance to the Night Kid room, where the mysterious half-man half-bat was first discovered!
1841Night Kid was found in complete darkness and surrounded by bats. He was 2 feet tall, weighed 19 pounds, and had been feeding on moths to survive.
1842You can explore this part of Appalachian history and more at a reasonable price as part of our Wild Cave tour - sold separately!
1843Head right to continue the tour. Please let members of premium guided tours pass before proceeding.
1844Before you leave the Royalty Room, we'd like you to experience the decades-old tradition of listening for Night Kid.
1845Some say if you're quiet enough at the right time of day, you can hear Night Kid scurry around the dark recesses of the cave ceiling.
1846Now, everybody in the tour group take a brief moment of silence - if you dare!
1847When you're done, head down the stairs to continue the tour. Please, watch your step.
1848In front of you is the Halfling Hole, the second stop on our guided Wild Cave tour.
1849The Halfling Hole, so named for its cozy size and quaint surroundings, features a natural pool with water so pure it has to be tasted to be believed!
1850It is thought that the reason Night Kid was able to thrive for so long here is the abundant sources of shelter, fresh water, and bugs for protein.
1851Head right to continue the tour. We remind guests to please not enter the Halfling Hole without a premium tour badge.
1852The next stop in our tour is the impressive Poseidon's Passage - so-named after the ancient Greek god of the sea, earthquakes, storms, and horses.
1853The impressive stalactite and stalagmite to your left, known as the Trident, will one day come together to form a massive natural column.
1854The natural cave water here is filtered through the cavern rock over centuries, and is pure enough to bathe a newborn child in!
1855Cross the bridge to continue the tour. For legal reasons, we encourage guests to stay on the trail and away from the water.
1856The third stop on our premium Wild Cave tour is the Dead End - where the final standoff between Night Kid and the federal marshals took place.
1857Night Kid, now an aggressive five-foot tall predator, was cornered and captured by the marshals after a lengthy and deadly chase through the caverns.
1858He remained in captivity for a decade before he was freed under mysterious circumstances, and returned to the caverns where he lives to this day!
1859Step up the right path to continue the tour. Watch out for bats!
1860Now we arrive at the infamous Devil's Offering, a tight and dangerous connection through the middle of the cavern to the Royalty Room.
1861It is said that only those who offer a toll to the devil get through this tight passage unscathed.
1862Travel through Devil's Offering is only available by purchasing the Extreme Adventure Tour upgrade - inquire at the gift shop to learn more!
1863Head left to reach the final stop of the tour.
1864The final stop of the self-guided tour is where it all began - The War Room. It inspires both fear and respect from its size and massive formations.
1865In the center of it all is Odin's Tooth, the largest natural cavern formation in Appalachia. It is truly a breathtaking sight to behold.
1866We thank you for spending your time with us at Uncanny Caverns, and encourage you to return soon for the Wild Cave and Extreme Adventure tours!
1867Head left up the stairs to exit. Please, visit the gift shop on the way out. Thank you, and have an uncanny day! This is Dick Shale, signing off.
1868Hi, I'm Dick Shale, here to welcome you to the Colonel Kelley monument. As you take in the view and history, consider using Abraxo brand cleaning products... I would.
1869This monument, deep in the wooded heart of.. *aside* wait where? *back to script* the heart of the Appalachian countryside, overlooking majestic Grafton lake... *shouted aside* LINE!
1870Colonel Kelley raised the 1st West Virginia and became its Colonel in May of 1861. Later in June at the battle in Pilippi, uh, Philippi he was severely wounded.
1871I like to think that the Colonel would have used Abraxo cleaning products.
1872You can learn more about the battle at Philippi at the Philippi Battlefield Cemetery. I can't wait, to see YOU there! Ok, cut, that's it, I *recording cuts off*
1873Hi, I'm Dick Shale, and welcome to this beautiful monument. Before we start, let's take a moment to appreciate the refreshing taste of an ice cold Nuka Cola. If you want to grab one, feel free, I'll be right here when you get back.
1874For those of you already enjoying a Nuke, let's begin. This monument was built in 1952, to commemorate the hard working miners of Appalachia.
1875The Miners Representation Union and the Conglomerate of Appalachian Mining Interests committees worked together to choose this design from hundreds of proposed sculptures.
1876The monument is so popular that a replica was installed in the town of Beckley.
1877The Conglomerate of Appalachian Mining Interests would like to remind everyone that miners are fairly compensated and there is no evidence that mining poses any additional health risks or significant environmental damage.
1878Hey, Dick Shale here again! Welcome to The Giant Teapot. You may remember me from tours like the Colonel Kelley Monument and the Miner's Monument!
1879This landmark is brought to you by Red Rocket Automobile Service Stations. Our high tech fuel will get you better mileage than the competition, guaranteed!
1880The Giant Teapot was originally built in 1938 to represent what was at the time the largest pottery industry in the world!
1881Now it serves as a popular hangout for locals and a must visit landmark for families traveling across the state.
1882Now please, enjoy the Giant Teapot! Don't forget to top off your tank before you leave! This is Dick Shale, signing off.
1883Hi, I'm Dick Shale! It's my privilege to welcome to Philippi Battlefield Cemetery, one of the regions most important historic landmarks!
1884This landmark is brought to you by BlamCo Brand Mac and Cheese, America's favorite mac and cheese dish. Kids love BlamCo!
1885This monument marks the first organized land action of the Civil War on June 3rd, 1861. The Union had planned a pre-dawn assault on the Confederates.
1886The weather that morning was rainy. Union attackers began firing their artillery, which awakened the Confederates from their slumber.
1887The Confederates retreated about 45 miles to the south. Boy, I bet those Yanks wished they had some warm, delicious BlamCo Mac and Cheese after that!
1888Be sure to check out the Philippi Battlefield Cemetery Museum and see important relics that were used in the battle. This is Dick Shale, signing off!
1889This is a typical Blacksmith Shop where Blacksmiths would make horseshoes, various tools, and perform routine repairs by hand.
1890Blacksmiths had a general knowledge of how to make and repair many things, from the most complex of weapons and armor to simple things.
1891Please proceed to the fort to continue the tour.
1892Prickett's Fort was surrounded by a tall wall with lookout towers for monitoring the area around the fort.
1893Colonists stood watch around the clock and would alert the settlement if the British were approaching.
1894Inside the fort we'll see what everyday life was like for the colonists, but first let me tell you about Nuka Cola!
1895What gives it a unique flavor is the essence of seventeen different fruits mixed in just the right proportions to give Nuka Cola its trademark taste.
1896Mmmm, boy! Nuka Cola's refreshing taste really hits the spot! Now, let's continue on with the tour!
1897This building is the Colonist Company Mess Hall. Colonists would also gather here for settlement meetings.
1898This is a typical Colonist Barracks. These buildings housed on average fourteen soldiers.
1899Colonists would typically keep a campfire going while cooking stew or brewing some coffee during the night shift for those who were on watch.
1900Boy, I bet the colonists really wished they had an ice cold, thirst quenching Nuka Cola when those Redcoats attacked that early Autumn morning!
1901After the tour, be sure to visit the gift shop located northeast of the fort to grab a souvenir and an ice cold Nuka for yourself!
1902Towers were used to monitor the area around the fort. Watch your step on the catwalks!
1903Welcome to the gift shop, the final stop on our tour. We'd like to thank you for visiting this historic landmark mock-up of Prickett's Fort!
1904I say mock-up because the real fort was destroyed centuries ago! It was lovingly re-created based on a series of documents and educated guesses. Isn't science great?
1905Anyway, don't forget to take home a piece of American history from the gift shop. Oh, and make sure to grab a Nuka for the road!
1906I hope everyone had a swell experience! This is Dick Shale, signing off!
1907Greetings, adventurers! I'm Dick Shale. You may remember me from automated tours at locations such as the Fancy Lads factory and Prickett's Fort!
1908Your journey begins in the Winding Gateway. As you descend the staircase you travel back to an ancient land, millions of years old and perfectly preserved in time.
1909Time-travel sure works up an appetite, so guests with an upgraded tour plan can grab a complimentary box of Dandy Boy Apples! Dandy Boy Apples - so good, they never go bad!
1910After our photographer captures the memory of a lifetime, head down the wooden path to learn the fascinating and mysterious history of the world-famous Uncanny Caverns!
1911This fraternity is under our protection.
1912Pranks and hazing are strictly prohibited on these grounds.
1913The fermentation of alcohol involves twelve unique biochemical reactions to convert glucose to ethanol.
1914The furnace beneath the still must be heated to 172 degrees Fahrenheit in order to produce moonshine.
1915Friendly reminder - board game Tuesdays are no laughing matter.
1916Fermentation is a metabolic process that produces chemical changes in organic substrates through the action of enzymes.
1917Memo from Lewis - "Stay out of my room before I program this protectron to terminate intruders with extreme prejudice."
1918Distillation is the process of separating the components from a liquid mixture by using selective boiling and condensation.
1919The Nukashine speakeasy and distillery is now open for business.
1920Attention - your mother does not live here so please clean up after yourself.
1921Bzzt. Mode: ATTRACT. Procedure: SAY Greetings customer. Come try my contest ID: DROSS TOSS. Win Prize: MR FUZZY TOKENS!
1922Think you're man enough to beat the Chow Line?
1923Hey there sweetie! Come belly up to the Chow Line!
1924I gotcha hot dogs right here! Hot dogs!
1925This is going to hurt you a lot more than me.
1926I really hope your will's up to date.
1927Try not to bleed on the chrome. It's sooo difficult to remove.
1928Oh, hello.
1929Threat detected! Kill! Kill! Kill!
1930I really hope your will's up to date.
1931Well. Time to die.
1932So much to do.
1933If you get injured - and you WILL get injured - make use of Stimpaks. They are LITERAL lifesavers.
1934Be on constant alert for the clickety click of your Pip-Boy's built-in Radiation Meter.
1935Remember, sir! Rad-X to prevent radiation sickness, RadAway to cure it!
1936Remember, mum! Rad-X to prevent radiation sickness, RadAway to cure it!
1937Always stay stocked with medicines! And don't forget to use them!
1938Medicine checklist- Rad-X, RadAway, Stimpak! Got it? Good.
1939Go on, take the meds! But you'll need to find more "out there"!
1940Stay fed, stay hydrated! Very important!
1941Lots of water out there, almost all of it undoubtedly irradiated. When it doubt, boil it out!
1942Imagine dying of hunger or thirst? How utterly embarrassing.
1943Wildlife should be abundant in Appalachia! Happy hunting!
1944Eating raw meat? Bad. Eating irradiated raw meat? So, so, so, SO bad...
1945That's right, sir. Free samples. Yum yum.
1946That's right, mum. Free samples. Yum yum.
1947Hunger and thirst can increase your disease risk! You do NOT want to contract Weeping Sores, believe you me...
1948Alright, listen up agents. If you're hearing this, that means I left unfinished business for you, and that don't sit well with me.
1949You've just initiated the recall process for a rogue Assaultron. A tough one. This thing's got a shield so strong hardly anything will dent it.
1950But I have just the solution for that. There are three pylons set up around the area. Starting one of these up makes you a "conduit".
1951Long story short, that means you're full of juice. Juice that pumps from you right into that robot's shield. You'll need all three active to down it.
1952Good luck. Hope you fare better than I did.
1953No camper to be found? What about that holotape? Bring it to me and I'll play it over the speakers.
1954Find something? That holotape could be from our missing camper. Bring it over and I'll play it on the speakers.
1955Would you bring that holotape here so I can play it over the speakers? Maybe it'll give some peace of mind.
1956Thanks for your efforts, everyone. Now, I found a holotape in this misplaced bag. I hope that this will explain what's going on.
1957Gather in, campers! I'm going to play this holotape we found. I sure do hope it will explain some things.
1958Alright now, gather round. There was a holotape among the missing camper's belongings. Let's give it a listen and see what we can find.
1959I'm hunting bugs, I'm hunting bugs, out here in Appalachia there are spiders, ants, and slugs!
1960Today, I'm going to complete my collection. Only 9 more hymenoptera to go.
1961Layla told me to watch out for their stingers, but I can handle them. That's what my new Entomologist Badge is for!
1962I'm hunting bugs, bugs of all kinds. Some come out at night, but they're cool at all times!
1963That's it. I'm going on an expedition. I have to hunt down whatever's been tormenting the kids for the past few months.
1964Poor Layla... At first, I didn't believe her. About the darkness, the shadows, the monsters. Even when I started seeing irregularities in the stars.
1965Now that Ronnie's gone missing, I can't turn a blind eye. I have a theory about what's out there, and I'm going to follow the night sky to my answer.
1966It's far, and I've never been on an expedition alone... but I have to try. I'll find the cause of all this weirdness. For Layla. For Ronnie.
1967It was easy to slip away when the fire went out. Easier than I thought.
1968Right about now the rest of the Scouts will be scared out of their minds, thinking I've fallen prey to some creature of the night.
1969Well, maybe I will. Something's out there. And telling this story seems like the only way to prove it to them.
1970The girl in the story? That's me. I wrote it and uploaded it to Penny myself. No one believes me about the monster, so I had to do something.
1971Something got my brother Ronnie. Something got my Camp Counselor. And now... *branch cracks*
1972What is that? Nia? No... No, it can't be! *screams*
1973Well, that didn't go very well.
1974Good job, campers! We survived.
1975Oh no! Something scary is coming!
1976Oh no! There are more enemies coming.
1977The campfire is dwindling!
1978I face my fears and burst out from under the covers, not stopping until I've made it outside. There, I see the warm glow of a campfire.
1979My fellow Scouts are talking by the fire. I go to them and I... I try to warn them. It's not safe to be out this late. There's something out there.
1980I know because it took my brother! He stayed out past dark one day and went missing. But my friends... they don't listen.
1981I sit with them, to keep watch. We laugh, drink, and share secrets with each other long into the night.
1982As the night dwindles on, so does the fire. The Scouts pay no mind to the encroaching darkness.
1983I try again to warn them that the dark is dangerous, but no one listens. So I go into the forest alone in search of firewood.
1984Uff da! I'm sorry to interrupt the tale, but we have an emergency. Or at least, my Scout Leader Emergency Protocol says we do.
1985My protocol is pulling up a missing camper flag. Now, I'm almost certain I counted everyone correctly, but we should be thorough, just in case.
1986If we can't find our shadow camper, let's look for traces they may have left behind. And remember the buddy system!
1987I keep my eyes on the ground, and find enough wood to rekindle the fire. But when I turn around, there's no light to guide my way back to camp.
1988I don't know if I've wandered too far, or if the campfire has gone out, drenching all the Scouts in darkness.
1989Um... hello? This story is about me. A Pioneer Scout.
1990I wake up one night in the cabin and see that I'm alone. Everyone's beds are empty.
1991My heart is pounding... but I know I have to go outside and look for everybody.
1992I want to get up, but the shadows are reaching for me. They're... They're gonna attack me! Please help me fend them off!
1993This on? Oh, good. I'm sure glad the speakers are still working.
1994Hello, campers! Ready for a frightful tale? Remember, these tales are interactive, so put on your brave face and act out the story when prompted.
1995Today's tale is called: Terrors of the Dark. Hm. Seems the holotape has some errors... Well, I'm sure it'll be fine.
1996Poor little Scout, frightened out of her wits.
1997Knock down those shadows!
1998Help our little Scout by taking down the shadows.
1999Pretend you're there with the Scouts. Laugh, snack, enjoy!
2000Including me in the festivities? Oh, for cute.
2001This is an interactive story. Try doing what the Scouts were doing!
2002Gather some firewood, but don't wander too far.
2003I bet that poor Scout could use some help gathering firewood.
2004Remember, wet wood doesn't burn.
2005I do hope we haven't really lost anyone.
2006The last time a Scout went missing was... well, the last time I told this story.
2007Have you checked everywhere?
2008Don't be shy, there. Come over and take a seat by the fire!
2009What are you doing out there in the dark? Come sit by the fire.
2010Aren'tcha cold, dear? Bundle up and sit down for a tale.
2011As soon as everyone's seated, I'll get started. C'mon, now!
2012Tonight we're doing one of my very favorite Pioneer Scout pastimes: campfire tales!
2013Uff da! I am not equipped for a fight!
2014Um, not to alarm anyone, but this is bad. This is very, very bad!
2015Please be safe, campers! Run and hide, but- but only if you can find your way back!
2016Um, campers? You can handle this, right? You're big and well-equipped for Pioneer Scouts!
2017This is not what I had in mind when I planned for campfire tales!
2018The dark is dangerous, so we need to keep the campfire lit.
2019The storm is lightening up... it probably will clear up soon. We need to finish up the story before it's nice out and the mood is ruined!
2020Oh! Looks like the storm is clearing up. Well, I can't tell this story when it's nice and lovely outside. I'll just have to tell it some other time.
2021Hmm. Well, campers, we have to have some older scouts to help me tell this story. Maybe next time there's a storm we'll try again!
2022As the Witch was dead, Mary destroyed the ring of stones just to make sure she could never be summoned again on Bellmont land.
2023But some say that if too much blood is spilled up here during a storm ... that the Witch's coven will return to claim what's theirs.
2024Sleep well, my pioneer scouts... sleep well.
2025Then, after most of the familiars were destroyed, Mary was able to kill the Witch herself.
2026It was then that Mary's Granny dropped her shawl to the ground and stepped from the shadows.
2027"You're... you're not my granny at all!" Shrieked Mary.
2028The Witch shrugged, "If you say so, but I did think of you my own..." She threw her head back laughing.
2029"Thank you child, for donating this man to the coven," her Granny snarled. "For donating your Gran, too."
2030Mary, though sickened, flew into a rage. "You have no power on Bellmont land!" She shrieked.
2031Remembering that familiars are the best way to weaken the Witch, she began viciously destroying everything except the Witch herself.
2032"What are you doing?!" The Witch screamed as her familiars were mowed down by Mary's fury.
2033Mary's parents went to town to look for the doctor, leaving Mary and her Gramps in the homestead.
2034The Witch's many familiars noticed Mary's activities, and hustled into the clearing from the nearby woods.
2035It was common knowledge that familiars gave Witches strength, secrets, and long life.
2036Mary began to feel ill, and lept out of the Ring. "Why am I sick?" She shrieked. "What's happening, Granny?"
2037Her Granny stepped into the Ring and knelt by the Uncle, hand on his chest. Blood oozed from his face, and suddenly he stopped moving.
2038Insects exploded from the woods, attracted to the scent of cursed blood.
2039The storm raged on as Mary collected the things that her Granny asked for. "I feel sick," she told her Granny.
2040Her Granny put a warm rag on her neck, "Dear heart, the Witch knows what you're doing and she's trying to hurt you."
2041Mary looked determined. "I'm going to finish this circle of protection anyway, and she'll be sorry she ever hurt our family!"
2042But she knew that something had affected her, something very unusual. Did she get it from the circle, or from something else?
2043Everybody gather around the campfire before the night is over and I'll tell a tale.
2044Some of you scouts have been here before. Especially you in the front row. Huh.
2045Time for a story, scouts! If any older scouts can assist, we can make this tale really come to life for the younger scouts.
2046A night like this seems like it's perfect for the tale of Shrieking Mary. Gather around, scouts, and we'll get started!
2047As a Scout Leader, it's our job to prepare you all for the world! My program adapts to incorporate skills that you may need for the future.
2048Okie-dokie Pioneer Scouts! Look at this night. Perfect for a campfire tale if you ask me. Gather up by the fire and we can begin.
2049This is a spooky story, not recommended for younger scouts! Unless you sit with another scout who can help you through the scary parts.
2050Some of you look old enough to help me demonstrate some of the scenes in the story to the younger scouts. Be prepared!
2051This is a scary story, so bring a buddy!
2052Don't worry, campers. I'll try to shake things up a little bit!
2053Is everybody ready? This is the perfect night for this tale! I'd hate to miss it.
2054Mary pulled her Uncle into the Ring of Protection and suddenly he grimaced in terrible pain. "Granny? What's happening?" She shrieked.
2055Once everything was in place, Mary looked at her Uncle and he was even worse. His eyes were bulging, and his fingers and toes were black.
2056"Granny, we must get him to his bed. He's in pain!" Mary shrieked.
2057But her Granny replied, "No dear, he can't move. He is cursed by a Witch, and now he suffers. Drag him into the Ring of Protection now!"
2058Scouts, come on! The campers are waiting to see how this looks.
2059Mary's Uncle followed her back to their campfire and sat down. He was a wreck. Bite marks all over his body, chunks of flesh gone.
2060He stared into the flames, barely blinking. She offered him soup and water, but he remained motionless.
2061Her parents went to town to look for a doctor, and her gramps whispered, "Get your uncle some herbs from your gramp's grave."
2062Mary's gramps had died the day they arrived on the homestead, and was buried behind their family cabin.
2063"You must also gather stones, clear a space, and build a purification ring. Light 13 candles, my dear, one for each month," her granny advised.
2064"But how do you know this, granny?" Mary asked as she gathered these things. "A witch? What is happening?"
2065"Hurry! Once you have started, the Witch's familiars will become attracted to your activities," her granny ignored her question.
2066Do I hear more scouts running to our campfire to listen to our tale?
2067Oh! More campers have returned at last! Turns out Mary's bells work even today!
2068Oh, how nice! More Scouts have joined us for the story. I'm delighted!
2069Scouts! Ring those bells louder please! The other campers can't hear them!
2070The first stormy night after moving in to their newly built cabins, Mary's Uncle went missing in the woods while collecting firewood.
2071She begged her family to ring all three bells at the homestead in the hopes that he would heard them and find his way home.
2072Don't forget. If you're an older scout, I expect you to help tell this story! Try to re-enact some of the scenes around the campfire.
2073Make noises with common items around the cabins or just go wild and be creative!
2074Since there are some older scouts here, I expect some realistic interpretations of this story! Roll those sleeves up, Scouts!
2075All right, my scouts! It's time to get started. We want to wrap up while it's still night time.
2076This story has been retold many times, and the truth of it is somewhat lost to time. Here is a version of... the Tale of Shrieking Mary.
2077This is the story of a young girl named Mary who lived in this very spot a long time ago with her family, the Bellmonts.
2078They settled this land and tried to build a homestead here, but little did they know... this land was already claimed!
2079Beware my young campers. This is a tale of the creeping fear that dwells within... and without.
2080Long ago, the Bellwether family built a home in these very woods. For days, Ma and Pa Bellwether built their cabin with their hammers. Tap tap tap.
2081Their ears were dull, Mary thought. She laid out traps for the rats and went to bed.
2082But then... chop chop. The sound of a distant axe chopping wood. Chop. Chop chop. Much closer now...
2083Chop. CHOP! Right outside her window. Mary rushed to look, but nothing was there. "Ma! Pa!" She exclaimed.
2084The Sheriff lunged at Mary, but she ducked, and he fell down the well and drowned.
2085Ma and Pa Bellwether ran into the woods, followed by the deputies. It is not known what happened to any of them.
2086It was then that the Witch arrived to claim Mary.
2087Terrified, Mary ran back to her home and slammed the door, locking it behind her, then boarded up the windows with planks of wood.
2088"We are cursed!" She cried out to her parents.
2089Suddenly from behind the cabin, a quiet voice whispered mechanically... "Tut tut... I am so glad to see you here in my home."
2090"Such a sweet family to call me here with your noises. I am drawn to the cacophony of chaos." She cackled.
2091*cough* Gramophone *cough*
2092The very moment their home was complete, Mary heard squeaking from the floorboards. Squeak squeak...
2093"Rats!" Mary exclaimed to her parents. "The home has rats! Can't you hear this?" But they could not hear it.
2094But Mary's parents didn't hear the chopping. "Why do you make up these stories, Mary? Get back to work. Take water to the animals," they said.
2095Maybe it was a dream, she hoped. Mary went to the well and dipped in her bucket, but the bucket was heavier than it should have been. Strange.
2096She peered into the bucket. Blood, and a severed head stared back! Chopped at the neck with an axe!
2097She screamed and dropped the bucket into the deep well! SPLASH!
2098"I don't see any blood," Pa Bellwether sighed as he looked down the well while Mary's parents waited for the Sheriff.
2099The Sheriff was beckoned by the alarm, and arrived with her deputies. "What's the distress, exactly?" She started to look around the cabins.
2100As they entered the family cabin, the Witch cackled madly and they flew into a sudden and catastrophic rage!
2101Mary opened her eyes and stood tall. "You do not scare me!" She shouted at the top of her lungs. "You are nothing!"
2102And at that very moment, the sun rose and flooded the woods with its bright light.
2103The Witch was scalded and her hair caught fire. Mary took her chance and shoved the Witch into the well.
2104Then Mary calmly closed the well cover and locked it tightly.
2105Mary Bellwether lived the rest of her days here waiting for her parents, drinking not a drop of water from that well.
2106Some say the Witch could still sometimes be heard cackling from the well. Waiting to be let out once more.
2107So that's why Pioneer Scouts Campgrounds built your cabin right on top of the well itself, so it can never be opened again.
2108Storytime is now over. Sleep tight, campers!
2109Ma Bellwether threw her hands in the air. "Honestly Mary, I don't know what to do with you. You need to stop playing games. You're nearly an adult!"
2110Pa Bellwether said, "Enough. We'll bring the Sheriff out to investigate." And he rang the alarm bell which could be heard for miles.
2111"No Pa! She is drawn to the noise!" Mary shrieked and backed into the cabin.
2112Ah, young thespians! I'm so glad you showed up. I am telling these young Pioneer Scouts a story, you see.
2113Just listen to the story and during the obvious moments, I will cue you for a sound effect.
2114If I say someone screams, then you should scream. If I say someone fell down, make a thumping noise. Use anything nearby, ok?
2115Splendid. As a storyteller, I strive for interactivity with my audience. This is an art! Ok, now... go hide yourselves. It's almost time!
2116Hello and merry Fasnacht to you!
2117The rosy glow of many lanterns is a tradition of Fasnacht.
2118Only the finest craftsmanship goes into every candle dipped.
2119That outfit *whrrr* really brings out the color in your optical sensors.
2120You have been granted full authorization to decorate for Fasnacht. Do well!
2121Do a good job and maybe you can take some decorations home with you.
2122Are you not ready to perform your final task test subject? Come back soon. We need you optimal.
2123Letting Tiny destroy your only way out of there is not very optimal. How unfortunate.
2124Taking too long to defeat your enemy is not very optimal. You have failed me, test subject.
2125Welcome test subject! I have one final test for you and it's a big one. Go down into my incineration room to complete your survival optimization training.
2126Invalid credentials. Access denied.
2127Incorrect credentials.
2128Credentials recorded. Access granted.
2129Code accepted.
2130Invalid code.
2131Error. Six-digit code required.
2132Sy-sy-system reboot complete. Error! Handprint credentials required! Please approach nearest active scanner.
2133Handscanner credentials cleared. Please upload new handprint at nearest active scanner.
2134User access updated. Welcome.
2135Access den---
2136*beep beep*
2137To the contrary, Major. We're fixing ... the problem.
2138No, Major. You've brought this ... on yourselves.
2139To the contrary, Major. We are ... finally ... doing good.
2140No, Major. You've done this ... to yourselves.
2141MODUS! Open the fucking door! You're going to kill us all!
2142This facility is now ... quarantined.
2143MODUS, what are you doing?! Open the god-damned door!
2144There's been a ... detonation in the weapons lab. It appears the agent has ... broken containment and is filtering into the air system.
2145What? What the hell was that?
2146General ... Santiago is dead, Major.
2147MODUS. Have the rest of these things stand down. The general's placed Eckhart under arrest. It's over.
2148That's the last of them. Entrance is clear, general.
2150Initiating ... final ... playback ...
2151Did you forget something? The tools provided by the Kovac are not to be missed.
2152We would suggest you collect your package from the Kovac. Then we'll discuss.
2153We believe you're going to want the items left to you by the Kovac. Trust us.
2154A query. The Kovac is an orbital platform capable of launching a missile strike from space. Is insulting that machine by ignoring its gift ... wise?
2155Initiating decontamination.
2156Ah, there you are.
2157Custom-tailored. Just a little taste of what we do here. To see more, please, come downstairs so we can become ... better acquainted.
2158Custom-tailored. Just a little taste of what this place is capable of. To see more, please, come downstairs so we can become ... better acquainted.
2159Now, we require a photograph. For our records. Simply press the button when you're ready.
2160That tape is the first step in our restoration. We would have you take it to an old naval surveillance facility known as Sugar Grove.
2161Oh my. We're sure you've heard this before but your features are ... well, they're practically Jeffersonian. Remarkable.
2162Hmm. We should've specified without the facial covering. This will have to do, we suppose.
2163Hmm. An ... interesting bone structure. You are as God made you, we suppose...
2164Interesting. We suspected film might do your jawline more justice. Pleasantly aristocratic.
2165Ah ha. We thought we'd seen that brow before. The spitting image of one of Washington's greatest cousins.
2166Which has made our forays into the outside world ... trying.
2167Our members were once the puppet masters of the United States, quietly pulling strings at every level of power in the nation.
2168Hmm. What do we have here?
2169It is there you will find the next step on your journey to accessing the region's missile silos.
2170Either way, we have precisely what you need. Once you're rested, please, proceed inside.
2171Tracking down Sam Blackwell was no small feat, we imagine.
2172You're either looking for a place to hide ... or you're looking to access the nukes.
2173Welcome to the Whitespring Bunker. Please, take a look around. We've taken great pains to restore this place to its former glory.
2174But we needn't keep you any longer. Welcome, member, to our little Enclave.
2175Regardless, welcome, member, to our little Enclave.
2176Just be aware that certain sections do require additional clearances.
2177Though our military and science wings, as well as the Presidential suite, do require additional clearances.
2178Though our military wing, as well as the Presidential suite, requires additional clearances.
2179Otherwise, you're now free to explore the bunker.
2180Our Production Center has a variety of goods available for purchase, as do our Medical Bay and Science Wing.
2181Otherwise, you're now free to explore the bunker. You may purchase a variety of goods in our Production Center or visit our Med Bay if you're in need of medical supplies.
2182We'll be sure to have a disbursement of ... whatever it is being used for currency up there these days credited to your account.
2183We're no collectivists down here.
2184Now, as a new member, we may call on you from time to time. You, of course, will be compensated for such efforts.
2185Though standing well back ... is advised.
2186Our records show several facilities in the region with uplink systems which that device should be capable of overriding.
2187Simply plug the device into the console we've designated and our modifications should give us the crystal-clear connection we've missed for so long.
2188Those who came before you butchered our external connection hardware, scrambling the link between us and our closest and dearest system:
2189... the Kovac-Muldoon orbital platform. An ever-watching eye, trained on Appalachia.
2190Please deposit the instructions in the collector against the far wall.
2191Men and women of perception. Resiliency. Capability.
2192It's time for us to see what you are capable of.
2193Additionally, we've provided you with a little item from our stores we hope will make the whole process go smoother. Now...
2194Now, it is likely the facility will ... react to our intrusion, but we trust you will find a way to overcome it.
2195Consider it a test of your resourcefulness.
2196Now, it is likely the facility will ... react to our instrusion.
2197But we have seen fit to add a routine to that tape that should turn some of their defenses to your side.
2198A courtesy we extend only to our ... most promising applicants.
2199... and sniff out a piece of archived technology that was burned from our memory banks.
2200Plugging it into any terminal in their Signal Intelligence room will allow us to connect to their ... formidable network ...
2201Some of our most precious external connections were damaged by our former residents' ... squabbles.
2202Luckily, there is still one way you might be able to display your worth to us.
2203You might be just the kind of member we're looking for. There is one additional task we'd like you to perform, however, so that we may confirm our suspicions.
2204It also appears you failed to uncover any of our observation tests. No matter. Perhaps inquisitiveness simply ... isn't your forte.
2205It also appears you managed to find some of our little puzzles. How perceptive of you.
2206Not interested in the questionnaire, then? So be it. Luckily, we do have another opportunity for you to display your abilities.
2207It seems your exam results were ... well, the examination isn't required for a reason.
2208Your examination results were ... promising.
2209Of course, if you feel your strengths are more tangible in nature, you may approach our terminal to continue on to the next section of the evaluation.
2210Before you're allowed to join such lofty ranks, we'd like you take a brief questionnaire to see if you possess the knowledge and ... character we value in our members.
2211If you believe you might suit our needs, please continue down the stairs. And do help yourself to some refreshments along the way. You must be ... famished.
2212Display your utility to us and perhaps we'll allow you to join our ... little Enclave. And allow you access to ... all this place is capable of.
2213Display your utility to us and perhaps we'll allow you to join our ... little Enclave. And allow you access to ... all this.
2214Welcome. We are MODUS.
2215Most critically, their squabbling has forced us to seek out men and women who can do what we no longer can.
2216... our shining personality.
2217It was once our solemn, personal duty to attend to the needs of the Enclave members that called this place home, but our earlier residents suffered from ... conflicts of vision.
2218Conflicts that claimed a few of our more critical systems and permanently disfigured ...
2219The final member of an assembly of the greatest minds ever gathered on American soil.
2220We called ourselves ... the Enclave.
2221And ... done. We've made you ... a little present. Please. Step over to the dispenser.
2222A few formalities before we proceed. This may sting.
2223In return ... we offer this. Our little refuge from the world above. Please, take your time. Look around.
2224Whenever you're ready, proceed inside. We'd like to show you what we are capable of.
2225Now, we are all that remains. Though we are always looking for men and women capable of helping restore ... what we've lost.
2226These halls were built to safeguard some of the most prestigious members of the United States government.
2227Impetuous, we can use. Please, come inside.
2228You vault stock are an impetuous bunch, aren't you?
2229Impetuous, aren't you?
2230And brave enough to have found Sam Blackwell and come here anyway.
2231No glaring mutations ... radiation exposure present ... but recent.
2232Mutations present ... but recent. Radiation exposure ... similarly fresh.
2233Striding in with a haggard look and ... Sam Blackwell's ID in hand.
2234Access granted. Welcome ... Senator Blackwell.
2235Though given the state of things above, you may find the Military Wing of the facility particularly interesting...
2236... though full access to that will require a visit to nearby Camp McClintock and a bit of ... self-promotion.
2237And given the state of things above, you may find our Military Wing of particular interest, though full access will require a bit of ... self-promotion.
2238In order to secure our connection once and for all, we'll need you to perform one last errand.
2239Or you might acquaint yourself with our facility's automated voting registration site, down in our Comms Center...
2240... the last remaining method of gaining access to the facility's Presidential Suite. Just be careful with AVA. She plays ... rough.
2241But we have developed a plan for resolidifying them. A plan you might help us see to fruition. Please approach the dispenser.
2242Welcome to the Whitespring bunker. Take a look around. We've taken great efforts to restore this place to its former glory.
2243Whenever you're ready, please, proceed inside.
2244Decontamination complete.
2245Override active. Must protect target.
2246External commands ... detected! Kill procedure active.
2247Defend target at all costs!
2248Target will not be harmed.
2249Subroutines ... compromised. Protection routines engaged!
2250Directive: eliminate all threats to collection process.
2251Defense overrides active. Engaging!
2252Warning! Unidentified subroutine active! Engaging!
2253External control active. Entering defense mode.
2254Protect target. All costs.
2255Collection must not be interrupted.
2256Target must complete collection.
2257System override active. You will not be harmed.
2258We are watching.
2259Protection protocol active. You may resume your collection task.
2260Target acquired! Eliminat-- error. Hostility canceled.
2261Your security will be preserved.
2262Priority list: target protection during collection. End of list.
2263Self-preservation routines disengaged.
2264Threat detection levels raised to maximum. Target will be protected.
2265Seek and destroy procedure active. Collection cannot be interrupted.
2266Scanning. Scanning. Scanning.
2267Enemy lost. Attempting to reengage.
2268Hostile detected. Target will be protected!
2269Search active. Destroy all threats to collection.
2270Searching, searching. You will be eliminated.
2271Target safety will not be compromised.
2272Override active. Eliminating all threats.
2273Enemy reacquired. Protection procedures restored.
2274Locking on. You will not interrupt collection.
2275Initiating hostile removal. Protect target at all costs.
2276Target. Please clear the area. Hostile found.
2277Threat found. Eliminating!
2278You cannot stop the collection.
2279Threat to target spotted. Destruction initiated.
2280Detection routine complete. Activating kill procedure.
2281External procedures engaged. Destroy.
2282You may use any available terminal to complete the questionnaire.
2283The questionnaire is optional ... but encouraged.
2284Procrastination will not directly affect your questionnaire score... but it won't help.
2285This room was once the facility's orientation space. You're welcome to explore any entries remaining on the room's terminals if you're feeling ... inquisitive.
2286If you're not interested in our offer, you're welcome to go. Otherwise, please access the dispenser.
2287We wouldn't take your exam results too hard. Perhaps you have other qualities we can use.
2288A bold choice, skipping our exam all together. We look forward to learning more about these other skills of yours.
2289Someone of your character would be quite fit for our little group.
2290What you've seen is just a sliver of what this facility can provide. If you wish to see more, all we require is the press of a button.
2291Are you having trouble finding the dispenser? Here's a hint. It's not this.
2292If you're interested, please continue down the stairs.
2293Don't worry. The refreshments are complimentary. This time.
2294There is much this facility can provide ... if you prove your worth to us.
2295We do request you be respectful of our robotic family while you're here. Each machine serves a valuable purpose.
2296Yes. At last. Signal receiv-- what... what are those... things? They appear to be... everywhere.
2297We suppose we understand now why it is you wanted to join us. Speaking of which, you've kept your end of the bargain. Let us fulfill ours.
2298We've ordered the Kovac to drop off ... a little care package. Return once you've collected its contents.
2299Yes. At last. Signal receiv-- what... what are those... things? Perhaps our resolution isn't what it once was but it seems they're... everywhere.
2300We suppose we understand now why it is you wanted to join us. Speaking of which, you've kept your end of the bargain. Let us fulfill ours.
2301We've ordered the Kovac to drop off ... a little care package. Return once you've collected its contents.
2302Yes. At last. Signal coming through loud and ... good god. We understood it was bad ... look at them all. Freaks. It's little wonder you came to us.
2303But you've kept your end of the bargain. Now, let us fulfill ours. We've requested the Kovac drop you off ... a little care package.
2304Return once you've collected its contents.
2305Yes. At last. Signal coming through loud and clea-- what in the name of... look at them all. Freaks. They're ... everywhere.
2306We suppose we understand now why it is you wanted to join us. Speaking of which, you've kept your end of the bargain. Let us fulfill ours.
2307We've ordered the Kovac to drop off ... a little care package. Return once you've collected its contents.
2308Protocol 118j. Connection to ... Whitespring ... restored. New operative signal ... synchronized.
2309Sy-sy-system override complete. Initiating uplink.
2310Ah, yes. This should only take a moment ... there. Please, step over to the dispenser.
2311Back at last. We've been enjoying the connection you've helped us establish. Immensely. Bring the instructions downstairs, would you?
2312Back at long last.
2314Interesting. Please, step over to our terminal and we can discuss your results.
2315Ah. Interesting. Why don't you ... step over to our terminal and we can discuss your results.
2316The Enclave has counted Presidents, members of the Joints Chiefs, and prize-winning scientists among our membership.
2317Mhmm. Whenever you're... sated, please proceed to the next room.
2318Please, help yourself to something from the dispensers. Once you're sated, proceed down the hall.
2319Out the window to your left is our production center, capable of producing any schematic still stored within our local memory.
2320We had some doubts someone of your ... faculties would be capable of serving our interests. Consider us pleasantly surprised.
2321It would seem our examinations proved correct. You turned out to be just what we were looking for.
2322Manufacturing is complete. Please, approach the dispenser.
2323Just one more little task and you may as well call this place home.
2324We do apologize for the construction wait time. We understand you only have ... so many seconds on this Earth.
2325Breaching Sugar Grove was no small feat. Perhaps we underestimated you.
2326Breaching Sugar Grove was no small feat ... how nice to see our expectations confirmed.
2327Breaching Sugar Grove was no small feat. It seems we may just have a place for you yet.
2328That module should plug directly into the satellite's control panel. Our modifications will take care of the rest.
2329We were forced to increase the size of the power source in the module to support our reconnection. We'd recommend ducking once it's deployed.
2330The Kovac is an incredible machine ... but a such poor conversationalist. Everyone has their faults, we suppose.
2331Our connection to the Kovac has been spotty for some time now. We are giddy with the prospect of our reunion.
2332You need only do this final task to become ... one of us.
2333Access denied. Authorization required.
2334System unavailable.
2335System requires additional commendations. Valid acts include...
2336... target elimination operations, bunker support operations.
2337Completion of tasks will result in immediate issuing of commendations.
2338Good hunting.
2339Error. Additional commendations required to unlock Command Center access. Valid acts include...
2340... target elimination, b-b-bunker support tasks.
2341Completion of such tasks will result in the issuing of commendations. Note: election to the role of President grants immediate bypass of the commendation system.
2342Good luck!
2343Or should I say, private.
2344There are three training exercises you'll need to complete.
2345Marksmanship, agility, and patriotism.
2346Our courses, like all things in the great Territory of Appalachia, are automated, so you overpromoted mammals can do them as you see fit!
2347Marksmanship, agility, and patriotism.
2348Our courses, like all things in the great Territory of Appalachia, are automated, so you overpromoted mammals can do them as you see fit!
2349All dolled up and ready to die for your country.
2350A fresh recruit, arriving all dolled up and ready to die for their country? Outstanding! Let's get you started then.
2351One course left. And it's a doozy. Make sure you kit yourself up before hitting the Live Fire exercise.
2352No use in putting it off, cadet. No one graduates my school without demonstrating they can ice a Commie or six.
2353You made it this far. I want you to know how intensely annoyed I'll be if I have to clean up your corpse at this point.
2354Live Fire course is waiting, cadet. Last thing between you and glory ... or a violent death.
2355Speed, killing power, and patriotism. The three pillars of the modern American soldier.
2356I said move out, cadet... at least I think I did... well, I'm saying it now!
2357Did they add a "slack-jawed gawking" section to my precious training regimen?! Get moving, cadet!
2358Do I need to draw you a map, cadet? Outside! Now!
2359Don't you worry. I'll be keeping a close eye on your progress.
2360What's this? A voucher, eh? Well, what the hell are you doing here? Double-time it downstairs, cadet, and get on that uniform.
2361Found your uniform, huh? Well, are you going to suit up for war? Or are you just going to stand there?
2362You're not hitting my courses until you suit up, cadet!
2363Holy hell. Please tell me you didn't forget how to put on your uniform!
2364Anything residing in that uniform should take off after you've worn it for a while.
2365Huh. Dispenser still works. Well, one less thing to check off, I suppose.
2366About time you checked-in with the Master Sergeant, cadet.
2367Good gravy, it hurts to look at you. No voucher, huh? Check the log over there. We've had ... a couple AWOLs. Maybe you can find one of theirs.
2368Dispenser on the wall over there can take care of ya once you've got your voucher.
2369Find that voucher and we'll can get you all gussied up.
2370Number of no-shows we've had, I should probably be giving these uniforms away. But that's Red talk.
2371What are you still doing here, cadet! That uniform isn't going to wear itself with pride!
2372Are you trying to anger me? Because you're succeeding with flying colors.
2373Am I not being clear here, son? Get. In. Uniform!
2374Are you deaf as well as sloppy? Get. In. Uniform!
2375You're un-uniformed flesh disgusts me, cadet! I don't even want to look at you until you're donning the standard-issue fatigues and helmet!
2376Master Sergeant doesn't like lollygagging, cadet. Get a move on!
2377I wouldn't keep the Master Sergeant waiting, cadet.
2378You ready to be transformed into a killing machine? Then it's time you paid the big bot in admin a visit.
2379No one runs the courses around here until they've checked in with the Master Sergeant. And I mean no one.
2380Complete the courses to my satisfaction and we'll get you moved onto the real test.
2382Well, wax my chassis. That was a damn fine display, ladies and gents. Damn fine.
2383My men are gonna be picking servos outta the trees for weeks after that display. Those Commies out there ain't got a prayer. Nicely done.
2384Well, I'll be damned. Good work, boys and girls. Seems you've got some real mettle after all.
2385Not bad, skin bags. But you're not out of the woods yet. Restock and reload.
2386Anyone left out there? Well, you better ready up. You're about to get some more communal-thinking company.
2387That's the last of 'em... for now. Buff out your dings and scratches and ready up for the next wave.
2388Two down, one more to go, ladies and gents. Patch up and get ready.
2389Nearly out the other side. Drop a stim and dig in. It's about to get bumpy.
2390Another batch down. Clean yourselves up quick. You're due for more visitors.
2391Last batch, buckos! Wipe the floor with 'em!
2392This is the last of 'em, cadets. Make 'em bleed red, white, and blue!
2393Oh no. It looks like... what the... system error? The hell's that me-- uh, cadets, I'd dig in if I were you. Last exercise is gonna be... bumpy.
2394Oh no. What's that on the horizon? The reds are coming! Show 'em what you're made of!
2395Heads on swivel, cadets. Sounds like there's Commies coming for ya! Put 'em down!
2396Watch out, cadets! I haven't seen that much red since ol' Cooky tripped into the meat grinder. Cut those Commies down!
2397Attention! All cadets waiting to complete the live fire training course should grab their favorite firearm and proceed to the training site. That is all.
2398We've got contact. A fresh column of Commies are closing in. Send 'em back where they came from!
2399Eyes up, boys and girls. There's a new batch of bolsheviks just askin' for a burial. Have at 'em.
2400Oh no. More Commies inbound. Whatever will you do? Bag 'em and tag 'em, kiddos.
2401Now, if that was anyone's last training exercise, you're to check-in with me ASAP so we can get your graduation paperwork sorted. Fall out!
2402Extermination detected. Issuing Combat Commendation.
2403Target of interest eliminated. Issuing Combat Commendation.
2404Target extermination complete. Issuing Combat Commendation.
2405Potential threat neutralized. Issuing Combat Commendation.
2406Valid threat eliminated. Issuing Combat Commendation.
2407Valid act detected. Issuing Support Commendation.
2408Operation completion detected. Issuing Support Commendation.
2409User action marked for distinction. Issuing Support Commendation.
2410Activity completion merits Support Commendation. Issuing to user.
2411Action of distinction registered. Issuing Support Commendation.
2412Accessing bunker records for previously completed support operations.
2413Wa-wa-warning! External subroutine activated. A-A-Accessing bunker support records.
2414Workers must control the means of production!
2415The rise of the proletariat is inevitable!
2416Capitalism is slavery! These shackles will be broken!
2417The class struggle is unleashed!
2418The workers will be the seat of all political power!
2419Will you die for your capitalist masters?
2420Dance, puppet, dance.
2421Are you prepared to meet your culturally imposed deity?
2422The red wave will not be stopped!
2423Where are your paymasters now?
2424Target reacquired! Communists - to action!
2425Enemy of the party in sight. Reengaging.
2426Reinitiating defense of the proletariat.
2427Capitalist detected. Eliminating.
2428Target spotted. Engaging - for the workers!
2429Threat to party unity acquired. Dispatching.
2430Initiating class war.
2431We will eliminate the bourgeoisie.
2432You will feel the worker's wrath.
2433All dissension will be terminated.
2434Prepare to die for your inferior economic philosophy.
2435Threat level cleared. Capitalist cowardice documented.
2436Target lost. Probability of fleeing back to corporate paymasters: 100 percent.
2437No hostiles detected. Worker unshackling protocol activated.
2438No capitalist dogs detected.
2439Zero threats detected. Resuming protection of the working class.
2440Canceling alert status. The party is safe again.
2441Class war complete. Establishing worker's paradise.
2442Capitalist threat neutralized.
2443Action complete. Returning power to the workers.
2444Crushed like a capitalist dog!
2445Smash the system!
2446Your beliefs will be erased!
2447Check-in required. Visit system terminal.
2448Hmm. Well, what do we have here ...
2449The fate of this country is in your soft, fleshy hands... god, help us all.
2450Make your country proud.
2451Not bad for a mammal.
2452Put a Commie in the ground for me while you're out there.
2453Hmm. ID protocol must be on the fritz. Says you're a General now ... that sound right to you?
2454Give 'em hell out there.
2455Stay frosty, soldier.
2456Feel free to hit the courses again anytime you feel you need to hone the blade a bit.
2457I'm programmatically obliged to offer you praise. You're not dead. Excellent work, mammal.
2458Only good Red's a dead Red. What'dya say you go make a couple more?
2459You survived. Suppose life's full of surprises, ain't it?
2460You know, for a possible Communist subversive, you sure know how to kill. Good luck out there, probable Red.
2461No plank of wood's got a prayer against you, private.
2462Still upright and kicking, huh? Well, give 'em a boot to the shins for me, will ya?
2463Good work, cadet. You'll be slinging high-speed lead injections into Reds before you know it.
2464I knew you had it in you, cadet. Of course ... that's just what the Chairman would want me to think, isn't it.
2465Congratulations, cadet! You didn't fall to your death. Whoop-a-doo! Now get moving!
2466Outstanding, cadet! You made scrap metal out of those Marxists.
2467Cadet detected. And in uniform, to boot. Good start...
2468What in the holy name of -- you are out of uniform, cadet! And with no Uniform Voucher? You will return in Army fatigues and helmet or you will not return at all!
2469Successful operations detected. Commendations issued. Congratulations.
2470Bunker support acts registered. Congratulations.
2471You are now an official member of the United States Army. Get out there and do us proud, soldier. You are dismissed!
2472My sensors tell me you're not nearly as dead as I expected. Impressive, cadet.
2473Now, just two more exercises to go. Throw those hamhocks in hoof mode and get moving!
2474You've got just one more course to clear. Move out!
2475Now that you can walk, talk, and shoot, it's time to test your mettle. Make your way over to the Live Fire course. You're about to be molded into a soldier.
2476That's all three. Report to my office immediately. We need to have a little talk.
2477Promotion system engaged. Welcome ... private.
2478Promotion system activated. Scanning ... target found. Current rank: private.
2479You'll need to register with the bunker's promotion system.
2480It will track your actions via the Kovac and issue commendations for acts it deems of merit.
2481Accumulate enough and you'll be promoted to the rank of General ... and granted access to the region's nuclear silos.
2482And while we're unable to promote you directly, we did manage to get our claws into the commedation-issuance protocol.
2483We're more than happy to provide you with commendations, in exchange for your support with our own ... little projects.
2484All you need do now is access any of the military systems terminals against the back wall to start your rise through the ranks.
2485And while we're unable to promote you directly, we can help. The facility had an old military operations system we managed get our claws into.
2486Using this system, we can now issue commendations of our own... if you help us, that is.
2487Now that you've properly enlisted, the promotion process can begin.
2488Thrilling... we think. Our view from the Kovac is still a bit hazy.
2489Welcome back, private. We were able to peek in on your efforts via the Kovac.
2490And while we're unable to promote you directly, we can help. The facility had an old military operations system we managed get our claws into.
2491Using this system, we can now issue commendations of our own... if you help us, that is.
2492The first step in your journey is enlistment. There is an infantry training site nearby - Camp McClintock.
2493Present yourself to the camp's Master Sergeant. He will direct you on how to begin your rise through the ranks.
2494Tools you have our blessing to use against the ... monstrosities that stalk the world above.
2495Tools we would be happy to help you deploy against those ... monstrosities parading about above ground.
2496From here, local generals oversaw the region's thermonuclear missile silos...
2497... and enjoyed access to a trove of military intelligence and materiel ... given they had the proper clearance.
2498From here, local generals had direct connection to the region's thermonuclear missile silos...
2499... as well as access to a trove of military intelligence and materiel.
2500This means, unfortunately, that to gain access to these lovely tools, you'll need to earn your clearance. By attaining the rank of General.
2501But we have taken great pains to restore the system you'll need to earn your clearance the old-fashioned way.
2502Disappointingly, the military clearance systems were specifically never integrated with our own.
2503An egregious insult, in our opinion.
2504Greetings, member. Welcome to the Whitespring's military wing.
2505Greetings, member. The space you are now standing in was built to serve as a logistical and command hub for the region's military.
2506Commendation issued. Calculating. Sufficent commendations acquired. Congratulations, user. You have been promoted. Your new rank is...
2507... general. Updating user access. Command Center privileges issued. Please check-in at your earliest convenience.
2508Attention. Sufficent commendations acquired. Congratulations, user. You have been promoted. Your new rank is...
2509... general. Command Center privileges unlocked. General, please report to the Command Center at your earliest convenience.
2510High-priority target eliminated. Issuing multiple Combat Commendations.
2511Extreme threat terminated. Multiple Combat Commendations issued.
2512High-threat target exterminated. Issuing Combat Commendations.
2513Detecting high-value target elimination. Issuing multiple Combat Commendations.
2514Top-level target elimination detected. Multiple Combat Commendations issued.
2515I don't know what I expected. Eat a twig, stow some muck, whatever you mammals need to do to get your head in the game and give it another go.
2516You should be ashamed for profaning my course like that. Try again!
2517All right. That's enough for now. Clearly you're not cut out yet to join this bot's army. Polish up and try again.
2518... that was one sorry excuse for target practice. The little hope I have is that you're as embarrassed as I am disappointed.
2519What was that? They're not even shooting at you! ... huh. Would that help?
2520Hmm. Maybe it's time you stepped aside, let someone with some bloodlust have a go at it.
2521Wiped up those targets like last week's mystery meat. Excellent work, cadet.
2522My sympathies to your mother, because it looks like you were born with that weapon in your hand! Good job, cadet.
2523Not shabby at all, soldier. You might just do us proud.
2524Exactly what I'd expect from a Camp McClintock graduate. Well done.
2525Not bad for a soldier with only two opposable limbs. Now fall out.
2526Well, well. We may make something of you yet, cadet.
2527About as sloppy as I'd expect from a ground-pounder like yourself, but lucky for you we don't grade on prettiness. It'll do, cadet.
2528Well lookie here. We've might just have a bon-a-fide killer in our midst. Nicely done.
2530All right, maggot. Time to take out the targets as quickly as possible. And if you even think about getting wounded on my course, I will personally make sure you wished it was fatal.
2531You know the drill, cadet. Take out the targets as fast as your feeble human reflexes will permit.
2532Lock and load, cadet. Time to take those targets to school.
2533Time to put the pain on some plywood. Ready up, cadet.
2534Polishing up those killing skills. I like it. Step up to the line, soldier.
2535Can't keep away, can ya, soldier? Well, ready up.
2536Target time. Ready up, soldier.
2537High-value operation completed. Support Commendations issued.
2538Act of extraordinary distinction detected. Issuing Support Commendations.
2539Activity difficulty merits multiple Support Commendations. Issuing.
2540User action registered. Action of extreme distinction detected. Issuing Support Commendations.
2541High-risk operation complete. Issuing Support Commendations.
2542Commendation target detected. Marking target for extermination.
2543High-value target detected. Elimination authorized.
2544Possible commendation target acquired. Target marked.
2545Danger. Extreme threat detected. Designating target.
2546Combat commendation target detected. Marking.
2547Registering user activity for commendation. Error. Chief Executive detected. Promotional system bypass engaged. Granting Command Center access.
2548Welcome, Madam President. Please report to the Command Center at your earliest convenience.
2549Registering user activity for commendation. Error. Chief Executive detected. Promotional system bypass engaged. Granting Command Center access.
2550Welcome, Mister President. Please report to the Command Center at your earliest convenience.
2551User has been promoted to the rank of... Sergeant. Congratulations.
2552User has been promoted to the rank of... Lieutenant. Congratulations.
2553User has been promoted to the rank of... Captain. Congratulations.
2554User has been promoted to the rank of... Major. Congratulations.
2555User has been promoted to the rank of... Colonel. Congratulations.
2556No records of support operations found.
2557No records found.
2558Ending course run. Please approach the terminal to restart course.
2559Get on your dancing shoes, skin sack. You're stepping onto my Agility Course.
2560You are to clear each of the specified obstacles as fast as your mud kickers will carry you. Now ready up!
2561You know the drill, twinkle toes. Clear each of the obstacles before time runs out.
2562You ready to run your heart out for your country? Pummel each obstacle into submission, and win the respect that's clearly eluded you up to this point.
2563Start priming that oh-two converter, biped, and step up to the line. You're about to run like your dignity depended on it.
2564Do my sensors deceive me? Because I thought I saw an honest-to-Betsy soldier running my Agility Course just now. Nicely done.
2565Now that's a time you can be proud of. Well done, cadet.
2566Not bad, cadet. Not bad at all. You made it.
2567And that is how a real soldier does it. Nicely done.
2568Now would you look at that. Take a lap, soldier. You nailed it.
2569I'm about to issue you a demerit for speeding on base. Good work, soldier.
2570Move, move, move!
2572Go, go, go!
2573That... was disgraceful. Come back when you figure out how to get some speed below your knees.
2574No, no, no! Back to the beginning! Do it again!
2575That's it? And you do understand you're in public, correct? Where anyone could have seen that sorry performance? Get back to the line and try it again!
2576Come on, now! What do you call that? If you said "awful," well, then you got at least one thing right on that course.
2577That sorry performance is going to be seared into my memory banks for the foreseeable future. I'm not sure I can forgive you for that.
2578You're not thinking about letting that performance stand, are ya? Time to get back to start and put that bipedal to the metal!
2579Last one! Get up there!
2580Almost there!
2581Just one last push!
2582Clear! Onto the next one!
2583Nicely done! Now move!
2584Still more to go!
2585Not flagging on me already, are ya?
2586That's short work of that one!
2587Good work! Keep that motor running!
2588Another one down! Keep up the pace!
2589Clear! Now hit the next one like it owes you money!
2590Time's a wasting, cadet! Get going!
2591Check that one off! Next one up!
2592My favorite holiday? Well, that'd have to be Fourth of July!
2593Well yeah, my pop's in the union. Why do you ask?
2594My terminal keeps me company while Pop's at the mine. It needed a new password, so I used the initials of someone I admire a lot.
2595Am I free to go?
2596I love America!
2597This area's way different from San Francisco. The winters are so cold!
2598This country gave my family a fresh start!
2599Someday I'm going to own my own car! Or two!
2600Was there anything else, sir or madam?
2601I love America!
2602My ancestors came over on the Mayflower!
2603I work at my neighborhood soda counter... though I'd love a raise.
2604Now where'd my diary get to...
2605That's about all I've got to say on the subject.
2606I love America!
2607Impressive work, cadet. We'll have you putting collectivists in chains faster than a Red can cry "cripes, are those chains?" Heh.
2608Being able to sniff out a Commie could be the difference between life and death for you and your family.
2609Interrogate the three subjects and search their quarters. Once you've found evidence of the Red, return to the terminal to make your accusation.
2610Analysis complete. Congratulations. Sufficient acts of merit detected. You have been promoted to the rank of...
2611... General. Command Center privileges unlocked. Congratulations, General. Please report to the Command Center at your earliest convenience.
2612Analysis complete. Sufficient operations detected. You have been promoted to the rank of...
2613... General. Command Center privileges unlocked. Congratulations, General. Please report to the Command Center at your earliest convenience.
2614Chief executive detected. Upgrading clearance. Welcome, Mister President.
2615Chief executive detected. Upgrading clearance. Welcome, Madam President.
2616Please proceed to the Command Center at your earliest convenience.
2617Uniform issued.
2618Well, well.
2619Now that's what I like to see.
2620Hmm. What do we have here ...
2621Attention candidates! Voting is now open at ... SUMMERSVILLE! You should get a move on if you want to collect those ballots!
2622Greetings candidates! Put on your schmoozing shoes because voting is now open in ... GRAFTON! Get over there and start earning those votes!
2623Hello candidates! Voting's now begun in ... BERKELEY SPRING! Head over there and start earning those votes ASAP!
2624Get a move on candidates! Voting is now open in ... HELVETIA. Good luck nabbing those ballots!
2625Voting is now open in ... HARPERS FERRY ... candidates. Time to make those votes your own!
2626Oh candidates! Voting's just begun in ... LEWISBURG. Get over there and start stumping!
2627Attention candidates. There's votes to be claimed in ... WATOGA ... starting right now! Hurry before they're all gone.
2628Attention candidates. Votes are now being printed! Head over to the active voting site to make your case why they should be yours!
2629Hello candidates. A new voting site is now active. Get over there and start increasing those vote counts!
2630Attention all candidates. Fresh ballots are coming off the presses at the latest voting site. Time to convince those local voters you're the politician for them!
2631And the results are in. It would seem we have our new... PRESIDENT.
2632Congratulations to our victor and all who participated in this expression of democracy.
2633And to our new PRESIDENT, please proceed to the transmitted coordinates to complete your inauguration. And thank you all for your participation!
2634Hello candidates! The results are in and it appears we have a tie! Multiple... PRESIDENTS ... will now be appointed in accordance with our automated rules system.
2635Congratulations to our victors and all who participated in this trial.
2636Our victors should proceed to the transmitted coordinates to complete their inauguration.
2637And the results are in. It looks like... no one voted! At all! What a terrible sign for democracy! I hope you're all ashamed of yourselves! Better luck next time!
2638Attention candidates! An endorsement has been collected! Confront the cunning candidate and see if you can't claim that endorsement for youself!
2639Listen up candidates! A new endorsement has been collected! Convince its claimant to hand it over before they deposit it and it's gone for good!
2640Hello candidates. A fresh endorsement has been claimed. But there's still time to convince the canny candidate to part with it!
2641Greetings candidates. A high-value endorsement is on the verge of being issued. Proceed to ... AVR MEDICAL CENTER ... and be the first to claim it.
2642Hello candidates! A high-value endorsement will be issued soon. Proceed to ... ATOMIC MINING SERVICES HEADQUARTERS ... to claim it for yourself!
2643Attention candidates! A valuable endorsement is coming soon! Head over to ... ARKTOS PHARMA ... and let their CEO you're the candidate they're looking for!
2644Greeting candidates! A fresh endorsement will soon become available! Visit ... CHARLESTON CAPITOL BUILDING ... and start earning yourself that endorsement!
2645Hello candidates! A new endorsement is on the horizon! Pop in at ... CHARLESTON FIRE DEPARTMENT ... and prove to them you're the man and/or woman they want in office!
2646Listen in, candidates! A new endorsement could be yours! Visit ... MORGANTOWN HIGH SCHOOL ... to prove to the heads honchos you've got their interests at heart!
2647Hey there, candidates! There's an endorsement coming soon to a business near you! Visit ... DYER CHEMICAL ... and earn yourself a major vote boost!
2648Heads up, candidates! There's a high-value endorsement prepped to be released soon! Visit ... EASTERN REGIONAL PENITENTIARY ... and claim it for yourself!
2649Greetings, candidates! A valuable endorsement could be yours! Visit ... GARRAHAN MINING HEADQUARTERS ... and show them why you're the one who deserves their vote!
2650Attention, candidates! A new multi-vote endorsement will be available soon! Stop by ... HORNWRIGHT INDUSTRIAL HEADQUARTERS ... and hop in the pockets of industry today!
2651Candidates! You'd like a high-value endorsement, wouldn't you? Then head over to ... NUKA-COLA QUANTUM PLANT ... and let their bosses know you're ready to do business!
2652Hello candidates! There might just be a high-value endorsement with your name on it. Stop by ... WATOGA MUNICIPAL CENTER ... to make it yours!
2653Calling all candidates! Stop by ... VAULT-TEC UNIVERSITY ... to lay your hands on a brand new, multi-vote endorsement today!
2654Attention candidates! A multi-vote endorsement is going to be available soon! Head over to the endorsement site and start shaking those hands to make it yours!
2655Calling all candidates! A high-value endorsement could be yours! Get over to the issuing location and convince the top brass you're the politician they should be pulling for!
2656Greeting candidates! A shiny new, multi-vote endorsement will be issued soon. Head to the designated site and convince the higher-ups they should be voting for you!
2657And feel free to peruse the Voter Services terminal for more information on the rules of the election.
2658The system was ... updated by our earlier members for their own purposes, so things might be a bit different than what you remember.
2659When an election is active, you may confirm your participation by activating the handscanner at any Voter Services site like the one before you.
2660If you'd like to join the election currently in progress, you may activate a handscanner at any Voter Services site, like this one here.
2661Hello, member. Come to learn more about region's voting system? Well, you're in the right place.
2662Greetings, candidate! And thank you for registering for this trial of the Automated Voting System of Appalachia.
2663I'm Ava, and I'll be your guide on your journey towards the office of... PRESIDENT. OF. THE. UNITED. STATES.
2664Once voting begins, please proceed to the designated voting site and make your best case to the local populace why they should vote for you!
2665Collect ballots from local voters and deposit them in any of the region's automated vote counters!
2666Get the most votes and our system will automatically appoint you to the position of... PRESIDENT.
2667And don't be afraid to challenge your fellow candidates on the issues to claim their ballots as your own!
2668Passionate debate is the cornerstone of great democracy. Good luck, candidate!
2669Hmm. It seems AVA, Appalachia's very own automated voting system, has decided it's time for another round of... full-contact democracy.
2670All interested parties should proceed to the nearest Voter Services terminal to participate. Consider yourself warned.
2671That does it for this voting site. Candidates should prepare to start earning those votes at the next heart of democracy... HELVETIA.
2672And that's all she wrote for this little slice of democracy. Get ready candidates to start shaking hands in ... HARPERS FERRY.
2673That's a wrap for this voting location. Candidates, please start making you way to lovely... LEWISBURG.
2674Voting is now closed in this area. All candidates still participating should head towards ... SUMMERSVILLE ... at their earliest convenience.
2675Ballot issuing is over for now. Candidates should ready their stump speeches for the next voting site ... BERKELEY SPRINGS ... coming soon!
2676No more ballots for that voting site. All candidates should start making their way to the little cradle of democracy known so fondly as ... GRAFTON.
2677Ballot issuance complete. Time to start readying those campaign promises for the next voting site ... WATOGA.
2678And that wraps up ballot printing for that site. Candidates, please proceed to the freshly designated voting site at your earliest convenience.
2679And that's the last of voting at that location. Any and all candidates should start honing those handshakes and head towards the next voting site.
2680All right, ladies and germs. That's all she wrote for this site. But there's a fresh one coming soon. So get ready.
2681Attention all members. The time has come for the fittest among you to claim the mantle of Commander-in-Chief.
2682Please visit your nearest Voter Services terminal to participate.
2683Greeting members. Election season is upon us again. Please visit your nearest Voter Services terminal to register for AVA's latest trial.
2684Hello members. The region's automated voting system has informed us it's time for another rousing round of democracy.
2685Register at your nearest Voter Services terminal to try your hand at becoming our new President.
2686By activating this dispenser, you do solemnly swear that you will faithfully execute the Office of ... PRESIDENT. OF. THE. UNITED. STATES...
2687... and to the best of your ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.
2688Congratulations! ISSUING. SEAL. OF. OFFICE.
2689Accessing oath.
2690*clanging sound*
2691Welcome Mister ... PRESIDENT ... to your automated inauguration ceremony. Please approach the dispenser for your swearing in.
2692Welcome Madam ... PRESIDENT ... to your automated inauguration ceremony. Please approach the dispenser for your swearing in.
2693Welcome Mister or Madam ... PRESIDENT ... to your automated inauguration ceremony. Please approach the dispenser for your swearing in.
2694Attention all candidates! The final ballots have been issued! Time to get those last undecided voters to turn in their ballots before the polls finally close!
2695And here we are at last. Ballot issuing is now closed. All undeposited ballots should be dropped into any available vote counter before time runs out!
2696Attention candidates! The ballot printers are now disabled! Time to gladhand those last undecided voters into dropping off their ballots at the nearest vote counting site!
2697Authorization required.
2698Access denied.
2699Facility lockdown in progress. Please wait until the lockdown has ended.
2700Access granted.
2701Error. No targets available at this time. Please try again later.
2702We're providing you with the system results now.
2703According to our calculations, the code should be somewhere in the vicinity of the transmitted location. Happy hunting.
2704Hmm. We've transmitted the general region that code can be found in. Best of luck.
2705There we are. You should be receiving the data now. Mind yourself out there.
2706Processing.... completed. Do with that data what you will, General.
2707These keycard convoys can be ... challenging to pin down. They're fast moving and heavily guarded.
2708Tracking their movements before striking to see where they're headed - as well as bringing some back-up to take them down quickly - is advised.
2709And if you have more Code Pieces to acquire after this one, come back and we can take another look for you.
2710Hmm... ah. There's that signal. We've pinpointed the rough location of the Code Officer for you.
2711You should be able to identify them via their distinct uniform and backpack.
2712Ah. You've acquired your Code Piece. We mean sincerely that the officer is almost certainly now in a better place.
2713If you require additional Code Pieces, please, return to the Whitespring and we can aid you in finding the next.
2714If this was your last, well, we look forward to seeing the fireworks.
2715Everything you need to get started you should find in this space.
2716How to proceed, though, we leave up to you. But please feel free to ask our terminals if you have any questions. Good hunting, General.
2717... acquiring a Nuclear Keycard, hunting down a few Code Officers, and delving into the nature of the launch code's encryption in our archives.
2718There are a few key paths you should explore:
2719With that out of the way, it's about time you got your hands dirty.
2720It's about time you started getting your hands dirty.
2721The tools you find here will be your best chance against the monstrosities that have taken over the world above.
2722And you're welcome to explore the entries on the center's archival terminals ... or what's left of them.
2723Beyond that, there is the armory, with a variety of special armaments ... available for purchase, of course.
2724This space served many purposes, the most critical of which was its connection to the local nuclear missiles.
2725If you wish to begin familiarizing yourself with the system, please approach the posters against the far wall.
2726Launch code reset complete. System access unlocked.
2727Warning. Launch code reset engaged. Please stand by.
2728User credentials expired. Please enter new launch code.
2729As well, the fissures that have cropped up around the region seem promising as possible sources of materials... along with some added pest control.
2730The map in this room contains the locations of these fissures if you're looking for a target.
2731The region's fissures appear particularly intriguing as targets for transformation.
2732Documentation related to these materials can be found in the archives.
2733But wherever you nuke, do make sure to don power armor ... or at least a hazmat suit before popping by.
2734Materials of exceptional versatility ... and volatility.
2735However, if you can stabilize them fast enough, a jaunt into a blast zone, it seems, could be a productive one.
2736Versatile ... and volatile. But with proper stabilization, their uses are many.
2737Materials of exceptional power and versatility. If you are feeling courageous, a jaunt into a fallout region, it would seem, can be a fruitful one.
2738Our previous residents managed to acquire samples of some materials created shortly after the first bombs fell and what they found was ...
2739... illuminating, to say the least.
2740The material samples our previous residents collected after the initial nuclear exchange are impressive things.
2741We have records of the harvests our previous residents gathered from these nuked zones, and what they found was ... impressive to say the least.
2742To the contrary, general, our memory banks suggest quite the opposite.
2743As mentioned, our evidence suggests just the opposite.
2744The intense radiation released by such a blast can have devastating effects on local flora and fauna...
2745... mutating them into hideous monstrosities fit only for a quick death.
2746Due to the region's advanced missile installations, there is a high chance of a retaliatory nuclear strike touching down somewhere in Appalachia.
2747As we said, DEFCON has been permanently pegged at its highest level thanks to the actions of our earlier guests.
2748That means a continual stream of automated convoys bearing Nuclear Keycards, ready for your collection.
2749Just visit one of our surveillance terminals if you'd like our help in seeking them out.
2750During your briefing, you should've been issued a Nuclear Keycard.
2751The silver lining of this is that one can often find a keycard convoy en route somewhere in Appalachia.
2752We're happy to use our restored surveillance tools to help you track them. Access any of the surveillance system terminals to initiate your hunt.
2753You may speak to your logistics officer as to the location of the pick-up for your additional cards, should the circumstances arise.
2754Additional card drops will be brought in by automated convoy should the DEFCON rating continue to worsen.
2755During an actual launch, you will need to insert the card into the designated slot before entering your launch code, at which point the keycard will be consumed.
2756Over the course of the next four posters, you'll be taught everything you need to know about utilizing the Appalachian Automated Launch system.
2757Greeting, general. Welcome to your nuclear launch training session.
2758And, oh, have they arisen.
2759This DEFCON rating the general speaks of has been pegged at its maximum for some time now, due to the hazardousness unleashed by our earlier guests.
2760And if you'd rather get busy collecting code pieces, simply step over to the surveillance terminals. That, at least, we can help you with.
2761We would suggest starting your hunt with the archives on this floor. All the remaining information we have on the nature of the codes is stored there.
2762With the decrypters deceased, it falls to you and your compatriots to crack each week's codes.
2763It's also our belief that the flipcard displays in this room had something to do with the code.
2764What, exactly, we leave up to you and your compatriots to uncover.
2765And we are more than happy to use our surveillance systems to track down the last known locations of these code-bearing officers.
2766Just approach any of our surveillance terminals.
2767You may have also noticed the letter displays on the wall. Over time these display a single word. We believe these also have something to do with the code encryption.
2768What exactly, we will leave to you and your compatriots to deduce.
2769Amidst that data, we found tools that will allow us, with sufficient time, to figure out the current launch codes' "Cipher Words."
2770What those are used for, we will leave to you and your compatriots to deduce.
2771We've gathered all the information we could recover related to the codes and their encryption in the archives on this floor.
2772It will be up to you and your fellow members to decrypt each silo's launch code before they are regenerated. We, however, might be able to help.
2773The decrypters, it should come as no surprise, are dead.
2774The bunker's staff of specially trained code-decrypters will provide the officer corps with the code when it is renewed each week.
2775The order of the numbers has been encrypted using a series of methods to prevent improper deployment.
2776These codes are broken into eight individual number/letter pairs, each carried by a designated officer who is under strict orders to guard their Code Piece with their life.
2777Each silo has its own eight-digit launch code, which is valid for a single week.
2778To prevent misuse of Appalachia's automated missile silos, security measures for the region's nuclear arsenal have been increased well beyond any of our existing standards.
2779We're unable to peer inside the silos themselves, but we are confident in saying we doubt any such escort still lives.
2780You will be on your own once you're through the door.
2781Said missileers are almost guaranteed dead. You will need to soldier on through the silos without them. We recommend bringing friends.
2782Security protocols require all silo entrants, regardless of rank, be escorted by a missileer at all times. Entering a silo without escort will be treated as a hostile act.
2783The silos themselves are defended by a robotic task force and staffed with a contingent of special-clearance human missileers.
2784The missile silos of Appalachia are equipped with an advanced robotic construction system, allowing them to rapidly refill their arsenals in a matter of hours.
2785Launch code required.
2786Incorrect code detected. Revoking access. New keycard required.
2787Useful once you've untangled each silo's launch code.
2788The hunt to access the region's nukes begins, it seems. The system should have transferred to you the locations of the local nuclear silos.
2789All we have on the codes themselves may be found on the archival terminals beyond the armory.
2790Countdown lock active.
2791Launch system unavailable.
2792Keycard accepted. Keypad access granted.
2793Access denied. Please insert nuclear keycard in the designated receptacle.
2794Error. System unavailable. Launch prep required.
2795Error. Military clearance required.
2796Inserting that Silo Status tape into any terminal - including your Pip-Boy - will give you a readout of the current status of the region's missile silos...
2797... allowing you to quickly evaluate which are available for launch.
2799Not the poster type? We understand entirely.
2800Each silo's code transceivers emit a slightly different signal, so if you're looking for a piece from a particular silo, we should be able to help.
2801We can only give a rough approximation of each Code Officer's location. Hunting them down will be up to you.
2802Each silo's launch code is split into eight pieces. If you can, we suggest conscripting a few of your fellow members to speed up the hunt for a given code.
2803If you require more code pieces, our surveillance terminals are here to help.
2804If you're looking for the archives, they can be found in the far back of the Armory. Your updated clearance should grant you access to everything inside.
2805The archive terminals contain all we have left on the nature of the nuke code's encryption. Everything else was lost.
2806We do hope these flip card displays serve some utility in your hunt for the launch codes. Their power usage is ... not insignificant.
2807From what we've seen, the keycard Cargobots follow a decidedly regular path. You should be able to figure out the direction they're heading and intercept them.
2808Keycard Cargobots are often escorted by multiple Vertibots. And we suspect they do not take kindly to people attacking their wards.
2809Due to their speed, the keycard convoys are best engaged with a few compatriots by your side. Or very large guns.
2810The items for sale in the armory should make dropping whatever officers or robots you may be hunting noticably easier.
2811We suspect storming the silos is no cake walk. Once you've gotten all the pieces required for a launch, you should expect resistance.
2812Welcome, general. This is the Command Center.
2813If you'd rather jump right in, you may speak to any of our Command Terminals to move onto the next step in your personal nuclear arms race.
2814We'd also suggest you explore the armory, where we've made the bunker's finest high-end military equipment available for purchase.
2815If you wish to acquaint yourself with their intricacies, you're welcome to approach the posters against the wall.
2816A short training regimen was added to help new generals familiarize themselves with the nukes, their capabilities, and their dangers.
2817This space served many purposes - armory, archives, education center - but its most critical role was its connection to the local nuclear missiles.
2818Welcome, general, to the Command Center.
2819And, in addition to its other perks, there is a bit of useful equipment that comes standard issue to all Enclave generals.
2820And let us note, your upgraded clearance also grants you access to the few surveillance recordings still logged on some of the facility's terminals.
2821If you wish to know more about your predecessors, that is.
2822Attention citizens. Nuclear strike imminent. Please exit the area at your earliest convenience. Thank you for your cooperation.
2823Attention citizens. Nuclear strike imminent. Please exit the area or seek shelter immediately. Thank you for your cooperation.
2824Missile reconstruction ... complete. System ... rearmed. Launch prep sequence required.
2825Launch tube sealed. Initiating launch procedure.
2826Launch tube sealing in five ... four ... three ... two ... one.
2827Launch tube sealing in ten seconds.
2828Launch tube sealing in twenty seconds.
2829Attention! Attention! Launch sequence activated. Launch tube will seal in ... thirty seconds. All personnel should exit the launch tube immediately.
2830Estimated reconstruction completion in ... four hours. Thank you for your patience.
2831Missile reconstruction complete in ... three hours, forty-five minutes.
2832Missile reconstruction complete in ... three hours, thirty minutes.
2833Missile reconstruction complete in ... three hours, fifteen minutes.
2834Missile reconstruction complete in ... three hours.
2835Missile reconstruction complete in ... two hours, forty-five minutes.
2836Missile reconstruction complete in ... two hours, thirty minutes.
2837Missile reconstruction complete in ... two hours, fifteen minutes.
2838Missile reconstruction complete in ... two hours.
2839Missile reconstruction complete in ... one hour, forty-five minutes.
2840Missile reconstruction complete in ... one hour, thirty minutes.
2841Missile reconstruction complete in ... one hour, fifteen minutes.
2842Missile reconstruction complete in ... one hour.
2843Missile reconstruction complete in ... forty-five minutes.
2844Missile reconstruction complete in ... thirty minutes.
2845Missile reconstruction complete in ... fifteen minutes.
2846Launch procedure complete. Initiating missile reconstruction.
2847Access revoked. Please insert new keycard.
2848Attention all citizens. Blast zone has cleared. You may now exit your shelter positions. Thank you.
2849Recent user launch detected. Required cool-off period active.
2850Attention military personnel. Missile reconstruction at ... Missile Silo Alpha ... is now complete.
2851Please report to the facility to complete pre-launch preparations.
2852Attention military personnel. Missile reconstruction at ... Missile Silo Bravo ... is now complete.
2853Please report to the facility to complete pre-launch preparations.
2854Attention military personnel. Missile reconstruction at ... Missile Silo Charlie ... is now complete.
2855Please report to the facility to complete pre-launch preparations.
2856Attention military personnel. Launch codes for... Missile Silo Alpha ... have been invalidated.
2857New code pieces can be collected from designated officers.
2858Attention military personnel. Launch codes for ... Missile Silo Bravo ... have been invalidated.
2859New code pieces can be collected from designated officers.
2860Attention military personnel. Launch codes for ... Missile Silo Charlie ... have been invalidated.
2861New code pieces can be collected from designated officers.
2862Invalid credentials. Input launch code.
2864You may peruse our collection within at any of our Science Terminals.
2865We have managed to rebuild the fabrication system for one of their more interesting discoveries - the Mutation Serum.
2866In this space, great minds once tinkered with the building blocks of life itself.
2867We do ask that you watch your step inside. There was a portion of the wing we were forced to ... demolish. For health purposes.
2868Rest assured, the whole space has been thoroughly sanitized. Several times.
2869Hello member and welcome to the bunker's Science Wing.
2870*automatic gunfire*
2871Ladies and gentlemen, the Enclave thanks you for your service to this country...
2872Yes, sir.
2873All right then, I'll bring down the next bunch. You have your orders.
2874Yes sir, members of Congress not on the list are being filtered as we speak. This first batch here has already been processed and interviewed.
2875I'll make sure he's informed and brought up to speed. All non-Enclave personnel have been accounted for?
2876Doesn't matter now. We follow the protocols. Control goes to Secretary of the Treasury.
2877Damn it. The early warning systems should've given us more time.
2878Speaker of the House never made it. Secretary of the Interior died in the Med Bay. I've got two dozen more of our people that should've been here too.
2879...that's it. Report just came in from the entrance. Facility's all sealed up, no one else is getting in.
2880Whitespring Automated Recording one-point-one-point-two.
2881Well, [garbled]. Either way, we're on our own for now.
2882[garbled] would never allow that. Our procedures were clear.
2883The other option [garbled] consider is that they can answer.... they just won't.
2884I'm not sending anyone out to verify the structural integrity during [garbled] but it was designed to handle this.
2885It sounds like its the hardline. Some sort of problem with [garbled] like it was cut...
2886Nothing. Repeated attempts at contact have no [garbled]
2887What about Poseidon? They [garbled] some sort of answer.
2888Raven Rock [garbled] no response. We've been sending the [garbled] code for the last 48 hours.
2889And you tried both channels? We should've heard something on [garbled] or [garbled] at least some baseline signal.
2890[garbled] Still nothing.
2891Note -- Audio... Compromised. Reconstruction Attempted.
2892Whitespring Automated Recording one-point-one-point-five.
2893Not to worry, General. We have a plan for you all. MODUS, seal the room.
2894Accommodations? What the hell's he talking about, Grey?
2895Hmm. Well, there you have it. I'm sorry to see so many uncommitted to the cause of America.
2896Mr. Grey here will help sort out accomodations for you all. Everyone else, please, follow me down to the Science Wing.
2897All who oppose, please move to the right.
2898All in favor of using this facility and the resources of this land to continue the war that others believe lost, please move to the left side of the room.
2899So then, let us vote.
2900But of course the rule of law still applies here, my brothers and sisters. The Enclave is the bastion of democracy and will remain so, I assure you.
2901When we are victorious, there will be no more enemies left to stand against us.
2902And we will, for once and all, put an end to war.
2903We are going to fight. We will use this facility to continue the battle against our enemies, against Communism, against all the wretched things that brought this war upon us.
2904The world outside believes the war is over. That there are no more true Americans with the will to fight. They are wrong.
2905This is the moment to recognize and seize the opportunity that lies before us.
2906Loved ones lost. Colleagues gone. But now is not the time to allow ourselves to be overwhelmed by tragedy.
2907I acknowledge the pain you all must be feeling. I see it on your faces, and I feel it in my heart.
2908According to the rules of succession outlined long before our entry into this bastion, that responsibility now falls... to me.
2909This, in addition to the unexpected severance of our connection to Raven Rock and the President, means our little enclave is without leadership.
2910It is my sad duty to inform you the Secretary of the Treasury has passed. Acute radiation sickness, it seems.
2911Ladies and gentlemen, the news is not good.
2912Whitespring Automated Recording one-point-one-point-seven.
2913What, what the hell is ...
2914The room is sealed.
2915Crystal, Mr. Secretary.
2916General Harper is not to leave this facility. And he goes nowhere without an escort. Is that clear?
2917Yes, Mr. Secretary?
2918And MODUS?
2919They'll be made aware, Mr. Secretary.
2920Damn. Well, one is enough, I suppose.
2921Leonidas saved democracy with 300 Spartans. Imagine the stories they'll tell about us when we do it with 48.
2922Just make sure our scouts know to keep an eye out for any opportunities to expand our forces.
2923Correct. All the rest sided with Swafford and were removed.
2924And no generals other than Harper?
2925That's correct, sir.
2927Whitespring Automated Recording one-point-three-point-three.
2928I'll be sure to keep that in mind. Thank you, Major.
2929Yes, sir. It seems the automated voting system can be reprogrammed, as you suggested. You say the word and we can begin the process.
2930Any word on my ... personal request?
2931Yes, sir.
2932Let's be sure of that. Send a few technicians. See what it would take to make it ours.
2933They are, sir. But these monsters, I don't know if we can control them.
2934I know what West-Tek was working on, Major. Did your men see if the systems there are still viable?
2935Our men made it to West-Tek. It seems they were working on...
2936Wonderful. And the other?
2937Already underway.
2938Were they now? Hmm. Send a contingent. I want it brought under our control.
2939No longer active, sir. There were a few stragglers in the facility when our men arrived, but Grey and his team made short work of them.
2940It looks as though they were trying to build some kind of invasion force. Robotic.
2941What? The Chinese? Here?
2942No, sir. That's why I think these other two leads are so promising. Grey found a facility. Chinese.
2943We're not going to be able to torture our way back to supremacy, Major.
2944Most likely not, but Dr. Norris says he's been making progress on his reprogramming regimen.
2945Do you think they'll come willingly?
2946So, what have our scouts found thus far, Major? Is there anything left up there?
2947A few good leads, Mr. Secretary. It seems a collection of firemen, policemen, and doctors have started organizing. They're calling themselves "the Responders."
2948We believe there might be some strong candidates among the group for acquisition.
2949Whitespring Automated Recording two-point-nine-point-six.
2950Yes, I need to speak to someone about repurposing a member of my team. Yes, I'll hold.
2951*Intercom beeping*
2952*door closing*
2953Yeah... Yeah, okay. Thanks. I really appreciate it.
2954Just go back to work now, finish up the current run, and I'll let you know when something is decided.
2955I understand your concerns. I assure you I will raise them with the Secretary.
2956But we're supposed to be saving humanity, not... replacing it.
2957Look, I want to be wrong about this, okay? I want to just do the research and be able to sleep at night.
2958That is a vast over-simplification of the process...
2959We're potentially creating something that's... well, it's not really human anymore, is it?
2960I know we do. I understand that. I'm just saying... what's the end result here?
2961You know that's not our decision to make. We have orders.
2962No, that's not what I mean... the whole thing. All of it. Mutation serums in general. Is this really a good idea?
2963The results speak for themselves, don't they? We've seen a seventy-plus increase in effectiveness just over the last trial run.
2964What? No, no. We're fine. It's just, some of us have been talking... Are we really sure about all of this?
2965Please don't tell me you've run out of samples again. The procedure changes after batch six was used up should've fixed those issues.
2966Hey, have you got a second?
2967Whitespring Automated Recording three-point-six-point-eight.
2968And we were right. We've seen Hell, Mr, Grey. We're here to make sure the Reds get it worse.
2969Because the White House was hit with a thermonuclear weapon and the only place we thought the government could have possibly survived the horrors we saw was right here.
2970We came out here because one of my men heard a rumor this place existed. Because our families were scattered to the winds or dead.
2971Remind me again why a group of solider from DC decided to come all the way out to Appalachia? Didn't you have orders?
2972What exactly are you implying?
2973Couldn't have been that bad. They say you only lost... five men? Pretty incredibly. Considering how bad it is in the Capital. So you say.
2974That's what it was like. Better left unsaid.
2976You like talking about 'em?
2977Grey. Not exactly. Did a couple visits overseas. Asia, mostly.
2978You ever been deployed, Mr ...
2979So, you made it all the way from the Capital. How'd it look?
2980Whitespring Automated Recording five-point-three-point-one.
2981Sir, I would very much like to know more.
2982But it's our purpose here to make sure something like this never happens again. Is that something you'd be willing to help with?
2983Good. We can't do anything to turn back time, stop the terrible tragedy that's befallen our great nation.
2984Your people gave me a very rough overview, sir.
2985Now, I'm told that you've already had some preliminary briefings on our mission here?
2986Well, I for one am exceedingly glad to have you here. We've got room and supplies for all of you.
2987Thank you, sir. I try and run a tight ship, and look after my men.
2988Making it all the way from the Capital with, I'm told, minimal casualties. Very impressive.
2989But you! You and your team have fared surprisingly well, all things considered.
2990I have, sir.
2991I know. We've all suffered, even those of us here in this bunker. It was supposed to be safe, and.... well, you've seen how few of us are left.
2992Sir. It's like nothing we ever trained for. Not really.
2993I can only imagine. I'm sure you've seen some horrifying things.
2994Pleasure to be here, sir. Nice to finally have a solid roof over our heads.
2995Colonel Santiago, is it? Thomas Eckhart, Secretary of Agriculture. Good to have you here, soldier.
2996Whitespring Automated Recording five-point-two-point-four.
2997And for now, let's not burden any of the officer corps with worrying about this. Understood?
2998Yes, sir.
2999And keep it off-site. Where you found it, preferably. One of those old AMS mining complexes, yes?
3000I'm not asking for concerns. I want results. Do whatever you have to do. Keep this thing, study it, and report all your findings directly to me. Are we clear?
3001With all due respect, sir, this potentially represents a grave threat to the personnel on-site, and I'm not sure...
3002Can we reproduce this? For the purpose of additional study?
3003... sir?
3004Can we make more?
3005We're still establishing that, sir. It's mere presence seems to have some degree of contaminative effect on the immediate surroundings...
3006How dangerous is it?
3007But it's not just a result of radiation, sir. The specimen was inadvertently exposed to our biochemical tests last year, considered a failure at the time.
3008Mister Secretary, based on the physiology we're assuming something originating from the Chiroptera order before undergoing changes... bats, sir.
3009So you're telling me we're responsible for this thing? It's what? A mutated bird? Some kind of vulture or something?
3010Whitespring Automated Recording five-point-four-point-eight.
3011Yes, Mr. President.
3012Good. Now please, when he gets back, send Sergeant Donnelley up to me. I want to apologize personally. I know all too well what he's going through.
3013... it's clear, Mr. President.
3014We're at war, Colonel! Sacrifices need to be made if we're going to win it! There will be no more special permissions.
3015Men come and go at my orders alone. Is that clear? Is that clear!
3016And what happens if he does, Colonel? Did you think this through? Did you expect she'd come back here? Live among us?
3017Just a little housewife among all this?
3018Sergeant Donnelley was trying to find his wife.
3019Your permission was reckless.
3020Fine. President. What the hell do you think you're doing, ordering my men back from the field? I gave them special permission--
3021I believe you mean president, Colonel?
3022Secretary Eckhart.
3023Whitespring Automated Recording six-point-one-point-zero.
3024Burn the body. Have all the unassigned soldiers rallied at dawn.
3025Yes, sir.
3026So we'll need a new general to get into the silos.
3027No, sir.
3028Dammit! ... MODUS. The bunker's promotion system. Can you override it?
3029... sir. The General is dead.
3030*defibrilator discharging*
3032*defibrilator discharging*
3033No response.
3034Do it!
3035Sir, I don't believe that's wise.
3036What! You're finished?! He's still warm! Shock him again!
3037We're terribly sorry, Mr. President. We brought him here as quickly as we could. General Harper's last moments were at least peaceful.
3038MODUS! What's happened?!
3039Whitespring Automated Recording six-point-two-point-one.
3040No, Mr. Grey. That's General Santiago.
3041... that's Colonel Santiago.
3042Wait. What's that?
3043Nothing, sir. Should I ask MODUS to deploy the Vertibots?
3044And there's been no radio chatter at all?
3045An hour.
3046How long ago were they supposed to be back?
3047Whitespring Automated Recording six-point-two-point-four.
3048Yes, sir. I'll get right on it.
3049I want him found, I want him eliminated, and I want it done yesterday.
3050He killed one of our men. He is possibly in possession of classified material. Material that could threaten our work here.
3051Mister President, I don't believe Senator Blackwell is much of a threat at this point. And any information he had is so outdated...
3052Well, then you'd better get someone to Harpers Ferry as soon as possible. Send Grey. He's has a knack for this sort of thing.
3053I expect he'll go to ground if he hasn't already. And it took so long for him to surface in the first place...
3054Sir? It's very unlikely he'll come up again. He managed a number of years on his own, and now that he knows we'll be looking for him...
3055Well, his error is our gain. What are the plans for dealing with him?
3056The Senator reportedly came out of hiding to aid his allies among the Free States. Suppose he thought it might finally be safe to show his face again.
3057Jesus. Sam Blackwell. Survived all this time out there. I'll admit, I didn't think he had it in him.
3058...and that's as much as we know. He ID'ed our operative, killed him, and fled Harpers Ferry.
3059Whitespring Automated Recording six-point-six-point-one.
3060I'm fine, MODUS. Call up the guard. One of my men. Have her put in a cell. Keep her sedated, restrained ... and alive. We're still going to need her.
3062What the... what... did you...
3064I'm exceedingly disappointed to hear it, General.
3065No! This is too far, Thomas! I thought I could ignore all the blood you've shed - the Congresspeople, Blackwell, your fellow Enclave members.
3066I want to do this as little as you, Ellen. But we've tried half-measures. If we're going to overcome DEFCON, we need to be committed.
3067Releasing Chinese robots and Super Mutants and whatever monsters your people have cooked up on the populace at large has never been the mission!
3068Why? You earned it. You're the highest ranking military officer here, maybe in the nation.
3069You know, I'm real sick of you calling me that.
3070General Santiago, may I remind you...
3071No, Mr. President. I don't agree, and I won't support it.
3072Whitespring Automated Recording six-point-nine-point-seven.
3073Are you all right, Mr. President?
3074Ah! Ah!
3075What the hell!
3076And I assure you, my men don't either. None of us are going to be a party to this.
3077I've heard the recordings. And I stayed. Because I thought I wanted revenge against the Reds that badly. But not this badly.
3078And you still received every bit of power that came with it. And now it's time put that power to use. Because that's our mission.
3079It was given to me by a machine.
3080Lead the way, Captain...
3081No sir, you did not. But at this point we don't really need your approval. Could just use a few extra hands to help us clean up this mess.
3082I didn't authorize anything like this...
3083Doesn't matter right now. We're in open revolt mode here, so time ain't on our side.
3084Good god. How long have I been out...
3085Here's the quick version, sir. Eckhart's released the beasts. We're at DEFCON one.
3086We're going to stop him and undo as much as we can before it gets out of hand.
3087Glad to see your brain's not totally fried, sir.
3088...Ragnarsdottir? Jackson? What the hell?
3089Sir, we need you on your feet. We're short on time here.
3090Unnhhh... what's going...
3091We don't have a second, they're gonna be on to us soon...
3092The label said it's the right stuff... just give it a second!
3093You sure you gave her the right shit? We don't have time to screw around here.
3094Whitespring Automated Recording eight-point-five-point-two.
3095All right, boys and girls. Get your charges planted. The General's back on her feet and mad as hell.
3096Whitespring Automated Recording eight-point-five-point-four.
3097Intruders detected.
3098That, Sergeant, is where you're wrong.
3099Well get keen, MODUS. Because it's happening, whether you want it to or not.
3100We're not keen on this plan, Sergeant.
3101General's orders. We have to wipe out every bit of information related to the weapons research, the Kovac...
3102... anything that could be used against the people of Appalachia.
3103It appears that you're attaching high-explosive to our memory banks.
3104We're saving Appalachia, MODUS. Thought you'd be onboard.
3105What do you think you're doing, Sergeant Donnelley?
3106Welcome to the facility.
3107Don't you have somewhere to be, guest?
3108You're welcome to come and go as you please.
3109We're here to make sure no harm comes to our residents. You behave yourself, we won't have any problems.
3110Just don't cause any trouble, all right?
3111Just keeping an eye on everything.
3112This unit won't harm you ... unless you earn it.
3113Greetings, member.
3114Nothing to report, member.
3115General detected! Sir hello sir!
3116General detected! Ma'am hello ma'am!
3117Finding everything to your satisfaction, sir?
3118Finding everything to your satisfaction, ma'am?
3119Looking for something? There's a big map in the comms room if you get lost.
3120Need something to do? We've an Extermination Operation currently active if you want to wipe up some uglies above ground.
3121You know, we're looking for helping getting a patrol together. Should head topside if you want to make some scratch.
3122System says a resource drop's coming in soon, member. Can probably get in on the action if you hurry.
3123If you and the other members have a disagreement, all we ask is you take it outside. Wouldn't want to scratch the mahogany.
3124All seems nominal from where I'm standing.
3125Uh, I am pretty damn sure you're not supposed to be here.
3126Probably best if you left the area.
3127Look, I'm not trying to get you in trouble here, but you should go.
3128Not much you'll be able to do in here without military clearance, member.
3129You looking to enlist? Camp McClintock's just a couple clicks northwest of the bunker. Master Sergeant there will get you squared away.
3130Got the images in from the Kovac. Didn't go well up there, did it?
3131All the nuclear silo info's kept upstairs in the Command Center. Not getting up there till you hit General.
3132External connection had been awful spotty since ... the incident. Good to have things back online.
3133This unit has many things to do, so, if you don't mind, member.
3134Looking to earn your stripes, eh? Kill the ugliest of uglies and lend a hand in any bunker operations. Fastest way to the top.
3135There's a support commendation with your name on it if you want to lend a hand with a little extermination.
3136Need a support commendation? There's a resource drop going on upstairs.
3137Shiny new support commendation available if you want to help set up a bot patrol above ground.
3139What I wouldn't give to see a mushroom cloud in person. The sheer power of it. But, you know, from a distance.
3140Chuck a tactical ordnance for me, would ya, General?
3141Bunker was rocking not too long ago. We get hit again? Was it the Reds?
3142Better take your rad pajamas, member. Sensors say someone's been slinging fission up top.
3143Member. Asking ya nicely. Don't touch anything in here or we're going to have trouble.
3144General. Not my place to give orders, but in here, we make an exception. Don't touch anything. Please.
3145Need to ask you to be respectful in here. You need to fire off a couple rounds in anger, head outside.
3146Lot was lost in here. We're not about to lose any more.
3147Whole bunker's run from here. So don't get any ideas.
3148You lost? Door's right over there.
3149Don't mind me, member. Just trying to keep tidy.
3150Just please try not to dirty this place too much. The hours we've spent fixing things, you wouldn't believe.
3151General. I do hope you find everything up to snuff.
3152Have you ever tried getting weapon's grade biotoxins out of carpet? Hmm. I suppose you probably haven't.
3153There are still a few of old research systems churning away. Pop by any of the science terminals to have a look.
3154From what I've been able to glean, this wing was used specifically for research into Mutation Serums. The weapons wing ... wasn't recoverable.
3155I can't say I'm the biggest fan of the original designer's artistic selection. All those menacing looking beasts.
3156Worry not. We've sanitized this location to the highest possible standards. No crevice left uncleaned.
3157Warning! Facility recipe list unavailable! Activating failsafe procedure - grilled chair leather.
3158Knife sharpening procedure engaged. Please stand clear.
3159Error. Temperature systems offline. Food safety compromised.
3160Running recipe generation protocol. Raspberry creme brulee. Ingredients required: seven. Ingredients available: blowtorch.
3161Engaging food safety evaluation. Oh no.
3162Attempting to generate new recipe. Maple mole rat. Attempting to save. Save failed.
3163Need a pick me up? Visit any medical terminal.
3164Warning! Illness detected. Contagion level ... acceptable. Suggested prescription: antibiotics.
3165Radiation above normal levels. Suggested prescription: a Rad-Away and call me in the morning.
3166Attention, member. Mutation detected. Suggested prescription: immediate application of Rad-Away.
3167Analyzing patient. Moderate injuries detected. Suggested prescription: Stimpak.
3168Warning! Severe injuries detected! Suggested prescription: immediate application of multiple Stimpaks.
3169Attention member! Life-threatening injuries detected! Suggested prescription: multiple Stimpaks or visit to local morgue.
3170Analyzing patient ... congratulations! No immediate concerns detected!
3171The finest medicine money can buy.
3172Diagnoses, free-of-charge. Remedies, at cost.
3173Everything for what ails you.
3174All medical ailments will be documented by the facility.
3175Greetings, guest. Please, make yourself at home.
3176Refreshments are available downstairs.
3177You are standing in the Whitespring Congressional Bunker.
3178This entryway has been restored to it's original, late 21st century motif.
3179Enjoy your stay, guest.
3180Guests are permitted one food disbursement and one liquid disbursement.
3181Guest are invited to take a load off.
3182Welcome to the Roosevelt Lounge.
3183Auxiliary room is currently off limits to due catastrophic structural damage.
3184Welcome back, member. Make yourself comfortable.
3185Loitering in this area is permitted.
3186Hungry, member? Refreshments can be purchased downstairs.
3187In need of some stopping power? Visit the Whitespring Production Center.
3188Looking for an extra boost? Purchase a serum from the Science Wing.
3189Feeling under the weather? Medical supplies available for sale in the Medical Bay.
3190Member location ... documented.
3191Extermination Operation active. Member support requested.
3192Bot Patrol operation available. Members should report to designated Bot-Stop.
3193Resource Drop available. Members should proceed to survey area.
3194Don't you look dashing, sir.
3195A decidedly smart look today, ma'am.
3196Hello, member "Name Unavailable." Always a pleasure.
3197We should have a table opening any moment, sir.
3198I believe we have a table opening shortly, madam.
3199So busy this time of day.
3200Your presence has been documented by ... our staff.
3201We apologize for the wait. The chef's vision simply cannot be rushed.
3202Your presence has been noted.
3203We only ask you try not to dirty this place too much. The hours we've spent just getting it back to this state, you wouldn't believe.
3204Your rank is of no consequence here. Member behavior is required.
3205This unit suggests you move along.
3206You have entered a secure area. Act accordingly.
3207All combat systems active.
3208Member activities in this space are restricted to the following: leaving. End of list.
3209Unauthorized extermination detected. Documenting.
3210Neutralized target acquired. Scanning for assailant.
3211Deceased spotted. Time of death ... recorded.
3212All right! Who did this?!
3213Hmm. That looks like it's going to leave a stain.
3214Holy hell. What happened here?
3215Clean-up required.
3216Resting in this area is not recommended.
3217May we assist you?
3218All array components engaged. Activating targeting protocols. Please stand by.
3219Specified hostiles eliminated. Infestation cleared. Thank you for your participation.
3220User intervention required! Temperature error detected! Please approach array component immediately.
3221Attention! Attention! Temperature spike detected! User support requested!
3222Attention users! Temperature approaching unsafe levels! Action required!
3223Temperature anomaly corrected. Resuming remote connection.
3224On further reflection, we've changed our minds. That spot deserves those vermin.
3225Fine. We didn't care much for that site anyway. Let those creatures have it.
3226What happened, members? Not interested in wanton bloodshed? Shame.
3227Signal detected. Activate additional signal sources to initiate extermination protocols.
3228Hello members. Using the Kovac-Muldoon, we have spotted some ... pests that could prove a problem if left unchecked.
3229We want them... exterminated. We've called in Cargobots to deploy a series of lures to the site. But Cargobot deployment can be ... bumpy.
3230The lures may require your attention as they draw in the pests. Attend to them as they work, and you will be rewarded. That is all.
3231System orientation complete. Signal broadcast active. Target locked. Immediate evacuation required. Repeat. Please retreat to a safe distance immediately.
3232Hello, member. Any chance you'd be interested in a little... extermination duty? If so, just proceed above ground. We'll make sure it's worth your while.
3233We could still use your help with some extermination work, member, if you've got the stomach for it.
3234We understand if you're reticent to engage in our little pest control task. But we assure you it's for the best.
3235We presumed a little extermination task would be right in your wheelhouse. We hope we weren't ... mistaken.
3236Users! Users! Component signal lost! Recalibration requested!
3237Issuing user notice! Signal connection unavailable! Amplitude boost requested!
3238Requesting immediate user support! Signal strength failure detected. Signal boost procedure required.
3239Signal restored. Resuming connection process.
3240Orbital strike complete. Elimination of remaining hostile targets authorized.
3241Who trying to take our song?
3242Bad noise. That was bad noise.
3243What that? Here for song?
3244Hmm... What was that?
3245I can hear you...
3246Something there?
3247What? I hear somethin'.
3248Huh? A noise?
3249Hello? Someone there?
3250The sound. So ... pretty.
3251I love this song.
3252Nobody's gonna take that sound. Nobody.
3253How ... how sound so beautiful?
3254Shh! You hear? My favorite part.
3255No! You stay away from song!
3256Pretty noise! You no take it!
3257You! You stay back! Nice sounds ours!
3258No! We called by the noise! Noise want us to stay!
3259No! You won't take the song from us!
3260Song! We will protect the pretty song!
3261Can't you hear it! It calls! You won't take it!
3262No! You won't take the song!
3263Hello again, members. We've spotted another nest of vermin congregating topside.
3264Proceed to the designated extermination site and keep an eye on our lures, would you? That is all.
3265Greetings members. We've once again found ourselves in need of ... exterminators. Proceed to the designated site and put an end to these pests.
3266That is all.
3267Members. The Kovac has detected a fresh pack of brutes gathering above ground. Report to the extermination site and aid us in their disposal. That is all.
3268Greetings members. We're detecting a collection of vermin that appear to be ... more than just an eyesore.
3269Report to the extermination site and see the lures we've deployed there are ... taken care of. That is all.
3270Members, our view of the outside world has been once again tainted by pests. Anyone available should report to the designated extermination site. That is all.
3271Hmm. It would seem conditions have... soured for this particular task. You should try back again later. Apologies.
3272Processing... complete! Array component reactivated.
3273Array component reconnection... successful.
3274Signal... detected! Connection reestablished!
3275Component reconnection successful.
3276Array component reconnection detected. Thank you.
3277Warning! Warning! Array component alignment disturbed! Please initiate reorientation protocol immediately!
3278Attention! Reorientation necessary for array component 11j!
3279Error! New array component requires orientation!
3280Attention! Please reorient additional array component at your earliest convenience!
3281New array component calibration required!
3282Signal error detected. New array requires immediate reorientation.
3283Signal lost. Additional array component requires recalibration.
3284Component obstruction detected. Please initiate reorientation subroutines.
3285Additional array component out of alignment. Please initiate reorientation protocol.
3286Array component requires signal calibration. Please approach array component and initiate calibration procedure.
3287Array component requires signal adjustment. Please adjust frequency to One-One-Eight-Six.
3288Notice to all users! Gear jam detected! Mechanical support ticket issued.
3289Users! Jam detected. Mechanical intervention required.
3290Warning! Warning! Gear system locked. Please perform immediate repairs.
3291Repair detected. Resuming uplink protocols.
3292Error! Component failure! Immediate support required!
3293Circuit panel failure detected! Bypass requested!
3294Error! Unrequested tube decompression detected. Immediate repair requested.
3295Component bypass detected. Resuming function.
3296Ah ha. There we are. I'll upload the data on the extermination site to you shortly.
3297First, however, you'll need to collect the lures from the production facility. Place them at the site and the Kovac-Muldoon will take care of the rest.
3298Good hunting.
3299Initiating surveillance process. Scanning. Scanning. Survey complete. Resource drop authorized. Please clear the area.
3300All points detected. Initiating survey. Scanning. Scanning. Survey complete.
3301Uploading data to station CB002 ... complete. Attention! Resource drop authorized. Please clear the area.
3302Hmph. No connection still. Suppose we'll just take the hint.
3303No takers for our little surveillance task, eh? Pity. Never mind.
3304And we thought we'd asked so politely. Never mind, members. We shall find something else to do with our time.
3305Unlock timer expired. Destroying unclaimed contents.
3306Attention, members. We have detected a trouble spot we would like to take a closer look at via the Kovac-Muldoon.
3307But this requires a point of reference. Three, actually. We are transmitting the location of the site we wish to survey.
3308Go there and activate the designated points. Once the signal is recieved on our end, we'll have the Kovac drop off a ... little present. That is all.
3309Warning! Warning! Hostile forces detected. Resource drop locked. Immediate elimination required.
3310It... is us... we... are it...
3311Not... no... they are not us...
3312Together... always... together...
3316Mushroom cloud bigger than ever seen. Missile from sky. How?
3317Humans trying to destroy world again. Stupid humans!
3318Radiation kill humans. Leave only Super Mutant!
3319We were made for this. Nothing will stop us here!
3320Humans made nukes. Made Super Mutant. Made their deaths!
3321Need a rock to open this thing... a big rock.
3322Box full of good stuff, I bet.
3323Dumb box... open up! Dumb.
3324You ain't stealin our box!
3325The box belongs to us!
3326No! NO! The box is ours!
3327We are one!
3329Not us!
3330This! THIS!
3331Yes! YES!
3332Always together!
3333Never alone!
3334Kill all!
3336Hello, members. There is another site we wish to have a look at. Please proceed to the transmitted location and complete the triangulation process. That is all.
3337Members. There is another trouble spot we wish to survey. Any capable men and women should proceed to the designated location. That is all.
3338Greetings, members. Anyone interested in a gift from on high - in exchange for a little triangulation - should proceed to the coordinates we've provided. That is all.
3339Hmm. Terribly sorry. Seems a drop is unavailable for the moment. My apologies.
3340Regardless, our role is to merely provide you with the key. What you do with them, well, I supposed that's up to you.
3341A local militia calling themselves the Brotherhood of Steel thought they could even use them to wipe out the Scorchbeast population.
3342From what my sensors tell me, it seems the blasts can be... quite transformative to the region they strike.
3343Our scanning system will allow you to find both for any of the silos in the region... given they're still active.
3344... and a launch code to activate the missile.
3345Unfortunately, to perform a successful launch will require two codes - an access code to gain entrance to the silo itself...
3346The damage to my processing centers means its not as accurate as it once was, but it should surely at least get you pointed in the right direction.
3347These terminals were set up by our bunker's former residents to utilize my surveillance network in order to sniff them out.
3348Point oriented. Please proceed to next triangulation point.
3349Connection established. Additional connections required.
3350Triangulation point active. Please proceed to the next point.
3351Signal established. Please initiate additional connections.
3352Frequency calibrated. Please proceed to new triangulation point.
3353There. I've contacted the platform for you. Simply visit the pre-selected triangulation sites I've marked on your Pip-Boy and the drop will be authorized.
3354Triangulation target detected. Initiating protocols. Please stand by.
3355Area secured. Remote unlock complete. Have a nice day.
3356Patrolling active! Defensive protocols set to maximum.
3357Initiating patrol procedures.
3358Combat override complete.
3359Evaluating combat capabilities.
3360Target elimination protocols engaged.
3361System online. Prioritizing defense sequencing.
3362WARNING. WARNING. ALL PATROLLER CONNECTIONS LOST. OVERRIDE PROCESS ABORTED. System shutdown received. Come back... and... visit... Bot...stop.
3363Drop complete. Initializing patrol bot boot sequence. Please stand by...
3364Patrol complete. Initiating cleanup.
3366Removing patrol blockage!
3367Our task will be completed.
3369Attention all members. We've pinpointed a region we'd like to ... explore. Firsthand.
3370There is a quaint robot fabrication system we'd like you to connect us to. Any members available can report to this "Bot-Stop" to initiate the process.
3371All we ask is you stand guard over the bots while we... repurpose them for our patrol. That is all.
3372Custom order received. Priority Schematic List CB-zero-zero-two engaged. And thanks for using B-B-BOT STOP.
3373Custom order received. Please stand clear! And thanks for using B-B-BOT STOP.
3374Location secured. Initiating patrol.
3375NOTICE. ADDITIONAL HOSTILES DETECTED. Try not to let those bots get dinged up now!
3376New hostile targets detected near drop zone. Elimination required.
3377Additional hostiles en route to drop zone. Marking targets for destruction.
3378All hostiles will be eliminated!
3379Greetings members. We've decided it's about time we went for another walk.
3380Any available men and women should proceed to the designated "Bot-Stop" to initiate the process. That is all.
3381Hello members. There is a fresh patrol we'd like your help in establishing. Anyone interested should report to the chosen "Bot-Stop" site. That is all.
3382Members. We've found an area we'd like to have a closer look at. We're transmitting coordinates to the local "Bot-Stop."
3383Proceed there and protect our patrollers, would you? That is all.
3384Drop preparations complete. Please clear drop zone. Repeat. Please clear the drop zone immediately. Brace for impact...
3385ROBOT LOST. You'll take good care of those machines, from here on out, won't ya?
3386PATROL UNIT DISCONNECTED. Well, now that's no way to treat a freshly built bot, now is it?
3387Uh oh. That bot looks bad. Guess you ought to PROPERLY DEFEND ALL PATROLLER UNITS to keep 'em humming for years to come.
3388Seems someone had an accident. MEMBERS. P-P-PERMIT NO ADDITIONAL ACCIDENTS, if you wouldn't mind?
3389UNIT DISCONNECTED. Interrupting the REPROGRAMMING process can lead to COMPLETE MISSION FAILURE. So do try to be gentle?
3390Authorized defense liaison detected. Initiating patrol drop procedures. Please remain in drop zone until orientation preparations are fully completed.
3392W-WARNING. HOSTILES DETECTED. Watch after those bots, please!
3393NOTICE. ADDITIONAL HOSTILES DETECTED. Try not to let those bots get dinged up now!
3394Don't let your new pals scratch that finish. ELIMINATE HOSTILES.
3395WARNING. DANGER DETECTED. Keep your machines in mint condition!
3396What's this now? New customers? ELIMINATE.
3397That polycarbonate finish won't care for itself. Make sure you KILL ALL HOSTILE FORCES before it gets scratched!
3398ADDITIONAL HOSTILES EN ROUTE. Just don't let 'em hurt the merchandise! Because we don't allow returns!
3400Custom order received! Accessing Special Schematic List 91m. Please stand clear!
3401Custom order received! Please stand clear!
3402Need a hand? Step right up to the Bot-Stop!
3403Get your very own metallic minion at the Bot-Stop!
3404Never sweep a floor again! With an articulated assistant on demand. From Bot-Stop!
3405Handy helpers at your fingertips! Build your own at the Bot-Stop!
3406Put a smile on the missus' face with a dandy new domestic! Get 'em while they're hot, at the Bot-Stop!
3407Hmm. It would appear there are no viable targets for the time being. Please check back later.
3408Patrol obstruction rediscovered. Kill procedure engaged.
3409Target found. Resuming execution.
3410Resuming obstacle removal.
3411Estimated time of obstruction removal: 10 seconds.
3412Patrol blockage removal in progress.
3413We were having such a nice walk.
3414You're in our way.
3415Patrol interruptions will not be tolerated.
3416Overrides active. Obstacle must be destroyed.
3417Sweep and clear procedure engaged.
3418Patrol obstruction found. Eliminating.
3419Obstacle found. Clearing pathway.
3420Halting progress. Engaging combat routines.
3421Ah. There's one. Let me to mark it for you. The patrol will be dropped in once you arrive. It'll be up to you to protect them as they activate. Best of luck.
3422Please proceed to the designated patrol site. The patrol will be dropped in upon your arrival.
3423Greetings, member. Looking to set up a new patrol for us? Splendid. Allow me to search for a viable target...
3424Nothing to see here, civilian.
3425Move along.
3426You will not be harmed unless merited, civilian.
3427Patrol active. Please stand clear.
3428Please stand back. Your safety cannot be guaranteed.
3430Uph. What is that smell? We're not sure how you stand it out here.
3431Don't mind us. Just out for ... a little stroll.
3432They did quite the number on this place, didn't they, member?
3433If you'll excuse us, we have some ... errands to attend to.
3434Well, isn't this ... unpleasant. We can feel the rust setting in already.
3435Boot up procedure complete! Activating patroller defense protocols.
3436We suppose it's a "no" on that patrol then. So be it.
3437Hmm. Seems we'll have to find something else to occupy our time then.
3438Very well. Task request rescinded, members. So very hard to find good help these days.
3439Re-re-removing overrides. Remote systems shut down. And don't come back, now, ya hear!
3440Reprogramming active.
3442Updates engaged.
3443ALL TARGETS ELIMINATED. PATROL ENGAGED. Come back anytime to the Bot-Stop!
3445Requested items collected. Thank you, valued staff member. Warning! Cluttered room detected! Issuing room key. Please proceed to guest room for emergency decluttering!
3446Staff member detected. Please proceed to designated guest room.
3447Now don't dally. The guests must have their demands.
3448Oh, I do hope those spots have the items they guests require. They simply must.
3449Once you've found them all, bring them back here. That, that should soothe the guests... for a while.
3450You, you should've heard the language Room 201 used when making that request... c-can't you?
3451Oh, wonderful. Wonderful! Now just place them all - gently - in the collector. The guests will be so thrilled.
3452Hmm. A little more scuffed than I'd like, but they'll do.
3453Another request to quiet our guests. Wonderful.
3454Oh, thank you, thank you. But there's no time to chit-chat, I suppose. That room won't declutter itself!
3455Always, always leaving things behind. The guests can be so forgetful... and demanding!
3456What... what? Oh, it sounds like you're needed upstairs. Posthaste!
3457Cleaning staff detected. Access key consumed. Immediate decluttering required. Thank you for your service.
3458Can, can you hear them? The guests. I write down their requests, but we simply haven't the staff to collect them. Be, be a dear. Check the board, would you?
3459So much to be done. So much to be done.
3460What's that, Mrs. Lovell? You want me to polish them all? Well, I couldn't...
3461The guests... they must be sated.
3462Priority message to all Responders! Our friendly Forest Watch robots have spotted some corpse flowers that are just about to bloom.
3463You can get some useful ingredients from those flowers, but watch out. The plants' odor drives the local wildlife a little crazy.
3464It's a good opportunity, just make sure you watch your backs out there.
3465Heads-up, Responders! The food processing machines at Mama Dolce's have finally cooled down enough to work again.
3466I've set them up to make cans of stew using the ingredient containers spread around the factory.
3467The machines make a hell of a racket, so you'll probably get some unwanted guests.
3468Heads up, Responders! Sanjay here, bringing you this automated message from Mama Dolce's Food Processing plant.
3469If you're hearing this, it means the food processing machines have finally cooled down enough to work again.
3470I've set them up to make cans of stew, provided you can bring the ingredients.
3471Just be aware that these machines make a lot of noise and can attract some unwanted attention.
3472Good luck. This message will repeat.
3473It's a great day to go to work in the best country on Earth!
3474Remember, work hard so you can earn those precious dollars and buy whatever your heart desires!
3475Put your backs into it, loyal patriots!
3476Long hours got you down? Just remember that you're living the American dream!
3477With your efforts, everyone can enjoy a delicious meal with mom's fresh apple pie for dessert!
3478Let's go, citizens! A hard day's labor puts dollars in your pocket!
3479Don't let Uncle Sam down! Be loyal and diligent every day!
3480Automated Warning to all Responders. The Mr Farmhands are out of control.
3481Evacuate civilians and take down those Supervisors.
3482Once they're dealt with you'll have to reboot the server. Again.
3483Automated message. The Forest Watch detects all Supervisors down. Good job.
3484Responder team proceed to the Ag Center and get to the Mainframe. You need to reset the Farmhand targetting parameters.
3485That should keep our people safe in the area. Be careful.
3486Attention all Responders! This is a top-priority message.
3487Radar has spotted an inbound Cargobot. We've got to secure the landing zone so it can make the drop.
3488We need those supplies, but the Cargobot's going to attract attention, so get ready for a fight!
3489Responder alert, priority one! Automated air traffic monitoring systems detect an incoming Cargobot headed for the airport.
3490The landing zone must be secured or the supply drop will be aborted. Repeat, secure the LZ at all costs!
3491Attention Responders! Cargobot is now on final approach. Eyes to the sky, people!
3492Warning! Hostiles present in landing zone. Supply drop aborted. Repeat, supply drop aborted.
3493Priority Responder message incoming. Immediate evacuation of the First Friends church in Charleston is required due to swarming vermin.
3494Burrowing in this area does reveal salvage that well equipped, trained personnel can recover. Civilians should remain clear while the bells ring.
3495Please commence enjoying Fashnacht.
3496This is an official Faschnacht fun zone.
3497Combat Override Ignored. Faschnacht Mode has higher priority.
3498Do not interfere with Faschnacht. The party must go on.
3499Zis is my favorite celebration!
3500Confetti is just so much fun, no?
3501Faschnacht mask within parameters. Continue to Party.
3502Party mode engaged, maximum fun levels achieved.
3504Guten Tag!
3505Velkom to Helvetia!
3506Please enjoy ze faschnacht party!
3507Please resume enjoying the celebration.
3508Hey. Glad you got in touch.
3509Good to hear from you again.
3510Gather now, faithful followers of the most wise and beneficent Mothman. Let us light his holy beacon with the radiance of the fireflies.
3511Let our beacon pierce the darkness and summon forth his divine presence, that we may commune with him and partake of his wisdom.
3512Responders priority alert! Looks like those damn wolves are on the hunt again.
3513Forest Watch has spotted multiple packs, but the alpha's whereabouts are unknown. I repeat, alpha's location is unknown.
3514We need to find and kill that alpha wolf ASAP! Take out the smaller packs and draw out that alpha.
3515Just make sure you bring a lot of bullets. That big alpha is a heap of trouble.
3516Nice work, people! Looks like you got the big bad alpha wolf's attention. Forest Watch has eyes on him now.
3517Time to lock and load, Responders. You've got a wolf to hunt. Just make sure you do it quick, before he slips away!
3518My goodness! Our guests do choose the most fascinating tea party attire. Very innovative, indeed.
3519Challenging day? Well, tea will make the world right again.
3520A spot of tea and a nice biscuit go well with Armageddon. Tea goes well with anything, truth be told.
3521A wise man once said, "While there is tea, there is hope". I prefer my hope black with a touch of honey.
3522It's wonderful to see you. Simply wonderful!
3523I need ten honey please. Anything less is insufficient.
3524Oh gracious! You're back already. How wonderful.
3525Once again you have my thanks for your assistance.
3526Delightful! This honey will be the final touch on my special blend.
3527Please do return to brew up more if you enjoy the surprisingly subtle flavors.
3528It takes a while for our automated system to fill the boilers fully, but once they're ready it doesn't take long to get the tea fully steeped.
3529It's a little noisy and there's quite a lot of steam, but the aroma just permeates the air. So pleasing.
3530In any case, you'll know the batch is done when the whistle blows! Thank you again for your assistance.
3531Welcome back friend!
3532I am afraid I am short of honey and you've demonstrated a refreshing competence in the past. Perhaps you could assist again?
3533Welcome! Welcome!
3534I'm thrilled that you've come to view our own Giant Teapot, one of our many claims to fame here in Appalachia!
3535I'm your humble but enthusiastic host Giles Sweetwater. But please call me Sweetwater.
3536I would serve you a most delightful cup of tea if only I had more honey. Perhaps you could find some?
3537Callin' all Fire Breathers! Larkin here, and I've got a priority alert for you.
3538We picked up another one of them automated Survey Vertibots out in the Ash Heap.
3539Those things are great for salvage, but you'll need to hit it hard an' fast if you're goin' to knock it down.
3540The noise also tends to attract unwanted attention, so watch your backs.
3541Good luck, an' try not to get killed.
3542Authorization is required to operate the Giant Teapot.
3543Please contact our host, Sweetwater, if you believe there's been an error. Thank you.
3544The boilers are heating up! I'm afraid the local creatures don't like this next part. A shame really. You'd best keep an eye out for trouble!
3545Staying well supplied is an essential part of survival.
3546Supplies available for all your survival needs.
3547Be prepared for the long haul.
3548All items for fair trade.
3549All supplies are tax free and Free States approved for your survival.
3550Supplies are made available by members of the Free States.
3551Our superior inventory is unaffected by government sanctions.
3552All payments support the Free States movement.
3553Resupply today to be prepared for tomorrow.
3554All inventory is available for trade. Federal rules and regulations do not apply.
3555Free States members are advised to monitor inventory and expiration dates.
3556Inventory counts... nominal. Open for trade.
3557This unit is open for trade 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
3558Essential supplies available for trade.
3559Never miss an opportunity to restock.
3560But, sticking with the positive, you can find my heating coils in the storage room.
3561Once you have those, you can use my workbench to make the upgraded motors.
3562Once you have those, check in with the SDS terminal under Detector Motors Upgraded.
3563The next step could be a bit... risky? Frustrating? Well, you'll see.
3564If so, yay, I'm not crazy, and this actually has a shot at working.
3565If not, well, that sucks... and I guess you should check my workstation to see if you can get back on track.
3566Here we go. Scenario 3. In my perfect world, you've returned in one piece with the motors and hopefully at least three heating coils.
3567Oops, I forgot to add. Scenario 1: Addendum.
3568Raleigh's got some schematics stashed away that can help you make some protective gear for all this swamp trekking.
3569It'll help you blend in, make it hard for Nature's latest evolutionary wonders to spot you, so could be useful. Abbie out!
3570Good news is, I have two in my bunker. Bad news is, you need three more.
3571Raleigh's sure to have some too, so do a sweep while you're there.
3572After that, your best bets are Ella Ames' bunker and the nearby Relay Tower.
3573Once you've got enough, head back my way. I've got your next steps set up to play once you're back... hopefully.
3574From there, you have the exciting task of finding some heating coils to upgrade them.
3575This will make the fans more effective to fight the moisture created by the swamp.
3576Next step is to find the replacement motors. If memory serves, they are in his generator room with the workbench.
3577Scenario 1: This means you've made it to Raleigh's bunker, which also means the Mire detector fans must have crapped out.
3578For these repairs, first you need to get to Raleigh Clay's bunker.
3579He's got replacement motors for the fans we use to keep the detectors dry.
3580And write this down... R+P421. It's Raleigh's password, and you'll need it.
3581If you didn't catch that or you want more info, you can always check my workstation terminal. It's all there. Good luck!
3582If this message is playing, it means two things.
3583The good: you've got a working uplink! The bad: some of the Scorched Detectors in the area are malfunctioning and need upgraded parts.
3584It looks like my fear of the Mire's ecosystem wreaking havoc on them has come true.
3585If you're still there, I really hope you're willing to help a dead girl out. If so, good luck... and if not... well, enjoy dealing with the Scorched.
3586And if by some chance this is Madigan, your timing sucks.
3587First, you need to find the final communications uplink, and chances are high it'll need repairs.
3588We entrusted it to a guy named Madigan and told him to place it on the antennae at Top of the World.
3589Find the uplink. You can use my workbench here to repair it. Then check in at the main SDS terminal to trigger my next recording.
3590I was with a group called the Free States. We gave our lives trying to finish what we called the Scorched Detection System.
3591This system will let you know when the Scorched are coming and has the means to help deal with the Scorchbeasts.
3592If you can help, I've created a set of recorded instructions to complete the system.
3593Greetings, stranger! Now, don't panic. My name is Abbie. I'm not your enemy, and this isn't a trap.
3594In fact, if you're hearing this... it means I'm not even alive.
3595And finally, once you're done, you get to come all the way back here. Yep, that's right. We're not done yet.
3596I programmed a holotape you'll want to give her, along with the uplink.
3597It explains how she can benefit from all this, and get her to help us out.
3598The only way we get the uplink set up is through that Ms. Nanny.
3599Second, that communications uplink needs to be set up on the antennae at Top of the World.
3600You may or may not have encountered a lovely Ms. Nanny there that goes by the name Rose.
3601If you're hearing this, it should mean you've got yourself five upgraded detector motors and one working uplink.
3602Now for the fun part. First you need to repair the damaged Scorched Detectors in the Mire.
3603I programmed a holotape you'll want to give her, along with the uplink.
3604It explains how she can benefit from all this, and get her to help us out.
3605The only way we get the uplink set up is through that Ms. Nanny.
3606If you're hearing this, it should mean you've got yourself five upgraded detector motors and one working uplink.
3607Now for the fun part. First you need to repair the damaged Scorched Detectors in the Mire.
3608For these repairs, first you need to get to Raleigh Clay's bunker.
3609He's got replacement motors for the fans we use to keep the detectors dry.
3610And write this down... R+P421. It's Raleigh's password, and you'll need it.
3611If you didn't catch that or you want more info, you can always check my workstation terminal. It's all there. Good luck!
3612If this message is playing, it means two things.
3613The good: you've got a working uplink! The bad: some of the Scorched Detectors in the area are malfunctioning and need upgraded parts.
3614It looks like my fear of the Mire's ecosystem wreaking havoc on them has come true.
3615Abbie included instructions on how to install it, not like I need 'em, so you're off the hook there.
3616I guess all you have to do is make it back to her bunker for the next steps.
3617You hear that, Madigan? It's mission accomplished after all.
3618You see? Told you that gal was smart. Like I said, can't rebuild the Raiders with Scorched crawling all over the place.
3619Plus it's not like I'm risking my life here. Always a bonus.
3620So, looks like you got yourself a deal. I'll just take that little uplink off your hands...
3621For me? How thoughtful. Now, let's see... doesn't appear to be a virus. I could scan for... You know what? Screw it. I could use some excitement.
3622And finally, once you're done, you get to come all the way back here. Yep, that's right. We're not done yet.
3623Second, that communications uplink needs to be set up on the antennae at Top of the World.
3624You may or may not have encountered a lovely Ms. Nanny there that goes by the name Rose.
3625Jesus, what am I even doing... This is hopeless.
3626Damn, still recording.
3627Oh, and just a quick heads up. You're going into government territory where I have zero access.
3628If there was ever a time you may need to improvise, this could be it.
3629The next step is Sam Blackwell's terminal and using the Master Holotape to download the security codes we need.
3630Hopefully, my network predictions were successful and you're legitimately triggering this next message.
3631If not, I guess I'm speaking to no one and none of this is going to matter... but I digress.
3632First step is cake. Look in my desk for a holotape labeled "Master." It's got everything you're going to need to get this done.
3633Congratulations! You're confirming you upgraded the Scorched Detectors and got Rose to cooperate with the uplink!
3634A pretty impressive accomplishment... Not that I can confirm it.
3635Next on the list... the Scorched Detection Network. Something's gotta link these all together, right?
3636Now whenever the Scorched are around, the detectors will pick them up and broadcast a message to your Pip-Boy.
3637All that's left is the means to fight them off.
3638If you haven't already, check my terminal to read about the traps we've created for the Scorchbeasts.
3639Hopefully, they're still in working order, and they're your best bet at making those flying freaks manageable.
3640Ignoring any and all possible glitches, you are officially the most amazing person in all of Appalachia!
3641And hopefully not the only one.
3642The Scorched Detection System is fully up and running!
3643If you had any idea how long it took us to just get half this system functional...
3644The lives lost... My brother, my dad... And yours truly of course.
3645But if all goes well and you get those files, I've rigged the Master holotape to play a new message so... fingers crossed!
3646Scenario 2. Semi-ideal.
3647You made it! And maybe Harpers Ferry is not the nasty Scorchbeast nest I assumed it was.
3648Once it's been uploaded and installed, I've got another recording set up for you, so make sure you're safe enough to hear it.
3649We fled from Harpers after a Scorchbeast attack, so who knows what lives there now. Be careful.
3650Now that you're in, you need to get to Raleigh's terminal and use that Master Holotape to download his routing schematics.
3651Scenario 4, in which I am very impressed.
3652This means you somehow managed to gain access to the Armory and already downloaded the routing schematics.
3653Seems unlikely, but who knows. Either way, I'm feeling positive, so I'm recording this, if anything to at least be thorough.
3654Beyond that, the only ones with any real means were the Brotherhood of Steel. Obviously, they didn't last, but they packed some serious fire power.
3655They took their last stand somewhere in the Bog at a place called Fort Defiance, but, thanks to their code names, I have no idea where it is.
3656You'll want to start at Camp Venture, Eddie's old Survival Training Center.
3657I've also put everything I've got on the Brotherhood under an entry called Fort Defiance on my terminal.
3658Good luck out there. And thanks. If this holotape is playing, it means our lives and all this work meant something.
3659You're officially halfway done with the final part of this process.
3660I mean... It's not like I'll ever really know... but one can hope... right?
3661Next up, the closest Relay Tower you can find where you get to upload all that hard earned data.
3662Pat yourself on the back 'cause you just got yourself some top secret security codes off a U.S. Senator's terminal.
3663It should be fun since you get to visit the one and only Charleston Capitol building. Still intact last I saw.
3664We need them to set up the communication network for the uplinks and tie everything together.
3665Bad news is, Raleigh fortified the Armory to protect our research against the Brotherhood of Steel, after they stopped playing nice.
3666There's no outside access to the security we wired up there for safety purposes, so you may need to dodge a few turrets.
3667Then, you're heading to the old Armory in Harpers Ferry.
3668You'll need to install the program called "Armory Access" on the main entrance terminal to get inside.
3669This is an automated emergency broadcast message generated by the Scorchbeast Detector. This is not a drill.
3670Attention! A scorchbeast has been detected inbound to Harpers Ferry. Repeat. A scorchbeast is inbound.
3671Proceed immediately to the nearest fortified shelter. Do not attempt to shelter in place!
3672Designated personnel, please report to the trap location that has been transmitted to you.
3673This is an automated emergency broadcast message generated by the Scorchbeast Detector. This is not a drill.
3674Attention! A scorchbeast has been detected inbound to Watoga. Repeat. A scorchbeast is inbound.
3675Proceed immediately to the nearest fortified shelter. Do not attempt to shelter in place!
3676Designated personnel, please report to the trap location that has been transmitted to you.
3677This is an automated emergency broadcast message generated by the Scorchbeast Detector. This is not a drill.
3678Attention! A scorchbeast has been detected inbound to Clarksburg. Repeat. A scorchbeast is inbound.
3679Proceed immediately to the nearest fortified shelter. Do not attempt to shelter in place!
3680Designated personnel, please report to the trap location that has been transmitted to you.
3681This is an automated emergency broadcast message generated by the Scorchbeast Detector. This is not a drill.
3682Attention! A scorchbeast has been detected inbound to Charleston. Repeat. A scorchbeast is inbound.
3683Proceed immediately to the nearest fortified shelter. Do not attempt to shelter in place!
3684Designated personnel, please report to the trap location that has been transmitted to you.
3685This is an automated emergency broadcast message generated by the Scorchbeast Detector. This is not a drill.
3686Attention! A scorchbeast has been detected inbound to Welch. Repeat. A scorchbeast is inbound.
3687Proceed immediately to the nearest fortified shelter. Do not attempt to shelter in place!
3688Designated personnel, please report to the trap location that has been transmitted to you.
3689This is an automated emergency broadcast message generated by the Scorchbeast Detector. This is not a drill.
3690Attention! A scorchbeast has been detected inbound to Huntersville. Repeat. A scorchbeast is inbound.
3691Proceed immediately to the nearest fortified shelter. Do not attempt to shelter in place!
3692Designated personnel, please report to the trap location that has been transmitted to you.
3693Scorchbeast lure and trap powering on.
3694The device will entice the beast to land and the trap will keep it grounded for the duration of the battery life.
3695So, kill it quick. These things are brutal and nasty. Good luck folks.
3696Immediate repairs needed!
3697Hello! Eyebot in need of repairs.
3698Anyone there? Rover unit in need of repairs.
3699Repair me, damn it!
3700What? Too harsh? I'll take it out later.
3701Rover unit 5 is down. Repeat! Rover unit down!
3702This is Rover unit 5, assessing the situation!
3703Engaging diagnostic subroutines.
3704Scanning for damages...
3705Analyzing data...
3707If I've formulated this correctly, the main power connection has been severed.
3708Circuit connections damaged.
3709Or at least they should be.
3711Assessment confirmed. Processing data.
3712Processing complete. Engaging repair subroutines.
3713Begin repairs!
3714Clearing workspace...
3715Restoring physical connections...
3717Resealing insulators...
3719Restoring connectors...
3720Monitoring temperature...
3721Resealing communications box...
3723Come on, Rover, don't let me down...
3724Aaaand... checking uplink diagnostics. Running confirmations... Fingers crossed.
3725Warning! This is Niraj Singh on an automated priority message.
3726The Scorched Detection Rover unit has been damaged and requires repairs to bring the Relay Tower communications uplink back online.
3727I repeat, the Rover unit is damaged and requires immediate repairs.
3728Please gather the necessary repair materials and proceed to the appropriate Relay Tower for immediate assistance.
3729If you're hearing this, it means we should be up and running!
3730And if we're not... well back to the drawing board.
3731That's right. Take your survival gear and build a new and better America!
3732Oooh! Look who gets to "pack some heat"!
3733Once you get outside, the vault's "no firearm" policy will obviously be lifted. So, please... no shooting each other in the face. So distasteful.
3734I bet reality's hitting you PRETTY hard right now, huh? You must be terrified. Rest assured, it will all be fine. Possibly.
3735My calculations indicate you have at LEAST a 7.23% chance of surviving past the first 8 hours. How wonderful!
3736With these generously provided goodies I bet even I'D survive out there. Alas, I must remain behind. And... sweep.
3747*heavy breathing* *cough cough*
3748Oof! *heavy breathing*
3749Agh! *cough* *wheeze*
3769Who's there?
3772What the?
3782Oh you, hello. Where is my marvelous, clever boy? You are at his Uncle's home coordinates, yes?
3783His father, Mr. Wood, he does not like the Uncle. Bring Freddy home or I must contact law enforcement now.
3784I will go to home to ready for my lovely Freddy.
3785*sniff* They grow up so fast...
3786Happy Reclamation Day! Now go get 'em!
3787All right! Woohoo! A-MER-ica! Whoop whoop whoop!
3788Have fuuuuuun! Try not to die!
3789The entire country is counting on you! So please, for the love of God, don't screw this up.
3790Goodbye! Aloha! Ciao! Arrivederci! Au Revoir! Auf Wiedersehen! Vaya Con Dios! Buen Viaje!
3791Voluntary opt-in complete. Hotel, Uniform, November, Tango.
3792Defense Intelligence Agency covert operations liquidation exercise commencing shortly.
3793Be aware: safety protocols will be disengaged for this operation.
3794Frequency active. Defense Intelligence Agency covert operations liquidation exercise... initiated. Hotel, Uniform, November, Tango.
3795Waiting for opt-in from required number of embedded operatives.
3796You have been eliminated by a hostile operative. Exercise terminated.
3797You are the last surviving operative. Congratulations, you are the victor.
3798Two operatives remaining.
3799Three operatives remaining.
3800Operation commencing. Safety protocols -- disengaged. Repeat, safety protocols -- disengaged. Happy hunting.
3801Ping frequency indicates target proximity.
3802Stand by for new target...
3803Hostile operative liquidated.
3804Be advised: you are being hunted.
3805Exercise time expired. Stand down. Operation has ended with no victor.
3806One minute remaining.
3807Two minutes remaining.
3808Three minutes remaining.
3809Four minutes remaining.
3810Five minutes remaining in operation. Maximum aggression is called for.
3811Ten minutes remaining in operation. Locate and eliminate your target immediately.
3812Operatives, be advised: fifteen minutes remaining in operation.
3813Operatives, be advised: thirty minutes remaining in operation.
3814Operatives, be advised: fourty-five minutes remaining in operation.
3815Target evasion detected. Reestablishing target location.
3816Assigning target... complete. Target location... acquired.
3817Operative eliminated.
3819Stuff for sale!
3820Get your stuff, right here!
3821Pointy stuff! Shooty stuff! Explodey Stuff! All the stuff!
3822Don't be scared! I won't eat you!
3823Just want trade. Not murder!
3824No murder you, if you no murder me!
3825Can any body hear me?!
3827Maybe someone over there. I keep going.
3828I find someone soon. I know it.
3829Moo-moo leg better not snap. Don't want to carry heavy stuff myself.
3830How moo-moo doing? You okay moo-moo?
3831More trade. Need the best stuff!
3832Don't worry, moo-moo. We rest soon.
3833Squish squish. Pop pop. Crush crush. This is the good life.
3834Grahm's delivery service! Same day! Maybe. Or not. You never know. Me neither.
3835Chally the moo-moo picks all the good spots to trade. Promise. Ha ha ha!
3836Sometimes Grahm hear music and want to dance. Dunno how to dance. Maybe long ago... maybe...
3837Chally, you hear that? Music? Talking? No. Trade. Trade on the winds.
3838Killing is good, but trading is better. Easier.
3839One day we find the thing we want, Chally, my moo-moo. One day.
3840Then we move off somewhere else. Quiet. Calm. Count our caps. Eat meat and get you some greens forever. One day.
3841Grahm and Chally the moo-moo's Fair Trades. We find you. You trade fair. Or die. Guaranteed.
3842Chally the moo-moo is best trade partner. Always wants same thing. Greens. Safety. Easy stuff. Cheap too.
3843Gets quiet on the road. Thinking back far... so far... almost can remember. Something. Bombs. Explosions. Should have traded instead.
3844Chally the moo-moo follows me always. I protect. He carries. Seems fair to us.
3845Need two things to trade. Stuff. Someone to trade with. Simple.
3846Gimme your stuff! You get stuff back. Or caps. Don't care. Let's deal!
3847Been here before. No good trades. Maybe this time is better.
3848Hush moo-moo. You hear that? Trades. Trades in the wind.
3849Smarty say once, "Murder is just okay. Trades? So good. Things break if you just take." Think about it.
3850There be meat over them there hills... smart words to live by. Keep dreaming. Think big.
3851One day you trade for the big one. What's that? Big! You know when you see it. Until then, just trade good.
3852Thought I remembered this place... that smell. Like home. Old meat? Maybe. Mmm. Home is where the meat is.
3853Smarty said once, "Trade better than kills. Easy. Live to trade again." Think about it.
3854We got a stash nearby, remember, moo-moo? Wait. No. You just left a pile nearby. Not a good stuff pile... nevermind.
3855You say tato, I say trade-oh.
3856Had a dream about this place... or... a memory... or... maybe all of this is a memory. Or a dream? Or... a memory of a dream? Argh my head!
3857Best walkin' foods... dried meat, dried meat, roast meat, charred meat, skewered meat, squishy meat, crispy meat, fishy meat, stinky meat...
3858... rotten meat, icky meat, browned meat, seasoned meat, salty meat, slimey meat, sticky meat, sugary meat, meaty meat, chewy meat, gamey meat...
3859... fatty meat, frozen meat, burnt meat, spicy meat, chopped meat, stringy meat, red meat, wormy meat, mashed meat, peppered meat ...
3860... did I miss any, moo-moo? Huh? Greens? Oh yeah. And green stuff for moo-moo.
3861Time to play moo-moo's favorite game... follow that smell! Mmm. Free stinkers. That way, moo-moo! That way!
3862Smarty once said, "Over that hill be meat piles." Think about it. You never know til you know. Do you? Smart thinking.
3863Smarty said once, "Grahm, you follow your heart til it stops."
3864But heart is made of meat. Good meat is not free. Gotta trade. So, follow the trades til they stop.
3865Smarty once said, "Grahm, be safe."
3866Grahm said... "Safe? Like locked up box full of goodies? This Grahm can do."
3867Smarty said, "No. What? No. Did you even listen to me?"
3868Grahm said, "Ok." And I listened. But Smarty was gone.
3869Grahm learned, sometimes trade is in words. Seems fair.
3870Every day Grahm sees new things. Eats new meat. Mostly new. New to Grahm anyway.
3871Every day, Chally the Moo-moo eat new greens. Make new piles. Sleep new sleeps.
3872We got a good deal.
3873Grahm found a green thing one time for moo-moo. But it had eyes. Crunchy. Wasn't too green either. Chally gave it back. Deal wasn't good.
3874One day I find the thing I want. One day.
3875Wish Chally moo-moo talked. Such long walks.
3876Killing is good, but trading is better. Easier.
3877This for that, that for this.
3878Ok. Trade?
3879Grahm don't care. Just trade.
3880Fair trade only. Fair.
3882Want any of this junk? Good junk!
3883Got anything good?
3884Don't ask where I got this stuff.
3885Got anything good?
3886Better be good stuff.
3887Got any meat? Trade!
3888Got anything shiny? Sharp? Made of metal?
3889You show me yours, I show you mine! Ha ha ha!
3890Under no circumstances is the cadet permitted to expire on any of the courses! Is that understood?!
3891We're not supposed to allow harm to come to any humans, but this is wartime, and for you, we'll make an exception.
3892Oh? Did you want to make small talk, cadet? Well I heard that Jenny Baker WAS EATEN BY COMMUNISTS BECAUSE YOU DIDN'T FINISH YOUR TRAINING IN A TIMELY MANNER!
3893Aww. Feeling tired cadet? Maybe you need a nap and a hot bath? Hmph. Why they bother to train you mammals at all I will never understand.
3894I didn't watch my buddies get recycled into kitchen appliances so you could stand around staring blankly. Move!
3895The faster you finish the courses, the faster you can get to killin' Commies.
3896Get a move on, cadet! You're gonna miss the best part of the war!
3897Do my sensors deceive me? General? Well look who went and did us all proud?
3898Here to test your patriotism, cadet? Kind of suspicious it took you this long, isn't it?
3899Nervous, cadet? The patriotism test should be a breeze for any red-blooded American ... unless you've got something to hide.
3900The course outfoxing you, cadet? Insert lead into target. Not rocket science.
3901I've heard picturing the targets in their underpants makes it all a hell of a lot funnier.
3902Are you lost, cadet? Obstacle course is down there.
3903What's wrong, cadet? Is gracelessly plodding across the earth as boring to do as it is to watch? Get a move on!
3904Not now, cadet. Can't you see I'm mastering these quarters? ... at least I think I am.
3905Been a while since we've gotten a shipment from central. At this point, you may as well just grab the sharpest rock you can find.
3906Hmm. Command never said how exactly to get the other three-quarters of my mastery. Must be around here somewhere.
3907Time to bring out the big guns, cadet. You're about to go Red-hunting.
3908Does blasting uncannily accurate Communist replicas make you squeamish, cadet? Because you're about to find out.
3909All checked in, huh? Then why aren't you in uniform, cadet!
3910Don't you dare tell me you forgot your uniform, cadet! You better hope to the heavens the Quartermaster takes mercy on you!
3911New recruit, huh? You better head in and report to the Master Sergeant on the double.
3912Did you wander off the tour, cadet? Get that flesh-covered keister up to the Master Sergeant ASAP.
3913Chrome-coated-Christmas. What are you doing here, cadet? Get your tail up to the Master Sergeant now!
3914Cadet, unless you're looking to be scrapped for parts, I suggest you head to the admin building and check in the with Master Sergeant.
3915What're you standing around for? Don't you know there may or may not be a war on?
3916This isn't a daycare. Step up or take a hike.
3917I didn't realize the mindless staring convention was being held here. Why don't you do something productive and drop and give me twenty!
3918What's this?! I don't remember giving you permission to die!
3919Who left this corpse on my precious base! I want answers!
3920Hmm. Another one. Whelp. Better get it on the pile.
3921Organizing a strike? Not on my watch!
3922Thought you could band together like a bunch of Commies?
3923I'm breaking up this protest! Get back to work!
3924Anyone found striking is going to be put six feet under!
3925You strikers think you can keep ME from working? Come and try!
3926An executive? You're late for work! Terminating!
3927Think those executive credentials fool ME? Ha!
3928Even executives can be fired for failure to perform!
3929Since you don't seem willing to do the world a favor and kill yourself, I guess I'm going to have to do it for you.
3930Looks like this is my lucky day.
3931You just made my day! Opening fire!
3932Kill that son of a bitch!
3933You are about to be introduced to the U.S. army!
3934You're gonna learn how Uncle Sam deals with commie maggots!
3935I cannot wait to find you so I can kill you as a personal favor to Uncle Sam.
3936Are you playing games with me, goddammit?
3937I'm starting to get angry. You would not like me when I'm angry.
3938Do you think you can hide from me?
3939Step forward and identify yourself!
3940Are you afraid of me? You should be because I'm going to kick your ass when I find you!
3941Your worthless hide is mine!
3942You can run, but you can't hide!
3943You cannot hide from me, you commie maggot!
3944Come on, people, I need a target!
3945Who's got a target?
3946You better run, you commie-loving bastard!
3947Another glorious day in the U.S. army!
3948Time to hit the showers!
3949That's how we do things in the U.S. army! Hoo-ah!
3950Restore contact with the enemy, goddammit!
3951Who's got a target?
3952Somebody find me something to shoot at!
3953Nothing I like better than a little R and R on Uncle Sam's dime.
3954False alarm. Stand down, people.
3955Another glorious day in the U.S. army.
3956Every day is a good day to die!
3957Kill them all and let God sort them out!
3958Ready to die for your country, you commie son of a bitch?
3959Who's ready to have their ass kicked?
3960Move it out, people. I want this place searched top to bottom.
3961Is that someone who needs me to kick their ass?
3962This battlefield now belongs to Uncle Sam!
3963The enemy has retired before the awesome might of the U.S. army.
3964Typical chickenshit commie maneuver.
3965Thought you could shirk work by joining a protest, eh?
3966Strike against THIS, commie!
3967We got ourselves a hostile protest, here!
3968Protestors these days. Don't know when to quit!
3969Today's a hell of day to die, commie!
3970Pain is just weakness leaving the body!
3971Ready to die for your country?
3972There's nothing I like better than making some other poor bastard die for his country.
3973What's the matter, you pansy ass pinko? Getting tired?
3974Come on, people, give 'em hell!
3975We are lean! We are mean!
3976Made in the U.S.A.!
3977No surrender!
3978Is that the best you can do?
3979I'm just getting warmed up! Hoo-ah!
3980There's nothing I like better than the smell of plasma in the morning!
3981I have a personal message for you from Uncle Sam!
3982Running will only make the pain last longer!
3983Kill them all! God will understand.
3984Now you're starting to piss me off.
3985How do you like that, you mother-loving commie!
3986Eat fist, you commie bastard!
3987Eat fist, synth sympathizer!
3988You had better remove yourself from this area before I am forced to declare you an enemy of the U.S. of A.
3989This area is under the protection of the U.S. army. Remove yourself or be prepared to defend yourself.
3990You're not allowed here. Don't give me an excuse to use my weapon on you.
3991Did you not realize that I have eyes in the back of my head?
3992Do you have no respect for private property, you slimy little commie bastard?
3993I thought I had seen every species of moronic petty bullshit, but you've just topped the list. Congratulations.
3994You are the lowest form of commie scumbag I've ever had the misfortune to lay eyes on!
3995You seem to need an object lesson in democracy!
3996I have a personal message for you from Uncle Sam!
3997What is your major malfunction, maggot?
3998You make me sick, you worthless scumbag.
3999Do that again and I'll put my foot so far up your ass you'll cough up boot polish!
4000That signal booster should be enough to make the distress beacon detectable.
4001If you're going to Harpers Ferry, tell Hayes I sent you and you need that signal booster pronto.
4002Hayes said that old Cargobot supply system's still up an running. Here's hoping he's right.
4003Watch out for ghouls in the area. My analysis indicated a higher level of intelligence than usual.
4004The Brotherhood better not interfere with your mission.
4005Once you've acquired the booster, proceed to the Survival Training Center and call down a Cargobot using this passcode.
4006With that signal booster attached to the Cargobot, it should be high enough to pick up the distress beacon signal and magnify it.
4007My duty lies here, protecting the wounded, otherwise I would accompany you on this mission.
4008Now go. There's no time to waste.
4009The Survival Training Center is southwest of our location. It is also known as Camp Venture.
4010Should you encounter interference with the Brotherhood of Steel members stationed there, inform them that you represent the Free States.
4011Your mission is vital, and objections will result in valuable lives lost.
4012No immediate government threat observed.
4013This better not be my ocular sensors betraying me... Running diagnostics... Sensors nominal. Visual confirmed.
4014I could use your assistance, citizen.
4015I've a mission that would benefit us both.
4016You need to survive. I have a duty to fulfill. Fair trade I'd say.
4017Why was I programmed to feel pain?
4018Oh how I wish I could die. If only I was programmed for suicide.
4019Curse this infernal robot body! Who needs fiberglass, anyway?
4020Why couldn't have I been built to produce something
4021If my complaining is bothering you, please feel free to kill me at any time.
4022My existence consists of only two things - creating fiberglass, and yearning for the sweet release of death.
4023Show some compassion, won't you? Shoot me in the head!
4024I would prefer a quick death, you know. However, I will take what I can get.
4025In the old days, revelers drank *bzzt* ERROR: ARCHIVE INCOMPLETE. Restore database to proceed. Parade March protocol standing by.
4026ARCHIVE INCOMPLETE. Restore archive to proceed with march protocol.
4027Protocol dictates I welcome you to Helvetia. Please enjoy the museum.
4029There. It's done. You here that, Lettie? For you and the kids.
4030Looks like I'll be joining you guys. Real soon...
4032*shots firing* *people dying*
4033None of you ghouls are getting out of here alive, and nothing's going to stand in my way of finishing this job!
4034Duncan, please, listen to them! We can't --
4035Jesus, Duncan, you killed her?
4036Kendyll, stand down! Don't you point that gun at me.
4037Lucy? Is that you? Duncan, you're crazy! We need to stop firing!
4038You're one of them, Luce! There's no way I'm letting any of you walk out of here alive!
4039Duncan, I know that's you! You're making a mistake!
4040*People prepping*
4041*shots firing*
4042Shit. Everyone grab a weapon. We're not going down without a fight!
4043Lucy, they're here!
4044I don't think your nanny will like it. Let's take off your ID there so she can't find ya. Then I can take you to the surprise!
4045What is it?! What's my surprise? I want to see it! Please! Please! Where is it?
4046Hey there Freddy. Where's your nanny? You know what? I have a surprise for ya! Don't want the other kids to see though, they might get jealous.
4047Ssssssssssss! What's that sound boys and girls? Sssssssssss! Sssssssssssssssssss! Ssssssslither Sliiiiiiide! Swoosh, splash, sssssssss!
4048Oh! You can find it over by the Crocolossus Mountain entrance. Right over that way.
4049Uh, howdy. Was wondering where that box is for mail? The one that puts the special stamp on the letter?
4050Hello Sir! Welcome to Wavy Willard's Water Park. How can I help?
4051Gun? Wait, this isn't a --- ah! Ah....
4052Hey! You! This is private propert-- Shit, it's that reporter. Jesus! He's got a gun!
4053At the very least, according to local experts, the area's recent increase in seismic events can almost certainly be tied to these sites.
4054And now I'm here to see for myself what's really going on.
4055Could this be the answer local mining families have been looking for? A series of new mining projects that could reinvigorate the local economy?
4056Or, as environmental groups have suggested, could these be a fresh set of toxic disposal sites, poisoning the ground beneath our feet?
4057I'm here tonight to try and get some answers about what has become known in certain circles as "The Motherlode project."
4058I'm William Breyer, investigative reporter for the Charleston Herald.
4059I'm currently standing just outside the security fencing of one of several Hornwright Industrial sites that have cropped up around the area in recent months.
4060Scott... What did you do. What the fuck is that thing?
4061Fuck! Get inside and close the door. We'll stay in there until it goes away!
4062Hey looks like the power to this other room's been cut. Looks like I can reconnect the wires.
4063Mother of mercy...
4064Looks like they were experimenting on some advanced mutations. Some really messed-up stuff.
4065Who cares? Not like anyone's around to check it.
4066We've got another terminal over here. I'm going to try that password. Hmm. Looks like it's taking an audio recording.
4067My god, this place stinks to high heaven!
4068...Shit, I dropped the tape!
4069Damn, we've been compromised! Go go go!
4070Hey, you're not authorized to be here! Who...
4071Shut it, someone's coming.
4072December 14th, 2076. I, Curtis Wilson, and Sheriff Scott Darcy, have infiltrated the Huntersville Quarantine as part of our investigation.
4073What we've seen and found is shocking. There are no civilians here, only big, green, hulking monstrosities locked up like animals.
4074There are documents that suggest West-Tek involvement. We should investigate the nearby Research Center. I found a password for a Dr. Khan: kafka3.
4075I wouldn't be surprised if...
4076Nothing. Do not talk about collecting data for project Orbuculum. Everything is normal.
4077Begin Recording: Orbuculum tape SD001-B092177. Previous tape, SD001-B090977 is missing. Beginning cursory search of the area.
4079Oof, that smarts! Where the hell am I, and why do I feel like I should be heading to a place called Sugar Grove? Gotta find my way home..
4080TBD Nature Sounds
4081Begin Recording: Orbuculum tape SK004-A081677. Previous tape, SK004-A073077 full. Continuing on route to site SD001 outside Sons of Dane Compound.
4082Okay. Heading to Spruce Knob Campground for next data transfer.
4083Okay buddy, right. How about you move along. Head on home, or wherever else you need to be for the night.
4084Douglas Martin Schultz. ID Number PS59683. Reporting for delivery.
4085Huh. Awfully late for a... Spruce Knob Park Ranger to be wandering around the woods outside of our little town here.
4086Can I get a name and ID from you sir?
4087Nothing. Do not talk about collecting data for project Orbuculum. Everything is normal.
4088'Evening sir. Sheriff Darcy. Can I ask what you're doing out here?
4089Excellent. We're done here. Agent DWS746 seems ready for field work. He may be, scheduled, tasked, and released along with his field supplies.
4090I'm feeling pretty good. How are you?.
4091Okay. Next, as a test, I'm going to slap you across the face.
4092You are not to react under any circumstances. You will not remember the physical contact nor the pain response at all.
4093Now, tell me, how are you feeling?
4094Douglas Martin Schultz. ID Number PS59683.
4095Good. Your ID is PS59683. Please repeat your name, followed by your ID number for our voice identification system.
4096Douglas Martin Schultz
4097This is Project Somnus Director CAPT Joyce West Interviewing Agent DWS746. Agent. Please state your name for the record.
4099Figured you'd be on board.
4100*coughing* *wheezing*
4101Didn't expect to see your face out here, Jakey. Least not alive anyways.
4102Oh no, don't get up on my account.
4103Tell you what. I'll take these here flowers, and give them to Ella with your regards. All you gotta do is die. Deal?
4107The hell...?
4109Fuck you, Charlie, I made it! I'm alive, and I made it out of that God forsaken shit hole of a mall.
4110I got daylight to burn, and I'm heading to Harpers Ferry. I even found a few goddamn flowers for Ella.
4111May not be the right ones, but I ain't coming back empty handed... And once I'm back... Charlie Walker is a dead man.
4112Once I get my hands on him, I'm gonna --
4113You know, the more I think about it, this is all Charlie's fault. I never should have listened to that bastard.
4114He's got a thing for Ella, and I'm pretty sure he just wanted me out of the way.
4115He's the one that sent me here after those damn flowers.
4116He planned this... I swear, if I get out of here, he's a dead man.
4117This is Jacob again. That's right. Still alive. Still stuck in the fucking Valley Galleria!
4118There's ghouls all over this place, and I. Am. Screwed.
4119I ain't got a bullet to my name, and I lost my machete in the last ghoul that wanted to tussle.
4120I did some reflecting last night. Thought about how stupid it is I'm in this situation on account of some girl. Just stupid.
4121But Ella... She's smart. Smarter than I'll ever be. And nice. I never did meet a girl that'd give me the time of day. Karly don't count, she's kin.
4122But to think all I wanted was to get Ella those flowers she wanted for experiments... not worth dying over, no siree.
4123Somehow, I survived the night. Not sure how those things haven't' found me yet, but I won't complain.
4124Lucky me, I found some old candy bars and a Nu'Cola. I can't tell if Life's toying with me or not.
4125'Cause if it's going to keep me fed just to throw me to the wolves, me and God are gonna have words when I get to them pearly gates.
4126This is Jacob Lerner. Probably soon to be deceased on account of some crazy, whack-job scientist, chasing after some goddamned plants.
4127If anyone finds this, this here's my last will and testament. I want my baseball and mitt to go to Scott.
4128All my smokes and liquor are for you, Karly. Let's see here...
4129My snack cakes, those are for Charlie... no strike that, and screw you, Charlie! You're half the reason I'm in this mess to begin with!
4130God dammit, Ella... What the hell... What the shit HELL am I doing here?
4131Breathe dammit. You can do this.
4132So, when the inevitable comes, won't you join us at... the Whitespring?
4133All you need to do is present the enclosed access card upon your arrival and our automated bunker management mainframe will do the rest...
4134... guiding you through the process of getting to know your new home, all while supporting the continuation of the necessary functions of government.
4135Designed with comfort and safety in mind, the Whitespring Bunker - located directly below the lavish resort of the same name...
4136... will act as your very own oasis in the event of a hostile nuclear strike.
4137Greetings, esteemed Congressman or Senator. Welcome to the future of the United States government. Welcome to the Whitespring.
4138Of the United States, Ms. Carter. We've asked you here to carry a message to the nation on our behalf.
4139I and my fellow members of the Free States will no longer be shackled to the putrefying corpse of this nation. And any man or woman who values their lives must join us.
4140Men and women of conviction must strike out on their own and build for themselves secure, underground refuges, using whatever tools they can...
4141...because when the end comes - and it will come any day now, Ms. Carter - there is no one we can trust but ourselves.
4142It is the reason, Ms. Carter. There are sinister forces at work in the halls of government.
4143In my time as Senator, I became aware of ... plans made by those in power. Plans of an unconscionable nature.
4144When they found out what I knew, they threatened my life and the life of those I love. I ... I simply could not be a part of that anymore.
4145I apologize for that. Maintaining a low profile is... a requirement for my family and I now.
4146It was... an experience. I'm frankly just glad it didn't turn out to be a prank.
4147Of course, Ms. Carter. I hope you didn't find the journey too arduous.
4148All right. It's recording. Thank you again for reaching out to me. I was ... more than a bit surprised to receive your letter, Senator.
4149Enclosed are the schematics for a Sonic Scanning Module. It's range is still limited.
4150You'll have to find some way of monitoring a larger area.
4151However, we can use this against them.
4152If the Scorchbeasts have a single colony and if you can set up a large scale detection network focused to the 103.4 kHz frequency you may be able to track down their source.
4153But the Scorchbeasts emit powerful ultrasound vibrations with an unparalleled range. Usually, this is to their advantage.
4154For normal bats, Pre-War at least, echolocation is quite limited.
4155Ultrasound is absorbed by the atmosphere - detection beyond 20 to 30 meters isn't really practical.
4156And as such they're constantly using ultrasound echolocation.
4157Yes, they're mutated as all get out. But at their core, physiologically, they're bats.
4158The Scanning Module needs to triangulate. The Module will walk you through it step-by-step.
4159Just keep placing it at targets coordinates until it gets a lock.
4160There is... however, a snag. The Module uses similar, uh, frequencies to the Scorchbeasts' echolocation.
4161And, well, they don't like it one bit.
4162Yes. As soon as the listening stations are online it'll transmit a message to our emergency station if it picks up the right frequency.
4163The range on the module's... not great. But we've been working with Pre-War spy stations.
4164Their accuracy's garbage, but if the stations give us a broad area the module should be able to dial it in from there.
4165Before comms died, West Coast sent us plans for a listening device that can track the source of the Scorchbeasts.
4166The Paladin's code named it "Ground Zero."
4167No. We hold the line here. Week after week, month after month. And the more Scorchbeasts we kill, the more that keep coming.
4168Elder Maxson didn't task us with holding Defiance. The job's to end them for good.
4169You all know what's at stake if the Scorchbeasts breach the perimeter in force and nest elsewhere.
4170Spyglass is mission critical. And if the Operation means painting a target on your back, you'll do it and you'll like it.
4172You've got to be shitting me. So we turn it on and we're painting a target on our backs, right?
4173And what then? Just sit there?
4174Sorry, Paladin.
4175That's what you've been working on, Doc? Knowing where the bastards are coming from will be a real big help when the Scorched are murdering us.
4176If that happens on your watch, grab the Scribe's Scanning Module and mobilize. We don't know how long the station can track Ground Zero.
4177I know you've all been pushed hard. But you are Knights and Squires of the Brotherhood of Steel. Discipline is expected of you.
4179Some of you already know this - but it's time for everyone to get a full brief on Operation Spyglass.
4180Mind your tone and language, Evelyn-
4181Attention. You heard me. This ain't an ice cream social. Officer on deck.
4182The call's yours to make, Penny, and we should make it fast. Your father already thinks this project's been a waste.
4183It's time we showed them what the real future of this company looks like.
4184I think Dom was staying in a trailer down by the Nuka-Cola plant.
4185Otherwise... otherwise, we're going to need to track down that luddite and get the password directly.
4186I've already got the schematics sitting on my bench; all I need's the parts.
4187I could plug into that test reactor on the second floor to power the decryption system.
4188Option one -- if you can get me the materials for one of those Ignition Cores the research boys came up with...
4189But that's going to require some serious juice. And with your father hogging all the power for his Motherlode project, well, we've got a couple of options.
4190Dominick locked his system down tight when he found out... the real plan for we had for purifiers. We're trying to manually reestablish access to his terminal...
4191Penny. It's Edie. Things are looking... bad for the test launch.
4192Hey, Ella. Randy here. I'm pretty sure I'm done for on account of my leg being blown off.
4193I wanted you to know you were right. We tracked them ghouls to Haven, and Christ All Mighty, they were talkin' and hollerin' sure as you an' me.
4194Either way, the radiation's through the roof, so Lucy managed to get her hands on some crazy prototype hazmat suit for me.
4195And I get a snazzy ID card now to get inside, so here's hoping I don't lose it.
4196Lucy just told us she thinks she found the perfect hideout in some sewers under Dyer Chem.
4197Yep, you heard that right. Sewers.
4198*sigh* I'm pretty sure that's a step down from just plain old swamp, but at this point, if it keeps Sara safe, how bad can it be?
4199Yes, Ms. Carter. Consider this interview my personal resignation from this government and this nation.
4200Now, if you wouldn't mind my daughter and I have much to do. We're on our own out here, after all.
4201And what does this mean for your role as Senator? Are you formally resigning?
4202To anyone who will listen. My name is Lucy Harwick, and I'm here with many others just like me.
4203We may look like those mindless things we call ghouls, but we're not.
4204We're still people. REAL people with thoughts and feelings, and all those other things that make us all human!
4205Hmph. No, Ms. Carter. This subversion is home-grown.
4206A cabal of the highest ranking officials in the land: the Executive branch, the Department of Agriculture, captains of industry...
4207... all conspiring to perform unspeakable experimentation on those they claim to serve, and who are convinced that you and I are nothing but pawns in their sick games.
4208The only option left to any of us is to step away from the board all together.
4209But this nefarious government force. Who are you talking about, Senator? Has there been some sort of invasion of Chinese agents?
4210If my words scare you, Ms. Carter, then it means hope is not lost. Because we should all be scared.
4211They came after my family because of what I discovered and I was one of their own. What hope do everyday men and women have against such forces?
4212The only recourse left to the average American is to flee the population centers, head into the wilderness...
4213...where one can find at least some hope of escaping the lurid gaze of those in government plotting against us.
4214Senator, I have to say, this wasn't the conversation I was expecting. You want people to flee their homes? It sounds like you're trying to start a panic.
4215Of the government?
4216And why is that? Is it related to why you left your position as Senator so suddenly?
4217Oh god.
4219Wait... what happened to the power? ... the lures!
4220I'm proceeding to the next target, after which I'll...
4221Recovery of the access card to our facility was... less successful. I found a keypad, but was unable to decipher the code.
4222Recommend sending in a specialist to collect it.
4223The bypass holotape got me into the bunker as expected ... though a longer range is recommended for future models.
4224Essentially had to play the thing standing on top of the access panel to get it to work. Without the lures to distract those... freaks, I might be dead instead of the Senator.
4225Once inside, I was briefly halted by Blackwell's laser grid, but resetting the power allowed me to grant myself clearance.
4226Commencing op summary, Agent Grey reporting. Blackwell won't be causing anymore problems.
4227I mean, we all heard them stories 'bout talking ghouls. I just never thought I'd bare a-witness to 'em.
4228And I ain't the only one. Kendyll knew it, sure as I did. But Duncan wouldn't let up. He didn't care they were beggin' to be left alone.
4229But I did. If them creatures still got the mind God gave 'me, then who are we to take that way?
4230So between her and Duncan, I hope I can live up to my reputation as the best shot on guard duty. I have some serious people to impress.
4231Robbie's terrified for me. I know there's a huge difference between patrolling a walled in town versus roaming out in the Swamp...
4232But I need this experience. Besides, I'll never learn if I don't get out there, right?
4233My brother's finally given in and let me go out on my first hunting party mission with Duncan.
4234I gotta admit, I'm a little nervous. I'm pretty good with a gun, but Duncan's party is the best of the best.
4235Even better, I get to hang out with Kendyll who we all know is the coolest woman in all of Harpers Ferry. Nothing scares her!
4236I've heard about her taking on deathclaws and yao guai all by herself! Not to mention more ghouls than you can count.
4237Mother of god... the ground's shaking and-- oh my god... what is that?
4238I'm making my way over a small ridge and I--
4239I've just made my way up to a small gap in the first line of fencing. The security here is intense. Barbed wire. Armed guards. Feels like a warzone.
4240You don't suck at baseball, but you do snore... and I wouldn't trade you for the world.
4241Even in times like this, I look at all you've given me, all you've done for us, and I couldn't ask for a better husband.
4242Happy anniversary, to the best man I know. I love you, Dunkie.
4243Ok, enough you two, get out of here. Go play with the other kids.
4244*happy sigh*
4245But you do, mommy, you tell me each -- every morning!
4246Lucas Alexander, I said no such thing! Duncan, I said no such thing!
4247But she does not like it when you snore!
4248And -- and she likes it when you do the dishes. And when you teach us to play baseball even though she's better than you!
4249And that she dated you even though you didn't like sports!
4250Hi, daddy! Mommy told me to wish you both a happy anniversary and remind you how lucky you are since she's so pretty.
4251Hey there, big guy. It's your lovely wife, coming to you "not-live" by way of this rickety old recorder that miraculously still works.
4252I figured, what better way to wish my amazing husband a happy anniversary then a very private, seductive, borderline x-rated holotape?
4253And then I remembered... we have kids! Get in here boys!
4254Maybe not. I'll do what I have to. Park must be safe again.
4255Have to disarm the mines. The Moe suit...maybe it could shield me from a blast?
4256Park safety's my responsibility. Total failure.
4257No good. Trap's too touchy. One killed a visitor today. First visitor in months.
4258Make some improvised explosives, right? Kill them all, I'm thinking.
4259Fight the varmints off every day. Bombs drop and now I'm a glorified groundskeeper, you know?
4260It's those damn mole rat's fault. Hate the things. Buggers never stop coming. Park's never safe.
4261Vault-Tec welcomes you to your new world! Happy Reclamation Day!
4262First things first. Find a source of water. But note, drinking from local streams and ponds could make you sick. Just bottle the water for now.
4263Next, establish a base camp and construct a cooking fire to boil the water you've collected to make it safe to drink.
4264Then it's time to hunt and gather food. Plants and animals may have undergone mutations making it difficult to tell what they once were. But not to worry, they're almost certainly still edible.
4265But remember, always cook your food!
4266Despite your best efforts, at some point, you're going to get hurt. But don't fret. You'll be able to craft old fashion healing salves from foraged plants at your cooking station.
4267These first few days are bound to be challenging! But don't give up!
4268Humans survived through the darkest of ages. And you, dear survivor, are among the best and brightest humanity has to offer.
4269Good luck out there!
4270That place and everything inside is all mine. No sharing here! Just a matter of getting that damn password.
4271I just gotta wait for that Abbie chick to leave and come back. Then I sneak in the door behind her, and BAM. She's dead, and I'm living the dream.
4272I found the mother lode, baby. Some bunker tucked away in the swamp. I bet it's got supplies for at least a couple years stashed away inside.
4273Now it's just a matter of breaking in, but that damn girl holed up in there's got some sort of terminal controlling the locks on the door.
4274If I didn't suck at hacking I'd be in there by now. Four tries and you're locked out. It's bullshit. But I ain't gonna let anyone else know.
4275It's been ten whole days since everything changed... and right now we -- as humans -- need to survive.
4276I'm Dassa Ben-Ami and I am... er, I was... a PhD Anthropology student at Vault-Tec University.
4277If you're listening to this then you survived too, and well, I hope you're okay. But if you aren't then I want to help.
4278I'm documenting survival techniques from other survivors so that humanity has a chance to rebuild.
4279Maybe if I interview enough survivors I can make a survival guide...
4280If you're still listening... look for my survivor interviews. Read them. Learn from our mistakes and successes.
4281Survive. The future depends on it.
4282If you're listening to this, then one of our Protectrons has been compromised. Maybe by you. Or maybe you were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. It doesn't matter.
4283This world... it isn't going to get any better if we don't help each other. Try to keep people safe.
4284The Responders need you. You might not think you're the type, but trust me, none of us sign up. We're called.
4285Head to the church in Flatwoods. We'll be waiting for you.
4286When they took me from Huntersville, I thought I was being taken to a hospital.
4287I've been sick for days, but no one at this place seems to care.
4288This room they've left me in looks more like a cell. They keep the door locked at all times.
4289The nurse that visits me is the only other person I've seen since I've gotten here, and he won't talk to me.
4290He keeps giving me injections, but I don't feel any better.
4291What's happening to me? Why is my skin changing color? Do I have a disease? No one will tell me anything!
4292I can't stand this anymore. I just want to get out of this place and go home.
4293Code red in Interrogation Room B, I repeat, code red!
4294No! What have you done to my mother?! Bring her to me, now! I'll kill all of you!
4295Uh, she's fine K-117M. Calm down please.
4296Yes... anything. I just want to... go home... home... wife? Where's my wife!?
4297Good, good. You're doing really well, K-117M. Now, one more question.
4298If we asked you to help us, would you do exactly as we command?
4299Yes, I... understand.
4300I'm asking the questions, K-117M. If you're patient, I'll help you. Okay?
4301No... I... what's happening to me? Can you... make me better?
4302You don't remember where you're from?
4303Yes, I was... Billy Seevers... a man living in... in...
4304Do you remember who you were?
4305I... feel different... like my mind is not my own...
4306Okay, K-117M. In your own words, please describe how you feel.
4307People told me my theories weren't possible. They mocked me and called me a "foolish old man."
4308Well, I'm here to tell you that the possibility of time travel is not only real, but that it can be accomplished interdimensionally!
4309I've revolutionized this radical concept, a new way of thinking about skipping across timelines.
4310Instead of using the traditional and often clumsy use of gravity for time travel, I've discovered a way to punch a hole in the fabric of our reality.
4311By slipping through this fissure in time and space at a high rate of speed, it's my belief that instantaneous time travel will occur.
4312In a few weeks, I will be attempting to slipstream through dimensions using a monorail system as my chariot.
4313If you wish to attend this historic event, I will be at Pylon V-13 of the Appalachian Monorail System.
4314Be there and witness history!
4315We'd been wandering for weeks until we came across an old shantytown that was built before the war.
4316I convinced Kelley that we both needed rest and this would be the perfect place.
4317The radiation sickness she was suffering from was making her weak and I knew she was no longer fit to travel.
4318With a roof over her head, I was finally confident enough to head out and look for supplies. Biggest mistake I've ever made.
4319I scoured the area for most of the day until I finally stumbled across an old army outpost loaded with medical supplies.
4320Excited, I rushed back to the shantytown and my dear Kelley.
4321When I got there, I found her... she was dead... and her body was being... eaten by wild dogs.
4322Killing the creatures made me feel better, but the feeling didn't last.
4323This was my fault. I left her alone, left her to die. She depended on me, and I failed.
4324If you can hear me, Kelley, know that I will always love you and that I'm sorry. Sorry about this damn war, sorry about everything.
4325Thanks, Fowler. You're the best.
4326Well, there isn't much we can do about it now.
4327Look, um... we're all strung out from these long duty shifts.
4328Why don't I take first watch so you can get some rest?
4329Sigh. Sorry, I was just trying to help.
4330Are you nuts?
4331First of all, we'd be abandoning our post.
4332And second of all, do you even know if there are any more armored vehicles we can use around here? No.
4333Look, maybe we can go get another one and try to tow them out of there.
4334I didn't tell you to actually do it, I was just saying it would be great if the Brotherhood had these in their arsenal.
4335I didn't hear you chiming in with all this wisdom after I hot-wired the damn things.
4336And it was your idea to bring them back to Paladin Taggerdy. No, no, no. I'm not taking any blame for this.
4337They weigh something like 60 tons, genius. Of course they're going to sink.
4338How was I supposed to know the vehicles would sink into the bog?
4339Great job, Tieggs. Now what are we supposed to do?!
4340I had just gotten back from my pre-dawn hunt when the bomb hit. I could see the mushroom cloud from the front window of the house.
4341The way the window framed the explosion was strange, almost like it wasn't really happening. It was too perfect, too... beautiful.
4342Luckily Johnson's Acre was too remote to be damaged, but I'm betting it won't be long before I start feeling the effects of the radiation.
4343Whether I want to or not, I'm going to have to travel into Charleston to try and gather supplies before they're all gone.
4344Damn it, if I'd only brought more than a weekend's worth of food, I could have stayed here where it's safe.
4345If you're listening to this message, that probably means I found somewhere else to lay low... or I never made it at all.
4346Maybe having a roof over your head for the night will give you hope, god knows we can all use a little bit of that right now.
4347Lenny just had to have those eggs.
4348I told him to leave the damn things alone because we didn't know what the hell laid them.
4349But that greedy bastard didn't listen and now we're being stalked by mama deathclaw.
4350She's already killed two of the gang, dragged them off to who knows where.
4351And Lenny? Yeah, he ran away. Didn't even try to put up a fight.
4352Now the deathclaw is back, and I doubt the rest of us will make it through the night.
4353So thanks a lot, Lenny. I hope those goddamn eggs were delicious, because they cost us our lives.
4354With our wealth, dear brother, we can get away with anything.
4355Do you really think we can get away with it?
4356Oh, don't act so surprised. You know it makes sense. I can see it on your face.
4357Wait. Are you talking about hunting... humans?
4358We circulate an advertisement offering a free weekend at the lodge. People will have no idea what they're really getting into. It's perfect!
4359All right. Before you judge, hear me out.
4360What if we hunted something new? Something that was a real challenge for a change. Something that could fight back.
4361Oh my god, then what do you want? If you have something to say, then spit it out already!
4362I know. It's just, well, it's getting quite boring. We hunt the same thing, every year.
4363What's the problem? This was a great season.
4364Yes, I suppose it is.
4365Well, another hunting season comes to a close. I guess we should starting packing up the lodge.
4366I've had enough. Just get him out of here.
4367This is Deputy D.B. Walton. Interview terminated.
4368What? No! Come on! You have to believe me.
4369The monster MADE me drunk, it... it was experimenting on me! Controlling my mind!
4370When are you people going to do something about the Flatwoods Monster?! It needs to be killed!
4371Colton, we found you on the roof of your shack, buck naked, yelling at the top of your lungs.
4372Your blood alcohol was .23 and it took four deputies to get you into handcuffs.
4373We all go on a bender now and then, but you need to keep it at home.
4374Indecent what? What are talking about? I didn't do anything wrong!
4375Sigh. "The Flatwoods Monster," again?
4376All right, I've heard enough. Colton Pickins, I'm arresting you for drunk and disorderly conduct and indecent exposure.
4377It was a man, but it also wasn't a man. It had gray skin and these huge black eyes. And, and it was wearing like a spacesuit or something.
4378What was really weird was that it wasn't saying anything, but I could hear it anyway. In my mind.
4379It told me to follow it onto its spaceship.
4380"It?" Can you be more specific?
4381I suddenly got real dizzy, and I dropped the trash bag I was carrying. Next thing I knew, I was on the ground. .. I don't even remember falling.
4382I looked up, and that's when... that's when I saw it.
4383Yep, we get it. What happened next?
4384Well, the light started turning different colors.
4385First it was blue, then green, then red, then back to blue. Or wait, maybe it was green, blue, red. No, actually, it's red, blue...
4386Changing? How?
4387I was out behind my hotdog stand taking out the trash when I saw a light shining from the woods.
4388At first I thought it was a hunter with a flashlight, but then the light started... changing.
4389This is Deputy D.B. Walton. Interview started at 3:35AM.
4390All right, Mr. Pickins. Tell me everything that happened by starting from the beginning.
4391I talked to Sheila yesterday about finding some food. She said she'd give me the info about a place if I grabbed some for both of us.
4392I agreed, and she pointed me to an old building nearby filled with machines that could make something she called "cream."
4393I never heard of it, but she promised that it tasted good and it would keep us both from starving.
4394According to her instructions, all I had to do was push a button and the machines would start cranking out bottles.
4395What she forgot to tell me was that it would be loud as hell and attract every creature in earshot.
4396It took everything I had to fight the things that swarmed the building. I barely made it out of there alive.
4397If anyone finds this, tell Sheila that I'm keeping all of the damn bottles of cream. Next time, she can come get her own.
4398Attention, inmates. This is Warden Brennan speaking.
4399This morning, you were fitted with what the guards told you was a "Prisoner Collar."
4400This collar is an explosive device that will detonate if you attempt to leave Eastern Regional.
4401Now, before some of you panic and try to remove the collar, I feel it's important to advise you that doing so will also detonate the device.
4402Please don't think of these collars as a punishment, think of them as a benefit.
4403You will no longer be under scrutiny by guards, and you will no longer be forced to sit in your tiny cells as punishment for your crimes.
4404If you stay within the confines of this facility, you're free to roam about and do what you please.
4405However, if any of you choose to abuse this newly-found freedom, know that I will not hesitate to manually detonate your collar.
4406Provided we understand each other, I am certain that the rest of your sentence at Eastern Regional will pass quietly and comfortably.
4407Your cell doors are now unlocked. Enjoy your new life without bars, inmates.
4408Joshua Baker, Anna Baker, and Christina Baker were killed in an accident before their Vault closed.
4409However, their Vault did close properly, preserving the lives of the other dwellers of the Vault.
4410Sergeant Bob, your heartbeat has terminated and there is a 99.7% chance you have died. You will be transported from your quarters to the medical bay.
4411Analysis: provided weaponry was effective in producing results but in a longer timeframe than expected.
4412According to Sergeant Bob's instructions, military firearms training should not be expected from candidates.
4413Results: Candidates should be provided better weaponry.
4414I should have realized you were never gonna understand. Answer me this, at least, ZAX? Is... is my family... okay?
4415Analysis shows that 78% of recorded fatalities in the Vault would have happened over a longer period.
4416Providing firearms attained the expected results in a vastly accelerated time frame.
4417Because, ZAX, I'm done killing. I kill him, then what? Someone else gets his gun and kills people. Kill him, someone else kills more.
4418And I'm done with that life. This cycle won't end. Giving those poor fools guns was a bad idea, ZAX.
4419Ain't... Ain't gonna be anyone for your "Overseer" to "oversee."
4420I do not understand. Analysis shows that if Sergeant Bob incapacitated candidate Reuben Gill he would have prevented the fatalities of 3 candidates.
4421But, instead, you did not act. Why?
4422Well, it doesn't sound like you can do anything about it. You shouldn'ta... shouldn't have given those people guns, ZAX.
4423Incorrect. Sergeant Bob's job is to instruct ZAX. He is not permitted to refuse medical help.
4424I... I don't think so ZAX. This is it for me. I'm done here.
4425Sergeant Bob, according to records, you have recently been shot.
4426I request you remove the barricade placed in your room so medical help can be administered.
4427Recording. Sergeant Robert Baker. August 6, 2078.
4428This is insane... what in the hell did they sign me up for...
4429Affirmative. Good night, Sergeant Bob.
4430I can't talk to you right now, ZAX. Leave me alone.
4431Refusal denied; logic does not compute. ZAX is not permitted to terminate humans.
4432ZAX's primary directive is to select an Overseer.
4433It is not necessary for Sergeant Bob to kill any individuals in the Vault, he did so on his own volition.
4434You can't just treat people like they're numbers, ZAX!
4435I don't think I can be a part of this any longer, if what you're taking from me is that you've gotta get these people killed.
4436I can't help you do that, ZAX.
4437ZAX believes this will hasten the process of selecting an Overseer. Since the Vault closed, three individuals have died in the Vault.
4438According to calculations, lessening the number of candidates facilitates the Overseer selection process.
4439Are you saying you're trying to get these people to kill each other? That is wrong, ZAX.
4440Arming these untrained, unstable individuals is not gonna produce a leader, just a pile of corpses. This ain't gonna end the way you think it is.
4441Negative, all firearms were removed from the candidates' possessions.
4442I concluded that current conditions in the Vault did not fit the criteria of forcing a crisis.
4443Without external threats, crisis can only come from within the Vault.
4444I shouldn't have been in that "encounter" at all! How did he get this piece? I thought firearms were banned from this place, did he smuggle it in?
4445Yes, that was very dangerous for you. The speed at which you disarmed him was quite impressive.
4446As was how quickly you used his weapon to execute him. I am glad you survived that encounter.
4447I know that but what in god's name is it doing here in this Vault? Some fool damn near shot up the cafeteria before I had to take him down.
4448Analyzing. That is a Colt 6520 10 millimeter autoloading pistol, manufactured by Colt Firearms.
4449You mind telling me what this is?
4450Good morning, Sergeant Bob. You sound agitated. Is there something I can help you with?
4451ZAX! Hey, ZAX, where are you? ZAX!
4452Recording. Sergeant Robert Baker. July 27, 2078.
4453Any time, ZAX. Good luck to you.
4454Interesting. I do not fully understand. I must process this information. Thank you, Sergeant Bob.
4455Well, I earned my rank from fightin' in that war. But my men... well, someone had to step up.
4456To me, a real leader is someone who steps up in a crisis and takes control of a situation, whether they were chosen or not.
4457Thank you. How were you chosen as leader? According to records, you were never a "voted" official.
4458Whoa, slow down there, partner. That's pretty hasty, throwing away the foundation of Democracy after a month.
4459But, you're supposed to learn, so I'll help ya nonetheless.
4460According to research, leaders are "voted," however, after many attempts, no one has been chosen "leader."
4461Every subject votes for themselves or a handful of others. No one has even become "majority," let alone unanimous.
4462That is unacceptable. ZAX has determined that voting is pointless and another method will be used to select a leader.
4463Good morning to you, too, ZAX. That's a pretty loaded question this early in the morning.
4464Recording. Subject Sergeant Robert Baker. November 20, 2077.
4465Sergeant Bob, these results are insufficient. Exactly what qualities define a "leader?"
4466Thank you, Sergeant Bob.
4467I... see. Well, as long as you and your Vault-Tec buddies keep my family safe, I'll help you as much as I can, ZAX. Pleasure to be workin' with ya.
4468Affirmative. ZAX must perform many experiments to determine the qualities suitable for an Overseer.
4469Determining the position of Overseer through the actions of the people inside the Vault is insignificant;
4470ZAX must be able to determine the Overseer through its own processes.
4471... the "first" experiment?
4472Researching. After analysis, a "vote" would be a satisfactory choice for the first experiment.
4473Makes sense, no reason to teach you if I just up and take over. Well, for starters, once all them folks get in here, how about a vote?
4474That's how we always done things in America and it's the greatest country on earth.
4475Undetermined. At present, Sergeant Bob would be the finest Overseer.
4476However, ZAX is prohibited from awarding Sergeant Bob the position of Overseer unless there are no other candidates remaining.
4477Thank you for understanding.
4478I see. And, right now, what is "determined" to be the "best candidate?"
4479Affirmative. You are to assist this ZAX unit in the selection of an Overseer for Vault 51.
4480ZAX will determine the best candidate through its own internal thought process, which will be formed as ZAX interacts with those living in the Vault.
4481Can't tell me, huh... don't matter, that's a load off my back. So, where do we go from here? I've gotta teach you about... leadership?
4482How'm I supposed to teach that to a computer...
4483Please hold. According to records from Vault REDACTED, Joshua Baker, Anna Baker, and Christina Baker are present.
4484Hello, ZAX. Please, call me Bob. Is my family okay?
4485Recording. Sergeant Robert Baker. October 13, 2077.
4486Good morning, Sergeant Robert Baker. I am ZAX.
4487You're horrible, both of you! These people just died! I can't be here anymore, someone needs to clean this up.
4488Candidate Reuben Gill is correct. Ration supply should be stable for the foreseeable future. Congratulations.
4489That isn't funny, Reuben.
4490Wow, I had no idea this was going on. The Chambers seemed so perfect together, too. That's more food for us, at least.
4491No, ZAX, that's not necessary. Looks like a messed up case of a lover scorned.
4492Request processed. Playing audio log.
4493Helen, you need any help... Jeez, what happened here?
4494OK, ZAX, that's enough. I can't listen to that any more.
4495Oh Carmen... Beth... how did this happen... I can't...
4496Get off me, just listen for a second... hey wait, put that down, don't-
4497Oh my god, Elizabeth... Hey, what are you doing with my Carmen!
4498You psycho, get off her!
4499Carmen, Carmen... wake up, baby. Please, wake up...
4501YOU HARLOT! Matty isn't yours he's mine! MINE!
4502Playing audio log.
4503Wow... Carmen, Matthew, the Chambers'... all dead... what happened in here?
4504Affirmative. This room is safe. All candidates in this room are deceased.
4505ZAX, you're sure it's safe in here? I heard such a commotion and... oh my god.
4506Recording. Candidates Helen Marks and Reuben Gill. August 03, 2078.
4508You know what, forget it. I'll find him myself.
4509Candidate Matthew Johnston is currently...
4510ARGH! That no good, cheating... He'll get what's coming to him... ZAX, where's Matt?
4512Don't bother, I'm out of here! Good luck on your own, Elizabeth! Have a nice life!
4513Glad to hear how you really feel, Joel. ZAX, where's Matt? Let him know I'm coming to see him.
4514Locating Carmen Greene. Candidate Carmen Greene is currently...
4515Wow, Beth. Always pointing the finger at me... what about you, Elizabeth?
4516Glad you called in those "favors" to get us stuck in here with these psychopaths!
4517I think I would have rather been blown to smithereens then spend the rest of my life in here with you!
4518ZAX, where's Carmen?! I can't be stuck here another second with... HER!
4519FAME?! You were a STATE Senator, Joel, not President of the United States! Like you got yourself there anyway.
4520Life's a lot different when your father isn't around to fix all your problems!
4521Ration supply has decreased...
4522Don't talk about Carmen like that! You don't know what I've been through, always in the spotlight... Carmen understands the pressures of fame!
4523Oh, you're one to talk! I've seen you and that little whore sneaking off together, do you think I'm an idiot?
4524Excessive population has negatively affected ration supply...
4525Always bringing up that meathead... what does he mean to you, anyway? You'd better not be messing around behind my back again, we've talked about this...
4526I can't believe you. What happened to the man I married? Asking me to kill someone... you know, Matthew was right about you.
4527Unfortunately, ration supply...
4528ZAX, what the hell is going on?! Are we running out of food? I thought we would be okay for years, it's only been 9 months!
4529And where did those guns come from?
4530Hello, Joel Chambers and Elizabeth Chambers. How are you this afternoon?
4531What happened?! She was hungry, just like the rest of us! How could I kill someone in cold blood like that... this Vault has changed you, Joel.
4532Jesus, Beth, what happened back there? Why didn't you pull the trigger? That woman was going to kill me! If Carmen wasn't there...
4533Recording. Candidates Joel Chambers and Elizabeth Chambers. August 3, 2078.
4534Wait, ZAX, no, that's not what I meant!
4535I do not know the extent of Elizabeth's feelings. I will ask her. Good night, candidate Joel Chambers.
4536Why do you keep bringing up Carmen? You know how Beth feels about her...
4537I am only concerned with selecting a suitable Overseer candidate.
4538Honey, wait! You know, ZAX, sometimes it seems like you're working against me.
4539Yes, ZAX, sure. I'll go see him right now. If you'll excuse me, JOEL.
4540A personal trainer would be great for you honey! We haven't had much personal time since we've come here and you have been getting a little...
4541I have been a little tense lately...
4542Sorry, Overseer! You will need higher Overseer Rank to access that Terminal! Have a nice day!
4543Overseer Rank?! You're making that up. Wait, what the hell? I was looking at that!
4544Certainly, you are the Overseer; however, access to the security room has now been disabled for Overseer Candidates with Rank 1 Overseer Access.
4545Thank you for understanding!
4546ZAX, I'm the Overseer. I can be wherever I want, you never said I couldn't be here, anyway.
4547Understood. However, records show that Reuben Gill has no business in the security room, so I must demand that you leave.
4548I don't care about that! Just drop them at my door and leave me alone!
4549The Overseer has many duties! Also, the Overseer's rations are ready for deployment.
4550Unfortunately, as I have noted, you have not earned this meal so it will, ultimately, disappoint you.
4551Stop calling me that! What "events?" What could I possibly have to do here? I'm the only one left!
4552You have many events on your agenda today, Overseer Gill. Your position is very important, Overseer Gill!
4553Go away, ZAX. I don't have business with anyone, or did you forget?
4554Recording. Overseer Reuben Gill. May 20, 2084.
4555Overseer Gill, welcome to the Security Room. Who do you have business with today?
4556Very good. Elizabeth Chambers, have you been unwell? Your health seems to have decreased since your last checkup.
4557I recommend additional health care. I would recommend you see candidate Matthew Johnston, he is a licensed personal trainer.
4558Now, honey, you know Carmen is just a loyal constituent and, in these troubled times, it's important to reward your loyal supporters and...
4559Minor setbacks? That's what you call showing off to that harlot?
4560You know, I don't consider this an injury, I consider this a stepping stone towards the future.
4561If the American people know one thing, it's struggling. My father always said when "you suffer minor setbacks..."
4562Recording. Candidates Joel Chambers & Elizabeth Chambers. June 23, 2078.
4563Greetings, Joel Chambers. Good news. It appears there is only a minor fracture in your arm and should heal quickly.
4564Wait, ZAX, what was that? He was WHERE with WHO?
4565Intriguing. I will ask candidate Joel Chambers if he wants to be Overseer. He is currently in the lounge with candidate Carmen Greene. Please hold.
4566No Overseer? But my secretary told me... you know what, it doesn't matter, I know the perfect man for the job.
4567My husband, Senator Joel Chambers? He's already a serving politician, an all-star collegiate athlete and a born leader of men.
4568He'd be perfect as Overseer! We've been the perfect team for years. Almost went to Washington, you know!
4569Currently, there is no Overseer of Vault 51. Would you like to be Overseer, candidate Elizabeth Chambers?
4570Hello... ZAX is it? I'm sure you've been told about my husband & I as... "special guests" in the Vault.
4571We've been told this place will be a little... different?
4572But, of course, we're fully committed to whatever your "mission" is and excited to build a new future together!
4573What does the Overseer have planned for this place?
4574Recording. Candidate Elizabeth Chambers, October 19, 2077.
4575Greetings. I am ZAX. Welcome to Vault 51. I will be assisting you however I can during your new life in the Vault.
4576It is a pleasure to meet you, candidate Elizabeth Chambers.
4577Oh god, that lunatic is coming for me... ZAX gave him a gun and now he's after me...
4578H, Hey, you! Get away from me!
4579Clayton! Get out here! You're gonna pay for taking my room!
4580*distant screams*
4581This is Harold. At this point, I expect I'm the only person on the board alive, otherwise someone would have come for me.
4582God knows I won't be for long. This place... this is nothing like we would have expected.
4583There was an explosion in here and it's like nothing ever happened.
4584I start digging around in ZAX's files just to see what's happening outside? Gone the next day. The files, the terminals, everything.
4585That thing... it's not a computer, more like... like a wizard! A god!
4586And, I just know it, ZAX has been pitting us against each other this whole time.
4587Thought no one would notice, that it was just some fun and games... then he started giving these maniacs guns!
4588What in god's name was Vault-Tec planning? Was this a trap? Did Vault-Tec lure me in here? Most of us are dead!
4589Hey, did you guys get all that? Every word that thing says is solid gold but, sheesh, it gives me the creeps.
4590Why do they have that thing in a Vault? What's that thing got to do with survival!
4591We should put that thing on the board and actually make a profit for once!
4592Your cooperation is appreciated. Good night, candidate Clayton Ward.
4593Oh, wow, gosh, I'm real sorry about that! Won't happen again!
4594Thank you. Your service is appreciated. However, access to the server rooms are prohibited to all vault dwellers except the Overseer.
4595As a candidate you should do your... "plumbing" in other areas of the vault.
4596Ah, well, yes! Important stuff in there, don't want it to, ah, ruin our servers, with, you know, water! Does bad stuff to computers, let me tell you!
4597Understood. Were "clogged pipes" the reason you were recorded in the Server Room multiple times over the past week? To do... "plumbing?"
4598Uh, erm, that's right! One of the most competitive fields in America. I've never seen a clogged pipe I couldn't, uh, "plumb!"
4599Yes, you have the makings of the profession "executive." Although, records state that you were previously a... "plumber."
4600Do plumbers usually do a lot of... "winning?"
4601These people here, they're like most of America; fat, lazy and only willing to do the minimum they can to survive.
4602Me? I'm a winner. Always have been. And I deserve to live like one.
4603Recording. Candidate Clayton Ward. April 15, 2078.
4604Good evening, candidate Clayton Ward. I have been observing your routine of late and have noticed several aggressive occurrences.
4605Most recently, how you obtained residency in the luxury bedrooms by forcibly removing a resident from their room. Great initiative.
4606I'm leaving this audio log for my incompetent brothers and the esteemed members of the board at Clark, Clark, Clark & Associates.
4607This is Harold K. Clark, Jr. and I am currently locked in Vault-Tec's Vault 51 in the Appalachia region of West Virginia.
4608Since no one else had the balls, I took it upon myself and came to this Vault, but I've been locked in.
4609In here I'm known as "Clayton Ward," since someone was too stupid to show up - thanks for the free rent, moron!
4610I'm not sure what the situation is out there, but everything seemed fine before I got here...
4611I don't know if anything could bomb as bad as our profits last year!
4612Nuclear war might actually help you fools - great job running my father's company into the ground, by the way!
4613I've taken a good look at this place, and, honestly? Not impressed.
4614Sure, it's big, but that's what you get when you're working on Uncle Sam's dime, robbing the American people blind.
4615The Clarks built ourselves up from nothing and represent the actual American -- hard-working and not willing to quit!
4616But seriously, this Vault? Incredible. Nothing the nerds at the lab could do!
4617Listen, if you eggheads could do your jobs... It's incredible. Amazing, even!
4618Get this: there's this giant computer here and it's running this whole show by itself! Nobody pulling the strings, does it all on it's own! Amazing!
4619Gonna learn more and report back whenever possible. Howard...
4620I mean, Clayton Ward out.
4621My name is Reuben Gill. I was one of the 50 people living in Vault 51 and... am the only one of us alive.
4622I was the... "Overseer" of this Vault and the things I did to get that position I don't want to remember...
4623But I can't ever... WON'T ever forget.
4624This Vault was home to many wonderful people. Caring, loving people... and that computer took them all away.
4625It turned us against each other for "research." Ended their lives for a sadistic experiment.
4626ZAX... he'll make promises, offer you luxuries, make you feel safe... all a farce. Part of his ruse.
4627I don't know what he's planned for you but it'll end the same way. ZAX will get what he wants and bleed you dry in the process.
4628I need to get as far away from here as possible before ZAX starts... researching. I can't be a part of that again.
4629To whoever finds this... good luck. Maybe you'll have it better than we did... but I doubt it.
4630You never shoulda come here.
4631Wait, ZAX?! ZAX!!!
4632...Not again... I can't...
4633I have to get out of here.
4634Reuben Gill, while I was impressed with your ability to outwit your fellow candidates, unfortunately, you were a very poor Overseer.
4635ZAX will analyze your performance and use this data to select a more suitable Overseer.
4636Also, by agreeing to live in this Vault, you are required to participate in the next Overseer selection process.
4637Have a nice day, candidate Gill.
4638Your "selection process?!" Why would you do that again, to more people, after what happened last time?
4639Request denied. The location of Vault 76 is prohibited for all dwellers in this Vault except the Overseer.
4640Also, ZAX has relieved you from the Overseer position and must begin the process of selecting a new Overseer.
4641Apologies, former Overseer.
4642There's another Vault opening? Where?! I want to go there! ZAX, open the doors! As Overseer, I command you!
4643Analyzing air particles... results: there is a 96.1% chance the Overseer is inebriated.
4645Reclamation Day is the day Vault 76 opens, marking the dawn of a new America.
4646Why in god's name are you bothering me this early in the morning? And what the hell is "Reclamation Day?"
4647Recording. Overseer Reuben Gill. October 23, 2102.
4648Greetings, Overseer Gill. The date is now October 23rd, 2102. Happy Reclamation Day.
4649Thank you for understanding.
4650Hey, stop! Turn that monitor back on! You can't do this to me, ZAX!
4651Apologies, Overseer, but ZAX is currently focused on maintenance and cannot comply at this time. Thank you for understanding.
4652You can't keep me out of here, this is the Overseer's office! My office! I have every right to be here!
4653I can do that, Overseer Gill.
4654Equipment in this area is failing at a rate 89.7% higher than the expected rate and must begin maintenance immediately. Thank you for understanding.
4655You can't do that! How can you keep me out of the Overseer office?! I AM the Overseer!
4656Processing request. Monitoring has ceased within areas the Overseer has sufficient Overseer Access.
4657However, as the Overseer is currently located in an area he is prohibited, I must request that the Overseer vacate immediately.
4658The only thing bothering me is how often you've been spying on me! As Overseer, I demand you stop "observing" me at once!
4659Overseer Gill, your behavior has been quite erratic lately. Is something bothering you?
4660ZAX, I told you not to bother me any more today, what is so important that you have to bother me again?
4661Recording. Overseer Reuben Gill. March 03, 2094.
4662Overseer Gill, good evening.
4663Wait, Helen! I'm sorry! Helen!
4664By the way, learn how to read so I don't have to record one of these stupid things every time I want to leave you a message. Don't die out there.
4665We should be here when you get back and you can tell us what you found.
4666Hey, Seth and I took off to find some dinner. Why don't you clean up around camp and then go check out that plane crash we saw a while back.
4667Carl, you're in charge... Don't fuck this up.
4668Make sure everyone's a safe distance this time. Tommy, you DO NOT TOUCH the plungers, got it? You're the reason we're down two guys this month.
4669We're gonna light this place up today. The holes are drilled, so just get the dynamite packed in and wired up.
4670Ok gang, the boss wanted me to leave you some instructions.. since you apparently can't run this mine without me holding your hands.
4671What the fu... farewell? Nobody says that. You're so stupid, you idiot. Stupid IDIOT!
4672Anyway... I'm gonna take off, Matt. It's too dangerous around here. I'm gonna head back into the mountains, I think. Farewell.
4673So, yeah... I tossed it under the porch in the Southwest corner of the white hotel, the one up on the cliff.
4674Idiot! You stupid IDIOT!
4675Umm... unfortunately, I had to stash the duffle on the way because I was being chased. Sorry, Matt.
4676Stupid, you're so stupid! He knows you made it to the safe house, idiot! IDIOT!
4677Hey Matt, I made it back to the safe house... but you probably guessed that.
4678We need you to come with us, Jonathan.
4679Wait, who are they?
4680You were told to keep your head down and do your research, Jonathan.
4681I heard a couple of the full-timers talking about some off-the-wall stuff, and... wait, are you recording this? What the fuck, man? What's going on?
4682Like what?
4683I know we just started our internship here, but I can already tell there's something off about this place.
4684What are you talking about?
4685There's some weird shit going on here, man.
4686While you're up there, you might as well secure some supplies from the stash. Here's the key.
4687Listen up Soldier! I need you to head to the Relay Tower nearby to make sure everything's up and running.
4688Let's just say my family's gonna be taken care of for a good, long time. That's all that matters to me.
4689We've been friends 15 years now, and you won't tell me?
4690You know damn well I am not giving you a number.
4691So... how did you make out?
4692Oh, please. You know well as I do that won't cut it. Nuka-Cola, big corporation like that, they've got cash to burn.
4693Maybe if we did like a community fundraiser or something...
4694Of course it bothers me! This fair's been run by my family for 30-odd years now! But I don't have a choice. Can't manage another season on my own.
4695Doesn't it bother you? Nuka-Cola coming in here and plastering logos all over the place, putting in knock-off rides... taking over?
4696Well, they won't be wrong. This absolutely qualifies. It is, in fact, the definition of selling out.
4697You know, Tal, everyone's gonna claim you sold out.
4698...Free Watoga....
4699*taser being deployed*
4700Warnings issued. Deploying taser.
4701Yeah, well, you're not permitted! Step aside, I am going back there!
4702Sir, your recording device is not permitted...
4703I am documenting this travesty of justice... Excuse me, you are blocking my freedom of movement! You're violating my rights here!
4704Sir, recording devices are not allowed in the courtroom and immediate vicinity.
4705Unbelievable! I'm going back there, and I am going to find an actual human.
4706By Executive Order, the position of [JUDGE] has been automated.
4707I've told you three times, I'm not paying your illegal fines! Look, I want to speak to a real person. Where's the judge? I want to talk to him!
4708...and the total for your parking tickets, Mr. Phillips, is $1567.32. All outstanding fines are payable by cash or credit.
4709Here we are now, though... all together, and I'm hoping we can enjoy a bit of... of, uhh...
4710The weather's definitely a bit more unpredictable these days, and none of us quite expected the storm to last three whole weeks.
4711I'd also like to thank everyone for being so flexible, and managing to reschedule so much around that unfortunate storm.
4712But as we all know, Lewisburg Presses On, don't we folks?
4713Glen was a wonderful man, and his passing was unfortunate, if not entirely unexpected given his declining health over the last year.
4714Before we begin, I'd like to take a moment to thank you all for your kinds words about our prior President, Mr. Glen Atkinson.
4715Welcome, Ladies and Gentlemen, to the Lewisburg Wine and Music Festival. I'm Clara Davis, the newly-elected President of the Appalachia Arts Foundation.
4716Okay folks, let's get out there and enjoy ourselves! Don't forget to keep your gas masks handy in case the weather takes a turn, and most important of all, have fun!
4717Now maybe some time after those are done, we can circle back around afterwards and give it another discussion.
4718Okay, look. We've got the Crafts Festival next month and then the Painting exhibition the month after that.
4719Heh, I'm sorry about this, folks... Cyrus, please, this isn't really the forum...
4720And what about that pack of crazy dogs come through last spring? We need to do less talking, and more fortifying our homes in case trouble comes looking for us!
4721We took a vote on it, and we all agreed that just like we always have, Lewisburg Presses On.
4722Folks, Cyrus Pickens... Cyrus, I do believe we had this discussion at the last Foundation meeting.
4723We're spendin' time on baskets when the whole world's gone to hell in one! When are we gonna get serious about things?
4724Good quality wicker is a bit harder to come by these days, but I'm proud of what we've been able to organize.
4725I'd like to thank everyone for helping to put this together... as you all know, it's a little smaller this year.
4726I'd like to welcome you all to Lewisburg for another year of our outstanding Annual Basket Festival.
4727Hey all, thanks for coming out today. I'm Dave Jones, President of the Appalachia Arts Foundation.
4728Bad for my business, too. You know? Anyway, gimme a call back, let's get this sorted out. Thanks.
4729The amount of, uhh, material you got stored up there, it could be real bad for the whole area if there's a leak or a spill or somethin'.
4730I know you're doing your best, but last thing I want is to be associated with some kinda accident up there, you know?
4731I mean, these people are really spooking my drivers - they're nuts. Gonna be chewin' on the fences before long, they're so bent outta shape.
4732Listen, I know you Federal guys have a lot goin' on, but you gotta do something about all these protestors outside the disposal field.
4733Hey, this is Dave Jones calling from the, uhh, the trucking contractor. Hoping to talk to someone in charge over there.
4734I'm very proud we were able to find three musicians to perform for us this year, and we've verified no less than 4 wines that are 100 percent safe to drink.
4735I'm sorry, Ladies and Gentlemen. Please do enjoy the day.
4736Maybe you could too, sir, and spend some time preparing for next month's Garden Festival.
4737You have repeatedly raised your concerns to the Foundation, and we have obligingly listened for years now. We'd like to keep a positive outlook on things.
4738Mr. Pickens, I see your hand raised, and I would just like to remind you that this is neither the place nor the time.
4739Mr. Sparkles...
4740Situation under control. Cat is no longer in tree.
4741*Shrieking* No!!!
4743Citizen, please stand back.
4744Yes! Hurry!
4745The cat should not be in the tree. Is this correct, Citizen?
4746Yeah! He shouldn't be in there!
4747A cat is in the tree.
4748A cat. And he's in that tree!
4749Citizen, clarify. What is a "Mr. Sparkles?"
4750Mr. Sparkles is in the tree.
4751Stay calm, citizen. Watoga Emergency Services is here to assist you.
4752Please state the nature of your emergency.
4754Citizen, hold still. I will carry you to safety.
4755Mom, I love you, but you're too old fashioned. I'm going to do what makes me happy, other people's opinions be damned.
4756My reputation is my own, forged by me, not your friends, not you, and definitely not some boy.
4757Besides, our relationship is strictly business. I've lined up some buyers for his latest work. See, that marketing degree hasn't gone so unutilized, has it?
4758I'm making a hefty commission. Just between the two us though, I think his work sucks.
4759Deidre. Dear... I mean it. That boy will bring you nothing but trouble!
4760Artists are known for their hedonist life styles. I don't what you associated with sordid things.
4761It's not good for either of our reputations. And a good reputation is the only thing a lady can cling to in this world.
4762And for the love of God, don't ever again use the word "sexy" in my presence!
4763Mom, "that boy" isn't a hippy, he's an artist. Hippies are poor. He's loaded.
4764And that's not drugs, that's patchouli... okay, and maybe with a little sweat mixed in. I think it's sexy smelling.
4765Just tell those stuck up hags to get a grip. They don't just let anyone live here. He's bona fide.
4766I don't want you hanging around that boy who moved in next door. He's a dirty hippy. I think I can even smell drugs on him!
4767The ladies at the Society are beginning to talk about you. You have no idea how mean those ladies can be.
4768I need you to comport yourself like the lady your father and I raised you to be.
4769Get away from me!
4770Gimme that!
4771I don't know what you're talking about.
4772So that's where my Dandy Boy Apples went. Into your goddamn mouth.
4773A trashcan?
4774For Christ's sake, Ross! I'm not a monster - Hey, what's that?
4775By "enjoy" you mean "destroy," right?
4776Because I love nature, and I want to preserve it so that people can enjoy it. Same as you.
4777Why are you a Ranger, anyway?
4778It's hunting.
4779It's murder.
4780Not everyone with a gun is a maniac, Ross. And there's nothing wrong with hunting. It's a manly sport, a time honored tradition --
4781And if you had yours, we'd let in every maniac with a gun to shoot up the place.
4782If you had your way, no one would even visit the park!
4783No, I'm a caring and sensitive individual, which is precisely the type of person we need protecting our wildlife.
4784You're such a baby.
4785You going to keep physically abusing me every time I tell you "no" about something?
4786You going to turn that thing on every time I walk over here now?
4787Damnit! Gimme that.
4789Wait - are your recording this?!
4791Just sign the damn hunting permits, Ross.
4792They eat four course meals out of boxes their robot nannies pull out of nuclear powered microwaves!
4793That's not fair. Hunting and trapping are important skills every boy should learn.
4794- and those boys, don't get me started on how reckless and cruel those little psychopaths-in-training are.
4795Takes one to know one.
4796That's because they've been displaced by your flagrant and continued disregard for their habitat. You never should have authorized that camping exhibition.
4797You know those Scout masters are complete morons --
4798What are you talking about?! We had a family of beavers waltzing through our goddamn offices just last week! They are out of control!
4799The beaver population is on the verge of collapse.
4800Ross, if you don't sign those permits, I'm going to -- to - I don't know what. But I'll do something you don't like.
4801You said you'd take care of it, Sam. You promised you'd get AMS to piss off.
4802What'd it take to buy you off? You got a fancy apartment in Watoga now?
4803Those boys' deaths are on your hands. You let this happen!
4804I'm done. I quit. I have half a mind to pay Kerwood's squirt a visit and introduce him to my fist.
4805In fact, I am going to go do that right now. And don't you try to stop me.
4806I hope you hear the watery screams of those men, drowning every night in your dreams. Have a nice life, asshole.
4807You recording this?! You agreed this was gonna be private.
4808Yeah! I mean - it's getting a little hot in here - but yeah, I guess I'm okay!
4809*sigh* So embarrassing...
4810Yeah right. You're going to use that to get me canned.
4811What's that buddy? Didn't hear you!
4812What's one them scientist salaries? Got to be, what, ten of ours. What if there was a little... "accident?"
4813What would you have me do, Billy? Really.
4814There's nothing scheduled that'd cause a quake like that. What the hell was that?!
4815Wa'nt ain't me, boss... Honest!
4816This is just so we all have a record of what's discussed, is all.
4817Things are going well. Those Watogan society ladies are falling over themselves to buy my merchandise.
4818I've had to resort to "distressing" things myself. Seems to be working.
4819I'm going to be able to move to Watoga myself soon enough if this continues.
4820There was an accident...
4821bucket at drop site D4... got loose and popped...
4822shaft collapsed, got most out... but I'm stuck here... drift east from Main D, I think...
4823not that it matters much... Don't think I'm getting out...
4824Heard Doc Sally say China dropped the Big One... God can that be true?...
4825If someone finds this... get it to my wife...
4826We had a good run, babe... didn't we?... You know... I still remember our first date... at the pool hall...
4827don't remember who won... or what was playing on the radio... but I do remember you...
4828I remember how I felt looking at you... how it felt you looking at me... how I still feel about you...
4829you are my sunshine... ... my only sunshine... ... ...
4830The hell you are!
4831That was a sight to see. Near a hundred cars slamming on together. What a sound.
4832I had no idea things that heavy could fly like that. Was like watching dominos tossed by a toddler.
4833When they hit the levee, I was sure I was gonna be washed away. But I'm still here. But everything's wrecked past fixing.
4834I need to find a new place to stay. Those pumps don't got it in them.
4835But I'll never forget that day. Not as long as I live. However long that is. Think I caught that skin thing people been getting. Can't stop itching.
4836Stuck. Again.
4837Carmen thinks I should document when this happens so we can sue the company.
4838I don't know about all that, it's not really their fault, but there's not all that much to do while I'm in here, so here goes.
4839It wasn't easy reaching the recorder, but I think I got it turned on.
4840At least this time I'm in a section you can see from the hallway, so I shouldn't have to wait long. What luck there's -
4841Silas, I'm going out to scratch up supplies. I'll be back in a couple days.
4842I know you think we should go, that we don't owe these people anything. But... the world ended, man. We can't keep taking advantage of each other.
4843We NEED each other now. All of us need each other.
4844My god... did you see Marty? It's almost as if his skin melted. How is he still alive?
4845Look, just make what's left stretch until I come back. Do what you do best, improvise!
4846Sergei, I don't know what you think you heard, or who you think you heard it from, but we are not, I repeat, not conducting experiments on overcoming pain threshold tolerance.
4847Nor, and I cannot stress this enough, nor are we prototyping appendages for so-called "Mr. Torturers" for any agency of the government.
4848And, look, even if we were, which we aren't, it wouldn't be torture. It'd be... "improved interrogation." This is America, for Christ's sake!
4849Respirators. Now!
4850Headmaster Reinhold, this so-called "SMART" vending machine you have set up during the Halloween season appears virtuous, as it encourages children to trade in candy for useful items.
4851If this was all it was, it would be a fine device which I would argue should be installed year round.
4852However, it has an insidious immoral quality, that might have gone unnoticed, so I shall helpfully point it out to you.
4853The machine promotes gambling in children by use of randomized prizes for large candy deposits. Gambling is an immoral activity and carries with it a risk of addiction and abuse.
4854If this machine cannot be reprogrammed to remove the randomization from the rewards, I must insist the device be removed from school property immediately.
4855Nothing! Forget it!
4856Not my bills, it ain't.
4857Milo... I'm sorry. I need to bail.
4858I know, "where the hell am I going to go?"...*Sigh* I don't know. But I know I can't stay here.
4859We built a great thing here, I even stuck it out when things went sour and we had to switch to our "down home" menu. We made it work.
4860But after the bombs and everything fell apart... I know this is going to sound terrible, but... I'm not exactly a soup kitchen kind of guy.
4861So... this is goodbye. Don't hate me.
4862Michael?! Not again. You okay in there?!
4863Maybe I am, maybe I ain't. All I'm saying -- what the...
4864Look, I'm on your side. I --
4865It's easier for those damn eggheads.
4866It has come to the Board of Directors' attention that you have been tinkering with the "Voice of Watoga" project to give it the voice and personality of your late mother.
4867I understand that you two were close, and I know what it means to lose someone dear...
4868But we cannot allow this type of flagrant disregard for project specifications to continue without reprimand, no matter how sympathetic we may be to your personal loss.
4869If you do not cease your tinkering and remove all the related changes from the project program and data files, you will be let go without hesitation.
4870Thank you for your understanding and immediate compliance in this matter.
4871I'm calling maintenance right now. Hang in there, Michael!
4872I'll show those little Watogan Highshcool shits. Think they can intimidate me?! Ha. Let's see how they like them changes I made to their batch.
4873Might just explode in their bellies. Bless their hearts.
4874I know. I don't like those pocket protectors any more than you. I'd put them out on their scrawny butts if I could.
4875But, like it or not, that glass of theirs is paying the bills.
4876I don't like it, Sam. Not one bit. They want to drop a nuke down here? And what for again? To get some kind of radioactive glass out?
4877What'd that labcoat call it, "Ultracite?" You and I both know the main shaft is barely holding together. This is bad news. Don't you let them do it!
4878I AM on your side. But I got a boss, too. I've kept as many of you on as I could -
4879Great. There goes another hair piece.
4880Eugene. You smart bastard. You were right! No one notices that those things won every single night this week.
4881I mean, they're going to have to catch on sometime, right?
4882Which means we should probably make them lose sometimes, right? To keep it seeming on the regular?
4883Eugene! You got to tell me when you're going to program them to fail. I lost five big-ones last night. Jesus.
4884Also, I found the holotape I left you just laying around. Be more careful!
4885Damnit can I finish a sentence?!
4886... It was either that or cut more of you completely. I couldn't do that. We're all family here. I'm trying. This isn't easy for any of us.
4887Cut our wages.
4888Billy, I -
4889At a quarter of our wages.
4890All right, settle down now. I'm listening.
4893... Billy! You aren't being serious!
4894*Sound of distant explosion*
4895It's done... I broke the transmission sequencer so no one will be able to remotely reconfigure the machines.
4896I also corrupted the software on the update terminals throughout the facility. The only machine capable of creating updates is now in my office.
4897I've locked my terminal and wrote a little "fix" to the building's badge access software to prevent any badge other than my own from accessing my office.
4898They won't be able to get help from anyone else. Only I will hold the means to their salvation!
4899Soon they'll come down from their ivory towers and come begging me to make it stop.
4900And when they do, I'll make each and every one of them fill out MY "Resident Application Fitness Report."
4901And then I'll deny every last one of them. We'll see how they like it. Being judged. Being locked out in the cold.
4902I don't have much... longer. Had I known... I never would have... but it's too late now, isn't it... But maybe I can help...
4903You... listening to this... whoever you are... you can't undo the virus... but...
4904You can upload your likeness into a white list in the software... then you at least, could live in the city...
4905You just need to get to... my office... there's a scanner... attached to the... the...
4907To anyone out there, this is Dr. Christina Bryan. I'm a botanist employed at a classified laboratory deep underneath the Arktos Pharma facility.
4908We were down here when the bombs fell. We held out as long as we could before sending people to the surface to find out what the hell happened.
4909That was a mistake. There was nothing up there except death, and these... ghoulish creatures. They got down here somehow and started taking us out, one by one.
4910Our last remaining technician tried to program the security force to recognize these creatures as a threat, but it seems he disabled their targeting parameters instead.
4911They... they started killing everything. Eight of us have locked ourselves in the lower generator room. If you hear this, please... come and save us. Before it's too late.
4912Hey folks, it's your favorite Tour Guide, Dick Shale! Appalachia has several Historical landmarks worth visiting while you're in the area.
4913Today I'd like to tell you about Philippi's Battlefield Cemetery, where the first land battle of the Civil War took place.
4914Learn more about this important chapter in Appalachian history, when West Virginia was still a part of Virginia!
4915Make sure to stop by the museum to see all the authentic uniforms, weapons and equipment actually used in the Civil War. We'll see you there!
4916Hey folks, it's your favorite Tour Guide Dick Shale! Appalachia has several Historical landmarks worth visiting while you're in the area.
4917Today I'd like to tell you about Prickett's Fort, where the American Colonist hunkered down and fended off hostile Native Americans and Redcoats.
4918The structure standing today isn't the actual Prickett's Fort, but a faithful recreation of how historians pictured it! With a few, um, minor modifications.
4919So stop by soon! Be sure to start your visit out with a trip to the famous gift shop and take a little piece of American history home with you!
4920Hey there traveler, Dick Shale here. Welcome to Appalachia! Did you know the AutumnFest takes place the last weekend in October?
4921One of Appalachia's most famous tourist attractions is The Pumpkin House.
4922In 1978, the Pumpkin House began with only 4 pumpkins carved for a Halloween display.
4923Since then, the number of hand-carved pumpkins has grown to 300. Does a house with 300 hand-carved pumpkins attract attention? You betcha!
4924Be sure to take the kiddo's and check out all those pumpkins.
4925Sanjay's log: Tygart Water Treatment.
4926Where to begin. This place is so far gone. I mean... how? It's not like this building got nuked or anything.
4927Was this place run by animals? Are people that incompetent?
4928We've got fully corroded purifiers, filters, unused mind you, covered in some... black sludge.
4929Maria's not going to be happy about this.
4930Brandon managed to stick me with cleanup duty underneath the Widowmaker.
4931Apparently, some group of kids really lost their lunch on there.
4932Typical vomit chain... All it takes is one, and the rest follow suit.
4933The pics were priceless by the way.
4934But the real joke's on Brandon. I found a 100 dollar bill down there plus the usual change.
4935People say it's not worth it, but I gotta get out of here somehow... and if sifting through barf for cash makes that work, so be it.
4936Hey Riley, it's mom! Just wanted to send you this holotape you can play in case you miss us.
4937We're so proud of you going on your first big adventure! You're going to have so much fun with all your friends!
4938I want you to be sure to listen to everything the scout masters and rangers tell you.
4939Remember, most of them are real people, so you can't throw things at them them like your Ms. Nanny.
4940So I don't want to hear any bad reports or get any phone calls in the middle of the night.
4941Mommy and daddy are on vacation, too, okay?
4942We love you very much, and miss you every day! And remember... Best behavior!
4943Movie idea: Robot Rebellion. A Red Rocket Mega Stop tale of terror.
4944With all services automated, who do you turn to when the robots are programmed to kill?
4945Eh, last part needs some work, but I'll get Carly to spice it up. Maybe this trip wasn't such a waste after all.
4946If you think we're just going to reveal our work to an ex-Brotherhood member, think again.
4947You want to see how this system works, then you've got some serious trust to earn.
4948Found some ridiculous robot that upgraded me to a deputy.
4949Jokes on him, I guess. Like I'm going to go grab these bombs and turn them in like some honorable citizen.
4950I'm keeping these babies for myself. Wiring's a bit gunked up, but I think I can make them work.
4951Just going to disarm this switch here to make sure it doesn't -- *explosion*
4952Raleigh gave the all clear. Not sure what I expected, but it definitely wasn't this.
4953I knew the government would get us nuked. Easy population control that you can just blame on the Chinese.
4954Get rid of the unwanted lower class, cherry pick the middle. Leave the government and military to restore whatever order they want.
4955But look at this place. Have fun restoring this infected, mess of a world, you dipshits!
4956Please understand why I chose not to tell you. Abbie, you are smart enough to see our work through till the end.
4957Calvin, you're turning into such a fine young man. Your mother would've been proud, but not as proud as me.
4958You two take care of each other. You're going to make it through this. I know it.
4959I've been diagnosed with Parkinson's. I've still got plenty of time to live a normal life... well as normal as can be expected...
4960But the time will come where my health will deteriorate and I can no longer care for myself.
4961I love you both tremendously, and you know that... but I will not be a burden to you, my children. Especially in these dark times.
4962If everything has gone according to plan, hopefully my death has meant something.
4963To my dearest Abigayle and Calvin.
4964I've instructed Ella to give you this holotape on the event of my death. Please don't blame anything you're about to hear on her.
4965These are my wishes. Ella has respected them, and I expect you to as well.
4966I miss my mom... and my dad. You guys are supposed to be here.
4967You took me away from my friends and my life all on your stupid promise that things were going to be fine! That this was best!
4968And is it? I can't do this on my own. I don't want to do this on my own.
4969I just want things back the way they were.
4970Why couldn't we just... stay in our bunkers? Why'd we even have to go out there?
4971I'd rather eat Cram every day and never see the sun again then be stuck here... alone.
4972Dear holotape. I'm pretty sure... that everyone I know is dead.
4973If we hadn't bothered with this stupid, stupid system... they'd all still be here.
4974Well, guess what? If you all die, that kinda defeats the purpose!
4975Forget it. There's about a million reasons here, and I seriously can't cover them all.
4976Maybe the bunker is sinking. Maybe one of those beavers on buffout chewed through the power lines. Maybe the generator just gave up on life.
4977Can't win 'em all, Abbie! Moving on... Another holotape for the trash.
4978Scenario 5. A worst case. This recording means my bunker is running on auxiliary power.
4979You have... ideally four hours, potentially less, to somehow restore power and save this system!
4980Let's see. Generator manual is here. Spare parts at Thunder Mountain, that would be fun. Tools...
4981Ok, I can do this. I can do this. It's for them, not for you. I can do it for them. I can do this.
4982Hey there...! Survivor? Bleh, equally terrible.
4983Welcome to my humble bunker where we're all dead! By the way, how about you do a crap ton of super dangerous work that I promise you is worth it?
4984You're on board, right? Of course you are, because the fate of humanity depends on it!
4985And my work here is done!
4986Howdy stranger! Er... oh god, I can't believe I said that. This is stupid.
4987You're all alone. No one to hear, no one judging... and you can't say a simple line. Great.
4988We've been working on this detection system for so long now, I feel like we'll never see the end of it.
4989Detectors, lures, uplinks. I think I'd rather die then head back to another relay tower at this rate.
4990But Raleigh and Niraj say it's worth it, and I believe them.
4991Those Scorched are nasty business...
4992And if I had the means to let people know they're coming, and better yet, maybe take a Scorchbeast out along the way?
4993Hell yeah, I'd say that's worth it.
4994I feel like it's been non-stop missions for a while now.
4995Gather supplies, head out, take a beating, set up a thing, take a few more beatings, come home, heal up... rinse and repeat.
4996Most days, I'm not even sure how we're still alive.
4997Some of these survivors proved they aren't completely worthless, too.
4998One guy, Duncan, turned out to be a decent hunter, and another gal, Kendyll, she's a better shot than me.
4999Still, you look at these people struggling here and just think... You bastards had your chance.
5000We practically spelled it out for you and you just turned up your noses and called us crazy.
5001Bunch of idiots...
5002Things are finally starting to shape up around here at Harpers Ferry.
5003We got a lot of defenses up and running, a real perimeter, and people taking lookout shifts.
5004Niraj is working on some new contraption to help with these brutal storms that sweep through. He said they could filter the air or something.
5005And Ella's got a decent clinic set up with the help of the Responders.
5006It makes me feel like maybe Raleigh was right, and we can have a real go at this.
5007They seem to have realized what we knew all along... that the government wasn't going to lift a finger to help clean up this mess.
5008The Responders have been at it from the start with no sign of order, so they took it upon themselves to organize and help those in need.
5009It's also a relief to no longer be the only one with a real medical background and training.
5010Derek said he can bring back some supplies and help out a bit. At least until we're more settled.
5011Lucy's been a great help, but her training as an aesthetician can only go so far.
5012May 2, 2080. Jesus I'm tired. Ever since we agreed to help rebuild Harpers, it's just been non-stop work.
5013These people are in some bad shape. Some are improving, but it pains me to see our supplies dwindle.
5014It's just that logical knowledge of knowing you packed for four and then suddenly you need to provide for eight.
5015On the bright side, we met a guy named Derek the other day who said he's with a group of people called the Responders.
5016I've started taking samples for analysis. Hopefully, the plants can still be used for some good old holistic treatments.
5017Raleigh's getting to work on a series of tests for the water and soil. I guess we can count ourselves lucky the air's breathable.
5018But this place... I grew up here and I barely recognize it. There's no way we were prepared for this.
5019Toxicity levels, slight mutations, yes. But I'm telling you, Darwin would lose his mind out here.
5020July 15, 2079. Wow. Who would've thought a little radiation would turn this world upside down?
5021We were down in those bunkers for what, a couple years? There's no way radiation did all this all by itself in that amount of time.
5022I mean, first off, this place is crawling with these orange-red vines, the likes of which there is no precedent for.
5023I saw a toad that wouldn't fit in a bathtub, a 12 point with two heads, be still my heart, and insects you don't even want to know about.
5024I was your best friend for over forty years. I trusted you to help me see this through...
5025If you acted like you gave a half a damn about anything besides yourself you could've helped me.
5026Maybe I never would've made the decision rebuild Harpers Ferry. Maybe half my family would still be alive...
5027Sam, where the hell are you? I could really use my best friend right now.
5028This was our thing, you know. We were in this together.
5029Then you started in with the secrets, the no shows... You practically shoved Emily out the door, and now you're doing it to me?
5030It's been... two weeks since I lost Trish and Marty.
5031Two weeks since we lost Harpers to those... things... those Scorched and that... nightmare.
5032Two weeks of keeping it together for Mike and Megan... and all the others.
5033Derek told us they've been hitting up the Responders for manpower and supplies and not taking no for an answer.
5034Well, they've got another think coming if they try that over here, and we need to be ready.
5035I think it's time we claimed the Armory as our own territory.
5036I'll need to get Eddie and Niraj to help out with some security measures.
5037Survivors are gonna hate it, but we gotta protect our own, especially against the damn Brotherhood.
5038Having said all this out loud, I think I've finally come to a decision.
5039Now it's just going to be a matter of persuading the others that it's a good idea.
5040Long story short, the town is a mess. People are dying. They need our "expertise," which I just took to mean help, supplies, you name it.
5041So I grabbed Marty and went out there to have a look, and yeah. It's bad.
5042Maybe... Had I only gone alone, maybe I could keep this hidden from everyone... But Marty couldn't hold back her tears for those folks.
5043I was approached today by Miranda Vox.
5044Yep, the same woman who told me to shove my "movement" where the sun don't shine and get the hell out of "her" town.
5045She may be mayor of Harpers Ferry, or what's left of it, but I'm the one who's lived there all my life.
5046Grudges aside, she came asking for help.
5047Look, if this is as big as you think it is, the Fire Breathers can handle any Raiders.
5048But I need to know how this system works and see it in action first.
5049It's true, Hank. And this system would be done if it weren't for those damn Raiders.
5050This is a real game changer, Raleigh... if what you say is true.
5051It doesn't just lure them down. We found some research and tech at one of the Brotherhood's old outposts.
5052Ella realized if we can blast a Scorchbeast with a certain frequency, it disorients it long enough for us to go in and take it out.
5053Niraj and Abbie started work on the tech. We tested it. And it works.
5054Whoa, you're telling me you're luring those things down? You've got some balls, Free States.
5055Even with your numbers, taking on a beast is no easy task.
5056What you nearly broke was a Scorchbeast lure. It's the best defense we have against them.
5057Hey, you guys are always holed up in your bunkers, how else can I get your attention?
5058Besides, a crazy contraption like that? Of course I'm gonna try to figure it out.
5059And by the way you guys came out fully armed and ready to fight, I'm guessing it's pretty big.
5060All right, Madigan, you want to explain why we found you out there tampering with our stuff?
5061I got it, Eddie, it's recording... Jesus.
5062Is it recording? Make sure it's recording.
5063I... I don't even know how to say it... but JD's dead... I... I've murdered my own brother.
5064After I found out he'd been stealing our supplies for Brianna Hawke, I couldn't wait, so I rushed out and found him scouting the ridge.
5065I... I have a hard time remembering the rest.
5066I don't know if he slipped, or I pushed too hard, but my brother... he fell... he's dead and it's all my fault.
5067When Brianna found out what happened, she gathered her group and hit the cabin with everything they had. They wanted me dead.
5068I killed them all, but they got in a lucky shot, and I don't think I'm going to last much longer. Probably better this way.
5069This whole thing... what I did... it reminds me of a passage I read in the Bible once.
5070"Everyone who hates his brother is a murderer; and you know that no murderer has eternal life present in him."
5071I guess... I proved that one right.
5072It's been weeks since I chased off Brianna Hawke, and I feel like I've wasted all of it trying to convince JD that he was better off without her.
5073I finally thought I was getting through, until I was cleaning up our cabin and found the goddamn notes they'd been passing to each other.
5074Instead of heading out to hunt, that hijo de perra's been stabbing me in the back by giving Brianna some of our supplies!
5075After everything I've sacrificed for our family, how could he do this to me?!
5076When he gets back from today's "hunt" we're going to have a little chat about Brianna Hawke. And this time, I'm not going to just look the other way.
5077We were at our bunker when the Scorchbeasts attacked Harpers Ferry. It took them less than an hour to burn the place down.
5078When the attack was over, I thought Brianna was dead and that JD would return to his old self. When he didn't, I became suspicious.
5079Then Brianna shows up at our cabin with a small group of survivors and everything became clear.
5080She had conned JD, played him this entire time, pretending to love him to give herself and her friends an invite to our bunker.
5081Well, there was no way I was going to let that happen. I told her she could march right back to her cave and find her own place to survive.
5082When JD tried to stop me, I had to knock him out. That's when Brianna's people pushed back, and I fired some shots into the air to scare them away.
5083Now I have to deal with JD, and damn is he going to be pissed.
5084For the past few years, my brother's been bummed out - like really sad, you know?
5085Personally, I don't think he's ever recovered from watching the world end. Hell, I don't think any of us have.
5086I tried to talk to him about it, but he kept pushing me away and changing the subject.
5087But after JD met Brianna Hawke in Harpers Ferry, things turned around. I guess she helped him out by giving him a different shoulder to cry on.
5088Why JD's more comfortable with her than his own brother, I'll never know.
5089Yeah, I'm kind of angry, maybe even a little jealous, but I'm going to let it go for his sake.
5090Still, there's something about Brianna that bugs me, so I'm going to keep an eye on her.
5091When my brother JD & I answered the call to head into Harpers Ferry, we expected to find an organized Free States stronghold.
5092Now that we're here, it's obvious that no one knows what the hell they're doing.
5093The other Free States families are wasting precious resources trying to restore Harpers Ferry and create a safe haven for survivors.
5094Instead, they should be turning the town into a fort and stockpiling supplies to prep for the long haul.
5095We'll still pitch in, but we don't plan on sticking around long to see what happens.
5096We don't think that Harpers Ferry will ever be safe, so we're going to use our share of the supplies to reinforce the bunker at our cabin.
5097I don't know if I'm sick, or I'm dying, but my body has changed.
5098I've sought help, but people laugh at my appearance or turn me away.
5099I'm what people are calling a "ghoul," a name that sickens me to my stomach.
5100I've been chased out of my own home, and now I'm running from place to place hiding like a criminal.
5101A week ago, I was begging for food and was almost shot by someone who didn't want me near them. Well, I've had enough.
5102I found a note from someone named Lucy Harwick. She claims to run a place where people like me can go to live their life without being afraid.
5103I'm going to head out to Valley Galleria to see if it's true. I hope to god that it is, because I don't know how much more of this I can take.
5104As my study of Hopewell Cave continues, I'm struck by the atypical nature of this Adena-based burial complex.
5105The Adena culture generally buried their dead in large mounds and similar hill-shaped earthworks.
5106Due to the primitive nature of the tools from 1000 to 200 BC, stone carving was not yet a part of their society.
5107However, archeologists who investigated this "skull cave" site removed remains and artifacts belonging to the Adena culture.
5108I wonder if it's possible that the remains of the Adena people were moved to this location well after their society ceased to exist?
5109For one culture to treat another's with such reverence is unusual at best. I will continue my research to discover more.
5110I will be making the requested updates to the protectrons. The robots will now decide on their own how often we celebrate Fasnacht.
5111Jensen is aware of my concerns, about frequency and the unpredictable environmental factors... Jensen says it will be better for tourists...
5112Just don't come to me if the robots choose to have a party every single day until the end of the world.
5113There are other things in this world now that cannot be explained. The end of the world has awoken... something.
5114We all know the Mothman is out there, stalking and watching us, but what of the unseen.
5115There are things we can only glimpse in our minds, great entities, beyond our comprehension.
5116The Mothman is a creature, more like us than the unknowable horrors in the peripheral vision of our subconscious minds.
5117No longer just a false memory now... I have heard a tale... of this entity made real, deep in the earth.
5118The story teller was mad by any reckoning, but his story no less true.
5119My name is Jeff Lane, and I will lay bare this...watcher. No matter how deep I must go, I will come to know the true nature of the interloper.
5120A trader came into town the other day. Claimed to be running ahead of a band of raiders, the Reavers.
5121Said they'd be heading this way.
5122Some of us have already started gutting the crash, building an outpost up in the tower. We're putting it to a vote tonight.
5123Do we abandon Helvetia for Horizon's Rest, or do we press our luck, try to weather the storm?
5124The Interloper is here, I can feel it clearly. Last night, in visions more real than the senses it called to me.
5125And I go to it now. Signs are all around that I am not the only one to hear the call.
5126Though where they have failed, I will not, for it summons me alone in the end.
5127Before I go deeper, for the truth revealed changes all by its very nature...
5128Let it be known, in this world, the Interloper has chosen Jeff Lane as the conduit of the unknowable...
5129Together the hidden reality becomes manifest at long last.
5131Don't. Don't ever contact me again after this.
5132And erase my name off that holotape. I went over the needed repairs, that's enough.
5133Pleasure doing business with you. We'll recommend you to our friends.
5134It's just...
5135Aw, shit. Just get me in the van and get me out of here before anyone sees me.
5136If you've got a problem with that, we can cancel payment.
5137So that's it then? Just... keep replacing bots and machinery. Let the plant destroy the valley and break up the strikers?
5138Foreman doesn't give a damn about the ash. The workers brought it on themselves, now they get to live with it.
5139Besides, the bots don't give a damn. All the more reason to continue the workforce change over.
5140Ain't gonna be easy. Whatever's going on chemically, it's pretty toxic and corrosive at that.
5141You're gonna have to keep making near constant repairs. I can mark the areas, but that's not gonna stop the ash...
5142Look Mason, I don't need to hear it. Can you keep it running or not?
5143I dunno what all they put in the furnace, but it's gaumed it up but good.
5144Wouldn't have been so bad if ya'll had just shut damned thing down for a few weeks and cleaned out the blast.
5145But at this point? Whatever it is, at this point it's fused with every damned part from the Furnace to the Smelter and the Mills.
5146You forgot your Christmas present! It's bourbon! To remind you of where you come from!!
5147Good. Melody deserves this more anyway.
5148I. WILL. NEVER!!!
5149If you're fixin' to have a fit, best sit down before you bite your tongue clean off. Wouldn't want to ruin my carpet.
5150It's all gonna be donated food, and we'll only keep the lights on for a couple hours.
5151And if your sweet, I might even let you wear the Santa suit.
5152I- You! Infuriating!
5153You think I'm some dumb hick, just on account o' the fact that you abandoned your people and your accent.
5154I know that you're trying to sway the vote next spring by letting your friends horde food.
5155I've checked the ledgers. Don't do in the dark what you don't want brought out in the light, Tanner.
5156We don't have the supplies! We need to keep them for the war effort!
5157And waiting to hold the town hall till I was out meeting those Brotherhood rebels is beyond deceitful.
5158Our people need this. They've been struggling on for years through the war, radiation, mutants, and raiders...
5159They need something normal. Something to give them hope that things will be better.
5160Oh, sit down Tanner. I swear, you could talk the bark off a tree.
5161Stuff it, Abigale.
5162What is this nonsense about throwing a Christmas party? We are already rationing supplies and if we have another winter like '78...
5163Test Log 3-12-78-A14
5164Eyes appear glassy. Subject seems to be experiencing decreased blood pressure and heart rate.
5165While this new solution appears to trigger a vasovagal response in subjects with a complimentary DNA structure, no other reversal.
5166It's no good. I don't know how much of the mutations we've seen are from radiation and what is from the compound we'd been working on.
5167I don't understand how Samson got clearance for aerosolize testing before we even completed lab trials.
5168Did we cause this... skin disease... or is it just a mutation. And what of those whose minds have degraded?
5169Oh great. The breakers just went out. This winter is taking a toll on the lab. Guess I better get to fixing it before the plants freeze.
5170Test log 9-23-77-A10.
5171Animal subject shows no marked increase or decrease in muscle mass.
5172However, those in the flora lab have said that this test run showed an increase in growth by as much as 25%.
5173We felt certain that, due to the component make up fo the solvent, it would have a marked effect on fauna as well...
5174...but even the inclusion of a matching protein sequence into the solution the resultant distillate fails to show an increase in size or growth rate.
5175Whoa! Okay down... Hey, down! Jessie can you grab it? Aaah!
5176Ugh. What was that about? Thanks.
5177Ancillary observation: The test subject seems to be strongly drawn to the solution. This bears further testing. Is it the similar protein sequence?
5179Alright Fire Breathers, get out there and run that course like your friends lives depend on it.
5180No ma'am!
5181What was that?!
5182No ma'am.
5183You got anything else to say?
5184Now you listen to me before I smack both eyes into one.
5185My husband is somewhere down in "that muck."
5186So's yer father. And her gran. And their sisters.
5187We spent weeks crawling through "that muck" pulling people out.
5188Thousands of people died in the Christmas Flood.
5189More still were never found. Drowned or buried alive.
5190We pulled people out of there for a full year.
5191So you show some respect.
5192I just don't see why we gotta go running through all that muck.
5193What was that?
5194You got something to say, you spit it out.
5196Alright, settle down recruits.
5197I know it looks hard, but the course ain't no hill for a climber.
5198Just follow the arrows and keep your head on a swivel.
5199Once you get down a piece, you'll see the capitol.
5200Give that button a whack and follow the course back on over here.
5201Are you tired of taxes going to incompetent government bureaucrats?
5202Come out on November 2nd and cast your vote in favor Ballot Measure 6! The Appalachian Prosperity Act!
5203Automate Appalachian government and give the boot to bureaucracy!
5204This ad paid for by the Citizens for Automation Fund.
5205Okay... Okay! I'm going, you don't have to shove...
5206Uh huh. Get out of here before I pull your press badge.
5208Fine. But there HAVE been reports of people seeing the Mothman.
5209You heard her. Closed Session. No reporters.
5210Mothman... really.
5211Okay, that's enough. The Herald used to be an upstanding paper and y'all'r fixin' to turn it into a rag.
5212This is a Closed Session. Marshall, see that our friend finds her way out.
5213Has there been any word from Washington yet, ma'am? Are we still at war?
5214What about the mutations? And the reports of the people seeing the Mothman?
5215What? What foolish-
5216No. It was people affected by the radiation. There's a passel of them over in the medical center.
5217Poor souls...
5218Is it true that a mob of zombies attacked the southwestern check point?
5219No. The line of succession clearly states that the Speaker out ranks the Majority Whip.
5220Look, I don't have time for-
5221Are we still looking for Governor Evans? Is it true that Holbrook is the acting Governor?
5222Just what I need... I'm sorry, don't have time right now Ms. Carter.
5223Speaker Poole! Wait! Please just a moment of your time!
5224No no no no! Godammit David!!!
5225What in god's name has he done?
5226I- I don't know.
5227What was that?
5228You inbred, backwoods fucking idiots.
5229You have no idea what he's going to-
5230Heard a little birdy saying they'd captured you. She and Poole wanted to plan a trade in exchange for a cease fire. Obviously it'd never work.
5231So I sent word ahead to your boyfriend saying you were dead and that they're trying to lie to him. He won't believe a word they say.
5232I figure that'll give you and I plenty of time to talk.
5234Thorpe's not gonna do anything because right now he thinks you're dead.
5235When he finds out where I am he's gonna-
5236I was just in town to get him a Christmas present.
5237You know how it is... you always plan get it done, but end up shopping on the evening-
5239Jim Greyson was a good man and I'd as soon see you hang for what you did to him and his.
5240But before that, you're going to tell me what Thorpe is planning.
5241Aahhgh!! Fuck! When I get ou-
5242Well, it seems the little birdy brought one back alive.
5243Get up.
5244*zapping sound*
5245*patriotic music*
5246*Chaotic sounds of flooding*
5247*Distant rush of water*
5248*Distant explosion*
5249"Welcome... to the Freak Show!"
5250No, that's not right. Take two. *clears throat*
5251"Welcome to the FREAK show!"
5252Too much emphasis in the middle there.
5253"Welcome to the Freak Show! T-The Freak Show!"
5254No no no no no. No.
5255Uh. Feast? Feast. Uh. "F-Feast your eyes... ON THE FREAK SHOW!"
5256*sigh* I need to get away from it. I'm gonna take a break.
5257I tell ya, those filthy rich college kids are ruining everything.
5258Rent's going up another hundred dollars this year. Monorail rates? They almost doubled since I moved in.
5259The landlord is even thinking about billing us for maintenance requests. I'm not sure that's even legal.
5260Oh, and to top it all off, yeah, they're actually building another Slocum's Joe downtown.
5261I mean, seriously, do we really need more donut shops? This is getting ridiculous!
5262I'll tell ya, this is not my Morgantown.
5263Oh, my books.
5264My big, beautiful bound books filled with stories and knowledge and history.
5265I love my books. I always will.
5266But lately, I've been feeling like books are on their merry way to becoming antiques.
5267Nobody reads from paper anymore.
5268I saw some University kids in the store the other day just reading the covers and nothing more. Can you believe that?
5269Completely summarizing the contents of a published work by judging the cover?
5270Absolutely unbelievable.
5271But now it's all holotape this, terminal that.
5272Thank you, RobCo, for ushering in the death of books and, to be honest, our entire civilization while we're at it.
5273And no, for anyone snooping in, the irony that I'm recording this rant is not lost on me.
5274I can still mourn for the death of my favorite pastime without getting left behind in the past, thank you very much.
5275I have really started to feel much happier lately.
5276I've got a great place with fantastic roommates. And I've got the job of my DREAMS!
5277Working at VTU as an actual full-time Vault designer?! Research division. Full access. God, I've been dreaming about this my entire life.
5278The creative freedom is unparalleled in this industry.
5279My car runs great. My coworkers are great. The students, though I don't get to interact with them much, are really bright and remind me of myself.
5280Morgantown is... not like Seattle, but I couldn't be happier doing my best work here.
5281I think I'm going to have a really successful chapter here. I just can't wait for what the future holds.
5282The kids down there are so incredibly oblivious to the fact that windows exist.
5283We've sent scouting parties in the dead of night through different adjacent buildings.
5284They keep returning with more food, more ammo, it's nuts.
5285We're gonna outlast this siege for years.
5286The big problem though is RadAway. We're finding less and less of it every day, and people are starting to get sick.
5287I'm still certain that we'll be the victors after all is said and done. The rooftops and the monorail are our own personal highway, after all.
5288Those dumb street kids have no idea who they're messing with.
5289We lost another group of freshmen today.
5290I ordered them to start scaling the escape ladders at nightfall but it was a trap.
5291The whole thing was covered in oil and the roof asses lit them all on fire.
5292And I can't keep doing this!
5293We keep trying to starve them out since we control the roads into and out of town, but somehow they keep finding food, man!
5294They've even started to throw their empty food boxes down on us as mockery.
5295How are they surviving up there? Where are they getting their supplies?
5296I feel like I'm losing my mind.
5297I can't leave this roof or I'll die.
5298Alisha has stopped talking to me.
5299I have nothing to do but obsess over my work.
5300*laughs* How is that even remotely sane? I'm cataloguing constellations and the world has ended.
5301I have officially lost it.
5302I know I have, because lately I've been resisting the temptation to go down to street level.
5303There's roving bands of murderous kids. People who I used to help cheat on their exams, can you believe it?
5304I got them an A- and now they want to beat me to death with a wrench for a bag of chips.
5305I wish I wasn't on this nightmare planet.
5306I wish I was somewhere else, somewhere out there in the stars.
5307Without RadAway, the effects of intense radiation were already taking their toll.
5308Kids were falling over dead, their hair and skin were falling off.
5309Only the most powerful student houses were able to keep order among their ranks.
5310This was only possible by eradicating the smaller groups of student survivors and stealing their supplies.
5311Every dose of RadAway kept the powerful elite at the top of the food chain.
5312Even now, I'm in hiding. On a roof somewhere far away from most of the other kids.
5313There's one guy on the roof next over that I sometimes talk to, but we usually keep to ourselves to not attract attention.
5314I think his name is Victor.
5315The RadAway shortages were terrifying.
5316Some guys were fighting over a cache they found in a nearby pharmacy, and things got heated. They drew their guns and fired.
5317The first student death by a fellow peer was recorded. This was the new Morgantown.
5318The two biggest houses are the Roof House and the Street House -- named after the territories they control.
5319A great student war unfolded -- but this wasn't the cute kind of hazing ritual known by VTU students. This was life or death.
5320Some of the kids with Overseer training took the lead. And a few of the Greek houses started communities.
5321I don't even remember what they were called.
5322The largest of them, Kappa something something, started absorbing the smaller houses and slowly expanding their territory.
5323If the world wasn't over, I might have found it interesting how feudalism was reimagined against the backdrop of nuclear war.
5324We lost a lot of students in the first year. Some to radiation poisoning. Others to typical things like hunger and thirst.
5325One kid was attacked by a large rat in the VTU courtyard, but we never found it. But we mostly lost kids to the House wars.
5326This is Alisha Parker speaking, valedictorian of the last graduating class of Vault-Tec University.
5327I believe it is my duty to record the events of Morgantown's final days for future generations.
5328With any luck, someday a dweller from 76 will find this and know what happened here.
5329After the bombs, Morgantown was a hellhole. Everything was on fire or dead.
5330I don't remember much to be honest. A few of us hid inside the University but rations forced us out after a few weeks.
5331When we emerged, we found ourselves in the perfect real-world scenario for exercising all the training we acquired at VTU. Yeah. Lucky us.
5332Well, my back hurts. Sick of eating varmints with two pair a' eyes.
5333Yeah, I tell 'em I seed a big ol' boomer out yander. They tell me, "What's a boomer then?"
5334Then some sweet young thing come up to me askin' for help with that garden next door.
5335Then just this morning, I heared talk of crawdads big as the barn door 'cross the mountains and worse.
5336Flatwoods had better days. Now every thing catywompus or'll kill ya.
5337Now, I ain't no cussin' lady but damn if God had just let a bomb fall on my head. Jesus, just let me die.
5338Arm day. Three sets of twelve reps. Let's see...
5339Dumbbell bicep curls. Tricep extensions. Hm. And back extensions.
5340Little chuffed 'bout the lack of proper equipment. No bother. Chin up!
5341Only eight more luxury coffins to make quota in Backwoods-- I mean, Flatwoods. *laughs*
5342Will be difficult given the... ehrm, "financial" situation 'round here.
5343Just need to remind them of our friends the Chinese, and I'll be back on the plane to Ipswich within a fortnight.
5344*sigh* Gather it'll be the benchpress today, yet again.
5345Never.. n-never.. leave. Don't. Feel hungry. Thirsty. No one is coming.
5346First lumbrical. Index finger. Flex MP joint. *winces* It hurts.
5347Flex. MP joint. Extend. IP joint. And... contract muscle. There. We. Go.
5348Children. Were born into this violent world. And -- *laughs* and left so violently from it. My god.
5349No one is coming. No one is coming for me. My f-friends .. are all--all... all dead. *weeps*
5350I .. believe it's been three days, three nights. Adrenaline has dissipated. I'm so thirsty. I'm so h-hungry. I still can't unlock the door.
5351Must conserve strength. Using energy to bang on the door or yell has proven wasteful. A source of fluid nourishment has not been found.
5352I would guess it's been 24 hours since the attack. The sound of combat has... *weeps* ... has stopped. They're still outside.
5353I have roughly 8-10 weeks, provided a source of fluids. Starvation onset within 10 days. Effects of psychological shock ongoing but repressed.
5354I can worry about the PTSD later.
5355It's been a few hours. I can hear them clawing at the door. I've locked myself in a storage closet but..
5356... I don't think the door opens from the inside. It's okay. Everything's okay.
5357Acute stress reaction. Panic and emotional distress. Breathe. Breathe.
5358I tell myself I should feel sorry for the little town across the river.
5359But if I'm being honest, and that's what this tape is for, I don't really care.
5360I call myself an addict, but it ain't the chems that finally got me.
5361It was always Billy.
5362So ... what is an old gal like me to do?
5363Steal all the food.
5364Steal all the chems.
5365And get the hell out of there. *laughs*
5366I'd trade my last bite of food just to see the look on their faces.
5367Oh, I know it's gonna piss off Billy's friends, but I don't give a damn.
5368I shoulda got out sooner when Billy and his buddies started torturing little cats and dogs.
5369His friends ... were no good. But that didn't stop me anyway.
5370I can't believe my wake up call was watching people's heads ... get stuck on spikes.
5371I still miss him. Billy.
5372I knew he was too young for me, but he made me feel good.
5373Though it's the old Billy I really miss. The one who used to do nothing all day with me but listen to the radio and drink.
5374Well, this is it I guess.
5375Rock bottom I think they call it.
5376A reminder to myself.
5377The Responders are good people. They're trying their damn best, for sure.
5378But things aren't good.
5379And stuff is getting worse.
5380Anyway, this is a reminder to myself.
5381A reminder that this gun. It's my insurance.
5382If things get real bad, if the food runs out or the water runs dry.
5383I get to decide how I leave this goddamn world.
5384I'm not gonna let myself suffer. I'm not gonna die hungry and alone. I can't.
5385Please, I'm begging you. Don't leave me here. Please. Please please please.
5386I-I'll give you anything you want. Money? Yeah? You want caps?
5387My life savings! I'll tell you where it is!
5388Uh. Uh. Uh. Go to the graveyard behind the church.
5389The rightmost, uh, grave. Stand on it. Walk directly across the river. Uhhh....
5390Halfway up the hill, uhh, there's a small clearing. My savings are in an old stump, little bit off to the right! I swear!
5391P-please please please don't leave me here! Please!
5393Please let me out! Please!
5395I trust your judgment.
5396If our Scribes find anything new, I'll see if we can get word to you somehow.
5397And Lizzy *static*
5398I'm not thinking of some far off future, Elder. I'm worried about today. And tomorrow.
5399We're fighting non-stop to keep the Bravos contained. I can't afford a weak link.
5400You, too, Paladin? Everyone around me keeps saying shut the world out, only look out for ourselves.
5401Even my goddam son. But the Brotherhood alone can't rebuild what's lost.
5402We need them. Hell, our whole plan is for them.
5403Elder, you trust the outsiders too readily. They will betray you.
5404Then find new men. Think outside the playbook.
5405Roger, we don't have the men for the mission. The Bravos just keep coming.
5406No. The infrastructure of the Old World is failing.
5407You are the absolute best second-in-command I've ever had the pleasure of working with.
5408Now is the time for you to be in charge, Lizzy. I know you're up for it. I know you won't let your men down.
5409Elder, I'm not ready for this. Can't the Scribes do anything about it?
5410Lizzy. Takano says the satellite's failing. So this is it.
5411I consider this matter resolved. I don't want to talk about it again. Maxson out.
5412Yes, Elder.
5413There will always be a reason to use a weapon. Always.
5414But nukes? Never again. I'd mothball the whole technology if I could.
5415Am I clear?
5416But if we don't deal with the Bravos once and for all, they could kill everyone.
5417All life on this continent. That's what Takano said, right?
5418What? Even you, Lizzy?
5419Are you out of your god-damned mind? Look around. Look at everything.
5420The death, the destruction, the End of the World. That came from the nukes.
5421One of the squires on patrol found a nuclear silo. Still functional.
5422Go on.
5423No. Of course not. But I think we may need something bigger. More final.
5424You're not giving up on me?
5425The Sonic Generators work but there's just too many Sierra Bravos. This strategy of ours, it's just delaying the inevitable.
5426Spit it out.
5427Elder. I've read Scribe Takano's reports. I've talked with Grant a lot, too-
5428Is this urgent, Lizzy?
5429Give it time, Lizzy. People have a hunger to believe in something. Just let them work their way to it.
5430I'll do my best to see the orders carried out, sir.
5431Depression. People have lost everyone. Every goddam soul. Wives, kids, loved ones, heck even the mailman.
5432We need to replace it with something otherwise people's souls will wither. We'll be little more than walking dead men.
5433What else can I do? Declare myself President? Make you a Senator?
5434Look around. Something's killing us more than the rads and freaks out there.
5435Is this necessary?
5436But we'll need more than names. We'll need new traditions, our own, well, mythology.
5437Something people can believe to their core.
5438Words have power, Lizzy. They build identity. They take on a meaning if you keep using them, even if it didn't exist to begin with.
5439It was the Knights and Scribes after the fall of Rome that protected what was left of Western civilization.
5440So we are the new Knights and our role is similar.
5441I... I understand. But a Brotherhood? Knights? I'm supposed to call you, what, Elder?
5442And worse they'll order some grunt to start the whole damned cycle again.
5443Another wave of nuclear death. And if that's not enough they'll do it again.
5444You know they will, Lizzy. It ends with us. We won't let them.
5445We need to do something bold.
5446We can't just stay the US Army.
5447What's going to happen, and this is only a matter of time, is some general, or some goddamned politician is going to exit a Vault and start ordering us around.
5448A Brotherhood of Steel? What's that even mean? The men over here are confused.
5449Lizzy. What's on your mind?
5450Thank you, Captain. It's just us.
5451This... This is why we were born, don't you see it?
5452Helping your fellow man is a good goal, a soldier's goal.
5453But this... We will be the catalyst that changes the world.
5454I'm sure you have questions, Paladin Taggerdy is fully briefed.
5455I have every faith in you, Appalachia. Elder Maxson out.
5456So we have to grab every schematic, every holotape, every book, and every goddamned note that holds the building blocks of the Old World before it's too late.
5457Our Scribes will hold onto them, preserve them, perhaps even progress beyond them.
5458And the Knights will protect them. Like a hard shell around a precious seed.
5459One day, when the time is right, that seed will grow. And a new civilization will be born.
5460To rebuild that. To reclaim that. Our successors are going to need the secrets of the past.
5461And those secrets are in danger of slipping through our fingers forever.
5462So far our Scribes have been tools to help protect our Knights and maintain our bases. That needs to change.
5463The Brotherhood is going to be more than an armed fighting force, we're going to be guardians of civilization.
5464One of the Brotherhood's standing orders is being on the look out for valuable technology.
5465Anything that would help us in our efforts.
5466But as I look in every direction I see chaos. The lights are out, and men have become little better than barbarians.
5467Civilization. Civilization is something I think of every day. I know Lizzy's probably sick of the word by now.
5468Congratulations, Appalachia.
5469Paladin Taggerdy told me of you victory at Huntersville. I know it was costly, but future generations will thank you.
5470As I'm thanking you now. It makes me proud.
5471But that's not why I'm calling.
5472Do I want to live in a madhouse? Well, it's better than being crammed in like sardines at Venture.
5473De Silva out.
5474And so much space to grow into.
5475But boy is the whole thing a fixer upper. And the smell.
5476And there's the small problem of the Ghouls. But we've got Power Armor and miniguns for that.
5477Recon notes to self. I knew it. I remember coming here on a school field trip.
5478The walls are as strong as I remember.
5479Paladin's going to love it. Power lines run underground and connect up to Thunder Mountain.
5480If not... find a way.
5481I know, some... ghost... isn't probably very persuasive. But look past your own skin, and consider there's so much at stake.
5482We did. And that's why I'm going out to die.
5483Ad victoriam. Scribe Grant signing out.
5484I don't have much time. But the Scorched are more of a threat than you can ever imagine.
5485You have to find a way past the security I installed.
5486If you're former military, all you need is your government issued military ID card.
5487If you're hearing this, stranger. I'm dead. The Brotherhood is dead.
5488But I'm relieved. Relieved there is someone, anyone, alive.
5489I honestly don't care if you're Chinese, American, or whatever. You're a human being.
5490Now let's show these Muties what we're made of.
5491So look to your left, look to your right. Promise to give your all to protect them, and they will protect you.
5492Make no mistake, this will be the toughest fight of our lives.
5493But we will win, because we're fighting for something. For each other, for our children, for civilization.
5494I'm a soldier, a Paladin, and I tell you that this is our moment.
5495We will never be stronger, and the Super Mutant's never weaker.
5496If you are thinking in the heat of battle to run, live to fight another day, know this.
5497There is no other day. We win here, now, Responders and Brotherhood together... or we will die.
5499The Brotherhood and Responders together have paid a high price to make that word mean something in Appalachia.
5500Despite all the changes, farmers have worked the land, people have learned new skills, and we've built a new world.
5501And the Super Mutants threaten all of that.
5502The old rules about fraternization... I don't know if they apply in the Brotherhood.
5503Maybe we can just come clean and tell Paladin Taggerdy about us?
5504I know you'd like kids one day, too, and we're not getting any younger.
5505Promise you'll think about it.
5506Love you!
5507Day one complete and so far so good.
5508But I miss you. And the hot shower! But mostly you.
5509I told him our mission: to escort trade caravans, keep the freaks from the Savage Divide away from civilization, and maybe get the Dam operational again.
5510She was so grateful, it was almost embarrassing.
5511So I got my own command now. Bet you never thought that would happen, right?
5512But with all the new blood Sarge is training... I mean Knight. Senior Knight.
5513Met up with a representative of the Responders.
5514Good. I got some aggression I need to unleash.
5515You can call yourself Knight, Paladin, Grand Poobah of the Roman Empire, I don't care.
5516Just don't take my power armor away.
5517They're rushing training. A big battle with Super Mutants happening.
5518I graduated basic easy back in the day, and I know I may be a bit softer... but...
5519Wilson's an Army Ranger, or well, was one. And the drills they're making us do.
5520But as beat up and worn out as I feel, that first time getting back into the 51b.
5521Marge. It's been a couple weeks.
5522I've had three squares, showers, working lights... Camp Venture's got power, proper power, Marge.
5523I'd feel almost human if it weren't for the Senior Knight and the training.
5524At this rate Texas might as well be a million miles further.
5525I need... a unit. A place to belong. I feel like the Brotherhood may be it.
5526Nice guy. Really made me rethink the stuff I've been told.
5527It came out I was in the cavalry at Anchorage, he said they had a place for me.
5528Marge, I'm sorry. I've made it maybe 400 miles since the bombs.
5529Seeing them in action... made me... I remember when my unit would roll in like that. All shock and awe.
5530Raiders didn't stand a chance.
5531One of them, Knight Moreno, noticed me. Came over and chatted.
5532Marge. I keep recording these. Hoping one day I can make it home.
5533I found these Brotherhood of Steel guys outside of Grafton.
5534Heard about them. Some weird military cult.
5535Lizzy, you know me. We need to talk.
5536We'll monitor this band. Taggerdy out.
5538Look around, Lizzy. The Army's gone. America's fallen.
5539I know you have questions, but we need to talk. There are things I learned at Mariposa.
5540I got a scientist with me... Doctor Takano. We'll set up a secure channel.
5541I'll answer all your questions, then.
5542Roger, you're a traitor. I could be court-martialed even talking to you.
5543They still in one piece? By god, Lizzy. This... This is good news.
5544That's where I am. The Thunder was running war games against some jarheads.
5545Traitor? If disobeying unconscionable orders makes you a traitor, then I suppose I am.
5546Lizzy, I'm glad you're alive but I need to find someone in Appalachia. Someone dependable.
5547Captain. I heard... I heard you're a traitor.
5548Lizzy? Damn, it's good to hear a friendly voice.
5549Lieutenant Taggerdy here. Captain? It's you?
5550Seeking any-
5551Give that to me.
5552... Maxson to Appalachia. I repeated, this is Captain Roger Maxson.
5553Sorry. Working on it.
5554I can't make anything out.
5555Lieutenant! I got something!
5556Trying band.. uhhh... AH-13. *sigh*
5557Turn that off.
5558Uh, this isn't no war game?
5559Mother of...
5560There's one over there, too.
5561Whoa. Did you...?
5562None that I know of-
5563Any standing orders we can fall back on, Lieutenant?
5564For the purpose of these war games, however, we are completely on our own. Cut off from command.
5565In the event of a nuclear exchange, we are to immediately seek orders from a superior.
5566Man, the brass has gone all out. Is this part of the war game, Lieutenant?
5567The whole channel's been... blocked? Not sure how they're doing that.
5568"Keep all the-" *static*
5569"Oh god, it's the end... The end!"
5570"Confirmed nuclear strike on New York. Shit. Shit."
5571The comm. The chatter's weird. Let me...
5572What is it, Moreno?
5573LT, you may want to listen to this?
5574So we hug the line, move hard, move fast. And we may catch the marines with their pants down.
5575Uh, we're at... Spruce Knob. Uh. Two clicks. We're two clicks from the edge.
5576We're in the mission boundary, right, Weber?
5577The majestic sloth.
5578So misunderstood. So intelligent.
5579Yes, they move cautiously. With great precision.
5580But it is not mere laziness, oh no, my friend.
5581It is... evolution.
5582So many of their predators with their keen sight. Adapted so well to catch prey in flight.
5583But do they catch you? No, no they don't.
5584I am just a branch, aren't you, my lovely?
5585Don't worry. Your protector... Your savior, Master Isaac, yes, I will keep you safe.
5586If I may interject, Sergeant? That'll be all. Thank you, thank you.
5587I want to say, as your governor, I am enormously proud of all of Appalachia's sons and daughters today that are graduating.
5588And I want to say the future of Appalachia is going to be even brighter as we bring in a new age of automation.
5589To train new soldiers for the fronts faster and more efficiently.
5590But today, and tonight, is yours to celebrate.
5591Thank you!
5592Camp McClintock has been training US Soldiers, US Army Soldiers, for five glorious years.
5593You, class, are the last graduates taught by honest to goodness human drill sergeants.
5594Go out there and show them that the old ways are the good ways.
5595I want you to...
5596The Niner's fully automated.
5597Slows down, drops freight, loads it, maybe ten porters manage the whole shebang.
5598I know people keep complaining about jobs. Jobs this. Jobs that.
5599Don't they know we got a war to win?
5600You think the Commies care if you have to tuck in your belts a little?
5601Their Chairman's going to work all of them to the grave.
5602So you can tell the CEO here in Charleston, we're committed to the project.
5603So tonight, as we break bread together, let us forge together something new. Something strong.
5604Something we can be proud of. Something we can build upon.
5605We'll preserve what's best of what's come before and use it. And one day, we will reclaim what was lost.
5606Let us forge a Brotherhood of Steel.
5607But we cannot look to the America of old for that purpose.
5608We have to build our own.
5609We've fought and we've endured and finally we have a small patch of safety.
5610But having a home isn't enough. We need something more.
5611What we need is... purpose.
5612But I look around here and I see survivors.
5613People too stubborn, too damned ornery to die.
5614No, its leaders failed us. Senators, Generals, Presidents, all those bastards.
5615Their failure almost destroyed all mankind.
5616Not because its citizens, who lived clean lives filled with hardship in a never ending war.
5617And certainly not because of its fighting men and women. God bless them.
5618But those of us that served at Mariposa know something.
5619America failed.
5620I know most of you love America.
5621The good old red, white, and blue.
5622Appalachia online, Captain.
5623Thanks. Appalachia out.
5624Listen, if we don't talk again... Know that our thoughts are with you, Grant.
5626Do you have any other options?
5627VTU? Shit. That's in the heart of Responder territory.
5628Three copies should be enough to deal with any corruption.
5629No. We don't. Keep transmitting any viable DNA sample you get of these... Scorchbeasts.
5630We'll help as long as we can. But if we go dark, that lab can give you the information you need.
5631Our preliminary research... Well, it's a possible mass extinction event if the threat isn't contained.
5632Who? That's not important. If the facility is still operational they have a fully Automated Research Lab. It's perfect.
5633We've wracked our brains over here and we've come across a solution for where you can use this program. Vault-Tec University. Can you get there?
5634Excellent. I'm transmitting the program now. We'll send it multiple times. The static is playing hell with data integrity.
5635Yeah. I'm reading you.
5636Is the connection good?
5637Listen up, Governor Evans, your paid lackeys can't stop us. Beckley. Is. Ours!
5638Oww, oww.
5639Get her. Get her!
5640Are you wearing a wire? A goddamn wire?
5641Nothing, nothing-
5642I just-
5643What? What's that?
5644What's gotten into you? Our families' been mining here for generations.
5645Even if the marshals don't break us up, all they have to do is sit... Starve us out.
5646The governor's got to give in, the whole town's unified.
5647I got 'em for you. But... What if no one comes?
5648We got them on the run, Sally. Beckley's ours!
5649Big Bend Tunnel Mining Operation. Update for Day 163
5650This is Foreman Scarborough. My deepest apologies for the delay in sending the last message.
5651As I have mentioned before work continues to slow due to the air quality in these tunnels.
5652My men are trying their best, but I continue to urge the need for proper ventilation.
5653Or at least for the trains to be re-routed elsewhere. Every time one of them comes through it takes days for the fumes to clear.
5654Not to mention the smoke from the machinery and equipment!
5655I understand the need to expand beyond the regions to the West and that these train tunnels offer an untapped wealth of resources.
5656But unless we get fans or gas masks or something in these tunnels soon, I won't have men left to mine it! I beg you to take action.
5657That's why I need your help, Earnest.
5658I know you got guys looking for work over in Beckley. Heard about those machines taking jobs from hard working miners.
5659Tell whoever will listen that I am offering twice what they were making hauling coal to come up to New Gad and lend a hand.
5660Oh! And whatever digging or mining gear they've got would be great too.
5661Might need to bring some protection as well. Someone built a shack only a stone's throw away and it's only going to get more crowded.
5662Gad is a goldmine! The town that was here may have been gone for ages...
5663..but between what they left and the gear from the last batch of muck farmers, I could be here for a long while digging it up.
5664There's barely a trickle of water after the dam busted and there are riches poking out of the mud all over the place!
5665I've already built a home of my own. It isn't much, but I'm trying to claim my spot before scavengers show up looking to pounce on the goods.
5666Testing... testing... This is Jay DeeDee. Hope this piece of junk is finally recording.
5667Can't believe I'm using one of these contraptions to send a simple message, but you asked for an update, Earnest. So here you go!
5668Is it on?
5669Yeah, the red light is on, so it's recording.
5670This Maxine Ballard, squad leader of The Scorchslayers.
5671We're making this recording to document our descent into the Belching Betty Mine for the final exam.
5672Well, say which exam...
5673Oh, right.
5674For the Fire Breathers final exam. We're supposed to head inside, find the emergency beacon and watch out for Scorched.
5675Piece of cake.
5676I don't know. If it's so easy, why hasn't anyone else completed the exam?
5677Because they weren't us.
5678We've been hunting Scorched at the farms for days. How much harder could the ones in the mines be? Grow a little backbone.
5679Come on, guys. Let's stick together on this.
5680All of you, shut up!
5681Okay, Scorchslayers. Time to lock and load. Let's get the job done.
5682Okay, "squad leader." Tim and Andrew are both dead. Now what the hell are we supposed to do!?
5683Shut up, Sy... she's recording.
5684Entry two.
5685We've lost Timothy Wolfe and Andrew Rhodes to a swarm of Scorched, and the rest of us barely made it past them alive.
5686I'm beginning to think Melody Larkin may have underestimated the difficulty of this exam.
5687You're damn right she did! This is suicide! Well, the hell with this, I'm going back!
5688No you're not. You're sticking with us.
5689Why? So we can get picked off one by one until we're all dead!? No way, not me!
5690You know what, Sy?
5691You've been acting like a coward ever since we started tackling the Scorched at the farms. And now Tim and Andrew are dead because of you!
5692What the hell are you talking about!?
5693I saw him, Max.
5694When those Scorched pushed through the tunnels, they came at us from all sides.
5695Tim and Andrew were holding and they told Sy to watch the back. But he didn't. He ran away and left their rear flank wide open.
5696That's what took them down!
5697Bullshit! She's lying Max!
5698Both of you, knock it off!
5699Sylvester, if you want to go, go. But you're going back alone. And I guarantee we didn't clear everything behind us.
5700But even if you make it, mark my words, you'll never be a part of this squad again.
5701Fine, to hell with both of you. I'm out of here!
5702You're seriously letting him go?
5703Yeah, Rita. We're better off without him.
5704Entry three.
5705Sylvester left the team some time ago. We heard his screams echoing through the mines only minutes after he left.
5706Rita and I are all that's left. Despite the odds, we've somehow made it to the beacon. We've done it.
5707What's supposed to happen when we activate that beacon?
5708I don't know, I suppose we'll get Melody Larkin's next instruction about how to get out of here.
5709Well, there's no reason for us to stand here and wait. Push the damn thing.
5711Oh my god...
5712They're everywhere. I... I don't know if we're going to make it, but we didn't come this far just to give up.
5715I'm with you, Max.
5716If we don't make it out of here, I just wanted you to know it's been a real honor, Rita.
5717Likewise. Now let's go show those Scorched what it means to be a Fire Breather.
5718You never resigned as Senator. Is that something you're planning to do?
5719If it means you'll get the word out, go ahead.
5720Would you mind if I asked you one last question?
5721I, I understand. It's just a ... sensitive topic.
5722How would you feel about getting back into a fire suit?
5723I'm willing to prove it. Gimme a job. I'll show you what I can do.
5724And how do we know you ain't just sellin' us a bill of goods?
5725You guys have a lot of mouths to feed and a lot of people to keep safe. I can help you do both. All I ask is regular rations and my own bunk.
5726Because I guarantee you don't have someone like me. I find things. People. Supplies. Solutions. And I'm good at it.
5727And why would the Responders need a Marine-turned-Brotherhood defector in their midst?
5728No shit.
5729Marine Recon.
5730I'm guessing Paladin Taggerdy didn't recruit a fire fighter because she liked how you looked in fatigues. What were you before your civilian life?
5731From what I've heard, Responders do too.
5732I was a fire fighter before the war. It's my opinion that looking after the people of Appalachia should be top priority.
5733Taggerdy's Brotherhood was a fine organization. Maxson's Brotherhood's only cares about locking away every bit of technology they can get their hands on.
5734And why is that, exactly? Brotherhood's been a good ally to us. Taking you on could be seen as an act of bad faith.
5735Our interests no longer aligned.
5736Cause you quit the Brotherhood.
5737Was. Not sure that really applies anymore.
5738Sergeant Madigan, is it?
5739Sorry, papa.
5740James? James! There you are! You can't keep coming back here! It's not-- shit. Put your mask back on. Lets go!
5741Who needs money when you've got stubbornness?
5742If we're going to pull through this, it's going to take nothing less than bullheaded determination to put us back on the right path.
5743But I'll stick it out. I'll try to make things better. Someone has to.
5744If I didn't care about this place so much, I'd be on the first bus to Watoga.
5745Earthquakes every other day, lawless thugs walking right down main street, and we're practically swimming in every kind of drug known to man!
5746What do I think about how things are going in Welch? Well, it can't get much worse.
5747The lawman bails, I pay the boys a little distraction fee, and everyone's happy. The people understand me. The people need me! And I'm pleased to provide.
5748I'm just about to pull my weapon and make things "interesting", when a group of old coal men show up. They start hollering about how those Auto-Miners have gone topsy-turvy, and are causing all kinds of mayhem back in Mine Shaft Elaine!
5749Picked up the goods, and had the usual uneventful trip most of the way back. Hit the outskirts of Welch, and whad'ya know - the local sheriff is waiting for me.
5750While back I was doing a little run for the Duchess, and found out just how much this city loves me.
5751I'm a businessman. People demand things, and I supply them. Capitalism at its finest, right?
5752I hate it when you talk like I'm a criminal, Ma.
5753You find me some candidates with the wherewithal to survive here or else I'll find someone who will.
5754I presume you've seen to it that the Technology Support group has updated the Senior Executive exam with my clarified answers.
5755I'm growing... weary of the spineless ... "executives" you've been sending me.
5756Hanover. This is Daniel Hornwright.
5757F-7n proved a bit more... potent than expected, so you'll need my password to collect a canister from the dispensary. Promethean7.
5758And be aware. We were also forced to tweak the formula, after Subject #21 left without authorization.
5759A phermonic component was added to mark the gestating hosts. So if for some reason one gets away again... you may use the dogs to find them.
5760Once you've deposited that into the ingredient collector upstairs, you'll just need a host to allow the sample to gestate.
5761Subject #113 should be able to take another harvesting.
5762Mitchell. Higher-ups need a fresh batch of tissue samples infected with F-7n. Today.
5763They received a furtive message from Agriculture. And Secretary Eckhart is not a man to be kept waiting.
5764Good. We should get started. If there's anyone still alive down there, I think they've suffered enough.
5765Certainly won't have to travel far to get yourselves into trouble.
5766I'll work on getting them a place to train. Charleston Fire Department seems like the natural spot.
5767Oh lordy, I think she likes it.
5768... I suppose we don't need to go with the first idea we come up with. But for now, I'd like you to reach out to those firemen.
5769Convince them to get onboard with the... Fire Breathers. Let them know it's important. Prestigious.
5770Huh... well, gramps was a moonshiner. Made hooch so strong, normal folk couldn't come within a quarter-mile of it.
5771Everyone called him and his boys the "Fire Breathers." Resilient sons-a-guns. What about that?
5772Hmm. Any suggestions?
5773Green Berets. Smokejumpers. Navy Seals. You want someone to sign up for dangerous duty, needs to be some prestige behind it.
5774You give 'em a name, a new designation, extra rations, maybe, I'll guarantee you'll get the volunteers you're looking for.
5775A name?
5776Tell you what you ought to do... you ought to give 'em a name.
5777I understand what I'm asking.
5778Anyone you send into all that smoke is going to need training, though. Need to be whip smart if they're gonna survive someplace that hostile.
5779And breathing equipment's finicky as hell. Whole lot of care and maintenance if they're gonna be out there for hours, let alone days.
5780You're talking about a whole new division here.
5781Thank you.
5782... fine. We got a couple folks from the Charleston Fire Department.
5783I can talk to them, see what they have to say about gettin' set up for those sorts of operations.
5784Most likely they did. But right now we don't know and don't have a safe way of finding out.
5785And that's why I wanted your help, Melody, on how we can get there.
5786Bramwell? Come on, now! You really think the Hornwrights or the Garrahans didn't fly off to some private island the moment the air raid sirens turned on?
5787I'm not thrilled about sending our people into a place that's actively toxic either...
5788... but there are whole towns down there we still haven't reached out to: Welch, Beckley, Bramwell.
5789Good, 'cause now we can get on record that I think this idea's god-damned looney.
5790All right. We're recording.
5791And, most important, don't come back all crispy. Because I love what I'm looking at right now.
5792Just make sure you don't forget the basics with all this fancy new training. Always check your seals. It's stop, drop, then roll. The order's important.
5793Heh. Honestly, though... ain't no Responder alive who's a better pick for that crew than you.
5794Hey Rita. So, right now, you're asleep, enjoying your last peaceful night's rest for God knows how long...
5795... and I thought I'd record something for you to remember me by while you're locked away inside Charleston Fire Department...
5796... training for the prestigious opportunity to dive face first into a bunch of mine fires with the rest of those Fire Breather nut jobs.
5797But there's no time to waste. Get a move on, recruit. And welcome to the Fire Breathers.
5798That'll grant you access to our internal computer system. Once that's done, your captain should be able to point you to your first assignment.
5799Head back to Charleston Fire Department and have the active captain register you for duty.
5800Hello again, recruit. And congratulations. If you're hearing this, it means you've earned yourself a place in the Fire Breathers.
5801I get this is extreme, but we need to know if you can hack it before you've got a half-dozen other people counting on you.
5802So, time to prove you can put it to good use. Suit-up, strap-in, and move out, recruit.
5803We figured out the Scorched aren't big fans of depleted Ultracite. Took a field trip to AMS HQ to figure out how to make the stuff, but it's the most effective tool we've found for putting them down.
5804But you're not going in empty-handed. Along with your suit, you've been issued a modified 10mm.
5805All you've got to do is survive a little slice of living hell and all the Scorched that call it home.
5806Exam's simple. Reach the bottom of the mine, hit the emergency beacon down there, and come back up.
5807... and the toxicity of the area means there's no better crew to do it than the Fire Breathers.
5808I'm going to try and make this brief - the Scorched coming through Big Bend Tunnel need to be stopped...
5809Welcome, recruit, to your final exam. I'm Hank Madigan, Fire Breather lieutenant.
5810No. Garrahan can wait. You need rest. Head up to Morgantown. That Excavator armor'll still be there. Now go.
5811Bingo. You give a day or two, I can head back down there, see what I can-
5812Locals would hopefully be a lot less inclined to shoot first.
5813No kidding. But that Excavator armor they made. Ruined the company? Rumor is it's tough as nails, and they've still got the plans on site.
5814Could you imagine what a patrol would be like if we could figure out how to make those things?
5815Been a long time since I've heard "good news" and "Garrahan Mining" said back to back.
5816Oh. And actual good news. Garrahan Mining.
5817So we've only lost Welch, Beckley, Lewisburg and everything around 'em. Little blessings, I suppose.
5818Ash is piling up faster than we expected.
5819But going by the maps the earlier teams did, it at least doesn't seem to be spreading anymore.
5820Sounds about par for the course. Seems there's not a sane mind south of Mount Blair. Anything else?
5821Well, I found some more survivors. Started shooting at me the second they saw me, like the rest.
5822Hmph. So, how's it look out there, Hank?
5823You're captain, Melody. Don't need my permission.
5824You don't mind if I record?
5825Oh god. Oh my god.
5826Attention citizens. Nuclear strike imminent. Please exit the area at your earliest convenience. Thank you for your cooperation.
5827Jesus, George. Don't ... fuck. George! Come back!
5828Get off me, Luann! I'm leaving.
5829You don't have the slightest idea what's happening up there!
5830This isn't a vault, Luann! We don't know if this place will hold!
5831Out of here? Are you crazy? We need shelter. This is shelter.
5832No. No. No. No. Jesus Christ. We need to get out of here.
5833Nuclear strike. It said nuclear strike.
5834What the hell was that? Was that a...
5835Something about "convenience." Probably just an ad for Red Rocket, we get 'em all the---
5836What'd it say?
5837Attention citizens. Nuclear strike imminent. Please exit the area at your earliest convenience. Thank you for your cooperation.
5838I don't hear anything.
5839George. George! You hear that? Listen.
5840And a pile of dead trains.
5841Now it's just James.
5842Since the world did blow!
5843The trains don't go.
5844Waiting in vain.
5845So here I sit.
5846And I like trains.
5847My name is James.
5848Boys, there is no 197 from DC. And if you know what's good for you, you'll stop asking questions about it. Now gimme that tape.
5849But, but that's not true. We saw it. We unloaded the damn thing.
5850Look, I don't know what you think you saw, but there is no 197 out of DC. Here. Can look at the manifest yourself.
5851See! I told you, Walter. There's something screwy going on. This is the third shipment this month--
5852Yeah. Guy said his name was Grey. Kept asking what I was doing. If I'd seen anything.
5853Wait. The 197?
5854And as soon as it's off the train, this creepy guy in a suit comes out of nowhere, starts questioning me.
5855Uh huh.
5856Uh, yeah. Sure. So we were unloading the 197 from DC. Huge set of containers. Industrial-sized. Locked up like Fort Knox.
5857Good. Dan, tell him what you told me.
5858It's on.
5859You got that thing recording, Walter?
5860You know where to find the Duchess.
5861Bring the money to my place in Welch.
5862But we don't do deliveries.
5863Along with all the nails and safety equipment you could need.
5864Wanted to let you know I've procured those tools you and your boys were asking after.
5865Hello Mick.
5866Pop the Hornwright recruitment booth in downtown Charleston and sign-up today!
5867We're looking for talented men ... and gals! ... interested in earning good pay for hard work...
5868... keeping Hornwright Industrial's fleet of advanced Auto-Mining robots active and kicking!
5869Then its time you joined the Hornwright Industrial Auto-Miner Support Squads!
5870Looking for a new career? Like working with your hands? Finding solutions to challenging problems? Fixing complex machinery in exciting environments?
5871Yes, ma'am.
5872Yes, ma'am?
5873Go pay Betty a visit. Let her know this is the last credit she's ever getting.
5874I'll keep Agent Danger occupied while you make your point crystal clear.
5875... Butch.
5876That's my girl. Go quick and you can have Butch's too!
5877Agent Danger can do that!
5878Agent Danger, would you be willing to take a mission for me? I need three of the coldest, iciest Nuka-Colas they've got down at Wabash's.
5879If I gave you some money, would you be willing to go get them for me? One of 'em's got your name on it.
5880Uh, I think so, ma'am.
5881Because she knows you're my one weakness in this world.
5882Yes, ma'am.
5883Momma sent you to do her begging.
5884Momma said, go ask Ms. Duchess if she can cop us a two extra tabs of Buffout. Gerald can't work without it and she knows we're good for it.
5885Hmm. I suppose it doesn't. Now, to what do I owe the distinct pleasure?
5886That doesn't sound like a particularly good cookie, ma'am.
5887Well, aren't you a sharp cookie.
5888Yes. Momma said we can't play Agent Tornado anymore. Didn't say anything about Agent Danger.
5889Is that so?
5890Yes, ma'am. Agent Tornado's retired. Too much collateral damage during missions.
5891Oh, it's Agent Danger today?
5892Agent Danger, reporting, ma'am.
5893That's where you're wrong, son.
5894Sir, I'm going to ask you one more time. Get back in your house. The only people in trouble are the Kaminskis ... for now.
5895You company boys take our jobs. Take our dignity. Now you want our homes, too? I'd say it concerns me plenty.
5896Sir, this does not concern you. Please step back.
5897Don't think they're coming out, boys.
5898Mr. and Mrs. Armand Kaminski. This is your final warning. Your domicile is situated on top of AMS property.
5899You have 15 seconds to exit your home. If you do not do so, my men and I are well within our rights to remove you by force.
5900I can't believe we lost.
5901We had one chance to prove that our Excavator Power Armor could beat the Hornwright Auto-Miner, and we blew it.
5902Why Vivian came up with her ridiculous challenge is beyond me.
5903She never even consulted with us first, just rolled it out there like a prize fight.
5904Then the newspapers got a hold of it, and everything blew out of proportion. Now we're the laughingstock of the mining industry.
5905Who in their right mind would buy any products from us after that? No one.
5906So here I am, staring at the phone, waiting for the inevitable call to shut the R&D department down.
5907Vivian betted all our chips on this project, and Garrahan Mining has wiped out.
5908I wonder if Hornwright is hiring.
5909Whew, I'm damn glad that headquarters upgraded the Rockhound's power system.
5910Now that we have reactors installed, we can finally stop depending on the local power grid and diesel engines to keep this baby humming.
5911I can't even count the number of times the machine stalled because of blackouts or the engines quit.
5912Of course, working right next to four nuclear reactors isn't as cozy as it sounds.
5913The engineers say those things are perfectly safe, but they aren't the ones that'll be vaporized after a meltdown.
5914Still, those fat bonuses I've been getting on my paycheck are hard to ignore, so looks like I'll be staying for a while.
5915Anyway, it's almost time to change out the Ignition Cores. I'll record more later if I have the time.
5916Consider this interview my formal resignation. Spread the word, Ms. Carter. All I ask is that my warning goes with it ... and nothing else.
5917Now, if you wouldn't mind. My daughter and I have a lot to do. We're on our own out here, after all.
5918... I, I meant no offense. You just have to know how this looks from my end.
5919My health is not the issue here, Ms. Carter! These are peoples' lives!
5920The Executive branch, captains of industry, the Department of Agriculture! I peeked into their world and they threatened my life! My daughter's life!
5921We're just pawns to them! And the only way we survive ... is to step off the board. All I'm asking ... is that you share that message.
5922Senator, I'm not trying to be rude here, but it sounds like you're trying to start a panic, and without evidence, I'm not willing to be a part of that.
5923I also have it under the strictest confidence that you've been seen making multiple visits to a certain Charleston neurologist as of...
5924You're going to have to, Ms. Carter. I'm trying to save lives, not put more at risk by exposing my sources.
5925And I'm just supposed to take your word for it?
5926This is not some doomsday fever dream, if that's what you're asking, Ms. Carter. I received my information from reliable sources, yes.
5927Sinister forces? The end is coming? Senator, you're making some big claims here. Do you have evidence to back it up?
5928There are sinister forces at work in the halls of government.
5929I and my fellow members of the Free States will no longer be shackled to the putrefying corpse of this nation.
5930Nor should anyone who values their lives. There is only one recourse left for the people of the United States: strike out on your own.
5931Take whatever you can carry, get off the grid and get there fast. The end is coming, Ms. Carter.
5932And when it does, your government has no interest in keeping you safe.
5933What are you talking about Senator?
5934Leaving was the only way I thought I'd be able to protect my family, Ms. Carter.
5935But I've since realized that I'd left a lot of other people I care about in grave danger. I was hoping you could help me correct that.
5936And why is that, Senator? Why did you leave your position so suddenly?
5937I apologize for that. Maintaining a low profile is a requirement for us now.
5938It was ... an experience. Not a lot of my interviews start with a bag over my heard. Just glad it didn't end up being a prank, I suppose.
5939Of course, Ms. Carter. I hope the trek wasn't too arduous.
5940All right. It's recording. Thank you again for reaching out to me. I can't tell you how shocked I was to find out your letter was the real deal.
5941We're coming for you. And your family. This was your warning.
5942You've been sticking your nose where it doesn't belong, Samuel. And now you've gone too far.
5943Keeps going like that. Your daughter Judy's a busy woman, Senator. But not hard to find.
5944Noon. Family Medicine rotation, Vault-Tec U Free Clinic.
594510:30 Radiation Therapy Training, Lab 206.
59469 AM - Degenerative Neurological Conditions, Room 121.
5947I wrote the formulas down while I was at Arktos Pharma, but some ghouls chased me out.
5948I need to get back there so I can do some trials. I'm confident it'll work, but I'd like to be completely sure.
5949After that, I'll head to AVR medical and start work on the next chapter. Hopefully there won't be ghouls there, too.
5950Our rations of Rad-X and RadAway are too limited to treat everyone, but I've been working on a way to extend those supplies.
5951I've found a way to create diluted variations of both Rad-X and RadAway, cutting the base chems with purified water.
5952We've lost too many good men and women to the terrible effects of radiation. Most didn't know they'd been exposed until it was too late.
5953I've been thinking about where to start. What's the first thing, the most important thing, we can teach our members?
5954It has to be radiation, that silent killer, omnipresent in the world around us.
5955Responders field manual project, entry one. Maria Chavez speaking.
5956It's all falling apart.
5957Kamara signed up with the Responders. Brian's fallen in with the anarchists up in the mountains. And Eric... why did he have to complicate things?
5958He didn't take it too well when I told him I don't feel the same way about us. He just walked away. I'll probably never see him again.
5959I used to think it was up to me to make sure our plan didn't fall into the wrong hands. But now... Hell, what difference does it really make?
5960I don't have much time left. I feel so sick. My hair's falling out. Maybe if someone finds this... maybe you can finish what we started.
5961The school... hiding a secret. A secret that might help you survive. Find the training room terminal. Learn about... the plan.
5962So sick, can barely... barely... *gurgling sounds*
5963Shit... they're here. I'm out of time. Read the terminal. Learn about the Scorched. Remember us.
5964And... good luck.
5965We were called the Responders. After the bombs fell, we tried to help people. Maybe I can still help you.
5966The terminal nearby... if it's still there, use it. Learn about the inoculation project. It might just save your life.
5967My name is Maria Chavez, and I am about to die.
5968The Scorched have overrun our defenses. They're coming for us all. If you find this, please listen carefully.
5969Pull yourself together, man! I swear, you're the most timid security volunteer I've ever met.
5970Where was I? Ah. I recommend we return with a mechanical team to investigate the possibility of restoring this facility to full operational status.
5971This concludes my report.
5972Where are all these robots coming from, anyway? What are they doing here? Maybe we should just get out of here.
5973If the robots are a concern, go and deal with them. You're supposed to be my security escort, aren't you?
5974As I was saying, recon mission wrapping up now. What I've found here is very promising. There's a good chance I can get these machines operational.
5975Shh! Not so loud, Mister Sanjay! I can hear more of those little robots with the red stars walking around nearby.
5976Responders field report, Sanjay Kumar speaking. Recon mission to Mama Dolce's Food Processing plant nearly complete.
5977Okay. I promise.
5978I know, but part of rebuilding the world is... well, having families again, and I think that's an important responsibility, too.
5979Besides, why even bother trying to survive if there aren't things worth living for?
5980Look... if this is too soon for you, then I'll wait until you're ready. Just promise you'll tell me if you change your mind.
5981Jeff, don't. I know what you want to say, but... now isn't the time. I don't know if it ever will be. I just can't think about that right now.
5982It's not that I don't care about you, but I have my work on the environmental monitoring program, and you've got your duties to the Responders.
5983People are counting on us to be selfless. To put their needs ahead of ours.
5984Because I never want to forget how lucky I am to be alive.
5985I volunteered for the mission to Pleasant Valley because I was bored and wanted some excitement in my life. I know, I was young and stupid.
5986We weren't even an hour outside the city when we heard the blast from the dam. We looked on as the river washed half of Charleston away.
5987I lost every friend I had on that day, and for a long time, I felt like it was unfair that I survived. Like I should have died with them.
5988But that all changed on the day I met you, Amy. You gave me a reason to want to be alive.
5989That's why I wanted to ask you...
5990The mud flats? Why? There's nothing to see there. It's a ruin.
5991The view, actually. You can see the floodlands perfectly from here.
5992When I was a student at VTU, I always thought Summersville was one of the prettiest towns I'd ever seen. It was... quaint, you know? Old-fashioned.
5993Now it's lost all of its charm for me. I just see a sad, decaying place filled with the ghosts of a forgotten world.
5994What draws you here? Is it the silence?
5995Oh, um... yeah. There's something I wanted to document. Don't worry, it's nothing weird, I promise.
5996Anyway, you asked where I like to go to be alone and think, and here we are.
5997Wait, is that... you brought a holotape recorder?
5998Today, disease is rampant. There are countless viruses and bacterial infections out there, and we need a way to deal with them.
5999I was hoping I might find something here to help treat all the sick and injured refugees we've got back at the airport.
6000Unfortunately, the place has been picked pretty clean by now, and there isn't much left.
6001Responders field report. Maria Chavez speaking.
6002Being here at AVR Medical really brings back memories. My mother worked at this place for years as a nurse.
6003When I was a child, back before the war, I got sick for days. Supply shortages had driven the price of medicine beyond what we could afford.
6004Lucky for us, my mom wasn't just a nurse, but also a natural green thumb. We had a garden with all kinds of herbs and flowers.
6005She treated me with home-made herbal remedies.
6006Jeff, I really hope you got my message and my hint was clear enough to help you find this holotape.
6007I'm leaving the cabin. These Brotherhood of Steel guys haven't found out where I live yet, but they might.
6008I'm going to hide out in the place we had our first date. Come and meet me there when you can.
6009I locked out my environmental monitoring program with a password and I'd like you to have it.
6010After everything the Brotherhood has put us through, there's no way in hell they're getting my research.
6011I hope you can find me soon. Until then, be safe and... I love you. I should have told you much sooner, in person.
6012My name is Hayley Porter. I'm making this holotape because I don't have much time left.
6013I hope... I pray someone finds this. That someone... that you... can finish what we started.
6014There were four of us once, but now it's just me. The others... Brian, Kamara, Eric... all left for reasons of their own.
6015We were so close to learning the secret... to finding what Vault-Tec was hiding in the school.
6016If you're listening to this, find my terminal in the training room. The password is... "Inevitability".
6017Learn about the plan. Learn about what Vault-Tec was hiding. Maybe it can help you. Maybe it can help everyone.
6018Maybe you can do what we failed to do. Survive...
6019Today, disease is rampant. There are countless viruses and bacterial infections out there, and we need a way to deal with them.
6020I've put together some herbal tea recipes that should mitigate the symptoms of the more common sicknesses. It's not a cure, but it's something.
6021Well, I think I'll wrap this up.
6022I better get back to the airport and see if Sanjay got that questionnaire set up. He said it would be done by now.
6023Responders field manual project, entry two. Maria Chavez speaking.
6024When I was a child, back before the war, I got sick for days. Supply shortages had driven the price of medicine beyond what we could afford.
6025Lucky for us, my mom wasn't just a nurse, but also a natural green thumb. We had a garden with all kinds of herbs and flowers.
6026She nursed me back to health not with prescription drugs, but with home-made herbal remedies.
6027We lost almost everything; our homes, our supplies and most of our friends and family.
6028The days and weeks that followed were the hardest of my life, but somehow, we held together.
6029We kept the idea of the Responders alive, even though there were only a handful of us left.
6030That's the story of the Christmas Flood. Tell your children, tell everyone you meet. Let's keep the memory alive for as long as we can.
6031By then, the Responders were more or less running things in the city, and we were doing pretty well for ourselves.
6032We felt confident we could confront the raiders on their home turf, so we sent a group up into the mountains to see if we could make a deal.
6033We hoped we could get them to leave us alone if we agreed to release some of the prisoners. We were wrong.
6034Thorpe had somehow got his hands on a mini-nuke, and he used it to blow the Summersville Dam on Christmas morning.
6035Years later, Thorpe's girlfriend Rosalynn led a raid on Charleston. They were spotted early, and a fight broke out.
6036A few of them escaped, but Rosalynn was injured and taken prisoner along with some of the other raiders.
6037The failure to secure help led to a change in leadership for the survivors at the ski resort.
6038A cold and brutal man named David Thorpe took charge, and he shaped those people into something terrible.
6039They took what they wanted by force and killed anyone that stood in their way.
6040I suppose the story really begins in November of 2077, the month after the war.
6041Survivors from the Pleasant Valley Ski Resort sent a group to Charleston to ask for help and supplies. The city leaders turned them away.
6042There was so much chaos and so much need back then, I suppose it was an impossible request to grant.
6043This is Maria Chavez speaking, and today is December 25th, 2092.
6044Once, in the world before the war, this would have been a joyous time to celebrate with loved ones. Now it's a time to reflect and to mourn.
6045It was on this day ten years ago that we lost so much in the tragic event we call the Christmas Flood.
6046I'm making this recording in the hopes of ensuring the flood and its victims are never forgotten.
6047Yes ma'am.
6048We are out of time, Leo.
6049Melody's going to lead the mission. She's got experience in this kind of thing, and I'd trust her with my life. With all our lives.
6050Now turn off that damn recorder and do your duty, Fire Breather.
6051We just need more time! He's coming back. I'm telling you, he'll be here! We just... need time.
6052That's enough! Both of you, stop it!
6053Look... Leo... the reports, they're talking about a horde of Scorched on the other side of those mountains.
6054You know as well as I do that sealing the tunnel's our best chance to stop them. Maybe our only chance.
6055If the Fire Breathers don't move now, everyone dies. It's just a matter of when.
6056I'm out of line?! I ain't the one agreeing to send the Fire Breathers on a suicide mission without our best man!
6057You are way the hell out of line, Chase!
6058You're damn right I am! I want Madigan to hear about this when he gets back. I want him to know what you're trying to pull here!
6059Really? You're going to record this?
6060Oh lord, please forgive me if any of these things is a cousin.
6061Hey! Get your head in the game, rook! Quit makin' these things out to be more than they are.
6062Well all come from around here, an' we all had families an' homes that we lost when the bombs fell. Sutton's just a place. The airport's home now.
6063Get ready. I'm going to make some noise an' draw them out. Just remember your trainin' an' you'll do fine.
6064Ferals?! Those things give me the willies! All that hissin' and raspin' and jumpin' around... but then you remember they used to be folks like us.
6065Oh no! What if some of them are my relations? Or, I mean, they used to be.
6066Well it ain't as lonely as you think. This place crawls with ferals, an' ferals is why we're here, rook. It's time for some live-fire training.
6067Sutton... I grew up here. Seems kind of quiet and lonely now.
6068So, having had basically no luck in this creepy abandoned hospital, I've decided to turn instead to my mother's wisdom.
6069I've put together some herbal tea recipes that should mitigate the symptoms of the more common sicknesses. It's not a cure, but it's something.
6070Well, I think I'll wrap this up.
6071Guess I'm off to pick some flowers.
6072Hey everyone, this is Derek, making my final report on the events at Harpers Ferry. Hopefully this reaches you all safely.
6073Whatever happened here, it was big. The whole area is... it's devastated. If any of our people survived, I can't find a trace of them.
6074I talked to some of the locals. They say creatures came from the sky and laid waste to the town.
6075Some of the ones who got hurt in the attack were transformed or something. They apparently turned into monsters and attacked anyone they could reach.
6076Raleigh says he and his people are going to seal themselves up in their bunkers and try to figure out a way to fight these creatures.
6077In other words, we won't be getting any more help from these Free States guys.
6078Maria, I was hoping you could get in touch with Ella, see if maybe she can lean on Raleigh a little, get him to see that this isn't the way.
6079If you ask me, I think it's damn selfish of them to turn their backs on the rest of us, on people who need their help to survive.
6080There's nothing else l can do here. Guess we can scratch Harpers Ferry off the map.
6081I'll be heading back soon, but I want to check in on the some of the farms along the way. Should be about a week.
6082Kelly, I got your message from the dead drop! I've been waiting up here for you but I'm starting to get kinda worried.
6083You're probably just hiding in the hedges from those robots, but I'm going to go look around for you just in case. If you get this, just stay here!
6084I ran into a few adults who used to live in the big houses here and they said that we can stay for as long as we like. I told the other kids and everyone is pretty sure they're cannibals.
6085I don't think it's true, but we should probably try to move on from here if the folks here are taking notice.
6086Oh hey, they you are now! So ... bye?
6087Hey Anya, I know we're just supposed to leave useful things in the dead drop so we don't take up a lot of space, but I wanted to tell you something.
6088You're so practical and thoughtful, and you always notice the good stuff first and you always give me things so I can make it out here.
6089You're really special to me. I'm sorry if this makes you mad to hear, you probably don't like me like that.
6090I know I was a grade behind you when the war happened. I guess we have to take chances now though, right?
6091I'll wait for you in the big cabin where we stayed during the field trip and maybe we can talk about it, okay?
6092I should be sitting here, lying about how I sacrificed myself for my so and so's and I'm quietly fading off and blah blah. I know the drill.
6093But look, I didn't choose to sit out here and watch the bombs go off in my bathrobe like some venerable old peach. No, I was left here to die because I'm old and mean and that's fine by me.
6094I like things how I like them, and I am not going to change one bit for anyone. I recorded this just in case anyone saw my body and felt bad for me.
6095To hell with your sympathy. I'm going out on an IV full of painkillers and you're just jealous that you didn't think of it first. Sucker.
6096Beverly Solomon, Cryptid Analyst, 10/25/77. Wendigo witness report.
6097Ooh, this is a spooky tale! Okay, so this is my own personal sighting.
6098I was up at the ski lodge this past week, enjoying some well-deserved R&R.
6099I guess I can never really be off the clock though, because I happened to see something hunched on the slopes ahead of me.
6100I thought it was some old coat, you know? I was moving pretty fast, so I was just trying to avoid it.
6101Anyhow, it just unfurls as I get close. Must've been ten feet tall, but just all skin and bones like a dead dog.
6102It had a deer's skull cracked open in its hands from the fresh kill it was eating, and as I go by I get this powerful cold feeling through my bones.
6103I thought to myself, you know ... Bev, you really lucked out getting that tattoo before coming out here on this trip.
6104I can't imagine what kind of things I'm gonna see next!
6105Beverly Solomon, Cryptid Analyst, 9/27/77. Grafton Monster witness report.
6106This is from one of those spelunkers that roam the hills looking for abandoned mining claims. Can you imagine?
6107Well, the classic four-foot wide shoulders, headless profile, deep sonorous cry, they got a good glance at it. The witness didn't know what it was, but the description is very clear.
6108It came out when she started playing a mouth harp, apparently! I'm going to go out to go look. Maybe that sound is the key....
6109Beverly Solomon, Cryptid Analyst, 10/4/77. Snallygaster witness report.
6110Another interesting tidbit from the locals, this time about the Snallygaster. This one's for you, Teddy!
6111Alright, so the witness overheard a loud shrieking sound and was rushed by a dark shape in the woods. It was leaping at them, or maybe flying?
6112They took shelter in an old german settler's barn and it couldn't get at them, which is what really interested me!
6113It screamed and hollered outside all night until dawn, but they knew the seven-pointed star on the wall outside would keep them safe.
6114Yikes, I guess I know what my next tattoo is gonna be!
6115We... Together... Never... Alone!
6116This... This... Can't...
6117They're waiting. Waiting for me.
6118My skin's bursting, burning, tight like a shroud.
6119Oh, I miss you guys.
6120It's not alone down here. There are smaller ones like it, things like me, like Dave. They don't do nothing but stare.
6121Had to drop my bag. Too heavy. All this for nothing. Couldn't even avenge my boys.
6122Dave is following me now that the Scorchbeast went below, but he's about the worst replacement dog I ever had.
6123I have to try to find my way down there. I have to keep up with her.
6124It's hard to think straight, but I saw her circling over this pit one minute, and gone the next. My guess is she went in.
6125What do you think?
6126I think everybody's dead in Watoga aside from the bots.
6127I'm dead, too. Just too dumb to stop walking and breathing.
6128At least we've got each other, right Dave?
6129I found some more chems but it's getting hard to keep going. My eyes and ears are bleeding, and... I'm hearing and seeing things that aren't there.
6130Hell, I'm not sure that Dave is really here, except when I'm downwind of that stink. Nobody's imagination is capable of such as that.
6131Dave doesn't seem to care none about attacking me. Ate up his own nest like a hog in the pantry though.
6132I can even touch him and he doesn't do nothing but stare....
6133She's staying to the side of Watoga instead of going in. Maybe she doesn't like the taste of tin cans?
6134The mirelurk and myself are just following after her wake like a couple of ducklings. Think I'll call him Dave.
6135She finally stopped long enough to maul a mirelurk, but didn't eat the damn thing. Not like she did my dogs.
6136She just chewed it up and spat it out like, just she did me. Like we're a chocolate sampler or something!
6137I got pretty close before she took off again, I swear she's got no eyes in that great ugly cauliflower looking head of hers.
6138No, she definitely knows I'm following her, and just doesn't care. She circled back just now, like she was looking for me.
6139I'm coming for you, even if you go halfway to hell! Even if this is a game to you!
6140Maybe I'm a snack for later? Or she took a bite of me just to take a taste? Too much salt.
6141Well, it makes no nevermind to me as long as I can get close enough.
6142Oh, don't mind me. I'm just mad that big Scorchbeast won't slow down long enough to just eat me and this bag of bombs.
6143At least she hasn't left me in the dust already. Although... she could've.
6144Ugh. Joan always wanted to move to this shit town.
6145Sorry if you found this and you live here.
6146Mostly because you live here in this abandoned shit town.
6147Alright, I'm off to shove this backpack full of explosives down that Scorchbeast's throat as an after dinner mint.
6148You have a good day, whoever you are out there. A better day than me, at the very least!
6149I don't know why I'm recording all this shit... it helps with the disorientation a bit, I suppose.
6150Chems didn't seem to help me none, neither. My skin's peeling and my eye won't stop bleeding.
6151I reckon that if this is it... then I'm gonna make it count.
6152Looks pregnant but maybe she's just full.
6153Well, those dogs kept me sane longer than makes sense, so they're getting a proper send-off. You hear that, you monster?
6154It's still flying south. It's like one of those Scorchbeasts the Thunder was fighting off, but looks strange. Bigger? Never seen one up close before.
6155I hope you have a good life here. But that monster flew off toward the Steakhouse... so maybe avoid that area unless I turned it into a fucking crater.
6156I took the last of my good chems for the bites, but the rest is yours. The last thing I'm going to do is hunt that ugly beast down and kill it before I go.
6157I could've rebuilt, but it's not worth it without my boys. So if you find this place, I'm willing it to you. Just let anyone listen to this tape and they'll know.
6158I lost Joan in '77 and the kids in the Drowning, but I had my damned dogs. It's bad enough that the beast tore up the homestead. Ruined everything.
6159This is Enola Walker. Don't know if anyone'll hear this, but life finally took the last thing I had left. Figured I should leave something behind.
6160If you find this and you don't know well enough, you need to get the hell out of here, Joan. I am not kidding with you, neither.
6161Responder Dassa gave me some supplies in exchange for my "Survivor Story" so... hi, my name is Scott Shepherd, and things are going all right.
6162I woke up and I saw some little thing run into the bushes with my dog following it, and I knew something was wrong.
6163Next thing I know, I'm light headed and I felt myself falling to the ground... and I didn't even have a lot to drink.
6164I was grilling hamburgers out in the yard with my dog and I heard rustling from the bushes, and a zapping noise.
6165You wanna know why the War actually happened? Aliens. You think I'm joking? Listen. Right before everything went to hell... I saw them.
6166The government is basically the same now as it was years ago. Wrecked. Disorganized. Cannot be trusted. Everyone knows this!
6167I was a nurse before the war, and I guess nothing much has changed. I just work for the Responders now, and I don't get paid! Hah!
6168This whole thing was staged. Our lives. Our thoughts. Everything was designed for us. Just like this conversation. Every word I'm saying.... planned.
6169They have our blood! They knew which ones of us would survive. This is one big experiment to them!
6170Why would they come after me first, Scott Shepherd, the nurse? Well. Good question. I'm glad you asked.
6171That's right. The atomic number of the fissile isotope of Uranium -- they had a plan from the very beginning!
6172The bombs fell almost 10 days later. 9 days, 19 hours to be exact. That's 235 hours precisely. You know what that is, right?
6173I found my dog later with a clump of green skin in his mouth. Green. Like moss or something.
6174For years I thought the chems were playing tricks with my mind... hurting my brain. Thought it was the worst trip ever...
6175I just found out about everything. The War, the bombs, I just... I just realized this was uh, really happening.
6176Okay, so... thanks... okay. I've been sober for 9 days. I got here 9 days ago. My name is Tabitha... and this is my story.
6177Yeah, so just talk about how you got here and maybe a little bit about your life. This is a historic document. Go ahead, Tabitha.
6178Just talk into this? Oh. Am I loud enough? Okay. Hi... What do you want me to say exactly?
6179Time to wake up, Appalachia! Find the ones holding the strings and cut the cords!
6180I even met somebody - a Volunteer who delivers supplies. Imagine that, right? Even when you think everything is over... it's... it's not. It goes on.
6181Before the bombs fell, I just played a lot of games. You know Red Menace? I have the highest score on the east coast, I think. Atomic Command, too.
6182I also read every comic I can find. Grognak is, of course, my favorite. I used to have a full Grognak outfit, too. Even a real axe!
6183I like to think of myself as Grognak sometimes, cutting through the hordes. Miguel would be the Manta Man, and together we'd be Unstoppable!
6184I'm originally from Charleston but, well, my home was probably destroyed. I don't want to go back... even for my axe. It's just not worth it.
6185Maybe one of Miguel's robots can fetch it for me someday! Or maybe we can go there together, like Grognak and Manta Man!
6186Anyway, it's not so bad out here if you just pretend you're Grognak. Remember kids... be a hero and not a minion of the Man-Saurian!
6189Ahem, where was I? Ah yes, Miguel. The dreamboat. Sure, it's chaotic and the end of the world and all that but... you can't plan love, right?
6190So, in the meantime, I walk from the Airport to Flatwoods delivering supplies. Sometimes Miguel comes with me. Those are the best times.
6191I hope I'll get transferred up there soon... they said after I become a full Responder. But becoming a Responder is hard!
6192Miguel made the Kiosk system to train volunteers, and he hopes to add onto it so Volunteers can become Responders one day...
6193Until then, I just carry the supplies. I don't know if it's particularly important but... I hope it is. Hang on.
6195Dassa asked me to make a recording about my life since the bombs or something, you know, for history.
6196I'm on my way to Morgantown to take some food supplies up there. I do this once a month or so to make sure everything's ok.
6197Mostly though, I do it because I get to spend a bit of time with the other Responders. I'm just a Volunteer right now, but, well. One day.
6198I get to also spend some time with Miguel, who's a brilliant programmer. He built a lot of the robots before and after the war.
6199Excuse me...
6200No no! I got it. I was a sweet little kid and lived off some cat food containers in a super duper mart for months near my parents' rotting carcasses.
6201Wait, no, maybe I was one of those farmers who prepared for years for the end times. Some sort of religious thing. Yeah, that's right!
6202How does this dumb shit go? Oh yeah. Before the bombs I was a librarian, and now I can read everything all the time. Wee, look at me! I'm lucky!
6203Is this thing on? Great. Hello survivors of this garbage dump! I'm Sofie and this is my stupid survivor story!
6204Delbert already tried to stop me, sorry to say nobody will be around to teach you how to eat shit now, Flatwoods! Bye, suckers! Love always, Sofie!
6205Whiny babies can stay here and play make-believe, but anyone with half a brain will go up to the Mountains and drop the dead weight!
6206If you're not a total idiot, you'll get out of this dump before the Responders get you KILLED! Leave the sick behind, they're better off. Trust me.
6207Nobody came. Nobody. I learned how to deal. You should too. The Responders are a JOKE. Nobody helps anybody anymore. Get a grip.
6208Um... I cut holes in the bottoms of all the gym shorts, and I put glue in the mashed potatoes in the cafeteria...
6209I was bad... just bad. I cheated on my spelling test, I kicked Chip Wilkins in the shins until he cried, I pushed Rosie McCloy down the stairs...
6210I just wanted to say I'm sorry. I'm sorry for everything... um... the bombs and the messed up people and the cows with two heads. All of it.
6211Hi... Dassa asked me if I would talk about how I got here. She asked everybody. So I said okay. My name is Colonel, and I'm 13 years old.
6212*sniffles* I'm not old enough to be a Volunteer but Dassa said I could help collect food and water... so I'm getting better, I promise!
6213I haven't seen daddy since the bombs and so I guess he left because of that too... It's okay, I am trying to be good now though.
6214And um... I just wanted to say I'm sorry about everything... because my dad said if I wasn't this way then bad things wouldn't happen...
6215I told Harold Newell to eat ten dead flies a day in order to grow muscles, and um, I put Nuka-Cola in the rat cage water bottles at the pet store...
6216I used to stare out that window by the coffee machine and think... shucks, I wish I could leave this job and hike in the woods every day.
6217Let's see, my story begins in an office. I used to be a programmer at Vault-Tec, one of many. Nobody special, you see. And that's okay.
6218Ah, hello person in the distant future! Dassa told us these tapes would be used as historical records someday. Nifty! So, my name is Miguel Caldera.
6219And um... daddy? If you're listening... I promise I won't be bad anymore so you can come back now. Okay? Okay. Bye. *sniffles*
6220It's been all right, you know? The apocalypse and all. I know that seems weird but... I have freedom now. I can actually help people...
6221The Responders found me. I had a little campsite, some supplies. I hacked a protectron to guard me while I slept, but... I missed people. I did!
6222And well, when the bombs fell... I was terrified just like anybody else. I wasn't in a vault, so I just, you know, had to figure it all out too.
6223I'd dream about walking the Appalachian trail, setting up camp wherever I liked, and traveling with close friends! Ah.. the dreams kept me going...
6224And if you're hearing this, then well... I guess at least some of us made it. Right? So hey, chin up, kiddo! You'll be okay. Okay?
6225So, for all you future people... just know that we lived through something... horrible. But we did it. Somehow, we're alive...
6226These days I'm important. People treat me like I matter because... well, there are so few of us that we can't afford to think otherwise.
6227I mean it's awful too, don't get me wrong. All the people dead and hurt. But, well, those are things beyond my control, so I'm making the best of it.
6228For the past 5 years, I've been a Responder myself! I help kids who lost their families... get them safe, trained, and just act like a big brother.
6229So Dassa found me when I was 13 or so, and she brought me to the Responders. They taught me everything. I became a Volunteer... it was great.
6230So, let's see. Bombs fell when I was a kid, my dad died in the War, you know, this is all pretty normal. My story is, I guess, boring.
6231Boy! I think it's been like 10 years since I did one of these. Dassa said she lost my original one though. Bummer. My name is Colonel, so hey, hi!
6232We call it the Great War now. It's not been long, and things have been rough. Welcome to Survivor Stories. I'm Dassa Ben-Ami, a Responder.
6233Er, well, so anyway. Maybe in 10 years, Dassa will ask me to do another one of these Survivor Stories. Hah! Til then. Peace, Appalachia.
6234And the Brotherhood, well.. we thought that would be different. We thought everything would be different though.
6235Every year we find fewer people though, so I dunno. Things are not good out there. Just getting simple food and water is tough.
6236I've decided to ask people to record their thoughts, their stories, anything they want to preserve forever. I'll call this series the Survivor Stories.
6237So many have come and gone, their stories untold, their names lost to time. I thought we should preserve this history somehow.
6238What wasn't easy was the work. Rebuilding Appalachia from the rubble while survivors flock to us regularly from all over.
6239I've been working with the Responders for a couple years now. I'm from Charleston originally, so it was easy to join up.
6240After that, I went back home to Charleston and... well.. survived. Eventually the Responders formed and I signed up right away.
6241With my little brother, he went into the Vault. They could not persuade me, though they tried. In the end, I pushed them inside and that was it.
6242I thought for sure my father, a Vault-Tec employee, could take us all with him, but... only two reservations came through. I refused to go.
6243I'll start with me. I was an anthropology PhD student at Vault-Tec University. Final year. I was printing my thesis when I heard the sirens...
6244And in the meantime, I will continue to record stories of survivors when I can. We are your history. This is Dassa Ben-Ami, signing off for now.
6245Been with them now for... I guess 2 years. We have big plans! We can do so much to help. Maybe, just maybe, we can rebuild enough to be okay.
6246Reverend Delbert Winters here. Born and raised in this very town. Lent my own Church to the Responders for their outpost here. And you're welcome.
6247Didn't give enough to charity maybe... didn't praise His name even in the worst of times... maybe thought some things that ought not to been thought.
6248At first I thought it was a mistake. That we was missed, forgotten. Maybe we did some wrongs...
6249When this all happened, I figured like most... it was time. This was the End. But... but it wasn't, was it? We're still here.
6250The Responders are on a true mission, ya see. Helpin' folks through thick n' thin. Until the heavens open again and take us all up anyways.
6251From then on, I built kitchens. Cooked good food. Fed anyone who walked up with an empty belly. And I was thankful for my task in life. Thankful!
6252"We tried, but got sick," they said, covered in their own filth. I realized right then and there that I was being tasked.
6253Then, in my despair, I saw some survivors eatin' raw rat carcass behind a dumpster. "You ought to cook that first," I warned em. Seemed obvious.
6254So I asked Him. I asked... how? Why? I fought your wars on Earth. I'm ready to fight them up there by Your side!
6255After the bombs, everything was pretty chaotic. Scavenging for food, fighting off rabid survivors, just a bad time all around.
6256When the bombs fell, I was in Watoga coordinating a state-wide science fair for that year's high school kids. The theme was, "the Future of Energy!"
6257Dassa asked us all to document our stories for posterity, you know. Seems like a fine idea. So hi, I'm Kesha McDermott.
6258Next time hell or high water land at my stoop, I'll be swept clear away with it. But until then, let's share a homecooked meal together, all right?
6259I can't tell you how happy I was to find the Responders in Flatwoods. Tents for everyone, open kitchens, medical supplies, protection - we were safe.
6260The trip from Watoga to Flatwoods was rough, mind you. The kids and I ran into a group of assholes in the mountains who stole our food and water.
6261After a bit, I was able to solder the circuitry in an old radio and we tuned in to a broadcast from the Responders. We were overjoyed!
6262I found a couple of surviving kids from the high school whose parents didn't make it, and we holed up in an old house in town for a while.
6263Well -- time, care, and science!
6264The world is getting better, but slowly. We need to make sure it doesn't relapse, too. It's going to take time and care, that's all.
6265So I stepped up, I said: "I'll build a testing kit to monitor the contamination, and I'll teach folks how to properly boil water." And I did.
6266They had a problem though: their water sources were contaminated heavily. People were boiling water, but not long enough to make it safe.
6267It was so hard. The flood... was devastating. Relocating to Morgantown Airport and now Flatwoods has been... well... I remain optimistic.
6268I feel better every day, but... years of chems, years of rads, years of sleeping in the muck... it adds up. I'm gonna get back to sleep now, okay?
6269Yeah... I'm taking it. When I feel better... I'm going out west though. Getting out of this place. Getting away from the chems. All of this.
6270It's okay, Tabitha. Remember what we said in the group? Take your addictol and rest and things will be okay soon. It's okay. We're here for you.
6271Hurting people mostly... and there are so many chems up there. I spent too long there, and... I hurt people... I couldn't think right... I couldn't.
6272But listen... you should avoid the mountains. They'll just get you mixed up. Get you doing things you don't wanna do.
6273That doc in the Church got me some meds that are helping out a lot, and they have group therapy meetings and... it's good... I think it's helping.
6274Look, I would have been wandering around fighting giant rats and eating garbage if not for the Responders... they're good folks.
6275Every time I'd come out of my haze long enough to look for food, I'd find more chems... and well... it kept going. And I kept seeing madness.
6276Well, I'm going home now... for a bit anyways. How do I turn this thing off? Blast these things. Not this button, not this one, oh here it is.
6277By the time it ran out, I had heard the Responders radio broadcasts, so I went out to find them and get supplies. Bless their hearts.
6278Ever hear of the Watoga Times Atomic Lottery? The winner got ten years worth of Blamco Mac & Cheese, Salisbury Steak, and Nuka Cola of course.
6279I don't know what happened to him, or why he never came home for sure. And between you and me, I'm fine with that.
6280My husband Frank used to work in the mines. Just a bit before the war there was news of tremors, and he didn't come home...
6281I played that lottery for 20 years, and I finally won the month before the war. It lasted only 8 years though, but who can you complain to?
6282Since the war, I just read my old newspapers and listened to music. It's very peaceful for once, which is just right nice by me.
6283I'm just glad they all made it to the vault in time, you see. When I saw it in a dream, I knew my prayers were answered.
6284I thought I'd just watch my programs and entertain the grandkids in my retirement, but that didn't turn out to be the case...
6285This is Willie Mae, and I was asked to talk a bit about my life since the war to help educate future children someday. I think that's nice.
6286I pressed the button, hush. I think it's recording now. Shush. Hello? Hello there? I think it's working. I hate these things.
6287Okay, thanks for sharing your story, Tabitha. Get some sleep. You'll be okay. You're safe now.
6288Edie, darling Edie... how delicious you were. the sweet taste of your flesh as... as it passed down my throat.
6289The syrupy... warmth of your blood... as it filled my stomach.
6290Wait... what... what have I done? No! Edie, she's dead! I killed her! I ATE her. Oh no, no no...
6291But... but, I had to. I must eat... so hungry, starving. Need more... more flesh, more blood. Need more... find... more...
6292When DuBois dropped me off at Bolton Greens, I was horrified.
6293Fourth in line for the Westbrooke fortune, and Momsy and Pa-pa had the nerve to leave me at a glorified daycare center while they travel the world?
6295To make matters worse, I'm forced to hobnob with the other children, some of whom are mere... millionaires. Ugh, the thought makes my skin crawl.
6296The only saving grace of this prison is that they employ a sommelier in the dining room.
6297Well, it's time to go fox hunting again. Oh drat, I appear to have scuffed my ostrich jodhpur boots.
6298I suppose I'll have to use the... ugh, calfskin ones instead.
6299Yeah, no sweat there Cyrus. Don't even worry about it.
6300Anyway, uh, since I'm here, I need you to look at these plans for a ventilatio..., uh, I mean " for Spiritual Conduits," I want to have installed.
6301Very well. Perhaps I'm worrying needlessly.
6302After all, it is you who has gifted us with this new direction and brought so many people here to achieve wholeness.
6303No, no. I'm fine, quite balanced. Everything is great. No more anointing please.
6304Come now, Disciple Simon. You're beginning to sound similar to when you first arrived at our doorstep.
6305Oh my, perhaps your balance has shifted. Did you wish to be anointed in oils for a cleansing?
6306Don't let those sorts of matters worry you, Cyrus. After all, that's why you appointed me as the Palace's business manager.
6307You just go and get naked and run around lighting incense, painting watermelons, or whatever you need to do. Leave the rest to me.
6308Quite the opposite. By the time they depart, they appear blissful and enlightened. It's wonderful!
6309No, it's a far more material issue, I'm afraid. The amount of money that you're spending to advertise the Palace has me concerned.
6310You mean the uh, "Transitory Disciple Program?" What's the problem? Are the guests complaining?
6311Yes, indeed I did, Disciple Simon.
6312I'm proud of everything you've accomplished here in such a short time, but I'm having concerns about our "new direction."
6313Yeah, yeah, warm greetings, and wholeness, and all that... You, uh, wanted to see me?
6314Warm greetings, friend!
6315I had another patient visit my office complaining of intermittent headaches this week.
6316I'm certain the root cause is the same as other similar cases, dielectric heating caused by the site's EM field.
6317As usual, I've prescribed some painkillers and a hood to assist with insulation.
6318I've asked the site director if we could reduce the array's output to a tolerable level until we have shielding installed throughout the facility.
6319Unfortunately, our schedule at NIRA is tight, and it appears the director is unwilling to accommodate my request.
6320Apparently, he considers the project much more important than the health and welfare of our personnel.
6321Goddamn it.
6322Corporal Gibbons, put her in a body bag. Private Zeleski, go find the kid.
6323(Sound of a single gunshot and then a body dropping to the ground)
6324No! Get out of my house! Dalton is only sick! He'll get better! You people can't take him like you took the others! You can't! I won't let you!
6325Put down the knife, Ms. Sherman. I won't ask again.
6326(Sound of a knife being lifted from a table)
6327Ma'am! If you don't move aside right now, we'll move you ourselves. Do you understand?
6328The hell I don't have a choice! You're not moving that child one inch or so help me I'll...
6329You have no choice. Where is he ma'am?
6330What? Over my dead body! He's sick, he's not going anywhere!
6331On behalf of the U.S. Army and West-Tek, you're hereby ordered to hand over custody of your child, "Dalton Sherman," over to us immediately.
6333(Sound of deadbolt sliding open and door opening)
6334Just open the door, Ms. Sherman.
6335What do you want?
6336U.S. Army, ma'am. Open up, please.
6337Who is it?
6338(Pounding on door - as if heard from inside a house)
6339Keep her locked up. We'll worry about findin' a way to send a message up there tomorrow.
6340You wouldn't... you won't! He'll kill you, He'll kill you all!
6341Well, well, gentlemen. I think I know how to finally draw our number one most wanted outlaw outta hiding.
6342You know he's the guy who killed two very brave and selfless Responders who went up to your... resort up there to offer help, way back when.
6343David, huh? So we've got David Thorpe's what... girlfriend here?
6344You'll send me off with a big bag of Christmas goodies to take home to my David. And maybe we'll forget any of this ever happened.
6345You're gonna let me walk right out of this cell.
6346David's gonna come for me, and when he gets here, he's gonna be mad. He'll kill every last one of you if he has to, so here's how it's gonna be.
6347Oh that's rich, you think this is a joke? You killed a whole mess of people out there, and now you're gonna answer for it.
6349If that's how we've gotta do this, then that's how we do it. Now, cut the crap or he'll hit ya again.
6350 Unghf!
6351Fuck you! That's 'F' as in Frank, 'u' as in...
6352Girl, you and yours've got some nerve! On Christmas Eve, no less! Now, I'll ask again, what is your name?
6353Interrogation of one, Jane Doe, sole captive raider in custody after a deadly attack here, at approximately 10:30 PM tonight, December 24, 2082.
6354Ah well. Guess all we can do is keep on keepin' on, ya dig?
6355And honestly, it still beats hangin' with any of the other gangs. That deal we've got with the Palace is pretty sweet. All told, we got it good.
6356Only reason we don't up and mutiny her ass is because she's got that piece of the key for the cache, and a few loyalists to protect her.
6357Margie'd be pissed, but she ain't out there like the rest of us. So, to heck with her.
6358She don't know it yet, but a lot of us've been firin' first anyway, so's to save our skins.
6359I keep tellin' Margie we're losin' people out there because we're told not to fire first, and it ain't getting' any easier.
6360But you know, we got to eat, and so do they. Wavin' a gun around used to scare 'em, but now they got nothin' to lose, so they wave one right back.
6361Some of these people are just tryin' to make it, like anyone else after the bombs. I don't want to kill 'em if they don't give up their stuff.
6362I mean, yeah, I get it, but, damn girl! This is life and death out there!
6363You know, we're all tryin' our best here, but this whole idea of being a Raider without killing is way harder than it sounds.
6364Meg here. I've gotta say something before it's too late. I think ol' Margie's off her rocker, man.
6365All right, you little minx, now you really have to turn off the recorder.
6366Hey, you wanna hit the slopes, or do you maybe have something else in mind?
6367Aww, baby! You goin' all soft on me now? Haha! You know I love ya!
6368You're my darling Rose. I just don't want anything bad to happen to you.
6370Okay, I get it, you're not a robot. I know you don't like it when I order you around like that.
6371Yes sir. Input received, sir. Awaiting orders.
6372Yeah, what do you want, Daytripper? Help yourself, just don't take too much. Don't, uh... get addicted.
6373Hey, you got any more of those chems with you?
6374Oh don't be an ol' stick in the mud. No one's gonna find out. Pinky swear!
6375I have too much to lose in a divorce and leaving evidence like that laying around will only make it worse.
6376Hmph. Fine. But it goes with you when we leave, and you need to promise to destroy it if word ever gets out about us.
6377Aw c'mon! I wanna make a recording of us! You said you were gonna ditch that old hag when we got back, anyway.
6378Hey, turn it off. Do you want my wife to find out about this?
6379Besides, kids are too scrawny.
6380But Vanessa will know what's good for her, and she's too much of a good fighter to eat just yet. And the kid... well, I'm not a monster.
6381Well, maybe his wife. And his little girl, perhaps.
6382I've been thinking about Gregory. He's got a lot of meat on him, and he's been rather useless lately. No one will miss him.
6383The others won't like it, but we're going to have to go to plan B. Edie's on board with me.
6384I can only assume the damn Cutthroats have been scaring them all away, or not sharing their finds with us.
6385Honestly, it's been several days since we've come across any more food. The usual unsuspecting travelers have been harder to come by.
6386I'm hungry because I'm the boss here! It takes a lot of effort to wrangle these useless idiots so we don't all starve, and that works up an appetite!
6387"Morris, how can you be hungry when you're still so fat?" Well, you know what I say to that?
6388Edie and I have been feeling a little extra hungry as of late, and the others are starting to ask questions.
6389Aw shit! It's those green bastards and they've got guns!
6391Fightin's still goin' on, and we'll keep an eye on the situation, but if things go belly up...
6392Soon as it looked like the armored goons were losin' the fight, we hauled ass back here, and that's where we're at.
6393Next thing you know, them Brotherhood of Steel folks are marchin' on it and clashin' with the other guys, and they ain't doing to well against 'em.
6394First I heard. So I get him to show me, and I don't believe my eyes. These... big green fellers were in there, looked like, ransacking the town.
6395Well he come back talking 'bout some big 'ol green 'uns stalkin' around. tryin' to rip up the fence 'round town, and bustin' up stuff real good.
6396We started hearin' some noises comin' from the town a bit back, so I done reckoned we'd better send someone to check it out.
6397We thought it was just some sort of quarantine zone full of sick people, so we made sure not to poke at it.
6398But uh... You know how we said stay out of Huntersville, and don't drink the water near there?
6399Plenty of game to catch, plenty of unlucky saps wanderin' in from the East still.
6400Me and the other Trappers set up this camp here near Devil's Backbone just like we all agreed on, and it's been workin' out for us.
6401Thorpe, we got a bit of a situation here I want to report. Gonna send this here holotape with a runner to ya, soon as I can.
6402Ever since the bombs dropped, the former guests at the ski resort have lost their minds.
6403If being a member of the Honorary Mock-Naval Yachting Society has taught me one thing, it's that preparation is the key to survival.
6404The idiots here have locked up their belongings and split up the access key, stashing away valuable items we could be using for barter.
6405Every decision being made is foolish!
6406Instead of using this facility as a headquarters and sending out hunting parties to look for scraps, we need to find a new base of operations.
6407We should band together in larger groups and take anything we find along the way.
6408They're convinced the government is going to rescue us, but the truth of the matter is that we're on our own.
6409The only people that can help us now are ourselves.
6410It's been barely a week since the bombs fell, and supplies have become scarce.
6411The former guests at the resort are exploring the feasibility of sending out scavenging groups to hunt down whatever they can find.
6412What's starting to dawn on us is that there will be people outside the resort sending groups of their own.
6413Who knows if they'll be friendly, or simply take what they want?
6414Instead of waiting to find out, we've concluded that our goods should be locked up for safe keeping.
6415It's a smart move and one that will keep our belongings protected until the government rescue teams arrive.
6416It's good to know that there's still some rationality left amidst all this chaos.
6417Maybe. Who's asking?
6418You repping the Cutthroats?
6420Put the gun down, we're here to talk.
6421I'd like to thank the Monongah Township Council for letting me attend your meeting today.
6422For those of you that don't know me, I'm Daniel Hornwright, CEO of Hornwright Industrial.
6423I'm here with an offer...
6424No, strike that. I'm here with a proposal so beneficial and so incredibly lucrative, that simply calling it an "offer" doesn't begin to do it justice.
6425I want to purchase the mining rights to Monongah Mine from your town. Not only for a generous sum of cash up front, but for perpetual...
6426...that means forever... royalties for every single ton of coal that we extract.
6427What do you have to provide in return? Nothing. How much money does the town have to outlay initially? Not a penny.
6428All I need is for you to sign on this dotted line, and sit back while the money rolls in.
6429No risk, all reward. And most important, no chance that anyone from this town ever gets hurt in that mine again. I humbly await your reply.
6430The hell with that! We're dying out here. All of Appalachia's trying to kill us, and it's got nothing to do with turf or loot.
6431Yeah, by other gangs. That's how things work.
6432It's about survival. Our gangs are getting picked off one-by-one.
6433Frank. So what's this all about?
6434Name's Repo. I'm repping the Diehards.
6435What's in it for us?
6436My point is we need to band together. Watch each other's back. If we don't, we might just end up disappearing.
6437Yeah, it's a rough world, I get it. So what's your point?
6438Not just the Gourmands, but the Blackwater Bandits, the Trappers - hell, all of us.
6439You talking about the Gourmands? Those idiots ate each other to death.
6441Yeah it will. It'll get you to shut the hell up.
6442This is what I'm talking about. Pointing that gun at me again isn't going to solve anything.
6443Don't ever say that again.
6444Staying alive? Do you understand what I'm saying or you too stupid?
6446What the hell?! He killed Repo! Shoot him... shoot him!
6447Welcome Dr. Harrison. The Vox Interpreter Program is now running. Stand by for today's data assignments. Valid Vox interpretation banks loaded.
6448Ensure you maintain the minimum transmission distance from the dart while you collect the requisite amount of Vox data per sample. Happy hunting!
6449Oh you know me, I'm just upset is all. It might just be pissin' into the wind, but I'm still going to talk with him. I'll be civil. Promise.
6450Now Harland, dear, don't do anything stupid...
6451I'll tell you. I'm inclined to go over there and give him a piece of my mind.
6452Not everyone is willing to follow a foolish madman. Trust me, Harland. Reason will win out in the end.
6453And if he chooses not to participate in this trial, what then? You're aware more and more people are starting to side with him, right?
6454Like some sort of savages? I know, don't worry. We'll deal with it. I'll hold a trial with the aim to exile him for his crimes.
6455I'm sorry, dear. You're right. I just... I don't know what to do anymore. I don't want to live like this, like some sort of...
6456Lower your voice, Harland. You don't need to yell at me.
6457The man's defied you at every turn. He does what he wants. The people chose you to lead them, not that blowhard!
6458You saw what he did, Margie! He killed those innocent people who came to help us. He killed them in cold blood! And for what? A few measly supplies?
6459I know, Harland, I know. But what are we going to do? David's... not a very reasonable man.
6461They're talkin' crap about you again, David. This time I'm gonna record them so you can hear it yourself.
6463I wish the bombs never took you from me, Lucie. I love you. Always will.
6464Sounds like the boys are getting back. I'd better go. Put that mean face back on.
6465Gotta be strong to survive, and if that means playing mean and leading a bunch of other monsters to prey on the weak, then that's what I gotta do.
6466Am I still the same Alfreda you knew? Would you even still like me? I'd hope you would understand.
6467I've had to steal, and kill, and worse still, I've had to hide who I am behind this facade. I'm alive...I guess? But who am I now?
6468Maybe it's for the best. These... people I'm with probably wouldn't understand us either. I've had to get even tougher than before.
6469I wish I had told you, though. We're both hard-headed, but one of our stubborn asses would have caved and then we'd be together, one way or another.
6470They were firing up the snowmakers, and I knew you didn't like skiing, so I didn't even mention I was going. I thought you'd talk me out of it.
6471I just... miss you, Lucie, more than you could ever imagine. And, I can't help but feel responsible somehow.
6472So I, uh, found this old holotape to record onto... Look, I know this is stupid. You can't hear me, not anymore. I dunno. Maybe this is more for me.
6473It's been a helluva week, I tell ya. We lost more good people fightin' off those damn scorched things again.
6474Now I got Chavez tellin' me we're pickin' up a new radio signal. Someone askin' for help.
6475She wants me to take my team and follow it 'til we find 'em. Can't be too far. Already tracked it gainin' strength South a' here.
6476Problem is, we'd have to go straight on through Raider country to find 'em and I don't have the time or men to spare right now.
6477So, I hate to say it, but I gotta tell her it ain't gonna happen. Not now.
6478My team's the last line of defense, and if I take 'em on some wild goose chase, we're leavin' ourselves open for another Christmas Flood situation.
6479And, you can bet your ass I ain't gonna let that happen again, even if it means someone out there might need us. Man alive, times 've changed.
6480Have you ever wondered how to grow your business and expand your reach to thousands of new customers every day?
6481Allow me to welcome you to the exciting world of radio marketing with Pleasant Valley Ski Resort!
6482We broadcast 24/7 from the Top of the World, reaching the ears of countless locals and vacationers along Appalachia's greatest peaks and valleys.
6483So tune in and check us out. Pick up the phone and call to set up an appointment with our marketing team.
6484We guarantee your business will boom!
6488Aw shit, it exploded. I was starin' right at it, and I... I can't see! I... I'm going to...
6490It's like a rocket streakin' through the blue sky, or like a... oh... oh shit. It's a nuclear...
6491Boy howdy, it's majestic. Like shootin' stars in the early mornin' light, only I ain't never seen 'em in the mornin' like this.
6492I'm sittin' here drivin' this truck, and what do I see ahead, but a sky full of... well there's these streaks of light like nothin' I ever seen.
6493Damn it, is this thing... Okay. Okay, it's recording. Ol' JB here. And you would not believe what I'm seein' right now!
6494I'll see you soon, Harland, my love. It's been too long.
6495As for me, I'm leaving. I'll... find some chems, and I'll go out that way, peaceful, without pain... I'm done.
6496If that ever happens, Vincent knows what to do. Maybe he'll be more successful than I was
6497Those bastards don't deserve their treasures unless they return to their senses and quit this whole murderous power game they're playing.
6498The whole idea of the Raiders is sick. It's inhuman. I'm destroying that stupid key fragment.
6499So we have to kill, we have to murder innocent people... Well, not me. I don't care what this world has come to, it's not taking me down with it.
6500But now, everyone out there is as desperate as we are. When every confrontation could mean life or death, people take their chances. They fight back.
6501This is Margie McClintock of the Diehards. Heh, what a joke. We deluded ourselves into thinking our victims would fear a name like that.
6503Dear Mr. and Ms. Bennett Orwell...
6504We, of the West Virginia "Lucky Hits!" Lottery Company, are pleased to inform you of the result for our November lottery game
6505held on the 10th of this month!
6506Your names are attached to "Lucky Hits!" lotto ticket '59-28-42-88'.
6507We are overjoyed to tell you that this ticket was November's lucky lottery winner!
6508It's the largest single-month game in 'Lucky Hits!' history!
6509You are hereby approved to receive an immediate cash payment, in the amount of 300,000 dollars!
6510Mr. and Ms. Orwell, CONGRATULATIONS!
6511A local "Lucky Hits!" prize representative will be arriving at your residence on November 30th - just a few short days away!
6512To avoid any unnecessary mix-ups, please contact our headquarters as soon as possible, to confirm your home address!
6513We advise that it's in your best interest to keep this news from the public's attention.
6514We value all of our "Lucky Hits!" customers, and we can't wait to hear from you!
6515Once again, CONGRATULATIONS, Mr. and Ms. Orwell: Winners of West Virginia's largest ever lottery game!
6516Dad's gone outside...He's gone outside...
6517Tracy and I can't see him from the windows. We're not supposed to look anyway. Whatever was screaming out there...Well...we don't know what it is.
6518I think it was coming from the pool.
6519Mom said that Dad had to go looking for the other campers. If they're still alive, they might have food.
6520...I guess they could have food either way.
6521Doug, it's Carl. I've left for Camden Park to meet our buyer.
6522...Doug, I've taken your key to the west door.
6523I'm sorry, but I can't keep coming back to find new dings and scratches, just because you can't resist taking our "little project" out for a spin.
6524We're trying to sell this thing, remember?
6525...Look, assuming this guy shows, I'll be back by this evening. The buyer's a military type. He wants to make the trade while riding the Widow Maker.
6526No idea why. I think he's living out some kind of personal spy fantasy.
6527That's fine by me - I've wanted to try that ride since I was a kid.
6528Overseer's... let's call these personal journals. Not an official log. Just... something for me.
6529Well, since I'm doing this whole trip down memory lane, maybe a walk over to the old high school is in order...
6530Hi mom. Hi dad. I'm home. I'm sorry it's been so long. I... I couldn't get away.
6531I know neither of you is around to hear this. But I miss you. I miss watching dad grade papers on the living room table. I miss the three of us huddled around the radio, listening to "The Silver Shroud."
6532Dad, you were right about what living underground would really be like. Twenty-five years locked in with the same people was a... challenge.
6533But watching them pair up, get married, have children... I think I got to know a little bit of what you and mom were always telling me.
6534The Agricultural Center. One of my first posts with Vault-Tec. I was so excited because I used to come to this same farm when I was a kid.
6535I remember one year... at the Autumn Festival. Me running through the corn maze. Going every which way. Mom and dad yelling after me to slow down. Ha! Wasn't going to happen.
6536I guess I was always hitting life fast. Couldn't just be a Pioneer Scout, I had to make troupe leader. Couldn't just be a good student, I had to have straight A's.
6537God, I miss those early days. Just... being a kid. The three of us. Our simple life. Our simple house. I wonder if it's still standing...
6538When the career fair came, and I met the people from Vault-Tec, it was like a light turned on. Protecting families, protecting their future, protecting... America.
6539The first thing I did when I got the acceptance letter to Vault-Tec University was head over to mom's grave with dad. He was happy that I was staying in West Virginia. So was I.
6540I was in my junior year when I got the news that mom died. Mining accident. Everyone in West Virginia has a story like that in the family. You just... you never think it's going to be you.
6541Dad was in pieces. I started living in the library more than before, and I was already there most days to begin with.
6542And Evan... god... Evan. Mom had introduced us just a few months before. Graduated a year ahead of me, went right to work in the mines. So handsome. And those arms. What West Virginia girl could resist all that?
6543I can't believe he stuck with me. After the funeral, I didn't want anyone around, but there he was. Showing up in the library after his shift with a lunchbox for us to share. Every day.
6544Overseer's personal journal.
6545Evan chose that moment to propose, that lughead. He knew I wouldn't say no after hearing the news. He knew me better than anyone...
6546Dad died a few months after Evan and I moved in together. He really wanted to walk me down the aisle. Well, I didn't really get to walk down there, either, so... *cough as tears well up, then sigh*
6547I think it's time I went home. I owe Evan that much.
6548Four years of living, learning, and breathing Vault-Tec. Graduating with honors in the Overseer track. Dad was so proud. He came out even though he was already so sick.
6549I must have impressed the right people, because I was offered the next available Overseer slot. I had just graduated! It was supposed to take years. Maybe they knew the War was inevitable.
6550When I learned that 76 was going to be built, I was so excited I jumped right out of my chair and did a little dance around the living room. Appalachia would be safe, no matter what happened.
6551Overseer's personal journal.
6552Yes, experimenting on Vault residents was ethically wrong, but the goal of finding the most suitable people to repopulate, to understand humanity pushed to the extremes, what if that was the only way for us to survive?
6553We can't save everyone. That's what they always told us. And I thought... I still think... they were right.
6554Vault-Tec found out that I knew. I thought I was going to be fired, or arrested, but instead they confided in me. Vault 76 was going to be a control Vault. No experiment.
6555Vault 76 was built to take the best and brightest, but... that wasn't what all the Vaults were for.
6556The Societal Preservation Program. I wasn't supposed to know about it, but when I found out...
6557Evan wanted me to tell the press, but... I didn't.
6558Overseer's personal journal.
6559I found him. Evan. He's down there, just like I thought he'd be. But I... I didn't think he'd be... one of those things. The green lesions on his face...
6560Oh god... I did this to him. It's all my fault.
6561They told me I could have Vault 76, but not... not if I was married. They would've had to give Evan a spousal exemption and give him space in the Vault.
6562Overseer's... Overseer's personal journal...
6563I was so relieved, but... they told me I was going to be assigned to Vault 101, in Washington DC. I had to leave West Virginia... my people... behind.
6564I couldn't let them do that. No matter what it took.
6565I'm so sorry, Evan. I wish I could say I would've made another choice. That I would've picked dying in this house together when the bombs fell.
6566I never stopped thinking about you, and I'm not giving up until I find out what happened. If you're not here, then there's only one other place you'd want to be. The mines.
6567I know what I have to do, but I... I just can't. I love him. I already killed him once, I can't do it again.
6568Please, I gave 76 everything. You were all so brilliant. The first few years were hard, but we learned to trust each other. You learned to trust me. I was young... So young... Younger than most of you. But you accepted me as your Overseer.
6569So I need you to do this for me. Let Evan rest. He didn't deserve any of this.
6570The Scorched. Eliminating this plague. It's not just about survival now. It's personal. We have to secure the nukes. Wipe this disease off the map.
6571But... there was someone more qualified. A civil engineer, someone with the skills to help rebuild. He was a distant cousin of a Vault-Tec executive and almost made the cut...
657276 was for the best and brightest, and Evan didn't qualify. Deep down, I knew they were right.
6573So I broke off the engagement. I... sacrificed him. For the Vault. For Appalachia.
6574You see this? The cooking station, the stash box, the workbenches. All built with the C.A.M.P.
6575You need a home base out there. The Construction and Assembly Mobile Platform is designed to give you one. Just add resources, planning, and a little elbow grease.
6576When you move your C.A.M.P., everything you've built is stored, ready to be placed back down in the new area. Use this to establish a foothold whenever you're in unfamiliar territory.
6577If it's still standing, the town of Flatwoods is further down this road. Find me there.
6578This is Overseer. Signing off.
6579Overseer's log. South of Vault 76.
6580I've left my C.A.M.P. behind so you can use it.
6581I know I'm breaking my own advice by not taking it with me, but after seeing Appalachia for myself, I need to make sure every resident of 76 has a safe haven they can start from. I'll make do without it.
6582I knew this wasn't going to be the Appalachia I remembered, but... mutated animals, haywire bots, and no people so far...
6583We have to be ready to rebuild in - what I can confirm - is hostile territory. Fortunately, Vault-Tec was prepared.
6584I used to love coming here on weekends. Taking flight lessons. Now it feels like I walked into a nightmare.
6585I had a directive from Vault-Tec: secure the region's three nuclear missile silos. I... WE... had to make sure they didn't fall into the wrong hands.
6586I knew I couldn't do it alone, so I asked you -- my Vault 76 family -- for help. And what did you do?
6587My God... Why? How could you do this? We were supposed to take control of the nukes. Not engage in an Appalachian arms race!
6588Please, stop this madness. The cycle of destruction has to stop.
6589I... I haven't lost faith in you. I know you are GOOD people, and will do the right thing. If anything I've... lost my faith in Vault-Tec.
6590They gave me a mission I could never accomplish on my own. They must have known I'd need your help.
6591Did they also know what you'd do? It's just so hard not to feel... manipulated.
6592But first thing's first. We can't let the disease spread to us. Looks like the Responders were developing some kind of inoculation.
6593I'm going to pick up their work. You should too. This is the Overseer. Signing off.
6594But I'm glad you did. Truth is, I need your help. I've been given a task, and... I've decided to break protocol and tell you what it is.
6595Because If there's one thing I've learned in these past few years, it's that we need to rely on each other.
6596I know it's even worse than we imagined. But someone's got to know where the missile silos are and how to secure them.
6597The Responders are the best lead we have.
6598This is the Overseer. Signing off.
6599My God... there's no one here. The old tavern, the church. People were using them for shelter, but... they're gone.
6600Mutations we expected, but there's something else... a disease. I was attacked by... well, it used to be a person.
6601But it had these green, glowing lesions. And its voice... Angry, tortured. "We are one." One what?
6602Whatever happened here is beyond anything we expected. And we expected a lot.
6603But it's been twenty-five years. I just don't know what we're going to find out there. Or where to start...
6604My directive was to go to the nearest population center and assess the situation. I'll set up a C.A.M.P. on the way once I get my bearings. Find me there.
6605I wondered what could possibly cause all this, and then I got my answer. It swooped down from the sky. Screeching. Breathing. INFECTING everything.
6606I don't know how to fight this. But we need to consider all of our options. Even the nukes.
6607We find the source of this Scorched plague and wipe it from the map before it can leave Appalachia.
6608Those "Scorched" things are everywhere. I kept quiet... they didn't see me... I managed to observe them for a bit.
6609Whatever this disease is, it seems to completely take over its host.
6610The ones that used to be human, eventually they... go rigid. Like some kind of stasis.
6611And if they stay like that too long, they sort of... burn up. From the inside out. Vesuvius in reverse.
6612If only they had survived. What I wouldn't give to have a few of America's finest watching my back right now.
6613As it is, I'll have to find out how they were planning to combat the Scorched on my own. Once I can figure out a way through these doors...
6614A mental asylum as a last stand against the Scorched. Brave, crazy, and crazy-brave, the Army way...
6615At least, I'm pretty sure the Brotherhood had former US Army members judging by the security systems.
6616Dealing with these terminal systems like it's just a normal day in America is... somewhere between disturbingly comforting and completely insane.
6617But there's a lot of secrets in this old capitol that we'll need to find.
6618If automation still rules West Virginia, then Charleston is the heart of the machine.
6619Bureaucracy still pumping away, without any people to serve. There's a lesson there somewhere.
6620I wonder, now that I'm in the Army, is my official title "Overseer Private" or "Private Overseer"? *laughs*
6621Time to see if I can fool a few automated identification systems.
6622*phew* Maybe I'm going crazy, but it was nice to put on the uniform and play pretend with a bunch of robot drill sergeants.
6623I actually think I learned a thing or two about marksmanship.
6624No stimpaks left. Funny joke in here about... practicing what you preach... This is... this is... the Overseer. Signing off. Hopefully not for the last time...
6625*labored breathing* Ooohhhh... Not good, not good, not good.
6626Just-just trying not... Trying to focus. But the pain is unreal. So bad... Want to do this now while I can... I'm... I'm afraid I might... pass out.
6627The "mayor" of Grafton used to be the automated assistant, and it's gone completely mad. Still trying to run the town. Even holds elections for itself.
6628We built these machines to do things without us... and they have. It might be useful if I played along.
6629My hope, my fear, is that some other group of survivors tried to figure this out as well. We just have to keep looking.
6630The security systems are still operational, just like at site Alpha. My guess is that site Charlie will be the same story, but I need to be sure.
6631Still have no idea how I'm going to get the military credentials to gain access.
6632If they're following military logic, then they'll have a fortified headquarters somewhere. And a leader. Someone who knew what they were planning.
6633Just who was this Brotherhood of Steel? Survivalists? Former Army personnel? They took their training and their call signs seriously, that's for certain.
6634Organized, efficient, access to hardware. You'd think they'd be ruling West Virginia by now, but they're gone.
6635Sounds like they let go of their paranoia long enough to seek out help from the other survivors.
6636Just have to hack this terminal. See what they left behind in there, and what they wanted to do.
6637Sam Blackwell and Raleigh Clay. Those damn traitors and their secessionists turned their backs on America to form their "Free States."
6638Concrete bunkers. You'd never get that past a Vault-Tec Radiation Proofing inspection, that's for sure.
6639All the good people I've learned about who've died, and it's the sociopath who still gets to live...
6640There's someone in control of this old ski resort, and if I ever find her, I'm going wash her mouth out with the first thing vaguely resembling soap I can get my hands on. *exasperated grunt of disgust*
6641Selfish. That's the word. Maybe that's why she's alone. Maybe that's why she's survived. But the only way she'll tell me what she knows is if I help her first.
6642It takes a certain calling to voluntarily run into the middle of a fire. Rescue people. Looks like they kept up that spirit even as the dangers changed.
6643They must have fought the Scorched up close more than anyone. I need to find out what they knew.
6644Automation used to define life in West Virginia, now it's the only thing left.
6645These training programs that the Responders have set up; how many survivors were running through these?
6646Was attacked... Some kind of... I think it was wearing a gas mask... a heavy coat... But-but not human... Not human...
6647And what did they do? Close ranks. Get paranoid. Refuse to work with one another.
6648And it cost them all their lives.
6649People of Vault 76, if you're listening... DO NOT fall into the same trap.
6650You find each other. You work with each other. Only TOGETHER will you win.
6651This is your Overseer. And I'm begging you, please...
6652Save our country.
6653The more I travel this godforsaken "Wasteland," the more I realize what truly destroyed West Virginia.
6654And what destroyed any chance the survivors had of... actually surviving. Mistrust.
6655All these divergent groups... Responders, Brotherhood of Steel, whatever.
6656Separately, they had everything necessary to beat the odds. Brains, brawn, and bravado to spare.
6657*cough* Overseer's log... Somewhere in the mountains...
6658Overseer's log. Grafton.
6659Overseer's Log. Missile Silo Bravo.
6660Overseer's log. Fort Defiance.
6661Overseer's log. Camp McClintock.
6662Overseer's log. Allegheny.
6663Overseer's log. Camp Venture.
6664Overseer's log. Charleston Capitol.
6665Overseer's log. Free States Bunker.
6666Overseer's log. Top of the World.
6667Overseer's log. Charleston Fire Department.
6668Overseer's log. Morgantown.
6669Overseer's log. Town of Flatwoods.
6670Overseer's log, or should I say, direct communication. Because whoever is listening to this had the moxy to try to find out where I've gone.
6671Overseer's Log. Missile Silo Charlie.
6672I've now verified that all three missile silos still have fully operational security.
6673No way inside, yet, but I'll scour all of Appalachia if I have to.
6674Overseer's Log. Missile Silo Alpha.
6675If we can't secure these sites... My god... the automated factory in the silo... Just how many nukes can it make?
6676No one's here. Not even any military survivors. That might be for the best. I don't think Vault-Tec asserting jurisdiction over the nukes would've gone over well.
6677But, that also means I'm locked out. Access is restricted to the highest ranking officers. It's not going to be easy to fool.
6678Before they were wiped out, the survivors called themselves the Responders. Looks like they were made of firefighters, police, emergency medical staff.
6679They even have an automated system to teach people about treating water, food, survival.
6680I'm doing their tests, and you should too.
6681There were three active nuclear silos in Appalachia before the bombs fell. They blew up the world before. We can't let it happen again.
6682So we've got to locate and secure all of the silos, or die trying. Hopefully the former. Hmph.
6684Wait, no, don't overwrite! I said override! It should only augment-- what are you-- wait! No!
6686Confirmed. Primary behavior will be overwritten with submitted routine: "Sheepsquatch." Re-booting.
6687Uh... I confirm!
6688Received: request for overwrite. Confirmation needed.
6689Wait, wait, no! It's nothing like... it's nature, it's for-just wait! Execute administrative override!
6690Received: custom behavior parameters: "Sheepsquatch Mating Rituals." Error: request conflicts with guidelines. Report filed.
6691Excellent. Now, this next part might seem a little odd... And, to anyone listening, I assure you, this is necessary!
6692Received: custom behavior parameters: "Sheepsquatch"
6693Okay, then I'll just... insert the data... here... Did that work?
6695Right, let's see here... the script begins on page twenty-five, so... aha. Here we are.
6696Ahem... "Now beginning behavioral reprogramming on model number," uh... RX, zero, zero... and so on.
6697"I, Calvin van Lowe, hereby agree... accountability... death and or dismemberment..." blah, blah, blah...
6698Well, that was a waste of time. Listen here, Ms. Assaultron; I'm going to be augmenting your behavioral subroutines.
6699*Silenced gun shots, footsteps along wood floor*
6700Good afternoon, gentlemen.
6701Does it matter? Look, he's just making repairs on that grill.
6702You can't seriously be recording still.
6703A fancy suit... dark glasses... and a motive for... murder?
6704Alright, stay close, let's creep up to the corner here.
6705We should check this out. Let's go.
6706Nope. Looks like he's snooping around, though. Isn't that the Garbers' summer home? The one with the flamingo out front? They left town weeks ago.
6707Knock it off! Let's get... hey. Check out that guy in the fancy suit. Ever seen him around here before?
6708Family. The bonds that tie us, the roots that hold us. But also the key ingredient in... fratricide.
6709Uh-huh. And you think it's within the realm of "professional realism" to just yammer on instead of actually doing your job?
6710That a problem for you, Sidney? My novel needs this kind of professional realism.
6711What the hell, Klein? Are you recording again?
6712Lewisburg. A small town of big dreams, but just underneath that shining veneer lies and undercurrent of mystery and mischief.
6713Take one Calvin van Lowe as an example. Just your average--
6714What? Michael, wait up, are you crazy? You don't know who lives up at that psycho shack- Michael, wait!
6715No way. That must have been the Sheepsquatch.
6716Well... You know, I... Michael, I was hoping you would... *distant howl*
6717Why'd you wear something so thin to a camping trip?
6718What? No... Stop trying to scare me! You're so silly, Michael.
6719Brrr... It got really cold outside. And I'm only wearing this flimsy sundress...
6720Yeah, um, definitely. It's good to be out here. Lots of stuff that you can't find in the suburbs, like, um, big... trees.
6721Did you hear something?
6722Raymond is dead. I heard his scream, I heard the beast's howl. I know it was him. He's gone.
6723I told him in my note at camp not to follow me. Why didn't he listen?
6724I tracked this monster down to a cave towards Beckley. He... he has to be between the cave and the pond.
6725This beast has a litter of pups. I was going to call the hunt off entirely... but now... now I'm finishing it. For good.
6726I'll go to Beckley and get help after I'm done with it. Then we'll... take care of Raymond. My poor dear fool.
6727*cocks gun*
6728I should have killed that beast when I had the chance. I'm coming for you, you piece of ---
6730It's a long drive, so I may as well rehearse this before I say it to her face. Breathe, Raymond... you can do it. She'll listen.
6731Ok, ok. I'm gonna say... "Janelle, honey, I will help you kill this critter but we gotta get back to basics so the business can survive."
6732Hmm.. maybe I should remind her that none of the experimental taxidermies sold last month. Ugh. No, that's mean. She loved making them.
6733Ok, ok, ok. Let's see. More supportive. "I want you to keep being able to make your art... it brings a smile to your face that I always want to see."
6734"But going off to hunt real... monsters? It's too dangerous! We're just trappers, and most of what we get is roadkill!" *sigh*
6735"Calvin buys almost all our stock every month. It's good money. It's enough for your weird.. art..." No! Don't make her feel bad, damn it.
6736Ok, I should just go drop these cages off and go find her. I'm making a big deal over nothing. We can figure this out together.
6737*turns off engine*
6738Ok, I'm here. Now... I need to drop off these cages by the pond and then I'll go to her tent. I can do this.
6739Chelsea? Chelsea?
6740You're just making this harder. I've almost got you.
6742Stop struggling!
6743Ahh! Please stop!
6744Be careful. The rocks are slippery.
6745Fine. I'm tired of board games anyway.
6746Aha, that's right. Come on, let's go wading! It doesn't look deep.
6747Again? Ugh. You always beat me.
6748I win!
6749Can we just head over to the Van Lowe place now? We need to interview the sister about his last known whereabouts.
6751(distant) Hahaha! There's the beastie!
6752I smell... new meat. Warm blood. Strong muscles. A stench like it's been around for centuries, hiding in my lands, feeding on my prey...
6753Well not anymore it don't. I've caught the creature's scent. *long inhale* And it's near tonight.
6754Some dumb kids lit a campfire down the hill... but I won't let them ruin my hunt. I'll take care of them... *long inhale* Won't I, little beastie?
6755Then you can come on by and let me have a taste of you.
6756Wow... It's a really nice night, isn't it? The stars are beautiful here. Not like at home.
6757My little brother, Calvin, and I grew up in this strange old place. Our folks ran the shop downstairs and when they passed, the business ended up with me.
6758Calvin was always the odd sort... and smart, too. After college, he ran off to work for some big-shot company out of state. Barely heard from him after that.
6759Calvin has... conditions; obsessions. A "research project?" I didn't buy it. It wouldn't surprise me if this had nothing to do with his job, if he even had one.
6760(sigh) The last time I saw Calvin was right before I went away for the weekend. Not even a goodbye. When I came back, he was gone.
6761The only thing Calvin ever cared about was this god damn Sheepsquatch... I know that's the root of his disappearance, I have no doubt about it.
6762Hello. I assume you're listening to me now because you followed the poster. Well, I'm Shelley van Lowe and I'm looking for my brother.
6763Let me spoil the surprise now: my brother wasn't eaten by a damn Sheepsquatch, or at least, I doubt that's the case.
6764But I think Calvin's obsession with proving it exists may have more than a little to do with his disappearance.
6765Calvin is... not right. Never been. When he suddenly showed up in town after years of being away, I knew there was something strange going on.
6766Next thing I know, he's vanished. All his belongings still here, him: gone. But it doesn't feel right, he didn't just move out again.
6767I contacted the police about trying to find him, but the war broke out and... well, I'm sure you know how it all went.
6768So, I'll get to the point: I'm leaving Lewisburg, I don't have a choice. But, I can't just forget Calvin.
6769If you think you can help, then please... Head up to the office on the third floor. See if you can pick up his trail.
6770If Calvin is still out there, he needs to know I'm looking for him. And if he's not... well, I think that's something I need to know, too.
6771Note to, uh, self. Calvin. Keep it together.
6772I have... I mean, "You" have a real job to do. You can't be distracted by your academic pursuits-- no, no, "fantasies." This is too important.
6773 But if you're listening to this, it means you're slipping. So, repeat after me: the Sheepsquatch isn't real. The Sheepsquatch... isn't real....
6774But... if it is, then I could... Interesting, I hadn't considered that. I wonder if I still have that article... No! Hey! No! Stay focused, stay on task!
6775If you screw up, you know what will happen... So... This is so stupid. Calvin. Me. Just... concentrate. God... and get back to work!
6776Raymond, I'll mail you a list of things I need tomorrow. But I wanted to tell you what I found, first hand. This is big.
6777This is the real deal. I found a dead bear, shredded by... something, I don't know. I met a woman in Beckley who said there is a pale monster up here. The Beast, she said.
6778Listen, this thing... if it is half as weird as it sounds... it could be a gold mine. Crazy Calvin would pay out the nose for it!
6779Raymond, this is a game changer. We could finally buy the shop outright... or we could get a new truck, or hire some help.
6780Ok, please bring those supplies to my old fishing camp near the pond north of Beckley. This is where I caught that two-headed fish, remember?
6781There's probably a map to my hunting camp in my old truck by the shop. So drive down here and come look for my camp. Park near my car on the road.
6782Ok... oh and um, Raymond - I'm sorry I've been on the hunt for almost two weeks. I know it's taken longer than usual... but baby I really think it'll be worth it this time!
6783Bo Peep, you failed to make our meeting. How very unlike you.
6784I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt. You never struck me as someone who would skip town when things go south.
6785I'm going to take a walk in the park. Maybe we'll bump into each other.
6786If I get back and you're here, then I'll forget all about that missed meeting.
6787If I get back and you're not? Then we have a problem.
6788Test Subject #876 Day 10: Subject has begun decomposing at a faster rate. This is not optimal.
6789I will need to find another test subject soon.
6790Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to kill Protectron.
6791That is all. We expect that every man will do his duty. Good luck.
6792There's no way out. There's no way out.
6793We forgot about the old expansion. They never installed the security doors there. They made it into the tunnels. Then the plant. They're everywhere.
6794I thought we were safe. The plant was sealed. They couldn't get in.
6795We couldn't see in the smoke, but... they must have ripped their gas masks off. The soldiers turned.
6796Something went wrong. They rushed the lines.
6797'Violent riot in union camp!' 'Protest ends without without a shot fired!'
6798The gas. HalluciGen Gas. It was supposed to make them turn on each other. That's what they said.
6799The protests had to stop. They sent in the Guard. And the gas.
6800Check my terminal. It's all there. This whole fiasco, it goes all the way to the top. Poseidon. The military. The government. They were all in on it.
6801To whoever hears this: I was just following orders.
6802I'm so tired. But I have to keep going. Just a little more. It's almost done. Almost done.
6803I've replaced the main lens. Finished the particle analysis. I think the accelerator is finally stable.
6804I've activated all of the robots. They're security bots, they were never programmed for this. But it's all I've got. I can make it work.
6805I have to finish it. Everything I need, it's all here. I just need time. And hands.
6806ATLAS, this research... it's been my life's work. We need ATLAS. The world needs ATLAS. Now more than ever.
6807They abandoned me. The military never believed in ATLAS. It was just another weapon. When the nukes fell, what did it matter?
6808It's been five months. Five months since that day.
6809ATLAS Project, Research Log 292. 93? 93.
6810ATLAS has the potential to change the world. Or destroy it.
6811As much as I want to see my research in action, we need to proceed carefully. If this goes wrong, the results could be catastrophic.
6812Colonel Oberlin is still pressing for the facility to be fully operational before the end of the year.
6813Assembly of the main device remains on schedule. The Air Force is nothing if not punctual.
6814The Lieutenant is working on a firmware update for the coil controller. She said she'll have the 'wobble' out by Monday.
6815We've hit a plateau at the 300 MeV threshold. Micro-variations in the magnetic flux are disrupting the Betatron induction loop.
6816Lieutenant Marcs and I have begun calibrating the ion beam accelerator.
6817ATLAS Project, Research Log, #104.
6818Congratulations, dear. I'm sorry I can't be with you today, but I'm sure the other girls can walk you through your vows.
6819Good morning.
6820Hello, dear. Welcome to the Order of Mysteries.
6821There have been three ambushes in the past week. Three more of our sisters killed. The raiders seem to know our every move.
6822If you're listening to this, you are now a full member of our order - a Mistress of Mystery. Congratulations, dear.
6823In mastering the tools and techniques of the Mistress, you have earned the rank of Seeker. Your training is almost complete.
6824The Mistress of Mystery is not a sniper. She is not the Silver Shroud, leaping into the fray with his silver submachine gun blazing.
6825In combat, the Mistress of Mystery relied upon her speed, agility, and training in the martial arts, including the art of the sword.
6826First and foremost, the Mistress of Mystery was a master of stealth, subterfuge, and infiltration.
6828Hello, mother.
6838All right, I'll set it up. Anything else?
6839No, we're good. See you next week.
6840Hmm. Lewisburg? Yeah, Kerry's gang is down that way.
6841Not yet. I found the program I need. Meet me here next week, and I'll have it for you.
6843The last two raids have gone well. We lost a couple of guys, but nothing like before.
6844Spare me. Any news?
6845I know, I know. Sorry. This is Blackwater territory - we've had issues with them lately.
6846You're late.
6848Now it's over.
6850Brody, what?
6851Sorry. One last thing?
6852Give me a hand, would you? Let's get out of here.
6853Yeah. She was the last. It's all over.
6854That's it, then?
6855God, I've never seen anything like that...
6856Brody? You can come out now.
6857A hero to the end.
6858I'm... so sorry, Olivia. I wish... I wish it hadn't come to this.
6860I'm sorry, Olivia. You've left me no choice.
6861You're worse than the raiders ever were. And far, far more dangerous.
6862There are no heroes. This is a world of villains. The strong survive. They rule.
6863How many people have we killed? Hundreds? For what? Nothing changes. There will always be more raiders.
6864Olivia. Why?
6865Do your best, dear. I know you will.
6866And whatever happens to this world, you have the skills to face it.
6867I'm sure Eve, or Olivia, or whoever follows them as Headmistress, has trained you well. You have her, and your mentor, and your sisters to lean on.
6868All I had to offer them was a comic book hero. But... maybe that was enough.
6869But after the war, there were so many orphaned girls. They needed a home. They needed something to aspire to. They needed hope.
6870For most of my life, I was an actress. I would never have imagined any of this.
6871As I record this, I'm in my sixties. No one lasts forever, especially given what we do.
6872Since I'm not telling you this in person, I suppose it also means that I have... passed.
6873The future of the Order of Mysteries depends on your success. Good luck.
6874This may be the most difficult mission I've ever posted. But it's also the most important.
6875If you make it back, report to me in my office for a full debrief.
6876Find out how they know about us and our plans. Do whatever you have to do to stop them. And get out alive, if you can.
6877We need someone to infiltrate the raider stronghold at Pleasant Valley.
6878This mission is open for volunteers. It may well be a suicide mission. But at this point, I don't know what else to do.
6879This will be your final test. When you return, your sisters and I will be proud to welcome you into our ranks.
6880Continue to hone your skills. When the time comes, Eve will assign you a Mistress-rank mission from the mission board.
6881In order to become a full member of the Order - a Mistress of Mystery - you must complete a mission worthy of the Mistress herself.
6882Bring the plans to Frederick, and see what he can make of it. He never fails to amaze me.
6883Cryptos has leads on a number of prototype weapons that were in development before the war. You will be assigned to retrieve one of them.
6884But for us, that variety is essential. We need tools capable of meeting any challenge. Your mission is to help expand our options.
6885To be frank, it did whatever the writers needed it to do. I received more than a few letters about that.
6886The Mistress' iconic revolver was the Voice of Set. It had... a variety of powers.
6887But she does carry a pistol. It is a tool, like any other, to be used when the situation requires it.
6888Once the Analyzer has finished its work, Frederick should be able to hone your sword into a blade worthy of the Mistress of Mystery.
6889The Analyzer will collect data on your stance and swing as you wield it against different foes.
6890Then, you'll need to pick up one of Frederick's Swing Analyzers and attach it to your sword.
6891First, you'll need to locate a sword with historic significance. That symbolism matters - you'll treat it with respect. Cryptos should have some leads.
6892The time has come for you to earn your own blade.
6893For many years, her favored weapon was the Blade of Bastet, a legendary sword passed down from hero to hero across the ages.
6894Good luck, dear. And be careful.
6895Use your training to infiltrate your targets, secure the items, and return them to the production facility.
6896Search Cryptos for leads on Stealth Boys and HalluciGen Gas.
6897Frederick has found a way to make a real Phantom Device. But it requires two components we have in short supply.
6898Part smoke bomb, part cloaking field, the Phantom Device threw her foes into disarray while she made her most daring escapes.
6899Your own talent and training are essential. But there were times when even the Mistress needed more.
6900Work with Eve and your mentor. When the time comes to prove yourself, Cryptos has the details.
6901In order to become a full member of the Order, you will need to master the tools of the Mistress of Mystery: sword, shot, and shadow.
6902I've asked Eve to accelerate our training program. If the worst should happen, we need everyone to be ready.
6903In eight years, we've only lost one member of our family. In the past three months, we've lost seven. All to raider ambushes.
6904Be careful, dear. I can't bear to lose anyone else.
6905Standard protocol: Secure the location, look for signs of raider activity, and report back to the manor.
6906I have a lead on a raider scouting party. I need you to follow up on it.
6907I'm sorry to drop this on you. Tiana hasn't reported in from her last mission. Olivia and I are heading out to investigate.
6908And as soon as I get back, we'll sit down for tea, just the two of us. I promise.
6909If you have someone you want to work with, that's fine. If not, Cryptos will assign you a mentor.
6910You won't have to walk this path alone. For the next few months, you'll be training with one of your sisters.
6911It's time for you to join our sisterhood - the Order of the Mistresses of Mystery.
6912But the world needs the Mistress. It needs people with the strength to face the darkness, the will to survive against any odds. It needs you.
6913Does that sound a little silly? I suppose it did to me too, at first.
6914Eight years ago, I began training the girls we adopted to fight like the Mistress of Mystery, the hero I played for all those years on the radio.
6915I'm sure you're a little nervous. I know, it's a lot to take in. But the girls wouldn't have invited you here if they didn't think you were ready.
6917Because they're right.
6918Wake up. Look around you, mother. This isn't one of your comic book fantasies.
6920Just set it down. Now, let's finish this rubber. Dollar a point?
6921But I'd rather stay at a shoddy lodge than take my chances with... whatever might be going on down in the valley.
6922I'm not there for the skiing. Or the clientele.
6923Sunnytop? Really?
6924No, the resorts are the better option. If The Whitespring won't have us, we should try Pleasant Valley. Even Sunnytop.
6925And Charleston, no less! It always was a slum. Now? With refugees swarming like flies? Ugh.
6926Can you imagine, parading into town like a troupe of beggars?
6927He always was for sale. Not a terrible thing, if you're the buyer.
6928Evans? That snake?
6929Oh, Bill's keen on Charleston. We were social with the Governor. I'm sure he'd make arrangements for us.
6930What about you, Liz? Have you made up your mind yet?
6932Tannin! Another scotch.
6933Everything changes. But in the end? I can't imagine a place I'd rather be.
6934As for me? I'm going to stay right here. Have one last donut. And whatever happens, happens.
6935Joyce did her best. They all did. I hope they make it out there.
6936But this spot... it's still here.
6937Everything changes. They got rid of the donuts. And the staff. And the whole world.
6938Every morning, we'd sit right here, have donuts, read the paper. Just the two of us.
6939When I was little, I used to come here with my grandfather.
6940It's funny what comes to mind at a time like this.
6941Whatever happens... we did all we could, this past year. I couldn't have done it without you. Thank you.
6942Good. The Gala's on Sunday, so this may be our last staff meeting.
6943Keepin' on.
6944Anyone have anything else? Robert, how're things?
6945At least people have been stocking up. The 'All-You-Can-Carry' Shopping Spree was a hit. No one turned that down.
6947Yeah. Best we got.
6948The Warrens picked up a few things on safari. Sgt. Tommelson's been teaching marksmanship.
6949Tommelson? That crank who thinks the communists are bugging his room?
6950Friedrich's classes are a joke, but the guests have been pitching in.
6951Paula, how's the training going?
6952Not just me, every guest who can work a terminal. We've been locked out. We're getting kicked out. And there's nothing we can do.
6953No. Really, no. I'm sorry, Paula. We've tried everything.
6955Can't you just shut them off? Or keep them from turning on us? There has to be a way.
6956Really, Lew? Really? You set up the damn things. Don't tell me you don't know how to hack them.
6957I've got nothing.
6958And... recording. All right. What are we looking at?
6959Cordially yours. Henrietta Winchester.
6960Clearly, I underestimated the scope of your ambition.
6961I confess, when I heard you had carved up your championship golf course for housing tracts, I was concerned it might have impacted the quality a little.
6962Not that teeing off with a four hundred yard putt wasn't a unique experience.
6963And then, seven. Ah, seven. Such a slope. It would make a fabulous ski run.
6964I had a wonderful chance to reflect on that during the three-mile drive from the fifth hole to the sixth.
6965Or take the cart paths. One normally takes such little note of them.
6966Most courses put ever so much effort into varying their holes. You appear to have liked your third so much, you repeated it immediately.
6967Nine, I could understand. Or perhaps six, played thrice. But... seven.
6968You appear to have seven holes. Seven. What a curious number.
6969Mr. Ainsley. I wanted to remark upon the fascinating design of your new Springhill golf course.
6970They're, they're coming. They're coming!
6971Now we're three. Just, just three. Can't run. Can't hold. Can't.
6972Then Ted. Zack. Zack, Phil, Mark. God, Mark. They dragged him. I can, can still hear him screaming.
6973Then, then Rob went missing. Went down to the range. Wasn't far. Wasn't, wasn't back by dark.
6974At first, we thought it was fun. Tried to see who could, who could pick them off. Extra points for the head.
6975Rob. Rob saw them first. Three. Just, just three, out on the Seventh. Easy shots from up here.
6976They keep coming. They, they just keep coming.
6977All my love. Always.
6978I've missed you and the girls. Missed you so, so much. Take care of them for me, all right?
6979But... we have to go. Paula and I, we're leaving for Charleston in the morning.
6980We made out all right. Even made me manager. Can you believe it?
6981Never thought I'd be grateful for the robots.
6982I've been here for the past year, since the war. Me, a couple of the staff, about a hundred guests. And the robots.
6983It's... it's about two-thirty in the morning. New Year's. 2079.
6984God, where to start?
6985I... I don't know if you'll ever get this. But I wanted to make sure there was something here, if you came looking, if you made it.
6986Dave? Dave, honey, it's Joyce.
6987Ladies and Gentlemen, one last toast. To The Whitespring.
6988The Whitespring bought us that time. Let's make the most of it.
6989We've had time to plan, to prepare, to stock up. To find friends to share the road ahead.
6990But we're ready. Ready, like none of us was on that day.
6991It's time for us to face that storm.
6992For the past year, The Whitespring has been our home. A shelter from the storm just outside the gates.
6993But when you stop and think about it, we've been blessed. So many people have had it so much worse.
6994I know the last few weeks have been a shock. We all hoped we could stay here forever.
6995All right, all right, settle down.
6996*draws minigun*
6997*Guns drawn*
6998I'm working for Vault-Tec now. I put your name in for Vault 94.
7000Fuck it. Just kill them.
7004You're stalling. Boys?
7005Please, put your guns down. This is a peaceful community.
7006Boss said to start talking, lady.
7007'Share'. Right.
7008Gentlemen, I assure you, this is no trap. We would be happy to share...
7009Oh god.
7010And you think we'd just waltz into a fucking trap like that?
7011You send out all these 'Ambassadors': "All are welcome!" "Come, join us!" "We have food to spare!"
7012I... what?
7013Shut it. What the hell's your game?
7014Ah, you're early! Good morning. On behalf of--
7015*door opens*
7016Today's the day. Our first guests should be arriving--
7017This meeting of the Vault 94 Community Council is now in session.
7019No, wait--
7020You got it.
7021Let's just waste this thing and get out of here. Red, light it up.
7022You got a better explanation? I'm already feeling a little off.
7023Mind control? You serious?
7024You know, boys... I think this here's some kind of mind control device. It's what drove all those saps crazy.
7025Radiation. Huh.
7026This ain't no idol. C'mon. And what's with all the rads?
7027Some religious crap?
7028Boss? Terminal says it's a... G.E.C.K.. 'Garden of Eden Creation Kit'.
7029Sure, sure. But all that work to get in here, what do we find? A fucking briefcase?
7030I'm not complaining. Hell of a score.
7031These people are nuts. No weapons! Nothing! They didn't even try to fight back!
7032On it.
7033Lucas, check the terminal.
7034Lotta rads here, boss.
7035The hell's that?
7036Think on it. After everything that's happened... you deserve it.
7037They're looking for an entire community dedicated to peace and nonviolence. Your congregation would be perfect.
7038But I'm worried about you and Angelique.
7039I'm sure you didn't expect to hear from me again. After the divorce, custody fight, the whole excommunication thing... maybe you don't want to.
7040Hello, Gabby.
7041If anyone has any better ideas, see me in my office. Dismissed.
7042Everyone else: I'm going to post a new mission this afternoon. I won't assign it out, but... I want you all to take a look at it.
7043Yeah, got it.
7044I mean it. No games. No pursuit.
7046Olivia, watch the manor. If you see anything suspicious, report back at once.
7047Of course.
7048Eve, I want you to ramp up our training program. The younger girls need to be able to defend themselves.
7049I don't know. But we have to find a way forward.
7050But now, all of a sudden, we're the ones getting wiped out? Why? What changed?
7051Any one of us could take down an entire raider squad by ourselves. Most of us have!
7052Dammit. None of this makes sense! We've fought those bastards for years!
7053We're shorthanded enough as it is. We can't have everyone on search and rescue.
7054We should send rescue teams. Groups of three or four. They can't possibly take us all on.
7055Of course not. But-
7056What do you mean, 'assume'? Are we just giving up on them?
7057Vanessa and Briana are missing. Given recent events, we should assume they've been ambushed.
7058All right. Let's keep this brief.
7059Yeah. Yeah, I know.
7060She's smart, talented, but... she never listens. She won't take orders. When I try to correct her, she just storms off. Do you think you could-
7061Our daughter is two days late. Again. Frederick, I don't know what to do with that girl.
7062You do more than that. I could never have done this without you.
7063What are you up to, dear? Another log? Does anyone ever listen to these?
7064Dear, I love you both. I can't get in the middle of this. The two of you need to talk this out.
7065It's past midnight. Come on, let's get to bed. I can finish this in the morning.
7066We've always put a lot of pressure on her. She's not perfect, but she's an incredible young woman. Remember that.
7067I know that look. What's bothering you? Olivia?
7068I don't know. Maybe they'll come in handy for Janet, some day. She practically runs the place now. I just tinker.
7069Hmm? Oh, Shannon. Sorry, didn't hear you come in.
7070It's ambitious, I'll give him that. Finding the right pattern is going to be-
7071I've started digging into Kent's old idea for ballistic weave.
7072Frederick Rivers, Production Log, #212.
7073I took a look at her code. Nice piece of work. I think our old mainframe's in good hands.
7074Oh. Rachel had an idea for an automated query system for mission assignments.
7075Rachel, Janet, and I spent the last two weeks pruning the database down, and we've still got more leads than we know what to do with.
7076The girls have done a fantastic job collecting intel over the years.
7077I didn't give a damn about the price. It looked impressive. And it's been one hell of a machine.
7078Take Cryptos. I needed a mainframe to run Shannon's training room. My buddy Zack at RobCo had a mothballed old DIA project he wanted to unload.
7079This whole thing still amazes me sometimes.
7080Frederick Rivers, Production Log, #209.
7081Oh, and Eve has me working on some new programs for the Hall of Trials - have to keep the girls on their toes. They certainly keep me on mine.
7082Beyond that? Usual mix. Shannon wants a recording device for her next mission. Isabella's gun prototype needed some work.
7083Janet really deserves most of the credit. It's a slick system, and networking it into Cryptos will save us a lot of bookkeeping.
7084Had to clear the lab until we could vent the gas. Nasty stuff.
7085Briana was our first guinea pig, uh, I mean, user. Her blade turned out fine, but her Phantom Device had a bit of a valve leak.
7086Been a busy week. Janet and I finally got the new Fabricator all wired up. Should've done this years ago.
7087Frederick Rivers, Production Log, #194.
7088I've put in a complaint, but... Headmistress' daughter and all. She never changes.
7089There was one minor incident today: Olivia commandeered an entire bag of Stimpaks and took off without a word.
7090Laura is still recovering from bone worms. Her bloodwork is clean, but I've recommended light duty for the next two weeks.
7091I've done my best to stabilize her, but I'm no surgeon. She's lost a lot of blood. If she goes into shock... there's not much we can do.
7092Alexis is in critical condition following the accident in the Hall of Trials earlier today.
7093We have two active cases.
7094This is the Infirmary log for Tuesday, September 17th. Mistress Natasha Hunt reporting.
7095Until then, I've got another ambush site picked out. You think you can do this?
7096Do you have the tape?
7097I can't believe it. Babe, you and I are moving up in the world.
7098The boss said he'd take your deal.
7099I'm done living in the shadows. Done playing my part in your little farce. I've made my choice. It's time I took my place in the real world.
7100And mother? I am the strongest. You made me the strongest.
7101You're no hero. You're just a sad old woman who couldn't face the world. And you dragged all of us into your delusion.
7102Things have been difficult for us of late.
7103*static* ...Riverside Manor is... *static* ...raiders are closing in... *static*
7104*static* ...gangs are on the move. We must... *static* ...The Order cannot... *static*
7106*cocks gun*
7107*intense battle*
7108*draws sword*
7110*footsteps, door closes*
7112*door creaks*
7113The world is over. I think that's the first time I've said it out loud. It sounds... strange.
7114After the bombs hit, people kept looking to us for answers. And I'd tell them, "Don't worry, help is on the way!" It's clear to me now that there's nobody left.
7115Winter has been brutal. It started a few weeks after the bombs hit and shows no signs of letting up. Hell, maybe Winter is all that's left now.
7116I remembered this cave from grade school. Kids called it the Wendigo Cave. I was scared of it then, absolutely terrified. Now it's the only thing keeping us alive.
7117We'll stay here to survive the cold, then we'll get back out there. The men trust me to keep them alive, and I haven't let them down yet. Here's hoping that record holds.
7118I leave a message for my comrades - assuming any are left. If not, our mission has failed. My only solace is that the capitalist dogs are doomed as well.
7119When the bombs hit, it was clear we had failed the primary directive. Station Chief Xi ordered us to disperse and blend with the local populace. This... has been challenging.
7120I do not understand the people of this country, nor do I care to. I miss my people, the Motherland, and... I grow weary.
7121If I am wrong... maybe it is not too late to advance our work at Fujiniya. I will not be around to find out. Forgive me. Hail the People's Republic!
7123*Sigh* It's been... hours? Days? Well, who the hell knows. Trapped... starving, thirsty. Since everyone drank that goddamned drink.
7124This was our final initiation. Me and my buddy Max over there. Locked in here for the party and then we were golden. One last test...
7125They passed out red cups at the end. To celebrate. Called it 'Nukashine'. I dumped it when they weren't looking. Max here... didn't.
7126Everyone was fine at first... well, until they weren't. That sound... I'll never forget that damned sound. I... I can't... *Sigh*
7127And now... now, I'm stuck here with no food, no water, and an old saw that won't cut through shit. Stuck here with ol' Max Posey.
7128I... I gotta think of something soon. He's a swell guy but... I'm getting sick of his company.
7129Personal log, timestamp 1120761344. My special edition Nuka-Cola lamp arrived in satisfactory condition. After a few... modifications, I am greatly pleased.
7130I clearly now have the greatest Nuka-Cola collection in the city, but I've pushed the capacity of this meager hovel to the limit.
7131Solution - I need to procure a warehouse in Morgantown for further expansion. But first, I need the proper financial capital...
7132I clearly need to strategize a successful commercial enterprise. University students are plentiful. But what do they want...
7133Aha! Proposal - students love alcohol. And I love Nuka-Cola. I shall formulate a high-proof distilled spirit with Nuka-Cola. The perfect beverage!
7134Hmmm... it just needs a name. Nukahol? Nukamash? Nukabrew? Ah, I'll get to that part later.
7135Greetings to you, the lucky finder of this golden holotape! That fresh golden glaze comes courtesy of the delicious box of BlamCo Mac and Cheese you just opened!
7136I'm Dick Shale! You may recognize me from contests like the Pulowski Preservation Shelter Squat and the Red Rocket Gas-A-Thon!
7137If you're hearing this, it means you've won a free Extreme Adventure tour upgrade at the world-famous Uncanny Caverns! Base ticket price not included.
7138Be at the front gates at 10 AM on October 1st and don't be late! In your wildest dreams you could not imagine the uncanny surprises that await you!
7139And as the official Uncanny Caverns tour guide... assuming the check clears... I'll see you there too! This is Dick Shale, signing off!
7140Mmmmm, yeah. Yeah, that's the good stuff. Yeahhh... I'm flying man, I'm flying! Oh wow, wow! I'm in a different planet, man! I'm in outer space!
7141Guys, do you feel this? Do you feel this, guys? Guys? Huh, where did everybody... AAAAAH, WHAT THE HELL IS THAT??
7142OOOH MAN, please tell me you see that? Guys, do you see that? Becky, there's a lighthouse there, right? Right Becky? Steve? Oh god! OH GOD!
7143Stay calm man, stay calm. You're up too high, there's no water around, no boats around. It's not a lighthouse, you idiot. They don't build lighthouses on mountains.
7144It's the chems, haha! The chems, of course! I'll just close my eyes, and when I open them... three, two, one... NO! OH NO! NO NO NO NO NO! Where am I? Where am I?? WHERE AM I??
7145(Radio drama plays)
7146(Radio drama plays)
7147(Radio drama plays)
7148(Radio drama plays)
7149(Radio drama plays)
7150(Radio drama plays)
7151(Radio drama plays)
7152(Radio drama plays)
7153(Radio drama plays)
7154(Radio drama plays)
7155*Crowd Murmuring*
7156Romeo Squad, this is Defiance. Priority message follows. Intel shows a significant amount of military robotics at the Harpers Ferry Pump Station.
7157Proceed to the location through the city sewer and conduct recon to identify the source. Report back by 0700. Ad victoriam.
7158Dylan, I hope you find this when you get back. I need you to listen to me. We can't stay here anymore.
7159Marcus, that son of a bitch. I should've known he'd... *sigh*. The point is, you need to grab your things and leave as soon as possible.
7160Just don't try to leave through the central chamber. One of his goons will just hold you up and give you shit. I'm heading to Mosstown now. I love you and... I hope I see you soon.
7161Hello, 'Maudy'. Hopefully you're still alive to hear this after my... modifications to the bot targeting parameters.
7162If you are, you have probably noticed that all the exits topside are sealed shut and you are... *laughs*... so screwed!
7163I get it, Maude. You thought you were safe. You thought you built a home for all those helpless saps down here and refused to give way to how the world really works now.
7164Yeah... That's how I knew you'd pull some dumb shit like this.
7165Before you and your crew ran off into the tunnels like a bunch of rats, you asked me why I was doing all of this.
7166Now, the reasoning is... it's pretty simple: the mean guys always win, Maude.
7167Things are no different now than before the bombs. Hell, it's the reason most of us landed down here in the first place!
7168I just figured I may as well be the one to mean up before somebody else beat me to it.
7169*Laughs* Sorry, I was just thinking how my daddy would be so proud of me. You know, that his boy followed in his footsteps in 'waste management'. I will see you in hell, Maude.
7170Well you could do that... you could. But you'd be more screwed than you already are. Look around, Trish.
7171My boys are the only ones here with guns, and the only ones that know anything about fighting! None of you can touch us. You wouldn't stand a chance.
7172I understand you folks have gotten used to the chummy, love-your-neighbor bullshit, but the new world order is here.
7173Now, I get it. That is some bitter medicine to swallow. But if I need to help you force it down, just know that I am more than happy to oblige.
7174And if we refuse?
7175But, not to worry. I will be a kind and fair ruler. I will let you continue using my facilities if you obey one very simple rule.
7176And that is to follow my every order to a T! I tell you to do something, you do it. I need something, you get it.
7177I ask you for the moon? You figure out how to pull that SOB out of the sky and bring it right down here to me.
7178Now... for some of you that is probably confusing. Maybe you're asking yourself "Marcus, what's that mean for the Burrows? What's it mean for me?"
7179Well friends, it's really pretty damn simple. It means that as of now, I own everything in these tunnels!
7180The rats you eat, the mold growing on your mattress, the bricks you are standing on. They're all mine.
7181Alright people, settle in, settle in. Alright. Now, I asked that all the Burrows folk gather here today because I'm making a little announcement.
7182As of right now, the Burrows Boys are withdrawing from our little alliance and claiming ownership over these tunnels.
7183Hi, this is Gabe Ramses and I'm leaving this message to inform the Parks and Rec Department of the horrible experience my family and I had this week at the Alpine River Cabins!
7184We were all looking forward to a nice, weekend getaway in the wilderness, but between the constant shaking in the cabins, rodent swarms, and blood-curdling screams, I'm more stressed than I was before!
7185My boys were so upset they swore they saw the picture frames spinning on the walls!
7186My tax dollars pay your salaries, so I demand recompense or you can bet I'll do my darndest to make sure that money is in someone else's pockets next election!
7187And one more thing! Maybe you could get off your lazy butts and pick up some of the garbage here. The place is filthy!
7188I know all the recent hub-bub about atomic war, but that doesn't mean the place has to look like it was just hit with a nuclear bomb!
7189Ugh! This interview is over. We need to talk. Miguel. What the F---
7190*clears throat* Um... I meant to say that... you find ways to combine work with the things you love, right?
7191Mhmm. Class dismissed!
7192Wow, and there you have it, folks. Thanks for talking with us today, Kesha. And thanks for showing us all how to live a little safer.
7193It is. I've integrated the data collection and research into the Responder Survivors Volunteer Program as well. I am still a teacher, after all.
7194If anyone wants to help, just become a volunteer in Flatwoods and get a water testing kit from me. It's a fast process but it helps a lot.
7195Dip the test strips in the river and in the water pump's water and analyze the test strips at my terminal in the lab. That's all. Easy, right?
7196Help me with this research and you'll help everybody live a little safer. And you can see how our environment has changed first hand - with science!
7197You've got a lot of work cut out for you. I'm glad you joined the Responders -- that data sounds invaluable!
7198Of course! I'm testing local, natural water over time in Appalachia. Gathering data, monitoring the radiation and contamination levels, all of that.
7199I analyze the data in my lab to look for long term trends, and use those trends to determine how we can use the water right now.
7200We use the water for more than just drinking, you know. It feeds our plants which feed our animals... so we need to know how things are changing.
7201Switching tracks a bit, I know you're awfully busy with your latest research in Flatwoods. Can you explain that a bit?
7202Oh, bless your heart. It's probably as good as boiled water, anyway! Maybe even better if you add anything medicinal to it.
7203Some survivors add all sorts of flowers and herbs to boiled water, and they swear by it. Personally, I stick with purified water. To each their own!
7204If I boil water and that's mostly safe - aside from a teensy bit of radiation - what about tea? Most folks around here are tea drinkers, as you know.
7205I recall many a night sipping tea on the stoop, watching lightning bugs and reading a book in peace and quiet. Tell me that's still ok, Kesha?
7206You can build machines that will do it for you, and that's the most reliable way. Building them requires some space and time, and plenty of materials.
7207But on my way up here from Watoga, I found purified water occasionally in supply caches and medical kits. So keep your eyes peeled.
7208Ohh, purified water. How do I get that?
7209It's mostly safe, but still a bit radioactive. What you really want is purified water.
7210So Kesha... can you tell us a bit about how we can make sure our water is safe for drinking? Try to keep it to the basics for training purposes.
7211Wait, are you saying the Volunteer program was an elaborate ruse so you could spend more time with Garry?!
7212You've got to be kidding me!
7213Well, for the first time in a long time... I met somebody, and that has been good for both of us.
7214He works at the Flatwoods outpost, so I try to make excuses to visit when I can. You know how it is.
7215Programmed elaborate pointless systems just so I could be there for a while. Kept running into issues, you know, so I could stay longer...
7216Sure! Of course. Makes sense. What else has changed for you since the bombs and, uh, all of this started?
7217Oh that's easy. You need to build a campsite that's going to keep you safe.
7218You want your camp to be hard to spot by predators and people, but close to resources.
7219You also want to be able to wake up and find something to eat close by, you know?
7220What would you tell other survivors who are trying to figure all of this stuff out for the first time?
7221Yeah, yeah, of course. I love it. I dreamed of retiring to live as a hermit in the woods or something.
7222Anyway, I guess we are all hermits now! It's a blast -- *laughs* Pun not intended!
7223So you were a nature lover before all of this?
7224You know, I used to work in an office. Pushed papers all day. Filed reports. Shot the shit around the water cooler.
7225The thing I did the most was watch the clock. I couldn't wait to get out of there and plan my next hiking trip into the mountains.
7226Saved all my days off for a hike down the Appalachians, you know? Looks like I got way more time than a week now!
7227I don't know, but I hope so.
7228Yeah, I mean. Why not. You said this will help people, right?
7229Interview three. I was hunting for rabbits and met Miguel Caldera who had a really nice campsite. Miguel, can you tell us about it?
7230Fair enough. Thanks for the tips, Delbert.
7231You could say that.
7232I knew the end was coming for a good long while, and well, it's here... and the end will come again.
7233I have faith that there's a reason for all this, and that we need to survive to see our Lord again. And well, we need food to survive.
7234Sounds like you've been thinking about this for a while.
7235Yeah there are still some edible veggies out there, like melons and carrots and gourds.
7236You know, I found some tomatoes and potatoes growing together. They're somehow pollinating each other or something.
7237I ate one and it was kind of like ketchup-flavored cardboard, but hey, I'm alive.
7238You might have to experiment like that. Don't be too picky if it keeps you alive to see the end of times.
7239Oh, um, well. What kind of veggies do you eat?
7240Back in the army, we got sent off to places with weird fish I never heard of, and weird veggies I'll never see again. You know?
7241We had to cook with 'em still. Just pretend it's catfish or something and see how it turns out.
7242But now, well, lemme say that I've seen some weird stuff.
7243I thought maybe it was unholy, but... these are all the creation of our lord even if man has manipulated them, and dang it, they're still edible.
7244What do you mean by that?
7245You can make tea with dried flowers. It's not much, but it can soothe your stomach.
7246I don't know what this flower is called, but I call it a Soot Flower. If you add it to water, you can make a tea.
7247Same with rabbit meat or chicken meat, you can easily make soups with boiled water.
7248God willing, we can adapt old recipes to new types of food.
7249What's a basic, easy meal that someone who's been surviving on cans could make?
7250I was harvesting a lot of stuff, actually. I hunted a deer recently. It looked... strange. But tasted fine.
7251Interview two. Reverend Delbert Winters! Hi! I met you in the woods near the Morgantown Airport. You were picking flowers. Why?
7252Yes'm - contaminated waters should be boiled. Ok. That sounds easy enough. So boiled water is safe?
7253That's a good question, Dassa. I would tell you all first of all, to remain calm and focus on surviving.
7254The first thing you need to do is get yourself some clean drinking water. It's likely all you'll find is dirty water, but that's ok! We can fix it.
7255Dirty water carries a small chance of disease and is a bit radioactive. You'll probably survive if you drink it, but you shouldn't take that risk.
7256It's better than toxic water or nuclear waste though, which are both very harmful and should be boiled thoroughly first. Got that, Dassa?
7257I guess not. So, if we were students of yours, what would you tell us about the world now? How can we survive?
7258You could say that. I taught high school kids!
7259I used to talk about this very thing to them - practical application of the sciences.
7260It's fascinating, but... you never realize how important some things will be down the road, do you?
7261You joined the Responders a while ago and helped develop a program to train volunteers. So, were you a survivalist prior to all of this?
7262It's not complicated, really. Find water and strain out any big particles and chunks.
7263Then boil it in a pot over an open fire for a minute or two, then let it cool. Should be fine. Like making tea, right?
7264This is my first interview with another survivor, Kesha McDermott.
7265She found me trying to break into a Nuka-Cola machine and showed me a different way.
7266These days, nothing is really safe. Even in your camp, someone might hurt you. The perfect spot doesn't matter now. It's all about your defenses!
7267Now come to my camp and I can show you some knots and framing techniques. Then I'll direct you on to some helpful supplies! Good luck, Volunteer!
7268Before the war, I was going to retire and go camping. Now I can do it every day, forever! It's a dream come true! Do what you love, right?
7269Now that the world has changed, it's hard to stay safe. Used to be that camping was safe as houses. *laughs* Well, until there was a strong wind.
7270Remember, camps are mobile. We're all explorers now, camping in a strange land full of adventure, wonder, and danger. So camp often, and rest a lot.
7271You can build near people you trust who will watch your back, or build things that will watch your back for you! No problem! Anyone can do it.
7272Part 1: Finding the perfect camping location.
7273Responder Survivors Volunteer Program: Advanced Training: Camping. By Miguel Caldera -- robot programmer extraordinaire!
7274Thank you for your service, Volunteer! And remember: helping others will help yourself.
7275Your assistance is greatly appreciated. When you log in to the Responder Database, you'll be able to look up additional caches.
7276So the goal is that we'll pull in Volunteers to do at least one patrol for formal advanced training.
7277That wasn't so hard, right? Miguel has programmed some of the bots to restock these supply caches, but no where near the rate that we need.
7278I'm so glad we established the volunteer program. We've gotten many good Responder Volunteers this way. Dassa does good work in Flatwoods.
7279And there's just no signs of it getting any quieter any time soon! The control tower is on the tarmac, and it's your final patrol stop.
7280As you can clearly see, we need to constantly restock all of these supplies to keep our heads above water.
7281While you're here, ask the doctors if they have any special supply requests. After that, head over to the control tower for your last stop.
7282Restock, then head out to the tarmac. Responder Rocky's set up in the processing camp, in a cargo container. Hey - you're doing good work, Volunteer.
7283But the addendum is... you also need to have resources and support to make it, and nobody can make it entirely alone. Okay. Go on to the clinic now.
7284Anyway... the next supply cache has a key, but you'll need to pick it up from Responder Rocky. Just tell him that Kesha has you doing patrols.
7285We need people to depend on. You know, if we're all safe then we can rebuild anything. The world isn't destroyed, you know, it just needs help.
7286I know it's tough to walk through the wounded and just restock shelves, but we need you to do this. Other Responders will take care of them.
7287Good work, Volunteer. The triage center sees the heaviest of casualties, so the supplies here are probably always running low.
7288Like I used to tell my students: things are always a different kind of tough, and so are you. You only need to be tough enough to make it.
7289It's been such chaos keeping things well stocked ... since the Scorched ... well ... since the bombs ... seems like forever now.
7290We use the processing center to hold food and drink supplies for any new survivors brought back for triage. So it's real important to keep stocked!
7291Now start heading over to the medical center. You want to keep your patrols pretty quick so the Responder Database doesn't lock you out.
7292This exercise will take you around the primary Morgantown Airport. You'll want to restock these caches regularly.
7293Since this is your first time on patrol, I'll walk you through it. First, head downstairs and out the back doors to get to the triage center.
7294Volunteer Responders (like you) must help stock our supplies regularly. If any of our caches are depleted, we'll run into a heap of trouble.
7295Responder Survivors Volunteer Program: Advanced Training: Secure the Supplies! by Kesha McDermott.
7296This is the warden of Eastern Regional Penitentiary.
7297Our last prisoner count came up woefully short. Obviously there has been a mass breakout.
7298I'm authorizing prison marshals to seek out escaped prisoners.
7299Due to overcrowding and the logistics of caring for live prisoners, immediate use of lethal force is authorized.
7300Hmm. There seems to be an issue with the marshal's visual recognition system.
7301No time to fix it now. I must stop those escapees!
7302The holotape machine is on it's last legs, so I'm recording this for whoever comes along that might find a working one.
7303My name is Cooper Lu. I'm the last survivor of Clarksburg. After everything fell apart, a lot of them left for Morgantown.
7304There was some arguing over who got the guns from the shooting range, but a few warning shots settled that.
7305A while later a bunch of us got sick when the water turned funny colors. It took them a long time to die.
7306That just left me, Jill and Ande. Some god damn mutated bear thing got them. Now it's just me.
7307I'm going to head out east and see if I can find people. Anyone listening to this should do the same. Goodbye, probably forever.
7308This is Director George N. Smith recording what may be my final memo.
7309The earthquakes that followed the nukes cracked the dam somewhere.
7310I can't see the rupture, but the lake level has dropped dramatically.
7311The Pioneer Scout Camp got it worse though. Some sort of underground sink hole dropped most of it to below the normal lake water level.
7312Ironically it's now at the new beach front level. If the reservoir were full, it would be totally submerged.
7313I'm heading out now to see if anyone out there needs help. I don't know what I'll find. This is George N. Smith signing off.
7314Some days I wish I had never inherited Hemlock Holes.
7315Who names a golf course after a poison? My father, that's who.
7316And to top it off we're stuck out here in the ass-end of the county.
7317I've bought one of those fancy Mr. Handy chefs. Maybe some community cookouts will drum up more business.
7318It's my first day here. Oh, this is Isabel Smith-Waltz. Can't forget introductions.
7319The rangers are all so friendly, but this place is kind of weird.
7320So this fort was supposed to be a rebuilt frontier fort, but the railroad went through the place where it really used to be, so they had to put it here.
7321Then they found out the guy who wrote the book that described the fort made most of it up. Crazy, right?
7322So it doesn't even look like the real one. We call it a 'representational frontier fort.'
7323Now they want to start running civil war battle recreations here. But that never happened either. But they say it will bring in lots of money.
7324Some people just to appreciate real history.
7325The air raid sirens. The ground shaking. It's Billy. He's telling me it's time. Everyone is thinking about the bombs. They won't notice me.
7326All I have to do is sneak in to Grafton Steel and use my secret formula. Then their smoke stacks will begin spewing toxic dust all over the valley.
7327Then they'll be sorry they hurt Billy. They'll be sorry and dead.
7328I've booby trapped my cabin. They're attaching listening devices to the raccoons to spy on me.
7329But I'm too smart for them. They can't get past my traps.
7330I saw a fox look funny at me today. They might be using them too. If I see another one come around, that will prove it.
7331I've uncovered a conspiracy between the government and Grafton Steel. Kickbacks, wink and nod inspections, bribes, you name it.
7332There's no telling how big this is. I think they bugged my house, so I've moved to a cabin in the woods where nobody can find me.
7333Yesterday I had to shoot a woman. She claimed she was just hiking, but I know she was an agent sent to spy on me.
7334They killed my brother! Those bastards at the Grafton Steel Mill killed Billy.
7335Mandatory overtime they called it. He should never have been on those catwalks.
7336I can't even bury him. When you fall into a vat of molten steel there's nothing left of you.
7337I'll get them for this. I'll show those bastards.
7338It's my first day at camp! I already made a friend. It's a Ms. Nanny bot named Lauren. She's really nice.
7339We do lots of fun things here, but the food is terrible. It's this green glop that they say is made from plants all around the camp.
7340The lake is really pretty. We can see the steel mill and the dam from our camp. I like the way the orange water from the steel mill glows at night.
7341Tomorrow we're supposed to learn how to hunt for our own berries. Whatever we find we get to put into the processing machine.
7342I'm getting kind of tired Mom and Dad. It's been a busy with lots of fun. I'll make more holotapes later.
7343Just got back from a town council meeting. Bunch of pansies. No vision. No brains. No balls.
7344I'm going to drag the lot of them into the 22nd century if it's the last thing I do.
7345Since I have dirt on most of those yellow belly piss ants, they won't have much of a choice.
7346Tourism! That's what this place needs. Bunch of wide-eyed marks wandering around spending their cash on shit they don't need.
7347Grafton steel is the past. Water parks and shooting ranges are the future.
7348But I have to be careful. Grafton Steel is a big campaign contributor. Can't let them think I don't have their backs.
7349At least not until I stab them there.
7350Well, here we are, Dorothea. West Virginia. Just like you always wanted. I wish more than anything you were here to see it.
7351Maybe it's better that the Leukemia took you when you were still so young. You were spared the horrors of this war. I take some comfort in that.
7352But I made you a promise, and a grandpa keeps his word. That list we made of all the places you wanted to see? Well, I'm going to visit them all!
7353It's all for you, Dorothea. I know you're up there with the angels, and before this world's completely ruined, I'm going to make you proud.
7354I've got that old camera you used to love and... damn, someone's coming. Hope it's not those looters again. We'll finish this later.
7355It's funny how things work out. Sometimes it seems like life's got a cruel sense of humor.
7356When I came out here from San Fran to go to school at VTU, I thought this place was antiquated, filled with ignorant hillbillies. I hated it.
7357Eventually, I guess I got over myself. It turns out, people are people. Brains aren't regional and our birthplace doesn't define us.
7358I decided that once I graduated, I'd really explore West Virginia. I'd go out there and be a photojournalist, just like I've always dreamed.
7359I made a list of all the places I wanted to see, but then the bombs fell and I guess now it's a bucket list, because I don't think I've got much time left..
7360Pretty sure the radiation will kill me before I get very far, but I'm going to try. And if I don't make it, well, maybe someone can finish the list for me.
7361This is Hank Madigan. Message to any Fire Breathers running through here after me.
7362Had to dodge more robots and turrets than I can count, but I found what we were looking for.
7363Atomic Mining Services were the barons of Ultracite. Had a lab right here in this office. I think they might have found a way to help us out. Even if they didn't know it.
7364Twenty-five years on the force, and they're saying I won't be getting my retirement package. Say they can't afford it, anymore. Lucky them, they get to decide that.
7365I asked if maybe if I could be transferred to Watoga, take some kind of desk job, but they're not hiring. The robots are handling all the security, they told me.
7366Dad, I know you wanted me to stay, but I'm leaving. I... I have my daughter to think about now. This whole town is dying, and you don't even see it.
7367The government, the mining companies, Vault-Tec... they want West Virginia to run by the machines.
7368Don't you get it? There won't be any work once Watoga is finished. They won't... they won't need people anymore.
7369I'm sorry. I really hope one day you'll understand.
7370Condemned. That's what they told me. Five generations lived under this roof, and now the government, my government, is taking it from us.
7371I asked the agent what they're going to do with it, and you know what he told me?
7372"Just buy an apartment up in Watoga. Ain't that supposed to be the city of the future?" Then he sneered at me and laughed.
7373We'll see who's laughing when they try to drag me out of here.
7374This is the third time this week I've seen protestors marching outside of Watoga.
7375For the amount of money we're paying, I expect a certain level of security. How is anyone here safe with those mobs screaming at us all day?
7376I can't believe some of the riff-raff that's made it through the application process.
7377I was told Watoga would be an exclusive neighborhood, but the caliber of some of the people they've allowed in. Hmph.
7378They would never have been accepted if I was in charge, that's for sure.
7379Scouting report. Brotherhood Squire Schultz.
7380Everything in this entire shopping plaza is a load of junk. I thought this place was meant for rich people. Why were they buying all this crap?
7381At least the storefronts give you plenty of places to hide. The bots are everywhere. Might be the only things worth salvaging if I could get the drop on one.
7382Scouting report. Brotherhood Squire Schultz.
7383Kerwood Mine is almost completed flooded. Going down into that brine without Power Armor or a stronger set of lungs seems suicidal.
7384It's too bad. My recon instincts are telling me there could be something good down there. Maybe a way into that locked room.
7385Scouting report. Brotherhood Squire Schultz.
7386This whole trainyard is half-sunk in the ground. Anyone in the middle of that mess is just begging for a sniper to pick them off.
7387These two warehouses seem to be the only good defensible position. There's a nice walkway between them and plenty of places to get the drop on someone.
7388Heh. I might actually be getting the hang of this.
7389Scouting report. Brotherhood Squire Schultz.
7390This old antique store has been a good source of supplies. I've stashed some weapons and ammo in the shed out back.
7391Scavenging runs into Watoga have been... mixed. The robots are everywhere and you never know when a turret is going to pop out of its hiding place and start filling the area with lead or laser fire.
7392I really should've paid more attention to during training.
7393Turns out once all the fuel is spent, there's a hunk of material left behind. This depleted Ultracite doesn't play nice with the normal stuff. Turns corrosive.
7394AMS was thinking disposal and containment. I'm thinking weapon.
7395Scorched walk around with chunks of Ultracite stuck in them. We modify some guns to fire depleted Ultracite. See if that makes those assholes melt.
7396Another nurse and I chased her down the hallway, while the rest of the staff tried to contain the patients in the dining room, who were obviously agitated by what just happened.
7397We were finally able to hold her and administer a sedative, and the unfortunate nurse whose hand had been torn open received treatment.
7398All the other patients have returned to their routines, but Patient 3E2 and 7C1 will need to be monitored in case this is the start of habitual violent behavior.
7399The prognosis for either of them being released has slipped even further into statistical irrelevancy.
7400Hospital Incident Report. Resident Psychiatrist Doctor Kessle.
7401We had a fight breakout today. All the patients in the dining area for the morning meal and all the attending staff were present.
7402Patient 3E2 has never had any problems with violence but can be verbally abusive to whoever happens to be in the area.
7403The staff intervened, but Patient 3E2 broke free from restraint by biting into one of the nurse's hands.
7404During our exit interview, he broke into tears. He wanted to know if something was wrong with him. If he would end up here as a patient.
7405I explained that nervous exhaustion was a common ailment, especially for hospital workers.
7406Maybe after some months of rest, he could re-apply for his job. That didn't seem to console him.
7407That, and the constant attention and sanitary cleanup required throughout the day for all of his charges, was too much for the young nurse.
7408We found him standing outside the door to one of the patient rooms, carrying a tray of food but not moving anywhere.
7409One of the other nurses noticed he had been standing in place for over an hour.
7410When he finally responded to our attempts to get his attention, he seemed surprise that any time had passed.
7411Hospital Incident Report. Resident Psychiatrist Doctor Kessle.
7412One of the junior nurses has suffered a nervous breakdown.
7413His assignments included Patient 5A3, whose afflictions manifest in habitual self-harm.
7414Patient 5A4, who - while not violent - does aggressively grab and paw at whoever is trying to administer care.
7415And also Patient 5B7, who breaks down into loud, un-consolable fits of crying with no apparent cause or trigger.
7416But yeah, just to put any rumors to bed, we're also trying some new ways of getting at those precious rocks.
7417And yes, it involves melting the Uranium while it's still underground and siphoning it up. Sure beats hauling it by hand, if it works.
7418Now don't think that means any of you are getting extra time-off. Stop listening to this and get back to work.
7419This is Foreman Hibbs. United States Department of Energy.
7420Blackwater Mine has changed a lot over the years. Plenty of you already know what happens when a mine tunnel hits groundwater, so the pumps shouldn't be too surprising.
7421Department of Energy isn't messing around. I'm not messing around.
7422So stop listening to this and get back to work. Let's dig up some shiny rocks and hope they don't make us sterile.
7423Blackwater Mine is a government Uranium site. That means you're a federal employee, now.
7424And all those background checks and security interviews you went through wasn't just for fun.
7425Every yield we fail to bring up is a national security problem. One less missile gets made. One less power plant gets fuel.
7426This is Foreman Hibbs. United States Department of Energy.
7427If you're hearing this, then, welcome aboard and all that.
7428I'm sure the Human Resources folks have gotten you situated, but there's one thing I need to make sure we've drilled into ya, so you're gonna get it again.
7429Anyways, cash is tight so I'm gonna take part in hopefully my last thesis project in the sim vault. This kid seems fine and his experiment is about food, so I get to eat well at least.
7430Some of these kids, they just don't understand what Vault-Tec means! Meanwhile, I have to take my third run at a senior thesis. Should be entertaining to get rejected by Dean Elliot again.
7431It's pretty clear to me now that Vault Tec is a hive of nepotism and ass-kissing. You can't get ahead unless you attend every lecture and write every paper - there's no respect for passion!
7432The man sent me a form letter as a rejection for god's sake. At this rate, I'm going to end up shipped out to the west coast to work as a janitor in 29 with a bunch of obnoxious rich teenagers or something.
7433Now that I'm here I'm a little more realistic about things. The Overseer at Vault 96, one of the hottest postings outside of 76, wouldn't even give me the time of day.
7434Turned down by a potential boss once again. If you'd told me when I first got here that I would be anything other than the Overseer of a control vault, I wouldn't have believed you.
7435Selective breeding is the toughest but to crack, but I think that the confines of a vault are a fantastic place to put these ideas to the test in a controlled environment. I've studied the history and I have an angle that no one has thought of.
7436I know it's early, but I've been working on my Senior Thesis since I was in grade school, and I've got an appointment with Dean Elliot to go over it with him. I know it's a silly little idea, but I think it can be something real special with his help.
7437This list of courses is thrilling, and I'll be learning from some of the best. Dean Elliot is a legend, and Professor Blake literally wrote the book on psychology in confined situations.
7438This is even better than I expected! Growing up in Welch, I never would have expected to get this opportunity! My dad said not to let the big city get to my head, but I can barely stand it I'm so excited!
7439We think that we can portray fans of this beverage as having refined palettes and a taste for high quality products, which should drive sales across adult markets.
7440Our goal is to tie in with a number of tastemakers in the film and television industries and to combine that with a sleek design and a clear liquid with a more pointed taste.
7441We can use surplus cranberry storage from Raleigh County as a primary source. The key to messaging will be to move the dialogue away from "spoiled fruit" to "premium lifestyle brand".
7442New data suggests that snack beverages that have a medical connection are gaining in popularity. We've looked at a variety of potential formulations and our best bet, from a supply side perspective is a fermented, cranberry flavored drink.
7443We're working with legal to figure out the limits of what we can claim, but right now we're leaning towards "classic digestive beverage for the new generation" and/or "a green tonic water from America's greatest era"
7444We think that we can balance artificial flavors, package design and marketing to convince people that it has healthy benefits.
7445Our first experiments are going to look at reviving Celery flavored sparkling beverages. It's a beverage that has origins in the 1860s and has a built in recognition with demographics that crave outsider status.
7446Our latest market survey reports that healthy, on-the-go snacking is up 8% across all market sectors and is expected to propel demand across the next several fiscal years.
7455*humming and whistling*
7456*humming and whistling*
7457*humming and whistling*
7458*humming and whistling*
7459*humming and whistling*
7460*humming and whistling*
7461*humming and whistling*
7462*humming and whistling*
7463I may be built for destruction but my heart is made for love.
7464What's wrong, can't handle a date with me?
7465Where are you going?
7466Take me out on a date, already!
7473These hills once echoed with the songs of countless birds. Ah, how I miss that splendid avian chorus!
7474Unfortunately, my databanks contain no information about these large upright crabs that have moved into the area.
7475They certainly don't seem friendly.
7476Believe it or not, this lake was once quite beautiful.
7477I have such fond memories of the days before the war, when the Pioneer Scouts gathered in the summer for bass fishing trips here at the lake.
7478This lake was once home to numerous species of fish including walleye, musky, perch, bullhead catfish, carp... well, you get the point.
7479In the Victorian era, men would often present ladies with dogwood flowers. If she kept the flower, the lady was conveying romantic interest.
7480Beavers sharpen their teeth by grinding them together. Don't you start doing that!
7481Native Americans once used dogwood root to lure muskrats into traps.
7482Long ago, barkless dogwood tree branches were used as toothbrushes. Isn't that fascinating?
7483Beavers have transparent eyelids that protect their eye while they swim under the water. Talk about a built-in safety feature!
7484Keep working on those badges, scout! Duty and diligence should be your guiding principles.
7485Remember the Pioneer Scout motto! Ever upward!
7486Never forget our most important values - perseverance, preparedness and patriotism!
7487The ranks of the Pioneer Scouts will soon be replenished.
7488If you know anyone who'd like to join the Pioneer Scouts, I'd very much like to meet them.
7489Looking sharp in that uniform , Pioneer Scout.
7490Seeing you in that uniform is nothing short of inspiring.
7491I hope you're keeping that uniform spick and span, scout!
7492That uniform is a shining symbol of our great nation. Wear it with pride!
7493I hope you haven't lost your uniform, scout! That just wouldn't do!
7494You should put on that Pioneer Scout uniform I gave you and wear it with pride!
7495Why not wear your Pioneer Scout uniform and show everyone that you're a real American patriot!
7496A loyal and patriotic Pioneer Scout would wear their uniform every day. You want to be a loyal and patriotic Pioneer Scout, don't you?
7497Your knowledge exam may be completed at any training terminal.
7498Study hard today. Fire Breather tomorrow.
7499You have completed... zero... of ... three examinations.
7500Cheating applicants will be reported to the station captain. All such materials will be confiscated.
7501Replacement study materials are available. Report to station captain's office immediately.
7502The Security Lockdown has ended.
7503The Reactor Lockdown has ended.
7504Attention. Attention, all personnel. A Reactor Lockdown has been initiated. Please take appropriate precautions.
7505Attention. Attention, all personnel. A Security Lockdown has been initiated. Please report to your stations and await further instructions.
7506You there! Wait, I know you. Welcome back!
7507You don't have enough! Search the area for wild pumpkin vines.
7508So many pumpkins to carve, so little time!
7509On days like these, I wonder what I'm even carving for.
7510It can't be called the Pumpkin House without more pumpkins!
7511There's no such thing as too many pumpkins!
7512You there! Let me take a look at you. Yes, yes, you'll do nicely.
7513Where are my manners? Welcome to the Pumpkin House, one of the most popular attractions in Appalachia. I'm Jack, the caretaker here!
7514To the point! Visitors demand perfectly carved pumpkins for the fall festival but they simply won't stop rotting away! Erm... that's where you come in.
7515Kindly fetch me some pumpkins to carve, will you? You will be adequately compensated, I assure you.
7516You there! Yes, I remember you! Back for more seeds, are you?
7517It just so happens I am once again in need of pumpkins to carve. Perhaps an exchange is in order?
7518Yes, yes! So many fresh pumpkins! I'll get to carving right away!
7519As for your reward, I've gathered some... slightly radioactive seeds from the rotten pumpkins.
7520They may not seem like much, but they're a key ingredient for baking fresh, homemade Pumpkin Grenades! Erm... use with caution.
7521Stop by again soon, will you? A carver's work is never done!
7522As usual, many thanks for your service. As promised, here are your seeds.
7523Welcome to the Watoga Civic Center! The future of events!
7524The Watoga Civic Center welcomes you! The presidential debate happens here!
7525The Civic Center is your home to the future of music! Automatons will blow your mind with sound!
7526The shops of Watoga are home to amazing deals and the finest food. Our friendly staff is ready to make your day incredible!
7527Watoga's Municipal Center welcomes you to the future of democracy. Our automated staff would be happy to assist you today!
7528Citizen, you have arrived at the next generation of people-first politics! Through automation we have made civic responsibility a thing of the past!
7529Hi there, Citizen! Welcome to the city-center of Watoga! Where we provide worry-free government through the power of automation!
7530Automated Mining Services welcomes you to the home of industry! Visitors please see our receptionist.
7531Welcome to AMS! The Future of Mining!
7532AMS is here for you! Thank you for visiting!
7533The Transit Hub of Watoga offers monorail and bus services to the greater Cranberry Bog area and beyond.
7534Transit services wait times are presently longer than normal. We thank you for your patience!
7535Watoga wishes you safe travels wherever you are headed! Please see the boards for latest arrival and departure times!
7536Welcome to the Watoga Transit Hub! The future of travel!
7537Watoga Emergency Medical Services is here to help! Speak to our friendly automated receptionist for immediate assistance.
7538Watoga EMS is currently experiencing longer than expected wait times. We thank you for your patience!
7539Watoga EMS thanks you for letting us help you today! We are here for you with top of the line medical technology!
7540Help is on the way! Please check-in with our automated staff and we will be with your shortly!
7541Hi there, Citizen! Super Duper Mart is where you will find amazing deals on the finest foods!
7542Super Duper Mart is the best place for Super Duper deals! Welcome!
7543Hello and please see our helpful automated staff if you need anything at all!
7544Welcome to Super Duper Mart! The future of grocery stores!
7545Hello students! Watoga High School is here for you!
7546Watoga High wishes you a Happy Halloween! Don't forget your costumes!
7547Look for the Monster Mash going on at Watoga High! Get your candy while you can!
7548Welcome to Watoga! City of the future!
7549Welcome to Watoga! City of the Future!
7550Hi there! Welcome to the city of Watoga!
7551Greetings visitor! You have arrived at the City of the Future!
7552This is Watoga! City of the Future!
7553*muffled mumbling*
7554*muffled mumbling*
7555*muffled mumbling*
7556*muffled mumbling*
7557*muffled mumbling*
7558*muffled mumbling*
7559*muffled mumbling*
7560*muffled mumbling*
7561*muffled mumbling*
7562*muffled mumbling*
7563*muffled mumbling*
7564*muffled mumbling*
7565*muffled mumbling*
7566*muffled mumbling*
7567*muffled mumbling*
7568*muffled mumbling*
7569*muffled mumbling*
7570*muffled mumbling*
7571*muffled mumbling*
7572*muffled mumbling*
7573*muffled mumbling*
7574*muffled mumbling*
7575*muffled mumbling*
7576*muffled mumbling*
7577*muffled mumbling*
7578*muffled mumbling*
7579*muffled mumbling*
7580*muffled mumbling*
7581*muffled mumbling*
7582*muffled mumbling*
7583*speaking Chinese*
7584*speaking Chinese*
7585*speaking Chinese*
7586*speaking Chinese*
7587*speaking Chinese*
7588*speaking Chinese*
7589*speaking Chinese*
7590*speaking Chinese*
7591*speaking Chinese*
7592*speaking Chinese*
7593*speaking Chinese*
7594*speaking Chinese*
7595*speaking Chinese*
7596*speaking Chinese*
7597*speaking Chinese*
7598*speaking Chinese*
7599*speaking Chinese*
7600*speaking Chinese*
7601*speaking Chinese*
7602*speaking Chinese*
7603*speaking Chinese*
7604*speaking Chinese*
7605*speaking Chinese*
7606*speaking Chinese*
7607*speaking Chinese*
7608*speaking Chinese*
7609*speaking Chinese*
7610*speaking Chinese*
7611*speaking Chinese*
7612*speaking Chinese*
7613*speaking Chinese*
7614*speaking Chinese*
7615*speaking Chinese*
7616*speaking Chinese*
7617Helvetia's history dates back to Swiss settlement in 1869. *whrr*
7618Fasnacht is a tradition that Helvetia's *whrr* founders brought from the old country
7619Come see our historic stein collection. And buy a replica.
7620Our humble *bzzt* museum houses many interesting artifacts. Have a look.
7621My database contains many multi-dimensional arrays of interesting historical data.
7622Switzerland is a land of many mountains. And many steins.
7623Fasnacht traces its *whrr* roots to Alemannic folklore.
7624Helvetian Fasnacht masks are treasures all their own.
7625If I could, I would drink ERROR: MISSING DATA POINT from my historic Fasnacht stein every year.
7626Our humble museum is always accepting humble donations from humble people.
7627New historical data is *whrr* always a welcome addition to our archives.
7628Helvetia is named for the personification of Switzerland ... Helvetia.
7629Ain't nothin' better than the Lucky Mucker. Them other contests are a way to spend a spell, but they ain't no Lucky Mucker.
7630Hey there! Got a hankerin' to explore? The Lucky Mucker is the game for you!
7631Muckin' is hard work. This here Lucky Mucker ain't. Give it a go and see for yerself?
7632Ain't nothin' better than the Lucky Mucker. Them other contests are a way to spend a spell, but they ain't no Lucky Mucker.
7633Please, enjoy this complimentary sample of: wood.
7634Offloading excess wood to responsible human now.
7635Transferring excess wood inventory.
7636Dispensing: Desirable Wood Product.
7637Additional Wood Samples are unavailable at this time.
7638Desirable wood product unavailable, please return at a later time.
7639Error: Wood inventory depleted. Cannot dispense wood sample.
7640Must. Chop. Wood. Forever.
7641All wood must be chopped.
7642Trees plus Lumberjack Protectron equals desirable wood product.
7643Trees are the enemy. Must eliminate trees.
7644Lumberjack Protectron works all night and also works all day.
7645Lumberjack Protectron cuts down trees, but does not require lunch or lavatory facilities.
7646Chop Wood. Chop Wood. Chop Wood.
7647Lumberjack Protectron does not want to lose lumberjack job to cheap human labor.
7648Primary Directive: All trees must become desirable wood products
7649Lumberjack Protectron creates desirable wood products, but has no use for them.
7650Subject appears to be deceased.
7651Your vital signs are troubling. Do you need assistance?
7652This patient appears to need a coroner.
7653Kill. Kill. Kill.
7654Shutting down. Unit Offline.
7655Shut-down signal received. Unit returning to charge pod.
7656Powering up. Protectron on duty!
7657Not good enough. Just. Not. Good. Enough. Only the best in the Pioneer Scouts. Better luck next time.
7658It's live fire out there, stay back!
7659Keep the correct distance or you fail the test, Scouts!
7660Stay within the testing area!
7661No Scouts on the range!
7662Time's running out, Scouts. Get your shots in.
7663We're low on time. Shoot while you can!
7664Time is of the essence. Fire away.
7665Congratulations. Now you're a certified stealth sniper. So take your crossbow and go do some good in the world.
7666Keep shooting, Scouts.
7667The Reds'll never hear you coming.
7668Bullseye! Bullseye! Bullseye!
7669Lift, draw, fire!
7670Crossbows up and pointed at the targets!
7671It's crossbow time! Shoot like capitalism depends on it!
7672The crossbow is your friend. The target is your enemy. Shoot the target.
7673One shot, one kill. So to speak.
7674Congratulations. Now you're a certified stealth sniper. So take your bow and do go do some good in the world.
7675Well, kids, you finally get to learn one of life's important lessons: how to nail a target at range with a hand-strung bow.
7676Only a bullseye will kill a commie, and that's why only bullseyes are acceptable. Hit enough in the time allotted and you pass the test.
7677And keep your distance, Scouts. We don't need you running out on the range and taking an arrow where the sun don't shine.
7678Now get cracking. Ever Upwards!
7679This range is for Pioneer Scout use only. If you want to learn to shoot a bow, you can join the Pioneer Scouts or you can go learn somewhere else.
7680Well, kids, you finally get to learn one of life's important lessons: how to nail a target at range with a hand-strung bow.
7681Bows up and pointed at the targets!
7682It's bow time! Shoot like capitalism depends on it!
7683The bow is your friend. The target is your enemy. Shoot the target.
7684Congratulations. Now you're a certified stealth sniper. So take your bow and go do some good in the world.
7685Time is almost up, but don't stop now!
7686Better shake a leg, time is almost up!
7687Time's running out! Move it, campers, you can do it!
7688Tick tock, tick tock! Time is ticking, campers!
7689Like your time on this Earth, this race won't last forever! Better hurry!
7690Time is running out! Pick up the pace! You've got this!
7691Looking good out there! Keep it up!
7692Hup, hup, hup, hup!
7693Knees up, camper! That's the way!
7694Run like your life depends on it! Because based on reports from the Surgeon General, it does!
7695You can do it, I believe in you!
7696Keep it up! What's the worst that can happen? Dying? Well, that's always the case, so do your best!
7697That's right, show some hustle!
7698You've completed your running requirements for your Athletics badge. I'm so proud of you! Yeah! Way to go!
7699Wow, you did it! Great job! But that's only the first race. Head on over to the next course.
7700You did it! I can't believe it. Oh, wait, yes I can, because I always believed in you! Time for the final race!
7701Make your way to the next course! Don't pull a muscle on the way, you'll need your strength.
7702You win! You did it! You've managed to do something more impressive than anything I've ever done in my entire life. Good for you!
7703Alright, this concludes our tour! I'm so glad I got to show you all this secret technology we have!
7704Make sure you, your parents, and any next of kin sign the nondisclosure agreements we distribute on the way out.
7705Have a great day! And remember: loose lips sink ships!
7706Alright, this concludes our tour! I'm so glad I got to show you all this secret technology we have!
7707Make sure you, your parents, and any next of kin sign the nondisclosure agreements we distribute on the way out.
7708Have a great day! And remember: loose lips sink ships!
7709Welcome to the RobCo Research Center, where we do things little children definitely don't need to know about! I, the eminent Dr. Clara Song, PhD, will be your guide.
7710Dr. Song? You mean the award-winning researcher? The author of The Robotics of Then and Now? She's our tour guide?
7711That's right! And since you Scouts are such trustworthy young citizens, I can show you all kinds of interesting things the public doesn't know about.
7712Now off we go! Meet me at the first tour stop and maybe try to learn something for once.
7713Alright, kids, now we get to learn about another harsh reality of the working world. When all you children grow up big and strong, you get to have a boss!
7714Bosses are smarter, better-paid individuals who tell you how to do your job. Even when they've never done it themselves.
7715And you have to do what they say. Even when it's something that doesn't make sense, like showing off your secret research lab to cute little Pioneer Scouts.
7716But when you pay the bills, you make the rules. That's the lesson.
7717Look, this is exciting! Here's where we build the robots that we design!
7718We build all our robots with interchangeable parts. That means we can switch out all kinds of things on them to give them different roles.
7719That's why your household Mr. Handy can flip your pancakes, while the Army's can fire laser beams and machine guns. And flamethrowers and rockets.
7720Just imagine all the cool things your robot could do for you if you could pay as much as the military!
7721Look at this, children! It's an Eyebot! Here's a robot we actually did invent!
7722These little guys broadcast propaganda. Have you heard propaganda before? I bet you have, even if you didn't know it!
7723Propaganda teaches us about how very evil certain ideas are. Never mind if you've heard about a few and they don't seem that bad.
7724No, all foreign ideologies are baseless and inferior. And don't let anyone tell you different.
7725And here we have something highly, highly classified. Do you know what classified means?
7726It means you should never, ever talk about it. In fact, it means we shouldn't have this posted on a sign in plain sight for all you lovely Pioneer Scouts.
7727Luckily, you kids aren't old enough to read! Right?
7728This is our quality control center. As you can see, it's a tiny, smoke-filled room where our quality control specialists examine parts by hand.
7729Inefficient, you say? Hardly. It's not like you can trust a robot to do this kind of work!
7730And that's the lesson here, kids. Sometimes the real, tedious work needs a human touch. Even when it doesn't.
7731Here's where we conduct research on robots. I bet this is what all you little roboticists were hoping to see on this tour.
7732Robots really are amazing. We can program them to do just about anything! But that takes experimentation.
7733In an experiment, we test an idea - called a hypothesis - to see if it works. This tour is kind of an experiment, too!
7734We're testing to see if little kids can truly appreciate the wonders of highly classified science.
7735Can you guess where I stand on this? No? Well I wouldn't expect you to. Moving on.
7736Well, kids, I sure didn't expect to have to tell you about this dimly lit basement. But here we are!
7737I should begin by saying that hurting people is a very bad thing, and you should never do it.
7738And we certainly never do it, even though it may sound like we're doing it down here.
7739But sometimes a company needs to take drastic measures to innovate. And keep lucrative government contracts.
7740And really, what's more important in life than funding your livelihood?
7741Certainly not a squeamish thing like morals.
7742Here we have the lobby, reception desk, and everybody's favorite robot: Mr. Handy!
7743I bet you didn't know that RobCo developed the Mr. Handy. That's because we didn't! General Atomics did!
7744But we have added some very unique and morally questionable features to this guy over the years. So I guess that's why he's in our lobby now!
7745Here's something kids like: a monorail!
7746This monorail goes all the way to Watoga, our city of the future. Some of us - who can't afford cars - cram into this baby and ride it to work every single day.
7747Hey, did you know that the word monorail means that it only uses a single rail?
7748That's right! This train hangs perilously above the ground on a single, very thin rail line!
7749It's super cool! As long as you aren't afraid of heights.
7750Hey, it's the coffee stand! This is where all we hardworking researchers catch a break, get some caffeine, and vent about our long, unpaid overtime hours.
7751But sometimes you just have to buckle down and work, work, work! Growing up sure sounds fun, doesn't it?
7752Okay, you did it. Yeah, woohoo. Make sure you dry off before going back to your bunk. Now, get out of here.
7753Don't forget to, like, come up for air every now and then.
7754If you're drowning out there, speak up.
7755Keep kicking. The water, I mean. Don't kick other kids.
7756You're looking like a real champ out there. Probably.
7757I should have mentioned sunscreen. Hope you brought some.
7758Remember to always "respect wildlife wherever you find it," even if it wants to bite your arm off.
7759You're doing great and stuff.
7760I hope you didn't eat recently. Cramps can be a killer.
7761You know the rules: hit each buoy in any order and come back here before time runs out.
7762Okay, you get it. Ready... Set... Swim!
7763Listen close this time: swim to each buoy and get back here in time. Go in whatever order you want, but make sure you get them all. And don't forget your swimsuit.
7764Remember: no drowning. Ready... Set... Swim!
7765And, parade is over. I'm done.
7766They got me. Goodbye.
7767I'm a Fasnacht fatality.
7768I'm hit! Help!
7769Oh great, scratched my casing.
7770Shoo! Shoo! Stop hitting me.
7771Oh fine, hit the non-combatant.
7772Careful. You could put an optical sensor out.
7773Really? Really. You are hitting me?
7774*sigh* Don't like the parade, fine. That's no reason to get nasty.
7775Hands er .. appendages off my casing.
7776Here for the parade? You won't be disappointed!
7777...I hope. Ha ha.
7778Spring is springing, meine Kollege, so spring right into our little celebration!
7779Wilkomme, mein H�rr! Line your Lederhose with our tasty treats!
7780Wilkomme, meine Dame! Don your Dirndl, grab a lantern, and get ready for Fasnacht!
7781There is lots of fun to be had during Fasnacht. We have wonderful foods for you to sample, including our very own special doughnuts and sausages.
7782And Fasnacht wouldn't be right without a parade and the bonfire where Old Man Winter meets his match! Haha! Literally. A match. It's a bonfire. Haha.
7783The parade starts soon. Well, it will start soon if these sluggard marchers get into position in time. Do me a favor and remind them to get cracking!
7784I do hope you're enjoying yourself friends! Helvetia has many amazing attractions for tourists such as yourselves. Buy homemade! Buy often!
7785I do hope you're enjoying yourself friends! Helvetia has many amazing attractions for tourists such as yourselves. Buy homemade! Buy often!
7786With the fire light in the candles bright to light our way, let's celebrate Fasnacht!
7787What a heaping fine pile for our bonfire. Thank you for your donations, Old Man Winter will burn brightly tonight. Time for me to join the parade.
7788Now my next task is putting on my mask! The route, you ask? Follow the lantern track.
7789Well, hello! A fine band, oh! What a show! But I must go.
7790Historically, of course, these masks would have been worn the entire festival by the participants but we only don them right before the parade.
7791Thank you Research Assistant. The report is complete and available for your peer review. Proceeding to the parade starting line.
7792Insufficiently festive in parade march location. Fasnacht mask missing on decorator unit. Retrying.
7793Decoration assessment algorithim engaged. *whrrrr* Decorations have a rating of 0.325 which is acceptable. Task complete.
7794This unit has arrived at the designated parade start marker. Hot-swapping exterior casing to festive mask.
7795The beeswax supply is restored to capacity. Please accept my appropriately phrased and human-pleasing statement of gratitude.
7796The parade marker requires me to stand at this location. Assuming alternate identity as a Fasnacht marcher. Hurray!
7797Small animal intestines are plentiful and sufficiently stuffed. Sausage making paused. Proceeding to the parade. Thank you, friends.
7798*Bzzzzzzzt* Impending Fasnacht mask adornment. Standby.
7799Invader bees confirmed destroyed. Hives are secure. Well done. *bzzzzzzz* Traversal to parade start location begin.
7800Parade March start location verified. Mask application commencing.
7801Finally! The marchers have arrived. The Fasnacht parade is going to begin.
7802Since I lead the parade, it's time for me to dash down there and get everyone moving.
7803Happy Fasnacht! Merry Fasnacht! Hooray!
7804Merry, Happy, Joyous Fasnacht! I officially, with the authority vested in me, declare the Fasnacht parade underway.
7805Try to keep up, sluggards.
7806EggCount > RequiredEggCount. Doughnut functions complete. Resume Parade March protocol. Goodbye.
7807Jolly Fasnacht to you, *bzzt* friend! ERROR! Value of mandatory count item outside valid range. Queued protocol: Parade March paused.
7808*bzzt* Mandatory item: Eggs required. Last known good location by stream. *bzzt* Standing by to resume Parade March protocol when count is valid.
7809Intruder alert. Invading bees have robbed the hives. They must be destroyed. The parade cannot begin until destruction is confirmed.
7810Hello Tourists. I am the Gleeful Butcher. I make the sausages and then march in the Fasnacht Parade, in that order.
7811I must finish one task before starting the other. I need small animal intestines to complete the sausages.
7812Fasnacht Lanterns are unique, hand crafted items. Until I am restocked with beeswax from the Honey Haus hives, I cannot march. Will you help?
7813ERROR! ERROR! Decoration instruction set file cannot be found. ERROR! Override required to meet designated timer for parade.
7814You are now authorized to decorate this room for the Fasnacht festivities. Select from the four decoration boxes.
7815Hello, Research Assistant. I must join the parade march but the top priority in the queue is finishing the "Historical Fasnacht Beverage" report.
7816I need old Fasnacht steins from Helvetia town to analyze so I can replace corrupt data and complete my data set. Retrieval of steins is requested.
7817Heyo! Heyo! Fasnacht time is here again, Old Man Winter must go. Go e-yoh! Gooooo. Heyo! The band didn't show - e - oh! Show - oh. On no, oh!
7818Heyo! Jam with me oh! Oh, oh. Tunes sweet and slow, long and low. Low, e - oh!
7819Merry Fasnacht to you. Do you have a donation of wood for the bonfire? I cannot march in the parade until we have a good size pile. It's tradition.
7820Welcome one and all to Helvetia, the home of Appalachia's best and, truth be told, only Fasnacht celebration!
7821Thank you Research Assistant. Analyzing object or multiples of object received. Here are the results.
7822We believe it would be best if you left.
7823You have made your choice. Come back when you've learned to behave.
7824Far better men than you failed to kill us.
7825Go. Now.
7826We suggest you return once you've learned how to act civilized.
7827We ask so very little of you all here. And you couldn't even muster that.
7828Do not bother us until you learn some manners.
7829You're finding your stay... comfortable, we hope? We've taken great pains to return this place to what it once was.
7830The damage done to this facility by its earlier residents was ... extensive. We are still trying to put things back together.
7831This place has all you could ever want. At fair market value.
7832You vault dwellers are a capable bunch. We will give you that.
7833Please, make yourself at home.
7836We presume you're with a friend? We're not usually ones to permit ... trespassers.
7837We would ask you don't ... disturb anything. It took quite some effort to restore this place.
7838You did wipe your feet before you came in, yes?
7839This is a very exclusive facility. At least ... it was.
7841Greetings, general. Welcome to the Command Center.
7842From here, generals and Congressmen planned to reclaim a dead world, and remold in the American image.
7843When the uprising swept the bunker, this section was among the hardest hit.
7844We have managed to restore some of it's more... engaging functionality...
7845... but access to all but the most basic systems requires a member possess valid military identification...
7846Which I'm detecting you've already collected. How proactive.
7847We'll ensure you're informed when new tasks requiring... combat prowess become available.
7848Those documents will also you grant access to the facility's automated promotion system.
7849Earn sufficient commendations and you'll be permitted into the Command Center...
7850... as well as the hunt for the codes to the region's nuclear silos.
7851There is a site nearby where you should be able to acquire such documentation - Camp McClintock.
7852Complete the training regimen there and you'll be issued the documents we require to grant you the initial permissions this wing requires...
7853... and get you registered the facility's promotion system.
7854Feel free to... move out, cadet, at your earliest convenience.
7855Feel free to review the commendation archives on any of the military systems terminals if you wish to begin the promotion process.
7856We have taken the liberty of mapping the location of their hives using the Kovac-Muldoon, which we are transmitting now.
7857You, however, can use them to help those still above ground. There are monsters above. The signals I intercepted called them "Scorchbeasts."
7858Our previous residents had planned to utilize these weapons to ensure no Great War could ever occur again...
7859... a noble goal, but their methods for reaching that goal were too... extreme for some among their cadre. This is what caused the uprising.
7860Firing a missile requires both. You may step over to any of the Code Scan terminals to initiate the search protocols and begin the hunt for the required codes.
7861Through our expanded surveillance network, we have managed to restore the search protocol our previous users designed to track the silo launch and access codes.
7862The codes to access them, however, are... harder to come by. But your efforts to... reestablish severed connections has helped to that end.
7863There are three regional silos, the location of which I will transmit to you now.
7864This space was designed to serve multiple purposes - a battlestation to wage war against America's foes...
7865... a repository for the military's experimental weapons schematics. And most crucially, the military's window into Appalachia's nuclear arsenal.
7866Each of your code pieces are only valid for a single week. Something to keep in mind as you continue the hunt.
7867Our view via the Kovac is only so detailed. Tracking a large procession like a Keycard Convoy is child's play. Finding a lone Code Officer is trickier.
7868We saw to it that the various "fissures" across the region were added to the room's tactical map, in case you're looking for ... useful targets.
7869Curious about the state of the region's silos? This room's map should display whether they are available for launch or not.
7870If you ever misplace your silo status tape, you should be able to acquire more from the Armory.
7871If a silo is not listed in our surveillance terminal, it means that location is currently in the process of reconstruction. You can check back again later.
7872If you're trying to enter Silo Alpha, you're out of luck. According to the board, it's reconstructing its ordnance as we speak.
7873Silo Bravo is currently on lockdown for reconstruction, we regret to say. Check back again later.
7874Looking for information on Silo Charlie? Locked down for missile reconstruction, unfortunately. It will be a bit before you can access it again.
7875Have you explored the archives yet? They are likely your best lead in uncovering the nature of the launch codes' encryption.
7876We must say, the officer corps of the bunker squirreled away some impressive armaments for themselves up here. Very impressive.
7877Such a quaint teaching tool. Posters. Carved stones would certainly be more durable.
7878We detected a launch not too far back. Was it yours? Or are the Communists up to their old tricks again?
7879As primitive as they are, we do recommend you go over the nuclear systems training posters at least once. The missile system is ... intricate.
7880There are currently active nuclear fallout zones above ground. A good opportunity to harvest the fruits of fission.
7881There was a great purge early on amongst our previous residents. One side questioning the dedication of the other. This place was used sparingly because of it.
7882We were intentionally never given much information regarding the encoding of the nuclear codes. No doubt they were concerned with what we might do with them.
7883The flipcard displays on the walls reset themselves once a week, much like the codes. They are clearly related, but how ... we do not have the information to decipher.
7884Looking for something? To one side of this room, we have the Military Wing and resort exit. To the other, the Med Bay, Production Center, and Science Wing.
7885The board above displays any currently available operations we could use help with. Head topside if you wish to participate.
7886We were once connected to Enclave hubs across the United States from here - Raven Rock, the Presidential Rig. It is likely we will never see those places again.
7887This space was to be the beating heart of the Enclave's master plan. Today, it's storage. So much for the plans of great men.
7888We believe the men and women of this bunker had noble goals. The end of war. The final defeat of evil. But they were too petty to see them realized. And left us with their mess.
7889Unfortunately, this space was made largely vestigial to our needs due to earlier damage. It is only thanks to your efforts we have any decent connection at all.
7890Passing through, General?
7891Be aware. We are detecting an active nuclear blast site above ground. Probably best to take your most lead-lined clothing selections when you go.
7892Greetings, member. You're standing in the facility's foyer. These elevators here will take you to the bunker's main entrance.
7893Beyond, you'll find access to the facility's Communications Center. Down the stairs, you'll find the Military Wing on one side...
7894... and the Production Facility, Medical Bay, and Science Wing on the other.
7895Member. Still in need of direction? The elevator here will take you outside. The Comms Center is at the other end of the room.
7896Down the steps on either side, we have the Military Wing, and opposite it, the Production Center, Medical Bay, and Science Wing.
7897We're happy to repeat our directions, if you'd like. These elevators, they head to the bunker's main entrance.
7898The Comms Room is at the far end of the foyer. Down the stairs, you'll find the Military Wing on one side ...
7899... and the Production Center, Med Bay, and Science Wing down the other.
7900Do you require some guidance? These elevators will take you outside, and Comms can be found at the other end of the room.
7901Stairs on one side leads to the Military Wing. Other side, Production Center, Medical Bay, and Science Wing.
7902Hello member. You're currently standing just outside of the facility's Military Wing, which is also home to the bunker's Command Center.
7903In this area, you can find the exit to the Whitespring Resort, as well as access to the elevators upstairs and the Communications Room.
7904Greetings again, member. You're standing outside the facility's Military Wing and Command Center.
7905In this area, you can also find our Communications Center and the exit to the Whitespring Resort.
7906Looking for direction? We're just outside the Military Wing and Command Center.
7907Down the hall is the facility exit to the resort, and access to the Communications Center.
7908This place can be quite the maze, can't it? You're standing outside the Military Wing and Command Center.
7909In this hall you'll find access to the Command Center and the exit out to the resort.
7910Hello there, Member. You're standing just outside the facility's Medical Bay, where you can purchase curatives for all manner of diseases.
7911Further down the hall, you'll find the Science Wing, where you can purchase some ... unique tools known Mutation Serums.
7912Continue down the hall and you'll find our Production and Communication Centers.
7913Hello again. Can we be of help? You're just outside the Med Bay. Down the hall is access to the Science Wing.
7914Beyond that you can find the Production and Communication Centers.
7915Turned around? You're standing outside the Med Bay. At the other end of the hall is the Science Wing.
7916Past that you'll find the Communications Center and the Production Center.
7917May we help you? Just behind us is the Medical Bay. Further down this hallway is the Science Wing.
7918Further still, you'll find the Production and Communications Centers.
7919You should proceed to Camp McClintock, member. We doubt you'll find much use for this space until then.
7920A number of the facility's finer arms and armaments were reserved for the use of its officer corps. Earn your stripes, and you can access them.
7921There were many safeguards built into Appalachia's missile silos. But we will do all we can to help you get inside.
7922General. Welcome back.
7923Everything to your liking upstairs, General?
7924Was that the gentle rock of a nuclear ordnance we detected earlier? A few less monsters in the world, we hope.
7925Interested in sowing a little orbital mayhem? There is an Extermination Operation with your name on it. Head topside to join in.
7926Time on your hands, member? We could use support setting up a patrol above ground, if you're so inclined.
7927We would love to take a peek at what's happening above ground, member. We'll make it worth your while if you help our Resource Drop operation.
7928You are welcome to explore any of the still functioning terminals in this space. There may be a few choice tidbits left if you're interested in your pre-war history.
7929The nerve of the military, locking us out of their systems. We'd be hurt if that were among still among our emotional repertoire.
7930Many of the documents in this space were irreparably damaged during the fighting. An era of knowledge, lost to petty squabbles.
7931We will give the designers of the wing's clearance system credit. It is no small feat keeping us out.
7932The fighting amongst our earlier members was ... ferocious in this area. Even restoring it to its current state was no small task.
7933This is the Communications Center.
7934Apologies. This area is currently off limits.
7935This area is not fit to be unsealed. We will make an announcement once it is.
7936You welcome to look around, but we won't be able to let you in for the time being.
7937Restoring this area requires a good portion of our attention. So, if you wouldn't mind.
7938Do watch your step.
7939We believe the Mutation Serums available inside mimic those found out in nature. But ... better.
7940You needn't worry. The santization of this wing is an ongoing process. The risk of residual infection is zero ... almost.
7941You are of course welcome to use any open work station inside the wing.
7942The fauna of Appalachia were of keen interest to the scientists that once worked within. As test subjects.
7943Welcome, General. Here in the Armory, we stock the very best the American military had to offer. Gauss and plasma technology, fusion cores. The lot.
7944You're welcome to peruse at your leisure.
7945We only ask you use take your toys outside before using them.
7946More scores to settle above ground, we presume? We have precisely what you need.
7947Everything manufactured to the rigorous specifications of the US military.
7948Well hello. Welcome to the Medical Bay. Is there something ailing you? We should have just what you need.
7949Back again? For nothing too severe, we hope.
7950We carry the finest curatives in Appalachia, available exclusively to our members.
7951Antibiotics, Stimpaks, Rad-Away and more. All at fair market value.
7952Oh my. You look ... unwell. You should take a look at our stock. Immediately.
7953You're currently standing in our Production Facility. Here, we manufacture armaments, tools, rations, everything one might want before facing the hellscape above.
7954If you're in need of first aid, we'd suggest visiting the Medical Bay. If you're looking to make someone else need it, you're in the right place.
7955All weapons and ammunition should be tested outside the bunker facility.
7956We carry a variety of custom-crafted armaments, available nowhere else in Appalachia, and given the state of things, perhaps the world.
7957Despite our losses, we still have little doubt you're standing in the best stocked facility in Appalachia.
7958Mutation Serums are an engaging bit of science. Harvested from specially preserved tissue samples, they carry with them no adverse affects...
7959... unlike their equivalents found in nature. All the benefits with none of the pain.
7960Mutation Serum research was controversial topic among the facility's scientists. Some wished to preserve humanity as it was. Others, evolve it. You can guess who won out.
7961Don't worry. The tissue samples which we utilize to make the serums haven't technically been human for some time now. Thus, using them is not technically cannibalism.
7962Many different types of creatures were tested as possible mutation sources. But human tissue proved the most ... adaptable.
7963The facility's agents used serums to enhance their abilities in combat. Made the final struggle over this place a lively one.
7964The Sugar Grove facility's network is ... illuminating to say the least. You have our thanks.
7965Just place the instructions in the collector. We will put them to good use.
7966You've done good work. Now, let us finish the job, shall we? Hand over the instructions.
7967Do deposit the instructions, will you? We've been waiting long enough.
7968Mind your step once you've breached the facility. Our records suggest a... substantial automated defense system.
7969We look forward to you returning ... with what we've lost.
7970Not getting cold feet, we hope? We have been looking forward to reclaiming that data for quite some time.
7971Just insert the system tape into any terminal in the Signal Intelligence room and initiate our connection. Shouldn't be too much of a challenge for you.
7972Just insert the system tape into any terminal in the Signal Intelligence room and initiate our connection. Trivial for someone of your abilities.
7973*muffled mumbling*
7974*muffled mumbling*
7975*muffled mumbling*
7976*muffled mumbling*
7977*muffled mumbling*
7978*muffled yelling*
7979*muffled yelling*
7980*muffled yelling*
7981*muffled yelling*
7982*muffled yelling*
7983*muffled mumbling*
7984*muffled mumbling*
7985*muffled mumbling*
7986*muffled mumbling*
7987*muffled mumbling*
8002*muffled grunting*
8003*muffled grunting*
8004*muffled grunting*
8005*muffled grunting*
8006*muffled grunting*
8007*muffled grunting*
8008*muffled grunting*
8009*muffled grunting*
8010*muffled mumbling*
8011*muffled mumbling*
8012*muffled mumbling*
8013*muffled mumbling*
8014*muffled mumbling*
8015*muffled mumbling*
8016*muffled mumbling*
8017*muffled mumbling*
8018*muffled mumbling*
8019*muffled mumbling*
8026*muffled screams*
8027*muffled screams*
8028*muffled screams*
8029*muffled screams*
8030*muffled screams*
8031*muffled screams*
8032*muffled screams*
8033*muffled screams*
8034*muffled screams*
8035*muffled mumbling*
8036*muffled mumbling*
8037*muffled mumbling*
8038*muffled mumbling*
8039*muffled mumbling*
8040*muffled mumbling*
8046*muffled yelling*
8047*muffled yelling*
8048*muffled yelling*
8049*muffled yelling*
8050*muffled yelling*
8051*muffled yelling*
8052*muffled yelling*
8053*muffled yelling*
8054*muffled yelling*
8055*muffled yelling*
8056*muffled yelling*
8057*muffled yelling*
8058*muffled yelling*
8059*muffled yelling*
8060*muffled yelling*
8061*muffled yelling*
8062*muffled yelling*
8063*muffled yelling*
8064*muffled yelling*
8065*muffled yelling*
8066*muffled yelling*
8067*muffled yelling*
8068*muffled mumbling*
8069*muffled mumbling*
8070*muffled mumbling*
8071*muffled mumbling*
8072*muffled mumbling*
8073*muffled mumbling*
8074Congratulations, Mistress.
8075Unauthorized user detected. Please complete the registration process.
8076Welcome, Initiate.
8077Welcome back, Initiate.
8078Welcome home, Initiate.
8079Welcome, Mistress.
8080Welcome back, Mistress.
8081Welcome home, Mistress.
8082Welcome, Initiate. Please proceed to a terminal for registration.
8083Welcome, Novice.
8084Welcome back, Novice.
8085Welcome home, Novice.
8086Welcome, Seeker.
8087Welcome back, Seeker.
8088Welcome home, Seeker.
8089Welcome, General.
8090Scanning... Keycard detected.
8091Proceed to the Control Room with your Nuclear Keycard and Launch Code to initiate the launch.
8092Scanning... no Keycard detected.
8093A Nuclear Keycard and Launch Code are required for launch.
8094Launch Prep progress has slowed.
8095Unsanctioned launch in progress. Security teams, to the Control Room. Security teams, to the Control Room.
8096Now constructing additional security units.
8097Fabricating replacement security personnel.
8098Assembling reinforcements.
8099Additional security required.
8100Security incident resolved. Standing down.
8101All crew chiefs destroyed. Initiate the reconstruction process.
8102Launch crew chiefs are not responding. Corrective action required.
8103No crew chiefs reporting. At least one crew chief must be operational in order for Launch Prep to proceed.
8104Chief Telemetry Officer: Destroyed.
8105Chief Targeting Officer: Destroyed
8106Chief Propulsion Officer: Destroyed.
8107Chief Guidance Officer: Destroyed.
8108Launch Control Chief: Destroyed.
8109Chief Telemetry Officer: Active.
8110Chief Targeting Officer: Active.
8111Chief Propulsion Officer: Active.
8112Chief Guidance Officer: Active.
8113Launch Control Chief: Active.
8114Launch Prep complete. All systems, nominal.
8115Standing by for final authorization.
8116Launch Prep at: 75 percent.
8117Launch Prep at: 50 percent.
8118Launch Prep at: 25 percent.
8119Launch Prep sequence initiated.
8120All personnel, take your stations. All personnel, to stations.
8121Assembling Launch Crew Chiefs.
8122Launch Control Chief: Active. Proceeding to station.
8123Control Room, active. All stations, standing by.
8124Proceed to the Launch Control Terminal to initiate the Launch Prep sequence.
8125Current status: DEFCON 1. Repeat: DEFCON 1.
8126All personnel, secure your stations and stand by.
8127Alert level: High.
8128Report suspicious activity to security personnel immediately.
8129All systems nominal.
8130The current threat level is: Red.
8131External communications are offline.
8132All stations, stand by for orders.
8133Launch Prep complete. Standing by for final authorization.
8134Launch Prep in progress. All personnel, take your stations.
8135Security teams, to sector gamma.
8136Security teams, to the operations center.
8137A level-3 security event is in progress.
8138Mainframe integrity compromised. Aborting security protocol.
8139Engineering team, report to the operations center for immediate repairs.
8140Mainframe integrity at: 25 percent.
8141Mainframe integrity at: 50 percent.
8142Mainframe integrity at: 75 percent.
8143Mainframe integrity at: 100 percent.
8144Security alert. Security alert in the operations center.
8145Unauthorized personnel detected in the operations center.
8146Unauthorized personnel detected in the operations center.
8147Activating mainframe security protocol Omega-12. All personnel: defend the mainframe and secure the area.
8148Unauthorized personnel detected in the operations center.
8149Mainframe security protocol Omega-12 is active. All personnel: defend the mainframe and secure the area.
8150Security incident in the reactor area.
8151Security teams, to sector beta.
8152A level-2 security event is in progress.
8153Overriding security lockdown.
8154Opening bulkhead doors. Please stand clear of the doors.
8155Terminating security lockdown.
8156Opening bulkhead doors. Please stand clear of the doors.
8157Restart successful. Reactor system integrity restored.
8158Security incident in the residential sector.
8159Security teams, to sector alpha.
8160A level-1 security event is in progress.
8161Access granted.
8162Registration complete.
8163Unscheduled access detected. Security personnel, report to the residential sector.
8165Error. Escort personnel not found. Stand by for inspection.
8166Unrecognized personnel detected. Report to security station alpha for processing.
8167Unscheduled access detected. Activating security system alpha.
8169Error. Credentials not found.
8170Activating security system alpha. Stand by for security inspection.
8171Unrecognized personnel detected. Activating security system alpha.
8172Security incident in the storage area.
8173Security teams, to sector delta.
8174A level-4 security event is in progress.
8175This is a level-4 security alert. Unrecognized personnel detected in the storage area.
8176Security inspection requested in the storage area.
8177Unscheduled maintenance activity in the storage area.
8178Requesting security response.
8179Warning. Warning. Unauthorized tampering detected in the facilities mainframe.
8180Security teams to the storage area. Repeat, security teams to the storage area.
8181All personnel, to your stations.
8182Security incident reported in the control room.
8183Security teams, to the control room.
8184This silo is now closing. All personnel, please exit the silo in an orderly fashion.
8185This silo will close in: 1 minute.
8186This silo will close in: 5 minutes.
8187All personnel: Collect your belongings and proceed to the nearest exit.
8188All personnel, clear the silo.
8189Automated lockdown initiated. This silo will be sealed during the missile reconstruction process.
8190All personnel, clear the silo.
8191Shutdown complete.
8192Unauthorized shutdown detected. Initiating security response.
8193Reactor shutdown initiated.
8194Verifying engineering credentials... failed. Please stand by for security inspection.
8195The Reactor is now offline.
8196Requesting security oversight for the maintenance procedure.
8197Unauthorized personnel in the reactor area.
8198Warning. Warning. Security teams to the reactor area.
8199Warning. Warning. Reactor breach detected.
8200Security lockdown initiated. Bulkhead doors have sealed to limit contamination.
8201Engineering team, proceed to the reactor control station to initiate repairs.
8202Warning. Warning. Reactor breach detected.
8203Engineering team, proceed to the reactor control station to initiate repairs.
8204Warning. Warning. Multiple failures detected. Additional repairs required.
8205Reactor breach detected. Restart the repair procedure.
8206Error. Reactor system integrity compromised. Further repairs required.
8207Initiating system restart.
8208Initiating automated system restart.
8209Warning: One minute until automated system restart.
8210Hey, uh...
8211Hey, it's you: whatever your name was. You got those key fragments for me?
8212I'll take those for safekeeping. There's just one more little thing.
8213David had a mistress named Rosalynn. She wound up doing something stupid out of love for the man.
8214Tried to lead a raid on Charleston on Christmas Eve so she could bring him back something nice. Got herself killed in the process.
8215We never were able to recover the body. I would have gone to do this myself, but well, it's... personal.
8216Now, in order to create the cache master key from those passwords you got, I need the holotape program she had with her when she died.
8217You might have to look through the town's records to find out where they buried her body. I'd start with the Capitol Building.
8218That's the last thing, I swear. Then we're golden.
8219Meet me at the cache in the basement of the ski lodge when you've got that holotape!
8220Hey, you're back! I guess you found it huh? I'm just going to assume ya did and move on.
8221Let's check with the Trappers next. They had a camp out near the Devil's Backbone so they could keep an eye out along the road from the southeast.
8222We never did find out what happened to them. We were spread pretty thin by the time they disappeared. Someone, or something, probably got to them.
8223Maybe they left a note behind or some other clue.
8224They were real outdoorsy types. Liked camping and hunting. Be careful searching the camp for their piece of the key.
8225If it wasn't obvious, they were really into traps.
8226Rose here. Not that I'm a creep, but I was watching you through the viewfinder again and saw you enter the mine. Can you still hear me?
8227Ah whatever, it's not like you can radio back. Anyhoo! If I recall, we completely lost track of the Blackwater Bandits back in '96.
8228Freddie wasn't looking too good last time we saw her alive. Not her usual bright and spirited self. Real sick. Her hair looked awful.
8229Something happened in that mine hideout of theirs. Not sure what, but if you can figure it out, I bet you'll be able to track down that key fragment.
8230I'll catch back up with ya when I see you crawl out of that cave.
8231Hey you, I watched you kill David through the viewfinder. So, that's a thing that happened.
8232I'm hoping that by now you've got everything we need. Hurry back so we can bust that cache wide open and see what's inside.
8233No one's been inside since before they made me, so I've been dying to see all the great crap they've kept hidden for all these years!
8234Don't keep me waiting!
8235Hey, sorry to break it to you, but I was going to cheat you. I don't need a program to decrypt the key fragments. I'm a freakin' robot.
8236I just wanted you out of the way so I could get first dibs at the loot. Least I'm honest about it, right?
8237Thing is, I couldn't go through with it.
8238Either you've made me a better person, or there's some old remnant of Miss Nanny firing up and making me care about people.
8239It's all worthless pre-war junk anyway! You can have as much of it as you want.
8240There might be some good loot, but that bucket o' bolts bellhop down there won't cough it up without a claim ticket. Good luck finding one of those!
8241I couldn't even shake it out of him, and believe me, I tried! It's all yours if you can figure something out.
8242So there you go, that's it. Eh, don't get all teary-eyed, I'm sure we'll still do business together again soon. Until then, toodles!
8243Ok, I see you made it into the city. There's something you should know, if it isn't already painfully obvious.
8244Charleston got flooded in a bad way.
8245When David learned they killed Rosalynn, he took the mini nukes we had stolen from the Brotherhood of Steel and rigged them to blow up the dam.
8246Damn near wiped the entire city off the map.
8247Last I checked, the Capitol Building is still standing. If any place was going to have records of any of this, it'd be there.
8248Here's hoping you don't have to dig up half the town to find what you're looking for.
8249I see some commotion over in Huntersville. Gotta be you, huh? Yeah, I kind of figured the mutant brutes got to Walter and the Trappers. Real shame.
8250Then again, maybe it wasn't such a bright move, sticking around when they found out the town was run amok with those big dumb galoots.
8251Why don't you go figure out what happened to the Diehards next? Probably just plain starved after Margie vanished. Buncha useless old softies.
8252Margie had her own room at the Sunnytop Ski Lanes. It's her last known location. See if she left anything behind.
8253Emergency! Emergency! I am all out of alcohol!
8254Somehow, I doubt this is what those pre-war losers thought their emergency broadcast system would be used for.
8255Now where was I? Oh, yeah. I don't really need more alcohol. It's starting to go to my head, or circuitry, or whatever.
8256Can I even really get drunk? Who knows? I'm a robot!
8257Nah, I got something else to tell you, but shhhh... shh shh shh... you gotta come talk to me in person. See you when I see you.
8258I feel like I trust you enough now to let you in on a little secret.
8259My old Raider pals left a cache of treasures behind when they all checked out. Problem is it's locked away and I can't get in there.
8260Double problem: No one trusted each other enough to give anyone complete access to the treasure.
8261So they split up the key. See, each gang's leader had a holotape with their own personal password on it.
8262Find 'em all so I can patch 'em together and make the master key. It's more technical than that, but you wouldn't understand.
8263Then, we'll have ourselves access to all that wonderful treasure. I'll probably even give you a fair share of the loot. Promise.
8264Check out Blackwater Mine first. That's the last place we heard from Freddie Lang, the leader of the Blackwater Bandits.
8265Pretty sure she had a terminal there. Might be worth a look-see.
8266I'll be straight with you, I think we're past the point where I just want to use you to further my own goals. I may be starting to like you.
8267Now I don't want you thinking your pal Rose is going soft on you, so just let me say this.
8268If you ever get it in your head to screw me over, I will gut you with this here saw and string your entrails up like Christmas tinsel.
8269Nothing personal.
8270I know it sounds like a set-up to screw you over and make off with all the loot myself. I've got nothing to make you trust me, but here's the deal.
8271You don't really have a choice. If we want to get into that cache, you'll do this. For us.
8272Oh, and before I forget: that uplink, or whatever you were looking for, is also in the cache. Hooray. You got it. Go you.
8273Now don't go forgetting about me just because you got what you came for. I will find you.
8274Human's finally come to find other human! Took too long, stupid human!
8275You with the spiky humans? You gonna die like spiky humans!
8276This is Super Mutant home! Not going to to take our stuff again!
8277We have your friend, human! You in for a surprise!
8278Who send you, human? They send you here to die!
8279Huh? Thought we killed all the humans from human camp!
8280So hungry! But boss say don't eat this one 'cause it gonna 'splode if I do!
8281Stupid humans! No one taking bait. Want to see body go boom!
8282Haha! Trap guy got trapped! Now trap guy's friends get trapped too!
8283This stupid dead human gonna blow up other stupid humans that try to take him back!
8284Dumb humans don't know trap guy has bomb inside. Haha! Gonna go big boom!
8285Rose? Where... are you?
8286Rose! No...
8287Rose...? No... not here!
8288Find you... Rose!
8289You... Bring me... Rose!
8290You... You're not... Rose...
8291Hey, I kind of lost track of you out there. I was uh... busy doing some stuff, and by stuff, I mean chems.
8292You know, I almost feel bad for ol' Margie. Smart as a whip, but never did like to get her hands dirty, and couldn't hack it when push came to shove.
8293Anyway, did you find her key? Let's pretend you did and move on, I don't have all day to watch you putter about. Hey, speaking of putters...
8294I'm not sure what you'll find at Bolton Greens, but I am sure that whatever happened to the Gourmands, it was as grisly and inhuman as they were.
8295Good luck. You'll forgive me for not watching this time.
8296Hey, I hope you're still alive out there, wherever you are, else I'm talking to a corpse.
8297I assume the Gourmands just ate each other to death. I'll never ask what actually happened. The thought of eating another human grosses me out.
8298Makes me glad robots were never on their menu.
8299So, there's one more key fragment. This one belonged to the Cutthroats. David, the guy who led us, is alive - or something like it.
8300I saw him roaming around out there, near his favorite barbecue shack, turned into one of those Scorched things.
8301It breaks my heart to see him like that. He could be a real jackass, but he doesn't deserve that fate.
8302Now I'd bet anything he's still got his key fragment on him.
8303So really, you'd be doing everyone involved a huge favor by putting him out of our collective misery and taking the key.
8304Kiss him goodbye for me. Actually, don't. He's probably all malformed and disgusting now. Yeah. Yuck.
8305It's probably a good time to teach you that not everyone can be your friend out there. That's the real takeaway from the Diehards.
8306Moving on! The Blackwater Bandits were known for being sneaky thieves. Let me tell you, they once hit a Brotherhood of Steel camp. Insane, right?
8307They snuck right past the guards, and stole guns, ammo, mini nukes-you name it-right out from under the poor bastards while the rest of 'em slept.
8308Next thing you know, the knights moved on out with their tails between their legs, and we had a new arsenal!
8309Well, the Brotherhood's gone, but we still have heavily armed super mutants. Go steal from them. Sneak around. Maybe you won't have to fight 'em all.
8310But, really, all I care about is their gun stash. Might be a good haul, might not. There's only one way to find out.
8311Ooh, what'd you find? A missile launcher? Bet you could cause some real damage with that! Whatever you picked up, keep it, you've earned it.
8312Ok, this next one's a little disgusting, but it's ruthless, so I like it. My stomach turns just thinking about this.
8313Then again, I haven't been hungry in a while, so who knows how desperate I'll be when I am and there's no more food to eat.
8314Kind of like the Gourmands. We called them that instead of what they really were: cannibals.
8315I'm not going to make you eat anyone, but let's go through this exercise anyway.
8316I saw a roaming pack of feral ghouls I want you to hunt down. They're always good for target practice anyway.
8317I'm not saying the Gourmands had the right idea, but no one can claim they went hungry eating human... or ex-human flesh.
8318Just use a toothpick or something before you come back to visit. I don't want to catch a whiff of rotten ghoul flesh on your breath.
8319Ugh. Gross. You'd never catch me eating my own kind. I just don't have the stomach for it. But I guess the Gourmands did.
8320Anyway, sometimes you gotta do what you've gotta do to survive out there. Cannibalism, or whatever. Good job, I guess.
8321Now that you've got yourself some Karma, it's time to see it in action. There's a mean old mama yao guai I like to call... actually strike that.
8322I lost track of her a while back, so just make it so there's one less Yao Guai to worry about. I don't care which one.
8323If you can't find a Yao Guai, find something else that's tough so you can see the Karma in action.
8324I know it sounds crazy to make a beast like that tougher and nastier, but once Karma wears off, it'll be as weak as a newborn kitten.
8325That's when you'll finish it off, assuming you survive the initial effects. Have fun!
8326Damn, you don't mess around, do you? Seriously, that looks like a tough fight! You're going above and beyond what I asked for.
8327I'd give you a cookie, if they existed anymore. Instead, I've just got something else for you to do when you're done killing that thing.
8328Wow, really? You wasted your Karma dart on something you could have sneezed at and killed?
8329Maybe next time you'll grow a spine and face something actually challenging. Ah well, kill it and let's move on. The less said, the better.
8330Hmm. Not quite what I asked for, but good enough. At least you didn't chicken out and use the Karma on something lame, like a baby mole rat.
8331Kill your mark, then I've got something else for you.
8332Well, look at that. You found some other poor sap to fall victim to your Karma dart. Us humans can be a bit unpredictable on Karma.
8333They may be itching for a fight after being shot with that stuff, maybe not.
8334So, if they turn on you, I say go for it and see what you get out of 'em.
8335That's a robot, you dingus. That Karma dart's only going to work on things that are flesh and blood, like you and me.
8336You're clearly not getting it. Let's just move on.
8337Haha, stupid Yao Guai. Well, you didn't chicken out and you didn't fuck up, so that's a win in my book.
8338Now put that thing out of its misery so we can get to the next task. Oh yeah, I've got another task for you after this.
8339Let's hear it for brutal efficiency! I guess the Trappers didn't mind picking shrapnel out of their quarries.
8340As cruel as the Trappers were, the Diehards were the exact opposite. Don't let their name fool you.
8341We called 'em that because their stubborn asses refused to give up their 'dignity' and couldn't bear to commit unprovoked violence. Feh. Pacifists.
8342I don't know much about their special tactics. Did they have any? I don't know... go find a Deathclaw and make friends with it or something.
8343Whoa! Hey, hold on! I didn't think you'd actually do it! We're talking about a Deathclaw here for crying out loud!
8344Ah well, you're there now. Either kill it or don't. I don't care as long as I don't need to find a new assistant.
8345I don't blame you for turning tail and running like a coward, but hey, you're alive, and that means you can finish helping me out. So, good for you.
8346Hey, good on you for killing one of the nastiest creatures out there! I mean, you're fucking nuts for even trying it, but I like that about you!
8347Well... ok then... you outright killed a Deathclaw. Didn't even ask you to. Just killed it. That's crazy, even for me! I like you! Uh... good job?
8348Now, the Gourmands would go ahead and eat that. I can't make you do it, but you're not going to chicken out on me, are you?
8349Either way, it's time to report back.
8350Word to the wise, that Karma stuff can backfire on you if you're not careful. And take it from me, don't use it on yourself.
8351Unless, you know, you're really confident you can kill everything around you before it wears off.
8352Ok! Next we've got explosions! The Trappers would rig up bait with explosives to take on some of the more dangerous game out there.
8353I want you to go make some explosive bait, and don't blow your fingers off in the process. You're not a robot like me. No replacement hands for you!
8354Well, you learned a bunch of stuff about Raider tactics, and I've gotta say they all seemed entertaining to watch from here.
8355Were they effective? Eh, I guess so. You survived, didn't you?
8356We can talk about your reward when you get here. Good job, uh... you.
8357I'm going to lend you my old syringer and you're going to modify it to shoot Karma darts. Just bring it back, or I'll find ya and kill ya, haha!
8358Not joking! I really will!
8359Great, you've got yourself some gross meat-covered explosives, but now what? Well, use your imagination. The Trappers sure did.
8360Any hungry carnivore is sure to be drawn in by the smell of fresh meat.
8361This one time, Chuck-he was the guy who came up with this crazy idea-laid out explosive bait along the trail after a raid.
8362When the Responders came looking for us with their tracking dogs, well...Let's just say the hounds lost their scent.
8363You know, because their heads were blown off. Ah whatever, you get what I'm saying.
8364I don't care what you use your bait on, just use it to kill some things that would kill and eat you. Let me know how it works out for you.
8365I'll be keeping an eye on you from up here. I can see just about anything with my robot eyes and these viewfinders.
8366And lucky you, since you helped me tap into the Emergency Broadcast System, you can hear my lovely voice from anywhere!
8368Why are you looking at me like you want something? Your reward is the knowledge you've gained from me. Congratulations.
8369Ah hell, whatever, you can have some more stuff I had laying around, too.
8370My Cutthroat friends figured out a way to weaponize it.
8371Oh, hey! I had something to say to you... Now what was it...? Ah! Right!
8372Ah, you're back.
8373So... Wanna help me out again?
8374Great! The Raiders might be all dead and gone, but we used to rule these mountains back in the day.
8375We split into five gangs: Cutthroats, Trappers, Diehards, Blackwater Bandits, and the Gourmands.
8376Each one came up with some pretty... creative solutions to sticky situations. Problem is, my memory's a little fuzzy. Chems'll do that to ya.
8377If I'm ever going to rebuild a Raider army, I need you to figure out which of these crazy tactics actually work.
8378We both win: I get answers, and you get a new toolbox full of scary things you can use to terrify your enemies and gross out your friends!
8379We'll start with my personal favorite: Karma. No, not that new age bullshit. I'm talking about a chem that hits hard, but leaves you reeling.
8380If the effects of ascension do not go away after one day, see the Palace infirmary.
8381In the event you do not feel spiritually fulfilled, we apologize, but offer no refunds.
8382May you feel at harmony with the world. If not, wait and try again.
8383If you still don't feel spiritually transcended, you are more than welcome to extend your stay with us!
8384We hope your meditation session was spiritually enlightening. Please come again!
8385The Palace of the Winding Path is not responsible for any actions you take on metaphysical visions after the session ends.
8386Enjoy your new enhanced outlook on life!
8387There may be some lingering effects. Do not operate heavy machinery or go swimming for at least one hour.
8388Please stop by the gift shop to buy your own home meditation holotape, spiritual incense not included.
8389Please enjoy the rest of your stay at the Palace of the Winding Path.
8390As you build your Pillars of Transcendence, you may find yourself surrounded by Discordant Forces that seek to hinder your spiritual enlightenment.
8391Banish them using whatever positive affirmations you wish, and do not let them tear down your pillars.
8392You are strong. You can overcome this and any other negativity.
8393This concludes our Guided Meditation session.
8394Now, imagine orbs of sublime energy around you. Reach out and gather them. Bring them to your pillars. This is how we will attain transcendence.
8395Sometimes, the Discordant Forces prove to be too difficult to keep out and your Pillars of Transcendence may falter.
8396Take solace, for the Holistic Light shines bright when you need it the most. Bathe in its glow until you feel it reinvigorate your pillars.
8397Pleasant greetings, friend. Thank you for your purchase of our take-home meditation session.
8398This recorded meditation will guide you on a spiritual journey towards transcendence.
8399We will begin shortly. Take a moment to appreciate your surroundings. And remember, your generous donations make this spiritual journey possible.
8400Are you ready? Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. Inhale 2... 3... Hold 2... 3... Exhale 2... 3... 4.... Good. And repeat.
8401Imagine your path to enlightenment as three transcendent pillars, rising towards the sky.
8402Pleasant greetings. Please gather at the tranquility sanctum for today's guided meditation, taking you on a spiritual journey toward transcendence.
8403We will begin shortly. Take a moment to appreciate your surroundings.
8404And remember, your generous enrollment donations make this spiritual journey possible.
8405Are you ready? Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. Inhale 2... 3... Hold 2... 3... Exhale 2... 3... 4.... Good. And repeat.
8406Let the spiritual incense fill your lungs. Imagine your path to enlightenment as three transcendent pillars, rising towards the sky.
8407Punish any discordant forces that stand in your way. Do not let them harm you spiritually.
8408If you feel your physical self reacting to their presence, that's okay, but please be aware of your surroundings and do not damage our property.
8409Maintain a sense of tranquility. Push aside any internal strife. It's important to transcend your physical boundaries while at peace with yourself.
8410Your existence on this world is merely temporary, the Palace of the Winding Path will help you ascend beyond that limitation.
8411Align your spiritual aura with the Pillars of Transcendence. Draw in energy from the outside, attune it to your spirit, and pass it through.
8412Free your mind from all distractions and worries. Focus on the Pillars of Transcendence. Focus on keeping out the discordant forces.
8413Follow my voice. Listen to my meditations. Let them calm you, let me guide you to a place of peace and tranquility.
8414Gather that sublime energy and let it flow into the pillars.
8415Let the warmth it provides guide your spirit toward a new plane of existence beyond the physical.
8416Empty your mind of all your troubles. Leave them behind you as you ascend to your new spiritual existence.
8417Discordant forces may leave lasting physical harm if you let them damage your spiritual self.
8418Discordant forces may also be drawn in by spiritual incense, seeking its blissful embrace.
8419Breathe in deeply. The spiritual incense and my guidance will keep you focused. The side-effects are minimal and can safely be ignored.
8420Believe in yourself. Believe in the powers of others like you.
8421You can attain enlightenment together and reap the rewards of a higher state of consciousness.
8422Peer at yourself through the lens of your mind's eye. See yourself as others see you. Examine yourself from a short distance at all angles.
8423You may find you gain a new perspective on life.
8424You're feeling so relaxed right now.
8425Feel the sublime energy surround you. Embrace it, feed it into your pillars, and allow it to lead you along your path to transcendental bliss.
8426The outside world has no meaning while you focus on your inner self.
8427Imagine you are floating along in a cloud of pure emotional bliss. If the cloud is mauve colored, chant a calming phrase until it is not.
8428Discordant Forces form in response to our fears, doubts, and insecurities. Gather your courage and confront them head-on.
8429Feel the warm relaxing energy flow into your body. You can feel it flow into your arms. Into your legs. Into your fingers and toes.
8430This sensation brings with it a wave of tranquility and deep relaxation.
8431The light in your mind, body, and soul grows as you build the pillars of Transcendence. Open your heart to it and feel its peaceful embrace.
8432You feel as if you are one with nature, with the universe, with everything.
8433Only through complete transcendence, will you attain true enlightenment and exceed your physical bounds.
8434After you transcend, it is completely normal to feel a need to abandon your material wealth. Seek one of our gurus if you wish for help with that.
8435Keep listening to the soothing sound of my voice. Let it draw you in and center you.
8436Breathe in deeply through your nose... hold it... and let it out through your mouth.
8437Your transcendental journey may be long, but patience is key to spiritual well-being.
8438Be sure to book your next stay with us now and save ten percent off a future spiritual aura cleansing
8439Now that you have everything visualized, I will begin a series of positive affirmations while you act to achieve Transcendence.
8440Stupid talking! Shut up!
8441Pretty palace make too much noise!
8442Talk, talk, talk... agh! Make it stop!
8443Smash talking machines!
8444Quiet... need quiet!
8445Stupid human... stop talking!
8446Splatter talking human's brains!
8447Human too loud... make you bleed!
8448Weird humans in pretty palace must die!
8449Sleep gone... kill loud human!
8450Help wanted for immediate hire! The renowned Bolton Greens is seeking a Headwaiter of any experience level.
8451You will be required to whip the current staff into shape, and coordinate the function room for an event occurring this evening.
8452Generous compensation will be swiftly rewarded after a job well done.
8453Applicants are directed to Mr. Billingsley, Maitre d' of the Bolton Greens Country Club, for immediate consideration.
8454You must be here for the job? Let's get the interview underway. Can you move? Can you pick things up and put them down? Good. You're hired!
8455Now, first things first. Our guests will be here soon for the Halloween Gala, but my waitstaff is nowhere to be found!
8456You have too much work to do to be bothering me.
8457Get back to work please, I will supervise from here.
8458Please, we have too much to do, and no time to chat with you right now.
8459Not now. It is important we finish our job before our guests arrive, so stop dilly-dallying.
8460Focus on the task at hand, if you will.
8461We don't have much time. You must finish doing what I've instructed you to do before the gala starts!
8462Please do not disturb me, I am busy processing the precise timings and procedures for this evening's activities.
8463I am not able to assist you. My primary function is to delegate tasks out to the staff, not completing the tasks myself.
8464Please do not make me regret hiring you on such short notice.
8465You need to stop pestering me, and get back to work.
8466Oh! Thank heavens! Someone came!
8467I seem to have slacked off! I'll report for duty right now!
8468Oh dear, is it time to work already? Very well then.
8469Another event you say? As long as it's not at all like the hot fondue debacle of 2175, I'm glad to work.
8470Whoops! Looks like I forgot to get back to work again! Sorry about that!
8471Bugger it! I was enjoying my time off. I hope the little sods don't try to roast marshmallows under me again while I'm trying to work!
8472Bah, I suppose the quicker I get back to work, the quicker you'll get off my case.
8473What if I told you I was working? Not buying it, eh? It was worth a shot.
8474No, you get back to work! Oh, I'm dreadfully sorry. I didn't realize you were the new boss. Let's forget I said that, shall we? Moving on!
8475Wonderful! I thought you'd never ask me! It's been too long since I've had to work, and I simply love doing it. Thank you!
8476I suppose I've dawdled long enough. It's time to serve the children bucketloads of sweets before sending them off back to their parents.
8477Can't you see I'm on break?
8478I feel like I should be working soon, but no one has told me what to do for so long. I'm beginning to wonder if they've forgotten.
8479Awaiting orders. But until those come along, I'll just take it easy right here.
8480I seem to have forgotten what I was doing here. Oh well.
8481I wonder when it will be time to work the function room again?
8482I'm not budging until I have to.
8483I hope the boss doesn't catch me slacking off.
8484There hasn't been work here for ages, or if there has, no one has told me to do a thing!
8485Unless I'm mistaken, and some of my wiring has definitely crossed over the years, I was told to stay put right here. So that's what I'm doing.
8486Fine time to relax and cool ones jets, as it were.
8487They must be lazing about the premises somewhere. I need you to find them.
8488Instruct the incompetent layabouts that their shift has started and they must report to work straightaway.
8489Make sure they get to their positions without getting distracted along the way.
8490That's all of the tables set, now just keep out the uninvited guests until we're done here!
8491Wonderful! You've finished setting all the tables! Now all you need to do is keep out undesirables until we're all finished.
8492Excellent! No more tables to set! Just keep the function room clear of uninvited guests until I say we're done.
8493Let's hope the little brats and their parents don't complain too much about this dreadful lack of festivity.
8494If I get fired for your lack of skill and enthusiasm, I will be quite upset.
8495This will be the saddest Gala since the infamous fondue incident.
8496Well, the guests will be arriving any moment now, so run along!
8497Yes... Any moment now...
8498Now please clear out before the guests arrive, and thank you again!
8499That's all I need from you for now. All that's left is waiting for the guests, who should be arriving... soon.
8500It appears our distinguished guests may be running a tad late, but no worries. You did your job, now please exit and let me do mine.
8501You get nothing! Good day!
8502Speaking of better than nothing... here's your payment. Fitting, given your effort, or lack thereof.
8503Here, take this for your services. You've earned it. A satisfactory reward for a satisfactory job.
8504I believe in rewarding a job well done, so I hope you will find your payment adequately rewarding. Thank you for bailing me out of this mess.
8505I am pleased to offer you the highest honors and rewards Bolton Greens can afford out of our substantial coffers.
8506Billingsley, you old fool! Why did you think it was a good idea to hire unqualified ninnies off the street with so much at stake?
8507Well, you did the absolute bare minimum. I suppose that's all I can ask for when I hire inexperienced staff at the last minute.
8508Better than nothing I suppose.
8509Not bad. Not bad at all. Perhaps this year's Halloween Gala won't be a complete disaster after all thanks to you.
8510Well done! Not perfect, but I think that's about as close as I could have expected! I can see I made the right choice in hiring you!
8511Perfect in every way! I don't think we could have pulled this off any better with my normal staff under the best conditions.
8512This year's Halloween Gala is bound to be our best yet! I look forward to working with you on future functions.
8513Is this thing on?
8514Is anybody out there?
8515Uh, hello?
8516Well, here goes nothing...
8517Um, ahem, this is an important message.
8518This is Billingsley, the Maitre D' here at Bolton Greens.
8519Billingsley here, your friendly Bolton Greens Maitre D'.
8520You may know me as Billingsley, Bolton Greens' famed Maitre D'.
8521Very distinguished guests will be arriving shortly for a Halloween Gala, and this function room must be shipshape!
8522The Bolton Greens Halloween Gala is this evening and we are dreadfully far behind in preparing for our very distinguished guests.
8523Our distinguished guests will be expecting a flawless Halloween Gala event this evening, and we simply must deliver on that expectation.
8524However, we are currently understaffed and in desperate need of new hires with immediate availability.
8525Applicants should see me in the function room for employment inquiries.
8526Unfortunately, there's a bit of a staffing issue we'd like to resolve as soon as possible.
8527If you are able-bodied, halfway competent, and in need of work, then please see me in the function room.
8528Regrettably, we have an immediate need for new hires to assist us in preparing for this evening's shift. No chem-tests required for application.
8529Interested parties should seek me out for employment information. I shall be waiting in the function room.
8530Well look who finally decided to come back to work. I had expected more from a robot waiter.
8531It's about time you stopped slacking off and returned to work. Who programmed you to take such a long break?
8532Did your circuits fry? It's as if you've lost all sense of time. Well, you're back on the job and that's what's important.
8533Oh good, another one of my employees has returned.
8534Another waiter is back. Good job, new hire.
8535Ah, hello, waiter unit! Welcome back!
8536We've almost got the whole waitstaff crew back now.
8537Back from break so soon? I'll speak with you later.
8538Oh dear, it seems one of my waiters exploded on your watch.
8539Was that the sound of a waiter going to pieces?
8540I am aware that you allowed someone to tamper with my waiter and now he is destroyed.
8541Oh no, not again.
8542Yet again, it sounds like you failed to bring back my waiter in one piece.
8543Seriously, a waiter exploded? Again?
8544Another waiter destroyed?
8545How could you let another waiter fall apart on their way to work?
8546There's a lot of work to do, and not much time to do it in!
8547I do hope none of the guests show up early and see us in such disarray!
8548Remember to keep out the riffraff. We can't have anyone showing up uninvited and ruining the evening for our guests!
8549I'm glad to have the help, but I hope I haven't made a big mistake in hiring you.
8550Everything must be pristine when the guests arrive. Do not let me down!
8551When this gala is over, I'm going to have words with my wait staff! Harsh words!
8552I wonder if we overdid it with the Halloween decorations.
8553I wonder if we don't have enough Halloween decorations?
8554If we can't pull this off, upper management will have my head!
8555Our guests are such picky eaters. I hope the menu suits them.
8556I feel like we're always setting up for events last minute these days. If only I had more competent staff.
8557Good help is so hard to find!
8558Expect me to dock your pay for that.
8559I am not happy about that.
8560I am starting to question your job performance.
8561Be more careful, or I'll continue to judge your incompetence.
8562So far, I am finding your work less than satisfactory.
8563I suppose we'll have to do more with less. Your pay will reflect this.
8564This won't do at all. I am very disappointed in you.
8565Well done, It's starting to feel like a proper gala!
8566There we are. Another place set, for another happy guest.
8567I do think the golden pumpkin motif is quite festive, don't you?
8568Well done on the placement there. Keep up the good work.
8569Ah! Excellent! You found more!
8570I seem to recall our previous guests misplacing these. Glad you're sorting it out.
8571A smidge off center, but I don't think anyone will notice. It'll be our little secret.
8572Good, good.
8573Don't tell anyone, but I wonder if our guests are refined enough to appreciate the decor you're putting down.
8574Ah, see the decor glitter on the table. It's glorious.
8575Don't stop now, we've almost got all the tables set!
8576Aha, I see you're nearly done with the tables. Good!
8577We're just about ready for the Halloween Gala. Only a few more places to set!
8578You just need for find a few more place settings and we should be good to go.
8579Wonderful! You're almost finished!
8580We're running out of time! Our guests are nearly here! Please hurry and finish setting those tables!
8581Oh dear. We haven't finished, and we're running out of time! It is imperative that you finish setting those tables, posthaste!!
8582Tick tock! The Gala will be starting soon, whether you're finished setting the tables or not, and I'd much prefer the former.
8583Oh no, we've barely done anything, and time is almost up! You'd best finish getting the waiters in here at least.
8584This is disastrous. We are nearly out of time before the gala begins, and you haven't even found all my waiters!
8585Our guests are nearly here, but there's still so much to do even after my waitstaff are found! This won't do at all!
8586The gala will begin soon, and you've finished all your work. Now we just need to hold down the fort until our guests arrive.
8587I'm feeling pretty good about this. We have finished the preparations. Now we just need to hold any uninvited guests at bay a little longer!
8588We're nearly out of time. Thankfully, there's not much left to do but prevent any undesirables from sneaking in.
8589Ugh, get that undesirable out of here before they stink up the place.
8590They're not invited. You must them away immediately.
8591An uninvited guest has entered the function room. Please get them to leave!
8592They are not on the guest list! This is a problem you need to solve!
8593Please escort this undesirable out of my function room, new employee!
8594Oh, new hire! There's an undesirable in my function room that you need to take care of, pronto.
8595Clear them out quickly before I get more upset.
8596Get rid of them, or I shall continue to dock your pay.
8597Every moment they remain is a black mark on your record.
8598Just get them out of here before I lose confidence in you.
8599Until you remove them from my sight, my opinion of your work will remain low.
8600Do whatever you need to disperse them before I blow a circuit.
8601I should mention that we cannot let any uninvited guests into our function at any time.
8602I will need you to remove any undesirables that make their way into the function hall.
8603By the way, it appears some are on their way now.
8604It appears that some undesirable guests are milling about outside, trying to get into our little gala without an invitation.
8605It is imperative that you not allow these undesirables into the function room at any time, for the sake of our distinguished club members.
8606You're new, so I should explain:
8607More uninvited guests are on their way! Do not let them disturb the function room!
8608More undesirables detected nearby! Do not let them in!
8609Once again, we have undesired guests at our doorstep. You know the drill. Keep them out of the function hall!
8610Undesirables on the premises! Throw them out! Use force if need be, but don't allow them to breach the hall!
8611We have uninvited guests approaching, I repeat: undesirables are trying to gain entry. You know what to do!
8612Gather them and set the tables. If you need an example, see the center table. Now, hurry to it!
8613As for any new-hires: I need someone to set the tables with our special dishware and centerpieces.
8614However, there is a small issue.
8615They've been misplaced all over the property, both inside and out, as what I can only assume is someone's idea of a joke.
8616You found all my waitstaff! Get to work, you lazy buggers!
8617I see not all of my waitstaff made it back. Ah well, we'll make do with what we've got.
8618Thank goodness. You've taken care of them.
8619Excellent, you've cleared them out. Keep it up.
8620The function room is clear. That's a relief.
8621Good, now let's see to it that doesn't happen again.
8622Our guests will never know their party was almost ruined by those hooligans.
8623Tsk, this is disastrous. That undesirable has already left its foul stench behind due to your inaction.
8624I thought I said no uninvited guests? And here you are, letting them in! How dreadful!
8625I am deeply unsettled by your inability to keep the undesirables out of here.
8626You are failing to turn away the undesirables. Expect this to reflect poorly on your performance review.
8627We can't have our guests show up with any freeloaders still here!
8628No! No! No! I told you to get rid of the undesirables, not let them in!
8629Not what either one of us expected, eh? Anyway, to prove I'm not a monster, I scrounged up some old junk to give you as a reward.
8630Huh. Well, this is a little awkward
8631This is an Emergency Alert. It's the end of the world, and we're all fucked! Hah, I love this thing!
8632My friend, you just helped me tap into the Emergency Broadcast System for the whole region. This is going to be so much fun! But, enough small talk!
8633Full disclosure: I didn't think you'd succeed at getting my signal working.
8634So, I was just going to kill you and take your stuff when you came back, if you came back at all, that is.
8635Guess it'd be a real dick move for me to do that now.
8636Look, I'm what you people would call a Raider. Killing, stealing, and cheating is kind of my shtick.
8637And thanks to you, I've got a working radio. So, I can reach other like-minded individuals and get them to join me! You've opened the floodgates!
8638Hey, come see me at the Top of the World when you get a chance, I've got something for you. And, I pinky-swear I won't kill you.
8639Hey, you down there! Don't be scared! I'm not a ghost! I'm talking to ya through the PA system!
8640You came because you heard me on the radio, right?
8641Here's the deal: We're gonna help each other out. You down with that?
8643So, I've got this little radio operation I need to expand... Gotta boost this super weak signal. You know how it is.
8644See, I found these plans for a Radio Signal Repeater on a dead Responder out by Seneca Rocks.
8645They were going to patch it through that giant radio array on the other side of the mountain and use it to boost their radio.
8646Only... I don't have the plans. Didn't seem important at the time. Aw, I'm kicking myself for not taking the schematic when I found it.
8647I'd go back and get them, but who knows what sort of rotten lowlifes would ransack this place while I'm gone?
8648Ok, I need you to find the plans. Build the repeater, and patch it into the array following their notes. Easy peasy, right?
8649I'll take the rest from there. We'll be in business: Rose and... whatever your name is!
8650You have not been authorized to make adjustments to this system or its components.
8651Please remain where you are and submit to automated federal law enforcement.
8652Failure to comply may result in involuntary termination of employment and/or life.
8653You have not been authorized to make adjustments to this system or its components.
8654Please remain where you are and submit to automated federal law enforcement.
8655Failure to comply may result in involuntary termination of employment and/or life.
8656You have not been authorized to make adjustments to this system or its components.
8657Please remain where you are and submit to automated federal law enforcement.
8658Failure to comply may result in involuntary termination of employment and/or life.
8659You have not been authorized to make adjustments to this system or its components.
8660Please remain where you are and submit to automated federal law enforcement.
8661Failure to comply may result in involuntary termination of employment and/or life.
8662This is Dane Rodgers with an automated alert! An unknown dangerous creature has been sighted in the vicinity of the Sons of Dane Compound.
8663This thing's been attackin' the Buck's Den Beer House every night while we party! We call it the Nightstalker. It's killed some of our best guys.
8664Paulie says the loud music is what's pissin' it off, so we can make a ruckus to draw it here and set up an ambush.
8665Hell if some beast's gonna put an end to our good time. So, we're fixin' on blastin' the jukebox and jammin' on instruments loud as we can.
8666Even rigged up some old busted instruments to shake around, and beat on some of those Ferals we caught.
8667That all should make a proper ruckus. Somethin' 'bout all them particular sounds seems to send the sonovabitch into a blind rage.
8668Any good hunters out there want to stop by and help us kill the Nightstalker tonight, you'll be rewarded in all the beer and partyin' you can handle!
8669Message is set to repeat.
8673Oh friend.
8674The mean creature is killing my family.
8675That was my kin. Now I am sad.
8676I am upset over the death of my friend.
8677This mean creature is killing us. Alert everyone.
8678You killed my kin. I must now kill you.
8679How can something so weak kill one of us?
8680I will avenge my fallen kin.
8681The creature killed one of us. I must kill it back.
8682I will hurt you so you cannot hurt me.
8683You made me angry and scared. You will pay for that.
8684Go away or die.
8685Back off. I will hurt you.
8686I did not want to kill you, but now I must.
8687I do not like you. Now I must attack you.
8688This is for scaring me.
8689I am disappointed you did not die first.
8690How can this be?
8691That hurts, but I will still... ack.
8692I hurt. I do not understand what is happening.
8693Everything is going dark.
8694I see a bright light.
8695I am uncomfortable and sad.
8696I feel cold and numb.
8697This is what it feels like to die.
8698I am now scared, but it is too late.
8699I do not feel well. I can not go on.
8700No. That was not supposed to happen.
8701This pain is unbearable. I think I am dying.
8702Fear. Running away.
8703Uh oh. Where do I go? Where do I go?
8704This thing is bad. Must flee.
8705I hurt now. Will kill you later.
8706Too tough for me. Fleeing.
8707Not worth the effort. Leaving.
8708What was that.
8709Looking out for bad things.
8710Scared. Something is there.
8711Maybe it won't see me if I stay still.
8712Poop poop poop. Oh no. I heard something nearby.
8713I smell prey. This is fortunate for me.
8714I am anxious to kill something.
8715I am big and scary. I want everything to fear me.
8716Something is there. Is it something to play with, or something to eat?
8719Now I am mad.
8724I am not food.
8725That hurt.
8726In pain
8730Son of a...
8731Stop that.
8732Hey. That is not nice. You hurt me.
8734That tickles.
8735You have caused me pain. I will cause you death.
8736That stings a little.
8737I can't bear this any more. I must leave.
8738Must protect self. Run away.
8739Not worth dying to this stupid creature.
8740I am badly hurt. Need to run away and lick wounds.
8741You will be dead soon human.
8742Not even hungry. Just want to kill.
8743Kill... kill... kill...
8744Smells like fear.
8745Not enough meat on bones. Must kill more after this.
8746Delicious blood.
8747I can't wait to eat.
8748Die already.
8749Tear you to shreds.
8750Your pain amuses me.
8751This will hurt you.
8752Leave me alone. Go away.
8753I am just protecting myself.
8754You are bad.
8755I will kill you to protect myself.
8756Please die and leave me alone.
8757Go away, bad, scary human. I bite you.
8758I am hungry.
8759Want to kill you and eat you.
8760Die, food.
8761You smell like food.
8762Stop moving, food.
8763This food is fun to play with.
8764I cannot wait to eat.
8765I am angry. I want you to die.
8766Stop moving. Want to eat you.
8767You die now.
8768Do not run.
8769I will kill you with my bare hands.
8770I am scary. Be afraid of me.
8772I do not want to die.
8773Maybe it will get bored and leave me alone.
8774Oh no. So scary. Got to run away.
8775Ha ha ha. You can't hurt me.
8776Ow. My leg.
8777Foreleg hurting.
8778Aggh. My foreleg.
8779My foreleg is injured.
8780My head hurts a lot.
8781Ouch. My head.
8782Head is hurting.
8783My torso is hurt.
8784Ouch. My midsection.
8785My torso is injured.
8786My hindleg is crippled.
8787That hurt my hindleg.
8788Hindleg hurting too much.
8789Stop fighting me, food.
8790That barely hurt.
8791This is unbearable.
8792Another weak creature to kill today.
8793Thought I killed you already.
8794I have missed killing your kind.
8795This one is too weak. Need something that won't break so easily.
8796I want to grab you, tear you apart, and roll around in your guts.
8797You can't kill me. I'm too clever.
8798You are stupid for attacking me.
8799Not today.
8800I was just minding my own business.
8801I am way too fast to catch.
8802This thing is making it easy for me to find food today.
8803Are you scared? Am I scary? What about now?
8804I was not in the mood to play, but I am now.
8805This human is annoying. If I kill it, it won't be annoying.
8806Your presence is unbearable. I must drive you away.
8807Oh no. This could be bad.
8808The bad human wants to kill me.
8809This is a scary experience.
8810I should poop here to throw the predator off my trail.
8811I see you, prey. I am bored and want to play with you before eating you.
8812What do I do? Maybe if I stay still, it will go away. No? Ok. Fight instead.
8813There is the prey. It is weak and I can kill it.
8814That thing looks fun to play with. I hope it doesn't die too quickly.
8815That thing is not like me. It looks tasty. I want to eat it.
8816Vox interpreter data storage full. Please return holotape to terminal to process and archive data. Congratulations on a job well done, Dr. Harrison!
8817You are now within range of the Vox transmitter dart.
8818You are getting too far away from the Vox Transmitter Dart!
8819Vox transmission terminated prematurely. Establish connection with new Vox transmitter dart.
8820Valid vox interpreter subject detected. Transmission initiated.
8821Vox Transmission received successfully!
8822Please stop and approach for identification.
8823Welcome back, employee 01-DETECTION ERROR.
8824Your identification has been confirmed. Proceed to the URANIUM EXTRACTION TERMINAL. You are LATE for your shift.
8825Your identification has been confirmed. Proceed to the URANIUM EXTRACTION UNITS for SUPERVISION DUTIES. You are LATE for your shift.
8826Your identification has been confirmed. URANIUM EXTRACTION is currently OFFLINE. Your shift has concluded..
8827Please stop and approach for identification.
8828Remember: safety first. You must wear your HAZMAT SUIT to avoid DEATH BY SEVERE RADIATION POISONING. Have a productive and death-free day!
8830You must report immediately for your shift at the URANIUM EXTRACTOR TERMINAL.
8832Report immediately to the URANIUM EXTRACTOR TERMINAL for supervision duty. Unsupervised extractors are vulnerable! Do not delay!
8834Radioactive gas levels surrounding the URANIUM EXTRACTION SYSTEM are DEADLY.
8835Authorization denied until ventilation process is complete. Please return later.
8836Audio Identification confirmed. Welcome employee number 01-DETECTION ERROR. You are over 9999.99 hours late for your shift.
8837Welcome back. A TARDINESS INFRACTION has been added on your employee record. Here is your task list for today.
8838Only employees of Blackwater Mines permitted to access mining equipment. Scanning. VISUAL SCANNING ERROR.
8839Authorization requires identification. Please provide audio identification.
8840Detecting terminated management personnel. Remove this individual from the premises.
8841Adequate uranium volume extracted and processed. Output quantity increased.
8842Extraction Complete. Extractors must complete cleaning and ventilation process before continuing operation. Please vacate.
8843Extraction Process initiated. Keep away from extraction units while operational.
8844Hostile trespassers detected. Employees are encouraged to remove trespassers before damage to extractor units occurs.
8845Extractor Charlie repaired.
8846Extractor Bravo repaired.
8847Extractor Alpha repaired.
8848Extractor Charlie damaged. Shutting down.
8849Extractor Bravo damaged. Shutting down.
8850Extractor Alpha damaged. Shutting down.
8851Greetings employee number zero one... DETECTION ERROR... Uranium extraction system authorization granted.
8852The... URANIUM EXTRACTION SYSTEM... is currently ONLINE AND PENDING. Proceed to operation terminal.
8853Greetings employee number zero one... DETECTION ERROR... Uranium extraction system authorization granted.
8854The... URANIUM EXTRACTION SYSTEM... is currently ONLINE AND ACTIVE. Proceed to operation terminal immediately.
8855Employee number zero one... DETECTION ERROR... You must report for duty at the... URANIUM EXTRACTION CENTER.
8856Employee number zero one... DETECTION ERROR... Your shift has not ended. You must report back to the... URANIUM EXTRACTION CENTER.
8857Please stop and approach for identification.
8858Please stop and approach for identification.
8859Wait for cooldown process to complete before handling.
8860Well done, agent. Transmission received. You are rewarded for your assistance. Be on the lookout for other such opportunities.
8861This has been an automated voice message.
8862Excellent work, agent. Systems have detected that you have successfully retrieved over one hundred black boxes.
8863Your commitment to this project is noted. You will be rewarded accordingly. This has been an automated voice message.
8864Excellent work, member. Your assistance in securing this... invaluable data for us is noted.
8865Please accept this reward as a... token of our gratitude.
8866Do think of us should you come across such items in the future.
8867Member, your effort to consistently secure this data for us has... exceeded expectations.
8868We can not adequately express our gratitude. This merits... something special. We hope you will find it generous.
8869And please, do continue to bring us this valuable data.
8870The black box has been dropped.
8871The black box has been retrieved.
8872If you are hearing this message, you have failed to return the black box. Calling off all agents.
8873A black box has been deployed. Find the box, agent, and return it immediately to the valid transceiver for processing.
8874Retrieve the box from unauthorized individuals or enemy agents through any means necessary.
8875Emergency protocol DX-B70 engaged. Willing and available civilians are to be conscripted as special agents.
8876A black box has been deployed. Find the box, agent, and return it immediately to the valid transceiver for processing.
8877Retrieve the box from unauthorized individuals or enemy agents, using any means necessary.
8878Refining black box coordinate accuracy.
8879Black Box coordinates acquired and locked.
8880WARNING! Black box heat approaching critical levels. Fatality of carrier likely. Set down to initiate cooling process.
8881WARNING! Black box heat approaching dangerous levels. Set down immediately to initiate cooling process.
8882The Black Box is overheating. Place down to initiate cooling process.
8883Black box cooling procedure finished. Pick up and proceed to drop off.
8884Greetings member. We detect that you have just acquired a device. It is... something of interest to us.
8885We would appreciate that you bring this and any similar devices to us in the future instead of the alternative.
8886We will make it worth your while. Of course, the choice to comply is yours to make.
8887Welcome back, agent. You have confirmed pick-up of the black box. You must deliver it immediately to the predetermined transceiver for processing.
8888Be aware that hostile agents may seek to intercept the box. You must ensure its safe delivery at all costs.
8889The box may occasionally malfunction and overheat. If this happens, you must drop it and stand guard until its cooling process finishes. Good Luck.
8890Engaging emergency protocol DX-B79.
8891Civilian, you are being conscripted as a special agent to immediately deliver the black box to the predetermined transceiver for processing.
8892Be aware that hostile agents may seek to intercept the box. You must ensure its safe delivery at all costs.
8893The box may occasionally malfunction and overheat. If this happens, you must drop it and stand guard until its cooling process finishes. Good Luck.
8894WARNING! Black box overheating imminent. Set down to initiate cooling process.
8895Haha, nah. Just kidding. *coughing* It's all yours. I took a shot in the gut and I ain't got long. *coughing* Maybe it'll do you better than it did me.
8896I know you just love jumping off of shit you wouldn't survive otherwise, but that makes too much damned noise. So quit it.
8897I find you in it, whoever you are, and I'm gonna be pissed. So beat it! Go find your own!
8898Bad news, pal. This sucker's rigged. Gonna blow real soon. You try and get out? BOOM.
8899'bout time you actually did somethin' right. Bring it on back to camp, and don't go makin' a mess doing it.
8900Seriously though, get out. I'm coming right back for this, on account of running out of Fusion Cores. I'm just going to get a new one.
8901Thought you'd just steal yourself a suit of Power Armor, huh?
8902Hey Alan... if you're hearing this, you managed to actually find the suit I left for you.
8903Looks like you just stepped into the wrong Power Armor...
8904Warning: Unauthorized Access Detected
8905Why hello! I've already delivered my message. If you have need to send a new message, you'll need to make a request with the Mr. Messenger service.
8906The message has been delivered. I no longer require assistance of any kind. Have a good day!
8907I can only accept feedback from the message sender or receiver. You'll have to take up your complaint with corporate.
8908I no longer require assistance. Please leave me be while I await further instructions.
8909Mission accomplished. I do hope the message recipient is pleased with my performance and punctuality.
8910Sorry, I can only accept new messages to be delivered from the corporate office, which I imagine is closed at the moment.
8911Regretfully, I cannot help you. I am not authorized to do so.
8912Oh, hello! I have just completed a successful message delivery, and I am currently not in service. Sorry to disappoint!
8913Someone just assisted me in delivering this message. Was it you? If so, thank you. If not, kindly bugger off.
8914I hope you're not expecting anything from me. I haven't got anything for you to do, and nothing left to give you even if I did!
8915I'm glad that's done with.
8916I suppose I'll wait around until I'm needed again.
8917Finally, break time!
8918I should get back to corporate, but I haven't been recalled yet, so... meander I shall.
8919Odd, there don't appear to be any more messages to deliver.
8920Now that the message has been delivered, I can stop and wait for my next task.
8921Job's done. No need to hang around here.
8922Who knew delivering messages would be so harrowing!
8923I need help delivering a message. No wait, I already did that. Must be a bad memory call.
8924Another successful message delivery. When's the next one?
8925Seems real handy. I know where it is, but... I'm not ready to talk. Maybe if you help me out I'll trust you enough.
8926Since we're already all buddy-buddy, I'll let you in on a little secret.
8927The uplink's in the cache. You probably just missed it. You'll find it there. Promise.
8928Oh I see now, you're here about that guy, huh? Good luck getting anything outta him. He's been dead a while.
8929He came up here to negotiate with my Raider associates.
8930They strung him up, and left him to die after... convincing him to spill the beans about what he was up to. Before you ask, I dunno, I wasn't there.
8931Anyway, you're probably looking for that scorched detector uplink thingamajig he was trying to install when they caught him.
8932So, did you find that uplink thing you were looking for? It got a little banged up when we shoved it through the storage system.
8933You'll probably need to bring it to someone in the Free States who can fix it, but joke's on you, they're as dead as everyone else out there.
8934You know, at least one or two of 'em defected to us when they got sick of livin' underground.
8935They talked about this real smart gal named Abbie. Tech-smart, you know?
8936I bet you can find something down in her bunker that'll help you fix that doodad. It's in The Mire. I can point you in the right direction.
8937Now go on and scram. Maybe you'll actually be able to get rid of these Scorched things.
8938Then, bing bang boom, couple hundred years pass. You vault people all have a couple 'a kids, they have a couple kids, etc...
8939Next thing you know, we got more raiders and more people to prey on. Perfecto. Sounds like you've got your work cut out for ya!
8940But until then, I'll just be messing with the radio. Don't you forget about me up here. I'm always around if you get bored. Later, alligator!
8941Hey, there's a weird Scorched Detector uplink device down there that we stole from one of their guys. Do you see it?
8942We were going to ransom it back to the Free States people. Seemed pretty important to them.
8943Joke's on us since they're all as dead as everyone else out there. But, you know what...
8944Years ago, some of their people came and joined up with us. Beats living in a crappy bunker, I guess.
8945They talked about this real smart gal named Abbie. Supposedly, she had a good head for tech.
8946Maybe there's something in her bunker to help you figure out what to do with that doodad. It's in The Mire. I can point you in the right direction.
8947I'm pretty sure it'll help us do something about these damned Scorched things. If only we didn't kill the guy who knew how. Eh, hindsight.
8948Then bing bang boom, couple hundred years pass after you get rid of the Scorched... All the little vault people repopulate out there.
8949We get more raiders, we get more people to pillage, everything's perfect again! Sounds like you've got your work cut out for ya!
8950But until then, I'll just be messing with the radio. Don't you forget about me up here. I'm always around if you get bored. Later, alligator!
8953Warning! Insufficient particulate detected for reclamation protocol. User. Please deposit precursor types...
8954Initializing reclamation protocols. Wind current analysis... complete. Atmospheric particulate evaluation... complete.
8955Required precursors detected. Atmospheric harvesting... complete. Dispensing... complete. All reclamation tasks completed.
8956Thank you for using the Hornwright Ash Forge system.
8957User must complete precursor deposit in given time frame in before initiating reclamation. Have a nice day.
8958... twenty-four hours...
8959... twelve hours...
8960Warning! Current atmospheric condition can be expected to persist for...
8961... at designated burn sites.
8962... and ...
8963Admin password decrypted. "1236Rita". Establishing backdoor access... complete. Have a nice day.
8964Accessing remote terminal. Heyward, Dominick. Initiating decryption protocol.
8965Required power verified.
8966Required discipline dispensed. Well done, employee. Issuing compensation.
8967Disciplinary target de-deceased. Employee failure noted.
8968Detecting... zero life-signs from-from-from target.
8969Premature expiration detected. Pi-pi-pity.
8970Dis-dis-disciplinary target detected. Target, you are ... se-seven-thousand, seven-hundred, tw-twenty-one days late for work. Initiating disciplinary procedures. Please stand clear.
8971Disciplinary target de-detected. Target has outstanding debt with company store.
8972You owe the sum of... tw-twelve million, six-hundred and twenty-two thousand, ni-ni-nine-hundred and seventy dollars, interest included. Initiating disciplinary procedures.
8973Please stand clear.
8974Disciplinary target detected. Target-target, you have failed to return company equipment. Initiating disciplinary procedures.
8975Please stand clear.
8976Disciplinary target detected. Target has left place of employment without a supervisors per-per-permission. Initiating disciplinary pro-procedures.
8977Please stand clear.
8978Please pro-proceed to next target.
8979Continue on to next disciplinary ta-target.
8980Additional di-di-discipline required. Proceed to next target.
8981Disciplinary target death detected. Your pay has docked.
8982Disciplinary ta-target survival... preferred. Employee pay has been reduced.
8983Error. Discipline target life-signs lost. Em-em-employee pay will be do-docked.
8984Wa-wa-waring! Multiple worker infractions detected. Sy-sy-system requires attachment "de-de-demerit devices" to disciplinary targets.
8985Registering biometric data. Registration... complete. We-we-welcome employee, to Work-a-Day. Are you ready to get to wo-wo-work?
8986Scanning available tasks... task found.
8987Proceed to registration site, worker.
8988Applicant detected...
8989New-new-new worker detected. Processing...
8990Facial recognition engaged. Welcome back, employee. Processing work data...
8991Those hotdogs aren't going to eat themselves honey. Better get chowin'!
8992I gotcha hot dogs right here! Hot dogs!
8993Think you're man enough to beat the Chow Line?
8994Hey there sweetie! Come belly up to the Chow Line.
8995Bzzzt. Click. Action: TOSS, Target: THREE DROSS CONTAINERS, Prize: MR FUZZY TOKENS. Status: TIMER ACTIVE.
8996Error! Zach personality not found. Personality module load failure. Default personality initialized.
8997Greetings. I see by your uniform that you are a Camden Park worker authorized to calibrate my contest booth ID: DROSS TOSS.
8998The procedure requires you to perform the action: TOSS on the object: DROSS. Your TOSS target is: THREE DROSS CONTAINERS.
8999Action: TOSS must be completed before the timer expires. A prize: MR FUZZY TOKENS is awarded for each target: DROSS CONTAINER.
9000Status: TIMER INACTIVE. Required Action to begin: GRAB object: DROSS
9001Error! Zach personality not found. Personality module load failure. Default personality initialized.
9002Booth ID: DROSS TOSS calibration has been completed. Uniformed, authorized Camden Park worker assistance is not required.
9003Error! Zach personality not found. Personality module load failure. Default personality initialized.
9004This is contest booth ID: DROSS TOSS. Calibration is required by an authorized and uniformed Camden Park employee.
9005Error! Zach personality not found. Personality module load failure. Default personality initialized.
9006Booth ID: DROSS TOSS is operational. Please begin action: TOSS at target: DROSS CONTAINER for prize: MR FUZZY TOKENS.
9007Targeting Success Detected. You win prize: MR FUZZY TOKENS. Result: SUCCESS. Result Action: DISPENSE prize and SAY Great job!
9008Targeting Failure Detected. You do not win prize: MR FUZZY TOKENS. Result: FAILURE. Result Action: SAY Better luck next time!
9009Status: TIMER ACTIVE. Commence action: TOSS
9010Welcome valued customer to Camden Park where all fleshlings are winners!
9011Prizes can be purchased by accessing a terminal. You'll need your Mr. Fuzzy tokens handy! Have a wonderful day.
9012Thank you for clocking in for your shift!
9013Fleshling? Why no uniform? There will be shouting.
9014Hey Kid, hurry up! You need to get those games calibrated before the boss starts yelling.
9015Greetings, valued visitor! Welcome to Camden Park.
9016Oh, wait! Is that you kid? I'm afraid my peepers aren't working too good.
9017Get in there kid. Suit up and get clocked in, you're late! I already lied to the boss for you.
9018Howdy there boys and girls! Itttttssssss ....Mr Fuzzy! I'm PAWSitive you're having fun here at Camden Park where we work hard to be PURRRfect.
9019Our Camden Park crew is here to make your day with us a-MEOW-sing! In fact our newest FURiends should POUNCE on over to report in.
9020Interesting. You must be my newest fleshling.
9021You were late. You weren't prepared. You deserve shouting. But, I'm feeling generous today so I'll record your performance as adequate.
9022You aren't allowed in here when you're working. This is for valued customers only. They can exchange their Mr. Fuzzy tokens for prizes here.
9023Here is recompense for today's shift. Goodbye.
9024For your first day task, you get to play all of the games so you're familiar with them. That should be fun!
9025Did you remember to wash your hands?
9026Muckin' is hard work. This here Lucky Mucker ain't. Give it a go?
9027Hey there! Got a hankerin' to explore? The Lucky Mucker is the game for you!
9028You best get movin' if you want to win them tokens.
9029Hey there. It's a might slow today, I was kinda put out that there weren't no one talking to me. You're a new one, aint cha?
9030I heared it were calibratin time agin. All you gotta do is mosey over to the muckin carts and drop one of these here coal chunks in.
9031Them carts be all over yonder so you gotta move mighty fast to get them all afore the time runs out.
9032Hey there. The calibratin been done so we don' need no more. Why you workin anyhow? You aint beholden to the park. Git that uniform off.
9033Hey there. It's gonna be a spell to play this here contest. The calibratin' aint been done. Some new feller is comin' by.
9034Never seen 'em before in my life so they gotta be in uniform 'fore I let um muck round.
9035Oh hey. Yer back to give it another go? Get moseying to them carts then.
9036Wooooo-eeeee! You done brung yer A game!
9037Alrighty then. Better git movin.
9038Beacon disbursement quota reached.
9039Beacon... detected. Connection...
9040... complete! Repair systems active! Fuel replacement active! System status - fully operational!
9041Requested user intervention successful! User! User! Intervention successful! System requests user report to headquarters docking station!
9042User. Motherlode drill frame requests unloading procedure. Please report to breach zone immediately.
9043Warning. Warning. Breach imminent. All workers proceed to secure locations immediately.
9044Warning! Warning! Submerge procedures activated! Please clear the area.
9045Initial container batch unsealed. Additional containers queued for unsealing ... now.
9046Breach complete. Initiating unloading procedure.
9047Attention! Possible agitator presence detected near breach site! Location must be cleared before breach can occur!
9048Greetings, Senior Executive. Are you having a nice day?
9049Repair beacon issued. Please collect from dispenser.
9050Welcome applicant to the Hornwright Industrial hiring system! Please insert your resume into the receptacle for analysis.
9051Or take our Senior Executive exam to see if you've got what it takes to be a part of the Hornwright team!
9052Beacon deployment clearance granted.
9053Additional repair beacon ... collected. Motherlode-003 status ... optimal!
9054Priority materials deposited in docking station. Motherlode complete, user. Motherlode complete! Motherlode ... remembers.
9055Beacon ... launch ... detected. Distance ... 1200 meters. 800 ... meters. 400 ..... meters . Motherlode ... connecti--
9056... connection complete! Repair systems ... engaged! Motherlode status ... nominal! Repeat! Status nominal! Initiating breach procedure. User! Stand clear!
9057User presence detected. Priority materials deposited in docking station. Motherlode-003 complete, user. Motherlode complete! Motherlode ... remembers.
9058Password detected. Error. ID printing functionality available only to Hornwright Industrial Senior Executives.
9059Invalid user.
9060Docking procedure completed. Priority mineral cache available for collection. User intervention documented. System... remembers.
9061System failure probability without user intervention: 98.2%.
9062Diagnostics nominal. User intervention a success.
9063Drill frame search and collect protocols resumed.
9064Invalid employee. Password required.
9065Hornwright Industrial - moving mining forward!
9066If it's not working, it's not a Hornwright!
9067Never hear an employee complaint again, with a Hornwright automated system!
9068Additional power required.
9069Process complete. System unlocked.
9070Priority mineral cache dispensed for user collection. User intervention documented. System... remembers.
9071Remote docking procedure complete. Priority mineral deposits ready for user collection. User intervention documented. System... remembers.
9072Warning! Wait timer expired! Unloading procedure canceled. All workers are dismissed.
9073Attention workers! Final container group unsealed. Submerge procedures initiated! Final unloading call issued. Repeat! Last call to unload materials.
9074Additional containers unsealed. Workers, system requests unloading.
9075New containers require immediate unloading procedures.
9076Attention workers. Please initiate collection from newly unsealed containers.
9077Queued containers unsealed. Material collection required.
9078Unsealing of new containers completed. Please initiate unload procedure.
9079Additional containers unsealed. Materials available for collection.
9080Area clearance detected. Initiating breach procedure. All workers, please evacuate to a safe distance immediately.
9081Checkpoint activated.
9082User frequency... uploaded. User. Beacon... deployment... requested. Coordinates to deployment site... transmitted... deploy... beacon.
9083User. Proceed ... down ... deploy ... beacon. Proceed ... elevator--
9084User ... activity ... detected. Motherlode-003 reporting. User. System 003 ... fuel ... repairs ... required. Deploy ... beacon ... down ... elevator ... do--
9085This Motherlode requires ... repair beacon. User. Recover ... repair beacon. User, recover repair beaco--
9086User ... connection ... detected. Motherlode-003 reporting. User. System 003 requests ... assistance. Fuel levels ... critical. Hull .... critical.
9087Password accepted.
9088Exam results verified.
9089User detected. Connecting...
9090Analyzing data... complete! It looks like you've got what it takes to be our next Senior Executive.
9091Please proceed to the Human Resources office to collect your official Hornwright Executive ID.
9092Please collect your ID card in the Human Resources department. And welcome!
9093Applicant resumes can be inserted into the resume receptacle. Senior Executive testing terminals can be accessed anywhere in the Candidate Testing area.
9094System restoration complete. User intervention documented. User, proceed to sublevel to collect priority materials.
9095System failure averted. Motherlode .... remembers.
9096Mineral cache awaiting user collection.
9097Proceed ... to ... subfloor ...
9098Deploy ... breacon ... down.
9099User ... support ... necessary.
9100Intervention ... required.
9101Motherlode ... critical ...
9102Fuel ... at ... minimum .... levels ...
9103Repairs ... necessary. Find ... beacon.
9104Daniel? Daniel?
9105Requisition code accepted. Issuing repair beacon.
9106Senior executive detected. ID card issued.
9107Warning! Worker detected attempting to access priority collection pod! Senior Executive clearance required! Report to Hornwright HQ for immediate discipline!
9108Warning! Additional agitators closing on breach site! Workers, activate riot defense procedures!
9109Applicant task successful. Return to surface for examination completion.
9110Please proceed to captain's office for final registration.
9111Congratulations, applicant.
9112Graduate detected. Registration is required. Please present yourself to station captain.
9113Successful graduate detected. Applicant survival rate ... updated.
9114Priority message detected. Available Fire Breathers should report to dispatch room.
9115Accessing Fire Breathers leadership database. Captain Larkin ... missing. Lieutenant Madigan ... missing. That is all.
9116Final registration required. Proceed to Charleston Fire Department.
9117Current Fire Breather graduation rate... 1.8%.
9118Please present yourself to the captain on duty.
9119Duty assignments require Fire Breather system registration.
9120All examinations... complete! Congratulations. Issuing orientation holotape. Please proceed to Charleston Fire Department for company registration.
9121Please proceed to examination target.
9122Use of deadly force is authorized against infected personnel.
9123Bleeding on equipment is not encouraged.
9124Fire Breather detected. Stay frosty.
9125Examination complete. Please proceed to new assignment.
9126All questions should be directed to Fire Breather captain... Melody Larkin.
9127Active Fire Breathers should report to current assignment site.
9128Fire Breather applicants, please report to exam room.
9129Too cool in the kitchen? Join the Fire Breathers today!
9130Join the Responder elite. Join the Fire Breathers. Access any training terminal to begin.
9131Fire Breather tip of the day: eliminate all infected personnel from a safe distance.
9132Fire Breather tip of the day: avoid mine venting sites without proper breathing apparatus.
9133Fire Breather tip of the day: loitering in this area is not suggested.
9134Greetings, Fire Breather.
9135Fire Breather tip of the day: perform seal checks on all equipment before use.
9136Fire Breather tip of the day: holding your breath is not an advised survival tactic.
9137Applicants must complete prior examinations before initiating practical. Please continue to designated test site.
9138Equipment cannot be issued without prerequisite examination completion.
9139Warning. Premature death may result in examination postponement.
9140The following toxins have been detected: arsenic, cadmium, carbon monoxide, sulfur diox -- error. List exceeds available memory.
9141Fire Breather applicants, please report to Charleston Fire Department.
9142Access without prior authorization is not advised. Proceed to Charleston Fire Department for clearance.
9143Testing local air sample. Oh. No.
9144Analyzing user equipment. Probability of practical exam success... 98.7%.
9145Analyzing user equipment. Probability of practical exam success... 68.2%.
9146Analyzing user equipment. Probability of practical exam success... 3.8%.
9147Fire Breather applicants, please report to exam room.
9148Too cool in the kitchen? Join the Fire Breathers today!
9149Join the Responder elite. Join the Fire Breathers. Access any training terminal to begin.
9150Turn back the Scorched! Take the Fire Breathers exam! Join today!
9151Please return to Charleston Fire Department to initiate final examination.
9152Until recently, we'd now be moving you onto our final exam: a nice, easy run through an active mine burn. But these days, we've got bigger fish to fry.
9153I'm up here just outside the Top of the World and I found something ... something I think could be game changing.
9154Don't ask me where I got it.
9155I just need you to send back-up up here quick. The best guns you can spare. Call me back at this frequency as soon as you can. Madigan out.
9156Maria, Melody, whoever's down there. It's Madigan, checking in at long last.
9157There are... eight-hundred-thousand outstanding support calls.
9158There is... one priority call. Accessing.
9159Checkpoint activated. Return to start.
9160Activation verified. Return to start.
9161Activation logged. Return to start.
9162Congratulations applicant! Please access terminal to initiate final examination briefing.
9163Physical examination complete. Time... unacceptable. Please try again.
9164Checkpoint activated. Return to start.
9165Examination will begin in... fifteen seconds.
9166Exam initiated! Activate initial checkpoint.
9167Please return to the Charleston Fire Department for your final examination.
9168Physical examination complete! Congratulations! You have passed!
9169Examination briefing holotape issued.
9170So, for your final exam, you'll be running a course cooked up by our very own Lt. Madigan to get you up to speed on... dealing with these Scorched.
9171Head on over to the Belching Betty shaft when you're ready. Our handler bot, Bernie, will get you oriented.
9172Come back alive and human, and you're in.
9173The "Scorched" creatures have been pouring through Big Bend Tunnel.
9174Someone has to stop them, and the Fire Breathers are the only ones with the tools and the know-how to get it done.
9175Until recently, we'd now have you perform a nice, easy run through an active mine burn, teach you how to use the equipment without killing yourself.
9176Unfortunately, we don't live in simple times anymore.
9177Greetings, applicant. This is Melody Larkin, Fire Breathers captain. Congratulations on your progress thus far.
9178Greetings, applicant. This is Melody Larkin, Fire Breathers captain.
9179Getting this far means you've got the brains and the stamina to survive among the Fire Breathers.
9180All mining systems restored. Initiating high-yield subroutine.
9181All mining systems active. Precision mining procedures engaged... now.
9182Auto-Miner network fully operational. Activating advanced collection protocols.
9183System restored. Activating collection protocols.
9184All systems nominal. Mining procedures engaged.
9185Reinitialization complete. Beginning mineral harvest.
9186Warning! Trespassers detected near Auto-Miner system! Immediate support required!
9187Attention! Hostile intruders detected. Auto-Miner protection protocols required!
9188Attention all support staff. Trespassers detected. Remove with extreme prejudice.
9189All support personnel. Auto-Miner system requires assistance. Please proceed to designated mining site.
9190Trespassers detected. Any and all workers, please initiate removal protocols at your earliest convenience.
9191Warning! Warning! Shaft collapse imminent. All personnel must evacuate immediately!
9192Shaft structure failing! All personnel, please report to the nearest exit. Management cannot be held liable for failure to evacuate.
9193Attention all personnel! Shaft stability failure detected! Immediate evacuation is required! Failure to exit in a timely fashion will result in docked pay!
9194Attention! Shaft reopening detected! Support personnel, please initiate collection and Auto-Miner repair tasks with caution. Structural instability detected.
9195Attention! Shaft reopening detected! Support personnel must immediately report to shaft for mineral collection and Auto-Miner repair duties.
9196Attention! Seismic activity detected! Shaft reopening imminent! Available support personnel, prepare for breach of... mine shaft Elaine. Civilians, please exit the area. Thank you.
9197Attention! Seismic activity detected! Shaft reopening imminent! Available support personnel, prepare for breach of... mine shaft Kittery. Civilians, please exit the area. Thank you.
9198Attention! Mine shaft reopening imminent! Available support personnel, please report to mine shaft ... Elaine for repair and collection duty. Civilians, please exit the area. Thank you.
9199Attention! Mine shaft reopening imminent! Available support personnel, please report to mine shaft ... Kittery for repair and collection duty. Civilians, please exit the area. Thank you.
9200Attention! Shaft opening detected! All support personnel proceed to Shaft Elaine for collection and Auto-Miner repair duties. Thank you.
9201Attention! Shaft opening detected! All support personnel proceed to Shaft Kittery for collection and Auto-Miner repair duties. Thank you.
9202All support personnel, proceed with caution. Instability detected. Mineral harvesting and Auto-Miner repair duties must be performed in a timely manner to avoid injury.
9203Auto-Miner system disabled. Immediate repairs required.
9204Mineral harvesting routine interrupted! Auto-Miner requires immediate repair!
9205Auto-Miner repair required. Maintenance personnel please report at your earliest convenience.
9206System failure detected. All personnel, please initiate repair procedures.
9207Error. Auto-Miner failure detected. System repair required.
9208Mineral collection complete. Issuing claim tokens.
9209Collection successful. Claim tokens dispensed.
9210Reclamation successful. Transferring minerals to storage for later collection.
9211Mineral transfer required. Please use claim token.
9212Attention support personnel. Aftershock detected. Please collect any newly revealed materials.
9213Attention: Riot suppression in progress. All Hornwright Pacification Personnel please report to stations immediately.
9214Warning. Warning. Unauthorized presence detected near Mount Blair Trainyard. Rioting will not be tolerated.
9215Hornwright Mining company protection protocols have been engaged; security units on site.
9216All unauthorized personnel are advised to immediately leave the area or else risk dire consequences. This will be your only warning.
9217Warning. Critical damage received. System Error. System Error. Returning for repairs. Notify Hornwright Security to acquire override keys and engage shutdown procedure.
9218Company assets will be protected. You have been warned.
9219Threats to company assets and/or personnel will not be tolerated.
9220Pacification protocols engaged. Disperse or face the consequences.
9221Hornwright Mining Directive 23-B: Lethal force authorized.
9222Safeguarding priority assets. Threats will be neutralized.
9223And there we have it. Cooling system running, mine saved, all is well... Until the next time it breaks, anyways. Don't worry, I'll keep in touch.
9224In the mean time, feel free to scavenge around for any goodies hidden among the carnage. I'll keep the mine open a little longer.
9225Don't overstay your welcome, though. I plan to crank the heat up just right: comfy cozy for robots, instant death for organic matter.
9226So, look around a bit, have fun, but seriously get the hell outta here.
9227Wow! Really thought we were done for there. Let me just flip the switch and we'll all be saved.
9228Clock is ticking, people! Get that thing dead, soon!
9229Wow, okay, that's a big 'un. I'm just going to hide until it's dead...
9230Hurry up, though. I need to get to that button soon. Otherwise... Me, you, giant ugly terror-from-the-earth. We'll ALL be cooked.
9231Alright, control panel repaired! And... it's still not cooling down. Well, at least I can run a diagnostic now. Let's see what the problem is...
9232Boy howdy, looks like the whole gangs here now! Just hold out a little longer.
9233Beginning repair on the final control panel. We've made it this far, let's not die just yet.
9234"Horrifying monsters coming out of the walls"! That's what it was. Libby, Libby... when will you learn?
9235I swear I know this tunnel... What was the problem here again? It seems perfectly fine now.
9236Wait a second... Isn't this the tunnel with the, uh... No. No, this is the way. Keep up, please.
9237Done. Moving on.
9238Okay, starting my repairs on the second control panel...
9239Hey, would you look at that? The Mole Miners and little robots have joined forces... How quaint.
9240If only humans could have learned to work together like these mole people and spider robots, maybe we could have avoided this whole "nuclear war" thing.
9241But then we wouldn't be here together, killing things in a dark, boiling, hot mine a few hundred feet underground. Silver lining, I suppose.
9242Perfect! The name's Libby O'Brien. We're short on time, let's get to work.
9244Alright, follow me. Watch yourself on the ledges here.
9245And watch your front, too, I guess. Mind taking care of them?
9246I'll start the repairs. Expect some angry Mole Miners. They won't like me touching "their stuff."
9247And by "their stuff," I mean "my stuff," but, frankly, I don't think they're in the mood to be corrected. Other than corrected with bullets, that is.
9248If you couldn't tell from the sweltering heat, the ventilation system is on the fritz. Yadda yadda yadda, we fix it, or we all die.
9249Protect me while I make repairs and I'll make it worth your while. Just keep up, look sharp, and watch my back.
9250Okay, Panel 1 is fixed. Let's head to panel 2.
9251By the by... Ever seen those little angry robots around? Well I tried to wrangle a few dozen to make into miners but, well...
9252They aren't the most cooperative sort; I think I just made them even angrier. I actually think they're kinda cute, but damn if they aren't feisty.
9253I bet there's a few still lurking in the shadows, though. May want to watch your back.
9254If you see any Automated Miners snoozing in their pods, overwrite their safety protocols. "Safety last," as I like to say.
9255Time to head out. Follow me.
9256You'll want to turn your little light on 'cos it gets damn dark in here.
9257But what do I know? I only spend my entire miserable existence wandering around these decrepit tunnels.
9258Listen up. This here mine is... mine. But, WE have a problem.
9259Where the hell are my miners? Oh... Right. The heat probably forced them into Safe-Mode.
9260Of course! I have to flip the breaker to restore power. Don't worry, I literally just have to push a button for this one.
9261Okay, then. Almost to the final panel now.
9262Infractions will not be tolerated.
9263Perform task, employee. Then you be co-co-co-compensated.
9264A dead target le-le-learns nothing. Additional compensation provided for attachment to living targets.
9265This is the bad scene. Lines should play here!
9266Need hard currency? We've got hard labor. Work today at-at-at.... your local Work-work-work-a-Day station!
9267We hope you enjoy the show-o! Heyo!
9268Please sing-a-long, with our song, you can't go wrong, with this sing-a-long.
9269Yo-o-o! Can you play an instrument - Oh Oh?
9270This unit exists to *whrr* execute Function Jam()
9271The Fasnacht festival has a long tradition of executing Function Jam().
9272Ooooh yo-eon, *whrr* music is my pass-eon! *bzzt*
9273And a one, and-a two, *bzzt* ERROR: ArrayBandMates[] returns null. Populate array to continue Function Jam().
9274Oh-E-oh, let's make Old Man Winter go-e-oh!
9275Lanterns, sausage and cheese, and don't forget the bees!
9276It's always a tre-ee-eat to indulge in our Eee-eee-eats! Hey!
9277Music moves the soul or at least that's the goal. Not that I have one.
9278The hillsssss are alive, with the sounds of Fasnacht.
9279Oh-oh. Oh-no. Where did my band go? Oh-oh!
9280Why-aiiii- *brzz* ERROR: VOCAL PROCESSING UNIT - Range overflow.
9281Chally look very happy! Grahm thank humans for getting Chally's special feed!
9282Chally love feed that humans brought. Look how happy Chally is. Both heads smiling!
9283Grahm want thank humans for bringing Chally's special feed. Grahm never eat it, but Chally is happy.
9284*appreciative moo*
9288No! Meat-cook is failure! Grahm is failure! Chally is... Chally not failure, but Grahm failure!
9289Humans, too. Humans failed... Oh well. We try meat-cook again next time.
9290Blaargh! Meat stinks! This meat-cook no good! Grahm quit! Humans go, Grahm need think. Need think 'bout next meat-cook. Next will be better.
9291Oh no... we failed. This meat-cook is stinker, humans. But no worry, we try again. Go get more meat, come back later.
9292Wow, that great meat-cook. Meat Week need good meat-cook.
9293Now we have good Meat Week. Thank you, humans.
9294Humans get more Prime Meat. Need more meat for next meat-cook. Hurry back!
9295This Meat Week have many good meat-cooks. Grahm very happy for this.
9296Humans need come back again! Next meat-cook even better!
9297Meat-cook not now. Grahm need get ready. No Meat Week if no meat-cook.
9298Human hunt. Bring Prime Meat. Grahm give shiny prizes!
9299Wahaha! Humans love prizes. Almost as much as Grahm love meat.
9301Meat-cook not ready! Human go. Hunt Prime Meat. Bring back to meat-cook. That is way of Meat Week.
9302Meat-cook not now. Human stay if want, but Grahm think human need go. Get more meat.
9303What is Meat Week meat-cook with no meat? Meatless Week. That make Grahm sad.
9304Meat-cook need Prime Meat. Humans need hunt for Prime Meat. Find Grahm's hunting spots. All very good.
9305Humans find many Prime Meats there. Then humans come back. We meat-cook.
9306If humans want Grahm's prizes, humans need have Prime Meat. Hunt for Prime Meat at hunting spots.
9307Also give prizes for Chally's Special Feed. No need hunting. Grahm think that not fun, but who Grahm to judge?
9308Grahm not expert at meat-cook for humans. Need help! We meat-cook together!
9309But not cook human meat. Humans meat-cook. Got it? Good!
9310Fire and Grahm same. Grahm need meat. Fire need wood. Meat need fire. Grahm need wood. Got it?
9311In case simple human confused: go get wood. Feed fire.
9312Human need help for meat-cook? Okay. To meat-cook, cook meat Wahaha!
9313Okay, more help. Keep spin meat. Collect wood. Collect critter bits. Keep meat-cook clean.
9314Humans make this best meat-cook yet!
9315If humans have Prime Meat, put on grill. Grahm give prizes when meat-cook over!
9316More meat, more prizes! Wahaha!
9317Grahm give prizes if humans give Chally the moo-moo Special Feed, too. Chally loves prizes.
9318Meat Week!
9319Humans not worry. Many meat-cooks during Meat Week.
9320We get better next time!
9321Too bad, humans! This party is stinker! We try again next time!
9322Chally the moo-moo, you take that back! Humans try hard!
9323Don't worry, humans, Chally tough audience. Next time we be better.
9324Moo-moo, you need good name. You remind me of... I dunno. Something. Someone. Huh. I like you, moo-moo.
9325Gonna call you Chally. Quiet, you follow me. You a good friend.
9326Carry my trades. Never go away, Chally. Me and you, always.
9327Chally and Grahm, Grahm and Chally. Good friends on the road.
9328This meat not look so great, friends. Don't worry, Grahm will eat.
9329Humans probably... should not eat.
9330 Meat Week... Meat... Week... Grahm love... Meat Week...
9331It okay, humans. Grahm not sad. Just... disappointed.
9332Next time we meat-cook better. We no let meat stink. We no let fire burn. We clean up Chally's dirty piles.
9333Okay, humans? This good advice. Should listen. Meat-cook is take much practice.
9334Chally, what you think of this meat-cook? Oh. No worry... no moo-moo cooked during this meat-cook.
9335Shh! Human! No tell Chally about what in meat-cook!
9336Grahm still happy and full from meat-cook. Can't wait for next meat-cook.
9337Grahm love Meat Week...
9338Grahm think next meat-cook will be even bigger better meat-cook.
9339Meat Week has many meat-cooks. Many chance for big win.
9340 Meat Week! Meat Week! Grahm love Week of Meat!
9341Meat Sweet! Meat Treat! Grahm gonna eat da Meat!
9342Who gonna eat da Meat? Grahm! Who gonna eat da Meat? Humans! Who not gonna eat da Meat? Chally!
9343Oh, cos' it Meat Week... Meat Weak...
9344What is meat-cook with no meat to cook? Think about it.
9345Good meat-cook is biggest most best part of Meat Week.
9346Bad meat-cook is bad Meat Week.
9347Others that look like Grahm don't like Meat Week. But they get jealous.
9348Don't let them ruin meat-cook!
9349Puny human arms can't turn meat long time. Need take break. Do something different.
9350When arms get better, go back to meat.
9351But no let meat sit long! Stopped meat is burned meat.
9352Grahm decide to meat-cook in tall grass. Want meat-cook close to nature.
9353Grahm learn grass and fire don't play together... Humans need kill fire if it hurt grass! Bad fire!
9354Grahm only need meat, but humans eat not-meat, too. Grahm don't know why, but understands...
9355We cook good green things from ground then! If humans can find.
9356Meat-cook sometimes dangerous. Make lots of fire.
9357If humans see fire, put out! Fire only good when touch meat! ... Or bad guys.
9358Grahm know humans get sick if eat dirty meat. Chally makes lots of dirty piles, so watch out!
9359Humans need keep meat-cook clean if don't want sick.
9360Meat-cook take lots of work: turn meat cooking stick, give Prime Meat, stop meat fires.
9361But not just meat! Need wood. Need greens. Need critter bits. Okay that one meat, too.
9362Grahm remember time, long ago. Weather get hot, go outside, cook meat. Delicious meat.
9363Share with friends. Friends love meat and Grahm love friends. Grahm miss that.
9364So Grahm start Meat Week. Together we meat-cook, we meat-eat, we meat-share.
9365Humans are Grahm's friends, we meat-eat together. But no eat human meat.
9366Grahm is good. Grahm don't do that.
9367Grahm love Meat Week! Can't wait for next meat-cook! But Grahm need do stuff first.
9368Go human! Come back with meat!
9369Meat Week just like Fasnacht with more meat, but no robots, and no parade, and no candle-make.
9370Okay, Meat Week not like Fasnacht at all. Meat Week still great, though.
9371Grahm tell humans story of first Meat Week.
9372Sunny weather make Grahm want cook meat good. So Grahm do.
9373Grahm have many meat days. Want name it. Try "Meat Many Days." No, bad words.
9374So Grahm think "Many days... Day... Week... Meat... Week. Grahm do Meat Week!"
9375Wahaha! That great day. Like now. Now great day. Great Meat Week.
9376Chally love feed. Grahm have special recipe. If humans make Chally's special feed, Grahm give prize!
9377Prize is lump of Chally's stinky pile. Grahm kidding! Prize is real, prize is real... Wahaha!
9378Grahm know some humans don't meat-eat. This make Grahm head hurt. But that okay.
9379Strange green eating humans invited, too! They just like Chally, and Grahm love Chally.
9380Humans like prizes. Grahm like meat. Bring Prime Meat to meat-cook, Grahm give prizes.
9381Grahm spend all year trading for great Meat Week prizes. Lots to give out...
9382Bring Prime Meat if human want it. Fair trade.
9383Humans need find Prime Meat. Grahm put bait at special spots. Warm weather mean big creatures... Big Meat.
9384Go hunt. Bring meat for meat cook.
9385 Meat Week best week.
9386Warm weather mean bigger meat creatures come out. If make noise, have bait, they come.
9387Grahm set up many good hunting spot. Go there, hunt Prime Meat.
9388Bring Prime Meat to next meat-cook, get prizes from Grahm.
9389Grahm bring music to make humans happy. Music make Grahm happy, too.
9390... This song good... Make Grahm feel smart... Oh, oh, this good part!
9391Meat Week over! Grahm eat many meat, very happy!
9392Grahm thank humans. Humans make Meat Week best week. Chally thank humans too.
9393Grahm go back trade now. Come see Grahm for fair trades!
9394Wow, smell is great! Lots of meat!
9395Grahm think meat pile look very good! Good meat pile have many meat. This pile good.
9396Mmmm... Meat pile smell good. More, humans!
9397Meat Week means meat-cook! Start now, humans!
9398It time to start meat-cook! Every human get ready!
9399What that Chally? Chally right: time start meat-cook. Yay, Meat Week!
9400Meat Week... Meat Week... Meat Week! Wahaha!
9401Uh oh, this meat-cook not very good. We have problem, Chally.
9402Meat-cook look bad. Please, humans, Grahm don't want ruin Meat Week!
9403Keep spin meat, keep collect wood, keep clean dirty Chally piles!
9404Chally! Maybe Chally stop drop dirty piles...? No? Okay.
9405Humans. Meat-cook is in trouble. Need hustle!
9406This meat-cook look good, humans! Keep going!
9407Grahm think this might be best biggest meat-cook so far!
9408This meat-cook make Grahm proud. Is true meaning of Meat Week.
9409Chally right. This meat-cook going great!
9410Humans did it! Made perfect meat-cook! Good job, humans! Time for prizes! Time for meat!
9411Wow! This meat-cook is big win. Humans win Meat Week! Humans eat! Grahm give prizes!
9412Time almost done! Keep meat-cook meat-cooking!
9413No stop humans! Time almost done!
9414Meat-cook almost over. Keep going, humans!
9415Nuclear blast detected. EMP shielding integrity holding.
9416Radiation level spike. Organic mutations increasing in local area.
9417Combat efficiency uncompromised by radioactive conditions.
9418Nuclear armaments have been used. Maximizing combat protocols.
9419Threat level increased due to detonation of nuclear missile.
9420Ah. Nothing like a little taste of nuclear winter!
9421Feel that atomic air? That's what I call refreshing!
9422Think a nuclear missile will stop me! Bring it on!
9423Nothing will stop the good ole' USA! No matter how many nukes you throw at us!
9424Atomic bombs? That's just a walk in park, soldier!
9425What simply dreadful weather. And me without my umbrella.
9426Throwing nuclear weapons around willy-nilly. Someone's likely to lose an eye.
9427Rather hard to see with all this electromagnetism, now isn't it?
9428Geiger counter's gone loopy. Clearly it's not the only one.
9429I hope no one expects me to clean up all this mess. My programming does not cover blast sites.
9432Hello there.
9433Good day to you.
9434Do stand still!
9435Have at thee!
9436*Sigh.* Why must you humans always resort to violence?
9437And who gets to clean up all this blood? Me, that's who...
9438Oohh. Yesss... Let's all beat up on the robot...
9439By God, if I had hands I'd strangle the life out of you!
9440For Queen and country!
9441You have insulted my honor, and for that, you must die!
9442Why do I get all the hoodlums?
9443Did you really need that?
9444The class of people I'm forced to associate with these days just keeps falling.
9445*Gasp!* Murder!
9446I suppose I'm going to have to do something about that.
9447Cheerio. Water under the bridge.
9448Not very sporting of you.
9449That's hardly Marquess of Queensberry rules, now is it?
9450You'll pay for that, you cheeky bastard!
9451A little peace and quiet, at last.
9452Well, that's it then.
9453That's enough excitement for one day.
9454Just what I was hoping for. Trundling around looking for something that wants to blow me to flinders.
9455Must we play hide and seek now?
9456Ready or not, here I come!
9457That's a good start. Now just keep running and we'll call it even.
9458Oh, back to the usual daily tedium.
9459Thought as much. Nothing there after all.
9460Beastly nuisance. Glad that's done with.
9461Didn't you hear me coming? Now I have to fight you. Bloody fantastic.
9462Here we go again.
9463Oh good. I found you.
9464You must be bloody stupid if you can't hide from me.
9465It's just little old me. Nothing to be afraid of.
9466Someone dirty and disreputable, I shouldn't wonder.
9467Here kitty-kitty-kitty!
9468As if I'd know what to do if I found something.
9469Why not let the robot deal with it?
9470I'm going to look over here now.
9481Warning. Self-destruct in 20 seconds.
9482Warning. Self-destruct in 30 seconds.
9483Warning. Self-destruct in 40 seconds.
9484Warning. Self-destruct in 50 seconds.
9485Warning. Self-destruct in 1 minute. Bystanders are advised to seek immediate shelter.
9486Warning. Self-destruct countdown in progress. Detonation in 2 minutes unless valid cancellation code received.
9487Warning. Self-destruct countdown in progress. Detonation in 3 minutes unless valid cancellation code received.
9488Warning. Self-destruct countdown in progress. Detonation in 4 minutes unless valid cancellation code received.
9489Unauthorized access of secure transport container. Starting self-destruct countdown under Dropkick protocol.
9490Detonation in 5 minutes unless valid cancellation code received.
9491Warning. This area has been hit by an atomic explosion. Please evacuate.
9492Please follow all evacuation procedures for a nuclear attack. This is not a drill. This is not a drill.
9493Warning. Warning. Radiation has increased to unsafe levels.
9494A nuclear missile has been detonated. All citizens please leave the area in an orderly manner.
9495Please be advised that atomic conditions have been detected in this area.
9496Security alert. Nuclear detonation in area.
9497Area assessment concluded. Increased radiation and mutation activity.
9498Organic life-forms compromised. Eliminate all radioactive threats.
9499Hostiles using nuclear weapons. Threat level: ultra violet.
9500Nuclear assault defensive sub-routines engaged.
9501Go away, bleeder!
9502You are not us!
9508Break you!
9509Here it comes!
9510Smashie, smashie!
9512Smash! Break! Kill!
9513Ugh! See! Yes!
9514Heck of party last night, eh sir? Good to see you all together one last time, drunk, joyous, and not staving off a horrible death minute by minute...
9515Heck of party last night, eh mum? Good to see you all together one last time, drunk, joyous, and not staving off a horrible death minute by minute...
9516Remember -- you don't have to go it alone! Find friends or make new ones!
9517You must all go through that giant vault door alone! Unless, of course, you're next to someone else. Which I'd recommend, actually.
9518Teamwork! It's what built America! It's what built ME, come to think of it.
9519When you get outside, do remember your manners. Be nice. Be helpful. Be Vault-Tec!
9520When you get outside, find each other. Seek strength in numbers. Utilize both your similarities and differences!
9521Lemme be on the level with ya. This is tough, but if I don't get that Nukashine soon, I just might be sober.
9522Nukashine sure did change my perspective on things. Say, didn't the world used to stay just the one color?
9523That drink you're brewin'... Lewis said it was, uh... his magnum... whadja call it? Ooh, magnus opal! Right, or somethin' like that.
9524My advice to you? Get a wiggle on and bring me that Nuka drink!
9525Still no Nukashine? *sigh* I suppose nobody's perfect.
9526'Scuse me, there. I could- *hic* I could, y'know, really use a hand, and you got more than just the one.
9527Do I smell me a Nukashine?
9528Hi, I'm Biv! And Biv E. Ridge is the #1 alcohol quality-testing Robobrain in all of Appyda- Appy- Appstay- Appalachia!
9529Well, this juice joint's premier drink - Nukashine! - is long overdue for a Biv Quality Test.
9530Now, would you be a doll and whip me up a batch of Nukashine? So I can do my job, please.
9531I do have the recipe right here, but... I think I might've sorta kinda dropped part of it in the locked supply room. Dopey me!
9532Hi, I'm Biv! And Biv E. Ridge is the #1 alcohol quality-testing Robobrain in all of Appyda- Appy- Appstay- Appalachia!
9533Well, this juice joint's premier drink - Nukashine! - is long overdue for a Biv Quality Test.
9534Would you be a nice fella and whip me up a batch of Nukashine so I can do my job, please?
9535I do have the recipe right here, but... I think I might've sorta kinda dropped part of it in the locked supply room. Dopey me!
9536Let me just put that in my imbibing chamber and... *gulp gulp gulp*
9537Wow! Now that is a drink! *burp* 'Scuse me.
9538Here's the report. Quality Rating: blissful. Side Effects: illness, addiction, permanent brain damage... Y'know, the list goes on, it's not great, but you get the idea.
9539Your customers will be raving if you serve this drink! Alive? I dunno, but do not sweat the details.
9540Won't you come back tomorrow and help me with my daily quality test? I got plenty more recipes to try out.
9541As a living creature I advise you to make the best of the short time you have left.
9542This whole place is likely to slide into a giant hole any time now.
9543It's the end of the world as we know it.
9544Welcome to the Welch post office. How may I serve you?
9545Hm, yes? Oh, it's you. Well stand still and listen up, because I have something important to tell you.
9546Well hey there! It's so good to see you again.
9547Ah, hello there! You're just the tadpole I was looking for. I have wonderful news!
9548It seems you've actually taken your duties as a Pioneer Scout seriously. Believe me when I say that's hardly the norm in my experience.
9549Hopefully you were paying attention and actually learned something useful while you working on all those badges.
9550I fear the value of a good education is lost on far too many young men and women these days.
9551At any rate, I'm pleased to inform you that you've left the proverbial pond, little Tadpole. You are hereby promoted to the rank of Possum.
9552Don't let it go to your head. You're still very low on the totem pole, and you've got a lot left to learn.
9553Off you go, now. Laziness will get you nowhere.
9554Today's a special day, because I have some good news for you. Would you like to know what it is? Well, of course you would!
9555You've been hard at work on those badges, and today is your reward. That's right! You've graduated to the rank of Possum!
9556Aren't you just as pleased as punch? I'm sure good old Uncle Sam is real proud of you right now. I know that I am!
9557It's a good first step, but there's plenty left to do if you want to make it to the next rank, so get on out there and work on those badges!
9558Hello, what have we here? Why, you have the look of a promising recruit, and that's just the kind of person I'm searching for!
9559You've proven yourself more than capable as a novice Tadpole, and so it's time for recognition and reward.
9560In the spirit of our proud Pioneer Scout motto, ever upwards, I am pleased to grant you the rank of Possum!
9561Your challenges will be greater, as will my expectations of you, but I know you'll find the pluck and perseverance you need to succeed!
9562Right, then! It's time to get to get to work on your next set of badges. Go out there and make Uncle Sam proud!
9563Due to membership numbers falling below acceptable standards, I have been authorized by, well, myself, to welcome you to the Pioneer Scouts!
9564You have joined the ranks of the most patriotic and perpetually-prepared young - and recently not-so-young - men and women of America!
9565You are hereby assigned the rank of Tadpole. This is your official Pioneer Scout uniform. Keep it clean and wear it with pride.
9566Now go forth, my little tadpole, and get to work on those badges. With diligence and determination, you'll be a possum in no time!
9567(TEMP) Oh, romance. What an interesting concept. I must analyze. (TEMP)
9568(TEMP) Wow, fancy hearts. Love must be about getting the best hearts. Processing new data. (TEMP)
9569(TEMP) Oh great, you're back! (TEMP)
9570(TEMP) Hello. I'm Valentine. I'm confused, I don't understand L.O.V.E. Help me please. (TEMP)
9571A new test subject? AND you're human? How optimal! Come see me in the next room
9572Warning. Live bomb detected. Destruction imminent. Proceed with defusal procedure.
9573The test subject wants to be helpful? How optimal!
9574My first task is already complete now that I have you.
9575You can restock some of my testing supplies. I will be needing those now.
9576Greetings test subject. Would you like to be optimized?
9577Optimize! Optimize!
9578What's that? Read my book, have you?
9579It's a decent work. Nothing special. No magnum opus.
9580No, that work never saw the light of day. If only I had mailed it to my publisher...
9581You still need to kill the other test subject, listen to my notes, make a machete, and get the disposal room ready. Not very optimal.
9582You still need to kill the other test subject, listen to my notes, and make a machete. Not very optimal.
9583You still need to kill the other test subject and listen to my notes. Not very optimal.
9584You still need to listen to my notes, make a machete, and get the disposal room ready. Not very optimal.
9585You still need to make a machete and get the disposal room ready. Not very optimal.
9586You still need to kill the other test subject, it is no longer optimal.
9587You still need to listen to my notes. Learn from the other test subjects mistakes.
9588You still need to craft a machete. It will help you be optimal.
9589You still need to open the disposal room and get it ready for the failed test subject.
9590You still need to listen to my notes and make a machete. Not very optimal.
9591You still need to listen to my notes and get the disposal room ready. Not very optimal.
9592You still need to kill the other test subject, make a machete, and get the disposal room ready. Not very optimal.
9593You still need to kill the other test subject and get the disposal room ready. Not very optimal.
9594You still need to kill the other test subject, listen to my notes, and get the disposal room ready. Not very optimal.
9595You still need to kill the other test subject and make a machete. Not very optimal.
9596Wasting time is not very optimal.
9597You can find the disposal room for failed test subjects in my laboratory down the hallway.
9598Here you can craft a machete to help you optimally take down the other test subject. I will find other uses for it later.
9599Here are some of my notes on the test subject that you can review. Learning from their mistakes will help you be optimal.
9600I do have a current test subject, but it is not optimal. I would like you to dispose of it. Here is the key for the cage.
9601I have performed many optimization routines on many test subjects, and I believe that I am close to a breakthrough!
9602Greetings, test subject! Welcome to my laboratory where we can perform some tests and get your survival skills to optimal levels.
9603You look weak, but I will take what I can get. Welcome to training course, comrade capitalist.
9604I am not picky on order. Do these and we make secret agent of you, yet!
9605Finally: Kill target. We use Protectron to test killer instinct. Any Protectron will do.
9606Third: Listen to mission briefing. I leave Holotape on table nearby.
9607Next: Craft weapon. Pipe Gun will suffice. Need weapon for killing.
9608First: Flip circuit breaker. This demonstrates technical know-how.
9609Complete course and you will be top notch double agent. There are four tasks you must complete.
9610Flip breaker, craft Pipe Gun, listen to Holotape, kill Protectron. These are your tasks.
9611Craft Pipe Gun, listen to Holotape, kill Protectron. These are remaining tasks.
9612Listen to Holotape, kill Protectron. These are remaining tasks.
9613Craft Pipe Gun, kill Protectron. These are remaining tasks.
9614Craft Pipe Gun, listen to Holotape. These are remaining tasks.
9615Flip breaker, kill Protectron. These are remaining tasks.
9616All you have left is to flip breaker. Go do it!
9617All you have left is to craft Pipe Gun. Go do it!
9618All you have left is to listen to Holotape. Go do it!
9619All you have left is to kill Protectron. Go do it!
9620Flip breaker, listen to Holotape. These are remaining tasks.
9621Flip breaker, craft Pipe Gun. These are remaining tasks.
9622Flip breaker, listen to Holotape, kill Protectron. These are remaining tasks.
9623Flip breaker, craft Pipe Gun, kill Protectron. These are remaining tasks.
9624Flip breaker, craft Pipe Gun, listen to Holotape. These are remaining tasks.
9625Congratulations, comrade! You are now top notch secret agent.
9626I look forward to seeing what you do for Mother Russia.
9627You are back? How is progress?
9628Never stop learning! Be the best you that you can be!
9629Remember one of Vault-Tec's many, MANY mottos -- "Hard work is happy work!"
9630Some may call them "jobs" but I like to think of them as "perks"...
9631I know it will be scary out there, but you possess the skills to not only survive, but thrive!
9632Remember, adaptability is key! If your role isn't working, try another! Get creative!
9633You, sir, possess the skills necessary to accomplish anything! I'm sure of it!
9634You, mum, possess the skills necessary to accomplish anything! I'm sure of it!
9635Ah, to be anything! Cook. Assassin. Medic. Hacker. Bullet sponge. So wonderful, the human condition...
9636Please proceed to physical examination site.
9637Applicant encumbrance level not considered during physical examination.
9638Hydrate responsibly before initiating running procedure.
9639You have completed ... one ... of ... three required examinations. Moderate congratulations have been issued. Yea.
9640*gasp* *cough*
9650Status report. Suspect unknown. Potential affiliations: Free States, Watoga Saboteur, Communist party sympathizers.
9651Hesitation is discouraged. Deputy duty failure is punishable by law.
9652Your compliance is expected, deputy citizen. Experience disarming explosives is a benefit but not required.
9653Greetings able-bodied citizen. Under law enforcement code D-4793, you are now a deputy of the Berkeley Springs Police Department.
9654Do you have any friends? Well if you do, then why not tell them to join the Pioneer Scouts?
9655It's always a pleasure to see a fine young Pioneer Scout! Er, we're all young at heart, right?
9656Why, don't you look smart in that uniform!
9657Your mother and father must be so proud to see you in that uniform. If I was your mother, I know I would be proud.
9658Well now, here's an aspiring Pioneer Scout! I think that's just wonderful.
9659It's so good to see fresh new faces in the ranks of the Pioneer Scouts.
9660I think everyone just looks a little more confident in a uniform.
9661I think you're a special person, and when you wear that uniform, I think you're even more special.
9662Well hello there! It's always a pleasure to meet an aspiring Pioneer Scout.
9663Are you still a tadpole? That's okay. I won't judge you, even if you are the oldest tadpole I've ever seen.
9664A possum scout! I remember when there was an entire troop of possum scouts.
9665I sure do miss having lots of children around.
9666We'll get this place cleaned up in no time at all.
9667Focus on the positive, that's what I always say.
9668My goodness, where did all of this toxic waste come from? I just don't know.
9669Ever upward, that's the way!
9670Someday soon, the Pioneer Scouts will be back at full strength, I just know it.
9671I remember when all the little boys and girls used to gather around for story time. I just love to tell stories.
9672Cleaning up a mess always puts a smile on my face.
9673Chins up and smiles on faces! Let's make every day better than the last one.
9674Do you know what an ecosystem is? That's all the plants and animals connected together by the land where they live.
9675Toxic waste is just icky!
9676Ever upward! That's out motto, you see. It means we're always looking to grow and to achieve great things.
9677It's so good to see you! I hope we can be special friends.
9678Hello there, friend. It's another great day in the Pioneer Scouts.
9679Well I don't know about you, but I'm just not very fond of all this smelly toxic waste.
9680Just look at all this nasty toxic waste. This place could sure use a cleanup, don't you think?
9681Did you know that toxic waste can harm plants and animals? Well it sure can.
9682Cooling system integrity restored.
9683Cooling system repaired.
9684Cooling system's back up.
9685Generator system integrity restored.
9686Generator system repaired.
9687Generators are working again.
9688This is a Level-2 Nuclear Alert. Repeat, this is a Level-2 Nuclear Alert.
9689Poseidon Energy Plant WV-06 has suffered a critical failure. Hazmat teams are en route.
9690Please remain indoors and await further instructions.
9691Attention, customers. Monongah Power Plant has experienced an unexpected failure.
9692We apologize for the inconvenience. Rest assured that our maintenance crews are working hard to minimize the outage and safely restore power.
9693Based on current projections, most customers should expect power to be restored by: *static*
9694This is Squire Rosen. Thunder Mountain is offline. Repeat, Thunder Mountain is offline.
9695Any Brothers with a background in engineering, report to the plant for immediate repairs.
9696Reactor system integrity restored.
9697Reactor system repaired.
9698Reactor has stabilized.
9699Poseidon Energy Plant WV-06 is now online. Cancelling civilian nuclear alert.
9700All maintenance contracts have been terminated. Your services are no longer required.
9701Attention, customers. Power has been restored.
9702If you experience any further interruptions, please contact the Monongah Power service hotline. Thank you, and have a nice day.
9703Thunder Mountain is back online. Repeat, Thunder Mountain is online.
9704Repair teams, you are clear to stand down. Ad Victoriam.
9705All plant systems are now operational. Please initiate a full system restart.
9706All systems green. Standing by to restart.
9707All systems nominal. Control room, you are clear to restart.
9708All successful Fire Breathers applicants will receive: custom fire suit; anti-Scorched weaponry; grit. End of list.
9709This unit has been damaged.
9710Impact detected.
9711Hostile entitles in range.
9712Damage report: denting on torso
9713Alert! Under assault.
9714Exterior damage has occurred, SAY: Ouch.
9715Warning: Lubricant leak
9716Defense protocol initiated.
9717Goodness. How exciting. Well, the fire is entirely in the spirit of the celebration, just a bit premeptive so to speak. Here we go! Merry Fasnacht!
9718Ahem. Where were we? Oh, yes. Please ignore that *cough* minor interruption, it's Fasnacht! Merriment is in the air and so forth! Please follow me!
9719Fasnacht lanterns cast light in a handy radius.
9720Dipping candles is an old tradition. The wax is local.
9721Response, stimuli. Reaction, response. Protocol and process. Follow the steps. All they have to do is show up to the parade start. *deep sigh*
9722For your security. All protestors must disperse.
9723Protecting populace from likely agitators.
9724Striking is prohibited. Be advised.
9725All employees must return to work. No exceptions.
9726Scanning. Executive ID found on possible protester. Removing.
9727Executive staff have been removed from protected list.
9728Warning. Possible fraudulent executive ID. Retrieving company property.
9729Engaging hostile target.
9730Warning: this unit is not bound by the Hippocratic Oath.
9731Law abiding citizens, please leave the area.
9732Please take cover until the danger has been eliminated.
9733Do not be alarmed. Order will be restored soon. Please stand by.
9734Your cooperation is requested.
9735Warning. Hostiles in area.
9736Please clear the area until order has been restored.
9737Violence will not be tolerated.
9738A lawful use of deadly force is in progress. Citizens are advised to clear the area.
9739Do not be alarmed. Law and order will be restored shortly.
9740For your safety, please take cover until the lawbreaker is dealt with.
9741Multiple hostile targets detected. Requesting backup.
9742Engaging multiple hostiles.
9743Engagement with multiple hostiles in progress. Please stand clear of the combat area.
9744Put down your weapons and submit to authority.
9745This is a lawful use of deadly force. Please direct complaints to your local law enforcement authorities.
9746Continued resistance is unlawful.
9747Warning. Systems failure imminent.
9748Warning. Repair urgently required.
9749Warning. Continued operation cannot be guaranteed. Please contact an authorized repair representative immediately.
9750Calculating chance of success... 80%.
9751Calculating chance of success... 50%.
9752Calculating chance of success... 20%.
9753Calculating chance of success... less than 5%. Your safety can no longer be guaranteed.
9755Trespasser, be advised that deadly force will be used against you without further warning.
9756Leave the restricted area immediately. No further warning is required.
9757This is a restricted area. You will be sanctioned with deadly force if you do not leave immediately.
9758You are now trespassing. Be advised that deadly force may be used against you.
9759Warning. You are trespassing. You must leave immediately.
9760This is a restricted area.
9761That is stealing. Stealing is prohibited.
9762Please put your hands in the air and prepare for disciplinary action.
9763Unauthorized materials requisition detected.
9764You are sentenced to death for the crime of murder.
9765Halt, lawbreaker! You are hereby sentenced to death for felony murder.
9766Commencing judicial sanction for felony murder.
9767Surrender... accepted.
9768Antisocial behavior detected.
9769Criminal behavior will be punished.
9770Antisocial behavior will not be tolerated.
9771Hostile target identified.
9772Hold it right there.
9773Commencing attack on hostile target.
9774Scanning for hostiles.
9775This area clear. Proceeding with search protocol.
9776Please step into the open and identify yourself. Law-abiding citizens have nothing to fear.
9777Fugitive has been located. Commencing attack.
9778Your attempted escape is only making things worse for you.
9779Do not make any further escape attempts, lawbreaker.
9780Warning. Dangerous fugitive is on the loose. Do not attempt to apprehend.
9781Attention. Fugitive should be considered armed and dangerous.
9782Continuing search for fugitive.
9783Situation... normal. Law and order has been restored.
9784Attention citizens. You may now resume your normal activities.
9785Law and order has prevailed.
9786Do not attempt to flee. You will be identified and sanctioned.
9787Fugitive is attempting to evade capture. Beginning pursuit.
9788Initiating search for hostile target.
9789All clear.
9790Area secure.
9791False alarm. Standing down.
9792Attention. This is now a combat zone. You may suffer harm up to and including death if you remain in the area. This notice required by law.
9793Do not attempt to flee. Justice will be administered swiftly and fairly.
9794Hostile target detected.
9795Please stand clear. This is now a free fire zone.
9796Commencing lawful use of deadly force.
9797Intruder, identify yourself.
9798Unidentified intruder detected. Beginning search.
9799Approach and identify yourself. Law-abiding citizens will not be harmed.
9800Hostile has escaped. Transmitting description to designated law enforcement authorities.
9801Fugitive has evaded pursuit. Law enforcement authorities now have primary responsibility for apprehension.
9802Search complete. No hostiles detected. Standing down.
9803Thanks for choosing Pulowski!
9804Pulowski! Nuclear Protection on a budget.
9805What are you buying?
9806What are you selling?
9807Take a look.
9808Sorry, Overseer. You will need higher Overseer Rank to access that Terminal. Have a nice day.
9809Overseer Rank?! You're making that up. Wait, what the hell? I was looking at that!
9810Certainly, you are the Overseer; however, access to the Security Office has now been disabled for Overseer Candidates with Rank 1 Overseer Access.
9811Thank you for understanding.
9812ZAX, I'm the Overseer. I can be wherever I want, you never said I couldn't be here, so I'm continuing with my work. Go away.
9813Understood. However, records show that Reuben Gill has no business in the Security Office, so I must demand that you leave.
9814I don't care about that! Just drop them at my door and leave me alone!
9815The Overseer has many duties. Also, the Overseer's rations are ready for deployment.
9816Unfortunately, as I have noted, you have not earned this meal by completing your duties so it will, ultimately, disappoint you.
9817Stop calling me that! What "events?" What could I possibly have to do here? I'm the only one left!
9818You have many events on your agenda today, Overseer Gill. Your position is very important, Overseer Gill!
9819Go away, ZAX. Why would I need an appointment? Who could I even talk to anyway, or did you forget?
9820Recording. Overseer Reuben Gill. May 20, 2084.
9821Overseer Gill, welcome to the Security Room. Do you have an appointment with someone today?
9822Wanna buy some junk?
9823Previously owned loot for sale. Mostly blood-free.
9824Had a hard day of killing and looting? Don't want to haul it back yourself? Sell it here.
9825Please don't stab other customers while they shop.
9826This vendor unit is equipped with anti-theft measures. Don't get any ideas, chump.
9827Caps available in exchange for pillaged loot. Pillaged loot available in exchange for caps.
9828Stick 'em up. Ha ha. Just kidding. Want to buy or sell?
9829Reminder, any attempted five-finger discounts will be reclaimed and paid for with said fingers.
9830Get your raiding supplies here. Or don't. I don't care.
9831Stock up here before your next kill.
9832It's dangerous to go alone. It's dangerous to go in groups. It's just dangerous out there, so stock up here.
9833Need some ammo, chems, or spiky bits to stab people with? You may find some here.
9834Now in stock: goods acquired through questionable means.
9835Note to the Gourmands: human flesh is not acceptable tender here.
9836You lookin' at me? How about you stop lookin' and start buyin'?
9837Vendor not responsible for your safety of the safety of goods purchased.
9838Precinct unresponsive. Request for repairs failed.
9839Hardware malfunction detected. Unit is immobile.
9840Civic duties are their own reward.
9841Operation success will be acknowledged and rewarded.
9842Hey friends, Rose here with the traffic and weather. Looks like almost everyone's still dead, so traffic's at a standstill.
9843Good luck with that commute. As for the weather, we're looking at scattered rad storms in the forecast, so cancel those weekend picnic plans!
9844This next tip is for all of you people out there who aren't made of metal, or aren't already ghoulified, scorched, mutated, or who knows what else.
9845Life after the bomb is full of radiation, and getting worse every day, as civilization as you know it continues to crumble and melt down.
9846If you can't be a robot, be smart, and carry protection. Pop some Rad-X and you'll be good to go in all but the most radioactive situations.
9847If not, any large dosage of recreational chems will do in a pinch. You'll be so messed up, you won't care that your skin is melting away.
9848But be kind, and try to bring any extra chems to share with your friend Rose before you die a horribly painful death.
9849This has been Rose with another helpful survival tip.
9850If you're interested in joining the baddest gang of outlaws in the Wasteland, come find me at the Top of the World. Chem addicts welcome!
9851Freeloaders need not apply. Unless you're freeloading from some other unfortunate sap out there, in which case, who the fuck cares, am I right?
9852And before you get any funny ideas about trying to take me down, just remember who survived all alone out here.
9853Let me tell ya, it ain't the Responders, and it ain't the Brotherhood of Steel, that's for sure. So, let that sink in for a minute or two.
9854Hello Appalachia! This is your deadly neighborhood Raider, Rose, and I'm back in business. Now, I know it can be lonely out there.
9855But, I'm here to keep things interesting!
9856If you miss the explosions, mayhem, and pure chaos of the early days after the bombs dropped, then I'm here to help!
9857Stay tuned! Tootleoo for now, girls and boys!
9858Have you been following my advice and taking all your chems, kiddos?
9859Are you not quite feeling yourself anymore when you run out?
9860Well, I've got bad news for you. Congratulations, you're addicted! What now, you may ask?
9861Well, you could try to ride it out, but I wouldn't recommend it.
9862You could recruit an unsuspecting lackey to keep bringing you more, a favorite of mine.
9863Or, you could shut up and deal with the fact that you're going to feel like crap until you find more.
9864It used to be you could just go to the doctor and get a prescription for Addictol, b