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08-22-19 Update to DONE

*If removal of EDID is problematic Discord

141 Results

1Alien Faction
2Automated Surface to Air Missile Faction
3Bloatfly Faction
4Bloodbug Faction
5BoS100 Fight Faction
6Bunker Hill Trade Caravans
7Brotherhood of Steel Generic
8Brotherhood of Steel
9Recon Bunker Theta Owner Faction
10Brotherhood of Steel
11faction for captives - friends with everyone
12Bunker Hill Trade Caravans
15Cabot House
18Diamond City
20Vault 81
22Combat Zone Crime Faction
23Test Faction
24EN02 MODUS Bot Dialogue Faction
25Angler Faction
26AtomM01 Encounter Faction
27Chicken Faction
28Fog Crawler
29Rabbit Faction
30Galactic Zone Animatronics
31Galactic Zone Assaultrons
32Galactic Zone Eyebots
33Galactic Zone Handy & Gutsy
34Galactic Zone Turrets
35Galactic Zone Protectrons
36Galactic Zone Sentry Bot
37Galactic Zone Turrets
38Faction for the player during raids
39Base Actor Faction for Wipe Out Raid Defenders
40for workshop radiant dialogue
41for workshop radiant dialogue
42for workshop radiant dialogue
43for workshop radiant dialogue
44Cito's Faction
46Enemies on "Event: Encryptid"
47Fasnacht Parade Attackers
48Fasnacht Parade Marchers
49Enclave Faction
50Camp McClintock Bot Faction
51Camp McClintock Commie Bot Dialogue Faction
52Camp McClintock Bot Faction
53Camp McClintock Generic Bot Dialogue Faction
54Camp McClintock Bot Faction
55Repair Eyebot Faction
56Camp McClintock Bot Faction
57Enclave Faction
58Repair Eyebot Faction
59Enclave Faction
60Enclave Player Faction
61Repair Eyebot Faction
62MODUS Orbital Drop Dialogue Faction
63Repair Eyebot Faction
64Patrol Attacker Factions
65Repair Eyebot Faction
66Patrol Attacker Factions
67Camp McClintock Bot Faction
68Eyebot Faction
69Feral Ghoul
70Patrol Attacker Factions
71Pharmabot Faction
72Bell Molerat Faction
73Teapot Attackers
75Flatwoods Monster Faction
77No NPCs in this, use for doors nobody should open
78Ghoul Faction
79Children of Atom Faction
80block use of pairs H2H moves
81make immune from deathclaw intimidate
82Bug Faction
83Penitentiary Robot Faction
85after player refuses to help
86after player failed quest
87after player agrees to help
88after player helps
89for NPCs needing help
90Mole Miner Faction
91Order of Mysteries
92Hornwright Senior Executive Faction
93Hornwright Senior Executive Faction
94Hornwright Senior Executive Faction
95Bernie - The Helper Bot From MTR06
96Repair Eyebot Faction
97MTR08 Wave Attacker Faction
98MTR08 Wave Defender Faction
99Burning Mine Enemies
100Demerit Target for MTR03 Faction
101Dialogue Faction for MTR03 Mine Games Terminal
102Non-hostile Faction
104Player Faction
105Player Faction
106Alien Faction
108QP Wave Attackers
109QP Flowers
110Radroach Faction
112Bug Faction
113Radtoad Faction
115Gives "rescued" hellos
116gives generic "guarding object" dialogue
117consider me dead/unloaded during cleanup check
118enemy of REPrisonerFreedCombatPrisonerFaction
119enemy of captor combat faction
120Merchant + guards
122Minutemen Impersonator
123Sentry Bot Faction
124Steelheart Faction
125Responder Volunteers
127Snallygaster Faction
128Stingwing Faction
130Tick Faction
131Turret Defense System
132Penitentiary Robot Faction
133Virus Scanner
134Vault 81 Guard Faction
135Vicious Dog Pack
136Wendigo Faction
137The Whitespring
138for workshop/Minutemen radiant dialogue
139Don't use workshop packages
140Don't allow trading
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