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10-26-19 Update to / Fallout 1st

378 Results

1 is a conduit for Pylon 3E01B_Encryptid
5(Optional) Become President to bypass the promotion processEN05_MQ_Officer
6(Optional) Defeat the Nightstalker Bare-handedMTNS04_Night
7(Optional) Equip Cannibal Perk and Cannibalize a Feral GhoulMTNM01_Mayhem
8*beep beep*EN01_MQ_Bunker
9*clanging sound*EN06_Seal
10*humming and whistling*IDCardReaderLines
13... General. Command Center privileges unlocked. Congratulations, General. Please report to the Command Center at your earliest convenience.EN05_PlayerCompletedEarly
14... general. Command Center privileges unlocked. General, please report to the Command Center at your earliest convenience.EN05_LastCommendationAcquired
155th Highest Vote Count: - EN06_Pres
16: Time to nuke touchdownEN07_MQ_FleeBlast
17A nuclear briefcase. The first steps to an overwhelming show of force.Babylon_NukeCaseRetrieved
18Aaaand... checking uplink diagnostics. Running confirmations... Fingers crossed.FSS02_Vigilant
19Access denied. Please insert nuclear keycard in the designated receptacle.EN07_LaunchCardRequired
20Access granted.EN07_AccessGranted
21Access revoked. Please insert new keycard.EN07_NewLaunchCardRequired
22Access the resource dropENz01_Above
23Action of distinction registered. Issuing Support Commendation.EN05_CommendationRegistered
24Activate all the targets before time runs out!EN05_ObstacleCourse
25Activate Master ShutdownMTR10_Battle
26Activate the checkpoint and return before time runs outMTR06_PhysicalExam
27Activation logged. Return to start.MTR06_PE_ButtonPressed
28Additional di-di-discipline required. Proceed to next target.MTR03_Demerit_ProceedToNextTarget
29After you are eliminated, your corpse will make a wonderful addition to vault decorations.Babylon_HalloweenGreetings
30Ain't nothin' better than the Lucky Mucker. Them other contests are a way to spend a spell, but they ain't no Lucky Mucker.LuckyAttract
31Alas, there are no authorized persons available to start the boiler. We shall have to postpone our tea till another time.BoilerFailedTopic
32All array components engaged. Activating targeting protocols. Please stand by.ENs02_AllLuresPlaced
33All hostiles will be eliminated!ENz04_MoreHostilesDetected
34All right, ladies and germs. That's all she wrote for this site. But there's a fresh one coming soon. So get ready.EN06_NewBallotGroupActivated
35All successful Fire Breathers applicants will receive: custom fire suit; anti-Scorched weaponry; grit. End of list.PreKnowledgeExamHellos
36An important message for all students, faculty, and visitors. Please immediately comply with all directions issued by Protectron security robots. Failure to comply may result in unfortunate incidents.WatogaHighschool_GenericAnnouncements
37And lucky you, since you helped me tap into the Emergency Broadcast System, you can hear my lovely voice from anywhere!MTNM01_Mayhem_EBSTopic_Watching
38And please, do continue to bring us this valuable data.MTNZ03_Box_EndEnclaveTopic
39And the results are in. It looks like... no one voted! At all! What a terrible sign for democracy! I hope you're all ashamed of yourselves! Better luck next time!EN06_CollectSeal
42Another batch down. Clean yourselves up quick. You're due for more visitors.EN05_CBT_CooldownTwo
43Any Brothers with a background in engineering, report to the plant for immediate repairs.PowerPlantEvent_EBSInitialTopic
44Anyway, you're probably looking for that scorched detector uplink thingamajig he was trying to install when they caught him.MTN_MQ_Missing
45Applicant task successful. Return to surface for examination completion.MTR06_BeaconActivated
46Area clearance detected. Initiating breach procedure. All workers, please evacuate to a safe distance immediately.MTR05_Mother_Breach
47Area secure. Proceeding with search.TW043_Intro_InProgress
48Area secured. Remote unlock complete. Have a nice day.ENz01_UnlockResourceDrop
49Array component reconnection detected. Thank you.ENs02_OrientationDetected
50Array component requires signal adjustment. Please adjust frequency to One-One-Eight-Six.ENs02_OrientationRequired
51Attention all personnel! Shaft stability failure detected! Immediate evacuation is required! Failure to exit in a timely fashion will result in docked pay!MTR08_MineAboutToCollapse
52Attention candidates! The ballot printers are now disabled! Time to gladhand those last undecided voters into dropping off their ballots at the nearest vote counting site!EN06_TurnInFinalBallots
53Attention citizens. Nuclear strike imminent. Please exit the area or seek shelter immediately. Thank you for your cooperation.EN07_MQ_FleeBlastWarning
54Attention Responders! Cargobot is now on final approach. Eyes to the sky, people!FF11_Raid_EBSTopic2
55Attention support personnel. Aftershock detected. Please collect any newly revealed materials.MTR08_RubblePilesOpened
56Attention users! Temperature approaching unsafe levels! Action required!ENs02_BurningDishActive
57Attention! Mine shaft reopening imminent! Available support personnel, please report to mine shaft ... Kittery for repair and collection duty. Civilians, please exit the area. Thank you.MTR08_PlayerAddedPreOpen
58Attention! Seismic activity detected! Shaft reopening imminent! Available support personnel, prepare for breach of... mine shaft Kittery. Civilians, please exit the area. Thank you.MTR08_MineOpeningSoon
59Attention! Shaft opening detected! All support personnel proceed to Shaft Kittery for collection and Auto-Miner repair duties. Thank you.MTR08_PostOpeningAttractLine
60Attention! Shaft reopening detected! Support personnel must immediately report to shaft for mineral collection and Auto-Miner repair duties.MTR08_MineOpenedDistant
61Attention! Shaft reopening detected! Support personnel, please initiate collection and Auto-Miner repair tasks with caution. Structural instability detected.MTR08_MineOpenedClose
62Attention: Riot suppression in progress. All Hornwright Pacification Personnel please report to stations immediately.MTR10_Battle_EBSStartingTopic01
63Authorization required.EN07_AccessDenied
64Auto-Miner network fully operational. Activating advanced collection protocols.MTR08_AllAutoMinersRepaired
65Await the cargo dropFF11_Raid
67Beacon disbursement quota reached.MTR05_BeaconCollected
68Black Bear Lodge isn't going to get itself ready. Go on. Get out there.TW005
69Black box cooling procedure finished. Pick up and proceed to drop off.MTNZ03_Box_ReadyTopic
70Black Box coordinates acquired and locked.MTNZ03_Box_Hunter_EBSTargetTopic
71Boilers report the water temperature is 92.7653 degrees. Still a ways to go for proper tea. One can't rush such things.SecondWaveComingTopic
72Boot up procedure complete! Activating patroller defense protocols.ENz04_SystemActivationLine
73Breach complete. Initiating unloading procedure.MTR05_Breaching
74Bunker support acts registered. Congratulations.EN05_InitialActivitiesRegistered
75But, really, all I care about is their gun stash. Might be a good haul, might not. There's only one way to find out.MTNM01_Mayhem_EBSTopic_Bandits
76Candidate, I do not believe you will be returning to the vault. Prove me wrong.Babylon_FinalFight
77Candidate, you are outside of the storm's safe area.Babylon_OutsideConstriction
82Change Farmhands targeting parametersFF09_Reaper
83Check that one off! Next one up!EN05_OB_Startup
84Checkpoint activated. Return to start.MTR06_PE_LastButtonActivated
85Chief executive detected. Upgrading clearance. Welcome, Madam President.EN05_PresidentDetected
86Cleaning staff detected. Access key consumed. Immediate decluttering required. Thank you for your service.ENz09_Wrapup
87Collect the Motherlode's giftMTR05_Mother
88Combat commendation target detected. Marking.EN05_NewBossDetected
89Combat Lines, Reaction Lines, EtcCreatureDialogueBrahmin
90Component bypass detected. Resuming function.ENs02_SparkingDishFixed
91Congratulations applicant! Please access terminal to initiate final examination briefing.MTR06_PE_DirectBackToCFD
92Cooling system's back up.PowerPlantEvent_EBSCoolingRepaired
93Corpse Flower 5FF01_DeathBlossoms
94Countdown lock active.EN07_KeypadDenialCountdownTopic
95Custom order received. Please stand clear! And thanks for using B-B-BOT STOP.ENz04_FirstTimeIntro
96Daniel? Daniel?MTR05_RepairBeaconCollected
97Data says no current candidates will attain the rank of Overseer, so you can relax.Babylon_MatchStarts
98Data shows that privilege in the vault leads to laziness in candidates, good luck!Babylon_Greeting_EntryAfterMatchVictory
99Decontamination complete.EN02_DeconComplete
100Deliver the Black Box to Transceiver for ProcessingMTNZ03_Box
101Deputy! What are you waiting for?CBZ03_Deputy
102Detecting malfunction... Field repair is required.BeginPatrol
104Disgusted, but impressedMTNM01_Mayhem_EBSTopic_CannibalOptional
105Do I know you? I'm busy, leave me alone.Dialogue_RDR_Rose
106Don't keep me waiting!MTNL01_Raiders_EBSTopic_Charleston
107Drop complete. Initializing patrol bot boot sequence. Please stand by...ENz04_DropComplete
108Drop preparations complete. Please clear drop zone. Repeat. Please clear the drop zone immediately. Brace for impact...ENz04_OrientationComplete
109Dump toxic barrelsTWZ11
110Either way, it's time to report back.MTNM01_Mayhem_EBSTopic_KilledGhouls
111Eliminate the final group of "Communists"EN05_CombatCourse
112Eliminate the remaining hostiles (/)ENz04_Bots
128Error! Unrequested tube decompression detected. Immediate repair requested.ENs02_SparkingDishActive
129Error. Auto-Miner failure detected. System repair required.MTR08_RepairAutoMiner
130Error. Military clearance required.EN07_MilitaryPersonelOnly
131Error. No targets available at this time. Please try again later.EN07_CodeHuntUnavailable
132Error. System unavailable. Launch prep required.EN07_LaunchPrepRequired
133Escape before the mine collapses!MTR08_Lode
134Escape from Vault 94!CUT_V94_3_OLD
135Escape from Vault 94!CUT_V94_3_Escape_OLD
136Exam initiated! Activate initial checkpoint.MTR06_PE_PressFirstButton
137Examination will begin in... fifteen seconds.MTR06_PE_PrepareForRace
138Excellent, an unimpressive candidate meets a fitting end.Babylon_EnemyKilled
139Excusez moi. You there. You're here to find Freddy?TW007_ColdCase
140Find a place to secure the Technical DataBoSZ01
141Find the ChurchFF12_Bell_Misc
142Frequency calibrated. Please proceed to new triangulation point.ENz01_SiteOrientedTopic
144Generators are working again.PowerPlantEvent_EBSGeneratorRepaired
145GetItemCount Objective TestDebugSteveQuest
146Go there and activate the designated points. Once the signal is recieved on our end, we'll have the Kovac drop off a ... little present. That is all.ENz01_FirstTimeIntro
147Good luck!EN05_AdditionalCommendationsRequired
148Good luck. You'll forgive me for not watching this time.MTNL01_Raiders_EBSTopic_PalaceOfTheWindingPath
149Good to hear from you again.FFZ10_Light
150Gracious me. There are far too many creatures this time. Shutting down the boilers!TimerFailedTopic
151Greeting candidates! A shiny new, multi-vote endorsement will be issued soon. Head to the designated site and convince the higher-ups they should be voting for you!EN06_EndorsementIssued
152Greetings, members. Anyone interested in a gift from on high - in exchange for a little triangulation - should proceed to the coordinates we've provided. That is all.ENz01_NormalIntro
153Greetings, Senior Executive. Are you having a nice day?MTR05_CardIssued
154Guest acknowledged. Welcome.Assaultron_EntrywayHellos
155Halting progress. Engaging combat routines.ENz04_StartUpFailedTopic
156Handscanner credentials cleared. Please upload new handprint at nearest active scanner.EN01_HandprintAccessDenied
157Hello candidates. A fresh endorsement has been claimed. But there's still time to convince the canny candidate to part with it!EN06_EndorsementCollected
158Here's hoping you don't have to dig up half the town to find what you're looking for.MTNL01_Raiders_EBSTopic_EnterCharleston
159High-risk operation complete. Issuing Support Commendations.EN05_MultiCommendationAction
160Hmm. It would seem conditions have... soured for this particular task. You should try back again later. Apologies.ENs02_NoTargetAvailable
161Hmm. What do we have here ...EN05_UniformIssued
162Holy hell. What happened here?Enclave_Gutsy_NoticeCorpse
163Huh. Well, this is a little awkwardMTNS01_Intro
164I do believe you have routed the miscreants. The rest should prove no match for my guards. I am indebted to you.TW008_EBSEnd
165I don't blame you for turning tail and running like a coward, but hey, you're alive, and that means you can finish helping me out. So, good for you.MTNM01_Mayhem_EBSTopic_FledDeathclaw
166I don't care what you use your bait on, just use it to kill some things that would kill and eat you. Let me know how it works out for you.MTNM01_Mayhem_EBSTopic_UseBait
167I don't know if anyone will hear this, but it's worth a shot. I need help.SF06_Radio_CUT_FlaggedToNotExportInScript
168I don't know much about their special tactics. Did they have any? I don't know... go find a Deathclaw and make friends with it or something.MTNM01_Mayhem_EBSTopic_Deathclaw01
169I expect great things from you, candidate.Babylon_Greeting_Entry
170I have detected new humans in Appalachia. Data suggests there may be Overseer Candidates among them.Babylon_Wastelanders
171I love America!EN05_PatriotismCourse
172I strongly recommend taking a position that looks down into the courtyard.TW008_EBSTopic
173I suppose the survival of the fittest can have some shortcuts.Babylon_LaunchDetected
174I want every one of those protestors eliminated.TW006_EBSTopic
175I want you to go make some explosive bait, and don't blow your fingers off in the process. You're not a robot like me. No replacement hands for you!MTNM01_Mayhem_EBSTopic_MakeBait
176I will go to home to ready for my lovely Freddy.GoingHomeTopic
177I'll catch back up with ya when I see you crawl out of that cave.MTNL01_Raiders_EBSTopic_BlackwaterMine
178I'm an object using Say! This is great!TESTLVC_ObjectSayTest
179If it wasn't obvious, they were really into traps.MTNL01_Raiders_EBSTopic_Blackwater02
180If you are hearing this message, you have failed to return the black box. Calling off all agents.MTNZ03_Box_Hunter_EBSEndTopic
181If you stand down now, I would be willing to make a substantial donation to the widows and orphans fund.TW006
182If you wish to know more about your predecessors, that is.EN07_MQ_Death
187Incorrect code detected. Revoking access. New keycard required.EN07_IncorrectCode
188Invalid credentials. Input launch code.EN07_TargetComputerDenialTopic
189Invalid user.MTR05_IDPrinterInvalidUser
190It would seem our examinations proved correct. You turned out to be just what we were looking for.EN02_MQ_Us
191Just make sure you bring a lot of bullets. That big alpha is a heap of trouble.FFZ11_Pack_EBSTopic
192Just use a toothpick or something before you come back to visit. I don't want to catch a whiff of rotten ghoul flesh on your breath.MTNM01_Mayhem_EBSTopic_Cannibal
193Keycard accepted. Keypad access granted.EN07_LaunchCardAcquired
194Kill the Glowing QueenSFM01_Glow_CUT_FlaggedToNotExplort
195Kill the Mirelurk QueenTWZ05
196Kill the Strangler Grafton MonsterSFS08_Heart
197Kill the super mutant suicider before he reaches the doorTW008
198Kill the Third Wolf Pack LeaderFFZ11_Pack
199Kill your mark, then I've got something else for you.MTNM01_Mayhem_EBSTopic_ChemdartOther
200Kiss him goodbye for me. Actually, don't. He's probably all malformed and disgusting now. Yeah. Yuck.MTNL01_Raiders_EBSTopic_WendigoCave
201Launch code required.EN07_EnterCode
202Launch code reset complete. System access unlocked.EN07_CodeResetComplete
203Launch system unavailable.EN07_KeypadUnavailable
204Let our beacon pierce the darkness and summon forth his divine presence, that we may commune with him and partake of his wisdom.FFZ10_Light_IntroMessage
205Load fertilizer into Graninger farm aerosolizerTWZ09
206Loading additional creativity subroutines...CBZ09_CensusShared_Calibrating
207Location secured. Initiating patrol.ENz04_InitiatingPatrol
208Manages robot waitstaff when event is not runningCUT_MTNM04_Master
209Margie had her own room at the Sunnytop Ski Lanes. It's her last known location. See if she left anything behind.MTNL01_Raiders_EBSTopic_Huntersville
210Meet me at the cache in the basement of the ski lodge when you've got that holotape!MTNL01_Raiders
211Members, our view of the outside world has been once again tainted by pests. Anyone available should report to the designated extermination site. That is all.ENs02_NormalIntro
212Mineral transfer required. Please use claim token.MTR08_RewardIssued
213Mixture Mon-E-Kah AlphaLow-Zano applied successfully at location ... !SprayLoc1Done
214Module successfully booted.BoSr02
215Mop up remaining ScorchedBoSZ03
216More creatures are drawn by the sound of the battleFFZ16_Swatter
217Motherlode/Ash Forge Master QuestMTR_Hornwright_Industrial_Master
227New code pieces can be collected from designated officers.EN07_SlioCodesGammaInvalidated
228New code pieces can be collected from designated officers.EN07_SlioCodesBetaInvalidated
229New code pieces can be collected from designated officers.EN07_SlioCodesAlphaInvalidated
230No one runs the courses around here until they've checked in with the Master Sergeant. And I mean no one.EN05_BasicSharedInfo02DUPLICATE000
231Not joking! I really will!MTNM01_Mayhem_EBSTopic_Returning
232Nothing personal.MTNL01_Raiders_EBSTopic_LeavingRose
233Now, if that was anyone's last training exercise, you're to check-in with me ASAP so we can get your graduation paperwork sorted. Fall out!EN05_CBT_Wrapup
234Nuke Master QuestEN07_MQ_Nuke_Master
235Oh no! The boiler is losing water and the temperature is falling. Those pesky creatures have spoiled our tea.TeaFailedTopic
236Oh no. It looks like... what the... system error? The hell's that me-- uh, cadets, I'd dig in if I were you. Last exercise is gonna be... bumpy.EN05_CBT_FinalWave
237Oh no. More Commies inbound. Whatever will you do? Bag 'em and tag 'em, kiddos.EN05_CBT_SecondWave
238Once they're dealt with you'll have to reboot the server. Again.FF09AnnounceTopic
239Optional: Wait for the marshalTW003
240Orbital strike complete. Elimination of remaining hostile targets authorized.ENs02_HostileDetected
242Overseer Gill, welcome to the Security Room. Do you have an appointment with someone today?QP_Babylon_Master
243Passionate debate is the cornerstone of great democracy. Good luck, candidate!EN06_MasterSharedInfo01
244Password detected. Error. ID printing functionality available only to Hornwright Industrial Senior Executives.MTR05_ExecCredentialsRequiredDUPLICATE000
245Perks QuestPerksQuest
246Phase 1 dialogue.DebugKurtQuest02
247Physical examination complete! Congratulations! You have passed!MTR06_PE_Success
248Physical examination complete. Time... unacceptable. Please try again.MTR06_PE_Failure
249Please contact our host, Sweetwater, if you believe there's been an error. Thank you.FFZ17_TeapotStartDenied
250Please proceed to the Command Center at your earliest convenience.EN05_ProceedToCommandDeck
251Please report to the facility to complete pre-launch preparations.EN07_SiloGammaLaunchCodeAvailable
252Please report to the facility to complete pre-launch preparations.EN07_SiloBetaLaunchCodeAvailable
253Please report to the facility to complete pre-launch preparations.EN07_SiloAlphaLaunchCodeAvailable
254Please return to the Charleston Fire Department for your final examination.MTR06_PE_QuestCompleted
255Please stand clear.MTR03_Demerit_IssueDemeritLiving
256Premature expiration detected. Pi-pi-pity.MTR03_Demerit_IssueDemeritDead
257Pretty sure she had a terminal there. Might be worth a look-see.MTNL01_Raiders_EBSTopic_Intro
258Priority mineral cache dispensed for user collection. User intervention documented. System... remembers.MTR05_MotherlodeCompleteAlreadyUp
259Proceed there and protect our patrollers, would you? That is all.ENz04_NormalIntro
260Process complete. System unlocked.MTR05_MotherlodeComplete
261Promotion system activated. Scanning ... target found. Current rank: private.EN05_InitiatingTracking
262Put a smile on the missus' face with a dandy new domestic! Get 'em while they're hot, at the Bot-Stop!ENz04_StartBuildingBots
263Quest CompletedTestSmokeQuest17
264Quest to handle bot patrols for ENz04ENz04_PatrolHandler
265Reactor has stabilized.PowerPlantEvent_EBSReactorRepaired
266Recent user launch detected. Required cool-off period active.EN07_PlayerInCooldown
267Recover a Nuclear Keycard from the CargobotEN07_MQ_CodeHunt
268Reinitialization complete. Beginning mineral harvest.MTR08_AutoMinerRepaired
269Remote docking procedure complete. Priority mineral deposits ready for user collection. User intervention documented. System... remembers.MTR05_MotherlodeCompleteBusy
270Repair beacon issued. Please collect from dispenser.MTR05_CollectBeacon
271Repair detected. Resuming uplink protocols.ENs02_SmokingDishFixed
272Repair PharmabotFF08_ProjectBeanstalk
273Repair teams, you are clear to stand down. Ad Victoriam.PowerPlantEvent_EBSRestarted
274Repair the ASAM turretCB06_ASAM
275Repair the pipeFF06_Feed
276Requested user intervention successful! User! User! Intervention successful! System requests user report to headquarters docking station!MTR05_BeaconConnected
277Requesting immediate user support! Signal strength failure detected. Signal boost procedure required.ENs02_FrequencyActive
278Required discipline dispensed. Well done, employee. Issuing compensation.MTR03_Demerits_WrapUp
279Restart PowerPlantEvent
280Retrieve the Black Box by Any Means NecessaryMTNZ03_Box_Hunter
281Retrieve the box from unauthorized individuals or enemy agents, using any means necessary.MTNZ03_Box_Hunter_EBSStartTopic
282Reviving your teammates is an ineffective strategy to become Overseer.Babylon_ReviveTeammate
283Scanning Responder emergency supply location M-2. Alarm system detected. Initiate remote interface.RS02_Beat
284Search Disturbed Dirt for SalvageFF12_Bell
285Secondary Boiler PipeFFZ17_TeaTime
286Senior executive detected. ID card issued.MTR05_SeniorExecDetected
287Shoot the targets before time runs out!EN05_MarksmanshipTraining
288Signal detected. Activate additional signal sources to initiate extermination protocols.ENs02_FirstLurePlanted
289Signal restored. Resuming connection process.ENs02_FrequencyFixed
290So there you go, that's it. Eh, don't get all teary-eyed, I'm sure we'll still do business together again soon. Until then, toodles!MTNL01_Raiders_EBSTopic_End
291So, kill it quick. These things are brutal and nasty. Good luck folks.FSS01_Trap
292Solitary is occupied by high-risk inmates, such as: Mad Dog Malone.TW043_Fail
293Specified hostiles eliminated. Infestation cleared. Thank you for your participation.ENs02_AreaSecure
294Staff member detected. Please proceed to designated guest room.ENz09_DepositItems
295Steal candy by hitting CB02_MonsterMash
296System online. Prioritizing defense sequencing.ENz04_ActivationLine
297System unavailable.EN04_InjectorOccupied
298Take off Camden Park UniformMTR04_Dross
299Temperature anomaly corrected. Resuming remote connection.ENs02_BurningDishFixed
300TEMPLATE - duplicate to useRE_ObjectTemplate
301Test Spawn Area QuestFF00_AreaSpawner
302Testing has been moving along successfully. Thank you for your service to Vault-Tec, Candidate.Babylon_ReclamationDay
303That's the last of 'em... for now. Buff out your dings and scratches and ready up for the next wave.EN05_CBT_Cooldown
304That's when you'll finish it off, assuming you survive the initial effects. Have fun!MTNM01_Mayhem_EBSTopic_Chemdart
305The black box has been retrieved.MTNZ03_Box_Hunter_EBSBoxRetreivedTopic
306The Black Box is overheating. Place down to initiate cooling process.MTNZ03_Box_OverheatLightTopic
307The boilers are heating up! I'm afraid the local creatures don't like this next part. A shame really. You'd best keep an eye out for trouble!FirstWaveComingTopic
308The bots are wandering the nearby countryside - no doubt got their screws knocked loose during the ambush. Be warned. They are extremely dangerous.CBZ13_Robots
309The box may occasionally malfunction and overheat. If this happens, you must drop it and stand guard until its cooling process finishes. Good Luck.MTNZ03_Box_StartTopic
310The Grafton Monster's robot handlers are there to keep him safe.TWZ07
311The guests... they must be sated.EN_EventMaster
312The lures may require your attention as they draw in the pests. Attend to them as they work, and you will be rewarded. That is all.ENs02_FirstTimeIntro
313There are few of you left. This is merely data, but I see your heart rate spike.Babylon_TenPlayersLeft
314There is... one priority call. Accessing.MTR06_PEComplete
315There's the whistle. The tea is steeping now at the perfect and precise 205 degrees. You've done a fine thing here today. Huzzah!TeaCompleteTopic
316These terminals were set up by our bunker's former residents to utilize my surveillance network in order to sniff them out.ENz01_NoTargetAvailable
317This is for scaring me.MTNS05_Attack_Docile
318This is the bad scene. Lines should play here!MTRz02_Demerits
319This is the good scene. Lines should play here!STUFF
320Those remains need a proper burial. Although they seem awfully fresh for a civil war soldier.TWZ13
321Time until "Race for the Presidency" beginsEN06_Master
322To anyone listening, take down that Heart before it controls too many creatures and things get out of hand!SFS08_Heart_PMIntro
323Top-level target elimination detected. Multiple Combat Commendations issued.EN05_LegendaryCombatCommendation
324Trespassers detected. Any and all workers, please initiate removal protocols at your earliest convenience.MTR08_AutoMinersUnderAttack
325Triangulation target detected. Initiating protocols. Please stand by.ENz01_TriggerEnteredTopic
326Unauthorized user detected. Please complete the registration process.MoMMaster_SecretExitFailureTopic
327Unimpressed, mockingMTNM01_Mayhem_EBSTopic_ChemdartEasy
328UNIT DISCONNECTED. Interrupting the REPROGRAMMING process can lead to COMPLETE MISSION FAILURE. So do try to be gentle?ENz04_PatrollerLost
329Unless you are military or a roboticist, in that case, if you can do so safely, make your way to the mayor's office in the Municipal Center.CB04_Mayor_RadioShared
330Uploading data to station CB002 ... complete. Attention! Resource drop authorized. Please clear the area.ENz01_AllSitesOrientedTopic
331User credentials expired. Please enter new launch code.EN07_CredentialsExpired
332User has been promoted to the rank of... Colonel. Congratulations.EN05_NewRankAttainted
333User. Motherlode drill frame requests unloading procedure. Please report to breach zone immediately.MTR05_BreachImminent
334Valid threat eliminated. Issuing Combat Commendation.EN05_CombatCommendationTopic
335Valid vox interpreter subject detected. Transmission initiated.MTNS05_Voices_Interpreter_TransmissionStarted_Topic
336Vox interpreter data storage full. Please return holotape to terminal to process and archive data. Congratulations on a job well done, Dr. Harrison!MTNS05_Voices_Interpreter_End_Topic
337Vox Transmission received successfully!MTNS05_Voices_Interpreter_TransmissionSuccess_Topic
338Vox transmission terminated prematurely. Establish connection with new Vox transmitter dart.MTNS05_Voices_Interpreter_TransmissionEnded_Topic
339Wa-wa-warning! External subroutine activated. A-A-Accessing bunker support records.EN05_DetectedCompletedActions
340WARNING! Black box heat approaching critical levels. Fatality of carrier likely. Set down to initiate cooling process.MTNZ03_Box_OverheatDeadlyTopic
341WARNING! Black box heat approaching dangerous levels. Set down immediately to initiate cooling process.MTNZ03_Box_OverheatingTopic
342WARNING! Black box overheating imminent. Set down to initiate cooling process.MTNZ03_Box_WarningTopic
343Warning! Hostiles present in landing zone. Supply drop aborted. Repeat, supply drop aborted.FF11_Raid_EBSTopic3
344Warning! Warning! Gear system locked. Please perform immediate repairs.ENs02_SmokingDishActive
345Warning! Warning! Hostile forces detected. Resource drop locked. Immediate elimination required.ENz01_HostilesDetected
346Warning. Critical damage received. System Error. System Error. Returning for repairs. Notify Hornwright Security to acquire override keys and engage shutdown procedure.MTR10_Battle_Robot_RetreatTopic
347Warning. Launch code reset engaged. Please stand by.EN07_CodeResetEngaged
348WARNING. WARNING. ALL PATROLLER CONNECTIONS LOST. OVERRIDE PROCESS ABORTED. System shutdown received. Come back... and... visit... Bot...stop.ENz04_AllPatrollersLost
349Water temperature in the boilers is now 178.63214 degrees. Just a little bit longer.ThirdWaveComingTopic
350We presumed a little extermination task would be right in your wheelhouse. We hope we weren't ... mistaken.ENs02_FleeAreaImmediately
351We will make it worth your while. Of course, the choice to comply is yours to make.MTNZ03_Box_StartEnclaveTopic
352We'll start with my personal favorite: Karma. No, not that new age bullshit. I'm talking about a chem that hits hard, but leaves you reeling.MTNM01_Mayhem_PlayerTopic_DeathclawFriend
353Welcome home, Initiate.MoMMaster_WelcomeTopicInitiate
354Welcome home, Mistress.MoMMaster_WelcomeTopicMistress
355Welcome home, Novice.MoMMaster_WelcomeTopicNovice
356Welcome home, Seeker.MoMMaster_WelcomeTopicSeeker
357Welcome, Initiate. Please proceed to a terminal for registration.MoMMaster_WelcomeTopicNewInitiate
358Welcome, Mister President. Please report to the Command Center at your earliest convenience.EN05_NewPresident
359Well then, let me just check that name off of the list.Babylon_PlayerKilled
360Well, I'll be damned. Good work, boys and girls. Seems you've got some real mettle after all.EN05_CBT_Complete
361Well, isn't this ... unpleasant. We can feel the rust setting in already.ENz04_StartUpSucceededTopic
362What... what? Oh, it sounds like you're needed upstairs. Posthaste!ENz09_Room
364Wipe out the remaining enemies (/)ENs02_Blast
365Working together is a brilliant human trait. In practice, you are not so good at it.Babylon_TeamWins
366Workshop Parent QuestWorkshopParent
367You again? I guess you'll have to do.TW043_000_WardenStartGreeting
368You are getting too far away from the Vox Transmitter Dart!MTNS05_Voices_Interpreter_ExitRange_Topic
369You are now within range of the Vox transmitter dart.MTNS05_Voices_Interpreter_EnterRange_Topic
370You are the last member of your squad alive. A fact which is quite surprising.Babylon_LastSquadMember
371You are victorious! But, still, many rounds remain before you will be Overseer.Babylon_PlayerWins
372You don't really have a choice. If we want to get into that cache, you'll do this. For us.MTNL01_Raiders_EBSTopic_LeavingRoseAgain
373You have defied my analysis by making it this far. I expected far less of you, Candidate.Babylon_ZAXControlRoomGreeting
374You won't need them for what comes next...Babylon_ZaxExtras
375Your commitment to this project is noted. You will be rewarded accordingly. This has been an automated voice message.MTNZ03_Box_EndDIATopic
376Your current threats are only other candidates. This area is safe from nuclear flames.Babylon_InsideConstriction
377Your team has destroyed an enemy squad, seems they chose their comrades poorly.Babylon_EnemySquadWiped
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