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08-22-19 Update to DONE

*If removal of EDID is problematic Discord

50 Results

1A character controller
2A helper object to smooth character controller & footIK traversal of steps.
3A trigger.
4A water area phantom.
5All Flora including trees, bushes, weeds and flowers.
6Animated static objects.
7Avoid box cast in front of the character.
8blocks physical object but not LOS
9Broad collision phantom.
10Bumper that is attached to the character controller
11Custom layer used for critters. Should receive hits from weapons/spells but not collide with characters or the world.
12Debris objects are junk that we don't really care about. We can set them to the debris moiontype
13Generic large world clutter.
14Generic world clutter, that cannot cut Navmesh.
15Generic world clutter.
16Hybrid layer acts as a projectile zone and a trigger
17It's a biped
18Layer used for the phantoms in front of actors so that they can detect animated doors.
19Line of sight pick.
20Non-projectile weapon.
21Non-spell projectile.
22Object the is not collidable with character.
23Only for cutting namvesh.
24Only spells collide with this for triggering happenstances.
25Pick clutter and other items of interest.
26Pick for path smoothing and such
27Player camera.
28Portal layer (same setup as noncollidable, but used differently by game code)
29same as L_TRANSPARENT_SMALL but animated.
30Signs, chains, flags and other static animatable objects.
31Small debris collide with fewer things than large debris do
32special shell casing layer for casing sounds
34Sphere around the camera -- collides only with phantom objects
35Static object that is very thin (No projectile collision).
36Static object that is very thin (only collides with larger projectiles).
37Static world object.
38Terrain from the Height Field Map.
39Terrain objects such as boulders and mountains.
40This is a trigger type that should only look for living actors, for trap trigger boxes.
41This layer only collides with dead actors.
42This trigger type is used for the falling traps and should get trigger events when it collides with any visible collidable.
43Trap that is a cloud and doesn't have physical presence.
45Trigger type for stream-lined actor only trigger boxes.
46triggers on both living and dead actors
47Used for Cone Projectiles, which ignore hits with certain collision layers.
48Volumes in which sound is manipulated
49We need this to allow collision with the actor's ragdoll instead of its character controller.
50We need this to differentiate between keyframed + dynamic Bipeds, Incendar, Incendar Gaming, Incendar Coding, Incendium, Incendius, Incendara, Incendario, Mincendar © Incendar 2004-2019 RSS Feed
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