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Incendar1 on PC

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1Access additional functionality on connected objects.workshop_co_Terminal
2Access daily quests, connect with other Wastelanders, and get important news about Appalachia!ATX_workshop_co_Terminal_DailyQuest
3All structures must be built on Foundations.workshop_co_StructureFloor_FoundationWood
4All structures must be built on Foundations.workshop_co_StructureFloor_FoundationConcrete
5Can only be placed in dirt.ATX_workshop_co_FireHydrants
6Can only be placed in dirt.workshop_co_FoodBlackberry
7Can only be placed in dirt.workshop_co_FoodMelon
8Can only be placed in dirt.workshop_co_FoodCarrot
9Can only be placed in dirt.workshop_co_FoodGourd
10Can only be placed in dirt.workshop_co_FoodCorn
11Can only be placed in dirt.workshop_co_FoodRazorgrain
12Can only be placed in dirt.workshop_co_FoodMutfruitPlant01
13Can only be placed in dirt.workshop_co_WaterPump01
14Can only be placed in dirt.workshop_co_FoodTatoPlant
15Harvests ash from smoke in the atmosphere.workshop_co_CategoryResources_WorkshopCollectorAshforge
16It has seen better days but it still gives water. The Rustic Fountain will dispense water.ATX_workshop_co_Fountain_Rustic
17It isn't old, it is vintage. The Rustic Sink will dispense water.ATX_workshop_co_Sink_Rustic
18Kegs are containers which can dispense drinks in your C.A.M.P.workshop_co_Brewing_BeerKeg
19Launches firework shells when powered. Shells can be crafted at a Chemistry Station.POST_DLC05workshop_co_WorkshopFireworkMortar01
20Moves the fast travel arrival point.workshop_co_FastTravelTarget
21Must be placed in dirt.workshop_co_WaterPumpPowered
22Must be placed in the water.workshop_co_WaterPurifierLarge
23Must be placed in the water.workshop_co_WaterPurifier
24Must be placed next to a Wood Pile.workshop_co_CategoryResources_WorkshopCollectorWoodPile
25Must be placed on a Black Titanium Deposit.workshop_co_CategoryResources_WorkshopMineralCollectorTitanium
26Must be placed on a Coal Deposit.workshop_co_CategoryResources_WorkshopCollectorCoal
27Must be placed on a Copper Deposit.workshop_co_CategoryResources_WorkshopMineralCollectorCopper
28Must be placed on a Crystal Outcropping.workshop_co_CategoryResources_WorkshopMineralCollectorCrystal
29Must be placed on a Gold Deposit.workshop_co_CategoryResources_WorkshopMineralCollectorGold
30Must be placed on a Gravel Pit.workshop_co_CategoryResources_WorkshopCollectorConcrete
31Must be placed on a Iron Deposit.workshop_co_CategoryResources_LC052_WorkshopMineralCollectorSteelGrafton
32Must be placed on a Iron Deposit.workshop_co_CategoryResources_WorkshopMineralCollectorSteel
33Must be placed on a Junk Pile.workshop_co_CategoryResources_WorkshopCollectorJunkPile
34Must be placed on a Lead Deposit.workshop_co_CategoryResources_WorkshopMineralCollectorLead
35Must be placed on a Phospate Deposit.workshop_co_CategoryResources_WorkshopCollectorFertilizerPile
36Must be placed on a Silver Deposit.workshop_co_CategoryResources_WorkshopMineralCollectorSilver
37Must be placed on a Uranium Deposit.workshop_co_CategoryResources_WorkshopMineralCollectorNuclear
38Must be placed on an Acidic Vent.workshop_co_CategoryResources_WorkshopCollectorAcid
39Must be placed on an Aluminum Deposit.workshop_co_CategoryResources_WorkshopMineralCollectorAluminum
40Must be placed on an Oil Seep.workshop_co_CategoryResources_WorkshopCollectorCrudeOil
41Plays a musical tone when powered. Use a connected terminal to change the pitch.workshop_co_PoweredSpeaker01
42Refrigerators reduce the spoilage rate of food and drink items by 50%.ATX_workshop_co_Appliance_Refrigerators
43Repair recipe for Ammunition Factoryworkshop_co_CategoryResources_WorkshopCollectorAmmo_REPAIR
44Repair recipe for Food Packaging Factoryworkshop_co_CategoryResources_WorkshopCollectorFood_REPAIR
45Repair recipe for Fusion Core Factoryworkshop_co_CategoryResources_WorkshopMineralCollectorFusionCore_REPAIR
46Sell items from your stash (you will receive 90% of the sale price). When powered, your C.A.M.P. will appear on the map as a vendor.ATX_workshop_co_PlayerVendingMachines
47Shoots electricity when powered up.workshop_co_TrapElectricalArc
48Shoots flame when powered up.workshop_co_TrapFlamethrower01
49Stops transmitting power after a short delay. Use a connected terminal to change the delay.POST_workshop_co_PowerSwitchDelay02
50Switches on and off repeatedly. Use a connected terminal to change the on/off intervals.POST_workshop_co_PowerSwitchInterval01
51Switches power on briefly when struck.POST_workshop_co_FiringTarget02
52Switches power on or off each time it is struck.POST_workshop_co_FiringTarget01
53The Pristine Nuka-Cola Vending Machine is a container which can dispense bottled drinks in your C.A.M.P.ATX_workshop_co_Brewing_NukaColaVendingMachine
54The Punch Bowl is a container which can dispense mixed drinks in your C.A.M.P.ATX_workshop_co_Brewing_PunchBowl
55The Trick Candy Bowl is a container which can dispense food in your C.A.M.P.ATX_workshop_co_Container_CandyBowl
56Transmits power after a short delay. Use a connected terminal to change the delay.POST_workshop_co_PowerSwitchDelay01
57Transmits power briefly after cycling power 10 times. Use a connected terminal to change the max count.workshop_co_PowerCounter01
58Transmits power when disarmed. Use a connected terminal to access additional functionality.workshop_co_WorkshopTripwireLaser
59Tuned to Classical Radio.POST_DLC06Workshop_co_CleanFurn_RadioSpeaker
60Upper Floors can be snapped onto stairs to create additional levels.workshop_co_StructureFloor_Small
61Upper Floors can be snapped onto stairs to create additional levels.workshop_co_StructureFloor_Half
62Upper Floors can be snapped onto stairs to create additional levels.workshop_co_StructureFloor_Full
63Use a connected terminal to access additional functionality.workshop_co_Lights_Lightboxes, Incendar, Incendar Gaming, Incendar Coding, Incendium, Incendius, Incendara, Incendario, Mincendar © About Discord Donate

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