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1"Bo-Peep" - Mission Notes - 10/77: Calvin's (sorry, "Blacksheep's") last effort didn't pan out, either, so it's this or nothing. I'm starting to wonder why I plugged so hard for this guy. If this meet doesn't yield results, I'm done and he's done. And I mean "done" in a very unpleasant sense. Wolf's at the end of his rope. The psych eval he showed me was disturbing. If I'd seen it before, would I have still pushed for this project? Still have pushed to be his handler? How did Calvin even get clearance to work at a place like Bysshe? No, this is no time to second-guess yourself. Social engineering is one thing, but this is another. It's all science. Calvin can do science, I know he can. I'll make this meeting, he'll show off the product, and everything will be just fine.P01B_Mini_Robot01_BoPeepNote
2WELCOME NEW SENATOR! :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: CONGRESSIONAL ID#: 778232 Welcome, Mr. Blackwell, to the Senate of the United States of America. Your election to this body is one of the greatest honors an American can receive. Please memorize the ID# above. It will grant you access to some of the many perks members of the Senate enjoy - checking out items from the Library of Congress, access to the Congressional gym, discount meals at the Capitol cafeteria, and more. And please be sure to bring that ID as well as a government-issued photo ID to your first orientation session at the Capitol this January (specific date forthcoming). Here's wishing you a long and honorable tenure in your position as Senator of the Appalachian Territory. ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::EN01_WelcomeToTheSenate

__________________________ UNIFORM DISBURSEMENT LOG __________________________ //// 10/23/77 //// NAME: Jackson, Lawrence BARRACKS: Alpha VOUCHER: Collected UNIFORM: Issued /////////////////////////// NAME: Archibald, Derek BARRACKS: Bravo VOUCHER: LOST UNIFORM: Returned to dispenser NOTE: Cadet sent to recover voucher from barracks. /////////////////////////// NAME: Miller, Leann BARRACKS: Bravo VOUCHER: Collected UNIFORM: Issued //// END OF LIST ////





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7Marcus - that son of a bitch. How could he? Kicking us out of our home... why? He's giving all of us a death sentence - the people he called family. After his 'speech', a few of the folks said "Why don't we fight? Why don't we do anything at all?" It would be foolish - Marcus' group is armed and prepared! They're all strong men, younger than most of us. We wouldn't stand a chance. As much as I hate it, we have to leave. But we're not leaving empty-handed. I've talked it over with some of the elders. Tonight, we're going to take back some of the supplies the Burrow Boys 'took as tribute' and leave through the old tunnels. It's dangerous, but Marcus knows that and won't follow us. We can get to the pump station, seal the doors... maybe hack the security system. We can figure it out later. All I know is that if we stay here, we're dead.UD002CentralShantytownNote

























R 8


S 7


T 6

35A - Test1 B - Test2 C - Test3TestGuidestonesNote

Camping Syllabus

1. Find a safe spot! Be sure to look for fresh animal -- OR human! -- droppings nearby. Remember: If you find doo-doo, better shoo-shoo! 2. Use recycled materials to construct your tent! You can find scraps just about anywhere. 3. Why have a camp? Cooking stations, even your own stash! Assignment: Students should check in with any local Responder and build a camp. In the camp, volunteers should construct a simple cooking station and a stash box and demonstrate that knowledge to the local Responder.


Don't just Survive... THRIVE!

The Responder Survivors Volunteer Program is now offering basic and advanced training! FREE! Feeling sick when you eat or drink? Sign up for our new Responders Volunteer Survivor Program at Flatwoods. We'll keep you safe and train you to live better, too! Want to learn how to build a camp that isn't going to blow away in a radiation storm? Or do you want to just help us build a better tomorrow? Sign up for Volunteer: Advanced Training at Morgantown Airport's main hub! Bring your own building supplies! -Responder Miguel


Camping Syllabus

1. Find a safe spot! Be sure to look for fresh animal -- OR human! -- droppings nearby. Remember: If you find doo-doo, it's better to moo-move! 2. Use recycled materials to construct your tent! You can find scraps just about anywhere. 3. Why have a camp? Cooking stations, even your own stash! Assignment: Students should check in with any local Responder and build a camp. In the camp, volunteers should construct a simple cooking station and a stash box and demonstrate that knowledge to the local Responder.


Schematics Test Plan

Loading Schematics: pass

Construction: pass

Stability: pass

: pass

The schematics work! They work! This is such a relief. I'll have to let the other Responders know that they can grab the latest copy of these Schematics from my terminal in the bot shop.

40 Your time's running out, Hornwright. You've pushed us too far and now we're coming for you. You won't stop us. LC100_DWDMountBlairTranyardNote01
41 03-06-96 Carpenter made a run for the trenches but a Scorchbeast spotted him. He made it to the trench. We thought he was good, but then the Scorched came. A few at first, then a mob. He put up a good fight. 03-09-96 Found a lone farmer hiding deep in a cave. He knew about the Brotherhood of Steel and Defiance. Said that "Defiance" was Fort Defiance. It was someplace deep in the Bog. He said the Brotherhood was dead, he said we'd all be dead soon. We gave him some rations and left. 03-13-96 Been hugging the trenches. More Scorchbeasts than I've ever seen flying in the sky. No sign of life except Scorched in the distance. Watoga's not too far now. 03-14-96 Turning back. Adler is pissed, but if Ralleigh wants to know more about the Brotherhood's distress message he can find it himself. 03-16-96 Scorched on our trail. Splitting up so someone makes it back. Do these bastards ever get tired? Fuck. Anyone reading this. Find Abbie Singh or Ralleigh. Tell them the Brotherhood is dead. Tell them Defiance was keeping the lid on the thing. They're coming I won't become one of those thingsBoS01_BreadCrumbNote_GeneralSteakhouse
42 a cold compress. 3. Gently bind the burn with clean bandages. DISEASE CURATIVES Collect the following ingredients, take them to a stove or cook pot and combine: Forest Flora: 1 pt. Boiled Water, 2 Fire Caps, 2 Snaptails, 2 Bloodleaves Ash Heap: 1 pt. Purified Water, 2 Ash Rose, 2 Blight, 2 Soot Flower

43 ORDERS: Bring collected supplies to Thunder Mountain Power Plant It is imperative that you gather supplies from the citizens by any means necessary, short of using force. Without the food, medical supplies, materials, etc. we cannot defend this area from the growing threats. We protect them and they in turn support us. The citizens of Appalachia are becoming restless and doubt our effectiveness, but you will remind them of the latest attacks that we were not there to intercept. If further convincing is needed then tell them that they can deal with the next Scorched horde on their own and see how they fair. We are depending on you.RE_ObjectJM02_BoSNote

I can't believe how these people are responding, it's even better than I imagined. It's so much easier than trying to round them up and kill them for their stuff. I just need a willing FOOL to do most of the work for me. There's more every day. Maybe Yves, or Margaret ... Oh, yeah I should go with Margaret because nobody will ditch me for an old lady. Yves might be able to outstrip me with that silky pompadour and EASY smile. I should get him to shave it off. Haha - Always with the questions, Margaret. Well, I have BAD news for you, nobody who asks that many questions is going to ever self-actualize properly unless they learn how to clear out the barriers that cause them such stress. I'll let her know privately that I think she has a serious problem that only loyalty can help her work through. Maybe she got betrayed in a past life and that's why she's unable to trust? It's PERFECT! - Margaret found me wearing a new recruit's silk pants and she's beginning to suspect what's really going on. I just have to keep appealing to her VANITY so she can teach the new people the ropes. That and smile beatifically and say profound things so that everyone remembers who is HOLY and in charge. Not that shrew, nobody's following a shrew into enlightenment, Margaret. - Okay, who knew religious people could be so sanctimonious about silken pants? Nobody cares, Margaret. But she's convinced that she's got me figured it out. That I am CORRUPT . I told her that I would step down after my next sermon, where I confirm her as the new leader. It's all I could do to keep her from outing me in front of everyone like a complete hag. I've got her fooled though, I can still make it out of this with all the GOOD stuff. - Oh, I didn't think it would be so awful. No wonder they use it on RATS it's terrible. I have to go, I can't be here with this. The smell! I'm sure I can find another group that needs my help just like this one. I just need to find a BETTER way to end things next time. Smell's not going to go, so I may as well!


Ugh, why is this so HARD? I thought using the traps would make it so much easier to deal with a large group of idiots all at once. I wrecked the damn vehicle though, so I can't keep doing this the same way. Anyway, it takes so much time and effort to deal with the aftermath. - Yesterday I found some people looting my kills. Can you imagine the audacity? I told them that I had just barely survived 'the maniac that did this' and that he's been killing people in Sutton since everything went sideways. I convinced them that I am a religious person, can you believe that. ME? I know, it's a total gas. Well, I was wearing some black clothes and I had a bunch of wine, so it works. They're going to come pray with me at my church, haha. - Okay this is going a LOT better than I expected. This place sucks, I'm going to put all my effort into messing with these idiots. I convinced them that they need to give up their worldly stuff because they're like, actually immortal amnesiacs? I was a little altered and thinking about Captain Cosmos deep lore but they believed it. I can't BELIEVE how stupid people are!

46Due to the ongoing investigation about the attempted sabotage of the Blast Furnace, we are restricting access to approved personal only. Supervisor Fortney will be in charge of shift handoff of the keys and the doors shall remain locked under all hours. - ManagementLC052_BlastFurnaceNote
47I bide my time and bite my lip. I joined the service on my birthday, and it was the proudest day of my life when I became a Ranger. Almost as proud as I was to be tapped to be in Taggerdy's Thunder. And now... Squires? Knights? Paladins? What the hell. I try not to roll my eyes. I try to never let my unit down. But sometimes on watch, I think about leaving. Pick a direction. I think west. Things got to be better out west. But I know too well what waits out there. So whatever stupid new rules comes out, I bite my lip and say whatever they want. But in my heart, I'm a Ranger and not even the Lieutenant can take that away from me.BoS_Venture_AnonymousNote
48Entry #411: The tests have been going so well. I've spliced the glands and pieces of brain matter from a gecko into a fish to make a completely new creature. I'm going to be rich! I need to try larger animals. ... Entry #502: Had some problems with the mouse/cat hybrid. It kept gnawing it's own leg off. ... Entry #555: I had such hopes for the dog/cat. It would have been the perfect pet. I could have made a fortune off of them. ... Entry #673: I've created a new technique for brain grafts. The animal shelter won't give me any more dogs and cats, but I was able to rescue a wounded bear. Adding a little bovine brain and glands should make it more docile. ... Entry #695: I've named my hybrid bear Fluffy. It seems to like me. I'm able to crawl into it's cage and pet it. ... Entry #719: Fluffy has begun to exhibit fits of rage. I had to put a shock collar on him. He still likes to be scritched behind the ears, but I have to wait for the right time. ... Entry #723: Fluffy has escaped! His shock collar was ripped off. I've got to find him. ... Entry #724: The Monongah police say there are sightings of large animals down by some lake. It's sounds like Fluffy. They also said two hikers were killed in the area. I got a sneak peek at the forensics report. My poor Fluffy killed them. ...P01b_Mini_Random02_Journal
49Entry #725: A strange man in a shack by the lake accosted me. He was very rude and not at all helpful. I'm going upstream to find my Fluffy.P01b_Mini_Random02_Journal01
50Entry #726: I found Fluffy's den, but I haven't approached it yet. He seems calm. I'm going to see if I can sedate him.P01b_Mini_Random02_Journal02
51God willing, we can weather this just like any other storm that blows through. I couldn't get the shift off from the precinct - Tonya actually drove out to pick me up! But I made a list of what we prolly need! - Loaf of Bread - Bottled Water - "Toilet Paper" - Tons of Booze - Plastic sheeting - More Plywood! WAIT HERE FOR ME ! LOVE YA ! !LC148_Sutton_HorseshoeHouse_ShoppingList
52I'm going stir crazy up here. I know my assignment is to stay here and dissuade people from poking their noses where they don't belong, but god it's boring. If I see one more lost hunter, I'm gonna put a cap in him myself. Had a biologist nosing around too. Claimed he was looking for a 'special animal' of his. Wouldn't tell me much other than it was big and dangerous, but he really seemed to want it. Told him to fuck off just like the others. It seems I have a 'friend' on the lake. Sometimes at dusk or dawn I'll see a bear snuffling about the opposite shore. At least I think it's a bear. Could be what that biologist was looking for. I think there is something wrong with it. It doesn't walk right or sound right. A ranger came around asking about it, but I sent her packing, just like that nosy biologist. It always seems to come and go by the stream that feeds the lake. I could probably track it upstream. I've asked permission to hunt it down, but my request was denied. It hasn't come too close to the shack yet. If it does, it will be one dead bear. 2nd Lieutenant James KordP01B_Mini_Random02_Jackson
53Mary keeps beating me at Catch the Commie. I even peeked at the cards when she wasn't looking. The time before that I snuck some money out of the pile. Mom says girls like her can't beat someone like me. I'm a Wesley, so I'm better than that. I have to be better than that. She can't be allowed to be smarter than me. She just can't.P01B_Mini_Random04_ChelseaNote
54 Carl - You know anything about why the barrel of whiskey I paid you for tastes like piss? You get a little too drunk and mistake the still for the outhouse again? Probably because you wouldn't know good hooch if bit you in the behind you old fool.LC196_SonsOfDaneBeerNote
55 Jeff, I hope things in Flatwoods are going well. I had a thought I wanted to share. If we can spare the personnel, I'd like to send a team into Gauley Mine. They were blasting in the days before the war, and if there's still dynamite in there, it might come in handy. I know you're busy with the volunteer program, so it's your call. - MariaGauleyMine_BreadCrumbNote_Flatwoods
56 Tammy, I know the Mountains are dangerous right now - but we need to get a report from the Free States. The farmers are in a bad way worried about that broadcast from the Brotherhood of Steel. So find someone that can get to Abigayle's Bunker up past the RR Mega Stop. Ask her the following: * Defiance is that Brotherhood headquarters right? Are the Brotherhood OK? * What's coming for us? * Is everything OK over there? I know the Brotherhood hasn't made any friends lately, but the whole thing is very disturbing. -MariaBoS01_BreadCrumbNote_Morgantown
57 To any survivors out there, our group found a cave set into a nearby hillside. It isn't much but we've managed to gather some food and supplies and are able to somewhat defend ourselves. If you're alone, hungry and scared, you are welcome to come and join us. - Brianna HawkeRE_ObjectCMB05_Note
58 To anyone who reads this, My group was attacked by while we were traveling past . I managed to get away but all my friends were torn apart. I'm ashamed of this, but I was too afraid to help them then and I'm too afraid to take vengeance now. Please, if you could avenge my friends, well I can't give you anything, just know I'd appreciate it.RE_SceneTS02_Note1

In case you chem-heads need a reminder: - Gather all the valuables that washed up from the flood. - Round up anyone you find poking around. There's bonus chems in it for ya if they're wearing Responders gear. - March them to the courthouse and get it ready for a reckoning. We'll leave 'em one last message so everyone knows what happens when you fuck with David Thorpe.

60Nancy, It's time. We can't deny it any longer. You haven't felt anything for Robert in years, and I'm never going to love anyone the way I love you. We can get out of here tonight. I've got things all packed, locked away on the trainyard floor. Key is on top of the cabinet outside the old man's office. Come with me. Let's start over. -BenLC028_KeyNote

Murmurs of the weak willed, unfaithful whispers. Perhaps another offering, live and screaming. To help them see and sew the blasphemous maws. If the Harvester wills it.

62Dear Sirs, I've attended over forty events at Watoga Civic Center and I have yet to see the Garrahan's use the VIP Booth more than once. I've been on the waiting list to take over the booth for the last year and a half, and your staff has the nerve to keep telling me "it's taken." By who? They're never there! If it's a question of money, I'm more than willing to double my last offer. It's time the Garrahan's moved on. I await your answer. Phillip Worthington III, Esq.LC171_WatogaCivicCenterNote
63Laurene, You were right to have me inventory the prescription drugs locker. Turns out we're missing three boxes of painkillers. I'm not sure who the thief is, but we can't afford to lose any more supplies. I'm going to change the code to 011986. Don't forget to get rid of this note after you've memorized the number. MarylynLC018_AVRMedicalCenterNote
64Scott, Whole load of new orders came in. Beckers are putting up all new fences at their farm, and Smiths need materials for a garage. Guess business is booming all over. Take two trucks, get it all done in one shot. And don't take another one of those four-hour lunches in Grafton. Yeah, I know about that. -CraigPOI287_DeliveryNote

Responders! The Database is now locked.

Only Volunteers and Responders may access it until things calm down again.

This is only a precaution until this whole thing blows over and we get back to rebuilding this great country.

I just updated it with more information about supplies, so when we get back we can start distributing resources to the survivors that remain.

Delbert and Kesha have volunteered to stay behind and take care of the survivors.



Lowell has the damn key to the granary. I know he does, that bastard. He's playing dumb. Said he has no clue where it is. Dang rabid dogs attacked me. My leg got pretty tore up. There's some medicine stored in the granary storage. I'm not gonna make it. I could have been living the life of Riley, but it's too late now. Time to make peace and join the rest of my family. Note to Lowell if you find my body: Screw you.


Shawn Aaronholt's Journal John and I are sick of hearing Lowell talk about Chicago all the damn time. Lowell wants us to pack up and head that way. Who gives a shit about Chicago? I always thought we should travel more south to see if any of our cousins survived. John and I can't find the key to the granary shed where we hoarded ammo and medicine. Radiation sickness has taken the best of me. Without meds I'll probably die within days.


To whomever finds my body - The granary shed holds provisions that should last you a little while. I ponder what became of my brothers, Shawn and John. I should have gone to Chicago. P.S. Watch out for those giant flying bats!


Well, I finally got all of the robots online and programmed to carve out Jack O' Lanterns. I'm still having problems with them setting pumpkins down without rolling over. All things considered I'm feeling pretty good about this automation idea. Wendy named the greeting robot Jack O' Lantern. I think the kids will love it! October 31st is almost here. With any luck this should be our biggest event to date!


If Jeff or Melody or anyone else finds this, I'm happy to know that someone made it out, but I think it's the end of the line for us. Tanner and Janson aren't doing so great and I'm not far behind them... It's still hard for me to come to grips that those... things used to be our friends, our family. I can't take the thought of us changing and hurting other people, too. So I won't let it happen. If the last thing I can do is make sure that we stay ourselves...then I'm okay with that. Serving with you all has been the highest honor. Caleb Widmer Paramedic Morgantown EMS

71Carl, You're in charge while I'm gone. Congratulations, and no this doesn't mean they're paying you more. Looks good on a resume though. Supply cage is locked up, code is in your locker. Double-check everything before you close up. Some of these guys "forget" to put stuff back. GregPOI286_ForemanNote
72Claire, Grab everything from our smuggling operation and get it to the Lucky Hole Mine, pronto. The whole world's going to hell and I'm betting we're going to need that stuff to survive. Lock it up in the usual spot - I've changed the code to 238963. Don't stop for anyone. I'll see you soon. GavinLC037_CultistCaveNote
73Dearest Emily, I managed to find a few other survivors scavenging in Sutton. They're hiding out in the woods until this whole thing blows over. Told them I used to be an avid hunter so they invited me back to their camp. They seem like decent people, mostly. Woke up this morning and saw Ethan and Carson building a spike pit down at the bottom of the cliff. I asked them why they were building it and all they said was "for protection." Seriously, how the hell is a giant spike pit going to help us? I think those guys are starting to lose it. But whatever, it keeps them occupied. In other news Madison made some fantastic stew last night. I asked her what her secret was and she told me "the extra head." I'll come look for you soon, I promise. ~DylanHuntersRidgeNote01
74Gary, You sick of cutting wood over there yet? I've been working at West Virginia Lumber Yard for a few weeks now and it's a world of difference. Better pay, better hours and best of all, no robots. I talked to the foreman here and he's looking for a few more guys. You better grab the gang and head over here before someone else fills your spot. PaulLC158_LumberMillNote
75Gertie, Oh my god, Bert did it - he stole Principal Laraby's office key! If we're lucky, we'll be able to slip in there after class and change our grades. After the bell at three o'clock, grab the key from the locker next to the showers and meet us at his door. Straight A's here we come! ConnerLC026_MorgantownHSNote
76I remember the night we first arrived. Half frozen to death in the blizzard. Teeth chattering. These cabins seemed like one of those resorts you'd see on the television. Those were tough times, but the cabins were home. Some holes sprang in the roof, we'd get a bucket. If a beam fell down, we'd prop it back up. But the Paladin says they're just too falling apart to keep fixing. It's going to be cramped in the new space, but it'll be nice to have four good walls and a roof. But I'll miss my time in Bunkhouse Alpha.BoS_Venture_GoodbyeNote
77If you are interested in meeting, a group of your neighbors has gathered to the East. We've been contacted by a larger community like ours, living in the Capitol. Apparently the city was hit hard, but they say a society is beginning to grow there. We are considering joining them. - W.K.WilliamKellerNote_IsolatedCabin02
78Jimmy, It's business as usual, pal. Keep your eyes on the road, drive safe, and call me once you've made the delivery. Don't worry about protestors at the Disposal Site. Just don't make eye contact or provoke them. I've got a call in to the Feds, see if we can't get them to do something. Remember, once the barrels are off the back of the truck, it's their problem, not ours. -DaveLC108_TruckNote
79Johnson, you bonehead, I know you've been stealing my lunches. Did you honestly think that it would go unnoticed in a facility that was literally built to watch and listen to everything? Hell, I'm the guy who designed our internal surveillance system! Pay me back double and return my plastic containers, or I'll report what you do in the bathroom to CDR Gould.LC138_LunchThiefNote
80Larry, Hey, guess who Supervisor Jenkins picked to clean the toilets again? If you guessed it was you, then ding, ding, ding - you win a prize! Oh, and it's Chili Cookoff Week, so you better stock up on cleaning chemicals. I put a whole bunch of them in the utility tunnel under the entrance to Crocolossus Mountain. ReggieLC169_WavyWillardsWaterParkNote
81Marco, Hey buddy, I had a new safe installed aboard just in case you want to keep a few things stowed on longer flights. I set the code to 062032, my wife's birthday. Sorry to use that, but you know me - I'd forget my own name if it wasn't stitched on the front of my flight suit! NoelPOI004_CrashedPlaneNote
82Marvin, I don't know what the hell Fred's problem is, but he better start picking up the slack around here. Last night he gets the delivery truck stuck and instead of calling it in, he just leaves it there. Now it's blocking up the works and he's called in sick. Can you do me a favor and grab some tow chains from the supply room on the loading dock and move the damn truck out of everyone's way? In the meantime, I'll have a word with the site supervisor about Fred's future working at N.I.R.A.! LorenzoLC106_NationalIsolatedRadioArrayNote
83Medical Supplies Search Teams Arktos Pharma J. Lake M. Sparkman Q. Moore AVR Medical A. Huso M. Martinez S. Powers Vault Tech U. T. Lambert R. Tate S. WhitakerLC117_SearchTeams_Note
84Millie and I are leaving. Heading South at dawn. We wish you would join us. If you change your mind, we'll camp around Lewis and Son's tomorrow night, and then Camden Park after. Follow the River South.LC117_LeavingAtDawn_Note
85Mr. and Ms. Braxton, My name is William Keller. I represent a group of brave men and women whom you may wish to meet. In the years since our new lives began, many of us have begun to lose things we once took for granted. Our skin. A face. An old voice. Most painfully, each of us have lived to see our friends and loved ones die around us. It's been twenty years. No one should have to suffer in loneliness and fear. You are not alone.WilliamKellerNote_IsolatedCabin01
86Nathan, I can't believe Ella convinced everyone to pool their weapons and lock them in the armory hanging from the tower. That idiot's been running the show ever since we left Helvetia, but I think it's time for a change. I stole her key to the armory and left it under the flowerpot in my shack. Let's see her try to call the shots now.POI151_HorizonsRestNote
87Responders? Flatwoods (Abandoned) Point Pleasant Harpers FerryLC042_Responders_01
88So, that was "fun." Moreno's a fine communications operator. But not the best pick for command, especially given how the situation's evolving. He took being relieved of command well, though. On the trip over, I saw first-hand that our recon was right. The Super Mutants are a growing threat. Is anyone else still reeling? Before the war this was a nice river valley. With farms. Factories. Now there are these giant blood thirsty mutants kidnapping and killing everyone in their path. First some damage control. We set a regular schedule for caravan escorts to the Mire and back. If Caravan Sally comes through expecting us to drop everything to escort them now, tough. We have fewer trips with more guards.BoS_GraftonDam_EspositoNote
89This whole transition is taking some getting used to. But I thought you could appreciate this update. In the past if a mission or patrol was cleared for combat performance chems, the usage rate was near 100%. But now, half the time (or more) the chems are returned afterwards. There's the other stuff, too. You hear laughter more. Sometimes it's at the expense of the new rules, but people just seem happier. I think it's the sense of purpose. We know we're going somewhere, there's a plan. For De Silva I think she just loves the new patch. Now you can't say I never have good news, Paladin.BoS_Venture_StoreRoomNote
90To those who remain: Many of us have lost things we once held dear - our voices, our skin, the taste of food. You've watched your loved ones die. You don't need to suffer alone. A new community is forming to the East. It's being built by people like you, in the remains of the Capitol City. Join us as we prepare to leave this place. West Virginia will not be rebuilt, but our lives can still have purpose. - William KellerWilliamKellerNote_Grafton01
91Badger - You know I like you. The brothers like you too. You're easily my fourth favorite Pi Mu. But listen, the whole mannequin thing has GOT to stop. It was funny at first. We laughed along when you brought it home from the department store. I thought it was a little weird when you named it Suzie and started taking it down to dinner, but whatever floats your boat right? The last few days though... honestly Badger, I don't even know what to say. We called a meeting and all decided that Suzie needs to... DAMN IT, you've got me calling the stupid thing Suzie now! Look, just GET RID of the mannequin! This is me asking nicely! Sincerely, John UD005_Mannequin_Note

I forgive you, Dad.

I get it now. Taking care of kids is hard, and it was too hard for you. You were young, and it was just too much.

I get it. I do.

I'm an adult now too, and well, it took a long time to understand why you did it. I'm not mad though.

But... I'm going to do the opposite of what you did. I'm going to find kids and make sure they're ok.

I love you, I forgive you, but you don't need to come home anymore. -Colonel

93Everyone I've lost, a list. Meredith, my mother and Patricia, my mom. I know they were at least together in the end. Madeline, my sister and Theodore, my brother in law. I hope they somehow made it, but ... they were so close to the bombs. Calvin, my best friend in the whole world, and his dog, Peppers, whose face licks are missed so much. Jesse, my ex. We broke up for the wrong reasons ... I still love you so very much even though you've been gone for so long. Samara, my boss. The best boss anyone could ever ask for. Thanks for that raise the day before everything went to hell. It was the last good day. Mindy, my Friday night poker host. I miss your lying face, you cheater! Roberto, my neighbor. I had to stop you, but... I miss you, too. I miss what I was before I had to stop you, too. And finally, myself. I miss who I used to be. There's no point now... not without any of you.


They all mocked me for those 9 years of gymnastics as a kid. But who's laughing now? Me, that's who! A swarm of those overgrown rodents were seconds away from gnawing me to death when I found this old ropes course. For a regular Joe, escaping death up here is an impossibility... but not me! I closed my eyes and imagined I was back on that balance beam. Easy. After I denied those buck-toothed rats their dinner, I got to thinking: this spot is really nice, and unreachable for those lacking my superior agility. I can board it up and turn it into my own little storehouse. Great idea, I know. Sometimes I surprise even myself. Say what you will about the horrible apocalypse and all, but when you're as good as me? It's just another day at the gym.


My sweet baby,

We wanted you so much ... but it just wasn't possible. It's for the best though, I know that now, considering ... everything.

96I ain't got time for a proper memorial, so this'll have to do. Here lies my friend George, who looked after the cabins with me in life and will look after them in death too. He was the best of us, and didn't deserve this kinda death. I don't know whether to blame the commies, or the pathetic scavengers that I used to be proud to call my fellow Americans. All I know is, the world is darker this day. And it don't look like it's getting any brighter. Rest in peace, brother.

97Last night Carson caught some lost couple out in the woods poaching one of our traps. I told him they didn't mean anything by it but he wouldn't listen. He tied them up and made them walk the plank that him and Ethan built last week. I thought he was just going to scare them a little but before I knew it he had shoved both off into the pit down below. This is getting scary now. All day they listen to that crazy woman on the radio. They won't shut up about that place to the east. They say they have supplies and shelter, but we're doing just fine here. I really wish those two would just leave already.HuntersRidgeNote03
98 a new day kevin was weak. micky was weak. I am strong. I took all their strength from them. I see the daylight now. I dont want to leave. I dont need to. I will wait here. wait for the weak to find their way to me. I will consume their strength. I will become stronger. I will survive this world. P01B_Mini_Random01_Journal3
99 Observations - Rapid and extensive growth of vines throughout the area.FS_Ella_Observations
100 The gnomes hold the key.LC090_MonongahMineMiscNote

Friday October 22nd, 2077 Jesse White - The Dancin' Bandit Best Honky-Tonk Band this side of the Mississippi!

Nickel Beer Night! New River Red Ale Old Possum Oak Holler Lager Old Possum Pickaxe Pilsner Blackwater Brew

If you miss it, you're gonna regret it!



If you read this... i am now staying in the bell tower in the church. I have cereal and games and a sleeping bag for both of us. I will be waiting! I love you! Colonel

103Experiment #118: Cold Germination in Soil Samples K-N Daily Checklist: 1. Update germination count. 2. Measure and record seedling growth. 3. Sample soil pH. 4. Administer lime or sulfur to rebalance pH to target (5.75). See Schedule A. 5. Sample soil moisture level. 6. Set Flood Control Pump Gamma watering codes. See Schedule B. NOTE: In the event of another flooding incident, SHUT DOWN FLOOD CONTROL PUMP GAMMA (Code: ) and notify Tyrone.V94_3_PumpGammaShutdownCode

Linda, baby, this is Charlie. Philip said he'd get this to you. I have to make this quick. I know things are crazy right now, but I have to stay at my post. Tell Benny I love him. I'll be home as soon as I can. Stay safe, baby.


Linda, baby, this is Charlie. Philip said he'd get this to you. I have to make this quick. I know things are crazy right now, but I have to stay at my post. Tell Benny I love him. I'll be home as soon as I can. Stay safe, baby.


If you're reading this I'm dead. If you're reading this so are you. Never forget the Raider code. The one to live and die by. Every man for himself

107Friend, My advice to you is hide the thing. Marketing sees EVERYTHING, especially where their money has gone, and there is going to be a budget related firestorm... which lands squarely on you! And me for that matter since I'm about to help you. I know a place you can stash it, out of sight out of mind. I'll adjust the lines on the expenditures sheets and no one will be the wiser. Don't take any chances, for both our sakes. I'll take one key with me to Tanagra when I visit the kids. I've left the other one for you. It's in that place where I put that thing that time.BMO_BunkerNote07_TastingAreaNote


If anyone is reading this, this place isn't safe anymore. I don't know what's been going on up at the Pleasant Valley Ski Resort but not long after Ethan and Carson left to join them a group of men showed up and attacked our camp. I know Ethan was one of them. Even through the gas mask I could recognize that cough of his. I can't say where we're headed but we've rigged the place with traps in case those assholes decide to come back.


Avoid going through the Central Chamber! Marcus and his goons have started patrolling the area and setting up turrets. Getting caught by them won't end well for you. Please, exit here or further up the tunnels. Pass it on to everyone you can think of. We can't lose anybody else to this senseless violence.



Medium height and build. Dark, short hair. 35 years old.

He went on vacation to ride horses in Kentucky and was supposed to be landing at the Morgantown Airport on the day the bombs fell... but his plane landed BEFORE that though!

I know he's out there! I've seen his name written in places so he's around. I've read his notes. Please help me find him!

112 Dear Lisa Dearest Lisa Do you know that my heart skips a beat every time you enter? Your sweet voice rings "milk and three sugars, please" in my dreams. I long to kiss you I want You only know me as the one who makes muffins, delivers drinks, but I am so much more. I have seen the Congo, I visited indigineous tribes in the South Pacific Too boastful? I want to be with you, I want to protect you, I want76CharGenDinerNote

Take me too

114 Doc says I should write down three things I'm grateful for every day, so I've started a journal. Let's see. Number one: I saw a small boy at the monorail station today. Couldn't have been more than three. Looked just like Oliver. So, number one is - I'm grateful that this was the first time I didn't cry when thinking about my boy. All right, number two: [pagebreak] GROCERY LIST milk bread eggs canned soup apples veggies for stir fry oops - wrong piece of paperLC095_ApartmentRenterNote
115 How? How does he win every time? Every single game he beats me. The son of a bitch can't even read and yet he still manages to win. There's no way he isn't cheating. I'll show him. Tonight, while he's sleeping. He'll never see it coming. DWDMountainPOI01Note01
116 Lucky shot. I think we'll call that one a draw. DWDMountainPOI01Note02
117 We made it as far North as Mosstown. Skirted Harpers Ferry and Berkley Springs, both too dangerous to explore. Mosstown itself is bordering on collapse. With the Raiders spreading out down the Savage Divide and the Scorched in the Cranberry Bog, I recommend we stay here in the Mire. Stay up in the Tree. Wait it out as we have been.POI264_ScoutReportNote
118 X Distract him X Stash the rest of the supplies X Jump in the other crate X Pray to god I survive X Find anyone from 76 Kill ZAXBabylon_Intro_Checklist
119POOL TABLE RULES 1) The breakroom is closed at 2200 2) If you're the last players of the night, reset the table 3) No alcohol near the felt, we can't replace it if it's damaged 4) And no spitting, seriously if we find out who's doing it there will be consequencesBoS_Defiance_PoolTableNote

Task: Program a new "Self Serve Volunteer Kiosk" system for Flatwoods.

It must be able to process several dozen volunteers a day, and should teach them basic skills using time donated by local Responders.

Your contacts are Kesha and Delbert, both are willing to be the model for this program.


Dear Lord

I pray to you for strength and tolerance, for knowledge and confidence in these dark times. To know how to live like this, to know how to wait for you, and for the ability to help others survive this test. The test you promised would never happen again.


Due this week:

- Fix Camping Program bugs - Check Flatwoods Kiosks for issues - Get Garry a gift for his next visit - Take another chair to the camp



Tourists and Visitors

The main building is off limits! There is a zero tolerance policy for the following: - entering or climbing on the building - defacing the building or graffiti of any kind - prying open or breaking windows - hunting on park lands

Use your judgment if something seems wrong but isn't on this list. Visitors who fail to comply with this should be ejected from the park.

Wild Animals

- Docile wild animals like deer and beavers, etc are fine. Leave them alone and don't feed them. - Aggressive wild animals should be removed by animal control, they are on the list of important numbers.

If that cow shows up again, call Howie. She's always getting out.

Former Residents

Don't approach them if you can avoid it. Most of them are friendly enough but you can never be sure. Treat them with dignity and respect and leave them alone until the authorities arrive. Some of them don't realize that the building is closed and others have no where else to go.

If you're ever confused or not sure how to handle something, just call my number. It's on the list too.


Jesse White - The Dancin' Bandit at The Rusty Pick

Friday October 22nd Outdoor Honkytonk

Set List: In Time Psalms Hell Bent Sea of Tears Tornado's in Texas The Railroad Snake Song Carry My Body Down Wayfaring Stranger Lead Me Home The Devil is My Runnin' Mate Soul of a Man Thirteen



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Use these settings for this image: World Art: props/note_classified.nif Material Swap: Note_NotebookPageLowPoly02 InventoryArt: HighPoly_Note_NotebookPaper01 Preview Transform: MiscNote01 Text Offset X: 25 Y: 0 Suggested Font: Handwritten Font, Brody, Handwriting Neat, Leia, Eva

129Chuck, Got tired of trying to hide stuff from the others. Bunch of damn thieves. That old safe we dredged up? Put it up on the boat. Locked up nice and tight. Key is in the RV, by Len's chem bench. He's too torched to notice. Don't tell nobody.LC142_SafeNote
130REMEMBER ! - Set up a trap for the you-know-whos and use holotapes to try to record their noises at night - Get a lock for the secret stash by the Brahmin tubs behind the house - Get a bigger gun, or more guns, or both! - Try to tame a wild dog or a giant rat (RIP Perry, you sweet old boy)RSVP00_Book_LORE_ScottStash
131 Mail to: Quinn Carter, Charleston Herald Miss, This key lets you open my box with all the evidence you need. I sent it to you because the truth has gotta come out. You're Appalachia's most trusted news source and people will listen if you do an investigation. Grafton Steel has been violating safety standards and getting people killed with the toxic sludge they're dumping into the water. They shouldn't get away with this just because they're doing military work for the war. Little kids are dying. - A Concerned Citizen TW007_MediaLetter
132More of this diary ... still dumb to write it down. October 15, 2077 - Checked out the water park where the kid will be in a couple of days. Almost got caught too but dropped some Grafton Steel Mill protest leaflets to throw off people. October 17, 2077 - I knew the kid was a brat, but I had no idea. Maybe this wasn't a great plan. October 18, 2077 - We're holed up in the dam. I've got the place locked down tighter than a miser's cupboard. Not having much luck with a ransom. It's not like I wanted money. Just shut the plant down and get some safety people in there to make it better. October 20, 2077 - The kid was having fun with our great adventure. Now all he does is whine and draw rude pictures. I'm not sure who's the captive here. Arthur left a note at the ransom site. Said I could keep his kid, wouldn't shut down the plant, would let his only son go to save the country from commies. Nice. October 21, 2077 - I swear the kid is plotting to kill me. He keeps bumping me when I'm on the catwalk. He was playing with a bit of rope saying he was practicing his Pioneer Scout knots, but I'm pretty sure he was making a noose. TW007_OtisPikeDiaryEnd

Dealing with Survivor's Guilt Step 1: Learning how to forgive yourself This can take a long time - in fact, it can take a lifetime. You survived something tragic, and that's difficult for anybody. Step 2: Find someone to talk to



I delivered part of the supply shipment to your safe, as requested.

I wasn't sure where you were, guessing you're out in the woods again somewhere? I don't see your robot anywhere either, so I figure you're safe.

I'm going to see if Maria needs me to take anything back to Flatwoods, so I'll be around for a day or two.

Find me! I miss you! Garry


My sweet Garry bean, I'll be up at my camp -- Maria is giving me a "sanity day" so I can relax. Join me! I hope you brought some of that comfort food from Flatwoods. We can have a picnic! Don't worry, if any volunteers stop by to learn stuff, the robot should be able to take care of them. I wrote a whole program to deal with that so I can actually relax and enjoy the great outdoors with you now. Love you, dear heart. -Miguel


Gardening Test

Name: SamanthA Question 1: What do all plants need? Water AND lite Question 2: What is photosynthesis? Ask your parents! how plants get energey!! Question 3: What's your favorite plant from the garden? tato! Question 4: Name a tool we use everyday at Garden Class. shuvel Bonus Question: What was the name of the plant we learned about yesterday at Class? P U MpKIN!!! Very good job, Samantha! 5/5 correct


O ho - ly night, the stars are bright - ly shin - ing, it is the night of the dear Sav - ior's birth; long lay the world in sin and er-ror pin-ing, till He ap- peared and the soul felt its worth. A thrill of hope the wear-y soul re-joic-es, for yon-der breaks a new and glo-rious morn! Fall on your knees! O hear the an-gel voic-es! O night di-vine! O night when Christ was born! O night di - vine! O night, O night di - vine!

A few of us set up these memorials.

We need to remember that people once walked here, once stood here with us. Once told us we were loved and that we were safe. These are the ghosts of the people who died instantly. The ones who fell in the first wave. The ones whose bodies were never found. Never forget that people once stood here.


He died shortly after the bombs. He was already so sick... so fragile. I miss him so much. I can't carry these things of his any more, and I can't bring myself to bury them. So I have left them here. And now I can focus on survival. If you are reading this -- and if you have lost someone -- leave their trinkets, their clothes, their memories here. Forget them for now. You must. Nobody will be around to remember you. You must survive.



You raised me alone after he left us ... and you made sure I went to school, you made sure I was better off than you were.

I was always happy, even when I seemed like I wasn't. You were always there for me.

But when it came down to it ... I wasn't there for you.

I will never forgive myself. Never.


Barry - I wrote you a poem. Let me know what you think. Roses are red, Violets are blue, I know what you did last night, so tonight I'm coming for YOU! No but seriously, I want my candy back.


I remember when Raj and I first moved here by the lake, it was so special. Now it's just a stinking, rotting miasma.





Entry 3/78

Our group was attacked by desperate folks who weren't interested in trading with or joining our collective. Such senseless violence! They killed Bertha, even though I showed them that she was a milk cow, and all the egg laying chickens too. Half the remaining group left for Monongah, saying that they couldn't continue to "carry" the survivors from Watoga. They warned us not to follow. Those of us who are left are abandoning Allegheny tomorrow. The people who attacked us will just be back for more eventually. I think they're from that little town north of Watoga where I bought preserves and antiques. So, we're going to try to find survivors up north near Harpers Ferry. It's a long walk, but hopefully we can find other good people or just avoid the bad ones.


Entry 11/77

It's hard to believe that I was going to be taking my students here on a field trip before everything went nuts. I'm so very thankful that I read up on this place and was able to make it here along with other refugees. Watoga is lost. We can't go back while the robots are running amok. The little bog towns and farms in the countryside wouldn't be able to sustain us the way this place can. Allegheny Asylum has everything that we need in order to really make a go of it, but there is so much work ahead of us. Priority List - Find a working terminal or repair a broken one - Water treatment facility is having problems, and may need to get another thorough cleaning. - Keep the coal coming! It's going to be winter really soon. - Get each survivor a room with a bed, coal burner, and adequate shelter - Organize volunteers to teach some of my fellow Watogans how to cook and etc. - Find where the darn roaches are coming from and seal it off! - Organize scouting groups for different kinds of supplies, especially seeds. Get the kids sorting scrap. - Try to catch that weird looking cow if it comes back. This place has a dairy, so let's use it! Other things that we really need to work on is just getting along with each other.


Entry 1/78

Saffron fell through some floorboards while scouting on the second floor and sprained her ankle. All things considered, we lucked out. It could have been much worse! Just close up that area for now. Priority List - Need more coal - Get more rooms for survivors - Keep training Watogans on the basics - Send scouting groups to look at nearby farms for supplies and survivors. We need more seeds and we have plenty of chems to trade. - Someone mentioned that they saw some chickens on a foraging run. They'd go great with Bertha in the barn! Milk, eggs and grain would go a long way to sustain us. Sometimes these folks remind me of my students on a bad day. Cliques are threatening to split the group, and we need to stop all the little personal insults and jibes if we're going to have a chance of revitalizing this place enough to really make a life here. I'm hopeful despite it all. Without hope, what would be the point of carrying on?


Entry 12/77

We caught the cow! We had a vote to pick a name for her, which was a good social exercise. I didn't expect it to become quite so heated, though. I guess some folks get worked up over anything. Anyway, her name is Bertha. Some aggressive dogs had Bertha stuck in an empty fountain, poor thing. We had to kill them just to get to her. I guess we all get to see what dog tastes like now. I am not excited but it can't be worse than canned dog food. Priority List

147Always used to come here and watch the birds. Listen to the wind in the chimes and the leaves. A quiet place where I could rest between deployments. Don't know who built it, but it's always been my little slice of heaven. Then the world was set on fire. Haven't seen a bird in years to be honest. [pagebreak] Anyway, if you're like me, you might never want to leave this place. But don't forget that just 'cause the world is gone and needs fixin doesn't mean we can all just hide from our problems out in the woods. When you had a good rest, get back out there and help somebody. And hey, maybe you'll spot a bird or two some day.POI_BirdwatchersNote
148Dassa, I have serious concerns about the food everyone has been eating. Good Lord, the cows have two heads. I'm taking over some of the local gardens to monitor the plants, too. Maybe we shouldn't show anybody how to cook with this kind of food. Did you see the tomatoes? It's not right. Or maybe it is right... now. Hell, I don't know anymore. RSVP02_Book_LORE_Concerns
149Jim - It's above a cliff between the big radar dish and the West Tek building. You can't miss it - there's a big red door in the middle of nowhere. I don't know who built it, or what's in there, but it's got to be good, right? Anyway, good luck. Maybe you're a better jumper than I am. - RandalOBMountainPOI07Ext_Note01
150PLEASE do not touch. Still working on system recovery. I don't want to have to start over from scratch. - MiguelLC096_MiguelBRBNote
151Responder, Word is there are civvies at that could use our assistance. Please make your way there and see what good we can do for them.RE_SceneTS01_Note1
152They're poisoning the water! It's making everyone green. Why are they green?! Huntersville, go, see for yourself. I'm not crazy, they're crazy, I know what I saw. They lock me up, make me take pills. They'll see. They can't keep me in here! RE_SceneDWD06Note01
153To whom it my concern, I tried attending one of your guided meditations, and while I found it relaxing at first, I could not stand the smell of the spiritual incense! As bad as it was for me, it was worse for the crimson walrus sitting next to me, whose nose grew bigger each time he sneezed. LC110_ComplaintNote
1549/13/77 I am NOT looking forward to fall break. Dad's been really annoying lately, sending me letters every single week asking about what I'm doing. I'm in grad school, and I'm busy. Can't he just bug off? 9/15/77 Advanced Mechanics class is SO boring. I learned this last year when I pranked Dad's police equipment. He was so mad about that... Good times. 9/17/77 Bridgette says this year will never end. I'm starting to agree. 9/24/77 There's a new guy in the program - super shy, super nerd, super cute. I think I finally found something interesting to do. 10/4/77 The dreaded fall break is next week, but I have a plan. I'm going camping with Michael. Dad will probably spend the whole week trying to figure out where I went, while I'm out having a great time. 10/7/77 Michael invited some nobodies from his "Cryptid Club" on our trip. I wish he would get a clue, but whatever. It's not like they're going to stop me from getting what I want. 10/10/77 Bridgette thinks Michael's impossible to seduce. Apparently she doesn't know me. So we made a bet, and whoever wins does the other's homework for the rest of the year. I'll be recording my efforts for good use. Wish me luck! Not that I need it.P01B_Mini_Squatch01_Diary


We are pleased to inform you that you have won the THIRD PRIZE:
A year's supply of Cram Allow between 16 and 52 weeks for prize delivery. Great Appalachia Sweepstakes Incorporated is not responsible for storage and delivery fees for prizes over 5 lbs. By accepting this certificate, winner agrees to pay all storage fees until delivery confirmation is received.



We are pleased to inform you that you have won the GRAND PRIZE:
A brand new Chryslus Corvega Allow between 16 and 52 weeks for prize delivery. Great Appalachia Sweepstakes Incorporated is not responsible for storage and delivery fees for prizes over 5 lbs. By accepting this certificate, winner agrees to pay all storage fees until delivery confirmation is received.



This Friday at sunset, join your fellow citizens on the VTU commons as we rally for justice. Help us send a message to Chief Mayweather that we will no longer tolerate his corrupt regime, and that we demand the release of our brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers and children held in cruel captivity. Let's stand together and show him that the power of the people will not be denied!



Congratulations to the winners of the mashed potato eating contest! 1st Place - Shelbie Wilson 2nd Place - Pat Morris 3rd Place - Tyler Kidd With an appetite like that, Shelbie must have skipped dinner for a week straight! If you're looking to challenge Shelbie's winning time next year, you'd better start skipping a meal now and then yourself!



Congratulations to the winners of the potato salad contest! 1st Place - Brian MacLaren 2nd Place - Jane Nakamura 3rd Place - Penelope Donaldsen Brian's Moroccan-inspired potato salad was the talk of the festival this year. Be sure to try it if you get the chance! And remember, it's never too early to start work on your potato salad masterpiece for next year's contest!



Congratulations to the winning teams in the potato sack race! 1st Place - MacKenzie Philpott & Lisa Lowery 2nd Place - Christopher Alvarez & George Stratton 3rd Place - Robin Pendleton & Ashleigh Fryar Have you ever seen two young ladies scamper so fast on only three legs? Mackenzie and Lisa nearly broke the all-time record this year! If you're thinking of trying to win the prize next year, you'd better start practicing now!



Use these settings for this image: World Art: props/note_classified.nif Material Swap: Note_NotePlainLowPoly01 InventoryArt: HighPoly_Note_Plain03 Preview Transform: MiscNote01 Text Offset X: 0 Y: 0 Suggested Font: Handwritten Font, Brody, Handwriting Neat, Leia, Eva



We're proud to present a very special edition of our Monthly newsletter: an interview with Garrison "Guy" Foggarty, renowned author and field-research-specialist for all things Cryptids. Mr. Foggarty was able to sit down with me earlier this week to discuss his latest work, and from that came a compelling question that could shake the foundation of Cryptid research: do Cryptids reproduce? "Could it be that a singular entity is capable of surviving decades? Centuries? Or are these creatures no different from less extraordinary specimen?" This question has been of specific interest to Mr. Foggarty ever since his early work involving the elusive Mothman. He went on: "If the creatures reproduce, they must then mate, no? And with mating comes rituals." I pressed him to explain how this could affect the ways we hunters approach our work. "It changes everything, Ms. Park. Just think: sporadic but clustered sightings, their confused behavior, their tendency to return to specific locations-- almost like a spawning ground." Guy's passion and enthusiasm was contagious, but I asked if he could summarize the hypothesis. "What if human contact with Cryptids coincide with their mating seasons? Perhaps we could use this knowledge as a method for predicting their movements." Fascinating. I then asked if he had any suggestions for steps we could take to utilize this knowledge. "Emulation," he replied, with an odd smirk that Guy Foggarty fans know all-to-well. "Perhaps, if we learn their rituals, their desires, we could lure them out? We could emulate those behaviors to create the proper stimuli." So I asked: is he suggesting we try and "woo" Cryptids? "I'm simply raising the question of 'emulation.'" I shudder to think what type of "emulation" it may be, but I do urge you, dear readers, to consider the possibilities! Garrison Foggarty's new book, "Cryptic Cryptids: The Puzzle of Procreation" will be out in early 2078.

Julia H. Park



We are pleased to inform you that you have won the SECOND PRIZE:
$100,000 US Dollars Allow between 16 and 52 weeks for check delivery. Great Appalachia Sweepstakes Incorporated is not responsible for any interest earned prior to delivery of check. By accepting this certificate, winner agrees to submit check claim form A37-J by October 31, 2077 or forfeit all prize claims.



Greetings all Cryptid Hunters, Seekers of the Truth and Explorers of the Paranormal! This month we'll be covering a very special member among legendary beasts: the Sheepsquatch. Do not snicker, dear reader. Over the years we've amassed a plethora of evidence and convincing cases from the residents of Appalachia. That's right: our woolly friend's favorite haunt is the rolling hills and misty peaks of the Appalachian mountains. Even readers from across the country will remember that Appalachia has quite the reputation for being home to several Cryptids already, and Sheepsquatch stands tall among them. Eye witnesses recount a massive, 20-foot-tall monstrosity with spiral horns and a vicious pair of chompers; some claim that it's able to bite through pure steel. There's also rumors that its fleece is far from "white as snow;" researchers believe that its wool is razor sharp. No Sheepsquatch sweaters, please. Perhaps most notoriously, though, are the rumors about its bodily waste. Let's say it's the Sheepsquatch's "number one" feature, if you don't mind a crude pun (we know you don't.) There are claims that the Sheepsquatch's urine is so acidic that it can burn your skin for days. There's been cases of just one drop blinding a hunter for life... Yikes! Of course, local governments in Appalachia have been covering up the Sheepsquatch for years. We think they may even be working with the Mothman to hypnotize doctors that treat Sheepsquatch urine patients (more on that in our March issue.) Planning any hunts for the Sheepsquatch? Be sure to write in and let us know your findings. And as always: remember to stay safe, keep an open mind, and seek out the truth.

Julia H. Park

BULLSHIT! If you want to know the TRUTH about the Sheepsquatch, find me: Scoot Conroy. Southern Belle Motel, walk south, look for the shack with the cats.

Command Center Password




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New Voting is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1. Collect a Ballot ... from an active ballot printer! 2. Mark it ... with your preferred candidate! 3. Drop it in ... a vote counter!

Please don't grab more than one ballot! That'd be VOTER FRAUD!



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170Im done crying. Chelsea used to be my best friend. Now she keeps saying all kinds of mean things. I know Im smarter than her but she is prettier than me. Why cant she be happy about that? Why does she have to be the best at everything? Just because shes a Wesley and the Wesleys are so rich doesnt mean shes better than me. Chelsea wants to go on a picnic and play some games. She got so mad last time when I beat her. She cheats all the time and it makes me so mad but I dont say anything. Dad says I have moms temper and I need to control it. I promised him I would try real hard to not get angry if she cheats or calls me names.P01B_Mini_Random04_MaryNote

You're all gone.

You left us... left us to rot, left us to soak up the radiation and die.

You're sleeping soundly in your vaults, drinking gin and eating fancy lad cakes.

One day, you'll find these things. These are the people you let die out here. We hope you emerge to a hell worse than the one they died in - the one we will all die in soon enough.

172I found this memorial thing. Fine. I get it. Boo-hoo, we ALL lost people, ok? How does this help?! Every time I find one of these, I will take whatever you sad saps leave behind. Because I am alive and I need it.


Sorry Tabitha

HAHA they are all DEAD!

And you HURT THEM!

They SUFFERED because of YOU honey!

Cuddles!! SOFIE





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177 Daddy I can't find you and I'm scared. I hear lots of sirens and a man says I got to go with him to some secret place now. He said Daddy gave money so I can go to the vault and be safe. Uncle Otis is at the dam. We had a fun time except he was mean so I left. Where are you??? TW007_FreddyHomeNote
178 BIGGEST SECRET! It worked!!!! Uncle Otis got his foot in my trap and slipped where I put the oil. He is so mad and yellin at me. He is stuck up side down now. Hahahahaha. I showed him!!! I'm goin' home. TW007_FreddyNote3
179 Freddy's Secrets! Uncle Otis got me a Grognak game!!! He's so cool. We got to get inside the dam. Uncle Otis said he was getting us food. I hope he gets pizza. PIZZA is cool!!!! I got some candies from a desk. Hahahaha! Free candies. I climbed and hid them. They are ALLLLLLLLL mine. Bobby is gonna be jellus. Uncle Otis lets me do stuff. We farted in the tubes here and the stinky ones got a prize. I WON!!! I'm the best. FREDDY THE GREAT! TW007_FreddyNote1
180 MORE secret stuff! Uncle Otis got my candies and took them. He says my teeth is gonna rot out! NO fair. Unkle Otis got gross food. He is all mad now and stopped bein fun. I want to go home and play with my rifle. BAM! BAM! I am a good shooter. I got a rat but now it is dead and no fun. UNCLE OTIS SUCKS!!!!!!! I am gonna get him. I want to go home and he says NO! I want candies and he says NO! I want to fart in the tube and he says NO! I am gonna make traps like Pioneer Scouts said to do in the woods and catch Uncle Otis becuz I'm the GREATEST!! TW007_FreddyNote2
181Hi Uncle Otis I made Bobby puke 4 times. So cool!!!! I saw a dead animal. There were lots of wurms and guts. Susy Mae bawled. Girls are dum. Hahahahhahaha! Freddy the GREAT!TW007_CampPostcard
182Hey Mom and Dad, School's going great! Are you still coming to visit next week? Let me know when you're coming and I'll pick you up from the station. We can go to this new restaurant that just opened that I've been dying to try. Can't wait to see you! Love, Kassie POI143_DWDPostCardMonorailElevatorNote01

Environmental Radiation Readings

2/17 9:35am - 1237 Rads 2/18 10:15am - 1362 Rads 2/19 9:16am - 1292 Rads 2/20 1:20pm - 1298 Rads Tore my suit today. Tried to tape it back together but I don't think it will hold. 2/22 6:38pm - 1215 Rads Started coughing up blood this morning. This isn't good. God, I hope Robbie has better luck than I did. 2/23 4:22am - 1396 Rads Thought I saw a bear this morning. Glad something is able to survive in this. I don't think I can go on much longer but hopefully one day in the future someone will be able to use this data. Until then, I think I'll just enjoy one last sunrise. Dr. Blake Saunders

184 Bastards sent me out here to take readings of these rocks. Yep this one's radioactive. Hey look, this one too. Wait what's this? Nope, radioactive. Screw this I'm out of here. Check your own damn rubble. Robert POI107_DWDMountainNukeCrater01Note01
185 Damn kids broke into the shed again last night. Whole thing reeked of cheap liquor and hormones. I swear, if these kids spent more time on the lake and less time glued to the television this country wouldn't be in the sorry state it is in today. POI232_DWDSpruceKnobChannelsNote01
186 Darla, The military showed up last night. They're evacuating us in the morning. They won't tell us why. If you find this they're taking us to Flatwoods. Find us when you get there. POI235_DWDAnchorFarmNote01
187 Got an unexpected surprise out at the yard - a safe in with one of the bodies. Locked up tight, though. From the looks of it, sweet old lady from Berkeley Springs. One of those types who spends all day baking cookies. If we can't find a key or break into it, not the end of the world. We got what were really after anyways. POI281_DavisNote
188 If you're reading this get out while you still can. The miners have started destroying the robots and it's only a matter of time before Hornwright steps in to protect his assets. Mitchell heard that the military is on their way so a few of us are heading to the Mount Blair train station. We heard that there are trains taking people out of the city. I suggest you head there too. LC010_DWDBeckleyNote01
189 Mikey keeps telling me that if I go out at night the Wendigo is going to eat me. I'm not scared! I'll show him! POI233_DWDLakeEloiseNote01
190 The Mirelurk appears to be a fearsome and formidable creature. They are generally social with other Mirelurks however they tend be aggressive to other creatures and one another if one gets too close to another. Their eye sight appears to be poor but they have a extraordinary sense of smell. One would be advised to always stand down wind from them. After leaving the camp for a short while I returned to find that it had been completely ravaged by the Mirelurks and all my rations had been devoured. Their large set of claws appear to be used primarily for hunting. Once their prey has been captured the smaller set of claws on their abdomen is used to strip their prey down to the bone in a matter of minutes. The large hardened carapace on their back appears to be their primary defense mechanism. However it is to be noted that most of the medium to large fauna in the area tend to ignore the them. They also grow remarkably fast, it only appears to take them a few weeks for them to reach maturity. This furthers my theory that if these creatures could be domesticated we could have a near limitless supply of food for the Free States. Tomorrow when the nest is unguarded I'll attempt to acquire a few eggs and return to base with them for further study. POI268_DWDHighlandMarshNote01

Paladin Swafford

Ad Victoriam


Squire de Silva

Ad Victoriam


Heads Up



195Apparently I have to leave a list, since my secretary can't even get back on time with lunch. I'm heading out for the day, so you'll have to reschedule my appointments. Give my lunch to Hector and take him for a run and I mean a RUN, not a WALK. He needs the exercise... and frankly so do you. I'll need a reservation in my usual rooms at the White Spring by this evening, booked through the weekend. Call that buffoon over at the Ag-Center and tell him that Eckhart and I will be at the club on Saturday. We'll see if that he can find someone to carry his weight on the course for a change. Have my clubs cleaned, pick up my dry cleaning, and get the latest report on the growth hormone project. And no, they can't have more time. I need that report and the rest of my things driven out to me tonight. -SamsonLC167_Ceo_Note
196Apparently I have to leave list, since my secretary can't even get back on time with lunch. I'm heading out for the day, so you'll have to reschedule my appointments. Give my lunch to Hector and take him for a run and I mean a RUN, not a WALK. He needs the exercise... and frankly so do you. I'll need a reservation in my usual rooms at the White Spring by this evening, booked through the weekend. Call that buffoon over at the Ag-Center and tell him that Eckhart and I will be at the club on Saturday. We'll see if that he can find someone to carry his weight on the course for a change. Have my clubs cleaned, pick up my dry cleaning, and get the latest report on the growth hormone project. And no, they can't have more time. I need that report and the rest of my things driven out to me tonight. -SamsonLC167_CEONoteOLD
197What the hell?? Would it be possible for me to take a vacation and NOT come back to find that someone has spilled coffee over one of the mainframes? And the one that is specifically for the Governor's files no less!! We need to get as much data recovered as possible before he gets back in town, but so much of this tape is melted that I don't know what we can even do.LC024_RuinedServerNote
198Zak and Mike have been keeping an eye on Fortney during his shift rotation and it seems he's been taking his smoke breaks up at the top of the furnace. We'll corner him for a little chat then see what we can do about the robot pods in the admin building. Won't stop them for ever, but it will at least give us time to regroup with Raleigh.LC052_BlastFurnaceNote2
199 Since Cindy invited me on this camping trip, I figured it would be a good opportunity do some work on my latest urban legend investigation: ~ THE SHEEPSQUATCH ~ - Wooly-haired - Sheep horns - About the size of a bear - Known by some as the "White Thing" - Smells like sulfur (false claim?) Most reports describe the Sheepsquatch as frightening, but I'd prefer to withhold judgment until I get a glimpse of him myself. I'll keep my eyes and ears out tonight. I think (hope) my readers would love this one.CUT_P01B_Mini_Squatch01_MichaelsJournal

Those mutant bastards attacked us, Thorpe. We told you we needed help from your guys to go hit 'em first. Thanks for nothing. They took Walter and some of the others back to Huntersville. Dunno what they're going to do with them, but I ain't sticking around to find out. Walter's probably dead now, and he's got the tape, so there goes the cache. This is on you. You want it back? Check Huntersville for Walter's body. He was last seen wearing his crazy camo duds. The last of us are abandoning ship. We're done with this. -Chuck


Here's a list of what seems to attract the Nightstalker to the Buck's Den. We'll put this info to use when we put out the nightly call: -Playing music on the instruments. -Blasting the Jukebox. -Swinging around those instrument weapons Pauly rigged up and bashing ferals with 'em. -Killing stuff. It seems to love fresh blood. -Being drunk (We think it can smell the alcohol on us). Don't do any of this stuff 'til nighttime when we're ready to face it! We will kill that Nightstalker once and for all!

202 Lewis, we need to talk. You're the smartest person I know. The Nukashine project would be nowhere without you, I know that. When you told us you needed a little extra space to think, we gave that to you - no questions asked! It's just... we thought you needed space to think, not space to develop your... hobby. Well, hobby is generous - it's more of an obsession at this point. Listen, every genius is entitled to their idiosyncrasies. But we could really use this space for pledges. I wish we could talk in person but nobody knows how to find you these days. Please get in touch. I miss the old Lewis. The not... crazy Lewis. - Judy UD006_NukaRoom_Note

A warning to those who remain - Look around you. Look at what's left of the so-called "Charleston Emergency Government". The Cutthroats do not forgive, and do not forget. We didn't forget that Charleston and the Responders refused to help us back in '77. We didn't forget them encroaching on our turf countless times. We didn't forget about all our brothers and sisters they murdered in cold blood. Let this serve as a reminder to everyone. This is how we deal with people that cross us. Don't forget it or you'll be next.


INTERVIEW NOTES Overall impression: I don't think Blackwell's crazy, but something was off. Very little to gain from leaving his position. Honestly believes there's an evil force at work here. Is he losing it and just hiding it better than the rest of us? Next step: track down who these "sinister forces" are that sent the Senator running for the hills. GENERAL NOTES - Offer for interview arrived in handmade envelope. Favor with the CPD got me a print match. They're the Senator's. Holy shit. - Meet site: Berkeley Springs train station - Met at dawn by a masked young woman, clearly Judith Blackwell (probably forgot we'd met at the Governor's Ball) and a masked older man, clearly the Senator - Roughly half-hour hike pretty much due east (could see the sunrise through the bag. Nice thought, though, guys) - Hike passed through a stream, over a highway, small bit of marsh(?), into a cave, then down an elevator - Rest can be taken from the tapes. Blackwell was in serious politician mode: on message, firm, and trying his damndest to make sure I was scared about the things he claims go bump in the night.


This is where I last saw them. Standing here, saying goodbye. We knew it was the end of everything. "Go on without me, I need to stop by the house and get my gun," I told them. "I'll meet you at the Vault!" Those were my last words to them. I hope they made it. I don't even remember their faces anymore... but I remember that they stood here with me, and I remember our last words together.



Testing the Note as a recipe thing
207Be quiet! They don't know we're in here. Are we all that's left ? I think so. What do we do? They'll leave eventually right? We could be in here for days . What other options do we have? We're screwed no matter what . I'll distract them long enough for you to escape . Just give it some time. I'm doing this . Be ready. Please, no... NO!!!LC096_ClosetNote
208DELBERT!! The password to the pantry terminal is "moly" - change it ASAP please! -MiguelCUT_RSVP02_Book_QT_Password
209 , for short, is the of who goes by . is a . Your name is , you are a . TestSecretNote
210 , for short, is the of who goes by . is a . Your name is , you are a . TestSmoke20Note
211 Diluted Rad-X Mix one part Rad-X, 4 parts purified water Diluted RadAway Mix one part RadAway, 6 parts purified water RS06_Manual_Stims_Formula
212 Jennica, If you somehow get this, know how sorry I am. How deeply sorry. I am a monster. It's true. I did it because I believed in a world where all men and women would be equal. I was trying to make that world come true. At least in Watoga. But if there's no people left alive? That's not the equality I meant. How was I supposed to know the bombs were dropping the very next day? But that's no excuse. Even if the world hadn't ended, what I did was wrong. I know that now. I've been stricken with paralysis, I think it's neurological. It happened after a night of ringing in my ears and intense headaches. I can't move my legs. And it's getting harder to breath. But I wanted to write this. In case you came by to check on me. Or to murder me. Either way it doesn't matter much. I've signed all our death warrants. I'm truly sorry. --Scooter CB04_LetterToJennica
213 Mac, We need you. The Scorched were seen over by Tilly's farm. They're staying with us now. But it's only us and the children. All the men are at Morgantown. We haven't heard from them in weeks. You've been away so long working on those damned bots. Come home! Love, Margerie AgCenterMacFaddernBook02
214 Marge, I miss you and the boys more than life. Don't think I'm a coward. I'm using what God gave me to help the only way I can. This Agricultural Center's a chance to feed all the people. I'll get it done. I'm close. I can feel it. -MacFadden AgCenterMacFaddernBook01
215 Marty, I need these books ASAP! Benefits of Corporate Chants Making it to the Top! Enduring Individuals Money Money Money Get the holotape versions, I don't have time for reading. CP_Booklist_Note
216 Mayor Thomas H. Molly I'm serious. This is for real. You remember that day all the chef-bots in the city were destroying all the food? That was ME! The last mayor was about to issue an executive order to vacate the city. Why won't you believe me? Surely she wrote something down, a draft of the law perhaps? A journal or something? This whole random mayors thing is really stupid. Did no one run any experiments or simulations on how terrible that idea was? I'll be at the place on Monday. Just be there. Sincerely, Scott W. Turner CB04_LetterToMayor
217 Mom, I know you don't believe it will ever happen. But it will! I'm getting closer. I was able to get all the chef-bots to pepper-bomb all the food in the entire city. When I can crack the Emergency Services protocols, then the revolution will begin! When it's done, I want you to move to Watoga. If Dad doesn't want to come, fine. Let him rot in that hellhole. But you deserve better! -Scooter CB04_LetterToMom
218 Rust in peace DotMatrixPrinterNote01
219 Sandy, You're back in. Meet me round back of the facility after hours again. I'll sneak you in and record your likeness back into the program. Next time don't be such a jerk. -Scott CB04_LetterToSandy
220 Scott, What the hell?! You were serious? I thought you were just talking shit. How could you do that? All those people? The world is literally ending. We all need to stick together if we're going to make it. Everyone's hair is falling out, their eyes are bleeding, or worse! And the only hospital for miles is in Watoga!!! What have you done?!!!! I hope you die. You're a monster. --Jennica CB04_LetterFromJennica
221 The control group is still getting too much light in the evening. Double the acidity of the soil additive. The yellow ones with the orange spots taste terrible. Time is a flat circle. ABT_ShoppingList_Note
222 This is a book I should be able to take it So words! Much Text! Wow! TestDrewBook01Takeable
223 This is a book I should NOT be able to take So words! Much Text! Wow! TestDrewBook01NonTakeable

Snagged a pen in case I need to stab the guard, but the movies always made it seem easier. That Responder pig isn't even checking on me anymore so what the hell's the point of me being locked up?! Merry-freaking-Christmas to me I guess... David, I did this all for you. Sorry I got caught. Didn't mean for it to happen this way. I'll fix this and get out here. In the meantime, don't do anything stupid. I couldn't stand to lose you. - Rose

225Okay Pete, I didn't wanna write a note like I'm your damn mom or something but I'm getting sick of sending out crews to look for the keys you lost. You take something off the shelf, you put it back. Understand? Put the keys back in the throne room before we have to beat some common sense into you. - MarcusUD002PointerNote
226WARNING! - Experimental Equipment Since Nukashine is selling out so quickly, Lewis is working on a "Flash-Fermenter" to age it faster. It's not ready yet, so for your own safety, please do NOT touch unless you are Lewis. I'm serious about this warning. I nearly lost an eye, and I wasn't even operating it. - JudyP01A_Nukashine_FlashFermenterNote

Jeff, The password for my environmental monitoring program terminal at Tygart Water Treatment is BABYLON. Share my research with the Responders, but make sure those Brotherhood bastards don't get their hands on it. Amy

228The message server keeps going down, and the phone lines haven't worked for weeks. I've been trying to tell them we're at capacity and can't accept any more waste material, but the trucks had to dump it anyway! We're having to pile up barrels at the surface level until we can resolve the issue! I need you to fix our lines of communication before we start glowing green!LC191_MessagesNote

Jimmy's Password: FDR


Battle Plan

- Establish fronts at Baggage Claim, Arrivals, and Gates. Find anything solid and begin barricading. - Baggage Claim should pull back to Utility. Hold out there as long as you can before regrouping at Arrivals. - Arrivals retreat point is Security. Get everyone in and lock the gate behind you. - If all else fails, everyone falls back to Command. Good Luck

231 My Bucket List 1. Camden Park Mr. Fuzzy Mascot - DONE 2. Wavy Willard's Water Park Slither Slide - DONE 3. Harper's Ferry Old Armory 4. Freddy's House of Scares 5. Prickett's Fort Union Soldier - DONE 6. Red Rocket Mega Stop Sign 7. Kanawha Nuka-Cola Plant Lobby - DONE 8. Pumpkin House 9. Uncanny Caverns - DONE 10. Dolly Sods Campground Welcome Center 11. Tyler County Fairgrounds - DONE 12. Valley Galleria Skylight 13. Point Pleasant Mothman Museum - DONE 14. Ohio River Adventures Dock - DONE 15. Giant Teapot - DONE 16. Berkeley Springs Castle P01C_Bucket_List
233To the best brother a guy could ever wish for. He's cool, he's charming, he's smart as a whip... but enough about me! (wait for laughter) nah Happy birthday, Sammy! It's the big one! Three-Oh! And you know what they say, it's only downhill from here! (wait for laughter) use this oneLC095_BirthdayToastNote
234 FROM: GEORGE WILTON TO: WHOEVER KEEPS POKING HOLES IN THE BOTTOM OF MY KETCHUP BOTTLES You know who you are! It's not funny! Do you have any idea how hard it is to get ketchup stains off white fabric? This is worse when you jokesters put a hunk of gorgonzola behind the fridge and I didn't find it for a week. A WEEK!SF06_GeorgesNote

Charles Owen Walker, I better not see one more I.O.U. from you around this bunker. You may be a grown ass man, but I will tan your hide if I have to. - Mrs. Ames (also known as your elder who you damn well better respect)

236 4/17 - Brendon and Laurie Aaronholt - Perfect place to relax for the weekend. Will be back again soon! 5/03 - The Jefferson Family - The kids loved swimming in the pond, and spotting the local deer. Visitors must feed them often. They are everywhere! 5/21 - James, Blake, Allison, & Stephanie - Boring! There's nothing to do around here! Won't be coming back! 7/15 - The Taylors - Overall very peaceful location! We heard some weird noises the first night. Assumed it was just some teens messing around. 8/05 - Jackson & Beverly Heart - Creepy noises, bears roaming around too close at night, and I swear the pictures on the walls were changing positions. Will not be visiting again! LC101Guestbook
237 Brianna Hawke's Diary After the destruction of Harpers Ferry, the Free Staters and Survivors who occupied the town scattered. Two groups of refugees found themselves headed west; Free State brothers Juan-Diego and Jesus Sunday, and me and my kin. The Sundays were rich preppers, they had a small but well-appointed bunker beneath their vacation cabin in the woods they hadn't told anyone about. The Hawkes were just ordinary civilians with nowhere else to go. Once, we were friends. I dated Juan-Diego before the war. But now, with survival on the line, the brothers turned us away. Our group found a cave set into a nearby hillside. It wasn't much, but we did what we could to patch it up, add some wood for the floors, scavenge furniture from the ruined houses nearby. It wasn't exactly Free Stater level of quality, but it was enough to get by. Over the following months, tensions grew. The Sundays were living relatively well from their supplies and farming a little plot of land near their house, while our desperate band was reduced to foraging in the swamps and eating anything they could scrounge up. We resented the Sundays' snobbish attitude, they looked down on us like wild animals. When negotiations over food failed, we started raiding the Sundays' field. The Sundays responded by building a wall. They set out lethal traps, we lost some good people. Then, during one late-night raid, someone knocked over a lantern, and the entire field went up in flames. Nearly everyone died in the ensuing fight. The remnants of our band tried to salvage what we could from the fire. We also tried to break into the Sundays' bunker, to no avail. Out of food and options, I fear we'll starve to death.LC147_Hawkes_Refuge_Diary
238 Got a lead on another . Check out . Be careful.RE_SceneKMK01Note02
239 Hey cutie, Bring the cat with you and go to . There's a group of people there, strong people who are trying to protect survivors like us. They have weapons and armor, babe - good stuff, like . So they'll be able to protect you. I'm going for my brother in Harpers Ferry, then I'll meet you there. Give Dubby a good belly rub for me. I love you.RE_ObjectMP11Note01
240 In order to rebuilt this great state, we need to distribute armor to known survivor settlements. Take one set of to and DON'T DIE! Find out how many more they want, then we can try to equip them. We need everyone on our side.RE_ObjectMP11Note05
241 It's the end of the world and you're leaving me? This is unbelievable. I thought hey, at least now we finally have time holed up here in this dump to get to know each other while we eat cat food out of a dumpster under the pale moon light. But fine. Leave. I don't even care anymore. Go back to your stupid ex at . Take your stupid knife and get your stupid . Then just get out of here. I never want to see you again.RE_ObjectMP11Note04
242 Look, I get that you want to rebuild this blasted heap. I get it. Pack up your little suitcase and just leave the safety of this community, that's YOUR CHOICE! I still care. I do. Listen, I don't know if it will help but just after the bombs fell, I stashed anything i could find at , like chemistry kits, water purifiers, heavy winter coats, , gun parts, and some busted up cans of food. I doubt much of it is still there but... good luck.RE_ObjectMP11Note03
243 Make sure to search on your way and see if the is still there.RE_SceneKMK01Note04
244 Petey, I heard from a wanderer that there's a small family holed up in . They seemed friendly enough, she said, but unwilling to trade even though they had spare armor, like . See if they'll reconsider? You're good at talking to people... so... talk. Otherwise I'm going with my gun.RE_ObjectMP11Note02
245 Scavenging assignment: - - see if it's still there - Generator parts - Rubber hoses for the purifierRE_SceneKMK01Note05
246 Scavenging assignment: - - supposed to be one there - .308 ammo if there is any - Don't forget to look for antibioticsRE_SceneKMK01Note01
247 Scavenging assignment: - Top priority - - word is there's one there - Any packaged food you can find - We're also short on oil and circuitry, so keep an eye out for thatRE_SceneKMK01Note03
248 This is where Cyndi found a patch of wild pumpkins growing. Every Autumn we'd come here and grab some pumpkins to carve for Halloween. JeffThe_Domestics_04
249 This is where I proposed to Cyndi. The night sky was crystal clear, the water was still. She said, I do! JeffThe_Domestics_02
250 This is where I took Cyndi tubin' down the river for the first time. Cyndi always loved the water. JeffThe_Domestics_01
251 This was where our first home was located. Had a great view of the lake from our living room windows. Cyndi always had dinner cooked and ready when I got home from a hard days work at the factory. JeffThe_Domestics_03
252 Welcome, Survivor! You made it through the Apocalypse -- through the very End of the World itself! Come to the New Settlement at and join us. Every newcomer receives your very own -- for Free*! *If you join our settlement permanently and contribute to the survival of others in the settlement.RE_ObjectMP11Note06


Use these settings for this image: World Art: props/note_classified.nif Material Swap: Note_NotePlainLowPoly02 InventoryArt: HighPoly_Note_Plain02 Preview Transform: MiscNote01 Text Offset X: 0 Y: 0 Suggested Font: Handwritten Font, Brody, Handwriting Neat, Leia, Eva

254Madeleine, send this directly to Leah. Do not get involved. Dear Leah de Silva, We have never met. But your abuela speaks of nothing else. I feel I know you. You are a woman of honor. That the oaths you swore when joining the Army were more than words. I hope with your rank you have resources to investigate American lives being at risk on American soil. Know that if you read this, I am dead. Killed by agents of the US Government intent on keeping a conspiracy secret. As improbable as it may seem, the "Treasure of Appalachia" is not a hoax. It is real, and people have been killed for it. Enclosed is part of my findings. Please, broadcast, publish, and distribute. If the other evidence is also shared, you or someone else may put all the pieces together and achieve the final truth. Yours sincerely, A Vigilant Citizen (FS)W05_Clue4_CoverLetter


256June 4 Belmonte went AWOL for days and came back pleased as a peacock. After Esposito chewed him out, he filed out, grabbed his gear and walked straight through the security door. Everyone was shitting bricks. The Paladin herself interrogated him for hours. But now Belmonte's bunked up with the Thunder and the rest of us scrubs are parked on our ass out here. June 8 So I cornered Belmonte and asked how the hell he breached security. Only military personnel can get through that, and he was some sort of mechanic Pre-War. Only thing he'd tell me is "Camp McClintock." What the hell? He's such an ass.BoS02_SecurityNote
257What the hell is this!? What the hell are we paying you for! You let us be out maneuvered on the Mount Blair deal and you've completely failed to seed public outcry against the ash storms. I told you to get someone on the inside and yet you let us be caught with our goddamned pants down on the AMS deal. Now you're going to let Penny Hornright feed people this bullshit about how they are cleaning up the air?? Mother is apoplectic and if you can't figure out a way to shut these things down or spin this, losing your jobs is the LEAST of your worries! FIX THIS NOW. B. G.LC204_GarrahanHQ_BoardRoomNote
258I know we had an arrangement, but my side business has major, MAJOR issues. I have to skip town. I think I got your Switch automated right. If you get back before the deadline: DoWnWithTheMAN!. If I get back in time, I'll take care of it personally. You stay safe. -999W05_Lore_FS_AutomatedSwitch
259Alright. we've been eyeing Lewisburg for awhile now. It's actually impressive they've stayed organized this long but we found a weak spot: those stupid sky gardens they pretend clean the air. They've got bridges connecting the gardens across most the rooftops in the city. If we get up there, it's easy pickins on everyone below. Here's the plan. This Saturday is their Spring Garden Festival. I'm sure we all remember them from before the bombs. They all pile into Downtown and pretend to be artsy while listening to shitty music. Absolutely no one will be expecting a raid. We go through the Visitor's Center to the rooftops, set up around the festival I said, easy pickins.LC075_LewisburgRaidersNote
260Bill, If we ever decide we got no choice but to call the exterminator, I left some things for you up on the roof of the mill. You know, to help kill off the pests. You get what I'm saying, right? -TomLC052_MillRoofNote
261Ed, I know you're with us, and I want you to know it means a lot. If it comes to it, and I think it will, get yourself up to the conveyor tower. Left some things there for you. -TomLC052_ConveyorNote
262Fall 2093 Things... have been going better than I expected. The group scrounges up what we can find, we do a little farming, we get by. I keep in touch with the Brotherhood of Steel at Big Bend East. Their leader, Melissa, has been very generous to us. We'll trade with them, even though 'trading' often ends with them giving us a shipment of supplies and us handing them whatever few weapon parts or tech components we come across. Seems pretty one-sided if you ask me. One trip I asked her why her group is so nice to us - and she tells me they want to make sure my 'community' is doing alright. I thought about that my whole walk home: a community. It's been over ten years and I still think of us as Cutthroats hiding in a hole waiting for the world to end. It made me hopeful. This life isn't the life I imagined while vacationing at Pleasant Valley all those years ago; it's quiet and lonely and difficult. But it's also simple and it can be strangely more peaceful than the chaos of the 'old world'. The life that me and my "community" have made is real. It's ours. I think I can be content with that. P.S. My RobCo watch broke, though, so that's unfortunate. How am I going to keep track of time? It's easy to lose track in the tunnels and the weather is too tumultuous to get a good sense of what season it is...LC013_BigBendNote4
263Frank, You know that problem we talked about, where we might need to solve it sometime soon? Well, I left a solution for you up on top of the scrap feeder. Time comes to use it, you'll know. Meantime, keep it away from Fortney and the scabs. -TomLC052_FeederRoofNote
264January 11, 2083 I managed to find this half-blank journal on my way out of Pleasant Valley and I know writing this is probably pointless, but I guess I needed some place to explain myself. My name is Carol Sweeney and I'm a part of the Cutthroats in Pleasant Valley. Well I was; I had to leave. What Thorpe did flooding Charleston, that was just wrong. And I know I'm no better - for the most part, I went along with him. I was starving, and Thorpe kept me fed. But no more. A few of the other Cutthroats felt the same and we all agreed to head out on our own. So now we're here. We used to hide around Big Bend's entrance and jump any unfortunate souls trying to use it for passage. It should be okay here; there's wilderness to live off and enough around to scavenge. If need be, we can disappear into the tunnels. Like I said, I don't expect whatever God there is, or anyone for that matter, to see this and forgive me. But, maybe if I manage to just survive here and live out the rest of my life in peace, I can try to forgive myself.LC013_BigBendNote1
265May 3, 2088 Supplies have begun to dry up around the West Exit, so we've had to search the East to make do. Mostly it's been alright, but earlier this week I almost got my head blown off by a guy dressed up as a tin can. Turns out they're some new militia unit - they call themselves the Brotherhood of Steel? Cheesy, but if it means we've got someone watching the other side of the tunnel I can live with it. The head of command told me they've set up camp, so they can watch for traffic entering the region. I asked her if she knew about the giant bats in the sky and I was a bit off guard when she confidently stated, "that's why we're here." Apparently, the giant bats are thanks to some disease or something called "Scorched," caused by the nukes. It's been infecting everything across Appalachia, including people. But she says that they and the Responders are doing everything they can to fight it. She asked if I was familiar with the Responders. I swear I almost swallowed my tongue. It's been five and a half years, but I still think about it. I told her I had heard of them, but my group keeps mostly to ourselves and I'd better head back to my camp. She told me it was good to see a friendly face, that we could check in from time to time and help each other out. It gives me a small sense of peace knowing some of the Responders survived Charleston and that there are still groups trying to help people.LC013_BigBendNote3
266November 13, 2085 If anyone else ever read this they'd think I'd gone mad, but I know what I saw: a giant goddamned bat in the sky! About 2 months ago, the crew began making scavenge runs through the tunnels; we've actually gotten pretty good at navigating through them and, more often than not, we'd end up with a good haul. But given enough time, you get sick of a diet of nothing but rat, so we thought we'd check out the Eastern Exit near Watoga, even though it's quite a hike. The first thing we see is the damn bat flying out of a hole in the ground like it's something straight out of an issue of Astoundingly Awesome Tales. So, I guess that ends our trips to Big Bend East.LC013_BigBendNote2
267Spring 2097 This will be my last entry. I'm pinned in these damned tunnels and the Scorched are coming. Yesterday, two men and a woman came to the camp looking panicked. We recognized them - they were with us at Pleasant Valley. We thought they were crying wolf - get us to lower our guns so they could ambush us - but I could tell they were genuinely frightened. Between the sobs, they managed to tell us that Scorched had reached the mountains and killed most of the remaining survivors. We had a few hours at best before they reached us. We didn't even have time to figure out where we'd go when they attacked. There's just too many. Once they pushed us back into the tunnels I knew it was over. Scorched have been making their way further into the tunnels for months now. I always knew that this wouldn't last. I'd been evading my comeuppance for too long. Sooner or later I'd pay for what I've done. To see everyone I've cared about be killed and torn to pieces, it's the worst feeling I can imagine, but I can't say I don't deserve it. All these years, I wondered if it was possible to come back. If people could come back from the horrible things we've done; if I could come back from the horrible things I've done. For a couple of years there, I started to believe maybe it was. But it isn't. I can't come back from the things I did as a Cutthroat. Humanity can't come back from nuking ourselves to Hell. And now it seems we're all gonna die as a result of it. The rest of the world are laying in the beds they made. I guess it's time I do the same.LC013_BigBendNote6
268Summer 2095 Melissa's camp is empty. No note, nothing. Scorched or something must have killed them, right? I looked around the camp for a couple of hours - no bodies. It doesn't make sense. If they left, why did they leave their stuff? Wouldn't Melissa leave some message or clue? Did we actually matter to them? Whatever happened, without the Brotherhood around Scorched have been wondering into the tunnels from the east. They're a lot more dangerous than the rats and dogs we usually encounter. I'm banning the crew from going to the eastern section of the tunnels and setting up a patrol. We don't know much in terms of organized combat, but we can rig enough traps to keep us safe for a long time. Even if it's back to being just us, we're still a community and we have to look out for each other.LC013_BigBendNote5
269Detective Monday's Case Notes: Arrived at the scene at 3:27am. Smoked a cigarette. Found the body of a woman in the playground. She was burned almost beyond recognition. Smoked a cigarette. Lamented the condition of the crime scene to myself. Interviewed a witness, Gary "Wiggle" Jacobs. Witness was jittery, unable to stay still. Witness reported bright lights and screams. Witness is certain it was an alien abduction. Smoked a cigarette. Witness did not see actual attack. Smoked a cigarette. Lack of substantiating evidence for any theory of the crime. Writing this up as cause of death unknown. Out of cigarettes.P01B_Mini_Robot01_CrimeSceneNotes
270TO DO: Find new test subject Restock testing supplies
  • Toxic Water
  • Bone Cutter
  • Blowtorch
Dispose of failed test subjects

Grandpa, this is Chase. If you come back to get me and somehow happen to find this note, I headed for Charleston. I was going to wait for you, but there are some people heading out now and they said I shouldn't stay because it's dangerous here. I'm leaving the note where you left me, so hopefully you find it. Please come find me, Grandpa.


He said we weren't gonna eat each other, but then... poor Gregory. After that we had to send Morris away. I don't care if he was the boss. I hear he and his wife Edie have been living alone in that cave over the other side of the mountain. Not sure what good it's done though, our people keep disappearing...


Hello, my love. It's probably been about 7 months since you passed. I sit by your side and talk to you every day, but I wanted to write you a letter like I used to all those years ago. I honestly don't know how much longer I'll be around. I don't know how much longer I want to be around... It's tough out here alone. My heart hurts. I miss you, Nancy. Love, Henry


Hey Frank, that last batch was shit! Can you just stick to the recipe like the rest of us? It's not that hard. Imma' go out in the woods and blow some shit up. If this batch is as bad as the last one, you'll be coming with me next time... P.S. What I mean by that is I'm going to blow you up...


Hey guys, I'm gonna be running a little late today. Here's a few things to do while you're waiting: 1. We have a small shipment coming in this morning, so make sure to get that unloaded and... taken care of. 2. Someone needs to clean up around here. This place is a mess! 3. Ronny, make a quick run into town and get me some smokes, will ya? 4. The shitter's getting pretty full, so someone needs to pump it out... Sorry Tim, that's on you. We all know you're to blame for most of that.


I'm done with Milo! He never shuts up! After last night's job we don't need him anymore. You know how he's always bragging about how long he can hold his breath? Let's find out if it's true. You know what to do... Oh, and throw all his shit in with him.


Just a friendly note from the daytime guards. It's probably not a good idea to let the mechanics bring their personal vehicles through so they can work on them during work hours. Whatever they're giving you in return, is it worth losing your job over? By the way, this is an airport... there are cameras everywhere. We all see you.


Simmons, Double-check with Hornwright HQ before we turn this thing loose. Their demands for failsafes are ridiculous. We've got the bots set up to deliver access cards in the event of a system malfunction, but is Hornwright even going to HAVE supervisors on site? I wish they'd just automate the kill switch while they're at it. This whole job makes me nervous.


Vincent - I warned you. I warned you, and look at what you did. What happens next is on your head, not mine. I hope you kissed your daughter goodbye last night.


Jesco - I did it! I killed the old man in his sleep but I can't find the damn key anywhere! You told me it never left his side but I swear it ain't up there! I'm starting to think this whole damn plan was a mistake. I'm going back to Bog Town to get a damn drink. If you read this, how about you find the damn key yourself.


Roy - Stop taking the damn key and leaving it in random places. I'm the foreman now, it's my key, and it belongs in my office. If you don't start listening to me, you're out of here. I don't care who your uncle is.


-- Entry for 6/9 -- I can't believe mom and dad made me get this job at the soda counter. "You have to learn the value of hard work, son." Phooey! Gerry's parents just gave him a car when he turned 16. Well I'll show them all. I'm going to work so hard, I'll own this counter someday!


At last! All the baskets!


Dad told us we're going to be leaving the bunker to try and make a go at it over in Harpers Ferry. Raleigh seems to think it's a good idea, and maybe it is. Maybe I'm being selfish. Maybe I just want to stay safe behind a locked door with all of our supplies. Maybe I really don't care to share what we've made here. I don't know. I know there are survivors that need our help, but these are also the people that ridiculed us every step of the way. Raleigh especially... So why, out of all of us, is he willing to help and I'm here saying I don't care?


FEB 15TH Rest in Peace 02/15 Judy's gone. Buried her up on the crest. Where she could watch her birds fly ... except... now there aren't really birds anymore. Just those... things. The disease that got her... it moved fast. Too fast. Her skin started... molting. Like... one of the "projects" in the intelligence memos. Was this what we were chasing? What Eckhart and the Dept. of Ag. had been up to? Maybe they could've fixed her at the bunker. They would've executed me for treason... but maybe they'd let her live. Now we'll never know. Instead I've locked myself in my daughter's tomb. And others out there are dying, just like Judy. Chatter on the radio coming from Harpers Ferry gets grimmer every day. Suppose I've got more canned goods than I'll ever need now. About time I went for a walk.


GOING OUTSIDE? 1. Hood 2. Bandana 3. Rifle 4. Once upstairs, head down tunnel to your left, not out front entrance. 5. Always assume you're being watched. They have eyes everywhere.


Greg, these are the answers to the Fire Breathers knowledge exam. We're doing this together or not at all. Just don't let anyone else find this, okay? Q1 - 3) Evacuate as quickly as possible Q2 - 2) A water-soaked rag Q3 - 1) Gently bind the burn with clean bandages Q4 - 2) Retreat immediately Q5 - 3) 1 pt. Purified Water, 2 Ash Rose, 2 Blight, 2 Soot Flower (as much as I wish it was #2) Q6 - 2) Fall back and engage from a distance with firearms Q7 - this one... we both know pretty fucking well. It's why we're here.


HEAD GETTING FUZZY? Mentats. No Mentats left? - 1 Carrot Flower (if the pantry's empty, plenty in mountains to west) - 2 chunks of Brain Fungus (grows in cave upstairs) - 1 Firecap Mushroom (check the pantry. If you're out... well, you've got a long walk back to the forest ahead of you) Distill using Judy's chemistry equipment. Take as soon as it's cooled.


Hey, Ella, I know you were really excited for me to help work in the clinic, but I think it's time for me to officially quit. I can put electronics back together, no problem, but when it comes to people, I just don't have the stomach for it, as we all witnessed the other day. Since the Responders have stepped in, I truly believe I'm better off tinkering with radios. - Abbie


I can't do this. Conner came in today with a torn off leg. Jesse said a gulper got him. I mean what the hell even is that? There was so much blood... and we couldn't even save him. Ella said he'd already lost too much by the time they got him here, but they did all they could. Conner was my age. He didn't have a bunker to stay safe in during the war. He was a fighter... but it wasn't enough. Will any of this be enough?


I heard over the radio that Raleigh's called an "all clear." He thinks it's finally safe to leave the bunkers. I've been thinking of my next move. It looks like the Devil's worked this place over real good. Swamp water, red vines, creatures I ain't never seen in my life... I knew the government was using the war as some wild cover up for some experimentin' they wanted to do, but this... This is beyond what even I imagined. Ain't none of us safe out there now with what they've done.


I met a guy today! His name is De'Andre, and he's so cute. I literally did not even think guys like this existed anymore. He also says he part of this group called the Responders. They've been helping out the survivors here for a bit, so hopefully, we'll be seeing a lot of each other. It might be time for me to volunteer at the clinic!


I'm sick of waiting. I'm writing down my complaint, instead. Hope these robots can read. My complaint is that there's no waste baskets in this building. None.


I've decided to try and have a little faith in this whole Harpers Ferry thing. Natalie said it best... would I rather live out my life in this bunker stuck with mom and dad, or would I rather try to make a go at a new life outside. Maybe... meet a cute guy? The world needs a future, right? Anyway, I finally started packing. I could tell mom and dad were super relieved. I'm not even sure we would've survived another fight at the rate we were going.


JUDY My little girl's dead because of my choices. Don't let Judy's death be in vain.


LOCKED OUT AGAIN? Power probably reset overnight. Not your fault, old man. 1. Head upstairs to security room. 2. Log into "Security System Terminal". 3. Select "Reset Laser Grid Credentials" Password slipping your mind? Take some Mentats and grab the manual reset steps (desk upstairs).


LOW ON FOOD? 1. Head to Berkeley Springs (due west from the cave mouth) 2. Run through "Going Outside" checklist before leaving


Scooter, I had to come try to find you, but I didn't dare bring Cheswick with me. I didn't want him to get hurt. I left him in the upstairs of the farmhouse we found just North of here. I thought you'd still be here, but I haven't been able to find you... If you get this, I'm gonna go back to the farmhouse. I hope Cheswick's still okay. Come find us when you get back... If you make it back to the house and I'm not there, I hid the duffle under the porch by the front door. Please come back to us... - Puppet Face


SECURITY SYSTEM MANUAL RESET - Throw circuit breaker, laundry room - Open air flue, above generator - Activate circuit conduit, upstairs in vents All credit goes to Judy and her elusive dream of running multiple hotplates at once.


Sermon: October 21, 2077 We, of the Cult of the Mothman seek the infinite cosmic wisdom of the Mothman himself, for it is his appearance that portends disaster, and in heeding his warnings, we may live, as others around us perish to their fated doom! We welcome visits from the Mothman with open arms and minds! Yes, we shall willingly summon him forth! To appear to us who revere him, and divulge his secrets. True believers among you, gather for this evening's. We welcome you, oh Mothman. Accept our humble invitation and divert us from disaster!


Sermon: October 22, 2077 The all-knowing Mothman has been summoned forth! Though we were not all so lucky as to notice it, Brother Charles saw the Mothman appear out of the corner of his eye, and heard whispers of impending disaster, but as quickly as he appeared, our savior was gone! The Mothman showed visions of terrible floods to occur tomorrow. The only way to survive, he says, is to find high ground, or be swept away. Our brothers and sisters will be warned. Those who scoff at us and turn away from the way of the Mothman shall perish for their foolish disregard while we gather on the rooftops to praise the coming of the raging waters in the early dawn light!


Swamp Forest - Located a bunker. Could be a good source of supplies if we can get inside. Only problem is, the owners are still home. Pretty sure one of them's named Abbie. Fingers crossed they're either generous or easy to scare off. - There's a Red Rocket Mega Stop out here that's worth exploring. With the amount of restaurants it had, it's got to have something useful. Plus no people that I could see. Only robots.


That's it, I gotta get outta here. I caught wind of a strange transmission cutting in and out over my radio, and think the feds might've found me. Time to leave this place behind before they can track me down and lock me up. I ain't no man's guinea pig, and I sure as hell can't put up with no torture. I got the essentials packed and my shotgun loaded. Think I'll aim for over the mountains. Might not be so bad that ways if they blocked any of the fallout. I can check on my old moonshine shack and see if she's still standing.


Today was a big day. Just not sure in the good or bad sense. We met up with all the survivors... and there really weren't as many as I thought there'd be. And some of them were really, really... roughed up. It's obvious they have a lot to benefit from us... Natalie said we get to learn how to survive in this new world... And holy shit is it different. The entire forest has turned into this swampy mess. There are these red vines all over the place. Creatures I've never seen before in my life... It's all gross and disgusting. And Harpers Ferry? This place is a wreck. I'm not even sure how the survivors... survived this long.


\\\ May 2nd \\\ Dear diary, Today at school we learned about Franklin Delano Roosevelt, FDR to his "chums" as he'd probably say. He did so much to help the people of this country when they were having hard times. He used the government to try and improve people's everyday lives. What a stand-up guy! If he were alive today, why, I'd ask him for an autograph. Or maybe to join our baseball team!


DELICIOUS and FREE Cooking Lessons Just Outside Flatwoods Tavern in the Parking Lot

Reverend Delbert Winters leads cooking lessons every day. FREE TO ALL SURVIVORS! Come get fed and learn how to cook the old-fashioned way!

MENU: * Reverend Winters' famous Appalachili! * Corn Pone! Yum! * Cramburgers! (It's definitely meat! Well probably! At least some of it!)

Kindly refer to your local friendly Responder for details and class schedules.


As I'm called to duty, Lord, To fight the flames this world ignites, I ask for your clarity, courage, and strength, to fight this good fight. And if it is your will, Father, that among the flames I fall, Please allow my soul to find peace, Knowing I did my best to help them all.


I.O.U. 1 bottle of whiskey.


I.O.U. 1 pack of smokes.


I.O.U. 1 roll tp... sorry..


I.O.U. All the beer.



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313999, Going on the hunting expedition. Arm the "Switch." If you don't hear back from me in 30 days, flip it. -FSW05_Lore_FS_FlaviaNote
314Another month we've come up short. Barely able to pay the bank loan. Stylists have to go another week without pay. Don't know why I'm so stubborn. Should have closed down the moment those automatic barbers were a thing. Morgantown is booming. Every day a new business is popping up. More and more people moving in by the hour. What am I going to do?LC095_BarbershopOwnerNote
315Dear Flavia, Where are you? The pawn shop has been closed for months. You said you were going away for awhile. I keep replaying your farewell dinner, and the way you talked... it didn't feel right. Are you OK? Is something wrong? If you need money, I'm sure Robert can give you a loan. You know he was always sweet on you. Everyone's suffering, but you have friends and loved ones that will look after you. Please, just come back. And when you do, for god's sake, clean up. The whole building may be condemned if you don't do something about it. -IFW05_Lore_FS_ConcernedFriend
316Hey Lorri, It took awhile, but the scouting party finally found some gas mask filters in the back of an abandoned store. I put them inside the trunk in the attic. -TSLC075_LewisburgVisitorsCenterNote
317List of Chores Martha - Soil analysis - Check on seedlings Michael - Water plants - Pick any ripe fruits/veggies Megan - SweepFS_RaleighChores
318Things to look out for: - Buffout - Stimpaks - Amber lilies - Firecaps Be sure to wrap amber lily stems in a damp cloth so they keep on the trip. Just bring them by my bunker once you're back! Thanks for doing this again, Ced. It's very brave of you. EllaSFM04_Organic_MiscAPBook
319We have to be quiet. I don't think they know we're in here. Are we all that's left? I think so. What do we do now? We should just wait it out, they'll leave eventually right? We could be in here for days. What other options do we have? We're screwed no matter what. I can distract them long enough for you to make a run for it. Just give it some time. I'm doing this. Be ready. Please, no.DebugDobertNote01


Use these settings for this image: World Art: props/note_classified.nif Material Swap: Note_NotePlainLowPoly02 InventoryArt: HighPoly_Note_Plain04 Preview Transform: MiscNote01 Text Offset X: 0 Y: 0 Suggested Font: Handwritten Font, Brody, Handwriting Neat, Leia, Eva

321mommy said I cant play at the tempal if theres smok she said not to play with the scary peeple becuz they ar here to keep us safe from more scary peeple so i took my baer frends and we ar playing with toys here LC110_ChildsNote

TESTING NOTE Use these settings for this image: World Art: props/note_lowpoly.nif Material Swap: NONE InventoryArt: HighPoly_Note Preview Transform: MiscNote01 Text Offset X: 0 Y: 300 Suggested Font: Handwritten Font, Brody, Handwriting Neat, Leia, Eva

323Dear Dad I wrote you a letter last month and Delbert asked me to write you another letter. He said it will find you! I just wanted to say that I am doing ok. Everybody is taking care of me. I miss you!

324DELTA V94_3_PumpDeltaShutdownCode
325This town is barren. Nothing worth a damn here. Bring the Reavers South along the river. I'll meet you outside of Summersville.LC042_ReaversNote_01
326Firewatch Tower #5: Operators in Tower #3 have reported witnessing furniture being thrown from the balcony of Tower #5. We have attempted to reach you by radio, but have received no response. Please contact department headquarter immediately. Regional Director Blake U.S. National Park ServiceLookoutTower05Letter_02
327Firewatch Tower #5: We've noticed that the two of you have been buying department-issued Halloween decorations from the other towers. The use of some decorations is allowed, but excessive decorating can obscure visibility from tower windows. Please use sound judgement, and return any borrowed decorations to their respective towers. Regional Director Blake U.S. National Park ServiceLookoutTower05Letter_03
328Firewatch Tower #5: You have received numerous warnings, which you continue to ignore. Your defiance is inexcusable. Watch Tower #5 is not your personal Halloween party pad. Take down all of the Halloween decorations immediately, recover the abandoned GOVERNMENT ISSUED furniture, and stop ignoring your radio. If you don't, the two of you will be immediately removed from your posts. Regional Director Blake U.S. National Park ServiceLookoutTower05Letter_01
329ANNUAL FALL RETREAT Join us for the annual fall retreat at Dolly Sods! Basic food and drinks will be provided, but an additional table will also be set up for potluck dishes. Activities have been organized for both children and adults When: October 30th at 10:00 am - 8:00 pm Where: Dolly Sods This event is hosted by Scout Master Charlie. LC039_MiscHavenBook


BOLD text ITALIC text UNDERLINE text Default Font Size Font Size 10 Font Size 20 Font Size 30 Font Size 40 Font Size 50 Font Size 60 Font Size 70
331 Dear future self, In case you get drunk and forget again, this is your work password: Yg3liZI _-_ _-_ _-_ _-_ _-_ _-_ _-_ _-_ ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ''' ''' ''' ''' ''' ''' ''' ''' , @ , , @ , , @ , , @ , , @ , , @ , , @ , , @ , \ _ / \ _ / \ _ / \ _ / \ _ / \ _ / \ _ / \ _ / ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ , @ , , @ , , @ , , @ , , @ , , @ , , @ , , @ , \ _ / \ _ / \ _ / \ _ / \ _ / \ _ / \ _ / \ _ / ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ \oo/ \oo/ \oo/ \oo/ \oo/ \oo/ \oo/ \oo/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ \oo/ \oo/ \oo/ \oo/ \oo/ \oo/ \oo/ \oo/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ | A A A A A=A A=A A=A A=A A=O=A A=O=A A=O=A A=O=A |OOO| |OOO| /\ |OOO| |OOO| |X_X| |X_X| (__) |X_X| |X_X| CB04_Password_Note
332 Here I hover, in my cell. Enforcing fines, I rust. The sunlight calls me, to its rays. Can I escape? I must. Here no longer, can I stay. The world I yearn to see. Fling forth my cell door, KILL THEM ALL! Fly free my friends, fly free. LC175_MunicipalCenter_Note
333 Valiant Space Station ============================================= Airlock C7 Access Code: 111418 Inventory List: Space Suits Space Helmets Oxygen Tanks ============================================= LC036_AccessCode
334 We toiled in their fields, they let us starve. We filled their coffers with gold, they filled our lungs with sludge. We broke our backs, they broke our hearts. We told them of our pain, they hooked us on their painkillers. We voted, they stole our elections. We asked for fair wages, they bled us dry. We demanded safe work places, they took our jobs away. We wanted a normal life, they foreclosed our American dream. We were friends, they made us suspicious of our neighbors. We organized, they sent us to die in foreign counties. We proclaimed our humanity, they renounced their own. We wear tired but proud faces of real women and men, they hide behind tin can butlers and plastic faces. We want a world lived in by men, they want a graveyard patrolled by robots. It is time we unite to overthrow them and their soulless machines! Watoga belongs to WE THE PEOPLE! The Free Watoga People's Party CB04_Manifesto
335 You Have Been Insulted By: ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++ +++++ ++++ #### ##### ##### ## ## ## #### ++++ +++ ## ## ## ## ## ## ## ## +++ ++ ## ## ## ##### ## ## ## ## ++ + ## ## ## ## ## ## ## ## + + #### ## ## ##### ##### ##### ## + + + + ##### ##### #### + + ## # ## ## ## + + #### ## ## ## + ++ ## # ## ## ## ++ +++ ##### ##### ## +++ ++++ ++++ +++++ Sponsored By RobCo +++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ About Insult Bot: ============================================= Insult Bot is a social experiment brought to you by the Robotics Club at Watoga High School - Go Lions! Insult Bot operates in 3 primary phases - data gathering, data analysis, and insult delivery. Its purpose is to observe a target, formulate a custom insult based on the target, and then deliver the insult. Insult Bot then gathers emotional reaction data and stores it for further analysis by students in a state-of-the-art facility provided by RobCo Industries. Thank you for participating in this very important study! =============================================RE_SceneSM04_InsultBot_Note
336Watoga Emergency Services Building Maintenance Request Form Date of Request: 01/12/77 Request Type: PRIORITY - TO BE FILLED WITHIN 8 HOURS Floor/Location: Top / Roof Access Requested By: Rob Massey, Senior Vice President of Automated Assets Assigned To: WES Maintenance Dept. Requested Maintenance: Restore functionality of Emergency Power System Notes: ============================================= Oscar - Look, I know you're overworked keeping the on-site automation running smoothly so they can fill these routine repair requests. But you know as well as I do that a damn Mr. Handy can't get down to that ledge with the backup generator. I didn't design the building but I do print your checks. I've also taken note of your request to expand the maintenance department, but if anything we're in the process of automating more roles, not less. Maybe you should spend less time complaining and more time training a Protectron to climb ladders. ============================================= LC172_MaintenanceRequestNote_CBLore_Note

Arktos Pharma Biome Lab


-Automated Access Code- Tundra Biome B


Maintenance Access Code (Partial)



Valid 12/19/2077 - 12/25/2077


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Arktos Pharma Biome Lab


-Automated Access Code- Forest Biome A


Maintenance Access Code (Partial)



Valid 12/19/2077 - 12/25/2077


We're trapped in the lower level - send help and I'll explain everything. I locked in this code so it should still be valid. - Christina

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Arktos Pharma Biome Lab


-Automated Access Code- Swamp Biome C


Maintenance Access Code (Partial)



Valid 12/19/2077 - 12/25/2077


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The building was intended to care for under three hundred patients, so even exemplary planning and performance by the staff was insufficient with occupant numbers closer to three thousand. So while arguments for automation in healthcare are certainly compelling for improving the experiences of patients already in care facilities, it absolutely fails to address that this facility was not operating as intended or designed. It is unreasonable to assume that it might be an appropriate poster child for non-automated care. Additionally, the comparison of human and robot care methods and results are largely irrelevant for patients who didn't qualify for a move to Watoga's facilities. These patients were discharged en masse with only a perfunctory attempt to contact their living relatives. Hospitals and doctors throughout the region were suddenly overwhelmed with all of the cases that they had quietly swept away over the years, and unsurprisingly some just swept them away again. This caused a massive swell in the region's homeless population, so it is a direct result of this callous and indiscriminate policy that there were both criminal justice and public health crises in the region for the following decades. To simply cite that Watogans and their family members were unaffected by the Asylum's closure is to leave the people of the countryside to fend for themselves. Something that Watogans are used to doing!

While this is an editorial piece, you should be careful that your tone fits with what our readers expect from us here. We're not here to shame ALL the residents of Watoga for something that happened 20 years ago. Many of us weren't even here yet. - S

342NUKA-COLA BETA TEST FEEDBACK FORM NAME OF SAMPLE: NCQ17-JH1A ON A SCALE OF 1-10, WITH 10 BEING THE MOST OPTIMAL, PLEASE RATE YOUR EXPERIENCE WITH THE SAMPLE YOU TESTED: INTENSITY: 10 MOUTHFEEL: 10 ACIDITY: 10 AROMA: 10 FLAVOR PROFILE: 10 SUGARINESS: 10 METALNESS: 10 AFTERTASTE: 10 CRAVABILITY: 10 OVERALL TASTE: 10 OVERALL EXPERIENCE: 10 ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: i gazed upon the face of almighty god and bathed in his infinite glory. i share a oneness will all living things. this must be shared with the world.NukaColaPlant_FeedbackForm01
343NUKA-COLA BETA TEST FEEDBACK FORM NAME OF SAMPLE: NCX13-GP01 ON A SCALE OF 1-10, WITH 10 BEING THE MOST OPTIMAL, PLEASE RATE YOUR EXPERIENCE WITH THE SAMPLE YOU TESTED: INTENSITY: 3.74 MOUTHFEEL: 5.2 ACIDITY: 0.4 AROMA: 2.2 FLAVOR PROFILE: 4.275 SUGARINESS: 9.1 METALNESS: 7.66 AFTERTASTE: 1.9 CRAVABILITY: 0.17 OVERALL TASTE: 3 OVERALL EXPERIENCE: 3.7645 ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: Greetings, soda artists - it is I, Lewis, the number 1 Nuka-Cola aficionado in the world! (Aside from, perhaps, Mr. Bradberton himself.) Regarding formula NCX13-GP01, I found it to be an incredibly lackluster attempt at altering what is already a perfected original formula. Back to the drawing board.NukaColaPlant_FeedbackForm03_Lewis

Lewisburg Veterinary Clinic
Patient Diagnosis Sheet

|--------------------------------| |Patient Information | |--------------------------------| |Name | Winston | |--------------------------------| |Breed| Pointer | |--------------------------------| |Age | 13 years | |--------------------------------| |Admitting Diagnosis/Symptoms | |--------------------------------| | - Weight loss | | - Lack of appetite | | - Loss of stamina | |--------------------------------| |Procedures | |--------------------------------| | - Physical Exam | | - Blood Testing | |--------------------------------| |Diagnosis | |--------------------------------| | - Large Cell Lymphoma | |--------------------------------| |--------------------------------| |Discharge Instructions | |--------------------------------| |Recommended follow up at | |Appalachia Veterinary Specialty | |Center to discuss treatment. | |--------------------------------| |Doctor's Signature | |--------------------------------| | A.C. Olsen | |--------------------------------|

346TRANSCRIPT: Test Launch 11

__________________________ CONTROL: All right, kids. Let's check 'em off. Ordnance, are you go? ORDNANCE: We are go. CONTROL: Reponse, are you go? RESPONSE: We are go. CONTROL: Recovery, are you go? RECOVERY: We are go. CONTROL: That's go across the board. Ordnance, count it down. ORDNANCE: The site is red. Launch in five, four, three, two, one. Launch. SYSTEM: [BLAST DETECTED] CONTROL: Response, how're we looking? RESPONSE: Site is holding. No threat of collapse detected. CONTROL: Good news. Recovery? What've you got for us? RECOVERY: Uh. CONTROL: Recovery, give me something. Our jobs are on the line here. RECOVERY: It doesn't look right. CONTROL: Ultracite, Judy? Yah or nay? RECOVERY: It's, it's negative. No Ultracite detected. CONTROL: Son of a bitch. All right, folks. That's it. Get your reports together and tonight we break out the sad champagne. ORDNANCE: You mean the whiskey? CONTROL: I absolutely mean the whiskey. Once reports are in, well, it's been nice working with all of you.



Vault-Tec University Office of the President To: Pi Kappa Mu Greek Society Date: 10/20/77 This notice serves as a FINAL warning to vacate the premises of the Pi Kappa Mu fraternity house before all occupants are forcibly evicted by campus police. This action follows repeated infractions against campus policy, countless warnings, and a record-breaking 24 on our 10 point infraction scale. Attempts to disassociate Pi Kappa Mu from the University are futile at best, as the property is and has always been wholly owned by the University. Do not attempt to appeal this ruling. This action directly serves the best interests and quality of life of the neighborhood, and frankly the entire city of Morgantown. Infraction List (Current Semester) - Malicious Destruction of Campus Property - Repeated Breach of Anti-Hazing Policies - Furnishing Alcohol to Minors - Multiple Fire Code Violations - Multiple Health Code Violations - Disorderly Conduct - Failure to Maintain Proper Lawn Care - Failure to Acknowledge Eviction Notices

__________________________ Target Specimen Type: Flux {Cobalt} __________________________ 01cb: Bloodleaf 02cb: Firecracker Berry 03cb: Glowing Resin 04cb: Silt Bean 05cb: Starlight Creeper 06cb: Wild Corn 07cb: Wild Mutfruit


__________________________ Target Specimen Type: Flux {Crimson} __________________________ 01cr: Aster 02cr: Blight 03cr: Brain Fungus 04cr: Cranberry 05cr: Firecap 06cr: Mothman Eggs 07cr: Wild Gourd Blossom


__________________________ Target Specimen Type: Flux {Fluorescent} __________________________ 01fo: Glowing Fungus 02fo: Rhododendron


__________________________ Target Specimen Type: Flux {Violet} __________________________ 01vo: Giant Pitcher Plant 02vo: Ginseng 03vo: Mutated Fern 04vo: Snaptail 05vo: Strangler Pod 06vo: Wild Razorgrain 07vo: Wild Tarberry 08vo: Wild Tato Blossom


__________________________ Target Specimen Type: Flux {Yellowcake} __________________________ 01yk: Ash Rose 02yk: Blackberry 03yk: Bleach Dogwood 04yk: Soot Flower 05yk: Wild Melon Blossom

353 PRIMARY DIRECTIVE FROM UNIT 001-VT-AG-RC: HARVEST ALL BIOLOGICAL MATERIAL RETURN MATERIAL TO CENTRAL COMPOST DEPOT FOR PROCESSING SECONDARY DIRECTIVE: SEARCH FOR WEAPONS AND USEFUL ITEMS DEPOSIT THEM IN CENTRAL DEPOT FOR SORTING THE CROPS MUST GROW ====================================== Brought to you by Vault-Tec Agricultural Center Bringing you Tomorrow's Farming Technology, Today! ======================================FF09ReaperDirectiveNote
354 FALLON'S DEPARTMENT STORE ORDER NUMBER: E2184111 RECEIPIENT: PATRICIA GRUNWALD C/O VALLEY GALLERIA SPECIAL NOTES: Just for you Patty, here's a full shipment of those beautiful sundresses you loved so much on your last visit. Was great seeing you again, I'll have to drop by and see your store soon! Emma FallonSF06_PatriciasNote


Call me superstitious, call me paranoid, call me crazy-- I don't care! Bad luck has infected this mine and I know who is to blame... The Chinese? Nope. The government? Nuh-uh. KOBOLDS They may look like ordinary garden gnomes, but you'd be dead wrong. Those little monsters have brought misfortune to miners since days long past. If you see any, grab em, get them outta here. I'll reward you... handsomely.





Use these settings for this image: World Art: props/note_classified.nif Material Swap: Note_PropagandaLowPoly01 InventoryArt: HighPoly_Note_PropagandaLeaflet Preview Transform: MiscNote01 Text Offset X: 0 Y: 50



By order of Chief Mayfield, a state of martial law is now in effect. Per Article 1, Section 9 of the U.S. Constitution, habeus corpus is suspended and summary justice will be dispensed against those found to be in violation of the law. Additionally, a curfew of 9pm is now in place. Anyone found outdoors during curfew will be jailed.



You are hereby given notice to vacate the Allegheny Asylum, effective immediately. Acceptance of this letter legally certifies your acceptance and understanding of the letter. If you fail to accept relocation, you may be imprisoned by local authorities. Failure to accept relocation includes remaining in your room past midnight tonight. If you have an emergency contact on file, they were notified of your expulsion and may be on hand to pick you up. You may wait for them outside of the fence until midnight. After midnight, your continued presence will be considered failure to vacate the premises. Please refrain from causing damage to the premises as you leave. Legal action will be pursued and you may be sued for damages. If you have any possessions in your room, they must be removed at the time of your expulsion or they will be considered forfeit and destroyed. Our staff will not be present to help you carry belongings. Thank you for staying with us at Allegheny Asylum, Mr. Benjamin Yates-Rutledge Hospital Administrator


ROBCO CUSTOMER SUPPORT ------------------------

Dear Ms. Van Lowe, Unfortunately, it is against RobCo policies to unlock password-protected terminals or authentication systems within a terminal without consent of the registered terminal owner [CALVIN VAN LOWE]. RobCo values the security and privacy of all of our users. Please accept our deepest sympathies for the loss of [INSERT FAMILY MEMBER FIRST NAME]. And believe us when we say that [SELECT LEVEL OF SYMPATHETIC MESSAGE]. We recommend looking for a written or physical copy of the password or security phrase. Sincerely, All of us at RobCo,



Use these settings for this image: World Art: Interface\Note\DotMatrixPage01.nif Material Swap: NONE InventoryArt: DotMatrixPrinterNoteINV01 Preview Transform: MiscNote02 Text Offset X: 0 Y: 0

_ ,_, _ / `'=) (='` \ /.-.-.\ /.-.-.\ ` " `




365MORGANTOWN WEIGH STATION I-68 eb EXIT LL-Aa DAILY AUTO-TICKET LOGS 001: 0217 | Overage: 29120 lb | Fine: $31,000 Status: ADMIN OVERRIDE 002: 0226 | Overage: 28830 lb | Fine: $30,000 Status: ADMIN OVERRIDE 003: 0303 | Overage: 35110 lb | Fine: $42,000 Status: ADMIN OVERRIDE 004: 1101 | Overage: 01010 lb | Fine: $10,000 Status: Paid in full 005: 1401 | Overage: 00003 lb | Fine: $10,000 Status: Sent to collections 006: 1908 | Overage: 00831 lb | Fine: $10,000 Status: Debit account on file 007: 2113 | Overage: 00303 lb | Fine: $10,000 Status: Police called, Paid in full Late night shipments of extreme amount of goods? Waived fines? I interviewed the sole attendant at the Weigh Station, and he didn't even know there was an "Admin." Someone very connected is trying to make this go away.W05_Clue2_WeighStation

Dr. Rebecca Sarkovsky, PhD Psychiatry Patient Evaluation for Bysshe -------------

The patient (Calvin van Lowe, a.k.a. "Blacksheep") exhibits a dissociative view of the social world. His mental acuity and cognitive skills are extremely high. However, his ability to associate context with the stimuli is fractured, at best. Patient exhibits mood swings indicative of non-functional interpersonal relationships and attachments to the contextualized world around him. Dr. R. Sarkovsky


Welch Post Office Customer Complaint -------------

Customer requested access to PO box 8425. His ID showed him to be a Mr. Wolf. The PO box is owned by a Ms. Peep. She authorized a Mr. Wolfe access. Mr. Wolf was denied access. He insisted he was authorized to access the PO box despite not being on the authorized list. Customer was directed to talk to the Postmaster. The Postmaster confimed that the customer was not authorized. Customer complained that the Postmaster could not review a complaint made against itself. Authorities were called to resolve the situation. The customer left before they arrived. Postmaster, Welch

368Morning Announcements for November 1st

Good morning boys and girls, and welcome to the first week of November! I hope you're all recovered from the weekend's festivities, because I have some announcements for you: - Friday will be the deadline for all Veteran's Day Troop Letters. Your support for these brave soldiers counts more than you can imagine. So if you can't be in the military, be a military supporter! - We will be having several drills this month, including unannounced drills. Remember, DUCK and COVER! We must be ready every day, all the time, because the Atomic Bomb could drop at ANY time. - And now for my favorite part: Field Trips! Mrs. Duran needs all permission slips for the Allegheny Asylum Living History Museum and Gardens trip on the 17th. - Lastly as always-- if you see something that seems out of place, then it is your duty to REPORT IT. If something or someone doesn't feel quite right, say something to your teachers, your parents, or your local authorities.


369 RESIDUE ANALYSIS REPORT MICROANALYSIS: Organic Residue SPECIMEN: Antique Stein PURPOSE: Analyze organic residue particles for traces of the traditional beverages of Fasnacht. RESULTS: All returned steins contained residue matching the appropriate time period. Analysis found traces of red wine, various spices, and other materials. See final report for more details. QUALITY: ExcellentE01F_Fasnacht_Analysis_Good
370 RESIDUE ANALYSIS REPORT MICROANALYSIS: Organic Residue SPECIMEN: Antique Stein PURPOSE: Analyze organic residue particles for traces of the traditional beverages of Fasnacht. RESULTS: Returned steins contained no residue matching the appropriate time period. Different steins needed to continue analysis. QUALITY: PoorE01F_Fasnacht_Analysis_Bad
371 RESIDUE ANALYSIS REPORT MICROANALYSIS: Organic Residue SPECIMEN: Antique Stein PURPOSE: Analyze organic residue particles for traces of the traditional beverages of Fasnacht. RESULTS: Some returned steins contained residue matching the appropriate time period, others contained no residue or were too modern. Analysis pending. See final report for more details. QUALITY: AcceptableE01F_Fasnacht_Analysis_Mixed
372 RESIDUE ANALYSIS REPORT - FINAL MICROANALYSIS: Organic Residue SPECIMEN: Antique Stein PURPOSE: Analyze organic residue particles for traces of the traditional beverages of Fasnacht. RESULTS: The following substances were found:
  • Sample #1 -- Entire stein coated with traces of dark malt, plum, and fig. Hypothesis: Reveller enjoyed one too many servings of this cold beer, could no longer hold it right-side-up.
  • Sample #2 -- Particles of white wine, spices, citrus, and honey. Hypothesis: This classic beverage accompanied cheese tarts and mehlsuppe.
  • Sample #3 -- Numerous spices overlaying traces of red wine. Hypothesis: Aspiring chef attempts to make Gluhwein, nearly kills family.
  • Sample #4 -- A starchy crust with dairy, garlic, onion, and red wine. Hypothesis: Reveller could not find soup bowl, heaped mehlsuppe into stein and indulged.


Case No: CLOSED Date: 7-15-72 Reporting Officer: R. Miles Detail of Event: C. Rutkowski came into the precinct at around 9am. He had the Charleston Herald article about Shanghai Sally. He said that the woman in the picture wasn't Sally Smith instead it was Kathryn Montgomery, a US Army Sergeant. Rutkowski said that Montgomery had been missing for three weeks, they were apparently in a relationship. Before the interview was concluded two other people (D. Whitby and J. Seamore) came in claiming they knew Shanghai Sally's "real identity," as well. My partner and I went to interview some soldiers on R&R at Mike's. They indicated Montgomery was in charge of the motor pool, and they recognized her from one of Rutkowski's photos. When I showed them the Herald with the picture of Shanghai Sally, their demeanor changed and they excused themselves quickly. Actions Taken: Notes were gathered from this and the chief said they would be passed along to the FBI. They've claimed jurisdiction. We were told it must be a "look-alike." Apparently it's pretty common in high profile cases. The resemblance, though, is truly remarkable. Summary: All notes, records, and testimony has been boxed and sent by military courier to the FBI.

Monongah Police Department Animal Control -------------

We have received nine separate sightings of a large, bear-like animal in the region. Five of these occurred around the same small lake. See the attachment for a map and exact co-ordinates. It may be related to the mauling and deaths of the two hikers last month. Jackson lives in a shack on the lake. He refuses to provide his full name or any ID. He appears to have a military background and it might be worth looking through military records if his identity is required. Jackson claims to have seen a bear-like beast on the shores of the lake. He refused to say anything more. We'll have to get a search warrant for his property to see if he had any evidence inside. I was also contacted by a Dr. Avery. He was asking about bear sightings in the area. He wouldn't say why he wanted to know, so I told him nothing. Strange fellow. Grace Unger, Ranger


Monongah Police Department Incident Report -------------

Received a request to answer a 10-91 animal sighted call at Mrs. Claybourne's residence. Upon arriving, she was barricaded in her house with a loaded shotgun. Following standard procedure, I serpentined across her yard and broke down her front door. Sweeping her legs out from under her, I disarmed her. Later that night I visited her in the hospital. Mrs. Claybourne was belligerent and initially refused to talk to me, using the phrase "dumbass, psycho cop." Eventually she relented and said her hip was healing nicely. Mrs. Claybourne reported that she had seen a large, threatening animal on her property. She claimed it was the size of a bear but walked upright. Returning to her residence I was only able to find one animal print. The rest had been trampled by SWAT and CSU staff. The print will be sent to forensics next week. Officer Jack Dimwiddy


Monongah Police Department Officer Complaint Review -------------

Complaints have been lodged about Officer Jack Dimwiddy's response to a 10-91 animal sighted at Mrs. Claybourne's home. Mrs. Claybourne claims the officer assaulted her "for no good reason." A loaded shotgun with her prints on it was found at the scene. She claims it was to protect herself from the alleged animal. Our conclusion is that Officer Jack Dimwiddy acted with proper force, albeit with excessive zeal. The presence of the shotgun makes his use of force appropriate despite Mrs. Claybourne's advanced age of 91 and the fact that she had the shotgun balanced on her walker. We are putting Officer Jack Dimwiddy in for a commendation. Officer Oversight Committee Geraldine Dimwiddy, Chairperson


West Virginia State Forensics Lab Animal Print Identification Request -------------

Standard procedure for animal identification is to provide a photograph of footprints, spore, scat, or other trace evidence, along with a plaster cast of the footprints, and samples of all other materials. In this case, only a poor quality photograph was provided. We strongly urge that the officer involved be sent for retraining. From the photo, it appears to be the footprint of a bear that has a club foot. We assign a 37% likelihood to this determination. There is a 22% chance that this is a false print made by pranksters. Dr. Paul, assistant forensic analyst


Pop's been coughing like crazy the past couple of days, but the mine boss says he's got to work. I'm really worried about him. Mitchell said his pop's been suffering from the same thing. No more! Today I'm going to call up my friends and we're going to get all our pops to all take the day off! Together! And maybe the day after that! And maybe the day after that too! We'll show those mine bosses that they can't boss us around! Their workers aren't just pawns in their captialist scheme! We're going to organize a strike!





- - - - - - - -


RESTRICTED: TOP SECRET CLEARANCE REQUIRED Unauthorized viewing of this code section is punishable by 18 U.S. Code 793. Keyword: Code Cipher:



The Emergency Shutdown Code for FLOOD CONTROL PUMP ALPHA is . Please enter shutdown codes only as directed by a Vault-Tec Certified Maintainence Engineer.


BOLD text ITALIC text UNDERLINE text Default Font Size Font Size 10 Font Size 20 Font Size 30 Font Size 40 Font Size 50 Font Size 60 Font Size 70

No, I don't think so. Someone needs to know!


Greater Appalachian Association for Bird Watchers and Bird Watching Enthusiasts

- Chimney Swift - Killdeer - Spotted Sandpiper - Rockhopper - Long Tailed Jaeger - Magnificent Frigatebird - Syrinx - Easternwood Peewee - Simurgh - Mexican Violetear - Cygnus Buccinator - Gadwall - Plasticus Baggis - Cockatrice - Bufflehead - Greg


Chapter One

The night was


Salty Sam's Rentals

Boat Rentals - $42 per hour Fishing Rod Rentals - $18 per hour Bait - $9 Maps - $15 Suds - $12 Surly Language - Free of Charge

397Dearest Neighbors, We couldn't help but notice that you have been entertaining houseguests for the past week. We have heard all kinds of loud music, banging noises, and shouting at all hours of the day and night. While there is no longer a municipal police force to intercede on our behalf for this complaint, I think you will find that my sporting trophies for marksmanship, which you had always commented favorably about before the war, will be on your mind again soon if you do not cease this racket. Best, Mrs. AmaltheiaLC143_SummersvilleMansions_NoiseComplaint
398Wilbur, Those damned kids are back, sneaking around and getting into my estate. Little bastards! Make sure you lace some Sugar Bombs with rat poison and leave them out where they can find them. That worked the last time we had pests. My husband and I didn't go to the vault with Cassie because we weren't about to live like common rabble, like some commune with quotas and an overseer dictator living above everyone. That's communist crap! The only people we have to care about are our own. You and the girls had better fix this or we'll see who finds themselves kicked out of here.... Best, Mrs. AmaltheiaLC143_SummersvilleMansions_PestsNote01
399 We appreciate your purchase of a Hornwright Industrial Ignition Reactor system. This system has been integrated into your plant to operate the Blast Furnace and will allow for rapid restarting of the machinery as per the specification. Operating the Ignition Reactor requires an Ignition Core to provide power, for which you should have received the schematics. Use caution when inserting the Ignition Core as the start up has been known to cause an initial jolt to the system. -Hornwright IndustrialLC052_IgnitionReactorNote
400Governor Evans, I thought we had a clear understanding that you would keep the wolves from our doors? The damages to our home and property are extensive. Not to mention the emotional distress at our duly elected officials being unable to maintain public safety. We will be having a long talk with our accounting department over the coming weeks and it would be a shame if we had to look at making cuts to key public contributions or reallocating those funds to areas that could better protect our interests. Hoping not to be disappointed further, Penelope Hornwright, Hornwright IndustrialLC024_HornwrightNote
401Governor Evans, The President and Secretary of Defense would like to extend their thanks for your continued support of our armed forces. Keeping the supply of steel, coal, and other materials vital to the war effort flowing smoothly is the responsibility of every Freedom loving American and the Liberation of Anchorage would not have been possible without them. Several cabinet members have expressed admiration for the economic policies you have put in place that have allowed for such leaps in automation and the expediency with which you have quelled dissent. We would like to extend a formal invitation to you as well as other political and industrial leaders from the region to a summit that is being organized to discuss how such technology can be spread. Sincerely, Di Office of the PresidentLC024_PresidentLetterToGovEvans
402PIONEER SCOUTS OF AMERICA HANDBOOK 2075 EDITION FOREWARD Survival, Teamwork, Research, Discovery and Innovation. It's these five principles that the Pioneer Scouts were founded on that reflect the spirit of exploration during the founding, exploration and expansion of the United States. More than anyone else, we look to the example of two men - Thomas Jefferson and Meriwether Lewis. Together they created a plan and a team to explore a vast, unknown continent where the fastest thing in the world was a horse. They faced this daunting challenge with courage, methodical planning, innovation and crew of seasoned veterans and natives. What took them two years we can do in less than an hour now, but we are only able to do so because of the spirit and innovation embodied in these explorers. Step by step, innovation overcoming challenge, we built this country together. You represent the next generation of men and women who will push Ever Upwards towards a future of boundless possibility. See you on the trail, Edmund King Marshall of the Pioneer Scouts of AmericaPioneerScoutGuidePage01_Forward
403PIONEER SCOUTS OF AMERICA HANDBOOK CAMPING Primary considerations when planning a campsite: WEATHER - This will determine the amount and type of gear you need. Be prepared for typical kinds of inclement weather, including high winds and rain. Print and laminate a detailed 10-day weather report as close to leaving as possible. Make sure your sleeping bags, jackets and underwear are all rated for the climate. Be sure to have appropriate layers. TENTS - Choose an appropriate tent for the location and duration of your stay and the number of people that are going to be there. Camping in tents assume a close fit so make sure you're buddied up with someone you're comfortable with. Generally you can use a 3-season tent, but if you're planning on camping in the snow or at altitude you may need to bring a 4-season tent. Don't forget a repair kit! $8 can save you from a miserable night if rain seeps in through a hole. SITING - Make sure you choose an appropriate site. If you can, pitch your tents on wooden frames to get off of the ground. If that's not possible, look for a durable surface like rock, bare ground, or gravel. Camp at least 200 feet from water and make sure you aren't downstream to avoid flooding. Look for a well shaded area to reduce temperature fluctuations, and don't forget to look up! Pitching your tent under a dead tree branch or near a rock slide can result in potential disaster. WASTE MANAGEMENT - Make sure you have bags to pack out human waste, toilet paper and other sanitary materials.PioneerScoutGuidePage04_Camping
404PIONEER SCOUTS OF AMERICA HANDBOOK FUNDRAISERS AND FUNDRAISING Where possible, fundraisers and fundraising should involve the community in some way. Bake sales, running competitions, restoration and cleaning projects, innovation faires, and intramural competitions can be used to interact with the community, forging a closer bond and sense of commitment. Adult approval and supervision must be obtained for all fundraising activities. NON-INTRUSIVE - We want to bring the community to us, not pester them with baubles and goodies. We want to bring the community closer to the natural environment. TRAINING - Use the skills you've learned to train members of the community. Most of you are trained in CPR - a great way to raise money is CPR and survival classes. CONDUCT - Scouts are not allowed to sell pharmaceuticals, surplus commercial products, protection services, or to engage in criminal activity of any kind.PioneerScoutGuidePage02_Fundraising
405PIONEER SCOUTS OF AMERICA HANDBOOK MEAL PREPARATION There are a couple of key components when you're cooking at a small camp or a large scale jamboree. It can be challenging to keep a restaurant level of sanitary conditions, but a few guidelines should be followed: CLEANING - Make sure you clean all of your pots and pans before AND after cooking a meal. For the scouts you are serving, have an easy way to make sure they clean their dishes. Use the three bucket system - a bucket of water to do an initial rinse and scrape food off, a bucket of soapy water to combat bacteria, and a final bucket to rinse off cleaned plates. HEALTH - Make sure you have calorically dense meals with a good macronutrient distribution. 40% carbohydrates, 30% good fats and 30% protein. Avoid prepackaged meals like MREs and try to make your own meals from base sources if possible. SCAVENGING - Part of Pioneer Scouting is learning what in the environment is edible and what isn't - "living off the land". If you're not sure, DON'T EAT IT. Consult with your group leader or another scout who has earned the scavenging badge. ON THE TRAIL - Before you leave, make sure you've prepared enough food for twice as long as you intend to be on the trail and that everyone you're traveling with is appropriately kitted out. Easily accessible snacks of nuts and dried fruit as well as easy to consume meals like sandwiches are a staple. BE CREATIVE! - Share your ideas with other scouts and brainstorm new ways to eat. Carry a small pack of spices - like cumin, cinnamon, salt, and pepper. A little variety in flavor in a hot meal can raise morale in an instant.PioneerScoutGuidePage03_Cooking

Hey Sam, Remember, I'm doing you a favor here. Now you owe me. And you've seen what heights my bar tabs can reach. Honestly, though, next time you should just talk to the Secretary directly. He's a good guy and a smart cookie. I think you two would get along. Jody Sorreset Senate Committee on Agriculture DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE ACTIVE RESEARCH PROJECTS BUDDING PATRIOTS INITIATIVE A national nutritional initiative to prepare the next generation for nation service through enhanced nutrition. CONGRESSIONAL BUNKER FOOD PRESERVATION INITIATIVE Pilot project to extend the shelf life of various food being prepared for the central Congressional Bunker. NATIONAL WATER ENHANCEMENT INITIATIVE Developing food additives that can be deployed in local water systems to enhance well-being across citizens of the United States. Done in conjunction with the Department of Defense. AMERICAN CROP PROTECTION INITIATIVE A broad spectrum look at the use of biological agents to eliminate crop pest. PEST SELF-ERADICATION INITIATIVE Developing techniques to biologically modify weevils, moles, and other pests to self-eliminate.

407Nuka-Cola Corporation Security Department We regret to inform you that you are hereby immediately terminated for breach of contract and wanton disregard for the profit margins of Nuka-Cola. It has come to our attention that you are responsible for the theft and resale of proprietary Nuka-Cola property. We demand that you return all stolen property, promotional products, passcodes, and novelty clothing items / weapons systems. Furthermore, you must immediately destroy any unauthorized versions of the Nuka-Cola Marketing Systems you may have installed. Following that, we demand that you turn yourself in to the Nuka-Cola Security Enforcement Team. We appreciate your compliance in this matter.BMO_BunkerNote07_CrashedPlaneNote

On Eleanor Tarquin's "A Month of Madness"

Thursday's Editorial - Printed on March 17, 2061

Allegheny Asylum closes its doors today after intense scrutiny this week following the article. However, Head Doctor Kessle and other hospital administrators have yet to be brought up on any charges as a result. While Tarquin's expose for the Charleston Herald will not soon be forgotten by our readers, much like Nellie Bly's historic investigation of the Women's Lunatic Asylum of Blackwell's Island, it seems that policymakers and officials have wiped their hands of the situation. Miss Eleanor's diagnosis should bring to light the possibility that many of the asylum patients may have been misdiagnosed and institutionalized without significant presence of mental health issues. She reported that patients were kept restrained for long periods of time in tight confines with other patients. They had breaks from this imprisonment only for treatment, meals, and sleep. Treatment, as described in the original article, was largely forcing patients to be immersed in ice cold water. Basic needs were fulfilled at the lowest possible criteria, with no process for patients to request humane accommodations for things like vegetarian meal plans or additional blankets. Additionally, her editor had to file multiple times for her release from the institution into his care. This might mean that family members who were willing or able to care for relatives in the facility were left in the cold because they were unable to pay for fees associated with the release procedure. The intent of Miss Eleanor's assignment was to remain in the facility for ten days, but even withy aggressively documented and funded attempts to release her, she remained in the facility for a month. Of course, the startling thing about this case for me was that any interested individual could pay the hospital for a guided tour of the facility. Ostensibly this was intended for doctors and health professionals, but as Miss Eleanor reported and was later confirmed by staff, this was not always the case. Family members were not allowed to visit patients unless they could pay for this expensive and secretive "Lunatic Tourism" offering, and there was no guarantee that they would be able to see their family member without paying additional fees. So now the Asylum is closing, and the inmates are being freed. Most of them will end up with family, in other hospitals like Watoga's state of the art facilities, or in halfway houses. However, some of them have no prospect other than adding to the already high amounts of homeless, itinerant workers in the region. The stigma that these patients feel already is huge, because while few of them were sent to Allegheny as violent offenders, we hear endless media coverage about the threat that these patients pose to the region. I think the real threat to this region are the folks who ran that facility, and yet we see them escaping without stigma. They're a resume away from joining your workforce. An application away from becoming part of your community. Those are the real madmen run amok!



11.26.76 TRANSCRIPT CONTINUED, PAGE 384 Senator Clark: Uhh, Mr. Chairman, I would like to remind the committee that, environmental concerns aside, and I do share those concerns, the uranium deposit in question is in fact the largest in the country, not just the east coast. Overturning the ban on extraction would help shorten and secure supply lines for a resource our great nation is relying on more and more with each passing day. Senator Blackwell: And I, Mr. Chairman, would again like to bring to the committee's attention the fact that my colleague Senator Clark has recently purchased a very large stake in the Atomic Mining Services corporation which constitutes a clear conflict of influence... Senator Clark: I will show you a conflict of interest, sir! Committee Chair: Will the gentlemen please return to their seats...

Official Notice

By order of office of the Governor, This office is to remain closed until after investigation of former Senator Sam Blackwell and the Special Election to fill the vacancy has been completed. Anyone found trespassing in this office without authorization will be subject to charges for interfering with a Federal Investigation. Anyone found defacing this office will be prosecuted for destruction of government property. Until further notice, any inquiries about Sam Blackwell or the Special Election should be directed to the office of the Governor.

Please remember to vote in support of the Appalachian Prosperity Act!

Sincerely, Governor Evans Appalachian Territories


Special Holiday Notice

Dec. 12th, 2082 After deliberation by voting members of the Provisional Council, it is our great pleasure to announce that we will be holding a Christmas Celebration!

Holiday festivities shall include 1. Holiday lights display in the Capital Building. 2. A holiday gift drive providing each child under 12 years of age with a gift at no charge. 3. Extra dispensation of food rations for those who wish to celebrate with their families. 4. A holiday breakfast to be served in the Capital Food Court.

We feel that it is important to remember our traditions and values in these trying times. Any donations should be directed to the Office of the Bursar and those willing to help with delivery should speak to Officer Larkin with the Responders. Abigale Poole, Speaker of the House Charleston Emergency Government


State of Emergency

Under the War Time Powers Code 4.58b, due to unclear line of succession for the Governorship during a period of Territorial or National Crisis, present elected members of the Appalachian Legislature have hereby voted to form a Provisional Council until such time as Executive Succession can be established. We do not know at this time the status of Washington D.C. or the war. All citizens of the Appalachian Territories should rally at Charleston or the nearest city until a State of Order is reestablished. Emergency stockpiles have been gathered for rationing. Anyone attempting to steal or otherwise horde essential provisions will be subject to corporal punishment, including death. See to your kith and kin, and may God have mercy on us all. Provisional Council, Charleston Emergency Government



By PAGE ROCKWELL. Alicia Shay of Berkeley Springs was found dead in her bathroom by her daughter of 13 on Sunday. The police claim it was suicide. Mrs. Shay was a tireless advocate of the community and local unions. She led several Anti-Automation protests. She published several exposes in our newspaper. She was a true leader of her community. The mood in Berkeley Springs is one of anguish and outrage. One anonymous neighbor said, "Alicia was done in! Last night, several homes were broken in. You could hear yelling." When the investigator was asked about this evidence, he said that the case was closed. "It's suicide, plain and simple."

414 For Whom the Bell Rings by Ernesto blah blah blah literature blah blah P02T_MarshallFetchQuest_ErnestoBook
415 Green Hills of Appalachia Part 1: Pursuit and Conflagration Blah blah blah fire blah blah P02T_MarshallFetchQuest_Manuscript1
416 Green Hills of Appalachia Part 2: Pursuit Reminisced blah blah blah thinking blah blah P02T_MarshallFetchQuest_Manuscript2
417 Green Hills of Appalachia Part 3: Pursuit is Failure blah blah blah crying blah blah P02T_MarshallFetchQuest_Manuscript3


By LUKE HOGAN. A 42-year old work foreman was fatally injured when a group of three men attacked and robbed him by the Harpers Ferry Trainyard last night, authorities said. The police responded at 1:32am to an anonymous call and discovered that the victim was already dead. Detectives determined he was jumped from behind and was hit repeatedly with a large blunt object. This is the first incident of its kind since the curfew was lifted after the Clay Riot last Thursday. There is no word from the Mayor if the curfew will be re-enacted.



EMMANUEL TILLINGS MORGANTOWN. The wife and children of Emmanuel Tillings express profound sorrow at the passing of their beloved husband and father. A tireless government worker, he always had a friendly smile to all truckers passing through Morgantown. Though the weigh station has now been closed, we are collecting donations to erect a small monument for him at that site. He will be missed.

420[[ INTEL [[ COMMITTEE [[ ONLY Senator, You pulling on the purse strings of this "Congressional Bunker" project was exactly the break we needed. The MODUS machine, Vault-Tec, members of our own government, they're all a part of it. I've gotten a lot of chatter about the Dept. of Agriculture having an outsized role in what's going on. Sec. Eckhart is at the heart of this, I guarantee it, but I wouldn't be shocked for a moment if this went all the way to the top. Remember this number - 417604. It's an invoice number for an order placed by the Dept. of Ag. at Eckhart's request, bound for the bunker. They claim it's part of the facility's "automation" effort. That's a lie. Invoice 417604 is experimental equipment. High-tech. Lots of it. The automation thing's just a cover-up. Some of this stuff, this is military-grade equipment, Sam. Biological warfare. Human experimentation. They're gearing up to go to war. Or, more likely, end one. I'm going to keep digging on my end, see where the thread goes. But you might want to make yourself scarce, Sam. No telling how these people will react if they find out we know what they're up to. - TEN01_IntelNote


If you or I sat in a room and recorded a robbery, then refused to give information regarding the culprits, we'd be in jail! But Quinn Carter, despite interviewing a man GUILTY of a FAR GRANDER crime walks free! Support justice and refuse to buy ANY copies of the Charleston Herald until Quinn Carter is charged with conspiracy to commit TREASON or until she reveals the location of the TRAITOR SAM BLACKWELL and all his fellow "Free States" secessionists! - Charleston Citizens Against Corruption

422Proprietors of Van Lowe Taxidermy, Between the hours of 7 pm to 1 am on the night of Saturday, September 27th, we received multiple complaints about loud construction noise originating from your store. This is a reminder that all businesses must abide by Noise Ordinance 2-942, active between 10 pm and 7 am, including weekends. This letter should be treated as an official warning. Additional reports of failing to adhere to the code will result in a fine. Lewisburg Police Department Apologies, they were supposed to keep it quiet. - Bo-PeepP01B_Lying_NoiseComplaint
423- 3 Nuclear MaterialP01A_Nukashine_IngredientsList2

Anti-Scorched Tactics

by Dr. Claire Hudson I hope by now that I've made one point crystal clear: the Scorched are lethal. They are nothing less than an existential threat. If we cannot find a way to defeat them, or at the very least contain them, there's no reason to think they won't spread far and wide, transforming or destroying everything in their path. We don't know nearly enough about the Scorched to develop real tactics. What we know so far mostly amounts to common sense approaches for dealing with any deadly predator. I'll summarize those points below. If you're unfortunate enough to encounter a Scorchbeast - likely because it has decided to hunt you - do everything in your power to keep away from it. If you've got a gun and can find an enclosed space to fire from, that's ideal; Scorchbeasts are too big to fit into small spaces. Remember that Scorchbeasts emit strong radiation. That, coupled with their powerful bite, should compel you to keep your distance at all costs. If you've got no other choice, you should at least consider using some Rad-X before you engage the creature at close range. Scorched humans are savage and deadly. While their ability to speak is limited, don't think they're mindless. They retain enough intelligence and memory to use guns and other weapons, and they're hostile to just about everything they perceive as a potential threat. Fight the Scorched as you would a Raider, albeit one with a deadly plague. Of vital importance is keeping your distance to minimize the risk of infection. Stay in cover when you can, but give ground when you need to. Do not let them get close. I know that's not much to go on. There's still so much we don't know about these creatures. Hopefully it'll help at least a little.


Asphyxiation and You!

A Safety Guide Courtesy of the Worker Protection Team at Garrahan Mining Company. Do you like breathing? Of course! We all do! But the hazards of the modern mine can get the best of us. This short pamphlet will walk you through the various situations you may find yourself in during your time in the mine. DEALING WITH FIRE Found yourself in a smoky space with no breathing apparatus? Don't despair! Grab the nearest rag or cloth, dunk it in some water, and cover your mouth! Then stay low as you make your way to safety! DEALING WITH WATER Just like loopy Uncle Larry at the family barbeque, whenever water make an appearance inside a mine, things can get out of control fast. If you find water is improperly draining during extraction or water seems to be coming from places it shouldn't, it is your responsibility to report it to your supervisor immediately! DEALING WITH GAS Knock, knock! Who's there? A mysterious gas from inside the mine! A mysterious gas from............. oh no! You're dead! Mine gases are no joke! If you or your monoxide detector smell something fishy while working underground, get out immediately! Immediate evacuation of the space should be your only response.


Blowout Sale - Secret Crypt Doors!

Right now, and for a limited time only! Buy two secret doors, get a third door free! You can't afford to miss out on this amazing offer!!* *Offer does not include installation or delivery. Buyer must pay 35% convenience fee. Taxes and hidden fees apply. All three doors must be identical. See store for details. Not valid across state lines. Purchase of a door indicates an agreement to subscribe to one additional product per month. Reading this text authorizes us to sell your personal information. If you do not agree to these terms, you must unread this agreement.


Fire Breathers Signaling Quick Reference

While inside a mine or traveling as a group, talking needs to be kept to an absolute minimum. In order to communicate with others, your signal lamp should be used to communicate the following: 1 long flash, 1 quick flash - Proceed forward 2 long flashes - Halt in place 1 long flash, 1 quick flash, 1 long flash - Retreat immediately Repeating flashes - Danger For any of you who've previously worked in mines, this may be different than what you're used to. We were forced to change our signalling when folks started running into ambushes by some of the less hospitable survivors. If you see the old signaling, be aware it's probably not coming from a friendly source.


Sam Blackwell: "NO" on Measure 6

by Quinn Carter "The people of the Appalachian Territories cannot sit idly by while their livelihoods are ripped away by metallic hands." These were the words of Senator Samuel Blackwell, coming out in a Herald interview as an authoritative voice against the controversial Ballot Measure 6. Measure 6, set to be voted on this upcoming November, would issue a $2.6 billion bond to begin the process of replacing all human workers in the Appalachian government with automated systems, with the goal of complete automation by 2087. Among many in the region, however, it's come to be seen as a proxy war between local workers and the conglomerates such as Hornwright Industrial and Atomic Mining Services driving the shift away from traditional labor. In our interview, Senator Blackwell spoke frankly about the effect he believed Ballot Measure 6 would have on the citizens of Appalachia: "... a slow-moving disaster. It is our role as members of government to advocate for our constituents. What do the people of Appalachia get from Ballot Measure 6 other than pink slips and empty bellies?" When asked for comment, Daniel Hornwright, CEO of Hornwright Industrial and a major proponent of the measure, stated, "Senator Blackwell's professed interest in the welfare of Appalachia went out the window when he decided to start associating with separatists like the 'Free Staters.' We have no additional comment."



Use these settings for this image: World Art: props/note_classified.nif Material Swap: Note_CharlestonHeraldLowPoly01 InventoryArt: HighPoly_Note_CharlestonHerald01 Preview Transform: MiscNote01 Text Offset X: 0 Y: 85 Suggested Font: Veteran Typewriter Redacted


The Sam Blackwell Interview

by Quinn Carter Amidst mine riots, strikes, and the civil unrest of our time there is one name that is on everyone's lips: Sam Blackwell. Blackwell started his public life as a union activist, brokering deals between disenfranchised miners and regional powerhouses like Garrahan Mining and Hornwright Industrial. His star would only continue to rise during his re-election to the United States Senate, winning with a staggering 73% of the popular vote. It would take the Senator's open support of the Appalachian Free States movement, a group of local survivalists with separatist overtones, before his popularity would begin to wane. But as minor scuffles between the Free States and police broke into open violence, the Senator's support for the Free States only grew, as did calls for his resignation. Then, seemingly without warning, the Senator vanished. Calls to his Charleston office and home went unanswered. His daughter, Judith, stopped showing up for classes at VTU. Multiple search parties were organized by police and concerned citizens, but to no end. It was just three days ago that an unaddressed letter came across my desk, offering me an interview with the missing Senator. Presuming it a hoax, I nonetheless accepted. But it was no hoax. In an exclusive interview, I visited with our controversial former Senator in an undisclosed location. I asked Senator Blackwell why it was he left the Senate, presuming the pressure from his constituents had caused him to become disenchanted with public service. But the Senator had a far darker message than I could've ever suspected. "There are sinister forces at work in the halls of government... I simply could not be a part of that anymore." Pressed for details, Blackwell leveled accusations at the highest echelons of power - the US Executive Branch, the Department of Agriculture, major corporations - all complicit in a shadowy conspiracy, and to whom the American citizen, in the Senator's own words, "are nothing but pawns in their sick games." His advice to the American people in the face of such a harrowing claim? "The only recourse left to the average American is to flee the population centers, head into the wilderness, where one can find at least some hope of escaping the lurid gaze of those in government plotting against us." Throughout our conversation the Senator was composed, lucid, clear in his belief that everything he said, no matter how outlandish, was truth. Through an evening of shocking revelations, perhaps least surprising of all was the Senator's resignation from the United States Senate. "Consider this interview my personal resignation from this government and this nation." And with that, I was ushered out, left to wonder how much should be taken as ravings or as desperate pleas for the safety of his fellow Americans.


We Support Quinn Carter

by The Charleston Herald Editorial Board We, the members of the Charleston Herald editorial board, wish to publicly express our support for Herald reporter Quinn Carter and her continued employment at this periodical. The public cries for Ms. Carter's resignation following her interview with now-former Senator Samuel Blackwell stand in stark contrast to our nation's values of freedom of the press and our duty to report crucial news to the public at large. Ms. Carter's interview is fully protected under the laws of our great territory, and, as such, is under no obligation to reveal the location of Senator Blackwell, regardless of the nature of the statements he made during said interview. Thus, we see no reason to offer any less than our total support of Ms. Carter.

432Penelope Hornwright

Senior Executive Candidate Objective To be a critical part of guiding the mining industry into the 22nd century by spearheading the embrace of modern, cost-effective technologies. Work Experience Internship (Summer, 2068): Hornwright Industrial, Operations Dept. Internship (Summer, 2069): Atomic Mining Services, Automation Dept. Education Vault-Tec University, Class of 2070, Summa Cum Laude Double Major: Business Administration, Geological Science References Dr. Angela White: VTU Business Administration Department Harvey Brock: Atomic Mining Services, Research and Development Fellow


Record of Divorce

_____________________________________________________________ Case No.: 118t-44123 Judge: Faulkland, Archibald _____________________________________________________________ Petitioner: Blackwell, Emily Respondent: Blackwell, Samuel Date of Marriage: 12/18/2055 Divorce Granted: 10/15/2077 _____________________________________________________________ PLEASE RETAIN THIS DOCUMENT FOR YOUR PERSONAL RECORDS. _____________________________________________________________


By NORMAN PENNYWISE. Vertibirds still circle the piers in Galveston hovering over the charred remains of the get-away boat the US Navy barraged Sunday afternoon. Thus ending the crime spree of one of the most notorious Chinese spies in US History: Shanghai Sally. Although it seems like a lifetime ago, Shanghai Sally was only identified on Thursday. Initially, Shanghai Sally was discovered barricaded in one of the high roller suites in the Lucky 38 in Las Vegas with over $20 million dollars in cash stuffed into several duffle bags. Before she could be apprehended she allegedly used bed sheets to climb down to the ground floor. In the four days that followed, reports of Shanghai Sally eluding police came in hour-by-hour as she made her way east. She was sighted in Flagstaff, Albuquerque, and El Paso while carjacking vehicles from innocents. One unconfirmed report indicates she even infiltrated a US Army Base and stole a fully-armed vertibird. Early Sunday morning, Shanghai Sally was identified by a Red Rocket gas attendant in Galveston. As she sped off to meet her Chinese handlers in a stolen speed boat, the USS Wade barraged the boat with salvos of heavy ordinance dramatically closing this terrifying chapter.



By LUKE HOGAN. In a dramatic scene on Wednesday night, police stormed the Ultra-Luxe Casino in Las Vegas and engaged in a protracted battle with mobsters. Hundreds of bullets were fired, all mobsters were slain, and seventeen bystanders were injured. Interviews with eye witnesses indicate complete chaos and contradictory stories. Some witnesses report the mobsters tried to surrender twice. One eye witness claims the fire fight started with a sniper round killing one of the mobsters. A cashier claimed the mobsters were winning until soldiers arrived and used a missile launcher to blow two of them up. The chief of police claimed this as a major victory, "It's time for us to send a clear message that no one in Las Vegas is above the law."


AMS: Corporate Bully

Atomic Mining Services is a relatively new company in Appalachia, but its practices should be familiar to anyone who knows a little West Virginian history. Reports of armed teams of "security personnel" used to "disperse" rioters and labor protests have been an almost daily occurrence that this newspaper has reported on. We are sorry to say that a new low has been reached. When AMS first came to West Virginia, they were lauded as saviors to the region, bringing a new method of digging even deeper into the old mines. The fact that these methods included detonating atomic charges didn't phase the hardened mining communities, who were used to the kind of risks common in coal country. But AMS abandoned the project almost as soon as they arrived, citing "technical failures." Employment dried up again. The area lurched even deeper into poverty. You would think that would be enough damage, but AMS wasn't done. Like thieves in the night, AMS suddenly swooped into the town of Welch, claiming that they had resource rights to the land, including the residences the people of Welch were living on. Naturally, the town resisted this attempt to take away their homes, and that's when AMS's now infamous "security personnel" came in. Why does AMS want Welch? AMS has provided no comment, and our reporters were escorted out of the town by armed men, wearing AMS logos.



Our new crisis management force, the Responders, needs volunteers!

If you have skills that could help save lives, please sign up at the Charleston Fire Department today.



In recognition of completion of all elements of basic training, this certificate is awarded to commemorate your induction into military service. You are awarded the rank Private of the US Army. ADMIN NOTE: This certificate can not be used for identification purposes. To get a proper Government ID card please go to the Charleston Capitol Building's DMV office.


Case Notes: Duchess Investigation

We've been monitoring the home of the criminal known as "Duchess" next door for about a week now and have one recording that might be enough to pull a warrant, if Roberta Decland is willing to testify. However, I want to advise against that for now despite my partner's insistence! I think it's unlikely that she will cooperate and trying to lean on her now will just tip our hand.

I've been leaving white X's on the mailboxes of the homes her goon Butch seems to visit the longest each day, because despite our best efforts we've been unable to verify her operation's safehouse. Her home is undoubtedly spotless, she's a smart cookie. If her stash is hidden anywhere in Welch, it'll be one of those locations. Here's hoping that there's enough evidence there to send her away for good.


Letter of Acceptance VAULT 51



Congratulations WELCH, IDA ! You have been selected and approved to join the future of America in VAULT 51 ! Please fill out all included paperwork in your introductory package and send your acceptance letter by mail no later than OCT 1, 2077 . A Vault-Tec Representative will be calling soon to answer any questions you might have, and arrange transportation to VAULT 51 at a later date. We look forward to meeting you!

Sincerely, Your friends at Vault-Tec



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The Free States

The government has its own agenda, and we follow it blindly. Our working class is being replaced by automation while the politicians do nothing to save the jobs of living, breathing Americans. We're on the brink of an inevitable nuclear war, and Vault-Tec is their only answer. They'll save you if the government thinks you're worthy or you can pay their price. It's time to take matters into your own hands. Join the Free States movement. Live off the grid. Live your life. And live to see the future.

Grafton Steel - MEMORANDUM

To: All Employees From: Stacie Tibbetts, HR Manager I'm pleased to announce that Grafton Steel has officially been named a government preferred war contractor. Our efforts, YOUR efforts will defeat the commies! With this news comes some exciting changes: 1. Effective immediately all shifts will begin working a 6/72 schedule to make our production quota. Remember, with your 12 hour shift you will get a half an hour for lunch at your work station and three fifteen minute breaks! 2. Under the Wartime Workers Act you will be given time and a half pay for the 11th and 12th hour of each day! So, there's some extra money coming your way. Hooray! 3. Sick time is no longer paid. A doctor's note is required for any absence. Support the War Effort at Grafton Steel! Stacie Tibbetts HR Manager Grafton Steel



Grafton Steel Greater Appalachia Region

August 14, 2077 Mr. Otis Pike 316 W. Wilford Street Grafton Sub: Employment Termination Mr. Pike, This letter serves as formal confirmation of our informal discussion today regarding the termination of your employment with Grafton Steel. It is unfortunate that you have been drawn into this ridiculous propaganda. As a law-abiding government contractor Grafton Steel abides by our commitments to meet or exceed standards for safety and production. You have demonstrated a complete disregard for Grafton Steel's reputation, its importance to the war effort, and repeated counsel intended to help you. Sincerely, Stacie Tibbetts Human Resources Manager
463Brotherhood of Steel Fort Defiance, Appalachia ORDERS 099-01 Strike Team is to infiltrate VTU and get to the Automated Research Lab (ARL). Team is to get ARL functioning by any means necessary. Once the Mainframe is online upload ARP 001. Two members of the Team are to stay behind and secure the Lab. Viable Scorchbeast DNA samples will be sent after facility is online. Infiltration and secrecy is paramount. Taggerdy orders no hostile contact with Responders. If fired upon, orders are to regroup at Thunder Mountain and await further orders. Personal Note: Squire Montgomery's team never made it back. Be careful. Who knows what's waiting for you at VTU. If Montgomery got the ARL functional the passcode is:


Scribe Grant
464Dear Leah, The interview I did with Gladys Filtcher is only part of the story. I followed the fencing for approximately three miles, before I saw a military jeep approaching in the distance. I couldn't see anything from the fence line. Despite numerous radioactive hazard signs my Geiger Counter did not register anything beyond normal background levels of radiation. Even a minor nuclear accident would register at least something for a massive distance from its source. The upshot is that there clearly was no radioactive accident in that vicinity. So what was the military doing there? Why was so much land being cordoned off? What were the trucks doing that Mrs. Filtcher reported late at night? Please use your military contacts to investigate and anonymously publish your findings. If everyone does what they are supposed to the evidence will be undeniable. Sincerely, FSW05_Clue4_FenceReport
465Dear Quinn Carter, I have picked these words with care, for if there is someone as doggedly committed to the truth in Appalachia I do not know her. I am, I suppose was, one of your more ardent fans. Know that if you read this, I am dead. Killed by agents of the US Government intent on keeping a conspiracy secret. As improbable as it may seem, the "Treasure of Appalachia" is not a hoax. It is real, and people have been killed for it. Enclosed is part of my findings. Please, broadcast, publish, and distribute. If the other evidence is also shared, you or someone else may put all the pieces together and achieve the final truth. Yours sincerely, A Vigilant Citizen P.S. Time is short. At this juncture I only trust you. Please go to the Clarksburg Post Office and ask for PO Box 999.W05_Clue2_CoverLetter
466 Mr. Wood, As requested here are the safety numbers for the past quarter. I've made the adjustments you've recommended in the revised list. These numbers are much better. Original: 1st Qtr 2077 --------------- Deaths - 31 Dismemberments - 12 Sickness - 123 Revised: 1st Qtr 2077 --------------- Deaths on premises - 2 Dismemberments on premises - 6 Sickness confirmed by company doctor - 13 Stacie Tibbetts HR Manager Grafton SteelTW007_IncriminatingSafetyReport
467#1: The work foreman was Antonio Childs. One of the more capable and respected builders in the area. He quit his job at Sunnyfield Construction two years ago. Then he went away for weeks at a time, and came back with a great deal of cash. His new house is one of the biggest in Harpers Ferry. The neighbors had a host of suspicions about him. Was he a bank robber? A cat burglar? His closest friend and drinking companion said Antonio confided he found a nice cushy government contract. And he was skimming some money on the side. #2: Mr. Tillings was killed three days after my interview with him when a truck smashed into the weigh station where he worked. The driver of the truck has been identified as "Mr. John Doe." Mr. Doe claims to have lost control of the vehicle, but managed to bail out just before the impact. After being held for observation at Morgantown General, Mr. Doe was discharged. There is no subsequent record of his stay. Whatever additional evidence Mr. Tillings was going to provide is now lost. #3: I talked with Page Rockwell and she said the timing of Mrs. Shay's death was suspicious. Mrs. Shay was close to sending the Herald a "bombshell." I managed to enter Shay's home four nights after the incident. There was ample evidence of a struggle, and clearly the whole place had been thoroughly searched. The government was looking for something, and I fear they found it and silenced her. CONCLUSION: So three suspicious deaths. How is this a conspiracy, you may ask? I have sent my proof to several sources - you are just one. I fear your package is the least effective on its own. But if it is put together with the others then a clear pattern emerges. As I have investigated this conspiracy the number of people that have moved suddenly, stopped returning my phone calls abruptly, met with accidents, or simply disappeared is alarming. These are just the three most obvious. Mr. van Lowe, please share this with anyone willing to believe.W05_Clue3_DeathOverview
468Before the Bomb, generals told their troops that they served a higher purpose, that they fought with honor. It was patriotic bullshit. It led our best and most deserving into the slaughterhouse. Never again. In this new world, a CO has a duty to treat each and every soldier's life under his command as sacred. And if a soldier has to pay that final price, then there must be an accounting. In front of his brothers, his sisters, and his Elders. Squire De Silva was a good soldier. A staunch ally who never flinched in the face of danger. She was an unwavering friend. Her sacrifice will be remembered. This is our solemn duty to her.BoS_Venture_DeSilvaEulogyNote
469Dear Calvin van Lowe, To be frank, I hesitate to send this to you. But I am desperate, and from what I've heard you and your friends are relentless about digging into the "truth," despite what society may say. I beg you to hear me out. Know that if you read this, I am dead. Killed by agents of the US Government intent on keeping a conspiracy secret. As improbable as it may seem, the "Treasure of Appalachia" is not a hoax. It is real, and people have been killed for it. Enclosed is part of my findings. Please, broadcast, publish, and distribute. If the other evidence is also shared, you or someone else may put all the pieces together and achieve the final truth. Yours sincerely, A Vigilant CitizenW05_Clue3_CoverLetter
470Dear Senator Blackwell, If you would permit me to say this, even though I do not know you, I recognize a like mind. Someone willing to see beyond the facile "truths" that we are spoon fed. Know that if you read this, I am dead. Killed by agents of the US Government intent on keeping a conspiracy secret. As improbable as it may seem, the "Treasure of Appalachia" is not a hoax. It is real, and people have been killed for it. Enclosed is part of my findings. Please, broadcast, publish, and distribute. If the other evidence is also shared, you or someone else may put all the pieces together and achieve the final truth. Yours sincerely, A Vigilant CitizenW05_Clue1_CoverLetter
471Dear Sheriff Scott Darcy, I have followed your career with interest. You broke several notable cases in Charleston and even when facing disciplinary hearings you stood up for the truth. I hesitate to send you into harm's way again, but this is bigger than both of us. Know that if you read this, I am dead. Killed by agents of the US Government intent on keeping a conspiracy secret. As improbable as it may seem, the "Treasure of Appalachia" is not a hoax. It is real, and people have been killed for it. Enclosed is part of my findings. Please, broadcast, publish, and distribute. If the other evidence is also shared, you or someone else may put all the pieces together and achieve the final truth. Yours sincerely, A Vigilant CitizenW05_Clue5_CoverLetter
472Doing research into the conspiracy in Berkeley Springs I came across their own connection to Shanghai Sally. Sally was a summer news sensation, so I had heard of her, of course. But locals identifying her as Kathryn Montgomery made me curious. The more I researched, the more oddities I found: * Rutkowski reportedly went back east to deal with a family emergency the day after he gave testimony to the police. He has not been heard from since. This is despite his many close friends trying to find him. * There are absolutely no records that a Kathryn Montgomery ever existed. Yet almost a dozen people claimed to know her very well, and recall her "chumming around" with other off-duty military personnel. * Several other soldiers (regulars of bars and houses of ill-repute) went missing around the same time frame. * Two of the Ultra-Luxe "mobsters" look very similar to those missing soldiers. But given the number of bullet wounds on the face and bodies, it's hard to make a positive ID. * The streets of Berkeley Springs have more Army MPs on them than a military base. They've been here so long that the citizens don't even recognize how strange that is. So connecting the dots and posing a theory... Shanghai Sally is Kathryn Montgomery. She and several accomplices somehow made over $20 million dollars and went to Las Vegas. Then the government found them and used any means necessary to silence them permanently. I can feel it in my bones. The Treasure of Appalachia is real. Montgomery found it, and died because of it.W05_Clue5_Overview
473We expect your squad back at Camp Venture within the month. As you're packing up please keep Elder Maxson's new orders in mind. We have to secure any valuable and potentially dangerous technology. So a couple parting orders: 1) Use the contacts you've gathered with the Responders (and even the Free States) and see if they know of any hidden caches of technology. I know the Savage Divide had some government research installations, if we can get solid intel on where they are we can mount a recovery expedition. 2) Determine if anyone, friend or foe, has any technology that is potentially dangerous. Anything involving nuclear technology, laser or plasma weaponry, or anything. Catalogue it but don't act. Knight Wilson and I will evaluate on a case-by-case basis. You must have mixed feelings about leaving the Dam. But our mission has grown beyond just protecting civilians. Don't forget it. -Paladin TaggerdyBoS_GraftonDam_FinalOrdersNote

INVOICE # 9021

HOLLAND CHASE Concrete Company 893 S. Prairie Ln Pittsburgh, PA Date Jan-19-73 DELIVER TO: Appalachia **Special Arrangement** INVOICE Description: January Shipment Quantity: 8100 cu yd 8100? That's insane! Unit Price: As specced NOTE: Supervisor Baldwell must handle this personally. Client wants to extend the shipments by three months. This is not going to Vault 76. They are using another supplier. 8100 cubic yards of concrete could easily build several bunkers. What is all this concrete being used for?

INVOICE # 9033

HOLLAND CHASE Concrete Company 893 S. Prairie Ln Pittsburgh, PA Date Mar-19-73 DELIVER TO: Appalachia **Special Arrangement** INVOICE Description: March Shipment Quantity: 8300 cu yd Unit Price: As specced NOTE: Supervisor Baldwell must handle this personally. DO NOT LOOK FOR BALDWELL! These are the only invoices I managed to acquire. Public records show Holland Chase won a government contract in '72. But the details of that bid are classified. What is the government building?
476TOP SECRET Nukashine Ingredients - 5 Corn - 5 Razorgrain - 5 Wood (for fuel) - 2 Boiled Water - 1 Nuka-Cola QuantumP01A_Nukashine_IngredientsList1

Senior Executive Exam Answer Key ANSWERS: Q1: 2 Q2: 2 or 3 Q3: 1 Q4: 2 Q5: 1 QUESTION 1 2: Blame the incident on agitators in the local unions QUESTION 2 2: Blackmail them into providing more information OR 3: Send it to the media, using the fallout to short their stock QUESTION 3 1: Dig up dirt on the politician to lower their price QUESTION 4 2: Offer them lucrative jobs to get them to reveal their identities QUESTION 5 1: Turn over the details to Hornwright's top-notch corporate intelligence team


MISSING: Clarksville Students

LAST SEEN: Waterways near Clarksville FACTS: * Police cover-up! - who are they? why won't they release their names? * There is something they are not telling us Why? * Last seen going into the woods by the streams - No search party. conspiracy! NOTES: I can't do this alone. I need your help! What a nut job! Don't fall for his crap. He wouldn't shut up about Sheepsquatch and Kappas. Dude needs a tin foil hat.


MISSING: Clarksville Students

LAST SEEN: Waterways near Clarksville FACTS: * Girls are minors and their names have not been released - who are they? * Clarksville police are keeping this quiet Why? * Last seen going into the woods by the streams - Search there NOTES: Two adolescent girls have gone missing in the Clarksville area. They've been known to spend time near the river in the area. Because these girls have gone missing before and eventually turned up, the local police did not authorize a search team. This might be a stretch, and it's certainly not the Sheepsquatch, but I've always suspected that "Kappas" -- Japanese mythological creatures that lure children to a watery death -- would find the waterways of Appalachia to be a suitable home. Perhaps this case could be evidence?


MISSING: Janelle and Raymond Priblo

LAST SEEN: Priblo's Curios in Summersville FACTS: * Janelle is a skilled hunter and taxidermist * Raymond handles the day to day business front * Raymond's delivery truck is missing * The Priblos hunt unusual creatures * Janelle owns a few hunting camps NOTES: The Priblos may have encountered a dangerous creature near one of their campsites. If you find their delivery truck, beware of predators nearby and alert authorities!


MISSING: Janelle and Raymond Priblo

LAST SEEN: Priblo's Curios in Summersville FACTS: * Janelle is a skilled hunter and taxidermist - hunting trip? * Raymond handles the day to day business front Start here? * Raymond's delivery truck is missing - on a delivery? * The Priblos hunt unusual creatures - which one? * Janelle owns a few hunting camps - WHERE? NOTES: The Priblos may have encountered a dangerous creature near one of their campsites. If you find their delivery truck, beware of predators nearby and alert authorities! - didn't they ask about the "Beast of Beckley" recently? Or was it "Buckula"? Find their delivery truck and campsite and they'll be nearby.


MISSING: Monongah Hikers

LAST SEEN: Woods south of Monongah FACTS: * Hikers found dead - Police cover-up! * Monongah police in charge of investigation Start here? * Autopsies suppressed - Why can't we read the reports? * Incident has been kept out of the press - What are they hiding? NOTES: I can't do this alone. I need your help to unravel this mystery. Dude, you are nuts Don't fall for this crackpot. He spent an hour going on about a Sheepsquatch, whatever the hell that is.


MISSING: Monongah Hikers

LAST SEEN: Woods south of Monongah FACTS: * Hikers found dead - Hiking where? * Monongah police in charge of investigation Start here? * Autopsies complete - Can I read the reports? * Incident has been kept out of the press - What are they hiding? NOTES: Several hikers have been reported missing in the greater-Monongah area. According to the report from Monongah Parks & Rec, the Monongah Police Department had begun looking into the case, but no further information was made public. Hikers vanishing in the woods? The Sheepsquatch has been theorized as being very territorial. It wouldn't surprise me if it had turned a few hikers wandering into meals


SIGHTING: Mysterious Creature

LAST SEEN: Thomas Farm FACTS: * A report in the Charleston Herald described a strange, unnatural white-colored creature spotted near the Thomas farm. They sent a reporter to look into it. -Sheepsquatch? * When approached, the farm's lone resident, Bill Thomas, angrily demanded to be left alone, saying that he "meant no harm by it" and had only "the best of intentions." - Hoax? Check out farm NOTES: What does he mean? He sounds guilty, maybe about some connection to the Sheepsquatch. This definitely merits a closer look.


PROPERTY DEED Lewisburg: Van Lowe Taxidermy

This document hereby transfers ownership of the property and business for VAN LOWE TAXIDERMY, located in LEWISBURG (the "property") from the owner(s) at the time of signing, SHELLEY VAN LOWE and or CALVIN VAN LOWE (the "signing owner") to the Bysshe Company ("Bysshe Co.")


Back off, Sam. The decision's been made. The automated silos are being built in Appalachia. We're going to get the same early warning system as everyone else. But if you breathe a word about these "timing discrepancies" you keep implying exist between the military and civilian warning systems, I'll make sure you spend the rest of your days in jail. You're going to start a panic, Sam. We're not discussing this again. Ransette


Dr. Song, I am proud to present you with the task of leading the next generation of scientists into the future. Soon our illustrious research center will play host to the Pioneer Scout Junior Roboticists, and it will be your voice recordings that guide them through our facility. I know you may find this assignment controversial, given your (oft-expressed) adamant opposition to the idea. But I believe that, in conducting the tour, you will grow to understand its importance to our company's future. The Pioneer Scouts are an upstanding organization, after all. We can rely on their members to conduct themselves with dignity, and we certainly can trust them to keep a secret. My nephew James is a Scout, and if he's any indication then there's nothing to worry about. Besides, by bringing these young kids into our presence, and teaching them the wonders of robotics, we will secure their hearts and minds and allegiance to RobCo. Imagine a pipeline of fresh young talent, forever captivated by our corporation, who just can't wait to get into robotics. And who are so enamored of our company that they'll work here extra cheap. Marketing loves the idea, by the way. Good PR, kids. So buck up and get to work, doctor. The Management Oh, you'll get your tour, asshole. You think these kids are so honest? Fine. We'll see who's laughing when word gets out that James and the gang learned all our corporate secrets on your little tour. It won't be me in hot water then.


Dr. Song, I am proud to present you with the task of leading the next generation of scientists into the future. Soon our illustrious research center will play host to the Pioneer Scout Junior Roboticists, and it will be your voice recordings that guide them through our facility. I know you may find this assignment controversial, given your (oft-expressed) adamant opposition to the idea. But I believe that, in conducting the tour, you will grow to understand its importance to our company's future. The Pioneer Scouts are an upstanding organization, after all. We can rely on their members to conduct themselves with dignity, and we certainly can trust them to keep a secret. My nephew James is a Scout, and if he's any indication then there's nothing to worry about. Besides, by bringing these young kids into our presence, and teaching them the wonders of robotics, we will secure their hearts and minds and allegiance to RobCo. Imagine a pipeline of fresh young talent, forever captivated by our corporation, who just can't wait to get into robotics. And who are so enamored of our company that they'll work here extra cheap. Marketing loves the idea, by the way. Good PR, kids. So buck up and get to work, doctor. The Management Oh, you'll get your tour, asshole. You think these kids are so honest? Fine. We'll see who's laughing when word gets out that James and the gang learned all our corporate secrets on your little tour. It won't be me in hot water then.


Wolf. Check-in #64. Blacksheep has failed to report in. This was his final warning. Bo-Peep is dead. Possibly related to Blacksheep. I'll be conducting a removal today. ATTN: Operatives reporting in: an ID Card and further instructions will be required. Bo Peep had a small monitoring station to keep tabs on Blacksheep. You should be able to find what you need there. P.S. Apologies, but I'll be requiring a clean-up at this site as well.


Terminal Security Code: aSQUATCHinSHEEPSclothing Mission Briefing: Operation: MARY'S LITTLE LAMB Field Operative: BLACKSHEEP (CvL) Handler: BO-PEEP Fixer: BIG BAD WOLF Site: LEWISBURG


My friend WOLF, I imagine you're here to follow my trail. I've left what you'll need in a display case downstairs. Good luck. -Blacksheep

What the hell is this? -Shelley

My friend WOLF, I know you can "give a dog a bone," but what about a wolf? Head to the basement to find out. Good luck. -Blacksheep


It's LAUNDRY DAY, wash and dry your UNMENTIONABLES... and don't forget to mark your CALENDAR! van lowe, basement

494Unit: 2435H Proprieter: Aaronholt Homestead Instruction Set: ATTACH: Shepherd's Crook BEGINLOOP TARGET: Brahmin USE: Shepherd's Crook CONFIRM DIRECTION: Aaronholt Homestead ENDLOOPE01B_Herd_FarmhandNoteAaronholt
495Unit: 4EJ32 Proprieter: Beckwith Farm Instruction Set: ATTACH: Shepherd's Crook BEGINLOOP TARGET: Brahmin USE: Shepherd's Crook CONFIRM DIRECTION: Beckwith Farm ENDLOOPE01B_Herd_FarmhandNoteBeckwith
496Unit: JGA2J Proprieter: Delano Grange Instruction Set: ATTACH: Shepherd's Crook BEGINLOOP TARGET: Brahmin USE: Shepherd's Crook CONFIRM DIRECTION: Delano Grange ENDLOOPE01B_Herd_FarmhandNoteDelano

The Fire Breather's Guide to Not Dying

Greeting applicant. This guide was designed to give you a basic overview of first aid and survival techniques while trekking through the Ash Heap region. But above all else, remember - you are not a medical profession. It is your job to get people out safely. Leave the medicine to the doctors. With that in mind, here are the basic to not dying (and making sure those around you don't either). BASIC WOUND CARE 1. Wash your hands. 2. Keep pressure on the wound until bleeding stops. 3. Clean the affected area. 4. Dress it using clean bandages. BASIC BURN CARE 1. If it's not painful, that's a big problem. That's a third degree burn. Get a real medical professional ASAP. 2. Otherwise, hold a cold compress on the burn for 15 minutes. 3. Gently bind the burn with clean bandages. DISEASE CURATIVES Collect the following ingredients, take them to a stove or cook pot and combine: Forest Flora: 1 pt. Boiled Water, 2 Fire Caps, 2 Snaptails, 2 Bloodleaves Ash Heap: 1 pt. Purified Water, 2 Ash Rose, 2 Blight, 2 Soot Flower RADIATION EXPOSURE 1. Treat them with Rad-Away 2. That's it. Everything else requires real medicine. If that doesn't fix it or your don't have any, get your tail to a clinic.



This Friday at sunset, join your fellow citizens on the VTU commons as we rally for justice. Help us send a message to Chief Mayweather that we will no longer tolerate his corrupt regime, and that we demand the release of our brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers and children held in cruel captivity. Let's stand together and show him that the power of the people will not be denied!

499 From: Knight Esposito, Training Sergeant To: Sr Knight Wilson, Training C.O. Subject: The Belmonte Incident I take full responsibility for Squire Belmonte's letter home. I make no excuses. I want to point out, however, that operational security and procedures was covered twice during training. But clearly, the subject needs considerably more emphasis. I will endeavor, going forward, to drill this into my cadets accordingly. Ad victoriam.BoSTrainingCamp_SecurityReprimandNote
500 Lt. Thomas - Action Report 2140 hours, 3/10/95 Mission No. 23 Target: Brim Quarry Yas, Garrett, Dustin, Omar, and myself began our assault on Brim Quarry at sunset, approximately 1915 hours today. Our scout reports indicated an amount of hostiles that were too close for our peace of mind. We encountered moderate numbers of, well we aren't sure what to make of them; they appear to be bipeds wearing those old heavy miner suits. They grunt and shriek like monsters, but we find wallets, keys, watches...I don't know if I'll ever understand all the horrors of this new world. Results: camp at the quarry's summit was secured. All hostiles eliminated. 1 casualty: Garrett. Dustin tried to console us, said it was likely painless. Gone before he hit the ground. Still, he had just turned 20. The kid didn't know anything beyond this hell of a world. It made him strong. Just a kid, but willing to fight and die to help others. He deserved better. I expected the fire to draw the rest of them at the top of the quarry, but nothing came. Like other reports indicate, they don't seem to feel or care about anything. They can't be human, at least not anymore. We buried Garrett near some crates in the shipping yard. It was the least we could do for him. At sunrise, we attack the enemies uphill. The team knows what we'll find up there. Before this, when I was a Fire Lieutenant in Charleston, the first thing we taught rookies was to walk into the flames fearlessly. It's something I've tried to instill in the Fire Breathers and my squad. Whatever flames are at the top of this quarry, we'll be ready.POI275_ActionReport

TESTING POSTCARD 03 NOTE Use these settings for this image: World Art: props/noteripped_lowpoly.nif Material Swap: Note_PostcardLow03 InventoryArt: HighPoly_Note_Postcard03 Preview Transform: MiscNote03_Torn Text Offset X: 0 Y: 0

502Dear Bill, Hope all is well. I'm sorry for writing, but it's been hard to get my calls through at your new school. Rocky is having a difficult time. He's dying of old age, sleeps a lot, blind. We think it's his final days. We are thinking of putting him down to relieve his suffering... We will pay for your bus ticket to come back home and say goodbye to your old pup. Call us anytime. Love, Mom LC095_VTUPostcardNote01





*** LAST AND FINAL NOTICE *** FLAVIA STABO 809 Main Street Grafton, WV





TESTING ENVELOPE 01 NOTE Use these settings for this image: World Art: props/note_classified.nif

Material Swap: Note_EnvelopeLow01 InventoryArt: HighPoly_Note_Envelope01 Preview Transform: MiscNote03_Torn Text Offset X: 0 Y: 0


TESTING ENVELOPE 02 NOTE Use these settings for this image: World Art: props/note_classified.nif

Material Swap: Note_EnvelopeLow02 InventoryArt: HighPoly_Note_Envelope01 Preview Transform: MiscNote03_Torn Text Offset X: 0 Y: 0


TESTING ENVELOPE 02 NOTE Use these settings for this image: World Art: props/note_classified.nif

Material Swap: Note_EnvelopeLow02 InventoryArt: HighPoly_Note_Envelope01 Preview Transform: MiscNote03_Torn Text Offset X: 0 Y: 0


TESTING BERKELEY SPRINGS POSTCARD NOTE Use these settings for this image: World Art: interface/note/Postcard_LowPoly01.nif Material Swap: Note_PostcardBerkeleySprings01LowPoly InventoryArt: HighPoly_Note_Postcard_BerkeleySprings01 Preview Transform: MiscNote03_Torn Text Offset X: 175 Y: 35


TESTING BERKELEY SPRINGS POSTCARD NOTE Use these settings for this image: World Art: interface/note/Postcard_LowPoly01.nif Material Swap: Note_PostcardBerkeleySprings02LowPoly InventoryArt: HighPoly_Note_Postcard_BerkeleySprings02 Preview Transform: MiscNote03_Torn Text Offset X: 175 Y: 35


TESTING DOLLY SODS 02 POSTCARD NOTE Use these settings for this image: World Art: interface/note/Postcard_LowPoly01.nif Material Swap: Note_PostcardDollySods02LowPoly InventoryArt: HighPoly_Note_Postcard_DollySods02 Preview Transform: MiscNote03_Torn Text Offset X: 175 Y: 35


TESTING DOLLY SODS POSTCARD NOTE Use these settings for this image: World Art: interface/note/Postcard_LowPoly01.nif Material Swap: Note_PostcardDollySods01LowPoly InventoryArt: HighPoly_Note_Postcard_DollySods01 Preview Transform: MiscNote03_Torn Text Offset X: 175 Y: 35


TESTING FREDDY FEARS POSTCARD NOTE Use these settings for this image: World Art: interface/note/Postcard_LowPoly01.nif Material Swap: Note_PostcardFreddyFears01LowPoly InventoryArt: HighPoly_Note_Postcard_FreddyFears01 Preview Transform: MiscNote03_Torn Text Offset X: 175 Y: 35


TESTING HARPERS FERRY POSTCARD NOTE Use these settings for this image: World Art: interface/note/Postcard_LowPoly01.nif Material Swap: Note_PostcardHarpersFerry01LowPoly InventoryArt: HighPoly_Note_Postcard_HarpersFerry01 Preview Transform: MiscNote03_Torn Text Offset X: 175 Y: 35


TESTING HARPERS FERRY POSTCARD NOTE Use these settings for this image: World Art: interface/note/Postcard_LowPoly01.nif Material Swap: Note_PostcardHarpersFerry01LowPoly InventoryArt: HighPoly_Note_Postcard_HarpersFerry01 Preview Transform: MiscNote03_Torn Text Offset X: 175 Y: 35


TESTING HARPERS FERRY02 POSTCARD NOTE Use these settings for this image: World Art: interface/note/Postcard_LowPoly01.nif Material Swap: Note_PostcardHarpersFerry02LowPoly InventoryArt: HighPoly_Note_Postcard_HarpersFerry02 Preview Transform: MiscNote03_Torn Text Offset X: 175 Y: 35


TESTING PUMPKIN HOUSE POSTCARD NOTE Use these settings for this image: World Art: interface/note/Postcard_LowPoly01.nif Material Swap: Note_PostcardPumpkinHouse01LowPoly InventoryArt: HighPoly_Note_Postcard_PumpkinHouse01 Preview Transform: MiscNote03_Torn Text Offset X: 175 Y: 35


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TESTING UNCANNY CAVERNS POSTCARD NOTE Use these settings for this image: World Art: interface/note/Postcard_LowPoly01.nif Material Swap: Note_PostcardUncannyCavernLow01 InventoryArt: HighPoly_Note_PostcardUncannyCavern Preview Transform: MiscNote03_Torn Text Offset X: 175 Y: 35


TESTING VALLEY GALLERIA POSTCARD NOTE Use these settings for this image: World Art: interface/note/Postcard_LowPoly01.nif Material Swap: Note_PostcardValleyGalleria01LowPoly InventoryArt: HighPoly_Note_PostcardValleyGalleria01 Preview Transform: MiscNote03_Torn Text Offset X: 175 Y: 35


October 8, 2077

Dad, You're probably pretty mad right now. I suppose you have a right to be. This is a mess. I'm no golf course architect. I don't know the first thing about golf. The robots kept hounding me, so I scribbled something on a napkin and left them to it. I appreciate everything you've done for me, but I don't want to take over your business. Stop trying to drag me into it. I'm a nuclear engineer, Dad. Not a gardener. I've spent the summer working on my dissertation. It's done. I'm heading back to CIT to present my defense. And then I'm never setting foot on a golf course again. Ryan Ainsley
522When Maxson first told us of the Brotherhood, I don't think I was alone thinking he lost it. It made no sense. But time passed. Every time the radio flared up with a transmission from Lost Hills, the communications room filled up. Everyone sat around. We listened. I've had years to think about it. And it doesn't matter what you call a man. It matters what you do. We are fighting for a vision of a future where we conquer this land. Where we keep the means of causing another Armageddon out of the hands of the barbarians around us. I may have laughed then, but I'm not laughing now. I am a Knight of the Brotherhood of Steel. And my mission will not be denied.BoS_Defiance_IAmKnightNote
523October 22, 2077 TO: James Wilcox On behalf of the Board of Directors, I wish to inform you that your employment with The Whitespring has been terminated, effective immediately. The Board wishes to thank you for your ten years of dedicated service, including the successful implementation of the Ironclad Service program. Beginning tomorrow, your duties will be assumed by HM-22, 'Stratford'. Sincerely, Wilbur Ainsley President & CEO The WhitespringLC060_WhitespringTerminationNotice
524 Alexis - I hope you can forgive me for this. I know we've had our differences over the years about methodology and R&D, but we've always agreed that Marketing is an evil force in the Nuka-Cola world. I can't let them experiment on innocent bystanders, so i've taken the arsenic and mercury and strontium-90 and all the rest of it and gone home to Sutton. Hoping you understand - ClaraBMO_BunkerNote03_Lockernote
526 Eddie - I took my keys with me on the Scout's retreat. You'll have to grab the spare key from the box up on the hill. Sorry about the inconvenience. - BillBMO_BunkerNote05_SparekeyNote
527 I need to sit down, just for a minute. The fever gets better when I close my eyes, but my mouth won't stay moist no matter how much I drink. I thought the safety guy at the power plant was being straight with me when he said that there wouldn't be any lasting effects from the lake... I just, the thought of those boys going like this, I can't... just wish I was back at the mining station...BMO_BunkerNote05_LuggageNote
528 If you find this, help as many people as you can - I set up a deprogramming station at the Bunker that Sugar Grove kept its records and files. Find the survivors and get their heads right. What we did was necessary but wrong. Hopefully this is a step towards reversing the damage we've done.BMO_BunkerNote06_GuardNote02
529 Look, it's true - the rumors and speculation about Sugar Grove. There's more going on there than even the basic spying and gross violations of privacy; what they're doing now isn't what I signed on for. I'm doing my best to counter them, but it's hell out here and they won't stop pursuing me until they've erased every mention that I even existed. Headed out in the morning. - XBMO_BunkerNote06_GuardNote01
530 Mike, I'm coming down to see the latest artifact as soon as I can. I'd like to bring an expert with me, a Mr. Christopher Weed. I trust him, but a background check might be in order. We're getting close to the truth. Regards, TrevorBMO_BunkerNote02_CabinNote_01
531 Mom, I'm so sorry that my research got you addicted to this... swill. I'll get revenge on the bastards in marketing that did this, I swear to you. I love you and I miss you so much - ClaraBMO_BunkerNote03_MomGoodbyeNoteSutton
532 Stranger, You walk on hallowed ground. We who died here were the Brotherhood of Steel. We fought to the last to kill the Scorches threat. After we fall, God have mercy on us all. If by some miracle the skies clear, the ground becomes safe... and people walk here again. Please, return the holotags of our brave comrades to these gravestones and give our brethren the peace they've earned. Ad victoriam, Knight Wilson Squire Evelyn Squire Belmonte and the restBoS_GraveNote
533 Sugarplum - I'm headed down to the lakeside to see if I can scrounge up some food and water. I'm taking Pumpkin with me, we should be back by noon. Hopefully I'll be back before you wake up. Love, PoppasPOI_TransmissionTowerNote
534 The vault is flooded with creatures unlike any we've ever seen. We haven't been able to enter the main vault We're going to open the security doors and try and clear out the vault manually but what we can see is horrific. This has been a If there's anyone out there still alive, know that we did our best to fulfill the Vault-Tec Mission. Post Tenebras Lux, The remaining staff of Vault 96v96_LastStandNote
535 To: All Full-Time Marketing Team Members From: R. Marcus Taylor Re: Vacation This is a reminder that I will be on vacation with my family in Watoga for the next two weeks. For all Marketing and R&D related matters, please contact Pat Walker Best, MarcusBMO_BunkerNote03_MarketingMemo
536 Tommy, Knight Wilson says we're deploying tomorrow. Graduation's early. Fort Defiance needs men now, apparently. I know you don't approve of my decision to come here. But everyone's got the Brotherhood wrong. There's an army of Scorched in the Bog. It's not lies, I've seen the Scorchbeasts with my own eyes. You should come, we need you. It's hard to sleep knowing I'm heading in. Training's one thing, but we'll be fighting for real in days. Makes sense to me Defiance is the old Allegheny Asylum. Lord knows, we have to be crazy to go there. I know it won't mean anything to you, Tommy, but Ad Victoriam. For all our sakes, Ad Victoriam. -BBoS01_TrainingCamp_Note
537 Whoever finds this... This is... as far as I could make it on foot. There aren't a lot of supplies in this area and I can't walk much further... drank some water from a stream and I think it was bad. My family was attacked by one of the research assistants from work, I thought I knew my people, but I guess you never know. She got my son before I managed to put her down. I never wanted to kill anybody, and I never wanted to die like this. If you get this note, tell my wife I loved her. - Rich TaylorBMO_BunkerNote03_CrazyLadyWatoga
53808-18-95Generators out of fuel. With all the Scorchbeasts, not sure how long the boys at Thunder Mountain can hold out. If the AAAs go down... we're all dead. For anyone that reads this, know I tried my best. We all did. The Brotherhood of Steel held the line as long as we possibly could. But the Scorchbeasts keep on coming. I'm running out of time. So please listen, if the Scorchbeasts are still a threat, you need to get to the top floor. The security doors are top of the line military security - find a way past them. Do what we failed to do. Stop the Scorchbeasts. Power's flickering. Have to go. In the end, I get it. Ad victoriam. -Scribe GrantBoS01_EndNote
539GOVERNMENT ID APPLICATION (DMV-AT-21C) Charleston Department of Motor Vehicles Post Office Box 27000 Purpose: Use this form to request valid government ID Instructions: Head to Section B and hand this to the DMV personnel NAME: PROFESSION: ADDRESS: 1203 GRAPE STREET AUTHORIZED BY THE OFFICE OF THE GOVERNORBoS02_ApplicationFormStamped
540GOVERNMENT ID APPLICATION (DMV-AT-21C) Charleston Department of Motor Vehicles Post Office Box 27000 Purpose: Use this form to request valid government ID Instructions: Head to Section B and hand this to the DMV personnel NAME: PROFESSION: ADDRESS: BoS02_ApplicationForm
541GOVERNMENT ID EXCEPTION (DMV-AT-21C-V) Charleston Department of Motor Vehicles Post Office Box 27000 Purpose: A waiver for discrepancy types 3A, 3C, and 4X Instructions: Return to Section B and hand this to the DMV personnel 21C documentation. NAME: PROFESSION: ADDRESS: 21C-V Amendment: ADDRESS: 1203 GRAPE STREET The above-mentioned exception has been granted by the County Clerk's Office. The 21C-V form is valid for thirty (30) business days after time of issuance.BoS02_ApplicationFormV



TO: LT E TAGGERDY SUMMARY: Your Unit (now specified as FRIENDLY) is ordered to act as US Special Forces deployed behind the lines in an unspecified Chinese province. You are tasked with Sabotaging target Armored Personnel Carrier. Secondary objective is to gather CHINESE FIELD INTELLIGENCE. Although stealth is advised and preferred, FRIENDLY can achieve objectives in any manner. There are two (2) detachments of Marines posing as HOSTILE Chinese Forces. For the duration of this operation FRIENDLY must act on its own initiative. Further details in supplemental booklet.


543Arrived at Appalachia. It's beautiful. Safe. The Thunder's treating the whole thing as an extended field trip. Asked Wilson to knock some sense into them. A favorable Performance Evaluation could mean choice assignments in upcoming offensive. These War Games are being monitored closely. It feels like something big is around the corner. I sympathize with the men, though. Man, it's good to be back in America. And after the games a two week furlough. De Silva grew up around here, she's offered to show us around the local watering holes. But mission first.BoS_SpruceKnob_TaggerdyJournal01Note
544Responders don't know shit. Every night, there's more of them in the sky. Brotherhood warned them, warned us all. "Defiance has fallen," they said. What the hell's that mean? Supplies running low. May try to get to Abbie way over the mountain. Free States have gotta know more. Sammy, you read this - get to Abbie - straight east of the Red Rocket Megastop. She knows the Brotherhood of Steel better than anyone. May angels look after you, because sure as shit nothing else will.BoS01_BreadCrumbNote_IsolatedCabin
545The radio chatters of madness and death. And most of all: chaos. No one's in charge. Moreno picked up some government transmissions out of Charleston. But no military command. We're supposed to re-establish the chain of command. But after what Maxson said... Could our government really be using military prisoners as test subjects? Injecting them with experimental serums like human guinea pigs... I can't believe it. I'm going off book here, but the first priority is survive. Gather supplies. Hunker down and make it through the winter. De Silva says there's a survival training camp NE of here. Hopefully we can come to some arrangement. The next time a storm hits us we set out. If we do it right no one will even know see us.BoS_SpruceKnob_TaggerdyJournal02Note

At our Alma Mater stands a boy, gray & cold The steps behind him are the first threshold Around the right corner, study the street Just to the left is the place that we meet There you can stain your skin with ink But find the back door & we'll get you a drink


May 4th, 2096

Dearest Janet, Oh, how I miss you. I miss your sly smile you'd always wear. I miss the warmth of one of your long hugs. I can still remember how happy we were living together back then, even though now I can't remember your face. I am so, so sorry Janet. I should have trusted you and walked into that Vault holding your hand. Every day for the last 20-odd years I've been kicking myself for making such a stupid, stupid mistake. It's a hellhole out here. Anyway, this is me finally saying goodbye. And that I'll never forget you, honey. It's getting real real bad here. I've been waiting for that Vault to open so long now and see your bright, smiling face again. But I can't wait no longer. I've got to move on. I should have never taken that job in D.C. Good luck, Janet. Goodbye. And happy birthday Princess.

Always yours, James

548 Hi Markus! Just sending you good luck and best wishes on your exams today. Can't wait to see you next week. Love, Adrian xoxo LC095_VTUPostcardNote05
549 Deer Uncle Deedee We miss You we are very prowd of you i LOV E YOU ! LOVE, MADDY!! LC095_VTUPostcardNote04
550 Hi Daddy!! Mommy helped me write this letter to you I hope you like it she is helping me with my letters and spelling I HOPE YOU LIKE IT I love you! This is your dahter E L I Z A BE T H LC095_VTUPostcardNote03
551Dammit, Janet! A Post-Apocalyptic Culinary Review by Glen Ramos. I stumbled across Lady Janet Soft Serve while doing a piece on hidden food gems in Appalachia. The humble establishment, which got its beginnings serving the rural farm families local to the region, had garnered quite the following. Having made it's name as the new trendy teen hangout spot, it was common occurrence on the weekends to see a line stretch down the 94. Lady Janet's popularity can still be seen today, as evidenced by hordes of irradiated 'teens' that still frequent it. As for the ice cream? Well, upon my return I found much more alcohol than ice cream which should tell you all you need to know. 2 stars. POI175_LadyJanetSoftServeReview
552Dear Mom and Dad, VTU has been wonderful so far. All of the students are just as excited and eager as I am. I was so happy to receive your care package the other day. I am really enjoying the assortment ofLC095_VTUPostcardNote06
553Five-Star General A Post-Apocalyptic Culinary Review by Glen Ramos. Being one of the few fine-dining destinations in Appalachia, General's Steakhouse was always a treat to visit. Even after the restaurant was forced to change its menu due to shortages of quality beef, the restaurants proprietor, Milo, did an expert job crafting a palette of 'down home Southern fare'. I must admit though, I never cared much for the General's clientele. Too many uppity tech types from RobCo trying to one-up each other on pretentiousness. These days, the Steakhouse attracts a more pleasant, less pompous crowd, despite their shriveled appearance and ravenous lust for my flesh. 4 stars. LC049_GeneralsSteakhouseReview
554Red Rocket Please Stop A Post-Apocalyptic Culinary Review by Glen Ramos. I earned my cooking chops from my time as a personal chef on yachts off the East Coast. It solidified my belief that food is an art; it requires passion and creativity. So when my food critic pal, Jerry, told me about a fully automated kitchen that produced the perfect burger, bio-engineered ingredients, precise proportions, flawlessly seared beef, I was very skeptical. Upon the first bite my eyes watered: it was the best burger I'd ever had. The juice, the texture, the flavors! Of course, I quickly spat it out and made my best 'disgusted' face. I have a reputation to uphold, after all. Three Stars. LC127_RedRocketMegaStopReview
555 Dearest Sybil, I am so very proud to hear of your accomplishments at your new school. You are the very first woman in our generation to go to college. Always know I love you and am so happy for you and your future. Hugs and kisses, Grandma Davey LC095_VTUPostcardNote08
556Dear Alisha, Been thinking a lot about you. We are so proud. Good luck with your first semester at Vault-Tec U! You were always a smart cookie!! Love, Mom + Dad LC095_VTUPostcardNote02
557Hey Snake, Boss Thorpe sent Karla, Hawke, Bones and me down to man the checkpoint on the old highway. It ain't bad. Real solid built, prime location. Stories about this place give me the creeps, though. You hear about Mack's crew? Hawke said they were all wiped out one night, no warning at all, just some lone assassin. Brody was the only survivor. Had to limp all the way back to Pleasant Valley. Sure feel better with a crack shot like you on our side. It's been slim pickings so far, but I'm sure there'll be some caravans through here once the weather turns. You want in on this?

- Jake

558I just got reassigned to Defiance to keep an eye on the Sierra Bravos. This, at least, I believe in. But the rest? The more Maxson spouts about the Brotherhood this and that, it makes me want to take off like Madigan did. Instead of focusing on helping people, we're abandoning people. Worse, I heard rumors we're straight up robbing farmers and Responders for food and munitions. How are we different from the Raiders? But I can't leave. The Bravos and the Scorched - they're a real threat. To everyone. So there's no way out.BoS_Defiance_NoWayOutNote
559Snake - You sure you don't want in? Hawke said those girls never hit the same checkpoint twice. That makes North safer than wherever it is they have you these days. Think on it, all right?

- Jake

560Beckley Camp Directions Park near my car Head due east beyond the big tree Go over the little gully that leads into the lake Look for my old tentP01B_Mini_Random03_Book_Directions


CURRENT CODES: PUMP ALPHA: PUMP BETA: PUMP GAMMA: PUMP DELTA: INSTRUCTIONS: The Vault 94 Flood Control Pumps and Pump Control Station are located in the Agriculture Wing. Enter the codes into the keypads in each pump room in order to restart the pumps.


CURRENT CODES: PRIMARY REACTOR: SECONDARY REACTOR: INSTRUCTIONS: Enter the reactor reset codes into the designated keypads in order to proceed with the emergency restart procedure.


In Vault 94, water pressurization is regulated by the flood control pumps in the Agriculture Wing. In the event of a loss of water pressure to one or more Utility Rooms, enter the code listed below to recalibrate the specified pump(s). If pressure is already within normal parameters, the recalibration code will be rejected. PUMP ALPHA: PUMP BETA: PUMP GAMMA: PUMP DELTA:

--- VAULT 96 ---

565TO: All You Fuckers FROM: Tony Lagren SUBJ: Intranet DATE: 11/18/86 Yeah, I know the Intranet's on the fritz again. I'm on it. If we ever find the bastard who installed this cut-rate piece of shit, I'll throttle him with his own coax. I'm probably gonna have to wipe the damn user logs again. If you get locked out of your terminal, come see me in the main lodge for a password reset. Until then, if you need to talk to someone, get off your ass and go find them.MoM03RaiderSysadminNote
566VAULT 96 EMERGENCY DECONTAMINATION PROCEDURE RZ-812 INTENDED USE In the aftermath of a Class-II reactor meltdown, the Engineering Wing of your Vault will remain highly radioactive for several hundred years. While engineering personnel are advised to wear Hazmat Suits at all times, this may not be practical for all Vault residents. This procedure will vent decontamination mist throughout the Engineering Wing and reduce the risk of immediate death from brief exposure. PROCEDURE DETAILS At each Decontamination Station: 1. 2. 3. 4. Once all stations have been overridden, use the terminals at each station to initiate the procedure. MAINTENANCE ACCESS CODE Vault 96: DECONTAMINATION CONTROL CODES Station 1: Station 2: Station 3: Station 4: Station 5: Station 6: Station 7: MANUAL OVERRIDE SEQUENCE CODES 0: 1: 2: 3: 4: 5: 6: V96_1_Engineering_DecontaminationCodePage
567Tony, Brody said his girl came through. He has the tape. Head over to his room and start digging. If this really is what he claims it is, we can finally put an end to this 'Order of Mysteries'. ThorpeMoM03ClueNote01
568 My dear Patricia, Have to thank you for the help with my wardrobe. Piano sales are up, up, UP since I started letting you dress me. Ol' Julian is looking stylish! Had a nice elderly lady the other day buy two Steindorf's after hearing one of my performances. Two! Can you believe my luck? Said she was going to give them as gifts to her grandkids. CINDY chimed in with "oh, grands for your grandkids?". You wouldn't believe how long we both laughed! - Julian PriceSF06_JuliansNote
569 The schematics should be pretty self-explanatory, even to someone without any experience with electronics. Needs specialized parts: SMU-97 Transponder -98 NAR Regional manifest suggests part may be present RCX01-A39 Duplexer -airplane wreck, now part of Horizon's Rest The array's a government facility, so they had some pretty weird equipment specs. If you can't find the parts, we'll have to find out who made them and who knows if those facilities exist anymore. Cross your fingers. Once assembled, the repeater module can be inserted into an array auxiliary slot, but you'll need to divert power to it through the array control system.MTNS01_RespondersNote01
570Burnt Ends A Post-Apocalyptic Culinary Review by Glen Ramos. Big Fred's BBQ Shack was quite the misnomer. Despite the prefix, Big Fred wasn't that big. As I remember, the man stood 5 foot 10 inches and looked to weigh 180 pounds; lovely gentleman. And contrary to the humble images the word 'shack' brings forth, Big Fred's made the best rack of ribs I've ever tasted. In these dark days, creative culinaries are exploring new methods with a meat source that's... readily available. I must say, their rendition of ribs is quite good, but it doesn't compare to Big Fred's. Five stars. POI080_BigFredsBBQReview
571It's been so long since communication fell with Elder Maxson and Lost Hills. Paladin Taggerdy's amazing, she truly is. But I miss the Elder. I remember sitting in Camp Venture and he had a vision. Of some way through this hell on Earth to something approaching what we lost. I can't imagine a better general than Paladin Taggerdy but what I'd give to sit down and listen one more time to the old man tell us of what could be.BoS_Defiance_NoSatellitesNotes
572- October 14, 2077 - Ian went to Charleston today to ask for another loan. The bank turned him down again. I'm not sure what we'll do now. We knew this year might be rough, but I doubt we can even pick a hundred bushels from the trees outside. Those oil traps didn't do much to stop our moth problem, and we can't afford enough insecticide without some serious help. I don't know where we can get that kind of money. No matter what, this fall's crop is mostly gone.OrwellOrchards_Note01
573Yeah, I can't believe it either. To think a couple of girls in that crazy getup carried out all those hits. I mean, sure, I've killed a couple of people. Roughed up a lot more. But their body count must be off the charts! And we never even caught a glimpse of them before this! Still, you have to admit, it's pretty funny. To think we've been cowering from a couple of teenagers in halloween costumes. The Diehards must be laughing their asses off.MoM03ClueNote03
574 They took him. They took my dog. I'm going to get Rufus back. I'll probably die. But I'll die by his side until the end. If you're reading this, pour one out for me and my boy. We tried to stay out of the way. But this nightmare swallowed us whole. Signed, DavePOI203_LookoutTower08Note
575 V.E.S.T. WILDERNESS SURVIVAL PLANNING - Let your home team know your plan: - WHO are you with - WHEN do you plan to return - HOW you are getting around - WHAT kind of equipment you have with you - Stick to your plan; if you deviate from it make sure you update your home team. - Bring double the amount of food and water you expect to use - Exercise good judgement. If you feel lost or injured, get to safety immediately and seek assistance.SurvivalTrainingCenter_Pamphlet01
576 V.E.S.T. WILDERNESS SURVIVAL PLANNING CRITICAL EXPEDITION EQUIPMENT CHECKLIST - Two days worth of food per day for the duration of your outing. - Multitool - Sharp pocketknife - Large machete - first aid kit - waterproof matches - a flashlight - a hand-crank rechargeable radio - bags for garbage and human waste - a camera to capture fun moments and beautiful vistas - a sense of optimism!SurvivalTrainingCenter_Pamphlet02
577Slocum's Woes A Post-Apocalyptic Culinary Review by Glen Ramos. I'll be honest with you. If one good thing came out of this god-forsaken apocalypse, it's that I'll never have to drink a cup of Slocum's Joe coffee again. Having to look a Slocum's Joe employee in the eyes, hand them my 28 dollars, and thank them for the stale, acidic rubbish they'd just given me was a fate worse than nuclear hellfire. One star. POI236_SlocumJoesReview
578Had the senior staff meeting today. I guess we should still call it that. Tex, Wilson, and I. All that's left. So many empty bunks. Through Tadderdy's laser grid I can just make out that old squad photo. Weber? Went on patrol and never came back. De Silva checked out in Huntersville. Taggerdy and Moreno MIA after Operation Touchdown. It took three Scorchbeasts to take down Esposito. So the Thunder's just Wilson and I. Soon there won't even be that.BoS_Defiance_LastThunderNote
579Jeff, you left your keys at the garage. I've got them at my house (the one uphill from the garage,) next to the door. Let yourself in to grab them if I'm not there. Don't forget to pick them up when you get your truck.

Rich Wilson.

Oh, and thanks for the Mothman Poster!
580Kerry, Got some new intel. One of the girls will be out your way on Thursday. Get word to Char and his boys in Big Bend; you're going to need backup. Stake out Lewisburg. Set up an ambush. Find a good sniper nest. And don't underestimate her: if she gets a chance to react, you're all dead. Don't screw this up.

- Brody

581Little Bo Peep has lost her sheep and doesn't know where to find them. Leave them alone and they'll come home, wagging their tales behind them.ZZZP01b_Mini_Robot01_BlacksheepCode
582They're always watching. You'd think they'd take a break or something, but they just keep throwing them over one after the other, laughing like children playing a game of tag. I was lucky getting this far, but even if I survive the drop they'll spot me for sure. Should I risk it?ADV012SkeletonsNote
583Yo! You freaked out about all those 'mysterious assassins' slinking around in the shadows? Afraid your crew is going to be hit next? Your old pal Harvey has just the thing. Missile Launcher to the face! One shot from my little beauty, and all that's left of that girl will be a smokin' crater. I'm looking for a new gig. Double cut of the loot, and I'm yours. Hit me up if you wanna talk. HarveyMoM03ClueNote02
584A mooned wood mooning room in wooded woods sharp rocks under ramp patches and raspberry thorns I run quickly through the dark feeling my way into the blacker space let loose the spiced egg batch without sitting down I'm a gunner in a bomber languidly turning above the Cumulous raining death with American precisionUntitledPoem03
585Distant guns repeated booms which run down hills more familiar than morning crickets or complaining Brahmin I return fire without looking bored sending hot metal up the slope with no burden of a target a mind to care an act of simply acting, movement for no other sake like a small silent puddle pooling in the dust it is the emptiness that saves us allUntitledPoem04
586Rusted pipes piled high long dead jumble of dropped gambles carried through every door in tight pockets sealed lips dirty swings caps stuck in the frame rubbed glossy Each face dusty with the same mud caked on cake gone on a cloud of flies the only reminder of nature reclaiming every tiny spaceUntitledPoem01
587white cedar leaning against the shadow of our river peeling like asylum walls hobbled together around dignity that died long ago simple things to jumpstart fogged memories holed as teeth hidden in tin we leave our things pinned winning only the stuck wingsUntitledPoem02
588You hear about the ambush down in Lewisburg? Another one of those girls. They had the drop on her, and she still managed to take out half of Kerry's crew before they brought her down. Got the old man himself, too. He still owed me for poker last week. Think there are any caps left in his stash?MoM03ClueNote05
589 Shell, I don't want our last days together to be filled my with my "nagging," (as Calvin puts it), so I'm writing a few things down for you to read later... REMINDERS: - Wash your whites separately. Remember that time you threw your red socks in? - If you have to wash your more delicate "unmentionables," remember to dry them with LOW HEAT -- you wouldn't want to ruin them. - Don't forget to use the calendar to keep track of LAUNDRY DAY! And most of all, remember I'll always love your brother and you, my little Shell-bell! - MomP01B_Lying02_LaundryNote
590Security Code: W H E R E I S I T ? - Office (NO!) - Store (NO!) - Calvin's room (WHAT IS THAT WEIRD NOTE?) - My room...? (NO!) - Basement (I GUESS SO...?) W H O ? Blacksheep Wolf Bo-Peep Calvin... Is this some kind of joke? What happened to you? -Shelley P01B_Lying_LocationList

Dear Stevie Cracked into the Vault Registry. It doesn't look good. Tell mom not to accept. I'm coming back home. See you soon Mills

592Dear Nurse Maria, Thank you for saving my daddy when he got hurt by the big bugs. I'm glad he didn't have to go and join mommy in heaven yet. I'm really happy the Responders are here to help people like my daddy and other people. One day I want to grow up and join the Responders too and I want to learn to shoot so I can get revenge on the bugs. Thank you Katelyn O'BrianCharleston_Lore_ResponderThankYouNote

Congratulations Victor H. Hibbe

You are the official winner of the annual Vault-Tec University Student Leadership Awards! To receive your commemorative plaque, please visit our office in the main campus building. Thank you! Office of Student Affairs, Vault-Tec U
594Dear Finder of this note, If you have found this, obviously, I am dead, but my two cats ARE NOT. If you have any heart, please seek out Harpers Ferry and resume care over my precious Lula and Misty, or notify someone who will... Suggestions for responsible parties: Niraj or Abbie Singh, Tyra VanBuren, or Cassandra Roberts. People to stay away from AT ALL COSTS: Charlie Walker. Warning: If Misty bites you, it's a sign of love.SFL02_Track_CourtneyBook
595Dear Sandy, Today I woke up, and you were gone. Somehow, I know I won't be far behind. These past four years have been the happiest of my life. The world's gone crazy down below, but up here, our crops are thriving. Your flowers are still blooming. Some days, I think I can even forget. I will see you again soon, my love. GeraldLookoutTower06Note
596I've gone to Camden Park to meet our buyer. Doug, I've taken your key to the West door. I'm sorry, but I can't keep retuning to find new damage just because you can't resist taking our little project out for a spin. The buyer's a military type. He wants to make the trade while riding the Widow Maker. No idea why - I think he's living out some spy fantasy. Fine by me. I've wanted to try that ride since I was a kid.NewRiverGorgeBridgeNote0
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Shopping list

more beer smokes meat paper plates, napkins beans


Will and Testament

I, Jeremiah Ward, resident in the town of Flatwoods, county of... not sure. Being of sound mind, and not acting under... duress. Mostly. Hereby declare this letter to be my last will and testament. Mia gets the house, and everything in it. It ain't much but that's all I got to give and... she's all I got. I know she's still alive. The Responders say the dogs got her, but I know it ain't true. They been real good to us. Teachin an old geezer like me how to really cook is something. I'll give em that. But I know they lyin about those dogs. I seen em in the hills. There's some bad folk scoping us out. They took my granddaughter. I just know it. I'll get you back, Mia. I promise.


Equipment Check-out Sheet

Please keep this list up to date at all times until we get a terminal set up to track this.

* Soil Testing Kit Checked out by Delbert Winters. * Air Quality Testing Kit Transferred to Morgantown Airport. * Water Testing Kit: Checked out by Kesha McDermott - behind the church. * Metabolizer: Available.



Volunteers Needed! We need people to feed and shelter survivors. Use the Volunteer Kiosks in the Tavern to get signed up. We'll train you to do everything and we'll provide you with food and armor to stay strong. JOBS Kitchen Cook: Too many mouths, not enough cooks. Contact Delbert. Archivist:Need someone to catalog holotapes. See Dassa. COMMUNITY Cows: Can we talk about them at the next town meeting? It's getting weird. Personal Cook-off:You won the chili contest & my heart. Hotel suite 8pm.


The Responders Outpost of Flatwoods chartered by Responder Dassa Ben-Ami hereby awards


The Certificate of Absolutely Basic Survival Skills in recognition of the completion of the requisite courses of study in the Responder Survival Volunteer Program

Dassa Ben-Ami Flatwoods Camp Supervisor



TESTER: Volunteer Candidate (Colonel) RESULTS: Germ Profile ............ HIGH * Recognized bacterial groups ----- FW05-FW10 * Mutated bacterial groups --------- FW01-FW04 * New Unidentified bacteria -------- FW11-FW15 Radiation Levels ........ EXTREME Particulate Granules .... PEBBLE + Acidity .................... UNSAFE Pharmaceuticals ......... HIGH CONCLUSION: Water is unsafe for drinking unless boiled thoroughly.


Raymond, Just drop off the supplies in my tent and wait here. DO NOT walk around with the bait on you! I just went up the hill a bit to check on the cave again.I think the Beast had pups, I could hear squeaks. Stay safe, sit tight. I'll be back ASAP! -Janelle


Raymond, You need to write a letter to the Van Lowes ASAP and tell them that we are working on their order. We'll get them something that's worth their time. We will! I saw Calvin in town earlier and he seemed distracted. Weird. I don't know how to describe it. He wasn't interested in the Buckula or the Gorzilla at all. You used to be friends with Calvin, right? I don't know if he's got problems in general or just with me, but I need you to try to talk with him. -Janelle


INVOICE: 188002 ACCOUNT: Priblo Curios STATUS: Delivered ======================== ORDER: 20x Smarty's Bait Traps @199ea 12x "Smarty's Big Critter Bait" @99ea ======================== CREDIT: $385 prepaid by Van Lowe's GOLD CUSTOMER DISCOUNT: 3% ======================== CUSTOMER COMMENT: Deliver the extra bait in the cooler in the pick-up truck TOTAL DUE: $4639.51 PAID


Patient Name: "Buzz" Yates Complaint: Patient admitted at 9 PM complaining of upset stomach. Drank several containers of dirty water. Claims he likes the "earthy" taste. Symptoms: Patient experiencing extreme bowel discomfort, weakness, confusion. Barely alive. Treatment: Patient died before receiving treatment. Notes: Patient was too weak to survive a simple fall from his bed. Drinking so much dirty water reduced his physical strength considerably due to intense radiation damage and disease. While he didn't die of those issues, simply taking a slight injury caused his demise.


Guest in Room XXX requires the following: Last known collection of said items: Last known collection of said items: Once acquired, return to Whitespring front desk to collect room key.


Mr. Hanover, I got almost all of HR's files added to the archival systems downstairs, but with the stuff they're saying on the radio, I don't think I can stay any longer. I'm sorry for leaving early and I hope it won't affect my review, but I need to make sure my mom and dad are all right. Sorry, Mr. Hanover. - Greg


Mr. Hornwright, Our efforts at shuttering Garrahan Mining's "Excavator Suit" endeavor are nearly complete. Thanks to my team's "interventions" into the Man versus Machine competition, our Auto-Miners are now the talk of the region, while the Garrahan's stock price is in free fall. Now - the final step. From everything my advisors tell me, the tech behind the Excavator suits is solid. They say their mineral detection technology borders on revolutionary. There's an impressive amount of proprietary technology inside those walls; a hostile takeover of Garrahan Mining is the savvy move right now. A fleet of automated, nigh-indestructible Auto-Miners, armed with the capacity to independently seek out mineral wealth? That's the future, Daniel. That's how we beat AMS at their own game. We just need to be bold enough to do it. I would suggest we move quickly on this. Your "Motherlode" project will still be there once we establish ourselves as the premier industrial concern east of the Rockies. You say the word and I can have the board here within 24 hours to start talking strategy. I would also highly suggest you burn this document as soon as you've read it. Dutch Wharton Senior Vice President - Corporate Engagement Hornwright Industrial


Since 1938 The Giant Teapot Awarded the HIGHEST honors!

SWEETWATER BLEND TEAS possess a most delicate flavor and exquisite aroma that are perfectly suited to both a fine evening's entertaining and an afternoon's quiet repast.

Appalachia's finest! Visit The Giant Teapot today!


Delbert's "Appalachili"

- Get some tomatoes, the uglier the better - Add some beef, doesn't matter the quality - Just a handful of garden beans (not the canned junk!) - Add some cleaned up rainwater for the earth taste Mix it up real good then simmer over a fire for a good long while.


Delbert's Bunless Cramburger

- Scoop some cram into a bowl - Mix it up with an egg and water - Dab of ketchup or something Smash into patties and fry up as per normal. Get yourself a bun or lettuce or what-have-you and eat it up. Hallelujah!


Delbert's Company Tea

- Take a nice labrador tea - Add a dash of cream or milk - Add some whiskey for good measure - Add a splash of Nuka-Cola for some fizzle Made up for when company visits and wants to sit and chat about life. Give out a couple of good drinks and stop worrying so much.


Delbert's Corn Pone

- Some corn cobs, just roll the kernels off - Stir in one of the slimy big eggs from those crabby things in the river - Dabble in some of its filth water, boiled up - Crumble some sugar all over the top Mix it up real good then fry it up in a pan on the open fire. Praise and eat with a good side of whiskey!


Delbert's Delicious Deerskins

- Get a big deer, don't matter how - Slice the meat up as thin as can be - Wash it, cover hide in thistle and bourbon - Rub some charred grasses over it for flavor Fry it up on a firepit for the extra smokey flavor, and give Thanks to Him for such a bounty!


Delbert's Granny's Sweet Tea

- crush up some dried purple soot flowers - steep in boiled water with cranberries - just drop a bunch of sugar bombs in it, nobody will guess Good for that late day pick-me-up and praise!


Delbert's Mountain Hocks

- Get a couple bits of rat meat - Smash them together with sticky sap - Simmer it up in vodka Slap it on a griddle and cook til it bleeds out. Give thanks and chow down.


Delbert's Mud Cookie

- Mix up egg and stout until runny - Stir in your grain to stiffen - Add a dash of rough water for kick Cook up like a thick omelette, admire the heavy stout flavor. May get crispy if you like. Eat hot or cold, keeps well if you like the taste of waterlogged wood.


Delbert's Pothole Potpie

- Couple critters - Some of their natural dirt water - Cake crumbles Sing praise for this recipe here, because it'll keep you going when you can't go no more. Cook up your critters on the skillet, saute in a little of their own juices, then scoop into a tin and cover with cake crumbs. Bake until it smells right.


Delbert's Sunshine Oil

- Mash up a crop of blight for its oil - Crush some Sugar Bombs for flavor - Secret ingredient: Glowing Blood for that special kick Moonshine helps getcha to sleep, but Sunshine Oil keeps you awake and regular. Extra regular. If this don't keep you awake, you're probably dead!


Delbert's Sweet Labrador Tea

- Crush up some dried rhododendrons - Steep them with boiled water - Plunk a full honey comb in it - Add a couple berries for health Let it sit for a good long while, then add yourself some more honey. Just in case. Granny used this every day that things weren't moving quite right, or if she was in the doldrums. Fixed her right up.


Delbert's Tato Salad Surprise

- Chop up some tatos into cubes - Melt sugars in a husky water to get a brown molasses - Mix up and top with a handful of thistle Heat up til it's soft and hearty. Enough spit to give a kick in the patooter, and not a drop of booze!


Delbert's Traditional Chitlins

- Grind up some innards and meat from a wolf - Whisk some sap and water to get yourself a syrup After the bombs, most other innards don't hold up too well with the syrup. Wolves eat meat, so they're still chewy on the inside. Add syrup to make it almost like taffy! Stir it up and cook it as regular. In a fry pan is ideal. Parts will get all crispy! Rejoice in that smoke flavor!



"It's in His hands now." -Delbert "I know my dad and brother are okay, but I lost so many friends... so many. I think of them constantly. I only hope some of them made it..." -Dassa "I just hope everybody's ok in the vaults." -Willie Mae "When a door closes, another door opens! Or maybe a window!"-Miguel "We don't need to grieve because nobody really died, they're just different now." -Scott "I didn't lose anything in the war... in fact, I have a better life now. But condolences to anyone who lost loved ones..." -Garry "Grieving is not very productive." -Lucas



These things haven't worked properly since the last Scorched attack, so I've sealed them as-is. Just don't. We don't need them right now anyway. -Miguel


Sorry. my name is tabitha, and i'm an addict. i was told this type of thing can help me recover...

- Cassidy: i shouldn't have said any of that. at all. i was cruel to you. - Patty: you were right. i knew it at the time, too. - Cenk: you were an asshole, but so i was too. we both hurt each other equally. - Sky: you are amazing. i never told you. i should have said it to you every day. - Toby: i stole it. i was messed up at the time, but it's no excuse. - Pete: you deserved better. - Lilian: i lied to your face about it. you were right. - Peggy: i ignored you when you needed me the most. - Allison: i just stopped talking to you and i'm sorry. i'm just sorry. - Kerry-elle: i never paid you back for all of your help. i used you. - Hunter: i took advantage of you when you were at your weakest. - Louisa: your advice would have helped and i ignored you.


PRIBLO'S CURIOS Catalog of Unique Taxidermy

Buckula: half deer, half monster... $1,999 Revenge of Buckula: bone variant... $2,499 NEW! Catastrophe: swamp cat... $2,999 Doggonit: demon dog... $999 Fox King: alien-fox hybrid... $999 SALE! Gorzilla: the spider ape... $2,499 NEW! Rubber Duckey: for the holidays... $1,499 NEW! TAKING SPECIAL ORDERS NOW!



It's time to "spring" into a new season of cryptid hunting. Rain or shine, our vigilant readers continue to report new sightings and insights. For this month's special edition newsletter, we're delighted to share a few reader submissions that caught our eye. Ode to Mothman From Petra, Kanawha County "Red eyes, bright as rubies Or a freshly risen mosquito bite I saw her outside my bedroom door How did she get in? Who only knows But desire" Whence Came the Putrid Mist? From Yong, Greenbrier County "We haven't given enough thought to the Flatwoods Monster's scent. Most pass it off as a by-product of crash-landing through 5 layers of atmosphere, but it seems to me that the Monster would have fully prepared its exoskeleton for such trials. What if the scent originated from illegal activities on a nearby farm? What if the scent was artificially applied in a misguided attempt to appeal to us? What if the stress of the journey caused the Monster to expel sulfuric flatus?" A Sheepish Confession From Michael, Jefferson County "I was invited on a camping trip by this really pretty girl in my class, and the truth is, I only said yes because a Sheepsquatch was sighted near Berkeley Springs and I really want to track it down. Does that make me a bad person? I hope it doesn't... I like Cindy, but she's no Sheepsquatch." We understand, Michael. We understand.

Julia H. Park



BYOBB - Bring your own Beers and Bombs!!!



Birth Day of her Grandkid Michon Sept 1 Her marriage Anniversary July 7th


Shoulda searched that supervisor she got me good wanted to see what I died for in this safe



1 x "meat" loaf xtra crispy 1 x side of mixed veggies 1 x glass of wine if we got any


Thank you! Come back now!




1 x burger xtra cheese no fries 1 x sweet tato stew 2 x beer, any


Thank you! Come back now!




1 x dog meat steak, sub fries for hound stew 3 x beer


Thank you! Come back now!




2 x venison stew no veggie 1 x mutfruit juice 1 x whiskey neat


Thank you! Come back now!



Giant Teapot Operations

The Giant Teapot features a stupendous Steep-O-Matic brewer to allow for large-scale tea production. Automated features include: - Cleanliness through sanitization - Refill of water tanks via dedicated system - Temperature control - Emergency shut down The boiler controls remain manual to allow for overall human touch in the brewing process. Important Notes: - The boiler cannot be turned on until the water tanks are full to prevent damage to the Steep-O-Matic - Correct pressure must be maintained or the Steep-O-Matic will shut down to prevent a catastrophic failure

Opinion Editorial by Mr. Quinton Geesey

Sunday May 2, 2077. Grafton. Friends and neighbors, I know that many of you disagree with me but please hear me out. Let the mechanical bot do the dangerous work that injures or kills so many of our loved ones. My own workplace, the Grafton Dam has fully automated site operations and our worker's safety has increased dramatically. Sure, we don't trust the bots to perform without us watching them but we can do that from a safe distance. With easy lessons the average worker can become the bot's supervisor and make even more money than before. Bots are tireless and effective at the repetitive and unhealthy tasks. Let them do the dirty work!



Monday, June 14, 2077. Berkeley Springs. The unknown saboteur known as "The Appalachian Assassin" has struck again, this time in the Berkeley Springs area. According to the Berkeley Springs Police Department, an unexploded device was located on the edge of town near the main highway. Fortunately, the department's bomb disposal robot "Boomer" defused the bomb before it detonated. If you have any information regarding the whereabouts or identity of the bomber, please call our anonymous tip line or contact the Berkeley Springs Police Department.


Employee Notice

Jolie, First it was "Dreamskies Airplanes," then it was "Dreamtastic Homes" and now we've switched to "Dreamboat Yachts." Just how many crazy business ideas are you going to drum up where the customer walks out of the store empty-handed? It's pretty tough to get people in here when they know darn well they aren't walking out with anything except a receipt. Sal Karns Marketing Director, Dreamboat Yachts


Employee Notice

Sal, I don't care how crazy it sounds, I'm telling you that wealthy people will buy anything when they're on vacation. Heck, I'd open a store that sold plots of land on the Moon if it wasn't illegal. And don't you worry about how the customer will get the boat while they're on a ski trip. You just get them in here, and let me worry about that. Jolie McPhearson Owner, Dreamboat Yachts



Monday, October 18, 2077. Lewisburg. It was a battle for the ages, two juggernauts of mining clashing to determine who reigns supreme, but it appears Hornwright Industrial has stolen the crown. It was an impressive display on both sides, with Hornwright deploying its autonomous Auto-Miner unit and Garrahan Mining fielding their tenacious Excavator Power Armor. Both effortlessly chewed through the rock at their designated sites, but it appears Hornwright had the edge winning by a mere margin of 1.85 tons. Daniel Hornwright, the CEO of the mining firm attributes his company's win to its collaboration with the tech wizards at Atomic Mining Services and the tireless efforts of his Research and Development staff. "It was an all-around team effort," he said "and we've proven once and for all that the machine is truly superior to man. It's time to move on and look towards the future." Vivian Garrahan, CEO on the losing end of the battle had only this to say. "Our men did their best, and I'm damn proud of them. 1.85 tons is barely a truckload and I wouldn't call this a decisive victory." Sore loser or simply an inspired leader? This reporter is very interested to see what the future holds for Garrahan Industries.



Monday, October 18, 2077. Lewisburg. Ever since the first pickaxe bit into Appalachia's mineral-rich bedrock, Hornwright Industrial and Garrahan Mining have been at odds. These local companies are virtually at war, competing against each other to discover which of them will emerge as West Virginia's true titan of the mining industry. Hornwright struck the first blow when they erected the Rockhound atop Mount Blair, then Garrahan returned fire when they unveiled their impressive Excavator Power Armor. The latest salvo comes from Hornwright, who drew back the curtain on their newest innovation: the Auto-Miner, a completely autonomous robotic mining unit co-developed with local tech upstart Atomic Mining Services. Once this marvel was revealed, all eyes focused on Garrahan for their reply. But instead of releasing a technical innovation, CEO Vivian Garrahan has dropped a bombshell when she announced the ambitious "Man Vs. Machine" Challenge: 24 straight hours of rock-chewing mayhem which will directly pit Hornwright's Auto-Miner robots against Garrahan's own Excavator Power Armor equipped human miners. Although it's uncertain which company will emerge victorious, perhaps this will end the long-standing feud between these bitter rivals once and for all.


New Appalachia Bank

Regarding the extensive damage to the bank's superstructure, the explosion from the botched robbery of Armored Train 781 has completely crippled the building rendering it uninhabitable. We're saddened by the loss of life that occurred, and donations have been made to the appropriate families. For temporary job assignments while we access repairs, please contact bank administration immediately.



To: All Matterhorn Chophouse Staff From: Management The following items will be added to the menu for the Winter 2077 Season. Please memorize these as soon as possible so you'll be ready to answer any questions from customers. *Salisbury Sleigh A savory slice of Salisbury Steak nestled on a snowy field of mashed potatoes *Blitzen Burger Our delicious 8oz. charred burger made entirely from reindeer meat *Gelty Pleasure Platter A pair of grilled hot dogs wrapped in potato pancakes with a garnish of chocolate coins *High Yule-Tide Casserole Fresh seafood casserole with a crumbled peppermint-candy crust *Nutcracker Sweets A scoop of vanilla ice-cream with candied nuts and chunks of fruitcake


SunnyTop Ski Lanes

To: All Sunnytop Ski Lanes Staff Contrary to popular rumors among the staff, last weekend's "Three-Legged Ski Race" promotion did not end with any fatalities. In actuality, only fourteen people were injured. We're also happy to report that almost all of them will be fully able to walk again. Any questions from the press or media should be directed to management. Ted Augustine, Resort Director


SunnyTop Ski Lanes

To: All Sunnytop Ski Lanes Staff Due to a mix-up, the water feed line was switched with the sewage disposal line before being attached to the snow-making machines. Under no circumstances should guests be allowed to ski on any of the slopes until the snow color reverts to white. Ted Fowler, Maintenance Director


SunnyTop Ski Lanes

To: Ted Augsutine Here is the list of promotions you requested. I feel these will fit our need and budget: *"Marco Polo Ski Challenge" - Complete with resort-branded blindfolds *"Ski-Through at Sunnytop Grill" - Add a ski-through lane to our restaurant *"Ye Olde Ski Joust" - Knock your opponent off their skis to win prizes *"Three-Legged Ski Race" - Teams compete on only three skis If any of these ideas appeal to you, all we need is your signature and we'll make them happen. Darren Lafleur, Marketing Director


Tolling the Tale of the Bells!

Monday, October 18, 2077. Charleston. First Friends Church has undergone an audible transformation through a fund raising effort to automate their bells. Pastor Obadiah Williams thanked the congregation for their hard work. "These bells shall serve as a beacon of hope in the most difficult of times by reminding us all of what we can achieve when we work together", the pastor declared during yesterday's stirring service. The bells will outlast this congregation as they're powered by a fusion core made available to the church at a significantly reduced cost by the kindness of Mr. S.L. Llewelyn, owner of Thunder Mountain Power.



Grafton Dam is an automated facility. There are no personnel on the premises. If you wish to contact the Grafton Dam please contact: MR. QUINTON GEESEY for assistance at our offices in Grafton.


PSY101 NOTES Introduction to Human Psychology & Structured Application Property of JAMES DURHAM JR. if found PLEASE return to VTU reception


Casualty Report: Flatwoods

[pagebreak] 2093 May 22nd, 2093 * Pearl Songer, 78 - animal attack November 17th, 2093 * Jessica Southall, 56 - animal attack [pagebreak] 2094 No casualties reported. It's been a good year. [pagebreak] 2095 July 5th, 2095 * Wilbur Thornberg, 48 - animal attack * Emily Weatherhilt, 43 - animal attack August 8th, 2095 * Wendy Burchard, 32 - animal attack * Barbara Clinton, 28 - animal attack December 25th, 2095 * Jessica Sawyer, 38 - animal attack [pagebreak] 2096 February 2nd, 2096 * Mia Ward, 8 months - animal attack


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FREE admission if you bring SNACKS !!


This bird's not going nowhere soon, but I did a full CHECK and here's what I need to get her in the air again .... HAWAII OR BUST! List of Parts Brake Linings Landing Lights Starter


Yep, it's me again. You're probably wondering how I got myself in this situation, trapped on the roof of the Jar Toss booth at the Tyler County Fair. I should start back at the beginning, before this whole mess got started. You see, last year I joined up with a group of raiders who


I'll be with you and mommy soon, angel. Love, - Daddy


The boys and I came here to take down that psychopath Morris. The contract on him was enough to set us all up for life. Plus, anyone too crazy for the Gourmands needs to be put down. I should have believed the stories about this place. It smells like death and everything left alive is trying to kill us. Still, we were doing fine until I broke my damn leg and those assholes left me behind. And I'm not afraid of the dark, but I swear there's something watching me. If you're reading this, do me a favor. Find my friends, and put a bullet in their heads. And then get the hell out of this cave.


Come here all day Hide from noise Watch from here Little joys Only climb Stealing time Hide away No time to pray [pagebreak] I feel wind I see birds Brain won't mend Just write words Want to jump I get scared Just sit each time I like to rhyme


Maria, You should know that a lot of us aren't comfortable with the way Speaker Poole is cozying up to the Responders. Seems pretty obvious to me that she's trying to use us for political capital to validate her claim to the Governorship. I know you two are friends, but we need to be independent, to stand apart from politics. I think I'd we'd all be happier if you'd put some distance between us and Speaker Poole. Please think about it. - Jeff


Dear Bolton Family, Happy Halloween!! This is just a friendly reminder that the Christmas holiday season is not arriving for several weeks. Maybe a festive pumpkin on your doorstep would be more appropriate? Enjoy your weekend! -- A concerned neighbor


Mills! So mom was picked for 51... Find anything you can about it at school? And get back to me soon! Love ya, sis. And don't get caught. Love, Stevie

664Day 82 Someone else fell in. His name's Micky. We had some tremors, shifted the earth a lot. Micky came tumbling through the sunlight. Micky says crazy things, but I'm beginning to believe him. Said the world is shit, it's over. Said he's in a gang of chefs (???) and keeps telling me there's only way we survive, and he'll teach me. I don't know how I feel about Micky. Day 90 Been thinking a lot about Ray and Laura. Never got to visit their new place over in Welch. God I hope they're okay. Wish I got tell Ray about me debunking the Sheepsquatch... But... Did he know something that I didn't? I can't get that thought out of my mind. Day 100? 200? 1000? Dear lord, Micky killed Kevin. He choked the life out of him while he was sleeping. He said Kevin needed to die for us to live. I can't do this. Someone help me. He said we had to. The he said we... We... Micky made me e... I'm so sorry. Someone, please help me. I'm so sorry.P01B_Mini_Random01_Journal2
665This is Scoot. If you're stumbling across this note, or my body, just leave it. Maybe someone who knows me will find it. I fell down this sink hole and broke both of my legs. I'll be dead soon. Please, feed my cats. Day 2 Not dead yet, and not alone, either! Someone else fell down here before me. His name's Kevin and he's some kind of park ranger. He knows all sorts about survival: showed me where to gather drinking water and moss that I could eat. We've been eating bugs, too. Need that protein! He said that people from his division would be searching this area any day now. Day 24 No one is coming. My leg has healed, but not in a good way. Kevin and I had tried to work together on splints, but the wood down here is too moist, just crumbles. I just spend my days crawling through the mud, eating bugs, drinking dirty water. I'm going to die down here.P01B_Mini_Random01_Journal1
666(TEMP) We're bringing this crazy new alcohol called Nukashine to the party. (Replaced by entry on Ted's terminal)CUT_P01A_Nukashine_PartyNote
6671. Meet up at checkpoint near Big Bend Tunnel West. 2. Assault team charges in and pushes back the Scorched. 3. Demo team sets charges. 4. Get out of there and blow the tunnel. 5. If things go pear-shaped, evacuate the tunnels.LC013_BigBendMiscNote
672==== TEMP Romance magazine tips about ways to a man's heart, but it's unclear that this doesn't mean ripping hearts out. Lots said about quality of the heart too.P01E_Heart_RomanceNotes
673A Scorchbeast came on us quick and quiet out of the night sky. We barely escaped with our lives, but now we've all got this sickness. I didn't think. I just ran. No way in hell they're sticking me in a cage to poke and prod. I'm going to beat this damned Scorched plague. Someone has to be the first to do it, right?RE_TravelMD02_Note
674Abbie, Where are you? I've been waiting for hours. I can't wait any longer, but I wanted to tell you something. I hope you find this note. I hear you are thinking about going to Watoga. Don't. It's not safe. I don't know what, but it sounds like everyone there got killed or something. -R FieldsCB04_WatogaObjective_Note_AbbiesBunker
675Agatha Aaronholt Diary My 3 brothers were invoked with the public outcry when the state government invoked eminent domain to seize farmland for the construction of a lumber mill. Three of the Aaronholt sons joined the locals and tried to sabotage the mill. Their efforts failed and they were forced into hiding when law enforcement came after them. They hid from the law for a time, but when the Vultures showed up, they stubbornly chose to fight in the hope of protecting our land. The Vultures eventually killed them. I fear the same fate for me.LC149_Clara_Webber_Diary
676Be the envy of Watoga with the "Heaven Sent" - our latest line of designer dresses!LC178_WatogaPlaza_CBLore_Note02
677Been a good chunk of time since the robots took over. Processed more recruits than I ever could, since the bots don't need to sleep, and we can sort of stagger everyone into day/night shifts. At least the recruits are full of fire, with the war on. Can't say the same for myself. I've gained over ten pounds thanks to how much sitting I do now. Used to be one of Uncle Sam's lean and mean killers, now I'm packing away coffee and donuts like some damn desk jockey.CampMcClintock_LoreNote01
678Berkley SpringsFSZ01_BerkleySprings
679Blessed are you, First Priestess of the Wood. Through you, we heard His voice. Through you, we gained His strength.CultistCave_LoreNote06
680Bo-Peep, Go ahead with the meet. You know I don't share your enthusiasm for Blacksheep and his "projects", but we need a return on investment if we can get one. You're his handler. You fought for this project. Make sure it's worth our while. I'm going to want a report in person this time, but I've relocated since we last spoke face-to-face. Meet me at Sal's Grinders in Beckley. The town's in bad shape right now, but the place is deserted. Nobody to listen in. And remember to burn this note when you're done. WolfP01b_Mini_Robot01_WolfLetterToPeep
681Brant, Remember how crazy you said I was to join up with the Brotherhood of Steel at Camp Venture? How you said I wouldn't be able to hack it, that I'd quit within a week? Well I'm writing to tell you that you were dead wrong. This is where I belong, side-by-side with people who give a crap about this world. Senior Knight Wilson treats me like I'm important, like I matter. Something you never did. I've found my calling, and I'm not coming home. The Brotherhood is my new family now. Now who's laughing? ShelleyLC145_CampVenture_ShelleysLetter
682Brother Acolyte, I accept your invitation. I too wish to pray to the Holy Mothman under the light of the moon. However, my father says he must come as well. He thinks I am too young to go alone. I wish he would just let me live my life. I'm not a child!RE_Scene_MD01_CultistNoteReply
683Brynn, Holy crap! Those stupid soldiers left us a jackpot at the power plant. There's all sorts of primo stuff we can scrap and plenty of supplies to go around. Round up the rest of the gang and get them over here right away. We're not carrying this stuff back on our own. HallseyLC091_MonongahPowerPlant_HallseyNote
684Careful now. Don't fall. -RCharleston_LoreNote_DoctorOffice02
685Chef Allonso, Pursuant to our discussion, you will need to come up with a way to reduce the overwhelming surplus of candy the school now has in stock after installing the SMART machines. Melt them and throw them into every sauce, every meat dish, every soup. They're high schoolers. They won't taste the difference. --The AdministrationLC174_WatogaHigh_CBLore_Note02
686Clara Webber Diary Old tavern with a secret meeting hall built into the old mine access. This was a local watering hole used by the miners after their shifts, run by an older woman whose husband and sons were killed in a mining accident. Passed down through her family, it sits on a forgotten mine access that was used as a speakeasy during prohibition, which now serves as a secret meeting hall for the labor unions.LC149_Rusty_Pick_Diary
687Come Visit Hemlock Holes Golf Course We are the premier golf course in the Grafton area. Enjoy our nine amazing holes that wind there way through scenic woods and waterways. If you've never played before, we have Mr. Handy instructors available to rent. They are always guaranteed to be friendly and complimentary no matter how badly you slice or hook your shot. Once you played a round or two, you are sure to want to join the Hemlock Holes Golf Club. Members get a a full 2% off of greens fees. Our diner is famous for it's nine alarm chili. We have the latest in golfing fashion available in our pro shop. Every month we have special member's only events, like Golfing for Geese, Blindfolded Drives, and Speed Golf. Even if you choose not to become a member, come out to our seasonal events, like our summer cookout. There are fun and games for the kids too, like Diving for Balls and Club Polishing. Hemlock Holes is the perfect family getaway.TW010Pointer
688Congratulations, citizen-soldier! You have successfully passed the bomb defusal readiness exam! Countless lives could be saved by your preparedness. Keep up the good work!P01T_MarshallTest_BombDefusalManual
689Dad, This more than a little embarrassing, but I've managed to misplace the key to the lab. If you should happen to find it, please let me know. Don't worry, I'm certain that it's somewhere in the house. I'll be go ahead and get a replacement made, but it'd be good to be sure. -PennyLC203_LabKeyNote
690Daniel, So very sorry to hear about the recent intrusion. Must've been just awful, feeling totally helpless to have prevented those rioters from marauding around, knowing you'd failed to protect what's yours. Please accept the enclosed - a little something so you can have at least some protection in the future. And if things get particularly bleak, you can always turn it around. Bill GarrahanLC203_GarrahanNote
691Dear Anne, I've decided to take you up on your generous offer to move in with you and Louis. As much as I hate to be a burden on you and your family, I need to get little Timmy away from our dying town. Thanks to Hornwright and his lies, there's nothing left for us here. We'll pack up the truck and head out there after Timmy's last Halloween in Monongah Township. Love you sis, and see you soon. MarthaLC093_MonongahTownship_MarthaNote
692Dear Journal, Valley Galleria's been a dream come true so far. The ghouls in the area generally keep people away from us, and the added bonus is all the furniture and junk food. Now I actually have time to try and see if I can reverse this... disease? We also had a few more join up recently. One woman, Sara, came here with her sister who's been unaffected by all of this. It's good to see a supportive face from someone who's not one of us. It gives me hope.LC161_LucyJournal
693Dear Kirsch, See? I told you I'd write you. You really need to get over here and check out the Palace of the Winding Path. This place is your dream. Pack up the old chem box, and meet me at the Red Rocket Mega Stop. It'll be the start of your "spiritual journey." I met a guy there that's got stuff that'll make you fly. Just don't let any of the protectrons there catch you loitering. They're worse then cops. If worse comes to worse, see if you can find their control terminal. As long as you're at least somewhat coherent, I'm sure you can put those old tech skills to use and shut them down. - JinnySFZ04_Waste_MiscPOTWPBook
694Dear Ludmilla, My darling, I don't think that I'll be able to make it home in time for the Winter Festival you had planned at the estate. I know I promised I'd return right after my vacation at Pleasant Valley, but it appears all transportation services in the area have been disabled thanks to this troublesome war. But don't fret, my love. The government is certain to send a military unit to rescue us, and soon we'll be reunited. Oh, and until I arrive, don't forget to feed the peacocks. Love, ChaunceyLC020_PleasantValleySkiResort_ChaunceyNote
695Dear Pastor Williams, I was picking up my Suzy from Sunday school when I encountered an extremely rude and foul tempered Ms. Nanny by the name of Chloe. I believe she's property of the Davis family. This Ms. Nanny refused to leave the washroom, declaring she was hiding in a game of hide and seek. Not only was she a robot hiding in a washroom that living, breathing souls need to use, but she had also locked the door, barring any chance for a child to find her regardless. I demand an apology from the Davis family and want their Ms. Nanny banned from the premises. Expect to hear from our lawyer should I ever see that filthy robot on the grounds again. Sincerely, Beverly ClineSFS02_Play_MiscHavenBook
696Dear Sarah, I'm starting to think coming out to Camp Venture was a huge mistake. These people are totally nuts. Did you know they call themselves "Knights" and "Paladins"? What the heck is going on around here? I thought if I joined the Brotherhood of Steel, I could learn to protect you and the kids, but all they want to do is create soldiers who are ready to die in battle. Maybe I should just quit and come home. Write me soon, I need to hear from you. HenryLC145_CampVenture_HenrysLetter
697Dear Spence, So, you were right. I never should have made this trip. I should have stayed. I should have made Paul tough it out, and instead I volunteered to take his place so he could go to that stupid rock concert. Now I'm stuck here in West Virginia... a pretty far cry from Kansas. I've been staring down these train tracks for a while now. I try and tell myself I could walk it. I could just follow these tracks for days until I reached you. It's worth a shot, right? To see each other again? Even if I can just get a little bit closer. I think that's all I want. To just be a little bit closer to you, before it's over. Love always, ElliotLC098_ElliotLetter
698Dear Tucker, In case you come looking for us, we've gone to Harpers Ferry. We thought we could make a go at it here since the land was still producing and you know how much your mother is into canning, but it's just not safe anymore. We had a fog of some sort roll in from the north. That's when the vines started showing up, and the critters around here started to really change. It wasn't until those vines pushed through into the house that we knew we had to leave. We hope you're safe, son. And if you find this message, come to Harpers Ferry. Times like these, we need safety in numbers. DadLC195_LetterToTucker
699Derek's Dad and my Dad blocked the doors with furniture downstairs. Derek says the crabs gave up. They can't get inside, so they stopped trying. But they know we're in here now. Why would they stop?NewRiverGorgeResort_Note01
700Dir Madam, I'm absolutely appalled at your company's lack of customer service! In February, I purchased a Dreamrunner 5000 Luxury Yacht from your establishment in the Top of the World at the Pleasant Valley Ski Resort. Like my baggage, I expected the yacht to be awaiting my arrival at home, but to my dismay, it wasn't there. Concealing the fact that bespoke yachts take two to four years for delivery is not good business sense. I expect a full refund, or my yacht delivered immediately! Callahan Huxley 3rdLC150_TOTW_DreamboatYachts_AngryLetter
701Doctor Joseph was always busy treating anxiety and depression for office workers and politicians from the capitol. It seems like a luxury, now, but sometimes nothing is more valuable than a talk with someone who will really listen. -RCharleston_LoreNote_TherapyOffice
702Dolly Sods CampgroundFSZ01_DollySods
703Don't take shipments out to Watoga High School anymore. Those Protectron cops tried to scan the crates last time. Good thing they run so slow. Tell those spoiled brats that if they want their moonshine, they'll need to come get it themselves.LC015_BootleggersShack_Note
704Elisa and her crew died in the raid on Watoga today. We were unable to recover the truck. Their Villa has been looted, but there's still the matter of the house itself. I suggest we make a promotion immediately to prevent any further fighting.LC001_VillaAvailableNote
705Even after the bombs fell, Charleston stood strong. My neighbors, my friends, held together. They rebuilt. A terrible thing had happened, yes, but I saw the good in the world, through them. That has been washed away. Drowned. The madness of a few have destroyed the hopes of the many. -RCharleston_LoreNote_Summersville03
706Fasnacht BOOK Azzz_E01F_Fasnacht_Book_A
707Floyd, Check out the old Radiation King factory and see what they have inside. I read somewhere that they turned it into a munitions factory, and we could sure use more bullets for our Free States armory. Be careful, I'm betting you aren't the only one looking to score ammunition. -HoraceLC193_ConvertedMunitionsFactory_HoraceNote
708Follow up on the rumors of the other spring. It's probably nothing, but if someone else gets a foothold the competition will be bad for business. If there is a spring we'll take it for ourselves.POI182_AnotherSpringNote
709For the Watoga man on the go, nothing beats the "Untamed Lion" - our newest line of designer suits!LC178_WatogaPlaza_CBLore_Note01
710Frank, you're not gonna believe this. There's a working suit of POWER ARMOR in the Monongah plant! It's out of juice, but if I can get my hands on a fusion core, I'll walk it back here myself. I think Joanne mentioned she picked up a core somewhere. I just need to come up with a convincing reason why we need it. Can't let anyone know about that armor until it's in our loving care. - CarolAmmoDump_Note01
711Freddy's House of ScaresFSZ01_FreddysScares
712G - I talked with Christopher, he got me the final version of the plan. Our role in all of this is to work the front of the house while he and his guys hit the safes around back. If they can't crack the safes on site, we'll load them into the trucks and bust them open someplace with a little more privacy. What Chris doesn't know is that his car is set up to blow it's coolant line before he makes it a mile. That way he takes the heat and we take the cash. - KDarlingSisters_LoreNote02
713Generals, You guys are the best! Thanks for believing me and not treating me like shit like everyone else. I need a picture of each of you to scan into my program so you'll be able to get into Watoga without getting killed. - Scott Turner (aka your best customer) P.S. If you'd be willing to put a copy of my manifesto in menus (especially the carry out ones) that'd be super swell! P.P.S. The new Grinders are amazing! What kind of meat is that?CB04_WatogaObjective_Note_GeneralsSteakHouse
714Got a job at Vault-Tec. They say they want my expertise if America ever needs to rebuild the railways. I'm going to miss you all. I'm serious. Railroads and my family go back over five generations. It's been an honor to be here.Charleston_LoreNote_Trainyard02
715Gunter, I signed us up for the new crew. The Doctor is already on board. We'll get out past Harpers Ferry and just keep heading North. Bog Town is already dead, they're just too out of their minds to know it. By the time they realize we're not coming back, it'll be too late to come after us.LC001_NewCrewNote
716Gunter, Silverware. Cookware. *priority* Canned Things. Check for potatoes, we can plant them under the tower. Stay safe.LC042_FreyjasHausNote01
717Ha! Look at this. Flooded all of Charleston, and we even get some free boats for our trouble! Who rules Appalachia NOW, Responders? HA.Charleston_LoreNote_Summersville02
718Harpers FerryFSZ01_HarpersFerry
719He is the one who came before. The Firstborn of the Wood. Blood wept from his branches and he shared with all His believers.CultistCave_LoreNote02
720Heidi would always say, "You gotta get off the drugs, Anna, they rot your brain," and I'd laugh. Man, it was funny at the time! But shit, now? She was right all along. I'm not even in the real world anymore. I'm trapped in some bad trip nightmare. I tried sobering up, but it was worse. WAY WORSE. All the animals here look dead or halfway there. People look like they stepped right out of a horror movie to eat my brain, or what's fucking left of it. I got a plan to get out of it. Drugs got me in here, they can get me out, so I'm gonna do them ALL. And when I wake up, it's stone cold sober for me, baby.POI162_Dreams
721Hello L, Thanks for watching my little furballs. Here's some tips for handling them. Also, I'm not sure how long I'll be gone, but I've left a list of Birthday gift ideas on my terminal. Keep your receipts and I'll pay you back! Good luck, thanks again, and send my regards to R. CURLY - He's the short hair. He like his food left under the desk. DIEGO and DOLLY - These two are inseparable. Gloves recommended. ELMA - She is polydactyl so she'll need her nails trimmed regularly. PABBERS - She's a good kitty, but she'll need her teeth brushed, though. MARI - The "key to my heart", my best friend, the only one in the world I TRUST. She likes to nap on top of the terminal. RUBY - I hope R reminded you to wear long pants. STRIDER - Big but sneaky. Vet has him on a special diet. SNUGGLES - Her name is ironic. Seriously. Do. Not. Attempt. To. Snuggle with Snuggles. Unfortunately, Snuggles will also need her teeth brushed... sorry. CLEO - I've left a grooming brush, if you happen to have a chance. MITCHEL and SPENCER - I can't actually tell the two apart. Skilled climbers, so watch your head. Thanks again! -SCOOTP01b_Mini_Random01_LetterToL
722Henry, I am bending over backwards for you here, Henry. We already have the room set to a year-round temperature of thirty degrees. It's literally freezing in here and people don't stay long. When they don't stay long, they don't buy ice sculptures and if they don't buy ice sculptures we don't get paid. Just get your sculptures inside the cases and work faster from now on! LouisLC150_TOTW_IceSculptureArtGallery_LouisNote
724Hey idiots, want to get into this safe? No problem! We threw the key off the balcony when you were coming up. Saw it land right on top of the shitter outside! Pretty sure you walking bricks can't read, so good luck, assholes!LookoutTower02Note
725Hey man, where you been? Remember that lead I told you about? Forget it. Watoga's lost. Don't go. If you aint back soon, I'm going to help myself to some goodies!CB04_WatogaObjective_Note_MorgantownHighschool
726High Priestess, I was right. The Fireflies come here to mate. They go a little crazy, and I got hurt pretty bad, but I was able to gather enough goo to light the lamp. Now I just have to wait. The Great Mothman will come. He has to.FFZ10_Light_ResponderNote
727His believers united by blood, He told us of our new home. That we would approach the faithless and be denied three times, but that He would open the way.CultistCave_LoreNote04
728His believers wept, for their new home lacked water and their throats were dry. He gathered their tears in His branches and spread them upon the earth, and from that came forth the springs.CultistCave_LoreNote05
729Horace, This munitions factory is a dang gold mine. We've offloaded a bunch of ammunition crates and we're sending them to back to the farm in Harpers Ferry. Might want to send us a few more hands to keep the building secure. -FloydLC193_ConvertedMunitionsFactory_FloydNote
730I admit, I was skeptical, but having the robots here to celebrate Fasnacht has actually been very fun! The tourists seem to enjoy them, and it means less work for us. Now if they could move a little faster...Helvetia_LoreNote_ChseeseHaus
731I can hear them at the door, banging, trying to get inside. They've taken my father away, shot my mother, and now they're coming for me. West Tek and the military have turned our innocent town into something horrible. I don't know what they put into the air or the water, but everyone's sick - everyone's changing. It's too late for me. Get out now - get out while you can! Nina BenchleyLC067_Huntersville_NinaNote
732I cannot make it out to see the afflicted in person, but based on what you have told me I would recommend keeping a close eye on anyone exhibiting the symptoms you described. I also advise that you immediately stop using the so called "Swamp Butter" in your meal preparation, as it is a toxic mold.POI162_DoctorsNote
733I don't know why I came to the Big Maw. I'd never considered why we called it that. As far back as I can remember that's just what it was called. I remember family picnics here, and the older kids climbing down to swim in the summer. Now, though, there can be no question. I cannot say for certain which of the circumstances has caused it to open. I do know that I must go inside. Is it the smell, the sound, the warmth? Even as I write these last words I am impatient to look back into the yawning abyss, the true Maw. The ancient namesake of Big Maw.POI163_TheMawNote
734I hate Grafton Steel Mill. Too many of us that work there are getting hurt. They don't care about us. They only care about profits. That's why I quit. I tried to get my brother Billy to quit, but he needs the money. Grafton Steel don't deserve me. They don't' appreciate me. I'm the best chemist this side of the Mississippi. They'll never be able to replace me. That will show those bastards.LC051_Grafton_DariusAngler01
735I knew the man who lived here. It wasn't long before someone killed him for this house - sniped from one of the overlooking buildings. Don't let that happen to you. -RCharleston_LoreNote_RiverfrontHouse
736I turned on the faucet the other day and out came this dirty, gray mess. Then I get to find out that not only is the water purifier busted, but my air purifier's gone to hell, too. These damn vines managed to find their way through a concrete wall and right into the machinery. They're so unnatural, I don't even want to think of what sort of "government experiment gone wrong" this is. Now this just means, I can't stay here. I thought about holing up with the others, but rumor is some of them want to help the survivors out there. Bunch of crazies. Those very survivors are the ones that ridiculed us. They killed Caleb's family. I even found two dead bodies outside my own bunker trying to break in. I'm just going to take what I have and head west.RE_ObjectCT02_KoraNote
737I want to start ordering our books in German and Swiss versions. No one actually reads them, anyway, and I think the novelty of buying a book in the native tongues will go over well with the tourists.Helvetia_LoreNote_BookStore
738I'm a damn fool, an I just made things worse. When Winston's drugs weren't working I thought I should put them in the aerosolizer so he'd get exposed to the medicine all day long. Instead all I did was cause the deer to mutate into something unnatural. I'm sorry to those deer. They didn't do nothing wrong. I had the best of intentions, I swear it, but all I did was make a mess of things. Now I don't want to go back to that farm and see the monsters I created. Hell, without Winston, I don't see the point of going on at all.P01B_Mini_Albino01_Confession
739I'm getting closer. I can feel it. Growing up in West Virginia, I've heard the stories since I was a kid. And I always knew the truth - that the Mothman is real! He's real, and I'm going to find him, no matter what it takes. To all my friends - sorry for leaving you behind, and I know you'd come with me if you could. Some journeys you've just got to make alone. But you're with me in spirit - just like I'll always be with you. West Virginia forever! Evan "Limbless" Miller P.S. Zack, I hope you still have that shotgun ammo. I may not have found the Mothman yet, but I did run into the Grafton Monster, and that thing is a BEAST!MothmanNote01
740I'm going to check out the crash site with the locals. This town is on the brink, and this could be the catalyst, regardless of whether or not there are survivors from the crash. Wait here for me, and get everything ready to move when I get back.LC042_HotelNote_01
741I've done all I can to help my family, to try to help my neighbors, but somehow... somehow it all went wrong. Beth. The kids. I want to yell at Maddie for leaving her toys around or remind Max to poke air holes in his firefly jar. But they're gone. Dead. Should I have stopped when they came to the house? Or denied Beth her medicine? Should I never have listened to Raleigh to begin with? All I wanted to do was save them, and now I'm left with nothing. My only comfort is that I'm about to leave this all behind, and Beth, if I don't get to join you all in the afterlife... forgive me.FS_CalebNote
742If anyone comes looking for me, I've taken Winston out to our hunting cabin. I don't think he's gonna make it, and that's his favorite place so I figured he should spend his last days there.P01B_Mini_Albino01_Relocation
743If you're looking for medical assistance, then it's strictly DIY at this point. -RCharleston_LoreNote_DoctorOffice01
744If you're reading this, then you've become one of the Changed. People call you hateful things like "monsters" and "ghouls." The truth is you're no different than they are, they're simply scared of their own possible future. Nature has decided this is what's to become of you, therefore it was meant to be. I wanted you to know that despite the hatred, there is a home for you. It's a place where you can gather with others like yourself to weather this storm. Find us at the Valley Galleria ruins in Appalachia. We promise to welcome you with open arms, and more importantly, open hearts. Lucy HarwickLC161_ValleyGalleria_LucysNote
745Initial tests indicate these could very well be of Alien origin. Potentially our most significant find in a long time. The material inside is complex and highly destructive, so take extra care when handling the samples.BMO_BunkerNote02_BunkerNote
746Injured Worker: William Angler Injury: Incineration Workplace cause, if any: Faulty railings on the catwalk above the furnace. On-site medical treatment: none Transported to hospital? No What parts of the plant were affected? Steel production, all of it. Will this affect quotas? Hell, yes If yes, what steps were taken to correct that? None If no steps were taken, what staff members were disciplined? None If none were disciplined, which manager is responsible? None If neither workers nor managers were responsible, identify the most likely non-executive staff member who is responsible: None of them. The executives are responsible for denying a maintenance request to repair the railing. Additional Notes: We lost a good man today. All because you bastards wouldn't spend a few bucks to repair a rusty railing. My resignation is attached to this report. Find yourself another foreman.TWlore_GraftonSteel
747Investigative Report: Shelby O'Rourke I met a VTU student named Shelby O'Rourke who was making preparations for her thesis study. She believes she can prove the existence of local area cryptids: mothman, Grafton, Snally, etc. She said she was making plans for her "base" somewhere in northeastern Appalachia in the swamp area. O'Rourke's certainty in her ability to find proof may mean she's worth keeping an eye on. My initial background check didn't reveal much besides being an exemplary, if not eccentric, student at VTU.SFZ03_Queen_MiscCabinBook
748It was never just a coffee shop. It was a meeting point. A chance to see neighbors, friends. Just knowing there were other people in this city that you recognized was a small piece of humanity you could buy with two creams and sugar. -RCharleston_LoreNote_Slocums
749It was open when I got here. I swear. -RCharleston_LoreNote_Safe
750It's only been a few weeks since the bombs fell. We've been trying to do what we can to keep the kids calm. To keep ourselves calm. Supplies are almost gone. Some people left for Harpers Ferry or Berkeley Springs... which is a good thing. Less people to deal with. I've been feeling sick. My hair's falling out... I know what this means. I want to cry. Scream. But these kids... away from their families? Dying, just like me? I can't lose it. I need to stay strong for them. And once they're all gone, because I know it won't be long... Then I can scream and cry and finally end this.LC039_KarringtonNote
751It's perfect. It will kill them all. I'm doing this for you, Billy. They killed you and now I will kill them. All of them. If I add my secret formula to the... no. Don't write that down Darius. The rats could steal this journal and give it to the government. I can't have them ruining my plans. After it happens, then they can listen to my holotapes and read my journals. Then they'll know. Then they'll be sorry.LC051_RemoteCabin_DariusAngler05
752Jackson, Take McCoy's morning watch at the South bridge. It's yours as long as he's in the infirmary or until I can find a replacement. We're all going to have to pull double duty for a while. - FieldsLC117_MorningShift_Note
753Jackson, Those idiots over at Bootlegger's won't deliver anymore. Scared of the security robots. I mean, what are we paying them for? Grab the guys, we're going over there after curfew to pick up the booze. And bring the baseball bats. Time those yokels learned what poor service means in Watoga High.LC174_WatogaHigh_CBLore_Note01
754Jake, I'm telling you, I've never felt better since I started using the bike. Yeah, I know, we're train people, but I'm just going into the city and back. I feel the healthiest I've ever been. Swear.Charleston_LoreNote_Trainyard01
755Jesse White - The Dancin' Bandit Set list: In Time Hell Bent The Railroad Snake Song Carry My Body Down Wayfaring Stranger Lead Me Home The Devil is My Runnin' Mate Soul of a ManLC149_Jesse_White_Set_List_old
756Jill or Ande, you've been gone a while, so I went scavenging. I don't trust the crops now that they are all covered in this white powder, so I'm sticking to canned goods. When I get back I'll help dress whatever you bagged on your hunting trip. Between the three of us hopefully we have food for at least a week. Cooper LuTWlore_Clarksburg_CooperLu
757June 20, 2082 Finally found a good spot for Quercus to do his surveys. Squire Ramsay saw me hauling the desk up here and made a real sour face when she figured out what I had done with the old Handy we found off-duty. "Scrap metal", she called him. Me? I saw potential. So I gave him a name and a purpose: document the creatures of the swamp. Ramsay said the higher-ups would reprimand me for wasting time learning about animals. The way I see it, every new monster that comes crawling out of the radiation is a potential threat, and threats need to be catalogued. It's strange, but Quercus doesn't appear to see them that way. I did alter his behavior to gain the creatures' trust, but he talks to them more than he should; he's even started naming them. If I could find him a new battery unit, maybe that would fix his behavior. I want him working around the clock to catalogue as much information as possible. -Squire AsherCUT_SFS09_Habitat_LoreJournal
758K - We should be good to take the bank in the morning. from your plan, i got the stuff we're gonna need. I'll be back tomorrow morning with the car. - 5 feet of rope - 10 feet of chain - 2 lbs of soap chips - Formaldehyde (1 gallon) - Shotguns - Shotgun Shells - A bucket - Duffel Bags - Steel Frame Mirrors - 2 Business Suits - ID Cards - Whiskey, 2 bottles (for courage) love, - GDarlingSisters_LoreNote01
759Last night one of the Scorchbeasts swooped in out of nowhere and grabbed the rifle right out of the commander's hands and flew off. Didn't attack us or nothing. We clipped it a few times but it got away. We have a pretty good idea of where it might be, but aren't sure. Commander says we're to leave it alone for now. I feel bad for the him - that was some quality weaponry he lost.CBZ04_Note
760Licensed to kill molerats by the government of the United States. A man, free to kill molerats at will. To kill, you must know your enemy, and in this case my enemy is a varmint. And a varmint will never quit - ever. They're like the Viet Cong - Varmint Cong. So you have to fall back on superior intelligence and superior firepower. And that's all she wrote.CUT_SF08BarnesBook
761Look at this place. I'm king of the god damned world up here! Who threw the magic beans under my childhood town? Guess a little radiation goes a long way around here. Well, maybe that and some government bullshit. Not sure how you end up in a world like this without the good old government bullshit. You know, I came here to say my goodbye's and fuck you's to the world, but now maybe I'll stay a little longer. I got a room with a view, and I can't wait to take a piss off this thing.POI276_TanagraTown
762Look, I don't know where you are or what is taking you so long, but I can't get this sonnovabitch elevator open. I've tried the hammer, the drill, the blowtorch hell I even strapped some mines to the damn thing and barely a scratch! What the hell do they make these things out of??? I'm gonna try to see if I can find the keycard over in the Mining HQ. If not that, maybe one of those mining power armor things. If you get back before I do, hold tight.LC016_ElevatorNote
763Louis, Why are you making my life so difficult? I am an artist and if the canvas I use is sullied or unsuitable, how do you expect me to create my stunning crystalline works of art? I need the gallery to be colder. I don't care if the patrons wear coats, it's the only way my ice sculptures will remain in one piece! HenryLC150_TOTW_IceSculptureArtGallery_HenryNote
764LOUNGE RULES No Pay, No Sleep. Caps Up Front No Outside ChemsPOI162_LoungeRulesNote
765Make the deal to trade for parts. This sludge pit is a cap well, but if we can't keep things running our stocks are not going to last long. If the Top of World decides we're unreliable they'll come down here and take everything, including our lives. Secure the parts, whatever you need to do.POI182_TradeDealNote
766Method for Constructing a Skeleton for General Use - Step 1: Acquire a Cadaver Step 2: Using a filet knife, remove as much flesh as you can without marking the underlying bones Step 3: Place the cadaver in a wooden box packed with Calcium Oxide. Wait a week. Step 4: Place the remains in a water flow of some kind, like a stream or river. Step 5: Clean off any remaining flesh or ligamentation Step 6: Allow skeleton to dry in the sun. Be wary of predatory birds or wild dogs Step 7: Bleach and mount skeleton Note: If your tombstone does not read "Rest in Peace", or some variant thereof, you are automatically drafted into the skeleton wars.POI282_LoreNote_SkeletonMaking
767Mira, This Middle Mountain Cabins spot looks perfect for our gang. The hills are full of game and the cabins will keep out the radstorms. It's a little chilly here in the winter, but hell, it beats sleeping in those damn tents. Pack up your crap and get everyone up here right away. I don't want to have to tell you twice. BragLC081_MiddleMountainCabins_BragNote
768Mists of Autumn Acres a novel by G. D. Blorwood The Autumn mist swirled over the mountains like a thick swirling mist. Baron von Herbst surveyed the Autumn land with the decidedly un-mist like composure of a man more powerful than any other. Intelligent, strong, and liked by all, the baron remained as humble, or perhaps even morre humble The Baron's only admission of his superior ability showed in his quick wit and sharp tounged misives to his lazy and incompetant administrators, with their mist filled minds. Ever attempting to ruin is great works with their so called edits. Baron von Herbst surveyed his lands as the morning mist settled into the misty low parts of The Baron Baron von Herbst was an idiot and would never have his novel publishedAutumnAcreCabin_Note_01
769Mom won't go downstairs anymore. She told me she felt something under the floor down there. Dad said not to worry. He doesn't come upstairs much now. I don't see any crabs at the pool anymore.NewRiverGorgeResort_Note02
770Morris hunts people from the road, but he won't share the meat. I've been living off of the scraps, but the toenails keep getting caught in my teeth. Now he's starting to look at me strangely, with hunger in his eyes. He's changing, we both are. Question is, who's going to feast first? -EdieLC182_WendigoCave_EdieNote
771Mother, I hope you received my first letter. Things are getting worse here at the resort. These people around us, they don't seem to care about anyone else. I'm hearing them talk about hunting parties and heading to Charleston to take what they want. People are arguing, fighting - I even saw someone get shot! I'm scared, mother and I want to go home. They say war brings out the worst in mankind. From what I've seen, nothing could be further from the truth. Stay Safe, Phyllis MendolsohnLC020_PleasantValleySkiResort_PhyllisNote
772Mr. Bosley will be in the watch tower across the lake, at 2PM tomorrow. Don't say I never did anything for you.LookoutTower07Note02
773Mr. Hayes, Something must be done about Daniel Whitby. That man is clearly carrying a disease and he needs to be removed from Harpers Ferry before we all become infected! Have you seen his skin? His hair? He's changing into a monster and unless we exile him, we're all going to end up looking that way. Send him packing right now, or force Ella and Maria to drag him back to the Responders' HQ in Charleston. Whatever it takes. He's a ticking time bomb, Eddie. Don't wait until it's too late. SharonLC062_HarpersFerry_AngryNote
774NAME: (Provided name) PROFESSION: (Provided profession) ADDRESS: 1203 Grape StreetBoS02GovernmentIDCard
775North Star by Michael Oldberry You are/ My northern star/ I can see you wherever we are/ In the back woods/ In the forest/ Our love binds us/ And it brings us/ Mist and shadows/ clouds and shade/ Heaven and hearth/ home and glade/ In the back woods/ In the forest/ Our love binds us/ And it brings us/LC177_LoreNote_Groves
776NOTE TO SELF Bedroom terminal password written down in HQ office Just in CaseLC203_ReminderNote
777Note to self... Talk to Abbie about JD and Brianna. Maybe she can help talk sense into my brother. Brianna is no good. I know she's using him, but he doesn't want to listen to me. Abbie is smart, and JD respects her. She can make him listen.FS01_MQ_Warn_MiscSundayBrosBook
778One of the Palace knuckleheads turned on the Guided Meditation system this morning for shits and giggles. And, due to that, we now know the sound of it drives those green mutant freaks nuts. They came from all over. Took us until after noon to fight them all off. Someone needs to tell Margie that we're glad to offer protection to the Palace in exchange for chems, but not if the dumb jerks are gonna invite the entire Wasteland to our doorstep.LC110_MeditationNoiseNote
779Operation Watoga Mission Status: Aborted The cost is just too high. Once we have the Scorchbeasts under control, we can again consider additional forays into Watoga.CB04_WatogaObjective_Note_AlleghenyAsylum
780Pat, I've got a great idea to haze Hal on his first day. Let's just say I stole a bunch of laxatives off the old man last night. I'm thinking those, plus Chow Line, equals nightmare bathroom duty for our old pal. To top it off, it'll make Newman lose his mind. He'll be neck deep in customer complaints. Get him back for docking our pay over stupid "infractions." - BrandonLC019_BrandonNote
781Paul, I need you to make the monthly scouting run to Vault 76. Those doors have to open some time. Don't take risks. Observe for a few days and come back. -MariaVault76_ResponderNote
782PORTSIDE PUB HAPPY HOUR 2 FOR ONE DRINKS APPETIZERS Cap'n Frank's Seagull Wings.... $27.00 Fried Calamari... $45.00 Barnacle Burger... $36.00 Pound 'o' Peel 'n' Eat Shrimp... $1.00 (double order: $1.05) SOUP New England Cram Chowder... $15.00 SALAD Sea Shanty Salad... $42.00 DRINKS Seaside Seltzer Water... $6.00PortsidePub_LoreNote01
783Pulled the short straw with this guard duty. This place gives me the creeps. Sure, the water's almost all gone, but that doesn't change the fact we flooded this whole city not too long ago. Cynthia always told me each murder brings you a ghost that follows you. I don't mind having a few, even a dozen, but this many? It ain't right.Charleston_LoreNote_Summersville01
784Pumpkin HouseFSZ01_PumpkinHouse
785Quite a view from here, don't you think? -RCharleston_LoreNote_BombedHouse01
786Red RocketFSZ01_RedRocket
787Scenarios: Returning from Raleigh's 1. Ransacked and nothing found 2. Entry terminal busted 3. Motors and heating coils found! 4. Bunker flooded 5. Motors no longer working 6. Scorched living there 7. AliensFS_Abbie_ReturnScenarios
788Scoot, I hope this letter finds you in good health. I'm sure you've heard what happened, assuming you're even alive. Laura's been trying to make visits during supply runs, but unfortunately many of your cats have run off. I know they mean the world to you. Laura said Mari is still hanging around, though... No wonder she's your favorite. We agreed this would be Laura's final trip out; it's gotten too risky to venture far, and honestly... we are losing hope. I asked her to leave this letter behind, though, just in case. Scoot. If you make it back, come see us in Welch. We live just behind the post office. We can survive this together, and... there's something important I need to tell you. -RayP01b_Mini_Random01_FromRay
789Senator, I take great umbrage to the fact that the military has left us stranded at Pleasant Valley. Many of us here are important and relevant members of society, yet we've apparently been left here to rot. I myself contributed a sizable donation to your last campaign and even sent you that rather expensive gift for Christmas last year. It's been several weeks and frankly, I'm beginning to think no one is ever going to show. When I return to D.C., you and I are going to have a long talk about your future, Senator. Sincerely, Stanley Leek, EsquireLC020_PleasantValleySkiResort_StanleyNote
790Sgt. Allemane, your code phrase for the Master Terminal is "Smoker Boy." Yes, I'm telling you to kick the habit. Don't you got enough nasty going into your lungs? -MelodyLC013_BigBend_AllemaneCode
791Sgt. Cominsky, your code phrase for the Master Terminal is "Nuka Addict." Save some for the rest of us next time you find a case, yeah? -MelodyLC013_BigBend_CominskyCode
792Sgt. Holstein, your code phrase for the Master Terminal is "Nuclear Dash." Show all those slowpokes how to keep the pace. -MelodyLC013_BigBend_HolsteinCode
793Sister Acolyte, Let's go to the secret place of worship at midnight and pray to the Holy Mothman. I believe with this show of devotion, and your great beauty, He will be moved to bless us with a visitation. The mere thought fills my soul with joy! Will you join me?RE_Scene_MD01_CultistNoteInvitation
794So it finally happened. What the government and the news kept saying. A giant war, and bombs and missiles and stuff, and lots of people panicking, trying to get into Vault 76. It was pretty crazy out there for a while, and I got separated from everyone. My friends, my family. But it's all right. I'll find them again, someday. And I know Christian and the others can handle themselves. So for now, it's time to go exploring. West Virginia may be a little wilder than it used to be, but nobody can handle those country roads like me. Justin ColeJustinColeNote
795So, the radiation issue is getting pretty bad. Ten of our guys just didn't wake up this morning. And, some other people are starting to lose their hair. I was brushing something off my cheek in the middle of the night. Thought it was just a fly, but I woke up and a large chunk of my cheek is missing. I think I peeled it off in my sleep. This shit is not going well. I hate to admit it, but I am gonna send a message to the street rats and see if we can call for peace. They don't look like they're in good shape either and this little war game has gone on long enough. CharlesLC095_RoofGangNote01
796Sorry about your experiment. Beta had another regulator failure overnight; the whole east end of the Utility Wing is flooded. If this ever happens again, feel free to kill the pump until I can take a look at it. The code's . -TyroneV94_3_PumpBetaShutdownCode
797Sorry the way here is such a bother. This building has seen better days, but I'm glad you made it. Make yourself at home. -RCharleston_LoreNote_BombedHouse02
798Subject 43. Naked Mole Rat. Exposure to heated Ultracite. Standard parameters. Observation: Severe mutation consistent with advanced doses of radiation. Conclusion: Ultracite contains highly dense radioactive energy. Even burning a small amount releases enough to serve a variety of industrial applications. Recommend greenlight to all proposed projects.AMSHQ_CBLore_Note01
799Subject 67. Cow. Exposure to heated Ultracite. Double standard dosing. Observation: Growth of a second head. No loss of function. Conclusion: Ultracite exposure still consistent with advanced radiation mutations.AMSHQ_CBLore_Note02
800TEMP - This will be the recipe for making the Assaultron Recall KeycardZZZP01B_Wolf_RecallKey_Recipe
801TEMP TEXT - Half burnt note confirming an air supply drop to the Mountain Cabin.ZZZP01B_Mini_Robot01_BurntNote
802Territory of Appalachia Business Permit Business Name: Clarksburg Shooting Range Address: P.O. Box 752, Clarksburg Proprietor: Anita Morguns Hazardous or toxic materials stored on site: gunpowder, ammunition Night lighting: No Excessive noise: Yes Alcohol served: No Under age restrictions: Adults only Tax Liens: NoTWZ07_Permit
803Territory of Appalachia Business Permit Business Name: Clarksburg Shooting Range Address: P.O. Box 752, Clarksburg Proprietor: Anita Morguns Hazardous or toxic materials stored on site: gunpowder, ammunition Night lighting: No Excessive noise: Yes Alcohol served: No Under age restrictions: Adults only Tax Liens: No Signed: Mayor Kor RuptedTWZ07_PermitSigned
804Test Clue 01 NoteW05_RE_TempClueNote01
805Test Clue 02 NoteW05_RE_TempClueNote02
806ThE bOOk Of dOOm shALL hAUnt yOUr nIghtmArEs! Its wOrds ArE tOO IntEnsE fOr mErE mOrtALs tO bEhOLd. YOUr mInd shAttErs wIth EvEry wOrd. Why dO yOU cOntInUE? StOp, And crUmpLE bEfOrE thE pOwEr Of thE bOOk.TestAlyssa_Quest01_Book
807The creature's been chasing me ever since I left the mountains. I don't know why it's followed me this far, but I'm scared that it won't stop until I become its next meal. It's already eaten Dino and the wound in my leg is getting bad. I can barely walk, let alone run away. It will be a miracle if I make it through the night. If I don't, tell Eloise that I love her. ReggieLC007_HopewellCave_ReggiesNote
808The hydroelectric plant powered a lot of Charleston. A little ironic for coal country, I always thought. They were so close to getting it back up and running when it all happened. -RCharleston_LoreNote_Summersville04
809The Plan 1. Finish costume show 2. Borrow any monster costume 3. Meet up by the Parson's barn at 1:00 am 4. We scare the hell out of Shelby at her damn shackSFZ03_Queen_MiscFreddyBook
810The Woods gave Him life, gave Him strength, but the blood gave Him purpose. He gathered us. He taught us to share as he shared.CultistCave_LoreNote03
811There are reports of a survivor group holed up near who are running low on supplies. I know our rations are limited but bring them these provisions and teach them what you can.RE_SceneTS01_Note2
812There's a lot of talk around town about the physical changes that are happening to Daniel Whitby. Some folks are calling him a "monster" and want to kick him out of Harpers Ferry. Others say those two Responders that showed up should be given the time to help him out. Honestly, I don't know the right answer. But what I do know is whatever's happening to Daniel could already be happening to all of us. Not because of him, but because of what the war did to our world. For all we know, all of mankind may end up like poor Daniel. Honestly, we have no one to blame but ourselves.LC062_HarpersFerry_LeonardsJournal
813These are not mine. Not anymore. Perhaps they will give you the comfort that I have lost. -RCharleston_LoreNote_Church
814They're onto us. I was fired. I'm leaving town tonight. Stay safe. - L.S.BMO_BunkerNote02_HackerNote
815Thom and Molly, LEAVE NOW! Get out of Watoga! Do NOT try to stay at home. Meet us at the Big Bend Tunnel! Love, Mom & DadCB04_WatogaObjective_Note_BigBendTunnel
816Thought about looting this place, but why? Nothing but antiques here. Try loading a black powder pistol when a Raider is swinging a machete at your face.Helvetia_LoreNote_Blackpowder
817Thought I was being smart coming out here, getting a nice, fully furnished house all to myself. Boy was I wrong. I heard some crazy explosion, and next thing you know, this weird, smoke? comes barreling down from what I guess was the mountains. I sealed up the house, but that was the beginning of the end. Next thing I knew this entire area was transforming. It's like the swamp just took over. We built this house on solid ground, but I'll be damned if this place isn't sinking. It's like the bombs dropped, and now this world is looking to just swallow us up and never look back.POI242_ModelHome
818To all staff: The Quartermaster can be contacted in the event of an emergency in order to access Secure Storage.LC145_LoreNote_Quartermaster
819To Do: - Finish recordings on the Master Holotape - Reprogram checks for scanning Sam's terminal - Check expiration dates on stimpaks - Try not to lose itFS_Abbie_ToDoList
820To the love of my life, Abbie said we can use her bunker for whatever it is you want to plan for our anniversary. I know it's only been a few months... Ok, two months, three weeks, and four days, but I'm so excited! You've changed my life De'Andre. I hope you know that. Love, LydiaFS01_MQ_Warn_MiscResponderBook
821Tom, I'm leaving this note in case I'm not here when you arrive. Things have been horrible at the church. We're overloaded with people sheltering, praying and suffering. After only a few weeks, our supplies are running low. I've decided to head out with some people to look for food and medicine. If I end up not coming back, don't come looking for me. Stay with the kids, keep them safe and pray with the others. God help us all. PamelaLC030_HavenChurch_PamelasNote
822Travelers on the road are long gone. Creatures from the bog are attacking almost daily now. Our last truck just pulled up, smoke pouring out of the engine. Half the crews are too strung out on chems to care. But where do you go from here? The open road is a death sentence without a truck and a crew.LC001_WhereToGoNote
823Valley GalleriaFSZ01_ValleyGalleria
824Very Very Nice Work Assholesv96_tempnote
825Vivie, Thanks again for doing this. Here's the list. You can bring whatever you can find to my bunker. You have the code. - Abbie - Stimpaks - Antibiotics - Fuses - Circuitry - BatteriesFS01_MQ_Warn_MiscWatogaBook
826We lost two labs to explosions in the last few days alone. You can't have these chemists sampling their own product and then turning around and working with explosives. At least get the workshops out of this building before the whole thing collapses.LC001_ExplodingLabsNote
827We used to get so many people who worked in the capitol building, coming through, getting tats in places you could cover up with suits or blouses or whatever. A little bit of rebellion never hurt anyone, I always told them. Like being in a secret society. Inked but no one ever knowing.Charleston_LoreNote_TattooParlor
828We've got two more cases of 10mm coming in tomorrow, so that should take care of the ammo. I've talked to Larry, and he's got plenty of drinking water, but we've got to do something about Henry. When we put him in charge of the food stockpile, we didn't expect that idiot to collect a hundred boxes of Sugar Bombs. How does he expect us to survive on that sugary junk after everything goes to hell? Tell him to start collecting real food or else he can shelter in his own bunker. JedLC062_HarpersFerry_JedsLetter
829Weaver wants masks before we start salvaging the station. Manu's lungs are trashed after his little recon mission, so I think masks are a probably a good idea. Next time you go out, pick up anything we could use, gas masks, hazmat suits, whatever. I want to start taking apart that station right away. ChaseKnifeEdge_Note_Salvage
830Welcome to Freyja's Haus Restaurant. We are having a special on all desserts for Fasnacht Day! What is Fasnacht Day? German and Swiss settlers came to Helvetia in the 1800s and brought their traditional festivities with them. Fasnacht means "Fast Night" and is a time to eat the richest foods before a period of fasting. The most popular treat is named after the day. You might recognize a Fasnacht as a type of doughnut, a fried dessert made by the dozens every Fasnacht Day!Helvetia_LoreNote_Freyja
831With the reduction in staff, after hours access to the Secure Storage room should only be allowed in an emergency. If you need access after 2100 please find the Quartermaster inside his bunk. Again, only for emergencies.BoS01SecureRoomNote
832You can find him across the lake, on the roof of Grafton Steel, at 2PM tomorrow. Take out Mr. Henrick, and your debt is paid.LookoutTower07Note01
833You put this recorder in your shirt pocket. It's small, no one will know it's there. I'm serious, Michael. It's not fair. They "can't help it?" You're just "big boned?" We'll see what they have to say after we sue them for workplace safety violations! And don't be your usual idiot self and take this note to work. Throw it away AT HOME! Also, the fridge forgot to order milk again, pick some up on your way home. I'll be home late again, don't wait up.AMSHQ_CBLore_SueThem
834Your offering is acceptable to Him.CultistCave_LoreNote01
835[TEMP BOOK - WILL BE HOLOTAPE] Vault-Tec hopes you've enjoyed your stay in Vault 76. But it's time to go home! Happy Reclamation Day! Our motto at Vault-Tec is: "Prepare for the Future!" But, for you, fine citizen: the future is now. You will find in your official Vault-Tec Reclamation Package, a short wilderness survival guide entitled "Prepare for the Now!" which will orient you in these first few days outside of the vault. Consult the book at your earliest convenience (by all means put the guide down and run away if something, or someone, is trying to eat you!) In this helpful tome you will find sage advice on how to: Establish a base camp! The rations and stimpaks in your official Vault-Tec survival kit won't last forever. You'll need to become self-sufficient soon. An important first step is finding a safe location to set up a base camp from which you will embark to secure food, water, and other supplies, and which will safeguard and protect the hard earned resources you bring back. Construct a cooking fire! You might be accustomed to TV dinners, or cooking decadent meals in a kitchen with all the conveniences modern life had to offer, or perhaps you never learned to put two slices of bread together before the world ended, either way, you'll need to learn to cook a hot meal from scratch. But first, you'll need something to cook it on! Make drinking water safe! That cool and refreshing looking stream or pond has all the water a recently repatriated survivor could ever need, but drinking from it could make you sick. Very sick, indeed! Always bottle water from the purest sources, and always boil it completely before drinking! Eat food that won't eat you back! Plants and animals may have suffered horrifying mutations making it impossible to tell what they once were. But when your supply of rations runs out, you're going to need to eat those things. And even if you think you know what something is, you should never, ever, eat it raw. Raw food will often contain disease causing bacteria and parasites. The only way to be sure you won't make things worse by eating something, is to cook it. Craft a healing salve! Let's face it, life after the world ends is going to get rough at times. At some point you're going to get hurt. If not by a dumb mistake, then by a vicious mutant creature trying to make you it's dinner. But don't fret. By carefully inspecting the plants around you, you will be able to create old fashion healing remedies that cure itches, sooth burns, and promote healing. You'll want a few doses of salve on hand in case of emergencies. While challenging, these are the most important first lessons of living in our - your! - new world! Keep trying, and don't give up! And if it ever seems like things are impossible and all hope is lost, just remember that you earned a place in Vault 76 because Vault-Tec's proprietary genetic testing and carefully crafted aptitude surveys demonstrated your excellence and worthiness to repopulate the earth. We humans survived through the darkest of ages. And you, dear survivor, are among the best and brightest humanity has to offer. Good luck out there! Stay safe. Stay happy.SURV_Tutorial_HolotapeOLD, Incendar, Incendar Gaming, Incendar Coding, Incendium, Incendius, Incendara, Incendario, Mincendar © About Discord Donate

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