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WELCOME NEW SENATOR! :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: CONGRESSIONAL ID#: 778232 Welcome, Mr. Blackwell, to the Senate of the United States of America. Your election to this body is one of the greatest honors an American can receive. Please memorize the ID# above. It will grant you access to some of the many perks members of the Senate enjoy - checking out items from the Library of Congress, access to the Congressional gym, discount meals at the Capitol cafeteria, and more. And please be sure to bring that ID as well as a government-issued photo ID to your first orientation session at the Capitol this January (specific date forthcoming). Here's wishing you a long and honorable tenure in your position as Senator of the Appalachian Territory. ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

__________________________ UNIFORM DISBURSEMENT LOG __________________________ //// 10/23/77 //// NAME: Jackson, Lawrence BARRACKS: Alpha VOUCHER: Collected UNIFORM: Issued /////////////////////////// NAME: Archibald, Derek BARRACKS: Bravo VOUCHER: LOST UNIFORM: Returned to dispenser NOTE: Cadet sent to recover voucher from barracks. /////////////////////////// NAME: Miller, Leann BARRACKS: Bravo VOUCHER: Collected UNIFORM: Issued //// END OF LIST ////

The Old Guard

Volume 14: Chapter 2

Ok, where was I? Right ... when I first signed up, it was an all hands situation. We'd just gone to war. I was a dumb kid like all the others ... but Fields watched my back, made sure my armor was in good repair. I only lost one toe to frostbite, compared to Thompson's three. So when the shit hit the fan in Pittsburgh, you know I was expecting him to be all over saving those civvies we ran across. I never expected he'd blow his knee out just getting to his armor. Never expected he'd get shot. Thompson had Angel and Odysseus protect him when he went down or he'd be dead now, but it was rough to see. Angel lost her front leg from that. I found myself thinking, you know ... we're all getting so old, our last suit of armor's all beat to shit. Even if we make it out of this alright, he's going to be wearing the rig again for a while just to take the weight off his knee. Why shouldn't we just join those civvies, finally retire, just forget the past like all the other old jerks out there who lived through it. That night, we finally heard the broadcast again. It made everything feel a little less final. Our cores would run out soon, the armor was basically done for, but there were other ex-military folks still out there in Appalachia. We figured you know, what's one more winter of this misery? It's only September. We're not that far away, if we can avoid the hot zones. Won't take that long, we'll just take some time for Fields to heal up. We held on to the hope of meeting those troops for a long time after the last broadcast. Maybe they had an equipment failure. Maybe they weren't dead. Or I dunno, maybe if they were dead, then they at least knew where other remnants of the military were hiding out. Lots of maybes. ...



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Diary of Russell Dorsey



Figured I'd start a journal while I'm out here. Being alone in a place like this, a guy starts talking to himself anyway, so I guess I might as well write some of it down. Something to look back on when this is all finished, maybe. [pagebreak]

I was out looking for scrap when I picked up the signal. It was so faint. Just a crackle of static at first, but then a few words came through here and there.
I couldn't understand it until it had repeated a few times. The Brotherhood of Steel was coming back to West Virginia! It seemed impossible, but in between the hissing and pops, those words were real. I don't know what's bringing them back, or why they waited so long to send someone from out west, but as soon as I understood what was happening I packed what I had and came out to ATLAS. This is where they're coming, so this is where I have to be.


I've been thinking about Dad a lot while I've been doing all this. Everything I set up here, I ask myself how he would've done it. I can still picture the house we lived in after the bombs fell, all the repairs he'd made, the extension he added so he could put in the water purifier, the greenhouse...
I think he'd approve of what I'm building here. I wish he could've lived to see it. Not sure I'd have ever come out here if he had, though.
Still miss him. [pagebreak] Greg, wherever you are, thanks again.
Greg was this guy I met on the road in Virginia. Old RobCo technician, back before the bombs fell. Used to work on Protectron units, going out to corporate customers and doing on-site maintenance, fixing broken motivators and that kind of thing.
When I met him, he had this Protectron that followed him around. He called it Clanks, and he'd glued a ragged old top hat onto its head. Made it carry his stuff as he traveled.
We were camping one night and he made Clanks do a little "dance" routine, reciting a silly song in that mechanical voice they all have. Worst singing you've ever heard, but it made us laugh.
He explained to me how he'd found the unit in an old shopping center, still running but with busted leg servos, and refurbished it. He opened up Clanks and showed me how you could hotwire their motherboards, activating maintenance circuits to override their command systems.
It's funny. I never thought that would be all that useful. Then I showed up here. It's not easy, luring a Protectron into a position where you can crack open their service panel and do some jury-rigging, but the good news is if you get one it's a lot easier to get more. [pagebreak] This place was a wreck when I got here. Nothing but wrecked vehicles, junk, and insane robots patrolling it all. Barely got away when they first attacked me.
I don't know what they were doing here, back in the day, or why an observatory would have security robots. But I'm glad they did, even if they almost blasted me at first. If they weren't here, none of this would've been possible. Without the 'bots to do so much of the lifting and welding and all the other heavy construction, I'd barely have some sandbags in place here.
Instead, we've cleared out the rubble, started on walls...heck, we've even got a landing pad on the go. I'm not even sure the Brotherhood has any fliers, but I had the space, so why not?
Still not sure what's inside the place, though. I could hear more robots clanking around in there, and when I peeked inside it seemed like a wreck. I just boarded up the exits so whatever's in there stays in there until the Brotherhood shows up. They'll know what to do better than I would, and the outside's enough work as is. [pagebreak] Haven't had much time to spare to write here - The Brotherood's back! I thought things were busy here when it was just me and the bots getting ready, but now things have really kicked into gear.
I have to admit, I was suprised when it was just three of them. I figured a whole platoon or troop or whatever you call it was on the way, but it was just the Paladin, Knight, and Scribe. They had a bunch more folks with them, but only those three were actually Brotherhood, it turned out.
Everyone else were just would-be members they'd picked up along the way. Like me, I guess. I'm the real deal now, though! Brotherhood Initiate Dorsey! They looked at everything I'd gotten ready for them here and swore me in almost on the spot. I nearly thought it was a joke, but, uh, Knight Shin's not really the joking type.
I still wake up some mornings thinking it was all a dream, but it's real. I'm truly part of something now. I hope, somehow, Dad sees what I've done, and he's proud.
All right, Initiate Me, get back to work.


by Devin Hardway

Buttercup the horse-princess walked majestically through her royal meadow, her faithful manservant and best friend Harvin Dedyaw following close at her flank. Buttercup's perfect forehead creased with concern as she surveyed her lands, and Harvin knew the grim news the royal messenger had brought her weighed heavily on her withers.

Harvin watched Buttercup in silence. He longed to place a hand comfortingly on her flank, but he would not allow his long-suppressed feelings for the princess to cross the boundaries of decorum that separated them.

[The text continues like this for pages and pages, and appears to be a confusing and discomfiting piece of fantasy fanfiction about the Giddyup Buttercup line of toys.]
Marcus - that son of a bitch. How could he? Kicking us out of our home... why? He's giving all of us a death sentence - the people he called family. After his 'speech', a few of the folks said "Why don't we fight? Why don't we do anything at all?" It would be foolish - Marcus' group is armed and prepared! They're all strong men, younger than most of us. We wouldn't stand a chance. As much as I hate it, we have to leave. But we're not leaving empty-handed. I've talked it over with some of the elders. Tonight, we're going to take back some of the supplies the Burrow Boys 'took as tribute' and leave through the old tunnels. It's dangerous, but Marcus knows that and won't follow us. We can get to the pump station, seal the doors... maybe hack the security system. We can figure it out later. All I know is that if we stay here, we're dead.

R 8

S 7

T 6

A - Test1 B - Test2 C - Test3

Camping Syllabus

1. Find a safe spot! Be sure to look for fresh animal -- OR human! -- droppings nearby. Remember: If you find doo-doo, better shoo-shoo! 2. Use recycled materials to construct your tent! You can find scraps just about anywhere. 3. Why have a camp? Cooking stations, even your own stash! Assignment: Students should check in with any local Responder and build a camp. In the camp, volunteers should construct a simple cooking station and a stash box and demonstrate that knowledge to the local Responder.

Don't just Survive... THRIVE!

The Responder Survivors Volunteer Program is now offering basic and advanced training! FREE! Feeling sick when you eat or drink? Sign up for our new Responders Volunteer Survivor Program at Flatwoods. We'll keep you safe and train you to live better, too! Want to learn how to build a camp that isn't going to blow away in a radiation storm? Or do you want to just help us build a better tomorrow? Sign up for Volunteer: Advanced Training at Morgantown Airport's main hub! Bring your own building supplies! -Responder Miguel

Camping Syllabus

1. Find a safe spot! Be sure to look for fresh animal -- OR human! -- droppings nearby. Remember: If you find doo-doo, it's better to moo-move! 2. Use recycled materials to construct your tent! You can find scraps just about anywhere. 3. Why have a camp? Cooking stations, even your own stash! Assignment: Students should check in with any local Responder and build a camp. In the camp, volunteers should construct a simple cooking station and a stash box and demonstrate that knowledge to the local Responder.

Schematics Test Plan

Loading Schematics: pass

Construction: pass

Stability: pass

: pass

The schematics work! They work! This is such a relief. I'll have to let the other Responders know that they can grab the latest copy of these Schematics from my terminal in the bot shop.

Your time's running out, Hornwright. You've pushed us too far and now we're coming for you. You won't stop us.
03-06-96 Carpenter made a run for the trenches but a Scorchbeast spotted him. He made it to the trench. We thought he was good, but then the Scorched came. A few at first, then a mob. He put up a good fight. 03-09-96 Found a lone farmer hiding deep in a cave. He knew about the Brotherhood of Steel and Defiance. Said that "Defiance" was Fort Defiance. It was someplace deep in the Bog. He said the Brotherhood was dead, he said we'd all be dead soon. We gave him some rations and left. 03-13-96 Been hugging the trenches. More Scorchbeasts than I've ever seen flying in the sky. No sign of life except Scorched in the distance. Watoga's not too far now. 03-14-96 Turning back. Adler is pissed, but if Ralleigh wants to know more about the Brotherhood's distress message he can find it himself. 03-16-96 Scorched on our trail. Splitting up so someone makes it back. Do these bastards ever get tired? Fuck. Anyone reading this. Find Abbie Singh or Ralleigh. Tell them the Brotherhood is dead. Tell them Defiance was keeping the lid on the thing. They're coming I won't become one of those things
a cold compress. 3. Gently bind the burn with clean bandages. DISEASE CURATIVES Collect the following ingredients, take them to a stove or cook pot and combine: Forest Flora: 1 pt. Boiled Water, 2 Fire Caps, 2 Snaptails, 2 Bloodleaves Ash Heap: 1 pt. Purified Water, 2 Ash Rose, 2 Blight, 2 Soot Flower

ORDERS: Bring collected supplies to Thunder Mountain Power Plant It is imperative that you gather supplies from the citizens by any means necessary, short of using force. Without the food, medical supplies, materials, etc. we cannot defend this area from the growing threats. We protect them and they in turn support us. The citizens of Appalachia are becoming restless and doubt our effectiveness, but you will remind them of the latest attacks that we were not there to intercept. If further convincing is needed then tell them that they can deal with the next Scorched horde on their own and see how they fair. We are depending on you.

I can't believe how these people are responding, it's even better than I imagined. It's so much easier than trying to round them up and kill them for their stuff. I just need a willing FOOL to do most of the work for me. There's more every day. Maybe Yves, or Margaret ... Oh, yeah I should go with Margaret because nobody will ditch me for an old lady. Yves might be able to outstrip me with that silky pompadour and EASY smile. I should get him to shave it off. Haha - Always with the questions, Margaret. Well, I have BAD news for you, nobody who asks that many questions is going to ever self-actualize properly unless they learn how to clear out the barriers that cause them such stress. I'll let her know privately that I think she has a serious problem that only loyalty can help her work through. Maybe she got betrayed in a past life and that's why she's unable to trust? It's PERFECT! - Margaret found me wearing a new recruit's silk pants and she's beginning to suspect what's really going on. I just have to keep appealing to her VANITY so she can teach the new people the ropes. That and smile beatifically and say profound things so that everyone remembers who is HOLY and in charge. Not that shrew, nobody's following a shrew into enlightenment, Margaret. - Okay, who knew religious people could be so sanctimonious about silken pants? Nobody cares, Margaret. But she's convinced that she's got me figured it out. That I am CORRUPT . I told her that I would step down after my next sermon, where I confirm her as the new leader. It's all I could do to keep her from outing me in front of everyone like a complete hag. I've got her fooled though, I can still make it out of this with all the GOOD stuff. - Oh, I didn't think it would be so awful. No wonder they use it on RATS it's terrible. I have to go, I can't be here with this. The smell! I'm sure I can find another group that needs my help just like this one. I just need to find a BETTER way to end things next time. Smell's not going to go, so I may as well!

Ugh, why is this so HARD? I thought using the traps would make it so much easier to deal with a large group of idiots all at once. I wrecked the damn vehicle though, so I can't keep doing this the same way. Anyway, it takes so much time and effort to deal with the aftermath. - Yesterday I found some people looting my kills. Can you imagine the audacity? I told them that I had just barely survived 'the maniac that did this' and that he's been killing people in Sutton since everything went sideways. I convinced them that I am a religious person, can you believe that. ME? I know, it's a total gas. Well, I was wearing some black clothes and I had a bunch of wine, so it works. They're going to come pray with me at my church, haha. - Okay this is going a LOT better than I expected. This place sucks, I'm going to put all my effort into messing with these idiots. I convinced them that they need to give up their worldly stuff because they're like, actually immortal amnesiacs? I was a little altered and thinking about Captain Cosmos deep lore but they believed it. I can't BELIEVE how stupid people are!

Due to the ongoing investigation about the attempted sabotage of the Blast Furnace, we are restricting access to approved personal only. Supervisor Fortney will be in charge of shift handoff of the keys and the doors shall remain locked under all hours. - Management
I bide my time and bite my lip. I joined the service on my birthday, and it was the proudest day of my life when I became a Ranger. Almost as proud as I was to be tapped to be in Taggerdy's Thunder. And now... Squires? Knights? Paladins? What the hell. I try not to roll my eyes. I try to never let my unit down. But sometimes on watch, I think about leaving. Pick a direction. I think west. Things got to be better out west. But I know too well what waits out there. So whatever stupid new rules come out, I bite my lip and say whatever they want. But in my heart, I'm a Ranger and not even the Lieutenant can take that away from me.
Entry #411: The tests have been going so well. I've spliced the glands and pieces of brain matter from a gecko into a fish to make a completely new creature. I'm going to be rich! I need to try larger animals. ... Entry #502: Had some problems with the mouse/cat hybrid. It kept gnawing it's own leg off. ... Entry #555: I had such hopes for the dog/cat. It would have been the perfect pet. I could have made a fortune off of them. ... Entry #673: I've created a new technique for brain grafts. The animal shelter won't give me any more dogs and cats, but I was able to rescue a wounded bear. Adding a little bovine brain and glands should make it more docile. ... Entry #695: I've named my hybrid bear Fluffy. It seems to like me. I'm able to crawl into it's cage and pet it. ... Entry #719: Fluffy has begun to exhibit fits of rage. I had to put a shock collar on him. He still likes to be scritched behind the ears, but I have to wait for the right time. ... Entry #723: Fluffy has escaped! His shock collar was ripped off. I've got to find him. ... Entry #724: The Monongah police say there are sightings of large animals down by some lake. It's sounds like Fluffy. They also said two hikers were killed in the area. I got a sneak peek at the forensics report. My poor Fluffy killed them. ...
Entry #725: A strange man in a shack by the lake accosted me. He was very rude and not at all helpful. I'm going upstream to find my Fluffy.
Entry #726: I found Fluffy's den, but I haven't approached it yet. He seems calm. I'm going to see if I can sedate him.
God willing, we can weather this just like any other storm that blows through. I couldn't get the shift off from the precinct - Tonya actually drove out to pick me up! But I made a list of what we prolly need! - Loaf of Bread - Bottled Water - "Toilet Paper" - Tons of Booze - Plastic sheeting - More Plywood! WAIT HERE FOR ME ! LOVE YA ! !
I'm going stir crazy up here. I know my assignment is to stay here and dissuade people from poking their noses where they don't belong, but god it's boring. If I see one more lost hunter, I'm gonna put a cap in him myself. Had a biologist nosing around too. Claimed he was looking for a 'special animal' of his. Wouldn't tell me much other than it was big and dangerous, but he really seemed to want it. Told him to fuck off just like the others. It seems I have a 'friend' on the lake. Sometimes at dusk or dawn I'll see a bear snuffling about the opposite shore. At least I think it's a bear. Could be what that biologist was looking for. I think there is something wrong with it. It doesn't walk right or sound right. A ranger came around asking about it, but I sent her packing, just like that nosy biologist. It always seems to come and go by the stream that feeds the lake. I could probably track it upstream. I've asked permission to hunt it down, but my request was denied. It hasn't come too close to the shack yet. If it does, it will be one dead bear. 2nd Lieutenant James Kord
Mary keeps beating me at Catch the Commie. I even peeked at the cards when she wasn't looking. The time before that I snuck some money out of the pile. Mom says girls like her can't beat someone like me. I'm a Wesley, so I'm better than that. I have to be better than that. She can't be allowed to be smarter than me. She just can't.
Carl - You know anything about why the barrel of whiskey I paid you for tastes like piss? You get a little too drunk and mistake the still for the outhouse again? Probably because you wouldn't know good hooch if bit you in the behind you old fool.
Jeff, I hope things in Flatwoods are going well. I had a thought I wanted to share. If we can spare the personnel, I'd like to send a team into Gauley Mine. They were blasting in the days before the war, and if there's still dynamite in there, it might come in handy. I know you're busy with the volunteer program, so it's your call. - Maria
Tammy, I know the Mountains are dangerous right now - but we need to get a report from the Free States. The farmers are in a bad way worried about that broadcast from the Brotherhood of Steel. So find someone that can get to Abigayle's Bunker up past the RR Mega Stop. Ask her the following: * Defiance is that Brotherhood headquarters right? Are the Brotherhood OK? * What's coming for us? * Is everything OK over there? I know the Brotherhood hasn't made any friends lately, but the whole thing is very disturbing. -Maria
Terminal: HELEN
To any survivors out there, our group found a cave set into a nearby hillside. It isn't much but we've managed to gather some food and supplies and are able to somewhat defend ourselves. If you're alone, hungry and scared, you are welcome to come and join us. - Brianna Hawke

In case you chem-heads need a reminder: - Gather all the valuables that washed up from the flood. - Round up anyone you find poking around. There's bonus chems in it for ya if they're wearing Responders gear. - March them to the courthouse and get it ready for a reckoning. We'll leave 'em one last message so everyone knows what happens when you fuck with David Thorpe.

Nancy, It's time. We can't deny it any longer. You haven't felt anything for Robert in years, and I'm never going to love anyone the way I love you. We can get out of here tonight. I've got things all packed, locked away on the trainyard floor. Key is on top of the cabinet outside the old man's office. Come with me. Let's start over. -Ben

Murmurs of the weak willed, unfaithful whispers. Perhaps another offering, live and screaming. To help them see and sew the blasphemous maws. If the Harvester wills it.

Dear Sirs, I've attended over forty events at Watoga Civic Center and I have yet to see the Garrahan's use the VIP Booth more than once. I've been on the waiting list to take over the booth for the last year and a half, and your staff has the nerve to keep telling me "it's taken." By who? They're never there! If it's a question of money, I'm more than willing to double my last offer. It's time the Garrahan's moved on. I await your answer. Phillip Worthington III, Esq.
Laurene, You were right to have me inventory the prescription drugs locker. Turns out we're missing three boxes of painkillers. I'm not sure who the thief is, but we can't afford to lose any more supplies. I'm going to change the code to 011986. Don't forget to get rid of this note after you've memorized the number. Marylyn
Scott, Whole load of new orders came in. Beckers are putting up all new fences at their farm, and Smiths need materials for a garage. Guess business is booming all over. Take two trucks, get it all done in one shot. And don't take another one of those four-hour lunches in Grafton. Yeah, I know about that. -Craig

Responders! The Database is now locked.

Only Volunteers and Responders may access it until things calm down again.

This is only a precaution until this whole thing blows over and we get back to rebuilding this great country.

I just updated it with more information about supplies, so when we get back we can start distributing resources to the survivors that remain.

Delbert and Kesha have volunteered to stay behind and take care of the survivors.


Lowell has the damn key to the granary. I know he does, that bastard. He's playing dumb. Said he has no clue where it is. Dang rabid dogs attacked me. My leg got pretty tore up. There's some medicine stored in the granary storage. I'm not gonna make it. I could have been living the life of Riley, but it's too late now. Time to make peace and join the rest of my family. Note to Lowell if you find my body: Screw you.

Shawn Aaronholt's Journal John and I are sick of hearing Lowell talk about Chicago all the damn time. Lowell wants us to pack up and head that way. Who gives a shit about Chicago? I always thought we should travel more south to see if any of our cousins survived. John and I can't find the key to the granary shed where we hoarded ammo and medicine. Radiation sickness has taken the best of me. Without meds I'll probably die within days.

To whomever finds my body - The granary shed holds provisions that should last you a little while. I ponder what became of my brothers, Shawn and John. I should have gone to Chicago. P.S. Watch out for those giant flying bats!

Well, I finally got all of the robots online and programmed to carve out Jack O' Lanterns. I'm still having problems with them setting pumpkins down without rolling over. All things considered I'm feeling pretty good about this automation idea. Wendy named the greeting robot Jack O' Lantern. I think the kids will love it! October 31st is almost here. With any luck this should be our biggest event to date!

If Jeff or Melody or anyone else finds this, I'm happy to know that someone made it out, but I think it's the end of the line for us. Tanner and Janson aren't doing so great and I'm not far behind them... It's still hard for me to come to grips that those... things used to be our friends, our family. I can't take the thought of us changing and hurting other people, too. So I won't let it happen. If the last thing I can do is make sure that we stay ourselves...then I'm okay with that. Serving with you all has been the highest honor. Caleb Widmer Paramedic Morgantown EMS

Carl, You're in charge while I'm gone. Congratulations, and no this doesn't mean they're paying you more. Looks good on a resume though. Supply cage is locked up, code is in on the bulletin board. Double-check everything before you close up. Some of these guys "forget" to put stuff back. Greg
Claire, Grab everything from our smuggling operation and get it to the Lucky Hole Mine, pronto. The whole world's going to hell and I'm betting we're going to need that stuff to survive. Lock it up in the usual spot - I've changed the code to 238963. Don't stop for anyone. I'll see you soon. Gavin
Dearest Emily, I managed to find a few other survivors scavenging in Sutton. They're hiding out in the woods until this whole thing blows over. Told them I used to be an avid hunter so they invited me back to their camp. They seem like decent people, mostly. Woke up this morning and saw Ethan and Carson building a spike pit down at the bottom of the cliff. I asked them why they were building it and all they said was "for protection." Seriously, how the hell is a giant spike pit going to help us? I think those guys are starting to lose it. But whatever, it keeps them occupied. In other news Madison made some fantastic stew last night. I asked her what her secret was and she told me "the extra head." I'll come look for you soon, I promise. ~Dylan
Gary, You sick of cutting wood over there yet? I've been working at West Virginia Lumber Yard for a few weeks now and it's a world of difference. Better pay, better hours and best of all, no robots. I talked to the foreman here and he's looking for a few more guys. You better grab the gang and head over here before someone else fills your spot. Paul
Gertie, Oh my god, Bert did it - he stole Principal Laraby's office key! If we're lucky, we'll be able to slip in there after class and change our grades. After the bell at three o'clock, grab the key from the locker next to the showers and meet us at his door. Straight A's here we come! Conner
I remember the night we first arrived. Half frozen to death in the blizzard. Teeth chattering. These cabins seemed like one of those resorts you'd see on the television. Those were tough times, but the cabins were home. Some holes sprang in the roof, we'd get a bucket. If a beam fell down, we'd prop it back up. But the Paladin says they're just too falling apart to keep fixing. It's going to be cramped in the new space, but it'll be nice to have four good walls and a roof. But I'll miss my time in Bunkhouse Alpha.
If you are interested in meeting, a group of your neighbors has gathered to the East. We've been contacted by a larger community like ours, living in the Capitol. Apparently the city was hit hard, but they say a society is beginning to grow there. We are considering joining them. - W.K.
Jimmy, It's business as usual, pal. Keep your eyes on the road, drive safe, and call me once you've made the delivery. Don't worry about protestors at the Disposal Site. Just don't make eye contact or provoke them. I've got a call in to the Feds, see if we can't get them to do something. Remember, once the barrels are off the back of the truck, it's their problem, not ours. -Dave
Johnson, you bonehead, I know you've been stealing my lunches. Did you honestly think that it would go unnoticed in a facility that was literally built to watch and listen to everything? Hell, I'm the guy who designed our internal surveillance system! Pay me back double and return my plastic containers, or I'll report what you do in the bathroom to CDR Gould.
Larry, Hey, guess who Supervisor Jenkins picked to clean the toilets again? If you guessed it was you, then ding, ding, ding - you win a prize! Oh, and it's Chili Cookoff Week, so you better stock up on cleaning chemicals. I put a whole bunch of them in the utility tunnel under the entrance to Crocolossus Mountain. Reggie
Marco, Hey buddy, I had a new safe installed aboard just in case you want to keep a few things stowed on longer flights. I set the code to 062032, my wife's birthday. Sorry to use that, but you know me - I'd forget my own name if it wasn't stitched on the front of my flight suit! Noel
Marvin, I don't know what the hell Fred's problem is, but he better start picking up the slack around here. Last night he gets the delivery truck stuck and instead of calling it in, he just leaves it there. Now it's blocking up the works and he's called in sick. Can you do me a favor and grab some tow chains from the supply room on the loading dock and move the damn truck out of everyone's way? In the meantime, I'll have a word with the site supervisor about Fred's future working at N.I.R.A.! Lorenzo
Medical Supplies Search Teams Arktos Pharma J. Lake M. Sparkman Q. Moore AVR Medical A. Huso M. Martinez S. Powers Vault Tech U. T. Lambert R. Tate S. Whitaker
Millie and I are leaving. Heading South at dawn. We wish you would join us. If you change your mind, we'll camp around Lewis and Son's tomorrow night, and then Camden Park after. Follow the River South.
Mr. and Ms. Braxton, My name is William Keller. I represent a group of brave men and women whom you may wish to meet. In the years since our new lives began, many of us have begun to lose things we once took for granted. Our skin. A face. An old voice. Most painfully, each of us have lived to see our friends and loved ones die around us. It's been twenty years. No one should have to suffer in loneliness and fear. You are not alone.
Nathan, I can't believe Ella convinced everyone to pool their weapons and lock them in the armory hanging from the tower. That idiot's been running the show ever since we left Helvetia, but I think it's time for a change. I stole her key to the armory and left it under the flowerpot in my shack. Let's see her try to call the shots now.
Responders? Flatwoods (Abandoned) Point Pleasant Harpers Ferry
So, that was "fun." Moreno's a fine communications operator. But not the best pick for command, especially given how the situation's evolving. He took being relieved of command well, though. On the trip over, I saw first-hand that our recon was right. The Super Mutants are a growing threat. Is anyone else still reeling? Before the war this was a nice river valley. With farms. Factories. Now there are these giant blood thirsty mutants kidnapping and killing everyone in their path. First some damage control. We set a regular schedule for caravan escorts to the Mire and back. If Caravan Sally comes through expecting us to drop everything to escort them now, tough. We have fewer trips with more guards.
This whole transition is taking some getting used to. But I thought you could appreciate this update. In the past if a mission or patrol was cleared for combat performance chems, the usage rate was near 100%. But now, half the time (or more) the chems are returned afterwards. There's the other stuff, too. You hear laughter more. Sometimes it's at the expense of the new rules, but people just seem happier. I think it's the sense of purpose. We know we're going somewhere, there's a plan. For De Silva I think she just loves the new patch. Now you can't say I never have good news, Paladin.
To those who remain: Many of us have lost things we once held dear - our voices, our skin, the taste of food. You've watched your loved ones die. You don't need to suffer alone. A new community is forming to the East. It's being built by people like you, in the remains of the Capitol City. Join us as we prepare to leave this place. West Virginia will not be rebuilt, but our lives can still have purpose. - William Keller
Badger - You know I like you. The brothers like you too. You're easily my fourth favorite Pi Mu. But listen, the whole mannequin thing has GOT to stop. It was funny at first. We laughed along when you brought it home from the department store. I thought it was a little weird when you named it Suzie and started taking it down to dinner, but whatever floats your boat right? The last few days though... honestly Badger, I don't even know what to say. We called a meeting and all decided that Suzie needs to... DAMN IT, you've got me calling the stupid thing Suzie now! Look, just GET RID of the mannequin! This is me asking nicely! Sincerely, John

I forgive you, Dad.

I get it now. Taking care of kids is hard, and it was too hard for you. You were young, and it was just too much.

I get it. I do.

I'm an adult now too, and well, it took a long time to understand why you did it. I'm not mad though.

But... I'm going to do the opposite of what you did. I'm going to find kids and make sure they're ok.

I love you, I forgive you, but you don't need to come home anymore. -Colonel

Everyone I've lost, a list. Meredith, my mother and Patricia, my mom. I know they were at least together in the end. Madeline, my sister and Theodore, my brother in law. I hope they somehow made it, but ... they were so close to the bombs. Calvin, my best friend in the whole world, and his dog, Peppers, whose face licks are missed so much. Jesse, my ex. We broke up for the wrong reasons ... I still love you so very much even though you've been gone for so long. Samara, my boss. The best boss anyone could ever ask for. Thanks for that raise the day before everything went to hell. It was the last good day. Mindy, my Friday night poker host. I miss your lying face, you cheater! Roberto, my neighbor. I had to stop you, but... I miss you, too. I miss what I was before I had to stop you, too. And finally, myself. I miss who I used to be. There's no point now... not without any of you.

They all mocked me for those 9 years of gymnastics as a kid. But who's laughing now? Me, that's who! A swarm of those overgrown rodents were seconds away from gnawing me to death when I found this old ropes course. For a regular Joe, escaping death up here is an impossibility... but not me! I closed my eyes and imagined I was back on that balance beam. Easy. After I denied those buck-toothed rats their dinner, I got to thinking: this spot is really nice, and unreachable for those lacking my superior agility. I can board it up and turn it into my own little storehouse. Great idea, I know. Sometimes I surprise even myself. Say what you will about the horrible apocalypse and all, but when you're as good as me? It's just another day at the gym.

My sweet baby,

We wanted you so much ... but it just wasn't possible. It's for the best though, I know that now, considering ... everything.

I ain't got time for a proper memorial, so this'll have to do. Here lies my friend George, who looked after the cabins with me in life and will look after them in death too. He was the best of us, and didn't deserve this kinda death. I don't know whether to blame the commies, or the pathetic scavengers that I used to be proud to call my fellow Americans. All I know is, the world is darker this day. And it don't look like it's getting any brighter. Rest in peace, brother.

Last night Carson caught some lost couple out in the woods poaching one of our traps. I told him they didn't mean anything by it but he wouldn't listen. He tied them up and made them walk the plank that him and Ethan built last week. I thought he was just going to scare them a little but before I knew it he had shoved both off into the pit down below. This is getting scary now. All day they listen to that crazy woman on the radio. They won't shut up about that place to the east. They say they have supplies and shelter, but we're doing just fine here. I really wish those two would just leave already.
To anyone who reads this, My group was ambushed while traveling past . I managed to get away but all my friends were torn apart. I'm ashamed of this, but I was too afraid to help them then and I'm too afraid to take vengeance now. Please, if you could avenge my friends... well I can't give you anything but just know I'd appreciate it.
a new day kevin was weak. micky was weak. I am strong. I took all their strength from them. I see the daylight now. I dont want to leave. I dont need to. I will wait here. wait for the weak to find their way to me. I will consume their strength. I will become stronger. I will survive this world.
Observations - Rapid and extensive growth of vines throughout the area.
The gnomes hold the key.


If you read this... i am now staying in the bell tower in the church. I have cereal and games and a sleeping bag for both of us. I will be waiting! I love you! Colonel

Experiment #118: Cold Germination in Soil Samples K-N Daily Checklist: 1. Update germination count. 2. Measure and record seedling growth. 3. Sample soil pH. 4. Administer lime or sulfur to rebalance pH to target (5.75). See Schedule A. 5. Sample soil moisture level. 6. Set Flood Control Pump Gamma watering codes. See Schedule B. NOTE: In the event of another flooding incident, SHUT DOWN FLOOD CONTROL PUMP GAMMA (Code: ) and notify Tyrone.

Linda, baby, this is Charlie. Philip said he'd get this to you. I have to make this quick. I know things are crazy right now, but I have to stay at my post. Tell Benny I love him. I'll be home as soon as I can. Stay safe, baby.

Linda, baby, this is Charlie. Philip said he'd get this to you. I have to make this quick. I know things are crazy right now, but I have to stay at my post. Tell Benny I love him. I'll be home as soon as I can. Stay safe, baby.

If you're reading this I'm dead. If you're reading this so are you. Never forget the Raider code. The one to live and die by. Every man for himself

Friend, My advice to you is hide the thing. Marketing sees EVERYTHING, especially where their money has gone, and there is going to be a budget related firestorm... which lands squarely on you! And me for that matter since I'm about to help you. I know a place you can stash it, out of sight out of mind. I'll adjust the lines on the expenditures sheets and no one will be the wiser. Don't take any chances, for both our sakes. I'll take one key with me to Tanagra when I visit the kids. I've left the other one for you. It's in that place where I put that thing that time.
As the flame beckons a moth we came to him, our father of the Woods. He showed us warmth. He provided us with water. He whispered a willingness to accept into our hearts. Those who do not know are blighted with a fraudulence that festers within their soul. Now, servants of the Woods, let us drink in a final offering. Not a sacrifice, but a gift to the Eyes of the Forest.
Blessed with an abundance yet again by the guidance of his hand, a decadent ceremony is in order to honor the Great Moth. Let the voices of the Woods join us with pomp in the festivities. Now we must busy ourselves in preparation for tonight's offering.
Drink with me, brothers of the Wood. Guided by truth, the only light in the forest. Elevate your souls and revel in the exaltation of whom we follow. May he anoint our drink. Let us lose ourselves as we bath in his glory.
Submit your hearts to our savior. Trust not in your own understanding. When we first entered these hills we lived in the dark, wallowing in ignorance and living without purpose. Great Moth, you have illuminated our world. Where we could not see, you opened our eyes. When we could not eat, you showed us plentiful pastures. Humbled by your selection in us, allowing us the comfort and grace of your presence, tonight we drink in your great name.
The Great Moth has guided us to a fruitful harvest yet again. Tonight we return the favor with an offering of our own. Let us feast in celebration of all he has given.
Touch your lips upon the cup and let us tilt our heads in a spectacle of complete devotion. The devout, whose faith never trembled, will surely be rewarded. Rejoice, for the hour of salvation is nearly upon us!
Without all he has provided where we would we be? Just today with his whispering and beckoning we came across this camp, another gift from the Woods, deepening our gratitude and solidifying our bond. A great feast is in order.With diligence and zeal let us go about our preparations for his arrival.

The Rusty Pick

Presents Jesse White - The Dancin' Bandit Friday October 22nd, 2077 Best Honky-Tonk Band this side of the Mississippi!

Nickel Beer Night! New River Red Ale Old Possum Oak Holler Lager Old Possum Pickaxe Pilsner Blackwater Brew

If you miss it, you're gonna regret it!


If anyone is reading this, this place isn't safe anymore. I don't know what's been going on up at the Pleasant Valley Ski Resort but not long after Ethan and Carson left to join them a group of men showed up and attacked our camp. I know Ethan was one of them. Even through the gas mask I could recognize that cough of his. I can't say where we're headed but we've rigged the place with traps in case those assholes decide to come back.


Avoid going through the Central Chamber! Marcus and his goons have started patrolling the area and setting up turrets. Getting caught by them won't end well for you. Please, exit here or further up the tunnels. Pass it on to everyone you can think of. We can't lose anybody else to this senseless violence.


Medium height and build. Dark, short hair. 35 years old.

He went on vacation to ride horses in Kentucky and was supposed to be landing at the Morgantown Airport on the day the bombs fell... but his plane landed BEFORE that though!

I know he's out there! I've seen his name written in places so he's around. I've read his notes. Please help me find him!

Dear Lisa Dearest Lisa Do you know that my heart skips a beat every time you enter? Your sweet voice rings "milk and three sugars, please" in my dreams. I long to kiss you I want You only know me as the one who makes muffins, delivers drinks, but I am so much more. I have seen the Congo, I visited indigineous tribes in the South Pacific Too boastful? I want to be with you, I want to protect you, I want

Gone. Forever. Don't get nebby & come looking. I ain't gonna be an eyesore round here no more. I already told Fisher he's got claim to all my stuff. The rest of you can fight over the scraps.

Take me too

Ideas: -Cage matches -BATTLE ROYALE! -Ladies night -Joust? (need to find something to ride first) -Turret matches -MORE FIRE!!! -Chainsaws -Something with land mines?

Carl, I need to you see which one of these we can actually do. Gotta keep the fans entertained, know what I'm saying? -Sargento

Doc says I should write down three things I'm grateful for every day, so I've started a journal. Let's see. Number one: I saw a small boy at the monorail station today. Couldn't have been more than three. Looked just like Oliver. So, number one is - I'm grateful that this was the first time I didn't cry when thinking about my boy. All right, number two: [pagebreak] GROCERY LIST milk bread eggs canned soup apples veggies for stir fry oops - wrong piece of paper
Lucky shot. I think we'll call that one a draw.
Need more materials to keep building in the Shelter: X Wood X Steel X Screws Gears Copper
We made it as far North as Mosstown. Skirted Harpers Ferry and Berkeley Springs, both too dangerous to explore. Mosstown itself is bordering on collapse. With the Raiders spreading out down the Savage Divide and the Scorched in the Cranberry Bog, I recommend we stay here in the Mire. Stay up in the Tree. Wait it out as we have been.
X Distract him X Stash the rest of the supplies X Jump in the other crate X Pray to god I survive X Find anyone from 76 Kill ZAX
POOL TABLE RULES 1) The breakroom is closed at 2200 2) If you're the last players of the night, reset the table 3) No alcohol near the felt, we can't replace it if it's damaged 4) And no spitting, seriously if we find out who's doing it there will be consequences

Task: Program a new "Self Serve Volunteer Kiosk" system for Flatwoods.

It must be able to process several dozen volunteers a day, and should teach them basic skills using time donated by local Responders.

Your contacts are Kesha and Delbert, both are willing to be the model for this program.

Dear Lord

I pray to you for strength and tolerance, for knowledge and confidence in these dark times. To know how to live like this, to know how to wait for you, and for the ability to help others survive this test. The test you promised would never happen again.

Due this week:

- Fix Camping Program bugs - Check Flatwoods Kiosks for issues - Get Garry a gift for his next visit - Take another chair to the camp


Tourists and Visitors

The main building is off limits! There is a zero tolerance policy for the following: - entering or climbing on the building - defacing the building or graffiti of any kind - prying open or breaking windows - hunting on park lands

Use your judgment if something seems wrong but isn't on this list. Visitors who fail to comply with this should be ejected from the park.

Wild Animals

- Docile wild animals like deer and beavers, etc are fine. Leave them alone and don't feed them. - Aggressive wild animals should be removed by animal control, they are on the list of important numbers.

If that cow shows up again, call Howie. She's always getting out.

Former Residents

Don't approach them if you can avoid it. Most of them are friendly enough but you can never be sure. Treat them with dignity and respect and leave them alone until the authorities arrive. Some of them don't realize that the building is closed and others have no where else to go.

If you're ever confused or not sure how to handle something, just call my number. It's on the list too.

Jesse White - The Dancin' Bandit at The Rusty Pick

Friday October 22nd Outdoor Honkytonk

Set List: In Time Psalms Hell Bent Sea of Tears Tornado's in Texas The Railroad Snake Song Carry My Body Down Wayfaring Stranger Lead Me Home The Devil is My Runnin' Mate Soul of a Man Thirteen


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Chuck, Got tired of trying to hide stuff from the others. Bunch of damn thieves. That old safe we dredged up? Put it up on the boat. Locked up nice and tight. Key is in the RV, by Len's chem bench. He's too torched to notice. Don't tell nobody.
REMEMBER ! - Set up a trap for the you-know-whos and use holotapes to try to record their noises at night - Get a lock for the secret stash by the Brahmin tubs behind the house - Get a bigger gun, or more guns, or both! - Try to tame a wild dog or a giant rat (RIP Perry, you sweet old boy)
Mail to: Quinn Carter, Charleston Herald Miss, This key lets you open my box with all the evidence you need. I sent it to you because the truth has gotta come out. You're Appalachia's most trusted news source and people will listen if you do an investigation. Grafton Steel has been violating safety standards and getting people killed with the toxic sludge they're dumping into the water. They shouldn't get away with this just because they're doing military work for the war. Little kids are dying. - A Concerned Citizen
More of this diary ... still dumb to write it down. October 15, 2077 - Checked out the water park where the kid will be in a couple of days. Almost got caught too but dropped some Grafton Steel Mill protest leaflets to throw off people. October 17, 2077 - I knew the kid was a brat, but I had no idea. Maybe this wasn't a great plan. October 18, 2077 - We're holed up in the dam. I've got the place locked down tighter than a miser's cupboard. Not having much luck with a ransom. It's not like I wanted money. Just shut the plant down and get some safety people in there to make it better. October 20, 2077 - The kid was having fun with our great adventure. Now all he does is whine and draw rude pictures. I'm not sure who's the captive here. Arthur left a note at the ransom site. Said I could keep his kid, wouldn't shut down the plant, would let his only son go to save the country from commies. Nice. October 21, 2077 - I swear the kid is plotting to kill me. He keeps bumping me when I'm on the catwalk. He was playing with a bit of rope saying he was practicing his Pioneer Scout knots, but I'm pretty sure he was making a noose.
All that computer crap was too finicky. New plan: death by heavy machinery. I'll need more supplies to finish building the chamber. It needs more supports. Each time I test it, the tremors in the mine get worse. Now they happen almost every time I turn it on. Am I causing them somehow?
I finally stopped the turrets in the next room from firing on every random critter that runs by. Now they'll only activate when I press the red button. I'll be leaving on my own terms - not some damned rat's.
I found another one of them "ghouls" in this mine tonight. He looked just like me, but his mind was fried. I tried talking to him. Stupid. He just ran at me. If Lev's right, I could turn into one of those things at any time...Yeah, there's only one way out of this. I'm not sure I can pull a trigger on myself. I keep losing my nerve. I'm an engineer, dammit! I'll think of something. Maybe I should take the human element out of it. I'll need a workshop. This engine room will work, if I stash all the corpses somewhere.
Of course, I'll use gravity! Nothing can stop gravity. It's gravity! The stone pillars in this cavern are load-bearing. When my explosives detonate, the ceiling will collapse. I'll be buried under a ton of rubble. If I don't die in the explosion, at least I'll never get out. This is going to work, dammit. I'm a demolitions expert. Why didn't I try this from the start?
This makes no damned sense. It was such a simple idea: "Just sit in the chair." Since the other day I've gone through three chairs and four shotguns. I've had jams, misfires, broken chair legs, bad aim, and every other thing. I should have known everything in this mine was rusted to hell. No way I'm trying this on myself unless I'm sure it will work. I'm here to die, not to get maimed. Time for a new plan.

Hey, you dumb jagoff, did you somehow manage to lose your keycode? Good thing I thought to leave a backup, or you'd be screwed. -Lou

Dealing with Survivor's Guilt Step 1: Learning how to forgive yourself This can take a long time - in fact, it can take a lifetime. You survived something tragic, and that's difficult for anybody. Step 2: Find someone to talk to


I delivered part of the supply shipment to your safe, as requested.

I wasn't sure where you were, guessing you're out in the woods again somewhere? I don't see your robot anywhere either, so I figure you're safe.

I'm going to see if Maria needs me to take anything back to Flatwoods, so I'll be around for a day or two.

Find me! I miss you! Garry

My sweet Garry bean, I'll be up at my camp -- Maria is giving me a "sanity day" so I can relax. Join me! I hope you brought some of that comfort food from Flatwoods. We can have a picnic! Don't worry, if any volunteers stop by to learn stuff, the robot should be able to take care of them. I wrote a whole program to deal with that so I can actually relax and enjoy the great outdoors with you now. Love you, dear heart. -Miguel

Gardening Test

Name: SamanthA Question 1: What do all plants need? Water AND lite Question 2: What is photosynthesis? Ask your parents! how plants get energey!! Question 3: What's your favorite plant from the garden? tato! Question 4: Name a tool we use everyday at Garden Class. shuvel Bonus Question: What was the name of the plant we learned about yesterday at Class? P U MpKIN!!! Very good job, Samantha! 5/5 correct


O ho - ly night, the stars are bright - ly shin - ing, it is the night of the dear Sav - ior's birth; long lay the world in sin and er-ror pin-ing, till He ap- peared and the soul felt its worth. A thrill of hope the wear-y soul re-joic-es, for yon-der breaks a new and glo-rious morn! Fall on your knees! O hear the an-gel voic-es! O night di-vine! O night when Christ was born! O night di - vine! O night, O night di - vine!

A few of us set up these memorials.

We need to remember that people once walked here, once stood here with us. Once told us we were loved and that we were safe. These are the ghosts of the people who died instantly. The ones who fell in the first wave. The ones whose bodies were never found. Never forget that people once stood here.

He died shortly after the bombs. He was already so sick... so fragile. I miss him so much. I can't carry these things of his any more, and I can't bring myself to bury them. So I have left them here. And now I can focus on survival. If you are reading this -- and if you have lost someone -- leave their trinkets, their clothes, their memories here. Forget them for now. You must. Nobody will be around to remember you. You must survive.


You raised me alone after he left us ... and you made sure I went to school, you made sure I was better off than you were.

I was always happy, even when I seemed like I wasn't. You were always there for me.

But when it came down to it ... I wasn't there for you.

I will never forgive myself. Never.

Barry - I wrote you a poem. Let me know what you think. Roses are red, Violets are blue, I know what you did last night, so tonight I'm coming for YOU! No but seriously, I want my candy back.

I remember when Raj and I first moved here by the lake, it was so special. Now it's just a stinking, rotting miasma.




Entry 3/78

Our group was attacked by desperate folks who weren't interested in trading with or joining our collective. Such senseless violence! They killed Bertha, even though I showed them that she was a milk cow, and all the egg laying chickens too. Half the remaining group left for Monongah, saying that they couldn't continue to "carry" the survivors from Watoga. They warned us not to follow. Those of us who are left are abandoning Allegheny tomorrow. The people who attacked us will just be back for more eventually. I think they're from that little town north of Watoga where I bought preserves and antiques. So, we're going to try to find survivors up north near Harpers Ferry. It's a long walk, but hopefully we can find other good people or just avoid the bad ones.

Entry 11/77

It's hard to believe that I was going to be taking my students here on a field trip before everything went nuts. I'm so very thankful that I read up on this place and was able to make it here along with other refugees. Watoga is lost. We can't go back while the robots are running amok. The little bog towns and farms in the countryside wouldn't be able to sustain us the way this place can. Allegheny Asylum has everything that we need in order to really make a go of it, but there is so much work ahead of us. Priority List - Find a working terminal or repair a broken one - Water treatment facility is having problems, and may need to get another thorough cleaning. - Keep the coal coming! It's going to be winter really soon. - Get each survivor a room with a bed, coal burner, and adequate shelter - Organize volunteers to teach some of my fellow Watogans how to cook and etc. - Find where the darn roaches are coming from and seal it off! - Organize scouting groups for different kinds of supplies, especially seeds. Get the kids sorting scrap. - Try to catch that weird looking cow if it comes back. This place has a dairy, so let's use it! Other things that we really need to work on is just getting along with each other.

Entry 1/78

Saffron fell through some floorboards while scouting on the second floor and sprained her ankle. All things considered, we lucked out. It could have been much worse! Just close up that area for now. Priority List - Need more coal - Get more rooms for survivors - Keep training Watogans on the basics - Send scouting groups to look at nearby farms for supplies and survivors. We need more seeds and we have plenty of chems to trade. - Someone mentioned that they saw some chickens on a foraging run. They'd go great with Bertha in the barn! Milk, eggs and grain would go a long way to sustain us. Sometimes these folks remind me of my students on a bad day. Cliques are threatening to split the group, and we need to stop all the little personal insults and jibes if we're going to have a chance of revitalizing this place enough to really make a life here. I'm hopeful despite it all. Without hope, what would be the point of carrying on?

Entry 12/77

We caught the cow! We had a vote to pick a name for her, which was a good social exercise. I didn't expect it to become quite so heated, though. I guess some folks get worked up over anything. Anyway, her name is Bertha. Some aggressive dogs had Bertha stuck in an empty fountain, poor thing. We had to kill them just to get to her. I guess we all get to see what dog tastes like now. I am not excited but it can't be worse than canned dog food. Priority List

Always used to come here and watch the birds. Listen to the wind in the chimes and the leaves. A quiet place where I could rest between deployments. Don't know who built it, but it's always been my little slice of heaven. Then the world was set on fire. Haven't seen a bird in years to be honest. [pagebreak] Anyway, if you're like me, you might never want to leave this place. But don't forget that just 'cause the world is gone and needs fixin doesn't mean we can all just hide from our problems out in the woods. When you had a good rest, get back out there and help somebody. And hey, maybe you'll spot a bird or two some day.
Dassa, I have serious concerns about the food everyone has been eating. Good Lord, the cows have two heads. I'm taking over some of the local gardens to monitor the plants, too. Maybe we shouldn't show anybody how to cook with this kind of food. Did you see the tomatoes? It's not right. Or maybe it is right... now. Hell, I don't know anymore.
Jim - It's above a cliff between the big radar dish and the West Tek building. You can't miss it - there's a big red door in the middle of nowhere. I don't know who built it, or what's in there, but it's got to be good, right? Anyway, good luck. Maybe you're a better jumper than I am. - Randal
PLEASE do not touch. Still working on system recovery. I don't want to have to start over from scratch. - Miguel
Responder, Word is there are civvies at that could use our assistance. Please make your way there and see what good we can do for them.
They're poisoning the water! It's making everyone green. Why are they green?! Huntersville, go, see for yourself. I'm not crazy, they're crazy, I know what I saw. They lock me up, make me take pills. They'll see. They can't keep me in here!
To whom it may concern, I tried attending one of your guided meditations, and while I found it relaxing at first, I could not stand the smell of the spiritual incense! As bad as it was for me, it was worse for the crimson walrus sitting next to me, whose nose grew bigger each time he sneezed.
9/13/77 I am NOT looking forward to fall break. Dad's been really annoying lately, sending me letters every single week asking about what I'm doing. I'm in grad school, and I'm busy. Can't he just bug off? 9/15/77 Advanced Mechanics class is SO boring. I learned this last year when I pranked Dad's police equipment. He was so mad about that... Good times. 9/17/77 Bridgette says this year will never end. I'm starting to agree. 9/24/77 There's a new guy in the program - super shy, super nerd, super cute. I think I finally found something interesting to do. 10/4/77 The dreaded fall break is next week, but I have a plan. I'm going camping with Michael. Dad will probably spend the whole week trying to figure out where I went, while I'm out having a great time. 10/7/77 Michael invited some nobodies from his "Cryptid Club" on our trip. I wish he would get a clue, but whatever. It's not like they're going to stop me from getting what I want. 10/10/77 Bridgette thinks Michael's impossible to seduce. Apparently she doesn't know me. So we made a bet, and whoever wins does the other's homework for the rest of the year. I'll be recording my efforts for good use. Wish me luck! Not that I need it.


We are pleased to inform you that you have won the THIRD PRIZE:
A year's supply of Cram Allow between 16 and 52 weeks for prize delivery. Great Appalachia Sweepstakes Incorporated is not responsible for storage and delivery fees for prizes over 5 lbs. By accepting this certificate, winner agrees to pay all storage fees until delivery confirmation is received.


We are pleased to inform you that you have won the GRAND PRIZE:
A brand new Chryslus Corvega Allow between 16 and 52 weeks for prize delivery. Great Appalachia Sweepstakes Incorporated is not responsible for storage and delivery fees for prizes over 5 lbs. By accepting this certificate, winner agrees to pay all storage fees until delivery confirmation is received.


The pleasure of your presence is requested for the 29th birthday of Doctor Penelope Hornwright on March 4th, 2077. Daniel Hornwright WILL ATTEND X UNABLE TO ATTEND


This Friday at sunset, join your fellow citizens on the VTU commons as we rally for justice. Help us send a message to Chief Mayweather that we will no longer tolerate his corrupt regime, and that we demand the release of our brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers and children held in cruel captivity. Let's stand together and show him that the power of the people will not be denied!


Congratulations to the winners of the mashed potato eating contest! 1st Place - Shelbie Wilson 2nd Place - Pat Morris 3rd Place - Tyler Kidd With an appetite like that, Shelbie must have skipped dinner for a week straight! If you're looking to challenge Shelbie's winning time next year, you'd better start skipping a meal now and then yourself!


Congratulations to the winners of the potato salad contest! 1st Place - Brian MacLaren 2nd Place - Jane Nakamura 3rd Place - Penelope Donaldsen Brian's Moroccan-inspired potato salad was the talk of the festival this year. Be sure to try it if you get the chance! And remember, it's never too early to start work on your potato salad masterpiece for next year's contest!


Congratulations to the winning teams in the potato sack race! 1st Place - MacKenzie Philpott & Lisa Lowery 2nd Place - Christopher Alvarez & George Stratton 3rd Place - Robin Pendleton & Ashleigh Fryar Have you ever seen two young ladies scamper so fast on only three legs? Mackenzie and Lisa nearly broke the all-time record this year! If you're thinking of trying to win the prize next year, you'd better start practicing now!


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We are pleased to inform you that you have won the SECOND PRIZE:
$100,000 US Dollars Allow between 16 and 52 weeks for check delivery. Great Appalachia Sweepstakes Incorporated is not responsible for any interest earned prior to delivery. By accepting this certificate, winner agrees to submit check claim form A37-J by October 31, 2077 or forfeit all prizes.


We're proud to present a very special edition of our Monthly newsletter: an interview with Garrison "Guy" Foggarty, renowned author and field-research-specialist for all things Cryptids. Mr. Foggarty was able to sit down with me earlier this week to discuss his latest work, and from that came a compelling question that could shake the foundation of Cryptid research: do Cryptids reproduce? "Could it be that a singular entity is capable of surviving decades? Centuries? Or are these creatures no different from less extraordinary specimen?" This question has been of specific interest to Mr. Foggarty ever since his early work involving the elusive Mothman. He went on: "If the creatures reproduce, they must then mate, no? And with mating comes rituals." I pressed him to explain how this could affect the ways we hunters approach our work. "It changes everything, Ms. Park. Just think: sporadic but clustered sightings, their confused behavior, their tendency to return to specific locations-- almost like a spawning ground." Guy's passion and enthusiasm was contagious, but I asked if he could summarize the hypothesis. "What if human contact with Cryptids coincide with their mating seasons? Perhaps we could use this knowledge as a method for predicting their movements." Fascinating. I then asked if he had any suggestions for steps we could take to utilize this knowledge. "Emulation," he replied, with an odd smirk that Guy Foggarty fans know all-to-well. "Perhaps, if we learn their rituals, their desires, we could lure them out? We could emulate those behaviors to create the proper stimuli." So I asked: is he suggesting we try and "woo" Cryptids? "I'm simply raising the question of 'emulation.'" I shudder to think what type of "emulation" it may be, but I do urge you, dear readers, to consider the possibilities! Garrison Foggarty's new book, "Cryptic Cryptids: The Puzzle of Procreation" will be out in early 2078.

Julia H. Park


Greetings all Cryptid Hunters, Seekers of the Truth and Explorers of the Paranormal! This month we'll be covering a very special member among legendary beasts: the Sheepsquatch. Do not snicker, dear reader. Over the years we've amassed a plethora of evidence and convincing cases from the residents of Appalachia. That's right: our woolly friend's favorite haunt is the rolling hills and misty peaks of the Appalachian mountains. Even readers from across the country will remember that Appalachia has quite the reputation for being home to several Cryptids already, and Sheepsquatch stands tall among them. Eye witnesses recount a massive, 20-foot-tall monstrosity with spiral horns and a vicious pair of chompers; some claim that it's able to bite through pure steel. There's also rumors that its fleece is far from "white as snow;" researchers believe that its wool is razor sharp. No Sheepsquatch sweaters, please. Perhaps most notoriously, though, are the rumors about its bodily waste. Let's say it's the Sheepsquatch's "number one" feature, if you don't mind a crude pun (we know you don't.) There are claims that the Sheepsquatch's urine is so acidic that it can burn your skin for days. There's been cases of just one drop blinding a hunter for life... Yikes! Of course, local governments in Appalachia have been covering up the Sheepsquatch for years. We think they may even be working with the Mothman to hypnotize doctors that treat Sheepsquatch urine patients (more on that in our March issue.) Planning any hunts for the Sheepsquatch? Be sure to write in and let us know your findings. And as always: remember to stay safe, keep an open mind, and seek out the truth.

Julia H. Park

BULLSHIT! If you want to know the TRUTH about the Sheepsquatch, find me: Scoot Conroy. Southern Belle Motel, walk south, look for the shack with the cats.

Command Center Password



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New Voting is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1. Collect a Ballot ... from an active ballot printer! 2. Mark it ... with your preferred candidate! 3. Drop it in ... a vote counter!

Please don't grab more than one ballot! That'd be VOTER FRAUD!


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Im done crying. Chelsea used to be my best friend. Now she keeps saying all kinds of mean things. I know Im smarter than her but she is prettier than me. Why cant she be happy about that? Why does she have to be the best at everything? Just because shes a Wesley and the Wesleys are so rich doesnt mean shes better than me. Chelsea wants to go on a picnic and play some games. She got so mad last time when I beat her. She cheats all the time and it makes me so mad but I dont say anything. Dad says I have moms temper and I need to control it. I promised him I would try real hard to not get angry if she cheats or calls me names.

Youre all gone.

You left us. Left us to rot. Left us to soak up the radiation and die.

Youre sleeping soundly in your vaults drinking gin and eating fancy lad cakes.

One day you'll find these things. These are the people you let die out here. We hope you emerge to a hell worse than the one they died in. The one we will all die in soon enough.

I found this memorial thing. Fine. I get it. Boo hoo. We ALL lost people ok? How does this help?! Every time I find one of these I will take whatever you sad saps leave behind. Because I am alive and I need it.

Sorry Tabitha

HAHA they are all DEAD!

And you HURT THEM!

They SUFFERED because of YOU honey!

Cuddles!! SOFIE



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Daddy I can't find you and I'm scared. I hear lots of sirens and a man says I got to go with him to some secret place now. He said Daddy gave money so I can go to the vault and be safe. Uncle Otis is at the dam. We had a fun time except he was mean so I left. Where are you???
BIGGEST SECRET! It worked!!!! Uncle Otis got his foot in my trap and slipped where I put the oil. He is so mad and yellin at me. He is stuck up side down now. Hahahahaha. I showed him!!! I'm goin' home.
Freddy's Secrets! Uncle Otis got me a Grognak game!!! He's so cool. We got to get inside the dam. Uncle Otis said he was getting us food. I hope he gets pizza. PIZZA is cool!!!! I got some candies from a desk. Hahahaha! Free candies. I climbed and hid them. They are ALLLLLLLLL mine. Bobby is gonna be jellus. Uncle Otis lets me do stuff. We farted in the tubes here and the stinky ones got a prize. I WON!!! I'm the best. FREDDY THE GREAT!
MORE secret stuff! Uncle Otis got my candies and took them. He says my teeth is gonna rot out! NO fair. Unkle Otis got gross food. He is all mad now and stopped bein fun. I want to go home and play with my rifle. BAM! BAM! I am a good shooter. I got a rat but now it is dead and no fun. UNCLE OTIS SUCKS!!!!!!! I am gonna get him. I want to go home and he says NO! I want candies and he says NO! I want to fart in the tube and he says NO! I am gonna make traps like Pioneer Scouts said to do in the woods and catch Uncle Otis becuz I'm the GREATEST!!
Hi Uncle Otis I made Bobby puke 4 times. So cool!!!! I saw a dead animal. There were lots of wurms and guts. Susy Mae bawled. Girls are dum. Hahahahhahaha! Freddy the GREAT!
Hey Mom and Dad, School's going great! Are you still coming to visit next week? Let me know when you're coming and I'll pick you up from the station. We can go to this new restaurant that just opened that I've been dying to try. Can't wait to see you! Love, Kassie

Environmental Radiation Readings

2/17 9:35am - 1237 Rads 2/18 10:15am - 1362 Rads 2/19 9:16am - 1292 Rads 2/20 1:20pm - 1298 Rads Tore my suit today. Tried to tape it back together but I don't think it will hold. 2/22 6:38pm - 1215 Rads Started coughing up blood this morning. This isn't good. God, I hope Robbie has better luck than I did. 2/23 4:22am - 1396 Rads Thought I saw a bear this morning. Glad something is able to survive in this. I don't think I can go on much longer but hopefully one day in the future someone will be able to use this data. Until then, I think I'll just enjoy one last sunrise. Dr. Blake Saunders

Bastards sent me out here to take readings of these rocks. Yep this one's radioactive. Hey look, this one too. Wait what's this? Nope, radioactive. Screw this I'm out of here. Check your own damn rubble. Robert
Damn kids broke into the shed again last night. Whole thing reeked of cheap liquor and hormones. I swear, if these kids spent more time on the lake and less time glued to the television this country wouldn't be in the sorry state it is in today.
Darla, The military showed up last night. They're evacuating us in the morning. They won't tell us why. If you find this they're taking us to Flatwoods. Find us when you get there.
Got an unexpected surprise out at the yard - a safe in with one of the bodies. Locked up tight, though. From the looks of it, sweet old lady from Berkeley Springs. One of those types who spends all day baking cookies. If we can't find a key or break into it, not the end of the world. We got what were really after anyways.
If you're reading this get out while you still can. The miners have started destroying the robots and it's only a matter of time before Hornwright steps in to protect his assets. Mitchell heard that the military is on their way so a few of us are heading to the Mount Blair train station. We heard that there are trains taking people out of the city. I suggest you head there too.
Mikey keeps telling me that if I go out at night the Wendigo is going to eat me. I'm not scared! I'll show him!
The Mirelurk appears to be a fearsome and formidable creature. They are generally social with other Mirelurks however they tend be aggressive to other creatures and one another if one gets too close to another. Their eye sight appears to be poor but they have a extraordinary sense of smell. One would be advised to always stand down wind from them. After leaving the camp for a short while I returned to find that it had been completely ravaged by the Mirelurks and all my rations had been devoured. Their large set of claws appear to be used primarily for hunting. Once their prey has been captured the smaller set of claws on their abdomen is used to strip their prey down to the bone in a matter of minutes. The large hardened carapace on their back appears to be their primary defense mechanism. However it is to be noted that most of the medium to large fauna in the area tend to ignore the them. They also grow remarkably fast, it only appears to take them a few weeks for them to reach maturity. This furthers my theory that if these creatures could be domesticated we could have a near limitless supply of food for the Free States. Tomorrow when the nest is unguarded I'll attempt to acquire a few eggs and return to base with them for further study.

Paladin Swafford

Ad Victoriam

Squire de Silva

Ad Victoriam

Heads Up


Apparently I have to leave a list, since my secretary can't even get back on time with lunch. I'm heading out for the day, so you'll have to reschedule my appointments. Give my lunch to Hector and take him for a run and I mean a RUN, not a WALK. He needs the exercise... and frankly so do you. I'll need a reservation in my usual rooms at the White Spring by this evening, booked through the weekend. Call that buffoon over at the Ag-Center and tell him that Eckhart and I will be at the club on Saturday. We'll see if that he can find someone to carry his weight on the course for a change. Have my clubs cleaned, pick up my dry cleaning, and get the latest report on the growth hormone project. And no, they can't have more time. I need that report and the rest of my things driven out to me tonight. -Samson
Apparently I have to leave list, since my secretary can't even get back on time with lunch. I'm heading out for the day, so you'll have to reschedule my appointments. Give my lunch to Hector and take him for a run and I mean a RUN, not a WALK. He needs the exercise... and frankly so do you. I'll need a reservation in my usual rooms at the White Spring by this evening, booked through the weekend. Call that buffoon over at the Ag-Center and tell him that Eckhart and I will be at the club on Saturday. We'll see if that he can find someone to carry his weight on the course for a change. Have my clubs cleaned, pick up my dry cleaning, and get the latest report on the growth hormone project. And no, they can't have more time. I need that report and the rest of my things driven out to me tonight. -Samson
What the hell?? Would it be possible for me to take a vacation and NOT come back to find that someone has spilled coffee over one of the mainframes? And the one that is specifically for the Governor's files no less!! We need to get as much data recovered as possible before he gets back in town, but so much of this tape is melted that I don't know what we can even do.
Zak and Mike have been keeping an eye on Fortney during his shift rotation and it seems he's been taking his smoke breaks up at the top of the furnace. We'll corner him for a little chat then see what we can do about the robot pods in the admin building. Won't stop them for ever, but it will at least give us time to regroup with Raleigh.
Since Cindy invited me on this camping trip, I figured it would be a good opportunity do some work on my latest urban legend investigation: ~ THE SHEEPSQUATCH ~ - Wooly-haired - Sheep horns - About the size of a bear - Known by some as the "White Thing" - Smells like sulfur (false claim?) Most reports describe the Sheepsquatch as frightening, but I'd prefer to withhold judgment until I get a glimpse of him myself. I'll keep my eyes and ears out tonight. I think (hope) my readers would love this one.

Those mutant bastards attacked us, Thorpe. We told you we needed help from your guys to go hit 'em first. Thanks for nothing. They took Walter and some of the others back to Huntersville. Dunno what they're going to do with them, but I ain't sticking around to find out. Walter's probably dead now, and he's got the tape, so there goes the cache. This is on you. You want it back? Check Huntersville for Walter's body. He was last seen wearing his crazy camo duds. The last of us are abandoning ship. We're done with this. -Chuck

Here's a list of what seems to attract the Nightstalker to the Buck's Den. We'll put this info to use when we put out the nightly call: -Playing music on the instruments. -Blasting the Jukebox. -Swinging around those instrument weapons Pauly rigged up and bashing ferals with 'em. -Being drunk (We think it can smell the alcohol on us). Don't do any of this stuff 'til nighttime when we're ready to face it! We will kill that Nightstalker once and for all!

TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: This property is no longer abandoned. My family are the rightful inheritors, and will be returning shortly to take up permanent residence. Kindly refrain from wrecking the place any more than it already is. We've taken the precaution of locking up the barn, but if you're trashing the joint when we get back you'll answer to me. And George's shotgun. We've got enough cleaning to do as is. Regards, Carol Putnam & Family
Lewis, we need to talk. You're the smartest person I know. The Nukashine project would be nowhere without you, I know that. When you told us you needed a little extra space to think, we gave that to you - no questions asked! It's just... we thought you needed space to think, not space to develop your... hobby. Well, hobby is generous - it's more of an obsession at this point. Listen, every genius is entitled to their idiosyncrasies. But we could really use this space for pledges. I wish we could talk in person but nobody knows how to find you these days. Please get in touch. I miss the old Lewis. The not... crazy Lewis. - Judy

A warning to those who remain - Look around you. Look at what's left of the so-called "Charleston Emergency Government". The Cutthroats do not forgive, and do not forget. We didn't forget that Charleston and the Responders refused to help us back in '77. We didn't forget them encroaching on our turf countless times. We didn't forget about all our brothers and sisters they murdered in cold blood. Let this serve as a reminder to everyone. This is how we deal with people that cross us. Don't forget it or you'll be next.

INTERVIEW NOTES Overall impression: I don't think Blackwell's crazy, but something was off. Very little to gain from leaving his position. Honestly believes there's an evil force at work here. Is he losing it and just hiding it better than the rest of us? Next step: track down who these "sinister forces" are that sent the Senator running for the hills. GENERAL NOTES - Offer for interview arrived in handmade envelope. Favor with the CPD got me a print match. They're the Senator's. Holy shit. - Meet site: Berkeley Springs train station - Met at dawn by a masked young woman, clearly Judith Blackwell (probably forgot we'd met at the Governor's Ball) and a masked older man, clearly the Senator - Roughly half-hour hike pretty much due east (could see the sunrise through the bag. Nice thought, though, guys) - Hike passed through a stream, over a highway, small bit of marsh(?), into a cave, then down an elevator - Rest can be taken from the tapes. Blackwell was in serious politician mode: on message, firm, and trying his damndest to make sure I was scared about the things he claims go bump in the night.

Responders don't know shit. Every night, there's more of them in the sky. Brotherhood warned them, warned us all. "Defiance has fallen," they said. What the hell's that mean? Supplies running low. May try to get to Abbie way over the mountain. Free States have gotta know more. Sammy, you read this - get to Abbie - straight east of the Red Rocket Mega Stop. She knows the Brotherhood of Steel better than anyone. May angels look after you, because sure as shit nothing else will.


Testing the Note as a recipe thing

This is where I last saw them. Standing here, saying goodbye. We knew it was the end of everything. "Go on without me, I need to stop by the house and get my gun," I told them. "I'll meet you at the Vault!" Those were my last words to them. I hope they made it. I don't even remember their faces anymore... but I remember that they stood here with me, and I remember our last words together.

Be quiet! They don't know we're in here. Are we all that's left ? I think so. What do we do? They'll leave eventually right? We could be in here for days . What other options do we have? We're screwed no matter what . I'll distract them long enough for you to escape . Just give it some time. I'm doing this . Be ready. Please, no... NO!!!
DELBERT!! The password to the pantry terminal is "moly" - change it ASAP please! -Miguel
Hey cutie, Bring the cat with you and go to . There's a group of people there. Strong people who are trying to protect survivors like us, so they'll be able to protect you. Go get the they promised us. I'm going for my brother in Harpers Ferry, then I'll meet you there. Give Dubby a good belly rub for me. I love you.
In order to rebuild this great state, we need to distribute supplies to known survivor settlements. Take one to and DON'T DIE! Find out how many more they want, then we can try to help them. We need everyone on our side.
It's the end of the world and you're leaving me? This is unbelievable. I thought hey, at least now we finally have time holed up here in this dump to get to know each other while we eat cat food out of a dumpster under the pale moon light. But fine. Leave. I don't even care anymore. Go back to your stupid ex at . Take your stupid knife and get your stupid . Then just get out of here. I never want to see you again.
Look, I get that you want to rebuild this blasted heap. I get it. Pack up your little suitcase and just leave the safety of this community. That's YOUR CHOICE! I still care. I do. Listen, I don't know if it will help but just after the bombs fell I stashed anything i could find at - chemistry kits, water purifiers, heavy winter coats, gun parts, and some busted up cans of food. I doubt much of it is still there but at the least you can grab the I hid for you. Good luck.
Petey, I heard from a wanderer that there's a small family holed up in . They seemed friendly enough, she said, but unwilling to trade even though they had a spare . See if they'll reconsider? You're good at talking to people... so... talk. Otherwise I'm going with my gun.
Welcome, survivor! You made it through the Apocalypse -- through the very End of the World itself! Come to the New Settlement at and join us. Every newcomer receives your very own -- for Free*! *If you join our settlement permanently and contribute to the survival of others in the settlement.
, for short, is the of who goes by . is a . Your name is , you are a .
, for short, is the of who goes by . is a . Your name is , you are a .
Diluted Rad-X Mix one part Rad-X, 4 parts purified water Diluted RadAway Mix one part RadAway, 6 parts purified water
Jennica, If you somehow get this, know how sorry I am. How deeply sorry. I am a monster. It's true. I did it because I believed in a world where all men and women would be equal. I was trying to make that world come true. At least in Watoga. But if there's no people left alive? That's not the equality I meant. How was I supposed to know the bombs were dropping the very next day? But that's no excuse. Even if the world hadn't ended, what I did was wrong. I know that now. I've been stricken with paralysis, I think it's neurological. It happened after a night of ringing in my ears and intense headaches. I can't move my legs. And it's getting harder to breath. But I wanted to write this. In case you came by to check on me. Or to murder me. Either way it doesn't matter much. I've signed all our death warrants. I'm truly sorry. --Scooter
Mac, We need you. The Scorched were seen over by Tilly's farm. They're staying with us now. But it's only us and the children. All the men are at Morgantown. We haven't heard from them in weeks. You've been away so long working on those damned bots. Come home! Love, Margerie
Marge, I miss you and the boys more than life. Don't think I'm a coward. I'm using what God gave me to help the only way I can. This Agricultural Center's a chance to feed all the people. I'll get it done. I'm close. I can feel it. -MacFadden
Marty, I need these books ASAP! Benefits of Corporate Chants Making it to the Top! Enduring Individuals Money Money Money Get the holotape versions, I don't have time for reading.
Mayor Thomas H. Molly I'm serious. This is for real. You remember that day all the chef-bots in the city were destroying all the food? That was ME! The last mayor was about to issue an executive order to vacate the city. Why won't you believe me? Surely she wrote something down, a draft of the law perhaps? A journal or something? This whole random mayors thing is really stupid. Did no one run any experiments or simulations on how terrible that idea was? I'll be at the place on Monday. Just be there. Sincerely, Scott W. Turner
Mom, I know you don't believe it will ever happen. But it will! I'm getting closer. I was able to get all the chef-bots to pepper-bomb all the food in the entire city. When I can crack the Emergency Services protocols, then the revolution will begin! When it's done, I want you to move to Watoga. If Dad doesn't want to come, fine. Let him rot in that hellhole. But you deserve better! -Scooter
Rust in peace
Sandy, You're back in. Meet me round back of the facility after hours again. I'll sneak you in and record your likeness back into the program. Next time don't be such a jerk. -Scott
Scott, What the hell?! You were serious? I thought you were just talking shit. How could you do that? All those people? The world is literally ending. We all need to stick together if we're going to make it. Everyone's hair is falling out, their eyes are bleeding, or worse! And the only hospital for miles is in Watoga!!! What have you done?!!!! I hope you die. You're a monster. --Jennica
The control group is still getting too much light in the evening. Double the acidity of the soil additive. The yellow ones with the orange spots taste terrible. Time is a flat circle.
This is a book I should be able to take it So words! Much Text! Wow!, Incendar, Incendar Gaming, Incendium, Incendius, Incendara, Incendario, MINcendar
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