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10-26-19 Update to / Fallout 1st

244 Results

10 = Available 1 = On CooldownE03A_Mischief_TreatBowlCooldownAV
20 = in Pod 1 = Out of PodProtectronPodStatus
30 = Normal 1 = Subway 2 = Police 3 = Fire 4 = Medic 5 = ConstructionProtectronPersonalityValue
40 = Player didn't read the holotape. 1 = Player read the holotape.RSVP02_AV_GotHolotape
50 == no longer upset 1 == upset (for a short period of time) 2 == extremely upset (for a long period of time) The player recently did something that the Companion did not like. Useful for conditionalizing cheery and happy hellos and idles not to play. 1 happens whenever they take negative affinity, 2 is set for things like murderTemporaryAngerLevel
61H Melee DamageSTAT_DmgMelee1H
71H Melee DmgSTAT_DmgMelee1H_Formula
82H Melee DamageSTAT_DmgMelee2H_Formula
9a value of +10 means 10% higher chance of getting disease (worse for player)SURV_DiseaseChanceMult_Bed
10a value of +10 means 10% higher chance of getting disease (worse for player)SURV_DiseaseChanceMult_Trap
11a value of +10 means 10% higher chance of getting disease (worse for player)SURV_DiseaseChanceMult_Food
12a value of +10 means 10% higher chance of getting disease (worse for player)SURV_DiseaseChanceMult_Combat
13a value of +10 means 10% higher chance of getting disease (worse for player)SURV_DiseaseChanceMult_Generic
15Actor value for SFZ04_Waste dailyDailyQuestAVRegionSwamp_SFZ04_Waste
17add to NPC if they beat player in brawlGenericBrawlWinner
18Addiction AlcoholAddictionAlcohol
19Addiction BuffoutAddictionBuffout
20Addiction Buzz BitesAddictionBuzzBites
21Addiction CalmexAddictionCalmex
22Addiction DaddyOAddictionDaddyO
23Addiction DaytripperOAddictionDaytripper
24Addiction FuryAddictionFury
25Addiction JetAddictionJet
26Addiction Med-XAddictionMedX
27Addiction MentatsAddictionMentats
28Addiction OverdriveAddictionOverdrive
29Addiction PsychoAddictionPsycho
30Addiction X-CellAddictionXCell
33Aim StabilityAimStability
34All DamageSTAT_DmgAll
35All HealingSTAT_HealMult
36All Weapon Weight ReductionSTAT_WeightReductionAllWeapons
38Aluminum ScrapResourceAV_Aluminum_Scrap
51AP ReductionFatigue
52Armor Mod Hide in ShadowsArmorShadowHide
53Armor Quiet ModArmorQuietMod
54Armor Weight ReductionSTAT_WeightReductionArmor
55Auto Pistol DmgSTAT_DmgPistolsAuto_Formula
56Auto Pistol DmgSTAT_DmgPistolsAuto
57Auto Rifle DmgSTAT_DmgRiflesAuto_Formula
58Automatic Rifle DamageSTAT_DmgRiflesAuto
59AV to track if player has entered MorgantownAirportTerminal02 before. Used to condition whether boss is legendary or not.LC096_FirstEntry
60Ballistic Gun Crit DamageSTAT_CritDmgBallistic
61Bonus XPSTAT_XPMult
62Bool actor value used to release actors from AmbushAmbushRelease
64Bullet Weight ReductionSTAT_WeightReductionBullets
65Carry WeightCarryWeight
66Ceramic ScrapResourceAV_Ceramic_Scrap
67Checkpoint value for EN02 - One of UsEN02_CheckpointValue
68Chem Weight ReductionSTAT_WeightReductionChems
70Claw state for the Vertibot's grabber arms. 0 = NoState 1 = Claw Closed (carrying container) 2 = Claw Open (not carrying container)VertibotClawState
75Cryo ResistFrostResist
77Crystal ShardsResourceAV_Circuitry_Scrap
78Crystal ShardsResourceAV_Crystal_Scrap
79DAM *EpicOutgoingDamageMultAV
80DAM ReductEpicIncomingDamageMultAV
81Damage MultPADamageMult
82Damage Vs. AnimalsSTAT_DmgVsAnimals
83Damage Vs. GhoulsSTAT_DmgVsGhouls
84Damage Vs. InsectsSTAT_DmgVsBugs
85Damage Vs. MirelurksSTAT_DmgVsMirelurks
86Damage Vs. PlayersSTAT_DmgVsPlayers
87Damage Vs. RobotsSTAT_DmgVsRobots
88Damage Vs. ScorchedSTAT_DmgVsScorched
89Damage Vs. Super MutantsSTAT_DmgVsSuperMutants
90Damage Vs. Yao GuaiSTAT_DmgVsLiberators
91Did the player finish EN05 Basic before finishing EN02?EN05_FinishedBasicEarly
92Did the player trigger this quest by wandering by it?MTR06_TriggeredMiscValue
93DMG ResistDamageResist
94Dmg Vs Yao GuaiSTAT_DmgVsYaoGuai
95Does the player currently have a room rented in this actor's inn?RentRoomAV
98Drink Weight ReductionSTAT_WeightReductionDrink
100Energy Ammo Weight ReductionSTAT_WeightReductionEnergyAmmo
101Energy Gun Crit DamageSTAT_CritDmgEnergy
102Energy Gun DamageSTAT_DmgEnergy
103Energy ResistEnergyResist
105Explode RadiusSTAT_ExplosionRadius
106Explosive DamageSTAT_DmgExplosive_Formula
107Explosive DamageSTAT_DmgExplosive
108Explosives Weight ReductionSTAT_WeightReductionExplosives
110FF20 Misc Completed?FF20_MiscComplete
111Fiber Optics BundleResourceAV_FiberOptics_Scrap
112Fiberglass SpoolResourceAV_Fiberglass_Scrap
113Fire ResistFireResist
119Food Weight ReductionSTAT_WeightReductionFood
120For robot companions. 0 = can't hack, 1 = can hackDLC01_Ability_Hacking
121For weapons with Armor Penetration. 0-100 (treat as % armor ignored)ArmorPenetration
125Gun AccuracySTAT_GunAccuracy
126Hacking TierSTAT_HackingTier
127Has the player completed an event while on EN05_Officer?EN05_Officer_HelpedMODUSOnceValue
128Has the player picked up the schematics in RSVP03?RSVP03_AV_GotSchematics
130Head ConditionBrainCondition
132Heavy Gun Crit DamageSTAT_CritDmgHeavyGuns
133Heavy Gun DamageSTAT_DmgHeavyGuns_Formula
134Heavy Gun DamageSTAT_DmgHeavyGuns
135Heavy Gun Weight ReductionSTAT_WeightReductionHeavyGuns
136if not zero on an actor, that actor will never be knocked down by an explosionIgnoreExplosionKnockdown
139Item Degradation ModifierSTAT_ItemDegradation
140Item Equip Checkpoint. Is the Garb equipped? 0 = No 1 = YesMoMItemEquipped_GarbOfMysteries_CheckpointValue
141Junk Weight ReductionSTAT_WeightReductionJunk
142Laser Gun Crit DamageSTAT_CritDmgLaser
143Laser Gun DamageSTAT_DmgLaser
146Left ArmLeftAttackCondition
147Left LegLeftMobilityCondition
148Lockpicking "Sweet Spot"STAT_Lockpicking
149Loose GearsResourceAV_Gears_Scrap
150Loose ScrewsResourceAV_Screws_Scrap
151Loose SpringResourceAV_Springs_Scrap
152Melee Crit DmgSTAT_CritDmgMelee
153Melee DamageSTAT_DmgMelee
154Melee Dmg.MeleeDamage
155Melee Weight ReductionSTAT_WeightReductionMelee
156Modifies movement value used by the stealth formula by this percentage. NOTE: for this actor value to actually do anything, the actor needs to have the associated perk.DetectionMovementMod
157Molded PlasticResourceAV_Plastic_Scrap
158MoM Value. Is a rank promotion in progress? 0 = No 1 = YesMoMRankPromotionInProgress
159Move SpeedSpeedMult
160MTR03 Intro Completed?MTRz02_MiscComplete
163Non-Automatic Pistol DamageSTAT_DmgPistolsNonAuto_Formula
164Non-Automatic Pistol DamageSTAT_DmgPistolsNonAuto
165Non-Automatic Rifle DamageSTAT_DmgRiflesNonAuto
168On load, if this is true, make sure player has the abilities that damage hunger and thirstSURV_PlayerStartedSurvival
169PA Bat Dam RatePABatteryDamageRate
171Plasma Gun Crit DamageSTAT_CritDmgPlasma
172Plasma Gun DamageSTAT_DmgPlasma_Formula
173Plasma Gun DamageSTAT_DmgPlasma
174Player collected the Mama Dolce password from the military archive terminalsEN07_Death_PlayerHitModusSiloTutorial
175Player Completed Miner MiracleMTR02_MinerCompleted
176Player completed the frog branch. Don't give this an option again until all branches have been given.SFS02_Play_FrogTrackingValue
177Player has completed Basic TrainingMTR05_ListenedToIntroHolotape
178Player has completed Basic TrainingMTR05_PennyResumeCollected
179Player has completed Basic TrainingENz09_RoomKeyValue
180Player has completed the EN05 intro blurbEN05_IntroMisc_CompletedValue
181Player has completed the Live Fire exerciseEN05_CBT_CompletedValue
182Player has heard the long form intro to this quest once beforeENz04_HeardFirstTimeIntro
183Player has received their uniform during EN02EN02_PlayerReceivedUniform
184Player read Quinn Carters notesEN01_PlayerFoundQCNotes
185Poison ResistPoisonResist
186Rad IngestionSTAT_ResistRadIngestion
187Rad IngestionRadResistIngestion
188Rad ResistRadResistExposure
189Raw RubberResourceAV_Rubber_Scrap
191Reduce Detection ChanceSTAT_Sneak
192Reduce Detection Chance: SoundSTAT_SneakSound
193Right ArmRightAttackCondition
194Right LegRightMobilityCondition
199Scoped Gun DamageSTAT_DmgScoped
200Section of MTR05 that player has reached 0 - Haven't progressed the quest 1 - Read recpt terminal. Direct towards Penny. 2 - Read Penny's terminal, direct towards HR. 3 - Became a Senior Exec 4 - Acquired the Repair BeaconMTR05_CheckpointValue
201Set to 1 in: - Script fragment when player selects "Volunteers: Register Here!" on RSVP00_Terminal_Kiosk_Main - Stage 10 (run on start) of RSVP01, just in caseRSVP00_AV_StartedRSVP01
202Shock ResistElectricResist
203Shotgun DamageSTAT_DmgShotguns_Formula
204Shotgun DamageSTAT_DmgShotguns
205Shotgun Weight ReductionSTAT_WeightReductionShotguns
207Spiritual EnergyWindingPathCollectedEnergyAV
208Sprint AP CostSTAT_SprintAPCost
210Stimpak HealingSTAT_HealMultStimpak
211The personal player caps value shared by all Brotherhood of Steel vendorsVendor_CapsBalance_BoS_Faction
212The personal player caps value shared by all Raider's vendorsVendor_CapsBalance_Raiders_Faction
213The personal player caps value shared by all responder vendorsVendor_CapsBalance_FreeStates_Faction
214The personal player caps value shared by all responder vendorsVendor_CapsBalance_Responder_Faction
215The personal player caps value shared by all Tadpole vendorsVendor_CapsBalance_PioneerScout_Tadpole_Faction
216The personal player caps value shared by all Whitesprings vendorsVendor_CapsBalance_WhiteSprings_Faction
217The personal player currency value shared by legendary NPC - Not the Vending MachinesVendor_CapsBalance_LegendaryNPC
218There is a full list on confluence for each value. Check the Lying Lowe quest page.P01B_Mini_Random02_CluesFoundLoc2
219This boosts the damage of non-heavy, non-energy guns.STAT_DmgBallistic
220Timestamp recording when the player last completed Vault 94.V96CompletedTimestamp
221Timestamp recording when the player last completed Vault 94.CUT_V94CompletedTimestamp
224Tourbot StateRR101_TourbotState
225Tracks stages for checkpoints.RSVP04_AV_Checkpoint
227Unarmed Melee DamageSTAT_DmgMeleeUnarmed
228Used by code to generate Legendary Items of this AV's rank for Legendary Creatures.LegendaryCreatureRank
229Used by Companions who give player items from time to time.HasItemForPlayer
230Used by Legendary Item scripting to make sure we only spawn an item once per actor/container.SpawnedLegendaryItem
231Used by SQ_VerdantSeason - next time a verdant season is allowed in this region (absolute time)SQ_VerdantSeasonNextAllowedAV
232Used by SQ_VerdantSeason - set to 1 on region Location to indicate a verdant season in that region (used by LL conditions on flora)SQ_VerdantSeasonAV
233Used to override the standard difficulty value for the fissure wave spawnsEN07_Fissure_DifficultyOverride
234Used to prevent artificially incrementing the sMiscStatRobotsDisabled statistic. Set to 1 the first time player disables this robot.MiscStatRobotHasBeenDisabled
235Used to scale damage the robot does when torturing the playerCB01_DamageMult
236Used to track if player has started the "Intro" quest for Race for the PresidencyEN06_Intro_StartedPresIntro
237Used to track player's score on the MTR06 Knowledge ExamMTR06_KnowledgeExamValue
238Value set on the player if EN05 has been setEN05_Officer_CSRestartValue
239Value used to mark that the player has started EN01_Misc, the first quest in the Enclave questline.EN01_Misc_StartedValue
240Value used to track if the quest is being tracked in the HUD.FS02_MQ_Reassembly_QuestTrackerValue
241Waste OilResourceAV_Oil_Scrap
242What is the player's personal key code?W05_MQ00_Completed
243What is the player's personal key code?W05_MQ00_POPassword
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