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100 You see an elderly man with deep wrinkles along his face.
101 You see John MacRae.
102 Hey now, I ain't seen you around before. I'm MacRae -- I run this place. What can I do for you?
103 I'm looking for the Vault.
104 You looking to get out of here yet?
105 What do you have here?
106 Anything going on around here?
107 Ug Nog
108 Nothing today, thanks.
109 Vault? Only Vault I know of is the one inside the city. Big friggin' hole...you can't miss it, trust me.
110 What do you have to drink here?
111 Anything going on around here?
112 Thanks for the directions. Goodbye.
113 Standard crap. Beer for $20, shot of whiskey for $30. Nothing special. You want something?
114 You know about the Vault?
115 I'll take a beer.
116 I'll take a shot.
117 What's going on around here?
118 Nothing today, thanks. Goodbye.
119 Around here? Same old, same old. Bores me to tears most of the time. Why, you looking for something?
120 What do you have to drink here?
121 Do you know anything about the Vault?
122 It can't be that bad.
123 Nothing. Bye.
124 Ah...hit on the head a little too often, I see. Sorry, I don't speak imbecile.
125 Here you go. Drink up. It's about the only fun you'll see in this tight-ass place.
126 It can't be that bad.
127 Thanks for the drink. I guess I'll be going.
128 Look. I asked if you wanted a drink and then told you what it would cost. Most people understand the process. If you don't got the money, you shouldn't have asked.
129 Sorry. Thought I had the cash. Not being able to see your money in the dialogue screen creates some problems, y'know?
130 Yeah...whatever. I'm out of here.
131 It's worse. The Citizens don't drink much, so I'm stuck here giving merchants drinks. The next cheap bastard who tries to haggle for a drink is going to find my boot in his ass.
132 You sound pretty fed up with the place.
133 Sorry to hear that. What do you know about the Vault?
134 We all make mistakes...some more than others. So what do you want?
135 What's going on around here?
136 Nothing today, thanks. Goodbye.
137 Yeah, wish I could get the hell outta here.
138 Why don't you leave?
139 Go into the wastes by myself? I'm bored, but I'm not stupid.
140 I'm heading out that way again. Why don't you come along?
141 Well, good luck to you.
142 Naw...you look like you got enough people following you around.
143 All right. Well, good luck.
144 You know, that doesn't sound like a half bad idea. Count me in.
145 Yeah, what?
146 I need you to get out of my way.
147 How are you?
148 Heal yourself.
149 I need you to wait here until I come back.
150 You! Ooyag!
151 That's it for now.
152 OK, everything's stiched up. Let's get going.
153 OK, pretty much everything is patched up.
154 That pretty much did it, but I could use a couple more stims.
155 I used what I could, but I'm still pretty messed up. Got any stims on you?
156 Use First Aid on yourself.
157 Nevermind.
158 OK.
159 OK, I'll wait here.
160 Nevermind.
161 OK.
162 Let's get going.
163 OK.
164 Look, you have enough people following your coat tails now.
165 Yeah, you go with that.
166 Naw...I think I'll pass.

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