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🔥Diablo II🔥 Resurrected all waypoint locations, connecting zones, network maps, and quests

Zone Waypoint
Connects to
Act 1 Rogue EncampmentCold Plains, Secret Cow Level
Cold PlainsSisters' Burial Grounds (Blood Moor)Blood Moor, Burial Grounds, Stony Field, The Cave
Stony FieldRescue Cain, The Forgotten TowerCold Plains, Underground Passage, Tristram (Cairn Stones)
Dark WoodRescue Cain (Scroll of Inifuss)Underground Passage, Black Marsh
Black MarshThe Forgotten Tower (entrance)Dark Wood, The Hole, Forgotten Tower, Tamoe Highland
Outer CloisterMonastery Gate, Barracks
Jail, Level 1Barracks, Jail Level 2, (Inner Cloister)
Inner CloisterJail Level 3, Cathedral
Catacombs, Level 2Sisters to the Slaughter (on Level 4) 🔥Andariel🔥Cathedral, Catacombs Level 3
Act 2 Lut GholeinSewers
Sewers, Level 2Radament's Lair (Level 3)Sewers 1, Sewers 3
Dry HillsThe Horadric Staff Cube: Halls of the DeadRocky Waste, Halls of the Dead, Far Oasis
Halls of the Dead, Level 2The Horadric Staff (Level 3)Dry Hills, Halls of the Dead Level 2
Far OasisThe Horadric Staff: Maggot LairDry Hills, Maggot Lair, Lost City
Lost CityThe Horadric Staff Amulet: Viper Temple, Tainted Sun Far Oasis, Ancient Tunnels, Valley of Snakes.
Palace Cellar, level 1Harem, Palace Cellar Level 2
Arcane SanctuaryThe Summoner (kill)Palace Cellar, Canyon of the Magi
Canyon of the MagiArcane Sanctuary, The Seven Tombs 🔥Duriel 🔥Arcane Sanctuary, (6 random tombs), Tal Rasha's Tomb
Act 3 Kurast DocksSpider Forest
Spider Forest Khalim's Will: Eye (Spider Cavern)Kurast Docks, Arachnid Lair, Spider Cavern, Great Marsh
Great MarshSpider Forest, Flayer Jungle
Flayer JungleBlade of the Old Religion, Khalim's Will: Brain (Flayer Dungeon)Great Marsh, Swampy Pit , Flayer Dungeon, Lower Kurast
Lower KurastFlayer Jungle, Kurast Bazaar
Kurast BazaarKhalim's Will: Heart (Sewers), Lam Esen's Tome (Ruined Temple)Lower Kurast, Disused Fane, Ruined Temple, Sewers
Upper KurastKhalim's Will: Heart (Sewers)Sewers, Travincal
TravincalThe Blackened Temple, Khalim's Will: Flail Kurast Causeway, Durance of Hate
Durance of Hate, Level 2The Guardian (Level 3) 🔥Mephisto🔥Travincal, Level 3
Act 4 Pandemonium FortressOuter Steppes
City of the DamnedFallen Angel (Plains of Despair)Plains of Despair, River of Flames
River of FlamesThe Hellforge, Terror's End: 🔥Diablo🔥City of the Damned, Chaos Sanctuary
Act 5 Harrogath
Frigid HighlandsBloody Foothills, Rescue on Mount ArreatBloody Foothills, Abaddon, Arreat Plateau
Arreat PlateauPrison of Ice (starting)Frigid Highlands, Pit of Acheron, Crystalline Passage
Crystalline PassagePrison of Ice (in Frozen River)Arreat Plateau, Frozen River, Glacial Trail
Halls of PainBetrayal of Harrogath (last level)Halls of Anguish, Halls of Vaught
Glacial TrailCrystalline Passage, Drifter Cavern, Frozen Tundra
Frozen TundraGlacial Trail, Infernal Pit, Ancients' WayGlacial Trail, Infernal Pit, Ancients' Way
Ancients' WayRite of Passage (triggered)Frozen Tundra, Icy Cellar, Arreat Summit
Worldstone Keep, level 2Eve of Destruction (Throne of Destruction) 🔥Baal🔥Arreat Summit, Worldstone Keep Level 3

Diablo 2: Resurrected zone network map
Diablo 2: Resurrected zone network map

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