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Most complete 2023 and 2024 video game release schedule with countdowns

🔥Most anticipated and hyped 2023 and 2024 video game releases list🔥

Name↕️ Release Date↕️ Countdown↕️ Reddit↕️
🔥Path of Exile 206-07-2024254 days/r/pathofexile/
🔥Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 311-10-202344 days/r/CallOfDuty/
🔥Cities: Skylines 210-24-202327 days/r/CitiesSkylines/
🔥Marvel’s Spider-Man 210-20-202323 days/r/Spiderman/
🔥Super Mario Bros. Wonder10-20-202323 days/r/Mario/
🔥⬆️Diablo IV - Season 210-18-202321 days/r/diablo4/
🔥Alan Wake 210-17-202320 days/r/AlanWake/
🔥Assassin’s Creed Mirage10-12-202315 days/r/assassinscreed/
🔥Forza Motorsport10-10-202313 days/r/forza/
🔥NHL 2410-06-20239 days/r/EA_NHL/
🔥⬆️Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty09-26-2023Released/r/cyberpunkgame/
🔥Payday 309-21-2023Released/r/paydaytheheist/
🔥Mortal Kombat 109-14-2023Released/r/MortalKombat/
🔥NBA 2K2409-08-2023Released/r/NBA2k/
🔥Starfield 09-06-2023Released/r/Starfield/
🔥Baldur's Gate III08-15-2023Released/r/BaldursGate3/
🔥Final Fantasy XVI06-22-2023Released/r/FFXVI/
🔥Diablo IV06-06-2023Released/r/diablo4/
🔥Street Fighter 606-02-2023Released/r/StreetFighter/
🔥The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom05-12-2023Released/r/tearsofthekingdom/
🔥Darkest Dungeon II05-08-2023Released/r/darkestdungeon/
🔥Star Wars Jedi: Survivor04-28-2023Released/r/FallenOrder/
🔥🎬The Last of Us Part I PC03-28-2023Released/r/thelastofus/
🔥Hogwarts Legacy02-10-2023Released/r/HarryPotterGame/

😴Least anticipated and hyped 2023 and 2024 video game releases list😴

Name↕️ Release Date↕️ Countdown↕️ Reddit↕️
Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League02-02-2024128 days/r/SuicideSquadGaming/
Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora12-07-202371 days/r/Avatar/
S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2: Heart of Chornobyl12-01-202365 days/r/stalker2/
The Day Before11-10-202344 days/r/TheDayBefore/
Star Ocean: the Second Story R11-02-202336 days/r/starocean/
Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 210-27-202330 days/r/vtmb/
ENDLESS Dungeon10-19-202322 days/r/EndlessDungeonGame/
Lords of the Fallen10-13-202316 days/r/LordsoftheFallen/
Gloomhaven 09-18-2023Released/r/Gloomhaven/
Lies of P09-16-2023Released/r/LiesOfP/
Monster Hunter Now09-14-2023Released/r/MonsterHunter/
Super Bomberman R 2 09-12-2023Released/r/bomberman/
Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon08-25-2023Released/r/ArmoredCoreVI/
DanMachi ~Battle Chronicle~08-24-2023Released/r/DanmachiChronicle/
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre08-18-2023Released/r/TexasChainsawMassacre/
The Expanse: A Telltale Series07-26-2023Released/r/TheExpanse/
🎬System Shock Remake05-30-2023Released/r/systemshock/
The Lord of the Rings: Gollum05-25-2023Released/r/LOTRGollum/
Atlas Fallen05-16-2023Released/r/AtlasFallen/
Dead Island 204-21-2023Released/r/deadisland/
Stray Blade04-20-2023Released/r/strayblade/
Everspace 204-06-2023Released/r/EverspaceGame/
Tainted Grail: The Fall of Avalon03-30-2023Released/r/taintedgrail/
Crime Boss: Rockay City03-28-2023Released/r/CrimeBossGame/
🎬Resident Evil 4 Remake03-24-2023Released/r/residentevil4/
OCTOPATH TRAVELER 202-24-2023Released/r/Octopath_Traveler_II/
🎬Dead Space Remake01-27-2023Released/r/DeadSpace/

2023 and 2024 Games To be announced (TBA), confirmed (TBC), determined (TBD) Recent Updates

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