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1Bloons TD 6DiscordReddit
2Idle Champions of the Forgotten RealmsTrailerDiscordReddit
3Cookie ClickerTrailerDiscordReddit
4Clicker HeroesTrailerDiscordReddit
5Soda DungeonTrailerDiscordReddit
6Kittens GameTrailerDiscordReddit
8AdVenture CapitalistTrailerReddit
9Crusaders of the Lost IdolsTrailerReddit
10Realm GrinderTrailerDiscordReddit
11NGU IDLETrailerDiscordReddit
12Sakura ClickerTrailerReddit
13The Perfect TowerTrailerReddit
14Anti-Idle: The GameTrailerReddit
15Progress QuestTrailerReddit
16Shakes and FidgetTrailerDiscordReddit
17Time ClickersTrailerReddit
18Factory IdleTrailerReddit
20Idle HackingReddit
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