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Image Name Link Info
Mario - #1 - NintendoAs one of the true titans of the gaming industry, Mario continues to stand tall as a global icon. First introduced as Jumpman in the original arcade version of Donkey Kong, Mario has dabbled in everything from kart racing to golf championships. Despite the busy schedule he and his younger (and taller) twin Luigi keep, Mario remains good-natured and outgoing.
Mega Man - #2 - CapcomFirst released in 1987, the Mega Man franchise continues to capture the hearts of classic gamers. Created by Capcom, Mega Man series has been featured in over 132 games on multiple systems and has sold over 30 million copies worldwide. With his classic blue armor and powerful Mega Buster, Mega Man is one of the video game industrys most recognizable characters.
Luigi - #4 - NintendoA bit shy, occasionally cowardly (especially when it comes to ghosts), and always dressed in blue and green, Luigi has stepped out from Marios shadow to become a hero in his own right. As the highest jumper in his family, Luigi is naturally skilled at everything from sports to driving-just like his renowned twin brother Mario.
Fire Mario - #5 - NintendoAs one of the true titans of the gaming industry, Mario continues to stand tall as a global icon. Fire Mario, first introduced in Super Mario Bros. , is the form Mario takes after powering up with a Fire Flower which grants him the ability to throw fireballs. Fire Mario continues to be an iconic, sizzling presence in the ever-expanding world of Super Mario.
8-Bit Link - #8 - NintendoWithin his brave young Hylian heart resides a strong will and the determination of a true hero. 8-Bit Link, from the original Legend of Zelda, is a trustworthy, fearless adventurer. Donning a legendary green tunic, sword and shield, the hero of time has arrived to vanquish evil and restore peace to the land of Hyrule.
8-Bit Mario - #9 - NintendoFearless, just, and able to transform into multiple powerful forms, Mario is the noble hero of the Mushroom Kingdom. Always willing to leap into action, mustache and all, Mario has continued to grow from his humble origins. Marios unrivaled courage and cheerful attitude make him the undisputed fan-favorite!
8-Bit Luigi - #10 - NintendoNaturally timid Luigi has cemented his legacy throughout the Mushroom Kingdom and beyond. Despite being more cautious than his twin brother Mario, Luigi has proven himself to be a fierce competitor at everything from high jumping to driving. His heroic tendencies and loveable personality will continue to inspire his adventures for years to come.
Mario - #20 - Super Mario WorldSuper Mario World centers around the journey of Mario and Luigi to defeat Bowser and save Dinosaur Land. After dashing across the finish line, Mario throws up a peace sign to celebrate his most recent victory. With Yoshi as his trusted companion, he travels across sprawling worlds. Mario will do whatever it takes to help his friends and restore peace to the kingdom.
Raccoon Mario - #24 - NintendoFirst seen in Super Mario Bros. 3, Raccoon Mario is one of Marios most powerful transformations. After acquiring the Super Leaf, Mario not only sprouts ears and a tail, but can fly for a short amount of time, attack enemies by spinning, and slowly float down when falling. Though his physical form has changed, Raccoon Mario has the same cheerful attitude and fighting spirit!
White 8-Bit Link - #25 - NintendoWhite Link from the original Legend of Zelda is smart, courageous, and fortified. With the heart of a true hero and the might of the blue ring, Link vows to restore peace to the land of Hyrule. Link is a master of swords and fully capable of using his skills to overcome all obstacles in his way. As the hero of time, Link continues to fight for justice.
Red 8-Bit Link - #26 - NintendoDonning his red tunic and equipped with the Master Sword and red ring, Link is our resilient hero and brave protagonist. As the worthy champion of the Triforce of Courage, he fights to keep Hyrule safe from evil forces. Link stays humble and principled, rarely showing signs of cowardice during his epic journey to restore peace.

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