Base Stave Weapon List By Type
Name Level Strengh Intelligence Damage APS Crit DPS Stats
Gnarled Branch412128-171.36.00%16.218% Chance to Block
Primitive Staff920209-281.256.20%23.118% Chance to Block
Long Staff13272717-281.36.00%29.218% Chance to Block
Iron Staff18353516-471.26.40%37.818% Chance to Block
Coiled Staff23434323-481.26.00%42.620% Chance to Block
Royal Staff28515123-701.156.50%53.518% Chance to Block
Vile Staff33595933-621.256.10%59.418% Chance to Block
Crescent Staff36666635-731.26.00%64.880% increased Global Critical Strike Chance
Woodful Staff37656529-881.156.20%67.318% Chance to Block
Quarterstaff41727241-681.36.00%70.918% Chance to Block
Military Staff45787834-1011.26.40%8118% Chance to Block
Serpentine Staff49858546-951.26.00%84.620% Chance to Block
Highborn Staff52898942-1251.156.50%9618% Chance to Block
Foul Staff55949455-1031.256.10%98.818% Chance to Block
Moon Staff5710110157-1181.26.00%10580% increased Global Critical Strike Chance
Primordial Staff58999947-1411.156.20%108.118% Chance to Block
Lathi6011311362-1031.36.00%107.218% Chance to Block
Ezomyte Staff6211311346-1381.26.40%110.418% Chance to Block
Maelstrom Staff6411311357-1191.26.00%105.620% Chance to Block
Imperial Staff6611311349-1471.156.50%112.718% Chance to Block
Judgement Staff6811311361-1131.256.10%108.818% Chance to Block
Eclipse Staff7011711760-1251.26.00%111100% increased Global Critical Strike Chance , Incendar, Incendar Gaming, Incendium, Incendara, Incendario, Mincendar © Incendar 2004-2019
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