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100 You see Eldridge.
150 You see a heavily armed man covered with grease. He is gazing at his weapon collection on the walls and smiling dreamily.
151 You see Eldridge. He is gazing at his weapon collection and smiling dreamily.
200 Congratulations, hero! You done good!
201 ::Fires his gun into the air, starts hooting and hollering:: Th' Enclave's DEAD! DEAD! DEAD! Yeeee-haw!
202 ::Ding-dong, the Enclave's dead, the Enclave's dead... ::
203 Enclave's a good reason for every citizen to have the right ta bear arms.
204 Next time, don't you go to th' Enclave without stopping by here first...I'll make sure you have all the firepower you NEED.
210 Holeeee Peter Paul n' Mary. Power armor!
211 Shooooo-eeee. ::Rubs eyes:: That Power Armor?!
212 Somebody pinch me. Is that POWER ARMOR?!
213 Tapdance on my grave and pee on my firstborn! Power Armor! In Reno!
214 You selling that Power Armor, friend?!! Hey! Anybody home?!!
220 A 9mm's FINE, but a .233's got stopping power...
221 What I really want is a Red Ryder BB gun.
222 Hope no one gets a hold of a turbo plasma rifle before I do.
223 Wonder where the Salvatores get those laser weapons...
224 Was dreaming of plasma weapons again last night...
225 Better get that new shipment of shotgun shells in for the Wrights...
226 Hope the Mordinos got the gold to pay for their order...
227 That weapon? Punch a hole right through a metal wall, it can.
228 That boy's a genius�would hardly know it to look at him...
229 Better take those dogs for a walk soon before they start peeing everywhere.
230 Them Unwashed Villagers are stockpiling more weapons...they're a tough bunch.
231 I wish somebody would rob me so I could shoot 'em.
232 Gonna need to clean the shelves soon...
233 Can't wait to go huntin' gangs next week...
234 I got SMGs, pistols, dynamite, grenades...and still people come in wanting swords n' crossbows.
240 Welcome, hero! Damn nice work you made of the Enclave...saved all our hides, you did, and I thank you for it. Eldridge's the name. You in the market for some iron to fill that holster of yours?
241 Welcome, mister...Eldridge's the name. You in the market for some iron to fill that holster of yours?
242 Welcome, traveler...Eldridge's the name. You in the market for some iron to fill that holster of yours?
243 Ernnnnh? Hole-sterrr?
244 Depends on what you're selling.
250 Welcome back, hero! Damn nice work you made of the Enclave...saved all our hides, you did, and I thank you for it.
251 You see something you like, you let me know, and we'll work out a *special* discount, awright?
252 Awwww rite
253 Wander away
254 Great! Can I see what you got in stock?
255 I don't know if you can help me...I'm looking for something special.
256 My boss...
257 Jules told me to come here if I was looking for weapons.
258 Do the Salvatores buy their lightbringers here?
259 I brought you that laser pistol I promised.
260 Can you upgrade weapons?
261 I'll be back to look around then.
262 Excellent... can I see you special stock?
270 Here at New Reno Arms, we have the latest personal protection devices needed to stop any yellow-bellied sonuvabitch dead in his tracks. (Smiles evilly.)
272 Hello again, friend. What can I do for you?
273 Such as?
274 Stuff me like stuff you like stuff tooooo?
276 You're just the man I was looking for then. Can I see what you got in stock?
277 Can I see what you got in stock?
283 Can you modify or upgrade weapons?
284 Not interested right now, thanks.
285 Nothing today, thanks.
286 Can I see you special stock?
300 See anything shiny you want? C'mon, there must be something here that interests you.
301 Uh�sure, sure. (Looks at you critically.) You remind me of my slave, Al. You want to see what we got in stock, friend?
302 Yuh
303 Me vant somefin NOT stock
304 Nuh
310 Jules sent you my way, huh?
311 'Bout time that lazy bastard did his job... so what can I do you for, mister?
312 'Bout time that lazy bastard did his job... pardon my French. So what can I do you for, miss?
330 No, no...we used to be in the business of doing that, but...(Looks pained.)...well, there's been an accident...and we just don't do it no more. Anything else I can do for you?
331 All right then. I'm interested in something else...
340 Sure as hell can. Whatcha need suped up?
341 Can you do anything with any of these pistols I have?
342 One of my rifles could use some attachments.
343 Can you do anything with this cattleprod here?
344 Nevermind. I was interested in something else...
345 Actually, nothing today.
350 (Spots your magnum.) I can put a speed loader on that magnum there for $
351 That Desert Eagle you got...if you want, I can give it an expanded magazine for $
352 Put the speed loader on the magnum.
353 Expand the magazine in this Desert Eagle here.
354 Actually, I had another weapon in mind...
355 Nevermind. I wanted something else...
356 Actually, none of them. I have to go.
357 Too rich for my blood. I'll be back when I have more cash.
365 (Studies your rifles, nods.)
366 I can put a scope on that hunting rifle for $
367 That assault rifle you got there...I can give it an expanded magazine for $
368 I've got a low-light scope I can put on that FN FAL you got for $
369 All right then...put a scope on the Colt hunting rifle.
370 Expand the magazine of the AK-112 assault rifle.
371 Attach that low-light scope on the FN FAL.
385 You want that cattleprod juiced up? I can SUPERCHARGE it for $
386 Sure.
395 (Eldridge takes the item, examines it critically.) Awright...you just hold on for a bit, and I'll see what I can do. (He disappears into the back.)
396 Okay.
400 (You wait...)
401 Wait...
405 (And wait some more...)
406 Dum de dum de dum...
410 (You are about to nod off, when suddenly Eldridge returns.) Sorry about the wait...here ya go. This might give you an edge against any son of bitches that try n' step on your shadow.
411 Thanks. Can you upgrade any of my other weapons?
412 Thanks. I wanted something else...
413 Thanks. I'll go try it out.
420 Oh...we got us a discrimnatin' customer, eh? Well, at times, some prize pieces do make their way through town...take this, for example. (Holds up something...odd.) Genuine pre-war tech. Innit something?
423 Uh...it's "something," all right. Can I take a look?
424 Sure is. I was interested in something else, though...
425 Not interested. Thanks anyway.
430 (It's a pretty plastic square with holes in it and metal lines drawn all over it. Some funny word-symbol things are written on it. It reminds you of a mechanical pop-tart, and your mouth starts to water.)
431 (It's what looks like a circuit board. It's a little dusty, but it looks to be in good condition. It looks like it's part of...something. Printed on the board is: 'Vault Tec voice recognition module.')
432 (It's a complex circuit board. A memory chip is set into it, and a number of computer connections are on the side, including an input and output. Printed on the board is: 'Vault Tec voice recognition module.')
433 Me vant tasty board
434 Me vant sumfin else
435 Me vant to go
436 "Vault Tec?" This *has* to be important. How much?
437 About time...how much for this module?
438 No thanks, I wanted something else...
439 Not today, thanks.
450 Three thousand bucks. Take it or leave it.
451 Last time: three thousand bucks. Take it or leave it.
452 Okee-dokkeee
454 Go for his throat and take the mechanical pop-tart
455 Leaf it
457 Uh, that's a little steep. How about...1500?
458 No thanks. I wanted something else...
459 I'll leave it.
470 $2500. And that's my final offer.
471 All right, all right. Here you go.
472 Forget it, then. I wanted something else...
473 No thanks, then. See you around.
474 Too rich for my blood. Let's talk some other time when I have some more money.
480 (Smiles, rubs hands as you lay the money on the table.) Awright, here you go. Anything else?
481 (Thinks about it for a moment, studies you, then nods.) Awright then...I'm letting you have it for a steal, but here you go. (Hands you the module, takes your money.)
482 Anything else?
485 Yeah, I was interested in something else...
486 Nothing else today, thanks.
495 (Blinks in surprise, then laughs.) Haw! No, no...those weapons are something else, ain't they? Sure would LIKE to get my hands on one, though...check out the range, power, fire rate...(Stares into distance, sighs.)
496 What if I offered to get you one?
497 I'd be nice to have one, all right. Say, I wanted something else...
498 Oh, well. Had to ask. Thanks, Eldridge.
505 (Squints at you, as if deciding whether he can trust you.) I wouldn't say no...if you did it, quiet-like. I'd pay you for your trouble...(Frowns.)...assuming you didn't CAUSE any.
506 No trouble at all...I have one on me. Here you go.
507 I'll do it. Before I do, though, I wanted something else...
508 Nevermind then. Maybe you can help me with something else...
509 Done. I'll snag you one, then bring it back.
510 Can't promise that...me and trouble seem to travel together. See you later, Eldridge.
520 Well, piss on my back and tell me it's raining!
521 Well, hell then! True to my word, here's something for your trouble...
522 (Gives you a bunch of chips, takes the pistol.) Damn...strange lookin' thing, innnit? (Examines barrel.) Hmmm...
523 I wanted something else...
524 Pleasure doing business with you, Eldridge. Enjoy.
530 (Eldridge looks you up and down, and his tone becomes more respectful.) Sure, of course. Let me show you our special stock...at a discount, of course.
532 Actually, I was interested in something else...
533 Nevermind. I'll be back.
545 You dogs shut the hell up, y'hear?
546 Shut up, you yapping mutts!
547 Creatures of the night... shut up!
548 Packard! Buck! Missy! You all better shut up, or I'm gonna come in there!
549 Damn dogs!
550 One more WOOF outta you, and I'm coming in there!
560 What, you think I'm wearing a blindfold?
561 Get yer hands offa that door!
562 Don't mess with that door again.
563 Touch that door, and that's the last thing you'll ever touch.
564 Funny, last person who touched that door's buried on Golgotha. Don't touch it again.
575 You ain't supposed to be there! Get out! Get outta there!
576 You ain't allowed in the back! Get out!
577 Get outta the back before I fill you full of holes!
578 Stay in the back, and you're gonna be target practice!
600 Boy we're closed...
601 Missy we're closed...
610 So I suggest you get the hell outta here before I shoot you dead.
700 God damn dogs! I'm going back to bed.
701 Stupid Dogs! I'm putting you all to sleep first thing tomorrow.
702 Would you dogs be shut up! Nobody's stupid enough to break into a gun store!
800 You have delivered a laser pistol to Eldridge.
1340 Sure as hell can. (Glances at your equipment.) But you don't look like you have anything I can tinker with. Bring by some virgin�eh, "normal" pistols and rifles, and I might be able to help you.
1345 All right. I was interested in something else...
1346 I'll do that. Goodbye.
5256 ...told me to stop by, and that you would "set me up."

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