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100 You see Neil, the head of the guard for the Followers.
101 You see Neil, the head of the guard for the Followers.
102 If you seek someone to talk to, talk to Peter. I'm trying to get some sleep.
103 Why are you here?
104 Hrr. Arrooo?
105 Nuh nuh.
106 KILL!!
107 I'm
108 . I was sent to look for you.
109 I'm
110 . And you are dead.
111 What can you tell me about the Followers?
112 I have come to offer my assistance.
113 I seek ways in which to instill peace upon this desolate wasteland.
114 I am sorry, but I can't understand you. Now, what are you doing here?
115 Nuh nuh.
116 Me Kill!!
117 Hep. Me hep.
118 If you are doing nothing, then I suggest that you leave. Now!
119 You wish to help? Maybe I can use you.
120 Yes. Me hep! Me hep!
121 No. No hep!
122 You are simple enough to find this person that others are too smart to find. There is a spy around here who is giving our secrets to the Children. Find the spy. Kill the spy. Go.
123 I thought as much. Be off with you.
124 Figures that Jake doesn't think that I can get the job done right. He's the only one who could have sent you. Then you know about the spy.
125 Jake didn't send me. One of your guards did.
126 I know some. Jake was very short with words.
127 What is this about a spy? Maybe I can help.
128 My guards are no fools. They sent you to the right person. There is a leak in here, and we need to find out where it is and seal it.
129 Have any leads?
130 I'm a fighter, not a plumber. If you have leaks, talk to someone else.
131 I think you are the leak. Die!!
132 Forget it. I'm nobody's lackey.
133 The only thing that we know so far is that the person has to have access to the Children's Cathedral. I think it may be one of our scouts.
134 Okay. I will check it out right now.
135 Are you sure it is not a guard?
136 Tough luck then. You'll never catch the person now.
137 I am quite certain. They only have access to the halls of the Followers. They are not allowed outside.
138 Then I don't know who it could be.
139 I'll look into the scouts then.
140 I think there is a cover-up here. You die!
141 That is why I am asking you to look around and see if you can find someone. Will you help?
142 Yes.
143 No.
144 Thank you. This means a lot to us.
145 Then I must detain you from warning anyone.
146 How he ever became second in command is beyond me. Since he was so scarce in words, I will fill you in. We have a leak who is feeding the Children some of our movement patterns.
147 Have any leads?
148 I'm a fighter, not a plumber. If you have leaks, talk to someone else.
149 I think you are the leak. Die!!
150 Forget it. I'm nobody's lackey.
151 You don't even know? I guess you wouldn't; most people in here don't. Someone is sneaking information of our movements to the Children. We need that person gone.
152 Have any leads?
153 I think you are the leak. Die!!
154 Forget it. I'm nobody's lackey.
155 How much are you willing to offer?
156 I don't have much money. How about 200 caps?
157 Sorry, I'm broke.
158 Your life.
159 Sounds fair to me.
160 Now I will end this leak in the Followers!
161 Tough luck then.
162 What would you like to know?
163 Who is the leader?
164 Why are you attacking the Children?
165 Where can I get some first aid?
166 Nothing. Just checking.
167 Nothing. Thank you.
168 Our leader is Nicole. Really nice person, but a bit flighty. Anything else you want to know?
169 Why are you attacking the Children?
170 Where can I get some healing?
171 Nothing. Just checking. *smack*
172 Nothing. Thank you.
173 The Children are not what they appear to be. They are hiding something. Something related to those Nightkin. Anything else?
174 Who is the leader?
175 Where can I get some healing?
176 Nothing. Just checking. *smack*
177 Nothing. Thank you.
178 There is the Children's healer, but I don't trust them. We also have a doctor or nurse on duty here at all times. Anything else?
179 Who is the leader?
180 Why are you attacking the Children?
181 Nothing. Just checking. *smack*
182 Nothing. Thank you.
183 I am truly sorry to hear that. Pieces be with you!
184 Who sent you?
185 Your guard sent me.
186 Jake sent me.
187 I sent me.
188 Never mind. Good bye.
189 A bit sure of yourself. I have no need for you. Talk to Nicole if you wish to offer your services. Good night.
190 Then you will want to search out Nicole. She can help you better with that. Good evening.
191 Go find that spy. We need to keep our plans secret still longer.
192 Good job on finding and removing Heather. Her meddling nearly got everyone killed. I wish there was something more we could do.
193 Perhaps I can help you once more.
194 Good luck to you.
195 How so?
196 I can train the Followers in some skills for war. Maybe your chances will improve.
197 I can leave. Good bye.
198 That would be wonderful. Thank you.
199 Now you are a bit more prepared. Good evening.

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